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_ miiniip /iDMincs Eighteen Cents a Week
VOL. XLI. No. 225. PERTH-AMBOY, N. J„ FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1921. THREE CENTS Delivered By Carrier 1
Prepare for Fight on Public Service -Two Democratic Clubs Outlook for City--G.0.P. Has Outing, Hear Speakers
GEN 101
Answer to Charge of Man
slaughter in Connection
With Killing of 9 Here
Lawyers Will Confer in Mat
ter and Agree on Facts in
Crossing Disaster
(By Evening News Stall Correspondent.]
, Central Railroad Company of New
Jersey, through their attorney.
Charles E. Miller, of 143 Liberty
street, New York, and William Ston
aker, section foreman of the rail
road company at Perth Amboy, in
dict! d for manslaughter in connec
tion with the grade crossing acci
dent of June la. pleaded not guilty
to the Indictments before Judge
Peter F. Daly in the county court
'this morning.
Andrew Thomas, gate-tender at
the Market street crossing where the
nine firemen were killed and others
Injured, the third defendant, was
represented by an attorney, bamuei
SchleLner, ol New Brunswick, who
produced a certificate from Dr. G.
#W. Tyrell ot Perth Amboy, which
Btated that the man's leg was still
in a cast, and that it would not be
removed before next Friday. Thomas
was injured the night the fire truck
collided with the express train.
Stonaker personally entered a
plea of not guilty, the court consent
ing that he might retract that plea
»fter his lawyer had looked over the
Indictment. He was released in
the custody uf the railroad com
pany's lawyer, no bail being taken.
Miller informed the court that the
»ectiOn foreman had been employed
by the railroad company for a great
while, and that the company would
be responsible for his appearance
when wanted.
Miller made a formal application
to the court for an order directing
the prosecutor to give a bill of par
ticulars under the three Indictments,
setting forth that the three defend
ants would not be able to defend
their oases unless they had this bill.
The attorney stated the section fore
man had nothing to do with operat
ing the train, nor did the tlagman.
and that they had no evidence
on what grounds the indictments
were based on. The railroad attor
ney cited legal cases in other states
where higher courts upheld that a
bill of particulars was necessary be
fore indicted persons can be called
* on for a defense.
Judge Daly in reply to the request
of the attorney for the railroad com
pany, stated that the practice in
Middlesex county is of an informal
nature. The court stated application
is made to the prosecutor by the de
fendant’s attorney, and the state and
opposing attorneys get together and
prepare the bill of particulars. The
court further stated that if the at
tomeys are unable to reach an agree
ment, an application is made for the
v court’s decision.
fBy The Awoclated Pr«n.]
country is getting too many banks.
Comptroller of the Currency Crts
Binger declared in an address today
Derore in© xnauuutti
Supervisors of State Banks in con
"It is unaccountable that In this
timi of great stress and financial up
heaval there should be so many ap
plications for banks and for so many
of $50,000,” he said. “I am con
vinced that many applications are
made with intent and purpose of cre
ating a place where promoters can
And easy access to credits.”
Mr. Crissinger urged the value of
co-operation between the state and
federa. bankers authorities.
[By The Associated Press.]
ATHENS. Aug. 5.—The Greek
^B ministry of marine, the Hesti news
H paper savs, has received advices that
the GUI Djemal. Turkish steamer,
L sailed from New York. .Tuly 23. with
munitions for the Turkish Nation
alists. >
Penial Is Made
NEW YORK. Aug. 5.—Walter B.
Terhune, freight agent of the ex
port transportation company, which
acts as agent for the steamship com
pany today denied emphatically that
the Gul Djemal carried any muni
tions of war for the Turkish nation
alists when she sailed from here.
To Ft. 3"«*ry Car Carried tn Stock
Phone £717-171*
NEW YORK. Aug. 5—Katherine
Hoganf twenty-four, was electro
cuted by a third rail in Brooklyn to
day, while trying to evade a taxicab
Her companions told the police
that the driver of a car offered to ,
carry them home without charge
and when asked for $2.70 fare they
ran and two of them jumped down
on the track, Subway employes
pursued them, reaching the girls
just in time to dodge a roaring ex
press by standing between pillars
separating the track. When the
cars passed Miss Hogan ran and it
was while trying to get back to the
platform she fell to her death.
2 Children in Hospital, After
Collision on State Bridge
Last Night
Three persons were injured, two
of them being taken to the City hos
pital, in yesterday's list of auto
mobile mishap in and near the city.
One crash occurred on the South
Amboy end of the county bridge
and has been turned over to the
authorities there tbr investigation,
while the second was on Laurie
Edna M. Goehry, sixteen years old,
and Charlotte Kreider, ten years old,
both of 202 Ferry street, Newark,
aro in the hospital, suffering from
lacerations from flying glass, follow
ing the accident on the county
bridge. Information received at
police headquarters mis momme ■»
t& the effect that one of the ma
chines In the procession across the
bridge last night stopped suddenly
to avoid hitting one of the places
where the planking has been broken.
The machine directly behind could
not come to a stop immediately and
was compelled to turn outward to
ward the left to escape a rear, end
collision. In turning out a truck
coming in the opposite direction
crashed into the car, causing the
shattering of the windshield and the
injury to the children by the flying
The car was driven by Louis Goeh
ry, of the same Newark address, and
contained six passengers. The truck
that was involved in the crash did
not stop.' but the driver was picked
up by the Perth Amboy police this
morning. He is William Cowell, of
29 8 Market street. In the police
court this morning Cowell explained
his action In not stopping by saying
that he did not know anyone was
hurt. .
Willie Hospodor, of 310 Laurie
street, was struck by the automobile
of W. Rasmussen, of 327 Maple street
yesterday afternoon. It was said that
the boy ran out from beneath a junk
cart drawn up beside the curb and
went directly into the path of the
oar. The *hoy was removed to the
Office of Dr. Matthew Urbanski.
where his injury, amounting to a
slight scalp wound, was treated.
[Bv Evening News Staff Correspondent.!
Charged with smuggling narcotics
into the country. Luigi Cassolino, of
South Amboy, was placed under ar
rest yesterday by Deputy Lnited
States Marshal Lewis and today ar
I raigned before united estates com
missioner John Delaney. It is said
the narcotics came concealed In bar
rels of olive oil. Cassolino was held
under $2,500 bail pending a hearing
Thursday morning.
Commissioner Delaney believes
that yesterday’s arrest may reveal
additional facts in the recent seizure
of barrels of olive oil in New York
which also contained narcotics con
cealed in the oil. A. New York Ital
ian brought the oil into the country
on a steamer on which he was a pas
senger and the discovery was made
at the custom house.
MADRID, Aug. 5—Spanish forces
have suffered a severe reverse in
Morocco where they have been hold
ing off rebellious attacks according
to advices received. An official
statement issued here says Spanish
troops have occupied T-aRestinza, a
seacoast town in the bay south of
Mellila, and have driven off the en
emy which has been attacking Su
ltelerheh, the enemy had heavy loss
es. while the Spanish had two kill
ed and several Inilnred. _
Notice to the Operators of
The factory will open for work
Will Also Be Able to Use
50 More Operators on
Men’s Shirts
Call Monday Morning at 7:30
One Flight Up
Freeholders Get Data to Pro- :
ceed Against Public Serv
ice in Near Future
* _______
South Amboy, Milltown and
South River Action is Also
Under Same Head
CBy Evening News Staff Correspondent.)
Road matters and monthly reports
took up the time of the Board of
Freeholders at the regular weekly
meeting yesterday afternoon. The
road supervisor gave the board In
formation requested at a recent
meeting, and the freeholders can
now proceed to take up with the
Public Service Railway company the
matter of putting in proper shape
the roadbeds on important roads in
the county. This action effects
Smith street in I'erth Amboy, Bor
dentown avenue, in South Amboy,
Milltown and South River roads, and
the Fords road.
Road Supervisor John Liesen was
authorized to secure copies of the
t uuiic ou vite ivaunay v.uiiijjixu.y o
franchise in the different municipal
ities and to investigate the condition
of the Public Service roadbeds in
the county and make a detailed re
port on same. The purpose of ob
taining this report was to lay all
matter., before the trolley company
at the same time. In the past th«
company has pleaded poverty, and
to date, little of their share for the
roadwork completed in the county,
has been paid. The matter was re
ferred to the solicitor, and a com
mittee was appointed tj take the
matter up with the Public Service
Company, when all details have
been arranged, which, it is believed,
will take about two weeks.
A letter was received from the
South Amboy borough council In
reply to a request from the free
holders that South' Amboy take up
with the Jersey Central Traction
company, the matter of paving be
tween the tracks oh Bordentown
avenue. The freeholders were told
the borough council advised their
solicitor to take the mater up with
the Public Utility Commission; in an
effort to have the railway company
pave between the tracks and at eacli
side. *
The Jersey Central Traction com
pany in a communication to the free
holders recently, stated temporary
improvements would be made by the
use of stone and a cold patch pro
Mctudien Paving.
The freeholders are In receipt of
a communication from the borough
of Metuchen. requesting to know
what progress has been made by the
county board in regard to the paving
of Main street. Freeholder Quack
enbush announced that plans were
prepared by County Engineer Fox
and same would be before the board
(Continued on page 6)
Who Is He? ]
Today’s silhouette Is that of the
manager of one of the most popular
men’s clothing establishments in the
city. This man Is well known and
exceedingly popular.
Yesterday’s silhouette was that of
John O'Toole, cashier of the First
National Bank. The winner was
Esther Jaffe of 327 Prospect street.
Mai! or send to The EVENING
NEWS Office, no aa to reach thera
before 11 o'clock tomorrow.
To Silhouette Editor.
The Perth Amboy Evening News.
I identify the above allhouetta aa
Name and address of sender:
Parents Separated, Boy
Again Fails To Reach
Mother At Atlantic City
- - - -
Twelve-year-old Kenneth Viola’s
lecond attempt to reach his mother
n Atlantic City was balked last night
vhen he was picked up on the street
md detained by the local authorities.
Kenneth's parents were divorced
hree years ago and the boy has been
iving with his father at 54 Bleeker
itreet, Newark, although his desire is
:o be with his mother, who is in At
antic City.
Kenneth has not seen his mother
n over a year and three months ago
ne left home in his initial attempt
:o reach her at the seashore resort.
Hd got as far ns Perth Amboy and
■vas picked up here and returned to
his father. Yesterday he tried i
ignin. but had no better luck.
"Dog-gone it." said the lad, "1
never can get past Market street, in
Perth Amboy. They always get me
The boy says he Is treated well b.v
his father, but he wants to be with
Inis mother. Her circumstances arc
r.ot known by the local authorities,
ni n nmnnniT
but Kenneth says that some time a#o
she sent him a cheek for $10 which
the bank refused to honor.
The incident lends Lieutenant
Lon# to believe that the mother Is
not in a position to support the lad.
Lieutenant Lon# is in a quandry as
to what disposition to make of the
case. Kenneth wants to be sent to
Atlantic City, but on the other hand
his father wishes to retain the
custody of the child. Roth parents
have been notified of his presence
here and they arc expected to come
here after him. What will be done
then is a problem.
Kenneth’s father, accompanied by
a Newark officer, came to the polio*
headquarters at 12:30 today and
took the boy back to Newark.
Mrs Viola called on the telephone
this mornin#, said that she would
#o to Newark and attempt to obtain
custody of the child. She expressed
herself os heir# very fond of her
small son and was anxious to have
his own wish to be with her grratiflod
Candidate for Senate Nomi
nation Speaker at Milltown
nil ih Fx/pnt at Shnrt*
Dorsey Calls Session--Pos
sibility of Having Two Or
ganizations Here in Fall
That there will be two Democrat!
clubs In this city during the com
ing campaign was brought out to
day, when Former Mayor Franl
Dorsey, president of the origlna
Perth Amboy Democratic Club, in
statement made it known that >
meeting o' the club will bo callei
for some night next week. A meet
ing of tl»e new Perth Amboy Demo
cratie Club has been called for Mon
day night, at which time’ by-law
will be adopted and other busines
of importance taken up.
The statement of President Dorset
of the Original Democratic Club, fol
"On account of many inquiries re.
garding the policies of the Origins
Perth Amboy Democratic Club,
have decided to call a meeting of th<
club some night next week: The clul
is still in existence and simply gav<
up quarters for economy sake, as i
did not care to burden members wit!
extra assessments. We did not an(
do not intend to dissolve the club.
"This meeting is called for the pur'
pose of giving the Democrats of th<
Original Democratic Club an oppor
tunity to state their views as to how
Lhe coming campaign should be car
lied on and to give, the candidate:
who propose to file petitions an op
portunity to make it known.
"An endeavor will be made at thi
meeting to organize Democrat!
Ward Clubs to carry on the cam
paign In the various wards."
From the fact that the two or
ganizations are now in the field, th<
general opinion seems to be that tie
two meetings of next-week, will giv.
the voters an opportunity to decid
which leadership they desire to fol
low, whether that of the o!(l club o
the new.
President John Kelly of the ncv
club, has called a meeting of thi
club for next Monday night, th‘
meeting to De neia in me ooyiuui
building in Smith street. Several o
the leading Democrats of the stat<
have been invited to address the clul
at this meeting and it is expectec
that responses will be received to
lay, so that the names of the speak
srs can be announced by tomorrow
President Kelly has almost com
pleted the appointment of the mer
to draft the by-laws and constitu
tion of the club. It was decided a
the last meeting that the presiden
should name two men from eacl
ward to drw up the by-laws. The
men have all been named with the
exception of two or three and th<
president is waiting word from th«
ward leaders before completing th<
The by-laws committee will mee
before Monday so that they cai
report on the by-laws at the Monda;
night rWeeting. President Kelly wil
announce tomorrow' the names o
those on the committee to arrang
for permanent headquarters.
Among the plans to be discusset
at Monday night’s meeUpg will b
that of a smoker and clambake V
be held within the next few' weeks
From present indications the clu
expects a busy month, the idea bein,
to work every day up to electioi
and then start in again and worl
for the entire year.
Other business to be taken up a
the meeting will be the formatio
of a woman’s club or woman’s auxil
iary in accordance with suggestion
made at the last meeting.
It has been impossible to obtai
larger quarters for the club befor
the meeting on Monday night, bu
President Kelly expects to hav
larger quarters secured before th
holding of future meetings. Th
organization is receiving assurane
from every part of the city that th
early start was the best thing tin
could be hoped for by those wh
have the best interest of the part
at heart.
Several contributions have bee
received by President Kelly to hel
along in the work of the club, al
though no mention has been mad
as yet for funds and no contribu
tions asked.
» (By Ev*nlng News Staff Correspondent.!
. publican cohorts, one hundred anc
. fifty in number, were entertained a
I a shore dinner at Seidler's Bead
j last night under the auspices of tin
L Milltown Republican Club. Thost
I present reported a very enjoyable
■ time. Two orchestras and severs
- speakers furnished a comprehensive
- program for the occasion.
^ The principal speaker of the eve
i ning was Senator William B
Mackay, Jr., of Bergen county, whe
falked on the necessity for organiza
tion if results are to be obtained anc
the party kept together. Senatoi
Mackay, who announced that he
would be a candidate in the guberna
torial primaries next year, attacked
the grafting conditions said to exist
in politics today. The speaker cited
several cases that had come to hie
knowledge, where appearances re
vealed crookedness.
One instance given happened lr
Hudson county, when just before the
general election three hundred met
werA assigned to duty on the play
ground commission of the county.
Under a Republican administra
tion, the senator said, five men had
been deemed sufficient to care for
the playgrounds, but that the Dem
ocrats had placed three hundred
; faithful followers on the payroll ol
: the playground department.
The senator also attacked the
Hudson county grand juries drawn
■ he remarked, from the county and
> city officials only, making it practi
> cally impossible to secure indict
s merits against other officials for mal
: feasance in office of other offenses.
. A >i oilnitinnul irmf'ini'ft pivon Ws)(
' the Hoboken police quartet who are
said to dp nothing hut travel around
to meetings and sing. For these
police duties, the senator said, the
‘ musical cops received $2,400 a year
Mrs. Whitney Oliver, of Perth
Amboy, was also a speaker at the
meeting, addressing her remark.*
principally to the women. Mrs. Ol
iver asked their co-operation both
at the primaries and at the general
elections and stressed the necessity
for them to attend the pre-primary
meetings in order that they may
choose the best candidates for the
posts, regardless of their politica
Morgan Larson, a candidate for
nomination for the state senate, was
the last speaker on the program. His
talk made an excellent impression, it
is said, and was very favorably re
ceived by those present. Mr. Larson’s
address was merely along genera
lines, much of it a humorous vein
The candidate made no declaration oi
1 policy in the event of election re
marking that he would inform his
j hearers as to his position at the
^ meeting to be held in Milltown. Au
J gust 16
■ County candidates present at the
' affair included Morgan Larson. Perth
? Amboy; Albert Appleby, of Oh
Bridge; James A. Edgar, of Highland
Park, and Mayor Morrison, of Nevi
i Brunswick: Robert Vandenbergh
J George S. Applegate, of South River;
. William Hanna. William Stoted. ol
Cranbury. and William Kane, of New
t Brunswick.
i i i ... .. '■
UMIC’^IIVRI I 0 IU-,^ ■ | f
^ ■ ■■
Says it Would be Folly to Re- !
duce Revenues Without ,
Reducing Expenditures
Would Ease Drain on Treas
ury in This Regard--Mon
dell Opposes New Taxes
[By The Associated Press.]
WASHINGTON, A,ug. 5—To real
ize their expressed hope of reducing
the nation’s tax bill by half a bil
lion dollars, Republican leaders of
the House of Representatives appear
on the basis of treasury estimating
to be faced with the task of cutting
j uii ivi a ui u uiniuu uuiiui o
from estimated government expen
ditures for this fiscal year, or else a
huge federal deficit next July 1.
Secretary Mellon In a statement
to the committee dealing with tux
revision, warned that even if more
than $250,000,000 should be lopped
off the estimate expenditure of $4,- >
550.000. 000, the tax yields could not
safely be committed to below $3,
570.000. 000, the estimate returns un
der existing law. Coupled with
this warning is the declaration that
it would he ‘‘folly" to reduce reve
nues without assurance of substan
tial additional reductions in expen
, ditures. Mr. Mellon added that in
seeking to arrive at an estimate of
the cash outgo for the year the
treasury could not take into account
paper savings or hope for reduc
tions in expenditures which cannot
be expected to materialize.
In a statement today Represen
tative Mondell, Wyoming,, Republi
can leader declares In bis judgment
it is entirely practical to reduce
the total tax levy by $500,000,000
and still take care of the needs of
the government.
“I realize that if all the bureaus
departments and agencies of the
government expended the sums they
have heretofore anticipated spend
ing, and in addition to that we were
called upon in a variety of ways to
make large expenditures in actual
reduction of the sum total of public
debt .over and above the sinking
fund expenditures, we could not re
duce revenues, but neither of these
things should happen."
One of tlie big tasks before the
Ways and Means Committee is deter
mining where cuts in expenditures
can be made safely and the amounts.
Some Republicans of the committee
have said that with the $500,000 000
railroad financing plan proposed in
pending legislation, it would be pos
sible to materially cut down the
$54 5,205,000 estimate made for pay
ment to the railroads. At the trea
sury it is explained this estimate is
independent of the financing propos
ed to he done by the finance cor
poration and represents payment on
account of the transportation act and
federal control. The outgo estimate
Includes $200,000,000 for the ship
ping hoard and some lenders say they
are determined to trim this total.
ine uuuity i'ir me Iiminiummc
the government merchants’ fleet is
giving members of the House con
cern. and there has been private dis
cussion lately of some plan to ease
the drain on the treasury from that
Opposition to the new taxes sug
gested by treasury officers continues
to grow with Representative Mondell
coming out against any increased
postage and hank checks tax< Th<
Representative leader also has said
he doubted either tho necessity or
the advisability of the automobile
He declared for repeal of the
transportation and soda water taxes,
excess profit tax. and the higher in
come surtaxes, with additional reve
nue provided through a 5 per cent
Increase in the corporation income
According to Charles A. Lyman,
secretary-treasurer of the National
Board of Farm Organization, the as
sociations of farmers over the coun
try are prepar’ne to launeh a fight
against repeal of the excess tax. They
have giver their views on the ques
tion and Mr. Lyman said if the com
mittee reports a hill with a repeal
provision the* farmers will appeal to j
the agricultural “bloc” and all other i
friends in congress to work for Its
q The Century Plainfield Tire Co., at their factory, Plainfield. N\ J., an
,, nounces the following special cash prices, plus 5% Federal Tax on their
a regular guaranteed over-size non akid^tres:
Size List Special Prlco
R 30x3 $13.45 # fi.97
F? 30x3% 16.00 8.45
t 32x3% 20.25 9.50
31x4 22.40 11.95
33x4 26.90 14.30
y 33x4 28.30* 14.90
34x4 28.90 15.20
-1 33x4% 37.15 17.00
„ 36x4% 40.70 19.50
^ 35x7 47.05 22.00
37x5 49. 90 23.00
Plainfield—Only 12 miles away Open Saturday Afternoon
" , i
ATLANTIC City, Aug. 5.—What i*
aid to l»e tho greatest reduction of
rages accepted in the United States
ince the closing of war was that
greed upon yesterday between the
•otters’ association and the workers
The men accepted a 19 per cent
ut in wages. 10 per cent immediate
V and 9 per cent in January.
This agreement is believed to be
he first real move towards a general
eduction in wages.
Today a further conference is in
>r ogress on working conditions.
American Relief Officials in
London Place Little Faith
in Russian Reports
[By The Associated Press.!
LONDON, Aug. 5.—American re
lief officials are placing little faith
in reports that American prisoners
In Russia have been released and
ire leaving that country.
“The word we received is merely
i newspaper report.” said the secre
tary to Walter L. Brown, European
director of the relief organization.
"We are keeping watch over every
possible exit that Americans might
take and none save Mrs. Marguerite
Harrison has as yet. come through.
This leads us to believe that Litluin
lan reports must be bolshevik propa
BERLIN, Aug. 5.—Germany will
conduct her work of'relief 8 mong
famine sufferers in Russia independ
ently of other powers, it announced
[By Evening News Staff Correspondent.)
Assistant Prosecutor John E. Toolan
is having papers served on tlio sher
iffs ofllce, in two supreme court ac
inns against two Perth Amboy
banks, one against the First Nation
al bank and the other against the
i'ity National bank. Dr. J. V. Smith
Is thd plaintiff in one case, while So
phie Laskowski is the plaintiff in
rhe other. Assistant Prosecutor Too
lan represents both plaintiffs.
Dr. Smith is suing the First Na
tional institution for the amount of a
check, $1,520. and interest on same
from March 12. The check was
drawn on March 5 of this year to
the order of Morris Bros, and Co., of
Philadelphia. The check was issued
for the purpose of buying stocks and
bonds, but the plaintiff claims an
agreement was made whereby the
date of the. check was trans-dated
to March 12, to allow the plaintiff to
investigate the stocks and bonds he
was purchasing. He concluded that
he would not buy. and notified the
bank on March 12 to stop payment
on the check, giving the number of
the check, date and other details.
The check was presented and paid,
however, the bank in addition, cer
tifying same.
The City National Bank is being
sued for $1,000, the amount of a
savings account and interest from
January 1 Sophie l.askowski is the
complainant in this action. Accord
ing to the complaint the woman had
deposited $1,000 in her own name.
'I'...,<. 1.1.. ..-oil husband followed.
and he notified the bank part of the
money was his, and he ordered that
none of the money he paid out.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 5—Idbel
proceedings in New York to obtain
forfeiture of tHe British schooner,
Henry J,. Marshall, liquor smuggler,
are contemplated by the justice de
partment Acting Attorney Goff an
nounced today.
Questioned by Grand Jury
NEW YORK, Aug. 5—Four mem
bers of the crew of Henry h. Mar
whall were quizzed by a federal grand
Jury today.
Previously they communicated
with their lawyers, who denied the
captain and mate escaped from the
boat Both oflicers left the ship sev
eral hours before, and did not know
the Seneca would he near them,
lawyers claimed. The Seneca is an
armed boat and would have tired,
the lawyers said.
... —
One day was all the time required
(or an Evening News Help Wanted
ad to find general workers for the
Mangano .Manufacturing Company,
Rahway. N. J.
In fact, the ad found a lot more
men than were needed and the com
pany was able to pick the best men
tor the work.
That’s one of the good features of
Evening News Help Wanted ads—
they give advertisers a good range of
■hoice in tilling positions.
If YOtT need competent help—an
Evening News ad will find it for vou.
Cabinet Decides, However, to
Meet Soon to Discuss Irish
Peace Terms
If Opposing Leaders Can be
Brought Together, Actual 1
Peace is Believed Certain
TBy The Associated Press.] j
LONDON, Aug. 5—Another meet- j
ing of the Ulster cabinet has been
called to discuss Iridh peace, al
though it is reported that no mes
sage has been received in Belfast j
from Eamon de Valera. j
It is added no overtures will be *.
entertained which diminish the
powers of the northern parliament.
None the less, the Imperial govern- '
mpnf rnmmltfpp nntlmlstio ns to t.hft -J
outcome, if it can get the opposing J
leaders together. !
While Sinn Fein leaders are main- • j
taining silence, it is believed Mr. ]
i do Valera and advisors favor a con
ference and will support before the 1
republican parliament a proposal
for such a conference. It is hoped ,
in government circles that the 1
republican parliament will an- |
nounce its willingness to open nego- j
tiations in London for the future
government of Ireland, while at- t
tempting to make arrangement* >
with Ulster.
The Ulster cabinet meeting wai
called for this afternopr^-*
Car Seized by City Cause for. j
Suit for Auto and for $500

Notice of a supreme court aetioi
brought by James Hanley of Perth $
Air toy against the City of Perth Am* 'j
boy and Niels J. Tonnesen, has been |
filed in the sheriff's office. David j
Wiientfc represents the plaintiff and
Leo Goldberger will protect the
rights of the defendants.
The action is brought to recovei i
a Alarm on car and $500 damages. &
The automobile was taken possession
< f by the defendants on July l(j,
pending an investigation, and since <
that time a writ of replevin to se
cure possession of the car, has been 5
brought by the insurance company.
It is claimed the automobile was j
stolen from its rightful owner, and j
that the insurance company haa 3
naid the original owner for the car. m
I-Yank Turner of Jersey City Is rep- 1
resenting the insurance company in |
this case. ■
A bil| of sale In possession of th« J
authorities, is claimed by the insur- •
ance company, to be a fake, inas- ^
much as it gives possession of the J
Marmon car. valued at $5>000, to %
James Hanley for $1. William J
Burke of Plainfield. is the party 1
named as the seller in the bill of i
Hanley made application for a li
cense in Rahway, It is claimed, and
gave his address as Rahway. The
motor number given in the applica- ]
tlon for a license, Is said to be in
coi root as the motor nunmbe rgiven ^
is owned by a doctor in the west, >
the investigation shows.
Tt is alleged that the car was shn- m
piv given to Hanley for the benefit j
l..f someone else, who is being kept 3
j under cover. Captain of Detectives |
! Lawrence A. l ong and his -latf at J
j local headquarters have been work- *
ling on the caso for some time. t. -jjj
QUEBEC. Aug. 5.—Hundreds of J
I thousands 'of dead grasshoppers |
I flouted down the St. Lawrence river ^
I today find puzzled agriculturists, who m
I could not give a reason for it. At ,5
Three It.vrs the dead grasshoppers. |
covered the river. '
\dvance Suicide Theory
NEW 1 < t It lv Aug. 6- New York
agriculturists advanced the suicide J
theory in connection with tlu dlscov- J|
cry Of dead grasshoppers in the |
waters of the Sr. Lawrence river. m
Thcv explained that like Napoloo- 3
nic cavalry, they never turned hack. >;
Scientists believe that having eaten «
everything behind them they reached
the^rWenjimljfUfngfd^ .1
Tlie Danish Societies of Perth j
Amboy, N. J., will hold a Basket sa
Party "at Pine Grove, Sunday,
Aug. 7, 1921, benefit of the Dan
ish Orphans’ Home.
i _

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