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Business Advertisers Who Sell More Than One Thing Use More Than One Ad Here
Perth Amboy, N. J.
tndexr and Standardized and Popular
ized for Quick Reference
All ads are restricted to their proper
classification and to the regular The
Evening News style of type.
Daily Rate Per Line
Cash Charge
6 daya . 80
3 daya . &° *0c
1 day .10o 12c
No ad taken for less than 2 lines.
Charged at the rate earned.
Count sfx average words to the line.
Ads are allowed the cash rate Jf paid at
The Evcplng News Office within 6 days
from the first day of Insertion
Charged ads may be given by telephone.
Ada ordered for « dava and stopped be
fore that time will only be charged for
the actual number of times the ad ap
peared, charging at the rats earned.
Long term rates given upon request.
Telephone 400. Ask for a Want At*
8— Coming Events
9— Personals
10— Lc3t and Found
11— Automobiles for Hale
12— Motorcycles and Bicycles.
13— Automobiles for Exchange
14— Auto Accessories
15— Service Stations—Repairing
16— Auto Livery—Garages
17— Wanted—A utomobllcs
18— Business Services Offered
19— Building—Contracting
20— Heating and Plumbing
21— Insurance
22— Millinery—Dressmaking
23— Moving. Trucking. Storage
24— Painting—Papering
25— Patent Attorneys
26— Printing—Stationery
27— Professional Services
28— Repairing
29— Renovating and Dyeing
30— Tailoring nnd Pressing
81—Wanted—Business Servlcs
32— Help Wanted—Female
33— Help Wanted—Male
34— Help—Male or Female
35— Salesmen and Agents
36— Situations Wanted—Female
87—Situations Wanted—Male
gg_CBuslnesB Opportunities
39— Investments, Stocks, Bonds
40— Money to Loan
41— Wanted—To Borrow
42— Correspondence Courses
43— Local Instruction Classes
45—Private Instruction
47— Dogs, Cats. Pets
48— Horsts, Cattle. Vehicles
49— Poultry and Supplies
60—Wanted—Live Stock
51—Articles for Bale
62— Busineu and Office Equipment
63— Boats and Accessories
54— Building Materials
55— Farms und Dairy Products
66—Fuel and Feed
57—Good Things to Eat
68—Home-made Things
59— Household Goods
60— Jewelry and Watches
61— Machinery and Tools
62— Musical Instruments
63— Seeds, Plants, Fertilizers
64— Specials at Stores
65— Wearing Apparel
»«—Wanted—To Buy
•7—Rooms With Board
ft—Rooms Without Board
•9—Rooms (or Housekeeping
fO-MUacation Places
MflPrHei'e td Egt
TZ—-Where to Stop In Town
73—Wanted—Rooms or Board
74* -Apartments and Flats
75— Business Places for Rent
76— Farms for Rent
77— Houses for Rent
78— Offices and Desk Room
79— Suburban for Rent
80— Summer Places for Rent
81— Wanted—To Rent
82— Business Property
S3—Farms and Land for Sale
84— Houses for Sale
85— Lots for Sale
86— Shore Property for Sale
87— Suburban for Sale
88— Real Estate for Exchange
85—Wanted—Real Estate
300.000.000 RATS
Trapping a pair of them today will
do away with a possible 300,000,000
In thf%e years from now.
NRnts Increase so fast, says the
United States Biological Survey, that
ono pair, if accidental deaths did not
\ lnte- . ene, could multiply to 359.709,
V482 In three years.
\ln 10 years before the war Its rats
erst the United States more than fts
army. They eat the same food ns
humans and they waste more than
| they eat. They make dirt and they
carry disease.
The Department of Agriculture
has made a careful study of the var
ious methods of fighting rats, and
published its findings In a neatly
printed illustrated booklet which is
intended for free distribution to the
public. Our Washington Infornm- ’
tion Bureau will secure a copy for
anyone who sends two cents In
stamps for return postage.
Frederic J. Haskln, Director,
Information Bureau,
Washington. D. C.
I enclose herewith two cents in
stamps for return postage on a fre«
copy of the Rat Booklet as offered
by The Perth Amboj EVENING
Name *.....
Street ...
City .
State ....
The real estate firm of Margaret
ten & Lobel reports Its seventh and
eighth transactions in State street
property during the past six months,
in both eases the buildings sold
through, the company are store
properties. The consideration In the
sales are not mentioned.
A three-slory frame building at
460 State street has been sold to
Hyman and Israel Shangold, both of
Perth Amboy The property Is on
an old established business corner
and contains a grocery store and
meat market. The new owners will
make immediate repairs to the
structure but the present businesses
will continue. Morris Aneier, of
Rahway, is the former owner of the
two places of business.
The building at 462-464 State
street, comprising four stores, lias
been purchased by John H. Miller,
treasurer of the Kesco Clay Pro
ducts' Company of Piscataway
township. Abe Pavlovsky, of Am
boy avenue is the former owner of
til* property.
_ I iiru ral PlOWOT___4
Flowers for all occasions; floral designs,
bridal bouquets our specialty. Gold Fish.
Phone 296-M.
STRUVI -Phone 684.
Palms, fern h. pot plants, cut flowers,
floral designs a specialty. W. Struve &
Son*. La 6 St.__
THE FLOWER SHOP—107 Fayette St.
Flowers for every occasion; wedding bou
quets. floral pieces, cut flowers, potted
plants L. E. Fitzgerald. Tel. 148-J.
j H E KITCH I IN M BIST ER — Florist;
Phone 1666; funeral designs; bouquets
for weddings and parties; wreaths and
other f I ora l_de coratlona. 68 8mltb St.
I HI ROSE SHOP—“day It with flow
ers' 1:v telegraph or mall; sent any
where; cut r>r potted flowers. 80 Smith
S t. Pho ne 1611._
_Lout and Found ___10
RING p.si. Initials Inside of ring; ”S. Z."
•o *T. A. It ” January 14, 1917. Reward
II Hall Ave._„
TAIL LIGHT lost; nickel plated brim.
Call 891 Perth Amboy._
\ iitoinohlles for Kale _If
HI ICK—Lrite 1918 4 cylinder. 6 passenger
touring; price $476.00. inquire 285 Smith
S'., corner Oak.___
FljiCK .. passenger touring, new tires,
new battery, good condition. Just over
hauled; will demonstrate. J. H. Con
< annon, Woodbrldge. Phone 299,__
i ilEVUOLET—6 passenger, J921 Moilel,
iii n .■.<>’ • 'I <•! I M M • ■ t ueh'-li.
UODtih-Una Dodge Touring, $300. 832
S nr 11 h St re e t.___
DORT—Touring Car; a-1 condition; tires
good. Inquire 143 Lewis St., upstairs.
J’hone 299-J.
FORD—Touring, 1920 model, inquire af
ter 6 P. M. 871 Elm St._
FORD COMMERCIAL—Care for sale. In
quire Grab a m’a Bakery. 316 State St.
MITCHELL—1Touring car for sale; cheap;
prico $200. Inquire 122 Wood Ave.,
Staten Island. _
OLDSAfOBILE—New, 4 cylinder. In
quire Johnson, 143 New Brunswick
A venus._ _____________
STUTZ BEARCAT—1918 model, 16 valve
motor; looks and runs like new; all cord
tires; one spare; price $1,325; trades
considered. Te 1 epho ne 1785,
USED CARS—1021 <5tudebaker Touring.
Paige Touring. Central Garage. 226
New Brunswick Ave* Time payments
USED CARS—And Trucks at real bargains
1920 Lexington Sedan, slightly used as
demonstrator at a- big bargain. If you
are in the market fbr a used car or
truck, we have them; time payments can
he arranged. Oak St. Garage. 319 Oak
St. Phone 215.
I SED CARS—Always a good assortment
of used cars to select from at Garret^n's
, Naw Brunswick Avenue.
USED FORD CARS can now be pur
chased on time payments without any
red tape or inconvenience to you. You
will always find a choice lot on hand
IVo have today: one 1919 self-starter
Runabout, $275.00; one 1919 demountable
Touring, $225.00; one Touring. $175.00;
one 1919 lleo 3-4 ton Speed Wagon.
$500.00; one Runabout, $100.00; one 1919
Chaste. $125.00. See them at our ser
vice and parts station, 363-367 Division
St., Dorsey Motor Co., Authorised Ford
Dealers. Perth Amboy. Phone 1916,
BARGAINS—Ford Racer; Model 490
Chevrolet Sedan. Dodge Touring. Ford
Touring, Maxwell Touring. County
Bridge Oarage, 409-411 Market St. Phone
Oldsmoblle Coupe; 6 cylinder
Dodge Roadster
Hudson Touring
Overland Touring
Maple and Fayette Streets.
Phone 1694. Perth Amboy, N. J.
Motorryclea and Bicycles_12
BICYCLES—Several second hand, good
conltlou; bargain. 328 Kirkland Place.
MOTORCYCLE PARTS—In stock at all
times for Harley and Indian, also tires,
tubes and accessories. See Motorcycle
Leo. 709 Charles St. Phone 204._
Anutomoblles for Exchange 13
FORD D livery; A-l condition; will ex
change for Ford roadster. Art’Crete
Works, Fords. Phone 1378-R.
Auto Accessories 14
BATTERIES—Willard Threaded Rubber
Batteries, unfailing guards against need
for relnsulatlon during the battery’s life.
Battery & Motor Service Station. 149
New Brunswick Ave. Tel. 1885.
LEATHERETTE—Rtcovsr STOUT own auto
top for less than $5.00. Leatherette 75c
yard. Tires at V* list, 30 x 3. $10.00.
Cut Price Auto Supply. 100-102 Fayette
RIMS \\ O ii:i\ <• i tic line complete. Rims
and Rim Parte for passenger oars and
light trucks. Melbourn & Ritter. 77
Smith St._____|
SPEEDOMETERS—Dlmond & Dlmond;
Bearings for all cars; vulcanizing. Phone
>178 Madison Nve. and Market St._
TIRES—For sale; Goodyear. Goodrich,
Michelln, Flak and United States. F. K.
145 X w Brunswick Avenue.
TIRES—Brighton Ave. Garage; tires,
tubes an accessories Phone 1 422-M.
WINTER TO! One for 1880 big six Stude
baker car at Pete’s Oarage, 870 Amboy
Avenue. Telephone 136.
1—Gordon and Meade Streets
:3—Madison Ave and Paterson St.
J4—Market and Sheridan Streets
25— Smith Street and Central R R.
26— Market and First Streets
27 -Railtan Copper Works
28—High and Lewis Streets
34— Madison Avenue and Smith 8tr«et
35— Smith and High Streets
36— New Brunswick Ave. and New Street
37— Smith nnd State Streets
41— Standard Underground Cable Co.
42— Atlantic Terra Cotta Works
43— Buckingham Ave. and Hartford St.
4 5—Commerce and Front Streets
46— state and Washington Streets
47— High and Washington Streets
62—Cortlandt nnd Easton Streets
54— State and Buckingham Ave.
55— Parker St. and Pulaski Ave.
56— Hall Ave. nnd Charles St.
57— State and Wayne Streets
58— Near Lead Works
59— Maurer
62— Washington Street and Park Avenue
63— New Brunswick Ave. and Elm Street
64— Smith Street and Watson Avenue
65— Commerce nnd State 8treets
72— Front and Smith Streets
73— Watv» and Gordon Streets
74 — Kearny Ave. and Gordon Street
81—Brace and Hanson Avenues
S2—Smith and Herbert Streets
S3 Amboy Ave. and Washington St.
84—Lehigh Ave. and Stanford Street
—Near City Hospital.
—Cleveland and Brace Avenues
87—Amboy nnd Hall Avenues
192—Amboy Ave. and Inslee Street
13— Lawrence nnd Francis Streets
14— Neville and Johnstone Streets
Everyday Ad-Ventures
Everybody Said It Couldn’t Be Done—
Edwards was out of work—not such
an unusual thing these days—but he
seemed more thoroughly out of it than
in.-st people. He Just couldn't get con
nected with a pay envelope again.
Ho went around to a number of manu
facturing plants and asked to see the
superintendents. But ho never got past
i he third assistant clerks, who told him
unanimously, with regard to his ambition
to find a position, that it couldn't be
So ue tried some smaller concerns and
then some still smaller ones, but every
time he referred to the subject of mak
ing an opening for a capable young man.
the employers threw up their hauda and
said it simply couldn’t be done.
Then someone must have asked him why
he didn’t try a Situation Wanted ad In
the EVENING NEWS, because he did try
.•no. telling all about himself, and It fell
into the hands of some of the “men
higher up”—and two days later he had
several letters giving him appointments
for interviews—
And the next day. he landed a good
position with one of the manufacturing
concerns whose clerk he had failed to
Everybody Said It Couldn’t Be Done!
(Copyright, 1921, by Basil L, Smith)
Service Stations— Repairing HI
Auto radiators, bodies and fenders re
paired, auto sheet metal work. 154 New
Brunswick Ave. Tel, 1607.
Cars. Trucks and Wagon painting. 301
Oak St. Phone 730.
AMERICAN GARAGE—Bbat equipped re
pair shop In town; day and night ser
vice. Supplies and accessories. For ser
vice call 1681.
ATLANTIC GARAGE—Ever-ready Storage
Batteries, auto electric service and sup
plies; all makes of batteries recharged
and repaired; sales and service elation..
565 Amboy Ave. Tel. 1066,
AUTO TOPS—Recovered and repaired; au
tomobile robes, blankets, slip • era
Eveready Flashlights, batteries, Icy Hot
Bottles and Lunch Boxes. P. Guthoff.
184 New Brunswick Ave. Phone 1680.
AUTO PAINTING—John P. Jacko, Auto
mobile. Truck and Wagon Painter. 2!H»
New Brunswick Ave. Jitney Bus palnt
ing a specialty.__
Electric Service Station; magnetos, gen
erators. starters; batteries properly find
fully reclmiged 60c. Agent for the With
i t •' N* w Bninswi 1
IN—Auto Toj
ered and repaired. We make new cur
tains, cuihions, carpets, floor coverings;
ail kinds of auto top material for sale;
wholesale and retail. 143 New Brunswick
Avenue. Phone 61-W.
ELLIS BROS.—Garage, for your repair
ing. moving and trucking, car and taxi
service. Storage and supplies. Phone
2197. 430-432 High St._j
Auto radiators, bodies and fenders re- i
paired, all kinds auto sheet metal work.
UK) New Brunswick Ave. Phone 1360.
FORDS GARAGE CO.—Expert auto re
pairing. battery electrical service; night
and day; service station Gould Storage
Batteries. New Brunswick Ave. and
Hotnsby St. Phone 2058 Perth Amboy.
FRANK HUDA—Commercial automobile
body builders and repairers; automobile
painting; specializing on touring and
commercial cara 43U Division St. Phone
703-J. _ '
GARAGE—Auto Repairing, marine and
stationery gas engines. II. Kress. 340
Watson Ave. Phone S05. 1
repairing; New Brunswick Ave., corner
Convery Place. Plione 711.
HIGH ST. GARAGE—Expert repairing,
overhauling, pleasure cars, trucks, carbon
burning; automobile suppllea 343 High
St. Phone 2283. A. A. Maurer._
JACOB & MORROW—Auto Repair Co.,
distributors for Middlesex County Selden
Motor Trucks; IV2 to 6 tons. 340 Pros
pect St. Phone 2066.
years experience on all makes of cars and
marine engines: work guaranteed. Phone
_l 81Corner State and Cl.auncey Sts.
Builders of autc delivery and truck bod
ina* !>>■ in i i 11 it nnd rAnnlrlnir. 889-893 State
St. Phone 1501.
PETE'S GARAGE—Expert auto repairing,
electrical and battery service. 870 Am
boy Ave. Top Hill. Phone 135. P. J.
Magyar, Prop._
Expert repairing auto radiators, lamps,
fenders, hoods, gasolins tanks, eto. 181
New Brunswick Ave, 1S2 Fayette St.
Phone 2173._j
VULCANIZING—Largest, moat complete
tire, tube repair shop In state; best ser
vice. Satisfaction guaranteed. George’s
Tire Shop. 180 New Brunswick Ave. On
the corner._,
VULCANIZING—Steam Vulcanizing and
retreading. Billy’s Tire Shop. Phone
2140. 148 New Brunswick Ave._
WELDING—Brazing of all kinds of met
ala. Tel. 2120. Herbert’s Garage. Ford a.
_Auto Livery—Gar age n_ 18
CHRIS JOHNSON—Oldest Taxi Service In
the city. Phone 4(1; also motorcycles
and accessories. 163 New Brunswick
GARAGES—Six, and one shop for rent on
King Street. Inquire Maplo Realty Co.,
215 Smith St. __
GARAGE—Improved; $5.00. Inquire 458
Park Ave.. upstairs.____
JOE’S TAXI—Phone 2020. Day and
Night service. Cars to hire for weddings
funerals, etc. By hour, trip or day. 426
Division St.___
AUTOMOBILES—Perth Amboy Auto
Wrecking Co.. Korb & Feldman; highest
prices paid for all kinds of automobiles.
All kinds of parts on hand. Radiators,
carburetors, lamps, magnetos, springs,
generators, tires, tubes, etc. for sale. 184
Fayette Street. 183 New Brunswick Ave.
Perth Amboy, N. J. Tel. 1394.
Iluslness Services Offered^_18
LAUNDRY—Wet Wash and Flat Work
done b the oldest, largest operating plant
In the city. Middlesex Sanitary Laundry
No. 6 Gordon St.. Perth Amboy, N. J. Tel.
1893. T. Currie. Prop._
LOCKSMITH—D. Dekoff. locksmith and
general repair shop; lawn mowers sharp
ened; baby carriages repaired, retired/
306_HIgh St, Corner Smith. Tel. 2223.
of automobile owners of Middlesex
County complete until July 15. Adver
tising. Circularizing. Mimeographing Our
specialties. Room 202. Raritan Build
ing. _Phone 1S56.___
change. notary. Mlndzsenthy & Mlrrossay,
167 Hall Ave., Terth Amboy, N. J. Tel.
SHOES SHINED—George’s Shoe Shining
Parlor; regular shine 6c. cream shine,
10c. cream dye, 20c. 152 Smith St.,
Junior Hall.__*_
STAMPING—And Hemstitching to order;
all kinds of wool In nil colors; sweaters,
underwear and hosiery. J. Hoffman. 230
_Smlth Street._
WALL PAPEk—Have your windows, wall
paper cleaned In your home, store or of
fice; moderate charges. Perth Amboy
Window Cleaning Co., 103 Broad St.
Phone 1906.
household appliances. 193*95 Smith St.
Phona <31.
CARPENTERING—J. H. Smith, Carpen
ter and general Jobbing; store fixtures
and alteratons; screen doors, windows;
screens made to order. 1S9 Paterson St.
I Phone 859-R.
GUTH ELECTRIC CO.—Electrical con
tractors and dealers In electrical sup
plies: lighting fixtures of quality. 185
Smith St. Phone 22._
R. L. 8CHUCK—Motors and generators
installed and repaired, line construction
and interior wiring. Shop and residence
449 Compton Ave. Tel. 1517._
J. T. Y ELLEN—Electrical Contractor;
finished house wiring a specialty; fix
tures at reasonable prices; estimates
cheerfully furnished. 161 Lind 8t._
ROOFING—H. C. Smith, Jr., Roofer;
slate, slag roofing and tinning; water
proofing. 123-125 Madison Ave. Tel.
Heating and Plumbing_20
Path and Toilet Fixtures; heat your
house with steam, hot water or pipeloss
furnace on monthly payments. F J.
Larkin. 267 McClellan St. Tel. 565-It.
PLUMBING—S. L. Bulvanos'kl. plumbing,
heating, gas fitting and tinning In all its
branches: all work promptly don^ 670
Charles 81. Phona 1406._
PLUMBING-—John klusendorf. plumbing,
heating and gas fitting; Jobbing promptly
attended to; estimates furnished. 49S
Groom St._Phone 2231._
PLUMBING—Damgaard A Buote. Heat
ing and gas fitting. Jobbing promptly at
tended to: estimates furnished. 308
Elm St. Phona 2081.
Take notice that In accordance with
Chapter 312, Session Laws of New Jersey
1915. and by a virtue of a lien that I hav*.
thereunder, l shall sell at publlo auction
on Friday. August 19th. 1921. at 1 P. M.
at No. 891 State Street. Perth Amboy. N.
J., one (1> Ford touring car with a win
ter top. 1920. Motor No. 3510845, now or
formerly belonging to Harry Lipshuts or
Einanual Greenberg.
: ... scr:- ■-■■j.rrsss-■ ■=■=' .HI. *■ ' ■ay
There is such a thing as friendly criticism—
a friend can be kindly in criticism.
You may point out another’s faults with
out any motive of selfishness. You may find
something to criticize, even though you have
in mind the fullest sense of good iter another
and labor for his advancement to the exclu
sion of your T>wn interests.
The point is that your standard of judg
ment in criticism must be free from self or it
cannot be iteir.
One of the best tests of a man is whether
he can take friendly criticism. Your ability
to take and give it will help you whatever
you do.
M i I Unery—Dressmaking_2t
DRESSMAKING—And plain sewing.
Clothes pressed and cleaned; feathers
curled. 104 Jefferson St. First Floor.
DRESSMAKING—Ladles; latest fashions;
Hemstitching and buttons covered. A.
Kalman. 283 Elm St._
SEWING wanted, ladles and children;
also men's sport and dress shirts. 603
Amboy Ave. ___
HEMSTITCHING—We do all kinds of side
and accordion pleating and machine
pleating; very reasonable prices. E.
Wei88. 317 Maple St. Phone 2072,
Moving, Tracking, Storage_M
CARTING—Walsh eck's General Trucking,
local and long distance moving; also
light and heavy carting. 206 Goodwin
St. Phone 1072, Perth Amboy. N. J.
HAULING—Andrew Anderson, Trucking
engines, boilers, machinery, safes, heavy
hauling and rigging of every description.
Pierce Arrow and Packard 6 ton trucks.
Tel. 178. 77 Fayette Street. Perth Am*
boy, N. J.____
MOVING—D. Kadln, express and storage,
long distance moving with care. 204
New Brunswick Ave. Phone 1676, 1882,
Perth Amboy.____
MOVING—Raritan Express, carting and
trucking and moving, local and long dis
tance. Phone 353-J. J. Slendenburg. 377
Division St.___ ,
MOVING—Hmielski Bros.. light and
heavy trucking; local and long distance,
careful drivers, al work given our per
sonal attention. Phone 406 Perth Am
MOVING—John Hawrylko & Son. truck
ing and moving; local and long distance;
personal attention to all work. 162
Chauncey St. Telephone Connection.
MOVING—Lepper’a Express; transporta
tion between Perth Amboy and New
York; move in city or country. 296
Washington St. Phone 896-J._.
MOVING—Seashore trip and light deliv
ery of all kinds. Tel. 415-J. Gabe Gas
per. 217 Pine Ave., South Amboy.__
STORAGE—Rooms for rent. Apply J.
Miller. 3 5-7 State Street.
auto trucking; storage furniture and
pianos moved; country and city. 205
Market St. Phone 478.__
TRUCKING—C. Borup, transfer and auto
trucking, storage, furniture and pianos
moved; city and country. 335 State St.
Phone 2176.___
TRUCKING—cDeliman's expressing; light
trucking; local and long distance. Phone
Painting and Papering _M
DECORATING—A. P. Barner; Winter
and Taper Hanger; work guaranteed;
reasonable prices; estimates given. 123
So. 1st St. Phone 643-W._
PAINTING—Harry Cohen, Paper Hanger;
inter! r decorating a specialty; estimates
furnished. 178 Broad St. Shop 164 So.
1st St. Phone 1386._.
PAPER HANGING—Paper Hanging a
specialty. Wall Paper retail at whole
sale prices. Paper Hangers furnished at
lowest prices. N. Y. Wall Paper Co. 360
State St. Phene 1722._
Professional Services_27
PIANO TUNING—C. Stelnhauser. Pianos
tuned and repaired. 325 State St. Perth
Amboy. Tel. 1354-M. First Class work.
CABINET MAKING—Colonial Cabinet
Works; home of expert cabinet makers;
upholstering; veneering, enameling, chair
canel. t; glass table tops, shelves, mirrors
choice oriental rugs. Cleaning and re
nairlng. Phone 236-M. 388 State St.
new method we repair all type* of shoes
in he most satisfactory way at ths low
(est possible cost. We use the best oak
leather. 283 Hobart St. Phone 423.
REPAIRERS—Of marine and stationary
Boilers. Stacks and Tanks. Sheet Iron
Work of all kinds. electric welding.
Perth Amboy Iron Works. H. J. Galla
gher and W. Jensen. 322 Front St.
Phone 738.__ _.__
SHOE REPAIRING—Frst class; best oak
leather used; also new shoes at reason
able prees. J. Cherensky. 181 New
Brunswick _Ave.____
SHOE REPAIRING—First class; all work
guaranteed and promptly done; also new
shoes of best Qualities, standard makes.
S. Goldsmith._127 Fayette St._ .
SHOE REPAIRING—Central Shoe Repair
ing Co. will save your shoes. We restore
them to their original newness; moder
ate prices. 279 Madison Ave. Opposite
M a -tc* at 1
30 SMITH ST. rilONE 1571.
362 HIGH ST. PHONE 253._
Renovating and Dyeing_M
CLEANING—Alteration*. Cleaning. Dye
ing. Pressing. Order* called for and de
livered; price* moderate. 8. Epstein. 251
Madison Ave., Below Majestic Theatre
Tel. 1479. ___
CLEANING—Tailoring and Cutting; la
dies’ and Gents’ garments cleaned,
pressed and repaired; reasonable price,
P l’alo. 291 State St. Perth Amboy,
X. J.__
your sample, cleaning, men and women *
clothing. Phone 1658. Fishkln Bros.. 30S
State St. 136 New Brunswick Ave.
FUltS REMODELED—Furs stored fre*
while having them remodeled or repaired
at very low prices during the summei
months. Iasured against Are and bur
glary. A. Greenhouse. 66 Smith St.
Help Wanted—Female _3$
kinds of work secured for girls and
women. 310 Mapie St. Phone 1962._
CIGAUMAKBRS—And Bunch Maker*
wanted. J Klorfein Cigar Factory. 731
! Cortlandt St._
| bookkeeper, resident of Perth Amboy
j Apply in own handwriting. Address A,
Care New*.
320 Market St., female help furnished
i positions waiting for girls; women bj
day tor firivat# fanlUaa. nsan HISjJf,
-=—:-- —, -
Help Wanted—Female32
EXPERIENCED GIRL or woman for gen
eral housework; small family. Ill Rec
tor 8t. ___
GIRL wanted for general housework. 99
Lewis St. (upstairs).
GIRL to work in restaurant. National
Lunch. 63 Smith St. _
GIRL—Wanted for housework. Mrs. Fox.
156 Rector Street.
GIRL or woman for housework. 200 New
Brunswick Ave. Inquire In bakery store.
GIRL or woman for general housework;
good home, good pay. 312 8tate St.
GOOD COOK wanted. Inquire 39 Wood*
bridge Avenue. Metuchen, N. J.,
HOUSEKEEPER wanted, for a man with
2 children; Danish decent preferred. Call
after 6 P. M., 85 Woodbridge Ave., Me
MAID wanted for general housework. 3
In family; car fare paid. Mrs. Charles
Collins. St. George Ave., Rahway, N. J.
OPERATORS wanted on fancy silk un
dergarments. Inquire 439 Steadman PI.
OPERATORS wanted; 50 experienced on
men’s shirts. Call Monday at 7:30. Good
man Cohen & Co., 331 Maple St., 1 flight
OPERATORS—Experienced workers on
kimonas; should earn $25.00 a week on
piece work; factory 1% minutes’ walk
from ferry; best of working conditions.
Peters & Ustalo, 73 Johnson Avenut,
PIANIST wanted for two week, relief
work. Apply 94 Market St. ,
YOUNG GIRL for light housework. 359
Oak St., first floor._
Help Wanted—Male_83
kinds of 1obs secured for men. Author
lzed by the Department or Danor or .^ew
Jersey. 310 Maple St. Phone 1952._
BOY wanted; must have'iome experience
with electric cloth cutting machine.
Address N. F. B.. Care Perth Amboy
News, Perth Amboy, N.
MEN or young men; pleasant outdoor
work; good salary If you are a hustler;
no experience required. Just pep. Inquire
XYZ, News. _
PIPEFITTERS and plumbers wanted.
Pucclo, 405 Ogden Place._
STENOGRAPHER—Male, with general of
fice experience for office of large manu
facturing concern. Reply In own hand
writing, giving age, nationality, previous'
experience salary desired and refer
ences. • Address P. O. Box 366, Perth
Amboy, N. J. _
_Situations Wanted—Female _86
HOUSEWORKER and office cleaner, de
sires position. A. Augustine* 393 Dlvia
lon Street._„
STENOGRAPHER and Bookkeeper; ex^
perience; has knowledge of typewriting.
Phone 1357-R.
YOUNG LADY wishes position, under
stands bookkeeping, typist and clerical
work. Call Telephone Perth Amboy 2267.
_Situations Wanted—Male_37
WORK—Wanted, of any kind by ex-ser
vice man; strong and willing to learn.
Address Post Office Box 48. Perth Am
boy, _
_Business Opportunities_88
BARBER SHOP, well established, 3 chair,
fully equipped, central location; com
pelled to sell because of sickness. Ap
ply Mike Dietrich, Broad, near Front,
RIC AI. ESTATE—Good opportunity for
young man with small capital to go
Into real estate business. Write X., Care
_Mousy to Loan v_40
MORTGAGE—We have $3,000 to Invest on
‘ bond and mortgage; local property only.
Margaretten A Lobel. Raritan Building.
Phone 660._ _______________
_Musical, Dancing, Pramatlo 44
BANJO—lyO play, no pay—Banjo, Mando
lin. Gulta** etc. Beginners! Play tunes
perfect firsts in six lessons or your money
back. Ragtime, etc. Instruments sold
on easy terms. Music. Friday and Sa
turday 10 A. M.-9 P. M. E. Rogers. 310
Maple St. Perth ^Amboy. Phone
Pots, Cats, Pets47
"PUPS—White pdtfdle for sale. Fords
New Home Bakery, Fords.
Horses, Cuttle. Vehicles 48
COWS—Fresh Cows and Springers for sale
or exchange for Beef Cows. Prices rea
■u imuio. v-»ii ui "iim. ub
lowltz. 161 Lewis St. Tel. 2097._
COWS—And Springers for sale at ans
time, extra good milkers; always larg*
stock on hand. J. Zlotkln. Freehold. N.
J. Tel 163-W.
HORSES—Team of work hbraes for sal€
cheap; work single or double. Applj
Mr. Vogel, Atlantic Station. Arthur Kill
Road, Tottenvllle, Staten Island.
Poultry and Supplies4£
CHICK FEED—Scratch. Whole Corn,
Mash. Also agent for Dr. Peter’s Kurl
ko. E. Ohlson. Phone 2045. 405 !Laurl<
CHICKEN COOP—Lined with windows; t(
be removed at once; bargain. 139 Lewii
St. _
POULTRY—Wholesale and Retail Po trj
Market; live chickens, ducks, etc., ai
lowest prices. 257 New Brunswick Ave.
D. Schaffer. Prop.
Articles fore Sale81
DOMESTIC 6UN8HINE — Combinatior
stove and boiler; In first class condition;
bargain to quick buyer. Apply 215
State 8t.
KEGS—All sizes. for wine, cider, etc.
Gluck. Phone 1735.
LEATHER—Oak Seles and scraps. W«
carry a full line of cobbler’s tools and
supplies for home use. P. Barbleri. 404*
406 State St. __
RAZOR BLADES—Eveready. Auto Strop.
Eagle; 6 for 29c; Gillette. 35c. 7 Gem
35c; 3 Durham Duplex, 24c: Eveready,
Gem Razors. 75c. Gillettes. 90c and $2.50,
S, Perimutter. 199 Smith St._
RUBBER GOODS—Thompson - Goodyeai
Rubber Corp.. 315 Maple St. TeL 2169,
Everything In Rubber; wholesale and re
tail. Plumber* Factory, and Household
JSKSilr- —-- r_ vr -3?
Articles fqr_8ale_51
STEREOTYPE MATS—$l700 a hundred;
make excellent lining for barn* poultry
horn., a. etc. Size 18 V4 * 12. Evening
VACUUM CLEANERS—Ohio; for hire;
$1.60 day. We repair anything electrical.
K. Sc K. Electric Co„ New Brunswick
Ave. and Jefferaon St. Phone 605._
STOVES—Big fire sale; slightly dara
aged furniture at rldiculoualy low prices;
big stock stoves, bureaus, chairs, beds,
etc. 639 State Street._
WINDOW SHADES—Guaranteed at $6c
each. Former price 65c; size 72 x 16
Inches; all colors. Glmpleman Bros. $21
State St. Phone 1772.
WOODEN BOXES for sale, very cheap.
J. femerling, 141 Smith
IIualnesa Equipment_M
CARBON PAPERS—And Typewriter Sup
plies for all machines; first class rlbbona
Stationery and suppllea E. M. Glueck.
75 Smith St. Phons 217T. _.
GROCERY and butcher's fixtures for sale.
238 Hall Ave. _ _
MEAT BLOCK for sale. Call 6196 Ar
thur Kill Road, Tottenvllie. _.
'SAFE—Outside dimensions 30 inches
wide, 45 inches high. 23 inches
deep, with extra sheet eteel locked door.
Inside lower half, clear space, upper half,
with locked steel vault, four locked boxes
and 6 pigeon holes. Thomas Langan
Lumber Co., 451 State St._1
65 cents; 3 for $1.50; Carbon Papers, beat,
15 cents do*. 100 for $1.25, guaranteed;
postage prepaid. 25 years in Amboy.
Comegya & Bro. 287 Elm St. __
TYPEWRITERS—Headquarters, Coronas,
$37.50 to $50; Royals. $27 to $65; Under
woods, $35 to $70; Smith Premiers. $10
to $35. Comegya & Bro. Smith and Elm
Streets. ___ , -
WAX FIGURES—A number of wax fig
ures and hat stands on hand. F. « F.
Shop. 315 Maple_8t._————==
Boats and Accessories_53
ROW BOAT—Mullin'# Steei. 16 ft.; new;
In original case; non-slnkable; $56.00;
cost $90. Reilly, 294 Sprague Avenue.,
Tottenvills._ —
Building Materials_ 54
BOILERS—J. J. Keenen, tanks and smoke
stacks, sheet iron work of all descriptions
Repairing a specialty. 386 and 390 Divi
sion St. and P. R. R. Perth Amboy. N. J.
Phone office 160S; home 260-R.
HARDWARE—Elizabeth Hardware Co.,
The Home of Hardware. 137-139-141
New Brunswick Ave. Tel, Exchange 120
121 Perth Amboy. .
PAINTS—Atlantic Lead and Atlantic
Linseed Oil; Pierce’s Ready Mixed Paint,
$3.25 a gallon; set color* S. Koch. 363
State St. Phone 1315.__
PAINT8—The Jonles Company, head
quarters for paints, varnishes and sup
plies; wholesale and retail. 184 Smith
St. Phone 1980. Perth Amboy, N. J.
WALL PAPER—Max Goldfarb. whole
Bale anu ictaji, uuuuwo
cutlery, paints, oils, varnishes, brushes,
glass. Tel. 861. 311 S*ate St.
WINDOW GLASS—D. Diamond, glass
contractor, polished plaie and window
glass. 186 New Brunswick Ave. Tel.
1539 Perth Amboy, N. J.
I'arm and Dairy Products_55
BUTTER—Rockville Fat m Dairy. 203
Smith St., pure Elgin Creamery Butter,
the best In town; strictly fresh whits
leghorn eggs received every day._
MILK—Perth Amboy Milk & Cream Co., j
always at your service. Deliveries ,
everywhere. Demand our products from
your dealer or grocer. _
Good Things to Eat__57
BREAD—Eat that bo homelike Aunt Mar
tha Bread; sold at all grocers. Sim
men’s Model Bakery._ .
COFFEE CAKES—Danish coffee cakes,
pies, layer cakes, doughnuts, etc., fresh
every day at 2 P. M. N. E. Bjornsor^,
jr., 189 New Brunswick Avenue.__
CRULLERS—Mazo la Cruller Shop. 253
Madison Ave., now under new ownership,
better service; sanitary condition; lower
prices. Crullers, 25c dozen._
FRESH FISH—Arrives from the ocean
daily at Handerhan's Fish Market. 128
Fayette St._
SALADS—Majestic Delicatessen, ready
cooked meats; all home cooking; cater
ing to parties and entertainments a sps
olalty. 182 Smith St. Phone 1634.
Household Goods59
BABY CARRIAGE for sale, almost new.
359 High Street._
BOOKCASE, antique, solid walnut. . 268
Rector St._ .
COFFEE GRINDER — Double electric;
practically new; worth $300; will sell for
$150. Apply to Streiff’s Specialty Store,
110 Smith St., Perth Amboy, N. J._
FURNITURE—Dublin Furniture House, all
kinds of furniture, baby carriages, floor
coverings a specialty; reasonable prices;
positively new goods. 279 Smith Street.
FURNITURE—Do you want to get some
big furniture bargains? Try the Are
sale at 539 State Street.
FURNITURE—A chance to get furniture
Blightly damaged by water, at an enor
mous reduction In price; fire sale, lasts
all week, at 539 State Street.
GAS RANGES—Bargain. Newark Hard
ware Store, 399 State St. Phone 236-J.
GAS RANGE—Hot water heater and tank.
99 Jefferson St._
quire 163 Lewis St., H. Brower.
RAG CARPETS—Joseph Jacobs, rag car
pet maker; easy terms. 685 State St.
RANGE and boiler for sale. 379 High
St. Inquire In grocery_store._
Machinery and Tools61
HOIST—Wood Hydraulic and steel dump
body In first class condition. Tel. 478
of A. C. and D. C.. also rewinding and
repairing promptly attended to. Perth
Amboy Storage Battery & Electric Co.,
266 Madison Ave. Tel. 1807.
REINFORCED STEEL steam pipes, angle
lines, channel Iron, I beams., shaftings
and turn tables In A-l condition. Harry
Goldberg, L. V. R. R., and New Bruns
wick Avenue,
6 horse power, speed 400. Inquire Perth
Amboy Coal and Ico Co., 501 Division
Musical Instruments_62
GRAFONOLAS—Columbia Grafonolas; all
the latest records, sewing machine and
baby carriages on easy terms, at 6alters,
357 State St. Phons 860.
PHONOGRAPH—Large, in covered box;
$6.25. Gulnard, 29 Smith St., upstairs,
PIANO—Hallet and Davis; good as new.
Cash. <‘Plano■,• Care News._
PIANOS—Big bargains In used upright
and player pianos; prices starting at
$150; easy terms. Brunton Piano Co.,
204 Smith St., George Post. Mgr._
music rolls; must be seen to be appre
ciated. Can be seen at 327 David St.,
South Amboy. Phone 109-M.
RECORDS—Emerson Records; all the la
test songs and dance hits on sale.
Watches. Clocks and Jewelry; also expert
watch repairing. S. Cardon. 70 Smltfc
Specials at the Stores_6M
BEDDING—Special on bedding. $4.95 pet
cotton mattress. 539 State St.
ENAMELWARE—Special sale; closing oui
our entire stock at less than cost. Johr
Molnar. 481A State St.
Wanted—To BoyH
FURNITURE—Excellent prices paid foi
your furniture by largest used furnltur*
dealer in city. Call us f.Tst it will pay.
filler’s, 539 State gt. Phone 793-W.
FURNITURE—Second hand: bought and
sold. I. Scher._6-8 Smith Bt.
FURNITURE—We buy all kinds second
hand furniture. G. Houser. 103 Fayettt
Ft. Phone 848-W.
FURNITURE—High Prices paid for sec
ond hand furniture; also all kinds ol
stoves, bedding, floor covering for sale
Sussman. 23 Smith St. Tel. 1496-J.
FURNITURE—<Secoq4 Hand Furniturt
bought and soldjJBlso new and second
hand bicycles. Wv Gaudette. 242 New
Brunswick Ave.
PROPELLER—Columbia or Hyde, 20' in.
20 pitch or 20-22. P. O. Box, 354, Tot
_ Bombs With *oard_61
furnished room« by day or week; rooms
steam heated, meals served; also regu
lar board. Tel. 494.
WASHINGTON 6T» IfferRooma With 02
. nim t • •r-_sv
RitoiM Wtthoat Board
COMPTON. 459—4 rooms, unfurnished.—
"ELM 8f7, 1*8—Largs furnished room,
for rent. Phow 1B*0-R. —
HIGH STREET- l ll*—Single Furnished
Room. ___— —
HIGH ST.. 369—Furnished rooms, all im
provements. ___—-—
wsrsrssra «.‘st
KEARNY _AVE.. 165—Furnl.hed room,
In privat. family.__— ;
Lewis ST- 151—NiceWfurnl.hed room.
MARKET ST.. US—Furnl.lud room, prl
vate family. Inquire Mrs. Tyrell, at
Strand Theatre.___._
MARKET ST.. 296—Furnished rooms; all
conveniences. Telephone ICi-J.—--.
UrfLENLAN ST., 266— Furnished room
wRta runilng writer; all Improvement..
McClellan House._ -
McCL,ELEAN ST., 867—1 Single room; 1
double room; all improvements.-.—
HECTOR ST.. 88SA— Furnished room; pri
vate family; references. —„
STATE ST.. 168—Large, airy front
suitable for two; all Improvements, ln
cludlng shower; private family._.
WASHINGTON ST.. 62—Furnished room.
Central location; use of phone and bath.
Phone 492-W,_
Room* for Housekeeping_68
FAYETTE ST., 97—Five rooms, all im
provements. for light housekeeping, for
two families. ---_-.—
MAIN ST.. 141—Furnished Room for
11 g ht housekeeping. Tel. 1022-M, _
MARKET ST.. 346—2 large front house
keeping rooms; Improvements; reason
able. ____—
MARKET ST., 131—Light housekeeping
apartment, with kitchenette._
OAK 8T„ 266—2 roms, suitable for light
SMITH ST.. 133—2 rooms suitable for
light housekeeping, couple only, private
family, all improvements. Inquire J.
Kreleisheimer & Son._ -
__VVhere to Eat _71
HOlOur best advertisement is. that
those who try our home cooking
always come in again. Real food
at reasonable prices. 191 Smith
PRESTO LUNCH—And Bakery; home
pastries; popular prices; open day and
night. 118 Smith Street.
Chop House; sea food special; popular
prices. 322 State Street, near Jefferson
St., Perth Amboy._Tel. 2234.
Wanted—Rooms, Board_73
ONE OR TWO furnished rooms, wanted
by young couple. Address K. M., Care
News. _ ____________
Insurance. Raritan Bldg. Phone 1777.
CONARD & COMPAN*Y—Real Estate and
General Insurance. 102 Smith Street.
Perth Amboy. N. J. Phone 210._
FRASER BROS.—Real Estate and Insur
ance. Savings Bank Building. Phone
HANS NIELSEN CO.—Real Estate and
Mortgages. 196 Smith Street. Real
Estate Exchange Building. Telephone
MAPLE REALTY CO.—Real Estate’ 213
Smith St. Phone 1710._
M. L. SCOTT—Real Estate and general
Insurance. 309 Madison Ave. Ph^.ne 210.
Successors to Alpern & Co., Real Es
tate, Mortgages and Insurance. Rari
tan Building, Perth Amboy, N. J.
Phone 650.
CHANGB and General Insurance.
317 Madison Avenue. Phone 1465.j
Real Estate Department. Money to loan <
on bonded mortgages. "Superior Ser
vice." Phone Perth Amboy 100.
PHILIP LEVINE—Real Estate and gen
eral Insurance. Raritan Building. Phone
_Apartments and Flats_74
AMBOY AVE., 984—5 room flat. Inquire
V. Hoffman._
room flat for rent. Oct. 1 to May 1, or
longer. B. S., News.
COLFAX ST., 345—3 rooms for rent.
DIVISION ST., 393—Two flats; rent cheap
Inquire H. Dubln.
DIVISION ST.. 389—5 room flat to let,
all Improvements._
ELM ST., 341—Rooms with or without
barn; all improvements, except electric;
garage in rear.__
HIGH ST., 417—5 rooms to let..
l^EWIS ST., 126—7 rooms, all improve
ments, inquire 83 Broad st. Refined
parties only. g
LEWIS ST, 105—7 room apartment, all
imnpnv«m«ntB Tnnulr. Ill V....
wick Ave.__
LOWER SMITH ST.—6 rooms and bath.
Inquire 135 Rector St._
MECHANIC ST., 441—5room flat. batTT
all Improvements. Inquire in store. 382
State Street.
PENN ST., 621—Four rooms to let; Tm^
provements. Inquire 519 Penn St.
SMITH ST, 1S8—6 rooms, improvements,
also store, Smith St.
SMITH ST., Cor. Elm St.—Flat of 6
rooms, part Improvements. Louis Isen
SOUTH FIRST ST., 108—3 rooms. Inquire
in store. _
WASHINGTON ST., 406—Flat, Inquire
Harry Goldberg, L. V. R. R., and New
Brunswick Ave.
_Business Places For Rent 7fi
KING ST.—New store Just off Smith St!
on King St. will lease; also manufactur
ing space 4.800 square feet. Theo. S.
Brown. 281 King St.
MADISON AVE.—For rent part of store
on new White Way; suitable for shoe
shining and hat cleaning parlor. Inquire
Central Shoa Repairing Co.. 270 Madison
MADI80N AVE.—Store to let between
Smith and Market Streets. Inquire Perth
Amboy Garage Co.
SMITH ST, 21% —Store with rooms In
j the rear. Inquire Sewltcb. 179 Brlgh
ton Avenue.
_Honsew For Rent_ 77
HOUSE—To let, all Improvements. Inquire
$laple Realty Co. _
HOUSE—Private, all improvements. In
quire Newark Hardware Store 339
State St. Phone 236-J.
_Offices and Desk Room 78
OFFICE—Large front office to leL Apply
Maple Realty Co. 215 Smith St.
OFFICE—And desk room for rent. Ap
ply Perth Amboy Real Estate Exchange.
817 Madison Ave.*
Suburban For Rent79
SOUTH AMBOY—7 room flat, all Im
provements; near station. Inquire M.
Kaufman. 110 South Broadway.
SOUTH AMBOY—7 room house, all Im
provements. except heat. Inquire M.
Kaufman. 110 South Broadway.
TOTTENVILLE—6 rooms, bath, all lm
provementa. Phone Tottenvllls 1017.
_Wanted—To Rent_81
HOUSE or four rooms, first floor flat,
centrally located. Miss Rowson. Tel. 1929
HOW ARE YOU going to find the house
you want unless you read the classified
Li t— -r—■wr —jrsr-W—
REAL bS I ft I a run
F.rm, .^7 Liuwl Tor JW* __J!
rORDS—small Farms for f?‘a: *'>p ls®
month; no interest. John Hanson.
Smith Street._.—-—-■ r;
*r»iiT*rRY FARM—Small; at Fords, «v0
all kinds Of machinery; chicken
?«nh JUnboy Real Eetate Exchange. 317
Madleon Ava___.___
icAltus—Our Uet is completed for
Houses for Sale___*1
, cii i pv «T_Bargain, one family, frame
lM±oV.1nB"oinV&*ln^e«2 «... ^
Street._ ______ ^B
BROAD ST. 181. 8 rcom. 2 famliyhouse.
$1,000 down, balance easy monthly pay
mints. 163 Water St. Berrls. after 6 P.M.
ft I7ABETH ST.. 730—Reasonable; 11
Eroo^ life, family house. Inquire Ka
GOODWIN ST—Near Smith St.. 9 room
house; all Improvements, price $6500.
"“h renuired $2000. Apply Perth Am
boy Real Eetate Exchange. 317 Madison
lOPELAWN—3 room house situated on
lot 100 x 70 ft., good fence all around
property. Owner leaving town; price
$2200 cash. Apply James Defalro. James
St., Hopelawn.___.
JOHNSTONE ST.. $95-10 room briclt^
house; all Improvements; side lot,
rage for 2 cars._
KEARNY AVE.between Market and
Gordon Stl., 8 rooms, sll Improvements, ,
lot 35 X 140; reasonable price; easy
terms. Inquire Perth Amboy Trust Co.,
Real Estate Department, _
j A K ST.—Big bargain; must bs sold at
once; 3 family building on Oak near
Smith St., all improvements with big
driveway* price $729®, eagy terms*
Sohonceft A^Blltser. Iiarltan Building.
Tel. 1553.____
tion of houses; all modern improvents.
$10.00 down will start your home. Carl
Jacobs. Real Estate and Insurance. 179
Brighton Ave. Tel, ill.
HOUSE—Suitable for 2 families, part
Improvements, centrally located, pries
$5,300; easy terms. Plerce-Johnson Co.
HOUSE—N'ew, 6 rooms and bath; all Im
provements, for sale or rent; easy terms.
Inquire C. Madsen. 271 Smith St. Phone
838-J. Call between 6 and 8 P. M. eve
nings. _ .
Lots for Sal©_83
FORDS—2 lots for sale on Hornsby St.,
Fairfield Terrace. Address “J. K.", Care
News. ____
FORDS—2 lots for sale on Hamilton Ave.,
Fairfield Terrace. Address “E. K. R.,’*
Care News. __ .
FORDS—Building lots, $55 each and at
Woodbridge. $55 each; small farms at
$400 each and upwards. Hans Nielsen
Co. 196 Smlth St., Perth Amboy, N. J.
FORDS—$2 a Month buys a 25x100 ft.
lot at Fords Park; price $100; no lnter
. 1 » 1 A mlnnlna f mm R flPIl T»’ B
Corner, See John Hanson, 130 Smith
FOKDS—100 lots, 25x100 ft. each at
Ideal Par!: at Fords, opposite Hogan’s
Corner; terms to suit purchaser. Sea
John Hanson. 130 Smith St.b
FORDS—3 lots at Hoy and Hornsby Sts.,
$300 down; easy monthly payments. 163
Water St. Berrla, after 6. P. M._
LOTS—3 on paved street; residential sec
tion; easy terms. M. II. Madsen. 175
Smith St. or 470 Brace Ave.
RARITAN MANOR—Corner 1 t 100 : ),
restricted property; will sacrifice. In*
qulre A. . Larson._170 Brighton Ave.
RESERVOIR PARK—250 lots at Ressi^A
voir Park, in city of Perth Amboy; tei^^
minutes' walk from Barber Asphalt
Plant; $100 a piece; terms to suit. John
Hanson, owner. 130 Smith Street. Perth
Amboy._ .
SUTON ST.—Lot on easy payments; $300
down. 163 Water St., Berris, after 6 P.M.
_Suburban lor Sale_ 37
FORDS—House for sale; best bargain in
the market; call at Karl Iversen. 305
Main St.. Wood bridge. N. J., or phone
548-R Woodbridge._ _
FORDS—2 lots for sale on Hornsby St,
and Fairfield Terrace. Address "E. K.
* R," Care News,__
FORDS—5 oom bungalow, $4,S00. 6 room
house, $5,000. 6 room house $5,500. Can be
purchased on easy terms. Pierce John
eon Cv 217 Smith St._ _
FORDS—New 7 room dwelling, best lo
cation convenient to trolley and bus
lines; $1,500 cash required, balance to
suit purchaser; modern Improvement*.
Conard & Company. 102 Smith Street.
FORDS—New 6 room house, bath and all
modern improvements; possession given
In 15 days. Terms to suit purchaser.
Small amount of cash. Conard & Com
pany, 102 8mith St.|
FORDS—6 room house, garage, poultry,
buildings; all improvements; paved
street; two minutes from trolley; am
leaving state; must sell; bargain. Box
JAMESBURG—For sale, Monzo property
on New Street, Borough of Jamesburt*; 5
room house, large plot of land; suitable
for trucking; at a sacrifice price; posses- m
slon Immediately. C. M. Davison.__ ^
MATAWAN—Modern 6 rooms; every im
improvement, lawns, garden; two minutes
walk from station; 15 minutes Perth Am
boy; nice neighborhood; only $40.00 a
month. Charles L. Steuerwald, Inc., 208
Smith Street._
METUCHEN—A modern 7 room house
with garage and 3 lots. 85 Woodbridgs
Aven uo.___
PARI.IN—Attention Contractors. Builders,
Homeseekers! We offer for immediate j
sale 29 buildings, suitable for dwelling 4
houses. bungalows. garages. stables^^^
farm buildings, factory storehouses. Fo^^H
rurtner inrormation regarding Bame, ap-^^w
ply to duPont Company, Parlln, N. J.
SOUTH AMBOY—6 room house and bath;
Improvements. 349 David St.
TOTTENVILLE—For sale residence flv«
minutes from ferry; fine location; sis
rooms; ‘improvements; price $6,000.00;
cash $3,000. B. Williams, Tottenville, N.
TOTTENVILLE — House, 6 rooms and
bath; all Improvements; loL 50 x 137;
good location; a bargain to^aulck buy
er. For further particulars inquire 16
Hopping Avenue.
TOTTENVILLE—Desirable home, 9
rooms, all conveniences, lot 50x150, chick*
en house, walking distance to bathing,
boating, fishing; easy terms; selling on
account of changing position. Write A.
| X., Tottenville, Staten Island.__
i TOTTENVILLE—For sale, house, six
i rooms, improvements; lot 40 x 215; good
1 location; price $5,000; cash $2,600. B,
Williams, Tottenville, N. Y._
WOODBRIDGE—6 room house, part Im*
provements; price $2,200; 0 room house,
bath, lot 47x112; good location; price
$6,300, part cash. 7 room house, bath,
hardwood floors, lot 60x120, garage, price
$8,000. part cash. J. H. Concannon,
Woodbrldgc. Phone 299.
WOODBRIDGE—New 6 room house; all
Improvements; large lot: convenient to
church nnd sohool. $5500.00; $2000. »»0
cash. Charles L. Steuerwald. Inc., 208
Smith Street. _
WOODBRIDGE—House, 7 rooms; all lm
provements; lot 60 x 100; driveway; $5000
only $1200 cash. Charles L. Steuerwald,
Inc. 208 Smith Street.
__Wanted—Real Estate 80
Real Estate Department
Property in all sections of the city foi^^^l
sale at fair prices, good terms. ^M®
If you wish to buy or sell It will be to^J
your advantage to call on us. 2
__^8upefrior Service**_
REAL ESTATE—Bought and sold; No
tary Public: Automobile. Burglary. Plate
Glass. Accident and Health Insurance.
Nielsen. 176 New Brunswick Ave.
Your Requirement
Our Classified
Will Do the Rest 0

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