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' If You Want To “Make It Pay,” Use An Ad Here Every Day. Good Ads Pay Best_<
Penh A in buy. N J
CLASS! I 11 1' Al»% tCR riSlN<»
ln4exr and dtaiidarrttxed and popn’nr
ired for gup'* Hef*reot*
Ail ade are restricted to th-ir ►rope
classification and to the egutar Th
Evening News style type
Dailv Kate Per Line
Caah Chars
4 days .*c ®c
3 days .*«
I day .*vc l*c
N • ad takeo for nee than z unea
Charged at the rate earned
Count average w-rde to the lint
Ade *ie allowed the cash rate .* paid a
1 he Becking Sewi office within • dav
from the Brat day of inaertni.
Charged ada may be given by teiepnn
Ada ordered for * daye and stopped he
fore that *ime will only he charged fn
the actual number of tune* the ad an
pr-ared. charging at the rate earned
Long ten.i rates given upon request
Telephone 400. A»k for r Want A
8—Coming Event*
, 9—Personals
10— Let and Found
11— Automobiles for Sal#
12— Motorcycles and Bicycles.
18—Automobiles for Exchange
14— Auto Accessories
18—Service Stations—Repairing
lg—Auto Livery—Garage#
17— Wanted—Automobiles
18— Business Services Offered
19— Building—Contracting
20— Heating and Plumbing
2 3—Millinery—Dressmaking
23—Moving. Trucking. Storage
!\. 24—Paint.ng—Papering
25—Patent Attorneys
28— Printing—Stat lonery
2 7—Professional Service#
29— Repairing
29— Renovating ax-d Dyeing
30— Tailoring and Pressing
81—Wanted—Business Service
3;—Help Wanted—Femals
33— Help Wanted—Male
34— Help—Male or Femals
35— Salesmen end Agents
36— Situations Wanted — Female
37— Situations Wanted—Male
33-Business Opportunities
3?—Investments. Stocks Bonds
4o—Money to Loan
4 1—Wanted—To Borrow
4 2—Correspondence Courses
4 3—Local Instruction Classes
H—Musical. Dancing. Dramatic
15— Private Instruction
4 6—Wanted—Instruction
t:—Dogs. Cata Pets
is—Horses. Cattle, Vehicle#
»—Poultry and Suppltea
\ •>—Want* d—Live Stock
l— Articles foi Sals
_ — Busine* i and Office Equipment
—Boats and Accessories
i—Building Materials
Farma and Dairy Products
_•»—Fuel and Feed
.7 —Good Things to Eat
s —Home-made Things
.Household Goods
•;<»—Jewelry and Watchea
l—Machinery and Tools
Musical Instruments
—seeds. Plants. Fertilisers
t—Specials at Store#
t —Wearing Apparel
l '—Wanted—To Buy
17—Rooms With Board
14—Rooms without Board
►-i—Rooms for-Housekeeping
.’0—Vacation Places
;i—Where to Eat
72— Where to Stop in Town
73— Wanted—Rooms or Board
<4- -Apartments and Flats
73—Business Places for Rent
7 G—Farms fo. Rem
77— Housee for Rent
78— Offices and Desk Room
7'j—Suburban for Rent
80— Summer Places for Rent
81— Wanted—To Rent
8 3—Business Property
83— Farms and Land for Sals
84— Houses for Sala
85— Lots for Sale
88—Shore Property for Sale
87— Suburban fo. Sale
88— Real Estate 'or Exchange
88—Wanted—Rea> Estate
Your Requirements
Our Classified
Will Do the Rest
I I -
I um-rnl I lower* 4
. \ . k rHifi rLi/nw . «*«*«
to Crescent Th*atre Flowers for all oc
>TKl' E. THE FLORIST—PhonV *?H4.
1 , Palms ferns, pot plants, c* flower-.
’ floral design* a specialty 365 Laurie St.
Ffit F IWKR SHOP—1«J Fsycits s:.
Flowers for every occas: n; wedding bou
quets. floral pieces, cut flower* potted
plants L E Fltzg»mi'l Tel 144-J.
l«H»t and found Hi
HEAR COAT—Old. lost Thursday between
1 and 2 P. M let ween Beacon Hill Road,
i Matawan and South Amboy. $5.04 Re
ward return Morrison Edgcwood Farm,
[ i Matawan, N. J

I 21—Gordon and Meade Streets
I 23 — Madison Am and Paterson fit.
; 24—Murk*: ami Sheridan Streets
2*—Smith Street and Central R. R.
. 21»—Market and First Streets
27—Raritan Copper Work*
2»—High and Lewi* Stree's
34—Madtson Avenue ati«l Smith Street.
: 35—Smith and High Streets
3«—New Brunsw -k Av and New Street
37—Smith and State Streets
41—Standard Underground fable Co.
4 2—Atlantic Term Cotta Works
43—Buckingham Ave. and Hartford St.
46— Commerce and Front Sireeta
I 4«—State and Washington Streets
47— High and Washington Streets
-•2— Cortlandt and Easton Street*
54—State and Buckingham Ave.
65—Parker St. and Pulaski Ave.
ft? — Hall A~e. and Charles St.
37—State and Wayne Streets
—Near Lead Works
5 9— M a u rer
R2—Washirgton Street and Park Avenue
<13—New Brunswick Ave. and Elm Street
•4—Smi’h Strett and Watson .‘venue
if.—Commerce and State Streets
72—Front anl Smith Streets
" :—Water nr., noraon Streets
74—Kearny Ave and Gordon Street
*1—Brace and Hanson Avenu«-s
s.-—Smith and Herbert Streets
53— Amboy Ave. and Washington St
54— Lehigh Ave. and Stanford Street
.*>5—Near City Hospital
Sfi—Cleveland and Brace Avenues
S7—Amboy and Hall Avenue*
92— Ambo; Ave. and Inslee Street
93— Lawrence and Francis Streets
94— Neville anc Johnstone Streets
Pip Fillings
Lemon pie with meringue:
One lemon, 1% cups sugar, 2,
tablespoons butter. 3 eggs.
Hub butter and sugar together, j
Add egg yolks well beaten. Add J
grated rin l of lemon. Squeeze juice j
of lemon into a measuring cup and
till cup with water. Add this to
first mixture. Fold in the whites of
the eggs beaten stiff and dry. Pour
into pie dish lined with pie dough
and bake in a slow oven.
Juicy Pics
After lining the pie plate with the
under crust, sprinkle the dough !
evenly with two tablespoons of flour
and sprinkle three-fourths of the
sugar evenly over the flour. Then
add the fruit. Sprinkle the rest of
the sugar over the fruit and put on
'i;. -.in i''' i i V1,__
Yufomobile \genclr* _ 111
UN 6— Sales and Service, the only
j « m city whore you can buy Auburn
; iris Eaale Garage. 340 Prospect 8t.
Phone 2U64._
\YNKS—Sale* an l service; garage and
repairs, Middlesex Motors. Inc. 47
Smith Street.___
Automobile* for Hale_11
\Dll LAC COUPE—Model St; first clasi
. -id I Hon; rej Iv for demonstration. Box
t Key-port. N .1 __
c HANDLER passengei touring;
i • v prlvar- party In wonderful shape
niechankally; with cord tires that at*
iin to_at Van s>< kie’s._
FORD TRUCK—Very reasonable. J.
NS St.. Keyport, N. .»
MAi K rRI CK - ton; van body; me*
. it illy perfect; bargain at *630; tim«
1 payments Munoz. 236-238 Sheridan St
MKRi Ell ROADSTER- Perfect running
I ord-r; bargain to quick buyer. Marcy
Farn Mata wan, N. .1
i MOON CAR—A-l condition, $600. County
Bridge Garav . 409-411 Market St. Tel
K ll Vsk f<»r Mr. Reid._
I OLD8MOB1LE "TOURING—1919 7 pass*n
g«r; mechanically perfect; paint and
rubber very good; $6S« at Van Syckle's.
trade for t >uring car. Michaels. 436
Ave., Sewaren. N J.__
Goo d 7 |
$200 cash, balance easy terms. Atlantic
Garage. 565 Amboy Ave._
GOOD USED CARS—Bargains always on
hand. Dorsey Motors. Inc. Authorized
Ford Dealers. 363-367 Division St.
Phone 36*V Open evenings. _
192't Ford Sedan, newly painted; nice
condition; start* r. demountable and
x.-atv tires, $41)0.60.
192 1 F-.rd Touring, new body and top;
starter and demountable!, $275.00.
1 920 Olds Tour'ng. $625.
1919 Dodge BoadstOr, $350.
M .del 9 i Overland Touring, $230
1*17 Ford Delivery, $125
1919 Ford Delivery. $225
192" Ford Coupe. $375
1917 Harley Davidson Motorcycle and
sole car; perfect condition; $135.
Many oth* r bargains in Ford Tourings.
Runabouts. Deliveries and Trucks.
Authorized Ford Dealers
i.7 Divisi *n Street
Phone 366 Open Evening*
Perth Amboy .. .»
DODGE ROADSTER—1917 m- h-ii t’ly
P* rf t: Inquire Atlantic Garage.
565 Amboy Ave._
USED CARS—Chandler Touring; Chev
rolet Touring; Dodge. Winter Top. Jef
ferson Motors. Inc. 319 Madison Ave._
USED CARS—1920 Touring; Oldsmobile 7
passener touting; 1919 Buick 5 passen
ger Touring. Chevrolet Touring. Cen
ral Garrge 223-227 New Brunswick
A v enue. __
6 cylinder Apperson. $400.
Chandler. $C00.
Essex Top Sedan, Mechanically per
fect. $S50.
Franklin Sedan; latest model, $2250.
_*5 Smith Street_
CARS—Always a h • I Assortment
of used cars to select from at Garret** n'a
3,r.-30? New Rrunawlrk Avenue
L'SED CARS—Open and closed models;
Superior Garage Co Service Station
Maxwell. Columbia. Elgin Motor Cara.
Garford Trucks. Corner Maple and Fay
ette Streets. Tel. 1604.
Over Top On High
—m . ■ j—ii mi n aaaiiiawi m ■at—mm—mbp
Miss Catherine McCullough, sta r high jumper of Wellesley College,
-_ r j • p.
THMT U/ AS eveRCTT TRuef A Coo P (_<3. O R
In the Matter of
the Rs ata of Clara Acker, deceased
On petition for Sale of Lands to Pay
Albert O Acker substituted adminis
trator ■{ Clara Acker, deceased, having
exhibited under oath a true account cf the
persona! <-»!&*e and debts of said intes
tate wuereby it appears that the personal
estate of said Clara Acker Is insufficient
t pay her debts and requesting the aid
of thm Court in the premises.
J• .s thereupon on this thirtieth day
rf September In the year nineteen hund
red and twenty one. ORDERED that all
persons Interest-d in the lands, tene
, ments. hereditaments and real estate of
said Clara Acker, deceased, appear be- j
fore this Court at the Court House in
the Cry of New Brunswick and the Conn- j
ty of MidUI- .-' X and State of New Jersey I
on the Second day of December. 1921 at !
10 o'clock -n the forenoon to show cause
why so m h of the lands, tenements. 1
h- red it amenta arid real estate of the said
f inra Acker, deceased, should not b*' sold
as will he sufficient to pay her debts.
And it is further ORDERED that a
true copy of this Order he served upon |
Lucy J Acker and Francis V*. Dobbins, j
Executors of Robert O. Acker, deceased. 1
and upon Henry E Acker. Jr., either per
sonally or by mailing a true copy to his
last known post office address within
Two iii<ii from the date of this Order
Witness. Peter F Daly. Esquire. Judge
of said f’ourt this thirtieth day of Sep
1 tember, A. D.. 1921.
And It is further ORDERED that said
j order be published in the Perth Amboy
Evening News, one of the newspapers of
this County.
tCof>> Judge.
! J. L. HUNT,
| 7028—10-3-6C oew Mon.
Your Requirements
Our Classified
Will Do the Rest
South America is the land of tomorrow.
In that far off continent only the men .Yom
the north or the men of the south who have
caught the northern spirit are up and doing
every day.
“Manana” or “tomorrow” is the password
In these bustling United States there is no
such word to the successful business man as
“tomorrow.” To keep pace with the progres
sive age he must “never put off until tomorrow
that which he can do today.”
But in the midst of this progressive race are
many who follow the practice of South Ameri
cans by consistently putting things off until
To which class do YOU belong?
Do you as a member of the progressive ele
ment take advantage of your opportunity to
read daily the classified section o' the Even
ing News.
Do you know what chances are being thrown
open to you TODAY by the classified adver
Or do YOU—like the men of South America
—trust to “manana”?
Motorcycle* and Bicycle* 12
DAVIDSON M 1 -*l7~
1915; a-1 condition. 557 Pay re Ave._
AIUTUKCYOI.E PA RTS—In stock at all
times tr Harley-Davldson. Indian Re
pairs; also tlris. tubes and accessories,
s. <• Motorcycle Leo. 709 Charles St.
I’ii ne 204._ - _
Auto AeeeMorlM_**
BATTERIES — Willard Threaded Rubber
Batteries, unfailing guards against need
for relnsu'.ation during the battery s »l«c.
Battery & Motor Service Station. 14J
N• w Br .nswlck Ave._Tel IS *5._
BATTERIES—2 year guarantee; uncon
ditional; a new Kay Battery If your old
on* m goes wrong within 2 years. "bat
other battery dares to do this? Chris
! 163 New Brunswick Ave._
TIRES—For sale; Goodyear. Goodrich.
Mlchelin. Fisk and United Plates. F. K. j
Margin. 145 New Brunswick Ave._
Service Station—Repairing 15
Auto radiators, bodies and fenders re- |
paired, auto sheet metal work. 154 New
swlck Ave. TeU 1667,_
AMERI an OARAOE—Beat equipped re
pair shop in town; day and night ser
vice. Supplies and accessories. For ser
vlce call 1581._ —
AUTO PAINTING—John P. Jacko. Auto
mobile. Truck and Wagon Painter. 305
Laurie Street. Jitney Bus painting a
specialty._ .
AUTO TOPS—Recovered and repaired.
Slip Covers for all cars. P. Guthoff. IS4
NVw Brunswick Ave. Phone 1680._
AUTO WRECKERS—And repairing; ale*
towing; night and day service. Phone
469. 2161. 236 Sheri lan St. A. B. Stryker.
ered and repaired. We make new cur
tains. cushions, carpets, floor coverings,
all kinds of auto top material for sale;
wholesale and retail. 143 New Brunswick
\v< ue. Phone 41-W. _
ELECTRIC REPAIR:NO— Generators u i
starters repaired; all makes of arma
tures rewound motcr winding our spe- i
clalty. K. & K. Electric Co. 149 New
Brunswick Ave. Tel. 605._I
ELLIS BROS.—Garage, for your repair
ing. moving and trucking, car and taxi
service. Storage and supplies. Phone
2197, 430-432 High St.__
Auto radiators, bodies and fenders re
paired. ai: kinds auto sheet metal work.
190 New Brunswick Ave. Phone I860. j
FORDS GARAGE CO —Expert auto re- j
pairing, battery electrical service; night !
anu uuy, Bf*I view uuiim
Batteries. New Brunswick Ave. and
Hornsby St. Phone 2058 Perth Amboy.
FRANK HUDA—Commercial automobile
body builders and repairers; automobile
painting; specializing on touring and
commercial cars. 419 Division 9t. Phone
HIGH ST. GARAGK-Expert repairing,
overhauling, pleasure care, trucks, carbon
burning, automobile supplies. 342 High
St. Phone 2283._A. A. Maurer._
JACOB MORROW—Allto Repair Co..
distributors for Middlesex County Selden
Motor Tru k*; 1V* to 5 tons. 340 Pros
pect St. Phone 2088.__
Electric Service Station; magnetos, gen
erators. starters; batteries properly and
fully rechaiged 60c. Agent for the Wlth
erbt-e Battery _ 140 New Brunswick Ave.
years experience on nil makes of cars an 1
marine engines; work guaranteed. Phone
> . f StS
Expert repairing auto radiators, lamps,
fenders, hoods gasoline tanks, etc. 181
New Brunswick Ave. Phone 2172._
VULCANIZING—Largest, most complete
tire, tube repair shop In state; best ser
vice. Satisfaction guaranteed. George's
Tire op. 180 New Brunswick Ave. On
VULCANIZING—Steam Vulcanizing and
retreading. Billy's Tire Shop. Phone
2140. 14S New Brunswick Ave._
ing. carbon burning: light machine work.
\ i: work guaranteed H Kresa Tel ■
_Auto Livery—Garage* Itt
GARAGES—Six and one shop for rent on
King Street. Inquire Maple Realty Co..
215 smith 8treat.__
GARAGE—For one car; Gordon St. Ap- j
ply F KT. Martin. 145 New Brunswick
GARAGE—In. ju ir 15:; Madison Avenue. (
JOE'S TAXI—Phone ro-o Day and
Night service. Cars to hire for weddings
funerals, etc. 4_’*i Division St.
TAXI SERVICE—Day and night; also au- .
tomobilea for hire. J. Holmes. Tel.
Wasted—Automobiles 17
A-l ford ~ closed delivery j. h.
»■. near i in. W dbridge. Tal
AUTOMOBILES—Perth Amboy Auto
Wrecking Co.. Rachlin & Feldrnan, high
est prices paid f<>r all kinds of autotnbilee
AH kinds of parts on hand. Radiators,
carburetors. lamps mag net os. springs,
generators, tires. tubes, etc. for sai»*. 184
Perth Amboy N. J Tel 1394
tiusinett* Services Offered IX
BLACKSMITH—And practical horseshoer
Wheelwright and body builder. Chat. J.
Yenk 269 New Brunswick Ave.
K. MINOSZENTHT — 8tmmah)p Tl ItM
Agency. 167 Hall Ave. Telephone No. i
J±h_. - -|
graphing. Hariian Publicity Service. •
Rarf'an Butldir.g Tel. 1856
SHOES SHINED—Georges Shoe Shmin*
Parlor, regular shine 5c. cream shine
10c cream dye. 20c. 152 Smith Si..
Junior Hall __
8TOV E REPAIRING — Have an expert re
pa r your stove. Miller ill s-ate St
wall PAPER—Hive your elodowa. wail
paper cleaned in your home, store or of
fice; moderate charges. Perth Amboy
Window (Meaning Co.. 102 Broad St.
Phone __
iii.iidmg—( eotrootIf 19
F w. hi ke—Electrical contractor, fin
ished house and all kinds of Interior wir
ing. radio equipment and installations
♦ '
GUTH ELECTRIC CO—Electrical con
tractors and dealers in electrical sup
plies lighting fixtures of quality. 185
Smith St. Phone 22. __
J J Y ELLEN — Electrical Contractor,
finished house wiring a specialty: fix
tures at reasonable prices; estimates
cheerfully furnished 161 Lind St._
K( » iNii- it •• Smith. Jr., slate, slay
roofing id tinning: waterproofing. 123

Get a Job the Yd Way. K-ad
“Help Wanted'* every day.
lleattng and Plumbing_ 2«>
PH MBING—Damgaard Ac Buote. Heat
ing and gas fttlng. Jobbing promptly at
tended to; estimates furnished. 308
Film St. Phone 2081.__
PLUMBING—S. L. Bulvanoskl. plumbing,
heating, gas fitting and tinning in all Its
branches: nil work promptly done. 670
at 11"-; __
PLUMBING—John Klusendorf, plumbing,
heating and gas fitting; Jobbing promptly
attended to: estimates furnished. 498
Gi im >:r Phone 3311. _
Insurance 21
INSURANCE—Fire, plate glass, automo
bile, workm n's compensation, liability,
etc. M. H. Madsen, 175 Smith Street and
4 70 Brace Avenue.
__ Millinery—Dressmaking 22
DKESSMAK ING—Ladles; latest fashions;
hemstitching and buttons covered. A.
Kalman. 381 Elm St._
HEMSTITCHING—We do ail kinds of side
and accordion pleating and machine
pleating; very reasonable prices. E.
Weiss 717 Maple 8t. Phene 3073.
_ Moving. Trucking. Ntorage S3
CARTING—Walsh eck'a General Trucking,
local and long distance moving; also
light and heavy carting. 266 Goodwin
St. Phon 1672. Perth Amboy. N. J.
EXPRESS—And trucking; local and long
distance. J. J. Sldenburg. 377 Division
St. Phone 3S3-J.__
HAULING—Andrew Anderson. Trucking
engines, billers, machinery, safes, heavy
hauling and rigging of every description.
Pierce Arrow and Packard 5 ton trucks.
Tel. 178. 77 Fayette Street. Perth Am
hr.y. N. J.____
MOVING—D. Kudin, expn ss und storage,
long distance moving with care. 204
New Brunswick Ave. Phone 7 676. 1882
f *• • ’ ‘ 1 All!*''.'. __
MOVING—Hmielakl Bros., light and
heavy trucking; local and long distance,
careful drivers; all work given our per
sonal attention. Phone 406 Perth Am
MOVING—Lepper's Express; transporta
tion between Perth Amboy and New
York; move In city or country. 296
Washington St. Phone 896-J._
MOVING—John Hawrylko Ac Son, truck
ing and moving; local and long distance;
personal attention to all work. 162
<'} mncey St. Telephone connection._
tUCKING—John Garden, transfer and
auto trucking; storage furniture and
pianos moved, country and city. 205
Market St. Phone 478._
TRUCKING—C. Borup. transfer and auto
trucking, storage, furniture and pianos
moved; city and country. 335 State St.
Phone 2176._
_ Painting and Papering_24
DECORATING—-A. J\ Barner; Pali
and Paper Hanger; work guaranteed;
reasonable prices; estimates g.vcn. 122 i
So. 1st St. Phone 643-W._
PAINTING—Harry Cohen. Paper Hanger; |
interior decorating a specialty; estimates
furnished. 178 Broad St. Shop. 164 So.
1st St, Phone 547-J._
PAPER HANGING—Paper Hanging a
specialty. Wall paper retail at whole
sale prices. Paper Hangers furnished at
lowest prices. N. Y. Wall Paper Co. 360
State St. Phone 1722,_
_Professional Services_ 22
PIANO TUNING—And Repairing; first
class work. C. Steinhauser. 325 State
St. Tel. 1354-M.__
CABIN ETr MAKING—Colonial Cabinet
Wor'.j; home of expert cabinet makers;
upholstering, veneering, enameling chair
cane! ?; glass table tops, shelve*, mirrors
choice orlenia. rugs. Cleaning and re
pairing. Phoai 224 m SSI ltn< 28._
fivw method we repair all type* of shoes '<
In the most satisfactory way at the low
est possible cost. We use the best oak !
I fa fher. 288 Hobart St. Phone 4 23._
SHOE REPAIRING—a Goldsmith has
moved from 127 Fayette St. to 365 State :
Street. All work guaranteed at the low
ear price*.__ I
SHOE REPAIRING—First class; best oak
leather us*-d; also new shoes at reaF~n
able prices J. Cherenskv. 181 New
Brunswick Ave._
SHOE REPAIRING—Central Shoe Repair
ing Co. will save your shoes We restore
th-m to their original newness; m !. r
ate prices. 279 Madison Ave. Opposite
STOVE REPAIRING—Parts for all make*
also new and second hand stoves and
rangea. John Molnar. 481A State St.
30 SMITH ST. PHONE 1571.
362 HIGH ST. PHONE 253.
. PHOLSTE HER—-Overstuffed furniture
repaired and recovered; springs reset.
J'din .1 Galvin 396 Park Ave. Tel. 1347-M
_ Ken.. v sting and Dyeing 29
i LEANING—Alterations, Cleaning, Dye
ing. Pressing Orders called for and de
livered; prices moderate. S. Epstein, 255
Madison Ave.. Below Majestic Theatre.
Tel. 1479. _ _
CLEANING—Tailoring and Cutting; la
dles* and Gent’s garments cleaned,
pressed and repaired; reasonable price.
P. P- ». 291 State Pt Perth Amboy. N. J.
ECUS REMODELED — Furs stored free
wiilie having them remodeled or repaired
at very low prices during the summer
months. Insured against fir*- and bur
e-lnrv, A Greenhouse 66 .Smith St.
Help Wanted—Female 37
ced: on Singer Machine; good pay. Call
evenings. Goldman. 70 State St.
CIGAR MAKERS—And bunch makers.
Garcia Grande Cigar Co. 737 Cortlandt
• . gem housework. 171 Rec
tor Bt. _Apply afternoon and evening.
GIRL—To mind baby 2 years old during
day._167 Hall Ave.
GIRLS—Inquire Chesebrough Manufac
turing Co.
Business Advertisers who use the • lass>
fled section get a special, low rate by ad
vertising every day
Everything for the automobile 1s sold
ity advertisers who use Classification 14.
Classified Ad Section.
If you know what you want, but don't
know where to get it. read the classified
Today's Wants and offers are all Hated
Help Wanted—Female ff
GIRI.H—Apply 1’nited Rtlivi signal I
Company. Woodbridge Ave., Woodbridge.
_N- J __1
GIRL—Or woman for general housework.
11; Gordon St. _____
URL -For gen. r.-.l house* »rk; rood pay.
Little i'.. Shop, ll Smith St. _ i
town; no objection to child, Chaa. Her
j.ek. Box 38. Old Bridge.__
LADY To <1» homework by day. lit
Fayette St. Phone 848-W.__
OPERATORS—We Increase! our plant
again with 25 machines and need 25 ex
perienced operators on men * shirta All
Kiris who applltd for positions last week
can call r work. Sidney Koaensteln &
i 4:.n Market si- _ ___
IAIJESUDIC8, IS—Apply ni onct. iotel
non. 328 State St.___
WOMAN—For washing and Ironing. Airs. I
Jf J. Mann. 255 State St.___
MOM AN—To do washing. Haywood. 140 j
.; • .. \ • • \. Ml bridge, N. J I
iv OMAN—To t7«lp in kitchen. must know
how to hake. __Hotel Madison._
320 Market St., female help furnished.
Experienced waitress wanted, women by
day for privets families. Phone 1418 m
Help Wanted—Male M
BoYH—Wanted. Chesebrough Vaseline ;
COAL DRIVER—Steady* position; mar
ried man preferred; one who Is familiar
with city. Karltan Coal and Charcoal
Co.. «4n Catherine St._
man Young; 18-21; opi rtunlty fnr one
who has not yet completed his educa
tion; high school student preferred; neat
appearance an 1 good references essen
tial; outside saleswork. travel. Apply
Mr. Yalden. 5364 Arthur Kill Road, Tot
tenville, between 8:30 and 8 P. M,__
censed Employment Bureau. Supplies
men and women for all types of work.
If you need help of any kind, call upon
us and wt- will help you solve labor prob
lems 815 Maple St Phone 1952._
_Salesmen and Agents_85
SALESMEN—To represent a most popular
useful article, fixed salary and commis
si 'ii. Inqu i e 8' '• Maple 81_
SALESMAN -To < »ver lo al territory sell
ing dealers: guaranteed salary $100.00
week for right man. The itlthards Co.,
205 Fifth Avs„ New York, n. y. __
SALESMEN—If you can devote six con
secutive mornings, afternoons or evenings
to a course of Instruction that we will
give you. we wiP make room in our or
ganization for you, and will place you In
a position where you will receive the
splendid compensation that we are pay
ing our other salesmen.
The course of Instruction will cost you
nothing, nut is only open to those who
have business ability and whose char
acter Is such ns will uphold the high
standard and principles of our organiza
Call between 30 A. M. and 12 Noon, or
7 to 8 P. M.
Franklin Service Corporation, Room 215,
Board of Trade Building. 217 Smith St.,
Perth Amboy. Phone 575. _
_Situations Wanted—Female 85
K>OD WORKING GIRL—-Desire* position
In household; speaks German and Sla*
viwh. Inquire 52 Wash 1 ngton St._
iVOMAN—Wishes to *i
Ing. Box 92. Care News._
WOMAN—Wishes work at washing, iron
ing or cleaning by day. 659 Charles St.
_^Situations Wanted—Male 87
cal; perfers factory work, salary unlm
portant factor. 1010. Care News._
MAN—Experl *ncei wishes to take care
of furnace. 851 Summit Are._
_Business Opportunities_88
BUTCHER SHOP—With fixtures for
rent; excellent opportunity. Inquire 69
Main 8t., Mata wan, N.__J._
OPPORTUNITY—Andy's Bus Line; half
partners._Inquire 264 Goodwin St.
Musical. Dancing. Dramatic _ 44
i • AN JO—No play, no pay — Banjo. Mando
lin. Guitar, etc. Beginners! Play £unes
perfect firsts in six lessons or your money
back. Ragtime, etc. Instruments sold
on easy terms. Wednesday. Friday and
Saturday 10 A. M.-9 P. M. E. Rogers. 310
N' - Berth Amboy. PhottS 1558,
_Horses, Cattle, Vehicles_48
FRESH COWS—And Springers for sale at
any time, extra good milkers; always
large biock on nana. j. ziotKin. pree
_hold._N._J._Tel. 168 - W.
_Poultry and Supplies_'.9
CHICK FEED—Scratch, Whole Corn,
Mash. Also agent for Dr. Peter’s Kurl
kc. E. Ohlson. Phone 2043. 405 Laurie
_Articles for Kale_ :»l
BARGAINS-—In genuine leather brief
cases, shot guns, rifles and shells, hunt
ing coats, safety razors and blades. S.
Perlmuler. 129 Smith St._
LEATHER—Oak Soles and Scraps. We
carry a full line of cobbler’s tools and
supplies for home use. P. Barbieri 404
406 State St._
»LD MATRICES—Heavy pressed card
board newspaper mats—dimensions same
as this printed page. Best possible lin
ing for Inside of poultry houses, garages
or for sheathing stucco houses. Keeps
out the cold Large supply on hand.
Price $1 00 a hundred. Call at Evening
News Office.
POT 8* One small: suitable for of
fice. like new. at a bargain. Ideal Ga
rage. 6_4s Amboy Ave,_
KAILS—All kinds, air tanks and tanks:
belting, st.-am pipes. angle iron an gal
vanized sheets, etc. Harry Goldberg. L.
V. R. R. and New Brunswick Ave.
— Thomps n - Qo idyear
Rubber Corp.. 315 Maple St. Tel. 2169.
Everything in Rubber, wholesale and re
tail. Plumbers. Factory and Household
SALESMEN—If you want to get out of
the rush and make btg earnings w-ith a
permanent future call at Room 217.
Board of Trade Building after 3 o'cloek.
TYPEWRITERS — Headquarters, sold,
rented, repaired: ribbons, parts. Comegya
rner Smith and Elm Streets.
WALL PAPER—25% reduction on all
grades. Prices from 10 cents a roll up.
Large variety. Glmpleman Bros. 331
St, Phnn |77f _
__ Business Equipment _
WAX FIGURES—A number uf wax fig
ures and hat stands on hand. F. & F.
Shop. 328 Maple St
nunmns niiurium
TOILERS—J. J Keenen. tanks and smoke
stacks. sheet Iron work of all descriptions
Repairing a specialty. SS6 and 390 Divi
sion St. r.nd P. R. It. Perth Amboy. N. J.
Phone office 1608; home 2f»0-R.
HARDWARE—Elizabeth Hardware Co.,
The Home of Hardware. 137-139-141
New Brunswick Ave. Tel. Exchange 120
121 Perth Amboy._
HARDWARE—Tools. l’alntp. Oils. Var
nishes Wall Paper. Painters Supplies
Max CJoldfarb 3H State St. Phone Rfil.
PAINTS — Atlantic Lead and Ailontw
Linseed OH; Pierce's Ready Mixed Paint.
$3.25 a gallon, set colors. S. ko' h. 303
State St. Phnas 1315 _
varnish AND STAIN—In one applica
tion. See The Jonlee Co. Paint Head
quarters. 184 Smith 8t. Phono 19X0.
Your Requirements
Our Classified
Will Do the Rest
l arm and Dairy Products_88
M1L.K—Perth Amb «y Milk Co. always at
your service. Deliveries everywhere.
Demand our products from your dealer
l ii« l Md f eed_ 88
Ki HE WOOD—Good. dry. firewood sawed
up for everybody the way they like. We
deliver the order na aoon as possible;
prices reasonable. Tel. Woodbrldgc 504
M. Joseph Krlako or Box 3; . Wood
' NJ. _ _
Owed Things to Eat_87
THREAD—Knudsen's Danish Black Bread,
large, 20c; small. 12c at the Grocery
Stores.__ -
I it that so homelike Aunt Mar
tha Bread; sold at all grocers. Sim
men’a Model Bakery._ .
COFFEE CAKES—Danish coffee cakes,
pies. layer cakes, doughnuts, etc., fresh
every day at 2 P. M. N. E. Bjomaon.
dr. 1S'.» New Brunswick Avenue.__
*SA LA DS—M a J est Ip Delicatessen, ready
cooked meats; all home cooking; cater
ing to parties and entertainments a spe
cialty. 132 Smith. Phone f<34._
Household Goods 54
es your home right at the tight price.
I Sm th St . near Maple. ,
BABY CARRIAGE—Good condition. In
oulre 175 State St. _ ___.
Z< INTENTS OF' HOUSE—Of seven rooms
on account of leaving town, beautiful
furniture; also G tons of coal and load of
i i RNITURE—Dreaeer, waeh attotf, writ*
in? desk, parlor suite, extension table
and chairs: steam boiler. 470 Amboy Ave.
FURNITt KB—Dublin Furniture House, all
kinds furniture, baby carriages, floor
coverings a specialty; reasonable prices;
positively new goods. 279 Smith St.
MATTRESSES—Renovated, latest sterllix
i? pr • * ss; cotton $2; hair $3. Stand ard
ling Co. 422 nark Ave. Phone SM.
PARLOR SUITE—Green velour mahogany
three piece. 106 Rector St. Phone 125-W.
Machinery anal Toole__ 61
of A. C. and D. C., also rewinding and
repairing promptly attended to. Perth
Amboy Storage Battery Ar Electric Co.,
2fi6 Madison Ave. TeL 1807._
Musical Instrurnente_M
• OLT MU IA GRAFONfOLA—Large al*e,
regular $125 value, now $85 on easy
terms. Brunton Piano Co. O. A. Post,
5*onager. _204 Smith St. Tel. 16
RECORDS—Emerson Record#; ail t’ie la
test songs anal dance hits on sale.
Watches. Clocks and Jewelry, also expert
watch repairing. _S. Cardog. 70 8mlth St.
RECORDS— $25.00 Patho free with pur
chase of Pa'h Phonograph, best terms
In town._J. Smerllng. 148 Smith St.
VIOLIN—3’i complete. Inquire 63
Brighton Ave. _
Wearing Apparel_t>
CAPS—Men’s Caps and Cloth Hats made
to order in any wanted style. Men’s
lint Store: III smith St.. Corner Rim.
Wanted to Buy_ 66
I TKMTl’Ft :—Fair prices for your furni
ture._Miller, 539 mate St. 793-W.
FL'RNTTL’RESecond hand; bought and
sold._Seller. 6-8 Smith St._
FURNITURE—We buy all kinds second
hand furniture. G. Houser. 103 Fayette
St. Phone 848-W._
FURNITURE—High Prices paid for sec
ond hand furniture: also all kinds of
stoves, bedding, floor covering for sale.
Sussman. 23 Smith St. Tel. 1496-J._
_Rooms With Board €7
PARC!.AY ST., 407—Room and Board.
furnished rooms by day or week; rooms
steam heated, meals served; also regu
lar hoard. Tel. 494.
RECTOR ST., 313—Room and board. $8
per week._
STATE ST.. 1S1—Room and board, private
SOUTH FIRST ST., 157—Room; suitable
for 2 with board; steam heated, all Im
Rooms Without Board_68
ELM ST. 326—Nicely furnishec rooms;
private family. Tel. 1520-R._
FAYETTE ST.. 71—Furnished room; all
FAYETTE ST.. 97—Large front furnished
i • suitable for 2 gentlemen._
HIGH St., 213 — Large furnished front
LEWIS ST.. 100—Nicely furnished rooms;
nHv* - family Tel 1792-R
McCLELLAN ST.. 266—Furnished single
room; running water; all improvements;
McClellan House.
McCLELLAN ST.. 2«7—1 slnglo room: 1
double rooms; all improvements._
MARKET ST., 278—Elegantly furnished
big fpmt room; steam heat, electricity,
hot bath, Are locality. __
MARKET st. 216—Large front room;
suitable for couple or gentlemen.
MARKET ST 1M—Large furnished room
for 2._als'»_small room; improvements._
PROSPECT ST . 362—Large front room;
all improvements; upstairs._
WATER ST.. 233—Nice 2 room apart
ment; all Improvements_
WATER ST.. 3'.—1 or 2 rooms, with or
without_kitchenette; phone._
WATER ST.. 166—Furnished room; all
improvements; private family._
FURNISHED 11< h >M —Apply at Majestic
Confectionery. 272 Madison A^e._
_Rooms for Housekeeping 69
[BRIGHTON AYE.. 73—2 for light house
keeping; all improvements; upstairs.
KEARNY AYE.. 149 — Furnished rooms
suitable for light housekeeping.
MADISON AVE., 122—2 furnished rooms
for light housekeeping.
MARKET ST., 131—Large front room for
light housekeeping._
WATER ST., 47—Furnished rooms; also
light hons i
rooms; all improvements; single rooms
\\ here to Eat 7 1
Our best advertisement Is. that those
who try our homo cooking always
come In again. Real food at rea
sonable prices. 194 Smith Street.
PRESTO LUNCH—And Bakery; home
pastries; popular prices; open day and
night. 113 Smith Street._
dRl RESTAURANT—Oyster and
Chop House; sea fowl special; popular
prices. 322 Stat Street, neai Jefferson
St.. Perth Amboy. Tel. 2234.
Real Estate Dealer* 74A
CONARD & COMPANY—Heal Estate and
General Insurance. 102 Smith Street,
Perth Amboy. N. J. Phone 210.
FRA8ER BROS.- Real Batata and insur
ance. Saving* Bank Building. Phone
HANS NIELSEN CO. — Heal E&tute and
Mortgages 196 Smith Street. Real
Estate Exchange Building. Telephone
and Insurance. Raritan Building. Phone
MAPLE REALTY CO.—Real Estate. 215
MARGAR E l T EN a: LOBE I—Successor*
to Alpern & Co.. Real Estate, Mortgage*
and insurance. ltaritan Building. Perth
• v. N. J. Phone 650^ ___ _________
CHANGE and General Insurance.
317 Madison Avenue, Ph oj»# 1466_
Heal Estate Department
Property in all sections of the city for
sale at fair prices, good terms.
If you wish to buy or sell it wrill be to
your advantage to call - us.
_"Superior Service’* ,_
L). A. Shirley. Real Estate and Insur
ance. 130 Smith St.. Perth Amboy. Offlca
ooen evenings. Tel. 190. _ __
THKoi 8. BltOWN—Real estate broker;
general insurance agent; fire, automobile,
liability, etc. 2*2 Ktne Kt. Tel. 1669.
Aaarta&eal* hih| liois 74
ulaiiilTON AVE.. 163—6 rooms and bath
all improvements; r« nt reasonable.
The monthly carrying charge* on many
nf the house* adveriiaed tor »ale In the
Classified Ad Section »odev aia lower than
the rent you’re now paying.
Warm, comfortable room* are offered
(or renv la the Classified AA Section today.
_ Apartments and Hats _ 7 1
DIVISION ST.. 428—5 rooma and bath;
pa I n ted; <25.00. Avchen. 114 Hall Ave,
FAYETTE 8T.—Four room flata. Im
provementa. Inquire 331 Fayette 8t,
' with impr v<*
reents. Inquire Solomon. 173 Hall Ave._
GRACE ST.—Four or five room flat; all
Improvements. Inquire J. Fogel. 418
High Street.____
JOHNSTONE 8T., 438—Two flats; 6
rooms each; all Improvements.
LAWTON PLACE, 4- ms;sfl im
LEWIS ST.. 128—6 rooms; all Improve*
mentw._Inquire 33 Broad St.
LEWIS ST.. 126—3 rooma. Inquire 83
Broad 8t.
MADISON AVE.. 101—6 rooms. Inquire
103 Brighton Ave.__________
MARKET ST.—5 room flat. Inquire
Philip Levino._Raritan Building.
MARKET ST.. 331—Flat. Inquire 372
Market SL _________
MARKET ST., 396—5 rooms; all Improve
ments; rent I2S.00. Inquire 214 New
Brunswick Ave.
RECTOR ST.. 17 2—Four couple; heated
apartment. 4 rooms and hath, <45.00;
residentlal section. Tel. 1482-M.
:■> rOCKTON ST.—4 rooms and 2 rooms.
Tel. 1473-W.__
SOUTH FIRST ST., 186—6 rooms; nil Im
pr c»vements__exc^pt_henL_
STATE ST.. 446—6 room flat; bath. In
qulre ->14 8tato 8L
APARTMENT—Located on corner of
Washington and 8tate Streets, No. 433
State St. $26.‘>0 per month. Apply Boyn
ton Bros. Sc Co.. 87 8mlth St.
FLAT—6 rooms; Improvements. Tel. A
370-J.__ V
FLAT—7 rooms and bath; all Improve
ments; steam heat. 408 State 8t. In
quire In Drug Store._
FLAT—All Improvements except steam
heat, lnqulro M. Gindin, 317 Madison
FLATS, 2—7 and and 8 rooma; newly
completed. Inquire 121 State St. Tel.
I no in re_188 S m 1 th_St.__
ROOMS, 3—Inquire 110 South First St.
Inquire In store.__
ROOMS. 6—And bath; large, light; all
improvement*. Inquire 17u Brighton Av-.
ROOMS—Four: on Goodwin; between
Smith and Market. Inquire 273 Hobart
_ ISuhinewM Place* for Rent_75
MADISON AVE.—Store. inquire Perth
Inquire Amboy Garage Co._
floor space for wholesale business or fac
tory. Inquire 231 Market St. Tel. 682.
with rooms Tel. 2114.__
_Houses for Rent_77
PATERSON ST.. 181— House for rent or
far sale.__
COTTAGE—And garden; 6 rooms; en
tire new decoration; centrally located;
rent $30. Pierce Johnson Co. Phone 551.
215 Smith St. _ __
I HOME—One family. In best residential
I section; property in good condition; ren
tal $65.00 per month. Margarciten 6c
Lobel. Inc., Raritan Building._'Pel. 550.
HOUSE—For rent. Inquire Raritan Mer
cantile Co. 306 From St.
_ Offices and Desk Room 78
& S<»n._133 Smith Street.__
OFFICE—Large front office to let. Apply
Maple Rsalty Co. 215 Smith 8t. _
ROOM—For one office or for liglu busi
ness; size 20 x 20 ft. on second floor.
Aptly F. K. Martin, 145 New Brunswick
_Suburban f«i Rent 79
DAVID ST.. 148—5 rooms aid bath; all
iinpnvi monta; beat furnish'd. Inquire ^
146 Henry st. South Amboy.__ M
FORDS- Six room houae; all improve- ^
ments; on paved street. Pierce-Johnson
Co . 217 Smith 8tWft_
FOR ' —5 rooms; all improvements; $35.
Cl L. Steuerwald. Inc.. 208 Smith St.
<' Tel. 1526-7. Savings Bank Bjdg._
.uA a WAN—Store on Main St., excellent
in. Inquire 69 Main Su_
MAT A WAN, N. X—Mala St., house; I
rooms; all improvements except heat,
I t... Inquire Main St.
]_Houses lor Sale_84
7 room house, most im
provements, your opportunity $4500; only
$1,000 cash required. Charles L. Steuer
wald. Inc.. 208 Smith St._
COMPTON AVE.—New 6 room house, up
to the minute; improvements; large clo
sets; worth $7500.00; price $G500.00 on
attractive terms. Charles L. Steuerwald,
_ Inc., 208 Sin 11 h St._
MADISON AVE.—2 family brick house;
10 rooms; all improvements; separat*
steam boilers; lot 25 x 150; price $8500.
Ma^ L. Scott, 309 Madison Ave. Phone
OAK ST.—Big bargain; must be sold
at once; 2 family building on Oak near
Smith St., all improvements with big
driveway; price $7200; easy terms.
Schonceit & Blitzer. Raritan Building.
Tel. 1558.___
Lewis St., Price $13,50U. Two family
dwelling. Market St. near Sheridan,
price $8,000. Business property, Wash
ington St., near Amboy Ave. Three
story brick building, pree $11,500. Call
and s c us. Boynton Brothers & Co,
87 S m i th St._
RECTOR ST., 145—House; 8 rooms and
bath; Bungalow, stucco and hollow tile;
2 car garage; 2 story; lot 40 x 159. In
quire 314 Front St. Phon- 604.
houses: one stucco and one frame; 28
rooms In both; all improvements except
heat; location. Grant St. Rent $1644 per
year; price $14,500. cash necessary $5000. -
Max L. Scott. 309 Madison Ave. Tel. 310. ^k
HOUSE—6 rooms; all improvements. ^
Party will exchange lots in payment for
same. Pierce Johnson Co. 217 Smith
St. Tel. Ml.___
tlon of houses; all modern improvements.
$10.00 down will start your home. Carl
Jacobs. Real Estate and Insurance. 179
Brighton Ave._Tel 561.
2 FAMILY HOUSE—All improvements.
$5700. inquire A. Mikkelsen. 196 Grant
Lots lor Sale H5
KEARNY AVE.—Choice lot in begt neigh*
( borhood, price right and terms attractive.
Charles L. Steucrwald. Inc., 208 Smith
WixjUBRIDGE—Large plot; *0 x 313;
planted with fruit trees. Freeman Street,
best residential section: price $1400.00;
partly cash. Massopust Bros. & Co., 693
State St._•_ ______
TOTTENVILLE—Lot; Yetman Ave. 40 x
168. $1100 cash. Phone 993-M Totten
Vllle. ___
Suburban I or 8«Jf Hi
FORDS—Own your own home for a small
cash payment and your present rent
money. I have a five room house; tli»«i
bath; stucco construction; house on New
Brunswick Ave. Inquire Goldberger. 333
State St. Phone 338.
FORDS—$&00.0e cash; balance like rent;
will buy at Fcrds, near trolley; 5 rooms,
all Improvements; driveway. Chas. 1*.
sr uerwald, Ine SN Smith St., City. t ^
■v 7 room house; ail latest V
improvements; small amount of cash.
Tel. U78-R. A. Weisman. Vine St.
3—5 rooms and bath frame bunga
low in the best part of Fords New
building with improvements. Why pay
r<*nr when vr>n run f a h.miA IIIim
on easy terms. Conard & Company. 102
Smith Street.
KEY PORT—Seven room bungalow in new
residential section: one block from trol
ley; all improvements. Phone Keypojrt
SOUTH AMBOY—11 rooms sad bath;
steam hea*: frame dwelling; garage; lot
50 x 100 In centre of city. $2500 cash
required. Possession In 30 days. Conard
& Company. No. 102 Smith Street._
T< )'l TEN V1LLE ^ and
bath: lot 40 x 140; price $6200; cash
$1000. balance on easy terms. B. Wil
liams. Tot ten villa, N. T._
WOODBRIDGE—6 rooms and bath, hard
wood floors: fireplace, large lot: value
$$,500; will sell for $7500; part cash. J.
H. Concanpon. Woodbridge. Tel. 299^
i■; .i;-' UN T* • six room h maea: tSMI
each: with some improvements. Address
14$ Wood Av*?.. Tottenvllle.
If YOU have some special
want to be satisfied — call the M
EVENING NEWS and ask for
an ad taker.
■»' - n

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