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A Queer Biddle
The storks thought and thought
ibout tlio l-.ddle Buskins had asked
hem. the riddle being, "What's tho
inference between a jumping-jack
ind a baby?”
Mr. Crane, looked more solemn
—lhan ever, went down the row.
'What’s the answer?" he asked the
lirst stork.
“f—I confess I don't know,” said
he stork looking foolish.
“Next!” said Mr. Crane sharply,
urning to his neighbor.
“Me either " said the second stork,
•shaking his head “I don’t know."
“Next!" said tho Crane.
“No! I don't know either.”
And so it went on down tlie line
until at last Mr. Crane reached an
dd. old tellow who looked as though
lie was about to g) to sleep.
“What’s tho difference between a
tumping-1ack and a baby?” asked
Mr. Crane.
“Well ” answered old Daddy Stork
\ \ k k k_I
slowly. "There’s enough difference
so ’.hat I should never mistake one
for the other.”
“Aha.” smiled Mr Crane. "That’s
the answei. i>addy You get tho nice
soft pinky-blue silk comfort. I'm
afraid if l gave It to some of these
other stupids they might wrap a
jumping-jack up in It to deliver to
a. family on earth instead of a nice,
soft, ping baby Now begone, all
of you. There won’t be any more
comforts made until goose-plucking
time Is over anc more soft down
comes flying up to the sky for my
fairy workers to use. Well. well. I
do Delieve tnere’s more coming now.
Mrs. Brown must be having a pluck
ing. I heard her say she needed new
bolsters the other day and some of
the softest feathers have run away.
They know where to come.”
A whole flock of feathers came
blowing in at the windows and doors
of the Huctory, so ihe storks waited.
( To Be Continued)
Copyright, 102!*. N. E. A.
The modern American girl has
ieen dubttd “ail enameled metal
ady.” Perhaps he’- beauty does con
■oai some hardness, but sometimes
his metallic luster only Indicates
he existence of a shield bv wh
-lie protects a too tender heart fr ~ i
he hur* of loving.
The saner of her sex, instead of
■lotting Dehind a defense, are lately
demandin'* i new justice in love,
inc of tnis type writes:
"When 1 was first engaged>I was
marvelously happy
"A year later, when we were plan
ling our home, I noticed that the
nail who had voluntarily promised
uov-jr to love any woman but me
was growing indifferent and ncglect
ul. I became suspicious.
"Is thar another girl?' I ^sked.
"He admitted that there was.
" ‘And you love her better than
" 'Yes!' he replied ‘Please believe
•hat I am sorry. I did not mean to
hurt you! But you will get over it!’
"We parted. I have not seen him
for five months. Time passes, but
! do not get over It. I think more 1
and more of him, he. thinks less and
jess of me.
"And it isn’t fair! He was cruel
to smash ail of my plans for my
future without warning. I had
known him for three years and from
the beginning I had been interested
in no other man He knew this and
yet he could say that I would get
over loving him.
“With that for his excuse, he
picks up tnu thread of a new ro
mance while all the interests of my
life are snapped short. It Is like a
sudden dcafh by accident.
“And he doesn’t even perceive
that I have been wronged.”
“I think mo ought to be taught
the truth about how good girls love.
“He v hom I loc'o now. as I did
three years ago, expected me to tor
get as easilv as he could forget.
"And so I say that many young
men need a now education In the na
ture of women.”
And perhaps girls ought to know
moro about the nature of men. For
instanc 3 tl; ma . described above
was perfectly just, in his own way.
le knew that It was far kinder to
Castles Is The Purest
* Ice Cream Made In
New Jersey
® Because It Is Heathizec!
When we say “purest” it is with full knowledge
that there are no comparative degrees of purity.
A thing is either pure, or it is not pure. Yet custom
allows this broader interpretation of purity.
♦ You can take ten pure ingredients. If you mix
with them another ingredient which is not pure then
you do not purify the impure but you make impure
all the other ten ingredients.
Destructive of Purity
So if you take pure cream, milk, sugar, flavoring
and fruits as used in making ice cream, and you add
to these pure ingredients impure air you are making
the whole mixture impure.
That is what is usually done in making ice cream.
.We all did it, because we didn’t know any other way
to make ice cream.
Then came Heathization which replaces the air—
never pure and often dangerously impure—with a
pure, clean, sterile, harmless atmosphere purer than
-v _ Advantages of HSathization
We adopted Heathization because we recognized the
safety this, method of making ice cream insures to
those who eat Castles Ice Cream. It adds greatly to
our manufacturing costs but we don’t ask YOU to
bear this expense. Castles Ice Cream costs you no
more than it did in the past.
For your health’s sake and for the sake of those
dear to you insist that your dealer supply you with
Castles Heatliized Ice {!ream.
And REMEMBER—If it isn’t Castles it isn’t Heath
ized because we have the exclusive right to this valu
able discovery.
• Irvington NEWARK Perth Ambov
Kitchen Hints
j Tempting Menus
When there is an invalid in the
house nourishing drinks mean much
:o him or her. Veiy often solid is
not acceptable and the beverage
must be ford as well as drink.
These recipes may suggest others
0 you. „ .
Albunicnizcd Orunge Juice
One orange, 1 lemon, 2 teaspoons
sugar, 2 eggs (whites), crushed ice.
Squeeze juice from orange and
lemon and strain. Make a hole in
me enJ of the egg shell and shake
he white out. clipping it with a pair
of scissors to break the invisible
membrane and prevent stringiness.
Put all ingredients in a shaker
tnd shake vigorously until foamy. A
few bits of ice should bo shaken
with the egg, whites and juice. Pour
aver crushtd ice and add enough
cold water ic til. the glass.
If a shakt. is not at hand put the
ingredients in a bowl and beat
iliglitiy with a dover beater.
Kgg Nog
One egg, 1 tablespoon sugar, few
rains salt, 2-3 cup milk, nutmeg.
Meat' whlio of egg till dry amj stiff,
beating in the sugar. When.tho
white is stiff beat In tho yolk. Add
ialt and beat in the milk. The milk
should be very eoid. Tour into a
Bass with a lump of i«e. sprinkle
liberally wiih nutmeg and serve.
Hot Kffg Drink
One egg, 1 1-2 cups milk, few
grains salt, 2 teaspoons sugar if do
Beat egg with a dover beater till
very light. Heat ir.ilk. but do not
,et boil. Beat into egg, season with
salt and add sugar. Serve at once
very hot. in cases of extremo ex
haustion this drink may be used as
1 stimulant.
Kgg T/cmonado
One egg. 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons
sugar, cold water.
„ B-at egg well with sugar. Squeeze
juic9 from lemon and strain into
L‘gg. Beat slightly and pour over
crushed ice in glusa. Pill with eoid
Beef Tea With Kgg
One-half cup Dcot juice, 1 ess
yolk, salt, ptppo if allowed.
If beef juice is nut at hand dilute
beef extract in tho proper propor
tions to make half cup. Beat the
yolk in the cup the tea is to bo serv
ed -n. Season slightly with salt and
pepper. Heat th, tea but do not al
low it to boil. Pour over the egg,
stirring briskly. Serve Immediately,
if the diet will permit servo thin
strips of dry toast with the tea.
Never serve any kind of fruit juice
without straining. Plain orange juice
should be careful y strained before
taking to an invalid.
Copyiiglit, 1322, N. H. A.
eaves this S»n than to wed her when
his heart hud wandered from her.
The girl should congratulate hcr
?eif that the tragedy occurred before
instead of alter marriage. She was
spared a good deal—in spito of the
three wasted yearo.
You wili use the word "ill” In
stead of "sick.”
You will say “a man friend of
mine," instead of "a gentleman
friend,” au it is to be assumed that
ail your men friends are gentle
men. .
You will not use slang. The uso
of it begins in fun and ends in ha
The Avene] branch of the Wo
men's Clue of Woodbiidgo hold a
card party Monday night which was
a great success, being well attended
and greutly enjoyed. The games
were In cnarge of the j,resldent, Mrs
Harry V B; ker. and refreshments
were St rved under the direction of
the refreshment committee, Mrs.
Ray Hancock, Mrs. Andrew Aarow,
Mrs. A. Lance, Mrs H. Dietz, Mrs.
Neii Hume. Mrs. Charles Sissel, Mrs.
P ,r Donota. am were striking evi
dence of their ability both in quality
and the manner in which they were
served. The first prize was won by
Mrs. Ader of Rahway, second by Mrs.
Freeman of Rahway; third by Mrs.
Car'son of Rahway: men’s prizes,
first by George I. Baker of Avenel:
second by Mr. A.der, of Rahway, and
third by Richard Krchne, of Avenel.
Mrs. Rudr iph Voelkdr entertained
Tuesday afternoon it: honor of her
birthday entertairing about 25
guests. She received many beauti
ful gifts.
Adalbert Alexay was a Newark vis
itor Tuesday
„ M Gargle with warm salt water
ST —then applv over throat—
▼ VapoRui
Ouer 17 Million Tart*! ted Yearlt
269 Wataon Ave.Tel. 20? I-R
E. Chrlstopheraon Proprietor
Telephone l»t
Foreign Exchange and Steamship Ticket
Branch Agency American Expresa Co.
Domeatlc and Foreign Money Orders Sold
To All Parts of the World
Wholesale and Retail Philadelphia
And Ptvi'url’oaie for Birds at the
285 Smith Street, Corner Oak
Instructions given in
I KNITTING and crocheting
Order* token for Men's Worn
| oil's and Children's Hand Knit- I
led apparel.
j We Specialists in Hand-Made
Silk Sweaters at Very
Moiferato Prices.
| P.eet duality sitk anil wool at the
lowest prices
Venus Wool Co.
HI Payette street.
_Tel. 1454-R_
■ \ ■ jig
Long Cut Skirts—Short Cut Divorces
Judge Sumiuerllold of law Angeles, who refused to grunt dl\oree to women wearing skirts more than S
Incites above tlie shoe top, and two conn room exhibits.
By N. E. A Service
LOS ANGELES.—Snort skirls and
no divorce!
Such Is the decree of Superior
Judge Summerfleld here.
So. at last, there Is a court ruling
on the much discussed question of
abbreviated dresses—sort of legal
yard stick to measure the connection
between modes and modesty,
A Ions cut skirt Is a short cut to
a decree in his couit. ,
There's one exhibit, says the
jnrtfre, which he will henceforth al
ways rule out, and that’s the exhibit
ot tnoro than throe inches of silk |
Already, in keeping with his de
cision. he has refused a divorce to
one Southern California maid and,
any divorce r-eeker who enters with a
short dress is bound to leave with
a long face.
At The Strand
Asks Posthumous Promotion
W EST HOBOKEN, Feb. 1—Mayor
Weller announced be would appear
before the city council tonight and
make a plea for the posthumous
promotion from police lieutenant to
captain in tbo case of Detective
Charles Harm, who died last Sun
day from wounds Inflicted by three
bandits, wjlo escaped with $21,000
stolen from a bank messenger he
was guarding He will ask the post
humous promotion to provide Detec
tive Harm's widow with an annual
pension of $1,100 rather than the
$800 due her ns a lieutenant's widow
Restless, Irritable, nervous. excitable
an«l exacting is the charge against her by
those nearest and dearest. How little they
realize the struggle the overworked wlf>
and mother is making to keep about and
perform the hundred and one duties that
devolve upon her! Every hour her head
aches, backaches and pains drag her down
until she can stand It no longer. Lydia
E. Plnkhum's Vegetable Compound linn
restored more women In this condition tf1
to henlth and happiness than any Othei
medicine. The grateful letters we an
continually publishing In this paper from
women who have found health by Its uat
prove It.-—Adv.
■■ ■ ■! . ■■■■■■■ . I ■■■ ■■■
Tom Mix, the William Fox star,
never believed he would ever have
to break the record for tost of cloth
ing and outfit which he aet in hla
western photoplays with his famous
cowboy costumes. I}ut it lias hap
pened at last during the making of
his newclt Fox production, “The
Rought Diamond,” which will be
shown at the Strand, beginning to
morrow. As a western star, Mix
was reported to have paid out sums
for his famous Stetson hats, hand
made decorated bootH, pearl-han
dled revolvers, beaded vests, etc.,
that rivaled tho cost of a prinia
donna's regalia.
In his latest production, playing
a new rolo in a story different from
any he had ever been seen in, Mix.
as a reckless adventurer, becomes
a generalissimo in tho army of a
southern republic. It is tho rich and
gaudy costume he wears in this part
with its yards of gold braid, ex
pensive cavalier hoots, silken cords
and sashes, gold-plated sword, rare
feathers and other accoutrement
that equalled and passed tho cost
of any outfit he had ever worn since
becoming a motion picturo star.

Satisfies the sweet tooth
and aids appetite and digestion.
Cleanses mouth and teeth.
A great boon to smokers,
relieving hot, dry mouth.
Combines pleasure and
, benefit.
Don’t miss the joy of the
new WRIGLEY’S P-K-the sugar
coated peppermint tid bit!
Polly and Paul—and Paris
By Zoe Beckley
A Flank Movement In Stoves
Violet Rand’s apartment made
Paul think of a lace-hung. Jewel
decked bandbox—if such a thing
were conceivable. It was so small
that Paul could Rlmost have touched
the four walls of any room by
standing In the middle of it. Tet
by clever furnishing and discreet
spaces here and there, Violet had
contrived to give an effect of dis
The windows of the tiny drawing
room, like all French windows,
opened from the middle outward,
like doors, and were hung with sev
eral sets of curtains in cream lace
and old brocade.
Tthere was a baby grand piano—
tho smallest Paul had ever seen—
made of light wood, gilt-bedecked;
two blue-upholstered easy chairs in
-ozy proximity; a bluo chaise-longue
with small lacc-and-embroidery pil
lows; a table littered with Ameri
can magazines and French novels;
vases of crystal holding pale yellow
roses: and a tea-wagon temptingly
sot out with toast and Jam and little
An air of coquetry and seclusion
pervaded the place and a maid,
petite like the flat, came and wont
softly without glancing at the visi
It seemed strange to Paul drink
ing tea in that bijou plnco at 4 of a
business afternoon, but ho liked the
novelty and was very comfortable in
Violet’s blue armchair munching
eclairs and consuming cups of
lemoned tea while his hostess
chatted amiably.
Tho other guest, Rigaud, was a
big man with prominent eyes and
crisp black hair. He bud suave man
ners, was cultured and traveled and
showed his knowledge of tho world
in every word he spoke.
Deftly Violet brought their talk
around to tho personal issue. Paul
was a/mazed how she contrived it
without seeming to enter their dis
cussion at all, and soon ho and Ri
gaud wore In the full tide of techni
cal debate. Factory heating and
LlltJ Hill VI -
radiation seemed odd topics for that
dollhouse drawing room, but Paul
knew be was making a favorable
impression on the big man, and was
happy and In his element. That he
spoke in French pleased Rigauc
It was well after 6 before Pan
realized It and started to tako lilt
leave. Violet signaled that it wai
time for the "social overtures" li
which she bad already schooled him
"It would give us very mucl
pleasure, Monsieur Rigaud,” ho be
ran in his most urbane manner, “t(
have you dine with us—my wifi
and I aro staying at tho Regence
Vut I’m sure there aro more interest
tng places in your fasclnatinj
"Rigaud knows every restaurant
from the Montmarte to the IIoul
‘Miehe’,’’ put in Violet. “Choose a
nice oozy place, Rigaud, to talk
stoves In!”
“Tcs!” beamed Rigaud, “I want tt
talk more stoves. Will you, '
Monsieur Dawson, and your charm*
Ing wife permit me to call for you
at 7 on Thursday? 1 have In mind
a small, quiet place where tney have
a famous dish, coquilles Boulog*
naDc? You will like It. . .
Violet accompan'cd Paul to the
“You’ve made a hit—X knew you
would. Now all you have to do Is
Jolly him along, and sell a few mil
lion dollars worth of your precioue
stoves! R’s up to Mrs. Paul, remem
ber, to put the whole thing over.
Good night.”
Paul flung himself into the first
taxicab ho met and offered an extra
tip for speed. He could hardly wait
to tell Polly.
(To Bo Continued)
(Copyright, 1922, NEA Service)
_ (
Hdmetta Juniors Win
HELMETTA, Feb. 1—Helmet ta
Juniors won over the Hungarian A.
C. at New Brunswick on Monday
evening, two of the three games
rolled. Bohen was high score for
the losers, while Brown had the
top mark for the locals. The scores:
■ -iSa
Helmet la
Latkanie . 164 162 170
Brown . 160 158 211
A. Valck . 194 381 140
Petrie . 127 171 152
Mondoker. 160 200 150 j
805 880 813
Hungarian A. C.
Gross . 129 ... «. •
Fchor . 169 156
Defence 166 147 156
Smith . 191 161 186
Bohen . 143 204 157
Vass . 193 128 158
822 809 814
Th* "Food-Drink" tot 1
yuicW Luncb at \
Fountains. Ai* tat j
Map-Avnid Imitations a
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