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Twelve of the Sewaren residents i
present at last night's meeting \ol
nnteered to go to Trenton next
Monday as a committee representing
the residents of Scwaren favoring
annexation. Adjournment was taken
with the understanding that all who
possibly can attend the hearing do
The bill as introduced by Senator
White, of Atlantic county, reads as
An Act to ennex to the city of
Perth Amboy, in the county of Mid
dlesex. a part, of the township of
Woodbridge, In said county.
Be it enacted by the Senate and
General Assembly of the State of
JJew Jersey:
J. From and after the passage and
adoption of this act that part of the
township of Woodbridge, in the
county of Middlesex, in this act more
particularly described, shall be and
become a part of the city of Perth
Amboy, in said county of .Middlesex,
so that the same shall be hereafter
within the territorial limits of the
said city of Perth Amboy.
2. That part of the said township
of Woodbridge, to be and become a
part of the said city of Perth Atn
’ boy, upon tho passage and adoption
of this act is more particularly de
scribed as follows:
Beginning at Hie mouth or AVood
bridge creek where tho center line
ihereof intersects ihe westerly line
of Staten Island sound; thence (I)
along said center line in a westerly
and northerly direction to a point
v-here it intersects tho center line ol
the road from Woodbridgo to Car
teret also known as tho Woodbridgo
Floosevelt road; then (2) easterly,
along tho center line of said »V ood
hrldge-Roosovelt road to where it
intersects th© center line ot Cathe
rine street; thenco (3) easterly,
along said center lino of Catherine
street, continuing along Ibis center
line prolonged to where it intersects
ihe center line of Cliff road; thence
(4) northerly along said center lino
ot Clift road to where it intersects
ihe southerly line of the right of way
of the Port Reading Railroad Com
pany; then (r*) easterly along said
right of way linn of Hie Port Read
ing Railroad and line of two tracts
belonging to Rich Vernon, crossing
the creek at three places, lo a large
branch ot Smith s crock; thence (U)
along tills branch to the division line
between land of the Port Reading
Railroad Company and lands of tho
Haddon estate; thence (7) »*onK 1"‘*
division line easterly to tho 1 lat*
creek; then (8) southerly along said
creek to the division lino between
land of tho Port Reading Railroad
Company and lands belonging to
Hines; thence (!*) along said divis
ion line to a point in the westerly
line of lands belonging HrO. s. John
__ nni northerly along the
division lino between lands ol O. »•
Johnson und hinds of tho 1 ort Kea -
In* Railroad Company lo a snail
, reek which Is the division line be
tween land of Jns. Winant and lands
of the Port Reading Railroad Com
pany; thence (11) along sad Wi
,ant's westerly and northerly lino
,o the westerly side of Staten Is and
sound; then (12) southerly along
said westerly side of Staten Island
sound to the mouth of the WooJ
hridge creek, to tho point ot place of
3. This act shall not become op
erative until its provisions shall he
. .. submitted to tho voters of the above
described territory at a special clec
lion to be held within tho aaM terri
tory, and nt saicl election adopted by
a majority of tho legal voters resUl
T*'" W'within tho said territory on the
day of said special election.. Said
special election shall bo held witl^n
the said territory within ninety days
from the passage of this act ,and be
tween the hours of six o clock A. M.
,nd Seven o'clock P. M. of the day
Ixed for such election and at places
within said territory, saicl day and
places to be fixed by tho clerk of
he township of Woodbrldge, in tho
ounty of Middlesex. The clerk of
Die township of Woodbrldge shall
a use public notice of the time and
place of the homing of the said elec
tion, to be given by advertisements
signed by himself, anil set up in at
least five public place* within said
described territory and published in
it least one newspaper circulating
therein, at least ten days prior to
such election, and the said
shall provide for Hie electors voting
st such election, ballots to he print
ed or written, or partially written
and partially printed uppn which
ballots shall be printed the proposi
tion to be submitted to the voters,
with instructions in the following
10 If Vou favor the proposition print
ed below, make an X mark in the
square to the left of and opposite*
the word “Yes"; if you are opposed
thereto, make an X mark in the
square to the left of and opposite
the word "No."_
J|| I
f | Yes. | Shall an act entitled
I “An act to annex to
j--1 the city of Perth Am- j
i boy, in tho county of j
; No. I Middlesex, a part of
the township of Wood- |
I bridge in said county," i
I be adopted.
I , 1___I
If the voter makes an X mark in
black ink or Mack pencil in the
square to the left of and opposite
(ho word “Yes," it shall be counted
us a^ vote in favor of such proposi
If the voter makes an X mark in
Mack ink or black pencil in the
square to the left of and opposite
(ho word marked “No," it shall be]
be counted as a vote against such |
proposition; and in case no mark
shall be made in tho square to the!
loft of and opposite the word “Yea”]
or “No," it shall not be counted .as
a vote for or against such proposi
Such election shall be held at the
time and place or places so appoint
ed, and shall be conducted by the
officers of tho election district of
said township of Woodbridge whose
territory most nearly corresponds in
extent to the limits of the said ter
ritory above prescribed, and which
conducted tho general election next
preceding the holding of such elec
lion in said district, but no special
form of ballot and no envelope need
be used by any voter at said election.
Tho officers holding such election
shall within two days after such
election shall within two days after
such election make a return to the
township committee of the township
of Woodbridge of the result of such
flection by statements in writing and
shall bo entered at length upon the
minutes of tho said township com
mittee, and upon its adoption by a
majority of said electors, as afore
said. and not otherwise, this act
shall in all respects bo operative.
A. Tho register of voters within
raid territory to be used in the con
duct of such special election shall ho
prepared and made up by tho board
of registry and election of tho said
township of Woodbridgo which con
ducted tlie general election next pre
ceding the holding of such election
In said township in tho election dis
trict of said township of Woodbridgc
whoso territory most nearly corres
ponds in extent to tho limits of the
foregoing described territory; pro
dded. that said list, for the purpose
of this election, shall be revised so
rs lo include all and only such voters
of said township who may then re
side within the said described terri
tory and for that purpose tho said
board shall meet at such place or
places within said described territory
uu! at such time as shall be desig
nated by tho clerk of the township
of Woodbridgo at least one week
preceding said special election. No
lice of the time and place so desig
nated for such meeting shall be giv
en by the clerk of the township of
Woodbridgc by posting notices
thereof in at least live of tho most
public places in said described ter- !
rltory at least live days prior to said
meeting. Said meeting of the board
bf regisry and election for the mak
ing up said new register of voters
jhn.ll begin at one o'clock 111 the af
ternoon and continue until nine
o’clock on the evening of tho day
llxed for that purpose, and said
board shall insert in said new reg
ister the names of all persons who
mo legal voters within said territory
Ut the time of the passage ot. his
act, and also in addition thereto the
names ot those persons who shad
appear in person before them and
establish lo tho satisfaction ot the
majority of said board that they are
entitled to vote at said special elec
lion by reason of being inhabitants
and citizens residing in said terri
tory or who shall be sworn by the
written affidavit of a voter residing
in said territory to be entitled so to
vote. A separate affidavit shall lie
required for each person so register
ed by affidavit, which shall contain
tho address of tlie affiant and shall
he signed by said affiant, and on the
following day one copy of said regis
ter shall he mailed to the chairman
ot the county hoard of election of
Middlesex county, to lie filed by said
board, and one copy shall be re
loined for use of said township
hoard of election at such special
5. Immediately after the state
ment of the result of such election
shall be made to the township com
mittee of the township of Wooil
liridgC, another eopy of said state
ment, certified by the clerk of the
ownship of Woodbridgc. shall be
filed by him in the office of tlie coun
ty clerk of Middlesex.
C. This act shall take effect Im
«-■ _—————■
Residents up in Arms Against
Construction of New
Oil Tanks
ROOSEVELT, Feb. 28:—A con
ference will be held this afternoon
at 3 o’clock between the councillorg
of tills borough and the representa
tives of the Mexican Petroleum Cor
poration, at which time tho matter
of flic construction of twenty oil
tanks by the corporation in the bor
ough will be settled. The matter
was first brought up at the meeting
of the council on Monday night
when a petition was presented, sign
ed by more than 300 people, re
questing the borough to take some
action in the matter.
The petition was presented by
Henry K. Golenbock, an attorney or
Perth Anrboy, who represented the
taxpayers. Mr. Goionbock stated that
tho petitioners protected because
of the danger these oil tanka would
be to the vicinity, also that the
board ow education was about to
erect a school within a short dis
tance of the proposed tanks and they
would bo dangerous to the children,
aside from these facts lie declared
that the tanks were unsightly.
James Patterson, superintendent
of the oil concern, said he was anx
ious to hav the work go on as delays
were costly. He introduced John r.
Connolly, an expert oil engineer,
who said it was the idea of the oil
corporation to farce anything on
tho borough, and did not apply foi
permits for tho erection of the twen
tv tanks because there is no building
code In tho borough. He spoke of
thfeoil that is to be stored In the
thetnks as r.ot dangerous or explo
sive. . _,
Mr. L.onn?i») misweicu
quastions asked by councilmen and
to'd c.t ti.e measures what had would
bo adopted to protect the tanka In
ca3> of fire or if struck by lightning.
Mayor Hermann said that it was the
dutv of t’.ic counci, to protect all in
terest* here that they did not wish
to antagonise the Industries, but the
proi erty interests and life in tlie bui -
SuBh must be protected iie urged
that the matter b settled peacefully
and requested representatives ot tht
corporatlcn to mee t on February .i
to go ovet the matter
former Senator Thomas Brown
represented the borough and urged
th t if the company failed to stop
wo/lc on the tanks until the matter
had been settled *br the council to
pa.ta an ordinanc limiting the fuel
and .'xplosiv. - stored by local plants.
Mr. Brown also recommended a
building and restriction code.
WOODBP.tDGi:. Feb. 23.—The lo
cal post American l egion will hold
mooting in the firchouao tonight
at 3 o’cjaok, and all ex-service men
ftra requested to be present. Com
ma i der Joseph Deegnn of Pertli Ani
ta and ex-County Commander
Raymond White of New Brunswick,
are scheduled to address the gather
ing, the latter on the bonus question.
Matawan High School Wins Two
The Matawan High School first
and second teams defeated the At
lantic. Highlands first and second
teams on Geran’s court at Matawan
on Monday, the final score of the
games being 33-17 and 43--T.
Both teams had little difficulty in
registering these wins.
Tomorrow night tlie Matawan first
end second teams will travel to l.el
onardo, where they will meet the
| two teams from that place.
i BumsteadsWonnSynip
1 BffGsasazgg
cost of SANTONIN. It eontolne foil dose.
Stood slstv »««’ tort;. *°ld every whero
or by auiil. ««e * bottle.
B«t. O. A. Voorhees. M. p^_PbUMrtghl#_
! Have vour windows cleaned 'in Buildings,
! Offices. Stores and Private ItesideiKos
By The
Perth Amboy Window Cleaning
Mayor Joseph Hermann of New
port, Ky., "has been seized by fed
eral authorities on a charge of con
spiracy to permit violation of the
prohibition law. With him in cus
tody under similar. charges are. his
chief of police, the county attorney,
county detective and two county
patrolmen. The militia Is on guard
at the Newport city hall and court
house after a spectacular search of
the building. The federal district
attorney charges the seized officials
knew the dry laws were being vio
lated but failed.to net against vio
lators. Hermann and his associates
deny the charges.
Wins the Endurance Contest
Which Was Held Here
Howard Richards won the total
pin and high score events in the
eight-hour endurance bowling con
test which was staged on the Ai
gonne alleys yesterday. The event
started at 2 o'clock and ended up at
10 o’clock.
Richards’ high score was 233 and
his total pin lull for- twelve games
2,233. Seven other teams were en
tered in this event. Ben Jorgenson,
also of Amboy, finished second in
the total pin event with 2,182. Other
scores follow: York, Roosevelt.
2.177; Gadck and M. Larson of this
city, 2,109; Ed Slmonsen, Sewaren,
2,062; Peterson, Rahway, 2,055;
llonnelly, Roosevelt, and Dolan, Se
waren. 1,917, and Lambertsou and
Hoffman. South Amboy, 1.864.
Arrangements are being made for
an important match of twenty
games between Richards and Sea
ton crack Elizabeth bowler.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 28—The sol
diers bonush question was allowed to
simmer today, the special commit
tee dealing with the question of i
ways of raising funds, deferring fur
ther sessions until tomorrow. There
was no indication when a decision
would be reached, but some commit- i
teemen said the bill probably would |
not be reported out of committee
this week or next.
Sentiment in the special committee
seems to be for reporting out a
bill carrying a manufacturers and
wholesalers tix similar to that in
Canada, but lower rates. This It was
said would be taken up when the
committee resumed sitting tomorrow.
This or any other form of sales tax |
is Strongly opposed by approxi
mately 100 House Republicans.
new BRUNSWICK. Feb. 23:—
But lew cases of minor importance
will come up for the notion of the
grand jt/ry tomorrow. However, the
attention of the jury will be devoted
on the question of rural police. It
is thought that as a result of tomor
row's session some action may be
taken toward tlie policing or the
rural districts of the county. M
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(From Tuesday’s Evening News).
Bandits Rob
Man of $500
Herman llcder Held l'p In Alley
of Home at 88 State Street.
^ Herman lleder. of G8 State street,
one of the proprietors of the Dittnas
and Crescent theatres, whs held up
hy two armed men last night short
ly before midnight and robbed of
l $-190. Tho men perpetrating the
holdup escaped immediately in an
automobile standing at a nearby
corner and no trace of them has,
been discovered since. The suppo
sition is that the machine was left,
there by the bandits as a means of
. escape and that they lay in wait
i for Mr. Keder as he cHnm home
' from the theatres with the money
taken through the box offices.
• • t
They waited until the Ditmas and Crescent Thea
ters were drawing record crowds before attempting
the holdup. Luckily some of the receipts of the night
had beeii taken by some of the other proprietors or
much more money would have been lost. The bandits
were wise to the fact that
Is appearing ALL THIS WEEK at the Ditmasand is drawing the greatest crowds in the his- I
tory of this popular theatre. It is the screen sensation of the year and has a cast of more than I
2,000 people. Thousands saw the picture yesterday and many were turned away. There are I
only three days left to see this great production. I
for Coughs & Colds
Thu syrup la different from all others.
The Thor Ironer
Turns Ironing Day
Into Ironing Hour
Be seated, touch a button,
guide the clothes, the Thor
motor docs the rest.
The Thor docs flat work per
fectly, of course. But it also
irons with beautiful finish
men’s shirts, women’s waists
children’s dresses and ruf
fled things. Lace curtains
eoiue out like new.
The soft, thickly padded
Thor roll is the best ironing
surface for embroideries.
Let us show you Thor Ironer
, results.
Public Service
House of Better Photo Play*
Continuous Performance—2 to 11 P. M.
. —
2 P. M.—4.30 P. M.—6.50 AND 8.50 P. M. A

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