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__— —*
Over-Confidence Of Locals'
Big Help To Davis Bros.
Seitat. 'vliich can be credited as
tli- wor.-t of\he year, was registered
uv.r tile Berth Amboy Speedways by
the Davis Brothers quintet of New
V-j'li on til Auditorium court Satur
day night. Ovcrcantidence is entire
l.v to blame tor the loss of the game.
Af. r forty minutes cf play it was
found tnat the Davis Brothers were
on the long en.1 of a 25 to 23 score.
Duriug the opening period of this
game the Davi* Brothers were out
k played und ther»'were many who be
\ Uevcd ti.at the New Yorkers did not
have a chance to cop the contest.
J'or the greater part cf this halt the
Speedways ;.eld a comfortable lead,
and at half time the locals were lead
ing by a i6 to 5 score. It is the opin
ion of many that the home players
could rvgily have registered a great
many more points in this session.
With an eleven pcint lead and
Judging from the pace the New
Yoikers were setting. Captain Char
ley Brcwnnilllcr replaced Bay Han
derht n. Although anyone can read
ily estimate the strength of Bay
Handerhen to the Speedway machine
the entire local outfit, is responsible
for the manner in which the New
Yorkers were allowed to creep up in
tha second period, finally to win the
in the opening period the Speed
ways outscored their opponents from
ths field, seven to two, but in the
final session the Davis Brothers drop
ped in eight double counters to three
for Amboy. Tr baskets by Hymie
■ Spike’’ Davis were entirely respon
sible for tho outcome of the game.
His first basket was about four min
utes to go brought the New Yorkers
up to within one point of the Speed
way* and a foul later tied the score.
With about two minutes to go his
field coal was dropped in
from the vicinity o£ the foul line.
George llavis was the high scor
ing star for the visitors in.this game
accounting for ten points, while Han
sen ied the local team in scoring, i
Both the Speedways and ther New
Yorkers scored ten field goals. The j
defeat on Saturday night made it I
three in a row for the local repre
sentatives and ten setbacks for the
season. The Speedways have now
bean defeat?! thiee times on the Au
ditor'um court.
Gene rark*r was the eleventh man
on the floor Saturday night. He call
ed siver. foal on the New Yorkers,
and Bav Kanderhan made one while
Hat sen made two out of six ch.arse.
Twelve foil’s were called on the
Speedways and the visitors made five.
The showing of Harry Davis, the
highly touted Harmony club tosser
in tl:e game Saturday night, has re
sumed in the plai to bring this team
to tiic local court being done awuy
The score:
Hnvis Brothers
G. K. TI.
George, f ...... 2 4 lb
Willie, f . - 0 4
Harry, c .... • •. 1 0 -
Jack, g . 2 1 ®
Hymie, g .. - 0 a
10 5 25
G. K. Tl.
R. HandfTJi'.n f./ 2 1 5
Suttcn, f . 2 0 4
Brownmblller. f . 0 0 0
Hansen, .. 2 2 ?
Bredicy, g . 2 0 4
B. Handtrhan, g. 1 b
10 3 23
i ■
V_—— -
Francis J. Houlihan of Chicago is
mentioned as probable successor to
Kenesaw M. Landis, as judge of the
federal district court of Chicago.
Judge Landis has sent in his resig
nation and is awaiting its Approval
by President Harding.
-1—Gordon and Meade Street*
•3—Madlaon Ave. and Patereon St.
■ t_Market and Sheridan Street*
33—Smith Street and Central P it.
36— Market and Firat Street*
37— Raritan Copper Work*
» 8—High and Lewie Street*
34_Madlion Avenue and Smith Street.
W 33—Smith and High Street*
38— New Brunawlck Ave. and New Street
37—Smith And State Street*
41— StAndard Underground Cable Co.
43—Atlantic Terra Cotta Worke
43—Buckingham Ave. and Hartford St.
46—Commerce and Front Street*
46—State and Washington Street*
47_High and Washington Streets
63—Cortlandt *nd Eaaton Street*
54—State and Buckingham Av*.
56—Parker St. and Pulaakl Are.
56— Hall A"e. and Charles St.
57— state and Wayne Street*
ss—Near Lead Work*
B3—Washington Street and Bark Avenue
63—New Brunswick Ave. and Elm Street
S4—Smith Street and Wataon ."venue
r. ■>—Commerce and State Street*
73 _Front and Smith Street*
. 73_Water ami Uoroon Street*
74 _Kearny Av*. and Gordon Street
at—Brace and Hanson Avenue*
83—Smith and Herbert Streete
83— Amboy Avo. *nd Washington Sr
84— Lehigh Ave. and Stanford Stmt
86—Near City Ho»plt*l
86— Cleveland and Brace Avenue*
87— Amboy and Hall Avenue*
m PHONE 1840
L. Saeith, Prop A U^V
Clothing of Quality
The right pattern, the right
weave and the right style.
^ At the Right Price
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lisp SIX
Girls Team With Winning
Streaks Are to Clash Here
The Manasquai- girls' basketball
tCcfrt reprcs->ntin . Manasquftn Higtx
School Will I.lay the Perth Amboy
High School Rills' varsity team on
the locai court this afternoon. The
Manasquun team v ith a record of
tw-lvo victories is cut for the state
high school championship.
In the Crimson and White team,
Midd'escx count.' champions, the
down-state outfit will.meet capable
opposition. The local girls under the
direction of Coach Miss Marlon
Burnr. have copped, si* sVrftlg „
games, one victory over Asbury
park, two over Bed Bank, tsvo over
Nc-v Bruns viol:, and one over Ro
selle Til? Roselle and Asbury Park
victories can be checked up as the
most important because of the
strength of these teams, but the New
Brunswick games Clinched the coun
ty championship honors.
Ii Ir, probable that the Amboy team
will take, tt'.e court today with the
Misses David an Schultz, forwards,
McKenzie, renter; Nickcnig, side
rente", and the Bjork sisters, guards
The Manasquan team will appeal
with its best players and this team
like Amboy is desirous of l«
through the season without a defeat.
The rtreak of one teani^must go to
rt a v.
Have your windows cleaned In Buildings,
Offices, Stores and Private Residences
By The
Perth Amboy Window Cleaning
102 riRO.Ml SI. ' PHONE 100*
For A Good Hair Cut, Shave,
Massage, Etc.
Special Department for
Ladies Hair Cutting
300 Madison Avo. Next St. Lifers
Relations Between the Two
Schools to be Reopened

For tlio first time in many years
sport relations between Woodbridge
and Forth Amboy High Schools will
be resumed tills afternoon. The lo
cal varsity quintet will travel to
Woodbridge to stack forces against
the fast going representative school
team of that place. A hard fought
game is anticipated.
Woodbridge and Perth Amboy
have always been most bitter ri- i
vals on tlio court, diamond, track
and gridiron. There came a time j
when it was necessary" to sever re
lations and since that time little of- j.
fort has been made to resume nc-;
Manager Ed Fatten of the local
varsity team is one party responsible
for tlio reopening of the sport chan
nels between the two schools. A
record crowd is expected out this [
afternoon given though the Perth
Amboy team is practically out of the
running for county school honors.
This fight for supremacy is bound i
to be as interesting ns any contest
for any championship. It is prob
able that the Amboy team will use
Grieve and Cohen, forwards: Jim
Patten, center, and Hughes and Mar
tin, guards. In a short time the
two teams will clase in the second
game of the series on the local
cou rt ,
’ I
Beauvais Post Team Adds
Another Victory to
'J he Beauvais Post American Le
gion quintet of Tottenville doubled
tilt score of the "O'd Timers” outfit
in a same on Amicltia hall court,
Picasant Piainr, Saturday. The
gaino was somewhat of a grudge
affair and a record crowd was in at
tendance. The final score was *0
to 15.
Numerous statements by the "Old
Timet*’ and followers of this team
failed t- develo In the game. It is
claimed that Art Homer was to es
tab'lsh a scoring record against
Price while Copeland was to hold
Preacher scoreless Homer was held
scoreless and Price scored three
baskets, while Preacher scored five
double counters on Copeland.
At half time the- Beauvais' Post
outfit was leading by a score of to
to 8. Preacher was high score for the
legion team, while Van Leycn and
LaJune. players from the other end
of the island, scored all of the points
for the “Girl Timers.” Frey refereed.
'J he score:
(1. F. Tl.
Pr»a?her. f. 5 ’1 11
Cove 11, f.'•.2 0 4
LaForge, c . 1 2
Price, g. 3 n Jj
Sher, g .. • 3 1 7
, 14 2 30
Old Timers
G. F. Tl.
Homer, f . 0 0 J
Var. Leyen, f. 1 5 7
La.Tune. o . 3 2 8
Copeland, g . (l h H
Lcljifhan, g . 0 0 0
4 7 35
Has Held Title For 10 Years
' WE* >
\>- '•MSlftES
eMOthcxe.^ t>
iU- >
VKatt* CHN'
> \'SU'E- C130WK
»HH *errt£.o
jv/\esc. »oo
_•%bv"V-V- 90KnvCH\WJ«
Winning a championship title In
any branch of sport is yjie thing,
holding it is another.
On February 22, 1912, Johnny
Kilbane won the featherweight tltlo
from Abe Attell at Vernon, Califor
Kilbane has held the title ever
since, and on the twenty-second of
this month celebrated the tenth
anniversary of lifting the crown. No
other tighter under the .Marquis of
Quecnsbury rules can boast of such
a record.
A year after winning the title
from Abo Attell, Kilbane defended
it against Johnny Dundee. The bout
went the limit, twenty rounds, and
was declared a draw by Rofcree
Charlev Eyton.
That is the closest Kilbane has
come to losing his crown in ton
years. The Dundee bout was a very
even affair, and Kilbane was fortun
ate to be favored by the referee’s
In 1916 George Chancy loomed up
as the fighter to dethrone Kilbane.
Hi* record of knockout* caused fight
experts to make him a favorite over
the champion. Kilbano knocked
Chaney out in three rounds to great
surprise of the pugilistic world.
On September 17. 1921. Danny
Crush met Kilbane for tho title. So
confident was Crush of victory that
ho took on the bout for merely a
guarantee of training expenses. Kil
bane received $60,000.
Kilbane knocked out Crush In
seven rounds. Jn this bout Crush
claimed the title on a foul, but
Referee Walter Kelley refused lo
allow it and made him continue.
In 1917, due to a lack of good
featherweight material. Kilbane 6s
sayed entering the lightweight class
ami met Champion llenny Leonard.
In that bout Kilbane suffered the
only knockout of his career. Leonard
stowing him away in the third
John L. Sullivan, who is credited !
with holding the heavyweight title |
wm.-■—lai’wms-viir-- »'-A g -*w.:.,■! i )
Lose Hard Fought Game)
on the Rahway Court
Independent gir'.o' basketball team of
this place lc-. a hard fought contest
on the Railway Y. M. C. A. court
Saturda night to the Rahway Y. M.
C. A. g.'ra’ team. The game was
forgot n:p arm tuck throughout and
the score at the end of play was
11 to 10.
T.ns contest wan llm deciding game
of a series. The local girls won one
game from Rahway on the local
court, and lost the two played in
Rahway. The Rahway team lined up
in regular fashion for this game,
wh'lc South Ambo- used the Misses
Doi i. I’nrgotsun and Fdna Bennett,
for wards; Katherine Miller, center,
and Idarlon Thofn and Frances
The point* for the visiting team
weir made by the Mieses Forgotson
ana Bennett. It us probable that the
Itcttas girls of Berth Amboy will
clash with the Independent girls in
a lirsl gutio of a series of three to
decide the Middlesex county cham
pionship, on the local court next
Thursday night in a preliminary
gan o to the Speedway-Junior Me
chanic contest. J
City Bowling League Affair
to be Held at the Elks
The first annual banquef ot the
Perth Amboy City Bowling league
will be held In the Elks club to
night. Members and representatives
ot the different times, city officials
and a great many others will be In
attendance at tills affair expected to
be one of the biggest of its kind
ever held In this city.
Recorder Harold E. PickersgiU
has been chosen to act In the capac
ity ot toastmaster. Sixteen acts of
vaudeville entertainment have been
carded and the award of prizes will
also occupy an important place on
the program for the evening.
The Forester bowling team nosed
out the American Smelting & Re
fining company entry for the cham
pionship of this league, the first city
bowling league successfully carried
out in a number of years. In addi
tion to the prize for first Place made
during the course of the playing
Anyone desiring tickets can secure
same from tho members of the dif
ferent teams. l
for twelve years under the l.ondon
nrlzo ring unit Marquis of Queens
ttury rules, la the only fighter to
ipproach the record set by Kllbane.
st. maryThigTschool
SOUTH AMBOY, Feb. 27—The
Pt. Mary's High School basketball
loam of this placo defeated Wood
bridge High School by an eleven
point margin. 43-32, In a game on
the local court Friday night.
The score:
SI. Mary’s
O. F. Tl.
Connors, f . 2 a 4
McDonnell, t.? » 4
Delaney, f .« o 12
(- .4 0 8
Fltzmorris. ..2 i> 4
Zaduniewlcz, g . 0 11 11
1« 11 42
Wood bridge
Cl. F. Tl
Drummond, f.*..3 3 f
Hoagland. t’.7 1 1!
Walling, c. 2 a 4
Voorhees, g ..0 n C
Peterson, .. 2 o 4
14 4 32
Bayonne Y. M. H. A. Bows
To Roosevelt Quintet
After trailing a: the end of the
first naif bv a four point margin, 15
to 11. tte Roosevelt Separates staged
a cjmeback and downed the Bayonne
Y. M. H. A. oulntet on Coughlin’s
auditorium cour. In Roosevelt last
night by a 41 to l'7 tally. It was the
Separates sixth consecutive victory
on tho Roosevelt court.
In the opening period tho Bay
onne players succeeded In breaking
through the defense of the Separate
outfit fo. sir double counters, while
tho home courtsters netted five bas
kets from the field in this session.
The visitors also made three foul
goals to one fat the Separates this
The Separates showed old time
spaed i;i the second half and had
an easy time passing their oppon
ent*. After the first few minutes of
Play 111 tills period the outcome of
the gamo was never In doubt. The
Separates registered fourteen double
counters In thi* session and also two
fool goal*, while the Bayonne tossers
were belt, to three two pointers.
1 Tho latter team scored six times from
tho fifteen foot line in the last period.
I’d Regan and Pete Hansen led the
home team In scoring in this game,
while Welso'y carried oft high scor
ing boners for the visiting quintet.
All of the players on the two trains
took part in the scoring in this game.
On Thursday night of this week
the Separates will play the Normal*
of Newark Normal School on the
Itousevelt court, and In a preliminary
game tie Ontcr girls will play a
Newark team. Next Sunday night
there is a possibility that the Beau
vais Post quintet of Tottenvllle will
furnish the opposition to the Sep
The score:
- G. F. Tl.
Hibbard, f . 1 0 2
Cutter, f . 4 » s
Hansen, c ... 5 fl 1<*
Regan, g . « 2 1 +
Glochau, g . 3 1 7
19 3 41
G. F. Tl.
Welsoly, f . .1 4 jo
Topper, f .,...., 1 1 3
Lippman r .-.el 1 3
Horwah, g ..,2 1 3
Dicksteln, g .. 2 2 fi
9 » ,27
' . I
Teams Clash at South Am
boy Again Thursday
Night ,
SOUTH AMBOY, Feb. 27.—At the
request of ft largo following of fans
in this city and vicinity, Manager
Samuelson of Die Junior Order of
United American Mechanic basket
ball team has booked the Perth Am
boy Speedways for another game on
tho local court this Thursday night.
The Speedways defeated the Junior
Mechanics on the local court in a
hard fought game before a record
crowd several weeks ago.
Tiie rehookiiiB of the Perth Am
boy team is not alone what Is in
teresting to fans of this vicinity.
There are tumors in the air that
Eddie Sc helling, who starred for the
Hive!sides in the Pertli Amboy Au
ditorium series of two seasons ago,
and several other Newarkers may
don tho uniform of the Junior Me
chanic quintet for this game. J,ocal
fans would glory over a Speedway
defeat no matter what tlie expense
Fans from nil over the county wit
nessed the first meeting of these twe
teams but ft much larger crowd li
expected this week for it will be tin
last chance given the local represen
tative team to register a victory ov
er their Perth, Amboy rivals this
year. A bitterly fought contest is
John M. Urbanski to Pilot AN
fairs-A. Dametsch
At the regular meeting of tliw
Maurer Ath.etic Association held re
cently. decision was reached to re
organize a representative trasebul.
team nnd to entertain senior circle*.
Tho Maurer combination made *
wonderful record on the diamond
laa- year ana members of the asso
ciation look rorward to greater suc
cess this season.
John !M. Urbanski. was re-elected
ari manager of the team, whilo An
ton Dametsch was elected captain.
I Manager Urbanski has not made any
announcement aa yet regarding the
mateiiai for his-deam this year but
it is rumored about thjt several new
players will wear the Maurer uni
form this season. It Is probabl'
that tho Maurer outfit will pluy or!
their home grounds at Maurer every >
Sunday afterdoom
The Maurer pilot is ready to ar-'J
range games with leading senior .
teams in tnls section. All, egg
mumcations should ho addf ObbS| ifl
Manage! Urbansk’. Maureri MR
, Pei th Amboy 28. :-Jp1'''
i Wf
gobbing Promptly **»™lj*d to
Battle of Supermen on Wrestling Mat
voerae-'TOisNED loose, ih a
Who wgulti Witt iti Uie jny^wed aialch between the t«o siijieiNuien. Demise} and Zbysko,- <*n the "resiling mal •
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Union Garage Co. 1
Of Perth Amboy
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- jjr/f

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