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- - - * I II ■■ imi ** OLIVE ROBERTS »“T"'
"Whirligig Valter”
Just as the dove had promised,
when the Twins had seen all of the
wonderful circus in the sixth valley,
Fllppety-Klap. a little fairy spoke
to them.
"You’ve been here a good while,
oiy dears," he said kindly. "And
the i'airy Queen's work is welting.
>o is the dove.”
Nancy and Nick seemed to wake
sp as though from a dream. "Oh,
laid Nancy, "where are we'.”’ And
then she remembered.
They hurried away then and
found the dove waiting for them as
he had promised, on a hswtliorne
ree .
"Como,” hs said kindly. "You're
»te, but you couldn't help It. Jest
me mors valley and we're there, at
lie end nf our journey.
Away he flew and the Twins fol
lowed along tlie littlp green path
that lad over the hill and Into the
■sventh valley, the last valley they
were to cross befors reaching the
Kingdom of the Korsknotts. They
were to get the third peg from the
seel of King Verdo's Left boot, you
Again the dove gave them some
advice. ”1 snail wall (or vou as tie
iors," he cooed. “This seventh val
ley la called the Valley of Whirli
gigs and in it are all the things that
you And in amusement parks; mer
ry-go-rounds, loop-the-loopa, roller
coasters, ocean-waves, dip-the-dips,
ye-old mills, chute-the-chutea. trips
to-the-mdon, switch-backs, whirling
tables that bounce you' oR, slides
that upset you, steeple-chases,
mazes that lose you and And you
again, mirrors that make you fat,
mirrors that make you thin, and
ones that make you lumpy. Oh. all
sorla of things are here. And there’s
no use of me saying to vou to keep
out, for In you'll go anyway. There’s
magic working. Wicked Twelve Toss
will delay you all he can.”
It all came true, every word of it.
Whirligig Valiev proved to he the
most fascinating place of all.
The Twins went from one place to
another with ahnuts of ,1ov. Never
had they had such a delightful time.
They stayed and stayed and stayed.
Even when the dove called mourn
fully from his tree, they did not
hear. Twelve Toes was determined
to keep then as long as he could.
(To Be Continued)
(Copyright, 1922, NEA Service)
In ease you are hesitating whether '
to -wear them just as short or to
ncaks them a trifle longer you’ll
be glad to know there is a sure way
Patent leather
Give the hew patent leather shoes
a eeat of vaseline before you wear
them and then wipe them off with
a soft cloth. This softens the
leather and renders It less likely to
A Substitute
If you haven’t an incense burner
or rose jar pour spirits of lavender
over lumps of bicarbonate of aoda.
This gives a pleasant perfume and
Is an excellent disinfectant.
out. Use the new side drapes. They
are the great Parisian compromise.
You may have your skirts short
and your drapes long or reverse the
order. It doesn't matter.
rLTu~inrir\rirtr>j~r nr nr^T***-*-*"*-* * * *■■*■* ***■
Did Him More Good
Many men and women suffer from
backache, rheumatic pains, stiff
joints, sore muscles and other re
sults of kidney trouble because they
neglected the first warning symp
toms. Foley's Kidney Pills aid the
kidneys to throw out poisonous waste
matter that causes pain and misery.
Stephen I.ewis, Eldridge, Ky., writes:
“Foley Kidney Pills did me more
good than all the other medicine I
ever took. I had kidney trouble ten
years. I don't have any pain like I
had before I took them.” Sold every
", ■- I
How Get
i To Well
When symptoms of weakness, like Colds, bed wetting, indi
gestion, underweight, etc., appear, do not be satisfied with that
familiar “He will outgrow It.” It is not based upon knowledge
of the condition, but upon trust in good luck. The outcome
often is just ths opposite.
Or when the first symptoms of acute diseases, like diphthe
' ria, influenza, typhoid or scarlet fever, etc., appear, do not wait
to Me what develops; It only means waiting until the disease
has gained a firm hold on the body. It further produces
complications like pneumonia, deafness, heart troublM. etc.
Many Uvea can be saved, much life-long misery avoided by
removing the cause of all these oonditlon before the further
development takes place (as done egeiusively by chiropractic
adjustments), instead of trying to bridge it over with medicines,
knife, massage, or other artificial means that do not remove
the cause, or by polluting the whole body through injecting poi
sonous germs. Save your children!
C(insulation free. Daily 10 to If. 2 to 4,. 6 to S, or by ap
Telephone 1836
levator Service
Kitchen Hints
Tempting Menus
Saltsd and smoked meats and fish
are always acceptable In the spring
and summer months. Many house
keepers in the country are wholly
dependent on cured meats for use
In hot weather.
Salt pork has solved the problem
for more than one noonday dinner <
table. •
Crisp Salt Pork
Cut the pork as In the preceding
rule. Cover with boiling water and
let stand five minutes. Drain and
dip in flour. Put in a hot frying
pan over a slow Are. Cook slowly
to a golden brown first on one side
and then the other. As the fat frys
out in the spider pour it off. This
makes the pork very crisp and sweet,
salt Pork with Cream Gravy
Eight slices salt pork, flour, pep
per, 2 cups rich milk, 1 dessertspoon
mi’iced parsley.
Cut the slices of pork about one
fourth of an inch thick. If very
sally pour boiling water over meat.
Let stand five minutes and drain.
Dip In flour and sprinkle with pep
per. Frying pan should be very hot.
Brown quickly on one side, turn
and brown on the other. Then cool:
more slowly until the outside is
crisp. Drain on brow* paper an l
arrange on a hot platter.
Pour ail but two tablespoons of
.'at from frying pan. Add one .and
one-half tableapoons flour, one
eighth teaspoon pepper and stir
until flour and fat are perfectly
blended and the flour is a pale straw
color. Add milk slowly, stirring con
stantly till the sauce is thick and
smooth. Pour Into a gravy boat,
sprinkle with minced parsley and
serve at once.
salt fora wnn neans
Two cupa dried beans, Vi tea
spoon soda, 1 medium -wised onion.
1 cup diced carrots. % pound salt
pork. V4 teaspoon mustard, 2 table
spoons molasses, Vi teaspoon pep
per. 2 cups canned tomatoes.
Wash beans carefully and let
stand over night in cold water.
Drain and put in kettle with soda
and hot water to cover. Being to
boiling point and boil 10 minutes.
Drain and rinse in cold water. Do
not pour the water in which the
beans were cooked in the sink.
Put tb* onion, peeled but un
sliced, in the bottom of the baking
dish. Add half the beans and ha.f
the carrots. Pour boiling water over
salt pork. Scrape the rind and
score in inch square? Put pork on
beans and carrots. Cover with re
maining vegetables.
Add mustard, molasses and pep
per to tomatoes. Pour over beans
and add enough boiling water to
cover the whole. Cover and bake
three or (our hours in a slow oven
or tireless cooker. During the last
hour of baking bring the pork to the
top of the dish to brown. If the
oven is hot when the dish is put in
the beans will not loose their shape
and become mushy. Reduce the heat
as soon as the whole boils all over.
(Copyright. 1822, NBA Service)
You will dispense with the for
mality of removing your gloves
when shaking hands with a man
friend. However, it is a nice cour
tesy to remove them when shaking
hands with one of vour own sex
who is noticeably older than your
You will not remove your gloves
during a formal call, even for bid
ding your hostess farewell.
You will not wear the cuffs of
your glove turned back over your
MOOCH—To Blouse or beat it
NECKER—A Flapper or Flipper
given to cheek-to-cheek dancing.
NICE GIRL—One who takes fel
low in and introduces him to the
NON-SKID—A girl who can carry
NOT SO GOOD—A comment of
ONE FLIGHT UP—Reference to
the practice of a Cake-Eater saving
one dollar.
ONE WAT KID—A person who
takes everything and gives nothing.
OSTRICH—Anyone who thinks he
knows it all.
OTIS—A young man from the
LAC—Description of a Flapper with
too much powder on her face.
e • •
Tomorrow from “Over There” to
“Ru ."
Specialist In Ladles’ Hair Bobbing
and Curling.
10 L U. to ( P. M.
30} Madison Avenue, next St. Lifer*!
electrical Scalp and Face Message
Derma Plasta and Boncilla Message
iSlee hours Mon. Wot. Frl.. 10.10-0 a »
Tuea. Thura. Sat. 10.10-1 a m*
Board of Trade Bldg., Room 214
Phone 1444 Perth Amboy. N. J.
HOURS—• a. U. to • P. .1.
-m • 1
Tuesday, May 9
This Place Is Under New Management
Dance Wednesday and Saturday NigfcU
After Decoration Day
Coma Meet Your Fnenda and Have a
Good Time
Mueic Far May • My
Tickets, Couple $1,00
- Itoaasod By S. w. STRAUB
M ... ...
the very smart outdoor weddings
have worn white trousen with a
dark coat and waistcoat.
An outdoor wedding is always
more effective if its background of
shrubbery is a natural one. How
ever. a florist ran arrange one with
quite a natural appearanee.
In her wedding gown, selection of
materiat end choice of cut, the
bride ia quite without limitation.
Pabrica range from sheer white or
gandie to heavy satins. The be
loved tulle is yet the choice of
many fashionable brides. Lace la
used much.
In outer clothings trim suit, three
blouses, an afternoon gown, two
morning or general-wear (rocks, a
dinner dress and a long cloak are
quite adequate. There should be at
least two hats.
• The cult should be of some dark
fabric, well tailored and i.uite plain.
Leave the ornate suits to women
who have many clothes.
The best line for the summer
bride to seek in her suit is that of
the snug hipped jacket, loose at the
waistline, but snug at the hip. This
is an approved line for fall.
Sleeves will be a matter of utmost
importance on her afternoon gown.
An unusual sleeve, particularly a
large one, smacks of what is new
and. like the snug hip, will hold
over into the fall and winter.
One of the two hats must be pur
chased with the suit and afternoon
gown in mind. The same hat should
serve for each.
It the bride allows herself only
one dinner gown it preferably
should be dark, even black, and this
gown should be kept In mind with
the purchase of the second hat
which ahould be In the nature of a
restaurant hat.
June end her wedding d«y. No
other day la lnveated with quite the
significance of that day.
Neither does any other day or
ceremony yield the multitude ol
petty problems which must bs set
tled by the bride and he*- family.
Wedding forms have remained
practically the same for years. It
there has been any change It Is a
trend, of late, toward the less formal
The order of procession la that
used from the very beginning. The
ushers lead, two and two. The
bridesmaids follow and then the
maid or matron of honor.
If there are children in the party
they should follow the maid of honor
and be immediately followed by the
bride and her father or the person
by whom she Is given away.
If the clergyman and bridegroom,
with his beat man. can approach the
altar from another way than that
used by the bride the effect will be
better. If this is not practical they
may walk down the aisle a moment
or two head of the ushers.
In grouping about the altar during
the ceremony the party should bs
quite evenly balanced.
The whits ribbons which form the
bridal aisle are dropped when the
bride reaches the altar.
For an outdoor wedding the form
Is quite the sgane and the attirs
is that used for an Indoor event,
though of iate the ushers et some of
Miss Josephine Plepenburg, of
Hanson avenue, and Frederick Ras
mussen. of Amboy avenue, were
quietly married Wednesday night In
St. Paul’s church In First street.
Rev. Jacob Ganss performed the
ceremony. Miss Madeline Andersen
and John Kattadoek were the only
attendants. Upon their return frm
their wedding trip Mr. and Mrs.
Rasmussen will reside in Smith
St. Peter's Woman's Auxiliary met
yesterday afternoon, in thp Parish
house, in Rector street. Reports
from the different committees on the
meeting held In St. Peter's church
last week were given. A missionary
box was completed and sent to
Swanee. Tenn. Plans were made to
hold a district meeting sometime
during the latter part of May.
To Dance at Yacht Club
The first Informal dance of the
season under the direction of the
Raritan Yacht Club will be held in
their assembly rooms in Water
street tonight. Johnny Johnson's
Jasxy Five will play for tho dancing.
Tables will be placed around the
hall, where salads, sandwiches and
coffee will be served during the
evening. The committee consists of
Frank McCormick. W. E. Larcombe.
J. Scott Burns. Donald Kennedy and
Lewis Compton.
Mr. and Mra. Louis Axelrod and
family, of the Bronx. N. Y.. are
spending the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. A. Axelrod, of Mad'son ave
Mrs. William Testa, of Middletown
Is the gueet of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. E. Ricef, of Water street, for
a few days.
Prosecutor and Mrs. Joseph E.
Strieker and daughter Isabel are
spending the week end st their sum
mer home in Deal.
Miss Lillian Cleaver, of New
York, is vlaitlng her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Cleavsr. of McClellan
street, for a week.
Mrs. Kenneth C. MeComas. of
Rector etreet, left today tor Boston,
where she will bo the guest of her
sister for several days.
Miss Florence Brownmiller and
Miss Nicolena Peterson, were the
guests of Miss Charlotts Ryan, in
Prince's Bay. S. I., yesterday.
Miss Mitzie Kemeny, of High
street, is the week end gueat of
friends in Bayonne.
Cards nt the Yacht Club
At the regular weekly card party
of the Ladles' Auxiliary of the Rar
itan Yacht Club, held in the club
rooms in Water street, yesterday af
ternoon. high ecorea were made In
bridge by Mrs. Louis Neuberg. of
Sewaren. and Mrs. Leighton Eamee
In five hundred. Mrs. Arthur Stan
ton is chairman of ths cardpartles
for the month of May.
To Meet With Mrs. Fries
The Enlghed Club will meet Mon
day night at ( o'clock at the home
of Mrs. Helena Fries. In Watson ave
To Attend Clipping Social
Mohawk Council have received ar
invitation from Bright Eye Council
In Carteret to attend a Clipping
Social Monday night. All members
of the council will meet at Red
Men’s hall, where they will leave ai
7.30 o’clock.
Executive Board to Meet
There will be an executive meet
ing of the Girl's Club In the audi
torium of the public library Monday
night at 7:15 o'clock.
To Have Mar Party
The Barbara Frietche Girls wil
hold a May puty in the Community
house tonight. Each member of th<
club may bring one guest. Dancini
will be enjoyed, and the commutes
In charge have arranged a delightfu
program for the evening.
A very pleasant and efficient
aid in the treatment of Coughs.
Colds and general run-down
condition is our Wine Extract
of Cod Liver, which is tne com
bination of good wine, wild
Cherry. Hypophosphites, Mai;
and Extract of Cod Liver. Its
nutritive property makes It .a
splendid tonic, especially at th's
time of the year.
$1.00 A BOTTLE, nr the
City Pharmacy
1U Fayette Street
A Pound, Me.
Locksmith sad General Repair Shop
Lava ltoworo Rssbsrpsnsd
Babr Carrlaaoo Ropalrod and Bslirad
D. UEKoFF. M Bio* ST.
Caraar Smith
W1U ME. AJ1M1.L Kill IOC
• Vjfa„ ' ''' . . , - . IhMjp
Your Health
(I i
(Bj Ur. K. H. Boliu|<t
n—, , _ d
When In her a Doctor
Preventing sickness ia a wnole lot
cheaper In every way man in rente-!
[dying it.
It ia becoming quite the proper |
and common thtna in thia <ountr>
to visit a physician from time to
time for an examination even when'
in the heat of phyaicial condition.
Parents, too. are learning how
much less expensive it is to send or
take their children periodically to
the doctor, juat to be looked over.
Thia Is a very wise precaution, for
often something slightly wrong may1
oaesily he corrected which, if allow-1
ed to run on. might be bevond hu
man power to cure.
Kxaci rulee prescribing juat when
to call a doctor in illness or injury
cannot be made to cover all cases,
but some help mav perhaps be given.
If an illness cornea on suddenly
with high fever, considerable pros
tration and headache, a doctor ia
needed, fie ia also needed in caae
of severe headache or pain in the
abdomen, especially if these are
present after an injury. All injuries
of the head and abdomen have very
serious possibilities. Croup is so
terrifying that a doctor ia usually
summoned at once hy the frighten
ed mother. Severe sore throat may
be diphtheria, and you need the
doctor at once. An eruption with
fever, often means a contagious
Some diseases which come on
slowly should not be neglected.
Mouth breathing means adenoids.'
Loss of considerable weight means;
something wrong. Persistent cough
ing is a danger signal. Anv deform
ity should be shown to a doctor.
Deafness may often be Improved or
cured if given early attention. Run
ning from the ear is a bad business
and should be attended to.
:■ ftiaaaMaMcarB n ■■ mi i i ■ ■■ i -= T-ag.aaac
I'- - .. , ---mi a Hunt- -
« Imp 8.V— Hill« aimI Budget
I'm tired of trying to live by that
old hudad. 1 gueaa we didn’t make
it out properly. Anyway. I aeem
to have aome net esaary eapenaea
with no fund to draw on. For in
stance. when I make candv to give
to the girli, starting off their sum
mer travels, some of the cost la for
sugar and helonrs in my food Mil.
but what am I to do with the price
of the lovely boxes 1 pack the candy
When Mrs Herrod went away, for
Jack's sake. I made her a wonderful
gift. 1 packed aome marvelous can
died fruits in an alasani box. it cost
me >4.85! Fortunately. I had It
charged so I can take my time to
decide where It ought to be credited
in mv accounts- Or i« it debited?
Not yet have 1 had tha heart to
elSw my bills to Jack, and the pH*
growa higher the first and fifteenth
of every month. The dear boy has
just finished paying for tha over
stuffed pieces I asked him whom
he had insured to get a percentage
big enough to pay that bill. And
then he owned up that ha had had to
draw on hta savings account!
He told me so sweetly, didn't seem
to be sorry, although I know he
hated to disturb his savings. Hs said
ones more that he ought to be earn
ing double hla present salary, of
course 1 must have things llks oth
er people, and it's up to him to
provide them.
I did my bast to comfort him. told
him not to worry evan if soma of
his friends are already In the llva
flgure class, with no battsr start
than he had. I mads him laugh by
saying I’d be content with a "two
hander” car this summer Instead of
a new one.
| And because I do want a liltl
car so vary much. 1 hat* dendmi u
let the Mila remain In my deau i
while longer. A small car will .iot
cost much more than my furniture
and it Jack managed that. 1 gu-«
he can manage the car somehow
His credit la so good, any inerchar
in town will trust him tor any
thing. So I should worry!
Things usually turn out for tilt
beat with me. Only thia afternoon
seem to have discovered a way l<
get rid of those miserable bills with
out ever letting Jack know ahou
them. But It’s part of a secret, i
most astonishing secret, one 1 nevet
must 1st Jack know about.
it’s Mr. Tearle s! He came to set
me thia morning full of trouble
about Bonny, it was plain that the
poor old dear didnt know which
way to turn.
He has found out that George
Bradshaw la trping to bet Bonny t<
elope! Just aa I suspected! Mr
Tearle paced up and down my livial
room like an enraged lion In a cage
Of course he ran go to Bradshaw,
ha says, and tall him to keep away
from Bonny. But If he does. If ha
Interferes with her. she'll do some
thing else equally scandalous, like
eloping with the chauffeur. He asyt
he can see that she a bound to slaps
with somebody, and ha far rather
It would be the chauffeur than Brad
shaw, but neither la the maa he'd
"Certainly I haven’t used am
brains to make money for s msh
like G. B. to spend," ha stormed.
"And I couldn’t disinherit the eMMI
I couldn’t! So Bradshaw savants la
fTo be ■ 'T!
(Copyright .1921. NBA gervtasT
Women can enjoy Ashing in this
state without the necessity of tak-j
inn out s license, but thee do re
quire n license to hunt, accordiai to
a ruling of tha attorney general.
Much publio confusion regarding
thla subject has arisen over tha at
tempt by membera of e former leg
islature to amend the licenae act to
require women to tako out a licenae
to fish. Because of an error iw tha
amendment, it has since been de
clared inoperative.
The state Ash and gams commis
sion. in correcting misunderstand
ings regsrdlng the present status of
that portion of the law relating to
licenses for women, cites tha at
torney general's decision that wom
en must hsve a license to hunt bnt
do not require a license to Ash In
this state.
MnMerixTeibHaw L|it
E. Pinkham’* V—Hbh
Compound Helpad Har
Roosevelt Girl Bride
ROOSEVELT. May 6—Mr. and
Mrs. William Donnelly, Sr., of Roose
velt, announce the marriage of their
daughter Mary, to J. C. Fisher, of
Elizabeth, in St. John's church in
8ewaren. R«v. Mr. Puleifer and
Kev. Mr. Easton performed the cere,
mcny. Miss Ruth Dlnsmore and H.
Fischer were the only attendants. A
reception followed at the home of
the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Fishsr left
for a trip to Washington. D. C.
If you would improve the appeat
ance of a shabby ailk umbrella
sponge it with a atrong solution of
sweetened tea. The tea revive* the
It is wiser to use silk thread
when basting on velvet. Thia pulls
out and leaves no traces while cot
ton thread leaves a mark.
Rusty Needles
V hen needles become ruatv
thread them with a double thread
and run them up and down In the
soil of the flov.er pot or in the
AVENEL, Msy (—Arrangements
were made to hold an apron and
necktie social during the latter part
of May, also a May wale for the
children, at the regular meeting of
the Woman's Club of Woodbrldge
Township Avenel Branch, held in
the Progressive Club Wednesday.
Plans to build a library under th*
administration of the club were dis
cussed. The chairman of the Par
ent-Teachers Association urged that
others attend their meetings
which are held every second Wed
nesday afternoon at S:I0 o'clock. At
the close of the business session, a
delightful musical program was
given. Mrs. W. B. Krug played sev
eral piano selections, and Mrs. 8.
Qreenhalgh gave a vocal solo.
rad nice. I em sending yon W pic
ture. I ahall be thankful aa
lire that I found such a
imdirmn for toy troQbltt
Many eaaea of'shill
curable. Perhaps voura may
be discouraged until
Lydia E. Pmkham’s .
pound a faithful trial ?
Spoken and written -
turns from thousands of
bare found health and ha
its use hare come to us. -- —
cause your trouble that flood >■
come to you by its use.
Preserve Color
Add a little tea to the starch when
laundering the brown linen frock*
and it will preserve the color.
Letters of Administration
ters of administration were granted
by the surrogate this morning to
Benjamin Paterson, of South River,
cn the estate of his mother, Re
becca Peterson, who died recently,
j leaving a personal estate of $50.
Commercial Car Show 9
Street Parade Starts at 1.00 P. X. Saturday through V
principal streets of Perth Amhoy, South Amboy, Fords, 9
Woodbridge, Chrome and Carteret Dollar Balloons will 9
be let loose at principal corners in each town. 9
Be sure and grab the balloons with the dollar bills m
attached. I
May 6th to May 13th 1
Dorsey Motors J
Maple and Fayette Streets Perth Amboy
8:00 A. X to 10:00 F. X DuBy
Mifflinburg Bodies

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