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■ 1— ■ -X- 33^——B3—
Ridgewoods Register
Victory Over Amboy Nine
- - - - -
The rfrth Amboy Athletic Asso
ciation nine met Its first defeat of
the season on the Raritan Copper
Works field yesterday afternoon by
a score c* 6-1. The Ridgewoods, of
New York, accomplished this feat in
the fourth game on the schedule of
Messrs. Applegate and I'oulsen lor
the' season. The Ridgewoods have
not been defeated this season.
Drach. a southpaw, occupied the
mound for the visitors and ho slow
balled the local hatters to death.
He also worked a spltball to perfec
»tion. Six hits were collected by the
Amboy team In this contest, three
being credited to Mickey Loeser. two
to Tom Henshaw and one to Stin
The Ridgewood twlrler kept the
half dozer* hits well scattered, one
coming In the first, another In the
third, one in the fourth, and. one
each In the seventh, eighth and
ninth Innings. Drach hit one bat
ter and struck out three. 11c also
Issued one pass.
Aicer Jensen. local southpaw,
made his season's dehut in this
game, and his offerings were clouted
for-ten blngles. The Ridgewoods
seemingly had little trouble In con
necting with his slants, for they hit
safely in every stanza except the
flfth. sixth and ninth. Jensen struck
out three batters and walked two.
Krrors by Romer. Loeser and Hen
■haw aided in the Scoring done by
ths Ridgewood team.
In the first Inning the first man
up singled, btit the second hatter
died out and the third batter
forced the leadoff man at second.
Loeser'* error, however, enabled
Brenner to score with the first run.
Loeser led off with a single for Am
boy and was sacrificed to second
where he was left. The visitors
failed to score in the second or
third, although (hey made a hit in
eaeh round. Amboy went hltlese in
the aeennd and made one hit In the
third hut failed to wore in either
round. Three hingles, a fielder*
choice and an error, gave the Ridge
wood* three run* In the fourth in
ning. and llenahaw clouted out a
double t.o. start Amhoy's hslf of tho
fourth, but good work by Drach
prevented a score.
Jensen was at his best in the fifth
and sixth innings, only one man
reaching lirst through a pass and he
was Immediately rnught between
Mrst and second. Amboy failed to
do anything in tho fifth or sixth al
though they got a man on in each
round as a result of a walk and an
error. Three atngles meant another
run for the visitors in tho seventh,
and they scored their final run when
Homer let Habblewaite's single go
through him.
Amhoy's only run was scored in
tho seventh as s result of an error
a single amt a fielder's choice.
In the eighth and ninth In
nings. tho locals had little chance to
score, hut they got one man on in
the eighth, and two on in the ninth.
Tho visitors did not threaton In the
ninth, one man reaching first on a
base on balls, but he waa left at
that station.
The box score:
Afi. R. H. E.
Halloran, 3b . 5 0 1 2
Ryan. 2b . S o 2 0
Brenner, rt . 3 1 1 0
Davis, cf .. S 1 1 0
Megerle, ss . 4 1 fi 0
Habblewaito, c .... 4 2 3 1
Brunner, lb . 4 0 1 0
Graham. If . 4 o o o
Drach. p . 4 1 1 o
Total* .13 3 10 3
AB. R. H. E.
Looser. If . 6 0 3 1
Donahue, lb . 3 o n 0
Stinson, ss . R 0 1 0
Komer. cf ........ 4 0 0 1
Benshaw, 2b ....... 4 0 2 1
Dzurilla. rf .. 3 0 0 0
Mazurek, 3b . 4 0 0 0
Lorenzo, e. 4 0 0 o
Jensen, p . 4 1 0 0
Totals .36 1 6 3
The sc-re by innings:
Ridgcwoods .... 10030011 0—6
Am boys . 00000010 0—1
The summary:—Two base hit,
Henshaw. Sacrifice hit, Donahue.
Double play. Dzurilla to Donahue.
Hit by pitched ball. Dsurilla. Struck
out. by Jensen. 3: Drach. 3. Bases
on balls, off Drach, 1; Jensen, 2.
With Half Hour to’TSo Jenkins
Tops Score of 323 Credit
ed to Pappas
Between 11:30 and 12:00 o'clock
Saturday night. Bill Jenkins came
into Bohnsack's bowling headquar
ters on Smith street and proceeded
to make his last attempt to cop ilrst
place in the three game headrin
tournament. He succeeded in roll
ing a 325 score and thus annexed
ilrst place. This is the fourth tourn
ament he has won by a score rolled
cn the last night of the tourney, he
having won one previous event on
the Bohnsack alleys and two on the
Argonne alleys.
Gus Pappas did not roll on Satur
day night, he having a safe hold on
first place up to the time -Jenkins
rolled his nal score. Pappas finished
second with a 323 score. H. Simon
sen was third and Donohue copped
the fourth prize by being tenth on
the list with a 293 score. Four-cash
prizes were awarded to these win
ners. v
Emil Bohnsack has decided to of
fer a weekly prize of $2.50 for the
highest score rolled with duckpins
and the same amoifnt for the high
est score rolled with hpadplns each
I' -

Quit as Manager and Player
Before Game Yesterday
Lehman Also Resigned
Art Romer, veteran southpaw
Pitcher and this year chosen man
ager of tha Aquehonga baseball
team, quit the totter organization
yesterday afternoon when his duties
as manager were Infringed upon.
Following his resignation, Dick Leh
man, assistant manager of the base
ball team, also made known bis re
When Romer was preparing tha
lineup of the Aquehonga team for
the season, it is said the Knott
brothers demanded salaries that
were excessive, and the manager de
cided to do without them. After the
team had been built up, the Knott
brothers were willing to play on a
similar basis as last year. Manager
Romer could not see any reason for
disposing of any of the players he
had on his roster so he could not
use their services.
Yesterday afternoon when he re
ported for the game he learned that
the Knott brothers were on the
held in uniform and his resignation
followed, aiso that of Assistant
Manager Lehman. At the beginning
of the season, it is understood, there
was some misunderstanding between
Romer and William Schuster, chair
man of the Aquehonga club's ath
letic association. Schuster. It is said,
desired Lehman as .manager and
Romer as captain, but- the veteran
twirler has been acting in tha ca
pacity of manager up to yesterday.
W. L PC.
NSW York itM.* <Mir« • ■ ■ D 16 ,655
St, Louis •*>,(« mm •-.••18 11) ,643
Cleveland ....14 14 .bOO
Detroit ..13 15 .464
Philadelphia .. 12 14 .462
Boston .. 11 13 .498
Chicago ..11 15 .423
Washington ..11 18 .379
W. L. P.C.
NSW York mvmm.. .. m* 19 7 .731
St. Louis ..-13 11 -57 7
Pittsburgh .14 11 .660
Chicago . 13 12 .520
Philadelphia ..11 12 .478
Brooklyn ,.M..11 14 .440
Cincinnati .11 18 .379
Boston m. 7 16 .304
W. L. P.C.
Toronto .17 10 .630
Baltimore ,..*.16 10 .615
Rochester ..14 12 .538
Buffalo .14 13 .519
Reading .12 15 .444
Jersey City .12 14 .462
Syracuse .11 15 .423
Newark .10 17 .37.0
American League
Detroit. 8: New York, 2.
Washington, 4; Cleveland 3.
National League
New York, 5; Chicago. 4,
Brooklyn. B; Cincinnati. 5.
Philadelphia, 5; St.-Louis. 1.
International League
Newark. 6; Rochester 5.
Jersey City, 9; Buffalo. 3.
Syracuse, 3; Reading. 2 (.fourteen
innings). —
American League
Detroit at New York.
Cleveland at Washington.
St. Louis at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Boston.
National League
New York at Chicago.
Brooklyn at Cincinnati.
Boston at Pittsburgh.
Philadelphia at St. Louis.
International League
Newark at-Syracuse.
Jersey City at Toronto.
Reading at Rochester.
Baltimore at Buffalo.
_ •
! •
in'* <
• __
There are no Clothes like
custom-tailored Clothes. Very
i f%w men are built alike,
hence it is necessary for per
fect fit to have your Clothes
made to your individual re
Tailors for Men Who Know
One Flight Up
» M. I... i. —I..
Great Fights Are Carded for
Center A. C. Show Tft
morrow Night
Johnny Carroll, Chrome battler,
la training like a bear In prepara
tion for hie bout tomorrow nlfcht
with Wlllla Currie of Staten Inland.
Theae men are scheduled to meet
In the eight round main event and
there In every Indication that the,
fur will fly throughout the eight
rounds of the battle. The flghta will
be staged in the Auditorium.
There has been some talk that the
bouts arranged by the Centre A. C.
were to be exhibition affairs. The
fact that Carroll has been training
steadily for this bout and the pace
Currie has been setting the past sev
eral months, surely sets aside such
a belief for these men are the
gamest fighters that ever entered a
ring In this section. They will sure
ly give the fans plenty of action.
In the semi-final event of six
I rounds, Johnny Moon. Of Carteret,
will fight -sturdy'’ O’Leary. This
is a grudge battle Inasmuch as the
Carteret boy claims that his South
Amboy opponent has been blowing
about his fighting ability since he
won by a share over MoOn at the
Roosevelt firemen's show. Both
men expect to win, and there is
every indication that a kayo will
end this event. This surely will not
be an exhibition affair.
In addition to these two head
liners, there will be four four-round
bouts, featuring leading boys from
Tottenville. Chrome, Woodbridye,
England, Elizabeth and this city.
Tie for First Expected After
Tonight’s Volley Ball
Standing in City Volley Ball League
P. W. L. P C.
Bakelite .12 11 1 .»17
Merchants ...11 10 1 .909
Nationals .13 1° 3 .‘69
Press .......••••••••13 10 3 .769
Professionals .10 7 3 .700
Cable Works ..10 7 3 .700
Vocatlonals .11 6 jj -®4;j
Terra Cotta .13 * 7 .46.
Y. M. C. A. » 4 6 -444
Binkers .12 3 9 .250
U. S. Cartridge.12 3 9 .2»0
Lead Works .11 2 9 .18.
Seniors ....•..••••••12 2 10 .lt*<
Dry Docks.13 0 13 .000
A victory tonight for the Mer
chants will result In a tie for llrst
place, this victory seeming possible
as the “Y" team, which will be tbeir
opponents, has not proven itself un
usually strong during the tourney.
Tomorrow night both the Merchants
and the Bakelite. the two leading
teams will complete their schedules.
The Cable Works will play the Mer
chants and the "Y" will oppose the
From appearances at preaent the
league will close Thursday night
with the Bakelite and Merchant* tie
for first place and Preas, Nationals
and Professionals tie for the next
position of honor. It is planned to
play oft these ties at a special series
of games on Friday night which
will not only decide the winner, but
the teams finishing third, fourth and
fifth. , ..
Tonight's games, starting at 7:30
o'clock, will be as follows: Vocation
als vs. "Y"; IT. S. Cartridge vs. Pro
fessionals at 7:45: Cable Works vs.
Lead Works at 8 o'clock, and "Y
vs. Merchants, at 8:15. The IT. S
Cartridge team completes its sched
ule tonight.
Tomorrow night will see four
more matches being played and two
of these will decide whether or not
there is to be a tie for first place at
the conclusion of the league. The
Merchants. Bakelite, Vocattonals
Bankers and Lead Works complete
their schedule tomorrow night. The
games being as follows: Vocational!
vs. Professionals. 8 o'clock: Bakelite
vs “Y” at S:15: Merchants vs.
Cable Works, at 3:30; Bankers vs
Lead Works at 8:45.
Qn Thursday night the last sched
uled games will be played, the
Seniors meeting the Professionals al
7:30 and ths Cable Works playing
the “Y" at 8 o'clock.
Friday night's games cannot be
announced till the outcome of to
night's and tomorrow night'!
matches are known.
If YOU have some spgcial
want to be satisfied — call the
EVENING NEWS and aak foi
* an ad taker. . __-. -
Boxer* carded to fight at the i
Centre A. C. show tomorrow night |
are putting on the finishing touches
for their respective bout* today.
There I* great Interest In the state
championship basketball game to be
played here Thursday night, the
local Y. M. M. A. and the Jersey
City Y. M. M. A. teams will battle
for honors.
Alcer Jensen was hit freely yes
terday and the Amboy nine sufterei
Us initial defeat of the season. The
Ridgewood* had a good team on the
It Is expected that the Amicltia
and Richmond bowling teams will
meet shortly In a match to decide
the bowling championship of Staten
Art Romec, the main cog In Tot
tenvllle baseball machinery for
many a season, yesterday quit the
Aquehonga nine when hie duties as
manager were infringed upon.
The basketball season on the
Auditorium court w«s completed
Saturday night. Next season bas
ketball w'ill go big in thia vicinity.
The bowling season in this city
was practically closed Saturday
night when the three gam* bowling
tournament arranged by Emit
Bohnsack ended.
Physical Director 8. C. Pew of the
local Y. M. C. A. haa announced that
a representative team of the New
Jersey Terra Cotta Company will
taka the place of the U. 8. Cartridge
team in the local industrial base
ball league.
The winner of the game on the
Y. M. H. A. basketball court here
Thursday night will receive the cup
offered by the state association for
the team winning state honors.
The local Lead Works nine trav
eled to Mouth Amboy Saturday af
ternoon and defeated the Muutli Am
hoy P. I!. It. Y. M. C. A. nine. The
latter outfit is practically an Indtis
t'lal team, and is the only indus
trial team In South Amboy.
The Newsboys defeated the Iro
quois by a score of 7-4 in a game
played Saturday. Peterson was on
the mound for the Newsboys, while
Pape arid Rasmussen pitched for
the losers
Johnny Carroll, Chrome fighter,
is -eported to lie In great shape for
his fight v It1. Willie Currie here to
mofl-ow night.
Ray Handerhan Is playing great
hall with the KUgabeth Caseys in the
Pnion County league, and Austin
Hornsby is slso showing up well
with the Port team in the same cir
- •
Joe Collett!, Kd "Mooney” Poul
sen'* wonder, will battle Young Din
scio. a Phllipplno of Philadelphia,
at the Atlantic City fight club in
the main bout tonight.
Baseball fans are awaiting with
Interest the coming of Saturday and
the return of "Babe" Ruth and Bob
Meusel to the Yankee fold.
A record crowd Is expected to at
tend the first show of the Centre
Athletic Club which Will be stage i
In the Auditorium on New Bruns
wick avenue tomorrow night.
Dracji, the Ridgewood twirler,
had the Amboys stopped yesterday
afternoon. He was a left-hander
and worked a slow ball and a spit
ball to perfection. ,
The local high school nine lost a
hard game to the Neptune team of
Ocean Grove on the latter's grounds
Saturday afternoon.
Get Bad Lacing by Borough
Team by Score of
17 to 1
KEASBET, May 16.—The Keasbey
F. C. waa handed a bad lacing at
Roosevelt yesterday afternoon by the
fast Harmony nine of that place.
The final score ended 17 to 1 In
favor of the Roosevelt team.
The local team put up a miserable
attraction and in fact the worst
game in many yeaag.
Wagenhoffer started pitching but
was given miserable support and
was touched for hits at the oppor
tune time. Sullivan replaced him in
the fou' th inning and also was
bumped hard.
The Roosevelt team played a
steady, consistent game and sup
ported their pitcher imjuperb style.
Keasbey secured eight hits and
Roosevelt twelve. Dunn connected
for a triple aftd stanback polled out
a homer.
In addition to the local's poor
showing, the umpires made matters
worse by rendering unjust decisions,
which brought loud criticisms from
the side lines.
The box score:
Harmony A. C.
A.B. R. H. E.
Mokoski. If.. 3 3 0
Stanback, 2b. 3 4 2 0
[ Elko, cf.4 2 1 0
Kelly, ss . 4 3 1 2
Dunn, lb. 6 0 3 0
Donovan, rf. 6 1 0 1
Coughlin, 3b. 5 1 0 0
Gerominos, c . 5 2 1 0
Love, p.5 1 1 0
41 17 12 3
Keasbey F. C.
. A.B. R. H. E
Grlspart, lb.4 0 1 0
Paisler. c . 4 0 2 2
Katransky, 2b . 3 1 o 2
Gloff, ss..4 0 1 2
Smalley, ct . 3 0 1 1
Sullivan. 3b. & p.3 0 1 1
Saboy. If. * n 11 ®
l.ovas, rf. 2 <• 0 0
Wagenhoffer, p. & 3b. .. 3 0 0 2
29 1 * 10
Keasbey F. C.
00010000 0— 1
Harmony A. C.
24030206 X—17
Summary—Home run, Stanback.
Three base hits. Dunn. Two bare
hits, Mokosko (2), Kelly. Parsler.
Struck out by Wagenhoffer. 8. by
Sullivan. 4; by Dove. 7. Base on
balls, off Wagenhoffer. 1; off Sulli
van. l; off Dove, 1. Hit by pitcher.
Stanback. Double plays. Kelly to
stanback to Dunn. Stolen bases.
Mokosko, Kelly. Dunn, Love. Left
on bases, Keasbey, 5; Harmony, 4.
Umpire. Rlvnoek._
Will Battle Dmscio at Atlantic
City Tonight-Great
Joe Colletti. Kd “Mooney" Poul
sen’a flyweight battler from P°“*n
keeDSle N Y.. left this city this
morning for Atlantic City wpere lie
will battle Young Dlnscio, a Pnllip
pino boxer, of Philadelphia lntbn
twelve round main event tonight.
Dinscig has a big reputation at
the seashore club, he having recently
defeated Young Morris, of Philadel
phia, known as the "pride of the fly
weight boxers In that section. A
victory for Colletti tonight will make
him In Atlantic City and vicinity.
Colletti has trained hard for this
bout and appears to be in the best
of condition. Dlnecio has also train
ed hard for this match inasmuch as
he is well aware of what victory or
defeat means in this fight.
In addiUon of Manager Poulsen
and one or two seconds, a number
of fight fans from this city are mak
ing the trip to Atlantic City for the
purpose of witnessing this battle.
Hornsby and*Handerhan Are
Playing Great Ball in Union
County League
Ray Handerhan and Austin ' Bull"
Hornsby of this city played wonder
ful ball In the Union county league
ovei^ the week-end. Handerhan’s
Casey team lost a hafd fought con
test to the Ports at Elizabethport
Saturday afternoon by a score ot
L'-jO, and yesterday afternoon defeat
ed the Rahway outfit. 3-1, at Tab's
Hornaby’a Porta won Saturday
afternoon from tltf Caseys and yes
terday afternoon* copped another
game from the Conley Stars by a
5-4 score. Hornsby did not work
on Saturday, but pitched a great
game yesterday and with the score
tied. 4-4 in the ninth, the Amboy
player came to bat and clouted out
a home run, winning his own game.
Handerhan made one hit and
played a great game at shortstop or
Saturday, and yesterday made twci
safeties, accounting for two of his
team’s runs and also played a crack
erjack brand of ball at third base
Over the week-end he handled six
teen chances and made only one
miscue. this on a difficult chance.
The Ports are tied for fiwt place
in the Union county league.
Plainfield Team Scores 1-0
Victory at Woodbrdge
The Woodbridge Knights of Col
uttfbus baseball team suffered iti
first defeat of the season yesterdaj
afternoon at the hands of the Plain
field Catholic Club combination. Th<
final score was 1-0. Plainfield score*
in the third and for the remaininj
I Innings of the game both team
■ thieatened at various stages bn
good pitching and fast fielding pre
vented furtfter scoring.
Neider held the visitors to threi
hits, wfcile the Caseys made sevei
safeties. The home players coult
not get to A. Kyle's delivery whsi
a run was in sight. A double* play
O’Kleffe to Zeller, was the neldini
feature. During the past few year
the Plainfield outfit has always pu
up a real exhibition In Woodbridge
on one occasion forcing the hom'
team into extra innings in order ti
socre a win. but the victory yester
day was the first scored by th'
Catholic Club over a Woodbridg*
representative team In three years.
The box score:
Catholic Club
AB R H l
Simpson. 3b . 3 o 0
Zeller, ss ._... 4 0 3
A. Kyle, c . 4 i) 1
Dixon, p .. 4 o o
Maskall, cf. 4 0 1
Keating, lb . 2 n ft
T. Kyle, rf. 1 0 0
RlcUy. rf . 2 0 0
O'KielT*. If . 2 0 0
Culhmne. If . 1 0 0
Stcre.v, 2b . 2 1 0
29 1 3
AB R H 1
Dametsch, es . 4 0 1
Coley. If . 4 0 0
Pender, rf . 4 0 1
! Dunham, cf . 4 0 2
Peterson. 3b . 4 0 0
Bader, lb . 4 0 u
Thomas, 2b . 4 0 0
Fowler, e .. 3 0 2
Neider. p . 2 0 1
33 0 T
The score by innings:
Catholic CTtib 00100000 0—
Caseys .,... 00000000 0—
The summary: Earned run, Plain
field. Deft on bases, Caseys, «, Cath
National Colored Giants Fur
nish Little Opposition
Final Score 16-2
The Aquehonxa baseball team of
Tottenvlllr. received liule opposition
from the National Colored Gian's, of
New York, at the Aquehonga held
yesterday afternoon, and the home
team romped away with a 16-2 vic
tory. Hallowell and Sickel did the
twirling for the home combination,
while Oladdtn. McNeil and Gllham
took turns trying to Stop the suc
cessful club wielding of the Aque
honga tosaers.
In the Initial Inning with Lyons on
the base. Kenney clouted the pill
over the left center field section of
i he fence for the longest home run
over made on this held. Eight
runs crossed the pan in the second,
one in the third, two in the fifth,
one in the seventh and two in the
eighth. Lyons, Kenney and Knesel
were the batting stars for the hotite
Hallowell held the visitors score
less in five Innings, and Sickel was
given a tryout at the start of the
sixth. Two runs were made off him
In the sixth session but in the remain
ing frames he held the visitors safe.
Art Komer attended the game in
his police uniform. Just before the
contest started he resigned as man
ager of the team. Next week the
Mohawks of Kearney are scheduled
to play in Tottenville.
The box score:
AB. R H. E.
Burke, lb . *220
Lyons, cf . 5 3 3 0
Wolf, cf . 1 0 0 n
Kenney, If . 6 3 4 o
A. Knott, ss . 6 2 1 0
Tague, 2b .« o 2 0
Hallowell, p. rf .... 4 1 2 0
Graft, rf . 4 2 1 0
Sickel, p . 1 0 0 0
W. Knott, 3b . 5 1 1 1
Knesel, c . 4 1 3 o
Orfffln, e. 0 1 0 0
Totals.48 18 1* 1
AB. It. H. E
Wilson, cf. 4 A 2 0
Grier. If. 4 1 1 0
Gladdin, p. 2b. 4 « n 1
Willi*, rf . 4 0 1 0
Langhorne, 3b.4 o o 2
Fergueson, o . 4 0 1 1
McNeil, p, ss . 3 0 0 0
Gilhamp, p. 2b _ 3 0 1 1
Brown, lb . 3 0 0 1
Total.. 2 8 6
The score by innings:
Nationals .... 00000200 0— 2
Aquehongas ... 28102012 X—16
The summary—Home run, Ken
ney. Two base hits, Grier, Lyons.
2: Hallowell. Burke. Kenney. A.
Knott and Knesel. Bases on balls,
oft Sickel, 1; Gllham. 6. Struck out.
by Gllham. 2; Hallowell, 7; Sickel,
5. Umpire—Miller.
olic Club, 3, Two base hits, Fendet
and Dametach. Double play. Dixon
to Zeller to Keating: O’Kieffe tu
Zeller. Struck out. by Neider. 10;
A. Kyle. 6. Bases on balls, off Neid
er. 1: A. Kyle, 1.
The Perth Amboy high school
I varsity baseball team traveled to
Ocean Grove on Saturday afternoon
to cross bats with the Neptune high
school nine of that place. The vis
itors were defeated in a hard fought
game to the tune of an 8-7 score.
It took the crack Monmouth
county team ten Innings to score a
win over the Crimson and White
representatives. Next Wednesday
the crack Rahway high school nine
will oppose the locals in a game on
the local field. The Rahway outfit
won the Class B high school cham
pionship of Cnion county last year.
A. M P. M.
May 13. 12:04 12:13
May IS .12:33 12:58
May 17 . 1:0* 1:34
May IS . 2:00 2:51
I May 19 . 2:58 3:36
Speedways Win Last Game
By Forfeit Score, 2-0
The Perth Amboy Speedway bas
ket ha 11 team won its iast game of
the season on the Auditorium court,
S.-.turdav night by the forfeit score.
2-0. This outcome of the game Is
alleged to have been due to the fail
ure of the Montana quintet of Stap
leton to live up to the original terms
of guarantee.
The Montana.* came here on Sat
urday night with the strongest col
lection of towers that e'er repre
sented the Staten Island ckib. Pan
< oast. campmere and Sehuliles of
the New York State league occupied
positions on the team, and Mallam
of New York also was in the lineup.
Anderson, who played with the
Beauvais Post quintet of Tottenvllle
a week ago Saturday night, was the
visitors' fifth man.
The award was not made until the
opening session had been completed,
the score at thia stage was 18 to l«
in favor of the Amboy representative
team. The going was nip and tuck
.throughout thin session, first one
team leading, then the other. The
visitors outscored the locals from
the field, seven to six. the Speedways
making seven of their fifteen chances
from the foul line, while the Mon
tanas only made two out of nine.
Thomas, Sutton and Brownmilter
-scored the field goals for the Speed
day team, three, two and one re
sportively, while all of the local
playera Kith th* exception of
Hri.u nmltior tailed from th# free
thro* line.
Mallam. Campm*r* and S imlUea
* ored ail of the points for the )%»
tafias with the exception -off on* fau!
«'»l ' redited to Andenaon. Mallam
ard Campmere made three Held
reals apiece and Srhulties one. while
Campmere also mad* a foul goal.
Chuck Folador was the rlerenth
man on the floor in thi* nme am.
hr handled his assignment in ra1
able faahlon.
Th* ecore:
o. r. i.
n. Handerhan. f . 0 2 2
Sutton, f . 2 1 5
Thomas r . 2 ! 2
B Handerhan. g.0 1 1
Brownmllier, g. 1 0 2
• 7 12
O. F. Tl.
Mallam f . JO*
Pancoast, f.0 0 0
Campmer* c.2 17
flchuities. g .1 A 2
Ar.derson. g . 0 1 1
i 7 J 12
st. my nine
Local Outfit Loses First Game
at Camp Raritan Yester
day Afternoon
Ten inning* were required for the
strong Camp Raritan nine to down
the color* of the St. Emery baaeball 1
team of this city at Camp Raritan
yesterday afternoon. The final score
of this contest was 6-5. Captain
Bishop collected his third hit of
the game In the tenth frame and he
scored on Penland's long double.
Mallet for the Saints allowed the
soldiers eight hits, while r.lne safe
ties were collected off the combined
deliveries of Hartnelt and Shepard
For the visiting team Redman and
Gardella each collected two safeties,
while Bishop with three hits led the
home team with the stick.
This was the first defeat for the I
St. Emery team in four starts.
The box score:
St. Emery
B. R H
Segar, ss.5 1 o
Tyrell, 3b . 4 " 1
Handerhan. 2b . 5 1 1
Redman, of. 4 1 2 ,
Miltner. If.5 1 1 !
DeLeon, rf. 4 n n
Gardella. lb.4 1 2 |
Smovafc. c . 4 0 1
Mallet, p. 4 0 1 j
" 39 5 9
Camp Raritan
Greehoig. ss . 8 n o
Hartnelt. p . 3 o l1
McDermott, cf.4 l n
Shepard. 2b and p.8 n 0
Marcotte. c . 5 1 1
Ziff. 3b . 8 1 «
Bishop. If . 6 3 3
Renland. lb. 3 n
Griffin, rf . 1 « "
Llnberger. rf.2 0 1 I
Wells. 2b . 2 0 0 I
*' 42 6 8
The score by innings:
5ft. Emery ... 260201000 6—5
Camp Raritan .0 00 2 2 li 0 1 0 1—6
May 20 3:55 4:3S
May 21 . 4 47 5:24
May 23 .. 5:17 6:06
May 28 . 6:22 6:46
May 24 . 7:03 7:22
May 25 . 7:41 7:55
May 26 . 8:17 8:2S
I Mav 27 . 8:53 9:03
| May 28 . 9:31 9:41
|May 29 . 10:13 10:23
I May 30 . 10-59 11:09
‘Mav 31 . 11-52 12:00
So. Amboy Y. M. C. A. Team
Beaten in Game Satur
day Afternoon
The United Lead Works baseball
learn of this city traveled to South
Amboy Saturday afternoon and de
leated the P. It. H. Y. M. C. A. nine
of that place to the tune of a 14-f
score. It was the fourth conMcn
tlve win for the Perth Amboy team.
Punton twirled for the visitors
and his offerings were touched for
nine safeties, while his team mates
collected sixteen hits off the delivery
of Gominger. Mitruska was the bat
ting star for the visitors, while Lyons
and Fox were the leading hitters for
the home team. Gomlnger's triple
was the longest hit of the game.
Halites In the first and second In
nings sewed up the game for the
United Lead combine. Next Satur
day afternoon the Carrier En
gineering Company team from
Newark will play the Lead Works
outfit on the Lead Work* Held. ...
The box ecore: T.
r. l. w
AB. R. M.
Maloney 1 . J 2 l
McCreery, 3.4 2 2
Pfeiffer, ss •.. 2 3 1
McNulty. 3b . S 3 1
Ha4bert. If. * 2 2
Mitruska, rf.5 0 4
Dickson, cf ..5 1 Z
Snringer, c. 5 0 1
Dunton, p. 5 0 2
41 14 14
S. A. Y. M. C. A.
AB. R.
Lyons, rf . 5. .1
Thomas. 1 .. b 1
Letts. 3 b.5 0
Lagoda. c. 5 0
McGuire, ss ... b 1
Hyson. If.4 0
Fox. cf.3 1
Sharff. 3 . 3 1
Gominger. p.4 1
** < »
The score by innings.
tJ. L. W. 5 5 0 1 0 0 2 # 1—14
Y’. M. C. A.10 1*10 0# 0— «
The summary: Three base hit,
Gominger. Two base hits. Maloney.
Dunton. Letts and Fox. Bases on
halls off Gominger *. Punton 2.
Struck out by Gominger 7, Dunton
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tobacco quality
We state it as our honest
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^ w
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: I
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