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Freeholders Want Public
Service to Complete Its
Share of Work
Another e/fort on the part of the
Board of Freeholders is to be made i
for the purpose of arranging a meet
ing with olhe'ala of the Public Ser
vice Street Railway Company rela
i tive to making the necessary ar
rangements fit the paving of upper j
Smith atreet. Perth Amboy.
On sever*' occasions the free- ]
holders havj attempted to meet
representatives of the trolley com
^^ny with the idea of settling the
^^Bestlon, nut lave been unsuccess
I The portions of the roadway
’ between the tracks and 'or two feet
on either side remains in the same
condition It wps in prior to the pav.
Ing of the balance of the road by
the city and county several years
. ago.
Freeholder Quackenbu«h renuesl
* ed thac a meeting be arranged and
tha clerk wan directed to make an
appointment with the trolley officials
for next Tuesday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock at tha car barns In Perth
A simile' condition exists on
Main street. Milltown, and a com
mittee consisting of Freeholders
Clarence M. Haight, T.ouis J. Bell
off and George S Applegate was
named to tuke that matter up with
the Public Service Company in a
• further effort to get satisfactory
The board also directed the clerk |
to notify 'he Perth Amboy Water F
: Company of the necessity of repair- I
in* their remains on unper Smith
street before the actual construc
tion ork in connection with the
new vement is started by the
A It i meeting with the council
' of South River was arranged for
next Monday night at which time the
i flooding of Jackson street will he
' discussed and efforts made to rem
, edy those conditions which are
\ thought to be due to the diversion
I of a small stream.
1 Within the next two weeks the
Hastings Paving Block Company ex
BXpect to complete the replacement of
H|H&>halt blocks at Main street and
^B^bhway avenue. Woodt. ridge, ac
cording to a communication hefore
W the board. The hold up in the work
was explained as being caused by a
shortage of blocks on hand at the '
time the matter was first complain- ;
ed of.
Mrs J. Palmer-Quinby, superin
tendent of the tuberculosis preven
torium for children at Farmingdale.
in a letter to the board requested
that the freeholders take advan- ;
tage of the opportunities afforded
t children at that Institution, though
Freeholder Bclloff asserted that as
far as the board know there were |
no cases of this kind in the county. 5
Mr. Belloff informed the board
that requests for admission to the
various institutions were made
through the county anti-tuberculosis g
to which organization the b
communication will be sent.
The writer also called to the free- |
holder's attention an opinion ren- £
dcred by the attorney general to ,■
the effect that the county could be g
reimbursed by the state for any ex- F
i penses incurred at Farmingdale in g
IIIO Dame niuumi --- m
digent patients sent to other hos- ;
pitgls. The daily rate per patient |
at "Farmingdale is $1.25 per day. p
Resolutions were adopted author- g
Izing the admittance of eight new g
patienta to the tuberculosis hospital P
at Bonnie Burne. seven of the suf- |
ferers being residents of Perth Am- ^
boy. Though ".he cost to the county g
for each of these patients is $18 g
per week which continues to in- r
crease at an alarming rate, no action |
has been taken by the State Board B
- of Health in approving the site for |
^^■Miunty hospital which would make •
H^Balble the treatment of many of
W flffese patients at a point nearer ,
F their hopies. =
Freeholder Applegate informed |
the board that a timber bridge on r
the road leading from Milltown to g
> J-'resh Pounds was rapidly going to g
pieces from the heavy trucking that !
goes over it. and was in need of \
immediate repairs.
Mr. Applegate favors the replac- j
|ng of the small timber bridges of t
the county with concrete as fast as !
they show the need of extensive re- |
pairs as it would in time greatly 1
reduce the amount of money re- \
quired annually for maintenance. 5
Freeholder J. Fred Orpen concurred ;
in the stand taken by Mr. Apple- |
' gate, by declaring that in his opin- -
ion it was a waata of csruirty funds 15
in continually repairing structures =
\ 'ten permanent bridges of con- ;
c. ete would relieve the conditions g
for years to come. Mr. Applegate s
i and county Engineer Frederick C. B
J Schneider were instructed to inspect |
the bridges and majje a report with p
recommendations at the next meet- !
Ing. I
The letter from the New Bruns- ►=
wick board of trade which was pub- t
lished in the Evening News a few 15
I nig ts ago was Before the board.
County Treasurer F. William Hilker g
Informed the members that the open g
I letter which was a questionnaire |
! regarding the road bond issue .that \
I he had replied to it in a statement :
Four contractors were present B
with bids for the building of a new §
ge over Mile Hun brook on Som- g
r street this city, but the bids P
^re returned unopened In view of |
the fact that the construction will ^
be a joint affair with Somerset g
county though the latter body failed g
to advertise the work as was done n
in this county.
The following explosive materials C
were in storage at Haritan arsenal E
on the tenth of this month, accord- g
Ing to a report before the board: E
, black powder, hf/%0 pounds: pyro g
cotton, 4.772,486 pounds; smokeless k
powder. 7.006,602 pounds: 2.929,079 E
high explosive and 355.326 low ex- g
plosive shells; 2.156.625 shrapnel, P
and 3.782,986 loaded grenades. §
Suit Against Metuchen Man E
NEW BRUNSWICK. June 23.— g
Papers have been served by the F
Sheriff's office in the case of the §
Citizen's National Bank of Des g
Moines. Iowa, against A. U. Quinn, | B
of Metuchen. to recover $2,000 and j ~
interest due on note dated March F
1907. |
pie Building Contracts
RUNS WICK, June 23— F
_ following contract has been filed I
the county clerk's office: Jacob* g
hleaslnger of Woodbridge, with D. I
b, for the erection of a frame * g
M in Avenel. The building f
to be completed September 20. ' B
contract price la $6,110. {(£
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V—, !—I ■ ■ ■■ ■/
e — — __.
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k. l

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