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I'nblhhMl bully Except Snndaj, Fonrtli of Jnlr, ThikwW(? W CHfMmas
By The J.ttlgcr I'nbllshlnft Company, MaygtlllP, Kontncfcy.
. I!. K. DIETRICH t t i t
' Local and Long Dlstanco Tolephono No. 40. omce Publlo Ledger Dnlldlng
Entered at tho MaysvlHo, Kontucfcy. I'oatofflco as Socond-claBB Mall Matter
One Year $3.00
Six MontliB 1.60
.. Thrco Months 7B
Per month 25.Ccnt8
'V' 1'ayablo To CollectorAt End of Month.
Resolutions arc pouring into Congress demanding nn investiga
tion of the high prico of gasoline Tl)o petitioners aro quite n dif
.foront clement from those who have previously protested against
prico advances. Many of the gnsolino users have been quito culm
while meat, grains and fuel have been mounting upward. It is a
politically inllucntinl clement, which Congress can not. afford to
Of course, this advance is at least part inly due to the law of supply
and demand. The consumption of gasoline has multiplied, while
supply has remained stationary or lins declined, though reopening of
the Mexican and Russian wells would help out.
Whether or not the gasoline producers can he reached under the
anti-trust law is a matter that Congress, should thoroughly investi
gate. Even if they can't, it will be poor policy for tho producers to
push their advantage too far. They should remember that scientists,
and manufacturers are already actively at work to find a satisfactory
fuel oil at a lower cost.
At present such substitutes are denatuved ulcohol. kerosene, etc..
may cost too high, or in some cases may olog motors with waste pro
dncts. But every cent the gasoline people tack on their price simply
stimulates these efforts for a suhslitute, which one day are almost
sure to bo successful.
For tho present it looks as if the motor user must adjust himself
to somewhat higher prices. People of moderate means would do
well, in estimating the cost of a machine, to make a liberal allowance
for fuel oil . They can offset, it by buying less expensive cars. The
cheaper makes may not be ablo lo take hills on high speed. They
may be h bit "tinny." But people should not be so soft that they
can't stand a little jolting. They should remember that the pioneer
automobile users were bounced around in costly cars that on the
whole arc inferior to many cheaper makes of today. And all the
time they were gloriously enjoying the sport.
A recent health report from
from typhoid included only 1-W
ago. Those due to diphtheria and
diseases due to contagion, poor sanitation, etc.. show similar reduc
tions. Not so good a showing could be made in diseases due to overwork,
high living and nervous worries. For e.very life that, is saved by
eluding tho germs, a new one is lost because people live at a higher
pace. To cut a really big slico off! the death rate, human nature will
have to he muchly made over.
While the taxpayers arc assessing themselves heavily for food
inspections and quarantines and all the machinery of modern disease
prevention, they aro constantly tuning up the speed of their ma
chinery, sitting up later at night and loading their stomachs with
concoctions that would upset an ostrich. On the whole the death
ratMS declining. But in view of what is being dono in tho way of
public disease prevention, it ought to drop a great deal faster.
Commenting on the fact that the Federal Reserve bank has been
in operation for a year, the New Orleans Picayune exclaims: "Fancy
what might have happened without the new system in the first weeks
of the war!"
Fortunately we do not havo to fancy. We kuow exactly what
happened then "without the new system." for the now system then
had none but a skeleton existence. But there then stood on the stat
uto books a.most excellent Republican enactment, known as the Aid
rich-Vrecland law and providing for an issue of a well fortified
imergency currency. A Democratic administration mudo use ol
that Republican law and issued the necessary currency which wived
the situation "in tho first few weeks of the war."
Tho annual report of the Democratic Secretary of tho Treasury
will bear evidence to this and we commend the facts to the Picayune
and to other Democrats who arc inclined to run riot in exultation.
The solidarity of Republican and Progressive strength in Congress
had an impressive demonstration in tho first record votes which the
house took at this session those connected with tho extension of
"war taxes" in times of peace. Not a T!epublieant not a Progressive
voted for the measure, admittedly obnoxious, as Mr. Kitchin, tho Dem
ocratic leader said. And, to show the other side of tho shield, five
Democrats left the reservation and voted against tho measure. Tho
debate was spirited and, on the Republican side, indicated again the
.reunion of Republican sentiment and action against the old-time foe
It was u good curtain-raiser for more interesting performances yet
to come.
Do you farmors think you enuld have marketed this enormous crop
at a price that would have colored the cost of production, if there
had been no war in Europe? If not. are yoii going to let a lot
;of cheap politicians make you helieve that tlfo. Oomocratlc parly
brought you big crops and big priuos? . . ' . '
The railroads are threatened with indictment if thoy don't reduce
tho number of accidents. But would the public patronize trains thai
are not-fast enough to get Ninashed up sometimes?
.Visitors to The Hague recently failed to find the Pea Co Palueo,
until the Oldest Inhabitant refilled that thoy are using it novfjn
storo gunpowder in,
TIa Tlnuatfin nnvApiimaiif Hit'.ttt'u
$.' does-not mako tliqin fool so lnlly
waste uusKoc.
There is a unanimous agreement among the Congressmen that the
strictest economy is needed ovorywhere except in thir own dis
tricts. ,
, "I only play cards for fun," U the oxonse he, (
course, That's all ihe losOr xjver gefa out of U
I EAKor and General Manager
New York City shows that deaths
persons, as against 224 five years
croup fell from 1183 to 270. Other,
tin, twtntb tut iu'iuaii t.u ili.n
as tljiwiiig'llloir' poems into the
given his wife. Qf
.. v
Hold tho Record.
(Winchester Democrat.)
Elder J. W. Harding of this city,
holds tho record no doubt tor per
forming more marriages than any
other minister In tho state During the
year Just passed ho was called upon
to marry forty-eight couples, and mar
ried forty-seven. Ho also participated
In twenty-ono funerals.
.. .J. 4.
Home Grovrn Lemons.
(Georgetown News.)
Mr. and Mrs. II. Shorrlck gathered
their "crop" of lemons this weeK,
which Included ono lemon, which
weighed n pound and a quarter, and
perfect In shapo nnd color, being as
largo as nn ordinary grapefruit In size.
Thoy sent the lemon to a niece In
New York ns a sample of what Scott
county con produco In tho wny of
The Itnt That John Caught.
(Hazard Herald.)
John Sexton told us a "rat story" a
fow evenings ago and It Is too good
to keep, so wo pass It on,
John baited his rat trap ono night
last week. Next morning ho found
that two of tho pesky rodents had be
come ensnared, so ho thought he would
just let them remain In tho trap over
the next night and perhaps they would
attract others. On the second morn
ing John again Inspected his rat trap
and found only one rat, but he, ns
John described him, was ns large as
a torn cat. Tho two caught on the
previous night were of ordinary slz)
--'full grown," John said. Thcro wao
a mystery. "What became of tho
first two rats you caught," we asked,
and John solemnly declared that "tho
big rat had eaten up tho other two,
cleaning 'cm up as slick as a button
not leaving hide, nor hair."
J. .J J. .J 4 J J -J- -J- J
J January 10.
.t. 4. .J. 4. J J .J J. 4. J .j.
Dr. Frederick G. Cottrell, tho young
California chemist whohas solved tho
problem of eliminating the smoke evil
in cities, and has turned his Invention
over to the Smithsonian Institution
with tho understanding that Its earn
ing shall henceforth bo applied to
llie advancement of science, Is 30
years old today. Cottrell is woll
known in science, but almost unknown
to tho reading public. Ho worked out
the problem of ridding cities of smoke
and coal dust, and after his method
hud been proven a success, ho sacri
ficed It for the cause of science. Al
ready $160,00 has been earned for sci
ence, due to tho unselfishness of the
young Callfornlan. Dr. Cottrell was
born at Oakland, January 10, 1877, and
studied nt the University of California
and the Universities of Berlin und
I.clpslg. On his return to America
ho becamo an Instructor In tho Uni
versity of California. In 1911 be en
to red tho service pf tho Bureau of
Mines and became chief chemist of the
San Francisco laboratory. At n mod
est compensation ho Is giving much of
his timo to helping tho mining indus
try. Dr. Cottrell sought his education
without wealth and Is today a com
paratively poor man. His Invention,
which has proved so successful, solves
a troublesome riddle for big cities. By
his process tho solid matter In smoke
is precipitated electrically nnd docs
not leavo tho smokestack or tho smok
ers. What distinguishes Dr. Cottrell
from tho regular order of inventors
is that be attributes his success to ex
periments dono by other scientists bo
fore him. He insists that all he has
dono Is to build from tho basts 'they
bad established. Amorlcan and Eu
ropean scientific societies havo rec
ognized tho value of his work.
Dr. David It. Johnson of Hock Hill,
S. C, president of tho National Kduca-
tlon Association, 60 years old today.
Cardinal Begin, tho famous prelate
of Quebec, 76 years old today,
Hon. Heed Smoot. United . States
Senator from Utah, 54 years old today.
Hon. Carroll 8. Page, United States
Sfinntor from Vermont, 73 yeark old
Samuel P. Colt, president of tho
(mlfod States H ubber Company, 61
years old today.
Charles a. D, RobcrU, prominent
writer, 86 years old today.
chicago oas magnates ox (jar.
Chicago, January 10. Officials of
the Public Service of Northern Illi
nois, headed by Samuel Inijull, pres
ident of the concern, will appear to
day before tho Public Utilities com
mission to answer to charges that
the company Is organized Illegally,
thuf there Is an Interlocking director
ate with other companies and It la
over-capitalized, that excessive sal
aries aro paid to tho officers and that
It gas rate are exorbitant. At a
recent hearing President lusul) tes
tified that hit yearly salary is 25.,
vw, -
A Splendid Yield.
(Falmouth Outlook.)
Pat Welch, ono of tho county's
most thrifty farmers, of tho Doubln
Ileccli neighborhood, Inst week sold
950 pounds of CoWco at tfio Falmouth
houso for 1150.34, nttor tho warehouso
charges wcro deducted. This to
bacco was raised on ono aero of land
The samo plcco of ground was In to
bacco last year and produced 1,315
pounds nnd sold for S146. This year's
crop produced less pounds but mora
money. Mr. Welsh Is ono of our
farmers who Is taking advantage of
tho great opportunities now .floating
around In this good sweet clover
county and uses his hend as well as
his hands In farming.
I b
M'nnts To Mako Good.
(Stanford Interior Journal.)
W. 12. McGufflo of the southern sec
tion of this -county, came In to Sheriff
J. O. Weatherford's office hero on
Wednesday and gave himself up to
Mr. Wcntherford, saying that ho was
wanted for forging tho name of n. W.
Leigh of Hustonvlllc, to n check on
the Sctcnco Hill, PulaBkl county, bank
for ? 100, and had also given a number
of "cold checks." SIcGufflo said that
ho desired n chance to "mako good,"
and in proof of It exhibited a large
roll of bills. Ho sent out for several
Stanford merchants and buslncHS men
to whom he bad given cold checks and
paid them. Ho told Mr. Wcntherford
that he Would like to be taken to Sci
ence Hill nnd have nn opportunity to
pay the bank there what was owing
It on the check he had forged, but aa
a warrant has nlready been Issued for
his arrest by officers at Somerset,
Sheriff Wcathcrford was compelled to
take him thcro and turrt him over to
tho officers. McGufflo says he has
been away for some time nnd has made
enough money to pay off nil he owes.
J. .J. .J. .J. J .J. .J. . ! t .
.J. .J.
i January 10. 4
! I I J j J . J. j .J.
17.11 Vermont adopted the federal
constitution, the late of the Thirteen
Original States.
1SO0 First soup kitchen for tho poor
was opened at Ixmdon.
1&U5 Tailors In New York formed the
llrst labor union in America.
1815 British embarked at New Or
leans following their declslvo defeat.
184S Died Miss Carolino Hcrschel,
famous European astronomer.
1860 Pemberton Mills In Massachu
setts fell,, killing 300 workers.
1S65 Meotlng In Philadelphia raslcd
fuund for war sufferers In Savan
nah. 1913 Captain Roald Amundsen, dis
coverer of tho South Pole, arrived
In New York.
1014 Mexican rebels under Villa cap
tured OJInnnaga City.
11115 Died Marshall P. Wilder, au
thor and humorist, aged 55..
li15 The War Llllo evacuated by
tho Germans and occupied by tho
allies. Turks and Russians In big
battle nt Kara-Urgan. Russians and
AuBtrlnns fighting at Bukowlna
' Germans preparo for another nd
vnnco In Poland. Artillory battles
along tho western front.
I I I- I ! ! ! J f I r
I- ! I ! I I I ! ! l
Skagway, Alaska, is now shipping
Over In Kuropo Christmas arrived
ou time, departed on time, and thoy
all had n hell of a time.
Tho French Government Is building
automobile highways' In Its Ghtnese
posesslous for frolght as well as pas
senger traffic.
In view of the many accidents on
tho highways, conservative citizens
will soon be biiylitg' iTmbulances in
place of automobiles.
Liverpool, England, has a new com
pany, capitalized at ll'.COO.OOO, to han
dle castor oil. Tho company has 345,
000 acres of land In Brazil.
The culmination of the tradltlouul
rise In tho stock market is tho timo
that the outsiders solcct to buy nnd
tho Insiders pick out to soil.
Kuropo and Africa aro tho only con
tinents which have more women than
men. and tho rovorse was the case In
Africa until within recent years.
Andrew Carneglo Is said to have
only $20,000,000.00 loft, but it Is be
lieved that by strict economy ho can
avoid asking the neighbors for help.
Shorter train trips and fewor ex
hlbltlon games aro predicted for the
big leaguo basebal team's during tho
coining spring campaign of prepared-
MnyiTllle Cltlcens 8o& 'Haiti R4
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en fatal.
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now nnd untried.
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Begin with Doan's Kidney Pills.
Used In kldnoy troubles 50 years.
Recommended lioro and every
where. A faysvlllff citizen's statement
forms convincing proof.
It's local testimony It can bo in
vestigated. Henry Callenstoin, blacksmith, Pop
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Kidney Pills aro' tho best of kldnoy
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cured Mr. Callensteln. Fostor-Mllburn
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Stanley Dlakc, proprietor or tho
Bluegrnss Farm Kennels nt Berry,
Harrison county, has Issued his an
nual statement, showing that during
1015 ho shipped 1,000 dogs nt an es
timated value of $60,000. His dogs
ato 85,000 pounds of feed, much of
which he gets from tho refuse of Cin
clunatl restaurants. The express
weight of dogs shipped out reached
13.3,000 pounds.
Clarence L. Martin, soldier, educa
tor, musician and known to thousands
of Louisvillo lodge members as "tho
grand old man of Kentucky Knights
Templar," is dead. Tho end came at
tho Norton Memorial Infirmary, Louis
vllle, after a lingering Illness. Short
ly before noon on Christmas ho suf
fered a stroko of paralysis. At tho
timo of his death ho was Inspector
general of tho grand commandcry of
Kentucky Knights Templar.
lion's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollars Ro
ward for nny enso of Catarrh that can
not bo cured by Hall s Catarrh Cure
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, tho undersigned, havo known F.
J. Cheney for tho last 15 years and be
lieve lilm perfectly honorablo In all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his Arm.
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken lntor-
nally, acting directly upon tho blood
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1' !
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We Imre for sale u farm of 111 acres,
located ou MujhWIIo and Mt. Carutcl
pike, about three miles east of Orange
burg. Tho luipnn fiucnts on this farm
consist of one six-room House, Tenant
House of four rooms, tno Tobacco
Hams, usual Outbuildings with both
sets of Improvements. About 120 acres
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nhlch In Itluegrass. Hero Is a real
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