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l'abllhcd Dally Swept Snndnj, Fourth of Jnlj, ThankiujItlnR and Christmas
Hy The Ledger Pnbllihlng Company, Mayittllo, Kentucky.
Local and Long Distance Telephone No.
Entered at tho MayBYlllo, Kentucky.
smscmi'TioNS-BV mail.
Ono Year 3.00
Six Months L60
Throe Months . .
Per month 26 Cents
l'ajablo To Collector At End of Month.
In the minds o nil American citizens, native or naturalized, it
should be "America first." It is on that strong platform the Aiucri-
people expect ami deniand that
1 stand. 'While it is tho duty
effective and energetic steps for the
at home or abroad, on land or on sea, it is not to be overlooked that
belligerents likewise have rights under international law, and that
all discussions between them and the administration should he con
ducted on the principle of recognition of those rights, belonging to
the United States no less than to foreign nations, neutral or bellig
erent. While the ofllcial text of the reply from flennany has not been
given out, enough of it is made public to warrant the conclusion that
Germany has made concessions practically complying with American
demands recently formulated. The semi-oflleinl report is that Ger
many, in her instructions to her submarine commanders, agrees that
no more merchant ships shall be sunk without first being visited und
searched, with complete opportunity to all on hoard to escape, and
that Germany, while determined to continue the use of the submarine,
will restrict its use. It is, however, provided that if the seized mer
chantman nttempt to resist or to escape the modification of the
restriction will not be observed.
The intimation in the reply that if a break follow in diplomatic re
lations the American government will be held responsible is a mere
diplomatic bit of language. The real issue involved is in the safety
of American citizens on merchant or passenger vessels, and in attacks
npou them without warning. In the German reply there is an un
hdouted concession, so far as the semi-official news imparts its in
formation. The serious difficulty is in tho fact that, while there are concessions
they appear to be conditional, and if the break should come between
the two countries it will not be difficult to place the responsibility
upon the right shoulders. One of tho conditions of tho concessions
appears to he in the suggestion of Germany that if this government
demands of England the obligation demanded of Germany, then Ger
man will be more than satisfied. But the (piestions must not be mixed.
The administration may find itself facing a more serious difficulty
than was at first believed. But in
the dignity of the flag, the just rights of American citizens and pays
due regard to the fundamental principles of international law, ho
will be fully entitled to have tho American people standing behind him
' as a unit, ever hoping that peace with honor may be maintained.
The unconsoling part of being a
that you never know that you are
In the matter of preparedness we suggest, again, that proper con
sideration be given to better roads.
health kr
6kk XOcmen
For Forty Years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Has Been
Woman's Most Reliable Medicine
Here is More Proof.
To women who are suffering from some form of
woman's special ills, and have a constant fear of breaking
down, the three following letters ought to bring hope:
old I got married
I L ; 1 11 1
twins nun ii ion mo wiui 'eiy poor uenuu. j. coma
not walk across the Uoor without having to sit
down to rest and it was hard for mo to keen about
and do my work. I went to a doctor and lio told
mo I had a displacement and ulcers, and would
have to have an operation. This frightened mo so
much that I did not know what to do. Iluvmir
heard of Lydia K.
li tiiouciit i would
Jwell as ever. I
Pinkham remedies." Mrs. Mayjie Asbach, JCorth Crandon, Wis.
Testimony from Oklahoma.
Lawton. Okla. " When I began to tako Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound I seemed to bo good for nothing. I tired easily
and had headaches much of tho timo and was irregular. I took it again
before my little child was born anil it did mo a wonderful nmount of
Kood at that time. I never fail to recommend Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vogotablo Compound to ailing women localise it has dono bo much
for mo." Mrs. A. L. McCasland, COO Have St., Lawton, Okla.
From a Grateful Massachusetts Woman.
lloxbury, Mass. "I was Buffering from inflam
mation and was examined by a physician who found
that my trouble was caused by u displacement.
My symptoms wore bearinfr down pains, backache,
and sluggish livor. I tried soveral kinds of medi
cine ; then I was asked to try Lydia E. lMnklmm's
Vegetable Compound. It has cured mo and I am
pleased to be in my usual good health by using it
und highly recommend It." Mrs. 11. M. Osoood,
1 llaynes Park, lloxbury, Mass.
If von want sneclal ntlvica
E. Plnkliam Medicine Co. i conllilontlul) Lynn, Muss. Your
letter will be opened, read, and answered by u woman and held
la strict confidence.
t Kditor and General Manager
40. omco-Publlo Ledger llulldlng,
I'ogtomce aa Second-clang Mall Matter.
President Wilson and his cabinet
of the administration to take all
protection of American citizens
so far as President Wilson uphold
dead hero is the lamentable fael
either dend or a hero.
North Crandon. "Wis. "When I was 10 vears
and nt 18 years I gave, birth to
- . l. "in. V . .1
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
civo it a trial ami it mauo mo as
cannot s.iv eunucrh in favor of tho
write to Lvrilal
Practical Economy
Baking powders made from alum or
phosphate may be bought for a trifle less
than Royal Baking Powder, which is made
from cream of tartar, derived from grapes.
Alum powders are not only cheap, but
they differ greatly in leavening power.
If a cheap baking powder is used for a
fine cake and the cake turns out a failuro
there is a waste of costly materials worth
more than a whole can of the cheap bak
ing powder.
Royal Baking Powder produces the
finest food, and its use therefore, results in
an actual saving.
New York
Second Hodjr of j
Ordered to HI Head
Soldiers Will Probably
Lino to Capture Handlls
Who I in tided (ilcnn
Springs and Kill,
ed Six Persons
Last Friday.
Marathon, Texas, .May 8 Two
troopa of American cavalry swung
southward thlB afternoon Into the Dig
Bond country niovInR on to Olenn
Springs, where three soldlors lost
their lives and n little boy was shot
to death In tho raid by Villa bandits
Friday night. The one hundred and
more cavalrymen belonging to troops
A and 11 of the Eighth cavalry nnd
under the command of Major George
T. l,angliorne, two troops of tho Four
teenth cavalry commanded by Colonel
F. W. Sibley from Fort Clark, go for
word tomorrow.
Captain Cusper Cole with 23 men of
troop A is now scouting the river
country where tho bandits recrossed
the Itio Grande in their fight after tho
attacks on Ulen Springs and Hoqull
las. Mis observations nnd reports of
the bandits' movements are to be sent
to Major General Funston that a plan
of future notion may be developed.
Ilundits in fulled States
t'nconllrmod reports are current to
night at lloiiuillas that bodies of ban
dlts are operating in numbers on the
Mexican side. The number of cavalry
men under present orders to proceed
towards the rivt-r indicates that no
effort will be made to pursue the buu
dlts Into Mexico unless they are ob
served near the border. In that evtnt
a chase Into Mexican territory may
be attempted lint might carry (he
American forces fifty or more miles
Into Coahulln.
Lack of transportation and properly
defend lines of communication pre
clude any extended pursuit Into Mex
ico and military men here do not think
nnother punitive expedition possible
because of the lack of cavalrymen.
The lust body of Villa followers re
crossed tli? Hio Grande Saturday
morning and ttioy are now probably
neurly 40 miles south of the river.
"It would take a brigade of at least
3,000 men to form an expedition Into
Mexico to effectively cope with the
situation," Bend an army offlcor hero
toduy Just before tho troops moved to
ward Glenn Springs. "Tho four
troops of cavalry that nro going In
can do little more than offor protec
tion to the border nnd there are no
more troops of cavalrymen that we
can draw u:on.
Regiment lit Vermont
"Thero Is now, I bollevc, a regiment!
of cavalry, the Second, at Fort Ethnn
Alton, Vermont, but that is tho only
cavalry nvnllable. All other cavalry
troops nro on duty nt other points
along the border and In tho main ex
pcdltion Jnto Chihuahua. Wo simply
havo not the men for another punitive
"You can't chnse mounted bandits
with Infarntrymen, thoy can't be used
for the purpose. If we seo any bun
dlts near tho river, I Imaglno we will
;et orders to go ufter thcra hut I
don t know postlvely. Hut I do know
wo can't go far ufter thorn wlh but
four troops of cavalry."
It was learned here today that af-
r the raid of Glenn Springs the
audits split their forces Into two
odles, one heading toward the Itio
Grande and fording the river nt Ho-
qulllus and the other about 40 In num
ber, working southeast and recross-
:ng the river nt San Vlvento. It was
ere that they were observed by a
Mrs. Hart, a school teacher, who re-
lortcd that tho brigade, mounted.
rossed the Illo Grando about 5 o'clock
Saturday night and disappeared into
A telephone message was received
tonight over a private lino from the
Chinos Mining Company at Torllnguu,
CO miles west of Glenn Springs, say
ing that all wus quiet there.
I 2 J 2 J J J f J r !
LoulsvlIIo, Ky., Mny 7
Special. Iron MaBk, ono of tho
most fnmouH sprinters of all
times on the American turf,
died here Inst night of dou
ble pneumonia. He was 8 years
old nnd was by Dlsgulsc-Koynl
Hose. He was bred at Castle
ton nnd was owned by tho lato
James It. Kcene.
Iron Musk had the distinc
tion of having raced success
fully In Kngland. United
States, Canada, Mexico and
Cuba. Ills winnings on this
sldo of tho water total $22,
007. In 1913 he set the world's
record for six furlongs of
1:10 4-5, nnd reduced thnt
mark to 1:09 3-5 at Juarez the
following wlntor. At Juarez
ho also set u now American
record for Ave mid one-half
furlongs at 1:03 f.-.V He was
well Insured.
J. J J .J. .J. ? ?. tlm .. .
If fortune's wheel does not turn to
suit you, pt your shoulder to It nnd
Slvo It another whirl.
A woman's tuste In selecting neck
wear for her husband Is as good ns a
man's tnste In selecting millinery for
his wife.
Should Convince tho Greatest Skeptic
In JUjSTllle
Dccause It's the evidence of a Mays
vlllo citizen.
Testimony easily investigated.
The strongest endorsement of merit.
The best proof. Read it:
Mrs. Delia Luneford. 328 E. Front
St., Maysvlllc, says: "I attribute kld-
uey trouble to a strain. I bad sharp,
shooting pains through my kldneyB
and a dragglng-down feeling through
my hips. I had dull headaches and
dizzy spells and often If I bad not
caught hold of something for support.
1 would have fallen. 1 was In that
condition for several years, up one
week and In bed the next. I finally
began to notice symptoms of dropsy
My feet begun to swell and my hands
were at times the same way. Finally,
1 used Doau's Kidney Pills and they
cured me."
Luneford sMd: "Doan's Kidney Pills
completely and permanently cured me
and I am glad to confirm all I said In
their praise before."
Price C0c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doao'a Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. LuneoriJ has twice publicly rec
ommended. Fpster-MUburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, U. V.
No. 2 red 11.20 1.22
No. 8 red 1.10 1.17
No. 2 white 7878VSc
No. 2 yellow 78784c
No. 2 white ,,,,.49$?t9ac
No. 2 mixed 430440
No. 1 tlmolhy 21.00
No. 1 clover mixed 1!.00
Bhlppers t T.760 9.00
Good to choice 7.75 8.60
Cnlv 6.00 9.75
Heavy sulppre 9.70 9.75
Packers and bntchnrf.,.. 9.70 9.75
Extra ) 7.75 8.00
Common to fulr 6.25 9.50
Spring Umbs 12.0014.00
A distant inaner doesn't lend en-
chuntmcnt to ono's view of friendship.
Till Stophms Bill Encourages
Rivalry In Quality. 1
Falta Prettnie In Merchandising
Practlctd by Big City 8tort Is Meth
od Used to Injure 8mall Dealere and
to Dettroy 8mall Towns Dlihoneity
Can't Benefit Comumert.
The true competition li between
rival article, competition In ex
cellence, which can never be main
tained If, through the perfidy of
the retailer who cute prices for
hla own ulterior purpoeee, the
manufacturer It forced to compete
In pricea with goode of hie own
production, while the retailer re
coupe his loieea on the cut price
by the sale of other artlolea at, or
above, their reasonable price. IT
the price on all brand of high
grade flour la a very different thing
from fixing the price on one brand
of high grade flour. The one
mean destruction of all competi
tion and of all Incentive to in
created excellence. The other meant
heightened competition and Inten
sified Incentive to increated ex
cellence. This language, used by the supreme
court of tho state of Washington In a
unanimous decision of the case of the
Fisher Flouring Mills Co. versus C. A.
Swanson, clearly seta forth tho Inter
est the consumer has In maintaining
tbo highest form of competition that
of quality. Competition in price re
sults in Inferior quality and the evil
of substitution. Dishonest advertisers
use cut prices on standard and widely
known merchandise to luro customers
Into their establishments, whero an
effort will be made to sell anonymous
Tbo genuine bargain Is used as "bait"
to spread tho impression that all mer
chandise Is sold at the saino low mar
gin of profit. If this Impression can Lie
created tho cut rato merchant eon sell
unknown goods at as high a flguro
ns his conscience will permit him to
charge and his conscience is clastic.
Nearly every man's is more or less so
where profits nro concerned.
A Bill to Protect the Public.
Representative Dan Y. Stephens of
Nebraska and Senator William F. Ash
urst of Arizona have introduced In
congress "a bill to protect tho public
against dishonest advertising and false
preteuscs in merchandising." A simi
lar measure was Introduced In the last
cougress by Representative Stevens of
New Hampshire.
It ought to be axiomatic that the pub
lic cannot profit through dishonesty or
through false pretenses. The Individ
ual may make a pecuniary gain;
thieves, burglars and confldenco men
occasionally escape paying tho penalty
of their crimes and arc pecuniarily bet
ter off. Uut the public, tho victims of
the successful criminals, loses.
Tho Stephens-Ashurst bill provides
for stuudurd and uniform prices on ar
ticles sold under a trademark or .spe
cial brnud, with the widest possible
publicity for buyers and sellers. Oppo
nents of tho hill adherents of dishon
est advertising and users of false pre
tenses In merchandising havo de
clared thnt It will cucQurnge monopoly
and prevent competition. They have
tried to make consumers bollevo that
It will Increase tho cost of living, that
It will raise tho price of everything
bold In any sort of store.
No Monopoly Possible.
Tho bill does uot encourago monop
oly, because, producers who havo a mo
nopoly of any particular line or who
make tin ngreemcut with a competitor
to maintain prices are barred from
taking advantage of tho privilege of
preventing discrimination by .contract
ing for the resale of their goods at unl
form prices. A monopoly, no matter
how It Is galued, caunot do business
under the terms of tho Stephens bill.
On tho other band, cutthroat compe
tition In price has always becu the
chief weapon of monopoly.
The hill will uot raise prices and in
crease the cost of living. Producers
already" have the right to sell their
goods nt wholesale tit any price they
can gej, nt what they are worth. Tho
prpposed legislation merely permits the
producer Iq control the retail price, and
If he puts this too high higher thau
the public Is willing to pay then his
goods will not be sold and he loses.
The cut price storekeeper that sells
goods ut a loss does not stand the loss;
ho passes It on to his customers. Wliat
bo loses on one nrtlclo Is made up, or
more than made up. ou another. The
use of cut prices ou standard articled
for the purpose of drawing customers
into tbo storo with the luteutlou of
selling them something else, that Is
where "dishonest advertising" Is found
und where "false pretenses In mer
chandising" Injure the public.
Cut rates by pig department stores
enable them to kill off tbo small store
and tbo small towns. Those residents
of rural communities, villages and the
lesser cities who want to seo their
Lome folks injured that the large cities
may grow richer aud larger should
naturally oppose the Stephens bill
Thoso who tleslro to see their own
vicissitudes prosper should support the
priuclplo of uniform standard prices.
Do the unusual it you would attract
attention, but make your doings worth
Some people can make befit their j
presence felt by their absence.
New York Store
Samples New Styles, will lie o'cl chti.p. All Wool
Coats, $10.00 quality, 1P4.98.
SILK DRESStS, Samples Made U m)I U r i5c and f 20.00, your
choice as long as they last 9,98. Stc tluru.
NEW DRESS FABRICS Awning Stripes 19c, Silk Mulls 19c and
25c yard, Silk Poplin 50c, ninny colors.
CHILDREN'S DRESSES New ones just in, 49c and 98c, very cheap.
MUSLIN UNDERWEAP I.ariiis.' and Childiei.'s Muui Underwear
just from the factory, hest 25c and 30c garments made.
New ones arriving daily. Children's Hats 25c and 50c.
Ladies' Trimnud Hats 98c 011 up. Old Hats Rctrimmed.
9 S. STRJUIB, Proprietor. PHONE S71.
No other household utility
saves so much downright drud
gery and fatigue as the Bissell
Sweeper. None gives so much
convenience and comfort.
BissclPs latest improved "Cyco" Ball Bearing Sweeper
costs from $2.75 to $5.75.
Mcllvain & Knox
Funeral Directors and Embahners
Phone 250. 207 Sutton Street. Mays, Ky.
Be Prepared! i
Make housccleaning a pleasure. S
We have Electric Vacuum Cleaners for rent by
the day.
If your house isn't wjred do jt NQW. i
Be prepared to take advantage of the thpgsand
things the invisible servant, wjll do for you.
Electric Shop
Maysville Gas Co.
because it is scienti
fically compounded
from the proper
grains. Feed it with
PoriH Cklckei Chowder
Also Plenty of
The Ledger Printer is better pre
pared than ster to make jour Horse
and Jaek Hills ami Cards. Prices rea-suuable.
H EJ '
' KB H i
No unnecessary delays to compute
time. When we do your plumbing you
pay for actual work porformed and
material. That Is the reason our busl
ness Id Increasing dally. And In the
matter of fixtures we defy competi
tion. If you want to save money we
aie ready to atfslst you,
M.iY.svii.i.K x.vrntAi. oas sriTJ-r
Sew Oddfellow Building, Sutton Street.
Telephone 59. n. O. WOOD, Manager.
Oh Supplies, Stoves and Ranges.
Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
Made Easy
For that Spring Cold use
pnospiio QUl.M.K.
For Colds In tho head or Catarrh uw
For Chapped Skin use
For your Complexion use
For the Best Shampoo use
Anr of tb.esa articles sell for 2c
Slid can be bought at
Pecor Drug Co,
Phuut 77.
H W. Second St
I I I I I I I I I ! l ! tl" tfc
J. I KG PATHON!. tfc
Al phausej for atjvertls' tji
.j. menu Ml'RT he In this office. J
tj. by 9 o'clock the day before ji
their Insertion, and for Men
J. day's paper must be In by 9
r o'clock on Saturday. .J.
I I I i J f l fc l l J I i !
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle
The Whirl of Life
In a Six-Reel Picture,

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