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WHOLE NO. 467 .
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Haiti more l.ocU lloN|»ltal,
Wh«r« u»jr be obtained tli« iniMt »|><>udjr ru«neUy
Vai il lu AB'^t'l lu» HJ «ll» kUmUf«. »ml «Il M « III
A tf oui. out unitin' fro in uHEOUKr llABmi^lkMiUrlj^lliu^ulh ur
{^■d-r>*Marrl»4elui|>u.>jlbl« l tutJ io Ibo end de»Uu>»
and NuJy .
Etpttolally, who have broomu (he victim« of Solitary
Srl&J.'ul null diMlruutive l.alill wbloli aui.ually u , B|lU
«ml bHUi.vit intullocl, wlm uljjjfitoUli-rw'iM lum^iitraucc^llitvu
Ivina Um. luavoaU wtlli full coUNdouce.
1 'nKiiBHivtt Br-. ^Ui.Tiunni:,
»;vkl wxku'ax rmi on nociVa IuVk 1
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na JonKiTOK is Um only rutfulitrly KJauttud I'Iij bIcImi^
vorlioiM bU vary Kxlaiwtvu l'liu tice, aud '""J""""/
Ùbrwi n r. «nflicioiil gaaranteo t*> UlB •JUoUa.^TbuJji^wl» « «b lo
emmfnbo ouW.'rululboir buulih. a..<itt| |.lj lo Du. Jûii.uro.v
Membor oftlis Royal Colles« of Stirgoon», Lomlun. Grudualo from
'oue oftlio mutt cuimuiCuUvj;o» of Ibo l'uiUdSlkto», lAU^tMRroiit
■.O' 4 . "I" 1 ul '' 1
A Cerlnln Disease«
Wlwn the mliguMol »mlim|>ru<limt votary of ploMitre lie
II»« iuibllioil Iho c»J»oltlllJ liuiolul dinoiuo, K ion often li»|.||on.
hint »II lll-llntr IBOIIB0 "f bIijiii« 1 , or droiyl «I ill»o*>vor.» .^UjiUr« lilm
hlono boi'rlinl blm!"diluylii/tlM°tb«"c-.uAitulioiiul u'MMMUi
IbU horrid duoMo m*ko Ihotr »i.|nmu«hcq, su«h a» ul. crnt. .1 m. o
IbroBt, diteiuvd nota, »oc-turaiü |.»lu* in «ho h<.-».l olid litulm. dim
»liiulx.iwa »ad »rin«. I.Mi'lnl
friKhUiil nt
1,1 ' ud/f.iro and cUrumllii 1 », pr^rias uli
« idity, llll at hut tbo |*»l*louf Uio mouth or tho bnuo., of tho mwo
til in, and tho victim of UiUaw tuI diiuaeuKoomo» u horrid object
of oomotlijratioa »411 donth |.«u a period 11 hiidroa-lful luBcringa.
» boat« no travolirr ro
. Juliaiio.v |.udgv» bjeuud! to
pr.vMii.i it,.I .i
bl> horrid diwa«. It ti a muUm huly fact, that fbmmiid«
tiuu In lUU tlru*drul«li»e»<«, owing I» the iluikliruluo «
|.tcl«iidor*. who, by tdu MlSfsmtft
the Ittudtlcr,
ïï*art irnhir Jl'oSiv. c.
o injurvJ tlium*«lvy»J.y « curUjn pwllco
■will mU-I »>►! ^ ^ | IU|1U u ( comtry
darlliiK Jf^l/tiiMhiîniki'wuld'bu invtclull frciii »II l-r»»|.ucl.t »n*l
•ajtyniril« ..f llfu, t.y ih« c..itBv»|MUiKu» urui^mig truiu tit« fulli
Kli Mihl rrrtccttli.it lt»v"uu'l min i und body nt»
V«.|ulllt» tu |ir»iü»to ctmuuhiiU h.i|.|iluv.,a.^ lnd.c.l, »ijlt'iul Wi«»u
hounly'd«Ä«»»'tü»lui ' tow . ihn tnlu.l hiciuuj«ihnaonud with «lo»
d-Mi »U l ullel with UtvliutciwW rcüwliuu Uta« Ui« liaiftutM ul
loua tiluMouu^ Ujj u «
»I B X t \LL*.—'S'te. l''
■UAj, Evil ForuWink». A*
CheiiwM.dn «I jxni-l», «»«
»«u Ilf tliult brail
_ M>arrl.n?o Ulii.t
5 ?«hy.l«l «ÜSttÜ' *îw»W twuoaJUu!/ c.u«aL u, J.. a»
«... .1.1. «rtnt anil 1 1» Furunl r .»"». kn0, ' ° r . tha . <
•r>«OlT rarvd »aJ f«Ü ,l f" r l '
l-hyKlcal ->r Vp ffiu jW*
r, soOi'U l'HEi»;:
...... fal«u Juiivat/ l>ravoj*l} »'A, bi
1 -aiyta.sMfkwiiiBw.» «i«m
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tu« tael I« a!'!"«ivr Irrfurc tl»' l»i>*l i a. (loj.mln* ll
«pliyu.claif lo «ulyrtite, h *J' t "j"tI .o I.
lt r »»*fn**lm| , 'u<'<»« lu'AvbluaU .le.Ul«to
(Jiaracur, {HfAlart. »tw»m»kvri», Mur-Utiuu, A
colru. a« pli)«Isian» i lgnur»»t 'inaollL »
nfl«r tiMinllf •*!««« »» I""' 11 "'.'!
rnlnuii li«»lih t-.. IjjH o v * r y » »v 1 „
«uollv« Kllb bi. runmatl'.n. I.u
»--é^ary to «»y. »bat lu» otuJuaU*!« or dliloiua» Uway»
'"weakness OF TUE OhO ANS cnn bu lu.modialuly«uroJ, at.
Kl - 1 il» M J 1 1 ^
«tUttm/a «kiMul
di'ür* tiw»o l'm|iru#v»i > -
«tL ih
Do 111« aat'ito. eon "•»iien-o». Inx'.inci.t »« •<"•
l))«a«e>, Strlotur.. *»»»•' a», «ry lit«!, under
1 at all fturaru
»hoy l-av« »02«"
mont ol tliu.A^i'Uil'lalnU. a it.l>rip«n ««r
UL j > T»BS|'T~ *•« th.aatlafSHluS i.f«tr....itvjr«
«» ï»— »• » ;•
U i*. M Suivi») «Aceptâil.) »<• U»" cun. «f ' "
Cllftca. 0» UMsSn »treot. noat WooBUn |ti| „ „
Tb« Tr-a»U«. I»h
i.sUJ. by.OJr^a, Uux
•>«>«. Ni* York.
CunmluU".' i»y Letter, -
ment ul the»« di.-aic- » suo<o»«/"U) l " 1 ''
■ Wsjulcrluil
horebjr e«rtil'y that »>
rotii in both ej «« for a «""i "
«ildWreJ <o »»mo bos.
«*r* »W »01? fnr h tl» T»*t U>r«t! year.
Ütütt Airtanoo off »ui for
«iglit«*« y
ü:;X »äv". -S j'.«rf.., ^ r
U N"cao'Üs n i't** 0 <CER.VV^«hln^..a 81 ,; hrtwuen SO.
WllalijOB D*J
D^l^uTl kinds«? dl (
N-. 'J* Jo* outil Ht,, tut'i «»•. '
wh«*o vacant» onrei *ftl.*Y«»vr
(HUTfr :
/*•«< —a (
lthout .M imUcIha, nf
«I ■ ■ !'.»• 'P -»
Spirit», l.Mj'.e»'
•Fluidity. *ilf-Dt»tru»i.
•I.aria», Valu» lo tl.u Sldu, Aft"
- .1— l...
:,ss ssss
7 ui
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»toUios thertby. alt th« »»>»•*«
* T ' v rAdrow. «r»ll« »«'I r°** fM ** 1
j.iwtag« »uu>|M
*' * Jr ** r '
edlcal îffiiee
«... PhllMUlphU. Dr.
Dr. Dur
Remember, love, who gave thee tlfis>
When other days shall come;
When she who had the earliest kiss,
Sleeps In lier narrow hoWc.
Remember, 'twas a mother gave
Thu gift to one slic'd died to
That mother sought a pledge orlo\0,
Tlio liolicsl lor Ik* son ;
And from tho gifts of God above
She chose a godly
She chose for her beloved hoy
Tho source of liglrt, usd life,
a joy.
And bade him keep tho, gift (hat when
Tho parting hour would come,
They might have hope to meet again
In un eternal home :
She said his faith in what would bo
Sweet Incoast! to her memory.
And should the scofler, In his pride,
Laugli that fond faith to
And bid him cast the pledge aside
That lie from youth had
She bade him pause, and usk his breast
If lie or sho had loved him best.
A parent's blessing
Goes with this holy tiling!
The love that would rctuiu the ouo
Must to tho other cling.
Ilomember! 'ti
A mother's gift, remember, boy !
idle toy —
the Flag of our Union.]
TU-L iuquuL'Jiuu nuLUKj
And dearer seems oat h dawning smile,
For having lost its light awliUo.— Moore.
Stirrouudod by grounds w
with nmol, tn.ta and highly culllvwtud, was a
largo, oJd-ftiahioued mansion belonging to a gon
Uunon »l woalUi and good standing in society,
by «he name ol Elmer. It was a bright
Î tlio sunshine which hero and there had
opening in Iho foliage of the flowering
vines (liât i
j places had crept eve
stole in at tho window of a lady's boudoir
, stole in at tho window of a lady's boudoir
and Intermingling wi
the sprays of delicate
the velvet carpel,
bluo flow
shreds of gold. The blue darausk curtains were
looped back, and tho sash of one of the windows
as to give free admission
which was deliciomtly cool and balmy.
Tho owner of tills boudoir, which
would hardly
■e that
up with
ter beneath the root of 011 old tiuic
latod mansion of Now England, sat ne
opdfi window reading. Tho blue damask tluit
1 lounges, umFwhicli
:OUlplCXlOll 8 ,
covered the walls, chairs
would b«vo boon so trying
showed tlio delicate bloom of licrs to
best advantage.
She was young—1
she sut absorbed in the png»:
than sixteen, and ns
•s of tho volume she
shaded with
was reading, her pure white
clustering curls or dusky gold, and the liquid
light of tier blue eyes breaking like a smile from
beneath their long lashes,
would have boon
or lovelier pic
Bhu lin
the throsliold of tlio
difficult to imagine a sweeter,
•. So Salonio Mirvin thought,
of a diflerent kind—
gercil a lew moments
boudoir, without attracting
Salonie's beauty w
e notice of the
sparkling that the very
ospherc aroiiud her seemed to be luminous.
Yet sho had
dark and lively, und
v sad hours, but they
' her
sorted for tbo lc_ .
Sho still stood is <bo doorway when Alice El
er looked up.
'Ah, Salonie," said she, "I was thinking of
,1—of your siuging."
' What made you 7 "
"These lines." und Alice read ;
a volco, sweet ns tiic noto
hoard to flout
(ft the charmed lute
Along US cords, and so ontwinu
Its sound with theirs, tlmt none knew whether, j
Thu voie« or lute was most divine.
So wondrously they we
•'Did I
love music
ter faults, 1 should think you meant
said Salonie, "that you
well you never think of
could find fault with your sing
connoisseur, dear
I I'h.l
Alice- But havu you forgotten what your father
said this morning ?"
"I remember now. Y
huving company to dine ?
" Yes."
"Soms old friends of his, I suppose.
'*Me said there
front the city,
dozen miles from here."
"That must be Mr. Williams. Yon have heard
speak of Elia Williams. She is, like
only daughter."
"And « dear little f-lry she Is too," said
be three gentlemen—
lives about a
Allied Elmer, the brother of Alice, who had a
moment before approached the window, and
Wood peeping in between tho brandies of u
"I agree with you," said Alice, " and Ï
let her
to make her fattier promise
a good long visit. Now, Salonie, 1
suppose I must go and consult the worthy Mts.
what will be
ltouclitmi, relative
provide for tho entertainment of tho expected
guests. Sho will of course have evory thing her
own way Hie saine ns if I didn't say a word ; but
then such grave consultations give
■air ol dignity and importance in Clio estimation
of the servants, which it is necessary I should
a certain
maintain, and is quite flattering to my vanity.
You talk of dignity," said Alfred, laughing.
:h the same as a
"Your pretensions to it
Violet's would be beside a calla
Soluc other
queenly flower,"
Two or throe hours aftcfWatd, Mr. Williams
ftnd tho two other gentlemen arrived. The ap
pearance'of one of thoiu, a Mr. Templeton, who
of ngc, was both striking
l prepossessing. lie was tall, finely formed,
his countenance Intellectual und full of exprès
as about thirty y
sion. Thu other, Cecil Imnan, must have been
eight or niuo years his junior. He
and courteous, very lively and spirited, and In
half an hour niter his arrival, he and Alfred El
tner were on as familiar a footing lo all appenr
, ns if they had been acquainted
Sulouio Mirvin did not enter tho
till hall
hour after they came.
"What bird ol Paradise is that T" said Cecil
sho made
Inman, in alow voice to Alfred,
her appearance.
"Salonie Mirvin, who has come to keep
little Ally company, these long summer
"What a rich bloom, and whnt dark, brilliant
eyes," said Inman.
This interchange *>f remarks diverted (heir at
leulion IV
they would
the oliicct of them,
; Seen (hat (he rich bloom Imnan spoke of,
agitation, but it passed over his connlonaiicu
like a troubled
minute afterword Cecil Inman was presented
to Salonio, the color had returned to lier cheeks
while Temple
scsscil. No
When a
appeared pcilbOfly scll'-j
had observed tlidlr jnoteul ag
a tt«llo.i owoi'l Alico, and
taiorn-jmomeUa alter they had been Uoodod wiUi
It was found when dinner was announced that
Mrs. Boachuni had exerted lier culinary skill
lost on Mr.
st. Somehow Mr. T
0 have much desire
it caused her
hielt she had s
mind the sat
(iced in Salonie'» deep, diirk eyes only a few
quite successfully, which
Williams and
plot on diil not appear
0 have much desire
juversatlonal powers tin
to display to much
plot on diil not appear
food, but he had fine
found opportunity
Alfred and Cecil We:
doeply ongaged 111
rting excursion lor tlio morning,
discussing r
to think of mach else, while Salonio'« graceful
aud quiet attentions of the gdosts, by wliicli
greatly relieved the youthful hostess, with
witty roiuark, made
anil then a lively sally
apparently without effort, and wliicli gavo a
s|iarklo and brilliaucy
-eraaliou, pro
frotu observing that what was
lier plate remained untasted.
In tlio evening there
who listened
rausic, and those
Sulonio's singing would
have thought that tlio lines read by Alice In tlio
morning misapplied. Sho was seated
uskod ter by Mr
"Alfred," said she,
'will you sing it with
know that
is well as 1
'I would," lie replied, "did I
Mr» Templeton can sing it ten times
can. Besides, his deep, mellow voice will har
monize so wonderfully with y
My voice has neither the freshness
' Miss Mirviu's," si
refuse to sing with her
spontaueousucss 1
if she will permit me.'
reason why Salonio p
I erred not to sing with him, it was
have suspected,
If there were
: she did
she offered
"Farewell to thee, Araby's daughter," which
she had hersait arranged ter two voices,
duet referred to by Mr. Elmer, aud when Tem
pleton, whose voice was us rich, full and mellow
uh Alfred had icpreseuted it to be, came to the
"IIow light v
Like the wind of tho south, o'er a summer
lute blowing:
And husbudail its music, and whirred its from«,"
thy heart till love's witchery
Alice who sat noart he piano
Templeton's ns
g the last line. There
Salonie raise
her voice blended
witii his, in si
them a look, both mournful and reproachful, and
the mel
, wailing sound in tho
glned—which made her think
tancholy which she knew sometimes clondod
Saiouie'a lonely hours, had i
ence to Templeton. He, in the meantime, kep
his eyes steadily fixed
slight tremor in bis
the music, though -
showed that he wasncl
conscious of the look she gave him.
When atn late hour the gentlemen had retired
for the night, Salonio putting
Alice, drew her to a largo cushioned chair.
"Hero is room lor us both," said she, "api if
yon nro not to UroiM shhTihl like to say n low
word* to you which! have often wished to do
Alice Was ncilhorltircd nor elecjiy, she said,
and so Salonie, w^ilo the blight moonlight
stole in through tho iolingc of vines and Sllrub-lnie,
bery shading the «Inflows, and lay quiver
tho carpet lik)> aahower ofsilvery spray,
said in u low Voice : 1
' 0 , Sa
, I
and.I Invo met before."
"I knew so," saW Alice.
"You saw that I wajagitated, and that ho w
not wholly unmoved .t
"IIo was ns much aÿtatcd
very plni
as .you
3 that he was.
taken. At any
"I think y
regret thin meeting," •
" How long lias it been sinco you
him ?
"Four years. I
nlylhghteon. Then I oxpoct
him again in a low woeks instead ol
wo parted, I w
four years."
"And whnt prevcnWd 1
"I never knew. When he left mo, it wr
the purpose of going t 6 Now Yortt City
. When ho returned wO wore to be married
Everything was in roadies*, eve
dress. Ï received
tuy bridal
5 letter from him infonn
ing mo of his safe arrival,
lie simwld not be dctaim*ff.
1 (bst ho til ought
long ns lie had
ticipntcd. I answered letter, hut he
wrote again. About two weeks afterward I
among those ifffiw passengers who had
sailed fot> England in
i ,
of tho Now York
"A ml did you never ^Tar from him again ?" fii
'»Once, about two 'Years afterwards, I was nt
Newport, mid heard his name men tinned In
ladies who wc00 sitting
said thut a few months proviouBly lie had re
turned from Europe, and Unit during his absence
he had met with an American lady to whom he
was married."
. '1 ll. V
Hid they mention her name V*
Yes, Miranda LaiVloii.-. I formerly knew
'■'* aiilteifJSvith him, bit
dislike her.'
«'I didn't
ri led," said Alice, iu a
"dqwuytf lUtyuAruU
think that Mr. Templeton was
a of disappoiut
"As I said botere, t regret tills meeting —
deeply regret it,' said Salonie.
I foe I humbled
at being so.mueh moved by again seeing
who by breaking his solemnly pledged
has uliidered himsell unworthy of my »
Thor», dciU - Alice, I
voaletl to you tho
lllHOilove passage whicli has cast a shadow
the lwt teuryoari
lit riving, I w
then a gleam of sunahino, he
stole ï upon
beginning' to lind hero and
and I shall he again ter u long
stole ï upon
time taunted by his ideal prdscnei
, and I shall he again ter u long
A*they parted nt the head of the staircase,
the obek told tho hour of miduight.
ho morning, they all a ssembied at
the teak fust-«able, Sateula looked a little pale,
yet ho was full of vivacity amt spirit. Tumple
llueut in conversation, and purtectly easy
audpacotul, though on one or iwo occasions lie
apparod to bo soiUMwimt abjuyjtMiiimled. After
thu v »I was finished, by tlio mSunor in which
lie iflehod Salonle'g 11107011101118, he evidently
i'd to speak with lier apart. Sho became
Wien it
his design, and sedulously 11 voided
him the op|
lily he sought.
Abut sunset, a walk in the garden and ar(ja
cent pounds was proposed. -Cecil Imnan lias
tonoj to otter his arm to Alice, ms if ho feared
that he should bo anticipated by Tcmplctou,
whil/Salonie, ut tho same time taking the
of fared, said laughingly, thut iio
be.*. Tempi
joiud Mr. Wilhams
y strolled
famr dictatod.
bit his lips with vexation aud
Mr. Elmer.
in different directions, as
That selected by Alfred und
a spot which coiiiiiûuded a view
Sal «io, led
broèn into ripples by
spukled brightly in tho declining sunbeams
Ei 4 1 lie trunks of th
ol Q' lake pressed closely te Uje water*'» edge,
Wcö lit up with a dusky gloi*.
*S deute, horo is a nice romantic se;
yoy said Alfred, pointing to n smooth block
of'T.initc beuoath a large oak, " where you
siuM udiuiru the beautiful scene to your heart's
lent, while I go and gather some ol the lilies
inyonder creek. They ure all closed
morning they looked like stars
ir, the surface of which
freshening breeao
now, bull
the clear,{turns
Without waiting to hear if sho had any olijoc-]
in te his leaving her, ho wasftlin next minute
t the foot of tho stoop bunk
strip of samt
topping into a
nt drooped
reach of the lilies.
"Salonie," said a volco
Sho started to her feet, looked round, and be
ll b .muted tim
tlio wst.r's edge, and
nil skiff, secured
tho waves, bh
I did, but In justice to myself I ask you to
me a few momonts ol your*iqe."
mid Templeton,
Mr. Temploton," sho said, ?'why
here 7 You must hare
avoid you.
th.* I wished
Of what avail will it be ?
" There are things, which i wish io oxplain."
« The neglect with which you trtatod me, nf
ter we parted Pour yearshgo, carries with it its
««l ean at least give you th*reason for my
doing aa j did."
own explanation.
" If any exist which will exonerate you from
tho implication of perfidy, shall bo glad to hear
"You may judge for yourself. In the
place !et me ask if you received any letters Ir
after I left yen for New York ?"
" i received one, which «-as written tho next
day aft of yöu arrived there."
" And did you answer it ?"
" I did—I wrote immediately."
"I received no answer, bnt not wishing lo bû
precipitate, I wrote once more, and should even
have written a third time, had I uot been pro
vented by the receipt of an anonymous letter. I
linvo it with me, «i*.d should like to have you
read it."
lie unfolded the letter, and handed it to Sulo
ic. It said :
" Tho writer of this lias been informed that
you are soon to bo married to a young lady by
tho name of Salon!«. Mirvln. If you Imagine she
s deceived. It
has any alledloh för you, you
is yonr wealth which has excited her regard ; her
heart Is in possession of another. She is
in this city, and if you desire proof o
I toll you, Station yourself
of tho itfge and fashionable hotel, kept by
Thomas Blandon In —— street, ut nine o'clock
this cVening; and yon will
tel in company with a man, who wears ids hair,
whicli is black, tailing in short curls over his
coat-collar, and in whom, if you ever chanced
you will recognize her ci-dcvant mu
the front cntcr
her loavc tho lio
sic teacher."
" And did you go watch
reeled 7 " said Salonie.
tho hotel as di
& did."
And the result?"
" I saw yon, os I should tiled have bcon will
ing to take my oath, descend tho steps of the
hotel, accompanied by a small and rather youtli
, with black curls failliug over
manner as is
ills coat-collar, in tho si
tinned in tho letter.
his companion's face?"
—it was concealed by her
v ufi . but her form, hors^lv, and her dross
t . r^i r fncm? Ÿ eti might
have (lieu found that you were deceived."
" That was wliat I intended te do, hut while
I stood gazing at them, half bewildered, thuy
stepped into a hackney coach, which drove
away at a spued whicli bullied my attempts to
overtake it. 1 then Went hack to the hotel, and
requested leave te bo permitted to look at the
book where the
The favor wi
And did j
N«, I- did
s of the guests wero regis
lily granted, aud the
of Salonio Mirvin w
I considered as evidence sufiieiontly
I inquired if a lady by tlio
expected te return to tho hotel, and was
old that she was not, as she had previously to
ihg out that evening requested tho gentleman
who called fof her to pay lier bill. Tho next cfay,
fulling in with an old friend who was
rope, I decided to go with him.
" Where you met Miranda Lawton, who is now
wile ?"
found. This
of Salonio Mir
hiy tfifo—<lio is
" Yes—I supposed you knew it."
" No, it has boon my tusk to try to forget you,
and all that appertained to you. There lias ever
been among my friends, a tacit understanding
to rouait! tnlont in my presence, concerning what
called up so many unpleasant reminiscences, so
that I had not ovou heard your name mentioned,
till I saw yon so uncipoctodty last opening, since
3 ii some ladies, who were
y hearing, that
two years ago,
strangers to WO, menfiofted i
you wero married."
Yes, 1 married Mirando Lawton tromascnü'o
of duty—-a feeling of gratitude, father than
account of any livelier emotion. She had nursed
3 through u long and dangerous illness. After
! recovery, I was told that i
a common
rejKjrt, that she «vas secretly attached to me
without waiting to reflect ns milch ns I should
have dono, I proposed und was accepted. I
found that I had taken a wrong step, but I
have the satisfaction of kumvi
I ulwavs
treated her with kindness, during the short ti
she lived. One day,
hope of her recovery,
(build there was
3, Urn 1
she bad bartered her pence of mind, ter what
she imagined would secure lier happiness; but
that, haunted by the memory ot the muans she
had cmwloyed to uttain ber olÿect, i
to bo like the tempting
to ashes when it touches the lip. I asked
for no explanation, for I tound that she was ngi
tatod and exhausted. After remaining silent for
rend of, which
ime, sho said :
"« If you wish to know the moaning of whnt
j h aVe (qM you, look in the npper drawer of tho
dfessing-room. You
will explain alï.—
iwood cabinet i
w m tj le ro find a letter which
•--wait tili I
But do not look
" She then told
key, and neither ot
again. But I felt in
ties frotn their dread*abode,' and it was not till
weeks after sbe died, that I opened the drawer,
of the cabinet. I found a letter directed to me,j
and diite d a short time before her last illness, in|
{which she confessed that alio was tho author of
|,b. .„»„„on. lo.Wr I .ho™. ,0», .nd .ho. i.
was eke, dressed like you, whom I saw leave the,
where I could find
haste to ' draw her frail
hotel. « In a word,' sho added, I was determl |
ned to proVent you from marrying Salonio Mir
Ivin, and succeeded. It was not that I hod any
thing against her, but I imagined that If you'"
thought her unworthy, I should be your choice.'"
Sho said nothing about intercepting ou

letters 7
No, though she undoubtedly di 4 intercept
what was necessary
them* Having told y
my cxcul|>ation, we will let her who wronged
• tho bit
both, fcSt in peace. And shall we
suffer the waters of oblivion to roll
memories of the past 7 If I
condemn, tho lessons gained from experience
will for the future make me less hasty."
Tho look of confidence and tfltst with which
she plated her hand in Ids, was the only aiiawer
all that he required.
In a few minutes they Were joined l»y Alfred,
who for some reason had lingered a long tit
over his pleasant task of gathering lilies.
she gave, and
Whon Templeton, having remained a week
after the dqiarturo dl Mr. Williams, left thehos
pitahlo mansion of Mr. Elmei, everything was
arranged for Ids marriage with Salonio Mlrvln.
Ito was accompanied by Cecil Ionian» who had
to tHn a
uld be his bride
year older—a promise which re
ceived tho full and hearty approval of hot father.
As for Alfred Elinor, the opinion he eScptcsscd
to Alice and Salonie, when pooping into the
window through the vines, relative to Ellen Wil
liams, is unchanged ; and though ho is,
only nineteen, It will probably remain
Elmers have tilwayâ boon distinguished lor their
madu such good
of his time,
promise tVrim Alice, thut she
whort bIic
Lime.—T he nbovo for
tilizur, manufactured by Prof. Mapcs (being the
urticlo cliicfiy used in this section, others, as
yet, not having been much tried, is Confirming
previous high reputation,
wheat, grass and cof u it lias been found equal!?
fanners who have
this season
valuable, and
(o guano
it, prefer
made extuusive
One ol them iufbrais us that Im experimented in
field, in alternate sec
different parts of his
tiens in tho hills, with Mapcs' supor-phospUatö
aslu-s and plaster, gnfWm,VrtU'
from the henory. prcmorly e oinnoHte d. Its sin
...... . ^„.«r .unmpn vailoip color: KRtt xicigm
ufiruttcd much attention p
, wh\ manure
assers by—tho pari
whore tlio phosphate had been applied i
bill, and tho
it, being conshi
ably abend of any other portion.
Its oUect* have been particularly striking
pastures and mowing grounds, aud wo know ol
application equal to it, from
talion oflts effects, to renovate such fields and
run out, and where
lawns whore the grass h:
it would bo i
have latterly heard it very highly spoken of by
those who have tried it
pciiient lo plow It up.
a Inaufifo ter pear
'ocs, slightly dug iu around the trunk.
Une kind of nunure for ull kinds of soils, and
hardly more ration
kind of medicine ter all diseases.
under all circumstances
What Mapcs' super-phosphate of lime lias done
around Philadelphia, it may noi
c'b •, but wo odvi.e those farmers, who
them, and who
ihe present season .—Farm Jou
knowledge, in three or tour counties
than their barnyards can yield
obtain it, to buy a portion
n gfoat ctep
Farmers, wc beg of you to
of buckw'hea<. Tho |*rain, .besides | its
ter human food, is one of tlio most valuable for
poultry feeding, and to fit
quick with
grain equal
wheat. For ordinary stock teed it is not ns vul
fiable ai corn, barley, rye, wheat
there i
pens. In
ghoiild never be planted n'|
wheat stubbie. Wo uro uot aware that it in
y other crop.
FIu'w fo Cöo£ a Potato.—W ash it weft, but
thickest und
lot there be no scraping. At
3 size of a sixpence. Tills is
the safety Valve through which tho steam
and all rents in the skin
the valVo prevents u rupture
the steam boltc?.
To P01.JHH StoVes.—M ix powder 1 of black
feud with a little gin or alcohol, and lay
tho stove with a piece of linen rag. Then toki
u dry soft brush, dip it in some dry black l c
powder, and rub tho stove to a beautiful briglit
To take stains out of mahogany.—Take aplr
the states, and rub
its of salts six parts ; salts of lemoft
a little
M,x » lhcn dro l*
till they disappear.
To set colors last in ealteo anil other goods—
tdblespoouful of gall in a gall
er, aud wash the article in i
Goon Advice.—«T he Fuirmount True Vir
»ays that tho Rev. Able Stevens, in
Address delivered in that place during tho
sion of the Methodist E. Conierencu, in speak
. .
pot««, for wod,
6 Cin ' r ' i ' _ _ __
Ing of the power of tho press, said that if
' " audience who pretended to
Ido business and not advertise, that man has yet
to learn the first priuoiple
t hink. We hope
will profit by this sound advice.
r trade. So
of tho speakor'e hret h
Select the largest and flattest onions and the
the erop wijj de
A certain preacher in the Far West gave
for bis text a certain chapter and verse of Clover.
The Deacon arose and told him it ~
Oh, yes, " replied tho divine, " it isTfruotby
I knew it was some kind ot grass."
T:r».-'!hy ■
Kn«. — Än old follow
ni» vrutt in the Habit of '-not beloiigibg to ihn
temperance society,
ras in ttub act of tak
nip one day bwtere a young Virginian. «*
do you drink /" asked the latter, "»ratfdy
■eply. "Wîty dont you driuk
Mint juleps?" queried the
of drinks is that 7 "
\\ it .L
ini juleps 7
why what In (lie
•'A most delicious drink,
I'll show y
as the answor, "amt
! you have
how to mako it,
mint growing ï lmost at your door." The young
l " mA »"<>» produed tho julep, and tho old mm
r« •'"■'Sided with il. About nmotth ifU nr.
I. » return home, tiro Virginia tlrougtrt ho would
«»Op at his did friend's mid
. , indulge," but judgo
« hin Surprise When Sis inquiries at the ft*
hia friend
were answered by an aged female darkey
dL ' ad ftm ' e° nu dis tw 6
week? !" "Dead !" exclaimed the young man
" why how strange! What did he die of7" ««oh,
I d'no" returned the woman, " only a fellow
eomo along about a monf ago, and larnt him
weckst 0 " iMd€ rU '*' antI il k ' njil Intwrf
SiNotxAa Wai
—A young woman had hiiti
» wager sho would descend into
middle of the m'gtit, Sii
a vault, in tho
bring from tbeuco a
Thu person who took the
wager bad
previously hid himself Jfl the Vault, and as the
girl seized a skull, cried, in a hollow voice i
" Lpnve me my head ! "
" Tliero i* Js,
and catching up another.
"Leave mo my head!" cried the
"Nay, nay," said the heroic lugs,'
not have tWo heads j
won the wager.
aid the girl, throwing It dowd
brought tho skull; and
in tho plaintiff, Mr. Smith ?
You say you have cootidimto
"Stale to the court, if you please, \thal caàâeil
this confidence.
, «if, tlicfc's allers reports
alyoiit enttn liotise men apd I used to think"—
" Never mind what you
cd te think : tell u*
• naty
" Weil sir, one day I goes d
2 to tho
Cook mi's
" Well sir proceed. "
" Well, just then Mr. Cookem
s °r lie, 'How dù, Su, ft
" WchI |»lc,"
comes up, and
ï what ye going to fiev."
cz I.
he, **I *|1 take
, . . , -- too; " M h«
befoi e^nc " d Cat3 0U ° ÜWfi Äüa ' piüa riK, ' e
Didfhaf cause your confidence fL.iim?
Vo, Indcod air : wl.on c.tln liouao kco
sots down ufi
5 his custom ora,
oats one of his ôwn weal pies, „
to feel confidence—it shows him
' delibeVa
no man refuse*
. te be an hon
n Editor.—T he following
is the valedictory article of an editor out West ;
"The uudefslgned retires from the editorial
chair with coniplete conviction (hat all is
.tlio hour he
ity. Fr
present lime, lie has been solicited te II« upon
every given Subject, ami can't remember ever
having told a wholesome truth without dimin
ishing his subscription list, or makfhg an enemy.
Under these circumstances of triul, and having a
thorough contempt fof himself, he retires, to
rucruit Ids luorat constitution."
ai led his paper, to tho
Among tho Tartars, if a
wortian by htlsv prom Isos and «Tio in consequence
becomes craüy, ho i
Sol ves him rigid,
<d to death who so
deceiv«! ti
istautly choked to death.
ought to bo t'lrok
n woman crazy—and cape
daily if
V a Tartar, fi
tolo right te bo considered tartars.
women have the
A creature, wt
j m'
spends its whole
dressing, gambling, prating and gadding, Isa
being originally, indeed, of the rational make:
but who has sunk itactf beneath Us rank, and it
is to be considered
tikey species.
level with th
*^|qqj B tIv.
Most ladies tR
be ugly. This i
The chances
that homely women
heart, head and soul. A pretty face often pre
sides over a talfce heart and a weak htfod, with
Ute. smallest shadow of a soul.
it is the summit of mister
mistake, qtiifc (re
the world goes,
altogether the best nl
No We can bo happy who does not apply his
energies to some good purpose. The drone is a
burden to himself, aud a nuisance to tho world.
Punch has a caricature satirizing the present
absurd fashion which threatens to place tho bon
net on the extreme verge of ftie organ of philo
progonitivoneos. The picture represents a lady
dressed a la mode, with a boy behind her hold
ing her bonnut on a stick near the back of h«r
IsrNMER Costumb
all, California is a good deal of a country. For
summer costume, tn the "free and easy" part
ol the climate, the tueu folks wear a straw hat,'
pineWbod aprou and jack-knife. The woman'
uuv'ut settled in that port of tho nation yet.
In India when a herso can and will not draw,
iustostd of whipping, spurring or burning him
: a frequently practiced i
tries, they quietly get a rope, and attaching it to
ol the fore
of it, advancing a tew paces ahaadrof the horse»
t. No matter how ctubborn the
civilised coon
mou take hold
animal may be, a few doaos of
will effect a perfect

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