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Oh! there tit dream of early yonth, ' '
' "And it never cornea again; "v ' i - !l '
"Tii t vision of light, and life, arid truth,1":' ;
That flita across the brain : ' ' 1
And lots ia the theme of that early dream,
So wild, ao warm, ao new, . (
,That in all our after years I deem,' '
, That early dream we rue. . ,
Oh ! there is a dream of maturer years, :
More turbulent by far; ;
'Tie a vision of blood and of woman's tears, ,
C' And. the theme of that dream is wak:
And we toil in the field of danger and death,
' ' And about in the battle array,".. V.. ,--:
Till we find that fame is a bodiless breath, "
f -That vanishes away, ' ( ,;' i :!w .',
OhI there is a dream of hoary age, ' " '..
' 'Tii a vision of sold in store, ,'''''.
Of sums neted down on the figured page, ' ; '
To be counted o'er nndo'er:
And we fondly trust in our glittering dust, ,
.Asa refuge from grief and pain,
TiU our limbs are laid on that last damp bed,
"', Where the wealth of the world is vain.
And is it thus from man's birth to his grave,
In the path which all are treading)
Is there nought in that long career to save
: From remorse and self-upbraiding J
Oh, yes! there's a dream so pure, so bright, i
' That the being to whom it is given,
Hath batied in a sea of living light '
' And the theme of that dream is Heavih. '
"t .'..'v ..'V. : Prom the DuMlo Nation. .
v. Bias your timet tlie morn Is breaking, . .
Brljht with freedom's blessed ray
Ulillons from their trance awaking, ' '
. Boon t hull etnnd In stern array. '
Man shall fetter man no lonper, '
, - Liberty shall march sublime; . .
': Every moment make you stronger . '
' ... Firm, unshrinking, bide your time. . ,
Bide your time one false step taken t
Perili all you yet have done) ,'
Undismayed erert unshaken,
" ' ' Watch and wait, and all Is won. ' ,
3 Tie not by one nnh endeavor ' ' ' '
( 'J '-, Men or Ptates to grentnsse climb
x. Would yon win yotir right forever,
Calm and thoughtful, bide your timet '
- Bide your time your wo-tt trnns;xreasloa
. Were to strUte, end strike In vnlni , ;
lie whose arm would mite Oppression ,
, Must not need to amite agalnl . .
" ' Danger makes the hrave man Steady :
Baalmcaa is the roward's crime '
, t- Be for Freedom's bottle ready, -. .
When it comes tut, bide your timet '
xt , l , ,, :,
If the French, do not follow, in all res
pects, the precepts of the gospel, at least it
must be confessed that they pay due Teg-trd
to the apostle'd injunction. Weep with those
that weep, aud rejoice with these that re
joice." I have seen a thousand instances of
this disposition; but I do not know that!
ever witnessed one with more pleasure than
the one which I am about to relite. ' '
j 1 Was crossing the Pont Neuf at the mo
ment when a porter, belonging to the Biftk
r j .1.. ...:..u. u i :.
vt x itiuuc, mcu til uiu wcigiu iiu ujiiiuu yt
was a bng containing nine thousand francs
in silver), stopped to rest himself by loaning
against the parapet wall of a bridge; but, ni
the moment that ho did so, his valutible bad,
either from awkwardness or carelessness,
slipped out of his hands, and fell into the
Seine, which is very deep in thai spot. ' '
Never shall I forget that look of despair.
He made a movement to jump over, and, I
believe, would have eh?cted his purpose,
but for the presence of mind of a girl, a lit
tle, delicate-looking thing, about sixteen, n
violet seller, who clasping her arms around
- liim, cried fur help, which was instantly af
forded. Myself, and ' some others : seized
him: he struggled with .us desperately.
'Let me go!" erred he; " 1. nm.r ruined fur-
ever! My will), my children, what will bu
come of you?" A multi'lide of voices were
raised at once, some to console, others to in
quire; but above the rest wero heard the
clear and silver tones ol the little violet
girl " My friend, have patience, you have
lost nothing." - -
. " Nothing! Oh, heavens!" . ,
; ?No, no; I tell you, no. Let some one
run for the divers: there is no doubt that
they will siicceed in bringing it up,"
n She is right," resounded from a number
of voices, and from mine among the rest;
and in an instant half a dozen people ran to
fetch the divers. .Those who remained ex
erted themselves, each in hi way, for the
solace of the poor porter.- . One brought him
a small glass of liqueur another a utile bran
dy, and a third sorn? can de Cologne. ' The
little violet Ctrl had been lie t tire all the rest
in administering a cordial, and perhaps hers
was the most emcatious, a glass of pure
water, which she held to .his .trembling lips,
and made him swallow. . " Drink," cried she
"drink it up; it will do you good." ; Whe
ther it was the water, or the 'kind and sym
pathetic manner iu which it was offered, that
relieved him, I know not;' but certainly one
of the two had its effect, for his looks grew
less w Id and he became composed enough
to make his acknowledgement, to the hu
mane spectators, who had shown so much in
terest iu his misfortune. - 1
- .' The divers soon came; and one of them
descended without loss of time. Never did
I witness such an intense anxiety as the
search excited; if the fate of every one pre
sent had hung on the. success, they could noi
have testified greater interest in it. Soon
le reappeared, bringing up, not a bag of sil
ver, but a small iron bnx. . It was instantly
broken open, and found to be full of twen
ty franc pieces in gold; they wore soon
counted, and found to amount to about
twelve thousand francs, (nearly four hundred
snd fifiy pounds sterling.) -- - -.
' There wero three divers, who, overjoyed
at their good fori tine, speedily divided the
'price, among themselves: and directly anoth
er descended in search of the porter's bag.
This time he returned in triumph. The
nnor fellow could hardly speak when it was
nlaced in his hands... On coming to himself
he cried with vehemence," uou reward you:
vou know not the good you hare dono, I
am the father of five Children. 1,1 was form
erly in good circumstances; but a series of
misfortunes reduced me to- the greatest dis
tress. ' All that I had left was an irreproach
able character, which procured me my pre
sont situation. I have had it but one week.
To-day I should, but for your help, have jost
t. . Mv wife, my children would have oeen
exposed to all the horrors , of want:, they
would have been deprived of a husband and
a father; fof never, no, never, could I have
survived the ruin I .had brought upon them!
It is you who have saved us all. God will re
ward you He alone can," . While ho thus
spoke, he rummaged his pockets, and drew
out some francs, k " This is all I have, 'tis
very little, but tell ma where you live,, aijd
to-morrow 'V " Not one , sous,'? interrupted
they with one voice, and ouo ot'them added,
" Stop a bit: let me talK to my comrades.'
Thev stepped one side for a moment;.! fol
lowed them with my eyes, and saw, by their
cestures. that thev listened to their coinpin
ion with emotion,. , " We are all of a mind,"
said he,' returning with. them. ,. " Yes, my
friend, if we have beeu serviceable to you.
you also have beeu die. causa, of pur good
fortune: it seems to mo, that wo ought, to
share with you what God has sent us through
your means.. My companions think so too;
and we are going to divide it into four equal
parts." A .
The porter would have remonstrated, but
his vo'co wag drowned by the acclamations
of the spectators. "Generous fellows!"
" Much good may it do you!" "The simo
luck to you many more times!" resounded
from every mouth. There w is not one pre
sent but seemod as happy as if he or she
were about to participate in tho contents of
the box
.The money was divided, and, in spite of
his excuses, the p'irler was torceu to take
his share.;, The generous divers went their
way; the crowd began to disperse; but 111;
porter still lingered, and I had the curiosity
to watch his motions. . lie approached the
Hula-violet girl. "Ah! my d jar," cried he,
What do I not owe you! " But for you, it
had been all lost with nix My wife, tny lit
tle ones must thank you." " , ,, ' ,
" Met foil it is not worth mentioning.'
You would not have mo stand by aud sjc you
drown voursell?" '. ' .
" But your courage, your strength! could
ono have expected it fioin so young a girl?"
" Ah! there is no want of strength where
there is good will." .
" And nobody ever had moro of that.
Give mi six of your bo .uats, my djir; my
children aro so fond of violets and never
have thoy prized any as thev will thosJ,"
She twisted a bit of thread round six of
her ftiry nosegays, anJ prosented them to
him. He deposited them carefully in Ins
bosom, and slipped something into her hand:
then, without wait'ug to hear the acknowl
edgements wl.i.h she began to pour forth, took
to his heels as if his bag had beeu madu of
feathers. . .. . .. ' .' ' '
The girl looked after him with pleasure
dancing in her eyes. " Wa it will you take
lor the rest ot your nosegays ' sua 1, going
up to her. " Whatever you ore plaasjd to
give," cried she with vivacity; " for that
good : man's money will burn my purse till
I get home and give it to my rnoihar. O
how glad will she be to have all ' that, and
still more when she knows why it has been
given to me!" The reador will easily be
lieve my purchase -was easily made: the
good girl's purse was something tho heavier
fur it, and I had the pleasure of thinking
that I had contributed in a small degree, to
reward the goodness of heart she has so un
equivocally displayed. She hastened liomfl
with her treasure, and I returned to my lodg
ings to put my violets in water,- promising
myself, as I did so, to be a frjquent cus
tomer to the little nosegay girl of the Pont
Neuf. London Repository of Arts. )
: Indian Lovh Tale. Too editor of the
South Carolinian once had opportunity for
daily intercourse with the Choctaws, and he
improved it by ' acquiring their language,
which he describes as quite the most mus -cal
of all tha aboriginal tongues,- holding
much the same relation to the others, as th.3
Italian to other European languages.' It is
of course, therefore,' wall ndipted Tor making
love, and the editor has presarvad among his
memorandi the following specimen of tho
aptitude of a young savage for Ilia persua
sive eloquencj of pission. It loses, he as
sures us, some of its softness in transferring
it into English. " Falla, the Riven," knew
how to " fetch them from their mammas:" .
A young Chirf of Nuna-way-a, to To-ken
. s the Wttte Rose of tC. Prairie. - '
Sister, the arrow that flies from a broken
bow is untrue, and the course' of the fragile
bark unsteady -yot more faithless thin theso
are the promises of the pile fices. .Sis'.er
listen You are deceived -Hanry Mingo
has a double hearty and has talked w;t!i a
forked tongue of the swift Deer of the Hills
and the bounding Buffaloes of the Prairies
to another. Does he not hunt towards the
sunny South? Does he not often encamp
near (ho valley of Liatunah? His exploits
are now aung by the tribe of the GolJcn
Level, .and his name is now ' numbered
amongst its warriors. Sister two '-moons
hence and a squaw will darken I lie door of
hts wigwam! But grieve not s not my
wigwam empiy? ,-. There is no one to light
my pipe, or nursa my maV.e field. Will you
come to my assistance! Will you sleep up
on my Buffalo bed? - If sincome- and I will
love you while the stars twinkle and the riv-
l sm ??.- t :
U Oil her hair A dark ss the midnight ware, .u
And her eye is like kindling fire!
RJ And her voice is sweet ss the spirit's voice h,:.tj'
i .Tat eliordl with the seraph's lyre. , ,
. ,. But her noils sre ss sharp as a toniting fork,
i " ' And her srniaosatrOngaa a boar'ai " - ' ''
: She pulled my hair and she gouged my eye, r -And
she kicked me down the etalrsi f
'. I've got nn eye that's made of glass, "' "'
' ' And I've (tot me a wig that's new J :'
. Ths wig Is frlKled in corkscrew curls, ;
; , And the eye Is a clouded blue. ' ' -
' She mayshake her knuckles full In my face,'' "
'I ii And put the lamp to my heard, . :,... y ,
And bold the btoouislick over my head '
; ' - But I'm not a bit afesrd. ..,..' V '
i ! For live bound her ov to keep the peace, -""
, . And I've rouglit ine erab tree cane ' .
The Juitice will come, aud tlie constable too, '
If she meddles with me again, . '
My head was a week In the linen enp, v '! f
And My eye a month In the patch , . . ; .
' t never ti.ouglit that the torch ol' love
i l Would ligl.t such a brimstone nmtcl.l .. . .,., ;
.Hints to LADiEs.Stuir; carpets should
always have a slip of paper put undor them,
at and over the edge of every stair, which is
the part where they first wear out, in order
to lesson the friction of tho carpets against
tho boards beneath. The strips should ba
within an inch or two as long as the carpet
is wide, and about four or live inches . in
breadth, so us to lie a distance from each
stair.' This simple plan, so easy of execu
tion, will, wo kuow, preserve a stair carp3t
half as long agaiu as it . would last without
the strips of paper, -j. ,
I pity the unboliever one who can gazo
upon the grandeur, aud glory, and beamy of
the, natural universe, and behold not the
touches of His finger who is over, and with,
and above all; from the bottom of my heart
1 do commiserate his condition. Too unbe
liever! one whose intellect the light of revo
htiou never penetrated, who can gaze on the
suit, and moon, and stars, and upon the un
fading and imperishable sky, spread out so
magnificent before him, and say all this is
the work of chance. The heart of such u
bejiig is a drear and a cheerless void. Chal
mers. '
fjr Willis spoke the truth whou he said
editors are the pump handles of charity
always helping people to wtler, but never
thought to be thirsty themselves.
. It is an exceedingly fortunate thing for
public defaulters, that to be suspended don't
ip ean to bo hung.
Boingkissi'd '.odeath by a pretty girl, is now
styled " capital Punishment." '
Domestic 1 0'ids
Ile'nio'it of St, Cluirevllle . .91
Chilli'' o'.l' ft ,
Hnik orCini-innnti....l'roe
CirriHville old liank..l.ro e
U'flveinnti..,.. , ....
Cir l.viili- !l
C inter''. of Co'umhus.... "
Co'mii'innn '-
Coiiimerrinl lof Cincinnati "
Coimnerrinl Kef S-io-n...SC
Commftrciiil h. of L. Erie.. .1
D: y'oi 5
Fnnnei-a' b. ofCiinton 50
F. fc M. h. 8teii''envllle...21
F'nnkHn'ofCin'-lnniitl.. "
F'nnkllnb. of ("o'nm'm. . "
Oermnn b. of Wonter.' roi.e
Gpnnn , f
Oaltino'ls... frouri
Ornnvi"e ....dn
Hamilton t
T.elmi'OnMiflnii Bkgro.i'ro e
I.nnci.ater a
l.i fnveite b, Cincinnati. ...SI
MiishIIoii ; ,
M.4.T. I'. Cincinnati ...IU
Mnnl'i Urn frnuil
Mount IMeisant.. S,
Minmi Exporting ro
O loRnllRoid ro....fmuil
O lo Life and Trust co....SI
PnmliiHkv "
StftuVnville fraud
IV sun I'ks ro do
.West Unfo'i ito
VVcs'ern Reserve SI
WnsMnston hroVe
Woo.tcr II
Xenin ?
Zuiicsvilte ,.. 3
Pos'ni ...pnrn
rM'ndHpnia i...par a
North Cnrotina
Columbus.. . 4,
J ill-.
I din.
.par a
...la I dis.
...I at die.
...t n 1 Hl.
...t n 1 dU.
Mn'ite 1 H H ili
New Or'enn....J a 1 dln-
os' vine ) a v nis.
r.o iUvllie 1 n H dis.
fit. I,nnl 1 a U dis.
Cln-innntl 1 s 1 din.
Antmln,l:i'o'n....lta9 dl.
Ata'iama State notes, 6 iu 7i
Ju'lv 3.'
' ' "MTiJfin.' Toltilo. Cincinnati,
"" ; 1:1 July 4 ' Juno 27.
WltnuT, rrtiinh..'...;.S0.519n,f0 a 81
CORff. a ..." . , 4...
nnur, " '
Rvs, I , ,.". ;,
O VTS, - ' ", "
(tl.OVRt, "
Timothy, ' "
Flixskso, "
Btim, "
Api'i,n, ilried "
Graen, . " . :
Psinuiss. dried"
Flour, per bl
Po:iir. near "
. Me, "
Hilt, ; ..
Hvms, smoked, per lb IS
Snoui.nKTi. " 07
Bmp. mcM, per bi-1 . ... . ...
. v rji-ied. ner cwt...,
T.Ann, per lb.,..,'.... 0U
Rncstssj, " i... t..i on
nnrrat,. " ...,.......... Itf
tnKSWH," ,. S
F'iiTnBIB" S
Tv.'.o v. " ., 06
li.HSBNIl, " SS
Eaas, perdos ..,,, C6
...... 80. 5
SU ..40 a l .. lUa 41
. ..63 a 65 ..05 u 1,011
37 a 56
U ... SO a ?0
,?,f0 .1,00o ?.50
.1.18 l.SOe tfi
S-J i 1,10 a l."0
1,50 .....o 1,50
, 37 30 a r-i
. a l,9i
. 50 a 69
5,00 4,00 a .t.'S o ?JS-
......i.... l',0fl a 13,ifl
' alS.S.l 18,00 a 13,50
1,06a 1,10
07 a OS
, 02 i s 04
0,50 a 7.00
5.00 a 6 00
0.51 a 0ri
04ta C5
, ., 10 a 11
21a f6
SJ o f fl
06 a 0
' NOTICE. ' , ,
Auditor's Office, ) fTE.folIowinp; order
Henry County, Ono J JL was mane by the
Commissioners of Henry County at thoir June
session,, I C4S. -, : , ;
O-dered. That a tax of Eighty centa hn levied on
each hundred 'lollars valuation of tnxtble property
for the year 1845. fifty cents on the hundred dol
lars valuation to be w irked nt one dolhr per day
and the. remainiug thirty cents it sventv-fiva
cents per day. . , L. L PATRICK,
220jw , ' ' County Auditor.'
LIST OF LETTFRS in the Post Offic
Kalith, July lsl, 1845. . ,.( fl r;
Anderson,' Philip ' Jonrs, Isaac , . ., '
Bnlentim, A. S. " Jones, Tsine II. ' ' '
Blnclt, W. M.":- .f:-' ' Jones. Mossa
Critton,'met t Linden, Ahraham .:
Dnntzr, Snrnn T .. Morsran, Mnry .
Fli-mini?, Willinn Meherry, William .
u ..!,. t..k p ''"' ci,:..... a a
era run!
,,. " You have not dined' .s iid a straunor to
a ! friend. ff I have," answered the other.
"upon my honor." Then," j-ejoinedit tho
first, "I fear you have made a very light din
fatps,r3. J..
Rrittun, iRabee
! Smith, JafnPS
Sarbpr; John
rjoorgi-. John . .-. ,.. . Slv, Ahraham , .,
Hill rt, M. M. ,' '. ' Tosatn?. J-lin '
W, RLEY. P. M.
TVT"Vrtftl5 la bere' v fflvea tl'nt te nnrlerplsnpd hnv
1I Lein snnn'o'ed AdinnMt-s'n-s of t' e En'ii'e of vvll
'lnm MM's, 'istftof Putnnm -nil ftv, Ohio, dceraed, nnd t'ave
niia'el a aii"h oflminlera-o-. All ne-eons i-iHe'-red
o a(d E'nt will mnVe iTime llnte nnvrrmnt. nnd t' i
l,avti7n,aim"n'iiHatt''etn,e will ii-pwnt tlie same legally
authenticated for payment. J'i'r '"'
- ' i i li'i.i l.( 'CTHEIlINK MTI.T.S, !,
'." r ...-i JOHJf D. "P.EMER. .
0,ftfl.-iy ;. ..l 1 t .'. - - 1 .fVm'"- fl'.Ti'flt
.., k ,v ;.,.. v notice ; " - :
T3 hrehv (riven 'hat the suhscr'thpr has been ap
pointed Administrator de bonis .non onjhe
estate of Noble Brvrafe Jnto. of Pujtnnm county
deceisd. ' Dated thia 27th day of .Tiinn. 1845' ,
M-,tVJew ;: : '". .' MOSE3 LEE.
LANK SUBPOENAS, for Justices, just print
ed ana tor sale at tnn omce.
. Attorney and Counsellor at Law.'. .',r
-sttsI-aVING opened an office in Kalida, will
H hia nttnntion to the ordinarv buisneas
f his profession, and particularly to settlement
of olaims, payment oi raim,
denta. Jan. 10th, 1845. , : 203tf
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
OIHce on Main street, opposite T. R. McClure'i
Hotel. Kalida, June 20, 1845. ...
Kalida, Putnam County, Ohio. '
May 23, 1845. . ; '' ' 222
Mhrneu at Late, Van Wert, Van Wert county,
U10. . , .... "! """S
Attorney anil Counsellor nt Law.
. ' Napoleon, Henry County, O. '
May 23, 1845. ' 222
1 ' Phiisician 4 Surgeon,
-sr ATE of Pennsylvania, but more recently from
JLi Rochester, Ohio, has located himself at Roclc
sort, Putnam county, Ohio, and tenders' to the
piiblio his prolossionai sprvices. icd h.
Physician A Surgeon,
Kalida, Putnam co., Ohio. Office in tho building
formerly oci-upied by Mr. Thatcher, as the
American Hotel. April III. IIS4S.
Putnam county, Ohio. Orders promptly oxe
trod. Saddles, Sec, constantly on hnnd.
TJ ESPECTFULLY i-ifn'ms the eitisons of Knlliln and
I V ..... A....JIn, Miitnlrif thnt lin nrrlui On tllS ''llfll
ni'M of TAIbOlllxb In n'l Its trnn-l ea. H rara'ariy
rei'eiv.'e pai.fs 01 me i.sie.ot j-iiiii-. nwni . i.
mlnlp lii. nnd i P'epnrcil to fulfil nil o-rfers in his Hue ol
I ,ijI..oh In n fra-aful nnil wm-k tnnnli 'S mnnne.
CtlTTIXO done to order on the s' O'tiu'. ro'.le. Prlrea
i, nit ii.o tl,i.y. R on neit house at ove T. Cou'ter
ore. Kalida, July P, 1845.. '28.
EES .sapisizrioo
Placards, MioT-Bi!ls,
Orders for Printing will be promptly fulfill
ed, nt rensonalile piices. We cannot print for
"iess thnn cost," nor at ftty per cent, less than
others. Such promises have a eood deal of the
leaven of humbug; but we will do our work well,
nnd avoid extortion in our enarges. Give us a
trial. Kulidn, Julv 8, 1845.
1845- '
IB. SMITH hns just rcceivtd and is now
a opening a general assortment of spring and
summer goods, suitahlo for this market; among
htsstoclt may tc tounu glottis, taitcona, oauin.
etts. Su-ntner stuffs of every description, Vestings
Veils. Ticking, Sheetinas, Shirtinira, Twiet, But-
'ons. Thread. Drillings. Jeans, Cotton yarn from
6 to id of the best quality, Pantnl'oon stufl's, and
Luces, Sewing Silks nnd Bed morris.
Groceries Susar, Molnsses, Tea, Coffeo, To.
bacco, Alum,- Spice, Gingor, Nutmegs, Pepper,
ami Indiiro. .
Hardware and Cutlery DgorhingingsXocks,
Iron Butts, Shovels and Tongs. Trtips, Hnmmets,
Smoothinj; Irons, Patent Horspshoos, Shoe
Knives, Gimblots, Knives and Folks and Brushes.
IUts and Caps Hats and Cnps of all kinds
shaDes and wz, from a fine Leghorn up to brush
fence, and Lndiea' Bonnets ti.. match Lots of
Palm leaf hats for boys. . - .-.. . .: ;',
. . Iron, Naih and Glass,'
Crockery Tea Satis, Pliites, Mugs, Pitchers
Bowls. &c. &c.
Mr. Smith has tred the High Pressure System
ong enough, and henceforth lioode will De sold
Chtiip, nnd Tor Cash only;
Bring on your money, nnd you shnll have as mnny
goods as you cm rtirry away. J in ana ote
The PRODUCE of the countr will not be fe
fused in exc lange for goods, and a high market
price 8d tor Ueeswnx, Ashes, feathers, and
limseng. ;
N. B. Old Accounts must be settled.
Gilbon. June 20, 1845 22Gi
IE subscribers continue at the old
-stand, in the brick building direct
ly opposite the Court House, in the town
it Kalida, rutniTi county, unio. i noy
respectfully no eta cort'nunnoe nnd in
crease ot Datronaie ot ttie puhlic promising, in
return, to entire no pains on their pnrt. in prtvi-
ding every necessary comlort tor their gi ous.
V,- ttlMjIiT ,
Knlirh.Mtv, 1845.. ' ' ' G. L. H'GGINS
KALIDA HOTEL Kalida, Ohio.
rilllE undersigned, having take the
j above eitaDU snnunt, is now pre
!ared to furnish the traveling communt
tv with nccommodntttons not exceeded
by any other hotel in this portion of Ohio.
1. K. WCt-XiUKIV.'
Kaliih Febmnrv 20. 1845. I57tf
TT VS purchnsd the well known
ttvern stind in Gilboa, Put-
,nam countv, Ohio, lately occupied
by John E. Creighton.nnd hns fitted
the simo un for the accommodntion
ofthepublici He hopes, by a strict
attention to the wants and convenience of those
who may favor him with their patronage, to merit
a continuance of the same. Gilboa, Feb., '44.
EST half of North Enat quarter of Section 88, Town
i smith. Raima Bii Enat. E0 acres.
Wait hair of Bouth wcat quarter of Section SO, Town 1
South Rang Btf h East, W aeres. - . ' ' x
-' North wf at quarter, and west half of South Enst quarter,
and North :.st quarter of Soutli Beat quarter, and west
hnlfof Poutll west quarter hi qcciiuii i, auwu a nmiii,.
Range Six Eaat, 36'J ncri-a.
North Enat quarter of Section 7, Town 1 North, Rang
Six Enal. 1110 acres, t .
Tlieao iniirti will l a aold low lor man : or ror one quarter
cnah and the lislnnretn one, two, and three years, with In
terest, and those having no money, csn pay by clearing
landinUilatownahiD. A. t. EDGERTON, .,,
tueksvme, uennnro co. v.i ,. ngm.
June I, 1845. t ' ' ggSehw
THE subscriber has established a Land Agan
r.v at Kalida. Ohio, for the Durchase and sal
of Real Estnte, payment of Taxas, Sic, in th
Counties of Putnnm, Paulding and Van Wert..
Being connected With the Amorican Associated
Agency, which extends throughout the United
States and the principal States of Europe, fie
expects to be of essential benefit to all whs may
engage his services. GEO. SKINNER.
idilida-, Ohio, Feb. 24, 1844. 209tf
The rarnicrs' Library. '
More than half tno first number of Tn
op AoiticuLTURB is nlrendy stereotyped, and
the reiiiniiiiiijj will rnpidly follow. We bare
ly hope, however, to issue the work promp
uy on lite isi oi juiy, ns some oi me iiius
tiations require more time thnn we had es
timated, and cannot ho hurried. A fine Por
truit on Sieclof the lute Hon. Stephen Van
RknsjeLaeu will fuce the title-page, while
nn oi initial Memoir of thnt illustrious man,
will) cspcciul refuicnco to his lubors in and
services to the ctiuse of American Agricul'
turc nnd that of Popular Education, will open
the Journal of Agriculturci We design thiol
us tho commencement of a series of portraits
:iml biographical sketches of early and emi
nent champions of Agricultural Improvement,
particularly but not exclusively those of our
own co intrv. It is high tima that the fains
iiid honors hilherto monopolized by Warriors,
Politicians and Statesmen be bestowed in at
lunst equal nuasure on thosa noiseless bene-
factors of our race whose tearless triumphs
aro won in the domain of rugged Nature, and
of which " tho spoils" are enjoyed by the
wholo I In in n n Family.
The Fanners' L'brary will open with Petz
iioldt's Aciiicultural CiiEMisTKY,origimlly
pulilisiied in London last year, and now first
primed in this country. This work is less
profound aud dazzling than tl o jusily cele
brated treatise of Prof. Liemo on the same
subject, but it is far simpler, less abstruse,
and moro readily understood by those who
have little or no prior acquaintance with the
science of Chemistry. It will be completed
' . I . C . L T :i T..I..
in iwo niimuuis oi wie uiurury .miy "u
August.) and nriy be bound up by itself if
any desire it. It will be found complete,
conc'so, lucid and a s'gnal help to every
practical farmer. We i have, on in tturo con
sideration, decided io open with this rather
than " Stephens's Book of the Farm' an ex
cellent work, but very voluminous, and requir
ing expensive and continual alterations to
adapt it to the wants of Farmers in this coun
try. Petzlioldt's Chemistry will cover less
than 100 pages of the Library.
Among the contenis of the Monthly Jour
nal, will bo found a full and clear account of
l lie application of Electricity to Agriculture
in England, its cost nnd its wonderful results
Also, of the application of Guano the most
approved methods and tho effect, &c. &c
This will be by far the largest, and we hope
the best Agricultural work ever published in
ill's country. The Editor, Mr. J. S. Skimnf.ii,
devotes himsolf unremittingly and joyously
lo his duties, and is determined to show that
tlie projector and conductor of tho first Far
mer's periodic il ever printed in this coutitry
has not fallen behind the times.
. VVo do not expect many lo pay for such a
work as the Farmers1 Library till they havo
seen nnd approved il; we do not expect to
receive immediately any adequate return for
our heavy otnlay iu this enterprise; but wa
are grateful for every intimation of sympa
ihy with and good will to this publication.
Subscriptions' nnd suggestions will be grate
fully received by
153 Nassau street, New York.
Editors, who would like to receive
.the Library, will oblige as by noticing the
above. '
. . NOTICE ,
IS hereby given thnt the Commissioners at their
June session, 1845, levied a tnx for Road pur
posts for the rnEuing year of eight mills on each
dollar's valuation of taxable property in th
cuunty of Putnam, Ohio .
County Auditor.
Kalida, June 20, 1845. 226
BY o'dnr of the Coirt ol' Common PlehS for Warren
roirity, ill tid Mi.y lat, 1845, 1 a' nil oiler nt pu' lie sale
i t the Court Home in the town of Knllrin and county of
Putm.tn on W.-dm'K'lny, the 1 tit li riny of July next. I etween
the hours of 1(1 A. M. and 4 F. M. of auid day, tlie following
jironerty, ro wit:
Lot No. 58 In t' etown of Kolidn, Piitnnm county.
A 'an, the undivided half ol tlie northwest fraction of ths
duth luilf of section No. 34, town two south of range five
or at In tl e county of rutm.ni, containing 58 acres, with a
ail'l tliei-con.
Let No. 5" In Knlfrtn nppmlaed at $90.
The undivided ImlC of tt e 5H acre fnct, with th mill
tl ercupo i, npn'nised nt t'50. Both trai ts free fiom dower.
O ip t inl of the purchase money to l e paid in hnnd art
the itny of ante, o le third thereof in nine months tliereaf-re-,
n"rt tl e real.lus In eiil teen montha Irom the day or
an'e. To teaeenred hy mortrace upon tie premise res
pectively. The notcj ' anrlnp inta-cat f om t' e day of sale.
DEMAS ADAMS, Jun., Adm'r
, , EstattofT.B. Fun Horn, dec'is
July 4. 1845. dwSJfl
In coanquonce of nn error in t-e former advertisement
the pnln of the at ove property did not take place. No dia
appointment need he apprehended In Bale now rdvertiaed.-
P. A.. Jlinr.
TEnms Tf paid within ail months from tha
time of auhscfihing,- j.,..-..s...,.....d;2 001
After six months, and within the year 2 60
After the expiration of the year, 3 00
Advertisimb;. For 1 square 3 weeks,.... I 00
For each subsequent insertion, 0 25
Yearly MeertucmenU will be charged, for
one square, or less, v" 8 00
For one column,-- 30 00
rVj" No unpaid letters talten trom the rost Ut-
fice, and no paper discontinued until all arrearage
are paid.- .. '' '; ''"': ' ' !

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