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Y virliio of a venditioni exponas to me di-
jj rected from' the Court of Common ple of
ruinnm County, t lliio, 1 Will ofti-r tor sale nt thr
dnor of the Court House in said county on Monday
the 6th duy of October next, betwecnt he hours of
ten o'clock A. M. end four o'clock P. M. of iid
dav, the lollowing described tract of land to wit:
The west part of the east fraction of the south
east quarter of section eight. Town one, north
ranore fire east containing forty ncres. ' Taken as
the property of Dinicl R'ulcnour to mitisfy judg
ment .n lavor 01 nice arm nyrrs.
f ' T. R. McCLURE, Shff.
Shkwfv's Omrs. I "
! Kalida Sept.1 1845.$ ' 7'!'; '
I, Whitfield Acki.f.y, bs Administrator of the es
tate of Charles Porter, deceased. late of Blanchard
township, Putnam County, Ohio, will -offer for
ale, at punne vendue, at tne no use oi raaiinew
Chambers, in the town of Gilboa in mid county,
between tba hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clok
P. M.' en- the 27th day of September, in the year
1345, the following described real estate, to wit!
The last halt ot the south east quarter ol section
(even Town one north of range eight east, contain
ing 1M acres. ' Also the north east quarter of the
north east quarter of seetion and range as above,
containing forty acres. Also the north westquar-
ter of the north west quarter of section eight
township No. one, north of range No. eight east
containing forty acres Terms if sale, one third
oftXe purchase money paid in hand and the balance
ia WU equui Bliuuui luviaiiiicuis wiui ujii-icsw
; . , . W. ACKLEY, 4rfmV.
" August 19, 1845. ' 235ew
TY virtue of an order of the Court of Common
Wj Pleas of the County of Putnam, made nt the
Slay Term of snid Court, will be sold to tho high
est bidder, on the 4th day of October, 1845, be
tween the hours of ten o'clock A. M. and fur o'
elock P., M., at the house of Mitthcw Chambers,
In Gilboa, the following real estate, as the proper
ty of Samuel Clark, -deceased, to wit: The ast
half of the north east quarter, snd the south west
.quarter of the north east quarter of section thir
teen, in town one north of range tuven east; ern
"taining one hundred and twenty acres, subject
to the dower of the widow. Terms of sale, one
-third in hand, anl the balance in two equil - an
nual instalments, with interest. The deferred
payments to be secured by mortgage on the pre
mises. CHRISTIAN HunER, Adm'r
- r ;. t.,-::;,oj aamuei uor, aee
An?u 19, 1845
. w234.
: v.: SHERIFF'S SALE. : ., .
,TY virtue of a writ of Venditioni Exponas to
me directed from the Courfof common pleas
of Putnam county .Ohio, I will off;r for sale at the
door of the Court Huuie in s lit co inty on Mond ly
( the6thdayofOctohernext,1845,between thehou-s
. often o'clock, A. M. and four o'clock, P. M. of said
dav the following described tract of land, to wit!
' The south west quarter of the north east
- Jjnnrter and, the eouth enst quirter of the north
west qum0f section fifteen tewnahip ons eouth
l radge even east connriniag eighty acres more
.. or less taken as the property of A Del A. Fuller,
' W satisfy a judgment in favour of Jame H. Vail:
. i . T. R. McCLURE, Sh'ff. ,
! Sheriff's Office,. ir..,',-, ! , .
Knlida, Sept. 1. 1845.. 236J
- ouxiuu i J u nuu. - - -
1tY virtue, of a writ of Venditioni Exponas to
IJ me directed from the Court of common pleas
of Putnam county, Ohio, 1 will offer for sale at the
door of the Court House in said county, between
the hours of ten o'clock A; M. and four o'clock
C P. M., of Monday, the 6th day of. October, 1845,
(, following described tract of .land, to wit: .. , ,
The east half of the south west quirter of section
No. twenty eight township two south range eight
east, containing eighty acres more or less taken as
the property of EluahFergus3n,fosatisf a judg
ment in favour of HeorySlinnk. . ,.-
......... ... ,T-R-McCLURE, Sh'ff.
SnEBirr's Office,
c7 ' Kalida, Sept. t, 1045. i ;- '" ' " " 836d
, , SHERIFF'S SALE. ,., '
'TY virtue of a decretal' order to me directed
d: . from the Court of Common Pleas f Put-
i nam County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the Court House in said County, on Monday the
1 6th day of October next between the hours of ten
J' o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P. M. of said day
,: the following described tract of land, to wit: ,
, The North West quarter of section No. four,
, Township No. two. South of Range seven East,
" also the East half of the North East quarter of
' section No five in Township No. two south of
Range No. eeven East in said county of Putnam,
i and taken as the property of George -H. Stephen
. son to satisfy a decree in Chancery in favor of
Clark H. Rice At. David Ayres. - 7
f - . VT. R. McCLURE, Sherijf. ,
Sheriff's Office. " ' - ;-
tan Kalida,Sept.2d.835. . i 336d (
l: . - . SHERIFFS SALE. ' ;
D1 fyY virtus of an Execution tome directed from
ef XJ the Court of Common Pleas of Putnam
; ; Cuunty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the doot of the
Court House on.Monday the 6th day of October
next, 1815 between the hours of ten o'clock,
i'. A:' M.. nnd four P. M.. the following' described
track of land to wit. The south west quarter of
North Went quarter of section fourteen town 2
.' south range six east containing forty acres more
" or less; taken as the property of Nancy Lippen-
cott to satisiy an uxecuuuo iu iuvui ui j. v. vui-
, T. R. McCLUKB, Stienp,.
; . . By J. LBeam, Deputy Sheriff.-
Sheriff's Office,
Kalida, Sept. 2d. A. D. 1845. MBd
TsrY virtue of a decretal order to me directed
I from the Court of Common pleas of Putnam
euunly, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
Court House in saiu county on lwonuay ino oin uny
,'ol October next, 1845, between1 the boor of ten-o'clock
A. M. and four o'clock P. M. of said day the
following described tract of land, to wit; ;.,
,. The north west quarter of the north west quarter of
, Section JNo. ten town, two- souitvTange mo. seven
cut situated in sad county of Putnam and taken
! as the property of Robert Tate & John B. Reader
. to satieiy a uecren mvuiuucij mwui vi via
ti. Ktoe UoviQ Ayics.
ir I. B. McCLURE, Sh'ff.
Sheriff's" Office. ) , ' - - "
'Kalidn. Sent. 1, 1845 ( -n ' 2?6d
BY virtue of two writs of Venditioni Exponas
; to me directed from the Court of Common
jPleas of Putnam Go'unty, Ohio, I will offer tor
. sale at the door of (tie Court House in enid coun
ty, on Mondays the 6th day ol October r.eXJ, ISio,
, between tbe hours of ten o'clock A. M. ami tour
. o'clock P. M. of sai4.day,the following described'
tract of land, 1o wit: j .... '.; .
inlote r". tninyiine ana lorry, in-tne ;i own
" of Pendleton in said County, taken as the proper-
ty of Tbomns Wamsley to satisfy two judgments
;' in favor of Thomas Luke and Joseph VVbite. i
, T. R. McCLURE, Sheriff.
Fkeriff's officf. .'.......
. Kalida, Sept. 1st, 1845' .J.236J j
AT our instance, sn attachment was this day
issuer! by John Kuhns, a justice of the
1'eace, of Union '? Township, Putnarn -tJounfy,
ogaint the property and effects of Andrew' Mo
Clure. a nonresident of said County. of Putnam.
' Aognst 18, 1845. - . ' " w34
In imrsnan"'- of e order of te Court of Common Plow
fMf tl'e ronntv of Putnrm, unit P'nle of Ohio, at tlielr Mny
('cm A. D. IMS, the unitenlcrM, Admlnlatrator I) Bonis
ot or ti ' or Alien ;. Mrti'nre, into or wfa roiintjr
rleeenied, will oTer fDmeieat tt'enbr of ttit Court ftonne
In nr. Id ronniv, on the niitd day of Krto'sr A. V. 'MS. ti
roMowlns dtiMn'd rest eiMts of ntd de-edent. lons In
)d 'onnty of Putnam, o wit. The nojth went ifnarts'.
ti e outh west euartor.of metton numterst, of Towns! In
ntimi - ona tioth or Ranta number eiitnt east, rontninins
forty nrm of 'ad; the wnt attne nforenald Is annralMd at
'T.rn, nnd will le sold for one haf " nn"led vahis
tt-eMtr. Tb' n In "and. n' jeet to tlia dower aataM tnsre
tn,of the Widow of said de-edent. i. .
AuKusk lth,t45. ' Mm'r Dt Bnit I:
By virtus of SB ordar from tha Coti" of Common Heat
of tl S'ountyof Pntnurn snd Stt of O' to. I will ofer
tb' arle on the h day of O-'ser nt, hewen the l-onrs
rtn o!o, A. it., and nir o'e'e P. M.. at the noon
Houa m Kalida, ie roi'own? rtwlhad nroeny, t-s ong
Invtothe es'ate o'Mo'nn t.ln-lnrn't. inrtnmi. to wit:
The went ha'f of h nortb-westaiiarte- of etlon numher
fourteen (U) fownuMp nnnhr tn-o (?) aontb, of ran-e
nnm!er alt f(tl mid, A Ino the north-emit nare ef the
north-Mmt ouster of M-tkin nnm'iar fifteen f'Sl sums
Townailn and win all tl'na'ad In ths mil ronnty of
Pit'nam; mntalnlns In tin whole, one hundred and twenty
ae-eaofland. i. . , .
Ti. 0"-f-lrd In hand; one-fhl-dln one yenr, and
oe-f'lrd In two yean from t'-a time of mI.I sale th da-f"r-ad
payments to hs nwiirad hy morte oa the premises
nil to na som sti'-jeTO to toe wiaow ower.
JOtlV dPHOTT,. '
1 .. Jlm'r utatff Marram Lininetlt.
Wh Annt, IMS, 5wTt
TJY'VlrtBe of s w-lt of It fa at lavi fn, to ma directed
M ay the eo'irt of Cnnmon P'ean, of Putnam eonnty.
irjvt, I will oler for aal at the door of the mill Honna,
in Katlds, In unld eonnty, hatwrnin the hoim ten 0'-
r'wk A.M. and fnnr oV'O'k P. M. en Monday tha dith
day of Orto'ier, I8tl. T.ia rollowlnf deserlhed property,
Ml -': I . 1 I r. .
Ontlot nnmher fortyl-ht In tha Town ef Knlida eon
tnlnlnf flye arw, and T.!W) of an arm) tal'en tha
nronartr of 'Vl'ilam P''ll!lns to satlafy an aie'uilon la
furor of William Arnold.
, T. B. McCLURE, BUrif.
ITn'IdB, Pant, td, tlM.1 '' ' yiid
BT virtue of a writ of Bte-B'lon fn)m ths Snnreme
.re'irt o' Pn'nnm ro-mty. O'-io. f shl oTerfo- an'a
at t'-e door of fhseoiirt Hone H enld onnty, on Monday
t'-e th dry of Orfn' ner. 'Ml, I etwean the I on re often
o"'0"t A. M and nur o'clock P, M. the follawinf dl-rrl'-ed
rani esta'e to wit. . ,
T'e soith went auartar o'tha south st nnartar of
wloi e'eren town wo so ith rane eifht east eontninln
aT''ty er mo'n o- 'I tnken aa the pronerty of Danlal
I.. Rotls to satisfy an Eieruilen In ftvor of James Lew-
T. B. MeCI.URB, JJiriF,
By J. Li Bum, Deputy Sheriff. ;
Kalida Bept. d. IP-IS. , yd '
By. virtue of a writ ofnVI falato me directed f-om
tha Cimtt of Common P'aaaof Putnam Tountv, OMo,
1 will o rr fo-Ha at the door of the Court Honaeln aaid
'O'inty, on Monday, tha th day of Oeto'' naf, 1S45 l-e-twami
tim honra of ten o'c'o-k, A. M. and foi' e'-'o-ik, P.
M. or said day tne roilowlnf deserlhed trset or land to
The south east nnsrter of section three ftl town one
north ran-e seven East fontainfne one hundred and sixty
ar-es moa or lean. Tn aa tt:e pfonerty of lo-enh
Tsmma to aa'Ufr a Judgment In faror of Henry Rudolph.
Apurr.uea u .
' ' T. . McCLURE, Sri.
Pneatrr'a anfw, , , i , ,
Kalula, Sept. 1st, IMS." 1 ' ' VM "
' .-' IrT CHANCERr. . '
Allan. EMrad. 1
Tha snld A'tea Eldred la herehy notified fl-at on tha
"""Mnt day of July, A. D. 'MS, tha enld Isaa Clay
m cniiri rauiiiT, CUM ! n' to. Died 10 the TOIirt Of VOm-
mon Plees of tl-eConntyof rana. i. um at.t. f ol io.
a Rill In Chanrrir rfinit. the aaid Alia Eldrea, th.a'ie-t
and prnyer of wlii-h Pill la, that the enat half of tha Boutl
west quarter of eefion nume' twentv.ilit, towa'ip
nnmLer one south, of ranta numher alx eaat. rontainine
elthty aerea. and annate In raid ottntv of Putnam, may he
sold to untiafv thaaiimof alhtydoHaniand Interent thereon,
and w'-kh said smn of money the aaid Vlan Ed red ae-n--
ed to-e paid toanid laaaClay, hy deed of mo--raie, dated
rteeem ar 9B, 1844, iinon tha premlMs afo'eaald. .Andthe
said AUen Eldd is fu'ther no'iled that unleaa ha appear
and nleadf answer, or demur to the aaid Ri'l ithln ality
davaafer tha next term of asld court, the said Tsaar Clay at
the term next after the exoh-aMon of in Id alxty dya will
anpiy to enld ronrtto tave tha matters or said but as eon
(based and decree thereon a"o'dlnly.
. ... ACKEHM V V. Htomajfl, 1
h .'.. ; BolirltoraforComnlalnant,
JiilyJi,io. .. . jsifw
Matthew Cliambers.
mbera.l i
ir, and! ' ' -Hater.
J -
E'llnh Pnnker,
Nluin McAlllatai
In nurauanea of an order of tha eonrt ot eommen Plea a
o'the ronnty of Putnam and Xtatt of Ohio, at tlielr May
Term. A. D. I8'S. Elilnh Run iter in herehy notified thai
on the tth day of May, A. P. IH 14, Matthew Chamhe'a of
theCoiintvorPutnam.nledlneaid eout nia Mil In rnaneery
ayainat the snld Elijah Bunker and Velson Mr A "Inter, eet-
tiny rortn, tnat on me 3'et day or iwern'mr, imz, na on.
mined hy the consideration of Whitfield A'kley, a Juatlra
of the nance within and for the county of Putnam, a Jiid?
mant s-alnat the aaid El'JnB Bunker for the mm of '24 88
and covj or aiilt nat teere remaina unpnld or sold judg
ment the nimof tM S4 with a larae amount of Intereat
That aaid Bunker owned eo"od0'ciatteii.lander tens-
mania whereof the amount of naid ludcmentcan 'ernnde.
That on or a1 out the drat day of Fat-mary, I8-IP, said Bun.
kecao'd and conveyed elthty acre of land to the ir. Id Mc.
Allfnter fb- tl e num of 8-IP0--thai anid Runker received in
payment for enld 'and noee on one Itennan Luce fe tie
amount or Y48uoo: that some time between orcm' er
1849. nnd Mnv. 1813. anid Bunker delivered aa id notea to
aaid MeAlliieer without reeetvlne any thin therefor, for
the nurpoe of darraudlnt romnialnant out or I-la said iuds-
ment; and prnvtnythat anid McAllister -s enjoined from
trannfer-lnr snld no'ea or pavins Bunker tte ianiouBt of
said lnde"-t.entene i that Bunker ee decreee to pay tee
amount of enld ludemen', or thatiinon default the-eof the
anid McAMIntar he decreed to pay ti e amount or paid Judg
ment and coste,and that In default tre'cnr exe-n'ion Issue,
ate, t,. BiisxcAur , . -
, I i Solicitor for omplalnent.
July IS, 1843 , ""w
-1 r Treasurer' Notice. ;
rpRE amount of Taxes levied on each hundred do'lars
Jl vnluation of taxal ll property In the neunty of Put
nam for the year 184.1. is ss fo'lows, viz.: For Btata and
Canal porpaaes, aavanty rental for road purposes eighty
cents; lor county pwrpeMev, nny renin; ana for eel oqi pur.
powa. twenty rents; makinf In the whoHs, two dollara and
tweaty eenta. In Union tewnship-ther it levied ten cents;
Ottawa, fifteen rents; Greanahuri. fifteen eenta: Riley, tari
rentn: Honnse. twenty cants, and Richland. (It cunt.
for Townsi-lp purposes. In Pnsar Creek, fifteen rents are-
evied ft' Poor purposes, Tne townsnips of Bianchard,
Ottawa, Jackron, and Van Buren have each- h-yled
twenty eenta fr Schoo' purnoaea.
. I will attend eithe- In pereon or hy Pennty, In the several
towTU' lpe, at tne pieces or roiainy eieetiona, njr the par
posr Of receiving 1 axes, in tne loTmwinr ooer, no wit:
Pnwar Creek,..
Monroe, .,
Richland',... .
Oreenahurs, ....
Ottawa, .... ...
Lihatty, ...r..,
Vnn Buren,..,,
B'aneliard. ....
Rley,. ........
JO; '
Pleainnt, ...
And at my office ip Kalida, the balance of the tiroe until
tne ita 01 jwemmr. , . 1
- 41 C .M. GODFKEt, Treasurer,
Treasurer's flmce, Knlida, Puntam to -
Aufust Sth, I8-!J- : .: ; j, SM .
I-.-:- ..:- .?. .: SHBRIPF'S SALE, y V -. ,:.'..-i
BV virtue of a wit of fieri farlaeto ma directed f-ora
theCon't of Ooinmo-i Piers of Putnam County O lo
I will o?er fo' se'e nt the doo' of the Court House In said
Sintjr, on Monday the Otn day of Octo'ier next, IP45, he
ween tl hours often o'clock, A. M. and four o'c'opk. P
I of siiid day t'-e ro' oivlni rni-rl"ed tract of land to wit:
The went half of the nortli west noarter of se- tlon
rtrentv-tlve town two south ranre seven enst. eonti lnins
elthty aerea more orieas. 1 aaen pa sue p-operty as j:in
nmrer to snnsry a juojraeni in isvor 01 uun is Duekinf-
ham fc Cov L . i -
. T. It. MCUI.UBE, Shirt J.
' fnanivr's owics, ..v .1 . : .
Kilide Berrf-.-Jrt A. Br VHS, . KM
TSnrsuant to an Miner decretal order Inmed out of the
X '.'011 i t of Common pleas oTPutriam county to ui direaud
and delivered. I a alto Iter for sain to ti a hlslieathldder.at
ti e door sf t'ie Court HnOae in Kalida, InSnld county of
ruinem,on t'-e aixin any 01 nver, .u.ieso, "etweo-i ti'e
' oil's often olock, A, Vt. and four o'clock; P. M. tne foi
lowina descrPed landa and tenements, to Wlt- Tha nth
Arst quarter knd the enat fraction pt the earth atnnitrter.
of the north east qirarterof section Twenty alx'ln Town
l lo One south of Riinstl seyad enat i-onti.lnlnv fortir-.li
acres of land tV sittiafy a decree'ln favor of Enoch Steven
Hon, and arainst Antliopy Early It William Early: appralaed
vshMlSSK' "1 r-
Aufust (tb 184J. . Multr Cst. in Ck'f.
(."- ' SHERIFF'S SALE.''' 1,1 '
TrtY virtue 'of sundry Executions to me direct
J3 ' ed from the Court of Common Pleas of Put
nam Countv. Ohio. I will offer foi sale at the door
df the Court: House, on Monday, the sixth day of
October next, 1845, between tne nours or ten
o'clock A. M. and four o'clock P M. the follow
ing described tract of land, to Wit; the East part
Of North West fraction of West half, section 7,
In town 2 Sooth Range 6 East containing Sixteen
seres, with a grist ana saw-mill and frame dwel
ling house on the snm9. Taken as the property
Of James Nicholas & Samuel Dinsmore to satis
fy sundry Executions in favor of Jacob Rhodesa
Others. . - ' , . .
. v ; T. R. McCLURE, Sheriff.
a ' - : By J. Beau, Deputy Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office ,, , r, -.
Kalida Sept. 2d, . j . A. D. 1845,
BY virtue of a writ of vend! exponas to tne
directed from the Court of common pleas of
Putnam County, Ohio, I will otl r tor sale at tne
door of the -Court House in said county, on Mon
day, the sixth day of October next, 1845, between
the hour of ten o'clock. A. M., and lour o'clock.
P. M. of said day the following described track of
land, to wttt ,
The west half of uorth east quarter of section
seven, town two south Range six east containing
eighty acres mora or less, taken as the property ol
Andrew D'nsmore to satisfy an execution in
favour of F. H. Gillett & Ann Beverage. Admi
nistrator's of N. Beverage deceased.
... T. ft. McCLURE, Sh'ff.
Sheriff's Orrtcx,
Kalida, Sept. I, 1845. ; 236d
IS hereby given, that I will attend either in
person or by deputy, for ths purpose of re
ceiving taxes, at the usual places for holding
elections in tbe several townships in Henry coun
ty, as follows, to wit)
in Harrison September 13;
Richfield ...........
" Myo
' " Liberty
" Freedom......
" Ridgeville .........
" Flatrock
And at my office in Napoleon during the ba
lance of the time nhtil the 20lh of December.'
The following are the rates of taxes for the
Firesent year: State and Canal, 7 mill on ths dol
ar valuation; County, S mills; Road 8 mills.
bridge It mills, and schools mills mikinii in
the whole S3 mills on the dollar Valuation. ' -
In the Townships of Flatrock and Freedom, 1
mill; Napoleon, 2; Harrison' i, and Liberty i
mills are levied in addition iof township -purposes.
- -
Also, in Napoleon and Freedom 3 mills:' 1 in
Flatrock; i in Harrison, and i id Liberty are le
vied tor poor purposes -
1 Also in Ridgeville, Pleasant, Harrison snd Li
berty 2 mills are levied for school purposes.,,
. D. HA RLE Y, Treasurer.
Treasurer's Office, Henry co , Ohio.)
Napoleon, August 1, 1845. . J . ' . . 6w230
- N. B. Supervisors can obtain road certificates
by applying to their respective Township Clerks,
- ' - SHKRiFK'fi kAI.R .....
TY virtue of. writ of fi fa to tne directed from the
Court of common pleasof Pntoe!ni coun ty1 ,Ohio,
I will offer forsale at thedoorof the Court Iluo.in
Kalida, on Monday, the6tb day of October next, A.
u. 104a, Between tne nours oj ted o'clock A. M.
and four o'clock P. M. of said day (he following
described lands, to wit t .
.The north half of the north' west Quarter of sec
tion thirty-one town two south range six east, con
taining aigniy acres oi laon, more or less; an lying
in Putnam county Ohio. Taken as the property ol
r . j T . . .:r. .1 . w. , J..1
uaviu t.'mi loaniiBiy mree Eixecutions in lavour
of J. C. Curtis and Others. . Appraised at 24X
1 i i T...IjJ hV&E.S'iff
' Sheriff's Officb, .-- i-.-
Kalida, Sept. -1. 1845. ' ' 236d .
;, ' MICE Sf BASSETT, , ,'
HAVE ronimenred I onl-ste snd will I e resty to sapp'y
the rl'.icers of tUs snd ll.e adjoininf counties wits
aver variety 01 i.-.
TVn, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware, h: ;
at prices as lew aa can he had In this section ef country. '
'' 1 ' JfOVV IS the timeV v.:
If yon want first Tate articles, and ti e cleanest which can
he had, five ua a call snd ws assure you that you shall net
(a iviy uicnppuinma.,
1 As soon ss arransements can he made, we shall he pre
pared to aeli at W! olerale, and aupply Traders and Mer
chants with any quantity that may ' a wanted. HI op over
C. H. Sirev Store, - .t. SI'Ozw Kalida, July S, 184S.
m.IE subscriber has purchased the
JVHaV JL bid stand, in the brick building
Hi t SI directly opposiis tne touri nouse, in
H't,l 'tali da, Putnam county, ; Ohio, favors
"""""bly known ss " Risley's Exchange."
He respectfully solicits the patronage of the pub
lic and in return,' he will spare no pains to se
cure the comfort and convenience of his guests,
who will find at the Exchange every accommo
dation usually found si hotels in this section of
tbe state. , . ,, ,'. . Ki. HUlviBAUtitl.
, Knlida, Aucr. iS. 6i5. ' ' ' 235 h
; ' v. ..dt-1845 ili 1-. ,.. f. i
;;v ' ' At gilboa, ohio. r
i . i 1 1 - I. - ii. 1 c.. ;.'
I B. SMITH has just receivtd and is now
: openinic a general assortineot o spring and
summer, goods, suitable fur this market; among
his stock may be found Clothe, Calicoes, Sattin-
-etts, Summef stuffs ol every description, Vestings,
veils, ricKing, etieettngs, oturtings, i wtst, But
tons, Thread. Drillings, Jeans, Cotton yarn from
A.. lA.r.L- i . - ! i...jr i
u iv ui ijio ueni quality, ramniuvu siuno, any
Laces, Sewing Silks and Bed Corda.
' Groceries Sugar, Molasses, Tea, Coffee, To-
oacco. Alum, Bpice. Uinser. Wutmeu-s. PeDner.
and IndigoJ, .' i -.,; .' .:'('
Hardware akpCvtlrrt Doorhtnirinsrs.Locks.
I o i Butts, Shovels and Tonirs, Traps, Hammerr.
omoominir irons, raieni riorscsnoes, onoc
Kniv.es, Gimblets, Knives snd Foiks and Brushes.
fliTs aND Caff Hats and iCaps b all kinds
shapes and six-, from a line Leghorn up to brush
fence, and Ladies' .Bonnets ti match Lots o
Palm lea hats for boys. , . ,
' " ." Iron, Nails ana Glats,' , '. j'
jurr'QUAxriTr of ''
- Crocrery Tea Setts. Plates. Mnzs. Pitchers
Bowls, Ate, &.c. ,T I ,. '.1-' I
Mr. omitn has tried the High Pressure System
ong enough, and henceforth Goods will be sold
. ' Cheap, and for Cash niyt ' i -i
Brir2 on vbaf money, and vou'shnll have as many
goods ss V"" een carry away; v TRY and See.'
i The. PRODUCE D the country will not be rer
fused in exchange or goods, ana a high market
price, paid lot, Beeswax, Ashes, f eatnrs, snd
Ginseng.';. u ' U-.ii,-.'"' fi r-.i 1 . "
W. B, um Account must be settted Ml ::
Gilboa, June 30. 1845. 42fix
j . , Attorney and Counsellor at Larv. ,t .
HAVING opened an ioffioe',ln, Kalida, will
give his attention to the ordinary buieness
ol u. s profession, and particularly to settlement
of claims, payment of taxes, &e., for non-residents.
Jan. 10th, 1845. - ti.i v. ,., 203z
' i J. J.,ACKEI)MAN, -;,r.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Oflice on Main street, opposite T. R. McClure's
Kalida; June 20, 1845.
' Van Wert, Van Wert County, Ohio.
Feb. 1844. ;""': ' ' l:; ;
,. , . JAMES G, HA1.Y,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
.-.! Napoleon, Iltnry County, O.
Mayl3, 1845. i 2M
. .Kalida, Putnam County, Ohio.
May 23, 1845. . ..; ..;22?
Physician Se Surgeon,
LATE of Pennsylvania,but more recently from
Rochester, Ohio, has located himself at Rock
pint, Putnam county, Ohio, and tenders to the
public his proteesional services. ; Feb., '44.
doctor p. l. Cole,
Physician Surgeon,
Kalida, Putnam co., Ohio. Office in the building
formerly occupied by Mr. Thatcher, as tbe
Amercsn Hotel. April 18, 1845. : -
Putnam county, Ohio. . Orders promptly exe
tenod . Saddles, ie , constantly on hand. .
WEST half of North Eaat quarter of Section 28, Town
. I South, Rinia Sis B .at, HO acres.
Weithall of South weat ouarter of Section SB. Town 1
South Rantie Ki ..t Bnat, 6tl acres.
Kort'i weat Quarter, and weat half of Houth East aunrte.
and Noth E m quarter of Snut!i Enat quarter, nnd weal
'-airor roirn weat quarter oi tsecuoa I, Town 1 noun,
Ean-e Six East, MS acres. .
Nb-th E .at quarter of Suction 7, Town 1 North. Ranee
Six E st, IttOscres. . . i j hi .
These lands will he sold low for rssh; or for oie quarter
roth and the ta'anr in one, two, and tluee years, with in.
te'est.ana those nnving no money, ran pnv J riearinf
land in ti is township. A. P. EDGERTOV,
ilicksviiie, uenance ro. U.I jsgmt.
, Junel, 184S.... .. I i SSSetw
., i Boot and Shop. Maker.
TTA8 just received a first rate stock of Leath-
I JL er trom Cincinnati.
Ready made work constantly on land. '
i Kalida, July 15, 1845. 229ebw
, . CARDS.
Geohgr Cook, of the Uio firm of Ely,
Smith Si, Cook, for the pist six years, manti-
faclnres of ilie celebrated Bartlett Cards.
would inform the public and the patrons of
the old establishment, io. 71, i ultoti si.,
where he has always been employed, that he
continues tbe mnnufiicture of nil the varie
ties at Playing Visiting and Black Cards,
heretofore furnished by the establishment
and that orders for various kinds will be
faithfully and promptly executed on Applica
tion to bis sole , agents, Messrs. Ely and
Latham, No. 71 Fulton St., at the following
prices, usual discount off, for cash, or to
those who huy lo sell again, viz:
M uble and white backs $33 per gross.
Hairy 8 : do - .30
Decatures do 21
Ellsler : do - 21 .,.
Merry Andrews . do ; ; ... ,18
Highlanders, Noj 1, star Si mar
ble band r, ; . 15 , s ,
do 2 do . 18
Enamelled, Ivory and Poarl Surface Cards
as per tbe following scale;
Large No.5EnamcIled$2 00
No.15 Enamelled $500 4 do 2 00
14 ! do 6 00 3 do 150
13 do- . 450 2 do 150
12 do ,400 1 do 125
15 do , 187 10 do 125
. 13 do 1 21 9 do 121
12 do 1 50 8 do .100
Small. ,1 ... do ' 1 00
: 11 Enamelled 4 00 6 do 100
10 - do.. 3 50 5 do 75
9 , do 3 00 4 do 75
,8 do : 250 3 do, ' 62
t . 7 do 250 2 do 62
fl .. ' do r. 225 2' do ' 50
Embossed Ennmellid Cards, tinted and
plain, beautifully polished with elegai.t design
as borders; , .. I .
r. " Printers blank enrda. Y
Small llanks;(play card size)6. 1 $15p,rgroE8
Large do
.,, , do
J Double s'jie of the small
Double B'ze, of the large
r do ,. . do ..
Also ail the above sizes of every color te
O.her s'zes cut to order of either the fore
going qualities. ','.'-"7, ( .
Mouriiingcurd of various sizes made toord'r
. Gold bordered cards do , , do . ,
.: Gilt edge. ';,. .do. 7 do "i .
, Eiiamt'lledsheetscapsze&20by24incher
i ivory surtace do ... . do
'.'Pearl ,t do... ' , .7 7 do ,-',,7 M-d"'-.
Blank sheets, ' 'do ' " '' An' !
Also Railroad and Steamboat Tickets
made lo order of any color, or of diffortint
cblnfs,,as may be desired. ': '::7'" " ' i'.:
The subscriber invites all editors of fhe
United Stales and Canada; who are disposed
to take (heir pay in cards and who will send
him a .copy of their paper, containing this ad
vertisenient, to; insert it for three montl s. .
New York, January 29, 1815. 233
Prospectus of tbe Ohio Statesman. 1
THE undersigned respectfully announce -,
tor the Democracy, of Ohio, that tbef
have purchased of Col. SamueI Mxdart, all
his interest in Ilia Oliio Slatesinnn newspaper,
from and after the 1st of July, 1845. Th
paper will, as heretofore, advocate, unflin
chingly, Democratic Principles and measures,'
ana give the sttongest support to the regaJ-i
laily liominalid candidates of the Democratic 1
Party, that it will be in the power of the un-1
deisigned lo aflbrd. To 6imly support the
National Administration lo maintain that
right of this country to the territory of Oregon ,:
to uphold the gieat doctrine of the sove
reignty ot the people, as contended for by;
I he patriot Dorr lo contend for the adjust',
mint of the tariffin such a manner as shall -do
justice (o the great Agricultural interest. -of
the West to labor for the settlement of,
the National Finance question in a way that
shall pievent the public moneys from becom f
tug the means of individual aggrandizement,
and lo stienutiusly support any measure
calculated to make the laws of Ohio embodi
nej s of the principles of Liberty and Equa
lity, and to give to the Slate, a sound cur
rency; 'liese ate the objects which the un
dersigned propose tb themselves in the new
and urduoiis position . which they have as
sumed. Their success must depend upon
the amount and the character of the support
which (hey shall receive at the hands of the
Democracy of the great Empire State of the
West, whose voice in the National Councils
is so important, and whose example, in the
inauagementof their internal afTiirs, is destin
ed lo exert a vast influence upon all quar
ters of lhe Union, and particularly to give
chancier to lliu legislation of the new com
munities which are constantly arising, and
demanding to be admitted to the rights and
privileges enjiyed by the members of the
The undersigned have invested a large
amount of capital in their present undertaking.
They have brought to iis support, whatever
of talent and enterprise they pi ssess. Their
interest is identical vt h I hat of the West;
and thcie is no incei t ve lo exertion no
motive which can incite n.en to a fuitl.fjl
dischaige of important duties which is not
moving iliem to labor for iho good of that
portion of the confederacy into whose hands
.he physical and moral powers of the nation
are rapidly passing. Uuder these circum
stances, they feel that tliey are privileged to
ask fur that support and to look for that con
fidence from the Democracy of Ohio, without
which all their labors must be worse than
performed in vain. , .;
..The undeis'gucd propose making same
mechanical improvements in the paper, which
will render it more worthy the support of the
public. A fair proportion of the paper wilt
be devoted to miscellaneous reading and
news matter. .,
Terms. The Statesman is published
Daily during lhe session of the Le
gislature, aud Tri-Weekly the bal
ance of the year, at $6 00
Tri-Weekly lhe year round, at 4 00
Semi-Weekly during the session of
; the Legislature, and Weekly dur
ing the balance of lhe year, at -! 3 00
Weekly the year rouuJ, invariably in
advance, at v Off
0 Persons desiring the Weekly paper
for six months, nan hare it for ons doixaX,
always to be paid in advance, ; .
Five Dollars in one letter, in advance,
w'll pay for two copies of the Statesman pub
lished Semi-Weekly during the Session and
Weekly the balanco of the year, directed ,to
the names ordered. ; ; :- . , -,
03" All payments to be made in advancer
Those who have not an opportunity of pay
ing otherwise, may remit by mail , at our risk,
postage paid. The Postmasters certificate
of such remittance, shall be a sufficient re'
ceipl therefor..
CT Thosa who subscribe by the year will
please so designate.
QZj Any persou who will procure six, sub-.
sciibers, and inform us of the direction of
Ins paper, shall have a copy sent him for hie
trouble, ,.
03" Persons receiving a prospectus, who
cannot make use of it themselves, will please
hand It lo another, "
Columbus August 5, 1845. ;
gat 4ggnpa3arre'i33
7 : Placards, Show-Bills, V
DONE TO ORDER. ' ' , ( .j
, Person favoring ua With their commands will
have their orders promptly attended to, on fair and
raosoneble terms, for Cash or trade, as will beat
suit the parties. : '. , ' .;7s
Kalida, June, 1845. r' r n.u.y
; Tekms. I, paid within six months, rom tha
time of subscrihinir.-" ti Off
A ter sjz months, and within the j-ear,..J... 2 SO
A ter the expiration of the year, 3 OCT
Advertisiko. For 1 sauare 3 weeks.v. -I Off
For each subsequent insertion, H
Yearly AdvertUtmenU will be charged, for, .
one aquare. or lesa, ..,......,' 6 00"
Fpr ons column,-vv"'v""""""' ..38 00'
05" No unpaid letters taken from the Pbst Ot- ..
ce. and no paper iiaeontinnad until all arraaiaira
are paid. ' ' .

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