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The following, Illustrative of sympathy, ia from
the pen of Bishop Heber:--
A knight and a lady ones met in a grove, -While
each waain quest of a fugitive love;
A river ran mournfully murmuring by, '.
And they wept in ila'wnter for sympathy.
'"Oh never waa knight such a sorrow that bore!"
!"Oh never was made ao deserted before!" u ;
"From life and its wops let us instantly fly,
' And jump in together for company!"
"Tliov senrched for an eddy that suited the deed,
.But here waa a brnmMo and thora waa a weed)
"How tiresome it ia!" said the fair, with a eight
So they sat down to rest them in company.
They gai'd on each other, the maid and knight;
How fair was her form, and how goodly his height I
'Onetriournful embrace ! sobbed the youth, 'ere we
60 kissing and crying kept company!' die!'
!4'Oh had I but lov'd euch an angel as you!" ,
"Oh, had but my swain been a quarter a true!"
"To miss such perfection how blinded was I!"
Sure now they, were excellent company." ,
At length spoke' the lnss.twixt a smile and a tear,
"The weather is cold fora watery biers' '
When summer returns we may easily die,' ,' '
Till then let us sorrow tn company !"
The Human heart!-' no mortal ey '
Hath seen Its springs laid bare;
A Deauty and a mvstery w;
Ia nil that resteth there. ''
1 ..
In love how silently 'twill brood '
. 0er feeling unconfnssed- ' 1 1' ' '"
A bird that feeds in solitude
v The youngling of its nesti : - ' ; '' :-
Its hate is like volcanic fire!
. Wa reck not of ita wrath,
Till bursts the lava of ita ire ''
Around ita scorching path. r
Its friendship! oh! the blessed seeds
It strews on Time's dnrk bowers 1 '
That spring through misery's bitter weeds
To crown lifo's cup with flowers. '
The heart's despair! what simile
Portraits its gloom aright!
It is the hell of memory t
Unutterable night! ,
Its holiness! a tree whoae life
Eternity supplies,
And flocking to whose branches corns
The birds of paradise. ,
BiSoMKTntiia. The folliwine brief, but sensi
ble article, wh'ch we copyfro'nan Engliah rmpor,
contains excellent advice. We commend it in
n especial manner to the attention of parents and
guardians- ...
' It is the duty of every one to take some active
part as an actor on the stage of life. Some i-en
to think that thev can vegstste, as it were, with
out being any thins? in particular. Mm is not
'made to rust out his life. It is expected he should
'act veil his part.' He must be something. He
lias ft work to perform, which it is his dutv to at
tend to. We are not placed here to grow up, pass
the various stages of life, and then die without
having done any thing for the henefit of our race.
It ia a principle in the creed of the Mohomednns
that every one should have a trade. No Christnin
doctrine could be better than that.' Isaman to be
brought up in idleness? Is he to live upon the
wealth which his
ancestors have acquired by ;
a . . . ' . J !
r...-l :,1.,..1 T. 1...J , ....
-(l..r,l, lift, ...1 tr u L,
through llfa like an automaton? Has he no hmg
to perform nsa citizen of the world? A man wlio
does nothing is a mere cipher. He does not fulfil
''the obligations for which he was sent into the
. world; nnd when he dies he has not finished the
'work that was given him to do. He is a mere
blank in creation. Some ore born with richesnnd
honors upon their beads but does it foHow that
thev have nothing to do in their career through life?
There are certain duties for everv one to perform.
Be something; don't live like a hermit, and die
tinregretted." ' ,
Oi.nMitDs. The spunky editor of the Phila
delphia Times, thus speaks of these valuable
house hold relics: " Aged bnt youthful wrin
kle) but srhonih faced prudish but knowing
good tempered but touch v ugly yot prettv men
hating still mannish child nursing though child
lesssolemn though gay witty though dull
! they are ot once the most entertaining and the
, most disagreeable of the sex feminine the most
unfathomable of all unfathomable things and
' more deep and intricate in their character, than a
volume of Scotch metaphysics.-.
. Whig nursery sotw The U. S
, Bani.
" Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of lies! .; i
'.- , . And five and thirty millions ,
'. ' All scattered lo the skies! :
When the Bank was opened ; -.
There waa nothing in to show !
v. Wasn't that a pretty thin?.
' - For 'Coperthwaite and Co?'";
This is infinitely better than the old worn
out ditty about the , black-birds, and will
doubtless take its place in due time. : '
' A small neglect often breeds great mischief
' for want of a nail, the shoe is lost for wont of a
shoe Ihe horse ia lost for want of a horse the
i tidct is lost. ' ' , " " "
- 1 Powder and Balls. Let ancient or mod
:. era history bo produend, they will nut afford
"'n more heroic disjihy than the reply of Yankee
Stonington to tlio British commtindars. The
people were piling tho balls which the ene
my hnd wasted, when the foe applied for
.1. i tTr ... i.77.,. .;;;.,.. o;7i.,n?"
ttitstn. in" uriHj iti., .V"1-vw
- They answered; " We want power; send vs
l powder, and ice 11 return your balls." ,
, Good Advicr. ' Ye who are eatincf the
apple ' dumplins ' and molisses of wealth,
sboold not forget those who aie sucking tlio
e herring bone of poverty.' - .
Aboct ' right. Somebody who writes
more truthfully than poetically says:
, u An angel without money, is not thought
i so much of, now a days, as a devil with &
J bag full of guineas." V;j " x '
Lovi.-i-Sam Slick says that getting in
Joye is somewhat like getting drunk, the more
ta fellow loves tho more ho wants to. Sum
knows a thing or two. - ' . '
nZ'xr. Toast 'drank,' at "Erie, Pennsylvania,
r lust fourth of July t Our nobU selves. As
-smiling as nature around us, Cut tiot so
i green.",. 'V ; Z '-: -;:;' -
fa ,: ExACTLY.V-Courting,, snys Ephraim, is
done on printing prirc'plps; there being a
"good deal of hand press, work about it. ...
isnW Col. Chase, of New Hampshire, at
a recent military dinner in Boston, gave the
followuis rroblo sentiment: : ; ;
Ouf eotmtry however bounded nnd by
xvliomsonver governed, it must be defended.
,yVar is riot the greatest urse ; dishonorable
f Ipeace is greater.' j". j ;
' ' CniLDitEN.Cliildren are great observers
iwd imitators; hence they are frequently, led
: oitray by bad examples of parents, and by
mpjjlone at play. , . '! ri yA
In jnirainiKp of an order Of the Court of Common Pless
for the roiintv of Putnnm, and State of OMo. lit Ihelr 111 y
Te'm A. I. 1B4S, ti e nitfrlniit. Artmliilatraio' De I'onln
Non of tie .t,itp of Al'en C. MiCliira, late of said county
deceived, will offer for an'e at t!:e door of ti e Court. Houae
In srld ronnty, on the ninth day of tvto' er A. D. IP'S, I'
followlns d(wrld real na'e of ald de-eilent, al'iuite In
said ronnty of Putnam, to wit. The nojth went qnarter, ol
the routh weit quarter, of paction num'er lis, of Towns' lt
num' er One north of RanTft number elrhtenat, rontnlnlnn
fnrtv acres of land; t'ie real eatnle a fo 'eta Id is aimralaed at
tlTO.OO, and will te fold for one hnlf the sppralseil value
thereof, for raali In hand, till Ject to the dower eilatt there
tn, of the Widow of said de-rdant.
August 16th,1B45. Mm'r Dt Banii Jft., fa.
BY virtue of an order from the Tour' of Common Pleaa
of the rountv of Putnnm and State of O' io, I will ofer
for tale on the 6th day of Oto' er next, I etwetn the t our
often o'c'ock, A. M., and four o'clock P. M.. at the Court
Houae In Knllda, the fo"owl'j deicrl'-ed prone-ty, ' song
Inetothe ea'ate of Mortan Upnlnrntt, da-enaed, to wit:
The weathnlf of the north-wcat quarter of action num'er
fourteen (14) Townahlp number two () aonth, of rnnre
num'er six 6 enat. Also the northern qunr'er of the
north-east quarter of aa-tlon num'er fifteen 'SI anme
Townanlp and rnnje all al'nated In H e arid county of
Putnam; containing la the whole, one hundred and twenty
acre of land.
Taana. One-third In hand; one-third In one year, and
one-third In two venra from the time of aald tale the de
ferred paymenta to t-e fee 11 red hy mortirnre on the premises
All to betold subject to the widow' dower.
. JHm'r utatff Morgan Lippintttt.
1gttt Ancnat, 184.1. SwiM
T)Y virtue of a writ of fl fa et. lev! fa. to me directed
XJ hy the court of Common Plena, of Putnam eouniv,
O.ilo. 1 Wl oler for aale at the door of the court Houae.
In Kallda. In said county, between the t oura of ten o'
clock A. M. and four o'c'o-.k P. M. on Mondavthe ilxth
day of October, 1843. The following deacrilied property,
to wit:
Otitlot nnm'wr fortv-eWit In the Town of Kallda con
taining rive acree, and iVMOO of an acre; taen ai the
property of William Phllllpi to aatiafy an execution in
favor of William Arnold.
T. R. MeCLURE, Shtrlff.
Snaatrr'i Ornra,
. Kallda. Sept. gd, 1B4.t. ynd
BY virtue of a writ of Execution from the Supreme
court of Pu'nam county. Ol io, ( ahull o'er for an'e
at the door of the court Houae in said county, on Monday
the 6th day of Octo'ernext. 1B45, between tlie I oura often
o'clock A. M and four o'clock P. M. the following dia
crl' ed rent estate to wit.
The south west quarter of the south east quarter of
mn-iun oreven town two sonm rnn?c eiirni enat contatnin?
elhtv acres mo-e or lae; taken aa the prnnertv of Daniel
I,. fJo'ils to satisfy an Execution in favor of James Lew
alien. T. S. MrCLURE, S.r,if.
By 1. U Bum, Deputy SlierilT.
Pneeier's oayce.
Kallda Sept. td. 1P45. . ??Bd
BY virtue of a writ of fieri facias to me directed from
the Court of Common P'eneof Putnam Conntv. Ol lo,
1 will o,Ier for snle at the door of H-e Court House In said
county, on Monday, the 6th day of Oc.to' er next, 1P45 le
tween ti e hours of ten o'-'o-k, A. M. and four o'clock, P.
M. of said day the following described tract of land to
The south enat qnarter of section three 3 town one
north range aaven East containing one hundred and sixty
acres more or lets. Ta'ion as tl e property of Joseph
Temina to sntlafv a Judgment in favor of Henry Rudolph.
Appraised at (380.
T. R. MrCLURE, Kh$riff.
BmtRirr'e ornca,
Kallda, Sept. 1st, 1845. 2rod
Isaac Clay,
- The said Allen E'dred is hereby notified that on the
twenty-first day of July, A. D. I84S, the said Isaac. Clay
of Stark county, State of O1 lo, tiled in the Court of Com
mon Pleaa of the County of Putnnm in anld Stnte of Ol lo.
a Bill in Chanrerv rgilnat the said Allen Eldred. the o' led
a i rl n-.v,. nl wkl.h Dllll. . 1 .i . i.. ir . . . I a......
and prayer or which Rill s. that lie east half of the Smith
west Iur'e' of sertlon num'-er twenty eWit, rownahlp
am, er one south, of rnnre number six east, containing
eighty acres, and situate in said county of Putnam, may le
sold to satisfy the sum of eighty dollnrsand Intereat .thereon,
and which snld sum of motiev the anld Allan E'dred se-nr-ed
to he paid to snid Isnac Clay, hy deed of mo-t?age, dntpd
December 2fl, 184-t, unon the nremlsea afhresnhl. An,lth
aaid Al'en Eldred is further no'ified that unless he appear
nuu iiitrnui nuqwer, ur nemur TO lite Sam Hill within Sixty
days after the next term ofsnld court, the aM Tannc ntnv t
the term next after the expiration of said slxtv days will
apply to snld court to take the matters of said hill aa co
fessed and decree thereon eecordtntly.
Solicitors for Complainant.
JnlyJ, 1P-I5. . . SSI.fw
Matthew Chambers. ,
EMJah Buniter, anil
Nelson McAllister.
In pursuance of nn order of the court of common Fleas
or the county or rutnam and Stnte of Ohio, at their May
Term. A. D. I8IV F.'iinh Hunker is herehv nntiled that
on the 6th dnr of Mnv. A. D. 1R44, Mntthaw Chsm'-ers of
theConntyorPutnam.nledinsnid court his Mil In chancery
aiainat tlie aild Elijah Hiiniter and Nelson Mr A Plater, set
tin forth, that on the Sat. dnv of Pacem'-er, 1H4S, he ob
tained ny the consideration of Whtned Acklev. a uat ca
of the nea-e within and for the county of Putnam, a iud".
menf. anlnat the said Elijnh Bunker fo the anm of '94 fl
nnd coats of sup that thera remains nnnnld ofanid ludir-
ment the sum of H08 .14 with a Inrije amount of Interesr
That said Runkar owned no"oodsorchiitrae.!nndanr tene
ments whereof tt-a amount of anld .ludfment can 'a mnda.
That on or n' out the first dnv of Fahrnarv, 1R49, snid Pun
korscid nnd conveyed elhry acres of land to the snld Mr
Alliater for the sum of I IPO that snld Pnnker recelyed In
nnvment for snid 'and notes on one Herman Luce to t'
amount of )JP0 00: that some time vetween Kovem' er.
1P42. and May. IP'S, anid BnnVer de'lvered anld potee to
said McAI'Ister without receivln any fhn t''ere"or, for
the purpose of defraudineenmr'nirnnr out of Ma anid itdr-
ment; and pravinirthat aaid Mr.AHIarer he enlolned from
treneferrlnjr snid noes or pavine Bunker the amount of
said InrfoMefineaa : that Pnnker he decreed to nay ti-e
amount of snld iudTment, or that unon defnult therno' ttie
snid Mc A Mister te decreed io nay ti e amount of anld .ludir-
ment and costs, and that ia default f-e'enf eTecnlon issue,
' Solicitor for omplninnnt.
July12,18tJ s?lfw
; ; ; : Treasurer's Notice.
rpHE amount of Taxea levied on each hundred dollars
X valuntion of texnMt prnnertv in the County of Put
nam for the year 1845, Is as fo'lows, vlr.: For State nnd
Canal purposes, seventy cents; for road purposes eighty
cents; for county purposes. flPv cents; and for school pur
poses, twenty cents; makin? in the wl'0Te, two dollars nnd
twenty cents, in union toivnsniptnere is levied 'en cents;
Ottawa, fifteen cants; Oreens,,ur. fifteen cen'a; Riley, ten
cents: Monroe, twonty cents, nnd Richland, live cents.
fo- TownsMp nurnoaea. In PiiTar C'eek. fifteen cents are
'evied for Poor purposes. The townships of Blnnct'C'd.
Ottawa, Jackson, and van Buren have .each levied
twenty cants for School purposes-
I will attond either in pe-son or hy rtennty, In tt-e several
townahlns, at the places of ho'din elections, fo- t-e pur
poiie or receiving i axes, in uie ioiiowin-r opner. to wit;
Perry... Septemher 11;
Inckson ,.. . " 1";
Jnnnimrs ' IP;
Puinr Creek,. 11 ' 10;
' Rtonrne,-.., r , . , yfi; ,
' Rlchlnnd ..' " ?l:
. Greens'mrg, ....... .i 81;
' Ottawa, " 94;
: '1,1'iertv i.... ' " Jl;
Vnn Puren , " 56;
B'nnchard, " f";
; Rllev i ' " ' ' 99; ' ;
Pleasant " ?0;
And at my onVe in Kallda, the balance of the time until
the 2()tli of Deremher. ...
C .M. OOOFREY, Treasurer,
Treasurer's Office, ITslldn. Puntam co.,
Auillst5th,IP45- -. - : ' 133 ,
BY virtue of a writ of fieri fnelns to me directed from
the Co'irt of Common Pleas of Pu'nam Countv Ohio
T will ofer fo" sale at the door of the Court House In snid
ii nty, on Mondnv the Bth day of Oc.tr-er next. IMS, he
ween the hours of tan o'clock. A. M. and fonr oVtock, P
M. ofsnld dnv t'ie fot'owlns dls'rl'-ed treat of land to wit:
The weal hnlf of the north west quarter of sp-tlon
twentv-flva town two .south ran?e seven east, contnHlnv
Vlslity acres more or less. Taken as the nronerty ot Jn'in
Officer to antiafy a Judgment in fuvor of Curtis Biiekinx
liam dc Co. i
r ' -. T. R. MeCLURE, SUsri.: !
: ftwrs"s nmtt, . ' i
. Kalida Sept. 1st A. D. 1R45. . .( -. - v f CTd en .
P irsunnt to an allrs decretal order Issued out of tt
r'onit of Common oleaa of Putnam countv to medlrpr-tcd
nnd delivered. I a''nll ofer for ante to te Meheatt Idder, nt
' e doo' of the Court Honaa In Kallda; In anld countv of
Ptitnam.on te alsthdavof O-toer. A.T) tl4H, t-etween the
-ours oftan o'do-k, A, M. and four o''-'ock. P. M. the fol
'owlmi dnscrl'-ed lands and tenements, to-wlt. The no-th
ast qnnrtor sml the a.-;st fraction of t-e "o-tn 'west nnarrar
of tha north east onnriar ofaaction Twentv sli In Town
ship one fontli. of Kanje invan enst rnntnlntnt fn-tv-sll
acres or lane to snitsiv a necree in -avor- oi nnocn rceTan
on and oalntt Anthony Early 4; William Early; appraised
value S553. ,; 11 ' '' v--
'f i' ceo. I. mrJGiNS.
; Aupst fth 1845, ,?:MwtrVU Wt. i
BY virtue of elin'lrv Executions to me direct
ed from the Conn of Common Pleas of Put
nam Conntf. Ohio. I will off r foi sale at the door
of the Court H"""". on Mnndav.the sixth div of
October flex', 184S between th hours of ten
o'clock A. M. anil four o'clock P. M. the f illow-
imr described tract of land, to wit. the Eoat nnrt
of North West fraction of WeSt half, section 7.
in town 4 South Ran? 6 East containing sixteen
acree, with a grist and saw-mill and frame dwel-
'np- house on the same. Taken as the property
of Junes Nicholas & Samuel Dinsmnre to antis
fv sundry Executions in favor of Jacob Rhodes &
others. "
T. R. McC.TtRE. Sheriff.
B J. Beam, Deputy Sheriff.
Srtstt'f r's Oprtri! )
Kelida Sept. 2d $ A. D. 184S.
T1Y virtue of a writ of venrli exponas to me
lJ diroeterl from the Court of common pleaa of
Putnam Countv. Ohio, I will pffT fir sale at the
rlo'ir of 'tee Court House in snid countv, on Mon
dny, the sixth day of October next, 1C4S, between
the hour of ten o'clock. A. M., and four o'clock.
P. M, of siid day the following described track of
land, to wit:
The west half of north east quarter of section
seven, town two south Ran? six east containing
eirhty acres more or less, taken as the property of
Andrew D'nsTiore to entisly nn execution in
favour of F. H. Oillett tc Ann Beverage. Admi
nistrator's of N. Beverap-fl decaaed.
T. R. MeCLURE, Sh'ff.
Shkrifv's Orrtcv.,
Kalida.Scnt. 1.1845. 236d
TS hereby (riven, that I will attend either in
person or by deputy, for the purpose of re
ceiving taxes, at tlie usual place for holding
elections in the several townships in Henry coup-
iv, nn iuiidwb, lown:
In Harrison September 13;
" Damascus " 15)
"Richfield IB:
" Mvo , " 17;
" Liberty " 18;
" Freedom " 19;
" Rideevitlei 20;
" Plensant 22;
" Flntrock 23:
And at my office in Nnooloon rl urino- the ba
lance of the time until the 20th of December.
The following; are the rntea of taxes for the
present year: State nnd Canal, 7 mills on the dol
lar viluation: County, 5 mills: Road 8 mills.
Bridge 1J mills. and schools mills mnkinar in
the whole 234 mills on the dollar valuation.
In the Townships of Fhtrock and Freedom, 1
mill; JNapoIenn, 2; Harrison i, and Liberty i
mills are levied in addition for township purpo
ses. Also, in Napoleon and Freedom 3 mills: 1 in
Flatrock; i in Harrison, and i in Liberty are le-
vieo ior poor purposes.
Also in Ridgeville, Pleasant, Harrison and Li
berty 2 mills are levied for school nnrposes.
D. HARLF.Y. Treasurer.
Treasurer's Office, Henrv eo . Ohio )
Napoleon. August 1, 1845. 6w230
N. B Supervisors can obtnin road certificates
by applying to their respective Township Clerks.
u. tl.
TXV virtue of a writ off! fa to me directed from the
LJ Cou't of common plensof Putnam countv.Ohio,
T will offer forsile at thedoorof the Court Houae in
Kalida. on Monday, the 6th dav of October next. A.
D. 1845, between the hours of ten o'clock A. M
nnd four o'clock P. M. of aaid day the following
oeacriDen lanas, to wit:
The north half of the north west Quarter of sec
tion thirty-one town two south range six east, con
taining eiehtv acres of land, more or less: all Wins
in Putnam countv, Ohio. Taken as the proprty of
r. j t . .:r.. . r r
Li'vm ij-ruijr lunaum v mrce Ejxpcuii'ins in nvour
of J. C. Curtis and others. Appraised at $240.
T.R. MeCLURE, Stiff
Sheriff's Office.
Kalida, Sept. 1. 1845. 236d
HAVE conimencsd hnslnes and will l-e ready to supply
the chlMns of this and the adjoining counties with
every variery oi
Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron Ware,a
at prices as low as ran he had in thla section of country
If yon want Drat rate articles, and ti e rt-eanest wl Irb can
he had, ciraus a call and we assure you that you shall net
go away aianprioinren.
As soon ra arrmcpnients fan he made, we shall h nre
pared toaall at Wl-o'eaale. and supn'v Traders and Mer
chants with any quantity that may ' e wanted. Phon over
C. H. Bice's Store. Sr.Ozw Kalida. July SS, 1845,
THE subscriber has purchased the
old stand, in the brick building
-lirectly opposite the Uourt House, in
Kalida, Putnnm county, Ohio, favora
bly known ns " Risley's Exchanffe."
He respectfully solicits the patronage of the pub
lic and in return, no win spare no pains to se
cure the cunfort and convenience of his guests,
who will find at the Exchange every accommo
dation usually found at hotels in this s-ctinn of
the stnte. is. to. nuiiiBAUUti,
Kalida, Autr. 26. 1845. 235' b
T B. SMITH has just receivd and is now
opemne a eeneral assortment o spring ana
summer goods, suitable fur this market; among
his Block may be found Cloths, Calicoes, bnttin
etts. Summer stuffsof every description, Vestings.
Veils, Tickinp, Sheetings, Shirtings, Twist, But
tons, Thread. Drillings, Jeans, Cotton yarn from
6 to 10 of the best quality. Pantaloon stuff's, and
Laces, Sewing Silks and Bed Cords.
Groceries Susar, Molasses. Tea, Coffee, To
bacco, Alum,' Spice, Ginger, Nutmegs, Pepper,
and Indigo. '
Harhware andCutlert Doorhinginss.Locks,
Iron Butts, Shovels and Tongs. Traps, Hammers,
Smoothing Irons. Patent Horseshoes, 1 Shoe
Knives, Gimblets, Knivesand Foika and Brushes
Hats and Crs Hots and Caps 6 all kinds
shapes dnd siies, from a fine Leghorn up to brush
fence, and Ladies' Bonnets tt match Lots o
Falm lea heia for bova.
Iron. Nails and Glass,.' ' " V
jtfrr QTtAXTiTv or ...
Crockery Tea Setts, Plates, Mugs, Pitchers
Bowls. cVc. "c..
Mr. Smith has tr'ed the Hisrh Pressure System
ong enough, and henceforth Goods wift be (old
Chenp, and for Caen' only "
Brins on your money, and you shall have aa many
goods as von cn carry away. , TRY and See.
.The PRODUCE of the country will not beTe
fuaed In exchange or goods, and a hieh market
rica paid for Beeawax, Ashes, Feathers,, and
linseng.. aj, ;., '..-,...'-1', 't.iH
- N. B. Old Accounts moat be settled, i ' 1 " 1
Gilbeay Jan20, 1844.;.-' UiXi1-'
Attorney and Counsellor at Lair.
HAVING opened an office in Kalida, will
give his attention to the ordinary buianess
of his profession, and particularly to settlement
of claims, payment of taxes, etc., for non-n'sri-dents.
Jan. 10th. 1845. - . 2032
J. J. acrerman, : 1
1 Attorney nnd Counsellor at Law.
Office on Ivlain street, opposite T. R. McClure'a
Hotel. Kalida, June 20, 1845.
Van Wert, Van Wert County, Ohio.
Feb. 1844. .
Attorney and Counsellor nt Law.
Napoleon, Henry County, O.
May 23, 1845. ' 222
Kulida, Putnam County, Ohio.
May 23, 1845. -222
Physician if Surgeon,
LATE of Pennsylvania, but more recently from
Rochester, Ohio, haslocated himself at 'Rock
port, Putnam county, Ohio, and tenders to the
public his proiessional services. Feb., '44.
Physician S( Surgeon,
Kalida, Putnam Co., Ohio. Office in the building
formerly occupied by Mr. Thatcher, at the
American Hotel. April 18, 1845.
Putnam county, Ohio. Orders promptly eio-
tenod Saddles, cVc , constantly on hand.
WEST half of No-th East quarter of Section 28, Town
1 South, Ran'.'e Six Enst, P0 acres.
West half of South west qunrter of Section 9, Town 1
south nance un.-i ar.si, eu acres.
No-th west quarter, and west half of Couth East Quarter.
and North F.i.st quarter of South Enst quarter, and weal
'an ot poutn was! quarter ot section 7, Town 1 No til
Ranee Six Cast, ?G'' acres.
No-th Enst qunrter of Section 7, Town 1 North, Range
Dix r.Tisi, luu ocrrs.
These tends will he sold low for cash : or for one nuarter
cash and the halanco In one. two. and three years, with In-
loreat, ann inoso naving no money, can nnv i y clearing
landinti lsioivnahiii. A. P. EDGERTON',
HicksviUe, Dehnnce ro. 0. 1 Jlgnt.
June 1, 18-15. SSSehw
Boot and Shoe Maker.
HAS just received a first rate stock of Leath
er from Cincinnati. .
Ready made work constantly on hand.
: Kalida, July 15, 1845. 229ebw
Georgr Cook, of the kite firm of Ely,
smith & uook, for tlio past six years, maim
Oicliires of the celebrated Bartlett Cards,
would inform the public and Ihe patrons of
ihe old establishment, No. 71, Fulton St.,
where ho has always been employed, that he
continues the manuficlure of all the varie
ties of Playing Visiting and Black Cards,
heretofore furnished by iho establishment
and flint orders for various kinds will be
faithfully and promptly executed on applica
tion to his sole agents, Messrs. Ely and
Latham, No. 71 Fulton St., at the following
prices, usual discount off, for cash, or to
those who buy to sell again, viz:
Marble and white backs $38 per cross.
Hatry 8
Merry Andrews
Highlanders, No. 1, star &. mar
ble band 15
do 2 do 12 :
Eivimelled, Ivory and Pearl Surface Cards
as per the following scale:
Large . No.5Enamellod$2 00
No.15 Enamelled $500 4 do 2 00
14 do 5 00 3 do 1 50
13 , do, 450 2 do 150
12 do 4 00 1 do 1 25
15IvVi Pl.surf.250 11 Iv.&Pl.Surf.l 37
1 21
1 50
4 00
3 50
2 25
, do
1 00
II Enamellod
Embossed Enamelled Cards, tinted and
plain, beautifully polished with elegant design
as borders: , . -i rV- ,h ' :
-Printers' blank cards.' 'i i
Small blanks,(play card size )No.l $15p'rgross
do 1 do 2 12
Large . do . do -1 24
... do do 2 21 -
Double s;zo of the small ' 1 30
.,. rdo ., dr . ; ,: 2 24
Doublo size of the large 1 62
do ,i do - 2 62
Also all the above sizes of every color to
order. -,. !- I ;.:,. ;
Other sizes cut to order of either the fore
going qualities. -
Mourningcards of various sizes made to ord'r.
Gold bordered cards : do - do;
Giltedge , do ,.t H do "
Enamelled sheets capsize it 20 by 24 inches
. Ivory surface ; :::do ! - 'do -Pearl
dt: , do .'-i i 'do
Blank sheets, . .'.do; m - do-t -
Also - Railroad : and Steamboat - Tickets
made to order of any color, or of difforuni
colors, ns may be desired. J( s ; -..;
- Ihe subscriber invites 'all editors of the
United States and Canada, who are disposed
to take their pny in cards, and, who will send
'iim a copy of their paper, containing this ad
vertisement, to insert it for three months.
, !,iT r! i GEORGE COOK.i i
New York, Jamtaty 21), 1845. , . 233 T,
Prospectus of the Ohio Statesman.
Tl HE undersigned respectfully anuaunco
lo the Democracy of Ohio, that tbet
have purchased of Cot. Samtjkl Mid art, U
his interest in the Ohio Statesman rlewspapery
from and lifer the 1st of July, 1845. Th
paper , will, b heretofore, advocate, unflin--
chingly, Democratic Principles and measures
and give the strongest support to the regu
larly nominated candidates of the Democratic
Parly, that it will be in the power of the un-
ers'gned lo afford. To fitmly support th
National Administration to maintain -that
right of this country to the territory of Oregon
lo uphold the great doctrine of the sore
reignty of the people, as contended for by
the patriot Dohr lo contend for the adjust
ment of the tariff in such a manner as shall
do justice to the great Agricultural interest
of the West to labor for the settlement ol
the National Finance question in a way that
shall ptevent the public moneys from becom
ing the means of individual aggrandizement
and to strenuously support any meaiura
calculated lo make the laws of Ohio embodi
mcnis of the principles of Liberty and Equa
lity, and to give to the Stale a sound cur.
rency:- ihcse are the objects which the un
dersigned propose lo themselves in the new
nnd arduous position which they have as
sumed. Their success must depend upon
the amount and the character of the support
which they shall receive at the hands of the
Democracy of the great Empire Slate of the
West, whose voice in the National Councils
is so important, and whose example, in the
managementof their internal affairs, is destin
ed to exert a vast influence upon all quar
ters of the Union, and particularly to give a
character tn ihe legislation of the new com
muuities which are constantly arising, and
demanding to be admitted to the rights and
privileges enjtiyed by the members of the
confederacy. , -.1
The undersigned have invested a large
amount of capital in their present undertaking.
They have brought to its support, whatever
of talent and enterprise they possess. Their
iuterest is identical with that of the West;
and thero is no iucentivo to exertion no
motive which can incite men to a faithful
discharge of important duties which is not
moving them to labor for the good of that
portion of the confederacy into whose hands
the physical and moral powers of the nation
are rapidly passing. Under these circum
slances, they fuel that they are privileges to
ask for that support and to look for that con
fidence from the Democracy of Ohio, without
which all their labors must be worse than
performed in vain.
The unders;gticd propose making some'
mechanical improvements in the paper, which)
will render it more worthy the support of the
public. A fair proportion of the paper wilt
be dcvoied to miscellaneous rtading and
news matter.
Terms. The Statesman is published t
Daily during the session of the Le- r
gislature, and Tri-Weekly the bal- i'
anceoflheyear, at $ 09
Tri-VVe kly the year round, at 4 00
Semi-Weekly during the session of Vr
the Legislature, and Weekly dur-
ing the balance of the year, at S 00
Weekly Ihe year round, invariably in
advance, at t 00
05" Persons desiring the Weekly piper
for six months, can have it for oxx dollab,
uhvays to be paid in advance.
Five Dollars in one letter, in advance,
will pay for two copies of the Statesman pub
lished Semi-Weekly during the Session and
Weekly tho balanco of the year, directed to
the names ordered. . .: t
0O All payments to he made in advance
Those who have not an opportunity of pay
ing otherwise, may remit by mail, at our risk,
postage paid. The Postmaster's certificate
of such remittance, shall be a sufficient re'
ceipt therefor.
05" Those who subscribe by the year will1
ple?e so designate.
05" Any person who will procure six, sub
scribers, and inform us of the direction of
'his paper, shall have a copy sent him for hie
, trouble. " ;
05" Persons receiving a prospectus, who
cannot make uso of it themselves, will please
hnud it to another.
C. C. &- G. R. HAZEWELL. .
Columbus August 5, 1845. ,
Placards, Show-Bills, .'. i
", . , Hte - mUto,
I DONE TO ORDER. , t ) . '....'.
Persons favoring ns with their commands' wilf
have their orders promptly attended to, on fair ana?
reasonable terms, for Cash or trader as will Vs
suit the parties. ,. , ,
Kalida, June, 1845. . ' '
ia fuiuasiieo, every Tuesday mornino, it
Tebms. I paid within six month rom tit
time of subscribing, 00
Ater six months, and within the year,....,. 2 59
Ater the expiration of the year,-..... 3 Qfl
" Advertisiko. For 1 square 3 weeks,.-.. 10
For each subsequent insertion,-'."u..i.. tt
Yearly AdrerlitcmenU vWX be charged, for 't
one' square, or lees, 8 Off
For one eolumn,-" 38 007
fJ-lW 4IMJU1U tivia aotcn viu ma 1 VOL tflw -
ice, and no piper discontinued antil all rrera
ire pid , 1 "' '
ft7- No unpaid letters taken from the Post Pl -
re I

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