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The Kalida venture. [volume] (Kalida, Ohio) 1841-1865, December 23, 1845, Image 4

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, " . ( " .. ' For the Ventura.
' ' HEAVENLY BEAOfT:--' ' V'
, Th meteor flamj tliatHjrhn tli iky;
' j. m In glory glide. awVy", ' ., w-
The brighthees"drih laughing y ""v
, bit av.yi'ji;f m'l A
And all the beauty earth nnflyt: .r- '
.snFfl) frt 57. ." .wa.ijr &,.,.?.,..,
V? Th tarithat bumothibwif ttti r-:
,w"v "A eoMtaut brilliant suai'vii , . .'
: -fe j Will pierc th clouds; and raila like lov,, ,
1 ' Crown1? with didrnt'9 ,:, ' in! h
Bo heavenly beaotyViverVight,' f$ n .I
' . Endures, and cheer the gloom of night-', il
"ntilidu; cfc!. 10, 1B45.' rf
V"'" '.i.f:l 34rf ClIS"
. v: LovE' Never- sleeps. r a.
: t Uve never.leepir'tfie nVofheV.".y- was
. Bends o'er her dying 'uifemt's bd i ;:b:,n-
f .'ti Whil dealt creeps wi, with Dojeles tread, (
. .nJ iiiABxf1 (aim nit Mflff lUMnil. S -
.With.beaiing heart !--Xoi' nftec lfiyi t"!
Yet 'en that tad'and fragile form - ;tl.
t-io jrorga4n-iumwrj .ner, P0'?,, , icp
... Deenito the borroraof the atormV . "
; O'urburdened nature 1nk to testj .TT "
. But O'er them both nnOtrrer ep--a; l tv ;,i
HiiwldnigtuiwuchtfflBje P i.
. M Around above the ngel bind 1 1 1 !'
'Stoop .6'etfhe care-'worri lint of ttin'r'.
" With. pitying eye and eager bandn lot U'-i i
,T!-Tby rata ihe.aOu.1 to, boAe again, )
-FrttaftbtwMhmrBijVBweep. , ; -y(
-Th ('or P.f '" ! i mtr fripi!
"An-roindn66thi-nd:vrnn,, ( . ,.,,(
' Tho hreort In paiA-Hs 'netlr tltlpi.! n'l M.k. '
ji t ' i t .. , ; . .
.Jired of he world's fals VadianMturi! "1 .
AndttaWo'view thy purity," U . V, ..1-'' .
J5oWfce.kuhearttwithinua.burn,,t ,j ;
.nGnviacati thnt in the lowest deeps .,, ",
.YOt;,huroflilllyEEvt,,tErs!y :
ti iiietrty'lo 'pplautj ttf tbude)nh Without
JiicriminaironV'nud" rnkny caln '". charafcttt
for' judgment wnh'dnly tact eiotigh" to itvoid
; ..BEN1,METCAtIV,v,ur,''ri
- f .u Attorney and Counsellor at Law,. . . .
TTAVIN6 opened an ;bfliee 'f Kalida wifl
- JtJL give hit attention to th rdinary 'buainots
.f bis Drofess'tonv irnd particularly to aottleuirn
fi-lalnun paymet of tame, &.C., for non-resi
. ,'Vaoth, ma,,., ' ; , ;230z r.';
V CtngreslfJiial Union and Appendix
: The Cooa,kssio.A.i. Urfiox, will be ' com
menced one week after Congress ia con vened,
and will bAj)g!)jish.ed. h.:ic- i-;i
"Jitt.ul.: -b?SEMl-WEEKLY ; ':.-; '
'until ilB adjournment, giving the daily pro
ceedings of both housed of Congress; , The
epeecheri of ha meinbere are condensed to
tring ihem Into a readable length. All the
' fesoluliaris oflered, or motions mado, are
- given in the mover's own, words; and the
yaa and nays on all the important questions.
It it printed with small type brevier and
tidnpareilott a double royal sheet, in quarto
' ' form, each,number containing 16 royalquarlo
'' Vtil i rttKii(h- if n -;'
The Appendix, on account of the delay
' bften'occurring in procufing .the spoechee of
members Complete will not bojmailed, tegu
1arly jemi-wBekly, but ; vill contain as many
page, of sold feading ; mslter as .tho Con
gressional UniOttVORt LlH ':;-H '70h
Tub Appendix is made up of the President??
annual message the TfcporiS of tho principal
vfficers of the. government lliat accompany it,
tnd all hrj! long jpeecbes oj members of
CoUgress, wiittea out or., reyiaeq by, theni
For the CoaHEsaiojiAi. Ukion, $ 50 per
For Thk Appendix, $1 50 per copjr. . .
Pti .CiaTOtr will he ftuuished yith Ten copies
f either the above works for $12; Twenty-
UNION.' -."'-v.!- i-.'
jfty- For the accommodation' of those who
desire a paper printed at the scat ot govern
' ment durins the session of Congress ouly:
we will famish them the Extra Union; as
follows; ' VV" V
Semf-Weekly, one copy-.ii"j....!g2 50
i.v.H,'i rr" vv,.;.Bix.copieS"."".',l! 00
ft , 4 twelve Qopies ..-.,.'24 00
.;JTeekijrr'"-one eppy... . .f 1 -00
.:, tr( , .,,;twelye copies - -- -,. :'10 00
Z-'-iiJ,' tweniy-five- copies " - 20 00
;v;:' ' THE UNION ..... v"';-";
Will be furnished hereafter to yearly, sub
scribers, u follows: '"i i . t ...,.- ,j
Daily i . per year, for one copy $10 00
w .. - .,. five coniea 4U Oil
iSami-weekly, iJ
l . ' u . It '
4l . ....
: 'f Lone copy "5 00
' five copies 20 00
J: tenMpies 35 00
'if--: :one copy s ou
" ifivii conina ' fl 00
' i)',ui"). f fdn copies 15 00
, 0irLJ'O attention will oe paid to any order
unlet the money accompany v's
Cir.Thjwe deBiring complete copies oflhe
p9ngr3siohali" llittoi) ' tinu Appendix', w'l'
; please sand ns their names previons to the
Arst. day of Dccmbdr next.;; '7? 'J
cVa'v CAYwWl illingly pay the'postage pn
t, all letters sent to us containing JJne dollar
. and upwards. !V Other letters directed Us,
" with ihe postSgo 'unpaid, tciiZiioiJje taken oat
pf, the, office':;, ' ".,.; Z'.v
ir?4 fj" Newspapers throughout, the, country,
who have published our first prespeous,'by
'publishing' the? above until December J,r Will
, receive In' return botlj ! tho Congressional
'", Union and Appendix., - Other , papers pub
lisliing this prospectus until ibo naoeting -of
Congressj wilr receive the Uongrtttiona
UnioH, durihg the session'. ' '
.,. . - . '---Dffr-lTfta ; tTfTC!! ' .
vWBhingfon, October $ Jf45
,ft.nO'er.fB atfd figela, earti and- teTQ r.
.4Alfighv,bniU. the alighteat cnll s. ' ''" ''"
'.nwcd, and relief i. given. t'";,"1 '
In hotlts 01 Wo. wlwn aorrow aleopa 1 )m
: Attorney nnd Counsellor at La v.
, Ktuu rupAn juuunri, dmiu.,
K)(ric on lrfain treett opposite Tf. RjfcClureH
Hotel. i'.;KalidslJnilB BO: 184Sir
DOCTOR Pi U, JOLVi,i'i r.: '
PhvriciajrAe Sitr&eon.
Kiidi fotnam co. Ohio.! Ofiica In thbuildiig
formerly ppcupved py Mr, Thntcher, th
'American Hotel! 0i' April 18, 1845. ' "
Th -eohmiMow of faoWInf Connt,:
r i ...
i't:. !. :n
l.vo SlorltDH, BliM Slilrley, Jin Hudson,
llaiinnh llowy'er, Jomea Fuller, bllratie'B
an Horna, vyiinam a. van norn,
V.n Homo. Hllinhett. Van Horns, jr.,
Mary Van Uotna, Cotliarina Van Horne
UeniK Aflnms, jr., dquiih Auiun, cum i
Aaai,Hirlai(oen,lanj T-?r f roaciv l,;,,, ,(,,
her hiwttaiid. - ' . .
i'.. n.r.unt Ji-fnurlnnu to thii lull are haretir notl
flprl that the Hid romplainant on the 14th day of Augnrt,
l4rtileil htn-tiill In the rourt ot'rommoe ajenof Paultllna
... .t.tln. ll.nl.mU p. Ilnlliitor. El ha Biilrli'V.
Tl awl B. Vn Home, Jauiet Fitir. on henalf of Hannah
Bowyor, and Jnroh Dwei on liehnlfot'Lyne Starling exe
......i -0.tin l-nn.li to the Stnto of Ohio, romlltloned for
l.. ,i i..- rtr i-AEiniii ltuiihi to Uta jibo of anld rounty of
Paurdini lor. the rertlon of bii' lit luiullnealnthe event of
tll aCUtOI Jimiive nemr iurwirii oi-n,f'w - ' "
Tonntv. tbatea.il teat qf Jumire waa arcordlnisly loratert at.
uriiri tl.nl tin, l-otlflH 1nMt t with Kit edlfl-
t nntalaint tliereto were .mKferred to snld romplainant
hill for aitid rountv nnd tlint roinplninoot Imlltai.ld joil and
:.. i.n,,a nrrnr'illiiir to unlcl 4-ontrnrt nnd tl nt the anld
TI-aameB.Vnn HornO' depnrMd thia life Itnvlnj the "id
Elliaieth Vim "Home,' M wir'ow, and Willirni A.'Vnn
Horne.Uarl'"" Van Horne, is:wanow nn uumr, j,. .......
a. ii i!.n..rlM Van llnrnn. ffcmna Annnia. lr.'DO-
Bhte Adami. Buann Adaiua, Hnrjiut French, and.. Frenrh,
P......I"Lj i u L.ir. nt Inw. And aitld H!l Braya the
Court to narfert title In the anid rompluinant for mid land,
the aatnf Ivlng in aoid Paulding rounty, Kow, t' erefoie, If
the ankl drfendantn alinll fot appear hrfore anid ourt at the
... and nWr;aid LU1 tha.aaaie Will it uaan a
tonf.Meda,amiue.u. m.m
Ono'er SS, 1845.
' ComnoaT.fti. for eomplainaut,
,:nii 'tiiij II .i:i '.rwF.
' 845 fw'
m7H 'wj ' 'i'"
I. ,tJr,"T'
Will Miracles never cease! More evidence
of its surpassing Health liestorative fir
.-- . iff . , , r -
Tron. Dr. Baker, 8pringlIW WaiMngtott rounty. Ky
;,.'.' Spbinokikld. Kv. MaV 14, 1645.
: Messrs San ford Se Park-Agents: take
this opportunity of informing you of a most
romnrtrnlilri Mirfi n(rf()rmcd UDOn me l)T the
nod of Dn. Wistab's Balsam of: Wild
' lrt the yea'r'1840 I was 4aken with inna
mation of the towels which 1 labored under
for six weeks when I gradually recovered
In tho full of .1841 1 was attacked, witn
severe cold, which- sealed itself upon my
tuners: and for ihe soace of three years I was
confined to my hed: j tried all kinds of Me
dicines, nnd every variety of medical aid
without benefit; and thus I wearied along
until the' winter ""of. 1844, when I heard of
" VVisfar's Ualsam Ot W ild tjlicrry."
" My friends persuaded me to give it s trial
thouch I had eive up all hopesof it recovery,
and had prepared myself for the change if
anollier ; world. ., nirougn uieir soiicuunou
I was induced to mnke use of the f uenuine
Wisfar's Balsam 'of Wild Cherry.'1 Tho
efiect '' was ' truly ; astonishing.' : After five
years of .affliction,', pain and sufleiingj. nnd
after having spent four or five hundred .dol
lars to no' p'uipose, and tho best 'and most
respectuble physicians had proved unavailing
L .Will .soon restorcdjo entire health by the
blessing of Gdd-ond the se pf4 Doctor Wis
tar's Bitlsani 'of Wild Cherry! '' - A
I anV new 6nioytn good health, and such
is my altcrijd nppoarapce that 1 am no longer
known.WJien i meet my lormcr acqu mian
CeS.-"'' ,(' Mil ni; ,w, -i . ' . -,v - .. !
""I havtj i!n0d, rapidly in Weight; 'and my
flesh is firm and twlv 1 can now eat us
much as any person, and my .W jjems
iigroe-'witlr me. ... 1 havoeaten more during
tho last six months than 1 had eaten five
years before.,,-, :, -r ,Vi - . .,
. Considerinc my case almost a miracle. 1
doem it necessary for the- good of the afflict
ed, and a duly 1 owe to the proprietors and
my fellow men (who should know; whore
relief may be bad) to make this statement
public.-1 " ' ; -: .-r-, ' -m ... ii ii-ti.
i -May the blessings of God rest upoi, the
proprietors' of so valuable a. Medicine as
Wislafs Balsam of Wild Cherry., ., t ', :
-,y ., r- y0ur9 Regpectfully,' . ' '
' 'fjjif Price' $1 'per bottle, or six bottles for
; For sale In Cincinnati only bjr SANFORD
ot- rAJXtv. v-.f ;-!
VVestorn Depot of valuable Medicines,
.a- -' corner if Fourth and Walnut-sts.
Sold by H. G. LEE, Kalida, "
i S. GRUVER, Section 10.
t Vari Wert, Van Wert County,Ohio.
Chriatlan eallena,- a . -. PW I'NAM COUNTY
f 'V. f . ' , I ' CO0AT OF COMMON
T . Ananda Sellera. - '7 PLEAS. j
Arnnnda Bellem will take notice tint Christian Sellen on
tho 19th dny or Noveinlwr,- A. D. 1845, filed in the -anid
Court hie petition iwnvini ,11m nW Court to jratit Mm a
divofco troji tie laid Amanda fothe followijigeauaea, to
1st. The wilful ahaerjee nf the aaid Amanda for more than
iiireeyenra. vnn. Aauitory.
And tue aaU Amanda will alio take flo'tH Ilia Depoai
ttona to be used on the Trinl of thi im will ho iiiim
fore competent authority at the olfite of John Clutter in
Morgan Township, Knoa County, Ohio, on the Snd day- of
Fehrunry, A.D, J84ii; nndnt the office of tlie Clerk of com
mon pleas In Nowark Llokini county, Ohio on the 5th dar
Of February. A. D 1840 hetween tlie hours ef nln o'clock
a, in,, tia six e cioca, r. ox. or saia day. - - ,
'V, . rHDIHTI a v tvr t wnu
f N0VaiWl, IS ' .; f ' !..-.( 4efw-
1SI 48, o5itii!iv0 7-ai!r eras- v.i os
Utait,t$aciti '"'vi Ti'iijw rfifl :ii-fjc; thai mu
' y.'
all Descriptions 6f printing neat-
B U S I N E S S ; C A U PS,. f,;
.'-:!!. Placards, Show-Bills, . u
Person favoring us with their eommand will
have thoir orders promptly attenaea to, on lair ana
reasonsble terms,' for Cash or trade, as will best
suit-th parties.
-ill . i ')!' V.'1111
Kalida, June, io-.o.
: .i'.-i.;r -il. a NOTICE. ' . s' ''' :':
TAKE ootios that 1 m oetcrminea ,ip pay no
. debts whatsover that my Wife, Harriet
BroWer eontraets from this date.' She has left
my house, bed and board witnoumny jueicauao.
'CireenaburgTp.; Putnam co., -m Ift ii.-..'-.lt.t
j pctobcr,l7th lU45,i;.,,,! i'. - S44cpv
Great Bcduction of Price!';-"
.,'1 .1. PROSPECTUS OF. THE .f,', ,
THE price of tho; Democrat V. Rkvi?w
has heretofore been loo hiiih ltforits
b'zo cost, and character, but for the ?ansof
tens of thousands of readers who w 4'd pe
' . - r- . . v- . . .
triad in receiveBtit. and ainom? whom V't is
Inrlilv dosirable that it should circ vTv-e
For Hie purpose, therefore, oflargely wiueni
ing the range ot its tiseiutness, anu ot multi
plying thO; numbers ol itiose to wiion) jt may
li nprnasihle. it has been determined, simul
taneously with the creat reduction iti ilieex-
penscs oi me postage, ro rcauce iiBsuuscriji-
llOll, price, IIISU, IIUIll I roc i "ill litriiiwwr
lars) and when several unite in subscription
to as low as 2,50, or even V,6) per annutn.
This vcrv larce reduction m the receipts
faccompanied with but a comparatively small
diminution of its expenses)iuvolves,of course
,A i. rt.. t
an entire sacrifice ot prom upon 11, unices
compensated by a vast multiplication of sub
scribers. . There will be at the outset only a
small reduction in its number of pages; soon
to be restored to its old number, without in
crease of prlcej when'the anticipated success
of the experiment shall justify it.J " i: i; '
The Portraits of Distinguished Dem
ocrats will be continued- engraved in bet
ter and more costly style than heretofore.
,The Postage will hereafter, for any. dis
tance, be only Jive and a half cents; it has
heretofore been, for over 100 miles, eighteen
We look for an extension of circulation to
be reckoned by tent of thousands, ns the re
sult and compensation of this great reduction
of price. Every friend of the work, and of
the Democratic principles and cause, is con
fidently appealed to, to exert bimselt with on
active interest to procure it subscribers; both
to extend its usefulness, and to carry it sue
cessfully through the crisis of this great re
duction of Us receipts. i ' :.:: l
"Those who have paid in advance tor the
coming year, wiil receive it, ati the reduced
rate, tor a year and a nait. . ,
. V f Invariably in advance.) ''
Single copy, $3 00 Eight copies, $20 00
t our copies, 11 01) Thirteen " 3U uu
It will thus be seen that whon thirteen
conies are ordered at once, me price is
brought down to about fi2,30 each.' For six
monihs, half these rates. ;t ;.-: j.
These rates afford high inducements to
agents and ptliors to interest uiemseives to
procure subscribers, -, . : ;-
... Tho cash, system and payment in dpancc
must be uncompromisingly adhered to. ,- Tlic
past relaxation of it has caused an accummu
lation of not far from $40,000 of debts diie
to the work. "..Hereafter this must be wholly
reformed; nor must either eminent political
friends, or the most intimate personal ones,
be displeased on experiencing its application,
in the stoppage of their numbers, if they ncg
lect this rule, '.the vital necessity of which,
at the present reduced rates, must be obvi
ous loall,,' ,-.'-.) -'r sfl- -' i '. ti-s.t.'t-'!!
No communipations will be taken from
the Post Ofiice unless free of postage.
. All communications, both on editorial and
publishing business, must be1 addressed
henceforward to the undersigned. Those
relating to tho settlement of past, debts due
the work will bo still addressed to Mr. It. G.
LaNgiet, 8 Astor House, the past arranger
menrs with whom, as publisher, have reach
ed their termination. : i r j." i? !t
. .; .' , J.L. O'SrjtLIVAN.. ..
July, 1845, 132 Nassua street,' Npw York.
NOTICE is hereby given that the subscribe!
has been appointed. by the Court of common
oleae of Putnam county administrator of the estate
pf William Solomon, of Richland township in said
county deceased.) .Those who are indebted to th
estate, are notified to make immediate pavmen
and those having claims agninst the estate to pit j
sent the same duly authenticated lor settlement.
:' October 7, 1845. : ; ' - -24tcw
AT a special session of the court of common
pleas of Putnam county, the subscriber was
appointed administrator pf the estate of Frederick
Clirer, of Pleasant township, in said county, de
ceased. All persons Indebted to said estate are
required to make immediate payment, and' those
who hove, accounts against the same are required
to presetu them promptly for settlement.' '
. Nov 15, 184fiXT, , - . , i . -y , 248cw
'"''ii ATT4HaiBNT' -WOKiB. KU-y.
ALE persons jnterotited will, take notloe that
Thomas Qriffith on Hio ninth day of Septem
ber, A.D. 1845, sued out a writ of attaclimeht from
the court of common pleas, of Putnam county, In
the state of'Ohio, -against Edward GHAitlifor the
sum of six hundred dollars,- which writ has bean
sorved and returned. ... .. -;.,'., -
, Attest, MOSES LEE, Clerk.
" Dated October 27, 1845. L" !' ' ' 244f !r
v Sim, TsuroBV tt, Acaiak a,' Au'y for Plff t
tv i.t j;nft bidetirt s-rSr tjiriti i-c ;Lf5i:o
JL. old stand, in tlicrbriqk, biiUding
I I si directly opposite tho Uourt Houee, lr.
II. Kalida. PurriarrTTbtntTyt Ohio, favors-
blv kno-wrt'''rfRigIeVf.xc1irfnff04-
HoreapBCtfully solicits .the paUormgo of the, pub
lic and in return, he will spare hp pains to Se
eure the oomfort and Oftnvenionco pf -Ule gueat.
who wU find at the Exchange, every accommo
dation UBunlW ound at hotels hi thiai (Kctlon '61
.. .. i si '-pf iinr j-tt i-iii
ne eWiOUrr . i;i- I " .I it'Uww.TVWW,
Kalida, Aug. 26. 1845.
235b ..
'.s ',)'!- n; JAMES G. HALY, o . fi-at:.,-
Attorney nnd Counsellor nt Ijw.
.m.r.Nappleoni Henry .County, ;Vn V i
l May,33, 1B45.,,, V tif.n: i r 82?:1
Putnam county, Oh'0-. Orders promptly exe
cuted" Saddles, &cM constantly on hand. '
mii 'im.fPAjVWW Sc ,Surgeon,llL...:ei.
JLi Rochester,Ohio,hoslocatedhimeolfBtRock.
tti i TP nf Pnrivl-nnin. hat more recently troro
port, Putnnm' county, Ohio, and tenders ro the
pulrllC Die proioaaiuHiii doi y,i.iio.,. a w. i -. t
. . , . .- : 1 .....I..... 1. K AA
nt ju-j
ii'tiT 1
HAS just jecrived a first rate stock bfLeath--errromtincitinatr;
'' " ' ' ".''.'-'"'
Kt-ady mnt'.e werk. constany.onoanu.
'Kalida. July 15, 1845. " ' 229eb
. .. . .: .'..LAND AGENCY., ;..,, ;
THE subscriber has established a Land Agen
1 cv at Knllda.OhiO.ftrtheburchneeand sal
ay .Real Estnte, payqicnt of Texas, tic in tka
Counties of Putnam, Paulding and Van Wert.
i.inii, u-Kik A.tAfiila . thrmirjhnut the Cuited
Heinri connectoa witn tne Amentnn abbucihicu
States find the principal Btates ot curoie;n
expeets to b'e of essential benefit to all who may
gage his services. luiy-euviixflitjii, ..,
alida, Ohio, Feb. 24. .844. .- ..;
TrEST lialf of North Eaat quarter of Section S8JTowa
V I Bout it, Kanire on eiaet, oo r. "
. Westhalt of South west quarter of Section' S9,.Twn
South Hanae Kiuiit East, uuarres. .c i-' . -
North westnuarter. and west half ofPouth East quarter,
aad North East quarter of South East quarter, and weal
hair or Koutlt west quarter oi occuon i, in i amy
nnniriiHiiRast. aseruires. . ' ' - . "
North Bust quarter of Section 7, Town 1 North, Banc
Six Enst, 100 acres. - - - '
Thesetnndi will ha sold low for easht or for one quarter
cash and the lialanretn aiie, two, and three years, with in
terest, and those having no money, can pnv ty clearing
land In tl-lstownslilp. A. r. auuwiiun,
HicksVille, uettanr cs. u.l-.ir.-i-.-j. i ; . .jij-sni,
June 1, 1845.
r my instance an attachment was 1
issued by Nicholas McCorlneM, Esn a jus-
tice o
I the- peace et, jbioerty luwuaniu, ruuiuiu
r. Ohio, against the property, and effects pf
... r . . . ti .
Levi Kimmel a non-resident of said county.
i - . ,.B. F' METCALF.
December 5th. 1845. 5. .. ,.350ew
T,t0TICE is hereby given that the 'undersigned
Xi has been appointed ond.quahfied as admin-
istator. do boms non, ot ins estate oi jeueaian
Austin, deceased, late of Paulding county. Ohio,
... - . . - .. JOHN ,W. AYRES. ,
December 2. 1845. ' ' " ' ' ' ISOcw
Th's iuvaluahle med'eine was prepared
from an 'extensive, practice' of several years
in a bilious climate, nud 'is never known fo
fail of curing Fever and Ague, or any' of tho
above diseases.,,, , ,, ...i; , P: '' j-.rin-i?
. It is equally effectual for the cure, of Liv
or Comnluint, Jamulico, enlargement , of the
liver;-'nisit enlargement of the spleen;' called
Ague cakej and the various forms of bilious
lndigcpnpn. ,sThese.' with the other , varied
affections ,of such climates, arising from
common miasmal cause, are only modifica
tions of the same disease, and equally con
.tolled by tho; same remedy:'!'! -k-v
Residenss of bilious climates, emigrants,
or persons traveling through infected districts
of country, Will. find the- Lholngogue an- in
variable and abgoluta preventive, ,:,,,jt ,,v
, Each bottle, of medicine is .accompanied
with a pamphlet' oh the "Cause', Treatment,
and cure of Fover and' Ague, and other Dis
eases of Bilious -Climates,'! containing much
valuable ,inforrn!iLion, and ...may bo had gratis
of the undersigned agent, - , . -.
From tho Hon. Wm. Al Fletcher, Chief
Justice, 'Supremov Court' of "the ' State of
Michigan.- ftv '
?t! i, ;Akn AiHton, Feb. 17th 1842.: i
Mr. Edward Bixohaji: t. t l ,
Sir Having had repeated opportunities
dnring'tbe lastyearlo witness tlie salutary
effects of Dr. Odgbbd'B India Chola(igii6,' i
affords me great pleasure to bear' -testimony
in ils fayor, as. an invaluable remedy in cases
of fever and ague and bilious diseases gen
erally. ; Many cases have come under mv
observation, of persons 'wlid have suffered
for years, who have been immediately' to-
lievod by ilie.uae.of one or two bottles 'of
the Chplagpguc; and,L havo,,not rkuown a
single case whero relief has not . been joh
tained bjr'ita uae.1'." '. .. "' J
" Believing lliat ihe 'gdtlefal use 'of (his me
dicine miist bo of the 'greatest '".importance
to all persons living in those parts of jour
qpuntry, which, nre. subjcc to.' bilious., .Dis
eases,. I give it this general recommendation
Ndris tho pleasure ' of 'this' act 'diminisiied
bylthe' fact that httm ;pfcrsoiialiyhcquai'riied
with .Dri-Qsgood, aiud thnj.I haventhe "most
entirer.COTfidQi)cp,jn,hin.l rts.ai.skillfiil, expo.,
rienced, and judicious jiliysiciai., 1 rbrniu
respectfully,'your most obedibiit servant,' r
-' vtenrtUi -'i',l'!WM."AVf,LETCHER.i-'
. Sanford & Pas, 'Chibinnaiij'rGeneral
agents for the West.
Sold by II. G, LEE Kalidaoi stl wo?,
i ( ip. JOSEPH GRUVEBL Section 10. .i
I arftt)i-t e-i'.-n ntJTfhtr taw rr-t-w
The 4indofsffned civ iotic that Uie-ObJo
StateBmanv for h lcgislutifv SessibBj fwilM
be issued, frr' fonber fe'&t&Vi Flill'aniJ trj-
cdratp reriorts of LegiIatiVo bfoce'di1ig'ill
can, procure will, be, engaged,, and, no party t
oiuw win ne aiiuwca io enter intooarcolumniw:
to b devoted ib the history vjf the'LegisIn
lure, ;' Every'1 cSc-rtlort' will' b'e" tridcfb ftiW
full; and $M ftccotuilf o'ftha.doincs' of"
the. Poople's RepreatiycA,; tlpon tligjnj
portanco ot me action of tho next Legiahn
ture, it is not necpssViv" for us. toenlaree.
The result 'rthhrTiate efeclmnYal nJt H
creased, bht ratlien increased,, the probaK
nies mat inai action will ue more mornentousi
than that of any Cirmor yearn.tt it g!I ro
addition to Hie proceedings of the Legsi
islature and. the general newa of the limest
we i shall , have,; a regular; correspondent 1
Washinifton, to .advise us of the doinrri; of'
Congress. tThe proceedings of the approach?-.,
ing, Democratic Eighth of January Conven-j
tipn,,.will nlso appear, in full, in tbe column;
of the seeiions, as well na the yearly Slatea-,
raaD, which will, fividentlyj be of .the high-,
est, Interest,, to lho4.Petnocratiq parij .of, the,
stale. , . .
(ttrAny person who will procure six sub
scribors, mid, inform us of the direction of
ins paper, snau pave a, copy sent, him for bis,
trouble. . -' ' - . ' " . "
(fir. i Persons receivina a prospectus."' who
caunot make use of it themselves, wUlIease;
nanu,u.io unoiner..,,i;,,;:t,8 A t r
' .' i .s -TERMS OF, SBSSION PAPER ...V., i
. The Statmman will be issued Daily Til-'
Weekly, Semi-Weekly and Weekly. .;... ...'J.
. Daily Paper fob tjie Session, ( $3 00.
Tri-Whekly, l 50
; semiweeklvv-" ''.;;.;.:v;.;.;.y;,. 'c t oq
Wkeklv, ; v-v. bo,
- OCrThe amount paid, and set opposite they
subscribei's name ,'. will des;gnate which paV
per 5s desired. . , ' ' ",: .-.".' i'U'
The Semi-Weekfy will contain all tb'e"mat-?
ter of the Dailyand Tri-Wecklythe W(jekr'
ly will contain the full leports of the Legi
laturc proceedings of the Eighth of Janua
ry Convention,' Congressional, &c but net'
all the miscellaneous reading, news, 'Sic. " "
1 tfi- All payments to' bo mado in advancii?
. i-r.. --a " ' - . ;-
. As some may desire to subscribe fo.'a Ion-""
ger period than the session, we also insert
the terms for the Statesman by the year, vi:"
Terms. The Statesman ti published 1
, Daily during the session of the Lc- n - !3 '
i ' gislature, and Trl-Weekly the bal-A 0
ance of t he year, 1 at-"- VA- 8 W
Tri-Wcekly the year round, afV.UiJ-4;00?
Semi-Weekly -during the session' of ' ';-
i ' the' Legislature, and Weekly uur-" " "d"
: ing the balance of the year, af ..v S 00
Weekly the year round, invariably in ' '-
, l advance, ati. . .' 09'
(fir Persons.! desiring tho Weekly paper J
for six-months, can have it for onb1 dollab,
always to be paid. in advance. !.it n.t , j6
; Fivu Dollabs ih one letter, in advance--
will pay for two copies of the Statesman pub
lished Semi-Weekly during the Session and ?
Weekly iho. balanco of the year, .directed to
the names" ordered.; i -,' ,;.--vJ- : ;, w
vC5-AH payments to be mado in advance. :
Those who have not an ppporlunily of pay,
ing otherwise, may remit. by mail, at our risk,
postage paid. . Th(i Postmaster's certificate
of such remittance, shall -bp a sufficient tv
ceipt ihorcfor.. ,.',, , ,.; t,.
, DiTr'hoso who subscribe by the year .wiU
plcaso, so. designate. ',:!iiV K.:. I;
,. CrRf sponsible persons, , who wilj becorrie,
Aents. for the Staiesman, and take auinter-t
est 'gerieriilly, in obtaining siibscribers,andj
collect', 'debts in their counties or neighbor
hoods, (wi 1 1 bo allowed, a. reasonable per cert
lage' tor llieir (rouble. Such will inform usi
and we shall communicate with them accer-
tirngiy'. !''. '' ;' ". :' ' ' 1 . ' ' ' t
: 8 ., ' C. C; &, G. R. HA'ZEWELl;.
1 Columbus, October 24," 1845.' ';
'"" - ' fc "" i.imasai , ,. m, , .a.fwsjiMaiaMaaaaaaBaBa
E STRAYED from the residence of th ub-w
scribor, in Perry township, Putnam county,,
on Tuesday", 14th of October, a small sorrel horset
14 J hands high bind parts intermixed with white'
hnir fore foet-incline outwards 10 or-13 yeafa
old..;., . ,', i t-..iis; -.'ih
.Also, a bay horse star in. the forehead hind,
and fore foet on the left side are white about 154
or 16 hands high a tittle affected With th spring
halt 10 or 12 year old.' i tri-.i'.;n.!.-'i. i . .'
Whoever will return said horses, or ither
them, to the subscriber, or give any information
where they 'can be found, shall be handsomely
rewarded. .-''Pi i-i i--M,i- ti-'-.ti-.r'. .'iw-.,ii
, . ., . (i STEPHEN WHITEi'vr
Perry tp., Putnam co., O. . t .., t, -.,
- October 28th, 1345, ' " ';"." 244
THE undersigned has heen duly appointed and qualified
na execntor of the Inst will and testament of Joseph,
Fo-d late of Putnam country deceased; all tliose indabted td
Raid estate ore herelr notified to make immediate payment,
and t ose lnvliijr claims aeainst said estate will present
them le-nlly outlicnticutud tot settlement within one year
rom thia date,
QctolierB.'ith 1845. f. ,r -ft , -' t. ,..yr.-.-)
'.-.:,') d-JAMES MACKENZIE,'' K
: s ATTOBMEir -. AT :LAAr. he
.Jn-,i V?!iTtJRB Office,. Kalida, '.QbimioH nit
time of.sub8cibing'vW.,tii;...uu..Auu-.i'"t6'
Ater six months, and within har.r,r)nL
Ate'i 'the dxrjira'tlon of the "year j 00
IeKMs. It paid w i tin rt six month from
n-ABvAAstMfot 1 sqiinr 3 VeeW,?..'. I W
Fo ce.ch.subsequn4iii).Sar,tipn! vft,"f!ttt"q
Ycarli'ddvertjicrncnU will be hagsd.fory- j.;
" ' one square or leis, ' oo
FOT6nelutnn,.-'i,'fH4i..,fwIv'.i..f!30 00
fJ-No unpaid letters taken, from th Post QS,
flee, arid no paper discontinued until all arreaTag
are paitj.ni nmlmdw .isrutmnoa rts o i
BLANKS' of diffarem kind;- for aal aftfctat '
:9cT!iai5 Wsn ttrfi 3tt agtiitii vrMf
,bft ti ,1 ti)r oi btT Wxttfrata
l t
. (-5-;.
,hi0o ea'Jij
.-rllO tl Vr tHSr'SV r1PJ
V.', i.,
, '.f-, .1'-' ''
. .wflMrX
--h.-.-Ti;..--iT?5rr-'? :

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