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HrxAN Rights. We have . boen favored
wall copy of an otalien unit wan receuilv
delivered before the Literary Society of the
University ot .Vermont, by J. 1. Ukadley.
Ita title is the 'One Prcgiessive Principle,'
ana It II one oi.l?omosl ihriililigiy' iloqueut
production! that ever came under our no
lite. We annex a stirring passage:
. "I have tbua endeavored to make history
illustrate my r reposition, by watching the ap
pearance of this principle at different periods,
and studying its characters, and gauging its
strength. ' But, the present, no less than the
past, throw in its testimony; and even now
this strange, unconquerable principle is mov
ing on, dragging the life and energy of the
world after it. Oh, it is fiarful to behold its
strength and the upheaving it has occasion
ed! . Ever since the time of Christ, man has
striven more or less resolutely to get an ac
knowledgment of his rights, eithwr in reli
gious or political matters, or in both. Des
pots have made use of old reverence super
stitious fears, trickery, falsehood, the dun
geon, the bayonet and the scaffold, to silonce
his claims ai d overcome his arguments.)
Force hns done much, fur though
"Truth rraihtS to earth will rie galp,
it often requires 'the eternal yea.-;, 0f God,'
ana men nave succeeded in Varying it fath
oms deep. But the one which I have been
speaking, has b.sd ,wo mild resurrections-
one in fcrighnd, when Cromwell nhouted
over its grave,' and one In France when the
infuriated populace call it in shrieks forth
from its burial of ages. Oh! how man has
struggled to he free free to cat the brend
his own hands has sown, free to breathe his
tho'is ever the lyre, or utter them through
the pages of his country's literature,' free to
lay the taxes he himself pay, free to worship
God according to the dictates of his own con
science. See England convulsed, her House
ef Commons in tears, and the torch of civil
war blazing over the land, and all for d prin
ciple the principle of personal freedom.
Behold this country pouring out its blood
like water, see it clothed in mourning her
children marching barefoot over the frozen
ground, leaving their bloody testimonials on,
every foot of it they i traversed nay, march
ing by hundred naked into battle, and all for
this 0MaWctp7. --
.-,. See France rent asunder,' her streets
flowing with blood, and the loud beat of the
alarm drum, aud the steady peal of tha toc
sin, and the heavy pools of the tumbrels, go
ing, to and from the scaffold the only mu
sic of Paris for year . and millions' of men
sacrificed; and yet this' principle;' in' some
form or other, lying at the bottom of it all.
Deosivsd-as the fierce actors of this tragedy
may have, been, and diverted though the
thought, fur a while, might have been to per
sonal safety r personal aggrandizement; yet
lbs spell words by which the storm' was dir
ected; were freedom and eaual "rights.1
Look at Europe while the great Napoleonic
was performing there ts something
nitre than the unrolling of banners and the
pomp and majesty of arms.' Great deeds
are wrought and glory is the guilding star to
thousands, yet that loag and fearful struggle,
notwithstanding the various pretences set
forth, was, with all its bloody aecompaui
monts, and waste of treasure, and less of life
and suffering, simply an effort to stop the
progress of this one principle. Here all the
diplomacy and hypocrisy of Europe are re
duced to single element the world in
arms against human rights. France "threw
dew the head of a king as the gage of bat-
lie,' and the conflict was set, Cromwell's
army shouting through the fight, and French
patriots storming over entrenchments with
Republican songs in their mouths, may have
been fanatical or deluded men, and cheated
at last by ambitious chieftains, but the thing
mey eougnt was no delusion, t
. What a terror it is able to inspire when
sucn a vast expenditure ot lite and money is
made to chock us advancement.' Behold
the Czar of Russia, the Emperor of German.
the Aing of Prussia, and even Pitt ef Ene-
land, combined togetb er, calling on the wis.
dom or the- statesman, and summonintr to
their aid a million of men to crush single
principle. rait, jsnq. : -
Babiis. "A baby in a house," says Tup
per "is a well-sprintf of pleasure, a messencor
of peace and love, a resting place of inno
cence on earth, a link between angels and
men.''. .J
Mr. Tupper, we opine, is a "bachelor gen
tleman," and therefore is entitled to romance
upon ball's as much as he chooses. But Mr.
Martin Tupper, Esq., can't hope to come it
over us about the pleasure of "a baby in a
house." We've seen all along lhar, as Capt.
Simon Sougs would say. 'Taint no great
enjoyment, according to our ideas, to have a
cup of hot tea pulled over into your lap, at
least once a day. We could never appreci
ate the fun of having a baby's half digested
breakfast or milk csst into your bosom. Mr.
Tupper's idea of a "well-spring of pleasure"
may be very satisfactory te his own imagine-
lien. We b ave drunk at that "well-spring"
we have! Being waked up a half a dozen
limes through the night by the squealing ef
the "angel," and when yen attempt to cany
into execution the eft-repeated threat to
"slap the brat," to find Mrs. Caudle's finger
nails resenting the attempt, by a counter at
tack upon your faee, ain't the most agreeable
thing in the world. Getting up of a cold
night for "the drops," and upsetting the
withstand, and running you get into a bow)
of pap, ia the exploration for the box of
matches doeu'ut give one the clearest Idea of
a "connecting link between angels and men.'.'
it doaa'n'r--J'rcnton New$.!
ftr Grant Th rbvrn, the original of
Gait's "Lavkik Tono," ia still actively en
gaged in the cause of floriculture, horticul
ture, &c., in which he has been a veteran
culturist of half a century. At a recent
meeting of the "Farmer's Club,", in New
York, Mr. T. was present, and made a brief
address to the club, in which he gave, some
interesting to personal reminiscences: ,
Mr. Thorhurn took a retrospect from the
period that, in the simplicity of the art, he
commenced the science of nail making, down
to the period of the discovery or "cut nails,
by which, as he feelingly -described, his art
was "cut out" When ho converted his geU-
ius to the grocery retail business, Having
married, and being compelled to mate both
ends meet, Mr. Thorburn accidentally -' met
with a roso gersrvuim, wmch he put in a pain.
led crock ud sold for fifty cents, clearing
twelvo md a half cents by the operation, and
from tnat period he cult vated the science of
uoticulture, and by an unexpected arrival ot
garden seeds was enabled to supply farmers
and others with the origin of those vegetables
by which our markets are now so abundant
lr su untied. Mr. Tboiburn asserted that the
sale of seeds in the establishment in Fulton
street amounted to $25,000 for the last year.
SiGNiFi3ATioN of Mexican Names. Par
rast Grape-vines; Buenavista, ; Pleasant
Views i La Encantada,The Enchanted; Pa
lomosVigeona: Linares, Field of Flax;, Vic
toria, Victory, Penatco, Ridge of Roeks; Rin
contda the Corner; Passo del Norle, Pass
of the North; Presido del Ntrte, Northern
Fortress; Comi Grand, Large Houses;
CaUrce, Fourteen; Canalct, Canals: Lagt,
Lakes; Reset, Small Uosertoa Moradm,
Scarlet Rose; Aguas Calientes, Warm Wa
ters; Dolores, Sorrows;Io Po,the Geese;
Nombri, Name; Brazs, Arms; Loboi(Mar
ins understood,) Sea Wolves; Ria dtCan
ehas. Shell River; Rio Parras, Vine River
Ria Putrta, Hog River; Rio Nueces, Wal
nut River- Rio 'Balsas, Rail. River, V . r,
! i Doing what tin Dxvil nbver Did. A
worthy clergyman somewhere on the Cape,
was told that a 'portion of his flock were dis
satisfied with his ministry and anxious to get
rid of him. ' Determined to be beforehand
with them,' bn the next Sunday morning
after service he addressed tbem as follows:
? "My dear hearers, in the course of (he en
suing week it is my intention to do what the
devil himself never did yet.' am gaing
to have Caps Cod.'" ' ' '
iirTbe Racine Advotatt publishes ''we
following text and unique eontext: " '..'.,,
""Canst thou saad ligiitnmgs, mat mey
may go, and say untd thee? hero we are."
"Yes, Sir-r--t." Professor Morse.
This tYobld. The man who lives in this
wo.ld and does aot try to u fur in it, in al
most every respect, must be an awful blue
dish of skimmed milk.
Tot there is one point of view in which
this world is a most excellent one. It is in
fast so coed that we really do not feel wor
thy to live in it. It is a glorious world to
act your vart veil iu. There could not be
a better. We mean by acting youi part well
only dting ihs bsstyau can. We are sorry
we ever despaired ef doing that or by any
ther feeling failed to do it.
This world, as a place to train spirits in, is
no failure. It goes perfectly well. . It goes
infinitely well. Whosoever dees not reap
the benefit of its well going, will have to
blame himself. Whether be be in tbe palace
or in tbe diteh, il is all one. The law every
where is. samp or drawn. The man wbo
surrounded with peteiiy and poison, keeps
an honest, upright, hopeful, helpful heart,
has attained glory. He wbo, clothed with
silk, fur and bank checks, has sold himself to
profligacy, falsehood and selfishness, is rnis
Don't wail, friends, till this world besemes
better before yeu try lo be so. J he most
glorious chance is now. God Almighty, had
as tbe world ls.kae net another in Ins bound
less deraiaieNs where you would be happier
than vou can be here, this minute. He
would have to destroy you and saake you
over to make veil any happier than you can
make yourself now. Pshaw! if he should,
it wouldn't be you but another man in your
dace. Do veu want to be annihilated! If
not, go to aork is your place and be happy.
No matter if your business is dressing sores
in the hospital; digging graver, or spiuning
cotton. If it is only an honect business, do
Do it well. Cherish the life that is in
you for the sake of doing It. Happiness is
a fountain that is inside of you. .
You may look outside eternally and you will
net find it. Forgive cur being so prosy.
WiscoNiw. This new State is gelling
entirely ahead of her old sisters in matters
of political and social reform. She seems
to be determined that the democratic princi
ples In opposition to b liking and the credit
system, shall be put into complete -operation
in her borders. There is a provision in the
Constitution which she has adopted, prohib
iting the chartering of a banking institution;
which seemed to be striking an' effectual
blew at banking monopolies, and their legit
imate results, tn unbenlihy extension of Ino
credit system. But there is still another
provision, looking to the benefit of the pout
er classes in disenthralling them from the
slavery of debt oae on prohib'!;ng the col
lection of any debt bylawofle;san,ountih:in
$100. This will put a slop to those endless
cases of litigation of the collection of small
debts, and at least relievo the hours! but un
able debtor from the vexations of a lawsuit,
aad the payment of costs which in many cas
es exceed the debt itself. Mahoning Index.
" Well.' my boy, what have you to do at
home." . '! ' ' '
."I does considerable, I rides the turkeys
te water, milks the geese, combs down the
big rooster, puts up the pigs' tails in papers,
to make them curl, and keeps tally for dad
and mam when they scold at a mark.' Any
era questions to ax. :t v
Santa Anna had Tom Corwin's speech
translated into pure Castilian. which he read
with pleasure. He says Tom is a "good
enough Mexican.7' iVeA.
, "No LicaJisa." The majority against li
cense in Cleveland City and township
is 179. ' '- - ' ' 1 '
, .
During the absence of Anson Bcaedicl
aad his wife, of Allegheny township Penn.
on the22d ult., the house was entirely des
troyed by fire, and three children, two girls
of 13 and 7, and a bey of 3 perished in the
flames. ...
j&Massilon, Stark County. The demo
crats of Massillon have elected their ticket,
except one trustee, by 120 majority. Last
fall the vote stood, Tod 227,Bbb248 140
democratic gain. I hreo cheers lor Molly
Stark! ,; .. ! i ."" .
03 An Irishman ws killed at a lock a
short distance below tins place, by a
piece of timber, which fell upon and smash
ed his sbM.Logantport Dem, Pharos. -
""" T : .', ,.V-..
Sals of uanal lands vnder th new
kiw. J.U. (Juitis, bsq., Keffister or tne
Slate Land Office at this place, has furnished
us with the number of acres of Canal Lands
entered 'under the new law, and the amount
received for them. " -41
The whole number of apres entered; since
the 19th of February, when the new law
went into operation, was Q,Wv, , and the
whole amount of money received is $8,665,-
60. -This is hp to the 10th inst. '
The total of moneys received for Canal
Lands in 1846, amounted to $23,114,13.,,
, .It w ll.be seen that the sales this year, bid
fair to reach alargo amount, and (his, as a
matter of course, will be of vital interest to
the North West. :. ,"' :'; '-'- -r"
Our exchanges, will confer a favor upon
us bv noticing the above facts, and noticing
also, that large tracts of valuable land, favor
ably located4, ch yet be entered at reduced
WHOLE NO. 321.
From th Majarsiowo, Md. Kews.
"Jtad back andlbt thb Coffin Pass!!
- Don't Crowd tu Mourners."
OiT "It is finished 1". Tbe last expiriag
cry of I ha Farmers' and Milter's Bank was
uttered on Thursday evening last. The
doors were closed, the sign taken down, andf
the premises yielded up to thai grim monster,
Death! V Don't be startled, kind reader.
Notwithstanding the tremendous influence
brought to bear up the sinking tenement of
this most miserable creature, the underpin
ning of its existence has been cruelly, most
unceremoniously knocked away by t the
sledgehammer of fate, and its soul (ifcoipora
tions have any soul) has been sent on a voy
age down, down; to the interminable, incera
prehensibile depths of despair. "Death
ioves a shining mark and the great, ' tiro
grand, the solemn, and awfully terrific crash
has come at last.- Tears of legret and an
guish roll down onr fevered cheek, burning
everlasting furrows in their way, as we, an
nounce the solemn truth, j,.
The solemn rites of sepulture to the de
ceased, will be postponed until Mondsy neat,
the first day of Court, ia order that namer
ous and highly respected friends may join in
the procession The luilowinz order wilt
be observed.'
Sydney Rigdon, and Parson Miller, in roues.
The President and directors of the Franklin
Railroad as Pall Bearers.
The noteholders and officers, ' as the Chief
Joseph T. Guthrie, in chains.
. The" sword of Justice, ia craps'.'
The Hagorstown Critic, in goggles". '
The Williamsport Jawbaho band.
Tbe uniform of a broken down militia officer,
borne by a delegation from Captain. ;
Walker's Rangers.
Tbe learned pig, and the Ohio fat girl.
Members of the Wcaverton Manufacturing
' tompany.
The gliosf of Nick Blddle, in while. '
- A delegation from the county jail.'-
-A.The goat from Lodge No. 31.
The friends and Relatives.
Strangers nnd'citiiens. , .,;
The w'uo'.o to be followed by s delegation
from the "Harrystown Rounders.", The
procession will move through tha principal
streets, during which the bells of the various
churches will be tolled, and all the steeples
hung in black. v The corpse will then. b
dragged out by four jacks, and buried with
the honors of war; after which the hymn
commencmg -"
"W'll nver haartha widow murn, :
Nor jt tha orphan ry,"
will la sung by the assembled crowd. This
will be followed by a last grasn from Parson
Miller, after which the Aud'ance will retire
to their respective homes, to raeurtt tha fata
of all that's mortal. i ' 1 ; .1
, "Requiescaf in pact" . ; v
Auditor Wds-Prlnt!Bg Dlnsiks.
The Tollowiag question to the Auditor wilt
probably bo inteteaiing to printers:
, , . ,k Marion, April 5, 1847.
John Woods Esq. Dear Sir f Conceiv
ing it to ba right of every citizen ' to; make
such inquiries of a public servant; as pertain
to the performance of his official duties,. 1
beg leave, most respectfully, to submit ' tha
following interrogatory f From whence doyoa
derive authory to instruct county Auditors to
sell out, ti the Itivtst bidder, lbs ' printing
of Assessors' blanks, or other printing which
they are required to have done for the bene
fit of the county T r . : (1 -s -
An early answer to the above interrogato
ry, through this paper, will be very accepta
ble to 'he ... undersigned, and, I doubt not,
the public generally ; - , .. ;; . -V?
. ,j Very respectfully, u,i
t, ,. Your most obedient, ii
Ohio Statesman. . : , R. A.- JCNAPP.l;
' Follv. At ihe recent whig State conven
tion in Pennsylvania, the following resolu
tion was adopted ; ', - v -,.:.Jf
Resolved, That the Tariff of 13 4 J was
the source ef unexampled prosperity to the
country, and that its repeal has been attend
ed teith results detrimental to th trus inter
ests ef all sections and classes ,1 .t-'w .1
This resolution is very brief an equally
false throughout. Uador the new tariff ihe
public revenues have increased .over last
year at all ports of the, U iiou. v, The priees
of produce have risen and prosperity is seea
on every side, yet the federalists of Pennsyl
vania attempt to gull the people by such res
olutions. It is remarkable that Ihe , people
can't find out tha tariff of 1848 has ruined
them. Seneca Advertiser, j c,.tl . "
A vile wit says that man, being the only
animal that laughs, does so because he baa
no tail to wag when be is pleased..'; y
The Castle of Sua Juan do Ullea is aearly
the strongest in the world.' It has been ta
ken but twice. , The French took it by acci
dentthe Americaas by bird fighting... s
Ta dialika th wr and yet glory ia its victrta
.C0BlamD the fratdoai ef Uaa for earaalvaa.
and call the riaoiple aaiast whta xtana'od te
oar Mexican oam jr aad 'te lev oar tiwaiiMr ia
proportion as thv karbaroualy saaetae ! of
oaf tilittaa, is whig leva of ooaatif. Vir.

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