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v-.r-j PASSISft SMILES.,
Omaha has contributed 13,500 to the
Iriah Belief Fund.
The Talmage Tabernacle, Brooklyn,
is reported to be mortgaged for 143,000.
Tub net earning of the Illinois Cen
tral Railway in 1879 were K207.763.
Thb Cincinnati , Commercial
Grant to run for Vice-President.
The London Timet maintains that the
government postal-telegraph system is
an-immense failure. ....
March 17 is the day fixed for the
'Southern Railroad banquet at Cincin
nati. ' ' ' ' - -
It Is said that Grant gave the servant
at the house in which he stopped while
in Havana $500 in money.
Rowland E. Trowbridge, of Michi
gan, has been ' nominated for Commis
sioner of Indian A flairs."
Professor Hrxt.EY has pronounced
the'sknll of the Central African Soko
human. .
Tni: legislator of IOiiimana is organiz
ing a board of agriculture and immigra
tion. A law has just been enacted in Rhode
Inland that will prevent pigeon shooting
for sport or a test of marksmanship. " -
t -1 1 1 , - i .'.'j
. The receipt of the State of Wiscon
sia last year were $1,812,085, 'and the
expenditures $1,G27,146. . That is a
pay-as-you-go Ktat.
Aw Englishman writes to the London
Timet tbst there was not a toUrabstainer
among the Episcopal Bishops who at
ended the Psin-American Congress.
The Emperor of Russia must change
his dinner hour. Irregular habits in
the present Instance would be conducive
to health. '
Conurkb seems to have abandoned
all thought of improving the laws for
the counting of the vote for President
and Vice-President.
' They are getting up a Tay Bridge relief
fund in Britain and the latest Scottish
journals announca that it has reached
the sum of $25,300.
It is ordered n.the Postmaster Gen-,
era! that all persons recalling mail mat
ter under fictitious names shall be iden
tified at the postoffite before the mail is
delivered to them. - ' .
Thb New York Produce Exchange is
trying to effect a reduction in freight
rates, so as to reduce prices of grain,
with a view of creating a better export
AsorT one hnndred Mexican veterans
met at Columbus. Ohio, recently and
adopted a resolution, calling on Congress
to pas the bill for the relief of soldiers
of the Mexican war. , ;
The South Carolina General Assem
bly has passed a bill for the settlement
of the debt of Columbia The debt is
$1,000,000, and thirty-year bonds are to
l issued, bearing two, three and four
per cent.
At a meeting at Syracuse of the State
Committee of the National Greenback
party, the Chairman, Thomas P. Saund
ers, 'wss charged with selling out to the
Democrats. Ho will be tried for the al
ledgcd offense at Albany, March 23.
If Frofcssor Proctor is correct injhis
theory, tlK sun is engaged at intervals
in Bombarding the planetary system and
iff surrounding space with master sey-;
era tboUMfind times hotter than the fiery
A contemporary jocosely remarks
that, judging from the list of killed and
wounded soldiers in the Winter Palace
at BVjPptorsburg, there was no notice
able negligence in providing a sufficient
military force in that quarter.. .
Tfcri.Y by the time the Rev. Mr. Cow
ley has been subjected to trial upon the
twenty-three remaining indictments for
eMofty to the- children confined in '.his
Fold, tie will be thinner than the most
emaciated of the little nuflcrcrs.
" A CAHiroK was placed in front of the
Governor's reidence in Cheyenne; W y-
oming, on February 15tb. TheAmeri
'can flag was displayed thereon; also two
placards, reading : "Ihe Governor must
.be protected at all hazards." " Women
TnUstbe respected rcgarllessof color."
-.v. , ,
It appears from the statistics of last
year that the exjort of agricultural im
plements from this country has been
overdone, bnt the domestic trade i
lively nd the demand for - improved
methods growing. The present and pros
pective" call 'for American cereals is
stimulating a great industry. '
Mr. W. W. Corcor ab's desire to add
a national portrait gallery and school of
ak(tothci"Orrn Jrt Gallery," in
"r'ashington, is defeated by Admiral 8.
P. Lee's persistent refusal to sell, even
at an exorbitant price, the necessary ad
jacent lots. . v ) .' ' r. i
4 '; m
fhiA has been introduced in the
iluwLflpui LczWature providing a fine
t.Z0 Jor any person oetectca in accoy
fng people out of the State, and. the
VicVMrorg : Aro'rf proposes it be
UM'nded m as to fine and imprison also,
anybody who shall attempt to leave the
tttaU or seek to induce others to do so.
' - "... m
; uuu juriua iu uuiq uas oeen a
frsowjns; evil in all large counties, but
that is to be avoided In the future. All
struck juries are hereafter to be selected
Jtgr the J udge of the court without con
utatioR -with. anybody. The bill mak
ing this provision passed the Senate and
Is now law," ' " ' "
In the Oliiu Legislature, a resolution
paused the Lf oute calling on Congress to
abolish the duty on white paper.; The
Wheeling 'leader ays every' leglshv
ture in the" country should do the sanfe
thing. Cheap newspapers are almost as
important to the public welfare as free
education, r if t i.
.ft Is hotf 'dWred to construct the Cin
tinnati Southern from Chatt:inoM;a to A
place called Boy c Station, a distance of
five miles. . Something leas than a mil
lion dollars is asked for the purpose. A
contemporary suggest that $100,000 is
sufficient to build a railroad that dis
tance. - If is said that there is a growing feeling
in China against an extension of foreign
intercourse. The Viceroy Shen, who
recently died at Nanking, left a memorial
In which he strongly argued for Chinese
exclusivcness, and this memorial is now
being secretly circulated, and is produc
ing a great effect.
Thk reason why the rise in the price
of paper is so oppressive is that all jour
nals of repute hare spent the money
saved by the cheapness of the paper
either in improving the character of the
journal or in decreasing the subscription
pnce.vr Naturally they are unwilling, for
the purpose of enriching paper makers,
to step backward twenty years.
Am Illinois school-mistress was unable
to chasti e the biggest girl pupil, and
called in a young School Trustee to as
sist her. . The Trustee found that the of
fender was his own sweetheart, but his
sense of duty triumphed over his love,
and he whipped the girl. Not only did
this result in losing him a sweetheart,
but her father sued him for damages,
and got a verdict for $50.
The Detroit Free Pntt wisely ob
serves that it is not the newspapers
which are alone interested in keeping
the price of paper at a moderate figure.
The price of cheaper school-books will
be affected by the high cost of paper.
So will all hand-bills, posters and other
job work of the common sort, which
naturally affects the interests and purses
of the greatest number of people. It is
a blow at the poorer classes of the
people of - moderate means, and touches
the pockets of the masses rather than
the wealthy.
-A company with an invested capital
of $50,000 has been in operation in
Maine in the manufacture of beet sugar.
The quantity of beets used last year was
9,000 tons. The sum paid for the beets,
freightage'and storage was $59,000. The
amount realised from the sale of sugar,
molasses, pulp and lime waste was $111,
000. ' The total expenses for buildings,
machinery, etc., were $108,000, leaving
less than $3,000 profit. So no dividends
were declared. This, however, is the
first year's operations, and better results
are looked for in 1880. It is probably
the beginning of a profitable industry in
the Pine Tree State.
The New England manufacturers and
merchants who favor the re-enactment
of a National bankrupt law have made
good progress in creating a sentiment in
favor of the movement, and at a meeting
held in Boston, it was announced that
the business community generally ap
prove of it The State' laws differ, and
all of them are cumbrous. The need of
a National law, purged of the errors of
the former one,, seems to be recognized.
Leading merchants of New York have
petitioned Congressfor the passage of a
suitable law. . The movement in the
East seems to be general in this matter.
; A LADY makes a suggestion entitled
to consideration. She thinks the discus
ston of polygamy in the National Con
gress would be disgraceful to the coun
try. Her remedy is to so direct the tide
of immigration (lowing to our shores
that in a little while a powerful anti
polygamy party ' would be formed in
Utah. She would have the expenses of
intelligent emigrants paid to Utah; she
would place the Mormons in the minor
ity; she would establish able Gentile
newspapers; and she would, send there
eloquent lecturers, not forgetting to in
clude among the latter several strong
minded sisters. " Have the battle," she
says, " fought out in Utahr and then
bring Utah into the Union as a State
quietly, as if polygamy had never been
thought of." "
Apropos to the completion of the
Cincinnati Southern Railroad, the Cin
cinnati Gazette takes occasion to say:
An intelligent woman, who has been
much at the South and much at the
North, remarked that she could not see
now me two peoples couia come to a
fair understanding until they got better
acquainted. There is a good deal, in
this. . The Southern Railroad will serve
to extend the acquaintance. Our neigh
bors at Atlanta may jump onto a train
in the evening and be here the next
morning; spend the day in Cincinnati
and return home the next night. . We
shall call the Georgia people our neigh
bors, ana they may call us, neighbors.
We do not mean by this that the; South'
ern people will be expected to make
short visits. . We want the vista to be
many ana long. ' ine , latenstring is
out."' w' '
. , , -;
"Playing 'Roun'j 'Meng de Psalm."
I Atlanta CoortUotkm.V ( ',',
A well known Georgian. : whila trav
eling in Liberty County recently, met a
lama negro preacher in the road and
stooped him for a little talk? r i
"jiuuer, saia me teniiemsnj x see
vou have your Bible in your hand. Do
von nraeh to-da V f ' . - -' - ' '- '
. -i. -
" Well, what is your text T" .
"Well, sab, I ain't tncknd lexe
" What! no text? Don't yofi 'prepare
" No, sah, not iMT SXlVTS
yny, Jiutler, I have never kaown a
preacher to deliver a sermon" without
writlcg It or thinking it over. "
- " Dat's wrong sah. Dat ain't 'cordin'
ter de Scriptur. De Bible say,' 'Open
yo' mouf en I win fill m.' Z t
, " But then there are some mighty big
mouths,", . -1 .$J:. -Jl
" Yesser, dat's so -dat'3 so, sho. "
" Well, you haven't prepared any ser
mon, and you haven't taken any text.
What do you intend to do to-day V"r
" Well, sah, I jea specks terday fer ter
play.'roun' 'mong de Psalms."
40,000 a week is the demand in Ireland to
keep itarration away.
The Fennrylvanis Greenback Convention
will be held at Harrisburj, March 23d. "
As Iowa editor, F. H. Bowan, of Dubuque
committed suicide by immersing his head in a
backet of water.
It is said that General Tom Ewing made
$100,000 in s recent venture in a Colorado
Ret. Cowley, of the Shepperd's Fold has
been convicted. He wept bitterly upon the
announeement of the verdict.
BATXSV114.B, Ark., hat been ' almost totally
destroyed by arej SeTeral persons lost their
lives by falling walls. ' J . .
Tat Municipality ef Saples cave s splendid
banquet to Professor Nordenssjold and the
members of the Swedish Arctic expedition. 1
The business men of San Francisco are hold
ing meetings with a view to providing some
means of relief for the unemployed laboring
men in that city.
James TuoursoK, a Louisville business
man, was attacked at mid-day on one of Louis
ville's busiest streets and relieved of $2,000.
The thieves disappeared in the crowd.
G0VEB50B Blacebcbs, of Kentucky, has
signed the death warrant of Robert Anderson
who murdered his wife at Louisville in April
of 1878. The execution takes place April 2.
Fiftt miles more of extension will be added
to the Texas Pacific Railroad by the 1st of
April, the extension continuing from Weather
ford westward.
A Bcexos Atbes dispatch say -. i ( The
alliance between Peru and Bolivia has ceased.
An unsuccessful attempt has been made to de-"
pose Piero'a as Dictator.", , , .
The Merchants Exchange ef St. Louis have
sent twelve carloads of flour and corn to New
York, intended for reshipment to the distressed
in Ireland.
At Columbus, Ohio, Wm. Theison, who has
been under arrest on several occasions of late,
for cruelty to his divorced wife, finally mur
dered heron the 19th inst. by shooting her in
the mouth.
A fabmeb near Amerieus, Ga., hearing a row
in the house of a negro tenant, went to see what
was the matter. As ho opened the door the
negro struck him on the head with an ax,
crushing his skull and killing him instantly.
The negro fled.
If (Si -4 ALU s CgiSE, the leetutes S and' siis
sionary has been arrested at Creston, Iowa, for
inhumanely treating her adopted daughter of
nine years, and held to appear before the Grand
Jury in the sum of $1,000.
The news from the interior of Russia is to
the effect that famine and diphtheria is rapidly
di populating that region. In the Caucasus
the people are selling their children and com
mitting suicide.
The working men of San Francisco have
organized themselves into visiting committees
and are going about among establishments in
that city where Chinamen are employed in an
effort to secure their discharge. In many cases
they are successful.
Advices from Rio de Janerio state that from
eight to ten persons are dying daily from yel
Isw fever. There is also much sickness on ship
board, and vessels are constantly removed from
the docks and dispersed throughout the harbor.
' Fii'teex thousand people witnessed the exe
cution at Murfreesboro, Tenn., of John Hall
and Burrell Smith last Friday. These men
were convicted of the murder of Major Pugh,
in May last.
It is asserted that the weather in the ex
treme West is so changeable and stormy that
travel between Fargo and Bismarck oosts the
Northern Pacific Railroad fully $100 a pas
senger. Travel west of Fargo has been almost
practically abandoned.
Rev. Cowlet has been sentenoed to one yoar
in the penitentiary and to pay a fine of $250
on one indictment. There are twenty-three
indictments for him yet to answer to. Evi
dently this grave and good man has s hard
looking road to travel. " " -'-'-' -
Fona prominent men ef the Miami Indian
Nation have gone to Washington to prevail
upon the authorities to make their tribe litisens
of the United States. They ask that their land
be set apart to them in severalty and that they
be allowed to draw all the money due them
from the Government. ! -
Isvitatioxs to citizen soldiers of the United
States are out for the centennial celebration to
be held at Nashville, Tenn., on the 24th of
April. Two thousand dollars in prises are to
be given away to the best drilled companies at
tending. It is probable that the equestrian
statue of General J ackson will be nnveiled on
the occasion.
Hibak P. Allek, residing near Sandwich,
111., was riddled with bullets by two burglars
who bad entered his house for plunder. He
had heard. the noise and was sitting up in led
when they put is an appearance. Four balls
entered his body, any one of three of which
would hare proved fatal. His wife escaped by
taking refuge in a closet.
A special telegram from Paris says the
religious journals publish a brief analysis of a
doctrinal act which Leo XIII is about to issue
to put down the public agitation in favor of
divorce. It affirms the divine origin of mar
riage, its unity and its indissolubility, and ex
presses its profound contempt of the civil cere
mony as the work of the enemies of the
These are symptoms of Molly Maguireism
developing in the West. At Belleville, 111.
Harry Lister, a coal mine superintendent, was
attacked and left for dead by some unknown
person. Robbery was not the object, as noth
ing on his person was disturbed.. He and a
number of others have recently beon receiving
threatening letters having inclosed in them the
skull and eross-bones, the insignia of the
Melly Maguire organisation.
Thb Senate passed a joint resolution, intro
duced by General Logan, authorizing the Sec
retary of the Navy to furnish a ship to trans
port to Ireland any provisions orothor supplies
that may be furnished in this eountry. If there
is ao ship in.-the navy sapabls of carrying a
cargo, the jfeoritary pf thaljavy is authorised
to charter one, asd whatever money is neees
aary is appropriated by the resolution.
Quite a serious accident has occurred on the
Bellalre and Southeastern Railroad nine miles
southwest of Bellaire, Ohio. A passenger
train consisting of two coaches jumped the
track while orossing what is known as the " S "
trestle and tell a distance of thirty-fire feet to
the ground, sadly wrecking .the train and
wounding from fifteen to twenty passengers.
Ex-Congressman Danferd who was on board
the train is said to have been fatally injured.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg says there
has been an abortive attempt made to kill the
Imperial family by exploding a mine in the
Winter Palace. Five soldiers were killed and
thirty-five wounded. A later dispatch from
St. Petersburg reports that the mine was laid
under the guard-room of the Winter Palace,
which is immediately under , the dining hall.
Owing to an accidental delay, the 'Imperial
family had sot entered the latter at the usua
time. The explosion made a hole in the floor
of the adjoining hall ten feet long and six
.. Tax Postmaster-General, has issued orders
prohibiting the delivery ol leUeri to the follow
ing firms, represented as being engaged in con
ducting fraudulent schemes: R. C. Winter
smith, No. 8 Mozart Building, Louisville, "Ky. ;
SupeivisoT of the Frankfort School Fund Lot
tery ; W. Scott Glore, Louisville, Ky., the new
agent for the Commonwealth Distribution Co. ;
W. V. Wagner,' Marshall', Mich.', who adver
tise to send patent reeeipes ; Barak) A Bro.,
New Orleans, representing the Havana Lottery
Company ; and D. H. Herrick, 43 New street,
New.Xerk, who solicits money to it vest in
railroad and other stocks. ..
. Theee months ago a man nam cd James E
Dickinson, living near Peteisburg, IU., went
to Chicago with load of cattle, which he sold,
receiving the money late in the afternoon, and
then disappeared. Some time ago his wife re
ceived a letter mailed at St. Ann, De La Poca
tiere, Quebec, marked ou the envelope : "Mailed
by a charitable Canadian," stating that he had
been captured by pirates and was bound to a
mast. Intelligence has just been received by
telegraph from the authorities at Cedar Keys,
Florida, saying that a destitute man is there
who says be was robbed on vessel and put
ashore on the coast, giving his name as James
E. Dickenson. This cafe is one of deep mys
tery'." '" " ' " , , ' ' "' '.'
Hekbt Obpex, . a Boston boarding-house
keeper, learned that two of -his lodgers who
had roomed together had been missing eight
days. u He opened their room and found E. C.
Marshall, one of the missing lodgers', .'dead
upon the bed, with a revolver in his left hand
and a bullet -hole on the right side of the
head. .In the room S large lot of burglars'
won were iouna ; suo seven, erucioies, ana a
number of preoious stones taken from jewelry. I
Th.ii. . mw w. ;t.j
- - I
quarrel over the spoils. The stones are 1
thouffht to be a nortion ef those stolen from H.
Norman's residence on Beacon street en the
night of the 11th. i .
Is referring to the conduct of the Csar of
Russia immediately following the terrible ex
plosion at the Winter Palace, a correspondent
says s Immediately after the explosion he as
sembled the Imperial family, and personally
assured ;them of - the. safety of the .Empress.
Then, in s tone which exhibited more of pas
sion than alarm, he exclaimed: "Great God!
The fiends have followed me even herel , Sum
mon 'the Guards I- Close all the ' exits I"
Then, almost instantly subsiding into a eon-'
ditioa' of the utmost apparent oalmnees, the
family knelt and offered fervent thanksgivings
fot their deliverance from the terrible danger.
Some fainted, others wept, and 'altogether the
scene was one of the 'most thrilling and dra
matic ever enacted within the walls of a Royal
-Neab Afton, Mo., two tramps entered the
fans' house of a Mrs. ' Beverly, and observing
that she was alone and unusually attractive,
they said "you're our game" and caught her,
but she bravely fought them off, and, as she
dashed into an adjoining room, they each Shot
at per. She bolted the door and barricaded it
with a bed, and then jumped but the window
and ran, leaving them battering sway with an
ax at the door. When they effected an en
trance she was two hundred yards sway mak
t r -il 1 -mi . .
ing for a neighbor's honse. They again shot
at her, and were so enraged at her escape that
they smashed everything smashable about the
house into kindling wood and then departed.
People' through the eountry should be pre
pared to meet these kind of chaps.
A HoaaiBLE wife-murder has jnst been com
mitted St Des Moines, Iowa. Some time ago
s coal miner, named Osborne, whipped his wife
so brutally that she was confined to her bed for
month. When she recovered she left him.
Meeting her on the street the other day, in
company with a little boy, an altercation oc
curred between them which resulted in Osborne
running to the .middle of the street and getting
a stone . weighing ten or twelve pounds with
which he began pounding her on the head. She
fell to the pavement, when, easting the stone
aside, he finished np his brutal work by kicking
her a number ef times with his big coarse
boots, fier skull was crushed by the stone.
and she died almost instantly. He was shortly
after arrested, while trying to make his escape,
and lodged in jail.
A cobeesfokdebt at Pittsburg relates that
two attorneys in that city named Connelly and
McTighS have produced a new invention for
a patent on which they have already made applications-called
the telephote-telioon or telop
tioon. , The practical utility - of the invention
will be apparent when it is stated that the in
ventors believe they will be able to transmit
instantaneously, from point to point, any writ
ten or printed document, as for instance, one
entire, side of a newspaper. The reproduction
of the image is the resutt'of chemical changes,
which are now utilized An the science of pho
tography, and are perfectly familiar to all
operators in that branch of science and art. It
is also claimed that two persons conversing a
great distance apart, will be able to distinctly
see each, other.. 5' ' . -,'
; A rAETicrrLABLT horrible dooiestic tragedy is
reported from Bainbridge, .Penn, Last Mlty
Charles tane, with his wife and tbrM children
moved b that , aeetioa from Maryland.-'- The
wif e was thirty-four and the husband twenty
five years . old. Theyv lived' anhapnily
together. A few days ago, a neighbor, observ
ing that every thing about their hotma lad . 'a
death-hike Appearance, mado up his mmd to
investigate.; Finding the door ' locked,' he
forced it open. . Upon a. bed lay the forms of
Lane, his wife and,,b:r infant child which she
clasped in her arms, all cold in death. ., Near
by was a rude eot noon which was the dead
body of the little five-year-old girl and by the
aide of jt s little boy two years older, who, on
observing the intruder, said, " Hush Hush 1
They are sleeping." The mother pressed the
faoe ef the infant against her own, both of
.which were flattened by the contact- Decora
position had set in on mother and child. Iioai
was lying diagonally across the bed with his
clothing on. ' The head of the- woman, had a
bruised appearance, and the neck broken., The
little boy, whose legs and arms are badly
frozen from which be may die, says tha t hi
pa wanted his ma to take st mo thing that she
did not want to. An investigation shows them
all to have been poisoned. It is probable that
Lsne broke his- wife's neck in the struggle to
make her take the poison, or perhaps did it to
end her agony In death. 1 It is" evident that
she died several days before be took hit own
life. The neia-hboi testify that the last they
saw of her was on Monday, while they saw
him as late as on Thursday, .The onlgr ex
planation offered for the boy's escape is said to
be that he was a groat favorite of Lane's and
that he had not (ha heart to ikill hini.,'j tV,
It was thought that the recent extensive
raids against the Georgia moonshiners had had
the effect of rendering them submissive, but
such belief has been put to flight.' Deputy
Marshal Bolton made a trip into Milton' County
for the purpose of arresting distillers. ' About 4
o'clock they were encountered by a dozen moon-1
shiners, one of them rushing upon the Deputy's
assistant and firing in his faoe., The halt
grazed the scalp and tho powder singed his
bair and whiskers. Bolton now seized the
man for whom he had a warrant, and a violent
scuffle ensued, the moonshiner finally succumb
ing to a blow from the butt end ol a pistol. The
other moonshiners now" opened up fire, and the
n M - 1 .. - .J I . 1. :
fell at the first fire, and the remainder retreated,
carrying the wounded: man with them. : As
soon as safe, the officers left the county", carry
ing' out one prisoner. In Haralson County,
also, Deputy Collector Post, attempted totseize
a distillery. When within a few hundred feet cf
the distillery, he hearAmen running to the still,
and, with much caning, calling to those within
to get up and get their guns. Post had but one
assistant, and the firing of gans and the yell
ing of .the moonshiners, now forced him to leave
the eountry. He telegraphs the collector, etat
ing that then are ten stills in the vicinity, and
asks for a dozen well armed men to assist hire
in taking them. In another county, Deputy
Collector E. M. Brown also seized two stills,
after encountering armed resistance. '
'n .- ..
Summarized from the proceedings of the post week.
- i' ; ; i . .-:
W , . - 8E5ATS.. , .. '.' .. '.
Messrs. Windom. Blaine and Withers were ap
pointed a C nferenoe Committee on the disagrer
ment of the House to the Senate amendments to the
Military Axademv -appropriation bi:l.. Considera
tion of the 5 per cent, military land warrant bill
wa r named. Jlr. AUison (Bep of la ) quo-ei au
thorities contemporary with the passage of the en
abling aetsof the Utates intesested, o prove that
lan1 warren s at that time were regarded as cash
certificated. Location to scrip was held to be a sale.
This waebon by the act of Congress giving Mis
sissippi s par eenr. on Indian retervatiom m that
States Mr. . inlands (Rep. of Vt.) remarked that
the debates en the act named showed t'. at that waa
a successful begging operation, and not a legal ton
strucioB of the enabling ret Mr. Allieoo said he
was showing the general intention of the acts, if not
their strict legal interpretation. : He held that S per
cunt, waa guaranteed to Iowa as a school fund.
Eighty-one million dolla-s bad been paid into - the
United States Treasury for nub ie lands in the last
thirty years by the people in the newer States. ' He
belisvf d it no waste of this money to have a small
, lt ,pol elt0 the paction i the people,
as the enabling acta intended should be. Pendins
debate the Senate wtnt into ex-entire sessUn, and
moil KMiracd. ... . .. . .
Many petitions were presented by 'railroad com-
1 The bill providing for celebrating the one nun-
? reaucuea or . j w siew ru.
dredthanniversity of the reeogottion ef American
Indept ndenre by a national exhibition at New
York la 'J 438 was placed ou the , calendar. Mr.
Saulsbury preserttei a majority report of the Com
mittee on PrivUegeat and Elections in the Ingalls
case. The report finds that bribery and corruption
were employed to stcnie Ingalla' election, but that
then is no evidence that Ingilla authriilzed such
improper acle, or that tbey in fact secured his elec
tion. A minority report was presented signed by
Mr, Cameron, Mr. Hoar and Mr. Logan expressing
the opinion that when the word corruption was em
ployed the report should Injustice ;stts what was
riroved. Reports ordered printed. Mr. Randolph
ntredooed the following amendment to the b. U for
the relief of Fits John Porter: Strike out all after
the enacting clause aufr Insert: " That the Presi
dent is hereby aalhoris'd to nominate, and by and
with the advice of the Senate to appoint Fits John
Porter as Colonel of Infantry in the Army of the
United States, his commission tobeardateJmuary,
1863, with pay and emoluments of rank from that
date until he shall be retired aeoordir g to law, or as
hereinafter' provided for. bee. 2, That at any
time after the granting of such" Coumston It shall
be lawful for the President, to. place aaiJ Porter on
the retired list of ihe amy, on the pay of a retired
Colonel ef Infantry.-" Ordered printed and laid on
the table, subject to Mr. Randolph's call. -
The joint resolution authorizing the. Secretary cf
tho Kavv to employ a r.aval vess. 1 for the purpose
of transporting contributions to the famishing poor
of Ireland was paesed. Consideration ot the bill
authorizing 'the ascertainment of the amount of
nubile lands located on military warrants and ihe
payment of 6 percent, ot the value thereof to the
several 8 rates waa resumed. Mr. Kirkwood, (R-p.
of la. I In speaking in favor of the bill, audthat
Iowa was nut assinz the 5 per cent, as alms because
la good faith ens was entitled to every nt of -the
money claimed. .Repudiation ny ine tiovernmem
ot this debt was as bad as any other repudiation.
Mr. Paddock (Rep. of Neb.) and Mr. Jonea (Dem. of
Fla.) spoke in favor of the bill, and Messrs. Fryer
and Kernan oppose4 it. Without acti jn the Senate
wont into executive scssioa.
By a vote of 25 to 13 the motion of Mr. Davis, of
West Virginia, to reconsider tbe vote adopting, the
resolution for the appointment of a Spicisl Commit-.
tee on xnt ar-uceanic janai was taaen up, and Air.
lavis explained his reasons for making the mot on,
which passed yeas, 29; nays, 23.' Af'er some dis
cussion whether the subject should go to the Co Ea
rn! rte on Foreign Affairs or a special commit'ee, Mr.
McDonald called- f jr- too regular orter, the Five
per cent. Trill. Mr. Davis, of West Virginia, sub
mitted -a resolution directing any heads of the Exe
cutive Departments,-who have taot yet done so, to
-comply with the statute-requiring, of such ofhc rs to
annually report to Congress thenumberof employes
m toeir aepanmeni, ana woetner any oi inem can
be dispensed wun, or wnerner any cnangos
profitably be made. Adopted. . ....
' - . . ' MOW).
The 'following bills were Introduced and re
ferred: To repeal the duty on medicines; reducing
the duty on ires and steel; to return to the pro
ducers of cotton the tax-collected by the Govrrc-,
ment which has been declared by the United States
Supreme Court to have been illegally collected
aomittine free of duty machinery for manufactur
ing cotton fabrics; requesting the President to open
negotiations wire -ecnane- loreian Kovotnmenia
relative to- the importation of tobacco intu their
dominions; amending the statutes prohibiting tho
employment ol convicts in toe manufacture ot suca
articles as may De oroognr luto competition witn
aaaueo, laoox. r. i
The House resumed consideration of the b',11 regu
lating the removal of causes from State to Federal
lAurts. ana debate ensued. Ine morning bour bar.
ing expired, the bill went over without action. The
H"ase then went into Commute of the whole,-
uamaee in ine enajx, on reviaion ue rates.
The Committee on Coinaee reported adversely on
tbe petition ef the New K ork Bullion Club praying
or specie currency. Air. ex tfetn. oi n. x.t
Chairman oi the Committee en Foreign. Affairs,
submitted an unanimous report of the committee in
regard to the charges made against Mr. Acklen,
which. ea demand ot Mr. Acftlen. was read. In
substance It found that, Mr. Acklen, not being a
member of tbcCouimittee on ForeWin A flairs, ou
the 13th vf January, presented a paper purporting
to he-a report ot that committee relating to the
claims at certain citizens against the government of
Vlcarauia,-wnicn paper was printed t nts reonest.
n. resolution reooauaiHiBig to in votamtitee on
Forel n Allaire tad report in regard to J. a., ack
len, witu Instructions to report what action, It any.
The bill to facilitate tbe refunding of the National
debt waa reported back by the Committee on Wajs
ana meana.
Mr. Bland, from the Com ml tee on .rlnmrn.
Wehthta and Measures, resorted the bill to eataMtah
a mint at St. Louts. - Ordered printed and. recom
mitted. The bill regulating the removal o' cau es
from State to Federal Courts was taken up.. Ihe
House went intt Committee on Revision of the
Rul-s. While the third clause of the Twenty-first
Kute waa uuaer couswerauan, sir. atepnens desired
to address the committee tan minutes, but obiection
was mau9 on -tue isemeetacte Blue. air., opeer
moved that tbe ojmraUtee rise. Agreed to. The
yeas and nays were then called en the motion to go
into Committee, ot the Whole on the state of the
Ueion for tbe p
tunity to speak.
Union for the purpoie of giving Stephens an oppar
j. ne motion prevailed
117 yeas
to 114 nays and Mr.- Springer
me cnair.
Messrs. Blackburn and Conger at the same time
claimed the floor.
The latter waa rioogn aed, and
eulogised .Stephen as the only living UfpreBenta-
iive. oi tne oia-eime jactesonian uemocraey. Mr.
Stephens then took the floor and opposed ule 21 as
r ,V 'i Chanees'in the City. ; .' ';
. . r-. jtScribner's Magfusine. t
i To sum np what the city man really'
feels iti regard to .the- comiog of his
country acquaintance to the ' city 'it
would be notjfar from thiV, viz ; ; . j
' First The chances for wealth are as
great, practically, in the country as in,
the city, and the expenses of living and
tbe tiks Of disaster much less. . . :
. Becond The competitions of city life
and the struggles to get , hold of busi
ness and salaried woric are fearful. 1 No
man, should come to the. city unless ho
knows what ho Is froirrg to 1 do, or - baa
money enough in his hands to- take care
of himself until he frets a living position
or becomes satisfied that he can not get
one. Even to-day, with the evidence of
fene wed prosperity all around u?, there
are probably ten applications on file for
every desirable place, and no man living
here could help a friend to a place un
less he could create one. .-;.. , -.- ;..
Third That .the. social privilege of,
the city' may be greater,: while the op-i
porturuty for social distinction and. the
probabilities of social, consideration are
much less than they are in tho conntryj
! Fbfirth That in many respects there,
is nothing in the city that can com pern
sate for the pure pleasures of country
scenery and country life and noighbori
hood associations.. ,r;,;, . ,!.,; . , j
Fifth Tnst a city man's dream of the)
future, particularly if he ever lived in
the country, is always of the country
and tho soil.1 -He 'longs tot leave ''the)
noise and' fight alt behind him and g)
back to bid country home to enjoy the
money he may have won.
A. Compendium of the Week's Events.
Akron is in a fair way to have a Musis Hall
which will c:st them S23.O0O.
Mt. Vernon sends five hundred dollars to suf
fering Ireland. - .
A. W. Miller, editor of the Kenton Repuili-
can, died on tbe 18th.
P. Powell committed suicide by jumping
from a train near Bryan. '
Jacob Six was fatally injured by falling slats
in a coal mine at Nelsanvilla. ' ; . . ...
- Eli Piper fell, from a passenger train new
Cardicgton and lias fatally Injured. , . , , . .,
, Tho Millers' International Exhibition io be
held at Cincinnati will be of four weeks' duration.
John Edwards fatally stabbed Ben. Morgan
in a druuken row at Warren.
All the Ybungstown ooal operators advanced
wages 16 per cent, on the 16th.
All the iron establishments in Toungstown
are running ou full time.
At Pomeroy Tom Brown was fatally shot by
Bill Hutehlns. , .. ...
The jury in the third trial of. ex-Auditor
Smith of aug'aize County returned a verdict on the
leih of not guilty. - - . . -- H
A coal miner named . Adam Rupert, at
YousgBtown, wasdashed to death by falling a dis
tance of 12ft;et down a shaft. . . ..
The jury in the Taylor-McAlexander suit at
Bellefontaiue for $19,000 for debanchinj Hatlie
Taylor returned a verJict of 13,000 for the plaintiff.
Parnell visited Cincinnati lost week and on
'Change three thousand dollars were subscribed for
the relief of suffering in Ireland.
The track-layers of the Ohio and West Vir
gins Railroad at Logan struck the Other day and re
fuse 1 to go out because lt waa " too co'd." , .
Bachael C. Connel,' ef Cleveland, who fell
from a porch at the Akron .Hot 1, sued the proprie
tor R. X. Downey, and got a verd ct for SS.uOO.
Rev. W. H. J. HcDade, s Cleveland minis
ter, has been arrested on a charge preferred by
Lucy J. Chamberlain, one of bis fleck. - .
Berthold Landan, of Cleveland, Secretary oi
the Klscher Bher Barael, has suddenly disappeared
with ft 0"0 cf the society's money. The society is
a national one. - -- , . ' J ''
J Captain Ashley Brown; the missing' Daytdn
defaulter, has bees hear! from.' - He returned - tl,.
700 to United States Collector Williams by mail, and
morels promised. Brown is probably in Canada.
The horribly mutilated Temains of J. M.
E iders were picked up by the side of the railroad at
Salincville where thjy had been deposited after
dragg'ng a half mile or more under the train.
- The jary in the Weller-Thompson case, at
Majsville, returned a verdict for Weller in the sum
of S3.G00. The plaintiff -charred Thompson with
estranging his wife's affections. ' : .v. , :
- Aandal Vance, of Barnesville, an old and
prominent citizen, after living thirty-seven, years
with his epuse, seeks a divorce on the grounds oi
falee accusation.-; u.
" John Dall, a young married man of Dresden
fatally shot himself in the eye while trying to ex
tricate a revolver that had become entangled in the
lining of his coat. - t
Suspicion is being aroused that David Hawes,
of Urbana, who died recently, was poisoned., jus
bowels and stomach have been sent to Columbus to
be analyzed.
' The stoVe of Hurd Brothers, at Aurora, (near
Cleveland) was entered by burglars a few nights
a' nee, the safe blown open and Sl,200 la money and
$5,000 in bonds stolen. ... , -f , ,.
-, James- Doyle, a man sixty years old, was
sentenced the other day at Mt. Gilead by Judge
Kinny to five years in the penitentiary for bur
glary. . :.' ': '; :;;.- ! :. r.u, 'A r
The proposition-is being discussed to run a
railroad from Dayton to College Corner, on the In
diana line, and tbence to Greensburg. The object
is to get a through connection front that point ts
Louisville, Evansville and the Indiana coal fields.
Collins P. Elsbee, residing near Delaware,
an old and wealthy farmer,' waa gored to death by
a ferocions bull S few days are. The attack Was
made while he was feeding the animal. One of the
homes pieroed his heart., Hia neck waa broken
also.. -. i-1. f - r ..f. .
During the severe wind Storm whioh passed
over Cincinnati on Thursday or last week-, tne nat-
deneeofB.H. Barer was blown resulting in the
death of an Infant child which his wife was at ths
time holding in her arms. It was struck by s flying
mlBsiie. '"' '
' ' The examination of ths books of Beitkl'd
' randan, the missing Treasurer ef the Kesoher 8htJ
Burael of Cleveland has been concluded and shows
a deficit of nearly $20,000. Numerous claims against
him have turned up, and tbe onditton. of U
finances suggests that he fled to escape ths disgrace
of making an assignment. , .
, . George N. Fisher has been acting in thi
capacity of treasurer at the Vine-Street Opera-house,
Cincinnati. ' Fisher, la eompany with a girlwha
had been acting aa ticket-seller, suddenly disap.
peared, and with them $$,600 In money. They wars
arrested in New Orleans. The gtrl was permitted to
return home, and Fisher was held to answer to the
charge of grand larceny. (;0j; .,u
The trial of James Wilson, at Upper Ban.
dusky, for the murder of Washington Hite the 81st
of last August, came to a c'ose last week, resulting
in a verdict of murder in the Brat degree ana i
tetoe of the prisoner to be banged on the 18th ef
June next. This murder was a peculiarly atrocious
one. Wilson followed Hite, who- waa on hia way
Dome from town, Tintil he reached a lonely spot,
when, by his own onfeEiion, be shot him through
the heart Wilson is dui twenty-seven years ora,
rather aood looking, but very wicked and profane.
Ministers who call upon him are rebuffed' with
rursea. He has taken an oath that he will never
hno. declaring that he will starve himself to dealB
in preference. While santeneed was being pro
nounced on him, he amused himself by chewing
tobacco and spitting at a mark.
Summarized from the proceedings of the past week.
local oDllon and other petitions nrestn'.ed. .
resolution was adopteil instructing the Committee
on Printing -to Inquire Into delays alleged to be
made in ths printing of Senate documents. The
following bills were intro luced : Dividing Washing
ton X ovuship, Starke County, into two election pro
ducts; authorizing tbe Commissioners of Belinoat
County to distribute among the several townabAp
tbeieof certain stocks of the Central Ohio Bsilroad
how held bv said roimty. The Senate Mil by
Mr. Kelly to empower township trustees to
locte voting precincts In any place in the
township was reported back sad passed. Mz.
Horner offered the followinz 1 ilnt resolution
'"WHKRnaa.-A combination has beeu'entered Into
and t xlsts anions the naner manufacturers of this
country, whereby the price of printing paper
Has recently been advauiea some o per eenv
without anv iust reason therefor: therefore.
" Be It resolved by the Oeneral Asaemhly of the
8ate cf Ohio, That our Senators in Congress be in
structed, and our Representaiives reiuested, to vote
tn lavor el tne pas-age oi tne mil now penning in
Connnss. to r.-moe the duty on paper imported
into this country to lie usetl tn printing hooks
periodicals and newspapers." Laid on the table and
ordered printed. The Senate bill br Mr. Beer au
I horising the Village Council of Ashland to Issue
bord, was passed. The Senate bill by Mr. Curran
authorizing the Commissioners ot Guernsey County
to levy an additional lux ol 3,uiu to comp ete
court-house waa p taaed. .1
. Mr. Aloore lnlr.iducel a bill reiieallne the la'
creatine loan and bulldtna associations Mr. Wll
kins offered a resolution rtquiring the A.ttoraey
Ueneral to ptoswute Clerk nrlght, of I.ucts
County, forHhe sum of 813,717.01, alleged to have
l-u obtalunt Ironi tne state Treasury by traudu
le it cist bills. Tt whs referrel to the Committee
SU Judiciary. Another raaolutlan relative to the
dilatoi-iiisi of tlus elate printer in the publication
of ItKenre dooumet,t waa offered oalltns on the
Bt:iudtug Committee on Judiciary to Investigate
ad repert. ' The following bills were passed
Agnate hilt to uthorlas tba Commiakloilaea e
Brown Ciuntv to cvnatruct certala free turnpike
roida; Hoiiutft hill to amend anaot to enable the
Cowutitisiotiers of Moatgotuory aud Warreu
coiini1e.4 to purchase toll sotds and to convert the
sainaiatoireeroaast ',; , t - i v
Thefollowiun bill were ptsseJ: Senate hill to
add an additional member to the slicouoty ofBdals
whofounlilutea h ard tn pasaupuu oourt-boiise i.
nrovt'titents: Senate Wl for the relief ef lCroklel
Arnold. A bill was Introduced .so- prevent tits use
l gill nets on the reels of lke Krl aid to pi event
ail net nalilitg arter tne xetn or may cn.e em ne
1 of Maw
ta create an atlditional ludicesin 'the Uar'isun-Jef1
uereon Ulstrtct. was paed. nn Mil antnoriaing
Ilia (laamltatonara ei Belnaeut Gnnntv tn distribute
hotween the aeveral townships thereof certain stocks
in the Ohio central Railroad Company now neia oy
said county was passed.
C k
I:' A a,.
The bill of Mr. Entrekm to authorlxe the Cam
mis oners of Ross County to construct a certain
free turnpike was pSssed. Mr. E wleston's bill to
provide forthe licensing of exhibitions, shown, etc.,
was, af er some dtscusaion and amendment, passed
In the- lollowing fo-m: - fee 1. Be it enacted by
theGenerHl Assemb'vof the State of Ohio, that
sec'ioa 26G9, chapter 15, division 8, title 12 of an
act entitled i An t to revise a"d consolidate the
general statuteaof Ohio, parsed. June 20, 1879, he
so amended as to read m follow i See. 29.- -The
Council of any city or village may provide by ordi
nance for licensing all exhibitors of shows, or per
formances of any kind not prohibited by law,
hawkers, peddlers, auctioneers of horses and other
animal oa the highways or public grounds of the
corporation, venders of gunpowder and other ex
plosives, taverns ana nous-s oi pumic entertain
ment, and hucksters in the public streets er mar
kets. ai.d. in irrantinsr such a license, may exact
and receive sucb sum of mosey ss it may think ex
pedient; provided, that la cities and villages tne
Council shall confer upon, vest in, and delegate to
tbe Mayor of such eitles the authority to grant and
issue licenses; provided, further, that nothing
herein contained saall be construed to limit the
power confined upon cities and villagi s in sec'ion
1692 ot said revised statutes. See. i. Paid original
section 2669 is hereby repealed, and this act shall
take effect and tie in force f com and alter iu pa.
sagV ;- -
' ' ' '"'"' ' 'HOIISK. " ""' .' ' " .
A large ncmber of petitions for local option were
presented. Mr. Marsh, on leave, offered a resolu
tion calling noon the Committee on Tempsrance for
the aggregate number of petitions for locil option.
Tabled under notice of intention to discuts. Mr.
Groom, on leave, offered a re-olution er nting the
use of the hall of the House oa Tuesday evening
next to a Mr. Treveliick, of Michigan.- to lec ura on
the rights of workingmen. Tabled, under notica of
intention to disoosa. A lot Ot Senate messages hav
iug been worked off, and s . me other routine bus'
ness having been d'sposed of, a motion, prevailed to
take up the House bill by Mr. Sawyer making an
approp.istion to c instruct a culvert under the canal
at New Biameo Anglaiss County-end a lon dis
cussion ensued, after which the bill was referred to
committee ol one Mr. sawyer.
A lot of local option petitions were referred to the
Committee on Trmreranc Dr. Srott's Hoese bill
aking $1,591,491.65 appropriation for the supp'rv
of the common schools was easseuV The foil wtng
Houe b.lls were introduced : Repeal . ng the act re
quiring the affixing of setls to deeds; res'orinito
citi unship persms convicted of crime, making em
otions of those who are in for -public embezzle
ment ; amending the fish law so as to allow fislitn
in rivers with dip nets; requ'ring purchasers of
promissory notes to notify makers thereof at least
one day before making the purchase; disqualifying
persons xrom sitting on luriss wno Teceive preaems,
oans from, or are treated Dy attorneys in ine case,
whose board is paid by them. It also dirouah-
fies persons trout sitting en i -rles who make re
quests of e-ffictals to be placed tuereon. The b 11 ap
plies to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo
andDaytoak,.,;, Vi tf.'-Le'ivi ! !; n:.; i.-.O
Tbe following House bills were introlucol: To
authorla-i tbe Commiraioners of Franklin County to
levy a tax for building new bridge a toss the
tjcioto Elver on the National Roai ; to give justices
criminal jurisdiction throughout eounties contain
ing cities of the first and second class; to amend tne
code so as to provide that administrators tnty settle
estates without an order from the Probate Coull ; to
separate several funds of tbe c ty of Cincinnati ; tix
iog the rates of interest on Cincinnati bonds rtt S par
cent. ; to reconstruct and regulate the reboot system
of Ohio by equalizing the cost of teachers, buildings
and text-books, and providing for an examination
snd inspection each term. The following hills were
passed: To trantfer funds of Mararetta Township,
Lrie County; to tran fer funds for poor purpose of
Middlebury Township, Cuyahogt County. The
House joint res dution to print 1,800 copies of the
State School Commissioner's report was adopted.
The House bill, ef Dr. Brown, of Butler, teat ow
Sheriffs mileage for each wi ness named In a return
was read the third time and lost.- Mr. Frame's
Houte bill aivina Probate Judges criminal i urisdic-
tton in certain caes equal to that of Common P e-s
Judges, was pa sea. . .,
The House devoted a day to the temperance
cause. P. titiosin favor ot a local eptlou liquor
law were receive i, bearing .sittnerures as followe'i
From Hnron County, 167; Bellefohtalne, Logan
County, 714; Tuscarawai. H3; Ashtabula, 360;
Lake, 60: Montgomery,- 286; Pike. 186; Delaware,
817; Medina, 19; Muskingum, 141; total, 2 401.
Mr. Thorp, of Ashtabula, presented the champion
petition of the session. It is over 100 feet long, oon
taios the names of 2.000 voters, and of 4,142 citi
zens of the county.' It is headed by the name of
cne of the best cltlzjns of the county, who three
years ago, was considered a nopekas drunkard, nut
who has reform d and is now un esteemed temper
ance man; and theteare the names ef 100 other citi
zens who have been intemperati, but are now in a
fair way to remain respectable people. This peti
tion also asks that women be so far enfranchired as
to have n equal voice ?ith men in enforcing the
proposed law. -j m... . i --
Pearl Divers -and Sharks, t, : '
The pearl divers of the Coromandel
Uoast are not unirequently attaccea ey
ground-sharks- As a lule a shark , will
leave a man with dark skin alone ; but
when hungry, it rarely makes .a differ
ence between a European and a Hindoo.
Knowing this, the divers of whom . 1
speak frequently arm themselves with a
stont bamboo, in the shape of a cross,
with the extremities made snarp. With
this four-pointed dagger they . will dare
any shark .to seize them; for, as the
monster turns on his bacK and opens nis
mouth for the bite, they dexterously
thrust the bamboo cross between its laws,
Great- care is take for. the strength of
tbe bamboo; the consequer ceis that Use
shark, on closiner its mouth to obtain the
first taste of its anticipated meal, drives
the spikes well home between its jaws,
Fishermen say that once a shark na$. a
sturdy, well-pointed and placed bamboo
cross nxed in its oTstenaea mouth, no
efforts of the creature can aid it of the
wood. Its efforts are described as being
often furious aDd comic. The diver, is
soon as he has impaled hia enemy, has
to get out of tne way as fast as possible,
for a blow from the tail of an infuriated
shark is no ioke. .As for the comic side
of the picture, it must be a ludicrous
sieht for little fishes to witness, -to see
their dreaded, but now imnotent, arch-
foe, wildly tearine about, hither and
thither, in the deep, with a cross bar be
tween his distended jaws!
Tho ow TTind f Schnol-
The dioipline of the Quincy schools
ot Boston astomsbes tne oiu-iasnioneo
teachers.' While it was beme explained
by one of the committee, the other day,
an oia teacner oDiectea, - out mu ts
v. a . 1 1 . x a. a. ?
very noisy." " Precisely, madam ; this is
a workshop, not a funeral, i ou can t
have a .beehive . without a . buzz."
"And," continued the critic, "that
little bov in the plaid docket whispered
to the viitttei .girl, ia- .white.", 'i Quite
likely, madam; we can readily find an
excuse, for bright-eyedv curly-headed,
rosy-ctieefced Jitticboys win wnisper to
little eirlsin white." We onse had a
tendency In that direction' ourselves.
and we do not see any occasion for pound
ing him or shaking him, or standing
him in the corner,' or putting him in a
dark closet, or even appearinsr to notice
it all." Teachers make a greal advance
in school government when they learn
how not to see.,., -V( -; ,m , Bi
. She Hade It Warm for the Doctor.
' A good joke was unconsciously sot off
recently on a local puysician. in- .ar
ranging a patient's broken leg he con
nected with it a tackle having a flat-iron
as a compensating welcrht, and told the
man's wife to let it stay 'there until his
return. She-wanted to use the iron
next day badly, and ehe used it. While
at work she saw the doctor coming, and
in her fright replaced the iron glowing
hot , on .the' tackle. ' "He'-." came" in,
examined the leg and took np the' hot
Iron. ' It dropped like lead, and tho man
of physic went on an impromptu, can
can, equaled only by the vigorous ue
he made of his tongue. There was
miisic there for half an hour, and he
thinks yet thatthat woman put up a job
on him.' t-rf.;-r-s i ; .... Vt,.i i
: l'i-!io' ml i i i. i.! i i et t
Th i better , . man , becomes, , tv.o
stronger does tlie hope of " the glory of
going on " take hold pf hh nature,, pie
instinctive' expectation."' t'tf H:'' beyond
the grave strengthens with the increase
of virtue in the soul. The man . who
lives best most keenly feels that lite is
worth living, most resolutely .turul
away from the thought of it. extinc
tion." 1 - "' i r
" Before the war ''courting. T
M Dovnsr in the month back teeth.'1
A misfittestg coat is a lie out"of the
WWkW.feU.th.Stfii'I ,c!,ii7-w.:i.-
- A petrified body indicates that the
man is stone dead, j trg,f ?
" I think I'll take'something'," as the
thief said "when he mixed n the crowd.
Thb best place to have a boil in the
teakettle. It is easily drawn. ; ,' 1 ?
'A Miss-tjsderstandins tt- when j a
young la,dy compreherids, of course.
'''iTtrsiBLEto the 'wreck1 it,' as the
high wind said to the prairie hut. v,,-; j
Where there's a will there's a. way;
and where there's a won''t;-ttere'B 8
woman behind it.; . .. -r t r-. ,
Problem in logic : If God made the
country tind man made the town, who '
made New Jersey,?,.., '
' Death may love a shining mark, but
the bald-headed: live about as .long as
anybody. . ... . '
BrevitX is the $oul of wit, but it has
to be stretched out a good deal "some
times to get enough for the-uppers.
" Death loves a shining mark," which
is perhaps the reason why a dead mack-'
eral shines on a moonlight night. ,.,
A MAN once asked of Echo,' "what
shalL I do if my wife drinks liquor?!?
and the unfeeling nymph answered r
"lickher." - ; ' w
' ' Aw infamous old bachelor being asked
if he ever witnessed a public execution'
replied, "No,. but1 1 once saw a mar
riage.''. ,.fT.,. .-" i-:.-; t
" Tennyson" spends.houra on a single
line." -And so. - by the way, does the
washerwoman. . . And the line of the lat
ter is the longest. " "4
If a big head denotes ability,' it is an
interesting sight to observe what a show
ing' of ability this town puts forth every
Monday morning, , . , .. ' '7
""The 'plethoric jiaste pot of an editor
who clips more than he writes, is like his
paper--seldom filled with live-' Buatf
ter. ITackensack Republican, Experience
teachelh. . . , t ., ,- ..- ....
""" A witness in court was asked if a
party to the suit was V it truthful
man. "No;'' he answered, " he'd rather
lie. at sixty days than tell .the truth ; for
cash.", . . v . - -; t b!Iai ;'i.i-&.'.,:
. Science has demonstrated, time and
time again that man cannot live by bread
alone and that's the reason why so many
fellows go on and spend tneif money lor
beer.- '-- -'- -.' :-' ''-; -' - '
WiLUAM WATinirs, 'of Madison, rev
mained 'a bachelor: until he-waai fifty-
seven years ..old,, when ; he married the
oier day, The vlocal papers . whooped
out the headline",'" Another old land
mark gone. ' '" . ' " '
Great men do not consider them
selves above everybody else? 'tis those
iernorant little runts wno wear etanaup
collars and sport canes, and who refuse
to nay ineir wasJiing 0111s, mat mm
everyone beneath" them, ,..'
4 No othei? incident can call to a man's
faM anch an idiotiC; expression of as
sumed unconsciousnesses the accidental
fall of a bottle Of whiskey from fiis
pocket to the sidewalk on a Sunday af
ternoon. .IristBl.l
Who wouldn't be a sailor? ( All yoB'
have to do is yell "aye, aye, sir," at the
top of your voice about once in ten min
utes. The rest of the time you can look,
over- tne snip s sicrn: ana .wawu jw
sharks. ', ' ' -.'
' " He saw a carpet hanging out 1
Upon the clothes-line in the rear.-;, iisfisr
Of that fine mansion, and be thought,: .
' The folks are out, the cow is clear, ?
I'll bag that Brussels if I can." ., . - - t
He did, and making no delay, .--
Adown the alley, in the dusk,
The carpet-bagger tramped away.
Leap-year. She "Are you enMged
for the next German?' 5 He( with eager
ness)", I'm not." She (with P"7
"Oh. that's too bad! Good evening., gee
youlater.' ,.,fI , .. ,, ... t., firi,i. ., "r
The bar-keeper, had made ready ior
him, and when the man came in who
never paid lor his annus' ana canea 101
cacktail, the b.! k. gently placed- 8
rooster's feather in 8 glass of. water and
smiled a piratical smile that ,made hia
face look like a dried prune., -MiT
Man wants but little ear, below, nor
wants that, little long. Man. wants put
little ear bolosrna, wants that little long.
Man wants but little . leer;- wanton but
litter hera below; wants but little Leah
below; wants, but Little here ';bel6w
wants but lit tie ear b'low, etc. ,.
"John,' what odor is that?" "Cloves'.
love." Biitthat other?"" ""-Allspice;
my beloved." "But isn't there another ?
"Yes, appl?s, belovedest." ,-Jus one
more?" "Raisins, my most belovedest."
"Well, John, if you'd only drink just 8
little brandy, now, I think you would
make a good mince, pie, ,
" This being leap-year, a boarder at -an
uo-town amateur hotel thought' it fine
fun to put a bent, pin on each vacant
chair, until one agile feeder leaped up
four leet into the air ana came aowu
with his great unwashed hand in the
only bowl of hash in the house.' 'There
- . . , - L ii .1 J ii.
was a iamine until Bupper nuio.- -
Thb dull-eyed donkey droops hia head, S
, . Wrapped in hiniself(i ,,
. ; -with patent perspicuitr, ' -:
- And meekly lollows where he's led . . , -Thecunnfngelf:
'- 11 ' '
But, when his heels begin to shed. J i
His latent assiduity ..
....... -. Aaserts itself, '.-
t,(,4.;: . JfiubautH X&ubHeam.
Vis there any mail for me?" she saitj
to ahandsome Ike. "" ' ' '" ' ' '" v"
" Certainly," said he. , ;! ' :
"Where?" said she. a v -'-f -T
" Here." said he, with open arms. ?, N
. That's my funeral," sang the maid.
Friends are invited to attend without
further notice. So much for what the
maid made by getting the male mail.
"To be plane with you," said the car
penter, "I see no shaving in the scheme."
"You don't?" ejaculated the cooper,
" why, it adze largely to my income."
"Is that awl?" added the shoemaker.
" No," answered a printer, "if he'll stick
to it, he'll form an ide of what i in to
rule." "Pshaw," exclaimed the bank
cashier, "these are only figures of speech ;
we must protest aeainst the thing."
" No,;' said the untutored blacksmith,
" I've blowed for him,-an' he must anvil
accept the job." "That settles it,", said
ihe coffee merchant, and the meeting
adjourned, o -, : - ;;
; The Fisk ' Estate. ?
IKew Turk star.l ; &TZ
The ghost of James Fisk, Jr., will not
be laid. The perturbed spirit will still
haunt accustomed places in unpleasant
memories. The latest appearance is not
a reasnuing one for hia representatives.
It came out in the Surrogate Court on
Saturday that the estate, vf tlm "mur
dered millionaire" is too small to satisfy
claims against it. This, at any rate, is
the report of Mr. Willard Bartlett, the
auditor in the matter. ' Mrs. Lucy D.
Fisk appenrs t be the sufferer, because
of a woman's carelessness respecting
preservation of vouchers for payments;
and among the curious features .of the
report-T-eurious as coming from, law
yer is the rather startling one, too,
that Mr. Bartlett holds that the law does
notnulhoriza the executrix to charge
the estate with payment to counsel for
services in the criminal prosecutioa of
Edward Stokes. ; These payments
amounted to $7,500,; 2 -. ,t. ,:::.-!. ,.
"a Whole Menasrerle in Herself.
A correspondent at Strikerville, N." Yi,
writes as follows to the Cincinnati Timet:
I am aelnninted with ladT J1"8
old, hale and heartyj t who was sever
forty miles from loine.-v The stage goes
by herj door, every day, and she was
uaver in .the stage. She" never saw 8
train of caM and never was in a city or
town In her lire. Jf any one know -a
person of her age who can say the. we
let as hear Xrom him. ., u . 4;a
" ' ' ; : ; ; i ; ; I

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