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Contributed woekly for UioUmtku opinion
M. Brumo luia tested the preserva
tive property of hydrocyanic noid,
with the result of finding ilio bodies
of animals poisoned with it to success,
fully resist dectiy for a your, tilt hough
lit times expood to u limit oi' ono hun
dred ilegrevs Fahrenheit.
Observations by llerr I'erntor show
that tho sun sliuiie nt Vienna Ins
year 1G7C.M hours out of u possible
4172 hours, or only tliiny-tteven per
cent. Did iug llitf winter thu greatest
duration of sunshine wus at mid-iliiy,
but In the Mimnicr it was in the fine
noon ; iu the winter there was more
sunshine iu i he afternoon tlitin in the
forenoon. Tho clearest mo'ith was
July mi' I tiie cloudiest was October.
The observations were made by means
of the Cumplieil-stokcs sunshine re
corder. Measurments hv llerren Hammer
And llelhuid of the movement of a
J urge glacier iu North Greenland,
show its progress at the middle to be
nbout fifty feet in twenty- four hours,
the rate being apparently about the
same in u niter us in summer.
The abundance of remains of the
mammoth in Liberia is remarkable.
From the fact that at least a hundred
lepuirs of ti'sks are annually put up
on the market, IVonlenskiold infers
that (luring the time that has elapsed
since tho conquest of Siberia useful
tusks from mure than 20,000 of these
animals have been collected.
Recent "finds are thought to
throw a uew light on the history of
the Swiss hike-wheel with an iron
rim, iron swords and many human
The inventor of the "fusing disc,"
Mr. Jacob Keese, is credited with
having expressed the belief that if it
were possible to produco a flameless
combustion tuo intensit and quantity
of heat obt lined from a given amount
of fuel would be very greatly increased
thereby. Mr. Thomas Fl.tcher, o'
Warrington, England, has succeeded
in producing a combustion without
flame", aud lately guve at Owens Col
lege a striking practical illustra'iou of
the new theory. He' directed the
flame of a simple gas blowpipe upon a
three-inch ball of iron wire for a few
seconds and then blew out 'the flame.
-The heat rapidly increased and the
iron quickly melted and ran into drops,
He even succeeded in fusing refrac
tory fire-clay, the intensity of heat be
ing much greater than even before ob
tamed with the tuel used. Even in
the dark tu burning ot the gas was
shown to be entirely invisible. It ap
pears that name really indicates an
imperfect combustion.
Three kinds cf light are produced
during thunder-storms, and known as
forked lightDing, sheet lightning and
ball lightning. Mr, B. G. Jenkins,
F. R. A. S., contends that only the
first of these is true electricity thun
der-storms, according to his view, be
ing manifestations of chemical rather
than electrical energy. He believes
that hydrogen exi9ts in the earths up
per atmosphere and under certain con
ditions is drawn into the mixture 'of
nitrogen and oxygen about us, the
chemical union of the hydrogen and
oxvaen causing the second form of
lightning, which appears ao be almost
wholly flame among the clouds, and is
the form most frequently seen. The
thunder is not so much the noise of
electric discharge as the report of gas
explosions. Ball lightning is proba
bly not electricity, but gas in intense
ignition. The harmlessness of the
last two seems to indicate their non
electric character.
It is stated that in the volcanic dis
tricts of Italy an unusually high ba
rometer is regarded as an indication
of the approach of an earthquake. If
this belief is shown by scientific in
vestigation to be weii-iounded a new
field ot usefulness will be opened to
the weather service in countries li
able to violent earthquakes.
The size of the rose-bush at Hildes
heim. Hanover, believed to be more
than a thousand years old, was erron
eously stated. Its height is about
thirty-eight feet, and its branches ex
tend to a width of about thirty-four
The velocity of the wind is much
greater at high altitudes than on the
earth, due probably to the resistance
of the uneven surface of tno earth.
Part ot a recent balloon trip across
the English Channel by Mr. Simmons
was accomplished at the rate ot 130
miles an hour.
"Oxygenized water," or hydrogen
dioxide is attracting attention in va
rious ways, a cheap process for man
ufacturing it having been announced.
This substance is an oily liquid, hav
ing a bitter taste, and differing from
water in composition only in contain
ing twice as much oxygen. It is a
powerful oxidizing agent, and is the
only bleaching substance known
which does not injure textile fabrics.
Attempts have been made to utilize it
on a large scale for bleaching purpose
but the difficulty of preparing it has
made ii so expensive that it has been
but little known. If it can be made
cheaply it will doubtless be applied to
many purposes. Messrs. Bert and
Regnard have suggested its use in
treating wounds, as it possesses ad-
vantages over carbolic acid in th
absence ot danger or poisoning and
freedom from bad smell.
Jim Webster is one of the most up
right negroes in Austin, snd yet he is
pecu'iar. Not long since, he, brought
a large package of coffee to the store
of a white neighbor and said :
"I bought (lis coffee at do store of
Mr. Hotchkins, un' I'jes knows he has
cheated me oaten more than a whole
pound in do weight. I jc kin feel the
lightness. Dar should be ten pounds
au I'se sho dnr'g not more than eight
pounds. He fixed his scales to cheat
poor cullud folks what hain't got no
The white neighbor took the pack
age, and after weighing it carefully on
his scales, said :
"You are mistaken, Jim. He has
given you n pound rnd a half too
much. 1 here are 11 pounds in the
package instead of 10."
" 1 er uon t say so, boss, l was so
sartin dat he was gibben me light
weight dat, unbekuowst to him, jess
to get eben, I lifted off de shelf a pair
ob fine boots, wnff six dollars, to bal
ance de account.
"Well, now vou see that he hasn't
cheated you, 1 suppose you will do
what it right."
" I on pet l will, Doss, l so gwme
right hack ter dat store ter do what
am right."
Arn Vrtii Amino tn ro-iitn Hm
"No, boss ; I can't off'ord to make
any such sacrifices as dat. I'se a poor
nijjger, if I is honest. I can't afford
to make anybody a present of such a
high-priced pair ob boots: but I'm
gwine to gib him back dat extra pound
and a half ot coffee. I admires lib
erality, I does, and from now on I'se
gwine ter do all my tradin' with him,
now that he has worked hisself into
my confidence. He shan't lose nuthin
by my honesty ef I kin help it."
A justice of the pease in the interior
of Michigan had a case before him
some days ago iu which the defendant,
who had been arrested as a suspicious
character, and pleaded guilty to va
grancy, was sent to the Detroit house
of correction lor six months. A con
stable took him in charge to deliver
him there, taking him aboard the
train ; and as the man seemed rather
pleased at the idea of securing board
and lodging for six months be was not
handcuffed. As the train was about
ready to go the constable moved
across the aisle to talk politics with a
friend, and pretty soon they were
having it hot and heavy. When the
conductor came in for tickets he held
out his hand to the prisoner and the
Then there was a raving and gnash
iatter shook his head and replied :
"I don't pay tare."
"Aha 1 You don't, eh ? Well, now,
you pay or git !"
"I won't pay !"
"Then you'll git ! When we slow
up at the crossing you jump off. If I
find you on the train after we pass
there I'll give you a bounce that you
won't forget!"
In two minutes the train began to
slow, and the prisoner walked to the
door, picked a soft spot and dropped
off. When the train had made an
other mile the conductor held out his
hand to the constable and received
two tickets.
"Who is the extra one for?" he
"For the prisoner over there."
"What prisoner?"
"Why, that fel "
ing or teeth and hurrying up and
down, but it was no use. .
"Sony," said the conductor, a he
passed along, but when a passenger
says he won't pay fare on my train I
give him the drop. The only thing
that surprised me was to see how will
ing, he ooeyed orders."
bony in' anything just now when
money's awav up still again'. You
retrench nud do a business inside of
yourdiahilities, or ye'll . drop ou. your-
ielf, Bill; sure as suakes, ye will."
"I hear dey's burabardin' Alexan
dria," said old Calo, the nshes-gath
erer, excitedly, "Yes, the fun's be
gun,'! replied the reporter. "It tain't
no fun, sah ; I fell rale 'dignnnt ober
It. 1 used ter lib in that town, and I
has a great deal ob feelin' for it, and
furder dan dat, sah, if my mem'i y
sarves me rite, l ee got a family of
'lations residin' dar now. What biz-
ness has dem Inglish boats got to cum
up de Potomack l ibber and fling dcr
bumshells inter dat town, anyhow?
"xou are slightly mixed, Uncle," re-!
joined the reporter; "they are bom
barding Alexandria, Egvpt, not Vir
ginia." "Nebber mind 'bout takin
on dem Greek words. The Critic scz
dey is is bumbardin Alexandria' and
I feel highly demoralized ober it. I
tell you dem Inglish is too fresh, an'
I'm one ob de boys dat's a-goin down
on de feny-bout to the oumoarain
grounds to help salt 'em away. Now
you hear me a-talkin'."
On trashy extracts when you can buy a mut
ing perfume so delightfully fragraut and re
freshing as Floreston Cologne.
There is more strength-restoring power in a
bottle of Parker's Ginger Tonic than iu a
bushel of malt or a gallon of milk. As an
appetizer, blood purifier and kidney corrector,
there is nothinsr like it. and invalids conse
quently tlnd it a wonderful invlgorant to mind
aim uouy.
It Is strause anv one will suffer from dc-
tr.ngements brought on by impure blood, when
Seovill's Sarsaparilla and Stihngia, or- Blood
and Liver Syrup will restore liealth to the
physical organization. It is a strengthening
syrup, pleasant to take, and the Best Blood
Purifier ever discovered, curing Scrofula, Sy
philitic disorders. Weakness of tho Kidnevs
Ervsipelus, Malaria, Nervous disorders, De
bility, Bilious complaints and diseases ef the
tsioou, .Liver, muueys, btoniacii, skui, ac,
Baker's Pain Panacea cures pain in man and
Dr. Roger's Worm Syrup instantly destroys
worms. -
Great Closing Out Sale
Benson's Capcine
Porous Plasters.
Reasons Why they are Preferred to SXi
Other Porous Plasters or Kxternal
There is considerable difference be
tween lawyers and doctors handling
a case, lue more lawyers there are
in a case the longer the case will last,
but the more doctors there are in a
case the shorter work they make of it.
The eleventh congressional district
of Texas is so large that when a can
didate travels through it the sufragans
at one end have got sober before he
has been able to enthuse those at the
other end. This makls it a very
difficult district for one man to canvass
Said a Fonda teacher to one of his
highest pupils: "If your father gave
you a basket ot peaches to divide be
tween yourself and 3'our httlo brother,
and there were forty peaches in the
basket, after you had taken vour share
what would be left?" "My little
brother would be left."
" Jim, lemme a quarter till Satur
day night." "By George, Bill, I can't
do it, with things lookin as they are
in the east. Egyptian troubles and
the interference with the navigation of
the Suez canal is shakin the confi
dence in all classes of securities. I see
an' I aint goin' to make no more
investments until this war cloud blows
over an' the crop prospects are lookin'
a little better. An' don't jou go to
Because they possess all ths merit of the
strengthening porous plaster, en 1 contain in ad
dition inereio me newiy discovered poweriui ana
active vegetable combination which acts with in
creased rubefacient, stimulating, sedative and
counter Irritant effects.
Because they are a Pennine pharmaceutical dkd-
aration, and so recognized by tbu profession.
Because they arc the only plasters that relieve
pain at once.
Because thev will Dositively cure diseasst Whkb
other remedies will not even relieve.
Because over 6000 physicians and druggists have
voluntarily testified that they are superior to all
other plasters or medicines for external use,
Because the manufacturers have received the
only medals ever given for porous plasters. -,
Benson's Capcine Porous Easter!
Manufacturing ChemlsU, Mew York.
Jonml Book Mr; and Blank Seek Vanufry,
umuu:viuci., oiawsireei,
Magazines, Sheet Music, Newspapers and La
Uooke bound in all styles, and in a most thorough
manner. Town and Probate Records, Chattel
Mortgage Records, General Index Books, with oi
without Printed Forms, made to order from th
Best Heavy Ledger Paners. Our nrinted Land
Chattel Mortgage Records have gone Into general
are mgniy recommended by all who use
Fall & Winter Goods
I would say to my customers and all in want of Fal 1
and "Winter goods, that I have just returned from market
with a large stock of seasonable goods, bought for spot
cash, which added to my former stock of fall and winter
goods, makes it one of the largest stocks to select from,
to be found in this vicinity, and at prices that will be
for the interest of all to learn, that are in want of goods,
belore purchasing elsewhere.
A large stock of Black Casnmeres varing in price
from 50 to 90 cts., this is the cheapest lot I ever display
ed over my counters.
A large stock of Dress Flannels in all the desirable
shades at wholesale prices.
A large line of all wool Paris Beiges in all the fashion
able shades at 55 cts.. regular price 75 to 90 cts.
20 pieces of half wool alpaccas in all shades ar 8 1-2
cts. per yard.
50 pieces of dress Ginghams at 8 cts. 100 pieces of
prims at t l-z to o cts.
Bleached and Brown cottons at regular wholesale
prices. A big drive in unbleached cotton Flannels.
A large stock of Shirting Flannels, at closing out
A big drive in
regular $1.75 goods
in full stock,
ladies scarlet pants
A full line of
and vests at $1.25
Hosiery and Gloves
at 25
50 dozen ladies clocked hose, at 15 cts., cheap
A 'full line of Shawls. A job lot of Paisley
square shawls, that will be closed at a great bargain.
in all
fall Overcoats to close at $4.00 and $5.00, worth
Two hundred
TVinter Overcoats
styles and quality, that will be sold cheap to
use, and
them. Our
and Chattel Nfortuxue Blanks
correspond in wording with the Printed Records,
neing on nrswciaps paper and all ruled and cut
ready tor use. The Best In the State. Orders so
lloiled. Addresa,
-w Uontpelier, Vt.
Haverhill, N. H.,
Has a large stock of
Which he will sell at
One line of strictly all wool over coats at $6.00 that
would be cheap at $10.00.
One line of black worsted suits at 12.50. Call and
see them and see if they are not cheap.
Youths and Boys clothing in'large stock and will be
sold at closing out prices.
Ladies Gossamer circulars and Gents Gossamer coats
at wholesale prices.
New Style Ladies' Cloaks, Dolmans and Coats.
Ladies fur trimmed Dolmans, new style, a beautiful
garment. Ladies new style coats in light colors, a very
handsome and stylish garment and will be sold at
wholesale prices. Call and see them.
In conclusion say that, Providence permitting, I shall
go to Florida in the month of December, next, and very
thanktul lor the most liberal patronage bestowed during
my Spring and Summer closing out sales, would cordial
ly invite my friends to avail themselves of this rare op
portunity of buying goods cheap at this closing out sale.
West Newbury, 7t.. September 8th, 1882.
Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore
Throat, Bronchitis, Influenza, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, and
every Affection of the Throat;
lungs and Chest, including Con
sumption. Sold by all Druggists.
The undersigned would respectfully Inform
tne citizens oi lirauioru mil vicinity that Dr.
W. 8. Bowles ot Hanover, N. H., will be at
In that place on the following dates : June 5th
and Mh, July 3rd and 4th, July 31st and Aug
1st, Sept. 4th and 6th In 18S2. and as much
longer at each visit as It may be necessary to
uiiimu ma ciiafrciiicnis.
Dr. Bowles will be Drenared to do all oner-
nuuns prriMiuiiiK 10 ueuiai surgery in a uior
ough and satisfactory manner and at reasona
ble prices lor
Fikst Class Operations 1
Special attention given to children's teeth.
irregularities and all diseases and deformities
of the mouth and jaws, and the permanent
prcMsrvauuu ui uie natural teem.
Hanover, N. H.
Dental office over Drug Store.-
' Dealer In "
Varnished aud Paint Slock of
every description. Fine Wall
Puper, Picture Frames,
Mirror 1 Mates, also,
Window and Picture Glass
First door north of Brick Grist Mill
(Ill week SIS a day at home easily mad
9 I L Contly outttt free. Addreu, True fc U0.1
Augunta Maine,
U ly
Office over Hra. Stevens' Millinery Store.
Dr. Stevens has had over sixteen years' uccesa-
ful practice in Dentittry, and baa been located in
Bradfor i over eight year. He v ariants his work
to give perfect satisfaction In, every case. All In
quiries by mall promptly answered. IT ly
PSTTSITQ Obtained for Mechanical Devices
I M I l-.s I O Compounds, Designs and La
bels. All preliminary exeinlnatious as lo patents-
blllty of Inventions, free. Our "Uuide for Obtain
ing Patents" is sent free everywhere. Address,
Solicitor of Patents,
Washington. D. C.
You will find a large assortment of
Ivory Brown Indus Ware
ust opened. Also a full stock
of Iron Stone China, .Fruit
ars, ell lumbiers.
Room Paper. A fine line of
Groceries, Confectionery, To
bacco, Cigars.
A large assortment of
Dress Goods,
Fane j Goods,
Etc., which will be sold
Bradford, Aug 15, 1882. 41
GOLD as a Cure for DIPSOMANIA,
Or will exchange for farm, my place
West Fairlee village consisting of a story 1
a half house with L and barn attached, lai
Wn .-.! tth ll u 1 1 M IrM .hnnt lA Bereft
of moid land with thirtr fruit tree on the . DwblaCTIwlda Gold la a portUve wire
Possession gifen at once. ' LUCIUS A. TOUNO,
43 it J. T. MOEBUSOJtSnd. I t-ly Lisbon, N. H.
A rare chance ! Mrs. G. R. Andross
offers her real estate for sale, situated
at the north end of Bradford village,
comprising about three acres of laud,
with cottage house and barn, all in
complete repair. A neat pleasant
little borne, For terms etc., inquire of
43tf L. F Hale
Consumption can be cured.
Cures Consumption, Colds,
Pneumonia, Influenza, Kron
cbal Difficulties, Bronchitis,
Hoarseness, Asthma, Croup,
Wboopinff Cough, and all
diseases of the Breathing Or-
ins. It soothes and heals
the Membrane of the Lungs,
inflamed and poisoned by the
disease, and prevents the
night-sweats and tightness
across the chest which accom
is not an incurable malady.
It is only necessary to have
the right remedy, nd Hall's
Balsam is that remedy. Do
not despair of relief, for this
benign specific will cure you,
even though professional aid
ails. "vj

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