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J. P. McGowan In "Reckless
Chances" A live railroad story that
you will enjoy. Town Hall Fn. Dec
Marion Donahue is visiting friends in
Boston and Providence during the holi
day recess
Evelyn Leach is home from her school
for the holidays.
Florence Russell returned Friday from
Concord where she has been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Woods were
guests of their son Earl and family Mon
Elizabeth and Robert Barnes are home
from U. V. M. for over the holidays.
v James Flagg has finished work for
Andrews Bros, and is, confined to his home
with illness.
Six gentlemen presented the Christ
mas Club with a purse as a Christmas
gift. This money is greatly appreciated
by the Club members and the President
wishes in this way to extend sincere thanks
The Rondo enjoyed their annual Christ
mas tree at the home of Mrs. Pressey in
Orford last week Wednesday.
Mrs. William Cray and daughter of
Haverhill were the guests "of her sister
Mrs. Wm. Porter the first of the week.
Martin Grady was ill and confined to
the house the first of the week.
The Christmas tree at the hall Monday
evening was much enjoyed by young and
old The children did very well and
much is due the Sunday School superin
tendent for her hard work and worry
over the affair A lot of nervous strain
could be saved a few of the people who
try so hard to make these events enjoy
able if the parents and townspeople
would only do their part to make it a
success. Santa Clause seemed to be well
acquainted with the young ladies.
Mrs. Watson of Hinsdale, N. H. re
turned home last week after visiting her
cousin Mrs. Charles Rutledge.
Mi's.; Crown has returned, to her home
in Peacham after spending a short time
with her sister Mrs. Charles Rutledge.
f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dennis were. Brad
ford business visitors Friday. - ':
The Christmas Club held their first
Christmas tree Saturday evening at the
home of Mrs. George Smith where seven
teen members and guests were entertained
with music and a generous Santa Clause
who had for his assistant Miss Belndina
Corpieri. The house was prettily de
corated and a bouutiful supper was en
joyed by all. During the evening the
gentlemen guests presented the Club
with a purse to be used in purchasing a
gift for an absent member.
. Henry Scruggs has been confined to his
bed the past week with the prevailing
distemper and attended by Dr. Dwinwll
Mrs. Speare is sewing for Mrs. Dowing
at Thetford.
The Titus children have been ill with
hard colds.
Vernon Woods has recovered from the
chicken pox and is out of quarantine.
Frank Hard Jr. has closed his labors
for John Munn.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Switzer and
Geraldine returned home Monday after
being away for several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Chapman en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. Berne Titus of
Woodsville and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton
Gilbert of Hanover over the'holiday.
Card of Thanks
There is great pleasure in knowing that
we are ren embered in so many ways, not
only at this Glad Christmas Time, but
throughout the whole year. There's beg
gary in the love that can be reckon'd."
Mrs. Gustavns L. Winship.
Fairk e, Vt., Dec. 2$, 1922.
On Friday night Dec. 22nd the children
of the village school gave a Christmas
entertainment consisting of recitations
and a little play; interspersed with songs
by the children and two very fine select
tions on the violin and piano by George
and Evelyn Davis and one selection by
the Choir. After the programme was
finished presents were distributed from a
well, laden Xmas tree. Much credit is
due the children and their teacher, Miss
Alice Cook for the success of the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dailey and little
son of Newport were Christmas guests of
her parents ,Mr. and Mrs.. S. II. George.
They returned to their home in Newport
The High School pupils who are Open
ing their vacations at their homes are,
Miss Edna George, George and Evelyn
Davis and Rita Hayward.
James Melendy and Carleton Skinner of
Somerville, Mass. spent Christmas with i
relatives in town. I
Mr. and Mrs. George Avery have closed !
their house and gone to West Corinth
to work for Mr. Charles Speare. -
Mr and Mrs. Fred Lory spent Chr st-
mas with their daughter and family in j
White River Junction.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Robinson of
Vershire visited at Mrs. Mary D. Robin
son's Tuesday.
Mrs. H. C. Johnson has gone to visi
her daughter and family .
Eating earth la common among no-
vllized Deonla.
for untold centuries the peacock
Mther baa been a mark of rank in
ihlna. ', -
he boner obtained on the banka of
Euphrates la of an Intoxicating n
; . .&nbitos pro?. & Cfjentp . .
tU tV js i3
New Department Store of Aodiewi Broi & Cheney, Falrlce. VI.
... NEW YEARS ...
We are ready for the Holidays with v
Gifts for every member of the family. ;
Toys, Games, Books, Jewelry,
Novelties, IHand Embroidered Arti
cles, Fancy Aprons, Towels, Glass
ware, etc.
You will find gifts from 25 cents
to as high as you wish to pay.
See our line while the assortment
is good.
Andrews Bros. & Cheney
Mr. Ed. Woodcock was 'happily sur
prised with many gifts from the people
on the mail route. Mr. Woodcock has
been on the route for eighteen years and
it shows their appreciation of his service.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hastings and Mr.
Sidney Sevine spent Christmas day w th
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Woodcock.
Mr. E. H. Lackey and family and Mr.
Perley Norris spent Christmas with Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lackey.
, Mr. Ray Comstock spent Christmas at
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blake of Vershire
were in town Tuesday.
Mr. Otis Hastings and Mr. George
Hastings are home from school for the
Christmas vacation.
Miss Emma Henry and Angeline Henry
are home for the Christmas vacation.
We are glad to report that Mr. Charlie
Young is able to be out after his ser.ous
illness. '
Mrs. Alice Washburn is visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Wilson.
Mrs. Fannie Gilbert is working for
George McGuire as Mrs. Silloway was
badly injured.
Beatrice Huntington is better at this
wtiting. ..
Mr. Frank" Moulton and Mr. Morris
MacDonald recently visited at Mr.
Ray Comstock 's and Mrs. Ruth and
Edith Dickinson's.
Miss Corabelle Wilson is visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wilson.
Miss Vera Munroe has finished work
at Nate Carter's.
mail U XfcthgW t &,-t r
Mr.' Gilbert Blake is on' the ' sick 'list
Dr. Dow was over to see him Sunday. ' ' '
Miss Maud Hosford has rented a room
at Mr. Lesley Parker's and expects to go
there soon.
The Christmas entertainment given
by the school children in' the hall Friday
evening was well attended and a good
time reported.
Miss Bernice Putney left Saturday
morning for her home in Franklin, N. H.
Mrs. Ang'e Comstock carried Mrs.
Fann'e Gilbert down to George McGuire s
Tuesday and Mrs. Comstock also went to
Miss Edith Bagley is home for the
Christmas vacation. '
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Hastings spent
Sunday at Mr. Bert Hastings.
Next Sunday evening at 7:30 Reb.
B. M. Smith will lecture on 'The Emperor
and the Apostle". The slecture will be
of interest to all and a fitting message on
the eve of the New Year. Come and
bring others.
The undersigned wish to thank the
kind friends and neighbors for their help
and sympathy during our recent great
sorrow and also the Missionary Society
for the beautiful floral piece.
Mrs. R. D. Rowland.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Metcalf
Miss Beatrice E. Main.
Misses Hellen and Reba Jamieson of
Hanover, N. H. and Olive Jamieson of
St. Johnsbury spent the Christmas Holi
day with their parents, Mr, and Mrs. A.
W. Jamieson.
William Young of Fetchburg, Mass.
and Holis Young of U. V. M. spent Christ
mas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
E. Young.
Thelma Clogston is at home from New
bury High for the HoKday . Lois Brown
a schoolmate visited her the last of the
week. ,
Ray Godfrey was in White River Junc
tion one day last week.
Several from here attended the ex
ercises at North Thetford Sunday evening.
It was an exceptionally nice entertain
ment and showed a great deal of effort on
the parts of all concerned.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamley George and two
children and Mrs. S. A. George spent
Christmas' with Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Wheat-
ley of Bradford.
Burt Beede and son John are chopping
for the Box Shop Company of North
Miss Dora Burr spent Christmas with
her sister Mrs. Harriett Powell. Mrs.
Dennis Burr was at Mrs. II. Powells for
the holiday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Powell from
Dorchester spent Xmas at the home of
Mr.' and Mrs. Chas. Powell.
Miss ' Esther Douglass is improving
from her illness.
jjEdward Condict is with his grandparents
for a week, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Adams.
Miss Ruth Hatch is visiting friends in
Montpelier and Northfield. , ' , '
ft Mr. Leon Allis is visiting his two daugh
ters in Springfield, Mass.
Marion Douglas is home for the holiday
from her school in Brattleboro.
Warren Ford is spending his vacation
with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Hatch and family
spent Christmas at R. H. Hatch's and W.
E. Tucker and wife.
The Christmas Exercises were well
attended, and the exercises were very
good, the children all did well and Santa
Claus took his part in a very able manner
much credit is due the various committee's
for their effort. I
Meetings at the town house every
Sunday at 2 P.M. Preaching by Rev. H.
Ives. Sunday school at 1 o'clock. Eery
body welcome.
The Christmas exercises at the town
house Sat. eve. was well attended music
was fine and the children did their part
well and under the management of Mrs.
Eugene Whitman and Mrs. Ned Putnam.
Ethel Fuller is spending her vacation
with her parents.
Herbert Thompson and family spent
Christmas at North Haverhill with their
son Leslie.
Business is lively at the Center. 3 teams
are drawing pulp to Boltonville, and ,Mr.
Gibson has commenced drawing, from
the Lime Kiln neighborhood.
W. C. Chamberlin has taken the job to
draw milk to South Ryegate.
Mrs. Ann McAllister is stopping at
present at Albert Fuller's.
A strong heart helps weak
Honesty labels Itself without
Even a mol has a system of
getting up In the world.
The best a man can do Is the
least he should try. Richmond
Hatred Is a madness of the mind.
Cowards fight when they can fly no
It Is the Idle man who Is the miser
able man.
He Is most safe from danger who, ,
even when safe, Is upon his guard.
Man was made to be active and he
Is never so happy as when he is so.
Shun delays, they breed remorse.
Take thy time when time is lent thee.
He that is ashamed to be seen in a
mean condition would be proud in a
splendid one.
All other knowledge is hurtful to
him who has not the science of
honesty and good nature.
He who reforms himself has done
more toward reforming the public
than a crowd of noisy talkers.
The greatest pleasure of life Is love,
the greatest treasure Is contentment,
the greatest possession Is health.
A wise precept for all who build la
that the owner should be an orna
ment to the house, and not the bouse
to the owner. j
True bapplnesa ne'er entered at an
True bapplnesa reside in things un
seen. I
Prepare for Cold Weather!
Now is the time to install your Furnace
Let me quote prices on the Glenwood, Stewart
and Richardson & Boynton Furnaces.
Our line of Stoves and Ranges is complete. Repairs of all kind
Formeryl with II. G. Scruggs of Fairlee, Vt.
"Happy New Year".
Xmas Exercises by the children at the
Hall Saturday evening passed off in a
pleasing manner which shows talent
ahead. Many a little heart was made
glad by gifts and candy boxes from the tree
Mrs. Minnie Sanders went to Barre, Vt.
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ames and daughter
Pracilla of Lyndonville Vt. came Mon
day to sp,end Xmas with their parents
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ames.
Mr. Ed Words of Randolph, Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Prescott of Bradford were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. II. E. Morrison Saturday
Daniel Metcalf and Edward Ames are
home from Durham College for the holi
days. Miss Lillian Palmer of Wilder, Vt. was
a Xmas day guest of her sister Mrs. Ray
Howard and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Fairbrother of Haverhill
were week end visitors of their daughter
Mrs. Hazen Wilson.
Mrs. Don Winn and son Daniel of
Lisbon, Mr and Mrs. Ray Leonard of
Brookline, Mass. made the dinner table
full at Arthur Ames on Xmas day.
O. B. Stanley and daughter Neda spent
Xmas day in Bradford with friends.
. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Robies family coun
ted up to 23 on Monday representing four
Mrs. Martha Camp spent Xmas with
friends in Barton Vt.
Maude and Alice French came home
from Plymouth for the week end and
Christmas day.
River Road
Eva Corliss is home on her Christmas
vacation from Normal, at Keene.
W. H. Blaisdell has been drawn on the
Grand Jury for the Grafton Co. term of
court to open Jan. 3 at Lebanon.
Mr. Geo. Putnam is just recovering from
a severe grippe cold.
Fred Horten and wife were visitors in
Woodsville last week.
W. II. Blaisdell and sister spent Christ
mas Day with his brother Harry and
family at Haverhill. '
Fred Merrill is now the Milk Carrier
for this road and the back road to Howard
& Ames Creamery.
t Fred Blaisdell and son of Bradford and
Harry Blaisdell and daughter Ethel of
Haverhill paid visits Saturday & Sunday
on their mother, Mrs. Emma Blaisedell
and family. ,
The Tyler's had a family gathering at
Christmas of those absent and near.
. The water of Lake Geneva rises
and falls Irregularly, much like the
ocean tide.
Mt. Everett Is only about 29,000 feet
high, but the sea off Ladrone Islands
Is 81,620 feet deep.
In Europe there are estimated to be
25,000,000 more women than men, the
latter totaling 225,000,000.
Pure gold Is known as 24 carats fine.
Alloys are expressed In fractional
parts of 24. Sixteen carats fine Is six
teen twenty-fourths, or two-thirds pure
Wood alcohol peddled as whisky
caused 130 deaths and 22 ca3es of
blindness In 21 states during the first
six months of 1022.
Orford hoxa you all had A Merry
Christmas and that j'ou will have the
finest kind of a glad New Year with a 52
Beware of
Open Lights!
They help cause fire loss of more than a million dol
lars a day in the United States. Be careful, when you
use oil lamps and candles, that no draperies can fall, or
be blown, against them.
Be careful, also that your insurance company is big
and strong so it can pay its losses promptly. To make
sure Insure in this agency of the Hartford Fire Insur
ance Company.
Eaton Insurance Agency
Bradford, Vermont
weeks continuance performance.
With Louis Cowles Conant acting as
Santa Clause, the Sunday School of the
West Church had a most enjoyable
Christmas party on Saturday evening, of
course all the kids were there and a goodly
number of the former kids who greatly
added to the evening pleasure. -
After seeing that the old gentlemen
with the whiskers, the reindeer and a few
other things found the right chimney.
Harry Swanson left for New York
Tueday morning in a business trip.
AH our people who have been reported
sick are making pavorable progress ex
cept Postmaster Conant who was taken
to the Hanover Hospital again on Sunday,
the reports received since then as to his
condition have not been all together as we
would like them to be. We hope how
ever that they may soon be more favorable
and that he may soon be back handing us
out our mail as usual.
Deputy Chief of Police Herbert Brown
craving to be in the spot light has con
fined himself to the house the past few
days with what he calls a "grippy" cold,
our own opinion is that it is the brand of
tobacco he burns in that weak? pipe of
his which surely has a strong enough
"grip". ; '
Many of Orfords native sons and daugh
ters were here to help along the Christ-'
mas cheer and many homes were brighter
and happier becau e of them coming. ' ;
We are all very sorry to hear that
Mr. Addison Fay is very sick in his New
York home and trust that speedy news of
his full recovery may arrive.
Dr. Stetson has so far recovered that
he is able to make short trips out doors
with the aid of crutches, much to the de
light of his friends and neighbors who
trust that the crutches may soon be dis
carded and that the "Doc." will forget
his own troubles and attend to theirs.
Card of Thanks
For the many kind words of love and
cheer and for the many deeds of kindness
bestowed at this time of seemingly un
bearable affliction we can only in part
express " our heartfelt appreciation. ;
Mrs. I red Bedell
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pease
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Simpson
Miss Gladys Huchins is home for the
Christmas vacation.
Mrs. Emerson has gone away for a few
School begins January 1st.
The Christmas exercises by the school
were excellent, j Mrs. Emerson had the
room, decorated with her usual taste.
Many were made happy by "Santa", who
was represented by one of the Swan
Miss Dorothy Butman is home for a
The Manchester girls are home for the
Mr. and Mrs.' Harvey Washburn en
tertained Christmas Day, Mrs. Norton,
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Washburn, Henry
Washburn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry V ilcox,
Raloh Gaskill. Philip Wilcox, Mr. and
Mrs. A. O. Sanborn and son Roy.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cushman enter
tained, at Christmas dinner, Mrs. Mary
McGechin, Mrs. Minnie Cushman, Ber
nard Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Carr,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carr and son Robert. .
There were several small dinner parties
Christmas Day.
We are very glad Dr. Stetson is gaming,
he has rode out to the village.
Sundav Mr. McNeil was accompanied to
church by his oldest son and by his son-in-law,
who with there families are spend
ing Christmas with there parents.

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