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nt;i for admission to oegotiate,wiil)
that republic, then - "'r -j'- " '
$9 it resolved,; ThaVa -Stale, jftl;
.formed ounf the present republib 'f
Texftsy with suitable extetif atid tytlrw
V darif s, and with two representatives jn
i Congress until the next apportionment
!,or representation,' filinii ne nmniiiefj in
!'jt$ the tJnion by, virtue of tins actr 6n
. an qoal footing with ' the ' existing
tate'as opori.fl8 ihe'.'ienris. arid ton
'.U'VJns wf uch odmissiorr, and UiO' CeB
sioft of the remaining Tcxiad territory
'to,the United StteVshri be agreed 'up
on bv the eo iof Texas and
he . United States hnd -the 'sum of
gotiotionty to agfee upoti the terms Of
DUIU UUHII&3IUU UliU . vcsaiVHIiim-f 1 vj
treaty to be submitted to the Senate,
for by articles to bo submitted to the
twn Uniispsnf HfinnrrRss. ni the Presi-
dent may turqcUii w.,-- i!
.V'." --'-: ,- T. .i-'.,i;'-
K ";" ""' For the Spirit pf pemocrecy.;;
'Ma. Et)tor-1 formerly, wrote some
numbers for your, paper giving the cit-
tuens pMpnroeiCQunty, some insight
into the workinirs of the Canal system,
n li'ttem uhich sevenfolifs their public
, uxes.and can onlv live while shroude
in darkness and which can not bear the
.fight., My Fclpw citizens may believe
Mit' t Vint U ia it avsts-rn nf favoritism and
cariialitV and" private arran2ement,and
."particular jntrigue'ond speculation, and
.fraud and swindling and universal cur
' riintion." How "could it be otherwise!
, . -r - ,
Would' not reason, whenever she ha
fair 'play, pronounce that half a mi'lion
'$t ' million (f dollar borrowed by the
fitate .and' bestowed upon ; a single
.ounty or small district, .would prove
too giiuenng a pvizu iu ne saie i ii im-i
virtue. The very slrusrgle to obtain ii
is a snare for. their integrity. Hence
me syoicin ui7iniiicin.es iwug uiin ii w
"not wonderful, thai it becomes a vast
svstcrri of corruption. Of the slrenjth
and penection ol this system, your
readers may itnli;e by the lo lowing
fact which is just us true ns the records
of our courts. C; ; -' -.
Z-f A board of three appraisers was ap
pointed to assess the damages t n ihe
, .Wabash and Erie Cana!,and orit James
'II; Forsythe a United States bankrupt,
who did not own a fuot of (and upon
yrafth,1 was appointed tKeir Secretary.
,'fhis Forsythe - lied formerly' owned a
small tract of land on the line of this
"-canal at the mouth of Bad creek, in Hep
"xy county, but.had sold and conveyed
.Sf'tn T:imes Durbin. with al rnrhts and
V "v F (
privileges whatsoever. When the ap-
.nraiseis cnnie akmL' in me spunz oi
J843, Durbin demanded damages be
-cause the Canal cm off his mill and
Jcf it on an island between the Canal
find the river, but was willing to put up
1 with enough to build him a bridge a-
cross the fcanal.'; This the; appraisers
nbsalutelv ond unanimously refused,
iind made out an a ward in writing stal
ing the greunds of their .refusal. ' As
jhey had awarded dumages to other
-neiKhoors, ia UKe circumsianccs, uui
bin was dissausnea. ana in me iaii oi
f'l 043, he drew up a 'petition and was
4 about to present it to the Legislature,
'.when the appraisers, who did not like
4 mtin in vpsiirrnnnn. nnrniifi io i n aim
. t : - j - i : .j
' 1 ' i ' i . i l:-. - i: ....!
pcrsuaueu nun iu uiop un ujfjntuiiwi'
. to" the . Legislature, assuring him that
they' would come round and reconsider
' i- .1.- C 11111 r.. (Uu Irvy.b
hid buiiul: vr. iuii. uut i"i
tj V
; Vlll C UUI. VJ IICI, ll.lll. .11 Avvi.jwv.
'i "last, Forsythe went to Uurbin nnd sta
led that he was coins to . M'Cutchen
ille where two of the apprsisers lived,
,nd if he wished it, he Jforsythe wou'd
urne inemio appraise ms uui;iages... wi
' course Durbin consented and Forsvtlie
'C irect on and got two of the appraisers
to make a new appraisement, but not
for Durbin but for himsklc And let
v it be remembered that ; he ; owned no
land, vet they put him on the record in
' the list of sufferers to the. amount of
three, hundred dollars, and slated in
4rAit fhnl ma fnnl jLnih thov
fttlVII U TV Ul U WIUI IIIV l.tllUf V tlfltflt lllk I
Jocatcd at Duvbins .aDd no where else,
had bfeen, skinned of timber, both rail
timber and ! building timber.11 -When
Forsythe got his certificate," hpTdrew
. 1 ' i - o ' .i r i i
an oraeron openceri one oi me ooaro
- pf Public .VVorks, got it accepted ! and
old it, pocjfetpd the money and went
to parts unknown. Durbin- when he
; found out the; cheat, and not knowing
that the money was already paid filed
V h. w 'injunction hill in tha ou t ti Com
mon l'lea here,'id'Colunihus,' U f pre-
vent JSpencer, uom paying - i1 ors)'ine
and to feet the Davment made to himself.
AU these facts therefore., appear up n
pain togetner who. .ic iuuner iact,inai
not enetidc timher ither fitfor
finis pr huidjng, had bfep; taVenT e.
land.-' 'When;the appraisers found out
.i . i i j-1 i 1 i ii ri
mat uuroin naa tiiea nis did in unaucc
ry,',they;'catrit). tp hnVahi' be'eec-hed
him to drop it and mnke no stir about'
Vt and they' would dppruls'e anirattnw
him his damages. 'And (hey ha ve fieeri
os-' good os.lh.eir, wordi for the week be-
fore'last'they" went Back, ah'j issesscd
two hundred dollafi damages to Dur-
pin on me same, tract oi .lanp.auo, ne
has gotten 'his" pay -tmd; dropped ' h's
bill ! !1 ; ,Thus the State has paid twice
for the same damages on the same, tract
of land, after the' appraisers had rsaid
yu uuui unu. unaer ineir iiinua m win
ing; that there were no damages.!! (' n
order to see this thing in its true light.
it'must be considered as one ' instance
in a thousand, and the amount of plun
der as n ruere drop, in the ocean, com
pared to the millions and millions which
have been squandered in a similar man
ner. .To the maa acquainted with tin
man nature this tact speaks volume?.
Such a man will have no .doubt, that
corru .ition must have grown to an e-
uormous size and most have become
systematic, before such an open bare
faced, prostitute instance of it, could
have taken place. In the commence
ment ol a system ot crime, men ore
shamefaced and bashful, it is only after
it has become matured and grown
strong that men become bold and un
blushing in wickedness! Oh, if the
honest and confiding people of Monroe,
could but see to what use their money
is applied, and what f; ilse-hearted, frau
dulent,' cozening knaves, it fattens and
enriches, they would cull for an end of
tliis sytem of legalized plunder. Let
them rest assured that as tyrants of
old prevailed by force, so speculators
at present prevail by fraud, '
On Tuesday the 4th inat. by Ihe Rev. Jamra C.
Merryman, Mr. William Barrett to Mias
Lvcinda Garard, all of this vicinity.
At the residence of hi oll, C'o. Thoj. Smith, in
Grundview, Illinois, about S o'clock on the morn
ini; of the 8ih of Feb. alter a lew daya jlliiesa,
M ijor JAMKS SMITH, in the 73d year of his
age . Maj. S. was emphatically one ol the pio.
neers of the west, having been a western spy in
Wayne's aimy, up to the treaty of Greenville,
being then a renidcnt ol Wheeling, Va He was
well known iu Belmont county, Ohio, having been
sever) years a representative front that county in
its legislature.
Maj. S. was one of the eaily settlers of Indiana,
and through all the changes of an evenlfil life,
maintained the character nf an honest and upright
man, a good noighhor and patriotic citizen. Wa
bash Expre-s.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of .a writ i.f
vtildi tijio. to me diiected from the Court of
Common Pleas of Monroe county and State of
Ohio, 1 shall oiler for sule at public outcry, al the
front do"r of the Court House, in WoodtfieUI, in
said 'county, on Monday, the 14lh day of April,
1845, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and
4 o'clock p. m. of said day, the following real estate
to wit : The north west Quarter of the south went
Quarter of Section No 9, Township No 4, and
Range .No 4, and the north east Quarter of Ihe
south east Quarter, of Section, Township and
Range aforesaid; taken as the property of Corneli
us B, Atkinson, at the suit of Ihe State nf Ohio for
tbe use of the Fuud Ci rominioners of Monroe
county. ,
. TH. MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
March 7, 1845 ., , . , p. f. $2.00
SHERIFF'S BALK. By virtue of a writ of
txndi trpo. to me directed from the Court of
Common Fleas of Monroe county and State of
Ohio, I shall oner for tale at public outcry, at the
front door of the Court House in Woodlietd in
said county, on Monday, the 14th day of April,
1845, between the hours nf 10 o'clock, a. m. and
4 o'clock., p. m. of said day, the follow ine real
estate. to wit: The north west Quarter ol the soulli
east Quarter of Section 29, Township 5. nf H.ioge
6, lying and being in the county tf Monroe and
State of Ohio, and taken as tbe property of R Jaer
Butt, at ihe suit of J. W. Uampbell fc Co. assign'
eei of David Shaub,
. TH. MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
March 7, 1845 . ; . p t- U5
J SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of sundry
txndi. expo, to me directed from the Court of
Common Pleas nf Monroe county, md State bf
Ohm, I shall oner for sale at public outcry, at the
Iront floor of the Uoiirt House, in Wootuheld in
said county, on Monday, Ihe 14th day of April,
1845, between the hours of 10 o'clock I. an. and 4
o'clock p. ni. of said day, the following real estate.
lo wit: The north Half of Ihe not th east Quarter
of Section No f, Township 4, and range 5, con
taining 69 acres, and 68 hundredth nf an acre, of
land, lying and being in the county of Monroe and
Slate of Ohio, and taken as the property of Josh
ua Hawkins, at the suits of William Cochran and
others.,, v t .'.
TH. MITCrfELL, JR. Sheriff!
' March 7, 1845. , p. I. $1.87
' SHERIFF'S SALE By Virtue of a writ of
vendi trpo. to me directed from the Court of
Common Pleas of Monroe county, aiid State of
unio, than oner lor tie al public outcry at the
front door pf the Court House, in Wnodsfteld, In
said county, on Monday, the 14th day of April,
1845, between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m. and
4 o'clock p. m. of aid day, Ihe following teal es
tate, to wit: The north west Quarter nf the north
east Quarter of Section 22 ' Township 4, and
Range 4; also, the north iant Quarter nf the north
east Quarter of Section 22, Townsliip 4 and Range
4, all in Monroe county and State of Ohio, and
taken tt the property of Silas Headlee, at the suit
of John Gibson, J. " ' "
. TH- MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff '
' March T, 1845. p. f. 1,87
' SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of. writ of
trnrh. expo, to me directed from the Court nf
Common' Pleas of Mnlirne f onnty and Stale of
Ohio, I ahall offer for tale at public outcry, at the
front door of Ihe Coitft House in) Woodfield, m
said county, on Monday, the 14th diy of April,
1845, between Ihe hour nf 10 nVlnck. eVm. and
4 o'clock p. m. of said day. the following real es
tate, to wit: 1 ne norm east quarter or the north
west quarter nf section 18, township 9 and rang
8, abo Ilia south west quarter of the north west
quarter of lection thirty-two, towrwhrp 8, and range
7, I) if t ai4 biojt in Moro coimtjr tui 6w 6(
Qhi ttUta M the pmpftty l'.WiUiain Ormdmi,
al the nuit t( ih$ Swio ot Ohio t tht us of bt
7 und CooimiMiaier nl Monroe cwjnly. 1 "
' J..TH. MITCH EfcLVR. SherUT. '
4 Mrdi 7,'i84S. , ..j, ... ... .tP.f jH.75
SHE1UFK"3 SALE.-BV virtue of writ of
vernii. expo, ft ine ldlrecl(f from the Court Of
common rif oi inonro coimij mu oi.ie oi
OliioT .hart niter Tor tale it Diiblic outcry at the
Iront door 'of the rourt houie In WooJefietJ in
Mid county, on Montky the' J4tfl day of April,
1845, bvtweeii the hnurt of 10 oVt.rtk, m. md
4 o'clock p. fin. of Mid J.y. the following real ei
(ale In wit: The e.wl hair or. the north went quar
tet of tectioo f-iehl. lownthip three and ranetr five,
tying and being in Monroe comity and State of
Uhlo; tken f the property ol .William Uiiom, at
lb tuii of Elicabetb Well. - : o ; .. -j j
, TH. JlTCHEi-L, JE- Sheriff
,. March 7, 18t5. ,-; V .. .... . , .'.) , p. I M2
SHERIFF SALE-rBy virtue of a writ of
flrfl. expo, to mo directed from the court of Com
mon Pleaa of Monroe county and Slate of Ohio,
I shall offer for sale at public outcry, at the front
door of the court Souse, in' Wood.field in said
county, on Monday, the 14th day of April. 1845,
between lh hours oflO o'clock; a. m. and 4o"clock
p. m. of said day, the following real estate, tV.witi
AH that tract or' parrel of land situate and being in
Ihe county of Monroe and State of Ohio, being a
oart of aection 83. townshio one anil range 3
beginning on the bank of the Ohio river, south of
a stone; thence ea-t up Ihe hanknisaiu river to
the middle of a bridge. 45 rpds and 15 inches;
thence north, half a degree west, 8 rods and 18
links tq a post; (n. h. 40 links lo a chain;) thence
north, two and a hall degrees west, through a
laree oonlar on Ihe left hand aide of a mound, on
Ihe gravel bank; thence in ihe same direction three
hundred and twenty rods and 18 links to a pol
thence west thirty one rods and 10 links to a pn't;
thence due south over a corner s(nue to Ihe place
of beginning 323 rods and 16 links, containing by
latitude and departure seventy nine acres and ten
perches, (except so much of the said trac t as is in
cluded in the town plat of ihe town of Sardis, be.
ing about 16 acre.;)taken as Ihe property of James
Patton, at the suit nf Michael Miller.
TH. MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
' March 7, 1845. , .?.. f,$3,25
SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue nf a writ ol
tenJi expo, to me directed from the court of Com
mon Pleas of Monroe county and State nf Ohio, I
shall offer for sale at public outcry, al Ihe front
door of the court house, in Voodfield in 'id
county, on Monday the 14th day of April. 1815,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock
p. m. nf said day. Ihe following real estate, to- wit:
The north half nf the south west quarter, of sec
tion 18, township 2, of range 4, containing seven
ty nine acre, nf rand, be the same more or less,
lying and bring in the county of Monroe and State
of Ohio; taken as the property of John Matthews,
at the suit of John Manna.
TH. MITCHELL, J.I, Sheriff
March 7, 1845. p. f-1.75
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a writ of
remix expo. In me directed from the cotiit of Com
mon Pleas nf Monroe county, and State of Ohio. I
shall offer for Sale at public outcry at the Iron!
door nf Ihe court house in Wooilsfielil, in said
com. ly, on Monday, the 14th day of Arril. 1845.
between the hours of 111 o'clock a. in and 4 o'clock
p. m. nf said day, the following real estate, to wit:
The west half of the north wnst quaiter of aection
25, township 4 and- range 5; Un, the north east
quarter of the north west quarter of the same sec
tion,, township, and range, lying and being in
Moi.roe county and State of Ohio; taken as the
property of Abner Beall at the auit of John U Wil
liam Todd.
March 7, 1845. . . - p. I. $1.87
SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of a writ of
vervlt. -xpoAamt directed liom the court ol Com
mon Picas nf Monroe county, and State of Ohio,
I sh all offer fur sale at public outcry at the front
door of the court houie in Voodheld. in said
county, on Monday, the 14th day of April. 1845,
between Ihe hours ol 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock
p. m of saiil day, the following real elate, to wit:
The n'irih weM quarter nf the south east quarter
and ihe south eat quarter ol the south west quar
ter nf section 19, township 2, and range 4, lying
and being in Ihe county of Monroe and State of
Ohio; taken as Ihe property ot James AVitten at
the suit of Friend Cot.
March, 7. 18 15. p. f 81.75
SHERIFF'S SvVLE-By virtoe of writ of
trnJL expo. In me directed from the court of Com
mon Pleas of Monroe county, and State of Ohio,
I rhall offer for sale at public outcry, at the front
door of the rourt house, in Voornld, in salj
county, on Monday the 14th day of April, 1845,
between the hours nf 10 o'clock a. m. and 4o'clock
p. ni. of said day, the following real estate, to wil:
A certain tract or parcel of laud lying and being
in Monroe county and State of Ohio, and describ
ed as -follows, to wit: commencing at the centre
corner established by Mitchell Atkinson, county
surveyor, in section 20, township 7 and range 7:
thence hounded and decrihrd as follows. In wit:
from said centre corner In section 20, township 7,
and range 7, thence north sixty twn rod.-; thence
west forty three rods; thence south sixty two rnds;
thence east forty three rods lo the place ol begin
ning; contaiiiina sixteen acres more or less, with
a sw and gristmill thereon; taken as Ihe property
of Reuben Wilson, at the suitnf James Piles.
TH. MITCHELL. JR. Sheriff.
M-reh 7. 1845. p f. g2.50
SHERIFF'S SALE Bv virtue nf a writ of
ven'li- expo, to me directed from the court of Com
mon Pleas of Moon e county and State of Ohio,
I shall offer fnr sale at public outcry al the ft out
door of the rourt house in woo.l.held, in said
county, on Monday, the 14lh day of April, 1845,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock
p. ui. nf said day. the following real estate to wit:
The south east quarter nf the north east quarter of
sdotioik 17, township 8, and range 4, containing
.40 acres', lying in Monroe county, Ohio; taken as
Ihe properly ot William Mcmahnn, Joseph Mcina
hon, and hlijah. Henthorii, at the suit, of Thomas
Armstrong fc Co. .. - .
.'. TH. MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
.Mi' cA 7.1315. p. f. $1,75
'SHERIFF'S SALE By viitue of a writ of
vndi expo to me directed hom the court of 0m.
mon Pleas ol Monroe county Ohio, 1 shall offer
Tor sale al public outcry at the Iront uonr ol the
court hnune, in Wondfield, in said county, on
Monday, the 14th day nf April, 1845, betwreu
the bourn of 10 o'clock a. tn. and 4 o'clock, p. m.
of said day, ihe folloaing real estate, to ii: Be
ginning for the same al a post al the south west
corner of section 29, township 7, and range 7, in
Monroe ijounty and State of Ohio; running thence
east along the li. e nf sectinn 29, 80 perches to a
post; theme north 80 perches; (hence wesl to Ihe
line dividing section 29 from section 35, and from
thence lo Ihe place of beginning, containing forty
acres of laud, he the same more or less; taken a
Ihe property of Elijah Hithaway, at the suit of
James Hughes, guardian ol the minor children ot
Jacob Harry, deceased,
., . TH. MITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
.MareA 7, 1845- , ... p 1. 62.31
SHERIFF'S SALE, By virtue of sundry
writs nf venJL expo, and executions la me duc t
ed from the court nl Common Pleas of Monroe
county. Ohio, I shall offer fir sale at public outcry
al Ihe frout do r of the court house iu Woodsricld,
in said county,. on Monday, the 14th day of April.
1845, between Ihe hours ol 10 o'clock, a. nv and
4 o'clock p. in. nf said day th following real es
(ale, to wit: Th north wet quarter of section
number five, township number ws of range num
ber six, containing about one hundred and filly
nine acres; also, a part of the north east quarter nf
section' eleven, township and lane aforesaid, ft
being jn ihe tract ol laud knorwu by th naoM of
lbs Seven Ranges, beginning for he same at a post
28 perchei southward of the north, ta-t corner of,
..riion Uvii: nu tho Una jlvidiov lha asm
iron aeetinn vj thenet aoanhward with ha
section line, dintance 71 perches and S tenth, to a
posi; uience westwaru, parallel io ine una uiviu
r-nce westward, pralleo Ihe line divid.
ion eleven :4rom Mdior, t.n,di.nc.7,
and lenlhsi V a post; thencJ ioh ward, '
parallel to the lne dividing secHoS eleven
mg section
perches an
running pa
from section five, distance 51 perches, and 1 telithi
to a posit thence a direct tine to the place Of be.
ginning, distant? 81 ptrrhes and 7 tenths', cont-ii.
ing thirty acre more or teas; taken as thl proper
ty of Frederick Sluher,at the sttitf of the State of
Ohio for the. ose of Monroe cunty neT))hers. -.'
" TH. MITCHELL:jlti Sheriff.
MarcM, 184S.
M ,T p f,aJ.S7
SHERIFF'S S A LE By virtue Of avrrtt of
tenili. expo, lo me directed from Ihe court of Com
mon Plea of Monroe county; and Slate of Qhio,
I shall offer for rale at public outcry at th house of
George Sill.in Frank iin township in eald county,
on Friday the 21st Instant, between, 'tha boura of
10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p- m..1 of said day,
the following property, to wit: One two horse
Wagon, one black Sker, one black H-ifer, one
red and white Cow, taken as the properly of George
Sill at the suit of Ihe Slate ol Oliid for the use nf
the fund comoiissiniierf of Monroe ennntw ? w v
.-, . ..THMITCHELL, JR. Sheriff.
'jUtetk 7, 1845,.. .j,. u .. p f 01
SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue, nl writ of
tendi. expo, to roe directed from Ihe court of
Common Pleaa of .Monro county and State of
Oil to, I shall nfltr for sale at public pulcry, m the
housei of Edward Saii.biiry, pi (he town, of. Car
lisle, in said county, on Fiiday ihe, 21st instant,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. rq. and 4o'clnck
p m of said day, the following, pi operty to wit One
gray. Mare, one brown Horse, Que two horse Wa
gon, one iron shod Sleigh, tarn sets of horse gears,
one No 4 cast Plough, one No 1 Plough. one sho
vel Plough, one Harrow, 5 Hogs, 10 Pigs, and
one rnanUl Clock, taken as ihe property of Edward
Salisbury, at tbe suit or Jjoihs Wilhrow. . .
TU MITfliCl I ID OI..tf
Mureh 7, 1845. ... , ,4 . . Iu f
. .... iUl .VIAIKJ,!,, . U) 0l.C.l
SHERIFF'S SALE Bv virtue of a writ of
vendi expo tn me directed from the court of Com
mon Pleas pf Monroe county, and State of Ohio,
I shall offer for sale, al public outcry at the house
of Elijah Hathaway in Seneca towruhip. on
Thursday the 20th instant, between the hours of
10 o'clock a oi and 4 o'clock p in of said day the
following property, tn will One crib of cord, con
taining 550 bushels, four milch Cows, one Hull,
three two year old Steers, tlireo two year old Heil
era, one two horse Wagon,, two lluee year old
Steers, one dark bay Mar and Colt, one roan
Colt, one brown Mare and Coll, one sorrel Mare,
one Loom, one Cupboard, and 1000 feet o! inch
Plank, taken as the properly of Elijah Hathaway,
al Ihe suit ol James Hughes, guardian of the mi
nor children ol Jacob Hairy, deceased.
March 7f 1845. ,p fl
BtT virtue of a venditioni exponas to me direct
ed from the Court ol Common Pleas of Monroe
county Ohio. I will nffei for sale al public outcry
at the front door of the Court House in the town
of Woodslietd, Monroe county, Ohio, on Monday
the 1 -1 til day of April, 1843, between the hours
of 10 o'clock, A jVI . and 4 o'clock P. M. of said
day, the following described real estate Iu wit:
Ninety ihree acres ol hind lying and being iu
Monroe cnqiiiy, Ohio, aud described at follows to
wil: lying in the south west quartet of section
No. 8, township 7, and range 8, commencing for
the same lo run so ith at the mouth of Henry
Fesler's lane on said line, directly on the east side
of ihe Barnesville and McCounelUville state road;
thence south to a stake, near the north west cor. er
of lands sold by Da.iiet Bates and wife I) Charles
Arudt; theme t the corner of said A nidi's land;
thence down Buffalo creek to a certain stake nr
stone, planted as a corner stone; iheuce a little
north nf west, 19 rods, nu a straight line to a
stone on the top of ihe bunk; thence a little east
of north on a straight line 32 and a half rods to a
corner stone in Ihe creek, about 2 rodj south east
from an thn tree . IS inches in diameter, thence
d wn said creek, lo the section line on the south
side of said qr.; thence east along siid section line
to the S E comer of said qr. Also, a certain tract or
parcel nf land lying iu said county and iu the north
ive. quarter of seclinu 17. township 7 and range
8, iu the Zanesvi le land dUtiict, commencing for
the same on the north line of said quarter section
near where, the two Buffalo forks come together
on the east side; thence east ah ng raid section
line tn a stake iu a run near the edge of the road,
about midway east and. west of the east half of
said quarter on said line; thence south along the
foot of the hill nr bank, to a stiuie, al the south
east extremity of said hill; thence west within 20
rods of the west line of said east half quarter;
thence south to the Buffalo creek; iheuce down
the meanderings of the creek to the place of be
ginning, containing 20 acres more of less. Taken
as the property of John S. McFarlaud at the suit
of William Shaw. ...
Sherifl's office, February 21, 1845. .
yj Y VIRTUE of a writ of venditioni exponas,
JD to me directed from the Court of Common
Pleas of Monroe county and State ol Ohio. I shall
offer for sale at public outcry, at Ihe front door of
the court house iu Wooijstield in said county, on
Monday. Ihe 14th day of April, 1845, between the
hours of 10 o'clock a in and 4 o'clock p m of said
day. the following described real estate, tn wit:
About two and three fouith acre of ground, with
the appurtenances situate thereon, on the east side
of Ihe town oi Woodsfield, and which is. bounded
as follows, to wiU on the north by the lands nf Al
fred Driggs, ou ihe east by lands lately owned by
Michael. Rutler, on the south by lands nf William
Cochran, and on the west by the town plat of
Woodsbelil, wbich is the same land on which the
Monroe Academy is erected; taken as the proper
ty of the Monrpa Academical Association, at the
auit of Giles Brooks lor the use-of Joseph M. Ma
ton. ' . W. D. PATTON, Coroner.
March 7, 1845.
ffY virtue of a decree nf the Court of Common
Pleas of Monroe County in the State nf
Ohio, at their September term. A. U 1844, in the
rase ol Sivaney & Matthews against Th 'mas Lea
lie, will be, offered for sale at public out cry . at the
front door nf the court houe iu the town ot Woods
field, In said county, on Wednesday, the 26th. day
of March next, at 12 o'clock, M . on said day. the
lollowing described lands aud tenements, situate in
said county, to wit: a tra. t of land purchased by
Johnston Lcsilieof Job William., and ia bounded
on the west by lands of Ann .Copeland, on Ihe
south by lands of Isaac Beardmore, on the east and
north by lands owned by Jnb Williams, containing
ten acres of ground; appraised at $225. , ,
WM. OKEY. Mw-ComV, ,
., Monroe Common Pleas. .
" Feb. 21, '845.
II Y virtue nf Ihe command of n alias venditioni
expnna to me directed from the Circuit Court
of the United States for the District of Ohio, I will
offer foi sale at public outcry, at the front d or nf
the court-house iu the town of Woodsfield, Mon
roe cnunlV, Ohio, on Tuesday the Hth day of
March; 1845. at 12 o'clock M. nu said day, the fol
lowing described real estate lying aud bei.ig in said
county of Monroe, to wii: Lots number 5 and 10
in Ihe town of Beallsville. also lot number 12 in
Linn's addition lo the said tnwn ofBeallsville, with
all and singular the improvement thereon, taken L
in. execution theprnyertynf John Linn, (now
deceased.) at the suit "I Sewell. B mgher fc Co."
JOHS McKLVA IN, Marshall,
February 7, 1845 495 Pepuiy Marshall.
OTICE IS HERKBlf GIVEN that th auh
arriher his been appointed and Qualified H
administrator on the estate of Edward Cos, lata of
Monroe counly,. deceased , "
h Tilfnary . 1845,"' ' .' ' m ' . ftt
. . .- ' .J :- a, ' i; -J 'J',.
--' VHW ft t i
' W9WS&Vh 9
December. 7. 1844.
1 tVQODlCLD, MOKAilf G0?irVl OHUOui
marcq id,
rrn n vc v t T.itw. t-
r.' WO0DSll.0, l!OCOCTr) m. -
April 19, 1844. Vk.
WM. Cf. 'WAfiTO-t."'
i i '-AT TOHWE? AT'LAW '
Woodtfitld, Monroe to , O. - tcjr Office oppoAlt
:. W'W, . : " . the Court Haute. . ;'
,r March, 15 18.44 i ,w i L.i"'n!.
J ' ' ' JAMF.S H. MORRIS,' .
"JiTydRx fc y a x law;'
' '' ''WoodtJUlMqiiroe'eo.Ohio'
''fWiiV 1$45."':' " - ' '."! -', ''!:
13 hereby given. In ftenoui Maats, tmpson
Staats, Elijah 8taat, Elisha Stasis, Edetb Stasis,
William Bertpn and Anne hja wile, Jacob Wait
Thomas Laton and Margaret bis wife, John, star
key and Lydia his wife, William Wines and Ra
chaelhis wife, that a petition was filed against them
-on tht 2nd day nf December, A; D 1844; in the
Court or Oommon Pleaa of Monroe county, Ohio,
by F.nnch Siaats, aajj is now pending, wherein the
said Enoch Staats demands partition of the follow
ing real estate, to wit:' The North West quarter ol
the North West quarter ot Section seventeen, in
Township Np. seven, of Kange No. eight; also the
East naif of the North Eas quarter pf Section
seventeen, in the tame Township and Range, all jn
Monroe county, Ohio; and that at the next term of
aaid Court application wiU be made by the said
Enoch SUali, for an order that partition may be
made of the said premises; and that the dower
late of Margaret Staats widow of Elijah Staa
dee'd, therein may be assigned. ' "" - v'
. Bv N, Hot-waTE.
. December 6, 1844 6wu40. . . ...
Stat' of Ohio. Monroe co. ss
court of common pleas.
Sarah Graham, . ) Divorce and Alimony.
vs. YtylLLLUt URJlllAM will
William Graham. ) lake mo-ice that Sarah
Graham, heretofore, lo wii on the 81st day of
January, A. D. 1845, filed her petition in the office
of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, in
and fir the county and state aforesaid, letting forth
among other things that the plaintiff and delend
ant were married, that Ihe delendaut had deserted
ihe plaintiff had been guilty of adultery aud was
convicted of bigamy by the Court of Common
Pleas nf Guernsey county, and that he is nnw im
prisoned in-ihe-Penitentiary for that crime; and
praying that the marriage contract heretofore ex
isting between the plaintiff aud defendant be dis
solved, and that alimony be granted to the plaintiff
&c. The said petition will be for hearing at the
next term of the cnuit ot Common Pleas aforeraid.
By Tidball & Kelly, her Att'ys.
February 7, 1845.
m Wagon Making business. One fiom the
country, and from 16 to 13 year of age, would be
Woodtfield, Feb. II. 13-15 . ' '
I lie suhsi'.iiliers l)P2
leave to inform Western and Southern Printers
that they have commenced the manufacture of
WOOD TYPE, on the N. E. corner of Maiifand
Third streets, up stairs, and are prepared to till or
ders, ou twenty four hours' notice, for any style or
pattern nf Type now in use, cut on the best cedar
nr Honduras mahogony nr hoxwnod.and warranted
lo be equal in shape, nuish and matei ul to Eastern
Type, and at less.than Eastern prices.
We have - fi hand seven fonts, of a new style, not
manufactured elsewhere.
' Engt avin on wood, such as Newspaper Heads,
Vignette?, fee., done to order, on reasonable terms.
Printers from the country wilt please call and
examine our stock, material, and machinery.
Sorts to old fonts cut to order at a few moments'
notice. J. W. D. PALMER. & CO..
over Enquirer olflct, Cincinnati. '
Publisher in the West desirous of adding o
their job offices new materials, by publishing thp a
bove tn the amount nf $3, will be paid in type,
when they purchase three times the amount ol their
bill.., . - .- ,...-
Feb. 21, 1845 n5l3
-- ... - - NOTICE. .
Isaac Smith vs. Jams Paoi..
itT Jame Paul is hereby notified that on the 28th
day of February, A. D. 1845. Isaac Smith, of the
county of Monroe, iu the State ol Ohio, tiled in
the Court of Common Pleas of the county of Mon
roe, and State nf Ohio, a Bill iu Chancery against
the said James Paul, the object aud prayer ol which
Bill it to compel a specific performance of j con
tract entered into by ihe said Paul, for lliecouvey.
anceby a general warrantee deednf Lpts number
ed filteen aud seventy-four In ihe town of Wnods
fielk. in Monroe county. Ohio; and the aaid James
Paul is further notified that unless he appear and
pleads, answers or demurs to the said bill within
sixty days after Ihe next term nf said Court the said
Isaac Smith at ihe next term after the expiration of
aid sixty day, wilt apply to said Louit tnlafce the
matte nof the bill as confessed, and to degree "here
on accordingly.
By N. HOLLISTER, hi alt'y.
February 28. 1845.. , . . . 52w
'" WARNING. ' '
i' ed against purchasing a note of hand given
by the subscriber In one John White, of Washing
Inn township, callii g fnr Eight Dollars, bearing
date the 17th day of February, 1845, at. d payable
one year from dale. Said note Waa fraudulently
obtained from me, and I am therefore determined
never lo pay the tame..
Woodsfield, Feh. 28, 1843. 62
f l'vHE subscribers have- just received a SPLEN
1-DID ASSORTMENT of seasonable -. :
which they are determined to sell from 23 to 50
per cent, lower than goods have heretofore been
sold in this place, lor ihe PAY DOWN ONLY.
They respectfully invite perchasers, before buy
ing, to call and examiue their stock, consisting in
part of , , .- 1 . .. .
Broad Cloths, Cassiqieres, Sittjnott, and Jeaus
of various colors and price.
A great variety of Calicoes, very low. ''
. Changeable and figured Alpaca, figured Bava
rians, t'liun. MerHioe, Bowbaziuea, and.Vel.
Ribbons, Laces, and Inserting. '
Jaconet, Bobinet. Mull. S wis and Book Mu-
linsi "..'i- i ' i v., j;
. A large assortment of SHAWLS, which they
will sell at ve'y reduced price. . , .
" Dress Handkerchiefs,' Pongee "and Flag Silk do'.
' Bleached and brown Muslins, Tickings, Checks
aud Ginghams.
Roland whit Flannel; j 5w..! j s
. Country Produce will be taken, ia exchange for
good at market price. ,.o ,. , -. . , . t
J. R. fc J. H. MORRIS. ,
Woodsfield, Dee. 24, 1844, . ' i
ANN U A it y tt K 10 31 T
Of the Fund Commtssiuhoss for th County asf
Monroe, ana fttt f Qhio, Jar, itamsurf 1848,
according lo the act InaUch aif ntsdeand i
, . -un W". -f.
Amount received irom the Statf 45204 4
A . paid to tnaStat Jaooaty t,-!. tt
" paidjflbSlataJaB. u I
uet ), Wf i lift Of VJ205
i.W -t :,"$ :H it ! ) II S. .
Total amount due the Ssata' w" r..- t ' W to 28
Sum loaned to Individual
" 4' "lS.lOi 28
, to Monroai Academical-, ,.
a t .. so&k
.. Association v .lwi ! .tm W0 0?
... v , v 819.W5 K
Amount secured by mortar on real
etate - ' . "."1 i,Sl$M
Amount secured by otlier jdequate . v
X; ?jxw
Tba whole amount ii fbanad at T per centuut
per annum, payable eroi-4nnually ia advance. .
Ttte following are lh.e suras Ipaned. in die several
vuwiisiiip iq inn coonry.
930 oa
Brouglit over H.747 28
Ohio " v 600 Ot)
Bethel ' 'J
Elk i s
-' 859 )0
: 8,958 78
2W 00
250 00
619 60
850 00
480 IHI
' J.100 00
Pert '" 831 60
Sunslury Jlja 99
Salem i'iM 99
Switzerland 300 99
Seneca ,. J 1,175 Oil
Union . ., 1.3&0 00
Malaga -
IWasblngton 200 00
- IWsyna
H,747 28j
Amount collected by course of 4a w , - 467 d
" now in suit -f ,., , .lOQ
due aud not iu t 8,68 00
" invested in stock 000 0t
Principal collec'ed aud paid io sine last
Interest received since last report , 1,410 14
'- J ' $250-14.
- - , - , EXPENDITURES, v i
Amount paid lo Treaaurer for. use of
School funds, 1844 1,027 20
Ainouutpaifi treasurer lor
us jf Stale . - j
Amount paid Treasurer for
use of county
Amount paid John Dunham '
: for printing last annual
840 60 A
report - -. ' , -
Amount paid Clerk of Bel
f . 41 99--'
mont co. tor costs in cer
tain cases " . '18 50 '": '
Aro't refunded toE.Rucker 2 93 '
Am'tpaid Isaac. A. Brock . i . -j i
r uud Commissioner ,.3 00 ,
Am'tpaid Joel Yogt.Fund
CommissiiMipr . ' Id 09
Am't paid Joseph Caldwell i-. ;
Fund Commissioner . 8 03 ;,
Am't paiu John M. Kirk
bride, Agent " ZVMti'
S2.25 14
We hereby certify, that tbe above is- oorfert
statement, and exhibit the true condition ol sai l
fuud. Given under our bands at Woodsfield,
Ohio, this 6th day of January, A. D.' 1845. '
...... , JOHN CLLVE.Jr . t
45 Fund Cum'i Monroe co., O.,
The subscriber has been encouraged b ia few
friends to undertake (he piiblicatiho of a JfontbV
rriodical under the above caption, at Bethany,
Virginia. The' acknowledged importance of il.e
subject of Education to Ihe general and permaW
interest of society, is, ctrlaiuly; aufBnent to'wa.
rant Ihe expectation, that a journal devoted lo sus
taining its interest before the putdir mind.'if pro.
perly conducted, will receive a liberal furiport frooa
an enlightened community. With this exp'ettk
tion Ihe subscriber has been induced to otideflalce
the publication of this work, devoted to'tlie inter
ests of this all-important cause. The whole sub
ject of education, io all its department, bearings.
and tendencies, shall form the subject of the lead
ing artK'les which shall, from lime to time.apprer
fu the page of the 'Journal." ' Having been en.
gnged during nearly his whole life,' either in-ac
quiring - an ' education' himself wv'in ' impart irig
instruction to others, the editor flatter himself that
he has within his i each such facilitie as will enable
him to render th Journal a work ef some interest
and utility to all luch as mav favor him With their
patronage in this undertaking.' We shall endear,
er lo render Ihe Journal a useful auxiliary to the
Parent iu meeting" hose higV responsibilities tn
his offspring, which nature has devolved upon turn.
To all who are hi ti us ted with the interest of gen
eral education, either by a general supervision' or
(he practical details of imparting Instruction, are
shall endeavor io be useful; by presenting' to "oar
reader the various systems of instruction which
prevail in thi country f d in Europe-witb some
discussion nl the principles involved; anrTsug'es
tion u to the merit of the various syrtems which
may claim atteution.' To all who are notlavoreil
with Ihe advantage of preceptoral Instrttctfoh, we
shall endeavor to point out those means of self cut
turf which every Individual enjoys, ini-fo1 direct
to fhe proper sources pf self improvement We
.ha'l endeavor lo bring the avail nf our'own ex.
perience in- acquiring and Itnpartim iiistruction,
to the benefit of the student in the higher branchee
of learning; aud, in general, we ahall lay tefore
our reader whatever wt 'ahalt deem conducive te
the advancement of that cause, which has for1 tut
object the proper derelopemeni and irainiugpf the
great mas of mind of bur country. Under our
General Literary head we ahall endeavor lo make
the Journal a useful directory to those who are
eeking self improvement or meutal patflcaVipfl
iu the great Grid ot literature. Such 1 verjr
brief outline or the plan bf tbe proposed publica
tion, for which we would respectfully asfc the pat',
ronage of an enlivened public' " " u ' ' ' l
:-,'..;t .- yERtMJf. ' r, 'Jf ;; ' f
The work wjll be issued the Href Week In every
month. In common duodecimo form, containing
thirty six closely printed pages in each nuruW
neatly stitched and covered, in fail type and goo.
paper, and matted lo subscriber at two dollar fe.
annum, payable on the reception of the Erst num.
ber which trill be issued a coon a a su(!iclrn
nuruber of uhcriber can be obtained to xrarran't
the undertaxing. '
at. F. ROSS, Blllor.
TTACHME NT Notice a heteby gives te
all .person interested, that at my lmtaee a
writ of attachment we thi day issued by , Willaia)
S. Wloo. a Justice of the peace in and fot Supa.
harv Township in the Coumt ef Monroe and
State f Ohio, againat th goods, chattlre, nght,
credits, moneys and effects of Enoa Clark, an at
sntslebor. JASPKR MALLORY,
Bellville,Fbnury, 1WJ.

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