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. Approaching the town, they J ing ' were strewed upon -the road and
nredu.xm bvUapt. Webster Irom crowded the buildings l the hacienda.
redoubt occupie'd by his company,! The 'American? force engaged in the
i wounded may be fairly estimated a ' 1
50O, and will ; probably reach 2,000.1
At least 500 of their killed were left
upon1 the field of battle.' We have no
means of ascertaining the number : ol
deserters and dispersod merit froni thei
ranks, bat it is known to be very
great. ' ;. : '
Our loss has been especially severe
brat-ia-c'hief4 and sent orders .to cease ling a considerable number of vvpun
firing.. Upon" reaching the-' Aleafjcan It was my purpose to beat up hiso
lines, he could not cause thepenemy to Iters at Encarnation eajrjy the nexj
cease their fire', and accordingly return- J morning,; but '.upon examination? the
.d without havinff an interview.1- I lie weak condition ot tne cayairy noises
extreme right of the; enemy continu- rendered it fonadyisable to attempt 6p
;,d tts retreat1 alonf? 'the base of the lone a march without water. ' A corn-
" iBjountain, and finally, in spite "of mand ws finally despatched to Encar-
. ur efforts, effected a junction with nation, on. the 1st otMarcn, under ooi
the remainder of the army. j Belknap, some two hundred wounded.
During the day; the cavalry ol Gen. and about sixty Mexican soldier were
X' tlinon had ascended the elevated plain found there, the-army having-passed
V-ssbove Saltillo, and occupied the road on in Ithe direction of Ma tehuala, with
from the city to the field of battle greatly reduced numbers,'and sulTering
nrhere they intercepted several of our j much from Hungers the dead and ay
, i men,
.nand then moved on towards ' the eas-l action ot tsuena-vista is shown by the
-irtern sido of the valley, and o bliquelv accompanying' field' report,'1' to have
i! towards Buena Vista. - At this tirnje, been 334 officers, and' 4,425 men ex
Cant. Shover moved rapidly : forward I elusive of the small command left in
with his piece, supported by a miscel- and near Saltiflo.' Of this number, two
-ilaneous command of mounted volun-. squadrons of cavalry, ahd three batte
( tears,1 and fired several shots at " the I ries of light infantry, making not more
fcavalry with great effect.' ' ! They I than 453 men, composed the only force
.iwerediiveninto the ravines which led of regular troops. ' ;i The- strength ''of
.-to the lower valley, closely pursued by the Mexican army is stated - by Gene
tCapti Shover, who was further suppor-al Santa Anna, to be 20 O00, and that
f ted by apiece of Capt. Webster's bat-1 estimate is confirmed bv all the info r
1 terv. under Lieut. ' Donaldson, which (nation since obtained. ; Our loss i
ihad advanced from the redoubt, sup- 267 k'illed,;456 wounded, and 23 mis
i ported by Capt. Wheeler's company 11- sing. Of the numerous wounded,' man
finois volunteers. ' ' .The enemy made I did not require removal to the hospita
-one or twoofforts to charge. the. artiU land it is hoped that a comparatively
-Jery, but was finally driven back in a Ismail number will be permanently dis
fconfused mass, and. did not again ap-labled. The Mexican loss in killed and
.pear upon the plain. ' i , .
-.In the meantime, the firing had par
tially ceassd upon the principal field.
-The enemy seemed to confine his ef
iorts.to the protection of his artillery,
and I had left the platnu for a moment,
vrhen 1 was recalled thither by a very
heavy musketry tire. : On regaining
the position,! discovered that our' in
fantry (Illinois and 2d Kentucky) had I in officers, twenty-eight having been
engaged a greatly superior force ot the J killed upon the held. We have to la
nemv evidently his reserve and I ment the death of Capt. George Lin
that they had been overwhelmed by I coin, assistant adjutant genert.1, serv
numbers. The moment was most I ing on the staff of Gen. Wool a young
critical, Lapt. C linen, with, two pie-1 officer ol high bearing, and approved
ees, had sustained this heavy charge to I gallantry, who fell early in the action,
the last and was finally obliged to leave No loss' falls more heavily upon the ar-
his guns on the field Ins mlantrv sup- my in the held than that ot Cols. Har-
port being entirely routed. Captain I din and McKee, and Lieut.-Col. Clay,
feragg, who had just arrived from the possessing in a remarkable degree the
left, was ordered at once into battery, confidence ot their commands, and
Without any infantry to support him, the last two having enjoyed the ad
a,nd at the emminent risk of loosing his J vantage of. a military education, I had
guns, this officer came readily into ac- looked particularly., to them lor. sup
tipn, the Mexican line being but a few port in case we met the enemy. . 1
yards from the muzzle of his pieces. need not say that their zeal in engage
The first discharge of cannister caused ing the enemy, and to .he cool and
the enemy to hesitate, the second and steadfast courage with which they main
third drove him back in disorder, and tained their . positions during the day
saved the day. The 2d Kentucky fully realized my hopes, and caused me
regiment, which had advanced beyond to leel yet more sensibly their untime
supporting distance in this affair, was ly loss. . . , . : ..-,
driven back and closely pressed by the ; perform a greatfuf duty in bringing
enemy's cavalry. . Taking a ravine to the notice of the government the
which led in the direction of Captain general good conduct of the troops. r
Washington's battery, their pursuers Exposed for. successive nights without
became exposed to his fire, which soon fires, to the. severity of the weather,
checked and drove them back with they were ever prompt and cheerful in
loss.; In the meantime, the rest of our the discharge of every duty, nod final-
artillery had taken position on the plat- ly displayed conspiaious steadiness, and
au. covered bv the Mississippi and 3d gallantry in repulsing. at great odds a
Indiana regiments, the formerof which disciplined foe. While the. brilliant suc-
had reached the ground in time to pour cess achieved by their arms releases
a fire into the right flank ot the enemy, me from the painful necessity ol spe
and tbus contribute to his repulss. In cifying many, cases ot bad conduct be
this last conflict, we had the misfor- fore the enemy, I feel an increased ob
tune, to sustain a very heavy loss. Col ligation to mention particular corps
Hardin, 1st Illinois, and Col. McKee, and officers, whose skill, coolness and
and Lieut. Co.. Clay, 2d Kentucky gallantry, in trying ; situations and un
regiments, fell at this time while gal- der a continued and heavy , fire, seem
lantly heading the commands, to merit particular notice. ;.
.No further attempt was made by the To Brigadier General ..Wool my ob
enemy to force our position, and the ligations arespepially due. ...The high
approach of night gave an opportunity state of discipline and .instruction of
to' pay proper attention to the woun. several of me volunteer regiments was
ded, and also to refresh the soldiers, attained .under his command, and to
who had been exhausted by incessant his vigilance and arduous .services be
watchfulness and combat. Though fore the action, and, his gallantry and
the night was severely cold, the troops activity on the field, a large .share of
were compelled for. the most to bi- our success may justly be attributed,
vouack .without fires, expecting that During most of . the .engagement he
morning would renew the conflict. was, in immediate cpmmand, of- the
During the night the wounded were re- troops thrown .back on our left flank,
moved to Sallillo. and every prepara- 1 beg leave to recommend him to the
tioamade to receive the enemy should favorable notice of the government,
heagain attack our position. Seven Brigadier General Latie (slightly ,woun
fresb. companies were drawn from the ded) was active, and zealous through-
town, and Brigadier General Marshall, out tne aay, ana pispiayea gai cooi
who had made a lorced march from ness and gallantry before the enemy.
Rinconada,; with a reinforcement of : The services of the light artillery, al-
Kentuciy, cavalry acd four heavy guns ways conspicuous, were more. than, us-
under Capt Prentiss, 1st artillery, was ually dislinguished.,,iM,oyiiig:7apidly
nef r atjiand, when it was discovered oyer the roughest grpund, it was al ways
thathe anemy had abandoned his po- in action' at .the right pjace and . at r the
sition during, the night, i Our scouts right, time, and "its, , well-directed, fire
soon - ascertained that he. had fallen dealt destruction, into j,the;,m.asses.T
hank nnn Amm Nimvfl. The ornat While I recommeud to oarticular favor
disparity, of numbers, and the. exhaus- the gallant, conduct, and .yaluiible, ser
lion of our troops, rendered it - inexpe- vices of M ajor Munroe, prief of, arlill er
dieni-and hazardous to attempt pur- ry,,anq.Uipta.in Washington, 4in arM
suit,, (A staff oflicer was despatched to Jery, and Captains Sherman and Bragg,
General. Santa Anna to negotiate an 3d artillery,, commanding .batteries I
xohang of prisioners,. which ; was deem it no mor'e.hnnjust (9 mention
satjsfaqt.orUy completed on .the lojlpw- all the subaltern ! officers ,iThy;)were
ing day.. Our own ded were collected pearly all detached af . different times,
and buried, and the Mexican wounded and .in every situation .exhibited con-
ol w.hjch a large. pumber had been UAjspicubqs.skillj'and .gajlantryf,, Coptuin,
on the weld, were removed to SaltiIlo,U'lJrien, Lieutenants prent, ,vv tilting,
and Uouch, 4tft , artiuery, .ana pryan,
topographical engineers, (sightly woun
ded,), were attached jb Captain, Wsh-
- . 1 . . . ... , .1 .. :. '. f 1 r .
Mihon. The. regular "cavalry,-under as chief of artillery, was active and in- charge, when ihey fled, and permitted Uheir entire rorce-snan, on prrBHwuu
Lieut. Col. May, with which waa assoi- strumental, as were also Cols, Church' jus the next morning to march into town of themselves to Lient;1 Col Fremont,
ciated Captain Pike's squadron orAr- hill and Belkpap, inspectors gene;alr without onyurther opposition. , deliver up tne .wuiery uuu
kansas horse, rendered uaetul service in and Capt. Eaton, chief of the subsist We have rescued the country from Wt "d ihe ' shall etyrn peaceiuuy
lu: .ui wir 1 j j i k i..,.. xr r r.irtii thlr homes. conforming to tha.lawt
IIUIUU1U CUCUir IU bllQlin aim LWTVI' I lEUr.V UCUUI IIIICUl, Tl CI Q VIJtiaKQU i IIIV I frl'W Hwma.vi HI. .UOUI KCUkV, uui a 1 - . ' .' w , 1 , J ' .
2; .u: L.ii..:.. ' 1 ,1...: r .1 j. i I .Knk. : nt,.An r .ni i. I nnH rcrrnlationsot the UPl.teo, ..xsiaiei
Captain SteeiJy fst ' dragoonsrwas'sS served in myimmediate staff oh" the battalion of mounted riflemen will enk- onnpt agaipak opms4uwo$
verely wounded early in the day, held. Capt.
while gallantly endeavoring, with my I master, was
authority, to rally the troops which I headquarter
wra TnUiYirt'irr ihm' rMiv" ' 1 h,g garVicc Wfere hitrh v usplnl. Mai
Th Miai.inri riflomen nnrtor finl. I MnnofipM hnA ' I .four." R,-nhnm nrri. ItillHil n'nrl wonnHed does not exceed! i., ARTICLE' 2tv-. Thfi. Commissioners OD
Davis, twee bightycookplc't$a'i)t loy nr& ndiCapt; Lihnafd and Lieuts. twenty, whilst we are- Inforrried' that the part of Lieut. Col. Fremont agre
their gallantry and steadiness, and sus- Pope and Franklin, topographical en. the enemybas lost between sercntylJina Jind Jhemselves on ana. jiuimwwh
Sibley, assistant quarter- ble most ot the Mexican ollicers, whq war. ..oeiv;e,u,,uipl u.B- .rr..
necessarily left with the have broken their parole to escape to Mexico, but i) assisv.and aid ip pc-
camp neartownwheelopora. .. ! -Vn W.-.vwu"- wif;wr,"'
.1 1 am haonv to sav mat our loss in 1 innquiijiy.t,l..n ntn n.nw
into action ngainstan immensely supe-1 noissances, and oh the field were very
rior fqrqe,.bey, main Saipd . themselves active irt' bringing information ' and in J furnish you , with, the details, of . these
for a long lime'unsup'ported ' and with conveyingmy orders to distant points. I two, bnt'tlesl. and. te gallant copduct.of I
D...:. .1,...,!. .J .1 Pl.;ii. rmo.'lv .nJ I Pallhfiillv. vnur nbediant urvuit.
iv,iia, iuuu"ii" evvvici V vnuuiiucu, I o- i viiii iuii, ussisiiiiii i uai imi iuuai,( , uuu . A ... it ' ' ')'
the action. :: His distinguished coolness tra aids-de-camp. and were actively To h96APfT'
and gallantry at the! head bf his regi-'r employed in the transmission of orders..
v .1- -. :: .. I ml. - j r " - I j. t "j ..t." v ' . I nf th .. t .t .hU. hv th iCnliloraKins.
isinea mrougnoui me engagement tne giueers, were empioyea oeiore uu uu- una eiKiuy. i .1 , ; m-h i w? l 'Tr'rJ r;t - ti '
epytatiojj pf yejerin. tteops. t Brought ring the' engagement in making recon'- ,; jThis despatch must. go. immediately, that they shalf be guaranteed protection
ry land I Will wait another opportunity, to o me aim properly, wncuioi wu u
olr otherWisfr 1 " '
Articlc 'S.' ''That fantil'a' treaty of
heavy lass, anAheld an important part Lieut. Kingsbury, in addition to his j the' officers .ahd ' men, under, .my, pojn peace be tnade and Bigned between tne
of tiie' field .until reinforced. Colonel proper duties n brdnahcepfficeriCnpt.' ip'and, with, their names.;, 1 "... ! United States .Npfth',America and
lilt; tvupuuii vi cAiuyiju .aiiiuiiiiwi.
or nther Mexican citizen shall be louud
to tiljle'ihe'oatjb otp)l.e?n'ce.,i,"v
or other citizen . of MexiqQ distrpg, is
permitted, by this papitqlation toJeave
wnent on this day entitle him to the par- Mr. Thomas L. Crittenden.'of Ke'ntuc-
ticular notice ot the government. The ky, though not in service,' Volunteered
3d Indiana regiment, under Col. Lane, as my aid-de-camp on this occasion,
and a iragmentoi the 2d, under vol. ana served witn creqiiin tnaxcnpaciiy.
bowels, were associated with the Mis- Major Craig, chiet of ordnnnce,"nnd
sissippi regiment during the greater
portion of the day, and acquitted them
selves, creditably in repulsing the at
tempts of the enemy to break that por
tion ol our line. - . The Kentucky caval
ry, under Colonel Marshall, -rendered render usetul 'services in their respec
good service dismounted,1 acting as jtiye departments of the staff.
" tary of the NaVy, Washirigtotij D. C.
1 P. S.," Enclosed I have the horior'to
send "Vou a 'translation of the"1 letter
handed to me bv the cbrhmissibhers the country wiiJiogt Jet or hindrance
mentioned in anniner pari oi mis oes-i article 5. inai in virtue oi ine
patch," sent bv Jose M. Flores, to nego- Lfoiesaid articles, equal rights and" priv-
Sur"eon Craig, medical director," had t'ate Peace honorable tb both nntions. il.ges are vonchsiiled ' to very" citizen
been detatched on duty from hendquar- Thr verbal, answer, stated in another f California as are enjbyed by the cit
ir. nnrt AA not rparh the uronnd un- page 'ftbis letter was sent to this re- izens of the United SfatVs'bf North h,
... c - . ...i , i , . n.i r
III tho mrr. rtrtnrih Qilh .too t lo MlOWnea Keneriu "' wmuiHiiwut
Cniei. lie Una viuihidu ins nuiiur, uuu
I would not treat with him nor wiite
to him. . .. t
participate in the action, but in time to
light trodps on bur. left, and afterwards
with; a portion of the Arkansas regi
ment, in meeting and dispersing a col
unin of cavalry: at Buena Vista. The
1st and 2d Illinois, and: the 2d Ken
tucky regiments, served immediately
under my eye, and I bear a willing tes
timony to their -excellent . conduct
throughout the day. The spirit and
gallantry with which the 1st Illinois
and 2d Kentucky engaged the enemy
I respectfully enclose returns of the
troops engaged, and of casualties inci
dent to the bail! 9.' - ,! ' '
1 am, sir, very respectfully, your obe
dient servant, ' ' -Z. 1AYLUK.
The Adjutant Gene.iai. of the Army,'
Washington, D. C.
Important from California.
. Lieut, Uray, of the United States Na
vy, reached this city last evening, with
Headquarters Ciudad de los Angffes.
January loth, 1 847.
j .fc :t
merica.-"" " - J: ' "
Articli: ff.'" All oflSce'rsycitizelis, fo
reignersV' or ' others, .shall 'receive the
proiecnon guaraiiieu uy inc jijiiuic.
Articlk. IT This.capiiuln'tibnjs in
. . ... - iv liri j.r'' i.
tended to be no oar in eiiecuiig. hucii
arnmireirients as may in future. Jbe in
in the morning, restored conhdence to important , despatches from .Commo-' " . '
that part ol the field, while the list of dore Stockton, to the Secretary of the
casualties will show how much these Navy, extracts from which we are per- Jse Ala.
Sir: Referring, to my. .letter of., the I justice 'required hv'.h'vK parties-'
iiui. 1 nave tne fionor 10 iniorm vou i . i"-"'u.
of the arrival of Lieut. Col. Fremont
at this place, with four hundred men
that some ol the insurgents nave made
their escape to Sonoia, and that . the
rest have surrendered to our arms..
immediately .after .the battles of the
8th and 9ih, they began to disperse;
m sorry to say that their leader,
flores, made his escape, and
Approved :
.i '. .i 'i i i ii
ihr ,rlm.nia .n, ,n -n.min I La . i kr,- h a mat tne otners naye oeen parooneo wy
vijiiiivM.il uuuvivu hmw i milieu . iu , lay Us 1 V I C VU I vUUVI , i j (I
the heavy charge of the enemy in the Lieut.. Gray left San Diego on the 25th a cap'tulauon agreed upon by Lieuten-
afternoon. Captain Conner's company of January, in -the prize schooner Ma
ol Texas volunteers, attached to the 2d lek .Adel, At Panama, he found Major
Illinois regiment,, f ought brayely, its Jbniory of the army, bearerot despatch.
captain being wounded aud two subal- es from ;Brig. Gen. Kearney, to the
terns killed.. Col. Bissel, the only sur-1 Secretary of War, and Commander
viving colonel ot these regiments, mer- McKean, ol the sloop Dale, returning
its notice lor his cooinesB and bravery to, the United States, in bad health.
on this occasion. , After the fall of the They crossed the, isthmus, and took
field ollicers of the 1st Illinois, and 2d passage in the British steamer to the
IVentucky regiments, the command ot Havana, Major Emory took passage in
ant Colonel Fremont. t; , '
Jcse Ma. Flores, the commander of
the insurgent forces, two or three pays
previous to the 8lh, sent two commis
sioners with a flag of truce to my camp.
to mane "a treaty or peace. . iniprm-
ed the comiuissioners that I could not
recognize Jose Ma. ; Flores, who had
broken his parole, as an honorable jfoan,
or as one having any rightful authority
the former devolved upon Lieut. Col. the New Orleans packet, and may be or woithy to be treated with- that-he
. i . - . . I .... 1 ,J . I waa n t43 hoi in a tma and it -I nnfrh t him
Weathei field; that ot the latter upon expected daily. Lieut. bray took pas-
Major try. : . I sage in a vessel bound to Baltimore. .
, Keginiental commanders and others The intelligence which he brines is
who have rendered reports, speak in highly gratifying, as by the brilliant af-
general terms of- the good conduct of fairs . detailed, and the capitulation.
their officers and men, and have speci- tranquility is restored to California, and
lied many names, but the limits of this four possession is now undisputed.--
eport forbid a recapitulation ot them Commodore bhubrick, in the Indepen-
' . ' i -.. i ' : i ... I . ..... c '
andjendered as comfortable as circum
staaces twoaid permit. ,
Qntha. evening of the 26th, a close
reconnoissance was made of the ene
my position, which was found to be
occupied, only by a small body pfpav.
alrjkihe .in,fftptry and,, artillery having
retreated in thf direction of. San Luis
PotpU Op1tKe)27tb. our troops, resu
med 4hf ir formei-camp at, Agua Nueya,
the Pi.eny'i. rear guard Jiavjpg eyacpa'
inetbn's batterv. Lieutenants Thorn
as, Reynolds, and Frepch, 3d artillery,;
(severely wounded,J jto that. of Captaip
Shermao; and !CapU' Shover and. Lieut..
KHburnj sd artillery, tQhat ot. Captain
Bragg. ' Captain Shover1.,' in : comunc-
t.ipn, with Lieut.. Dpn'aldson'i is'i'aijtids-'
ry, rendered ga 1,1 ant and important ser-
lere. ., 1 may, however, mention L.ieut,
lucker.and Campbell, of the dragoons,
and Capt. Pike, ., Arkansas cavalry,
pon whom the rommand devolved af
ter the fall of Cql.,Yell; Major Brad-
lord, Capt. bharpe, (severely wounded)
and Adjutant Griffuth, Mississippi re
g'uaent; LiepU Col. Hadden, 2d Indi
ana regiment, and Lieut. Robinson,. A.
D. C, U Gen. Lane; Lieut. Colone
VVeatherford, 1st Illinois legiment
Lieut. Col. Morrison, Major Trail, and
Adjutant Whiteside, (severely, wound
ed,) 2d Illinois regiment; and Maj. Fry
Kentucky regiment, as being favorably
noticed for gallantry and good conduct
Major McCullough, quartermaster, in
the volunteer, service, rendered impor
tant service before the engagement, jn
the command of a spy company, and
during , the affair,.was associated .with
the regular cavalry. ; lo ..Major War
ren, 1st Illinois volunteers, 1 feet much
indebted for his firm and Judicious
course, while exercising command, in
the ciiy ol baltillo.
1 The medical staff, under thq the able
direction of Assistant burgeon Hitch
cock, were assiduous ip attention upon
the wounded who fell on the field and
in ilieir . careful removal to,the rear.
Both in. these. respects and in. the. sub
sequent organization and service of the
hospitals, the administration ot this de
pariment was everything hat could be
wished.,,,,, ,., .,.,,, n,t- ,.Ji;
! Brigadier General .Wool speaks in
high terms of Jhe pfficerf of his staff,
ana x tase pleasure in mentioning mem
here, ha v inn witnessed . their activity
and; zeal upon, the. field. Lieutenant
and C,.McDoweIlj, Col. Church
hill, inspector general, Capt. Chapman,
assistant quartermaster, Lieutenant Sit-
greaves, topographical engineers, and
Captains Howard and Uayis, volunteer
service, are cqhspicuously,. noticed ,by
the General for their gallantry .and good
conduct. 'Messrs. March, ,'Addicks,
Pojtts, ilarrisori, Burgess, and , Uusen
berg,. attached in.yarious capacities to
Geni.'.Vyppl'Sj leadg'artersre likewise
mentioned for ;their intelligent alacrity
in conveying orders to;al parts of. .the
dence, arrived at Monterey, a few
days before Lieut. Gray left San Diego,
J he Lexington, with Captain lomkin s
company of artillery, had also arrived
was a rebel in arms, and if 1 caught him
I would have him nhoL ' It seems that
not being able to negotiate with me,
and having lost the. battles of the 8th
and 9th, they met Colonel Fremont on
the 12th instant, on his wav here, who;
nitt Lnnwinf njhat host nnnr raA Ya I
entered into the capitulation with them, 14 Jays lilt?i;l.frum"Europe.
I refused to do it myself, still 1 have
thought best to approve it
1 he territory of California is again
Mior Calilornit Biltllion.
.hi Commd'tt Am. Clifor. Bit
,Wm, H. RUSSELL, , ... ,f,
' Ord. oflicer of Califor. Bat.
. ComtDHdante de Eactiadroo.
Lt: Cbl. U. S. A.i and Mil. Cbm;'af California.
ADrobado: -'-' . , ." -" ANDRES PICO.
Coro. de Eacuadron en gefe de las fuerza nacion-
alea eunliloron. . , , . ,. ..',, j.fi,..
That the Barolea of all officera, citizefti, and o-
Iheri ol the United Slatea, and of naturalized citi
zens ill Mexico, are by thif foregoing capitulation
cancelled, and every condition of sa.id parole Irom
and alter this date are of no farther force and ef
fect, and all prisoners' of both parties are hereby
released.: .,4,:. i i u.iif.s ci .,.'1 .
Civdas se r.os Angles, Jan. jsth, 184.
Major Calilnmia Battalion.
- " 10UIS McLANE,' " '
1'i.ct ! ..n v.' Commd'ff Art. Califof. Bat
, , Wn. H. RUSSELL
,. ', , . Ord. oflicer of Califor, Bat
(n-.K Oommadatite de-Escaudroo.
.... Deputadp. , -t
Approied : , J. C. FREMONT,
Lt Col U. 8. A., and Mil. Com. of California.
Aprobado:'; ; O ANDRES PICO,
Com. de Eacuadron en gefe da las fuerzaeoacioo
aiea en ualilorma.
m thnt nlnnn. nnri th trnnmm-t with tranquil, and the cjvil government form-
ColonelStevenson's reciment daily ex- ed bv me ' aSnin ,n operation in the Boston on Tuesday ,: lasty- bringing the
The .steamship Cumbr ia arriyed at
In conclusion,,! beg ' leave ; to' speak
of my' o yVn! staff,, to whose exertions in
rallying troops and communicating or
ders', 1; eel greatly, indebted. jMajor
Bliss assistant adjutant general,' Capt.
Jj H. Eaton, anij Lieut, R, S.r Garnett,
aids i'4eTcamp,:seryed nearjny person,
dud ''We're prompt and .'zealous "in '.the
discharge of every duty, 'Major Mun-
pected. Washington Union.
Headquarters Ciudad de los Angeles,
January 11, ,1847,
Sir: I have the honor to inform you
that it has pleased God to crown our
poor efforts to put down the rebellion,
a riff t(i retrieve the r.rerlit of nur armii. J
with tlm mnit nnmnlf'IA miff est. -
Thpfkood account of themselves
. ' ... , . i 'i t'i'i trnithfiillv "vnni nhAtiant aorvnnt
insurnenis determined, wun tneir wnoie ' " "X X . , X . . . ' i
force, to meet us on our , march from.
San Diego to (his place, and, to decide
the fate of the territory by a general
battle, ,.. , , .
. Having made the besf preparation I
could, in the face of a boasting and vig
ilant enemy, we left San Diego on the
places where it was interrupted by the following report of the condition of tbsj
insurgents. ; .. ;, , , .;,. , ... Flour, Grain and, Co ttohs Market.
Colonel b remont has five hundred j The corn, rqarkets are ,receeling in
men in his 'battalion, which, will be eve'rvldiredfibn'. and W'some 'descrloi
1 .1 ' ' r . . - .
qune sumcieni 10 preserve ins peace o tions, that o Indian corn tor instance.
ipe lenupry; ana i win, immeuiateiv me tall has, been astOundmg-k-.the price
wunaraw mv sauors ana marines, una h0S recced ed about 24s.!; .'r.'.'ir-n )
sail as soon as possible for the coast of i .The raoid rise in this sbeciee of food.
Mexico, where i hope they will give. a surprised many,persons; and.even inp
the judgement of the unnitinted xceer
ed the necessities of. the -case. i -Flour
i c. oTnfirTnw r o it. . . . , . -
i i. r. o A Uvii i uotlka CM.C. likp liKlinn rnrn. nan. anatmnol . a ritni
to the Hon. ueorok uancroft. pec- siderable fall, and the: existing impress
ivt iif. i :-' " i' . . ... . -
retarv pi no navy,; w asningjon. sion;can hardly tail to be, increased by;
i .. ,; I the fine sorinc weather we i are now,.
To all io whom these presents shall enjoying, which foreshadows an early i
come, greeting. . . , , , and proiihe harvest. .
i. ,. i una rjroiuic Harvest, -i, s r. ;..t i..
Know, ye that in consequence of . CoRN MBket. L!VF.RPoor..-,Theri
29th day of December, (that portion of propositions ,6f; peace or cessation of have been several change in our com-i
the insurgent army who had been hostilities being submitted to me as com- market since the sailing ol ;tho Hiberw
watching and annoying us, having left I mandant pi, the Calilornw battalion oil nia.,; Large imports of nil descriptions"
to join the main body,) with about six Lmted states lorces, which has so lar i-f breadstuffa w all parts of the king-!
hundred fighting men, composed ofde-jDecn acceeded lo by me, as to aus? dom,-have had the efftct ofi potlingi
tachments from the ships Congress,'! PS x9 aPP0,nt, board. f commission- downipricesofalldescriptions ofgraia
Savannah, Portsmouth, and Cayane, ers, to -cPatL Wltni WW board ap- and tlo9ir't.:.t lUwtt :.x:i.).if. nh
aided, by General .Kearney ."with, a (je-1 Po.inl,ecl ty. W?.!'0"8''.. -T.he, fluctuations Coring the nxxithd
tatchment of sixty men on foot, rom 4HK. " w cwm.. hi ; u i ameudC to. la.1 per.70lbvon wheal, Ml
the 1st regiment of United Slates 'dra' ?t,!Jt,"'nA (t 18 gred upon and or-per,45 bs,m eaisvi.6d. per. 60 lbs.' on t
goons, and by Captain Gillespie, with aerea D me ina ,an en"re ressauon barley, -4s perj.quarwroo rye.ipeaf j
sixty mounted, rifjemen. , , l ?!eB,"" " .P?ce ""V V- and eanftr.Gsw per(;barrel,.an4l Sippet
VVa mui-nlio,! nonrlir'nna'Ktin-tril morrOW ' afteriioon, f 1 X. ' .1 3lh.V ahd I ciiffe hnfltvnfl 2a. ner load OfXi oaimesLi
miles in ten days, and found the rebels that,.tne. ya,,.!r.n,a0,!,e Permitted tcjl SiavMs.-per ,480 lbs. and 1 Os. pert
oarrei un inumn corrmieai. m,t -ui! ruon 1
i The sufl'ering . by tfamine : in Ireland,
Scotland, and on the continent, is una '
bated,. V,'A great .fast has been hed, in p
England pn-accqunj ojfhe.fpmine..whi,cby.j.
was rigidly. kept.,; Mi .':v ." imu
i The, distress wns greatrt France.
In jsornilepartinent partst end .boatti
cort ta,inuig g fain, ujre d,, p q it escot
liuliiary to prfservejtljernrjom pillagev
j 'ininel.'b.af qui(tetlr,if, (otj
Italyhnot sojiasepresentfd,,,
but.jrJoobUeffjw, ytrnjf, pijk,i
in,Wyiv! prC-vi(V..i.ii'if:a
i '-,Tbe p9ifhasa of wtpnqh, stock j byi
the Emperor f Russia and the Queen, ..
orfjain,lias,'x';ited Jvery .graitte .
Hp the United States was to leavaHsy.;
I .The wiiple 7pf()tie .inhabitants, Jo ,
teen,,hundpd I innumbero fjgjef bacji;
' fP.wn . jn Vernany,,' haye rfquesWd ,,
permission (o emigrate . to. the ppile. v
on the 8th day ol January in a strong "!. 7''.'" w. "", ;'"
position, bn the high bank of the "Rio of Saft. Fernanda 'where also if tliey
Siih Gabriel,", with six hundred mount'- choose they, cim remove their camp,
ed men and four pieces ol artillery, t.faoilitnie snid hetotJatine.
nnn..J j c . L J ..u,i ' Givei. Under my liaotl and seal, this 12th day of
prepared to dispute our passage across ... iai , ',.! j r' vnvMns-f:
,this thirteenth day of January, Anno
i jUomjnjyighteen hpndred and forty
i seven, between .P.. B. Ueadinsr, mn-
the river. , , 1 Lieut Col. V- S Army, and miliary ewwhandr
.! We waded through the water drat.f : ., an i California.,. - .:,-,t't-.ri i.
ging our guns after us against the call-j i ,,- ,n,i m. ',, . -v a,
log. fir of the enemy!' without excharig-1 Articles orCapitutation rnade.and W
ing a 'shot until , we reached the bppo-j i 'tered into rt the Ranch o,f .Cwwangn,.
site snore; wnen tno ngnt Decamegen-
erai, anq pur troops naving repeuea a
charge of the enem v. charged iirt thfl
bank in a rtiosr gallant manrfer, and I I joV, Louis McLanJr., commanding
gained a complete victory over the in
surntarmy.; v.r-, ;'t.
' i ne next day, on pur march, across
the plains of the 'Mesa'Vtb'this place,
the insurgents made another desperate
effort, to save the capital and their own
necks; .they , we're concealed with their
artillery in a ravine until, we came vvith-
T ' !:' I'll ' ;s' '. i
j artillery ,fWrn. JJ,, Russell,, ord nan,ce
i omcer, commissioners appoint py
T -r. ' . r ' ft IaLm.I
j. i;.. r rernp'tnHevi"fa'? vviwuqi
United State, Army and, .Military
,C9 irnndant of the Territory of Calr
! ifornia. and': jose. Antohb-Carrilp,
i .nmrnnnmntr .sauaoron.. auhiimho
.1 nirn. rliniiLada. commissioners ah'
in son shot when the v'obened V'hri l! 1 nninted bv l)bo '.Andrei.Piciv. corn-
tire from their field' Dieces on onr riuht I ! mander-inchierbf tha California for-
flank, an,.at..the.; same" time', charged .ces;under.tbe Mexan,flag;-,)l.r;..
wui 9n,our,irooi. ano. rear, .. we soon,!. articuC' J'i j,n cow!iivu
States. lXtensiva irRnnratinnsi tvarsk .
- I ,.. vm. uuu. .uai. , , v bvv.. I xi niivM. ! nr." . r, . . 'I. . , . i . . i . w. r r T' 'r '

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