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upon the subject ia Congress involved
uw question 01 slavery, and was prose
cuted with such violence as to produce
excitements alarming to every patriot
in the Union. But the good genim of
conciliation which presided at the birth
fit our institutions finally; prevailed,
and the Missouri compromise was adop
ted. The eighth1 section of the net of
Congress of the 6th of March, 1820, "to
authorize the people I of the Missouri
Territory to form . a Constitution and
State' Government," &c. provides:
That in ll that .territory ceded by
prance to .the United States, under the
ame orXouisiana which lies north of
thirty-six degrees and thirty minutes
north latitude, not included within the
limits of the State contemplated by this
act, slavery and involuntary servitude,
otherwise than in the punishment of
crimes,' whereof the parties shall have
been duly convicted, shall be and is
hereby) forever prohibited: Provided,
always That, any person escaping into
' the same, from whom labor or service
is lawfully claimed, in any State or Ter
ritory of the United States, such fugi
tive rriay be lawfully reclaimed and
conveyed to the person claiming his or
her labor, or.service as afbresaiJ;?.',Vj
"This compromise had the effect of
calming the troubled waves and restor
ing peace and good will throughout the
States of the Union. - - -' -
"The Missouri Question had excited
intense agitation of the public mind, and
threatened to divide the country into
geographical parties, alienating the feel
ings of attachment .which each portion
I Our union SUOUIU ueur iu rvery uiu
er. The compromise allayed the ex
citement, tranquilized the popular mind
and restored confidence and fraternal
feelings. It authors were hailed an pub'
lie benefactors. ' -., .
' ij jo not doubt that a similar adjust
,,ment of the questions which now agi
tate the public mind would produce the
v same happy results. If the legislation
" of Congress 'oh the subject of the o ther
Territories shall not be adopted in a
spirit of conciliation and compromise,
, it is impossible that the country can be
-satisfied, or that the most disastrous con
sequence shall fail to ensue.
' .When Texas wr,s admitted into the
Union, the same spirit of compromise
which guided our. predecessors in , the
admission oi Missouri, a quarter ot a
' century before, prevailed without any
i serious opposition." ' The joint resolu-
tion for annexing Texas to the . United
' States, approved March the first, one
.. thousand eight hundred, and; forty-five,
provides that "such .atates-as may , be
"' formed out of that portion of said terri
"."tory '.laying south of thirty-six degrees
- thirty minutes north latitude, common
ly known as the Missouri compromise
'' line, shall be admitted into the Union
' with or without slavery, as the people
' of each State asking admission may de
sire: and in such State or Stuless shall
be formed out of said territory north of
the Missouri compromise line, slavery
- or involuntary servitude (except for
1 crime) shall be prohibited." . : .
"The territory- of Oregon lies far
north ot thirty-six degrees thirty nun
utes, the Missouri and Texas compro
mise line, its southern boundary is the
parallel of 42 degrees, leaving the inter
mediate distance to be three hundred
. and thirty geographical miles.
"And it is because the provisions of
this bill are not inconsistent with the
terms of the Missouri compromise,: if
'extended from the Rio Grande to the
"? Pacific ocean, that I have not felt at
s liberty to wilhold my sanction. Had
, it embraced , territories south ot that
compromise, the question presented for
my consideration would have been of
a far different character, and my action
upoftitmust have corresponded . with
v my convictions. : ";: '" ; ;1 ;
i x f'Ought we now to disturb the 'Mis-
souri and Texas compromises? Ouslit
we, at this late day, in attempting to
annul wnai nas oeen so long established
and acquiesced in, to excite sectional
divisions and jealousies; io alienate the
people of different portions of the Uni
on from each other, and to endanger the
existence ot the Union itself?" ..
The message then proceeds to re
-count the continued prosperity of the
..country under the spirit of compromise
'.' that has prevailed in its legislation on
fthis, and other important subjects, the
''President expressing on abiding, confi
" 4eace that the patriotism of the people
will leadithem ultimately adopt the
f Missouri compromise for the. settlement
' H)f this distracting question. The Pres
ident then adds: ' '!
"Holding as a sacred trust the" exec
jUtive 'authority for the whole Union,
' arid bound to guard the rights of nit, I
jshould be constrained, by a sense of du
- tyy to withhold my official sanction from
an measure which would conflict with
these important,;objects.". i, "
Appointments by the President J
; By jfp'd.; with' the fldvjce ;anid consent
oftbeSeaate. ,Gen. Shields of Illinois,"
tbbe Gverriofof 'the Territory 6f Ore
kgbn; Kintznige PritchetiJ of; Pennsyl
i yania,r Secretary William B, Bryant
of Indiana, Chief ustice Supreme Court
James Turriey, prillinois Peter IL!
2 Burnet, of .Oregon,! Associate , Judges
jLMsinci iouri; isaao w. it. Uromley,
M ; NeWlY ork,. Attorney of the United
; States; Jos. Meek, of OregonVMarshalF.
Arrival of the Steamer Cambria.
' ' ' Philadelphia. August 19th 9 P. M.
Editor Ohio Statesman:
-Both lines were cut between New
York and this city to day, which caus
ed great confusion in the report of the
foreign news and prevented the receipt
of the details, until the express arrived
with foreign papers. V . '.
Ireland. The confederates as soon
as the proclamation of the Queen, re
specting the habeas corpus act, was is
sued, returned to the southern strong
holds. '' :'; :,' '
The first encounter was with the
police near Mullinahone. The police
retreated to! a house where a siege un
der Bryan commenced, but the insur
gents were dispersed by cavalry; 1
All the southern counties were pro
claimed. . Several leaders were arrest
ed and taken to Dublin. u
" The repeal clubs in Dublin are dis
covered. . ' ...
The barracks at Thurles was attack
ed by the insurgents, who were almost
immediately repulsed.'
At Ballingarry a battle was (ought
between the insurgents and royalists.
The former showed no concerted ac
tion. The royalists fought from a
house,' nnd each man took deliberate
aim. They had two hundred and fifty
rounds of cat ridge, which told dreadful
ly.''' . . ,: -: ' :" :
: The. Priests came in praying permis
sion to bury the dead and remove the
wounded. ' ' - ' :
; The Tory papers say that O'Brien
fled, but through other sources it is un
derstood that he behaved bravely, re
ceived many wounds, and strove gal
lantly, to rally his comrades.
, The Irish doubtless, acted bravely,
making bare their bosoms to shots in
the sacred cause, but cool discipline had
the advantage over raw levies, without
practiced military leaders. : .
The London Times says Dillon wai
wounded, and Brien had a narrow es
cape; his coat and neck-cloth both per
forated.; He first summoned the con
stabulary to surrender,and negotiations
failing, he gave orders to commence the.
siege of the house, shouting, "Blaze a
way, boys, slaughter them all." He is
now probably concealed near Cullam,
but Dillon was taken to Dublin,,
.".The. details are full concerning skirm
ishes, and it is impossble to digest them
so as to have an intelligent report by
Nw Yos.K, August 21, 1848.
The secret correspondence of the
JNew i oik Ijibune, brought over by
the steamer, and written in cypher to
avoid the vigilance ol the British Gov
ernment, says that the Irish Patriots
have achieved a glorious victory, at
Slevenan, over the British forces.
General McDonald the leader of the
British forces is killed,and the loss of the
British, in killed and wounded, is esti
mated at SIX THOUSAND. The
road for three miles was covered with
dead soldiers.
Kilkenny and Limerick have been
taken possession of by the Patriots and
Dublin, it is said, will promptly rise,
probably on the Sunday following, and
free the Patriots from prison.
Salisbury Tp. Democratic Meeting,
l'ursuant to notice, the Democratic
citizens of Sunsbury Township mel on
Saturday, August the 12th 1848, and
upon motion John Nelson, was called
to the chair, and J. IN. Mitchell was
appointed Secretary.
lhe object ot the 'meeting havins
been staled, and . explained by' John
Steward, the following persons were
appointed delegates to the county con
vention: J. N. Mitchell, Jffmes Gaits.
Israel V. Kiley, John Jeflers and Dr.
J. Steward. . . , w (
The nieeling then appointed Dr. S.
L. Ramage and John, Steward dele
gates to the Congressional Convention.
wu.n Jbpnrann Oriltith and NJh Me-
oti as alternates, and instructed them
to vote for Wm. C. Walton, Esq. '
The following resolution was then
offered and unanimously adopted: .
ncsoioea, inat we luliy concur in
the nomination of Lewis Cass, Wm. 0.
Butler, and John B. VVeller. and here.
by ratify the same.: . . - ;j
liesolved. That ' the Droceedincra f
thismeetinc be siened bv tha OffinAm.
and presented; to James R. Morris.
.....Un motion' the meeting adjourned. '
it: ' T .JOHN NELSON. nLrl I
J. N. Mitchell. Secretary. ,;..., v, '
... . . , . - . j -
: w ' BB"Kii, June 24, J848. i
Mr. Editor We wish vnu wnM .h
In your paper, the Spirit uf Democracy. ih n.m.
of L.- S, CUMMING. as a candidate (ot P.
entative, at the enmiug fall election. . ,
. i mc request ot MAN X , CITIZENS. ;
ATTfiNTIQN C!REY8.The Woodsfield
Greys wtll parade io the town of Woodsfield,
t Urn usual houroo Saturday, August 26th. : 1
: H. & HILL. Q. fj.'
Dr. Jayoe, will guarintee Ihtt hit CARMINA
TIVE BALSAM will cure Diirrbcei, Colici.
Crmp, Griping'Palm, Cholera Morbui, Summer
Complaint , and other derangements of the Stom
ach and Bowalf , in ninety-nin caaca out of a
hundred, and in Im than half the time it can be
effected hv nv other maria -
It ia KXtremely pleasant, and children are (ond of
ii. 41 ia equally m eneciuai tor adults aa children,
and when the directions are followed, and cure
ia not effected, the monev will h fh.fiiiiu nium.
ed. Price 25 and BO cents bottle. . .
From Vie Rev Charle$ C. P- Crotby. '
' Messrs. A. B. & D. Sands I am glad to inform
you that the medicine sold by you for bowel' and
summer complaints has proved singularly, effica
cious in my family. My wife has for years been
extremely liable to a most distressing dysenfsry in
hot weather; but by the use of JAYNE'S CAR
MINATIVE BALSAM for two seasons, the at
tack has been obviated in the course of two or
three hours. I have known children, when attack
ed by a violent Diarrhoea, cured immedatety by
this medicine. I consider Dr. Jayne's medicine
prepared with great skill, and highly beneficial to
our infirm human nature.
Yours respectfully, C.tJ. P, Crosby.
New York, Sept., 183T.
Dr. D. Jayne Dear Sir Havins; used in my
family, for eight years, your Carminative Balsam,
I deem it due to yourself and the public to state
that I have uniformly found it efficient in reliev
ing and removing the complaints for which it is in
tended. I am strongly opposed to all quackery,
but touching the above medicine, "I have testified
that which J do know," and that which I have ex
perienced, . ..... ) Respectfully yours. ,
!:', Johw C. Hakhisow. '
, Pastor of Baptist Chuch, Bordeotown, N. J.'
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, Philadelphia,
and sold on agency by
J. G. Firming, P. M. , Woadsfield.
v Moses P. Miles It Soar, Somerton.
J. K. Holmks, Claringtop. . .
r. , F. Mvres, New Castle. ( .'.:;) i ;'
E, He ad let, Jamestown, ;
; Em E hock, Stafford.. . .;;;
COSTIVENESS, headach, giddiness, pain in
the side and breast, nausea and sickness, variable
appetite, yellow or swarthy complexion, fcc, are
the usual symptoms of a disordered liver. Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills are certain to remove the
above complaints, because they temove from the
body those morbid humors which are the cause not
only af all disorders of the liver, but of every ma
lady Incident to man. ' A single 25 cent box will
in all cases give relief, perseverance according to
directions, will most assuredly drive every parti
cle of disease from the body:
ti&-Beware of Sugar-Coated Counterfeitil
Remember, the original and genuine Indian
Vegetable Pills have the written signature of Wm.
Wright on the top label of each bus.
The genuine for sale by J A. & O. H. Dav
enport, sole agents for Woodsfield. ' For other
agencies see advertisement in another column.
Office and General Depot, 169, RACE at.
CO- From Maine to Mississippi, from Ore
gon to Florida, the wonderful effects of Wistar't
Balsam of Wild Cherry in curing all diseases of
the lungs, are as familiar as household words.
Where there is a constitutional pre-dUposition to
consumption, it keeps the insidious destroyer at
bay, and we venture to affirm that ,no one ever
died of that complaint, who bad recourse to this
remedy when the first symptoms of its approach
appeared. Thousands who have sought another
climate in the hopes of being relieved Irom Bron
chitis and Consumption, and who have laid their
bones in a foreign land, with none but strangers
to perform the last office of respect, might now be
liv.ng in health, encircled by triends and kindred,
had they betaken themselves to this infallible rem.
edy, instead of going into voluntary exile. Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Sore Thruat,
Itneumalism, Croup; and all those diseases ot the
organs of respiration which invariably lead to
Death if neglected, can be removed by a few bot
tles lit wistar i misam-50-
See advertisement. . . ' '
FEVERS, AGUES; are generally bilious af
fections, a id curable by purging with BranUreth
Pills, and good nursing. Read the directions in
Dr. Brandreth's pamphlet, which may be had gratis
from the Agent fur Brandreth's Pills. No disease
can be received unless our blood is in the requisite
state ol impurity; it is so in all cases, the princi
ple is universal; for even water must be adapted
to the nature of the fish, or there will be no proro
gation of the species. The soil must be adapted to
the seed, or there will be no increase. The cli
mate must have those matters in it which will unite
ind keep alive epidemical or contagious poisons,
or they will become extinguished, as a lamp that
is unsupplied by oil. So it is likewise vgth the hu
man frame, it cannot be materially affected by epi
demical or contagious maladies, unless there be
those matters floating in the circulation which offer
tne appropriate soil, tsy purifying our bodies with
the Brandrelh Pills, which have affinity with
those impurities upon which contagion feeds, we
may always feel secure, whatever disease may
rage around us. -True, we may have it, but it
will soon be over, our sickness will be the affair ol
t day or two, while thuse who have been too wise
to use this simple and excellent remedy, either die
or have weeks, perhaps mouths of sickness. .
Sudden changes from very hut to chilly weather
are unuvorable to nealtn, and it is fact univer
sal! admitted, that heat and moisture are power
ful agents in producing disease, and that constant
dry and constant wet weather are both favorable
to its generation. It does not 'sienifv what we
call it; it may be ague, it may be bilious fever, it
may be yellow fever, it may be dysentery, it may
oe rneutnausin, it may De Dronclntis, it may be
cholic, it may be constipation of the bowels, it may
be inflammation of the bowels, it may be inflam
mation ol the stomach, it may be a nervous affec
tion; but still it is disease, and a disease curable
by the Brandreth Pills, because they remove all
impurities from the body, all that can in any man
ner feed the future progress of the malady, no mat
ter how called; these pill are not only the most
proper medicine, but generally the only medicine
that need or ought to be used. At the present
time it is every man's duty who wishes to secure
his health to use them; it is the duty of every one
who knows anylhiug of their health-iestoring puw
ers, to make it known to his immediate circle.
For there are some alarming signs, which tell of
me approacn or disease..' ine sudden changes of
temperament are more to be feared and guarded
against than any contagious malady.
N. B. There is no surity that you get Bran
dreth's Pills unless you putchaseot Uie duly au
thorized Agent.
Be very careful and go to the Agent when you
want Brandreth Pills; then you are sure of the
genuine article. When you purchase otherwise,
inquire whether the person sellingthem knows the
Pills he offers you are genuine Brandreth Pills
Every man knows whether the article he offers you
ialrue or false. Beware of cheats! ( ,
lo insure the full benefit of these celebrated
Pills, they should be kept the house, so that upon
the first commencement of sickness, "they may be
at once resorted to. One dose then is better than
a dozen after disease hu hecome established in the
system. . August
The BRNADRETH'S PILLS are sold for 25
cents per box, at Dr. B. Brandreth's Principal
Office, 21 Broadway, New York and by the
following duly authorized Agents
. (kA fresh supply of the above Pills, lust re
ceived by tlie following Agents:-. . . .
J. R.-& J. H. Morris, Wspdsfield, . i
(fWs.;8rt,i Stafford., if ;, i
Joii R, Wharton, Carlisle.,' i ;,.ri
r Ji M. Round. Summertield. . . . 1
. J. Fs.BiDEMH.ARir k to. k Malaga,.
. tf- Round, Sarahsville, Morgan ca, .:
WftLCH fc TaoMrsojr, BeailsvUle..
UTAlif Af fi?Yi fin iLMjl
m-Mrn. t v. uvvuaj muiMlUg, HIV fill
inst, by the Rev. Mr. Cambell, Mr. William
Anderson, of St. CUirsville, and Miss Melinda
M. Thomas, of this place. - -.
On the same day, by James R. Morris, Mayor,
Mr. Frcdirick Koeiiler and Miss Julia A.
WiLUAMa.all of this place.
At the same time and place, by the same, Mr.
Woodman Oket and Mist Eliza A.' Mason,
of this place. - ' ..
. Three wedding in our town on the fame day,
before eight In the morning! Well that's what
we call doing things up right. The wedding cake
was excellent, and we would like to say something
pretty on the occasion. But the happy couples
can imagine all that we desire to say. If they
promise themselves all kinds of happiness and pros
perity, it will be nothing more than the' printer
wishes them. Our devil says some of the parties
forgot the cake.
Private Medical Companion,
, Sixth Edition, I8mo. pp 250. Puce $1.
Tears of suffering, of physical and mental an
guish to many an affectionate wife, and pecuniary
difficulties to the husband might have been spared;
thousands now poor; would have enjoyed compe
lence; thousands now broken in health would
have enjoyed it; hundreds now in their graves
been still alive, by a timtly possession of this work.
It is intended especially for the married, or those
contemplating marriage, as it discloses important
secrets which should beknown to them particularly
Truly, knowledge is power. It is health, hap.
pines, affluence.
The revelations contained in its pages have prov
ed a blessing to thousands, as the innumerable let
ters received by the author will attest.
Here, also, every femalethe wife, the mother,
the one either budding into womanhood, or the
one in the decline of years in Whom nature con
templates an important change can discover the
causes, symptoms, and the most efficient remedies,
and most certain mode of cure, in every complaint
to which her sex is subject.
may be gathered from the fact, that Travelling
A DAY! from its sale, hundreds of active, enter-
prizing agents are accumulating a competence from
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On the receipt of one dollar, the "Married Wo
man's Private Medical Companion" will be sent
mailed free) to any part of the United States.-
All letters and application from those wishing to
become- agents must be post-paid (except those
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M. Mauricean, Box 1224, New York City. Pub
lishing Office, 129 Liberty St., New York. .
The "Married Woman's Private Medical Com
panion" is sola by Booksellers throughout the
United States.
August 12, 1848.-3m
g CAUTION. Left my bed and hoard, on the
27lh of last December, my wife Margaret,
without any just cause. All persens are fore
warned from trusting her on my account, as I am
determined to pay no debts ol her contracting.
August 26. -
DANIEL MORRIS, an old and experienced
Surveyor, thankful for past favors, will still
attend to the surveying of land, roads, &.c, under
the direction of the County Surveyor. Deeds,
mortgages, and other legal instruments, drawn at
the shortest notice Office in Woodsfield.
August 26.
ATTACHMENT Notice is hereby given,
that an attachment was this day issued by E.
Salsbury, a justice of the peace of Seneca town
ship Monroe county, Ohio, against the property
and effects of George Rbaner,an absconding debtor.
Dated this 21st day of August, A. D.- 1848.
. August 26.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue ol a writ of
KT5 venditioni exponaa to mo directed Irom the
Court of Common Pleas of Monroe Couuty, Ohio,
I will offer for sale, at public outcry, at the front
door of the court house in the town ot Waodsfield,
in said county, on Tuesday the 26th day of Septem
ber, 1848, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m.
and 4 o'clock p. m., of said day, the following real
estate, to wit: A mill seat and saw-mill, on the
noilhwest quarter of the northeast quarter of sec
tion 9, tuwiiihtp 7. and range 8; the said mill seat
and priviledges commencing at a beach tree about
9 inches through, standing on lhe west side of the
creek, on the bank of said creek; thence running
north easterly to an oak stump about 8 rods;thence
north easterly to a gieen tree about 12 inches
through, about 6 and one half rods; thence south
easterly to a buckeye sapling, about 8 rods on the
DanK ol said creek, te the place ol beginning, con
taining about one half acre of ground, lying and
being in Monroe county aforesaid, and taken in
execution as the property ot William jennes sen
at the suit of William Philpot, Assignee.
Aug. 26, 1848-S2 61. i - .
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of 3 writs of
K7 venditioni exponas, to me directed from the
Court of Common Pleas of Belmont county, Ohio,
I will offer for sale, at public outcry, at the front
door of the court house iu the town of Woodsfield,
Monroe county, Ohio, on Monday, the 28th day
ot August, 1848, between the hours ot It) o clock,
m., and 4 o'clock, p. nr, of said day, the follow
ing described real estate, to wit : Being part of the
south half of the southeast quarter of section 1,
township 5, and range 5; beginning lot the same
at a stoue on the line of John Sprague, at the south
east corner of said tract af land, running thence
west 160 poles; thence north 56 poles, to a rock on
the north side of the channel of Suiifish creek;
thence down Sunfish creek in the middle of the
stream 8 7-10 poles; thence south 87 1-3 degrees
east 10 po(es; thence south 73 1-2 degrees east
11 1-it poles to a corner of a rock on the north side
Of the channel of Sunfish creek j thence down said
creek an the north side thereof; thence south 60
1-2 degrees east 66 poles, to a smU water beach
three inches in diameter, on the same side of the
creek; thence north 62 poles, to the north side of
said hall quarter; thence east 74 1-9 poles to the
northeast corner of said half quarter; thence 80
poles to the place ot beginning; containing 60 acres
of land, with a grist mill and saw mill thereon;
lying and heme in Monroe county, Ohio, and tak
en execution as the property of John P. Ferret! at
the suits of Samuel AIcMasters, John Barnes, and
Hays and Gregory, adm'cs. Appraised at $1,000,
WftL U. PATa'ON, Soeria,
July29,1848-$3 63. .'
an order from the Court ot Common Plea
ot Monroe couuty, Ohio, I will, on the I2th day
of September next, between the hours of lOo -clock,
a. in., and 4 o'clock, p. m , of said day, at
the front door of the court house) hi the town of
Woodsfield, in said county, offer for sale lhe fol
lowing real estate, lo wit: 1 he undivided halt ol
lot No. II in the town of Beallsville, with the im
provements thsreon, subject to lite dower estate of
Ruth O'Conner lo all the premises hereafter men
tioned, assigned to said Ruth O'Conner in said
lot No. II; also, the undivided half of thirty-two
feet off the west ends of lots Nos. 1 and 4 in the
town of Beallsville, being thirty-two feet back and
eight rods io front; also, the undivided half uf one
half acre of land, being part of lhe northwest
quarter of section 5, township 5, and range S, be
ginning for the same at the northeast corner ol
said section, running thence south 15 perches,
thence east 3 perches, thence north twenty de
grees and fifteen perches, thence west 7 perches to
the place of beginning; also, the undivided half of
one acre of land situate in section 6, tnwunhip 5,
and range 5, beginning for the earnest the south
west corner of said section, running thence to the
south boundary of the town of Beallsville, in said
county, ther.ee east to a road leading from the
East and West street of said town of Beallsville,
thence south with said road to the south line uf
said section, thence west to the place of beginning,
together with the improvements thereon. Terms.
One-third cash in hand, oue-tdird in six months,
and one-third in twelve months, with interest from
the day of sale, to be secured by mortgage or oth
er adequate security.
Adra'r ot Isaac Neff, dee'd.
August 12, 1848. , .. , .,, , ''
3 OF COURT.-On Monday the 28lh day of
August, 1848, between the hours ol 10 o'clock
A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, st the
front door of the Court-house in the town ol
Woodsfield, Monroe county, Ohio, the subscriber
will sell the following real estate as lhe property
of Fiancis Gray, deceased: A part of the North
east quarter of section No. 11, in township 4, of
Range 5, beginning for the same at the north west
corner of said quarter section, running thence
East 95 tods and 20 links toa stake; (hence South
15 and one-half degrees West, 80 rods and 6 links;
thence West 73 rods and 17 links, to a stake on
the line dividing the Northwest quarter of said
section; thence North with said line 80 rods, to the
place of beginning, containing 40 acres of laud:
Also the undivided sixth part of the North west
quarter of the South east quarter of Section 4, in
Township 5, of Ranee 6, all lying and being in
said Monroe county, and subject to the dower es
tate, therein assigned to Anne Gray; widow of
said Francis Gray; upon the following terms
one third in hand, one third in six months, and
the residue in nine months, with interest from the
day of sale, to be secured to the satisfaction of the
undersigned. ELIJAH McMAHpN,
- Adra'r. of F. Gray, deceased.
July 29, 1848.
S3 COURT. On Monday, the 25th day of Sep
tember, 1848, between the hours of 10 o'clock,
a. m., and 4 o'clock, p. m., on the premises, in
Unien and Enoch townships, Monroe County,
Ohio, will be sold to the highest bidder the follow
ing described real estate, as the property of Michael
Archer deceased, to wit: The southeast quarter
of the northeast quarter of section 31, township 6
and range 8; also, the southwest, quarter of the
northwest quarter of section 32, township 6 and
range 8; also the northwest quarter of the north
east quarter of section 34, township 7, and range
8; and also sixty acres of the east half of the north
east quarter of section 34, township 7, and range
8, being the whole of said half quarter except twen
ty acres off the south end sold by the said Michael
Archer in his life-lime tu Elijah Archer; all lying
and being iu Monroe county, Ohio. Terms.-
One-third in hand, one third in six months, and
the residue in one year, with interest thereon from
the day of sale; payments to be secured to the sat
isfaction of the subscriber. : i
Adm'r of Michael Archer, dee'd.
August 12, 1848.
Asthma, two or three large doses will cure the
Croup or Hives of children in from 15 minutes lo
one hour's time. It immediately subdues the vio
lence of whooping cough, and effects a speedy
cure. Hundreds who have been given up by their
physicians as incurable, with Consumption, Spit
ting of Blood, and other Pulmonary Affections,
have been restored lo perfect health by it. It nev
er fails io giving relief.
From the Spirit of the Times.
A gentleman of Scrofulous habits, from Indis
cretion in his younger days, became affected with
Ulcerations of the Throat and Nose, and a disa
greeable and troublesome eruption of the skin.
Indeed, his whole system bore the marks ot being
saturated with disease. One hand and wrist were
so much affected that he had lost the use of the
hand, every part being covered with deep, painful,
and offensive ulcers, and were as hollow and por
ous as a honey-comb. It was at this stage of his
complaint, when death appeared Inevitable from a
loathsome disease, that he commenced the use of
JAYNE'S ALTERATIVE, arid having taken
sixteen bottles, is now PERFECTLY CURED.
This ALTERATIVE operates through the
circulation, and purifies the Blood and eradicates
diseases ftom the system, wherever located, and
the numerous cures it l.as performed in diseases ef
the Skin, Cancer. Scrofula, Goitre, Liver Com
plaint, Dyspepsia, and other Chronic diseases, is
truly astonishing. ; . ! ; ' ' ; ,,
PILLS, which may be had at No. 8 South Third
street, Philadelphia, are wai ranted to cure the
orst forms of Fever and Ague. The money will
be refunded in all cases if they fail to cure: but
thev never do fail.
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, Philadelphia,
and sold on agency by , , ,
J. G. Flf.mino, P. M., Woodsfield,
Moses P. Miles St Sow, Samerton, .
J. K, Hoi-Mrs, Clarington, ,
F. Mvres, New Castle, - , , '
E. Hkadlet, Jamestown , .
Eli Brock, Stafford. -j . , . ... , . . '
Positively , cured by JAYNE'S CAHMINA
, - ... , TIVE BALSAM.
Chicago, 111., March 27. 1845. ;
Dr. D. Jayne Dear .Sir, You ask me what
proofs I meet with of the efficacy of your Carmi
native. 1 can safely say that 1 never prescribed
a medicine for Bowel Complaints that has given
me so much satisfaction, and my patients so speedy
and perfect relief as this. Whenever introduced
into a family, it becomes a standing remedy for
those ailments, and is called for agafn and again,
which I think a pretty good proof of its efficacy
and usefulness. In the Summer Complaint o(
cnuaren, it nas irequentty appeared to snatch the
little victims, as it were, from the grave.; "It
saved the li'e of my child, and of such and such a
child," I have repeatedly heard said. In dysen
teric affections of adults, I have, time and again
seen it act like a chirm, and give permanent relief
in a tew hours, I may say in a fe-v minutes, In
fine it is a valuable medicine, and no family should
be without it. Respectfully, ' -
M. it. KNAPP, M. D. i
- Professor of Materia Medica in the Laporte Uni
versity, Indiana -
Prepared only by Dr. Jayne; Philadelphia, and
sold on agency by ' ' t
J. . Fleming, P. M., Woodsfield.
Moses P. Miles k Son, Somerton.
J. K Holmbs, Clarington. ' ' '
i '. ' F. Mvers, New Castle. ' ;.
... E Headlet, Jamestown. 1
Em Brock. Stafford.
. Also Jayne's Carminative, a tiever failin tv-.n.
edy for the Rowel Complaint, Colic, fee.
sflAUTIOIT. As atiemu are eoaMsMlv-a
to deceive the public with spurloes imitation
of almost every valuable medicine offered to the)
public notice, I deem it necessary lo. request all
purchasers to observe the foliawina; marks f lhe
genuine BALSAM. It is put up in bottles with
the following words " WISTAR'S BALAAM OY
WILD CHERRY, Philadelphia, blown in
the glass; slso, each bottle bear a, label pn the
Iront, with the signatures of Henry Wistar, M.D.,
Philadelphia, and Sandford k Park.'fvbjch, to int.
ilate or counterfeit, will be prosecuted as a forgery
It is therefore necessary to be particular and a
for Dr. Wistar' balsam, a' all' other "pre'paraliou
of Wild Cherry are entirely different from this med
icine, and possesses none of its virtues.
Read the following statement of facts from Mr.
Eli Bailey, a highly respectable merchant of Vio
na, Johnson co., Illinois. ' ' ' ' '
Messrs Phelps k Blaekley, St. Louis, Mb..
Gentlemen; A desire to benefit the afflicted
throughout the land has alone induced me to make
the following statement of facts respecting ooe of
lhe most astonishing cures ever recorded. My
son, now seventeen years old, has been; 'afflicted
during his Whole life, with a constant cough, pain -in
the side and chest,' accompanied wjth night
sweats and hectic fever, which produced email
ciation and debility; and at intervals during the
night.'his expectoration would become so great as
to endanger his life from strangulation.' .JDurinjr
the time he was attended by 'many "physician of
the highest repute,' whose prescriptions gave bul
temporary reliefin fact, so alarming were the
symptoms, and so inveterate was his disease, that
I was compelled to believe him beyond (he reach
nf 'medical aid. ' "" '-
All of our neighbor and friends who saw binr,
regarded him a one who was rapidly approaching;
an early and premature grave." After having thu
exhausted the skill of our best physicians, without
obtaining relief I Was prevailed upon'by the ad
vice Of a friend to make use of Wistari Balsam
of Wild Cherry 1 t., I-
He commenced its use about the 30th of Decern' .
ber, 1844, the first bottle of which gave astonish'
ing relief, and I began to indulge io tha foud hope
that he might yet be restored lo health.
After having continued the use of jt unti) three
bottles bad been taken, the disease was eutiMy
overcome, and his shattered constitution and enja- .
ciated form restored to sound and permanent
health,, which he continues to enjoy up Jo th
present time.' ' , , .
, I believe the genuine Dr. WjstarV Balsam, of
Wild Cherry to be one of the most valuable sued'
icines ever discovered knowing as I do, thatch
above cure was effected solely by its os.t rtJ
, I ata,geutlemen, very'respectfully ;.,,,.
. Your most obedient servant,
April 9, 1846. ; , . . , ELI BAILEY,
, Will please read, the following statement, fan
the Harrison Gazette. ., The incredulous are invi
ted to read the following note from Reverend Mr.
Coldr.oo, whose character lor truth anil veracity'
stands above suspicion, and have their doubts .dis
pelled as lo the superiority of WISTAR'U AI
SAM OF WILD CH ERRY, over all other reme
dies now before the public of the same .character.- -,
'' A -?: ,.CoR?pw, ind.,, Jaa 28, J848.
It is no less a duty than a pleasure I sMtfo?
the benefit of those afflicted,' that I do ceasider'
a great blessing to the human race. Having iaied"
it in a case of sever affliction oi the lung, JLurv
hesitatingly recommend it to those similarly tfflio
ted, as the best remedy I have ever tried, aadQ
which cured me when physician (aid I must rfie, -and
when I thought myself that any time to depart
was near at band; ;..-.nr.i-rii dt
There it a difference between "WISTAR'S
BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY" and til sxhef "
preparations of Wild Cherry. The true and gao--uine
Balsam, as sold by us, contain, besides the
extract of wild cherry bark, other medical agent'
of great character and efficacy in curing cough,
colds, and general diseases of the chest and lungs.
Bul the all importaut difference between this med
icine and all others of the kind h, that Wistar
Balsam cures, while other remedies give ooly.tem
porary relief to the sufferer.. -
Sold by J. D. PARK, (successor to Sandford lb
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnali.O
general agent for the South and-West, to whcmVal
orders must be addressed. - i '' .:' ';
. J. A. &. G- H. DAVxroR-r,Woo&6jaV
Anshutz, Pollock St. Co Suufish..
J. F.Bidenharn&Co. Malaga.
. Welch k Thompson, Beallsville:-
J. F. Bidenharn & Co., Williamablirg.
' B. Davenport, Williamsburg. e
1 ' . u . 'i,
hereby given that I will offer for sale on th
premises, on the 13th day of September, 1848, be
tween the hour of 10 o'clock, a. m., aid 4 o'clock,
p. m., oi said day, the following tract of- hmdV
viz: The north half of the southeast quarter of sec
tion 32, in township 6, of range 8, situate in Mon
roe county, in (he State of Ohio, supposed to cou
tain 80 acres-more or lets, to be sold as the rmn '
erty of Henry Harward, deceased, purtaant tit a re
order of the Court of Common Pleas of Morgan.
county, in said Slate, at the June Term thereof,
A. D. 1848. Terms. One-third in band, one-'tbirdt
iu one year, and one-third in twevears. wiikiiw
rtetest from the day of sale; the unpaid purchaser
uiuuey io do secureu Dy mortgage on tne premise
:i u; , Administrator trf the estate of
' June 22, 1848-nl8. i Henry Harwardydasyj.
The partnership heretofore existing betweea
J. At k G. H. Davenport, was this dty dastateedibjr
mutual consent. All personrhaviogclaiiiwagaipet
said firm or knowing themselves indebted book
account, will please come forward" and settle witnj
G. H. Davenport, who is authorised "to etll iher
business of the firm, r ;n J '.- "": W
v...-, ., a J.A DAVENPORT,
N. B. The business will hereafter be conduct
ed by J. A. Davenport- 3 "". y4
August 12. 1848 ;.; . : t,, ;ui
"" ' . . .. t-
WARX.VG All persons are warned ot
to purchase a nota ot hand iriuai. k. ,
Arnold Stiernsele. for twenty dollar, ai.a
about the 4th day of July. 1848, payable in tmW
months from date, as the asm oht.i
a mistake;, when at the tame time the eaid. &r-
nagle was, and ( indebted to me over the amount
of said note, TJRS KANZIG.
Augustia, 1848. n" - - "'i-'Vl
:tuo;-o: ' m Lumber J - j. jot
Wm. F. BOOTH. Clarinstoo. O.. hae &a.L
low for cash, a large lot of Cumber) CQAstsuag, in.
30,000 Pin ShingleeV" ' ' '"
70,000 feet Pine Board. '' 1 " .
10,000 " inch and half 18 feet Oak Board
A lot of 18 feet boat roof boards, .t.
Purchaser would do well to call and eiamuMi bit
stock before purchasing elsewhere,"' ' "' .
July 8, 1818-2n"
m i
II i

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