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H 5
SV V -V-,' A';; - V. -',v -".r-
;.v:-VvAiv .."i. ".".;: VV3
Cwejipnn tlroe malo'env ;? & 'it
. beneath hawthorn tree.T' i,-
I ;Anl her Javer, close beside her "'. " : ; '
Murmured vows of constancy., V i-
" -. . Jfalrr. wetWi than the hloaspm,. -
v "Hanging er he vYa'she ;.'"-,'tT' '
. V And hr heart, within her hosont,
.Throbbed anil erowd tumultupusty. v,l
.. r.:i"'''" - .
Bbth; were young, and fond ami foolish; -!
Neither rich, the story-gae. ':'
, t,.Ma was proud, and Pa was mulish, -.
- " JSreat the love, and great their woes. ' '
; ifw ihey lklssd, nd werJt and parted,' . ;
--Swearo;-t( be ever troi, . -.": - .-. m ,
.j5, JJied the lujiJeifbroken heart4?
.Wjm theJoirer fatthfuLtop?- . V
Pshaw! aheweH a wealthy banker,
. A.u(!aaB4e whispered she w oM,)
And: ofcity hmef pmrank'her, , '.- v
"V Withie.r pocket lull ef gold; 11
Queen at ve?y ball and party,
''. Decked- with lace and jewels rare,
. . fiookiuo;. fresh -and hearty, j
: i Reigiit 'the victim of diipair. ,
, Heconfound the lucky fellow i .f
' . Ci . Took widow twice his years," '
Fir and forty, ripe and mellow, ; -;
t e'-AVilh fcbrace of Mite dears; ' '
BiglrHaiion, serranU plenty, :
, Hplerrdid inaiision, pomp and ease, 1
' GureJ'the boyish tore of tvrenty, v
':, . That teuraoe disease. 4
'. learn from this, ye ddatint rovers,
; " In your anguish, not to break
'-'' Ay tiling of greater value, '
JVt?JT6n the BBiniesyo make. ; i
duxBewt were made to put in motion . i " V
- wfi Blood that otlierwise would cool; 1
-i&Ht asor, profit and promotion, ' -j".-. - t:. ,
alfyta. Graduate at 3upid school, i ; s - i
o iifc. kt
How universal it is. We never knew
the'rnan who'would say, ! atnoonlented
(3y.te'Tyyott.jwiIl,'-among the rich or the
'. oarr; the man oi competence or tne man
whot earns hi bread by the daily sweat of
n!s"pro, 'Vou hear the sound ot murmur
Hlg arid'. the;: voice of complaint. The
9.Vher day wa stood by a cooper, who was
' playing a merry tune with an adze round
, -ask. 's-,Ahf (sighed he,) mine is a hard
jui luraver irouius . rouuu u&e a uu
4flng:t:a hoop.' - . ;
- iIbigho, .-sighed a blacksmith, one
the hot days, aa he wiped away the drops
of perspiration from has brow, while the
. realtor iron slowed upon his anvil, tin
iuili wiib.-a vengeance melting arid
; : fmtte'bne'a ell over the fire.'
. ' '.tQtj. tha.l were a carpenter,' ejaculated
' fJUVQmatter, as lie Dent over nis tap
stoue.-Hero i am, day after day, work
..-"ihSrlb't'toul away inVmakuie soles - fo
. others, cooned up in a seven by nine room
' iiJCirk' aick of this out-door work, (ex
iaiais the carpenter,) boiling and swelter
. msr under the eun, or exposed to the in
; clerajriey' 6f the '.weather. "U I was only
-!?f attar! V irf
. lMlor..-ito beLOQmpelled to sit perched up
iMre J playinrr: the - needle all the whil
would that mine wero a mora active life
. -. Lfasjt4ay di grace -the banks won't dis
euwtrrcus'tomers won't pay what shal
- kddoXlA arumbles the . merchant.- 'I had
rather be a truck-horse, a dog anything
; Tri$ppy 'Tellows,4 groans the lawyer,' as
' hTBCratche his head-over sonre perplex
ttadise;' or .pours over some dry record
Cappy:feIlowl I had rather hammer stone
. than cudgel my brain on -this tedious
vexatious question.' .
.'ftTraVhTOuerl'" all the ramifications of
sooietyjAll are complaining of their con
' ditiot-finding fault -with their: particula
calf s;C:lf "I'were "only this, or thai, or
the ari 1 ahould bo content, anything
. '. -but "St l.ara, .is the universal cry.
waLij. i iworldYso it has wagged, and
'.;v''.. ; ? '"Women. Wr?x ..
-The allowing charming pass ace is from
XlaiiftTtllotirk' by Miss- Cooper, daughter
of that laltf J Feonimore Cooper.; It so
li j-tififully expresses' the sentiments of all
worarjoi pure , leeung, anu correci priu
ciplestlliat it.ahould be widely circulated
. We American women ceitainly owe a
debt of .gratitude "to our countrymen Cor
te'Jtinrlness' and', consideration of its
: generally 1', Gallantry may not always take
Jtapeful form ta this part of the world,
v timer ( flattery may be worth as little
j, i. karramar-else where; but there is a glowiof
t nerouaneeling' toward women in the
V: ft' onost American men, . which Js
i ?;..v;J-;)UonWbj"la them.as a nation and
I V " i afinHlvtduaIfl-.j Ala no country is the pro-
X : tttiohgiveti to woman's helplessness more
ffi$n''fti4id,np. ''eouotry. is the asais
; iftoce-l-receives from the stronger arm
V ao.ge'neT&l and nowhere doea her weak
- frs.rrieet'wi,th' more forbearance and con
j iiagrion, U pder such circumstances,
i uiti ba ..rworuan'',-own fault if she be
axst thoroughty respected also: f The posi
T . its fP4" accorded to her." is favdrable;' it fe
lihio'her to filijrin a fnanner worthy
oi ur own aex,' graieiutiy, Kiuuiy -bu
V aUaplyr' hi tr3th.nd ' modesty of heart
:v -. and. life uq wavertQg fidelity of feeling
- Qfirp),ejiib patience cheerfullness
fflrff Keelpesa of temper -no unfit return
to those who smooth the daily- path for
V ' hSfr' '.:' .-'' - ' "
s-H". T T. i ' . ' '
Caakee "Enough: for Him."
I : ' Sooiyattetne'Treaiy , '"of peace between
I , ir uira-ana America, iie captain pi ,iu
f :-: tfcjaffcVrl ye'ssel in Xondoo fell in com-
.;. f ;fny,Jrvilh some -sharpers who urged him
r - . wrystfiuca.to 'torn them in drinking a bot
ir: tie rtwo of porter.- lie however, -not
' - tllt.fttr P0''"3' k. consented to go to
' f JiBlliOMae, when,aller they had drank
tejr;.thy. dropped off one by one, unti
: tT1c:filc4was left qqite alone. ; :
.. . ireepet coining in, says to him
r ir y P.O: left alot.9 1 '.j. ir
v : ., .yea,' replied the other.;; - -t ' ! -. j -j
' JPir-ititrer--ibservetl to him that h
'-. y : .'.-'; vra'htft tn u'ch "acq'd aimed, with their 'Eu
j ,- -n am not,' replied-the American.
' -Weiraf'dnhe man of -the tavernth
i::v'tcV6fiftfaIT:oo vouT'Y -'
; '.' Xfoe itV replied ' the others affecting
t V - sjjrflrtaa.lantLcta'ppina his hand into his
: Docket vas if lo oav.bul pausins said;
U.if-jhij be the Case, give me anothe
:. bottU ibeiore 1 go.f.r:i . 1 '-., -v.. w
f . - afl'Jr 4a ifiper stepped out to get it,
i ; the mean time the American wrote 'on the
.eg'feave VOU' American handles for you
iHtzllsh toladea".' and - walked off in his
- V IttrA youne fellow havincbeen charged
If . w1thMtlfj4tPJlhe trlght 'befofej .and
llftlbkiustify mmMlfdeolared'that he
.rifvaricrraak, nor never was drunk, nor
' aaver meatit to be, for it always made him
f fgeLaoJyulthfl next.morning. -
5 Proper Time for Cutting Grass,
: For rooie.lhan thirty Tears it ha been
;totrtmotr saying among farmers, that
nwthy hay' should not be out until ; ripe r
tltat is. until the heads were plump ana
lull of seed. -1 was raised in a, country
wjiere grass was thought ready to cut as
soon as it was' large enough; and after 1
oarhe here, 1 followed, through the same
practice, although in opposition to the
llinion and praciioe of many of my eood
dighbors. I followed the practice so long,
and, had so many opportunities to prove I
it, that I know to a certainty that my prao-
tice i right. For some 8 or 10
past, I have used mostly timothy hay.
revious to that, I used more clover.
Vej-y often I have not been able to get ii
all cut before harvest; and having several
cattle and sheep yards, some one lot of
. a. ..-.a JI I
cattle had to eat the ripe hay, and I am
perfectly sure that it is a great loss to let
timothy , hay get anything near ripe; in
fact, whenever it begins to come in bios-
som, it is time to oesin outtins. n mere
is much to out,, and not plenty of hands
some will then get too ripe. I would pre
fer good, wheat straw, cut before it. is too
rige, to ripe timothy for either sheep or
A number of years ago, I ' built a cow
house; and that season I out my timothy
hay earlier than usual. - I stabled my cows
for the first time that year; fed them the
early-cut timothy .hay, and took every
DOSSlble care Ol the OSttle. but thev De-
came poor, would eat but little of my green
hay, - and by epnng the cows and young
cattle were .overrun with lice, and poorer I
by far than I ever had oattle. I concluded j
I had cut my timothy hay too green, analgia would take some; and taking the pail
that my neighbors were partly right.
Next ' season 1 let it get nearly ripe, Out
. " " . m I
my cows did no better, I then concluded J
it must oe 8taDiing, ana toon out my siaus,
and turned my stables into sheds. 'After
that my cows got fat on green hay. f
Alter i uegan.to :atten cattle extensively,
I touna out that my cow stables were not
thoroughly ventilated," and this was the
only reason they did not do well in their
stables. . . . -. -
The loss farmers sustain by letting their
hay get too ripe, is immense. 1 would
rather have four quarts of meal per day,
with good green timothy hay, than to have
a pecK witn ripe nav. to lat a steer with
Cut grass or clover gieen, cure in swath
or cock; and it will make either sheep or
steers fat in five months without grain if
they, are properly attended to, but still it
is more profitable to feed part grain
I have wintered this season about 200
sheep on wheat straw, with one bushel ol
oil cake meal to the 100 sheep per day,
and .now they are fat, although but thin
when I oought them. r Yours truly, John
Johnston. New Geneva April 3, 1854.
We believe with bur corresDondent. that
the loss sustained by our farmers, by too
- - -. . .
long ' delay in cutting their grass is tm
niense. it is a subject to which we have
trequently called the attenlton ot our
readers lor years past. Both science .and
experience demonstrate : that the proper
time for cutting grass is when it is in bios
som. A writer on the scientific principled
involved an -the process ol hay making.
lava down the following rules:
1. Grass must bo fully developed be
fore it is mown; u not, it will be found in
it.q flarlv atarres to contain so much water
' - o - ...
as to be reduced, by drying, into so small
. J ... o ....
compass, that it will in quantity much
disappoint the haymaker. ;
2. It must not be permitted to stand
until Us seeds are formed, much less ripe
All plants in .arriving at maturity have
their starch and sugar gum in large quan
titles converted into woody; fibre a wise
provision of Providence for enabling the
stem to bear matured seeds and as su
gar, eum, and starch - are nutritive ele
ments, it is desirable that they ahould be
preserved,- and henoe the point for sue
cesslul grass-cutting is that between the
full development of the plant and before
the formation of the seeds, in other words
when they are in flower.
A government report, published in the
Edinburgh Guar.- Jour, of Agriculture,
on the 'chemical properties of grass end
hay as food for cattle" says If aa we
have endeavored to uhow, the sugar is an
important element of the food of animals,
then it should be an objeet with the far
mer to' cut grass for the purpose of hay
making at that period : when - the larger
amount of matter is contained in it. This
a' aa a
is assuredly; at an earlier period oi its
growth thaji when it has shot into seeds;
for il is then -that the . woody 'matter pre
dominates a substance totally insoluble
inwater, and ; therefore less calculated to
serveAasNf66d to animals than substances
capable of assuming soluble -condition.
It ought to be ' the object of the farmer to
preserve his hay-for winter use in the con
dition' most- resembling the hay in its
highest state of perfection.. ;
We add to the above, the testimony of
several careful and: observing- farmers,
heretofore published in the CuHivdtor. r
C. N. bement Was formerly in the
habit of cutting his timothy quite late, be
cause it was easier cured after it got pretty
ripe,' but he ascertained, , from careful ex
periment in using hay thus . out, - that it
wanted, substance, and that the best lime
for cutting hay was .when the grass was
in blossom.'
- Sanford Howard The stems of grasses
were filled just before the formation of the
seed,' with a starchy or saccharine sub
stance. In perfecting the seed, the stems
were exhausted of this substance, it be
ing consumed in forming the seed. The
plant should, be cut , before the nutriment
has passed from the stems.
, 'W7 H. Solham Would, as soon, have
good bright - straw for-cows or sheep, as
timothy hay out after it lias gone to seed
Cuts all his hay early.'' There Was another
great advantage iri cutting early the roots
retained their Ufa and strength better, and
the alter teed and future crop were more
abundant. - ; . ,:: .
'J.. Pratt--commence8 cutting . his. hay
generally before any one else thinks of it,
or as soon as it begins to blossom, and gels
help enough to cut it all as Soon as possible
lie. Jia.8 Jiept adairy of aixly cows - for
nine years, and attributes his success with
his cows and the fine healthy. appearance
Dhis other stock, ; mainly to early, cut
' Since:; the above was in type, we haye
received an interesting paper front a cor
responJeTTtln'lfeohaniosviUe, on the prop
er time for outting, and the best mode of
curing hay, which shall have a place soon,
and tor. which, the writer will please ac
oegtour thanks. CoMiry Gent..
.Keeping the Teeth Clean..,
"Microscppical examinations had been
made of the matter deposited on the teeth
ana gums oi more tnan.iorty inuiviuuais,
selected fcom all classes- of society, in
every variety of bodily condition, and in
nearly every case animal and vegetable
pafasites in great numbera had been dis
Of the animal parasites there
or four species, and of the vege-
were three or lour species
table, one or two. In fact, the only per
son whose mouths were found to be com
pletely free from them, cleansed ther teeth
four times daily, uline soap once. One
or two of theaa individuals also naaaed a
thread between . the teeth to cleanse them
more effectually. In all cases the number
0f the parasites was greater in proportion
the application of various agents was also
noticed, lobacco juice and smoke did
not impair their vitality in the least
The same was also true of the cholrine
tooth - wash, of pulverized bark, of soda,
ammonia, and various other popular
detergents. The application of soap, how-
ever, aooeared to desirov them instantlv
ve may hence infer that this is the best
and most proper specific for cleansing the
teeth. In all cases where it has been tried,
it receives unqualified commendation. ' It
may also be proper to add that none but
the purest white soap, free from all dis
coloration, should be used. Crfr. lei.
, The .Wost of Itr ,
"Do you wan't my berries, ma'am?"
8aid a little boy to a lady jonce. ".The lit
tie fellow was very shabbilyclothed, and I
Ii a fPt war urs and travel otained. In
both hands he held up a tin pail full of
ripe raspberries; which were prettily peep:
jng out from amid the green leaves that
(ay Jightly over them. The lady told him
fr0m him. she stepped into the house. He
. .....
did not follow, but remained behind whist
img to some canaries' hanging in their
cage on the porch.
"Why do you not come in and see if I
measure vour berries riizht?" said the lady.
t'how do vou know but what 1 may cheat
The bov looked up archly at her and
smiled. "I am not afraid." said he, 'for
1 vou would pet the worst of it. ma'am.
.Get the worst of it!" said she, "what
J0 you mean?"
"Why ma'am, I should only lose my
berries, and you would be stealing; don't
you think you would get the worst ot it:
To Resuscitate Persons when Struck
b JjIGHTNIng. l ne Ainany Alias says
this is the season . when deaths from this
source occur, and few, who do not look
to the summary, know how many there
are. In all cases where persons are struck
down by lightning,- use cold water upon
the body for hours; don't be discouraged
if immediate success is not attained; but
persevere, anil Tt, alter three or lour hours
drenching, animation is not restored, add
i .
salt to the water and. continue the shower
ing, which is rendered colder by the saline;
then administer the douche on the head
and along the spinal column. Persons
who have fallen under a stroke of light
ning; when alone, have recovered in the
rain;, ajid.Mt. Merriam, the weather-so-
Dlust. relates a case where a-victim was
recalled to life by dashing cold water on1
hint, several hours after apparent death.
A Nimroo of the VV est. -The follow
ing description of a Kentucky hunter is
I :j i .L- Ty :n t l
oopieu iron, uie ovansviue journal.
1 . 7 . r?i i rn i i
Wet Eckman has followed hunting for
a livelihood since the year 183 1. Since
that period he has killed thirty-eight bears.
nine hundred and eighty-tour wolves, three
thousand eight , hundred and forty-seven
coons, nine hundred and ninety foxes,
nine hundred and sixty-one wild geese,
two thousand and forty pheasants, forty
four ground hogs, eighty wild cats, four
teen polecats, two hundred' minks, be
sides ; squirrels, quail,, and other small
came beyond his power to calculate,
The sum he has realized from his game,
skins, &c, falls but little short of twelve
thousand dollars.
' Nebraska. -The German emigrants
a T 1
are pouring into iNeorasKa in crowds.
Seven hundred and thirty passed through
Cincinnati one day last week, on their
way to the Territory. .'
Or The.revenue duty on sugar, for the
last five years, has amounted to $36,000,-
000. Over seven millions a year.
'ftr"rm a straight forward man," as
the toper said when he pitched into the
gutter "and nothing else."
Holland Mouse,
M oodsfield,Ohio.
THE large and commodious house on the south
west coiner of Main and Main Cross streets,
has been fitted up with new furniture of handsome
and comfortable style, aud is now open foi the ac
commodation of guests. ' The subscriber invites
the patronage of the public; and those who favor
him with their company may be assured of a hos
pitable reception, the best fare, and such comforts
and attentions aa wni mane nis nouse compare ia
voiably with any others. Bills moderate. ' '
July 6, 1853.
Carpet, Looking Glass, and
No. 143, Main street, Wheeling, Va.
KEEPS constantly on hand a very large and ex
tensive assortment of TAPESTRY, VENE
Mats, Oil Cloths, Table and Piano Covers &C&.C.
- ALSO Gilt and Mahogany framed Looking
Glasses, Portrait and Picture Frames of every des
cription on band and made to order. Venetian
and Slat Window Blinds, Transparent Window
Shades and Paper together with Upholstery
IONS, (lc. Also Curtain Goods in great variety,
BlindB, Trioimlug9, Cords, Tassels, and a constant
supply of Smith & Stratton'a celebrated Furniture
and Coach Varnish for sale at factory price;
; All of which will be spld at the very lowest pri
ces, anr1 warranted to give satisfaction. ap20
U 8.-SPELLING BOOKS, - ' : , .
ECLECTIC do - -',,-.'
do.'.; 2nd Reader,,
do ' -3rd Reader,
do 4th' Reader,
'; do 5th Reader.
RAY'S ARITHMETIC, Parts 2nd and 3rd,.
Metalic Pens, Paper, Ink, Quills. Slates, &. -
For Sale at , KIRKBUIDE'S.,
NOV. 30: . . . -.;'.'. ... .... -.. -
Blank Deeds for sale at this
.--"-. - - . ; oFrics, ,
,e.l7,i .!; -O ' '-' . .' 4
. . TEEMS dP SUBSCRlPTIONr : . ' ' -
One dollar and fifty cents per annum, if paid
in advance; otherwise two dollars wilt be requir
ed. Marketable produce will be taken in payment.
No paper will be discontinued, except at the op-
tion of the editor, until all arrears ae paid,
AU letters and communications sent by mailf
HUD I ISO SUOl-f aiu
Executed with neatness and dispatch at this Office,
aud at reasonable prices.
For ' 3 wks. 3 mos. 6 mos. 9 mos. 1 year.
1 square, $ 1. $ 2. 83 $4. g 5
2 squares, 2. 3. 5. 6. 7.
column. 3. 4. 6. 7. 9.
column. "IT 7. 10. 13. 16.
I coluinn 8. 1. "TIT 20. 25.
Twelve lines, or less, will be charged as
one square.
09- All legal advertisements will be charged by
the square.
1. Subscribers who do not give express notice
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to con
tinue their subscription.
2. If subscribers order the discontinuance of
their periodicals, the publisher may continue to
send them until all arrearages are paid. I
, 3. If subscribers neglect or refuse to take their
periodicals from the o Rices to which they are ..di
rected, they are held responsible till they have j
geillcu mo mil, HIIU urueiBll llicm uiwviiim.i.v:;. I
4. If subscriber remove tq other places without
inftrrming the publishers, and The papers are sent
to the former" direction, they are held responsible.
5. The courtshave decided that refusing to take
periodicals from the office, or removiug'and lea
ing them uncalled for, i prima facie evidence ol
inieuuonai irauu,
- -
Woodsjield, Monroe County, Ohio.
Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio.
Edward A rchbold,
FF1CE at his residence, in the large buck
house, North Main Street. . nov 90.
Wire &. Richardson,
. , Woodsjield, Monroe Cv., Ohio.
John Sinclair,
QCf- Will practice in Monroe and adjoining coun
ties. Olfice 'one dooi south of the office of the
I Probate Judge
Ilollistcr, Okey & Hollister,
Woodsjield, Ohio.
Dr. J. H. Picrson
FFERS his professional services to the citi
zens of VV oodshelu and vi ctmty.
Dr. Pikrson may be fouml either at his office,
opposite J. A. & G. M. Davenport's Store, oral
Driggs's Hotel, WoodsfielJ.
Oct. 5, 1833.
Dr. J. L. Dje,
TENDERS his professional services to the cit
izen of Wnodxheld and vicinity, in the prac
tice ot Medicine and Surgery. Olfice and resi
dence one door north of the building lately occu
pied by W. C Walton, dee'd, as a tore-room. .
Dis. Sinclair & Martin.
kFFICE up stairs in the new building, one
door south of J. r . Randolph s Hotel. '
Woodsneld, April 13, 1853.
Dr. B F. McMahon,
TENDERS his professional services to the citi
zens of WOOUSF1ELD and vicinity. Offiec
up stairs over the Tieasurer's office entrance one
door north of Steed's Hotel. ;
Dec. 14, 1853.
Dr. T. Rose,"
.FFERS his services to the citizens of Gravs-
ville and vicinity as Physician, Surgeon and
Obstetrician -July
6. 1853.
Clocks and Watches.
HAVING removed to the building im
mediately west of Steed's Hotel, an
' . i. . r-. i . , i. .. . i. - : .:n nHM
JlKX IIOUHLC9 U 1119 II It-IIUS llini llf) 19 Villi llf
rymg on the business ot Repairing Clocks and
He lias also for sale Clocks and Watch
es.anda fine assortment of Jewerv. Toys,
Slc. Woodsfielil. Mar. 1.
THE Subsciiber has just opened one door north
of the building lately occupied by Wm. C. Wal
ton, dee'd, a large supply of
Drugs, Medicines, Faints,
Suitable for this market, which he will sell at
wholesale or retail at reasonable prices.
Woodsfield, June 8. J. L. DYE.
New liop.
B, E. Duncan has remov
ed his SHOP from Ferry to Main street,
South side, 3 doors West of J. R. Smith's, where
he is prepared to do all kinds of work in his line.
WATCHES AND CJLUUKS repaired aud war
ranted. to keep good time. - .
. Clariogtcn, Nov. 23.185. .
Sunfish and Wheeling Daily Packet
J, K. Booth, Master,
iWill leave SUNFISH every day at
6 o'clock, A. M., and WHEELING at 4 o'clock,
P.M. - ; . ,
All business entrusted to thia boat will receive
prompt attention. ; ..
March 31,1852. i .. ' -
HAVING recently purchased a Wharf Boat,
in connection with his Warehouse, is now
ready to accommodate Motinz Families at mod
erate charges. Merchants consigning their goods
to nis care, wm nave inera received at night and
... nan ooai, wimoui extra
marges. Aug. 17."
, . !
OUrvejlllg. '-
.fTIHE undersiened. thankful ffl. .. r.,.
X would inform the public that he still contiu-
uea the business of SURVEYING Himii
ue.iouuu m pail Ql niS time .in Woodihed. snd
a part of his time in Malaga townshin.
i P v,b ,:- ': DANIEL morris: h
May 18,1853. . ,Vi ,: . ....
: -LARGE TUBS, " ' '
Oak Churns, Baskets, &e.'. ike.. '
Received and for Sale at " " '
vr,H , - a KiRctaioa'.
PUOSPECTUS. . ... v ,
Volume 10, for 1854.
Jhe'Tenth Volume ol this popular Journal wiH
commence on the 1st of January; 1854.' We make
our annual-appeal to the Farmer, the Mechanic,
and the Domestic Circle, to lend us a generout
assistance in supporting the Industrial Classes wish
a cheap and reliable paper, ' , '.
Containing at all times valuable hints for the Farm,
the shop, and (be Fireside, and seeking the ele
vation of Labor in all its legitimate Interests;
opposing; quackety and humbug in all their forms,
and rilling the noble station-of a true
The Editors have long been tarn. liar with the
peculiar condition of Western Agriculture, and
by extensive travel and observation keep them
selves informed of the wants and progress of the
country at large.
Tub Ohio Ccltivator is published on the
1st and 5lh ot every niontli lb large nctavo
pages, with title page and index at the end of the
year, making a volume of 380 pages suitable for
1 erms Single subscriptions $1 a year. Four
copies -for $3. Nine copies for SG; and same
price (66 rents each) for any larger number.
All subscriptions to be paid in advance, and to
commence with the year Persons sending Clubs,
may have them directed ?(S different ufiices if thev
choose; and thoe having sent a smaller number,
may afterwards iuciease to nine, or mo( at the
Club ratos To any person sending us a Club ol
rone subscribers and $6, we will send, Vost paid
a complete Volume for ay previous year, in paper
' Address,
bAtefIam &. Harris; ;.;
Culumbus, Ohiol
Ah Illustrated Record of ,
Agriculture. Mechanics. Science and Use
Jul Knowledge, i .
Every Number contains 32 Large Pages of Letter-Press,
beautifully' printed on Fine Paper,'
Forming, at the end of each half year, a SPLEN
DID VOLUME of- Two Hundred Pages, Il
lustrated with over two hurdred el
egant eng raving, the entire
cost being only HALF A
Farmers, Mechanics, Inventors, Manufacturers,
and people of every profession, will 6nd in (he
People's Journal, a repertory of valuable
knowledge peculiarly suited to their respective
wants. '"
Terms To Suhscribers,ify cents a volume.
Subscription may be sent by mail in coin, post
office stamps, or bills, at the nsx ol the publisher
The name of (he Post Office. County, and State
where the paper is desired to be sent, should be
plainly written. Address.
t No. 86 Nassau-Street, New York City.
fJTwo volumes are published annually. Back
numbers and volumes always on hand for sale.
Single copies 1Q cents each, to be had at nearly
all tne Book and Periodical Stores in the country
Specimen copies sent on application .
Inventors and other desiring; lo obtain Letters
T . e ? . . '
iraieiii lorjiivenuons, are'requested t. communi
cate directly with the editor pi the People s Jour
I nal, by tvhoni all the necessary uVcuments are pre
pereu, wmi tne utmost hdelity and dispatch, fa
tent business of every description promptly atten
ded to. - Persons wishing for information relative
to Patents or Inventions, may at all times consult
the .undersigned, without charge, either personal
ly at his olfice, or by letter. To those living at a
distance, he would state, that all the business lie
cessary to secure a Patent can be arranged by lat
ter, just as well as though the parties were perso
nally ptesent. . All consultations and business
strictly confidential. Patents promptly secured
in England, trance, and other foreign countries.
Editor of the People's Journal. Patent Agent, fee.
, 5 JVo. 86 Nassau-street, New York City
Ihe next number closes the second ' volume ol
Graham's Magazine for 1853, and we cannot re
ii an irom tnaiiKing most Heartily both the f.-ess
and our subscribers for the encouragement afford
ed us to persevere in elevating the literary and
pictorial character ol the woik. The volume,
when closed, will embrace every variety of Mag
azine illustration, and have furnished to our rea
ders papers of ability upon all the topics of inter
est which absorb the times, aud also a series- of
articles of a purely literary character of a higher
order than, have Irerelpre been found in the month
ly magazines. It snajr De our. aim to improve
uranam still further in tnese respects, and by care
fill attention aud enterprise to command, the pub
lie approbation and support.
The Ntw Volume commencing with the Jan
uary number will claim especial attention lor the
beauty ot its pictorial appointments. Ample ar
raneemenU have been entered into, with compe
tent' artists to secure a proper variety of the very
nest oi all Kinds ol engraving steel, mezzotint
and wood to meet the expectations of our read
ers; and tl.e literary department shall still be far
ther amplified and improved. .,
Single subscribers and clubs, whose subscrip
tions expire wan the next number, will please re
new promptly, that we may he enabled to furnish
them with January numbers by the regular mails
winch will tike our edition tn countiy subscribers
fost Masters all over the Uuinn, are respectful
ly resqueted toact as Agent- for the New Volume
TERMS The terms of Gr AHAM'are Three
1 rn r : l- -1 : i ... - i
iuiitia lur single suiisci nic-rs, II paiu in auvailCB
For Six Dollars in advance, one copy is sent three
years We continue the following low terms for
Clubs, to be sent, in the city, to one address,' and
in the country, to one post-office. -
Copies. ; - Per Annunm
5 (And one to agent, or the getter up of club.) 1
8 (And one to agent, or the getter up of club.) 1
11 (And one tn agent, or the geter up of club.) 20
The money for Clubs always must be sent in
advance. Subscriptions may be sent at'our risk
When the sum is large, a draft should be procured
f possible the cost nf which may be' deducted
rom the amount. Address, always post-paid, '
GEO. R GRAHAM, Editor,
No. 50, South Third Street, Philadelphia.
fjtJN. B Any person desiious of receieing at
copy of "Graham, " as a sample, can be accommo
dated by notifying the Editor by letter, (post-paid.)
The Only Lady's Book in America
Godey's Lady's. Bok for 1851,
.' . 24TII YEAR. . ;
One hundred pages of reading each month, by
the best American authors.. - - , , . - -
A new and. thrilling; story, certainly the-most
intensely interesting one ever written, entitled
By T. S. Arthur, will be commenced in the Jan
uary JNo. -
Upon which any reliance can be placed, received
direct from PARIS, aniladapted to the taste of
American Ladies by our own " aslnon Editor,
with full directions. ..
' DRESS MARINO. Our monthly description
of Dress Making, with plans' to cut by. None but
the latest fashions are eivetf.' The directions are
so plain, that every lady can be her own dress ma
ker. ' '
EMBROIDERY. An infinite variety in every
DRESS PATTERNS.-Infanta and childrena
dre8se!; with descriptions how to make them.
ijjnda Bf CROCHET and NETTING work.
New patterna for CLOAKS, MANTELETS,
UNDERSLEEVES with full directions. Ev.
erY "ew pattern of any portion of a lady's dress,
appear first in the Lady'a Book, aa we receive
COIHIintnillu irem rnmo iu wssss.
I m , n T I, PI?nV TL. ...I. . . I .
THE NURSERY tTbts subject' is treated
upon frequently. " m i f -
ON EVERY SUBJECT, indispensable to every
familv. woith more thau the whole 'cost of the
MUSIC.Three dollars worth y elv?n. eBef'
year. . T - ' -.- --. '- - -DRAWING
-This art can be taiiehi to any
child bv a aetiea of drawings hi very No. for
1854., ..' -s .
i MODEL COTTAGES Cottage plans and
cottage furniture will be continued aa usual; .
TINT EJfGUA VINGS in every tfo.'. Thpyare
always rrt be found in GOD Ey:
5 GODBY'S LADY 'S:BOOK contains oreifsehi
that. for which sou would have to take at least
three other, magazines to get the. same amount ol
information.' - 1 '" . " .' ." .
-TRtMS :l-c6py, on year, $3,00; 2 eop
ne year, $5,00; 5 copies, one year, aud'anestra
copy to the person 'sending the Club,; $10,00; 8
copieskone year, and an extra copy to the person
seeding the Club, $15,00; 11 copies, one year.
ana an extra copy to tne person sending th Club,
OrOfl nil . . .
Godey s Lady's Book, and Arthur's Home Mae-
azine the two publications will be sent oae year
. 112 Chestnut:Slreet; Philadelphia.
French Burr Mill Stone,
,-'319, 321, 323 Liberty Street, ;
StJam Engines for Saw and Flouring Mills-gen-erally.
on, hand and made to order. Boilrr for
Engines made to order on short notice. French
Burr Mill Atones, old and new stock, oi my own
manufacture, wairanied best quality, always on
hand at the lowest prices.V Laurel Hill Mill
Stones always on hand. '. Mill Spindles. Mill
Irons, Mill and Regulating, Screws, Picks, Screen
Wire, CoTU and Cob Gundecti, Cast Iron Provers,
Leather Belting. Wagner's Patent and Common
I Bushes, Metal Lye pieces lor the Runner; a su
1 .mini arlirla Hff.fV.nn.il.. D.. rt.i.... :
I'W -' . - - ii'll v . Bill , AS I v CI . 1 8IIU'
pie bi tide lor turning the spindle, 'always on
hand, . Also, .Lull's' Patent French flurr Smnt
Machines a superior article, provided With a
powerful suction fau;aud unequalled furscouring
gram; they are used In tlvff lare Pearl Mill. Al-
egheny City, (which turn-out daily over 700 bbta
fl(tur,J and in 600 other mills in the west. Thev
give general satisijcikon, ana are - warranted to
clean well. We annex a certificate from one' of
(he laxgesVmills in. the - west,' and refer to. our
handbills lor partii'ulars: ' .
I'lTTSBOBCH, June 26. 1852.
VV. W. -Wamacr, Esd -Dear Sir Weliave
now in use in our mill two of your i Burr Smut
Machines; they work to ;our entire talis action.
and they aie durable, not liable to get out of or
der, and w consider them the best machines now
m use. WIKMA K lit & NOfLE
All orders promptly attended t. . t ,, . , .
x W. W. WALLACE, 319 Liberty st..
dec 14 , j. :, . l'ittohurgh. Pv
,W. W. .WALLACE, ,
.319, 321. 323 Libbrtt Street, ,
"IfONUMENTS. Tombs, Grave Stones, Furni-
XIX- ture 1 ops, Marble lantels, &c. always on
hand, and made to order by machinery, at the
owest prices for cash. Also, Block and Slab Mar
ble.'a large stock on hand and Sold to the tra'de.at
prices (hat will give general satisfaction. Orders
promptly attended to, at 31 Liberty street, Pitts
to'fR". .W.W.WALLACE
Dec. 14. 1853. t,; ' ' -
LAS 1 rUi PARIS for Land and Slucco
WTirk, Hydraulic Cement. Grindstones, all
sizes and various grits, alwaya on hand at 319
Liberty street, fittsburgh. - - -
dec 14 W.W.WALLACE.'
ul 1 1 U ULOTtl S, made of the best qual
ity of Bilk, with square mesh, free o fuzz'.
and wirianted to bolt Ireelv. alwava onrhand.
$2 7o per yard for No. 9, aud 10 cents pe yard
ess on eacn imo. lower. Orders failed with dis-
(Wtcli, at 319 Liberty, street, Pittsburgh.
' iMail Arranarements,
XX at and from Woocsfiki.d:.. . ,
e airvirw Arrives everv dav excenr Sun.
uayjai o o ciock f. ueparta every day (ex-
. o.. t . a t i. . . . - .
tcl ouiiuay (USD CIOCK J. 1M. . .
DAimisni.LS iv.ia Calais I Arrives everv I
Tuesday and Friday at 5 o'clock .P. M. Departs
every cunesuay auu oaiuruay at o A. M.
in a HisriA iwefitern route) Arrives evety
Tuesday and Thursday at 7 P. M. . Departs every
ivioiuiay anu v eiiuesuay at o a.
Marietta (Southern route) Arrives verv
Saturday at 7 P. M. Departs every Friday at 5
a. ni. ,'
La ing's (New Castle)-
-Arrives every Monday
: Departs same days at
and Thursday at 13 A. M.
1 F M.
Sunfish (Clarirtgton) 'Arrives every Monday
and I hursday at 1 P. M.-i Departs same days at
2 P.M.
St. CLAiBsviLLF.-Arrives every Monday and
rriaay ato r. ssi. , Departs every Tuesday and
Monroe Mutusil
Fire Insurance - Company,.
... ; VO0DSFIELD,'0HiO. r- , :
This company, being organized under a favut -able
chartei obtained from the Legislature, is now
ready to Insure Hotels, Dwelling Houses, Barns,
stables, store Houses, Sitiops, Merchandize, frc.
Stc. , against loss by fire. ., . . s t
. . . DIRECTORS. . , : ,
' JNO. M. K1RKBRIDE. ' -
N.' Hof.LtaTicR,.Treasr- u-::r...-; , -
Jho. M- Kirkbridr, Se-c'y.i- - v.; .'
April 21, 1852.." . . Ge,neraf AEent.
A FULL supply of the following celebrated
Medicine for aile at Kit kbride'a ' Medical
Depot: ? '
Javne'i Exnerlorant. 1 .'. .
Jayne's Alterative, . .
' Jayne's Carminative Balsam
' Jayne's Vermifuge, '"
' . Jayne's Sanative Pills, ' ;;
Jayne's Ague Pills-,'
Jayne's Hah- Tonic.1 5
Roger's Liverwort and Tar,
Townsend's Sarsaparilla, ' ; ' -
- Brant's Pulinoiiary Balsam,
- Brant's Purifying Extract, ; '
v ' Brandredth's Pilhj, li ' ;
McLane'a Liver Pills. ;-
; KMIers T.iver Pilla. .--
'Sellers' Impei ial Cough Syrup, ' ' ' ' "'
' t. Sellers' Vermifuge, .,'"'.''
- Frey's Vermiluge." - ; '- ' -.- - .
Radway's Ready Relief, 1 v',"- ' ' ; f
Radway's Renovating Resolvent, " '
! .Radway's Medicated Soap.r . :; ' '
Radway's Circassian Bain,.
Fitch's Abdominal Supporters, .''
'Fitch's Shoulder Braces, r-
t Fitch's Pulmonary Balsam; ,y..i:..
' Fitch's Pectoral Expectorant, s..
. Fitch'a Depurativ-e Syrup, r
: Fitch'a Pills, Liniment,
r Ointment, &c.,&.c .. '
Wallace's Galvanic Fluid, '. a Ir'n-i--? ''
Wallace's Galvanic Salve, -"y. t
i' Bryan's Pulmoniu VValers, h'- -m-.. r-t v.
j M'Alister'a Ointment,-. j. ,
', Mexican Mustang Liniment. . ..
' ; Hoofland'a German Bitters."
Loudon's Female Elixir, -, ; K.i.A'-f. f.r''
Loudon's Remedy far Piles,
'"f. -Loudon's Ague Pills,'- , r-s.
,j Loudon's Indian Sanative Pills, y.r
t - Loudon's All-Healing Salve.T. .V!-,
.. Loudon's Cherokee Liniment, r ;
r - ' Loudon's Indian Expectorant,.,
, i' "Loudon's Hair Tonic,. v, ;
. Lou4sn!sTonitv,Vermifqf
Ayer's Uherry rectorai, , , , i i
Farrell s Arabian Liniment,-, Uvt A
I 2 Boxes Oreiman Soap, . fa
f, 35 " jieine traiae ooap. w
Also the usual variety of other Patent Medicines
Call and gel an Almanac gratia.. , .-
, March 1,' 1864 ' ".,'if -.O
I apU ami for sale ai KlRKPRIT)h; S.
19 IU ia 1 o
" t- . .1 rii--.f- 1 .
; rotliwu. vyjiaiOjd.iMr!!"! sif ,- v?"
dec 2!. KIRKBRIDE'S.-
to all ChrUdsnized and civil ire eonntrWfcTiaa'
gized and civil iied eoantrttsTas'eBwele L: K
larger proportion of deaths than nT other t-1' "t W"t lV '-'H"
dicta the human fiunily- aAi until wilhio foif Ujp -baa
not been any certain rrmtif to atop- the deTtvMios, a ' '
the destroyer. Bat now j ' . '. i,-
Our ierg man of tfas-moat rrmJyTnarked aotlel.- I " -eae
of Puisnonan) OoTwmption u.tAindoi(int ea ' f .
ulcerated and dUcatd XXHiGS auch kopelat vfS'n
riRvr befurrj enrad Kv aiv other medicine. Bo Malirrv A ts
lea were tome hf the (dieted pean, mM-tB Bn' .
oouDCd pkyniciaH mod fyiuodt (u.be tCTUXLLf -
dome, woo naq weir ountU'CioiQca niaay, amrv iw u '
nd yet live othars. who it was sVld would not live av,o
day, are now as we and hearty as they arr WaJW.Ji f-
, ore now mm wep ana iwany us uiej t wi
noaaeates all ahe.eleansinr and uurifying virtues
TV poaaeatea all le.eleansing'and inlying virtue tMSajl
ka powerful and active aa the preparation which, we cally.. "
a acure aa uie preparation
Thia differa from that; tecause this, possesses taenl .
MediaUionM which are peculiarly adapted to. and are mtaWat .
tynccusorv.to cure ' -. ...
V Coughs and Constnnptlo . ;i
and all diseasea-of a pulmonary narare-sneh dseasse '.k
usually praw ao fatal under ordinary treatment, waasi . r - -V . '
attack the- ' .'-.y ' V-"." i" d "i""-
'." 'Bftast Throat. tnnss.liiiil HtF '
This BALSAM kealm ni enra- Ulan ijht Xs, S t '
else whore iiaernaXlu, Mccrtnhili and frfZia fbt Tv - . '
ino Extbact cures and Heale ulcer erasmeuf. TOtr a
aaw cures ni'rtji cases of Cough and ComfUsiptlom,
alter all other remedies uava Jauta u ga gmo.
Thousands of - Consttmptioaar
nd Chronie CbiAj; Rbandantly proVe tta 'imfaiUhf
in such diseases, and its undoubted curative power, as,
anmliias. healinir nronerdes. in the foltuwiae eosnnlalnti
diwasea, iz.f Slitting at Blood, Bleeding at (a lamp, Pfm
'pitatmn. of the Heart Cholera Infantiin Pjracntoy and Jf-aV.
mer Compidnu In Jjkitdren aud dnlu, -jlsibaat ana sttaaf
lJpntM waiknexm and rrrrjrularititr
diim wh.ihi.r the dorunc:i.mHtit hn mHmrrtemion. axeaaa. me
.other- incidental weakness it regulates ALL, by strength.
tng the ysicnt, eqnaliitv3 Me circulation, mua ooMa-aii
allaying NERVOUS UUtl'f ABILITY, 'Sea pur fjalWi
Krarool.r . -".--- iJlJ ,,t.etff-.- '
,.v, ,.. , CONSUMPTION., , y ,
A Dying Woman Cored r.,'..
.We atate thia cure to prove the jowr to save' lifcQk
this BAI.S&ST-U used, eyen ajtorjne person M tm
by physician and friesds to beja .the Sast slags, of
-actually aying nv uj, uua aaae. p
shroud and burial-clothes were bought.
e..-sofar gams that
ht." ' For the amieawi
d undoubted proof of al .
nf thi rnib. nnil thp rexTientabU and M
the circumstances Jind lnotn, wereterlo our fAVrHbCia :
ThicurewaettctedonMra.ZIBADYKEM.l.of Ballty. ,.
ton Spa. Saratoga Co., N. Y. We can prove, bey ond a diMai r
many others almost equally aahom-less. iXrnnnssm'sis, taaaa -. ..t.
. A l. i rTTOjrn i,Lk w-m . .
Hounceil 'incurable by akutul paytcuuu..
ui. ijuuArnt, mm who. . r... w. ...
flee the cure at Dr. Hubbard, of Stamford, QU efMa.
Dyspepsia !
See the enre of f. S. Wilcos. merchant, of AtHea, Wy asahat
Co., N. aid-many more. In onai amphleU.'. ;- .
Dysentery "and Svmimerr Complilt
Unit Km nlvra'us cured. Wtakbi Chttdrsi
will become Jlcshy, healthy, and hearty, and grow rajHfliy, WF j,
the nae of this BALSAM. . . ; . - v j :L-.:'2j'----J-.
i j .u jA-.h m 1m Vna War ' -
CliolernlHfnulitin, while teediing, if B&AWTawyjr . . i.
htnSJRY HAT.SAM ho administered. It should O. fcS
auch case, girea in larger than the ordinary dosaa. i - ; --
AWmu .LSk. VBTTa - AA daV .dm
If thousands of Cures of Scrofula. .6mar. Svjtna,lB) .
Mhrr impute diseases of the gtoodund ifth VERXSMAls. V"!-"
HtfAXTtTT aaw used of a MrdQm Unfed Cnrmsf,. ;-.
such Diseases, be ana proof of the vuriftrinjr medical wosr Is . '
n mmiriws mua, aas suoauen ma 1 1 ' w IJ 1 1 Ba
mat mere ts unquestionable eviienca that
1 11 F
1 1,
is sveh a Medicine, in arerr resnect :raml there ht i
proot in great cures effected, that ONE BOTTLE of it earn.
.mins Mwre puniytng, ncaunt- virrue. ana awwnHr, u. y .
there is contained in Fottr JBoUltsrf nj sarvspmriB,, f'
other Malicine that has ever been ottered far sale Tb
ia undoubted proof in onr pamph!ota,that by the urn at c St
gnt- 7adti.rir, .tbey iha) Vcm Draia rat Ll" t
they that were Lhtti add Cbi'fpled can now Waljc4w f . ,
that were Sick, Sckofoxovs, and oiharoia disaasad, - :' -been
Uxalkd and Cckko. , . . ; ;j . . 'i" jf ''' .
. iirmareas Tnonaanaa JT
who hare used Urant "a FnairtBa, alter having naaa
tested all the sarsaparillat and other medicines
mended to cure blood diseases, have decided XbsA p-i,
.-. Brant's is the Cheapest
because One Bottle of it has mors medical, enratkre itaf
ta it, and, in consequence, enrea stars rfiiaims tm twaatt hyst
time, than one bottle of any other medicine. - y 5 f -
1 f, then, Out Bottle' of Ba ant's Pumrixa will core mVCHX
iimm.3 more aiseaae tcan oh mxu'0
"Brant's Fcbifieb" would be as cheap at four wwy
bottle; aa sarsaparilla at one dollar. But BRAKT8 Hint
F1EII is aold lor only ONE DOLLAR botfla: sav) aaa
. bottle of it has cured, and is capable of riti Four flaws
as much disease as one bottle of tanaparila, tSerefara, ea
snparilla, in consequence of. its lest power and last Baedieaf
efficacy, ahould be said at no. mere than Tmnmtf-fim Oaaat
per buiLle, to. bo as cheap as the (ramu at OnaJDaUmr. - '
.., One" JoluVw'prtlitfv
How much Cancer how much STPmxia bew '
ScaoretA-wfll One Dollar's scorth of BranTi PPJUt, I .
cure t Aead the following statement, which is a sp lina, a
ol lt power. .. . . :. , . , .
cancerous; scrofula r ,
This la the case of a Dvtng man who ircC ticca. Ve saas
cured of a.worse case of Scrofula, hy only Wa BseMm mtl .
Brant's runner, than ever was cured by tne use of TaMBa
Gallons of the best sarsaparilla that was ever Saaday Bsaasr ,
parilla haa t sii&cicnt.medicaL power 4et thst.as)f .-
such a revoltingly hopeless ease, "V-i; U
Mr.j. u. uaskisi, ot Kome, tsna . rii Baa iBUBj
Ida four yean was confine4 to' 1 A $ ss
was so much 'diseased and 'debilitated loba'u .aim t
raise his hand to his head. T Be had the hmtwmkesiJ-'
had used all of the best snrsaparillas to nov HI V
gut worse and worse, and was considered 1s IcUS Vf T
State, and could not live twenty-four hovrs lop "w M'.i
commenced using' BRANT'S PURIFIER', i i
sates near be off, from car to tar a hot was r
his windpipe, under his cbin, so that he- ore
the hole his ear was so eaten around that it e
uout of it place, it only holding by sssau i
use oi one ana was aestroyea oy iw uicera an viBrat
the arm. as lanre as a mac's farad, bad nenrry aaria tsrm
his side into hit body. . Thus, be was afflicted sjrba. I-
such putrid, acrid, offensive Ulcers, on vasiooa p.ta t
erson. hor turtcerand tuii.parneunaB.see saw jse
Doct. Thomas Williams, one ot tne momar
rians of Home, was called to see Haakla the Wwr
cororoenced using1 rana Pwrifier.--. Daet V.emajL
M wifrt nrrviiivA nnA hotdn of SHANES mtTMim a I
EXTRACT that aoTTia enabled me 4a get at a ssa 1
the skcond bottle enabled me to gel out of th llsaii tas)
third enabled me ts tsalk two miles, smi whan I had tmsm
ed nsin; Nine Bottles, Skvkmtkkn.ouI ef tmntsty Ulasra m-i
H baled cp and three Mines- mors enectea a rtuavs v
. CURK ami restored me to good health. "' ' - .
The above facts arc certified to by DOCT. T."W11.M"V
Mr. a. K. BROWN, of West Rome H"leL Nmsi. Bioxli.r .
it I ,EON A R D.i Orug.iata,. and. fcLE V slN: other ratjsjia 1 at . '
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r. nv.y Worse than ItopeleM!-: i, t
1' Kow hear Mr.HASKlN'S statement of eara. ' P "V . r. :'
For sole by J. M. Krrkbride,;Woodi2Ur : ;
. ' t 1 .-. i " aii -f . -j -r K.- IT V
GREAT IffilVlSaSXt - i
5 if;?tt''
'.1st Mild, SafeJ-jrhurou-h' and" the tretftt Eatssnwsf
Remedy ever used. It is composed ef Wegemhth Ettrtstta
and possesses
wtkauaHed i'W tfLsinnal ef jWssMrtaal a . ?
for lite cure oj
It is universalty or know lei lie J to ha a infallible sawajiN1,- ;
: ut every; caae where at na Decn Jajunauy aprnwaf u j
numan bjtpiciii, nr in'iuuiiu uueiwum c.f,.w, w
is invaluable in an uiaeaess m me
ie flesh. ' Ob jmfsx Ueai '4 -' v '
atBVrna, Cu S, Cw- -a v
Jrenst.lW'aaof r 1. -,' "
Old iSnraa, uiiiibiamsteore Tnroai
Erim'tk. Sor Nipris.Sore Breast. 1
ram mo riue, bhu -"iiiw- trv , , . ,
ScaliU Heacf, Bis, Sresh Woumla, PSev - .
kind of aore-conutthin? the least panicle of liy aajaiiaa .
ere permanently' cureJy Cusp-eat remedy: ; " - .yJ '
HEwlxmo v'tTuiia.-A
It f a TtteU anthenticawheitaasBajaanaf"sa :;'.
:iate. a ad indaad Hit. r hula westenviaiaa. thatT ,-
- Medicines bae obtained a wide sprsail celebrity,- 4 r.
're,'' and powers. We are not among ttnae wast a
prone o endnra every patent rntmlme Ibat tsanaa t f, '
and in thia inniaiifcA KSra -delated jour emlotaanMsai a :
we have been able to make assurance doubt sni, not. . 'Vi?
ny icallll uRlil (TOwmhiiij vuitwuw uuv imiiiaa.
nvHiy ot at niiwniemus pnruon of the com salinity IMag
around oa. Itllinoia Gluln, Aphl lX 1850. t
i A rm'st rong,' M &dnjr & Cd.,' BeCstll f .
"loKh' Ioon&;; Malaga; VI ' ' vv & ''fj i
aair. 3eneseaElfieV:-t!J' '-v't x
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