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i.fW 'n learned, " j
i'j i'ii3Mf b'anucned and owned and earned; t
' V "" And tike our noblest fruits improved, ' ' '';
'' y being transplanted and, removed. V- ; ' '
.- rJ uwi hr-.-v 9y.l'.:wt-:vt ll i' XButler '
H,rJt u1.v-m1 THB FROCr.'1
ui kim fanny things that liver no"'
" ' In "woodland, marsh or box, ',' ,
.1?SJ creeps tbe ground, or flies the ir,
fTh fnnnie.t thin, th fmm
- - . ' -
e frog the scientiScest'
-1 IdJ 6f p'.h.re''aidiworkT.fc --The
froi.'ifiaiVeitbiBr walk not
nor rum, ;
"?WgoMH withd jerk;
-, a. j .; . .. u -
,ilvv Willi paotiart'd coat of bottle green.
And yellow fancy Vest,' 'm"- .-'
" He plunges into rand and mire - ; r
" V' 'n Ylt Sjindey beet ; . . jv".
L v rThen he site do wn he's standing np
- jAfd for convenience' sake, he, wears
v..':; Hi eyes on. the top of his heed.
To" fee bim sitting on a.log.
, j Above tire vasty , deep.'
You feel inclined to say "Old chap,
'; Wx't 'sN JusHooV before you leap I"1 '!
tsMTooTaWe your cane to' hit him on'
; But re you get it half way op, - -
aeti!.-fct! sAooWtf be goes kerehug. -' ?
lrfj Ih-vimi - - . --.- - ' -
-ir Lc j ia r-' W! - ' .'Ji'if.'
xou aro a buck. .
A'WrtsTiit oollega Profeasor'had sem-
ll51itlriltsi jijtttiooihmeapementof.tli
yamVndu'4 'MctiDg over the list of
Samea ta tea that all rr jpresent. ' It
, UtROBf thmtfcai ff th nurnber' w unf
''r kiiarri'tonbra iofessor.'haying jiiit anter-
jdJhtxflUsav. lL--J;LL.-.
What 'taVyoWnafnarr?' kd the
' Frofe8or, 4ookioff through his spectacles
Totr are a briak was the a
' ,tl,' aaidsthft ; Pofeslor, half at arting
csxTj nta (ih'altj at the supposed imperii
.rCevbttt kbtmilte aura taat he had un
; derstood him correctly, -Sir; 1 did not ex
cCylfiiderst&n'd! your aoawer.' x i. '
,35.Yfltt ire ay briok,' was ttgain the oom-
'v';j-f?J4f-jtl4rrid tha Pfofeaaor;
' nU ac.raddenine. ; 'Beware: young man,
MjMtf 'attempt t insult me.' J"
!! youl 'aaiTjhaatudentin
.atofttahadr . How hate I dona ill'
fc f oa'rtot1 aaV-! Waa a brick?'
ifPpr'PUi1 Btiflad-lndigoa-
. . ciMi laM v tj fi.;.. .'' l
,U fN airryokr asked me my name, and
6rer' rout, 'qqestion.- : My name is
- V TAb,;iosleedP.murmured the Professor,
' tiUdrfi1 baak'into." his. seat in' confusion.
Jft 'ir'aa a liiso&nc e pti bn 'oa my parj,. Wi)t
ijo.ui wmmenca J&;4eBon Mr. ahem
' .vnfi tese dm n ill i ' . .i ' in ,',. aJ f
CgwlBirat fierce lawyer ,,'dc'yottl
yyouraath'rkwear that this is not y6ur
Vihsl'wrftinklf 'reckon oot,!'was the cool
eWpJjrs Doaa. it xeaemMs your writing?
rf-aaaM tniiik it-aoart.?"-4uo you- swear
"fca m ynt ; Yeseroble youir-writinKT"
fi6I oi t'iie your oath tha ihi9rWng
d?.?ftP4 rasBmbie your ir a single letter?'
Y-a-a-a, airl'i4aw; how do you knowT
XaUa 1 oanTwnrel"
w VHlrCOTHECTrPleaa, Mister give
:twlrt ' my son. bupenny or aar
Vnndle?" .. .. t
'No3,' uesa'MnV--ftll for the Koss
s?:fk 4 .tkaiirhaiitHht Turkish
. j- ' i pp ( p -atj ' f
ieeN Anun-t5eyvaUetidedorne fashion
Uartieaft 'Wailiineton: 'where the la
; aarka
.fc,alpeJted to' aaa-aa. many' ot -Amen
ejtfir Ucms - bat not- ar muctu' ' uit.'em
? "KriO 'joff "'i c)??na..wM ibu -,80
Nltody.Wi UndJord.vrAs everything is
Xandlord atid.'
-axCVe,! laa co art py , Cater
laa. I vaa go. oa my afield to iioe- DV pqU
toaa corn. .tlfc, l aeesiCaterine ooming
der road, ao I din togtv him a boo so 1
: Keahd"sWst as T-vaa going o
too hirjjJaWpJTiJO derehdeaRd atioks
jl j'irtf trol jin 1 hinr krrtaloofif and
thaavmheep.THt van' tieT oo his pack
('4yabacrl.taf rifea ; W- arraetern
make it any longer, ifyou did; its pres
ant length, suite me very well.'
BffiS. -To kif Jebuse to klsa again.
Conderbuestw girls' kissing each oth
er. Ortbu8 t j kisf all the girls in the
trI r"Med tht .sjjFrofeaaor at Cam-
; krid
If ' ) t:n diiplaCed beoauseTiereg
' J t;;ronbmical clock ao; aa to
L 1T l; : ineaa Ume!it
. tTiiwanKwJiqiwaaA
despair?' -haa he set in a serious frame
t3y-.V.ftMfl pa,HOf
fCi7T A-vdOW'n,asi paper 'says jbat the
' Wulea' J e'(;hopt'aii has since caught
; 'a8rVriintorJ
i rfCiTsThaj'e.i ara ?.tw.areesona why you
-:-aBotfi Jf&tini'eftlipit.ari red;towl)en: he is
wVwjAiiOnesir, it ipto'ptii him out
. F a .ntka. a t m i mK.KI .111 n., timl.
i wuwwjm .gii j
: f yitrt1! .!'!'? "a rii
: set
frTfsrrhrsfeMii ative nawT aa!d an
urchin o his teacher. What, feilowa do
X: JbhWti?nF:4iF$ XYfiiji Paul, and
iMka; knrleroSx.n'dhm
lifrtViri.!Tei)3tfdT ,'AfVlwilUbecanae ii at.
H,'qiiiwalJa.4leadi-ii;5 .-T4 -2
kthe ne,1 Teel-ifiny Iuty td raise your
,la.t55 illj1 aiaaetiBjriti:I 3isel truly
'ta0ilYV(DiA59 B'atd,'.'tfea't it is
tilf a WDoaaibUra tor .raisa it .'tnraelf.'
irffiwkviirt i vb iliii 3iJ ill'
, . rr v f ! V '
aitei"l cioh'tjwaftt your uuie paper any
Townioli theedito replied 'rwouldn't
.iTbe'-tw'o fltigHbofa whd.fell otit, kof i
.v '.-. . f ; ;; : .. ,U l.;t
C 1 " , : ' TERMS OF stibsceiption: , .
One dollar and fifty cents per annum, if paid
in advance; otherwise two dollars will be requir-1
ed. Marketable produce will be taken in payment.
No paper will bediecontinued, except at the op
tion of the editor, until all arrears are paid. -
All letters and communications sent by mail
mast be post-paid.
- . - JOB PEINTIK8 '
Eiecnted with neatnees and dispatch at thisOfflce, ,
)nd at reasonable prices. .
- For 8 wks. 3 inos. 6 mos. 9 moe. I year.
1 square, $ 1. $T. g3 9 4. 5
2 squares, I. 3. 5. 3. T.
3 column, . 4. - 6. T.
"column. 8. 7. 10. 1. 13.
1 column, 8. 10. 1ft. 20. 2S
Twelve lines, or lees, will be charged as
one square. v
ftxy All legal advertisements ' will be charged by
the square. - '' . ..."
v,f. Subscribers who do not rive epress ao'tice
to the contrary , are considered a wishing to con
tinue their subscription-
t. If subscribers order the discontinuance of
their periodicals, the publisher may continue to
send them until all arrearages are paid.
' S If subscribers neglect or refuse to take their
periodicals from the offices to ' which they are di
reeled, tbey are held responsible till they have
settled ttie bill, and ordered them discontinued. '
4. If subscribers remove to other places without
informing the publishers, and the papers are sent
to the former direction, they are nem responsible.
S.' The eourtsheve decided that relusinc to take
periodicals from the office, or removing and leaf
ing them uncalled for, is prima facie evidence of
intentional fraud.
, r Attorneys at Law,
Woods field, Ohio.
D. M. H0LUSTER. - - - - JOHN S. WAY.
: HOLLISTER ic; WAY, i ".
' Attornejs at Law, ;
' : Woodsfield, Ohio.
Jianiel 11. Vri rc,"
Woodsjfield, Monroe C.',0hio.
9C-Office two doors north of Probate office.
Woodajteld, Monroe County, Ohio. I
: John Sinclair, ' .
Will practice in Monroe and aujmninireoun-
lies. Office one door south of the office of the
Probate Judge, i! - !
-flollister, Okey & Ilollisler,
! Woodsfield, Ohio, i
Drl W. H. Dowcllr i
" Antioch, Monroe Co., Ohio.'
: Dr. W;T.SineIair.
OFFICE up stairs in the new building;
door south of J P. Randolph's Hotel. ;
Woodsaeld, April 13,1863.
.V v-.:;.Dr.' J. II. Ticrsoa . '-;
OFFERS his professions! service to the citi.
zens ef -Woodsfield and vicinity;-: i- '
,Dr. Pi an son may be found either at his tiffice,
npppaite J. A.. G. H. Davenport's Store, or at
Driggs's Hotel, Woodsheld. , , -
Oct-5,1853. -... . . . ' .'
- ,: Dr. J. L. Dye, ' :;:;
fTUSNDERS his professional services to the cit
X. izens of Woodfield and vicinity, in the prsc
tice ot 4ieilicinand Surgery. . Office and .resi
dence one door north of the building lately occu
pied by W. Cj Walton, dee'd, as a store-room. .
' Dr. T. Rose,
FFERS his services to the citraene;of Grays-
JP yille' and vicinity as Physician, Surgeon and
Obstetrician. . -r .- - . , ? .
July , 186S. i U J a
Sunfisfa and Wheeling Daily Packet
UV)fV'"'t' ' "'- 'J. K. Booth, Master, -
- .w.ii i UIr ISH every day at
6 o'clock, A; M., and WHEELING at 4 o'clock,
p.M:" x- - - " '
. All business entrusted to this boat will receive
prompt attention. - j-' : -'! -
March 31. 1852. ' ' '.i - -v.-.
HAVING recently purchssed a W.habf Boat.
in connection with his Wxikuodsb, w now
ready to accommodate Moving Families at mod
erate charges, .Merchants consigning their goods
to bis care, will have them received at night and
in wet wealber on the Wharf boat, without extra
charges. ' . , ,..t;:....Aug. 17.
Clocks and Watches.
'' ' T. J.1 ADAMS, " . :
11 AVIWC removed to the building ,m"
AT mediately west ot Steed 8 Motel, an-
nounces to his friends that he is still car
rying on the business ot Repairing' Clocks and
Watckts. - . - - -
' He has also for sale Clocks and Watch
es, and a Jine assortment of Jewelry ,-Toys,
fee. Woodsfield, Mar. 1.
J5,, E. Duhgan' nas remoV?
-ed his SHOP from Ferry to -Main street,
South side. 3 doors West of J. H. Smith's, where
he is prepared to do all kinds of work in his line.
WATCHES AND CLOCKS repaired aud war
ranted to keep good time. : : ;!
Clarington. N ov. 23, 1S6. r ; . ' -
Marble Sliop. ,T
THE undersigned respectfully informs the pub
4 he, that he still continues to manufacture '
Tombs, Monuments, Grave Stones,
&e., at bis shop Jo MiUonoburgh, Monroe county.
Ohio, of any sly le desired, and ot the best quality
ol American' aud Italian. Marble, which be has
made arrangements to receive from the East. - ,
, He has also established a Shop jo Woodsfield,
for the convenience ot his customers.-, , . , ,;
, His work, will be furnished at reasonable prices,
and delivered at such places as may be. agreed up
on,' ' He has .received twq prerpitMus .from the
Monroe County i Agricultural Socintyh.Ior speci
mens ot his work, and he flatters himself he can
render satisfaction to all who may want work in
his line. Orders left "with D. H. Wire. Esq,
Woodrfield. Wm, Rrao, Miltonsburgh, and Dr.
JCDKiNS, MaTaga, will receive prompt attention.
May 10, 1854. -j:I..H(ERSTING.
in n i '", V e V i .
:. signed bas been appointed .and qualified aa Ad
; minis tra tor; of nhn MCsaiin, laie pf Mqarv
county, deceased. Those haying claimsagainst
Matd.sfaie wili please present them immediately,
propcrly-aiiihenticaleiL,; .- J4COB FISHER,-Ki
! sep;?tJ, Jl854.ii ianf, ; Administrator.
Canai y S eed , t . til emp: Seed
L ;. ,-Fish. Bone,- '.fr m-- Bird agss.
For skle at --,.' KIRKBRIDE'S.
May lt'w ( ;f.--r:';i
., : i ' r jgega i '
THE subscriber has jtisl received a Large and
Well-selected Assortment of very superior
Boots and Shoes,
which he is determined to eell at reasonable prices-
Hrs stock is now one of the largest ever
opened in this market, and he fells assured be
can suit all age and conditions with just such
Boots snd Shoes es they may need, either of
Eastern or Home-made Work. His stock manu
factured in his own shop is very large. Call and
see, before purchasing elsewhere.
Abo A lot of SULK LEATHER for sale.
Remember the sign of the "RIG RED
BOOT," first door north of DrigK'V Hotel-
Woodsfield, Oct. 8, 1661.. . C. DIEHL.
For Young Ladies and Gentlemen.
milE SECOND SESSION ot the above named
. Institution will commence- on the 21 st day ol
August, and continue 14 weeks.
: The Department of English and Classical Liter
ature will be uuder the direction ot Sahvsl
Davenport, A.M.; and that of Mathematics and
Natural Science, of Mr- iaua I. Thompsom , an
eanerienced Mathematician.
Tuition tees will Oe motierate, ana every care
will be taken to afford to young ladies and gentle
men the means of acquiring a thorough Classical
and Mathematical education.
. Special attention will be directed to those wish
ing In qualify themselves for Teachers.
July 26, ISS-l.
" ISrick for rale;
rpHE undersigned has for sale a large lot of first
i rate uivi'n., wnicn n wmnes 10 ni-poso oi.
Those in waut of Brick will please give him a
call. M. MORROW.
Woodsfield, sept 9.
The uiidersisiied has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of Ronanoa M'Wil-
liams, late of Monroe county, Ohio, deceased.
Those indebted to said estate will make immedt
ate payment; and those having claims against said
estate, will present them properly authenticated
within one yir. - JOSiAH .WILSON,
Nov. 1, 1854. Adm'r
Vol. X or the "Soismtific Amkricaw
commences on the' 16th of September It
chiefly devoted to the advancement nf the inter
ets of Mechanics, Inecnlort, Manvfaclurtrs and
Farmers, and is eilited by men practically skilled
in the arts and sciences. Probably no other jour
nal of the same character is so extensively circu
latcd, or so generally es'eemed for its practical
ability Nearly all the Valuable Patents which
irtue weekly from the Patent Office are illustrated
with. Engravings, and the claims of all the Patents
are published regulai iy in its columns as they are
issued, thus maktnf it a perfect Scientific and .Me
chanical Encyclopedia of information upon the
subjects oi Mecliauiral Improvements, Chemistry
Engineerine; and ' the Sciences generally. It is
published Weekly in quarto form suitable for
binding, and each Volume contains 416 Pages
oi Readme Matter. Several Hundred Engravings
with a full and complete Index . Its circulation
on the last Volume exceeded 23 .000 copies per
week, and the practical receipts in one volume
are worth to any family much more than the sub-
senptton price.
. The following: Cash Prizes are offered by the
publishers lor the lourteen largest lists ol subscn
bers sent iu by the -1st of January. 1855: $100
will be given fur the Uigest list; 35 for the sec
nod; $65 for the third; 955 for the fourth; $50
for the huh; $45 for the sixth; $40 tor the sev
enth; 835 for the eighth; 30 for the ninth; 25
for the tenth; $20 for the eleventh; $15 for the
twelfth; 910 for the thirteenth; and 5 for th
fourteenth. "The cash will be paid to the order
of the successful competitor immediately after th
let of January. 185. .
TH KM One copy, one year; $1 : one copy
six months, $1 : five copies, six months, $4: ten
copies, six month; 89: ten copies; twelve months
$15: fifteen copies, twelve months, $22 ; twenty
copies, twelve months, $29 in advance."- -
' No number of subscription above twenty can
be taken at less than $1,40 each.' Names can be
sent in st different times and from different Post
Offices. - i ;
Southern and Western money taken- for sab
scrip-.ions. ..i : f
: Letters should he directed, postpaid, to Must"
&.C5o. 128 Fulton-Street, N. Y. .
. Messrs. Mom is fe Co. are extensively engaged
in procuring patents for new inventions, and will
advise inventors, without charge, iu regard to the
novelty of their improvements- . , sept. 13.
Court or Common Pleas Partition.
Isaiah Payne, aud Mariah Payne his, wife,;;
Jacob Wesfner, and Barbara Weslner his wife,
.Adam Piler, Frederika Pifer, Eueil Pifer, aod
Joseph Pifer. -? ...
NOTICE. Jacob Wesfner, and Barbara West
nerhis wife, Adam Pifer, Frederika Pifer,'
Eneil Pifer, and Joseph Pifer, will take notice
that a petition was filed againat them on the 21st
day of August, 1854, in the Court ol Common
Pleas, and is now pending, wherein Isaiah Payne
and Mariah Payne his. wife, demand partition of
the following real estate, to.wiu the south east
quarter of the north east quarter ot section twenty-five,
township sis,-, and range six ' Also, the
north west quarter of the north west quarter ol
section nineteen, township six, . and range -six
And that at the next term of said Court, applica
tion wilt 4e made by the said Isaiah and Mariah
Payne, or an order that partition be made of said
premises:" r ' WIRE & RICHARDSON.
Oct. 11, 1854. Atts for Pet'r.
TVVOIICE. Presley J.' Martin, of the state of
JJ Iowa, will take notice, that on the 19th day
of October, A D. 1854, Rachel J. Martin filed in
tha nfBr.ii nf thi! Clerk nf lha Court of Cnmmon
I PI... . nf . MniM-na fnlinlv. ' Oliin. har natitiiln
J against the said Presley J. Martin, the object and
-raver of which is, to obtain a decree for a'di-
vorca and alimony. The causes assigned -in said
petition for a dissolution nf the marriage contract
are, gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty, and
adultery with one Mary Fearce. ' . .-
The said Presley J. Martin is hereby notified
that at tbe spring Term of said Court, for the
year A. D.1855,the said Rachel J. Martin will ask
fur a decree upon said petition. :-" '
Att'y fr Petitioner.
Dated 19thOctober,'1854.i-6w.
THE Subscriber has just opened one door north
of the building lately occupied by Win. U. Wal
ton, dec d, a large supply of - -
; Drugs, Med icmes, Paints,
' '" OILS, D YE S TUFFS, ttC, '
Suitable for this market,!; which he will sell at
wholesale or retail at reasonable prices. '" - -
WooosriELD, June 8. J. L. DYE.
M. signed has been appoiuted and qualiued as
Administrator of the estate of Isano Conley, late
oi Monroe county, Ohio, dee'd. Those indebted
to aaid estate will make immediate payment, and
those having claims -will present theia properly
authenticated within -one year.1- - ' -Sept.
6, 1854. - . , ' WM. CONLEY
'i'Sgroiid hi ral;; from
Plaid browii and blue Berber,
:; Bonnet Frames and Crowns, . ''
s ' : pink, Crape and Silk Wir ' s" .
, ; Gnm and JMorocco Walking Shoes,'
' :r,' : Received and for sale' at i
May'lO - - V; ;5 : v KUlRgRiDE'S.'',
ECLEGTIO Reader,-2nd Reader; 3rd" Resd
err4tl Header, 5tli Header. RAY'S. ARITH
METlOi Piris ;2d ; anil 3rd, MITCHELL'S
School.,wGeographyvr PINNEO'S i Gran mara
KlnAHAM $ uttmmtr. s COMSTOCK'S- Phl
losdphr!r, WEBSTER'S i Dictionary.! Metalic
Peuajfaperjlnk.Quiils, Slates, Stc; for Kale at
JXov.SO,, .a r-'.nt. U g.ui-KIRKBRIDE'S.
-'-.--- '' " '- ,- . i wVS
Holland House.
Vb6dsfield; Ohio.;- ;, i
rPHE large and commodious house dn the south
JL- west corner of Main and Main Cross streets,
has been fitted up with new furniture of handsome
and comfortable style, and is now open for the ac
commodation ot eruesis: - The subscriber invites
the patronage of the public; and those who favor
him with their company may be assured of a hos
pitable reception, the best fare, and such comforts
and atteutioua as will make his house compare la
vorably with any others. - Bills moderate. '
July 6,1853.
The Subscriber has just received from Balti
more and f hiladelpfiia, a Large and Splendid
consulting in part of j
Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Boots,
Woodsfield, April, 1854.
Bargains!! Bargains!!!
TH B subscriber, by way of addition to the
town of Woodsfield, has caused to be sur
veyed and divided, that excellent tot nf land ad
joining said town, situated on the south part there
of, and west of the road leading to Sietereville;
and he now offers, AT PRIVATE SALE, aud
at low prices,
1Q XOTfia
of convenient size, not excelled as lota for build.
ing or any other purposely any in or adjoining
the town. This is well known to be the most
pleasant and healthy portion of the village, and
a de-inable site fur all who want a comfortable
icme, or a lot good for any other purpose, at a
low price
Those wishing to purchase must apply soon, as
the subscriber intend to close up his affairs this
fall, preparatory to a location elsewhere, aud is
therefore determined, in the above language, to
e uaTgaiua:: oargains:::
JLitten & Morne,
TJtreshing Machine Builders & Repairers.
TTTILL have constantly on hands Macrisrd
IT of all kinds; also Cleaners of the
and latest improvements. . - . -
From past experience we natter ourselves that
we can equal any manufactured in the State.
Persons wishing to purchase Machines will
please give us a call and examine for themselves
All work warranted to pelorm right or no sale
AT T) - AH old Castings and Iron taken in ex-
It X). change for work, for which the highest
price will be given. LITTEN & HORNE.
Sunfish, June 7, 1S54. , , -,
rpHE undersigned have located in the town of
L Woodsfield, for the purpose of carrying on
the business or
, , Cabinet Making, '.
in all its various branches.- They have now en
band a good assortment of Cabinet Ware, which
Ibey will sell at reasonable prices. They will also
make to order : - . r- . . ? i
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Chairs,
"and all other kinds of work in their line, on short
notice.- They respectfully solicit those in need
of work to give them a call; ;
Woodsfield. May 17. 1864. , ' '
- JLook Here! Look-Here !-
TOTSM.: unt, of (Jlanngton, has taken a
wf partner, and eularged his Shop, and is now
prepared to accommodate the public, on' short no
tice," with : all kinds of work in hie line, Buch as
Mill Irons, Turning Lathes. Wagons, Carls,
: Harrows. Cultivators', Wheel-Burro ws,
Log and Trace Chains, Hoes, Mat
: : locks. Axes, : Cooper's Tools, .- "
. . Edge Tools of all kinds:
Also, a large assortment of Juuiatta and Mis
souri Iron for sale. ; ,' -..i '
v Old scrap iron wrought-and cast taken in
exchange for work. AII kinds of produce taken!
at cash price. .. LITTEN at HIEKNAri .
- - Clarington, June 7. 1854. ; i v . .
No. 143. Main Street, Wheeling, Ya,
BEGS leave to inform his friends and the public
generally that he has just returned from' the
Eaet. and m now receiving the largest and most
desirable? etock of CARPETS. BUGS. OIL
CLOTHS MATTINGS, ate, .- ever offered
in, Wheeling.-.-., The alock has been selected with
great care, from the beat standard of English and
American snake, t , , .
Also, a large and beautiful stock of Curtain
Goods, Gimps, Trimmings, etc., etc., together
with a great variety ot other house lurnmning ar
ticles, all of which will be sold at very low prices
J ;. . ! J.C. HAKBOUK..V
June 7.. . .. No. 143, Main St.
fTtHE undersigned,' thankful for past favors,
X would inform the puhlic that he still contm
ues the business of BUKVlLr iwu. " Me may
be found a part of his time -iu' Woodsfield, and
a part of his time in' Malaga township.
May 18,1R3. ! 1 ."'"
, Lewis BaltzellDatter, T
W TOULD respectfully inform tlie citizens of
V v ' Woodsheld and vicinity, that he has com
menced the Manufacture of HATS, of the best
finish and of the latest styles, which he will sell
at moderate prices. All in want of GOOD
HATS, will please give him a calt. .
All kinds cf furs will be taken fn exchange for
his work. - Hie shop is in -the -building recently
occupied by W . w . Jordan as a tiuner s shop.
Woodsheld Aug. 91. , r : -;
Grave Stone Cutting.
THE - undersigned , has removed to Sunfish
Creek, three-quarters of a mile above Rich
ner's mill, where he is carrying on the business ol
in its various branches. -Those entrusting' their
work to him will have it-done in the neatest aud
most approved style of workmanship, and at mod
erate pricea. ' (Jcj-Marble Grave and Tomb Stones
urnnhed to order V. CAwLrlELU.' -
FOR the sale -of DR. S. S. FITCH'S eetebra
. ted Instruments and medicines, viz: Patent
Silver Plated Abdominal Supporters, Patent steel-
spring Shoulder Braces, silver Enhaling Tube,
fuimonary jtaisam, sectoral expectorant, rure
and Medicinal Cad Liver Oil, Pulmonary Lini
ment, Heart Corf ector, Humor Corrector, Depu-
rative Syrup, Ami-Dyspeptic Mixture, Cathartic
Fills, Cholera and Uholic specthc. Vermifuge. &c.
Tbe above form Dr. Fitch 'a treatment of Put'
monary Consumption, Asthma, Heart Disease,
Stc., which baa been ao eminently successful in
relieving aud curing those diseasea. AU the above
remedies are prepared by Dr. F. for his practice,
and warranted good. , His reputation. founded on
success,, win recommend, them to the. afflicted.
who will Bud Dr. Fitcjh's "Guide to the Inval
ids" a valuable book. It is given away at tbe
store of the agents-. . Those sufl ering from falling
of the bowels or womb will find. Dr. F support
er light and pleasant, and fitting perfectly, aud at
tne same time most efficient. The shoulder brace,
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taken together, are unsurpassed by any article
ever made., All to be had of the agent, .
iWiLtuM STEi;stafior4;:clo;;.
;:w heeling; iTRjiJGjriu:
PERSONS .wishing, to get Cheap Furniture
wiil do well to call . at .the Mammoth Fern,
ishing Waie Rooms of the subscriber. No. .181,
Mam, St-, Wheeling, 7 Va., where they Av ill see
tlie best assortment ot all kiuds nf
tFT;RNITTJEB and, nousE-riiiWGS,s.; v
Such as Bureaus, of eyery description. Bedsteads,
ot every style, and price,, and almost everything a
i i
person isy "t m going to , house-keeping.
Every variety and style of (.i UvtM .-!,. . r-
Chairs, Mattrages, Clocks. Ioking-Glasses, -Tin
Safes,. Refrigeratoir. he he. v
4an7f ,r4i-,H; j,W. M BERRYHILL:
INCORPORATED by the Legislature ot Penn
sylvania, with a perpetual charter.
board or DiaaCToas:
Hon. James Buchanan, I Hon. Walter H.Lowrie,
wiiuam wiikins, I cbarles IN ay lor,
" Moses Hampton, I Gen. J. K. Moorehead
P. DUFF, Principal; .Author of Duff's Book.
keeping, etc, rro lessor or Book-Keeping and
Commercial Sciences.
L. H. DALHOFF, Professor of Penmanship.
N. B. HATCH, Esq., member of the Pitts
burgh Bar, Professor ot Commercial Law.
P. HAYDEN, A. M., Principal of the Math
ematical and Classical Department, Professor of
Mathematics, tic.
FOUR ASSISTANTS are constantly employ
ed In the Book-keeping Llepartment.
Dorr s System or Book-keeping is taught
by the author, upon his new - invented Blank
Books ca vested for patent June 5, 1854. By
means of this important invention, in about half
the usual time of study, the real practice of Bonk
keeping is imparted to a degree of perfection
never before attained in the United States. -
His trsining for business comprehends upwards
ol 4uu real busiuess transactions, 300 commercial
computations. :
A thorough course of business Penmanship
Dailt Lbcturcs on Commercial Law and
Commercial Sciences, the theory of profits, the
art of making money, fee. - -
Dun's Hook-Keeping, Hsrper's edition, price
$1,50, postage 21 cents, "the most perfect and
comprehensive in the English Language."
Dun s steamboat Book-keeping, price 91,
postage 9 cents,Ma perfect system lor auch Books
and Accounts.
Duff's Commercial Calculations, price 50 cents.
09-Send for a Circular by mail
June 28, 1854.
Staple Good?, Silks, Variety and
0 OLICIT the attention of Merchants generally
Vj to their stock now iu store, and being receiv
ed weekly throughout the season, which will be
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lo their Silks and Dress Goods tbey ask par
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Also Embroideries and White Goods;
Linen Goods and Laces;
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Ties, &c--
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netts, Vestings, Jeans, Tweeds. Cords, Steu
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PRINTS; fancy, Dark Blue, English and
French Chintzes, Spring Lawns, Bareges, Stc.,
and a complete stock generally of every article
needed by the Merchant.
Jin Illustrated Record of
Agriculture, Mechanics, Science and Use
ful Knowledge.
Every Number contains 32 Large Pages of Let
ter-frees, beautifully printed on r ine Paper,
Forming, at the end of each half year, a SPLEN
DID VOLUME of Two Hutuired Pages, Il
lustrated with over two horbrkd t
xc ant engravings, the entire
cost being only HALF A .
IPsirrritftpsi. Hf nrhtniri 1ntrntAM M antif a.-Aissaa
and people of every profession, will find in the
Fsople's Jocrnai.. a repertory of valuable
knowledge peculiarly suited to tbeir respective
Terms To Subscribers, fifty cents a volume.
Subscriptions may be sent by mail in coin, post
office stamps, or mils, at the risk ol the publisher
The name of the Post Office, County, and State
where the paper is desired to be sent, should be
plainly written. Address,
- ' No. 86 Nassau-Street, New York City.
tYVTwo volumes are published annually. Back
numbers and volumes always' on hand for' sale.
Single copies 10 cents each, to be had at nearly
all the Book and Periodical Stores in the country.
specimen copies seni on application - ,
Inventors and othera desiring to obtain Letters
relent tor inventions, are requested to communi
cate directly with the editor ol the People's Jour
nal, by whom all the necessary documents are pre
pared, wnn ine utmost fidelity and Cisnatch. Pa
tent business of every description promptly stten-
ueu to. rersons wishing for information relative
to Pstents or Inventions, may at all times consult
the undersigned, without charge, either nersonal-
iy at nis orace, or oy letter. 1 o those living at a
distance, he would state, that alt the business ne
cessary to secure a Patent can be arranged by let
er, just as well as though the partes were perso
nally piesent. ' All consultations and business
strictly 'confidential. Patents promptly secured
in England, t ranee, and oilier foreign countries.
Editor of the People's Journal, Patent Agent, sic.
. JNo. 88 .Nassau-street, New York City.
The neat number closes the second volume ol
Graham's Magazine or 1858, and we cannot re
fiain from thanking most heartily both the Press
and our subscribers for tbe encouragement afford
ed us to persevere iu elevattng the literary aud
pictorial character of the work. The volume.
when closed, wilt embrace every Variety of Mag
azine illustration, and have furnished to our rea
ders papers of ability upon all the topics of inter
est which' absorb the times, aod also-a series of
articles oi a purely literary character of a higher
order man nave neretore beeu found hi the month
iy niagasinea. : ii snail ne our aim to impruve
uranam still turtner in tnese respects, and by care-
tut attention and enterprise to command tbe pub
lie approbation aud support. -
The New Volume commencing with the Jan
uary number will claim especial attention tor the
beauty of its pictorial appointments. Ample, ar
rangements have been entered into with compe
tent artists to secure a proper variety of the very
best of all kinds of engraving steel, mezzotint,
and wood to meet (he expectations of our read
ers; and the literary department shall still bs fur
ther amplified and improved
Single subscribers aud clubs, whose subscrip
tions expire with tne next number, will please re
new promptly, that we may be enabled to furnish
ihem with January numbers by tbe regular., mails
which will take our edition to country subscribers
' Post Masters an over the Uuion, are respectful
Iy resquested to act as Agents for theNew Volume,
TERMS The terms of Graham' are Three
Dollars for single subscribers, if paid in advance.
For Six Dollars tn advance, one copy is sent three
years ' We continue the following low terms for
Clubs, to be sent, in the city, to one address, and,
in the country, to one post-office.
Copies, .'' " . , Per Annunm
5 f And one to agent, or the getter lip of club, 1 10
8 (And one to agent, or the getter up of club,) 15
11 (And one to agent, or tne getter up oi club,) zu
- The money for Clubs alwaya must be sent in
advance. " Subscriptions may he sent at our risk
When the sum is large, a draft should be procured
if possible the cost of which may be deducted
from the amount. Address, always pott-paid
A . : GEO. R GRAHAM, Editor.
No. 50, South Third Street, Philadelphia.
-- flrN. lV-Any person desirous of receieing se
'coov of "Graliem," aa a sample, can be accommo
dated by notifying ine cauor oy tetter, (posi-paia.)
O Tbe undersigned has been appointed and qual
ified as Administrator of Snm'l Segesenman, late
of Monroe county, deceased. Those having claims
should present them immediately, properly au
thenticeted. - JOHN, MUILEMANN:
...... an ifiai --, Aftmii.tr.t...
The Official Paper of Congress, and. JYew
, paper for tht ', treople.
Lord Brougham, in his 'Historical Sketches
of Statesmen who flourished in the time 6f George
the Third,' gives some '.remarkable examples.
showing the great lo-s sustained . by England in
tbe history of its statesmen, and of its national
progress, thrdugh the ' imperfect state of parlia
mentary reporting in former times. He opens his
life of Lord Chatham thus : f-. ..''. .'A1'.
'There is hardly any man in modern times, with
the exception, perhaps, of Lord Somers. who
fills so large a space in 'our history, and of whom
we know so little, as Lord Chatham; and yet he
is the person to whom every one -would at once
point, if desired to name the most successful
statesman and most brilliant orator that this Coun
try ever produced. - Of Lord Somen, indeed, we
can scarcely be stud to know anything at all.
That he was a person of unimpeachable integrity.
judge of great capacity and learning, a firm
friend of liberty, but a cautious and safe counsel
or in most difficult emergencies, all are ready to
acknowledge. But the authority which he pos
sensed among his contemporaries, the influence
which his souud snd practical wisdom exercised
over their proceedings, the services which he
was thus enabled to render in steering the Consti
tution safe through the most trying times,' and
saving us from arbitrary power without paying
the priceof our liberties in anarchy and bloodshed;
nay. conducting the whole proceedings ol ' a rev
olutioo with all the deliberation, and almost iu the
forms', of an ordinary legal proceeding, have sur
rounded his name with a mild yet imperishable
glory, which, in the contrast of our datk igno
rance i especting all the particular and details of
his life, gives the figure something altogether
mysterious and ideal. It is now unfortunately too
late, by supplying this information, to fill up the
outline which the meager records of his times
have left us. " But it is singular how much of
Lord Chatham, who flourished within the memo
ry of the present generation, still rests upon vague
tradition. As a statesman, indeed, he is known
to us by the events which history has recorded to
have happened under his administration." Yet
even of his share in .'bringing these about, little
has been preserved of detail So, fragments of
his speeches have been handed down to us, but
these bear so very' smalTa" proportion to the prodi
gious fame which his elnriuence has left behind
it, that far more is manifestly lost than has reached
us:-while of his written composition but afew
letters have hitherto been given to tbe world
'The imperlec't slate of parliamentary reporting
is the great cause of this blank. ' ' ' '
. What Somers and Chatham have lost in" fame
by the oblivion of all. the masterly efforts of their
minds which, wielding the pnwer of Parliament,
conducted the' march of the Government during
their connection with ft; the history of. the nation
has also lost for want of the-vigor and verity, the
clearness, the.ireshueas and beauty with which its
events and their causes miht have been, pre
served In the luminous eloquence of Its orators,
1 he great men who' Conducted our revolution
ary struggle in "the 'Continental Congress, have
left no history behind them of the views and
events which had their birth in Jtbeir debates, ex
cept in the meager formula of a journal. The
fervid feeling ot the hour, f lie impelling circum
stances,, the aigiiineiit, the , eager ' controversy
which set the subject in every variety of light
passed away with, the breath that gave ihem nt
teranee; and men who were not surpassed, in. the
opinion ol Lord Chatham, by 'the master states
men or the world,' have bequeathed to posterity
nothing oi the eloquence which guided our Na
tional Council but the 'shadow of a name."' He.
cent publications show how giaphic history be
comes when the actors in it speak, for themselves,
and events as tbey emerge stamp themselves on Hs
page. Congress has .now taken 'care that this
sort of genuine; history shall fall from, the press,
full and perfect, day by day; and thus every pub
lic man will make his own' history, and blend it
imperlshabry with that nf his country. -
The Congressional (zlohe aud Appendix is so
voluminous that-it can only be read.by our busy
countrymen partially during its. progress. , Some
are interested in one measure, some in another.
Different sections took for the most part to the ac
tion' of their several ' representatives the con
cerns of ene frequently possessing no interest for
the rest; and amidst the mass it is difficult for each
section, or individual, to get at the special matter
most interesting to them. To obviate this, and
enable all to get at a glance a general view of the
entire proceedings of Congress, and to fix their
attention on what suits their particular views, I
will publish in future, in addition to the Daily
Globe and the Congressional Globe and Appen-
V-Mr u j f , M CH,lt4,n-
" ' " " . c ""TJ ""F1"
tant subject discussed during the preceding week,;
arranging the names of the speakers pro and con,
and presenting the points discussed aud leading
arguments on each side, somewhat in themudein
which forensic briefs are prepared . This paper
I wilt send gratuitously to every subscriber to the
Congressional Globe and Appendix; and to those
who msy consider this summary sufficient without
them, the subscription price of this weekly, will
be two dollars per annum. . ....-: , .. .
The brief synopsis of debates will fill but a small :
part of the contents of this large weekly sheet. '
It will contain .every important item of foreign
and domestic news which can be gleaned. from the
daily prints during the week, together .with thai
which may be brought by telegraph at the momenl
of going te press. It will contain, besides, the
interesting miscellany which is given in the Daily i
Globe, and the Washington gossip' of the letter-
writers, extracted from the different newspapers
which employ them, whenever they shall be es
teemed of such import as lo interest the readers
of the Globe, and bear such probability on their
face aa to warrant their insertion.; rt , -
As this weekly paper will be sent, to all the
subscribers for the Congressional Globe And Ap-
it will certainly have a more general cir
culation than any other newspaper ol the United
States, and will, therefore, invite advertisements
from every section of the Union.' especially the
wholesale merchants' in the great cities, which
wilt give it additional interest with business meu
everywhere;- -:j -'- ,..--
The Daiit Globe will be or in ted on a double
royal sheet, twice a day during the sessions , ol
Congress at eleven o clock, a. m , and tire
o'clock, p. m ; and once a day, at 5 o'clock, p.
in.; during the recesses,' at five dollars a year for
either the morning or evening edition. -The even
ing edition is the one most suitable lor subscribers
who live out of this, cuty, as it. will coutaiii. be
sides the full proceedings of Congress of the day
before published in the morning edhion. a full
synopsis of. those- of , the day, together with the
hews by telegraph, and Irons other sources, up to
tbe hour that it is put te press, c It will contain.
also, all laws. aud joint resolutions passed by Con
gress. --'- ..:--' - - -
The Conorkssion ai. Globs mb Appendix
will also be printed on "a double royal sheet,' in
book form, royal quarto size, each number con
taining sixteen,. pages,. . The. Congressional.
Globb will be made up of the , proceed inns b!
Congress, and the running debates as taken down
by the reporters. The Appendix wilt contain the
Messages of the President of the United Slatesv
the Keuorts of the fleads of. the Executive De
pajtments, such speeches' as have been withheld
by Member ol Congress foi revision, and all the
laws and joint resolutions, passed during the sea-
sion. A complete, index will be madesoouafler
Congress adjourns, and sent to all subscribers for
the work. Should any numbers fail to teach sub
scribers, they will be sent ,to them, without
charge, whenever they advise me what numbers
tney nave not received. Subscribers should be
careful to ble all the numbers received, as the
complete Work will be found to be very valuable
to mem, and . tne expense of furnwhiug missing
uuruuera cry expensive la me.
The debates ol. Congress are now- as lullv -and
as faithfully reported iu the .Congressional Globe
as those of any other legislative body are in this
or any omer poultry, and -yet they are sold to
subscribers for one sixth of what anv other de
bates are soia ror in tins country, and one eleventh
of what the debates of lhe British Parliament are
sold lor. in bnglsnd, where paper, reporting, type
ana lype-semng are, eacn and all, much cheaper
man in mis country. 1 lie liberal subscription by
Congress enables mc to sell the debates so low.
And Congress, for the purpose, of enabling the
people to obtain them at as low a tate as hey can
oe aaornea.,passea tne loiiuwing joint resolution,
authorizing them to go free by mail: , . ... ..
Joint Resolution providing Jor the distribution
of the Laws of Congress and . the Debates
thereon. ' , . . -
With a view to the cheap circulation of the
laws of Congress and the debates contributing to
(lie true interpretation thereof, and in make free
the communication betweer tte representative
and constituent badies: : . : -. - :.r: a
Beit resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America in
Congress assembled, I bat from and after the ore
sent session of Congress, tbe Congressional Globe
and Appendix,, which contain the laws and the
debates thereon, shall pass free through the mai
to long as the same sbjaijHa r u.bjihed by -order
Congress: Proeukd, That no thin; berein ssjl fee)
construed to autbortce tbe c'rrcaUxf .Cm Dai
ly Globe free of riisi'4';? ;
a pprovedr August e.4SZ r "N r .
published; every Tuesday, an4 eAtis) 3mi
is promised above. It -will be ec. a
double ' royal sheet, but if that shatl fceoundtot
to -be large enough toconfm alt the matter, tiasa
tneaneet win DOjniarg. v . ; .
r Tee MS f w
For on copy of the Daily GfloronSyeirJs 00
v rien taken far a :iess time, me price Hill
cents a month u-nn .vaii-L :VE .asl'l :
For the. CoNoaxasioa al Gusm and Aspswbix '
. uurmg we coming session, . , it uv
Where bank notes under 0npTefofttJlbrfiiiir,
; or. cannot be readily obtained, I WllseWMafe)
I copies for 5,' four ;fpr tJI0 1 and sio-naist-taftl
For, TuSoayV ConGunioNAi. Gumm oum
For six months, ! - ivz scfl till fa 99,
Subscriptions for less Jban:stx aQRtJaiivrisit
be received.
1 An'oriler for any of tho papers'musf po aceomv -
panied by the -money for it.'else the: paper wll
urfl be sent..- Bank nktes eurrentwhere'a sunscri'
ber resides will be received t par. erf J n't ;i fi'Ci
The Daily Gloii, which will contaif ay.flfe'
proceedings of Congress, will be sent tci lhai pa
pers that copy 'this prospectus' as often ve lhresr
times Itore the meeting l Cosgtess.
I desire to employ Agents. wrs cast fTesas
good recommendationa, o obtain subsciibefa.
WASHtiroToit Citt. Octtlirte.ltS.1
-. f,.-'i .- r,: ::s'i tfi.H fr s-fi'.-.-igry ta. .
nVifMv.M4VfieuIS '-
French Bu rr! 'Stpne,
m 1 1. 1, pu r $ i s tiiir tf, .. .
-; nu, s, ;nii; siid vrerI
j rtiAoiii ' opposite 8MiTrFitLW.T4oq,1
Ubaa ca'uai p'tTTBtfH(jHiTP
Steam Engines Tor 8a'wh4 FImH&I U.
erally on hand and made. to onlerr-.jabikaci for
hngines made to order On abort l Fraash
Burr Mill Stones, old and iiew stock, ol mv tqwu
manufacture, Wai rained best quality, .always ,on
hand at the lowest prices.' -lweT'nilf fill
Stones always on hand. ' Mit IjpihdMf.l Mill
irons. Mill and Regulating Screw Pi)c,9ctia
Wire, Corn and Cob Grinders,,Cast,lroa PrtMran t
Leather Belting, Wagner's Paleo and 'Cilimoa
Bushes, Metal Eye pieces for tbe Runner, a -'
perior article, McC-MiaelL's Pater. I Dtfv7Misa
pie aiticle for . larning, Jh; spindle aiwjr?!
hand. ! Also, Lull's Patent Feuch Burr. ykVaat
Machines,' a superior article, provided (WitfV a r
powerful suction fah'aiid uirequalled for scVjrfig
grain; they are- used nt the large Pearl Mins.l jr,)'
iegheny .City, (which nn oetdaily w7ra site
flour,Xnd iu 600 other jnjUs in lhe,wst,nTfc4y
give general sstisfaction'and' are warranted -tf
cleati well. We annex1 a'cenificate'from one' of
the largest raiils in thi was, ad refer lo'otr
handbills for particuUrs:' ao?-. a's-r-s?.
"W. W. ffiLLAe'ii, Esq Dear Sir VVe-bava
now in use iu our mill two of your Barf Ssaut
Machines; they w.n-k to'o-ir'eiftfre 'ialis'Wlion, .
aud they are-durable, 'not liabf ftagnf bntiibt;
ler, uil wi consider ihem the best machirtey ter
All orders promptly attended-".
' W. W. WALLACE, lIJber sf.?
decH y j vsitt5l9- Piltsfcurgb; ful
319, 321. 333 Liberty 8tbk,
MONUMENTS.1 Toinbs Grave Bton-a.
ill. lure Tops, Marble Maiifels 'Ac;' .iiyV
handi and made to order by: machiuevy,
lowest prices for cash,': Also, Block and UbE2st
1. 1 i . . , . , , ... . .
uic, urge s ioc k nn nanu ana soid.fct fbf trajleat
prices that will gfve general satiafactioii. Orders
promptly attended to, at 81 Liberty street, Pitts
burgh. W. W. WALLACE. -
Det. 141833,;-,. i 7 -A f-r-yfJ ' -:
Land-. ad Stucxsi
Work, Hydraulic Cement. Grindafonaa: li
sizes anrf ar ions grits, fclway on' hind at'Xi
Liberty slreet, Pittsburgh. iUHAx f l 'n'.i
r dec.';i . . ,T T o;- W W WALtVACS.1
OLTING CLOTHS, made of the. best qn'.'i.
ity of silk, with fcfuara mesh. trm . d
and warranted to bolt freely, always onr and. "
S3 75 per yard for No. 9, aud It cents? pmstd
eocn i o. iiower,. wruers. tailed wtt- itisj
patch, at 819 Liberty slreet, Pittsburgh. .J7
dec U
3 W.- W. WALL ACS.
i I. hi i I 'J, , - - try if,a
Mail iVrranffements.'
at and from IVooMriCLD i ' 1 '
F airvicw Arrives eterv da' imm kMl -
day) at 5 o clock P.. M.y, Departs every day (ki.
cept Sunday.) at 8 o'clock A. M..-T, .t, t vf Z,S
BARisyif.i.' (vi, Calais) Arrire.
Tuesday and Friday at 5 o'clock P. M. ' Depill
every Wednesday end Saiarday lrC A-IWl
Marietta (Wst,erB, rxmie) Atriveeaaww
Tuesday and Thursday ai 7 P, Ma DapartaMr -
Monday and Wednesday at 5 A. Mr - ,? ?
Marietta Southern route T-iArrfrV'i. ' .
Saturday at 7 P. M. Departs every Friday al ft
. "mSj-' T.. Dili - fcikJsiV-SA CiiA. .-
La imoi f New. Castle VrAmvavv " .
and Thursday ai l A. M. Denaru 'saaM d. .
SoRt-iSH rCIarihwon'ArriveaSa
and Thursday at i P. M. t Depart Sam daye sA '
St. Cr.Ainsvit.LE-. Arrives aiA-A.v.a ".-v
Friday at 6 P;1 M. " Departs -every Tueaday ana
Saturday atfi A;Mi ', --
b ire i lnsuance XJcfmtiai
i UWOODSFlSS.Tt.-v-iWmsi-?- a:
This company- jeing otgamaed whdniA-&M.il
able.charfetjohtained from the irgiilaiitre; aj UT
ready to Insure Hotels, Dwelling Houses, Sm
Stables, Store Hoiises'; Shops, Merchandiz sTZ.
fcc. ; against loss- by fire.
-tlhjz IRECTORS. vii;lm&
ISAAC WELSH,; rd s iOUH Bj'i ie&Gi
CHABLC8 HAKE, X.cWlbUAX .mtt$l -
. i. JOHN APAVENPOaT,iesfc.tl
.11 or. lister, Treas.,,,,,,.1,,.- . ,i
Jno; M KirkBsRipe Wj v -, .
l o t ::; SIMPSON HOLXTSTE1?. 1
April zl. 1803..-- bf? t 3d fJertftal' Agef5fS
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A . FULL strpptjr of the fnUp wln celebnteil
IX. Medicine, for at ' KtrkbrideV Medical
uepor: jayne t.,apectocnt; JayiweV AfrerMiv
TOWNSEND'SSarsaparitla. BR AlfPS Pulaab
nary oaisam. uranfs nmfytnff Extract CsAflt
SELLERS' Liver Pills. SeUeve'lmDMtal CaS.
Syt up. Sellers Vermifuga-V FREY'S Versjaifvefl
RAD WAV'S Ready Relief. RadwiyV lleniv"?
ing Resolvent, RadwayViMedic'ateJSoap tK
way s Circassian, ,ijairw PITCH'S ilkil iailSaHf
j ay no uirmiMiivt .Jay qi's yapsn
Jayne a Sanative Pills, Jayne's AjutePiMs.
Hair Tonic. ' ROG E R S ' Li iarwnrl': ...
supporters, r icn s snquldec Hraces, Fitch
monary Balsam,', Fitches Pectoral ExpectorssU
FUch's Depurattte Syrtfp'.'Frtch VPiltoTLInimesii?
Ointment, i he ', a tut. M-W AIL ACE'tf
Fluids Wallace's Galvanid sSahrej BRYAtrsV
Pulmonic Walers. . M'ALISJER'S -Omtaaeal
Mexican Mustang, Liniment. HOOFLANOSL -German
-Bitters.' ' LOUIXJN'S' Female Oixiiv .
Loudon Remedy for Piles, Leudoor's Ague PRk? '
uuuu.... . ...... p.. vwpwiwtj. wimwwiiiirimffy . ,
Heating- Salve, .London's. Cherpkee -LinrsivtV - '
LOudon'a Indian Exuecloran4-Loud..i.,a HairXs. '-: -i . ;
nie, Loudon's ToriitVermiftigV " AYER'S Cfee." ':.ii
Loudon's Indian seauva uPtlMti Xou4.HS oAllV
me, Loudon's TonicTermifuge" " AYEk'SCa?-
ry Pectoral, FARRELL'S Arabran llmant?' -
X boxes Ueimao HoapS-dai Oleotsi Osisle fSsjtj
Also the usual variety of other Patent tfa4t4dsjfst '
i TTACHME!T.At ylnawcsV
'jffi. ment was issued, on the 3d day f Ocfeetr
1854, by John M. Uinoey, a'Justiee of ihe P aa,
of Wahiiiglon'Towriship, Monroe eoity..
bcan.t ik. nttiil, rh.ll.lt' n.Kt. Arrlit.. -
and effects ol George W: Poweieftttsrt. .i .':,5, li
of said county, for thesusatof ; fits; dx" VsV -Uwrt; t .
" r ' V ---, -
Qci, U.tB5V
JAflt A, vuc-iAr
ni I.i'J.r."t..J'-: ; mv I .' f
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