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THE' S P I 11 I T O V - D E M O C It-A Ci Yi.
"J;-' : r New York, Dec. 10.
TKe sttamsliip 'ArieV from Havre ar
TTfTpd this morning. A letter from Ka
jntesefc, October 2 2d, states that some
tH8n engagements had taken place at
Ktrtcb, between the advanced posts of the
Russian .forces under General Wrangle
and the Anglo-Turkish contingent, and
tjt the latter were hard pressed aad had
moV to UaT:vklava for reinforcements.
: Jpnbafnlsnv protected by a squadron of
the allied fnjrui'S.. . ine noauug uiu:nca
Sivrmanent fortification, the
: AH!es fear that the Russians will make an
effor)to retake as soon as the river freezes
" jhe Vienna correspondent of thc Lon
dan Times stales positively that the pre
limfnary steps' towards the rcaliiation of
the first and fourth guarantee ponus,
wUich.jeJatea to the principalities, and the
other to the future positiou of the Chris
aa'populatioa in Turkey, had taken
- rdnce... - - .- .- !
'Conference relative to the reorganiza
tion Sof Moldavia aud Wallachia wooid
begia at Constantinople as soon as the
Austrian en voir. Baron Prokesch, reaches
that citv. The Berlin correspondent of
th? time s tates, it is rumored that the
tej6ried"S we4ish alliance is doubted there.
The fame correspondent confirms the fail-
ora fT the harvest in Russia, and large
quantities of . corn; had been imported by
the Russian; 'government from Prussia.
Tne iame ; correspondent states that the
TJnitecl States government had given large
orders to a- Rhenish house for the delivery
tnaxtjprinff. of bullet-proof cuirasses.
..The Belgium Minister of War has de-
naroined upon increasing the defences of
.Antwerp, by sbtuMi ' several additional
fort, j r . ,
IX writer of &e trfradou Times suggests
the cmployBMet of fugitive slaves, in Can
oa thecUoa plantations of Jamaica,
a'pracdeal remedy against England's
eiependeaet upon1 America for the neces-
irypiy of .cotton.
- Dor Sew Mate Uetiae.
"Te Secretary iof State is now engaged
Id fitting up the Odeon Hall and Ambos'
Hafl for" the faeeting of the Legislature.
Uew Wrpets.will be laid down, and every
ajrrangepient made so as to render these
zXI& ai comfortable as possible for the
ise oi" members.
-The ?ew tSutB. House will not be in
wtadineas fori a year to come, judging
frosiqthe? number, of workmen at present
employed about the building and the vast
. moont of worfc yet "to be done. ' The
jla4teri6g of the Hall of the House of
. .lvepreseniauves is saoui nuisueu,
jpg ,the .center piece, and the laying of the
Hfiarbi floors has been commended. ' The
rffott of plastering thia room alone will be
Abontj eight thousand 1 dollars.-1- O. S.
iCATtfc I KJ)--0n the 17th inst by Wilson
;lfartJn, Esq., Mr. Pstbk Johx, of Belmont coun
tr, and Uisa Euiabstk Walter, of this county,
; Aa th 16th inat., by Joel F. Randolph,
.Vpto Jlr, OioafiB Antuoit Gpstlik Mobkis, of
Kntrf township, and Miu Cathbbwk 1atta,
Wayn township, all of this county.. ,
-TIIKIi Kt th resldenca of hjtfr mother, in
:iam townatip, this county, SARAH A. DUFF,
;ib vn year oi aer ag,
:. ffr.l" 13th insU, in Benton township,
:lfra.lCAY. RlDGKWAY, aged about 80 yean,
:liiMiiiliM tn WuhinvtAii ennntv.
V.V-the lltk-inaU, Mra. AKNK WCfDLAND,
e40 7er. -
' r Thi deceased was a danehter of the late
' William Hulcaeson, of this township. ' She
' tfrl ivm for'aeme years a consistent and de
Vots;tnesabir of the Presbyterian Charch, and
; Vas''oeloYek; and esteemed by all who knew
sr.- ' 5he leares a kind and affectionate hus-
nd,and eight small children, together with
" sflarg circle' of friends and acqnaintaaces to
stoslm kerlos. .
TJ All thy knouruing days below:
Jo the imgol gnards attending--. . , V -
j, j. To th heaven of Jesus go."
3. w: o.
Siihfispeteil Market, !
t'Jtr - the: W0ek ending Dec, 1 5, 1 855,
Corrtctti vktkly for th Spirit oj Txmocracy
Apples, (green) per onsnei
,.$0 20
Butler, fter lb.'."
1(5 18
I 25 a 1 50
37 40
12 J 15
5 00 a e 00
: 12
" ;' 8 tO
- ' 15
' - 8
9 00
Brooms,' per1 doi.V
1 J i t
Corn, pr bnsh
CheeSe,' pef lb:
Clover seed, per bush, 1 ." . . .
Corn meat, v . . J. l 1 .
Candles, - per lb . i . i. . , . .
Cofle, ' - ......... .
sionr,jer ddi
.7sh,7Mw) V?. . ; : il.
BamsTper It.
FVesV Pork, per lb.V; V.
;pr tuiu::j:JV:i
Xrd, pe lb, , . . .' .1." , , ; . .,
Mlksses,'per gall . . I . .1.1
- Oats, per bash, , . ...
ruuiW!- ....i.. ...........
Peaches, (dried) ptrf bush. .'.";
' Rice, per lb . , '. . . ." .
;pr bnan;.1.'.'::'.
. KhouldeTS, (bacon) per lb. ,
Bid, ,7 . " J.b.V.
Sngar, (IT. O. per lb.. .
- 1 25
7. 87
i-: " i 25.
v 12
Ta,ter lb". . . . ... . . . i v.i . i :
75 m
1 00
" Tintothy aced pr bosh t ,. t., .,
Wbeat, (at Union Mill) per bosh. 1 50
.White beans, per bostu. -'
,JUrer feet, and falling. j r
2 U
1 60
1 25
rbtail"prices. i i
" 'WedWnBin, Dec 18, 1855.
t:.';.V;..:;.$7 60a 8 i
' float', per bbt '1
Wkaat, per bus : ,V". . '. . j.'. $1 40 1 1
Corn, per bus. ..... . .1 . . .
14 !
Oats, per J)b1,.. -l?
Fork, fresh, per lb,. .
Bacon Hams, per' lb. ..it
2 . ShouhjersJj . 4, .
Sides . y.Y
. Mackerel, per lb.,. , , VA. .'. .'i.
9 A
14 15
- .Coffee, per lb.
JColaMes, per iil
Legal Advertisements:
Stephen Brown's Estate.
TUK undersigned has been appointed admin
istrator of Stephen Brown, late of Monroe
Countv. Ohio, deceased, and given bond and
received letters as such. l,reUitors are there
fore notified immediately to present their claims
duly authenticated. WM. BROWN,
Dec. 19, 1S55. Adni'r.
Patrick Dougherty's Estate.
TI1K undersigned lias given bond and receiv
ed letters testamentary on the Estate of
Patrick Dougherty, late of Monroe County,
Ohio, deceased. Creditors arc therefore notifi
ed immediately to present their claims legally
authenticated. JOHN DOUGHERTY,
Dec. 19, 1S55. Exocutor.
Samuel Staufer's Estate.
TUK undersigned has given bond and receiv
ed letters testauieutary on the Estate of
Samuel Staufer, late of Monroe County, Ohio,
deceased. Creditors are therefore notified im
mediately to present their claims legally
authenticated. JOHN BURGY,
Dec 19, 1S55. Executor.
William Ullom's Estate!
THE undersigned have been appointed admin
istrators of William Ullom, late of Monroe
County, Ohio, deceased, and have given bond
and received letters as such. Creditors ai.
therefore notified immediately to present their
claims duly authenticated.
Dec 19, 1855. JAMES EASTON, sureties.
Mary Keanslg's Estate.
TUB undersigned has been appointed admin
istrator of Mary Keansig, lato of Monroe
County, Ohio, deceased, an I hiis given bonil
and received letters as such.'' Creditors are
therefore notified immediately to present their
claims duly authenticated. -
Dec 19, 1855. URS KEANSIG, Adra'r.
Martha .Tonei.' Estate.
THE subscriber has been appointed by the
Probate Cort of Monroe County, Ohio, ad
ministrator or Martha. Jones, late of said Couu
ty, deceased, and has ctven bond and received
letters as f.ach. ' WILLIAM K1RKHR1DE, 1
Dec. 1 J, lir5. Administrator.
f . OTICE is hereby given, that final settlement
accnants havu b-en filed in the Pruhate
Court oC Monroe County, Ohio, by Executors,
Administrators and Guardians, as follows:
J. Sebastian Uohmanu, administrator of Wil
liam Archer;
John Cline, executor of Richard Tool;
Eliau and Mary Tipton, administrators of
David Tiptou;
William Read, administrator of Thomas
Lncy and Lewis Rucker, administrators of
Lemuel B. Rucker!
Jacob H. and Hugh Hamilton, executors of
John Hamilton ;
Levi Mebberly, administrator of William
Griffith ;
William Conley, administrator of Isaac Con-
ley; ' ' y:
Christopher Pindle, administrator of Mathias
Thomas McMahon, administrator of Joseph
Minor; .
David Steel, guardian of Cloyd Johuston's
heirs; -
Lewis Gratigny,' admhiistrator of Richard
Eliel Headley, guardian of Margaret K.
Trembley, (partial.)
Seley Y. Mason, administrator of J. ratter-
son Mason. r .
Wm. C. Kirkwood, administrator of Jodediah
G. Fleming, (partial.)
Ine examination of said accounts will be.
commenced on Thursday, the 3rd day of Janu
ary, A. V. 1856. In the meantime they are
subject to the inspection and exception of all
persons interested therein. : JOHN W. OKKY,
Deo, 19, 1855." Judge of said Court.
Administrator's Sale.
T) Y virtue of an order from the Probate Court
I ) of Monroe county, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 19lh day of January, 1806,
at the front door of the Court House in said
county, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the undersigned,
as Administrator of Samuel McConnelL dee'd.,
will sell, at public auction, tho following real
estate, to wit : The south west quarter of the
north west quarter of section 19, township 2,
and range 4, lying in Menroe county, Ohio..
Tebxs or, Sale. One-third in hand, om
third in six months, and one-third in one year,
with interest on the deferred payments, and
secured to the satisfaction of the undersigned,
' JOHN B- NOLL, Adm'r. of
Dee. 19, '55. Samuel McConiidl, dee'd.
(HE creditors of Robert Mills, deceased, are
notified that .unless their claims are pre
sented in proper form to the. undersigned, on
or before the 15th day of January, l$5o, their
claims will be disallowed. And those claims
which have heretofore been presented, and
allowed by ths Administrator, must be present
ed to the undersigned, otherwise, they will be
rejected. All persons having claims, h id bet
ter attend in person; and it is the duty of the
Executor to attend, and object to the allowance
of such claims as he may think illegal. -
; ' JOHN S. WAY, ...
Dec. 19, 1855. Commissioners.
CAME to the farm of the subscriber, about
a mile from Lewisville, on or about the 4th
of November last, three head of cattle, two
steers and one heifer.- The steers are about
two years old one of them is a brindle wl'th
White stripes, the other is red with white spots;
the heifer is supposed to bo between two or
three years old, a brindle color, and a muley,
The owner is requested to come, forward, prove
property,- pay charges, and take them away.
Doc 19, 1855.: ... - JOHN SEEBAUGIL
Stock Commission Merchants,
Baltimore, aid.
above firm have purchased extensive
C3 Drove Yards !
adjoining' the city of Baltimore, and are pre
pared to sell
. SHEEP, - -HOGS, Ac,
at a very trifling commission. ' All persons
taking Stock to the East will find it much less
expensive, and vastly more profitable to en
trust its sale to Messrs. Dillos & Okkv, ' as
they can thus take advantage of every rise in
the market. -
December 1, 1S55.
Look Here! Look Here!
"IT7M. J.ITTEN, of Clarington, has taken a
V V partner, and . enlarged his Shop, and is
now prepared to. accommodate the public, on
short notice, with all kinds of work in his line,
such as
Mill Irons, Turning Lathes, Wagons, Carts,
Harrows, Cultivators, Wheel-Barrows,'
' ; Log and Trace Chains, Hoes, Mat-
j tocks, Axes, Coopers' Tools, f
Edge Tools of all kinds.
Also, a large assortment of Juniatta d Mis
souri Iron for sale.- - .
Old scrap iron wrought and .east taken in
exchange for work.. All kinds of prqdqce ta
ken at cash price. LITTEN" k KlERIfAN.
Clarington, June 7, 1854.v
Clarington Lodge. No-263,
Of U A. Ma.so.ss, meets the Monday pn or
prjjceqjug me iuii moon in each montft.
, i. D. O'CONNOR, W, M.
Wm. r. booth, s. W.
E0(tT. ClTASB, J. W.
Jac. W. Howell, S. D.
Wm. T. Hcrd, Sec'ry.
James Colljss, Tyler.
Estray Notice.
GAME to .the farm of the subscriber, about a
mile south of Woodsfleld, on Monday, the
3d inst., a Dark Bay Mare, aged almut liftceu
or sixteen years; aimut nrteen an i a nau
hands higli, with a small white spot in its fore
head, and a very dark, long tail. The owner
is requested to come forward, prove property,
pay charges and take it awav.
Dec. 12.
Steam engine and Saw-mill fixtures.
. FOE SAL.I3.-
MVS. Undersigned o.Ters for salo A HTE-'i.U
ENGINE, nearlv new having biM-n run but
one year together with Force and Cold Water
Pumps, Connection llpos, Main Shaft, Saw
Crank, Pitman atu Pitman Irons, Muley Heads,
with tho Gibs, Slides, and Cross Heads, an Iron,
Rag Wheel and Pinion, Bull Shaft and Castings,
Feed and Backing Pulleys, Cistern, &c, The
Engine is 8-inoh Cylinder, and 14-inch stroke.
The above machinery is all nearly new and
entirely sound, and in good condition, now run
ning i;i the
Desiring to put in a heavier Engine, it is
found that tho gearing cannot be arranged to
suit, without much alteration. 1 will, there
fore, sell the above at a very decided bargain.
Woodsflield, O., Dec. 5. tf
THE undersigned is engaged in weaving COV
EULETS and CARPETS of every stylo and
variet-.-. at the following rates:
Coverlets, per pair, $5,00 or 2,25 each for
three or more Coverlets all woven without
meatus. Carpets Common 10 cents per yard,
double chein 12J cents per vard.
MiLTOssnrBr.it, Nov.-23, lS5.r.
X. M. Coloring dure in tho best poisibl:
style. 6pd.
t ylK undensigned is now running a Hack rea
JL ularly between the above places, for the ac
commodation of passengers, leaving Clarington
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at the
arrival of the morning boat; and returning,
leaves Woodslield every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, at 7 o'clock A. M.
The public may rest assured that any pack
aces entrusted to his care will be tiromptlvde-
! livered. Persons wishing to tro either wav will
inquire at T. Davis' Hotel, Woodsfield, or at
Wm. Kntter's Hotel. Clarinirtou.
Aug. 22, '55. W. R. BURTON', Proprietor.
I ESTABLISH ED in 1840 -Incorporated by the
J Legislature of Peuusylvania, with perpit
ual Charter.
Hon. Jamks Bucha.n A5r
Mosks Hamptiix.
lion. W. H. Lowkie,
' " Ciiahi.es Natlok,
Gen. J, K. Mooiiiikad.
P. DUFF, President, (Author of DufT's Book
keeping.) Professor of the science and practice
of iiook-keeping, and Lecturer upon the Usages
of Commerce.
A. T.: llOWDEN, Superintendent. Professor
of Book-keeping and Commercial Calculations.
.CHARLES DUFF, Assistant Professor of Book
keeping anil Penmanship.
JOHN D. WILLIAMS, (the best Penman in
tho United States.) Professor of Commercial
.-lid Ornamental Penmanship.
N. B. HATCH, Esq., Professor of Commercial
Law and Political Economy.
P. IIAVDEN, A. M., Principal of the Classical
Department, Professor of Mathematics, &c.
F. L. APKL, Professor of French and Ger
man Languages.
Nearly 3500 students have been trained for
Business in this Institution, the names of large
nuinliers of whom are found among our most
honored and successful merchants, bankers
and accountants, both East and West.
exhibits a perfect counting house process in
making day book entries, journalizing and
posting, making out accounts, invoices, ac
counts of sales, drawingand negotiating notes,
drafts, bills of exchange, bifls of lading, iu
importing, exporting, manufacturing, banking,
exchange, commission, forwarding, rail road,
mining, shipping, wholesale, retail, individual
and partnership business embracing the re
sults of Air. Dulfs eighteen years experience
a3 an extensive inland and foreign merchant,
perfected by fifteen years subsequent experi
ence in teaching, including also his improve
ments in Book-keeping, sanctioned by the high
est mercantile authorities as the most impor
tant introduced in modern times.
In this department the Principal is paying
tne lilguest salary, anl is confident he has se
cured the services of the best Penman in the
United States, and no institution in this part
of the country has this department of educa
tion conducted with 'equal abititv.
DAILY LECTURES On Law, Political Econ
omy, Commercial Ethics, Correspondence, U
ages of Trade, &c. -
The College Room is nearly twenty feefhigh,
and thoroughly lighted and ventilated.
The Ladies' department is entirely separate,
and is elegantly furnished.
Students have access to a large library.
The extensive business acquaintance of the
Principal enables him to find lucrative employ
ment for many of his Students.
A reference to any of our city merchants or
bankers is requested before engn.'ing elsewhere.
Duff's Book-keeping, Harpers' edition; price
$1,50; postage 21' cents. " The most perfect in
the language."
" Duff s Steamboat Book-keeping; price $1
postage 9 punts. "A perfect system for such
books and accounts.
Duff's Commercial Calculations; price 50 c,
gs? bend for a circular by mail. sep 26
wooi)sriKi.i. oiiio.
HAS new for salo several valuable farms
containing from 80 to 320 acres, improved
and unimproved, Also town lots and mill
property. Persons wishing to bny or sell wiU
find it to their advantage to giyi hiui a call.
, Feb. 28, 1S56.
A qre n ts J Agon ts ! !
PERSONS accustomed to procure subscribers
for Books, Magazines, &c fir get up clubs
for newspapers, are requested to send us their
names aud address, and we will forward them,
free of charge, a specimen number of a publi
cation fowlIch they will find ready sale; and
we will allow thm a commission of 60 per cent,
for their services. "v
; No. 3 Courtland St., New York.
John U. Reuser's Estate.
ON tho 4th day of October, 1855, the Probate
Court of Jlouroe couuty, Ohio, declared the
estate of John U. Reuser, deceased, to be prob
ably insolvent. Creditors are therefore re
quired to present their claims against the es
tate to the undersigned, for allpwance, within
six montjis from the date above mentioned, or
they will jiqt be entitled to pavment.
Not, 7. 1655,
Adm'r pf said decadent
THE subscriber has a iiuantity of FIRST
RATE APPLES to sell by the bushel,
nov 2S J. R. MOKHIS.
Hail Arrangements.
and from Woe
DEPARTURE. of the Mails at
B.m;m:svii.i.k Arrives every day (except Sun
day) at 12 o'clock M. Departs-every day (ex
cept Sunday) at 1 o'clock P. M.
Bau.nesvii.lr (vi Calais) Arrives cvory
Wednesday and Saturday at 1? o'clock M. De
parts every Wednesday aud Saturday at l .P. M.
MAHiKrr.v (Western route) Arrives -every
Tuesday and j liursday at i l .u. Dcpr.rti cv
erv Monday arid Wednesday at 5 A. M.
Maum-.tta (Southern route) Arrives every
Saturday at 7 P. M. Departs every Friday at
5 A. M. .
Sex fish (Claringfon) i-Arri ves every Monday
and Thursday at 12 M. Departs same days at
1 P. M. . .
Sr. Clairsvili.k Arrives every Tuesday and
Friday at 1 2 M. l)eparts 'every Tuesday and
Saturdavat 5 A. M.
A RHAXGEMEN'TS for tho Second Annual
Xjl. Collection of-this new and popular Insti
tution, for tho diil'usioil of Literature and Art,
have been made on the most extensive scale.
Among the works already engaged, is the
" G E X O A C Ji U C I F I A',"
which originally cost Ten Thousand Dollars.
In forming the new Collection, the diffusion
of works of A Kmc ax Aut, and the encourage
ment of American genius, have not been over
looked, Commissions have been issued to man v
of the most distinguished American Artists,
who will contribute some of their finest pro
ductions. Among them are three Marble Busts,
executed by the greatest living Sculptor, lli
rau Powkks: .-4
The Father of his Country;
The Philosopher:
' The Statesman.
A special agent has visited Europe an J made
careful and judicious selections of foreign works
of Art, botli in Bronze and Marble; Statuary
and Choice Paintings.
The whole forming a largo and valuable col
lection of Paintings and Statuary, to bo dis
tributed kkek among the members of the Asso
ciation for the Second Year.
Terms of IJembership.
The payment of three dollars constitutes any
one a member yf the Association! and entitles
him to either one of the following Magazines
for one year, and also a ticket in the distribu
tion of the Statuary ami Paintings.
Tho Literature issued to subscribers consists
of the following Monthly .Magazines Harper's,
Putnam's, Knickerbocker, Blackwood's, Gra
ham's, Goduy's Lady's Book, and Household
Persons taking five memberships are entitled
to any Ave of the Magazines for one year, and
to six tickcte in the distribution
The net proceeds derived from the sale of .
mcmbershiis, are devoted to the purchase of
works of Art for the ensuing year. -
alio Advantages. Secured
by becoming a member of this Association,
Is t. All persons receive the full value of their
subscriptions in the start) in the shapo of ster
ling jMagay.me Literature.
lid. Each member is contributing towards
purchasing choice Works of Art, which are to
be distributed among themselves, and are at
the same timo encouraging the Artists of the
country, disbursing thousands of dollars thro'
its agency.
Persons m remit 'Jng funds for membership.
will please give their pott-office address in full,
stating the month they wish tho Magazine to
commence, and have the letter registered at the
I ost Office to prevent loss; on the receipt of
which, a certificate of membership, together
with the Magazine desired, will bo forwarded
to any part of the country. .
1 hose who purchase Magazines at Bookstores.
will observe that by joining this Association,
tlioy receive tho Magazine and free Ticket in
the annual distribution, all at tho same price
they now pay for the Magazine alone.
Beautifully illustrated Cataloiruos, divine full
descriptions, sent rKiiK on application.
tor Membership, address
C. L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. A.
At either of the principal offices
"Knickerbocker Magazine" office, 343 Broad
way, iew lork; or Western Office, liid .Water
street, Sandusky, Ohio.
THE KlcvenUAnnual Volumo of this useful
. publication' commences on the lTtUdayof
September next. . , '
The "Sciextikic Americas" is an Illustrated
Periodical, devoted cliefly to the promulgation
of information relating to the various Mechanle
and Chemic Arts, Industrial Manufactures, Ag
riculture, i atoms; inventions, liiigmeering,
Millwork, and all interests tvhich the light of
PRACTICAL SCIENCE, is calculated to advance.
Reports of LT." S. Patents granted are also
published every week, including official copies
of all the patent ' claims, together with neirs
and information upon thousands of other su.bjecls.
The contributors to the Scientific Amkricax
are among the most eminent scientific and prac
tical men of the times. The Editorial Depart
ment is universally acknowledged to be con
ducted with GREAT A1J1L1TY, and to be dis
tinguished, not only for tho excellence and
truthfulness of its discussions, but for the fear
lessness with which error is combated and false
theories are exploded. .;. :
Mechanics, Inventors, Engiueers, Chemists,
Manufacturers, Agriculturists,, and people of
every profession in life, will find-the Scikstific
American to be of great value in their respec
tive callings. Its counsels and suggestions, will
save them HUNDREDS OK DOLLARS annually,
besides affording them a continual so.uroo of
knowledgethe experience of which i beyond
pecuniary estimate. "''""
The Scientific America is published once a
week; every number contains eight large quarts
pages, forming annually a complete and splen
did volume, illustrated Tprith, several huidve
original engravings. '
&iT Specimen copies sent GRATIS,
jTERMS Singlo SuJiscripiions $2 ayear,
or $1 for six months, rivo copies, for six
months, $4; for a year $S.
For further Club rates and for statement of
tho fourteen large CASH PRIZES, offered by the
publishers, see bcieiftmo American.
Southern, Western an Canada money, or
Post Office Stamps, taken, at par for subscrip
tions. -Letters
should bo directed (post paid) to '
- Aiunn & Co.,- ;
128, Fulton Street, New York.
Messrs, MVN CO., have been, for
many years, extensively engaged in procuring
patents for nevr inventions, and will advise in
ventors, without charge, in regard to the nor-
elty of their improvements,
Blank f)ec(ls and Justices
Blanks for sale at this office.
Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.
1111 U undersigned having sold out his stock of
Confections, Groceries, Hardware, Queens
ware,, Notion, &c, to William Lippincott, will
hereafter iontinue tho
Liquor business exclusively," and will sell at
ju ices which Cannot fail to please purchasers.
Mv stock of. common liquors is complete, and
cannot- be excelled in quality. I have also on
hand French, Cognac, itard, Pale, Blackberry,
Ginger, Peach, Apple, New York, Wild Cherry,
Tanirt Cherry, and Domestic Brandies; also
Sweet Malaga, Native, Claret, Common Port,
Crowiihead Port, Catawba, and Maderia Wines;
Ol.L Bourbon, Old Rye, Old Monongahela, Irish
and Rectified Whisky; also Holland Gin, Do
mestic Gin, and New England Rum. Quart, pt.
and half pint Flasks by the gross or half gross;
which I will sell at the lowest prices. .
Persons wanting liquor, for family or medici
nal purposes, -can rely on getting a pure oclicie,
by calling .at the corner of Main and Water
Street, Sunlish," Ohio..
Nov. 21, 1S55. WM. H. MALLORT.
and Winter Goods.
new i
from tha Eastern cAws, S
stock of
Consisting of every variety usually kept
village store. Also
Jteiidv-Madc Clothing
Constantly on hand and for sale
at reduoed.
in the latest fashions and best styles, and war
ranted to le equal to any work done in the
west. . Call and examine for yourselves.
11. CilASJS. :
Clauix'Jtos, Nov. lS55-ly
wai a man
& .LI Mill ' w J
NO. 51, W00I) STREET, - '
Have now in store a full assortment of
IliKi wtwJtsW,
Duria? tho Season.
. sept5:4ni.
THE umlersijrned, desiring to close
their business, oger their
at cost, for Cisli or Produce. Every on?
must call soon, as their goods will sell off
j rapidly at the prict'3 at wliieh tlicy are
now offered.
N. B. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to the above firm, either by note or
book account, will please call ami settle imme
diately, as the business must be closed up soon.
Woodsfikld, Oct. 2-1, 1855.'
fgrXIIE undersigned has just received ths larg
Ji est and most f.oshiou.tble supply of
Fall and Winter
ever offered
m oo-isneld; including , every
style and variety of
Dress-Coats, Tests, Pants, Fine, Shirts,
TJiider-Shirts, Drawers,. Cravats. In
Rliort, every article usuallj kept by a
He is also prepared to do good and fashion
able work for his numerous customers, at rea
sonable prices. ,. ".
of superior style and linish, for sale at lew
rices, and will be made up to order, or sold by
the pattern.-- -
His Goods have been selected with the great
est care, and will bo sold at the very lowest
prices. ' '
, Oct. 10, 1S55.'.. M. LURGBACnEIt.
rpiIK ' undersigned has opened an establish-
I . jnent for'the accommodation of the public,
in CLARINGTON, .: (SUNFISH.) in tho house
formerly, occupied, by J. lL S-uth for a cloth
ing5 store, on Main ' Street, a general assort
ment Of " ' ' ." ', : .
, B00XSP MEDICINES, fee. fee, -
Among Tfliiek niawlbp found: the following:
McGuffey's 1st. 2.1; 3d, 4th, and 5th Reaxlers,
ami Eclectic Spelling Book; Webster's' Dic-
" tionary'Sf ; Pinneo's Grammar's, Mitchell's
Geograph's and Atlas, Ray's Arithmetic's 1st,
2d, and 3d part;" Priiiuners,. Writing, Wrap
. ing, WindoW-blind and Wall Papers, Blank
Memorandum ' and Pass- - Books, Envelopes,
' Ink, Inkstands,' Penholders, Pens, Slate and
; Lead Pencils. " - - . . . . - - .
Turpentine, Swpet and Castor Oils, McLane's
Liver Pills and Vermifuge, Sellers' and Frey's
Vermifuge, Godfrey s u-L Jacob 's Cordials, Dr.
K. McCoy's-Vegetable auti-Billious Pills, and
Cholera or Diari huja Syrup, an Infallible reme
dy; Dr. Thoma,s Skgg's Colera Diarrhoea and
Dysentery remedies; Dr. Johy Bull's Sarsapa-
rilla and King of Pnlnj Dr, D. Jiaroa's. Medi
cines; Davis' Pa,iu Killer; Skolto.n's. RaisJuft o
life; Bitters, Hair Invigorator MexicauMvistang
Liniment, &c, ic Finally, any article that
may be needed, hat is not on hand, I have an
arrangement to, bo supplied with. Please call
and examine, for yourselves. ,'. .
g" Highest price in cash paid for rags, or
allowed in exchange for goods.,
Aug. 21, 1S55. 'JACQB T. MORRILL.
rjIHE UNDERSIGNED is bow receiving at his
J. NEW STORK ROOM, one. door south of J.
1'. Randolph's Hotel, in the .building formerly
owned by Dr. W. T. Sinclair, direct from -. .
fi$fi$clpliia and Baltimore,
j Lq,rge cyid Splendid Assortment of
C3r 'XL O C? 23 I. X 3E3 J3 ,
Hardware, Queeimcare; Hoots, Shoes, '
Which ho will "seU at his usual. LOW , PRICES;
for cash and country produce. -
WaodsuoLd, April, 1S55. " i
I-',' ( - 'I -
Patent Medicines.
p i l i s.
Thekb has long existed a public demand for aa
effective purgative pill which could be rslied on as
ut-e and perfectly safe in its operation. This has
been prepared to "meet that demand, and an exten
sive trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with
what success it accomplishes the purpose designed.
It is csjv to make a physical pill, but not easy to
e.iako the best of all pill one which should bars
none of the. objections, but all the advantages, of
every other. This has been attompted here, and
with what asiccc-is we would respectfully submit to
liie public decision. It has been unfortunate for
She patient .hitherto that almost every purgative
medicine i acrimoiiiotis and irritating to the bow
el. This is not. Many of them produce so much
" t riping pain and revulsion in the system as to more
rian counterbalance the good to be derived from
. I.icm. , These pills', produce no irritation or pain,
Miles it arUe from a previously existing obstruc
tion or darangemcnt in the bowels. Being pdrely
regctable, no harm can arise from their use m any
quantity ; but it is better that any medians should
betaken judiciously. Minute directions. for their
um in the several 'diseases to which thetareap-.
plieable are given on the box. ' Anions; the com
plaints which have been speedily cured by there, we
.may mention Liver Complaint, in its various forma
of Jaundice," Indigestion, Languor and Irfiss of Ap
Wtite, Listlessness, Irritability- Bilious Headache,
bilious Few, Fever and Ague, Pain ha ths Sid
and Loins : for. iu truth, all these are but the eon-
sequence of distuned action iu the liver. As an
aperient, tliev afford prompt and sure relief in Co
KIm. folic. -Dvssnterv. Humors. Serof-
ula and iicurvv, Olds" w'ith soreness of the body,
Clears and inipiirity of the- blood ; in short, any
-and everv case where s purgative is required.
They have also produced some singularly sut
eessful euros in Rbeumati-rm, Gout, Dropsy, Gravel,
Krrsipelas, Palpitation of the Heart, Pains in the
Back, Stomach, and Side. They should be fresly
taken in the spring of the year, to purify the blood
and prepare the system for the change of seasons.
An- occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, and restores the appe
tite and vigor. They purify the. blood, and, by their ;
stimulant' action on the circulatory system, reno
vate the strength of the bodv, snd Testore tbs
wasted or diseased energies of the whole organism.
Hence an occasional dose is advantageous, even
though no serious derangement exists; but un
necessary dosing should never be carried too far,
as everv purgative medicine reduces the strength,
when taken to excess. The thousand eases in which
a physic is required cannot be enumerated here, bt
they nggwt themselves to the reason of every
' bodv'; and it is confidently believed this pill will
answer a better purpose than say thing which has
hitherto been available to mankind. When their
virtues are once known, the public will no longer
doubt what- remedy to employ when in need of
eathartie medicine. Being sugar-wrapped they are :
pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no
harm ean arise from their use in any quantity.
For niinute directions see wrapper on the Box.
Practical and Analytical Chemist,
Frio U Csnts per Box. Tivs Bozm for CL
Fsr ! riU Cr t
rorns, colds, hoarsehess,
This remedy has won for itself such notoriety
h orn iu cures of every variety of pulmonary disease,
that it is entirely unnecessary to recount the evi
dence of its virtues in any community where it .
has been employed. So wide is the field of its use
fulness, and so numerous the cases of its cures,
that almost every section of the country abounds
in persons publicly known, who have been restored
from alarming and even desperate- diseases of the
lungs by its use. When once tried its superiority
ever every other medicine of its kind is too appar
ent to escape observation, and where its virtues are
known, the public no longer hesitate what antidote
to emplov for the distressing and dangerous affeo
tions of the pulmonary organs which are incident
to our climate. And not only in formidable at
tacks upon the lungs, but for the milder varieties
of Colds, Coughs, Hoarsbnbss, Ae.; and for
' Childkbn it is the pleasantect and safest medicine
that can be obtained. - -
As it has long been in constant use tbrongnout
this section, we need not do more than assure the
people its quality is kept up to the best that it ever
has been and that the genuine article is sold by
. M. Kirkbride, Woodsfield; Armstrong
Mooney & Co., Beallsville; Kotzebne &
Oblinger, Malaga; Charles Ilare, Sam
inerfield; and by all ' dealers in Medi
cines eTery where.'
This paper, present's, iu the most elegant and
available form, a weekly literary melange of
notable events of the day. ' Its columns are de
voted to original tales, sketches and poems, by
the best Americas autjiobs, and the. cream of
the domestic and foreign news; the whole well
spiced with wit and humor. Each paper is
beautifully illustrated with numerous accurate
engravings, by eminent artists, of notable ob
jects, current events in all parts of tbe world,
and of men and manners, altogether making a
paper entirely original in this country. Its
pages contain views of every populous city in
the known world, of all buildings of note in the
eastern or western hemisphere, of all the prin
cipal ships and steamers of the navy and mer
chant service, with fine and accurate portraits
of every noted character in the world, both
male snd female.
1 subscriber, one year . . .. . .. $3 00
4 subscribers " ..,sl6ft
10 " .............. ,20. 00.
Any person Bonding us sixteen subscribers at
the last rate, shall receive the seventeenth copy
gratis.: .'; - ' -:--'.. .
One copy of The Flao of Ocb Ujuon, and
one copy of Balloc's Pictojujal, together $4 00
per annum. ' . . .
Published eyery Saturday, by -t -" . -,.
. . M. M. BALL0U,
Corner of Tremont and Broomfield sts., Boston.
. An elegant, moral and refined Aftectfaaeouf
Family Journal, devoted to polite literature,
wit and humor, prose and poetic gems, and
original tales, written expressly for the paper.
In politics, and on all sectarian questions, it is
strictly neutral; therefore making it emphatic
ally a paper fob the million, and a welcome
visitor to the home circle. '
It contains the foreign and domestic news of
the- day, 0 condensed as to present the great
est possible amount of intelligence. No. adver
tisements are admitted to the paper, thna offer
ing the entire sheet, whioh is of N( hamjioth
sikr, for the amusement and instruction of the
general reader. An unrivaled corps of contrib
utors are regulaxly engaged, and every depart
ment is under the most finished and perfect
system that experience can suggest, forming
ait original paper, the present circulation of
which far exceeds that of auy other weekly pa
per in the Union, with the exception of "Bal-
LOU'S l'KTOUIAi..'.'. r'.. . .
siibscriWr, one year. 'f. ... .'i.,;. $2 00
4 subscribers; u: ; . . . , . .. ....... -T- 00
io 11 "; ;'' ', .. ':.."......;. 15 oo
Any person sending us stteen subscribers at
the lajt rate, shall receive flic seventeenth gratis.
One copy of Thk Flag of'Opb UaNioU, and one
copy of Balloc's Pictokial, $4 00 per annum.
Published every Saturday,'' y
; - : ' ' . - M. m. ballou,
CoVp.cr of Tremont and Broomfield sts., Boston.
Blank Deeds and Mortgages,
forsale at this Office.v ' "
Patent Medicines.
Hcmbold's Genuine Prcparatfcss
JftmMcTt Highly Cvcentruti&
Compound Fluid Extract BDsttaJtv
For diseases of tho Btaddor and Kidneys, 8
erot Diseases, bU ictores. Weakness, aad ail . .
diseases of the Sexual Organs, whether fas
Malo or Female, from whatever cans th7
may have originated, and no matter st blit-
longstanding, ; . y a j;
IF you hare- contracted tM terrible- flseas
which, when one seated fa the system, wilk-
surely go down frMn'one generatian to another,- .
undermining the constitution and sapping IM
very vital fluids of life, do not trust yourself -in
the hands of Quacks, who start up every day
in a city like this, and fill the papers with (latw -ing
falsehoods, tod well calculated to deceive) tksv
young, those net acquainted with their triek.
Yon cannot be toe careful in the'selectio of et-
remedy in these cases. ' 1 : .'
' The Fluid Extract Buehn has been pronosatv
ed by eminent physicians the greatest rSMdjr
ever known. It is a medicine perfectly pis
ant in its taste, and very innocent in its aetieay
and yet so thorough that it anihilate every
particle of the rank and poisonoas vims of thisV -..
dreadful disease; and, unlike other remedies)
does not dry np the disease in tha blood. -
. Constitutional Debility, brought on by Mll
abusej a most terrible disease, which has brongM
thousands of the human race to untimely graTOt,
thus blasting the brilliant hopes of pareatsv
and blighting in the bad the glorious am bi ties
of many a noble youth, can be cured by this).
Infallible Remedy. And as a medicfats wk-taat -most
benefit everybody, from the simply delin
eate to the confined and despairing invalid, v
eiual is to be fonnd aeting both as a sum ausV
preventive. - , .
Hsmbolfs Highly ConttmtrtUU
For Purifying the Blood, removing all i
arising from excess of Mercury, exposure auA
. imprudence in life, chronic . constitutional'
. disease, arising from an impure state of tha
blood, and the only reliable and effectual
. known remedy for the cure of Scrotal, Bala
Rheum, Scald Dead, Ulceration of the Throa.
and Legs, Pains and Swellings of tha Boots,
Tetter, Pimples on the Face, and aO
Eruptions of the Skin. , . .. . " , .' . ;"
rpHld article is now prescribed by aomrf tk!
X most distinguished physicians in tha eesJe--try,
and has proved more efficient in practise
than any preparation of SarsaparilU yet eSea
ed to the public. Several cases of secondary
Syphillis, . Mercurial and .- Scrofuloua euaeaaes)
have entirely recovered in the Incurable ward
of our Public Institutions which had for Beauy '
years resisted every mode of treatment-thasV
could be devised. These cases furnkhatrikbssj '
examples of the salutary effects of this medU
cine in, arresting some of the most taveterato -diseases,
after the glands were destroyed, anA .
the bones already affected. - - -r .
Notics Letters from.responsfblewrhyaIetism
and Professors of several Medical Colleges, aaA
certificates of cures from patients will be tou
sccompanying both Preparations. . .
Pukes Fluid Extract of Buehm, $1 par lttsV
tle,or 6 bottles for$S. : - ..-,
Fluid distract of SarsaparilU, $1 par hattis..
or G bottles .for $5, equal in strength to
-uoa ofoyrup or sarsapanlla. - - U '
Prepare1 al sold by II. T HXXJfBOt
Chemist, 2G3, Chesnut street, near the Girrf
" House, Philadelphia. T: . . ; ..
To be had of . ALFRED D. DR10O8,
;; c . Woodsfield, Ohiv
1 And of Druggists and dealers everywhere
AH letters directed to the Preprletotsjs;
Agent receive immediate attentio-a. ' v- 1
Jnlv- 11 IRKS. '. i'- '-'..:J-
? .-z. -
- 3EU5nai i: i m3 .
ssued under the Seal, Sanction and Authority
thk university or run MXDicntm i
Chartered by the State of Fennsylvaalav - -
" ' - . April 29, 1853, - - r
Mainly for the purpose of mrresting fkt sofls
of Spurious and Worthless Nostrum f '
Also, for supplying the Community with i '
liable Remedies wherever a Competent Physl'
cian .cannot or will not be employed. This Isv '
stitution has purchased from Da. JOItlf Ws
ROWAND, his celebrated f- i-.'-
. Iiowand' s Tonic Mixture,!
Known for upwards of twenty-fire years aa dtf
only sure and safe cure for FEVER asd AOtHL.
&c, and his inestimable Remedy fox BOWKL.
. BOWAND'S :.f ,
Compound Syrap -of Blackbeny Recti
Which highly approved and popular '
dies, togetherwith " -' - ; " -
The University's Remedy for CourLAnrM it
the Lcnos; " - -. .
The University's Remedy- tat Dim
IxnioasTioH; . --, -
- The University's Remedy for Coanrs 1
Also, tho Uiivaasm'a Alxasac may kt) trr-. J
at the Branch Dispensary, or store) of i .-j
Sanfish, Monroe Co. O '
Also by Wst. STEEL A SON, Stafford, Ohto.
Aslo by Jacob T. Moskiix, Sunish Ohtoa.
July 11, 1866. - ; .j. . rr.v;-!" .
"The QMo Farmer," will commtno tt
VUEtlat VUje inaSHjr l, 18Jts. It 4neeras
veil ftad a generally knewa that little aaact
b said i its behalf.- Witlt tha experienco-which-
we have gained in editing it, for tho peat -fouryears,
and with the knowledge of tbe waJaSS''
of the publio, whiub. much travel and Corral -
pondence has given ua together with the var
many able Coptributers. -which we hxve basmA .
constantly adding to our Kr4fitre-long Iis
wo feel that The Ohio Farmer iurrujim thaav
ever worthy of the patronage of tho untiis iih
try; and we ean assure all that however exeat
lent it may have been for the past yearwilt to
better for the year to corns. ; . V
The OAto Farmer will continue to be lasuad
weekly, on a large folio sheet, of clean whiV
paper, and on clear type, and illustrated ' trith
Cuts of Domestic Animals, Implements, Treea,
Houses, ko. Ae, Tha News and Miscellansaaa
Department, Market Reports, Ae. will peeatvn
careful atten.ticcBH - " "-
fix variably ix ADVixcaTr'"''
Single copy, 1 year, S2
Three copies, 1 year, 6
Or e copF. 6teeathaAl
Fiytcbblea, fl?l
Five copies, lyear, , Sjen- copies, 6,
. Ten copies, -one year'$15 . ,
A Club of five subscribers, at $8, will enthJ
the person makfagft'upa copy for six maxUha
a Club of tep,sa,v$15, to a copy for ones1rri
S0:d BuVscribers, who wish to renew'tTaeir
ibscnpuort'cih do' so at any tffine, by getting)!
e gib8criber7 aild tending us throe dollars,-;
hfcK wiTl pay for both for one year. '"
ioct dXlav: ,-"-..
'. Proprietor and Idttor, ";
-"' CTevetadOUe.:
i "-
J Ebly a fresh supply f !. H
Also a good asortmont of ORAN CRADLSS. '
'Shovels; Hoes; Scythe Snatheap-, : J. ,
' Axes, &e., A-o. .
-1 Ian yt,n, Ju'ie 1 .V . CHASR,
. """ . .i V-n ;

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