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11 , .. .. 1 J --. .'. . . .. . .'. '. ?Y'V';
1 J -A . ! i.'.'
r;HIORRIS, PuWishcr and Proprietor.
TERMS: $1,50 per Annum, in Advasce,
. 1.
L- -JUL- 1
. ' . .... , ..s,'. :
"V -"'j-f '" v-t
ii .
f -
i -
,v.1 tyf.ii-Aurf.:' S-i; .- . v.- .
- fTfejijisop KrBs RtPTios H.
I; ' v On AMiii Knit fifty cen'ts r annnm, 1f ptd'
f In julvMO ; otherwise two dollars will be re
: -Oirt'U.-C HackctaUle lroJuce will bo.takeu in
; ' 4 q papw,;wUl,be..iivontiniil, exct-pt at tlio
- "iptioh of llie pabiislier, nntil all arrears "art1
't-fiy v'-f '"t ioa rmxnso ' . .
t0Kecatd with neatness and diapatck at. tliw
y IBcWj nd t roasoJiaWe prices. ;
. ,VtrvV?;! TERMS OFnVERTl'siX(J : '
3 wkik
6 moi.
9 o. 'lyeur
it 2.
S 5
i t OlU(M.
10. .
.' . - " Tw1t lin8, r lesS, will be charged as
Or( lgl 4wtinienU will be charged
' "' 'J ibeif rl9 dot giye express nt
'. ': tloe ti'lhe pentrary, are' conslred as wishing
- ; c-to obatlnue their subscription.' ;
.. Jf'i S;lf suhecriheTS order the discontinuance of
v- YtU send tbm wntil all arrearages- are paid.-, ,
- J;'-'- - ' 3.',If .sxtbscribers neglect or refuW to take
" " their' papers froin the offices to which they are
direoted, "they' art held,- responsible till they
X - have settled .the bill, and, ordered them dUcou-
tinned . -.'. n w .-.i",
, ' - 'ri -If subscribers " remove , to " other places
. Wltnoni UKWining iuo jmuusuers, nun uin
. :(: ; ,f'fers:ire (tent to the former dil-wtioh, they are
..O t$lii Tespmasiblni, 'iu .-h?-.., v:; v:tT vv,-.
..jij lv (TW cwarta hare docidtni that refusing to
''-. ' ' j.tiikc periodicals' from, the 01ficet or rciuoyiiig
. , ' -s ."nd leaving them ui.calTd ,i"or, Is prima faoie
:. ,' -evIdH: of intentional fraud.- v " ' -.n :
aru mold.
v-'." Attorneys -atvLawrW-.i'y.J
;. Ww&ftettt, Mm rot Co., OAfo.-'
- . w snt.r.ut-ritn
7 C " S 'ltATTTBlBtlT. O. tTT A TT ' " '".
,-5-t Siff. t.'wlJSj WidJle1d trdnroe, Cebkio'
, 9J)t;4JOilipe twpidoors north tf1 Probata Office.
J.TOij.i? f Daniel H.vWirc; J v
Woodxjiiidj ikonrbt' doi iStio,
, -1 l r'J
w-r. JOKLF. HANIOIriI, . l,
4, f ta n ATTORNEY AT LAW.
1V Mli 'Jt
1 H yodtjttl&S jonto 'Co.;' OkU.
v hc il .in! J0HH SINCLAIR,
- TG5I pf'actictf in Monroe ' and adjoining
ih-Counties.'' 'AOlSce he door 6uth of the office
Vv't JloHister,.' Okey Hollistcr
"1Ta -' Attorneys at Law,! 's
tWI arfl ;rft-. XfFWvJfe-Voife' Coif Okii
-y-ti' ,i,m i urn . ? n ' f:'i t ' ." u.i i i
to t
l services 40
: .t-i.V"" 5"f Vt Tula his profosswnaisei-vioes
. , i .Ticinity. . .Ho ha removed 'his.' office
C i3 t6 thd robhi formerly oocupied tiy Di'A
aJ.lmitK tap-nuiz t. .- may I9h&
.".' " "TTATlNQ returned ta.WoojmriKivof -
, 6v JLAI.w u professjonni, servicea. to
the oitizeus of the town and ."Vicini ty
' " 6Offiice iu the roomvformerlv'oc
pV1 Dr. KT. Sinclair.' -fehloS
IDiWl II: Dowell,'
leTResldencd In- Adatni township,
on his farm adjoining Wm.lAleiandor.n
Jon 27, 1856.:iIMj yvt
.- 1 -. fi teWt g ... . tsaasissa -. . , 4 : , ,
" rpHE ndvryLI'gM Draught 'and Fast-runhtne
; Vyi'ljl Sfteanerv TBOK-'SimiYKS,: CuptT-Moko is-
, iam ilt hw Sujofltk es-cry anoruing- att.fr "blacky
1o s?V4ff;-iPde10,;.xetiM-ii lejye
rWheyU.ng at 4 oVlock d'. 51, forBnlisli. ." Fas-
- iteNgert ' a"ud! suippers' can" ifeljf Oli'thi? 'Boat
tay lnj"4it theKtde,' ?aa she" war bou ght : ei-
.'jfa JeBsl forJtfv r.UAifwSet. i'fiSi
f V 'U-o" fVJi'BL$ plTTTIJ.'(? Iri UvariouH
''.' w JtrancRea i Mda'nlsUll WawBaltToiiV.
- "i'.. L 'Those wishing MuUpToinbfnuatycaqbofur--
- ' ,tSfW'!,dJwUh5taein ,iHi,i j.-.-V-. i,r ' it
; .n ffi&mW. Ol) OJlKMAisSHIP.
' jt y leaving their, orders' with. JohivSiuclaifor
' " " .trjuV't. 'Wcfiardsoii, F-sqrsAWoodsfteld; i'
'. ? irTi melHHs,Btrnn8h,i OMoio
,J1 DeciiJtlj 1856i3;a s Pi CAWLFlKLD.r a
y r, : a . ; , THE T.AST, CAXJV ,
fpHE creditors of . Robert, Mills, deceased, arc
;. i .J notified that unless their claims are pre-,
Rerifwf1tf pWpor iortr"t tBeufcdersIgUedOir
, lo'.irt bUireith IS tlx Utyr erf V Aj nary,' 1 85 tJr t hei r.
IXt cljuwt KiHe vMAll we$; Antf t.ltos , claims
..... . ..-. ... -.
-i;t:rAjbied.Ai;AU:iersoi) kavlng elalnU, Wt twti
" : .;-.' . "hich, J&rrn heretofore, M&fr Jfr,nted,Afn4
-, v ' ' ' - allowed Ty thk AdmiiiiMKtorx'.xiKist he presents
: . " . ; WM -6 ifig undersfeid'M1is(H'-hVfyyilf tid
: ' . 1 . i. .ii i i .L1..1 1. ii iii
Executor to attend, and object to the allowance
of euch claim as he may think illegal.
v -.'v. "is - - iOHN S. WAY, ,
.i '
.'. Commissioners.
Legal Advertisements.
, The undersigned have given bond and re
ceived letters tedtaiunntary on the 03tivte of
John Davenport, lale of Monroe county, Ohio,
deceased. ' Those indebted to pa d estate will
please mike immediate pavmn'..
. - ,; 'I".'"'-" COULSON DA VENTOST,
J;vn. 9,165(5. ' . Ex'rs.
i . - Notice in Partition.
.wifej Charles llussel, llobelt llusol, William
Ru.-sol, Westley Kussel, and. Otho Kussel, of
Belmont county, Ohio, Varnabas Dearth,Thom,-is
Edwards, apil Wilson Hogue,f Monroe county,
wilt take, notice that on the 28th day of Do-
er A. D. 1855, Levi kirk, as OiiArdiAn .
Russel, filed in the Court of Common Pleas of
MonToo county, Ohio,' his amended and snpplit
meMtal petitiot, demanding partition of the
following lands iu Monroe county, to wit : The
porth half of. the northwest quarter of section
fojr, township six,' and range seven, containing
eighty-two; (feres.!''-That at tlio next' term of
said Court, .application will lrin:ide by the
petitioner to,ainend . a fonner order, or that
partition. be made of said premises. '.
'Jan. 2, 1850. 5 -v ' Atty's:for Petitioiuir.
Petition to Quiet Title.
ARY ANN PETEliS, William Love and
Robert Love, of the City of Wheeling, in
the State of Viridnia, will take notice," that Vm
tha 24ih dav of December. A. D. 1S55. Willi nn
Harkin, filed in the office of the Clerk of the
Court of Coniuioii Pleas. of Monroe county, in
the State of Ohio, his petition ' agahwt them,
wherein it .s stated that on the 10th day of
January, A,' D. 138, Robert Love, now deceas-r
ed, and Mary lAau , his wife, executed to one
Henry lilaney, lilpw dace;ised. a lee I for the
following described tracts of land, situate in
said co'unty,'to wit-: The east half of the south
east qiiarter and the south west Quarter of the
South. east quarter of suction twelve, town-diip
four, and.j.ransosix,' containing L10.1 77-1'WO
acres;" that said ".'dced'as "recordeil in Monroe
county,' Ohio,' dri the 6th'of April, ;l18;Uh.-rt
ntho 1st day of January, lS4t. aid dead H'as
burned with the Recorder's office.and tha record
of said deed pajtly destroyed by the saiHeUn-- i
lae, Eaiu iiii.hiu iiarKiij aiie iges ki-u Jte i iuv
bwtierof said tracts if Taivl, audaiks tint tlio
defondaTits as 'widow an Uieii-s of Rq'wrt Love,
deoeascd, couyy the same to hint by devvlj jkiit
his title to, and possession. if said prt-iuises
may be forever quieted, &c. Uiiless; tlio de
fendants appear sfnd frnswrrsaid petition by tho"
8th dayjDt March, uext,, thai at tu- next term
of ,aid Coui-t the plaintiif rill ask. for- a Judg
mont and order as bytconi'ossjoiu ., . , , ' ..'
..' ' ' '.'. '' IloLLlSTEl!, OkBT & Hott.!TK6. ;
J,'Jan.;2, lS5t. Att'y. for naintUf. n
i (i;'TTAeHMEXT -.At rny instance ten attich-
;Xx.- uient was issued on tls Slh dav-.bf Dcuem-
lerj 1656, by M;tthew Scott, a Justu,o "-of the
Peace of Bethel township, Mouioe count j, Ohio,
"agam8t a Judgment in thu.haa.ls of Thomas
Miller, Esq., for .the sum of- $45,49 on Joseph
Dymus, a iion-resident of said county., . .
GEO. A. B1DENHARN, Ag'nt T '
'"J , " for El Bidenharri of 't lite late hi-m'of -
Jan, ii; 1856.
Bidcnhanf St 'Beanlngliaus.
!; TTACHMENT At my instance an attach-
XJL ment was issued on. the 19 day of Decem
ber, 1855, br Jacob T.'Mortill, a justice of the
Peaca of Saleni township, Monroecouiity, Ohio,
againstu'the gpjHls chattels, ; rights, -credits,
luoney and ell'ects of Janles A. Jordan, a non
resident of said county, for the sum of $12,04;
, Jan. 2, 135(L 1 .'JAM'fcJ II. RAY.-
. A" TTA.qiIMJiNT.At.' my instance aivattach-
nwnt yas issued.-' on th 2".th daj. f'P
ceinber, 1855, ,by Jacob T. Moi'riM, a' Justice of
ihe Peat-eof -Salem 'toA-nsliip.' Monroe county ,
Oh"o,agaiiUt thd goods, chattels, rights, c rod it 4.
T-resident pjf-said oounty, for the sum of 310,52
Jaul'2, 1850.
J TTACHMENT. At iy instance ajv. attach
Jl uie,ix was issued on the 20th day of No
yeniber, l$5oIhy, Thomas Cochran, a' Justice
Of : the 'Peaco of Jackson-' township,- Monroe
f County; Ohioi against the gools,i battles, rights,
jhiioneyji and, eU'ecU of IJenjaiuin Dye, a noji
rpsidcut of said county, for the' suiu of 'niub-
teen dollars.' "., ' ' J0SIA11 WILSON.
'" Dec. 12,T 855. r W - : ''' -: 1 '
Administrator's Sale. .
BY virtue of an order from tho Probate Court
of Monroe county1," Ohio,-on.' !j " ' ?
.'-Saturday, tir 1UM dwy -of .'January, JS5G,' j
at. the frontdoor oP tho CourS- House in vaid
county, at. .10 o'clock, JIM( the: undersigned,
as Administrator of Saniuel McConnell, dee'd.;
will sell,' at public auction the followiu'g real
estate, to wit:'. Tho south west quarter, of the'
liorth jBft qflartor of si ptinn . ltl.own diip .2,
and range 4, lying m Mom 00 county, Ohio. (
. Tubus-! op Salk. One-third t in hand, one
tliird in six mouths,1 and Onedhird br one year;
with Interest on the "deferred -payments; lll
secured to the satisfaction of tli.e iii!isigue(L,
. , r JOHN .11.. NOLL, Adm'r. of .
Doc. J.9, '55. " Samuel McOennell, dee'd.
' ,s .: Martha Jonos' Estate. L
fpiIB BubscribiiT has been appointed by the
1 X Probate; Court of , Monroe County, Ohioj ad
ministrator of, Martha Jones, late of said Couu
ty, dec-eased, and h'aS piveni lohd and recclvc'd
letters as such. WILLIAM KIRKBitlDE; ' J
'Dec' 19, 185.7.", .1 J J. ,;Kii--;Ailuiiustr!itor.
"J ' J"A 1P fTTTVXtTSTTI -wrtTTfiP '. I
. 1 .. iawuiU4Jil w -w J
Lawrence Boach,Tlalntlflf,
tiD'K.' Lynch,
Sftmnel Stokfely, Defendant.
Justice. of the
iPeaiie of Centre township, Monroe. County,' O
on the.l2tl(day.of .November, A. p. 185a, said
Justice issued an "order pt attachiheiit,'''!in
tiio khovf actfori,; for the sum'of one" hundred
aiSd seven ty-thte dollai and fifty-two cents,
wltich is set for trial January 11th,' 185:5, at
10 o'clock AM... The defendant, will take no
tice that tho "rdalutiff will testffy' on ' the 'trial
of thiW cause' :? "'"JOEL F.: KANDOLPH. '
pdDecVmbe lrl85a; ?AWy foe Plaintiff.
H i i i'I'i .M i,. ' il,., 1, . r . , ... ,
k' .;, t.,:iixecuior a oaie.
-. ... . .-1 . . -
BY virtue of .the last' will jind' testamo.nt.of
.Wihianr'lf.1 &nrkhe&Me&ase4,'-f w oiri
at private ale:-anta the Jlib: day of IMaivit,
185t, and if no koldw.iH he offrel on aid. jVi
on which here are two' DweLttsd
Hotsas; oe oocupi'od as a TAtcua
Stixp.ft'.Alao. 804 stalAi'iinda
as the property of sjfid deooasodi Tei-nis $f)U0
cash in hand, tho balance in two equal pay?
ments, one-half in 6 months, the other 111 12
months, with interest. THOS. GRIFFITH,
Not. 14, '55, i Ex. Wm. 1L llurkhead. dee'd.
M pup fliiprj'y .ontUorerftises, U-twcen the
hours of 10 o'clock A.' i.t ont 6 i6ck','r x.
Daf o! "i , is TBi Tow ofTvliviLi
"Leiriil Advertisements.
V t
Patrick Dougherty's Estate.
THE undersigned has given bond and receiv
ed letters testamentary on the Estate of
Patrick Dougherty, late of Monroe County,
Ohio, deceased. Creditors aretherefore notifi
ed immediately to present tlw.ir claims legally
authenticated. JOHN DOUUHKliTY,'
Dec. 19, 11:55. " Executor.
Lawrence Koacli. l'laintilil 1 ibtXKli John
against . . K, Lynch a
amuel Sti klev, Deferdaut. J Justice of the
Peace of Center tow nsu'p.Monroe County, Ohio,
ou the 12 h.day of NovemWr, A. D. 155, natd
Justice issued an order of attachment in the
- bixty-six dollars and ninety-two cents, which is
et for trial on the 11th day of Jan. 1S5(J. at 1
o'clock, IV M. The defendant will take notice
that the Plaintiff will testify on the trial of this
cause. ; . JOEL F. RANDOLPH, ..
Deo. 5, 1855. . Attorney for Plaintiff.
; Sheriff's Gale. ..
BY virtue of a writ of rendiiioni erponas, is
sued from the court of Common Pleas of
Monroe county, Ohio,, and to me directed, I will
oiler fur sale, at public outcry, at the door of
J tho court hou.se, in the town of Woodslild, in
said county, on
Saturday, the 12A day of January, 1S5S,
bftwecn tlie hours of 10 o'clock, a. m., nml .4
o'clock, p, m... of said day, the following real
estate, lying and lming in said county, to wit:
The north east quarter of the north west
! l'iair of section two, towuship. three, and
ranro five.
ALo( the west part of the south east quarter
of the north west quarter. of the same section,
tvwnship and range, containing in all, fifty
eight acres, and appraised at live hundred dol
lars.1 Taken ; in execution and levied ou as the
property of Levi Long, at tho suit of Isaac
(Suvton an.J William W. finvton. "" ' -
Dec. 12. - $3 00-. Sheriff of said Co. '
Sheriff's Sale. .
.T)Y virtue of a writ of r?tidUiani erpnna issu-
) e.l from the court of Common Ple'ls of Mou-
oe countytMiio. and to tu'e disveted, I w'll offer
for sale, ; at ptlhlio outcry, at ti)e loor of . the
court hpuso, iu tiie to'n of WoudsUcljl, iu said,
county, on,: -. ;. v . -. . . ' , .
'.. Suturduy, tlte llh day hf jtirinqry J85i;
betwePli the hours of 1 o'clock,-' a. 111.,' and 4
o'clock, p. in., of said day,' the . following real
estate, lying and bein inuid county, to witJ-
TIi west h:ilf. of .the north .west, quarter of
Section number .twenty-seven,' township' num
ber throe .'and r.ni-ie "number live- appraised 'at
four hundred' dollars.
; - Taken, in execution- and -.levied 011 as the
property of 'John Jarvis, .at tho suit of W;l7
tniiii Kiiki.ni.le. for th u'4tf W;if:anu '& I'il-
Sheritf of said Co. ,'
Dec.li. '. . 50
. - j-v. r-j.t.'t Sheriff's Sale. ;
j 1 x, virtue ol.a writ ol vc.ntttioni exponas lssii-
I J e l fioui the. court of Common lHeas of Mon
roe count vj (hii, and to me directed, I will offer
for -sal J, ut public outcrvv at tho door of the
court bouse, u thud owa ol .Woodsliul.l,-iu said
."Hiunty, ou . - , N .-
Saturday ,'ttie V2lh day of January 185(3,
between the'bours of 10 o'clock, "'a. m., and 4
o'clock; p.! 111., r.f s-lid day, the following real
instate, lying and being in said county to wit;
The north hair of tue-south c:ist quarter of j
section nuiulx-r tweiity-oi'ie, tou'nship numherl
.H.-ii nnA l-n iifi' ii tlllu.r .lit" AAittiimiitf. atirlitt-.
-.. . ....... , -f---
onem;res and elcveji hnndre Iths of an acre,
mora or less;, appraised at live hundred dollars-.
Taken in execution and levied on as the prop-
ertv of Joel (Ji-caori-. at the suit of Williani
Jarvis," for use of William V. tli'.nter.
' ; - . , .WILLIAM READ, r,
1 Dec. 12c - "S2 02 .. Sherilf of said Co.
--s Shtrilf's Sale. - - v
BYirtne of a . rit of venditioni cx;onas' is
suedrom the court of "Cou)iion Pleas 'of
Mohroo' Vduutyj Ohio, and to ine dii-ected, I
will offer for sale, at public outcry, at the door
of the court house, iu'lhe town of Woodslieid,
in nail county, on . r . , '"
Saturday, the 12A day of January, 185o,'
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m.,' aihl 4
o'clock: p.'iiK, of said day, the following' 'real
..... -ii.; 1..,:,,.. ........... ; . I
n-i.-. ..t l . ...
.. 1119 caiaii fi .Lots jtuiiu .ensi. quarter 01
seciion number five, township number four,
and 'vjiigfl 1 number six; appraised At eight "hun
dred dallars. :.:'.-. - -A : ' . " : .
., Taken-in execution and., levied on as the
property of Daniel .and Edward Dougherty, At
the suit" of Steel, Davenport & Co.
''-';'; t';" ' WILLIAM READ,
' Dec.' 12. ; -n$2 50 . , -Sheriff of saidCo.-
Sheriff's Sale.
county, on v f- , ; ; ' .4.. .
Saturday, tfu lph day qf January, 1856, .
between Uie hours of 10 o'cloclc-a. m.. and 4
o'clock, j. iu.', of said dav, the 'following re.al
estate, lying and being in said county, to wit:'1
A part of tiection twenty-three,- iu township
number two,' and range number four, being all
that. tract of land lying north . of Ridgeville,
hounded qn the east by the lands of William
1'ittmau, on tne nortn Dy tlio lands ot Jacob
ivwiiHuif 'ii ito 1 0 U J I.14Q IUV 9l'll4 t.'I
llcnry Keyser. to John P.. ,FvrrrQ' and on the
outh.ta, lun .a parallel line iroiu, the lino of
William Pitt man west with the" north line of
said, town' of Eidgeville, containing ten acres,
mol-e 'or lcsfep and appraisod ' at sixty-.seven
dolbira: ; !.'.ff-.!: ':-- frMi; i '..!1 ;,.;J
AJsoT1the following, tract in section twenty-
! three township number two, and range number
rour; comtucncing for the sauic, at the south
west-corner of a lot deeded to Henry Keyser
by Jacob Windland, . thence with tlmsiKdion
line ; south to . the comer of said WindLuid's
land, thjeiioe east, till it will intersect with the
old linc'on theAve'st end of -paid town Of Ridge
villo fhence' toi the stroet line, and thence to
the-ploeft lof! ixiginningi- containing : two arres
more or issj and (appraised at (oi ty-four 'dol-
- Also'j'tho f(! dtowitig'to'wn lots' in t,! (mvn 'of
la'tTvHl. heirtg hit number two.-kppraiseil at
liWihllaSs- Wtriunillai: three; npprawed at fiye
dttllapsidot number four, appraised at five dol
hws; d'.'naniber ei-ht, appraised at twentv
se'ven dollars; dot number nine, appraised at
fivJ dollars; "lot "irtluiber fert appraised -at five
dolitftttiatMljiiot 'number sixteen, appraised at
,MWy4Mo$doltar!i-,J, iH ."- , .n.
Taken in execution' and levied on as the
property of John P. 'Fcrrell, at the suit of
Hampton, SimtU & Co. -
Dee. 12, $6,18 Sheriff of B,ifi Co I
1) Y virtue of a writ of venditioni eiuonas issiir I I husband. . Mary Ann Nuaent, . Emily .Nu- 1 -i:nu ?
JLJeilfroni the court of t'omnion Pleas of Mnn- gent, Franklin Nflgent, and Martha Nugent,' 'Words.
roe county, Ohio.-nnd. to me directed, I will of- will take notice that a petition was Tiled against ' Persons taking .five mem W
fer 'for sale, nt'publio. outcry, at tho'doOr of the ! them on the ll'tlrd iy of Noveinber, A. D. 1855, tv,;an.v flvo of the Magaitincs
court house the town of Woodsheld. in said ! in th i-ftrt .f i'..,m PI.,.i. within nnd for to tickete in the distribut
L'jgal. Adveriisemeuts.
Stephen Brown's Estate.
rilllE uulursigned has hwii a)pointcd admin
X istrator of Stephen Urown, hite of Moivoe
County, Ohio, leeeaeil, and given bond and
received letters as such. - Creditors are t hens
fore notitied immediately to present their c'.dnis
duly authcnticatcil. WM. BROW.V,
Doc. 19, lc'35. ' ' A hu'r.
Samnel Staufei's Estate. .
rpiIK undersigned has given bond and receiv
1. ed lettevs iestameutary on tha 1: " to of
Samuel Staufer, late of Moiirne County, Ohio,
deeea-:e l. Creilitors are therefore notified im
medi:Uely to present their claims legally
authenticated. ; , ' JOilN KCRUY,.
, Deo 11), 1S55. Exccuti-r.
William TmnTn'q P.ctatfl I
rpilE undersigned have been aj.pointed ndmii-
1 istrators of William I'lh-n, late of Monroe
Countr. Ohio, depe-.se 1 .md l. . U-,... l....n
and iectived lct'tei-s aS such. (Veditors are
therefore nottlle I immediately to present their j
oiaiius uuiy aut nentioafu
in- 'r . Jji.l.i.Ml I j.I '.M an I j
' e. 10, l?o5. JA-lbd ii-VrirON, Adm'rs.
. 1 i
Mary Keanslc's Estate
rpHK undersigned has been appointed admin
X is,:torof Mury Kean:ig, late of Monroe
County, Ohio, deceased, aud has given bond j
and received letters as such. - Creditors are
therefore notified immediately to present their 1
1 claims duly aiitheuUcited.
Dec, l'J, 1S55. UR8 KEANS10, Adm'r,
I' lias leen appointed by the . Probate Court
oTMonroo County Ohio - administrator with
the will annexed of Joseph us Cox, late of said
county, deceased, and has given bond and re
ceived letters as such. JOHN 15. NOLL.
Nov.' 21, 1855. Adm'r.
Petition for Partition..
ILI.IAM P.UOWN, Anion W. Brown, Elihu
Brown. John Brown. Samuel Hogue and
Agnes Anne. Hogue, his wife, Silas Brown, John
Brown, and laac Brown, iill tiike notice that
a petition wa.' tiled against them on the "1st
day of December A. 1). 18S5, in the Court of
Common Pleas of Monroe County,. Oluo, by
Stephen Brown, and is now pen liug, wherein
the said Stephen -Brown demands partition of
the following real estate, to wit : The north west
quarter of the north enst quarter' of section s,
township (J, anil riiige G," containing 40 acres.
Also,', tho north, east quarter of section thirty
i throe, in township fi ve, and rujige Uvj contgln-;
ing one hundrctl and twenty acres. ' Alsoj seven
acres in the. west part of the north wst quar
ter of sect ion t'.vonly-peven, in township live,
and range live, all lying .and being in Monroe
County. Ohio. And that, at the next term of
j said Court, application will be made by the said
j .Stephen Brown, . fer nil order of partition 'Of
;. 'uid' pi'Ciiiisic!, and sHfh'pro'ceediwga as may lie
had pursuant to the Statute in such case luade
ami provided. - STEPHEN BROWN,
By WntE & II01.LASD, his Atrys.
23, 1555:
ATrnCE is ercby given, that final settlement
i -LV ' acco
ouifts have been filed in the Probate
Court of Monroe Comity, Ohio-, by Executors,
Administrators and Ciuardians, as follows :
s J. Sebastian Hohmann; administrator of Wil
liam Archer;'- '. .. .
John Cliiie, executor of Richard Pool;.
Elihu and . Mary Tipton, administrators of
David 1 ipton :
William Rcat
CiJthV!4 . .
David Tipton
1, ' administrator of Thomas
. - ' . V.
t. Lucy and Lewis llucker,
1 Lemuel . Rnckcr;
administrators of
j- Jacob H. and Hugh Hamilton, executors of
John Hamilton:
; Levi Mobbeily, administrator of William
Orillith;.'. , ; .
William Conlev, administrator of Isaac C011
Icy ; ... ' ' '
'- Christopher Piudle, administrator of Mat bias
Eschelmaii ;' ' ' ,;- . - . - ' ; - -'.
Thomas Mc-Mahou, administrator of Joseph
Minor; - '; . , ' .
David Steel, guardiau of Cloyd Johnston's
heirs ; ' " '' ' -
Lewis Gralitjny, administrator " of Richard
Wheeler. ; " .,- - ;- :: . ...
;Elicl " Ileadley, guartliau ' of Margaret E.
Trembley, (partial.) : '' 'V
fceley : Masou, administrator -of J. Palteiv
..r;,,u "IH34'IU
. Kirkwood, administrator ofJedediah 1
, . 1
ig, (p iliaL) . , . , '..
anur ,tion of said, accouuts. will, be
G. Fleming
tlio. exam
commenced 04. Thursday, the Hil day" of Janu
ary,'..'. I). 185 '.' In the wnantimo" they are
subjoct.to the insiiection aud exception of pl
persons interested therein. , JOHN W.'-OKEl",
- Dee. 1!, 155. v Judge of sail Court.
: ' Notice in Partition.
TI T ARY STAATd' and Archibald Staats her
the conuty. of .Monroe, and- State of Ohio, b.y
Abel Vasyk , au l Sarah Jane" Vansyek, his
wife, and is' now pending
wherein tike sai l ,
i)el 'Vausvck and ' Sarah .lane Vansyck, his
Wife, demand partition fof tin- following d -
' ' x i . . . i - . - a. . ti.. .i . . :
Hcribed - real estate, ituate in said county, to
wit : Tho south oast quarter of. tho north west
quarter, and the north east quarter of,the south
w est quarter of section twenty-six, la township
Ifour, and range fo
four, coiitaiiing. seventy-nine
and' forty-four hundredths aoresi except twenty
;rcs off the. north end of .said tract. And ut
the next .term of said court, application will
be made by the said petitioners, for an order
that dower niay be assignel, and partition be
made of tho said premises.- ( :
j..';... lloLtilSTKlt, OKEV & IIilH.ISTEH, .
... . . ' Att'ys. for Petitioners.
''; Nov.' 28, 1855. V ; " -''-
In Partition.
JOHN BROST and Louisa Brost his wife, Hen
ry Ellogar, Theodore Ellegar, Caroline EUe
gar, William Ellegar, Eiuma Ellegar, Edward
Ellegar, Nancy Ellegar and Jacob Switzer", will
take notice, thata Petition was filed against
them on the first day of November, 1855, in five
Court of Common Pica's of Monroe county," in
the State of Ohio, by Charles Gottliftrt and
Frederica tiotthart his wife, and is now pond
ing, wherein '.tho said Charles Gotthart and
Fredorica .Gotthai t demand partition of tho following-described
real, estate, situate in' said
county, to wii : The north oast quarter of the
north east quarter of section- 32, in township
S aud'range;.'3, .vontaiuhig'forty-one acres, be
the sniuA .more; or les; and tliat at the nfxt
Term of Vad.(,Ql,'t application will be tnade by
the said Charles Gotthart and Frederica Gptt
bart Ids wins for an order tliat Partition may
bo made of said premises.
Nov. 7,1855 Att'ys for Petitioner,
Justices of the Peace.
Py an act passed March 7th. 18-12, Justices
of the Peace are required to reader yearly state
ments of fines assessed by them, to the County
Auditor: said report to he made on or before
the 1st day of February, under a penelty of
iirty dollars. JXO.'S. lK)LLIDAY,.Aud.
. Jan. !. lSSu. '
tJAME to
a milo
to tJi farm of the subscriber, about
from Lewisville..on or about the 4th
of November last, three head of cattle, two
steers and one heifer. The steers arc about
f,.-..' .r..no- ...... ...f .1..... t. M :.i
white stripes, the other is red with wiiitc spots; j
the heifer is siippoed to be between two or 1
. I
. v. T ..11 . T.' 1 1 l.'L (Ill-Ill la U. Ifrilllllt. Willi i
three Vears old, a bundle color, and a mulev.
1 "'' Wller ,s "l-t d " come forward, prove :
PPty, Py ciiarges, and tako them away. .
Occ. 13, 1Sj5. JOHN SbEIUUUU.
Dec 13, 1S55
j -
LUi!lf B
TSTAliLlSHED inl840 -Im-orpo.-ated by the
JTj Legislature of Pennsylvania, with pert.et-
.,.,1 i.n..t . . . -
ual Charter,
lion. Jam ks Bern ax as,
Hon. W. II. LcwniB,
" - Wm. WlLKlJiS,
" Mosus Hampton,
" Ca aki.es Navlok,
(Jen. J. K. MooniiEAD
The only institution of the kind in the TJni-
te.t Mates, conducted by an experienced prac
trenl Merchant, pn, I the first to introduce the
details of the counting houses successfully
and systematically into the class room, jn-tho
most extensive and divcrsilied business train-:
ing ever given in the country, The unexam
pled success of the establishment is evidence
of-the general preference its students obtain
over those f mere theoretical teachers. Largo
numbers of them are now in counting houses
and steamers, on salaries from $s00 to $1500 a
year; and numbers of students of other com
mercial colleges haife, in consequence, studied
Book-keeping over again in this. Institution.
It por employs nine Professors, including Mr,
D. WILLIAMS, the best business Penman in
the United States. Full particulars can only
be obtained by sending for a circular, which is
mailed free. It also coutains (p. 20) some
practical and interesting problems from our
class examinations.
DUFF'S BOOK-KEEPINtt, pp. 102, Royal Oc
tavo. . Harpers, New . Yoik. $1 50. A pcrj
feet .combination. -of. commercial aoienoo audi
practice." . i .: ' ,. ., -!
PrUe'$l. laA perfect system for such books
and acoonnts:" ' -- ': " :. ';.-.. i ;.
'- t$F Merchants in town and country supplied
with flrsi-classaccouutants; colleges and schools
supplied with -thoroughly tiaiued teachers of
Book-keeping and writing. ' jan. 2.
RRANGEMENTS for tho Second Annual
ollectiou of this new and popular Insti
tution for the diffusion of Literature and Art,
have been made on the most extensive scale.
Among the works already engaged, is tho
far-famed i, .. v
" G E N O A C J! U Of V T X
which originally cost-Ten Thousand Dollars. f
In forming the now Collection, the diffusion
of works of Amkhicax Art, and the encourage
ment of American genius, have not been over
looked, Commissions have been issued to manv
of the most distinguished American Artists,i
who will contrihute some of lhe:r finest pro-j
ductious.- Among themare thne Marble Busts,
executed by the greatest living Sculptor, Hi
ham Powkks: ": -.'
',. . The Father of his Country ; - ; "'
15 E N J A M I N Fit AN K LI N, ' '
' , ' . The Philosopher;
: ' ' . ' The Statesman.
A special agent' has visited Europe and made
careful an 1 judicious selections of foreign works
of Art,, both' in Bronze and Marble; Statnary
i ami Ctioioe l'aiistmgs..
. ; Tha whole forming a larsro and valuable col-
lei-tion lif P.'l ilt illfTii iin.-l SIf nfn-ipv rt !.. .1; '
.. .. ',
ciation for
, n
tributed kr tie amona tho meuibera of the Asso- I
xorms 01 jaemDersmp. ..
The payment of three dollar constitutes an?
ono a uiuTubor of the. Association, and entitles
liim to either one of the following Migaziues
Tor one year, and also a ticket in the distribu
tion of the Sfatuary and Paintings.
The Literature issued to subscribers consists
of the following. Monthly Magazines Harpers,
Put Haiti's. Knickerbocker, Blackwood's. Gra-
G odey's Lady's Book, and Household!
, ' - i
rships are entitled I
for one vear, and I
. v
1 no net proceeds aenvod from tho sale of .
memlierships, are devoted to tho purchase of 1
woi-ks -of Ait for the ensuing vear,
Til Advantages. Secured -' v
I bv .ecoming a member of this Association.
are . - .. -. , ' . , ,
Y 1st. All persons receive Ibcm' value of their
subscriptions in the slart, in thu shapo of ster
ling Magazine Literature. -.,' ,! ' '.;-' '
2.1. E;u;h -meinbpr" is contributing! towards
purchasing choice Works of. Art, which are to
be distributed . among . themselves, and are at
the same time encouraging the Artists of the
country, disbursing thousands of dollars, thro"
its agency. . " '. -.. w:T
Persons, in remttUng fund for memlership,
will please give their post-office address in full,
stating tho month they wisli the Magazine to
commence, and have the letter registered at the
Post Office ' to prevent loss; on the receipt of
which,-- a certificate of membership, together
with the Magazine desired, will bo forwarded j
to any part of the country, ','-...
Those who purchase Magazines atBookstores,
will observe that by joining this Association,
they receive tho Magazine and free Ticket in
the annual distribution,, all at the same price
they now pay for the Magazine alone. ..."
' Beautifully illustrated Catalogues, giving full
descriptions, sent peer on application.' ' '--,
For Membership,' address ". j j.- "'! ,
; j; C, L. DERBY, Actuary C. Aj A.
At either of tho principal offices .-''
' "Knickerbocker Magazine " oflico,"348 Broad
way, w "York;" or Vjfstcrn Office, 1C8 Water
Street, SanflUskyi Ohio;- : i i t u : ; : .'.
J0l7jraX)T FTATE.The subscribers
have given bond and received letters as ex
ecutors of Jacob Melott, deceased, from the
Probate Court of Monroe County, Ohio.
Dec. 5, 1855. J AMES B, MELOTT,
Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. r
fgHE uuttersigued is now receiving a fresh
JR. supply of DRY UOODS, direct from the
East, suited to tlw season, wiiich ho offers for
isale at prices which .cannot fail to please
purchasers. Call nnt esanuno for yourselves.
n. chase:
NT) All persons indebted to the sub
, scriber by note or book account,
will please call and settle their respective ac-
i counts as 1 need i.ioncvat this timo; on all ac-
ts standiiig over six months, .interust will
charged. 11. C.
r. . 1 Hi. lorr -
Vkiki .ito, w. jcw. . , . ;
riHIE undersigned h-aving sold out his stock of
1 Confections. Groceries. Hanlware, (iueens
ware, Notions, kt:., to William Lippincott, wili
hereafter continue the - '- "' '; - '.fi-' .
Liquor busiuess exclusively,' and will sell at
prices which cannot .fail to please purchasers.
My stock of common liquors is complete, and
cannot be excelled in quality. I have also on
hand French, Cognac, Otanl, Pale, Blacklwrry.
Ginger, Poach, Ajqde, New York, Wild Cherry,
Taiwo Cherry c and Domestic Brandies; also
.Swevt Malaga, Native, Claret, Common Port,
Crownhead Port, Catawba, and Madoria Wines;
01l Bourboii, Old Rye, Old MonongabeLi, Irish
and Rectified Whisky; also. Holland Gin, Do-!
mvstic Gin, and New England Kmn." Quart, pt. j
and half pint Flasks by the gross or lialf gross;;
M-hich I will sell at the lowest 'prices.
" Persons wanting liqnor for family or medici
nal purposes, ean rely on getting a, pure article;,
by calling at the crner of Miiin and. Water
Street, Sunfish, Ohio. ' ;
Nov. 21, 1855. WM. II! MAI.LORY.
- Fall o.ud Vv inter Goods.
TUST RECEIVED from, the Ivistern ckiee,
new s o.k of
Consisting of every variety usually , kept in
villare store. "Also .' . i .' . ''
Constantly on hand and : for. sal at reduced
prices.-' '-I" " '.'-"' '" '''' " '"' 4 ' '-' ';;'' .
In 'tlie latost faslwons andlwst styles, and war-
rantsl to be equal to any. work done iu- the
w.estv. CaU and examine for yourselves. . "...
" V ;" . v , r. chase. .
: Clauisotox, Nov! 1'853-ly ' . '' ' ' -
no. 54, wood street,; '.
. ,.- Pittsburgh;;
1 Have now in store a full assortment of
"During tll9 Season. -: -.,,.: "'
',. septa:4fti.
Grrcat"-: ISiirgaiul
THE undersigned, - desiring to, close
their business, offer their ;' . r:
at cost, for Cash or Produce. ,, livery nej
R A T E ,B A It G A IN S i
on,- as their goods iviUscU off
ulU!'' vau auuu.
! now oflerc.d.
i N. B. .Alt persons knowing themselves iu
dohted to the ..above firm, either, by note or
book account, will please call aud settle imme
diately, a the business "must hi closed lip sOon."
WoonsFiBLD, Oy. '24, lhSo.'''
rgjHE undersigned has just received tho larg-
M. est and inost fasluonable sujiply of
n 11 . ' i n" , ., .1".
i i l I niI .. VVii-il--... w.. 41, .
J rau tiiivi it lutut V.1UIUU11,
ever offered
' v-
in Woodstield; mcltuunij
style and variety of
every :
Dress-Coats, Yests, Pantp,
Fine Shirts,'
Cravats. In
! Uuder-Shirts. Drawers, C
' short, every article usually kept by a ;
.lie is also prepared to do good and fashion
able work for his numerous customers, at re.v
son.-vbla nrices : i' , . ; . .
.. ... . ... CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES -"; ' "
of superior style and finish, for aale at low
prices, and will be made up to ordr, or sold by
the pattern. v : :.-;' s i.' ; .
; His Goods have been selected with the great
est care, and will be sold at the: verv lowest
.... . . . , ' '.T li.t', .
prices. f . , .. . ,
Oct: 10, 1855.'-. M: BITRGBACHER.
. --, . . ...... , :.'. ; '.
fPIIE undersigned is engaged in Weaving C0
I ERLETti an-lCARPKl'Sof every stylo and
variety, af the following rates : " i '
;Covei hts, -per pair, . S5,0t or 2,25 each ft
thpee or iuoio Coverh t all woven without
seams.. Carpets Common 10 cents peryurd,
double chciif 12J cents per vard. " 1 u"
-'-"-- V '! ' V " CHARLES BRUNER,-
'Mn.TossiipiKiii, Nov. 2 1855-. it- a;
r Nr B. d'oloi'ing: done in" the,-.best jpnssiblo
style. . . Qpl. - , , J ','' V.-
ITfACHMEST.w-At mir iustaiice an attadt,
inent.was issued on the 21st day 'of. No,
veinber, 1855, by John. Cline, a Justice of the
Peace" of Benton' township," Monroe "County,
OWty against the goods, chattels-, rights, moneys
and effects, of. John A'cGilton, a non-resident of
said County, foi the sum of thirty-one. dollars
and eighty -cental . OSIAII WIION.
Dec. 12; 1855. c-. : "
E5T In. : order that we might be bU
to furnish the rcarlers of the f Spirit with
the President's Message as soon m fre
possiblj could, wc have inserted oh the
outside of tills week's paper, all our stand
ing matter, leaving the inside for the Met- '
sage, which we learn, by' telegraph, - wa
read in the Senate ou Mondaj, ' the 8 1st
The Carrier's Address will ,b
found ou the fourth page, of rto-daj'i p
per. - Head it. ' It will well repay ptn-
'" .'A
.. ' V ' i 1 im ; r' !'..,'
- Arrival, of the PacificA ' J
. - -f New York, pec. 28.:,
The steamship Pacific, from Liferpool, -
arrived at 5 o'clock thu jcreniagr with '.
dates ui) to Saturday the 15lh inst-s
The news is hijrhlj interestiBf?. ;i iThe
long capture of Kars hj the Ilaasisn
has, at last taken place. -jTp ' nartiealafi
received,; except that brought by General
Kmetty and ahother ; officer who escaped ?
in order - to hasten in; advance of Umax ,
Pacha to the relief of -the city.- At that
time (ieneral Wiliiams-was about aBI-
ing ; the-, flag of trdc to-oSee a .cepttalM
lion..;.-.- ,. ; . . -, ': ,:,-t
Nothing further is. known, but it is be- .
licvcd that the garrison will surrender, a
there jrerc only 8000, a, weak force, to cnt ;
the way through tho Russian army.
, Omar Pacha was near Kati, which the
Russians hold in force., " -vLt' ? v-!-''f -
r The only ercnt of importance that lua
transpired in the Crimea, Is ail, attack .
raado by the Rossiausou the extremity of
the French lines , - uu
; , Tho Russians were; SQOO strong, aaff '
after, au. hours fighting-, withdrew. : JBotk ; .
armies w ere eyinfortably housed and .. pro- .
nsionea.-v ,T- n - --,'"
r(.The firing. continued 4etweea tlte erti
d south .sides; of Sebastopol. , Ilissi T
opened , a -new Joan , in Berlin, Hambar;
and. Poland, .for. Jiftjr, JoaiUions .rooblta. at' '.
fire. per cent; it is quoted at 85c: l.,-.'. - '-
The Austriau army is being reduced to
the peace footing THe gorernmntof ;
Naples publishes - a conTentioarwllh the '
Uuitcd States, defining the rights of nto- -r
trality . . ; ,-r-"; ,lrr :" --- r J " -" ; . r ' ' "
EGiAND.'-:Tbe Qaeen'sprderiaCojui
cil autiiorizes 475'000 pounds sUrlinjf.hi
notes of the Bank of England, bejond W v
amount speeifiedTUi thebank charter-.; . . '
it; Withtespect to. the prospect of peace, :
we have, a - junss -of contradictory . atate :
ments; if negotiations are ; Oft . foot, tier !'
haveot progersscd a step.;j -L,.' v
It is known that differences exist in. the .
British cabinet; Lord Palmerstof aud Pan
mure urge the prosecution of, the , .war, -the.
rest .of the cabinet, supported, by Na- :
polcou, suggest the importance of embra
cing the iu-cnt opportunity to negotiate
Tiuj jaiarkct,for,.breadstaffs,'haaoee
quiet, and prices slightly . decliiied;.,iireai-
tern canal flour 41a43d, Philadelphia and
Baltimore 42s Cda43s 6d; Ohio 4Jsa44s;
mi veil corn lii ifis- whitVhat 1 1 m &A
i2s id; rcdheatllsailsiSd, ;VV
Interesting from California and OrtOtt
nteresting from California and
States , mail steamer, George". Law, from
Aspiivwal!, arrived at 4 o'clock this after
tcrnoon, bringing dates ; ;from Saa'Fran
cfsco up to; the Ctl inst;;(with" 2T&
sc"nrcViaiid $1.400.00b in trcasureJ "
1 The War iu dUo !Nprth ' is ' progressing
much- 'violence and considerable "
jldisas'f cr!; on '.. both 'sides. .' Nearly 'all' the
''Indians of the North are arrayed agajnsV
t The' Festival at San Francisco,' Inhon"
or of the fall of Scbastopbt" ended la a;-
! row. , There " were . 1 0,000 persona prtu
Cnt, Crime ' is ' on" an increase, "and thr
M Miners teem 'with murders."
- iu an. ei'igagemcufnt Pagallnp' rffer;
ithe" Indians were defeated with a loas of
30 killed. Several engagement, oceanetl
between .the' " volunteers and Indiana, ia
whiell - latter.-were' WOtsted: ' The U.
tc '-i , - w i
v- 'W-5? mic tviutnctt iu XMUica iw, mwmn
orders from General Woo1';1 1 v"f
4 Governor Douglass " of Van" Content
Island, placed arms "and am unit ion at the -disposal
of Governor Mason,' ai the mouth
of the big river Mendocien."; " On the )8th " '.' ':
of , October, a trenic'ndons ' swell from: the-, V. ?
ocean broke- in" aiid wrecked the Aaieri---. . t ;,'
can - brigs .Kingsbury, and North Bead, t , . : .
and a Chilian bark. 'j Six lives lost" " ;
' After the breaking up of the Sebaato- V ; r
pol celebration. In San' Francisco,'' ai larga. Y 'ri
yroccssiou of Americans ; " marched 'cr the
Russian, Cousul's resWence,' '"jJx-3ot
efuor Meboiigal was one of the speaker; ' ' "
upou the occasion.4"" "' v '--" -u.; ; ;
'- , a"','-':-:':t n.O" : -:-::,j.,
s;HKrR8WAOTm'-The;W ; 1' '
C.) Star ;statc that a geiitlcwan; of; i- X
:chV has' received aleiterinl.'oriiwiw, ' '."
couuiy vVrliiagh,; treUnd.maluugWoJr.ljfal - I
in'refatioh tb the heirs of.Joho U'W') " ' '-
emigrated from the cottntybf Arroaghi.fe
land, somewhere about the Jrear 1815,
and who is believed toliave lcfUw saaa.
Abner and Williams ; There are aboat a?
milliou and a half of aiency for the lacfcy
VhitCS who can tnrnve iirniKrtv . . 'cJC
',.r- I
''''a'tSfSti V-j-? 1 i.ii
.'W fcti-

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