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: .- T - - 53f "
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T.H'E. ,SIP'I B. I: T 01 1 D MO C Jl A;C T
I. "
' ', v y.: , t' , i - 4
m.' Prscecdings of the Democratic Cen-
' ; iKtocetlhg bt lue ..DeWocratic Cen
. tral ppmraktee -of -Monroe coun tv Iietdin
: .1 tfcfctbw. ifi.WoiUddd,ott tbe l8th; ibst,
; pursuant Jo? preyiousnoticsy the following
i Y Resol utions.were adopted., .
.-. ioJ?H'iiftr'nTisntioii of; the
V Democratic party of Monroe CountyJ be
lield ba the jropuIarTole1 planon ;
.iSWwwfa'tlU ?iJTi': '"JW ?f, tt:",t 85 6,
,,ta nominate .jne - candidate for Judge of
va, Ve Court of Common Picas, one County,
ri Auditor one Connty' Commissiofler, one
'Infirmary "'Director, and one 'County ',Sar-
. Mjreyori nd ; that the -.polls at the primary
" fllection&, irt the , several: townships;! be
wrropened at 1 o'clock P. M., and closed at
o'cloeK P.' M.p of .said day. "Y-.YY
- 'TvefofoTbatqne delegate from each
a township 4Ov appointed to return the poll
books to "the County 'Convention, to be
fcwheld in Woodsfield.' on1 .VI!' ,i l
i t'jjj the'2Sth day'6fAugusiKl$56
Za Vo!cloc'k." P. ,M.;.at.vhich,time and
JplaceTsai(f "poll fcooka shall be opened,, and
' the 'candidates havtrie the highest number
6if Votes shall be declared the nominees of
-the Democratic party of Monroe County,
-' a1'1 aUaba namt4 AffiAAB .... r
a SJL lilt; tJJ v z uauivu vvv - . h t
llResolvcdt. That , at the time the dele
.s' rates to-the County Convention are select
V ?eb each township' also' select one dele
Vate to attend a district Convention, to be
' ..'held at Barnesville, on ' , i-i . .
wc FRIDAY, AUGUST 29th -
o;cii Resolved;' That the candidate Tor Cora-
'tnon Picas Judge,5 who 'shall receive the
l'tighest number" of ; votes at the primary
. o lection.ialhis County,! shall , receive the
Ei-entire number of votes to which this Coun
ty may be entitled iu the District Con
- tsa '" '"' ' '" ' ''"' ' " '
...VeutjOn.s-.-...J;. hi v'-v-; i '
Res9tved,, That- the delegates who may
return the poll books to the Connty Con-
Mention, shall coustitate Jhe Democratic
Central Committee of Monroe, County
for the ensuing year.j c "A
. Rttotvd, That it J the duty of rthe
Sjudgea aitherlmary elections to exclude
' - 1 v6fes, except those 6f detooerats, legai-
3v entitled to vote at the annual election.
Jtetolved, That t it Is the" duty : of all
frieudi-of the Union to labor zealously for
the, electiorf of Buchanan and Bbxckjn-
-jawrttas.tbe, only: means; of preserving
oufideuce iu onr, stability as a.Nation,
..and restorinsr harmony to all .sections of
tbe country; and: to that end,- that it is
; t 4 the duty of the members of the present
. Democratic Central Committee Ho take
r..j. eEcient' step's to organize, imracdiately,' in
t.cach tow&shin. one or more Democratic
-.' lubs ' i "'
u ' Resolved. That if is the duty, of the
rtentral-.fCommittee'.pf'.the Democratic
.. I party in this Coonty to call, at as early a
iay-a' practicable,-a Mass Meeting at
thia place; and that the' Secretary corres
: jopd immediately with Senator Piigh aud
.lauch otliera as they may seet, taaddress
; the ' meetia g; said committee ' to fix ' the
s time and make necessary arrangements. '.
.Resolved. That the above proceedings
betpnbllshed in the Spirit of Democra.y.
ijiev .4 -i M. MORROW, C'A'm.
: MtTCHEt Sec . -I - f
AMSOlf gCEllEXTS. , , '
MaEDiTORir -AatheCrstr the most deter-
mined amt persevering champion of law-reform
n4, the, popular election of Judges, we call
iflpon our fcllow-cilixen, 1 - , -r , : J
V aeaadidate for the office of Judge of the
:Onrt f Common Pleas of the second tmbdi-
- vUion of the 6th Jndioial District, subject to
the decision of the County and. District Con-
- Tention.v V You will therolore please announce
hi name accordingly. .:: . Mast Citizess
V. EnrroB You will please- annonsce the
JMSBjeeif f. Ki-i t?.-, ?fi
- JOHN 5V; OKEY, ;Esq ; " f
. U rg candidate for1 the office of Judge of the
- Couit of Common Pleas, of tho'second snMi
likm of the Efjphth' Judicial District of the
- State of OhJo,'- subject to the decisiou of the
- Centity .va District' eonventIons.,'w'r:-';-'r'?
i Mri Okey is.'nndoabtedly, the favorite of-'-
,bj r! 'a -A-:.4fi -Ou)"Moko.-'"'
," . ' " . i'-f ' Vi-j' ir?..''. ).!'
l"ar'EjTOR.Piease announce the name of
DANIEL PECK, Esq.,- as a candidate for the
s!uVe of Judge f the Court of Commow Pleas
'f the secoad sub-division of theEighth Judicial-District
-of -the Stale -of Ohio, at the
(nsiusV'Bleetfodi. and oblige &l : -alii
I'tilfi'. -Jlairy i Voter of Old Bolm6htf
.M;' , Enwon Please . announce sthe name of
Cntff 'C, CARROL, Esq., as a candidate for
fiVS "1b!Tic of; Judge "'of the Court of Common
l'lo.is.of the Second Sub-division of the Eighth
JuUiOl'itl.T.Ustrtot 'of the- State'Of Ohioj at the
genpnirilectioii in October next, and .ohlige
lgrui jrotr of
. 014 .Monroe.
Ma. Euitob: - Please annonnce the name of
?J OHNf S. HQLLID AY,t f : C
as "V candidate, for re-'eleotion' to' thf office of
County Audrtor; shbject to the decision of the
DemocraUa Convention. r i vicy
- Votbus of MojfaoB.'""-
Ma. EnioB-iYoii will please announce
!.!. , ISAAC BARN HART, - v 1
f Bammit township, as s candidate for Coun
ty Comtoiaiiotiert subject to the decision of the
Democratic Convention. i-.
Xt9 c4'A ''S3riaeT8inaptoiraw:,?J
Mb.5 Enrroa Please announce the name of
, of Perry township, as a candidate for the office
.of County Commissioner," Subject' to the.de
.oision of the Democratic County Convention.
Y. f -'Zi "VlLtST VOTBBS. JL
. .DrroK-jr lease announce mo uauie vi
1 JO HN3TV: ,. WHEELER, . . Z"
at TnmVltif township, as . candidate for .the
Qceof Coiinty Commissioner, subject to the
. - 4cIlou of the Democratic convention. ; ; .
. ; v -ts i-jxjl-$i--t .Jtaar'Totaaa. '
"-. ... 8m anthorizmi to announce .- . -.-.!'.-m
W. HILLIARD, -i v-'
' ' f -Was&L-f rtCH Jtownship, as a candidate for
hooAcf Qo.itty j6rveyor, subject to the
: 4uUP9 ' Dwoeratfe Convention.
: - . ti.k n;:r i'i'i'.-mi Cvv
. ' ', . 'ICtj vV'aio'aiathorizisti-- U anioniicoih
i ik:?-i0HyiADAMS,2j X
;;' . f Center (township, as a candidate for tbje office
f County Sujrjryor, spbjiact t tjie Jepislou Of
' ' pentocatip Cony.ention.; - -r-
ir " Ka. Emtob -Please announce the iiame of
-fr'; tlTal'.townshJp. as f candidata. fojthe
. - .-000 of CosvtV &p.fv0yfir,' subject to the de-
eUiott af tle. imocYatio convention, audi
- j"-Wa ar authoriaed to aanounco tlio
name of '. "' v - - ;
of Adams township, as a candidate for. Director
of theCbuntj Infirmary, Subject to the Demo
cratic County Convention. ( . .'if
Qorge Schwing
Administrator . of
Theodora Suppes,
town of .Clar-
T. .virtue of a writ of
rected from -the court 6f
Common "Pleas of Monroe
county, Ohio, I will offer for
sale at public auction, at
, i i ingtotu ;
the front door' of. the court house in the town
of Wooiisfield, in' said, county, between the
hours of 10 o'clock a. m.' and 4 o'clock p.
iav'oU''.c'-l??.M'.t.; h :.? if 4 !
Saturday, the Sth day of September, 1856,
the following described lands and tenements ia
said county . of Monroe and State of Ohio, to
Lok num'r fifty-nine in the town of Clar-
lDgtOU... , I :, ... . . i . J ' : r: '
Appraised at one hundred and. fifty dollars
., Taken in .execution and levied on as the
property of the town of Clarington, at the suit
of George Soli wing, administrator of the estate
of. Theodore Suppes . .,.-. '
.7 - . , :. , , WILLIAM READ, ;
. '. Ang. 5, , $3 00 -. Sheriff of said county.
Margaret McKelvey, ) T) Y virtu of a writ of
, vs. s . . JJ fi' et lev fa. to
- James McKelvey.. J me . directed from . the
court of Common Pleas - of Monroe -county,
Ohio, I will ouer for Sale at pnbho outcry at
the front door of the court house in the town
of , Woodsfield in said county, between the
hours of 10 o'clock r-o. m. and 4 o'clock p
m. on - - - .
Saturday, the Qui day of September, 1856,
the following described lands and tenements,
m said county, to wit: 1 ...
: .The east part fcf the north east quarter of
section thirty-three, township three and range
four, containing seven acres, more or less, lying
and being in said county of Monroe and State
of Ohio. ' -::' '?';' ' '::' " "
Appraised at three hundred and eleven dol
lars and sixty-six cents. -: "
Taken in execution and levied on as the
property of James McKelvey, at the suit of
Margaret Mcaelvey. - - x
' i! : WILLIAM READ, ;
?-Aug. 5. $3 12 -: Sheriff of said county.
James McKelvey, T)Y virtue of a writ of
,-ttr. tivs.'' ' '- YAJ execution for costs to
Margaret McKelvey, j me directed from the
court of Common Pleas of Monroe county, Ohio,
1 will otrr for sale at public outcry, at the front
door of the court house, in the town of Woods-
field in said county,' between ' the hours of 10
o'clock a." m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on 1 - :
Saturday, the 6tA day of September, 1 856,
the following described, lands and tenements
situate in said county of Monroe and State of
Ohid, to wit: ; " " ' ;r-
The east "part of the north east quarter of
section thirty three, township three and range
four, containing seven acres, more or less, sub
ject to a levy in favor of Margaret McKelvey.
Appraised at three hundred and eleven dol
lars and sixty-six cents. 7
Taken in execution and levied on in the case
of James McKelvey vs. Margaret McKelvey. .;;
Aug. 5". $2 87 "' Sheriff of said county."
Robert Wise, ) TY virtue of an order of
vs. .... y IJsale to me directedfrom
John Wise, et al. I the court of Common Pleas
of Monroe county, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at
public auction at the front door of the court
house iu tho town of Woodsfield, in said coun
ty, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and
4 o'clock p. m. on ; . .. .. ,.. ,. . , , , ,i: ;
Saturday, the dth day of September, 1856.
the following desoribed lands and tenements,
to Wit : . : - . . .: : ...;;;-,.-T ::.
The north east quarter of the south east
qcarter of sectioS'toix, township six and range
seven. : t , -. v ' i .. z f-- r
Appraised at four hundred and sixtv-six
dollars. .. . i v,'; .-. . .. .
'- Ordered to be sold at the snit of Robert
Wise, against John Wise and others. :-
. - V . ... . ,v WILLIAM. READ,
. Aug. i.j $2 62. Sheriff of said connty.
u X f- SHERIFF'S SALE ;. .j ,t
George F. Dicks, guardian, 1 T)Y yirtue of an
" ' " vs: ' V X) order of sale
George Huffman;-etaLP?. ) to me' directed
from thai court of Common: Pleaa of Monroe
county, Ohio, I will offer lot sale at public auc
tion, -et the front door of the .court house, in
the . town of Woodsfield, in said county, be
tween! 'the "hours pi JO; o'clock a., m. : and. 4
o'clock p. m. on . . .. .
Saturday the 6th' day of Seple'ttiber, 1856,
the following described lands aud tenements,
10 Witt ' ; ''-' ' -"
All of tho north., west quarter of section
eight, township three and range fire, lying on
the west side of Muskingum creek, containing
twenty-five acres, 'j -'- '- -is.t - -'
Also fifteen acres lying in the north west
corner of. the south west, .quarter of section
eight, township three and range five, beginning
at the bank of the Muskingum 011 the east and
west line between said north west quarter and
the kouth! west quarter of said section eight,
thence west to the north west .corner., of said
south west quarter of said section eight, thence
south to said creek, thence running with said
creek in a north east direction to the place of
beginning.?,: UA ';nmL liilfUjU -'.
Appraised al five thousand dollars. .
Ordered to bo.aold at the suit of George F.
Dicks,' against George Huffman and others. '
Aug. 5. $4 12, .-Sheriff of said county."'
r v jrTSHERIFFfS SALEn -an
-T. L. Oore 'TY rvirtuiof a writjof pehdi-"
vs." :" ' "- y JJ tioni exponas to me direct
William Bell j ed from the court of Common
Pleas of Monroe county,' Ohio, I will offer for
sale at publio auction, at the front door of the
court house in Woodsfield, between the hours
of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p. m. on ; '
Saturday, the 6th day of September, 1856,
The following described lands and tenements
situated in said county of Monroe'ahd State of
Ohio, to wit: ; . ; . . ,
The north east " quarter of the south west
quarter of section thirty-four, township num
ber one, aud range number four, in said Mon
roe county ' "
Appraised Vt four hundred dollars.
Taken in execution and levied on : as tho
property of William Boll at the suit of 'T. L.
MooreJ ;. i ;' ti Ha i 4--T-! i i "' -'" y ;
' - Aug. 5;.; $2 75, Sheriff of said County.
Land for Sale!
ON SATURDAY?" August 301856," on the
premises, r in : Centre township, ' Monroe
Connty, Ohio, the subscriber, as administrator
of the estate of William Haffett, deceased, will
offer for salo at publio outcry the following
described .lands n4 tenements, rtoT wjt: The
south west quarter of he north., east quarter
of secUon 20, township 4, of range 5, contain
ing 4U acres, more or less; subject to the dower
Of Mary Ann Maffett, heretofore assigned.
I Taaxa of SjLhSi One-third, cash ria band,
one-third iu one year, and. one-third iu two
years, with interest frpm. the day rof sale, to
be secured-' to iba, aatisfact'on-of tha uuder
i July 30, 1856... ., Adm'r.-
;nn-; BRICKS 'fof'Bale' Jy
M. MORROW, Woodsfield.11
Aug, 6,185V
esal 1 Advertisements.1
i! .J
Legal' Notice.
A ARON F. SNALLER, who.ne place of rosi
;Jl den-jeJs without tlu Suite of Ohio, will
take notice that on the 22Vda of May, A. D.,
1856, Zachariah Stephens file J in tho Court of
Common Pleas of Monroe county, in the State
of Ohio,' his petition against 'said Aaron F.
Snaller, which is now pending in said court, iu
Which said petition the plaintiff alledges that
on the 5tfi day of November, 1853, the said de
fendant conveyed to him by deeds the follow
ing tracts Of land situate in Wayne 6onnty, in
the State of Illinois, to-wit: ' The north east
quarter of the south. west quarter of section
25, 111 township one, north, and range 6, east.
Also, The west half of the north east quarter
of section 21, township one north, range 7 east.
Also, The north west quarter of the south east
quarter , of. same section. Also, South east
quarter of north-east quarter of section 28 in
township one north, range 7 east, for the con
sideration of six hundred and ten "dollars;
That the title to the said land had wholly fail
ed and that the said defendant was iudebted
to said plaintiff in the sura of six hundred and
ton dollars, with interest on said sum from the
said 5th day of November, 1S53, being the
consideration paid for said land. That on the
26th day of June; 1856, said plaintiff sued out
of said court a writ of attachment, in 'the ac
tion aforesaid, against said defendant demand
ing therein six hundred and ten dollars' with
interest from the 5th of Nov. 1653, which said
writ has been returned served on and notice
given to Thomas B. McCormick and Sarah A.
McCormiuk garnishees. The said , defendant
will therefore take notice that unless ho ap
pear in said court on or before the 4th day of
October next and answer the said petition, that
at the October term of said court, 1856, the
plaintiff will ask for a judgment against him
by default for six hundred and ten dollars with
interest from November 5, 1S53, and that the
amount due from said garnishees may be ap
plied oa the same. ; ' ' -'
... ; - ; -v ; ZACHARIAH STEPHEN, :
"" ' vBy HoLLlsTsn, Okkt & Holustkr,
.- Aug. 6, 185 6.-6 w. - . his att'ys
Court ' of Common Pleas of Monroe Coun
;. ,';:',' ,' ' '- 'y,' Ohio. "
LOUISA IIARAPST will take notice, that on
the 27th day of June, 1856, Jacob Harapst,
filed in said Court, his petition - for Divorce
from his said wife. Cause- wilful absence for
more than, three years. Said petition will bo
fordiearinff at the October term 1858, of said
Court. JOHNS. WAY,
July 2, 185G. 6w- Att'y for Petitioner.
William Kuowlton, 1 Petitioit for Partiti6ii.
vs. rpO George Cline of Jo
Geo. Cline & others. I I. seph, Thomas Cline
of Joseph, Martin Handlon, William Handlon,
Ruf as Haddlon, Charles Uundlon, Eli Handlon,
Perry Handlon, Henry Handlon, Richard Hand
lon, Hannibal Handlon, Sarah : Handlon and
Nancy Jane Hearn: You will take. ( notice,
that on the 18th day of Jnne, A. D. 1856, the
undersigned filed a petition in the Court of
Common Pleas, of Monroe Connty, Ohio, where
the same is now pending, demanding partition
of the following premises, situate msaul coun
ty, to wit : The south east quarter of the north
west quarter of section twelve, township three.
and, range six, being in thatepart of Monroe
that was detached from Washington County,
by the law creating the County of Noble. . And
that at the next term of said Court application
will be made by said William Kuowlton for an
order ' that partition may be made of said
July 16, 1856 6w.
Theodore Suppes' Estate.
a MIE UNDERSIGNED, commissioners iu the
. matter of said estate, will, on Saturday,
August 2d and 16th, 1.S5S, be iu session' at the
house -of Stephen Pancoast, in the village of
Jamestown, Monroe., county, -pbio, to receive
and -act' on tho claims against said es tate.' "All
persons holding claims agaipst said estate,
whether heretofore allowed or otherwise, must
one of those -days present them, in order that
they may be entitled to a dividend. .;
'--'.- " -v.- . - - STEPHEN PANCOAST, :
July 30, 1856. JAMES U. RAY. -
. The Guernsey Branch of
T) Y virtue of a fi
the Stato Bank of Ohio f L fa. etlev.
I J fa. et lev. fa. to
;; j. vs. ; .'V ; ma directed' from
Peter Dillon, Jamts Fin-1 the Court of Cora
Icy and Ebeuezer Finley. j raon Picas of Guern
sey county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at public
auction, at the front door of the court house,
in the town of. Woodsfield, Monroe county,
Ohio, between1 the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m.,
and 4 o'clock p. m., on . : r
Saturday, the th day of ' August, 1856,
the following .described real , estate, in said
county, to wit: - . -. ) -
..The north west quarter of the south east
quarter, and the north east quarter of the north
west quarter, aud the south east quarter of the
south west quarter of. section eleven, in towu
ship six, of range seven, containing one hun
dred and twenty acres, more or less. ; .
Appraised at eighteen hundred dollars. :
Also the west half of the north west quarter
of section twenty-three, in township five, of
range suci ; ; : v v.- - , i t
, Appraised at fifteen hundrod dollars. . .
, Also the north half of the north east quar
ter of section twenty-nine, in township five, of
rango six, containing seventy-four acres, v ;
.Appraised attwo thousand dollars. --.
Also tho farm purchased by .Peter Dillon
from William Moore, and conveyed by said
Moore ' by . deed, : dated 14th November, 1854,
aud situate in sections twenty-three'; and twem
ty fourrin township five, of range six, in said
Mo-iroe county, Ohio. . . . . ,
' Appraised at five thousand dollars ;r;
.. Taken, in execution and levied on at the suit
of the' Guernsey .Branch of.' the State -Bank
of Ohio," against, Peter -Dillon, James Finley
and Ebenezer Finley. i --j . .. ..: ; '
' U william read,": :
July 9.' ' $5 23 -f , Sheriff, of said county. -t
John Christy, - ITJy. virtue of 'a "writ of
1 i i.T v'. Ta. f X) excoution on Justice's
D. F. Thompson & ) Judgment, to me directed
Wm., Thompson, t from the Court of Common
Picas of . Monroe county, Ohio, I will offer for
sale at publio outcry, at the front door of the
court house in the town of Woodsfield, in said
county, between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m.
and 4 o'clock, p. m., pa , . . . ;j v v-- "
Saturday, the 16iA day of ' August, ' I856j
the following described real estate lying and
oeing in saia Atonroe county, '.to: wits
.The nortli ,east quarter ; of . the north east
quarter, of section nine, . township , two, and
range four. t..-- ,. ';j " ; ; v. .".
Appraised at two . hundred and thirty-three
dollars thirty-three and one-third cents. ; 'I
Also the south east quarter of the north east
quarter of. section, nine, township two, .and
range four. ' s.; :J.,. ' -' . ' , . .'.
Appraised at three hundred and fifty dollars.
f AIbo , the .south ? west quarter of the north.
west quarter pf secuon. three, township two,
and Tango four," V;,. "V . . . S j ,';,
; Appraised at four hundred and fifty dollars.
1 Also the south east quarter of the north,
west quarter ofseetlonthree,. township two,
an4 rangeour. , rf ,t ..4,rir
"i Appraised at three hundrei and fifty dollars,
i Taken ' in , exccuUou. and evied on as tho
Unds' ot D Ft ThoTipaon and William thomp-Bpn,-iok
satisfy i jueUt in favor !pf John
Christy, .. WILLIAM EAD,,....
, j July 1C. f . f 4 S7 h , Sheriff pX.said tfounty.-;
SL rl)T S54d. Oardcn ftda. An 4.1-1
o 1 , jOT
Premiums and' Regulations,
For the Fifth Annual Exhibition of the
Monroe County Agricultural Society, to
1 be held in Woodsfield, on l'hursday and
" Friday, the 2hth and 2Wi days of
- September, 1856.
T. Persons w Uhiua to compete must become
members of tho Society, by paying one dollar
annually to the Treastirer, which must be done
before their articles are entored on the books
of the Society. 1 -' . 1
2. All articles, except farming utensils, Offer
ed for premiums must be owned by the persons
offering them, and be exhibited by the manu
facturer, or by members of their families
children over 21 years of age are not entitled
to compete without becoming members them
selves. ' . ' "
3. No person will be allowed to serve on
any committee boforo which he has an article
or articles for exhibition."
4. When there is no competition, no pre
miums will be awarded unless the article pre
sented be deemed deserving and meritorious.
5. Premiums may be awarded on any arti
cles not enumerated in the Premium List.
6. No animal can obtain a premium unless
it is owned in Monroe County; and no article
can receive any unless it is the growth or man
ufacture of the county, with tho exceptions
specified in the list. .
7. The various awarding committees are
requested to be present in due time, and to re
port thcmsolves on their arrival to the Secre
tary. " ' " ": .'. i- ' . .v' "" '' ''- ""- -'
- 8. , Judges on animals will have regard to the
symmetry, early maturity and size; and will
make proper allowances for age, feeding, and
the general character and condition of the ani
mals. They are especially requested not to
give encouragement to over-fed animals, the
object being to have superior animals for breed
ing Jndires are requested to examine the
progeny, when possible, of all animals exhibited
as breeders, and mate aue Riiowanees ior excel
lencies and imperfections in these, in giving
their awards to the sire or dam. No person,
except an officer or member of the Board, will
bo allowed to intorrore wun me judges aunug
thnir exhibition.
9. Th -oavment of one dollar, entitles the
person so paying to make but two entries in
the class of animals; for each additional entry
50 cents must be paid
10. Further orders as to tho exhibition will
be published in due time- ,
L i s t of P r e m i u m s
Best eroti of wheat not los3 than 5 acres .
2d best do . 4 .
Best crop of com not less than 5 acres
2d best do .'..'. .
Best crop of oats not less than 5 acres
. 2
. 3
. 1
. 3
2d best do -
: 1
Best crop of potatoes "not less than J acre. . . .
2d best do
Applicants for premiums on Crop3, must
have their ground and produce accurately
measured by one or more disinterested persons,
whose statements must be verified by affidavit,
and must furnish explicit written statements of
1st the kind of soil; 2d, the kind and quantity
of manure, and manner of application; 3d, the
manner and time of preparing the ground, and
planting or sowing; 4th, the quantity of seed
used; 6th, , mode of culture and time of har
vesting; 6th, the amount of time of both man
and beast employed in applying manure, pre
paring the ground, planting or sowing culti
vating and gathering tho crop; 7th, and nett
amount of the crop, the whole of which must
be measured or weighed by the usual stand
ards; 6th, if practicable they must produce a
sample of the crop to the committee, and nave
it exhibited at the Fair.
The premiums will be awarded with reference
to profitableness, as well as amount of crop
hence quality as weu as quatuuiy win ub con
sidered. ... . .;i :ii 1
The object which the Society wish constantly
to keep in view in awarding premiums on crops,
is not merely that it may be known that large
crops are raised in tne county; ous mai me
method of cultivating such crops may be made
public that the farmers of the county gener
ally, may avail themselves of any knowledge
that may be useful to them. . -
Competitors for premiums on iOrn, ana clo
ver and Timothy seeds, may report tothe com
mittee at any timo previous to the first Mon
day in Dec. 1856. ' " '
Awarding Committee Joel l ost, David Lup-
ton, Benjamin . K. JJriggs, fed ward tteea ana
Michael Stine. '"' ' ' ' ' .' ' . .'
Best bull over 2 years old; , .
2d best .... do, ...
Best bull under 2years old. . .
2d best . do . ,,. : ...
Best yoke of oxen. . .......
. 3
. 1
. 2
. 1
. 2
2d best do
Best milch cow
t V .... t
2d best do
Best heifer between 1 and 3 years old
A statement to be furnished m writing, con
taining, 1st, the age and breed of the cow, and
time of calving, 2d, the quantity of milk in
weight and the butter made therefrom, during
a period of ten days, (tbe butter made on the
trial to be exhibited with the cow At the fair.)
3d, tho quantity and kind of feed given the
cow, during and preceding the experiment.
The statement to be venued by the competi
tor, and another person conversant with the
facts, certifying thereto, over their signatures.
Awarding Committee John need, yohnston
L. Jones, George N. Beoket, Jacob Vernon and
Alexander Lantz. ' - :.. .
Best stallion over 3 years old
..... 2
2d best ... .. ; do , . , .
Best stallion under 3 years old
2d.h8t'.., do . ':ll" .
Best colt at side of dam ... . .
I 11 i.a
2d best : do
Best gelding for all purposes ..........
2d best .T, do v ; . -
Best pair match geldings.
Zd best do - ' i . ... t ... i ...... .
Bost pair match mares ..................
2dbest . do , -" v ....1:
Best saddle horse or mare. . . ; ... . . .'. ;v
2d best do .;.;v,.
Fastest trotting pair of horses or pair of mares
2d best . - do , -" do , .'.. ,
Fastest horse or mare (trot in harness),'.'.,
2d best ' ' , . do , - . v ....
Best brood mare with foal at side, . . i , . I . . .
2dbest .:.''" d ' '. '' ',
Best mare for all purposes..,.......,,,.
2d best' " do - -. . . .
Awarding Conimitteo Thomas Mitchell, Sam
uel Stephen, Thomas A.' Way, Demos Slusher
and Isaac Atkinsonr. . . r , .. r. .:-Jl,,.!)t
si-SWINE. ' - -r'r
Best boar uvor 1 year ; oldiVj . ...$3
2d best -do "ii"... . 1
Best sow over 1 year old ; . . ' .3
'1 -T!C ZL
2d bets- do- Vi-:
Best hog under 1 year old:, V, ..VT. i
2d best "'' ' io'' '""'-.li'.v;v...t,, i
. Awardin- Comtnitteo-Artbur Otajr, Charles
Wells, Sarsfild Hark; Wmiam 'Otaa. and
John Brrdgjuan. ?" I.
etrrwo '
Best buck ,
2d best
Be t we
. At
2d best
Best pen of 5 or more owes . V , .
2d best do . .............. 1
Bast -onrof 5 or more lambs k'.. .3
2d best , . do , : .
Awarding Committee -Thos. Griffith, Charles
Algeo, Charles McGonagle, ' Benjamin Hughs
and Peter Dillon. . -. :.. - "
To the team which shall plow J of an acre .
iu the bost and most workmanlike man- )
ner,- time not to excood l.honr and 20- ;
minutes, . i .-' i . j .-. . . 5- , . . . .$5 i1
2d best f . . do
3d best' " " do
Best plow.". ...........
2d best
Best improved cultivater,
2d best " .' do ',
Best straw cutter. ......
2d best do "'.;.'.:..
The Society wish to encourage the introduc
tion and use of tho best farm, implements in
the country, henoe the above-named imple
ments need not be manufactured in the county,
but they must bo owned in the county. If man
ufactured in the county, the premiums on agri
cultural implements will be doubled. ;
Awarding Committee Thomas Morris, Henr
Ford. John Griffith. John Kerr and Thomas
Evans. - . .
Best 2 horse carriage. .......... . .T. . .$5
2d best do ................ 2
Best buggy. . 2
2d best . .- 1
Best 2 horse wagon 3 .
2d best do 1
Best single or double harness .. . . . . . V . . 2
2dbest do , .......... 1
Best saddle..'............ 1
2d best do 60
Best lot of leather. .................. 1
2d best do ' : .'. . . ' 60.
Best specimen of edge tools ........... 1
2d best do ' CO
Best specimen of shoemaker's work . . . v 1
2d best. - , ' . do. .... 60
Best specimen of copper and tin. work. . 1 :
2d best ''- .; '-do - - - . . 60
Best specimen of tailor's work 1
2d best . do . ...... - 50
Best specimen of cabinet work over $10 3
2d best . ; do: . . ; 1
The above articles must be manufactured in
the county, and within the year. The com
mittee aro requested to make a lengthy report,
describing the articles upon which they award
premiums, and noticing the number of com
petitors for the different premiums. - ' ' .
Awarding Committee William Lit ten, David
Groves, Wm. F. Hunter, William Hobaugh and
Gardiner Thomas. ; '.--.:
Best loaf of bread
Best sample of butter. ..........
2d best do ...........
Best sample of cheese ...........
Zdbest dor
Best variety of apples.
2d bost do
Best variety of winter apples. .
2d best do
Best variety of table apples . . .
Best variety of peaches.
2d best do , '25
Best specimen of plums -.SO
2d best do 25
Best specimen of crapes. ' 50
2d best do "25
Best bushel of sweet potatoes. . ........ 50
2d best do ...... 25
Largest pumpkin . " 25
- Awarding Committee Mrs. Jesse . Jackson,
Jacob Tschappat, Mrs. Wm. 1. Booth, Mrs.
Wm. Steel and Dr. Jno. D. O'Connor.
Best coverlet.
2d best do .
Best bed quilt
.. 60
.. 1
. 50
2d best do
Bost ten yards of flannel.
2d best do . ..........
Best rag carpet .'
2d best do
Best specimen of ornamental needle work
2d best i ! ; ; do
Best pair of woolen stockings. .. .. . ... . .
2d best ' ' : do ' ' ..........
Best pair of woolen mittens
2d best : ; do .
Best pair of woolen gloves
2d best do '
.. 1
. 50
. 1
. 50
. 50
. 25
. 50
. - 25
. 50
. 25
Awarding Committee -"Mrs. Nancy
Mrs. Elias Davis, Mrs. Wm. Myers, Mrs. Louis
Wollenweber and William Steel. -'
The committee to judge of the unenumerated
articles will award premiums at their discretion,
on any and every crop, animal, implement, in
vention, article, improvement, &c, that they
may, consider deserving, and that is not em
braced in the above list.- When an article or
animal is exhibited to which is no competition,
this committee decides its claim to a premium.
Awarding Committee James. Armstrong,
Stephen Pancoast, Samuel W. Noll, Mrs. Theo
dore Benninghaus, Mrs. Pete Koontz, Mrs. Dr.
James M. Stout and Mrs. Jacob N. Mitchell.
First day, - Tliursday, September '25A. '
All articles for exhibition, except horses and
the competitors in the plowing match, must be
entered on the Secretary's books before 9 o'clock
A. M., of the .first day, and it is earnestly re
quested, that when practicable, entries be made
on the day preceding tho first day 6f the Fair.
All animals except horses, must be on the
Fair Ground ready for the inspection of the
Committees at 2 o'clock, P. M. of this day J.'. '
The Floral Hall will be oponed at 3 o'clock,
P. M. of this day. .'.: ' .'
Each committee are requested to report them
selves to the Secretary by 12 o'clock, M. of this
day.. l i -s-fl '? ;? t 4 v' .
oecona aay, eeptemoer -1 ,
' All articles for exhibition on this day. must
be entered by 9 o'clock, A. M., and it is request
ed that when practicable, all entries be made
on the day preceding. .
The plowing math will commence at 10
o'clock, A. M. .; ' ' ' - '
The exhibition , of horses will tke place at
I o'clock, P.M. , . :.
The Floral Hall will be opened en this day,
at the time to he hereafter dcttirminecL- '
After the exhibition of horses, a speech suit-'
able to the occasion will be delivered, and im
mediately thereafter the premiums awarded by
the Committees, will be announced.
ggTEach Committee are require to deliver
their report to the georetary .bj 3 o'clock, P.
M. of this day. .. . , .. . ..
fSr Eacb. animal or article must ho entered
on the Secretary's book to entitle it to compete
for a premium. .
It is expected .that the Tair1. of the present
year will be tar superior to any of itsprodeoes
sors. , Let the people generally le .in atten
dance, and Jet every one bring one or more ar
ticles for exhibition. -They will be of interest
to somebody. f i 'lil .
:' The Managers have done, and will oozwUftue
to do, everything that is possible to, give equal
and exact justioe to all, and provont tbe dis
satisfaotion which has unfortunately beeaman
tfested in some instanfes luurotoion.L ,,,..
- TURN OUT 1 r.TUHJl OWttt and jou shall
have fair play - - .:
SAMUEL P, JONES, . Ftmi&tnL :
i - Jobs S, JVat Seixetarji. , - - i-.--
i May 28, IMU?. 'ivifi'J--. -
Georg W.Eaton, VTiEFOKE ThomeJ Neal,
' ' t '."wu " Ja Justice of the Peace
Cfevg Bioajwbr y of PenrTwajdMonl
; On the fttd erjuivM, sail Jut io
issued? ajr :it attaohdaat inf'tt. above
case, for tha sum of $19,05.1.
July 30, 1159. ' " S. W, 'TATO '
' - ' ,- JUST :iiRB mWl
. nxs tw s 1 ty ai . jr -
Iarg aria splciHlui
- Also all, kinds of family -Groceries All bf wHicJiill
sell at his usual low-prices for easfc orPrcklucV L-'u
Woodsfield; June 11, 1356. :" i ..7? (7vr.) 1&?13 -sai
: ' ; ; ; ;rlT4 Maui-St-WheelinT
STONE & THOMAS take pleasure . in informing ho public that ihey are now infecetU oT
a full stock of DRY GOODS, MILLIKERY GOODS and .varieties ipxuUWrfa ito'JSillr
MER TRADE. 1 1 ' 1 ... - -
They have taken great pains in selecting 'their STOCK to inakeit desirable; 'ank 6uvlnr?rr'
largely with the CASH of IMPORTERS, and In - some instances, of tho ' Jftjm tTeHt-Jt tufonL
where goods aro sold by the nackaee direct from
. . . . . . - - ' - .
nesitaie not to say tliey can offer INDUCEMENTS excelled r 'no home in the West Unit
isiuun. ai present cost tuem lutiy 4U,H0W.
it emuraccs uwus oi every graae and style, from the finest Silks and Shawls, etc down
ward. ' Their Stock of Silks and Shawls alone, i valued at fully $10,000; and their Stoek of "
LADIES DRESS GOODS, altogether, consisting of almost over style- of X300DS worn, and:
suitable for any Lady in the land, make a total of more than '60,000 yards which witk a
full Stock of desirable DRESS GOODS, make their house one of the moat desfrabbj'ia the
West at which to trade. . .. ' "f
that they have separated a room expressly for this branch of their business " T mitt room.
for their IMMENSE STOCK, they are obliged
deep.., Their Stock of .Domestics is treble that of
the only Millinery furnishing house iu Western
oa band.- : t , -'' I
The attention of CLOSE CASH buyers is particularly invited to their StoflcJi
of accommodating Clerks speaking both English and German languages, alwavs ready t wait
upon customers. Goods sent to Hotels, Depots and Steam Boats free of oharge. Pnmenllies
the place, the sign of the GOLDEN BEE HIVE, 174 Main St. near the Suspensioa Bridn-,
April 30, 1866. 3m. ' ; "j ;---: .:" "STONE & THOMA3L
wits oi
(SUCCESSORS TO GEO. P. m&ic0lti'(:
: - No. 55, Wooftl-St
RE NOW RECEIVING A LtKGB ASSORTMm ntr nrpAs-rvn ivn 'nnio V.- . '
GOODS, which will be offered at very low
And the various affections consequent upon
a disordered - . .' . . .. i . '
Such as Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach,
Colicky ' Tains, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite,
Despondency, Costiveness, Blind and Bleeding
Piles. In all Nervous', Rheumatic and Neural
gic Affections, it has in numerous instances
proved highly boneficial, and in others effected
a decided cure. ; . .:;!,..,, -
This is a purely vegetable compound, pre
pared on strictly scientific principles, after the
manner of the celebrated Holland Professor,
Boerhavo. - Because of its great success in most
of the European States, its introduction into
the United States was intended more especially
for those of our fatherland scattered here and
there over the face of this-mighty country.!
Meeting with great success aro onr them,' I now
offer it to the American public, knowing that
its truly-wonderful medicinal virtues must be
acknowledged. -. . ' 1 " -- .
It is particularly recommended to those per
sons whose constitutions . may have been im
paired by the continuous use of ardent spirits,
or other forms of dissipation. .. Generally in-J
suntanoous in eUect, it finds tta way du-ectly
to tho scat' of life,; thrilling and quickoninff
every nerve, raising up the drooping spirit, and
in fact, infusing new health and vigor in. the
system. ' '.' ' -' ,: - r :". ', '--' '..;:;;. '.- '
" - " C AU TIONt : ;-V:...i
The great popularity of thisdelSgV-ttfui Aroma
has induced many imitations, whi h the pub
lic should guard against purchasinf... Be not
persuaded to buy anything else until you have
given Boerhave's Holland Bitters a fair trial.
One bottle will convince you how infinitely su
Sold at $1,00 per bottle, or six bottles
for $5,00, by the ' .. . 1-.;
' I ; -, M A N U F A C T C & I K Q ),L ,
Pharmaceutists and Chemists, -
' '. Z-". PITTSBUBGH, .S-Vil
T. W. Dyott & Sons, Philadelphia, r Barns
& Park, New York. . John D. Park, Cincinnati.
Barnard, Adams Co. St. Louis. And by
Druggists and Merchants generally throughout
the United States and Canadas.
AccntS Laughlins & Bushfield, Wheeling,
Va.; John M- Kirkbrida, Woodsfield; William
Steel, Stafford; Jaoob T. MorrilL Sunffsh; Thos.
Mitchell, Antioch; and by Druggists and Mer
chants generally throughout the countv.
. June 18, 1856. . .:- ... 4
Edward.HazeltoB, "i T Y virtne of a writ of
- v 1. vs. ' . Y JL Vtndiiioni JExpona to
Michael Fagert. me directed from the Court
of Common Fleas of Monroe county - Ohio, I
will offer for sale at publio auction, at the front
door of the court house, in the town of Woods
field, ia said county, between the hours, oj 10
o'clock, a. m., and 4 o'clock, p. m. on
Saturday, tfie l&A day cf August 1856,
the following real eatate, lying and being m
said coouty, to wits ' ' ' : , ''Y-Y
' .The- north- east quarter! of tht. north east
quart of sootion one tasvnsliip thxe; and.
range Ave. . ,: . - . , . '.-ji . ,-. .; ..-.
-Apevajaod at three hundred and sixty dol
lars, '.r.-; .-:'. ;i-iO i h-v ws
Also. Jots nnmoor uaana sixtv-etsrat is tlio
town of Antioch. Lot s'xt-v.'&vn tnnniiiuul ir
one hundred dollars, and lot 6& at A'X dollars: i
I ,Tako 4tt ccutiou anii levied on as the
ward Hjltoa-t r U . WIlIArtjjJLD,-..r'T
iforsal'ait this OfRc
Bf-Mahael iagert, -at tho H-ef-EtH- vauujb i uere.ly eirv, titat the aWfiira.
a-t r . WIlIAIljiAO.-.r'T i,Lse been, by tlio rrehateCiqf 5t 4 Maawq,
-r ..--! ..-..---,- tbft will w:vAt1 nf ft-aiv-J .iI'Ci-i t
Deeds ana Movtsra ces. I aii county, decease
the vessels in vhiali . 5,- .!i . itHl
,. r.m.-i- ,-r !-t f-3 ".' hi3W
to use three large Stbre roomi, each 9$ IWet
any Similar , house in WhpAliix. ,T.
Va. 1 Latest Stvles or BLOCKS, bHAPES e'
, ., ..-.u Uairtn ri .. iu sii
OR RETAin r&sr-i- mk& ' -
figures to tho trade.. W April i.-'f-:-
i Jr. .
, ,WUT ,VltE WK SIClCrk.
- It has been the lot of the human race to b ';
weighed down by disease and ru if Wrier irnr
LOWAY'S PILLS, are specially adapted Hfthe- -relief
of the WEAK, the NERVOUS, the" BEX- '
ICATE, and 4he INFIRM,-of all' climeii. atwT -
sexes, and constitutions. Professor Uolloway .
personally superintends the manufacture of hi
medicines in. the United States; and Offers them
to a free and enlightened people as th Jea - -remedy
the wprld ever saw for the remeraipf
disease. - .i ..... - : v
fPTTT5aT TUT . m . J f .'-"..
" i-uua rUKUfX THE BLOOD. -V
These .famon Pills aro. einre-Ml iMk!&IS
to operate on the stomach, the liver, thk VU. - ...
nes, the lungs, the skj,:.aniil rthe howehl oa :.
recting any derangement' lit hiu functiobal "
pnrifying the blood, the very fountain of life, v
and thus curing disease IhLall its fonnsJ i Ti V-'
Nearly half,tho human race ihaffe.tekit
these Pills.1 - It has been proved m'abarts-f ,
the world, that -hothing-has beenYdundqal
to them in cases of disorders of the JivcrVdy- -'
pepsia,..and stomachs oompiuts2g-ih;-Jaa S
They, soon give a healthy tone t'e these eivan
howerermuch 'deranged,, and when all othlr '
means have failed. ' '..S-WU Jir v '
Many of the most despotiq-ivoriiiinte '
have opened their Custom Houses to the hitaS . ;;
ducUon of these PiUs; that they 'mayjoa
the medicine of ; the - thasse. ' learned CoW
leges admit that this aiedieiue is tht best rem
ay ever Jcnown for- perseityor clelicaTe" health.
or where the system has limpaifdVaeJt
invigorating properties sevf fail to stitotXtSJ l
; ; ; female ; cq.mplai SxS, SjS Y
'No Female, young or old, should be without
this celebrated medicine?. Mi corrects anirtg?,
ulates the monthly courses at all pMiod-iaet-Ing
in many eases like chairm Wis UeOiU
best and safest medicine that .an, -g?raMjr
Children of aft ages, and for any. cvM-plaiati.
consequently "no feihilv, snould he without Vt.
Remedy Inomiin tht borti ftr tMjS
j i Unping Diseas etf sl f ir (s)iiiwf
Asthma . ' 7.- t
Bowel Complaints
' IieadaKei'''' -'.Soiii&' '
3in4ig.UrtK- tstv svii'
Colds ; -Chest
Costiveness :
Dyspepsia ;. .
Diarrhoea ,
Dropsy v?-....
Influenza -..-j' W-?43W
" '' Inflammation '
55 'Venm.aiAffeetlo-'!
h S'i Worms, o-B all'tiME Cl
til $
Ston Snd GrvldiIl
Rooondary Smrrtouis
:f Inward tWeakMMI ,
Fever and Artie
:f i,; 4i.'-r wiupiBmiwi t8i
1 Sold at th.Maaufaw.rieel4)fso :
Hom-owav, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, aa4-344 '
Strand, London, ty M Jrpct!ibhrtrticKUt
and Dealer el Medieinehrogltb-ttt vh Ci.
ted States, and the i'lvilttA-woTlii sis
at 23 ocatsij nts,wi$lw.,horcsii
O'Ther ia a considerable saviuz bntakinwH . -lh
larger sires. . ""YYYl -YYY p
' . N. B.' Direotionr'fer the -Nneof-QMils V
in every tiisotd are arfixtd to' eash 'bW. -'
1 Iaw;b3ia(.i&&(u o-b tA W c
ON. Thursday,? Au-t,T
P X.'t on the pwi.is.vthe!aubrll)-ajtrl -Guardiau
of (He hclss f Jacoh HeajHy-j
ceavedj wiir teH at public outcry, 4he fcUowg;' ;-''
lands andenmorntsVx'wft: '-Tlio CtTIif,iY-.-q.wrter
of.-theteorth.' wit qaa'rtt'or teoctfcn;1 ' .
11, tojfnsnft 3,.of rang iiI-sM?Uinln)i4&aei(iT
Twims -OiiVfOHrth In hnl,iOne-f;ui-fevt?
onfcysaij and the baUnee" hi ' tk-yoatsf -fr'fif -ieterosU
.Appraisod at $550; sutri"litMla3S
wiiip w'o dowciv whicVJ-- for sale i) setts omlfe.
t Js.1 0TiC 2 ;i 1
' QdOTgO J. !SilVkl!t&'.IgtfQ.
0,nava Men, ty io rrohate Ost maMi
Jlf"C WXtX it
i I-

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