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The spirit of democracy. [volume] (Woodsfield, Ohio) 1844-1994, January 07, 1857, Image 1

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iiwwm.tf''a-JJi"'H'Hif II II I llTO'.gWWHMMi
TERMS rSijSD per Annum, iAdyaaov;
; W 00DSF1ELD, JIOiIlOE . COUKT Y, ; OHIO, ' JM U AKY 7, 1857.
' ."' ". ' ' " ' -.'i---. ';.-::,'.;.. 'v;'-"'".v'"' v-;"
x. U. x U J 1 JJ. JL J. ii ii. X . . " ":-;''.'.-V"V; 1'-"
' "'' l " 4.?.
.1 J
w3U --iV. i- "rrr . i'-- - o di ?v.;'i !-' Sk. phv ' ' J
f. 1
H -
I? -
tJi 7.1 l.f f ifftf'c
11 . . ..... if ..? ' ' ' - ;' ; ;
X B 'S . ''7
. , . .I'lfi-ji ' !: ' ' . 'vr .
, ? ' Desiring, of course, 'double! jwromsof j"j,Ti r jr
Hrst I w'ilVtiell tt "uw jifiigU(or,s of jours,,. - U;n . -
IV . .
I;: .V ,- ..1 s
-,5f J
Vas.pa'erfir-eacs4 iiavfc: Jet'l iil.,tUeir doors. -: ' -
'-..2.7T .5f.l.!
-wA'yi'i.Aixl-'otferei iii in :my rhyme,. ' '
wlTi f Qr, at, Pi.ost a
. ; 1
.a .
if - He scowled like 'a hVena, if
no u!im;ijf irc snu, . , , ,li:. r.f ::;j vs..
, Or I'll smasUyUttr.-elisml head.7. .! : ? - - ; ;
ih(1 J w -v .. pf coarse I cleared 6t ,!, !
' -lAtv''"'ir' itlri ' :' t'-f.'
4 Nev er since that nout,: .,, ;. ;..tj . i
, Ab'-fciifllaa l ba4Jaiinoment's peace, j -: -
Biit Teach succeedi'iiL: day - " i '! ' ''"' '
,wf' Sflies tis" grievance;? iiicrease; ! '
f ri?' -;v:,;-!- "-'i-'tn.i1';i."i.iMt1.-mR 'considpraUe. .
T'i it
i .';
'; ', v Ilis chilr" are- bawling,
.r 'A nd Yv ei lihff'and equalling;
'"And-crwllws nud pa ws Lira," -r. .vi;'!" "-7"
--HtVftkVff1 bed to pet clear of a fight.
;.','.vC?t hVn'iiigftWes'do ride hiui'
"V nAi4.vWitoh?9,JbiWde,bim, i.; . : 4;Jii
lAftd gboaii and hobfroblihs his slumbers affright. .
Erer since hft refused the poor Carrier, to pay.
'''OnfldJAdky like'a ctoskB"-: --' l i : 1 ' ' ( ;
-'And he feels like -a Tionntl-l U'; '..-I :,
:'.:' JiidU'beeait -always falls1 with the battered side down; .
: ' ..; ?"'WVui ttl!bhI6feens alwuvs'die with the gapes: 7 .;
" !3.-!i J-v.u'l-.'.ft'X ;'!I '-0'f r "' .
;?:J?rtfBi6ldoaait,-I we -to. Goodfcllow's, i
v-'r Ilia cottage was only nixf loor,'-3-r -He
seenieU.lyRavitr.ib'at 'moruiiig,;.'
rhoajjrh'lie always looked ph-ant before, . -
ile inilUirly'haTvkel meJ quite' kindly,'
--A"ticl 'ii'wi as1 my; t hvine? riint h view,;;
So he gave me a quarter, ..
: ''JhciRoXlarckllKQca round ever. New ear, ,r t ... ,
ily pei'iemdi proves it ia true.) s : :
rjtaiue Fortune sits carefully watching; ;
: "To16lel& thofee!who' give htm hi t if ; .
j I.' v .al.i-ivL -1
3. : : i -; ; j r ... . .
J -
t". !
Vr"..;.,,f : l'4t "? .7: s .j:hv7 19-4 57 .
' mp2il14.15ltn7i7 lti?5 4
";. lS:iS'20 21 '2-1 23-24i7 12:5 12
i b' il JO 1 I V2 loUi
1 o; 23
o S.3C'S '3(i
44n 42
34;.r) 51
1 ,
.MARCII..,..;4;iLi!".3,4 5 0; ?a 255 58
V "'":: si aiv'lim-iju 14 ii n
V; " ",r ". '' ?23 23'24 i5 2ii 27!i5 53.;a 19
... J
;r" -0 31( '
if 3 !. ii
-ill 4' ,n i: on
1 1 V
7 s? y l.o 11
I3;l4ir)'iti iru;;5 20 0 38
'20i2122'2:j24 25i;5 lt:tf 45
.x i-..--.37:2!2aiao-ut i .
M:VY.-.'a:;.-7', ji ? liliSl'S l!(j H3
I a .3 Mt5j 7;. filU 54: 59
' ; , .,.SdO,ll;l2ia.l4l&15 4 47;7 J
:''' ;t7fli-;i9 2i.:21 22-2S;4 42'7 11
; " u, Ji24;ar.-2r7'2t.;2jrdi;4 27:7 ig ;
JOE. '. J I! 2' 3 4i.ri'6j4 Si? 21
i4'iii luiT i8:i!;'4 34 7 2s
: IT!s j'ei'i little ts'.rU ' ' '
L I :'. : ll.('Iv,,T,i-'- i l'-H ,nrls,: ': -
I And ivj ronic.. cheeks-yon can anywhere see;
.. ;; And ;Q add lo his joys,-' 1 j -:'
". ) His intelligent loys
-Are obedient, -kind, and as pleasant as" hel
U.i ' -."Ilis ailVru.mate W i f-' - - 1 1 - 1 '
f-: -r Is'lbe-lili! oi: his lilt;,.-
. . In beauty and duty no equal has she: ' - ' ' -
. : ; y. Nor dp I believe - . ' ;t
t:r ; That old Adam and Eve, : s . : ';. .:.
In the 'garden of Eden were happier than he..
t ; i v And as the acaie of huniau felicity his wife don't
. ,-t;. . .. wear hoops. s i .. . .
The moral, of course, is apparent to you ; i ? ' -It
simply means, "give to the.Devil his due.'? ;
., This great Yankee Nation, so youthful aud strong,
.. To. its "Manifest Destiny " inarches along -, 'T
While the empires and kingdoms of Europe we find ? ; f
Iu their jold fogy mud are still sticking behind, : it
; .", Young America is makiug about 2,40.
:" t ' t .'. ! .-. .r , .. -
'Brother Jonathan rcceutly felt some alarm, ,
In electing a boss io rule over his farm, ..... . . . .;. ;:) ,
But his boys had concluded it never would do , -, ...
'""'To have the old homestead divided in two, ,..',.-., ,
. .. lC And always have a row.ju the family. ,,
:,' '...;; ! . . ' . ' ': : ... . . -
." Mr. Fillmore 'pitched in to obtain the command .
Because he before had ruled over the land. ,...'
Ii it of course Mr. jFillmoke could never .succeed y.
With a chaVt for TnsgliTdflt creed. (
' K VBesides this he stays' out late at nights'. .,
j ri j Joi.i i-i rfs, 29 I - Th a nAv."fii.ndfrlit who Vint in to iVe'iioss. .' - -
- 1-3 9,3;0 1 -J ) , 7 .1 i 1 - 7',a Vi(tinr" nr'minrl rin in' olil wiiiillv lin'sa ' '
i. jufii w i'.bl.W;! 437 2(5,. , IIu , jiugled his" pewter nr JovTnAN's ears, . ( ; d
t -ii ;12 13;l4'ib;l(j :17jSj4 4si7 23 1' But Ijnding'it useless he soon disappears, ,. y ;"
y ," " . . J19 20.21 2.23 .2423; 4 547 17 . A'ud stoes to Salt river 'oii a buitible 'bee 'speculation. '
AUaUSTi;:Vy?t!:J':'.:'iy i -vp!!5 07 12':,
a- I 2; 3; .4 '5 6;' (?f 8i.5 67 4 ,
... .ijojiinifJ. 13:0 55;
. . , , 51oM7-iS'lV20 21-22 i 20 ti 4iJ -)
, 1 ' !23'2425 2J;27'2.2!li!:i) 2i,U 36'
1 ;on ' F t. 4 ft" lit 1 f
SUETEUBBR. -.' I l'LS'; 3! :V5 33 ti 25 .
it I 'e 7; ' :io iii:s 3!: is ."
. 13l41:Vli,i7 :l6'lsf- 5 44(5 4 "
" 12lV2t'2223'24 25 25 51 5 52
!27 2n 2'.) 30!
58 5 41
1 'ij-2,i'f;i2.V24
OCTOBER. . J J',. ii -'.r. i lj 3, 5
4!. 55.4 if i. )v p m.
l'li 13 14 In Jo 17 0
12 5
1 i! U
33 4' 55
D "1..M '5KU. .'.
i. -
: ID li
W'i.-l. 42 4 4S '
.-tiTH-l-.i 2o'-2i.,i. 4:i4 43
. 1 i
34 if
i yi!' j " 1 3: A Vi h'" last 'not been, ii' i-ry'good' v'ea'r to write poetry .
f.i'.jK;ibl -l.V-1 ii ;i 7 j 34 40. : ; n nU, , t, r.'- j'f Vou will 'ctva .Vu quliril-r 'and accept
.";;n;; v u tiu ihtmus of !- " , ' vt- -the 'carrier., .'
But' Jonathan finally had the, good luck, , . . .,, t.., f j
,l7 At 'Wheatland,1 to lind the sagaciyus old Ruck. , a
Snys he, Mr." Buck, '.there, is,. no oim; but you, ,. ,
Who can save tny old farm fromdividing ju two." ., . . ;
' Says Buck;' I'll try, sir,'..aud Jonathan felt easier.
li ' -- --' r . . .
The Kaiisas tales, which iu the recent campaign ..... ; .' .
Were-' th'nderefl and echoed, from. Texas to.Mutue, , .. .'
Became suddenly (piiet, and all now agree , , .1
Ci Thnt popular sovertigntv .'will .make it' free : I, . .
i;i;If all the lies h;U were'told aboi'.I it had been made there,..-
ci wiu!d h ive sunk Use S loin and (jf'oiiiyrrah.., , ,
- . . ...... ...
Ii is 'saidMhat' YiMing" JoNATHAN''.ohi;a,iii'a while," . "
G'fVcs to W.i.kkk a wink, u'nd'to Ciilm'a siuile..
If EngUnd' fool-:-1 surly, or .tries, fo opj o-V', ""' ,. ",y ',.
' Me i-res'his- li igt Tit under Jo'unxy IjI'lVs iiose, . ' ,' ;
" A iid '!-i!'s liiin to kee('.oi his o-vii "s'iilc f tiie'frog poiid . '-
V --':-
- A UslJ 3l$ iuw ,fJJ3:ii T J
: MfehV'feroRSBit'TetucTiibered'
.-. - i.M iMif il lil'iS'.JI 1.'T iu! ."'.'' '
ani,keA(ii it bsfocn UeiMsojdei)Umtc most
BAT-HbVJSriJ?fafnS ;a Tower' rate of
5Ulaailwwe!?juii: P iu.ount pi
lv,4n.U'i'05i. tv- j;;- - : 7"--; r
OliVI?iitTbftJ?BW7,Jfi"' "as the means of
knOwgJtH,fl?-mngst othef faeilhien,
heays, j&$e&bo$i w .Bejmynt.andj Alou-
roefilao--'i tliit U q:X.n-KS .- tt-f-
lre f i J'-b ;! w 9-uut ,-"-'Vir.. tjv
, -Tikeiuhabitaiiti of ZanesvjJle- this year
paj4metiao!lar nd niriety fchfff.on 'the
- ... .... .' .k-a.-U:; iff .- :fii..i. f. u.
one biindmd-W&raplk'amaUoii; those
of fi"iMtinWr "oiitiollar and'thirty-five
. cents WjfoJnfypiypitt jbose
poroo; of Iouroc.rwbere . we; baye.our
IV:'; .".' .".
.yjaiie:Ciaaese ougij: Caue in oiiiigvu.
' i- . 1 ti n : K
1 j Being requested bjj'inany tv piMib a
siateiueut, thr)iigh'tiie coituui ? i your
paper, of my experience wiih, and the
value of the Chinese Sugar Cane. Itilu re-
fore send you the following sta-tuieut,
which you please insert;,.;
! Ou the 25tU of May , I plantei' about
half aiituere.wf groutidnlvVtatdhU .A
portioti of the soil was. Jowyaud wet in
the, . spring-f-in fuct I Tcoveped ,tlie seed
with('iqud,.ibe other jiart v,s. ,, high and,
saudy; .he,coiU5equenceas, when Ihe dry
season set, it) iue: wet jam akeu very h'Jru
nr. ! r..- '. - - '
vigils !d .'robf - Ji li is ,;iui..'lj!,v. I liy
ni-llle of May, ty twilf rij' u by ,the iul j
of August, ami remain in good eoiuiitioii
' Kj .l ,1.'. 1 ... y - ' .' " t
1 1 rt; it j:ost. and if tciui up mid puu in shed
mn apprehension , of frosi) it .will, keep
will tor. a mouth or .nitre , ? 1
, .. ' - 1- - --; - '-
t ! I will, give a stateinent pf , wliat jnay
be made, (.eraere, judging from the uiuouut
0 watijr obtniiTiMi from t'fie.h . talk One
of my neighbors, Mr;yA. Hegan., obtained. HS they. come; iip-to blow.-' ,
fwjiu sert'ii choice atilka'oue.-'irallou and! 'i-.' ''' '' " -:'".-'.. ::.. '
f ...... .. 1 ! It '
i . . . . r t V 1 t. i.u Ii . ' .
TUI; Y.lyjt E T A IJ Llf KINGDOM .- -
' .'"' "
, The term "" egctable-' s6inelinies.' prd-
nounced ' wegetableis 1 irobably; derived
f 10111 the peculirti' -longf and .pointed form
of this: descnptioii of vscutents,' hence
oiigiuallv called wedgectablo, then weg-
tiables, and now reluied into the-present
temV': ' ' v :;;ur-f "-l':;''i
Annual flowering plants resemble whales
I - 1?liin'tr. !irp rerv n nrlilce in ' f heir nisr
The nuiulnir. of 6tlk.ili a; hill I ''i L' ,.,,. W;,!,
I Fl.'iM I VJII, IIIIU t I V- w.ujv. . ....
ot mnnv
Like, dandies, the, coatin
trees in their most valuable ior'tion, Cork
dutMcffchobniiouSe the amounts may be doubled.
. -itc9) iv . 1..- ' :':v.-! i,-,Uhe stalks,-, and supposed, enough would;.,, ; , . .
am m .vrwk.io - y-v 1 Iia iiiind in 1 i 1 11 1 - 1 . m - ,
talks greW Trora sixteen'. to. twenty stern country to Hry. xi, i You .will not , Pr(it , true8 hay
igh.(iu the Jov ground it only grew..!' teavebat makdnoney.by the opera. J - whe'n y0UUg'
eett). r . ..;, V Vy U Va,D Wf" CnT 1 at m 8? have . -na.,:kerhe:
' . 'j- . : 'n f j tlie southern Dlanter tvTTl- hsivn no snle for ! .-. ' '
'trrowto.make the exberimeut. AlaVi'v of.,! 1 ou d ur"c "l)an 'llie rrmers of the
iai9 Vl f aiiiauuu. ii in. j'J ' a - -" llie,blajlvs
'.' ;'-' '..-': y. rate is gfeater,l'the excess Is scliool house i fee.t big!
v ' tax-and. little 'or nothiiiff eke. Oh ye twelve
? : V Whig-teta'x.riddMen ofth ! J ying, mada imjll w.hicfiiq .grind
V'' .. ,imwu fiiJ j.'j -'' T-.-s- 1 - w 1 v i?s liCommeuccQ on. tnef 24th. ot, iepte.m-
r y y ' Jwm;Y.?M jpo,.)i,ke,to ' e f.ivy ;o:b-r'
livf4tv,-GdedOId Democratic ''. Monroe; hrpfrnti"' ul.b b lkiiVhiii' i.Jnrfi k
v "y V an5 .ot-eVroTn,taxai fe S?' cpmity.$! 0,000
: .' .. twtfl:'i rv,.'i, hnnrlrPfl'floU the amount of stalks, I used can be grown TM t'e to. commence working-the cane
: -wf&bnvV Atfda-rk" 1 thaa auarter: ofn acre.: Thej
. - , . i i .
hhouldbe from four to. six. In my qalcu
latioi(s;l only estimatfijone quart ,of water
in I hi hill n lln win rr ci y1ciii It it La npr eon.i ro .
n , t- Y ...... it . . . . r.. : .a
6d. which, will make 2.5G0 hills to thel n. 0?,w? 'l "!MTe,-i!J-'"i
jrlilill uuu , utrus ,iie . nut tu;iaiiuieu
dangerous except when about to shoot.
: Several trees, like watch dogs, . are val
ued mostly for their bark... .j . ..... .K
Though .jiere are. no vegetable oeaiix,
there are,a number of. spruce Jrees. , s
It js considered .only right and proper
to nse trees beforejoa fell them. ; L K
have military characteris-
they : are . trained; they
L-crnpla and their shoots are
1,,, ot.tltri.n tlnnfn . r. n n.. : ... . ....... J. '
-i. -:...wtm- , ,i . straight. . . !
nir cn rrn t t ii -ft re rm ro i m it aio -H-txim i . .
Grain must be treated like intants;
"fu, W'V"'-. V'i'L acre; (and this, at one, quart per hill, will
I.pWwed ,t, wMn afout .ten.iuvbeajlh,,,, Uolg of wi,jch:wi
and 4hat was ah llm wku,g,t gotvw.th -,0 1!os of.moieva, at
IUC JI1UU VI a. DHUlll. J,Vl. llll I'ICI .vl.S I c . . II . 1 . .
. - . i -. ':' . , o75 cents per gallon, c it would amount to
to plowing; my object was.to ascertain the tun ' i t i . u .
,i . . f m j . j ,. . , . . . ;, lj82,5(r. per acre, and.., I do not hesitate in
l IllllllllL til NHI'I'IIHI IIIK .1IIH.1 IT fl'l 1L1 1 It I 1 1 HI 1 til . '
- . For thij "Spir.'t."
Read by D. S. Sprhigs, before the Calais
1 Literary Association, Dec. 1S56. '
: If' a preference m the study of sciences
iii our common schools is due any one
branch, that branch is English Grammar.
We may search In vain the whole circle of
science to find another branch, a knowl
edge of which is so frequently called into
requisition as this. Whether we' are en
gaged in putilfc speaking or private con
versation, ' in i'eading or writing on any
su'-gecl,' of engaged in thinking, a know l
edge of this1 branch, is a matter of the
first Importance. ' ' '
We by no means wish to see other
branches of science neglected; for thev
are all highly beneficial in their respective
,. laces,, but; we wish to see a proper esii
na'.e put 'iijion this one that Is so wel'
ealeulaleTT to adorn all other intellectu.-1
acq'ilreineiits, and present at the same
time a iboiiudiess field for investigation
and thought; to see the rules which gov
ern (or shoulil govern) Our language ob
served, not only by the public speaker,
luit by those .engaged in private couver
saiiou, :also; then, and not till then, will
this important branch be properly under
stood ' arid appreciated. We will then
see carried out in practice, what is nv
taught, only Jn theory, aud behold as the
result the practical benefits that must .in
evitably follow such a course. , Consider
but for a moment the benefits that would
result to ihe student who is engaged in
the study of Grammar, to hear those wiih
whom he converses constantly apply the
rules and principles which he is laboring
to "learn; ' But instead of this, the child
is taught to "murder the " King's English "
as son.as, it can lisp a name, and thus it
goes on until, a practice is acquired which
is seldom, abandoned, though months and
years be devoted to the stud)' of rnhs by
which errors' in language may be detected
find avoided. ,. As a proof of this fact.
We need only, refer to the gross errors and
Jfidjcjron sMv nerslfft, freqqently.'coinnilt-
ted, not only by pefsons'engiVged in pri-;
vate conversation, but by the' public speak
er also. , ilow often do we hear the nom
inative' used iustead of, the objective, and.
'jviee versia?"' The -pronoun them instead
of the adjective those, and many-other j
errors , equally gross,, by those who have
devoted mouths and years to the study of
Grammar. f 4 L : :iT
' Now, ' what is the reason of this? It
must oe admitted' thai in 'many cases,' it is
not attributable to a want of knowledge
in this science, but it is because they, hare
been so- long accustomed to using such
expressions that they are'unable to over
come; ihe force rof- h.abit; or at least they
do not! ; But we will pass to the school
, i -
roonij where students 'are .engaged in the
study of ' English Grammar, and what do
w there' hear? 'The 'plainest rules viola
ted,' the i'lio'st sliiinieful and ludicrous b!un
ders. committed, 'and whole sentences spo
ken, the correc.t signification of which, i,
exactly the reverse of what , is intended.
Nor' will we: exclude the teacher from this
charge, for violations ' of the same kind
are almost as frequent with him as with
the, student, and, that too when engaged
perhaps in bearing the recitation of a
lessotr- containing;. un' explanation of 4he
very isame . rules he is violating.7' The in
qiiirv will naturally arise' how can these
faults (it Taults theyniay. be called; be
remedied,?.. The : answer t is easily given.
Liet'ns have Grammar taught practically
as well as theoretically let teachers and
: 1 ' .'. . .t .!.' j
parents laoor io impryve iiiemseiycs uuu
become , better, acquainted with the rules
: . .( v J ...... i - f .
of .laiiguage,-.and make aix application of
the same at all limes, in .'all places, and
under:aircircumstances. ' By So doing, a
great hmouiit of time and labor would be
saved,.; and- we. wouli have , much, better
Grammarians and, lnauy more of them.. ,.
i! Published by request" of the Associa-
J. P. SPRIGGS, Sfet-y 5
I'i'-'ih Lito H ui Francisco tun.
Tho 'I'lorraaas of TTtab.
Perhaps there is not :i more hn;:roising
region in our whole country for a people
to locate in than Uuh. ; Shut , out from
all iiitei'courte except such as may be ha-J
by the most trying privations devoid .of
almost everything like natural 'prod net
rigorous iu climate sterile in soil, com
parativelyremoved from all markets for
such products as the Industry of its in
habitants can force from the reluctant
earth without nnvagahle streams, and
inclosed by lofty and rugged mountains,
Utah is gradually and steadily Le?oniing
an object of fair greater importance; than
w. are for the most part aware of. Im
pelled by the most incredible .fanaticism,
and under. the must absolute typeoftheo
eratic government paying blind and
zealous obedience to the behests ' of their
leader, those people are literally perform
ing miracles. Their missionaries.are scat
tered over the world, and though frequent
ly repelled with scorn and derision, return
to their labors with the most astounding
pertinacity. But a few years ago, and a
handfull of refugee men and wonfen from
Missouri were wending an untrodden path
through the heart of a vast and unknown
tract.'' in search of some place where they
might shelter from the persecutions of the
world, and now that handful - of outcasts
have grown to be a powerful people, de
manding admission into the Union on
equal terms with the States, and setting
the power'and imthority of the American
Government at defiauce. ; , '
The rapid progress and colonization of
California can be.ac,counted for on natural
principles, but the advancement, of "Utah"
is almost miraculous.' Thousands are flock
ing to their standard from England, Ger
many; Australia and the .United States.
They ha ve their emissaries in all these and
others countries, diligently preparing the
way and making the paths straight for im
migration to their stronghold. The rev
enue of the Territory is freely expended to
promote this object, and instead of .being
diminished, is largely increased -by the
added population rfur industry is strictly
enforced, in Urah. Already they have as
sumed the name of State for their Teri
tory.'and have opened up every branch of
manufacture necessarv-to I heir subsistence
and .independence from the contributions
of other places. They manufacture all
sorts'of Iron-ware and cutjerv. ell kinds
of Tanning implements, carpets, raise wool,
and make cloth, cotton fabrics of all kinds,
in the same manner; paper, saddlery,; fur
niture, build steam-engines-ond - many
others things. They pay great attention to
raising the finest breeds of stock, pouitrv,
&c; they slso encourage the fine' 'arts and
! ai'iting,mnsic,tc.ore handsomely patron
ize d, and in several points they are in .the
advance of Califor.ua, with, all her .boasted
wealth and vast natural resources.
These are facts stern accusatory facts
containing a lesson full of tleep import
to bur people, which they, would do well
to apply. ' Their' unpromising country
compels unceasing industry.' and - that
checks; the wild spirit of excitement they
have no time for it. They settled in a
.-' f
-Dr. Kane was barn in Philadelphia: 6n:i
the 3rd of February. 1822. and graduated
at the University of, Pennsylvapial in 1843,;
first in the collegiate and subsequently,"la T
;he.r medical ""department; ' and when a
staited-upon his active career of adrentures
he was esteemed & good 'classical scholar"
and a good chemist; mineralogist astron-'C '
ompr, and surgeon. -His frame even from i,
boyhood, as delicate, and with, a Tiewpty
strengtlxening his constitution, he soliciied ;
an appointment in the navy ' as !surge63
:,n i obtained it, and wnis" attached "to thi?T '
first American embassy to 'China? "irjiig pp-.?y:.
-itlori gave htm au op)ortunity to explore ? yf -1
t lie f hilipine Islands, which.' he . tffectedH :
mostly on foot., ; He was the first man who j. ' '
descended into the caster of Tael, lowerr?v ' ,
ed more than a hundred feet by a bamboo '
rope from the overhanging cliff, apd,! - -clambcriugdown
some seven hundred more
throngh the scoriie, he made a typograpb. y '
:c:il sketch of the . interior of this gwt v t '
volcano, collected a bottle of sulpherous.' . -:
acid from the very month -of 'the craterj- ii
and, although he was drawn .mp ! almost ; "
senseless, he brought with hiia, a . sketeK; vf
of this hideous cavern, and'the specimens j
which it afforded "Before returning home '.
from this remote expedition he had as- ""5 :.'
cended'' the .-Himalayas'- and triangular'
Greece on foot'; he had visited Ceylon, tL- i
Upper Nile, and all the mythologicregiott i;
of Egypt; traversing the." routV and, mak-t
ing the acquaintance of the learned Lep- '
siut; who was then prosecuting his arch
ajological researches. - He also 'traTersed'C -
Greece, on foot, and returned to the Unit'!
i i
ed,Statcs . throngh Europe. , Soon saf tec - . ... r. i
his arrival hewas again prderedfon dntjyyl "-'
this time to the western coast of Africa.' U ': r " Tr "'
He now attempted to'vlsit the slave marts A' -.y-
of Whydah, but; having taken; the' AfricaiVy '.;: '.' - .
fevev, he was sent homein a' preparions '4'$' ,;
state of health, He recovered,, however ( ." r. . . ;
and we next' fiud him a- volunteer "' in ' ihe s- ' :'.:: i ''
Mexican war;1 His1 ad ventures in Mexico J" ' . v r . ' '
proved him to be the s- possessor . of lfo;-.f .. ,,: . . ;
like courage and a most generous and ftOrrsrS! -.y '?
ble heart; but he fell a victim 'to.pne yot'Hr':
the fevers of the .country, aiid' 'wasyTJyfi;'
near dying." When he recovered and: re". - . i' .', '.'.
turned,' he was employed in the Coast Sar'tyyy y
vey pV.piirtment; from which he was tran$r - j
fenced by the Secretary ;of,the Nayy t IbXf -'I-post
.pf, surgeon on the, Grinnell. Arcti,n :i1'J ' '
TT!. T. r . . . r . i , ' . .
xiii? uistorv oi loai expeai-
t'oh. gave ldm'a high position as 'an, Vu; 4v,y .-y
flmr '-,'nt:t(V,:cii!tfio(t"-'i nWiMi,i,!l.,"i S "' , : ;.
f hor Notc y et '' satis Bed; - hoWefetTre .
itireTy gavo himself lime to recover frota "
the hardships of; j.hftt cruise before he .settj "
on foot the i-ccond Grinnell or Kane.ex-J'v
pedi!ion,.the results of which have, Wea "
prohbn'necd b'y the highest European an- - V
thorities' as among the wonders of the pret:l?
cjit centary. -'-'That 'Dr. -Kane has acconw "
plitdied mueir.for the hoof of his country t
is acknowledged by ajl;menpf all parties j-,
and at the lat session ; of Congress the : 7
IloiiffC of Representatives passed a yesolu--' j
tioii for the putchace of fifty '''thousand- ;
copies of his valuable work, the Secretary' :
of the. JN"ivy having investigated the, whofe(i?i
sul jcc. and suggested. 4he , propriety ojti,, ,
pasi-iog thc resolution. That resolution
is no w before the Seiiate, and we are pleas-" "
cd to learn that, in spite xif their' ideas" Qf;S'
poor region to make it rich -to build up1 '.cH.neHVaany.-' "naiors uupk w-
permanent houses by sobriety and pcricMr8" Peculiar One, and; IdiafcJivH v
veranep- torn m fnvV.n,i isw i,'' . j. 13 Q111 probabJe a large mnjerity of then -jt
ore in javcr ot the resolution Contrarr
his- sngar in 'tlier Stjitebf vIlliuoi8.yFrotTi
preseut indieations 'there will tie one hun-
flred "actvs raised in Avdbash cotnty.next
rA.i ' ii- iii ri ri' i 1 1' on tr AJ 4 tt 1. 1 tt fc I A AAA
i- u niniin I 'Af wn ran! hrvrninAil. f HAm ikA ..xswn.
IPfrJflft fPAredncdi , was5" ? 7 0 galfohs',' : from0 which I made 4 5
, Tiaw Ibtf hoped -thai 'the public will ijajlous, which. In flavor, and beautiful red
: paitP "flrHji chort. .poipmuvicAtioiv this , color,; is far. superior to any.fnqiasses ob-:
uli,iii.tX.U. tained from the South. . I did not try .to
time. tire 'inttid to"return to the siib
ject ij.aa(ifigvnu.i;Y
grain. any of itflsji (tll ?-tdo grain after
being frosted; but t'n'tif c6nf inced there
wjll bp no difficulty in graining ii if tried
to.'ardark "red'huealthongh it will1 remain
when the head bends it, must be cradled;
and threshing ; is resorted, rlto-jo fit it, for
; .Tares are mostly found ,MHh the smallef
' grains which reqnireowing-,,.
good ' iu till' fai rly m at bred. "'?'''
' Should.., any person wish to ""make the
experiment ,1 (have some seed to spare -6he!quart.tvill
plant an acres. u,hkh 1..
.-'fW vJl idrtew I.::;. it-.: v-. - v":
JJcyl -'ary's Bluff, W'abash county, HI. -
f1Dj.j Great . indulgence 3. in : frujt As danger-
verance; they arc not .fevered by the ' plots
of the gambling- 8eeulafioii;' they 'offer
peace, security for life nnd'.propertTy aisd
assist those .who a re willing to go to them,
and are increasing in population,; wiih all
their natural obstacle's, far fasler than is
California,' with her many natural ad van
tages: : : ' - '.. . U C.-
Emigrants to Utah- go there dragging
hand-carts from Missouri, xniitahuiigyall
their world's store, while wo have- two
lines of steamships in. full operation,; two
otner routes soon to be opened, a wagon
road in prospective." and '-are hoping- for n
railroad, in addition. . ;TheT. have settled
the vast region from Great .Salt Lake to
within two hundred miles of our , Califor
nia '.frontiers; "so that "irnveTera having
passed that space, can sleep" at ciie' of their
settlements every night. ' " - - m ''.
n"l l" CJJUl'U prCCUIlieS OUT PBOW
big tbe pauses of these results. ; es com
pared with California,, but the . subject .is
one of deep" import, and merits 'the serious
attention of ally--y y": 'i-' - ' ! : 1
to an opinion that we hate seen'expressed 0:
we arc glad to be able to state that 'very y -.,'.
m.ieh the largest proportion of the profiU-br-;.-
of the yvork will, go 4nto tlS hands of. thd .fta
exolprer..-.When wa remember thejehar-j-" '
fctcr of his f great discoVerics, .and. '.th ' r
fame he 'has so justly acquired, and ' then'"
hink of himjhorn to a' skeleton 'bTdisi '
ease cojUractcd while neoieally 'vserrin(i
;h:a counu-yrjesteraoy as it? were,., qnivBi
lin g hi.? lit) me to find heal th i dv England, 4 ' "
and to-day sailing, for a more genia
clime in he same pursuit we cannot but"7
believe that it would rejoice his heart' and" r
do mnet towards restoring his ; health; leiT '.:
Itar'a that the government of .bis'coBnliry
'had recognized his serrice . in somet sub .
istantial manner, whereby the .remainder eCs
1113 I. IC llllllt i,c C( 1.111 III pi'UftUUlIieAS KUU '
peiaee.' ..'Knmeroiis learned -societies,?saya a ''";:
a cotemporary, and the whole body 'Joff
sav,aus,n ith Humboldt at their bead, nJ y
all the commercial nations, nilh tueiEnrV
.-15.!'." l 1! J..;. . L ' ' ' ' I" ' ' - ' ' II' Y fN '--'
gnsn lauiuirtimy iu me van, , nave, jonaiy
flfAl:r'f'fl 1 lit. it" " nrfitifrnvtaJ ' c trtn1 Tat-' Sr-
generous S pprecialion
Dr.-Kane'H labors, and by flattering testi"
nionials have sought to do hbnor,.to.lhoi3
galisiiit American cxplorcrjp
. . '
i.roncrei." RE:.roNSTRANC.-r-A. wor"
j I'BisUsSTPTEGrl, 'I engaged,'. s,ays ;a
traveleq, 'a chaise": at Galway to conduct
me;svme fe.w iniles into the country, and.
had. pot proceefded ;far when it pulled, up
at. the foot of a hill, and the driver com
ing to the door opened it. 'What arc-J we utter in . splritcf n'rioili: s:
- lDrt Xan9, The Arcti3 Explorer. . r-
Wopopy with great pleasure, the followT
ing ,well-'written ; biographical sketch of
Dr." Kane, the Arctic explorer,' from Ihe
National Intettyencer: : : i ' '' - 'T
' Eliha.Kent Kane isunqucstionahlvone
of the mc,t remarkable men of ..lhe.ge.i J .'V ''' J '::?!lr' fa, tncr,' v hb roost thor-
Haying. recently placed before our readers i ''dt-ttf.tSJ1 taxes and ' tax ' gathers. w
a synopsis of. his later and more' Impor-: "? once eabcrt on by a collector a second
tarif discoveries,' we ' liavothought' thnl j time jur,tfcscs,' ne. find : once" paid, bat for t'
a few plirficklsrs- abont the 'msn hitirerirf " " l-c had.- mislaid the receipt; and as
and a. fchort account of his crMer exploits, i ho.io'.d.. the story, tobis friend, . . Would,..
gall ercd chidly..v(iom )hosc y m know. m li' lve' it, sir the fellpw. began toC ,
him personally,' miglu be net-eptable to ! a1" fte.?"-u cil' said Lis friend,wh"ut
uur renders. i W hat little '-we'Rii vn to s.-.v ! tl;i! J'011 cl I'o ! ' by 1 remonstrated-
bus -and, too fref a use ju. melons pror.
duce.a melon colic effect,: , ,,-,,x 01 .
Qld .maids are fond ; pfpalrs but pau-.
pot endure, any reference to dat,es. ; -;.;... ,
, .'Sailors .-are attached, to bays; oyster
men to beeches; love-sic' maidens,, to
ipixi?. -zTankee Notions, ..... j
you at, man; this isn't whue -J- ordered
you to 6top?' Said I." 'Whist, your, honor,-
whist 1' ejaculated "Paddy;i .'I'm ; only
desaving'thebilste. I'll ;bung the door,
he'll think you're out; ud cut up'the hill
like a devil.' .r-t Jf -;...
. -At GreaH' LiJ!--"'A great lie,'? snys the
poet Crabbe; "is likera fish bu dry. land.'
ii may.fret and llilig.Jand make .a -frightful
batherytbtit.'iit'caunot ;hurt.you, ; You
have 'oaly Uo keep ttill and it "will die of
Uself.", ,
; tiSiuC-
t loli, and yet we catujot divi-t rurteivis
of.lh.e -thought that our Arctic hti-o. bus
gone. al; ojd for ; the restoi aiiviii of ihts
iKallhj Vhich hits leen ro::or.noed exceed
ingly precarious-K .Indeed, ii J thotTgitt,
by some that he may iiervr a.;iin..be pt
milted. to see . his: native.' lantl ..Sucii a
fate' would bo deeply .lamciHcdsnd we
must cherish the hope that he jrill not
only :reti:rn, but live to spend 'iistinV hpf y
and peacelul years In 'the lakdVhVre his
name has become a. raueljI)rVd h-onse-
tiSi word.. '" ''.'.' ..t. . '
- -. , . ''.'..-'-.
kh him.' 'And to what effect V ".Well
I d,irt. know ;iq .vattffcct,--but the jpoker - ;
was iij;.'' ... ' ..-'. " ... , - ' ;"
. . . i to - I' ; : ; i ;' . " i.-'.-.r. Z i'j
"A Qtmkrr lately popped ihYqucs
tion to a fiiir Qmikcrcss, is follows: - i'4;S - .
"Hum yen aril verily, CalhariBe,i the ? '- ''" :.'
spirit tugciii : siid jmovcth iue. wonderfully y
No. beseech thee to cleave i:i;to; me,-flesh v ?
of my flesh and bo.Q of mybope. " . - .
"Hm truly rOb5uia'h, U:fehas wiselj'y "
s.aid, iiiasiiini lrus it i written that ittsnotp . ' -
:-oo:l forV.iiHi lobe sionc; lo! and behold,1 .
i will K.j varu with ilee.w y' ' "y.:;;- yv'&&

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