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t hi i i il (t F - o o d ErM o: Cf RfA G y
- f - . . . -. ,
carrj T7ire"complIed "With" the re
qu4,;)iiUVVN iop fate; the water was
already o deep thatihey could not get
to thAaVP They ' tKea attempted to get
up a fire by burning ;the'( timbers of the
caWpa nd otber, parts of. the steamer,
which were ton up for that purpose; and
ltf- finally succeeded in starting one of
the pumps, but she ouly made two or three
strokes and then stopped. ' Different
causes, he says, were assigned at the time,
Tor the stoppage of the pumps, some say
infthat they were out of order, and would
not workt and . others that the fire had
been a gai n " extinguished. As to the
caosVof the leakage; he also heard vari
ous actouuts giten by persons on board,
bat could get nothing . reliable; It was
the unanimous opinion, he aaya, that the
ImW wa not so serious as to hare pre-
ifrom keeuinz afloat
fnrn. indefinite time, if the engineer had
riven the alarm ia season to prevent the
tret 'Trbm" being' extinguished,1 and thus
iUm t work the Dumps The
oadact of the engineer, , was freely com
mental on?, and a eood deal of Jndigna
tion mwifesdgeinstim, before he left
theTessel,f and Mr George, tawks this
might have been an inducement for him to
make his cowardly escape.' . After it was
foaud Uiat all attempts to. relight the fires
wo'nld be useless, the passengers were con-
tuil moloTtd in bailing out the steam-
o tfA tA'Vii tiin she sunk- Within half
anour previous to her sinking, he bjs
he saw Cap. Herndon himself passing
Mr flionre- savs it was
uearfv foTty-eiKht1 hours after all hadbei
omprpoiiTinced that1 sue inost eveutually
kink before she went down, During all
thhrtiiB.-h suvnotjrders were giveu
mud Hd attempts made to construct a raft
or nytbing.pf the kind. 1 lie says there
-,..;.Vo iirT tn have constructed a raft
h-t wnuld have" saved every soul on board
The tea at the time she- weut down, and
j SJJLt hinr rtvi.;asTv. was not so
tvr Kintal uv." tr't, , I -'. "
v.... i.r'iW ;& raft would ' easily have
ritfist.Qod it. . -.
CaptC , Herndoa, although personally
brave, he thinks was to mild aud easy a
matff61:thefT)OsUum he occupied. As a
specimen of the crew,, Mr. George men
tioned the conduct o'f.oue. of the nicn who
mauued the boat thatVok ff - the ladies
to the bark Jdariiie-- He saiuthat a Gcr
man slid dowttthe side of the Meamer and
iQmnedinti-the-boat, and on their, way to
the brig ene-Of the boauaeu demanded ail
his monev, on pain oE titingtnrowu over
board?' TfiGerman paitf bun all he had,
about $40, ami, thus saved 1(h Jifc.7' Tbe
atry cVmto the"' aokdge of Capt.
MrWa. of the Emvue City, ou the
trii! Hofr ft frfoj ' fuiJ M cpito peJ ?W
fcaiior tafcluud.the uuuc;y.- ,-'
Xfp rtirr tinuLs the violence of the
ed some but little inferior to the best
that can be found iu the State. ' ' The pre
mium list, which- we will endeavor to pub
lish next week,' will specify"what was con
sidered most meritorious. -;.f - n v r') 1 1? '
The offictrd eleciei .for the ensuing
year are as follows :' ' i' "
PrerideMJtms' B'" NoIl; "
: Vice President Wit J Stzel;
Directors--J ohn i Kekr, SAinux P.
Jones, James Patterson, Joun T Wil-
liamson, and Wm. Mtebs; ' r
Secretary John S. Wat;
Assistant: Secretary- J ames P. Ran
dolph; - : '' "' ' :- -
Treaxurw John M. Kirkbride. .' :
AVoodsficld Retail Market. '
Corrected weekly by Sinclair Baker.
x WooDsrEU), Sept. 28, '57.
Flour pei1 barrel, - ; $6,00
Wheat per bushel, 70
Oats' per bushel, ' 25'
Corn per bushel, - rt;-:, '. "75
Lard per pound, - , l.Q,-
Rice ; per.' pound, 9 to 10;
Candles per pound,' -":- ; a:jr-.i8r'.
Butter per pound, V" - ' ' -' ;! ' ' 1 2
Potatocs.'per, liushel - ,, -. - ; 25
. MARRIED Qa. thu 27th. inaU by : 'I ko.
S. Fowler, Ksq Mr. Isaac Thomas, and Miss
Lis da Bbnkktt, all of Malaga township.
October Election
,! v P :'i ' ' .: ;
Bid will be received rat :the Aiiditor's
office, until the 6th of October, for fur
nishing one thousand .bushels of coal to
therstveral county offices, court-house
and jail. ' ' ' , L
ForTunher particulars inquire at the
Auditor's office.
, ; v' JOHN S. llOLLIDAY,
Sept. 23, 1857. , And. M. C. O. -
rpHE Board of Examiners of Monroe County,
A Ohio; will, for the purpose of examining
Teachers anil? 'granting. Certificates to those
found qualified, hold meetings in the .Woods-
field Uniou School, ' ou each of the following
days,. viz: ' " '
Satiday; Zrdof Oct. at 9 o'clock J. A1
. t Hth ' " -'"''
' The examination .will commence each day
precisely at 9 o'clock, A. M., and Teachers not
present at that hour, will not be examined. '
By order of the. Board. '
" JOHN MOORE, Clerk..'
!; Wobdsfield, Sept. 23,. 1857.
rale lbiHue ueiurai auicijc
ds''Uen much V overrated. He says
! hna' 1'en to sea ii eood. deal, ..although
t Ma. Editor: rieae 'announce the aatae of
..... . ,r .
as an independent eaudldate for the Senate, t6
aid lu hunting for the people's money .';
Mal'FDiToa Please announce
; d u; J essk; e. mec ha m, .
of Seneca township, an a candidate, for Representative-,
at the, next October election.-
Ma. Editob: Please announce the name of
s , : DR. .R. r. SUMMERS,
of Marion township. Noble County, Ohio, as an
inoVpendcnt candidate for Representative; aud
oblige - r . MasY CmsGKS.ov Makiom Tr. j
.' ifT Please announce. 'the name of
as a candidate forMUepieseative to, .the State
Lecislatoctt, and o-ulige rW,-z .Tub Paopuua
' Me. Emto: Please announce my .name as
Au lUttepeuUeavcanaiaaie lor tie onsoe oi i r
as an iudtecf0.,a.sn'vAU' fo; fel.er:ff,at;yie
eni-ai.ng ..tKtobytjlection, i.aud oblige inauy
voters of . Malaga TywuuuiP.-
1 iv-
EditokV Pieasu announce, tli'e name of
Wejre, authpriiclj to.
as a candidate for tUe olfice'of SiheriJF, 'at the'
Octoter election.
not aiwilorrand he has often neouBt-rea
uiuca severer .aionns iwtu i
wind blew pretty hard, bui the sea was uot
what any man accustomed to 'the ocean
, touTd call extraordinary rough. Set',i
iiag!; wave broke, over the .'deck of ,ihc
sUarticr, be aay,.uatit; about ten niinuies
before "she 'sunk. '' lie thinks the vessel
might have been saved if theengineejjtad
r....rrlv attanded to v his duty,, and even
K.,.k -f had sunk.' the lives of
ail .the passengers . might : have, beeu pre
, served by jprojier foresight aud judgment
oa the part of the officers;' f
Mb. EoTTt-i-Plea announce mr aame a
an iiKbpeU'ltMit candidate for Sheriff, at tbe
euuin Octohejr'elwtkin. ;' V'? i i "'! i 1
' Yours Respectful! v,
'-'.MU:.r-,i. , ' " tV I LLl AM ' D. PATTONJ-i
tyi m
(I !..
There will be tneetingi of the Democra-
ctof Uonroe county, ; at the following
times' audplcfi:"';';'::';;;';i:;i,;';. ' .V '"'
nilOWNSVlLLE, Thursday, Oct. 1 st
Tt I flfllC V I LLEl" Pridav.- October- Sad.
B ARNES RUN, Satnrdsy, Oct.
LIS Yf I S V! LE, " tTednesdsy, ' Oct:
STAtTCjRDi Th?r4e''Oct.C1iT t
KANS1U S, Saturday,-Oct. ,1 0th.,,
JAMESTOWNi'- i -wt-VaJS .-? ! :
-.ii-- A".-A'.l." - W'-" 1
Temos Pel. ? hr tl f
-tAIt the above meeting will be in. the
veuinfff exceit that at Barnes' Run in
JatVsoDtownshtiv.and that at Kansijr's
lov . Switzerland township, '. whiehJ wlf , bis
ah) in ihs afternoon. -."vv
7 th
.William Kens Aduilrs. j rtY virtue of nian
airniiist " ID dato to me di-
James 'Porter.' !i ) rected from the court
of Commbh Pjeasi of Monroe county, Ohio, in
the above. cae, I will offer for ale t public
auction, at the door of the court-house, iu said
county, on .-
S.turday; the 2ith day of October; 1 857
between the hours often o'clock A. Mn aud four
o'clock P. M., on said day, the following de
scribed real estatr, situate in the eouut afoie
said to wit: , .-r
Being a part 6f the west half of the south
west tjuarter-'of seetion- !24, township 7, and
ranee 7, beifinmnc for the .same) at the soutn
west corner of said section; Whence east with
the section line to the south east corner of the
aforesaid half quarter; (hence norflk wun ine
line1 dividing Ihe west half of Ihe south west
quarter from (he easf half of (he aoalh wes
oaarer of said seciioh to a point in the middle
of the creek: thence running downward wun
the middle Of the creek to. where the same in
tersects the north and south: line oh the west
side of said section, thence south with said line
to the place of beginning. '
Sep23.., $4 45 Mas. Com. M. CO
:-Legal Notice. .
TOSEPJi H, THOMPSON, Isaac Keer and Jfa-
I rlah , Keer, his wife, the children of VV il
liamThompson, Jr. whose names are unknown;
Elisabeth V. Cooper and Sarah Amanda Coop-
ey, children of. Sarah ' Ann Cooper... John ii
Thompson, Isaao D. Thompson, James W
Thompson; Hannah D. lie itt, & her husband
fwhoS name is .uuknown) Albert P. Thomp
sonj;.Harvev D." Thompson, Westley T. F.
Thompson.,faaiahi.'W...Thtmpson, Eleanor
S. Hartley and 'her husband," (whoso name is
unknown) will take notice that on the I7tn
dav of September, 1857, Isaac Murray, Execu-
tor.-and Ann Thompson, Executrix, of the last
will "and testament of William Thompson, filed
their petition iu the probate Court of Mouroe
County, Ohio, which is still pending in said
Court, askinz for leave to. complete a certain
contract ( entered into by said testator in his
life time) by making to said Joseph H. Thomp
son, a deed for ami ou beU iHolsni.ia.Meu i.ini,
for the foliowiim land in . said County, to
wit t ...... '.
The south east quarter of the north west
qU irterand the north east quarter of the south
west quarter of section 20, in township s, ot
ranire 7, except 7 acres sold off the east side
of the last described tract, to David Kuapp -
Also a part of the west half of the northwest
quarter of said section, begiiiuing for the same
at the south east coiner oi suid lot, inence
west 17 $ods to a stone, theuce north 2i degrees
easti rods to a stoiie thence north Q rods to
a coinerstbne, thence horth 88 degi'ees east 17
ro'ts to a stone,-thence' south 10a rods -to the
place of begiuuinir, containing in all 62 acres,
more Of less. - Said petition will be for hear
iug oa the 15th day of October 1657. '
'4-!,T-,r to. tri-d Att'y for Petitioners. ;
Septemier 23d, 1857. 3w. , J . : ; ;
ot taxi fOP COMMON PLKA5. . .
HjeiiTy R. List iu" I )Y virtue of a mandate
nisv-tir hiiwaelf 'U istuiing.out of said court
aud A. A. Howell, Vand- to me directed, on .
' agaJist;i !- j Tuesday, the 27th day
James II. Ray. J, . Of October, 1857,
betweeu thu hours of ten in the morning, and
'our in the cvenimr of said day, at the front
loor of the-vourtrbouse. in Woodstield, in said
couuty.d siwlj offer for sale at public auction,
LOT. 11 U M-BUii T VV ilW YX-E IJiiS,
a the; '0vu. ol' Ciariagtou iu said county, to
itisfy a Aioi taK' ; executel to said plaintiff
.iiid divers iudincnt. iu behalf of other cred
itor of 'sid -lames II. Ravi . i
r Apprai:jd witU all the buildirss at Jioi'"
j Sept. 23 ' 1 $3 '00 ' Mas. Com. M. C. 0,
8cveraln!sDeakefi will attend ' each"of
iinat ine
the taeetinjrr and it 4 hoped
3har.5s ::BvunertlTe
.weaver; had at the- Fair several specimens
if I file certainly' deserves ta .liatrov
WW Mer Tti-Hii
R.7S.ni.th has Ihe
UfQrmiuxaWiiV. ''IfWefgHia'dn'ponnd
and su .poncei.. ;;,;f ri;
w . ft I J ' i I. Ill" I 1' ' 1
.Tat Lammt. iY tr. W;(a. , Da vi3, . of
tht lacfl! has" shown us tomato' which
wtjbM.ponnd ftndJt onnces. . , ., ;. , ,
''".I4ili;n' i.. j l i!'.' ne '" i' i 1 .?. . i
- A Bio BzsT.Wua. Truex presented
Vfl'bMtrwblcrweighsti tbf; !i:
Tbe eoanty Fair this year fell some
whii sitort of bM56fv6nr,ornier',ri':
The animals and articles' exhibited were
pqr'apa. bt ; iiiferiof;;tb "those', of former
exhibitions,' but there- waa a deficiency iu
. nuyrhere y for'ipiaoe reasoV a
Iwkof inUrestin our Fair.. ' This should
Bfi't'The.1. aatertils fo a go.o(j exhi
' bition krf in the eoanty, and it is not very
flattering; !ilhe'epterpriM ef but c'itiaens
, th$ihey w o,vexkibitedj:"jU ' :;.'
Tberii yn.i jt rtoeji Vy,VJ ; vAttt
BY virtue of an or
der of sale 'to me
di rected from the com
of Common Pleas of
.:;S:;;;..E:i; V
Announces to the public that he Is prepared
to execute all -Rials : ot uu-im au
usual rates, particular care will be taken to
PRESERVE. NATURAL TEKTII, and no one, will
be required to take any work without being
entirely satisfied.' .j . . '. " " '
Those having decayed teeth wouia pernaps
do well to give him a nail "' ' .
S6MERT0N, sept. 18th, 1855. (ly.)
To the Tax-Payers of Monroe County.
IK pursuance of Law. I ' Frederick Koehler, Treasurer and Collector of said county.
notify the tax-payers thereof,, that the rate of taxation for the rear 1857, is correctly, stated in
the following table, showing the number of cents on every hundred dollars of taxable prop
erty in each of the townships and incorporated toivns of said county. : m ; , ;
Stats LswCj'TTr lsvt
j . '
i" As
Names of 1 $ ! I i t, 1 i S
Townships. S S i , ?1 I 3 a
&c 3 a a a Afro
r : :.' ; i -s -I "3 S 2 S "3 2
OBO feaoA
' m -3 . H u O. ri
" c. c. c. c. c c. e. c. c. c. c. c. c.
Adams...:,. 7 3 15 31 20 2 5 10 37 5 ......
Benton . . l 7 9 16 31 20 2 5 10 37 5 .. .. 20
Bethel 7 131 20 2 5 10 37 5
Center 1 1 9 15 31 20 1 5 10 37 SI I i 10
Pranklin...,7 9 15.3120 2 B 10 37 5 5 .. 20
Greene.... 7 9 15 31 20 2 S 10 37 5
Jackson.... 7 9 15 31 20 2 5 10 37 5 7 ..20
Malaga.... 7 9 15 31 120 2 ;5 16 37 4 ;
Ohio '. . 7 9 15 31 20 i "8 10 37 44 .... 20
Perry. . ..-7 ! 1R 31120 2;5 1037 5 .. .'.
Salem..... 7 9 1&31I20J 5 10 37 41 ... 20
Seneca 7 3 15 31u2l' 3 6 1037 ....
Summit.... 1 9 15 31j'20 2 5 10 37 5 '
Sunsbury..'7 9 15 31;!2( 2 5 1037 4 ..,.20
Switierlnd 7 ) 15 3l';20 2 5 10 37 5 . 121
Washington 7 9 15 3i'!2C 2 5 10 37 5 2J . .
Wayne;... ;7 i 15 Slii20 2 5 1037 5 j f .'r
Towssurp Levi as.
- as
33 .
5 10
53 J 684
i. 30
64 39
41 8
... 5
6 30
t 9
234 49
3 CG
3 o
suB-Distaicrr r soaooii asb scnoot
1 31
B. c
3 SL
... 80
S 60
, . ,1
20 10
c c. c.
. 17
1 . ..
20 ..
17 5
"3 HI
32 ...
. No bills will
be recived for
taxes, of less denoin-
j ination than Five Dol-
lai-s, except upon the
1 solvent Banks of Ohio
C. i
Everv tax-payer is
repectfully requested.
to remember the
number of the section
vin which his lands
2a so are and . also to "pre
25 -,sent his Receipts' to
'iue ireasurei , - tor
.worlf done onf the
public roads; - the
same as heretoiore. -st
Woodstield school District tm; school purposes 20 cents, tor school house ;purposeA12:
.... i i i i !"- l- l . n Awnt-Lj nrvi'rkAfOtinn DTTipnuMK ii i'miiin
cents Ciai'inston scnooi JJismci lor scuooi purpuscs u wu,' ui wi iu,ttv
Beallsville school District lor ;.iScliooi purposes iu cents, lor.bcuuui uuuSu puipu-o ttf-
lf for the' purpose of receiving 'taxes, at the usual places of holding elections in the several to wa ships, at; tHei fol
aud places, to wit: j ! 's-' : v" " ''' ' ' l:.' :-. ' -:, :' w ' V " ;i'"r '"-J'i" i '' '''.n't 'a- ''lr'
estown, Thui-sday, October, -1st, : J At Clarmgton Wednesday Octoberlstf
1Medicaldycrtisemiits.- -
f Fa
Lewisville, Monday, September 21st,
21, ;
Stafford, Tuesday
" 1 Calais Monday :
Miltonsburg, Tuesday V
Beallsville, Wednesday '
t ( i
I will attend,
owing tunes
At Jam
Kftw Castle. Friday W 2d,
" Graysville Tuesday - "j " 6th,
?C A ntiocliV Wednesday, ll: 7th,
Brownsville, Thursday : : f s -th;: ;
Baresville, Saturday;,,: 10-;
At the Town-House, Bethel township Wdnesday September 23d; at the niouse. in
Jackson township, Friday Oct., ytn; m wiueriana lovyxiMiip ui &
in.i -i . j.- ri-TfV.c -frnrtcrioir I ipt vutn! flna ai me j.owii-iioubc iu uviic iuuju-
ltlll, aiKl aiUIiai ie uiuianci . auvouwj .vv v, - t - .
I will attend at my otnee
December, for the purppse
By Dr Robots Scimanvia &tmoiim
AFTER years of study, analsis aa asajicl ;
ment, Dr. Roback,' the eminent wnsVefc
PhysioUn, saooceded Jn prodaclne; amadiatM
from the mountaU herbe of hi native UussV
which aots directly upon the causes ef MntMU
in the blood, and by restoring the eorrapu
fountain of life to a condition of Jbealtk aa4
parity, expels disease from the system
ever it may be locatedor whaUvar ay W Ujf .
character. Indigestion, nervous - aoaiplalats
epilepUo and other fits, ooagltr, eoasaaipUu
in its early stsges, sore throat, broachitis, IriNf
and ague, asthma, low spirits, sexual 1aapa
city, feminine weakness, pricking of & skis),
symptomatic of paralysli, rheum atU aasv J
ralgia, tumor, cancer; diabetes, lassKado aatV"
debility. . diarrhea, : and all other disordet ejf '.
the organs of, respiration, the Utot, Uso fcUU1 ,
neys, the stomach, the nerves or the ismtee
lar fibre, are unerringly, cured by tils' piofe 1
ration. .. It is to the mteritt viorH, or seeds
of disease wha An, alkali 4s to an aeidi It nem-i
traljies them witi..iiife eerfoinfy, iwnile'"a'
the same tun' it regulates the secrotioaa, ta',"
moves obstructions from the ' bowels," sreetef 4
.Sppetjte, renews bodilyvigort and regeaoratqtf
very animal .function- f Such is: the'matsua, -such
.are the effects of Dr. RobacVs fiuao .
Ki-i.ntmnK'R'iMii PnatrisR. which, takea 1d s
conjunction with his Bloo Pixis.wlll not oJ
obliterate the most painful disease, bat "pfe;1
Tent their, recurrence, and lengthen life V13
yuH lt o'rdin'arv SDan.' " .w v
To prevent imposition ;nrchMe oidy oY
of Dr. Roback, sole proprietor and
tnrsr ' 6. . Fourth-street. Clncianatr. "
syy prfoe of Pariler . per bottle, t botCUe
for . rUU,' 25 oeata , for box, or tiail
lor 41.
iK Woasiield,.lrom tlie 12th day of October until the 20th day ot
OI leceiVinir llie lUACis tuai may ioiiiiJi i up"" r.rrr;,B!r'
t. , treasurer snia v;ouniv. .
'a Orfic. Mat,' Ofinn'tvV Ohio.' Ang.; 31st. 1857
Philo Hall, 75 3d St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
mHK oldest, most extensive and most perfect,
I i nrcr.miied COMMKRCIAL COLLEGE in
the United States t The only one in the.SUte,
acting under a Le gislative Charter- j.'i i
His Excellency the Uon. JAiiKS BUCUASANfc
President elect of the Uimea piaiea.
tile and
Sunfisk and Wheeling Packet.5 ciatingtott Lodge. Ho 263,
THE FAST RUNNING STEAMER OfF. & aL Maross; meets ihe1 Monday Wv'or
tiiJiii a." ' preceding iu iuu muuu m vuuu uiuui,u.
fish every ;morning ; fer Wheeling, returning
every evening, remaining at Wheeling several
hoars. . .. . , .,. Aug. 19, '57. . "
Wm. T. Htrsn, S. W.
Jambs Kibkx as, J. W.
Peter Wina,' 8' DI
C Air.' Bisnor, J.. D. t,
O." & TnoMAs,- Tress.
J. W. Howell, Tyler,
i J T. i MonalO,' Sec'ry .
Hon-CHAELasNATLon, xhaewiani fast' running steamer
Gen.L J. Cj MoOBHsab i
Judos Wilkiss,
Iodob Uamptos,
n. .nfimp rinflT avutnm of Mercan
v . - n n ; i ...it
Steamboat BOOK-a.eepingj rtwuwuv ;
of from twelve to ,
; Stilman T. PowelL' .
: v VS. ' -
Edward Smith's Adm'rs,
Court of Common Pleas
J t direi
lY, virtue of a
msndate to me
directed: from .the.
of Afonroe connty,
i. . . . r t. ..n .....tiniT
OI 111 laOUll.J', vwua.a.iuu " j
fifteen Professors and Lecturers, inciuaing one
fTtSP:r the Captain CHARLES BOOTH, is rn.ning;
following important advantages over all others 'regularly between M . , --(;.t.
in tbe West. Wheeling & - Parkersburg."
1st. -. A training for business by a practical ghe eaTca Wheeling every Monday,
Merchant nearly 20 years experience tn ex- Wfidnefidtt-' .n!,l Fridav 'at l"o! o'etock
iDina business.,,. . ... . . , ,
bears the signature of , A. U I'arkersburg eTeryi uesaay,
of Book-Keping, sane-' Thursday and Saturday at ( b.clock A. M.,
rc For freight or passage apply ott board.
I Ang.A 1857. i h r J ll" o ! if:
Jacob Troax and wife,
; , ; against ,
The heirs of . Mary;"
Binclair, deceased.'. "
Monioe county, Ohio, I will offer for Sale nt
public auction, at the front door of the comt-
houtse,' in the' town of .Woodsfield, in saM
county, between tbe hoars of ten o ciock, A,
ii., anitiour o cuhsk tr. ai., on- ---
Tuesday" the 21th day t October, 185T
the following described tract of land lying and
beingan'saia county, to wit: :,.
The north east quarter or section seventeen.
townshm five, of range five, containinz one
hundred and fifteen acres, more or les, being
the whole of said quarter, with the exception
of. about i seventeen acres; in1 the north east
coniwr of said quaru-r btdeuging to Elliott, aud
eighteen acres more or less, lying immediately
south of saW -seventeen acre tract, iand about
ten at res lviug in the northwest corner of said
auarter. -belongine to .Daniel Patterson;, eaid
Svctntions auio-ununii toaoout ioriy-uveaore.i
Ordered to be sold- as the property oi tlie
heir o Mary, Sinclair, a.er&asfcd., at the uit of
4aoobTruax aiul:tfe.-it m i t, -.i.l
-otn: - if; iu: .-WluuIAi K1.AV, ,-..
fiepti 23L i-$4 45 SberiS' of said county,;.,.
V oodsnt'id m(h 4 lannfftoii
4 .m ii
HE- nuflr14.:ed' will run a TRI-WEEKLi
OMNIBUS between Woodsfield and Claring-
ton, as follows :
' ..- ....
Leave WO0DSFiEtD, erdryrl4onday,
Wfdni-feday and. yriday'at 8 A'; f. 1
IxMi.Ct ARiNGTQ, . evi?r'y .Tsaay,
.Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 31
' passenger will be' carried on the above line
asehsap as' any other, and' the acconraioda
tions forUpeed', Cohifort'and Safety cannot be
surpaeseil'bjr1 any' route leading to or from
WoodsQeid. ' r - - - -'V
i Pereoiia wiithine to co to WoodsfioUU from
Wheeling, can go cheaper by Suufishthan any
other route. 'Persona gojug from Woodsfield
to Wheeling oan obtaiti'--
Through Tiok(5ts
by appying'tq .. ' ',,
' i- P. S-the.aibscriber has, also, a LIVERY
STABLE t Woodsfield, where he. will; be pleas
ed to accommodate all. who may favor him
with their batronse. - ' JU' P.'. B.' :
j .7 " At Sunfish, Ohio.
Mt71X.II4IM F. BOOTH is offering for
V V . sale a large, and elegant assortment of
furniture, such as .
.. BUREAUS. &c,
AU of which will be sold very low either wh.Je
sain or retail. The furniture is madeiu a tub
stantial' manner, and 'the most modern ami
approved Mtyle. ' 1
Call in and select for yourselves wnile
the assortment is vet full
! Sunfish, 0., Sept. IH, 1857 3m.- ' ? .-
houRTyoF co?,iMoy pleas of mon-
"j 'ROE COUNTY, OHIO. lnvt,y.
Thomas Pollock 1 I Y-vii tue of a mandate is
' ''.aeainsf " I J sued out of said court
John S. Heald. J tiid 16 mj directed,.' on," U'.)
Tuesday, the Qth ' day' of October, 1857
be wie'u - the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4
o'clock, Pv Mr, oJLs'aid day.'at he front door of
flie couii-hbuse, in said couniy I shall, offer for
sale t public auciou, heollowiug described
Iracf of land lying ami .beiug in naid ooanfy,
ana.Uescribeil a lollows, to wit: ...
j Beginning f (lie corner of James Atkinson's
lajai, on j Croii Sttpet of Claruigion, thence up
fii'e west side of said street Jar enough. o in-
uie oua foot ioh of the lioune thence on
btraigh( line kick tit apple alley retaining the
ame wiatli ou said' alley aa- there- is on the
(ront, f iience wih the east side of uaid alley to
aii lAf Winston line! and ihente.in a straight
Qaa to 'the place of begiiiuing, contain! ug about t
9000 square, t-ef. ! ;j ii 'L :.-;.;' V
Ordered to be sold at the suit of said Thomas
tensive inland and shipping
21. Their Diploma
v.j anthnr of m. avstem
tioned br the Chamber of Commerce, of. New
York, as the best in our Language--see irou:
Ohio, in th above case. I will offer for sale at
publio auction, st the door of the court-house
in said county, onn-. -jro-.i ji.. yi
Saturday, the Hth day of October, '185Tfj
betweea the honrs of, ten o'clock, A. M..and
four o'clock P. M, on said day, , the following
described tract of land situate a said county,
to wit: ?i ;-(!-,- .'?- ,r-' Mrfs -v !-
. The south east quarter, of the south east
quarter of section ten da township. , two, and
range fear, , containing forty aeres.. more or
less. ; . ' x WM. OKKY, f
Sept. W. ;$S 70 Jtfas.om. M,C. O. ;
T ftoMAcx Dtt Sin I have read Is ttai -
newspapers maay aoouatsof euresofieoteaky A . .
yeur Beaadavian Remedies, but I soksidar tuf.1
ewn case at least as interesting aad as marvaV f
oua. juiy oi ieiu., sv. iu j v
corned, one testimonial more or less is of IHU,( .
consequence. ...Your; fame is. established, a .
my sUtement rsnnot-add; to' youf oeUbriy.
But for the benefit of my fellow ereaMMX, I ,
desiro to make knpwa the faets., Wbea I esSo;
upou you, at the instance of a dear friead, e
tnesist .ol, juarcu iiui, 4 usa. vca jym jwmrm m
sufferer from catarrh. . The irriUtUa of
nerves and membrane of the , had was ao Jew
tense that sometimes It alaiest droyf sae eratf ,
pleasant sensations.. tAV TarlotM Wpsof
different physicians had attended jae, eaek oaa
treated me in 'his own way, but none .of, theaa ,
did mo any good.. I despaired of over aeaurj j.,
noil Jiv and . vtiain I'e&llad ll TflM
oensultation rooms, had very little hope ef t:!
tier. nr. your aavise,. i euieroa nuiftui
open a reeulaV bourse- of 'your" 8caadiaavia
Blood PariBef and Blood Pills..:; I was eaeear .
aged by the. cheerfuC hopeful way if whlek .
you' spoke, and T resolved 'jit rfetly . totull
your direction. ' la less thaft a weekatt tfcS3
worst symptoms of toy censpuint ' begam ;W
take a milder form, .ami 30 continue tojsa.
proyf from week to .week until, at ).he end ei
three months, my aeaa was entirely reiiev4,
and every " trace of the catarrh- bad left saa
Still,' however I continued to takr thef-rsOJiei J.
dies 4for nearly, six : weeks .Jongcr,, , beeaase
found they were building np my strength aml
fortifying my constitution. b xaoutas have
passed since the cure was Inlshed, and I ioo
had no sign of ' a felapseU I should bo glad te
see this leUer.or the snbstanoe of it, 1 feiat.
fer the gaidance of athers. .
Yours, with heartfelt grstiUde, -
FOE SAtB BYr" -V.----
J. ACM Q. , H. :; paTeaorl TToa
Held; Kotiebae A Pbljnfer. Uaiaja;
ArmstroDg & Moobij, BoTiUa; Tkrv
C. :Penn,!Antioc.HA 'i4.v!:Kxy ! -
,B00KS!;B00KS!! ,
lar p. 17. .j .-.: 1
ad. A' new. ana soowmwa v
Double 'Entry. J? t-i ! -"i'-s.m-
4th. The Private LeUger, not laugat in any
other Colleger ,t .-. i ? rr p
6th- Single untry noosi nB"g
6th. Improved forms oi m couasi airec-
ly checking the Ledger. " " " 1 ' - : ' j ,
7th. Improvea term ox uoyn. ; t
- m v. . . i-.j t-t :j ' Ii HiIm Mar,
plifvlng tne uanx aocouni. - -1
Kh kiiihs lor aeiernituiuK iu uitvuji- r
turity of notes. J " '' .
9th. Rules for aaiusung oerangea wuuw
10th. Partnership" Settlements by Single
Entry. ' ' - " vt-. i 1 ; .
i llth. ' Joint Account Settlements, wun pr- 1 j
tial and complete sales. .....,-.,.' -''!-'
; 12th; Three different methods of intro-ir
lucintt anew partner. . r . ....... , , .
: 13th. Six examples :f. Books opened witn iy oocupid by the Journal j .where
special condition. . . -r ',1 t y , 'f --,have a well selected varietv of :
14th. 'Diri3lutlon and winding up partner-y 5 ; SCUOOL BOOKS J -,-!
ehipBooK.rprt VV) f AH'i MoQuffev's Siiellers. ' " '.'.'"I
1 lth. ..Sale and, transier -oi inwrev,i t---j
one partner to another. 1 ; McGuffey'e Readers,
See test problems on the above--olrcular
j State of Ohio, Monroe County;
U TtiEAs orKini iouNrv
Daoiel WaHw,as Admmistratorbf Williaus C.
Walton,: Deceaeil,' Plaintiff, 1,1 ;!'t
William Norris, Sep.and Willias K orris, Jr.,
.';.'- , Ai Defendants.
TTTlLtlAM NORRIS. Jr., U herebr notified
1 V V tuat uaniei Walton, as tbe 'Adxalaistra
' tor pf William C. Walton, deceased, on the
22d day of August, A-D." 1857,1 filed in the
Court of Ctfmmon Picas of said county of Mon
roe, his petition, stating among other matters
that William Norrin, Sen., unindebted ttf the
estate of said William C. Walton, as shown by
certain judgments in said court in favor of Said
Window Bliiicls,
PHE undersigned have' just opened a BOOK I estate, and against said Norn's, and that in the
i. SrOKIi in- Wpoisnehl, in the room former. ; y ear A, 1. : 1 44, tbe saul V1ll1am Koine, Svu
Pollock against aid John lieald, to satisfy
a vaudor'a lien, I .C.i - J v
$4 20 r. , .Mas. Com. M.. C. 0, , ,
-vfive Dollars ! Reward 1
TRAYED from the subscriber near Bares-
ville, two 3 ; year old steers. .' Said steers
are red with white, streaks on their backs, a,n.d
some whita on their belly, . one a little ntoe
White than the other white' forehead,, so ne
white on the le8, the horns of one are a pret
ty turn; an I the other 'more Straight. They
are ' pretty 1 well matched in color and size,
though one is a little heavier than the other
i Any portion returning said steers, or securing
them sfl th.at the subscriber cat gut them, wil'
receive the above reward. r ; .-
..r.! ... , : DAVID BISHRB,,
'B,aresTH repW-2ti1857.r4t.p4. .- , . : .
flllankv Subnenas ftnd Sum-
'mona for tfe at this oifice. .. -.
n. . - ' '-"-- ' '
: Penmanship, Mercantile Arithmetic, Com
mercial Law, Carres pondeuce," Commercial.
KthlcsPolitical Economy and Detecting Coun
terfeit Bank 'Note are all included with our
College Course of Book-Keeping: ' ui oi..;i..j i
' 'About 4000 Students have been qualified
for business in this Institution.-V fif--' '
Circulars- and' specimens ' of Penmanship
DDPF'S BOOK-KEEPING,' Harper's newand
enlarged edition pp. '222 royal octavos I'noe
$1 -50; ' postage 21 ceftts. ?'-.-'" "ui'--i'
Price $1; postage 9 ceuts.y Sold by the1 Book
sellers eenerally.-1 ' ' V1 ''-
j Will be published in a few weeKS.-Business
and Ornamental Penmanship" py-J. a. unn
oan,1 professor of penmanship tn' this Inatitu-
lion. ma womiriu mm iuiwiiiuiji
containing nearly 300 specimens of business
and ornamental penmanship, tne most conv
prehensive yet published, deigned for the use
of bo.th teachers and learners. JOiy aa, aoo,
llays Arithmetics, . ' . '
Pinneo's Grammars,- - .
M , Willards Histories, : Ac, kc,
Comprising all the books adopted by the
it t
ai. . m
many (
TUDOi,PH BERQY, Charles Bergy, Frederick
ly Borgy,: Jaooo Bergy. oamuei ergy, abh,
Elizabeth Bergy, the heirs at law of Jonn Bsrgy
Sen., deoaased, will take notice that Joh.u Bergy
jr., has filed his petition in the Court of Com,
mon Pleas of Monroe county, Ohio, in which
he demands partition of the south wast qur
ter of the south west quarter, of section, three;
township four, of range four, lying and being
in said Monroe connty. ; s - 7 - .?,i.
j Said petitioner demands one-seventh part of
said promises, as onaoi tha.heirs ef said John
Bergy, Sen., deceased, ajd that do.wcr be assign
ed to. Elisabeth Berg, wdow &a,id decedent
in said prem,ics. - ,r . '-'i , .-
Sept. 16, 1857. . Att'ys for Petitioner. .
others:' - t ' ! r
'.. HUME'S. . . x
.,,r ..... , BANCROFT'S, T-h-..
if,-...-:.; ,..s.s r . iPRBSCOTTS,.
and other histories. Also a variety of. biogra,
phies and auto-biographies j .'
From splendid ntorocco-bound gilt-edged illus
trated quarto Bibles, down to the most useless
twenty-five cent novel i . ".' r r, "C " . ' 4 v
j ALBUMS,' ' ' A a -I
' QlfT BOOKS an,cj
J .' ";v; frTO.B00K$.
in the greatest variety. E,ut call and see thf nt;
they can't be enumerated, l' . .
. S T A T I O N'ElVYi-:
Including all stylos and tarloties of papVrfrom
the most common cap to the no&t highly
l ishod. English note paper: 'J . V j . i i .
i-..-. PEN HOLPERS, i
M : i !'ri!' INKS,
and numberless other etceteras, to, tedious to
mention. '" -' ''
con veyed the north west -quarter of tbe south
west quarter of section thirty, in township
three of range four; and the north west quar
ter 'of the north east quarter of section thirty
six, ' in the same township and range,' in said
county, to the said William Norri Jr., withoat
consideration, and for the purpose of defraud
ing his creditors and asks" -in said : petition
that said conveyance by William Norris, Sea.
to William Norris, Jr. may be set aside, and
that the said William Norris, Jr. if he claims
any title to said; premises by virtue of said
deed of conveyance, may answer said petition
tbe plaintiff will ask a hearing of srid- petition
at ine next term oi saia conrt.
- t IioLUsrea, Oxer 4 HoLUSTBX, -
4ug. 2S, 1657.--SW. Atfjs for Plaintiff.
Bhmk Deeds and Mortgages,
(or Ble ?it this Office,
an extensive variety,, of patterns and prices.
; Anjr book, any pattern of wall-paper' or any
thing el&a In our line that we may not have 09
hand, we can procure on short notice if - an or
der !; left. . . ' - .?r..
i AVloeUnc Retail Prices
is all we wil ask knowingly for any . Wtjcle,
i ( WiXUA-MS fc AUCUI?04.
' An. 6, 18l7.-.tf.. v :ttttZ2ti-i2
OF THE . vT:vt .s Mt:
YV at the Omoe of the Savings lMtttwto :
This being the day set apart fn this paryseo, -
all persona hariug hasiaea with tho veeafe
will pleas call on this dayUV,' ...t.
Feb. 11, 167. - (tfi :gt
v. , r 1 it. j t . 1
John Cllngaa, V . TAMES BLOAN,
,vs-v - -f ; i Av bloan
John A. Tmax, and others, j Elyer Yoho and
Thomas Yoho, her husband, George Gray, James
D,' Grav, Joshua Gray,- Hannah Gray, Mary
Gray,- Rebeeca Knight and Lemuel J. Knight,
will take notice that John Clingan has this day
filed in the Court of Common ' Pleas of the
oouhty of Monroe and State of ' Ohio, his peti
tton, the object and prayer of which is to quiet
his title and possession in and to. the following
described real estate, situate in said county, to
wit :- Being a part Of the north west quarter of
section thirty-three, in township Svo, of range
five, in said county; commencing at tbe south
Mast oorner of said quarter and running thence
north forty-eight rods; theiio south 49 de
grees west u5 aud 50 hundredth rodatoa stone;
thence north 84 degrees west ft and Sd hun
dredth reds to a stone at the rawer end of the
Sugar Camp; thence north 54 rods to a stoiia
at the beginning of : the ' flat; thence west J7
rods to the section line; thence Bench 39 rods
to the south west co.rner of said quarter; thence
oast 1 34 n 6 hundredth -rods to. the south
og H csi-uer of said quarter to the place' of be
ginning, containing thirty-two and ahaU acres.
And said defendants are notified, that the. p)ain
OffwiU ask a hearing upon said petition at the
itor of said oourtr. ' . '
4; ' BoixiBTxa, Ossif! A HoLLisraa,
: i-r-IWHtosA,.t..
A ONES PRIESTLY, a nctt-reeidanl of
XA rStateof Ohio, and William Grahaaa, wkes .
plaje of residence Is unknown to tbe plaintiC
will take notice that on the 17th day of Aujntt '
A. D. 1857, Thomas Graham filed a petittaft
against them and others in the Coart of Coaa
mon Picas of Monroe county, in tbe State of3
Ohio, which is pending in said Court- lheobjpt . .
and prayer of plaintiff as set forth in saldpcU
tion is; to have bs title to and pessoasiom 04'
the north naif of the south west quarter 4
section 34, township S, and rang I, qniotoi
aad finally settled. : .-v ;.; . "
. The defendants are required to apysso an4 f
answer said petition, on or beforthe 17th ds?4
ef October, 1SS7. Said petition will km' 0ft
hearing at the . October Unn af said Co6 -A.
D. 1857. .-.v.- v. v , T-:-y
noiusTxa. Oxxt 4 QeUMVnx t
- Aag.'as, 1867, : Atfy ferFlaint
k::f -lEqAL rnoTrcq.;;;-;:; )
BENJAMIN BAKER, of the Stat oCXow
Samuel Barakman and Mary Baiakaaass
his wife, of tbe Aate of Wiconsia ant KIia4
Ward and Aaaia Ward nl Me whose. ylaett,
of residence are uiksewn to tb, petitienen
will take notice that on the 17th 4tay of August
A.;L 1857, James Majtb WCtW K:t
tin, his wife, .James, Vi4and.,asMt'iajartt
Winland, ,bis wife, aa4 Vincent kejr, tili'
their certain petition in h Court of ,Cann
Pleas of Monroe county 4 tw the. Jft4.f Ohiow
against them and others which .ia new penoV -.
lug in said Court, wherein the' said plaiutiTj,,
seek toet a certain instrument of , wrir .
ting that has bean admitted to probata in saM
connty, as the last will aad testament f Ms,
tin Baker, deceased, . for the rasen as tbeif
plaintiffs allege In said petition that aaid Jee- .
tator was not of sennd mind and mwetory ai -
1 .The defendants ara reqalroi appear aud -answer
on or before the 17th 4ay f0tobev
1857. The petition will 1 for ttrtn; at the
October term of said court, 1 857.
; - UcTTta Si RotiaiKa, Okbt Hctitens; ?A -
-AS,"i'1857.?,r:' 1 Ats fer ITalatifiV
,., jn - .. 1 1. - " d- T iB.ieaii-iL i.m'
! T O H O B It E C VL
f I". oodsfievd,, ciaio, , ; vT-J
HE makes and repairs even ktn4 ojf .4oiyt
trunk, gun and pistol looks; ajsa'
scissors, oofioe mills and atealyards; and i aht
aWe to grind and polisi mctrs, knlTot,at
1 eyery vvA oi smaU instroaaeaM U tkat VIv-
nW . Main street.. Ha. QX jrer:
prompt an4 Terjr cheap. .work, i-V4 ul
V V;'
. f

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