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t or limited j
jpnial with
with regard to anot'i?r;Avwas
respect to all. i uceq-circeiv cou
that if ihf.ir will is to goirern, it bec
necessary to ascertain whau U ia. As
look upou it, thisreForejttW autuiAiotiVhat
the question of slavery should be submit
ted to vote of the' peoptirfthenti
posejof ascertaining their wishes tquehiyg
tha uatitt.toi,i:urrio' withUt tbeVftihh-;
r adtiiissiou that all other"" institution
h6trM be 'siiUjeci ed "to t ho'sarfto r t est.
The error ftmeaj. friKOilvittin fpht; of
view'Vh'e fact 'that the tentorial VgisTa-tie-u.
of.l a 5 1 intended tercstahrhvhra gftr-
frnuietuai poiijviM respect to slavery;
that UJwns Jeaitoeil ta'leava that "domes'
1068110111811111000?' were left .vyithiMhe
popular Control, -'.That byv, using th.
werds'felavery'.',; and:-.',diwne'iiie - institu
tion '-' in the same 'SenteneeV'Ooaijresa did
nit Intend1 they should hejegarded aa'sy-'
nony njous,' buj. as a member anda family.
Slavcrv is a domestic institution, not do-
mcstia institutions: it is ftiuiruiar: iiot'lila 1
ralf it is 0Tte,: hot many.' 4To adit ; this"
fault of interpretation, would be to do ,nnt.
lt !.j..-u-": i: ii ...
OQiJ. great, aim peruana irreinevauie iiijn
ry to the people' of -Kansas; -but''" those
of every Territory hereafter to be .organ-
Ii It hot too plain that popular. sover
eignty bo pncli .extolled . the iThirty
T fird Congresi, ami , io highly -.recotn
mended iu the, last. , presidential ; contest,
ij.he ioun principle -kupon ,whch iour
Terrltorie were .thenceforth to be organ,
izod aid gQTernfd -.which was declared
eagfvlng all power into the hand of the
people it to bo. sweated , do wui to tlm
rery Qioderate dimeiuiona of a priviloge
to'suy. whether, they wilj hold negro in
bonds or not? opiilea. can.be ex
pressed S to(thoorganlraioi ef the ,eg
islatltet pMqatlye,vorJiidi(jIrtlrnokoi of
thVgOTernment; none of the constitution
at afeguard afforded .(a life . andJibacty
are, Cany Importance ,p tho cltljn., , il
mj not ipotk of thorny hit whulo.Toico is
verjij Tbl lTW XUumUi lOTerolgtuy,
or oTorelg'ntj luannt-she,Nt tlj'f ".j
The case U eyn worao than I haro ex
hibited Jt,",, Nothing has been submitted
for popular, determination, ,81s very could J
ool Uu votqedown uy.Toiittg tuo vcgniU"
tutlon with 4)0 laTeryV when the liiatru
mn cxnro8ily dealsrci thttt, undor such
toj 'rthe, rlgMi vt property Jo Ureiow
In te Territory KhaU lit io manner be in
terfored wlth.JVi That tight of property
carilfi wljit It llio incrt'ftHe tof those iuvea
as 8ompietely ei'lf born in South Cat'olinq)
und Jf tiaV rlgUifc',1! 4 fc . nrer(i
iciVl" ilavirv must contlnu.;. .1 httvonetri
er W'fotV bqB , )unght thai that M n fiwo
titite lu, which the jegco and his Usuo nro
nrpjto bq holloa, m ilates, and where the
pr9ptirt la lurus "shall not bo Intcrfartd
wltWl thp right of tUa popla'.'id form
audrcgolatQ'JalaTcrji pro rltlod they form'
it ta a 6U)o, and p not vrcgitlato" it onl,
Tblt would dinlgnata at aoverclgntjr in
Thla aolomnJroo?ktry bf.a fiaranLled
tight U ia le mrutodf not only toleraltd
but au'courog'ud and, evuiUued by the ao;
tlon of tha prpscnt Congrats, becnuse the
coTonllot which, perpetratad the nor
mlty, reprsieqted, at I am told, the sqTor
elgnly ofbe pcoplo. yo such reason ex
iitty . I would aa toon reiognlce a bastard
j 'ft lawful holr, at th Iecomplon con
jcuttoa to bo tha offspring of: lite peopla
of Kannaa. ..Tho fact that othi may huts
recomiiad it aa aJetral bodv. imootea no
obligation opon pie to rorcu tnyseir to ih
p - - x r W 9 W 9
am a nnwlse conclusions v It it oae or the
j i - & -j - s
frnlta of a weH-dlgested fraud, cuueocted
Ha tha fall of 1854, and pcrseversd in .until
the, pressnt.,inoiaiit . a fruud by which
slavery wat to be forced into1 the State
when formed, without respect tb the eentl-
toent of the,people, ; The very purpose of
tha jraucLwaa to override the will of. the
people; to substitute the action of a minor
ity for the rule of the majority. ' ;In organ
iilnrthe Territory under, the 4 Nebraska-
Kansas' act, the first thing manifested was
aa antl-repttblican movement, subversive
of the principles of the act, and iHose con
ceroedja it took at much' trouble to hide
the' facts as Perlander did. to conceal bis
grave; and committed as many crimes in
doing so.' The ballot-box 'gave do re
sponse to the resolre8 or wishes ef ! the
resldpnt; it pointed, only totreasenable
acts, striking at- the very foundation of
oar in8tutious. , Unfflani6m has -held ' or
lutcrfupte4Jswsy ihere-st lliJnade rleirU-.
Jato'rs wbopjado; (Vrponveotion.,, whivh
- madeA constitution,, tThe, "great i grand
child. Jears, most 0.nB.mtakaelvidenc
of its parentage,, and it would, indeed be
strange if iJdiil not snbvert-tbe principle
that ht? "peopje, arei" free ; Vtoiorraaad
regulate , their r olomestiQ vinstitulious in
theijrvqw way",: f si-.'i
"For i that oace birth tuUsed the'rlght way
b father ha dot g the f urtbetr h dotb
l!fB1li' of r.f'm 'j.cm( ttli ta.it r.-3
I,?),, an wil)iug io mrshal proofs to
sapport the position 4ire assumedas the
whole, Jiving .history Ma Kansas .v.AtteitB
its ftrengthj "ys,f . w- v
Sir, bow (k?oi happen that no man hat
yet beep foand with Petuocracy soand e
ong4tobare ppoinat the air 05 Kaunas?
Poor Ooreraors have been appoioted in the
spacjaf about thirty months, from umotg
the wisesaa heat pf, yer partyjiaftd how:
the ouice. is again vaaftnt.;,-. Uow comes
tbisf.lt finds itssolmon in the.'Xact. that
'Deptocracy;i! morality, an ;tinablcr to
coanteaqcf 50 gjpsa and palpable a usar.
pation aa has always-eiste(t llioro. LThose
four high officer have alj ftttirn,c; to.
speakipg. tit same .liingijaft, oueringr the
same words that sovereignty is crushed
out there "'And what answer, s iuade lo
thisf" "A southern paper gives it, m de
daring they are. to.' bo marked their cart
cat and rt nils split; they ere to be read out.
Take; care, "sir, that you do not read out
- the- whole .NQrtb.; In .ibpVgreat iioliticai
contest of lS5Bhow our "eriergies wee
taxed to flie.ntuidjt !. Krery vote .was-., of
iajportapce--or vast jmportaiieenorto
the North merely, but lo the Soutlj-oyto
tbe fifouthj". JIow- they treujtuictJ vtiiory
with regard to one, andsmall
'Stptionalism,' they thoughVwoutcl prevail.
Looking back upon tbVt ffearfull8trig(:lef
jmav. we noi weu pause-, long eiiuegu.ro m-
Upiire what WH probably, be tld resul of
future battles,; wlicnssoluiors nreSo uucer-
'einoniooVly hbt, at tho samttme wen,idiencjtlAs I .ttad ihe -meBsoffeof -the
they can be 6o illy spared?
rhafeYi6mfj)ltch'nM aTmsrTmpcn-Tth6"
etrabltf irlootn. which .overhuna my,,owil
StJite,itd,coiUq4ently Ihe-whole. !dAii
try, during the fierce cou llict towhich II
have a.Iuueu. It was then that the ner-lot
e per
suasive" voice of one who now fill a place
near 'the "person of the Prviucnt was
heard" a onr "ni dal' prodniiuin j th-righi
of Kansas to be self-governed, tnd ex-
prehsing his Ucterminalion, us a son of
people. . ltijiprescjit tngl position., was
bestowtd upon hitiijdouhtless, iu .cancer,
quence'of jliu inflaeiice .(t was his forttm
theu to exercise. I; fear his friend who,
at that time, )Ulcneji to him with so mnuh
true pleasure, were wo prepared , for. the
iutellijifhcc which just before our neeijug
tiiished, along the .telegraphic,.' wiresj-that
the I'rpsideut and'ls Cabinet were a unit
in fit vol of the admission of Kunsua into
the Union under the Lteompton constitu
tion. lint their greatest regreyyjl, per
haps, be .that they have , forfeited1,; the. .fa?
Torl regard if one ia whpso hlf they
have. taken 6 strong an interest, 'for, the
reasoq tluitj they (earned too, well th sal
utary lessons he inculcated, . j -. 1-
"1 cannot follow this, digressloa further,
aUliough . uot uuprotitahle, but . inqst, re
suine my argument, i deuy, that the Le-
conipton con von tion represeutod th, sover?
elgnty or tuu people, lor auQiucr, reuon.
In the election of its memhera, a majority
of.those jeally enjjiicd to .voie 'weri com
jiletoly diJranchiscd. It was thus made
jo ba' tho representative ' of a minority
merely: : In lhe ' langunge , of ' Qoyprnor
Wiflkev. ,tl Ua4 yiial,. uot tecliiticnl, de
foots in the very ;suUstance of its organs
zallon under the territorial law." " Out Of
thirty-four oo'dirtias" c6mpo8lh?(eteet1on
distrj'c,f a, ond (h wlott .was requisite
fensus sbonld lis . taken ,aud, voters regis
tered by oflleers apjtolntedy tho Legit'
iatnte' itself, hitietecn had nh censhs t4ken
aiid ho 'roprcucuitulon assigned Uism, and
Oftecn had no registry of voters, and
eouM not,, therefore, vote, at all. j The
ulnetueii t'ouutigit wer a majority of all the
oouuviut, tin1 1 wero .uuruprvHtcdt (.he i'v
teen counties had more votes i than, were
given to all ho delegates who algne4.il)
contlliutlpn, iiid,cou)d not cunt a single
voio- IIoWi then, can be said that this
was a CQuyrmlon. of de(v)ga.ts of the ueo
pie: andT.aa anpji. entitled.. lp , siieak, -ii
thaie, art for ,lhcni, ud bind thfui? :.U
dsr iicli eifutintuuce, are people left
'free to foii an 4 rt guUio jheir,sJoiiuvie
I. .11 I.. .L..I- ....... ......Ill
lllllliuuvn"il' WiBir.V.wji wJJ.:;l'(9'fi-.y n
! A further oWyuiloa exists to. tha eorat
poxltloti of this couyeutlon Mit wwmbern
not, only did , not reprciunt . a j majority,
but fhosu who coutroiivatia action procur
cd their election by fraud. .Thejlele
khiui irotu t;ougias couuty, ineuiuiitg tue
- f i I . . 1.. .1 . Jl . A. I.
protiqent or the coiivetition, jutpeclia,Hl
atloslgn to fatten, a, consiltntlon upon the
pooplo wlthouV tubutUUnK it V then for
their at orptaiiva or I'tjocnuu.ittuca the
lowing eardifj rj i; , , ,
! "To tht Vtmtcratte vtm Douylai
tomttjlY Jl n (."' s tU
,! "It hating ht'f if stated by'int.Abolf-
lion newNpt(ir, the Hsrahl of Freedom
and by some dUuflVutt-d bcgtis Demorrntt
who have got wp mt Independent ticket
forthu pnrpbstt of piurliig the vote of the
Black lie publicans, that the rrgu'ar noinl
nes ot tue uoiuocrutic . oouvenilon were
opposed to anbrnltttng the oonsiitntten to
i no people, tvo, me canainaies or tne uem
ocratlc party,' subiuii the following fvsolu
lions, .vhlch were adopted by the Demo
c ratio eouvcntloti which placed nt in nora
Ination. and which we fully 'and heartily In
dorHe, 'kia ' 9'6inp1(ite' refutation of the
slanders ibovt .referred' to.- !.. .,..
John Calhoun,-i i Ai W. Jones,
,Wi 8. VVkIm,' I-H.1purciiKB, ;
L"- 8: B ottiNQ, ' ". J o UN, M . WALUcr,
.';"VTm ,T,( Spkixy ' X.' Ai PaATuia
", 'Leoompton, Kansas Territory, m 13,
1857.'. ..-( -- '.-; ..t .- ji fli ..:-
' : "Rttolved, Tli t we will sapport no tnam as
a delegate to 'the coastltationat oqnrention,
whose duties it will be to frame the constitu
tion of the future Btata of Kauas and topxold
tha political iastitntions under which we, as'a
peoplfl, ate to tiro, unlais ho . pledge himsslf
fall; freeljand wfthoat reservatiou, to use
Tery honorable means to eubmit tha same to
every bontfidt sotual pitixeu of Kansas, at the
prepertiiAa for 'tha Vote being tasemipou the
adoptiou by the poj?l.et in arder. that the .ealfi
tonsUtution may )t aiopted'or'rtjoted by the
actual Settlers la this'Territorjr.as the uisjoritjf
.oXUievofers fchalL'degtde.""" V , . ' I
'-Tbeee men, by thia act of baseuess,'aot
only if accomplished - their election,' bat
placed the convention withio tfielr ?owu
couiroi.,, .u a 10 uetaugnt, tijaj pnr
iuktUutiona oan only be supported, by pubt
lid virtae, ' and then asked to defend each
a proceeding as i hav? Ihdicated.'opotJ' tbe
ground that it is'80verelgi,republic8,n, and
binding upon. tho cUfceus? n. Thia is .felon
so?ereiga4y'. ,.ijiiEio.; rf j
.7 The injustice of tbe couVBepursned to
wards the people pf ,Kanaas . is very diB
tinct, 'Thei are, by ; law .eai'i) wared to
form: their inst ituti ous . in their owir - wayj
an(i yeii the supporters of tho ;Lceom))ton
convention require tljenjto, adopt particu
lar torfna.tp. uiake.kvupwi tMl. w4l, ,.not
becauoe the bona tiie setuera ayprofe- of
the (j, butbecausb their supporters approve
of ihem'-If etie teuthWaiiitain!,:tliel Ibg-
. . S ! a
jiineemn repuamte ana condemn ttyen
it lie said. the iostruinent? is thij offspring
of soverelcrritv? ''Uiit Vntiiose;cvirY Vha..
4 convention, , mid ; yet large inajurity
sliouhl condei.nu the work of stRih a-body
when fiuishedr would 0t ii plain, couioidn
sense' juterpreiuiionti)of?.,lhe Vorgauic 'act
reqaive us to reject, itf , .The.- propouiUon
is too. plain for argument. I - will mere
ly inquire what; the sentiment of 'tho-peo'
pic i; artd when I learn that'b'y.itnp'lo'ying
sucu nieaiia as arc., jutei ;. to . reyeaj
will laid; it, ; whetberd can. sanction tbei
cotjcJosions or not Anything else would
fa would-be bat a government of: force or
Ifrandi H , j 1 kg
Mc.$piy regroithat Uiosewbo, enppprt
the tifcoiqptoii constitution "have not
Ire stcd t upon a ipriuciple. but nnoh exoei-
jrresidcnt, he sanctions U in jxderlhat
eounlry may get rld of the excite-
Hnrn.trhiQh hasoiioutr-Drevailed-on' tho
su'ltject. -What 4xc!tementrprajf 'That
violence, smothenn? tho nooular will
unit gagging the popular voice. 'Its lan
gungo is:
"'Wnon "once "admitted into tha Union,
whetUr w-ith or witlnmt slavery. fhe! tic'ite-
limits will 8p4diMpH8s
nwsy, an.t bU will JtV.enJkLtko flrat tiia,-.ba
as sue ougm to uare Dcen oxg siate, to
jnanago hr bwnVaff&irs 1 heri; own-way.i ' If
liar voaatitatian on the sabjeet of alarerj-,1 or
an any othec aubjaet. be tispltwving to a, ma'
j;oritjr . 6f the pypple, no. human powar can
premnt thetiJ from ohaiigfng it within a brief
psrio.l.-'.'2; t-'itii'! .t-.I Ik .;.; a i 1
In my' Tudgraent , a. principle .soald
ter be acrifice'd to expediencvV. :But'l:
deny tho expediecy. pf the course '.fecoip-
uiuimuu, b,iivi lue arsuuieui io sustain i is,
to ray , it nd, uufortui:ate, rBThe. president
says: "if her Constitution .'on-'the subject
ofalavery, or 05 , any other aubject, he.disJ
pieaainsr so a majorp:y.oi .jne-people, nq
human power .can prevent 'them, yfroin
changing iCwiinin'a brief ,periodr,'.The,
organic uut prumises (ue ,peppra uai mej
may "lorm ana regulate their domestic, in-
Rtttutions In thqir , p.vn "way;", now they
are told they hou!d ake. a fundam'entnl
law, inhe making of which they, had bq
part, and of which they totally diaapproV,
because .''iiO human power , can, prevent
the in frq'in' changing jt yiihin s brief , pe
riod.'! 'Now, at the 'tlio they seek' ad
mission Into the Uuon, oppression, forces
insltutlo8 upon tliemj Vu( when admitted
that' haudj, wilj bo withdrwn ane they will
regaid iUoir fights.",' .This ja." sovereignty
wiin cnBnnnri iin mit nn
xu opposition to tho pronosei ooucv or
forcing upou tbo people what they do not
want, I Diuce the iJeuiocratlc qoutnne: of
popular sovereignty, whh wjll giye to ilio
people., wfvut thov do.'want ' ' Tle, J'roai-.
M reqnires na to ak.e a nw bt ragged
garment, antf attempta to comfort us by
eying' ft can bo patchod and made sound.
I will nover. , traffio in good, .whicharp
ocfe'cllve.' and wlirnpt wear,',,!, ,'ovfit,
noiwtti8tnniiing,j may,, buy., pmvr8,..1tfi-l
do hot' like them. ' I, will never barter
truths tor "errors, knowing ..that I., may
pport'tne latter by 'sophlttriua, , lbc
Truth is strhniri' Nnxt toi4h.iAhnUhtv.
h ii4 119 pi)l ulen, n stiatngeutu, iioJivnu
iliiri lo lniikfl Ii.ir vl.itoi.inui'' ' '
, .t.i.i"; 7. T; 1;..." :.""r jnii ..n ,tu-i )
, 1 And I will, follow her whewvdt shtvmay
t'ud,v(,lf!frani power; tkou I ant against
power ? tt tiem .tiiu i inata then -.1 mn
tgitluHt Iho.'Uiimsvi Jf from n my frienda,
tliiiulmu ,aga.li)tit .my . friend. If Into
nolltudo and tho tleseW, ,1 will ituaku ' her
luy.voinpunton forever t.-i i 11 i u
, iThu rale of the .lloime ntlenyl mo tho
time, to pitrtue.Miltwbraiiohof imy. argu
inent fiutlier,, however ituunh'I NhoulU de
sire to do ho.., ,1 shall now:otiti nd nhitt,
lo adgpt.tht course recominradtd by. (he
TreHldputto .Congress to sapport the1 bo
Lloit of the, Lt'ooinpton jeonvenUoa would
be 10 violate; tbor manifold iaud manifest
pledgot of the Democratic party touching
tliu duetflno of. popular aoverelgnty iu the
Territories.. i,,,,,,,, !-.i.is.,
Tho tnaln .or.Jirlnclnal nrronml li taken
(!y the. Heplcan . party 1 baa i been,, that
the uemocraf y. wera npt to. 00 trusted , ou
questions Involving the interests of slavery
and thstt.their .pmiisgetneut of Kansas
affulrsT afforded the sustaluiug . proof, n It
will notido ;for,ts to say that it preduoei
uo. cfloct, .upon,., the nuVllor mlnd, .(We
were.epnttraJned to edmlt thoi.policy, el
though we denied the Justice of the appeal.
fa renusylvania,: within fight f.of Wheat-
land, thv,ume of the present;Chief Magis
t rat e. : au h, lm presaion . had is been 1 1 Made
agniuat usViThe. replyr, was vreadv aud
potent.that . Mr,,3echa,uan, sharing I fa
vpred. the,. ..extension; of v,the ; .Missouri
compromise to, the I'aoiao, v had .favored
the exclusion' of slavery from the territory
norh;of1 that; line,, including Kansas;
mat, ne . was a nortucrq , man. having as
such, sympathies .with the r-white laborer,
and likely, for that reason, to. see full jus.
lice done, him) thai , he; had ; proved . him-r
self houest, atd; as,., the-, resolves n of. b$
party bound hi in to, ike- doctrine of popn
iar; sovereignty, and . the-isentlwent. in
Kansas was most unjaistftkubly. for . free
State, there could bo, no doabt ':be,?Wooi(t
see tliOi yrganicact .fnljy and impartially
carried ntf .andilavorjireprpssed.A. Cdn
adepca'Wtnv fe-esahiished.inda; Pemo-t
cratlc , si?tory f sudiievedt! ,If Jtthe y recent.
message, epud, have, bee then anticipated
I d aot heeu.;t9 , .express, ay , oohvjc;
tiok thiajt. .enu8ylvanl8:,wonld.;'have (ast
M ji"nmen8e maoityi of her) votes. against
himv..His old cougressionH district-rt.
part of which :I;haFeihe .honer.to , repre;
sent 1 Know .wooia nave; jpoken ttt,-.a
very, different , roice. i.Yoa koow buti.lit-
tie of the present feeljng tn Panpsylvauia
ft yon snppose jber sons caq he, induced to
sapporj; the,view8 yt thejExoeutive regard
ing; ,he eoompton convention. ulVheta
is'an aQcnpation: of bad faith.; and I con-
fess I have fet myself unable io answer Jt
Cpnsqueptl, onjvJUjig ;to attempt;iu
-la .!'im!.wl 1w'ii
xbptU;oj ofthej.MKieeport Murder
Henry Tife and ChaVldtie1 Jones, two of
it !MKoeBnbrt:' murderers'.7 werfe hunir
thlsVtentoonOatvtwotb'cioafc.M 'CJ"t
Lboot tWrti persboi withessedT the 'Vt
mention inside of the jail-yard. , There wuS
a. argo crowd p-tside.'.!1'::
' Both dsljvereq addresses, ackn'owledg-t
ing; t6e usiice pfttbcir'eftBe bnt pro.
upnnclnft Mdproe Stewart jnnp'centT"u tti'
j - The latter "tt BentVpced tie' jo bung ia, s
fortnight,;'" 'V..V'':-, l',n
Uim't'! t,r a.;- Jrr' A .' ' V..T... i" ii twttU to 4)6' paid before the " 50th t)f Do- 'upon this Boor,) that coura move ana yowi ru uMct
r Id7 Ihc wiaaw ot, C'ommoaqre .Perry oeaiberi and 'the otheT half before-tho 20th f'to Strike th wrd'!whlteufrom theTanda-rWas; such
died in .A ew,l otkjn TbursdayJ olght Jim f -Juner torovided Ahat' the .cohntr mn.: mental liiwf thS'tfetettod1 therebf rter-1 fettV the
1 iu fwu. .!. tz-fUat ci wiv&iit A mistiouers of any coiuut mav re6nire thol nxit he bUck man to exereiue ou ine Dgaw one
:1 - x ' - - .-- I . T i r- -- I . ... . .... I I
iORRlS&.AV I LUA M3...Pkvktors
W 1 AA MS. ..... . v lEpJToRf . , . ,
rjAbsepce from' par aioifi for'sme
fire or six days, must serve as eur excuse
for any short-comings in to-day's paper.
I .".-it-. i
"There is a difference Idpon the policy
0 be pursued in regard to Kansas affairs,
existing in great' minds bnt that houest
difference makes not MF.vDotJut.A.a, or Mr.
ftaii, or the president .less, a Democrat.
Extract from an Administration paper.
! - So w'e thought.","Bt read the follow
ing taken from a letter1 of the 'Cincinnati
Enquirer1 ashington' correspbnneat.
4AppMcant for . office are just;..n,ov in
state, of melancholy 1 suspense.. .v. A fw
days since, a gentleman from Dhio, called,
wi,th stroug recommeadulions, for his re
tention ia, the Tost ofBce of . his natire
town, ,an office which he had ailed, with
great satisfaction. , lie presented his pa
pers, to the I'resideut, and urged his claims
with that grace and modesty 89 peculiar to
the offloo-8eekcr8 pf Ohio. , "ly dear sir,'.
stvidVMr-i Buchanan, Cpn,ov, di ny
thing for yuu at, prpsonq ,you must .wait;
tee paut. tell toko will, be jpemotrqtt . in ten
dfty tfrvi'n Utis tim Tho applicant took
back hi papurs and : .withdrew,, with the
singular, impression,-, ereepiug into, his
head .that his appointment deoendadcon
11 1 1 ... . . . . . .1
1 .
sioerayiy .upqn .vireurasuuiceB.' " . , . ,,,, ,
We eoald uot, for at moment, ' believe'
the President had 'tittered any 'such sen
fluent as coHtnined In the above cxlrac
butj.we liaYO h,caiH the 6a,me.,(thlng from
several lOther sonraetv IT true, the nntl-
eeompton I Democrats can take cans of
themnelvcs; ntld We have the consolation of
knowing .that It la not In tho power of any
man to, say wio may or muy not be 'De
mocrats.. .,'1 ,!., ,1. ,. ' r-ii . .,: , .
iii'i lit -ii..vM..- !--- ,1.
! Columbus Corrcspontlcate.' '
Uok-rMtrnfv,A -7-1 fff-'A'l
vi.i!ii Oot.UMWU!, 0.r PMi.. 0; 183S t '
De.Vit SiMitiTi'AVt 'fl'iys since, Mr.
(Oreeh Intnidweeir h' Mil' lit the 'Seiutfo tti
uatlil)rlti the n"o of ihctjutl; ht Srslisvllle,
until 'the iieW tin ' bo nn't-tod tit' the 'sent
pf Justice'."' Uo 'moved 'to ' suspend the
onHttntlonnl Tulci 1n order that' the bill
be ' rend V1 second tlimV, ' Mr. Mrtitttdw
Vi jected its' ho wished to henr from 1 hone
of hU I'linttltuchts who , wore ,lnUrtitori
before' he 'voted "'He was not snre that
anybody wanted uneh al.iw. Mr, Oukun
replied snylng thiit' he supposed tho gen
tlcinnn from Mouroo wUlied tho prisoners
to run at large. ' Mr, Monnow responded
denying the'1 innlnimtlon, and rebuking
Mr. Oukkn pretty slmrply. The uto of
the Jail was filfondy authorized for year
yet, aiid there was uo presidim; necessity
for tho paHsngo'of the'blll.'"In the part
of the county cf Noble which lie had tha
honor to eprt-tfiii0 there was no great.
peed of a 'jail; ! he could not answer; how
ever1, for ihaf portion rep resented by the
Senator from Washington.' ' The motion
to suspend the rnleswasnot agreed to.'
!t J(TmA I In' tl.A tVJtl.aa't.i' I.HIIftW Vlrt
Lit VUCIB IU VUW IIV... w.. u.j u.
following resolution; which to my sur
pribe mfct 'with1 tnnch opposltlonr ;il ; '
, i?orrf,"Thnt the' fcemraltteo on Tem
perance' be Instructed to inquire into the
expediency of reporting a bill to punish
persons TOtr procuring Intoxicating liquor
or tnose to wnom u is uniawiui to sen it.
, I 'ktate'd' the object of the resolution,
but the members seemed afraid of itj and
referred it' to the committee on temper
ince.'-'''1 -,,-!''"",'vl "v;" ' '
An fneffcctnal effort 5 was made to ad
journ over until Monday. '-' VJ ' ' ' '"-'
, , The only bill of Importance considered
oa SatnrdayVas that of Mr. Brooke, pro-
vtdiflg that where on attorney was ap
pointed by" a court 'te1. defend a prisoner,
the Court and not (as at present) the com
missioners' shonld Tnake his allowance of
feesV'8 Mri1 BaOORfe spike in favbrbf the
Vtl gaVe briefly iityi!objeetiona 'to! (fia'll' tWwcalth, irncf I, sir,: have heard them'
ill. I stated that the law formerly made' bbusf,' ' tiiat"wlth ' hii 'mighty lever1, they.
it, the duty 'of'the eonr6' to make these
awowances, out experience aaowea ine no
e.essity for a change and the commission
era were substituted for the court?'1 The'
chief reason for this was that conrts were
accustomed to allow too' much; :ad the
present law 'if nob so profitable tolawyers
was eminently- satisfactory t the people.
In reply to the argument that courts were
n)'ore' comiwtent'to mnke the allowauco as
tiey better Vnowthe Value 'of the services,
I 6tated that? 'to follow 'Out this principle,
whoever happened to know the most about
the. value of labor performed for the icoun-
Si Qk'ekA..M: l.t.1T ni..L .u.
allowances, and . gave several instances
showing the absurdity of the argument.
This was necfiliarlV Ihe'businefia of the
pOjnmissionerB.'aha wua looked to? in theirj
thjngs it electing judgesand the interest
pi) the 'people -would; be bettor served by
the; eommissioners.: 5! AH- after the enact-
ing cjansol Was Btricken' ott.' 1
Mr.-IlAMB'S -subtreasury' bill is Very
long" andeoBtains ' nlah'y 'salritary provi
sions bat : it is far from being tinobjee
tionable ' Its 1 provisions are as fellows:
The offices or vaults of the State Treas
urer and of the county treasurers are de
clared iy btf the tfeaSnryi'Une-half thq
taxes" of that county to be all paid before
the 20th of December. rNo bauji notes
lo be received for taxes excepr j on te
specie paying banks"' of this State: aa
no note ef( a less denomiiiatioa tthan fir y
dollars: ' after 1 8 60 "note less than ten doi?"i
lars; after 1 8 65 no note leas than twenty :
dollars; and after 1872 nothing but gold
ana siiver.i , !a vi , j- n, v J l!
The penalties attach the same as at
present except thatne-balf "attaches af
ter thej 2,0th of December, And the other
half 'after5 the 20th of June. In the event
that a sufficiency of school ;uud .ia not
cpllectedj by.thp,. 20tb ? p December, the
Auditor; oif tate is au,thomed to transfer
other fundsjto that fund, to bo retransfer-1
red alter the residue, or the taxes are col
lected.'1' Thef provisions, of the act arp ex
tended to' tollsj "water rents, Ac.'1' The
Treasurer of State is required to conTert
the 'raoiiey'into- Bpecie immediately , after
receiving 'it. ' County Treasurers are. re
quired to do the sanie. 1 Provision Is made
for inspecting' the . State, Treasury' end
Cfohnty Treasuries fohr; times a year,"a'nd'
the publication'.1 of their conditions!, with
heavy penaltTeis for false ' statements.'
Breaches of trust a.t)d embezzlement are o
be punished as larceny to tbe same amount.
Lapse of time or any other cause does not
release the liability of the security of ah
Treasurer. "' Failure ofjtlie Inspectors to'
comply with their oaths ,6F "office is madp
perjury. They have power to administer
oaths, 8end,for persons .and papers,
The bonds ef the Sato Trcasurqr are fixed
at thre'e.hdndrcd 'thousand.doilars.' 1
; 'These are .the,1 important- provisions'of
the bill; there aro,' of course, many other
provisions for ( carrying "out ..the' details.
Tho bill will have to he roaterialiv 'chanir:
ed1 before it can pass." Tiie section pro
viding for the' seiuT-ah,ivual .collection', of
taxes -is 'ojcctlonaUU" Jo many,' luesides
being of doubtful constitutionality.' J fn
permitting Its taking effect to bo snnject
to. tho will of tho commissioners of the
several counties."
; , A out'Stlou of privilege was raised in
... , ... ' ' :-J . r. ' M.'r .' J c .'
the House' pnv Saturday.' The corres
poudent of,' the' ' Cincinnati Ctnrim'erciql
had made an nn warranted attack on Mr.
ANbttKvrk The'ohargea were as far from
the truth us anything tliat rould bejeon
celved Smno half a "dozen " .members'
scored the' tejiiorter most ' sevt rely. . Oi
Monday he wits expelhd fromthe Hptue
by n vote of all the'Dumocruts und moro
than half of the Rppulivans. ',' .' ' ' .
Mr.1 SroUT'a bill was not reconsidered,
. Tho following oroJils remarks as re
ported for the Sutemuam,
Remarka of Mr.'.Btout, of Monroe, on
tho Dill . to rcpeuiihefileotjcm Law of
m wjmor' . - t -... .. !..'. .
Mit'CiiXtHMANj-ll U'nbt'my'luUn
tlon to occupy the tlmo of this Ootnmlttee
Iu extended ?ehi Arks upon this bill. ' There
ia boti'onb stiiBlfl proposltloncontulned In
tho bill under consideration, to witi tno
repeal fcf an act therwln named.' Yet, air,
themerltsW dements of the law sought
to be repealed, may Halm onr attention
for a few minutes. The' ftrst objeetlon
that I urgit to this law Is, that it tnnkes
an un warrantable distinction between the
oor inan and the man of wealth. The
drst section provides thnt "no man ahull
be peiinlttod to vote' unlets ho shall have
been an actual resident of the county for
thirty daya tiext preeodlng tho election,
and an actual resident of the township or
ward for twenty days next preceding the
election." Now; air, the inevitable effect
of this statute, is to disfranchise ike poor
tenant, under certain circumstances. : The
man of wealth is as a ship at anchor.
"sure and lictidrastj' iho poor mart li as
a ship at sea. tossed to' and fro by the
bolstcrons wave, driven hither and thither
by the storms' Of life ! ( In nine ,1 cases ont
of ten, In towns and cities," the tenant is
theMfar ti7 of the landlbrd in other
words, they rent t)y the mooth and nnJer
the operations of this law, the landlord
has the jiower td say whether the tenant
shall exercise the rlirht1 of a freeman or
not ' For cxamplo, A and D are wealthy.
men, each have a number or tenants air
ferlng from them in political sentiment.
In the latter part of September they be
come exceedingly anxious that their houses
hould be vacated: vet if thev will vote
the Republican ticket they may stay,' b
sometimes they meet' with' metal that will
not yield to Iheir dicVation," and ' Mr.' Af8
tenants must go to Mr. BV ward, and Mr.
B'a tenants must tako 1 the vuCnnt houses
in Mr "A's ward, and by this'system of
gerrymandering," sir, hundreds,' yea,ho'u-'
Bands of freemen itr'the Staie-Of Ohie;
were, lust October, dtsfranch!ed., -, '
could "Always' control the'Uaflot' box arid,
sir, while this 'canthooli' remains upoit tho
statute-book,1 'thtir;iboast; Is uot Mrf vain-.'-There
are MhonsamiB' of nieu, sir, before
they' would 'see their beloved1 'wives and
helpless children thrown into the' street,
without a shelter to protect them from 'the
storm, would' vote as the-heartless ittnd
load might dictate. It is in this way' STr,
an d t o the p r ac ric al " o pe rat i on s 1 of tb i s
Inw, thatJ onr present' llepublicah" State
officials dwe their positions. s' I am credN
bly informed thu't even xithit city, boasted
for' honesty and ' uprightness, t!'raV6ririg
Democrats were thus induced to vote the,
Republican " ticket;' or had to leave ; ad
seek a residence elsewhere, by which, they
were disfrancised altogether; m tho city.
of jCleveland,' Zanesvitla'and 6thcr places
same practice was adopted, lb. ho
city in this State probably; 'is there more
wealth and more laboring tenants' tnuu in
the! oity of ClhdTITOlTo the
resnltf Vhv,', sir,'' OyernoF'Chsse got
iAfM'MiantfoM yotes.linder the; lever
power oi iqia.iaw, i,,mo m
rtBRratlona of the former statrite.' Tlps is'
"preserving the -?uarrY.of jhe ballot-box"
with a yengeancev --v :-',
: la the last; Legislature there V$td, men,
rand I am not so sure but we v have them
of a freebanand with the same; hand
strike doa the'h5ne6t laboring white
man. ti ja urged that this law des
not prohibit iihe head; ef a famil from
voting, povingfjoOT olie township owgrd
to another, bnt sir, permit me to ask, how
many- honest - andnduslrions "mechanics
and prpfeSsipualj'in'en are iJvere wkofalre
Nqt the hfids ; of families, UhatU are1 dis
franchised by theOperationsof this lawful
uesiaesrn tne ueud or a Tamil v happens
to move across a countpn a fewiayf
before the election, although he has grown
grey in the '. "service hlsoantryetrlf
he oners to vote, he must be confined with
in the loathsome walls of the State prison.
"AJDJ jiiirfioubetngaaaideat of.v,his
State who shall go or come Into any coun
ty a.nd ro'e! ia suchj, county pot heing aa
aptaal resident thereof ,'for birty 4days
next preceding the i election, shall on can.
vision thereof, be imprisoned jin the peni
tentiary, and kept at hard labors uot paore
than, three-years nor less thanone year'
I have. yet another, reason to' flrge why
ia'Iaw should ,be repealed,; The majors
ty in ths .Iast .UeneraJ Asemtjly of. ths
State, in theif, .zeal to show, to the Knew
Nothing wijij- jOf. their party,., that tbey
were.riglt on - the goose'",; engrafted jn
this law, the rollowingr
, ''It' ihe person offering t,o vote, clajra, to
bQ.a naturalized, citizen of the United
Stales, he, shall, before his vote shall be
received-, produce for the inspection of , the
judgesf, thp. election, a certificate, pf his
naturaiizatiOHnand nlsq state, unqer; oath
or affirmation, that.ho Is the identical per
son named therein," fcc.i, ,..'.;. vn.-.i J ' '
Now,, sir, why this unwarrantable dis
tinction? Why put the naturalizodciUzon
upon hispath and cowpeltfli,tp,baclt up.
that oath, ay huf eei'Ut1cate,ona,turaHzai.
tiou? His own testiaiouy, thot it doss
exist, wiH-.d , 9 good,. art thus by.4be
operations tf this Know Nothing, Statute
the. honest . foreign born citizen .is driven J
from the polls. ji, have had told, terns,
sir, during the. last,- campaign, -that , the
foreigner could not ulwnys be believed
nndpr oath,, and heoee .the; Jjecesaity-of
eotapelhHjf them to. produce thelrj .eertin-
cats pf naturallxatlQH. ;;lr-t;hlraian, I
huvo thc , honor tq ve.preaent ppon this
floor, (in common witl tB)vcoleegne) the
j'Hanner county, JfcniC&lr.JLiu proud to
say, that one-third of my cotutit ueuts; are
Gurman citizeut, und i a, , more .honorable,
industrious, and patriot aetaf men never
graced Oods gnen .eer.tk- .iiUeuee, sir, I
speak that, that I do know, ,wUeiX. hurl
bai'k,-with centuwpt, the Imputation upon
oar foreign population Iv, may(ba,sutd
that tkls law ia Just the aama that It was
before, fio much, the atrongar arguuiont
for; Its repeal... I iVhy .burthen1 down the
statute book by a repetition, er the same.
aw aad sama wordsr ""' t-, !
' 1 Mr, Chairman, I regard this propotN
tlon ns so very plain and ouo deiunuded
by the people of Ohio, that I deem it.'Un
neoessnry.to ninltlply reinarkt pon it.ri"
Mr, Marrow pretented a number f
petitions aNklngfora law to prevent hogs
fross running at large.
The comtultieet nre Iftborlng faithfully,
- ' 'i;Yirs, o.!, ' ii"-"! ' "
; Tho Row In Congress, ' ; 4;'
i We should havu received the account
cf the row , t" Congrott lit ; iltjne for lust
week's paper; but falling to do so', we give
below extracts frota the New1 York Iter-
uhrt wash nirton 'Cerreinonacut's no
- j t , ,i y . : -1 ' i i - -, -'
count of tho fray, at being a,bont as faith
ful and JmpartUI as anything . wehave
seen relative' to that disgraceful scenef " '
i The :vcrsion' that is "'given 'here Vf the
origin or me iray it, tnat mt. urow, oi
Pennsylvania, tho acknowledged leader
the republican party In the IIouse,' obi
Jected to t ' projos,ltlon that was ;. being
made by Mr. Quitmaa, or Mississippi,
while' he ' fOiow) ' was on the demecratlc
slde 'Of the House, and that -Mr.' Kettt
having ''snggested' that Grow ; should go
over to his own side of the House to Ob
Ject, Grow rejoined to ' the effect thst ie
wss not io oe oraerea oy any siavo anver,
and that thereupon the chivalroos South
Carolinian; ' feeling himself Insulted, col
lared the bl ack' republican; " ', j';
j . Tho remark of Keitt', which provoked
tho retort of Grow, -was boV framed in
such a polite and parliamentary style' as
the accounts that I have referied tb Avould
indicate. 'It'-' would hardly be rilled
considered in any deliberative bodv aa in
order, According . to' parliamentary '.'rdlea
f&r one honorable member to address ah
oiher honbr&Me l:memHieVthns':-:-:-,Go: over
w juur own biud mi iue nwum, jum uumnca
black republican pappy 'Ap7d yet, those
aretnc precise ivoras wuicp mo nonoraote
member ' frpni'1. South" tlarblina iddressed
to the honorable1 member for Pennsylvania.
Tho response of the latter that he was not
te be driven by the 'lash 'of 'a slave'-driver
was a" natnral'TetoVl,3 knd entirely Justifia
ble under the circumitfancjrf It was one
that could hardly be ruled out of order
. ' . . , T
even'in 'ueuate. u' lain, yuu may ns as
sured, is the true version Of the origin of
the scene whle'h! then transpired:" i 'i'l-1T':'
" In uti iustaht the Southern Chevalier had
jumed up from:the senii-riBCnmbent itttl-'
his heels ,on-his:- desk1,1 and grasppd'the
Northern chevalier by'the throat.J"'Tlie'y
are tioth'yOong men.' sttong' atid lattrltic':'
and the1 -blood of the- 'Northern Is 'nb less
fiery, thaoithatT of the Soatherrt,' fGroNy
seised "KeitV and ;ther was a momentary
straggle between'thsra:d Mrr-Uatiisff
Mis.pi taft, we-1mai?, vH'tttSiof '
morsel of love for those ibolitidalsts'whd
don't! believe- In tbe 'TueebmpCbn OonveV
ion, 1 ' probsptly interfered andidosed the
combatants froia saoh other. i7r Then KeitV
struck' at Grow, Grow strWck baek, anc
Keitt went 'dowh.'jThe1 back-ors 'of th.e
Southern champion say that he'stumblad-
those of the Northern champion "' he
the pnowess of their -man;' It lBOt! PJMOt the. qnesttaa 6r;p.i&. s i asa
aa instantaneous thing that If'v Mr.Hoard toad ftowthe- VorfespduV1
question muBt eveV t eni
,w Oiithe.taomeatthe fbrcea fcf
the rcrtiblicaiis headed by Pptter, of
causing jad 5 Supported' by the Hi
xt..i.i.Z "2. . .i i.'-j'. ..
Washbarnes, lushed !pwo y the several
gangways of heir si(i to rescue their
pjbietaL, ofis.enemyi-hands and conn-
side rushed the. ecomptonitf8. ,; Tha
forces iflct. in Ahe. etra.V ipace .iirontiof
IhJ SpaUniirV) t5ft UrJahlreS?'
desenbedos terrible. Petter js en ac-
S oihitlUhe4 ffcfvih'ej nobUaA of
8elf-defence,j,nd pitched jnright -and left -
with mi ttraTtfps'ef the'perperiaiiuTarltr
of friend aud foe; foriio'thehpat an 4 bW
sion of the momfenl tWe as Vittle chance
Ifw - aeMtpit gJe.w aeidithat uuu. utJiisf
Washburnes went down un,hsr hia india.
jsriminating blj-lniripl Mississippi,
Was the leader-OB the other side a ateut
broad' 8hoHld,erjeutyjoph
one of the Washington newspapers claims
knightly Wood. t He too. rnl'4n Tight?'
and left, after the style fPner4iotb
hose , worthy -.leaders. hiUiag!;froarffthe?
shoulder iia.manaftKthat'Weuid bovde
Iighted thejieartief Jin Irwia.-Tom Ujr,t
Or your othefcTammany -,Hali iightsn To
fact, the sconeuasti now-jWas the bonxtio
ter part pf masyaiMsh as Taractviy Hall
has witnessed in its palmiest days frosa.
twenty td thiffyeembatahtii 8tng JaiamVd'
CP together ia hjacV ii6''feWa1ras,fo, pre
clude tho idjlnger 'of ;anyf (them,'UiigrI
much hurt the mass' surging1 'backward
and forwardfaud'the 'arms5 of "thdWen-1-gaged
Mingvi8ibro - ab6Ve their'" heads
rising and fallt'dg'with''their'',ltVokc8.'v
The Spoaker vtfevfdenily concerned Very
deeply at the turn s Hairs had takenaad.
in vain called 'gentlemen "to ' Vrd'of. H
knocked lustily with nlsgavel.' burtpp-.
roar of tbo Tray drowned hra 'vcfco'and $
sound of his hahioierj'" atid'ho 'ihen nvxit:
man, namea mightsupport
bearer.ea, he..forced bls4wJL Inta ke ihickid
or the nghtj ,aid,.i foment jj (i.Wfj.tha
nombapiptf i.Iwe1r.ej,svpaxated -sv&jlI, pa.ok A.
proclaimed., ,.r -,j W( , ,.rt ;,., iaat
s The Incidents of tha,flght, ire. jiaiditf
have beui).,ex.iroraely,pvHtlot(,OMe1,Qf1.h
Washburrveslngled nt,. a Stalwitri aiUv
slsslppian, naip., lrHi.'lal!V. mi .F.ilb.
well aimed blow on the forehead sent bis
eavy antagonist reeling and knocked' o.lT'1
hjs chestnut wig.i-Whon the rtiele 'wa'a
rocovered,iit wa iuttn' buck ' part1 froas1'
a sight which; joined ttvthe' 46k 'of dtsv
ppointed' vengeance which Bat'n Xle'
euntetianpoofitir wtwer-whewbcfaiintl
that the fiaht was over' aadlhht ieh(iel
neclmiiue.ofrttricvlnghi charsetsr-'for-pluck,
was Terjr PfovnUveoflaughter
IJule uNYashliirn, the ysltVr
UutmtlUistndng prlnvblyi natflve utt In?;
his stocking sole r-ttliigled.. out for MlAB?
tsgonlst aNoflU C'HrulluUn jinnud Craig
who sisnds head aud nhoitldeci ovartha
rmt of the Iiuiko.,. J tUtiot upHQ .llitlv
urnige yat, wtieh. hurt, nnd.i. believe he ,
did noget, ittfht.of liUiitftlUnt Ujht,
tune. juanvtc,, isu,.i mn lurormed, fttv
inbilstered "a doubter" to his friend from
North Carolina Ir the-Mtrfat, not11 dttttn'f
guUhlnghlni from a 'blsck' republlcair.
UurrU, or 111., nnd tha wiher avntl-Lb--eompton
demeeratt, stood by unuorti
apeotators of tho leene.' f Gen tiuitmsi
hovered ou tho onttklrts, looking oat,' sit
ho snld, for the bravest of the foe, that; (ft
all the forces slioeM be engaged In -a hand
tohftii j fluht, he a-ilght do hit dtvoitf hi.'
thocHnio of Iipoompton. .. .
After tho uoinbatnhtt "were stipiiraietl,,.
but whfle" the exeltemi?iit 'of 'the 'affray-4
wat at It height Crawford, : of OaV, 'moved,
that tho lltMito adjoiii'n 'forever "nntj.
McQiiHon'or S." O.rctled out,'liVevf(lijiii
slucurlty, that Be scciitided hali ' motion.. 1
If It should lib that the Hoiise' of" Repre
sentatlvet of these Uwlted States sluilti)fjT
adjoti'i'tved forever It. will ,ba owing to tht
acts of, tnUvrnblo poUttciaus-AoinhpU,!
sections of tho, couuuy,,mca. who Aroln
capable of entertaining a Just appraelatlon f
of their responsibilities as representative
of the people. .. Titus , and, Lane, arv Ca-;
houn and llcnderson wuro the hue ofihe
people of Kansos, and there are many
types of thelri Itf Congress' . Who t"fearVrj'
will prove the bane of the ' people of ' tha
United States."-"H'would be the"r'grcatesi'r
blessing that could be bestowed biithe na'
tien if politicians could be banished frotd lT
it by some 8ochmirnc'olous intcrpbbltldit
as tharbr which the snake vahd A ermii17,,
were banished long ago froui the Isldad'ef
iuuu cQiuuiniuiei( ine .osrgeanf
rra8U;,! enforce Vrder.' ' Que of the .
d the mace
H We extcact the following from, Uiepra
cookings of pongfsw9HFriiy. bh
V' Mr. Uoai-tTenid that re mors -wai afloat-'o
invplving the rights aad . dignity. jofuthiai
House, and asked leave (d:oi!br arekoiO'UT
tiot for.Ahe apMintnient!of a Oemiaiteeuoil
16; jnvesligiUe whether attf mpta bed baiaiaT)
niade-jby. persons .oonecte"d with the .ErM J
ecutive Depsrtmoat- oc persona actbhiunsU
der iheic'advwtv'io iufiuence the hctioni ofv
the ;Uouse, directly, Jby ptomise ivr iaUaoSioo
Uatiojv or glviug.Or withholding patrotigtxr M
&o. v '.-. -woTtlta v..lva-
Lively, proceedings. foliowedii. i ji - JuiS
- MrilYVarrea objected to th'a reeepttos!z!
of the resolution.; ; H, Mr-i Hoards woo,hi! :;w
pnt.hU.finger.upon the per80o ;so;offead. t
inyM wpald vote with him.ibat eaob ifo tl
suehjsweepingiudefinite chargesin.'i ( v .i
Ma llouston .sild.; iti ihaV g'taifacaaual
would stae oahis bwoi reepbaaibitity thaV na
imj)rperiinfl.u.anQflS;had beeh jiaiciiiaa; i
wouldiafiLjrd a, anjelble roand forriDveatbai
ttiga4iont lbo.tLno uicaimlouawati6leafiOBiiir.
ewipftpea-B wj)uia wl .m t-t, iwi eiu
owiiqard raad ln)' tbo; Hiobmoasit ai
ifrmt which; aaidji that the Preskieft; iai'tu-a
declareiihat he .woojd putUhetXiicttp4wif
ton! Qgnsj4te.tioa through, la thirty das,-Vt
or bus,V e,sfor desirable votes .coulii hx-tsx
nro'cured ibv aaeanaifif RiterittrirnTMlntI iiA
. - ' 4 JI I J--TT '
menta: hut it wouhl reoaira nioo eno'inas&t w
lags' itjtf iji II .fcTT 3iilUl-ii s.i; is M
.The Speakers thonght.ithat vthbssw
- lentpf TriSuM ti foildwl:'! tii a
thattintil Monday Worntng.' It wiklXpec.; V'T
. . . .
- i

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