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-'Jkal litfeliipce.
, . i
rJQP"" Doct. Pierson requests the per
m who borrowed a copy of Burns'
Poems from his office, to return it to
1" ..
Patent Bee-Hive.
"We call the attention of the lovers of
hooey to tbe advertisement in another
column, on the suhj :ct of Bee hives,
lie Hies ean be en in Woodsfield
after My iat. They are very highly re
eommended, and we do not doubt are all
that they are represented.
,H" . . . . ...
Malaga Township Election.
The following offiaers were elected:
TWrB--8rrB0ff Dorr, J .1. Birer.and
G. W. Baoett. Assessor W. L John
toi.'j Jjaarar Pe;er Dorr Consta
bles B F Reed And W. R. Hardesty
jjr- A uegro, who formerly li ved near
Calais, in this :oumy. apd. who for some
time has been -acting - tryaot to Capt
Warren Hollister of the 3 6th Ohio Regi
ment, died in a wagon on his way from
Clarnagton to thU piece. He had with
him a number of' letters from Capt. Hoi
lister's company, some of which are Sop
poeed to contain money. The letters,
we are informed, are in the possession of
Juage iioutster.
The Director of the Monroe Mutual
Fire Insurance Company, will meet on
befog the 12th day of aaid month, at
their Office in Woodsfield, to hold their
annual meeting. The election of offi
cers will also tike place at the same
time. By order of the President.
JNO, B NOLL., Sec'y.
April 23, 1862. 3t.
Ifcantkd Octo-ber 5, 1853.
.61-11 tlH J )
A full and i complete description of
tMHie, will be found in Langstroth's
Tteatiae on the Honey Bee, a copy of
e obtained, gratis, by apply-
iiMMtii office of the Spirit .
-S :t.".
the undersigned, have used "Lang-
tftA' Movable Comb Bee-Hive." and believe
it to .possess all the advantages claimed for
ititW "flnd no difficulty in removing the
mbth from it. ofin performing any other ope-la'-ion
Which it professes to furnish the facili
ties -for porforutiug, and all without injuring,
destroying or enraging the bees, that it gives
ni; B.pteie rontrol over them and their
cumbs au.l houey. We feel confident that by
its use bee-keeping may not only be made
Btftah more pioiitabte than heretofore, bnt
that it may be pursued with a certainty of
aawjwaltftlie.rjo unknown in this country,
aff, we take pleasure in earnestly recom
UMHiOjing it to all persona engaged or wUhing
t engage in Dee-culture.
.A xr r. 2ti ...
tlocr. Uai.lv, Autioch;
.-: M ..! As-ifii: u- ,.i'i ...
ItMtn mri if fiwx, Lraasville.
aSkateg 4fce' Raolnsive Righd to make and
aelt Longstroth's ateut Movable Cfimb 'Bee
Mfmrrrrlnf r-T'f ttawrot, and Graudvrew
Township, H-'hiugt.i.i (Amui.y, Ohio, notice
is hereby ffive thM ill persons found mak
ing, selliiig'of nAnx the Movable Comb Kee
Hie, whether in open violation of the patent
law, or under the1 pretext of pretended lin
piovemeut. without having Bfst purchased
the rutin from us, it nl be i lOtycuted. auuord- i
nvjft. Jjjjiivial or Fauna Right to use
InNitMvenMoJU. will be sulii for five dol
lars. Such a right entitle the purchas-
ee'tO'Wie, and construct for his own use,
on his'vrtf' reriTlseS, ' and not pthcr
wijte, any number of hives. Ministers
of the Gospel are permitted to use the
hive without irrj'feharge. Those pur
clrVHMjindiidnal tights are hereby in-''
forpaetthat the Inventor has expressly
$.f(ejito them the right, to use any
iavpDOvements which he may hereafter
prterrty'W'flhe'ut wry furtiir corarge.
rJlf AtfuHcatibiii for Individual and
fouaEilrx itiglits, iu Washington and
Mmumm Counties, may. be addressed to
- - Allen & Rowan, Jolly P. 0.;
Hugh R-Utu W.aoeUlleld;
mtvW WWUt (irayaviile;
hmm DwOl. .AWir, Antioeh; or to t
iaifIW: 6Uth Traveling Agent,
. " - MokTde Cotinty, Ohio.
WgffMPfiWi Jge of tbe
t Probate Gmirt;
i turf 9! f'fiA t - T
-ln"wwenMeww &J4at order of April
appointing me an accountant to
qoj'jn4,?a4I'0.e tte Tre&sury of Moo
oa.Cmty, wObie.r I entered upon the
daties tbrreof, on the 5th day of April
1862-Jf,, rrfy Treasurer, pro
du'ceO fne' ?c'm of ejgbt hundred and nine
dollars aj;d ninety three cents in the vaults
Balance on.accortut of School fund S2G9 54 5
TfJ f ft Section 1G fund 50) 87. 0
3 f Infirmary tuna 12 01 0
3. PedJar's license.. 4 50 3
,9lA .Hi'.'JH . Ml 713 92 8
Coantyfundoverpaid.fr,... 38 01 5
several fund:
7Df'91 3
the follow-
As-wflr nfore'-fullr appear from
trrTdSL i inD, DR.
jpiftfU Ihreaaury March set
tlement If! 6 2
334 9 0
By orders redeemed
since., ... .
.$265. 14 5
Balance in treasury 269
To balance in Treasury Aarch set
tlement 1862 $149 12 3
To eaah of II. K. West baiauce on note M 60 0
l " of W. P. Richardson 2? I '48 0
.' of E. Salisbury, J. P., line
, collated 5 00 0
: '
516 20 3
By orders redeemed sinoe 617 51 0
" Treasurei'a fees S6 70 3 554 21 8
Amount over paid and due Treas
urer. ; $33 01 a
To balance in Trea nry 3fari.li settle
ment 1862 466 58
To cash colleoted sinoe . 41 70 6
508 28 8
By Treasurer's fees,
41 8
Balance In TreA.su ry. $507
Infirm a iiy fund, dr,
To, balance iu Treasury March settle
ment 1SC2 63
C7 0
51 3
' . CR
By orders redeemed since 51 50 0
Balance in Treasury. $12 0l 3
To balance in Treasury March settle
ment 1862 37 88 2
To cash of P. M. Sinclair 11 60 0
49 38 2
By orders redeemed since
49 50 0
Over paid
To cash received 5
11 8
00 0
By Treasurer's fees 50 0
M HtW9 V; li .- .." 1.:. - hi"'
Balance in Treasury $4 5t 0
RespectfnHy Submitted,
' Y L .V (J '
April 16, 1SC2.
vis M
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Isaac D Varner,
John V. Shafer and others
BY virtue of a mandate to me directed frrm
the Court of Common Pieas of Monroe Coun
ty. Ohio, I will offer fer sale at public auction,
at the front door of the. court house, in the
town of Woodsfield, in said comity, between
the hours of ten o'clock a. in., and four o'clock
p. m., on
Saturday, the 24A day of May, 1862,
the following real estate, situate in said coun
ty, to wit:
The south end of the east ha if of the north
west quarter of section fifteen, in township
four, and range six, containing forty-four
acres, more or less. -
Appraised at $ -
3onrOe Common Pleas
April 23. 1862. $3,50.
.. fdi ai
Oommissioiiei's Sale.
F. A Lamping,
Hazel Cecil and others.
BY virtue of a mandate to me directed
from the Gourt of Common Pleas of Afonroe
Couuty. Ohio, I will offer for sale at publio ,
auction, at the front door of the court houo,
iu the town of Woodsfield, in said county, on j
Saturday, the 24th day of May, 1862.
between the hours of ten o'clock a. m., and
four o'elock p. m., on said day, the following
real estate, situate in said county, to wit:
The east half of the north east quarter of
section ''thfrty", township four, and range six,
containing lorty-two acres, more or less.
Also, the west half of the north west quar
ter of -section twentv-four. "township four,
and rangeix. containing seventy acres, more j
or less. The tir t mentioned premise ap- i
praised at $
The Ust meu-ioned premises appraisea at
Monroe Common Pie vs.
AV ril 23, 1 S 'J -1 . - - $4
M;bt.T C "iiiiiiisioiiers Sale
L I- If fx Til "
. Kal'iJt affAinat
rfobnJfciTO, pin r-V)
james aa. o out aim oiucrs,
virtue of a mandate to me directed from j
tbe Court of Common Pleas of Monrpei
County, Ohio, I will offer for sale al public attc-
tion, attlm front door of the court house, in the
town of WoodsbeKl, in Said countv, between
the hours of ten o'clock, a. m., and four
o'clock p. ra., on
Saturday, the 24th day of May, 1862,
betweerl the hours of ten o'clock a. m., and four
o'elock p.,"-, th following described real .es
tate, situate in said Couuty, to wit:
Lot Number Forty-One
in the town of Calais, Monroe County, Ohio,
Appraised at $33.
Monroe Common Pleas.
April 23, 18t2,$3,e. 1 - "
Divorce Notice.
William Johnson, 1 rpHE said Elizabeth
against ; JL Johhsoa is' hereby
Elizabeth Johnson. notified, that William
Johnston, has filed in the Clerks of office of
the Court of Comhiott Pleas of Monroe Couu
ty, Ohio, his petition for Divorce, because of
the wilful absence of sad defendant for more
than three years. Said case will be for hear
ing at the Mnj Terni of said Court.
Att'y for Plaintiff.
Daniel Waltox, Clerk.
April 2St$.i.6w. Vi.fcO.
liegai Notice.
WILLIAM RUSSELL, who resides In Tyler i
County, Virginia, and Nicholas Riddle,
who resides without the State of Ohio, and ;
whose plaice of residence is unknown, will
take notioe that on the 22od day of March
1SG2, John ,S, Way filed in thm Court of Com
mri Pleas 'of Monroe County, and State of
Ohio, a petition', in which the said Russell and
Biddle, together witli Ruth Dickerson and
Diokerson Rhodes, both of said County of!
JMonroe, are made defendants, the object and 1
prayer of which petition is to obtain a con- '
strnction'Of the will of Henry Dickerson, fate
of said County of Monroe, deceased, and to I
obtain partitiba of the lands of which said
Henry Dickerson died seized, the same beiug
situated in said County- of Monroe, and now
iu the actual occupancy of said Ruth Dicker-
son, and more particularly described as lot-
Section- nnmher 23. in townshin 1. of ranee
4, which Henry Dickerson owned in his lite
time, and described on the Real Estate Regis
ter of Monroe County as fraction number ;s of
said section. The said Way asks partition of
said lands among said several parties in said
case according to their interests, as the same
may be ascertained by the Court.
The said defeadauts William Russell aud
Nicho'as Biddle are required to answer in said
case ou or before Saturday, May 24, 18U2, oth
erwise the petition may be taken as to them
as confessed. JOHN S. WAV.
M?t: tii 2t5, 16S3 ?W, vt
The Bugle Calls! The Was has
Begun! A War of Extermination
.against Bad . T'lelh,. Bad Breath, Dis
eased Gums, toothache, Eurache, and
Purifying the Breath and Mouth,
a a -x ft is r d ee a . a i x i -w
Curing Tqotuacue and Neuralgia
Dr. Hurd't .Cchbrcdtd MOUTH WASH,
one Botta.-1 rilu i i i t lJu 1
Dr Hurds Unequtltd TOOTH POW
DER, one Box.
one BoUie. - '
Dr. Hurd't unrivaJtd NEURALGIA
Dr. Hurd's JhANTJ AL on he Best ieans of
Preserving the Teeth, iuelu.iitiir Directions
fjr the Proner Treatment of Children's Teeth.
FLOSS SIIX for Cleaning between the Teeth.
IQO.Tfl. PICKS, etc., etc.
Prepared at Dr. Hurd's Dental Office, 77
Fourth St., Brooklyn, (E. D.)
Price, ONK DOLLAR; or, SiX for $5
The Dt.xi AL T kk a.-;-kv makes a package
eigiit inches by five, and is sent by express.
IggT Full directiona for use is on each article.
2'he following articles we can send separ
ately, by mail, via:' -l ' !' ' HS 11
The Treatise on Preserving Teeth sent, post
paid, on receipt of Twelve Cents, or four
stamps. i "
The NEURALGIA PLASTER, for Neuralgia
in the Face, Nervous Headache, and Earache,
sent, post paid, on receipt of Eighteen Cents,
or six stamps.
TER," (large size), for Pfns in the Chest,
Shoulders, Back, or any part of the body,
sent, poet paid, on receipt of Thirty-Seven ots.
Address, WM. B. RURD & CO.,
Tribune BuiVdings, New York,
be sent by mail, bat they can probably be ob
Calned at y"0ur Drug or Periodical Stores. If
they cannot, send to us for the DENTAL
TREAJUR5T, Price, One dollar, which contains
them. ,
Now, Aee Db. Hcrd's PREPARATIONS Goon?
The best evidence that they are is, that their
firmest friends and best patrons are those who
have used them longest. Db. William 3.
vIuku is an eminent Dentist of Drooklvn.
'Tieasuier of the New York State Dentists'
Association, anl these preparations have been
usea in ma private practice ror years, ana no
leading citizen of Brooklyn, or jyiljiamsburgh
questions their excellence, while eminent
Dentists of New York recommend them as the
best known to the profession. Without the
aid of advertising, dealers have sold them by
the gross.
The eilitor of the Brooklyn Daily Timss
rfays: We art happy to know t hat 'Our friend
Dr. Hurd, is succeeding beyond all expecfa
lions with his .MOUTH WASH' and' TOOTH
POWDER. The great secret or his success
rests with the fact that bis articles are pre
cisely what they ace represented' to be, as we
can testify from their long use."
The well known P. T. Barnuin writes: "I
found your Tooth Powder so good that my
family have used it all up. We find it the
best Powder for the Teeth that w ever used.
I shall feel obliged if you will send me anoth
er s.upply at the Auseum at your conveni
ence, with bill."
But their oost is so small that eveiy one
may test the matter for himself.
Beware of tile ordinary Tooth Powders.
Dr. Hurd's Tooth Powder contains no acid,
nor alkali, nor charcoal, and polishes without
wearing the enamel. Ue co other.
What WiS Dr. Hurd's Remedies Effect?
Dr. Hurd's Mouth Wash and Tooth Powder
will give youug ladies that finest charm in
woman a sweet breath and pearly teeth.
Try them,1 ladies.
Dr. HnriiVJouth Wash and Tooth Powder
will cleanse the mouth from all fiul exhala
tions, and if used In the"morning, will make
the breakfast taste sweeter and the day begin
more pleasntitty. Hundreds of persons can
testify to this. Trv them, gentlemen.
Dr. Hnid's Moluh Wash and Tooth Powder
aretlie best preparations in the world for cur
ios bt-i health ami m vim; firmness and health
to the gums. Hundred. of cases of diseased
Bleeding Gums, S ,ie .Wouth, Canker, etc..
have been carad by Dr. Hurd's astringent
wasjt, A 1 '' "i Mj J L i - v ' .' - i I C
Dr. Hurl's Mouth Wash and Tooth Powder
give an additional charm to courtship, and
make husbands more agreeable to their wives
and wives to their husbands. Thev should be
used by every person having ARTIFICIAL
TEETH, whioh are liable to impart a taint to
the mouth.' j B . 8 3 HJH :l . S 3H ri I TA
Dr. Hurd's Toothache Drops cure Toothache
arising trom exposed nerves, and are the best
friends that parents can have in the house to
save their children from torture and them
selves from loss of sleep and. sympathetic suf
fering. . )
farmers and Mechanics! you cannot well
afford- to negteet your teetC For a trifling
sum, you catt TQOW'get preservatives, than
which Rothschild or Astor can set nothing
better. Remember that Dyspepsia and Con
sumption of, the Lungs often originate in
neglect ofTeetr; "Vefad for the Treatise on
Teeth, and read Dr. Fitch's observations on
this subject. If too late to arrest decay rn
yeur own teeth, sa-v your children's teeth.
Dr. Hurd's Neuralgia Non-Adhesive Plasters
are the most pleasant and successful remedies
ever prescribed for this painful disease. The
patient applies one, soon becomes drowisy,
falls asleep, and awakes free from pain, and
no blister or other unpleasant or injnrions
consequences ensue. for barache aid Werv-
ous Headache, app y according to directions, j
ana reiiei win surety iouow. notuing can pe
obtained qnal'to Dr. Hurd'8 Compress for
Neuralgia. Try them. They are entirely a
novel, curious, and original preparation, and
wonderfully successful. They are of two sizes,
one small, tor th6 face, price lf cents, and the
other la-ge, for application-lo the bo.ly, price
37 cents. Will he mailed on receipt of
priee ami one stamp.
The American peopleaie intelligent enough
to appreciate preparations that contribute so
much to the happiness of those using them
Every mail brings us letters, some ordiiing
tbe Treatise on Teeth, some to Neuralgia !
Neuralgia Plasters, and not a few enclosing 37
dentS for the Month Wash, to be sent bv mail:
; but to tuese we are competed, to reply that it
; h .iinpdfcle to aehd A half pint bottle by
' mail. The p-iple want tbo Ueu.edies. Who
i will supply them.' .:Jf Now is the chance for
Agents Shrew d Agents
can iii.tKH a small
' fortune in can-vine these articles around to
, families. The ) KXTAt. Tke4sC0V fa M,'at
tide. Send for one and see, or, better, a doz
en, winch we will'seld, as sample-, for $7.
1 Address WM. B. HURD A CO.,
Tribune Buildings, New York.
I That remittances may be made with confi-
deuce, W. It. 11. it Co. refer to the Mayor of
j Uroiiklyn; to Bti W. biriilith, President Fann
ers' an-1 Citizens' Bank, Brooklyn; tJoy, Co,
I & Co., New York; to P. T. Barntun, Esq., New
York, etc., etc. "
.Tfau.it $8, 18C2.l7,
Settlement Accounts. .
A LL persons interested are hereby notified
XX that the following account wijl be i'or
hearing in the Probate Court of Afoaroe
County, Ohio,
On Monday, May 5, 1862,
James ArmstrongKExecutor of Johu Thorn
frtrrryf ' "J '
John B. Noll, Guardian to Henry and Fred.
H, i .Ti IjOI ,(i .'Tr.
John BTTSTolI, Administrator of James Cun
ningham; M 1?OV jSti
George Lapp, Executor of ilfichael Stephen:
George WUcok, Admluiatratbr of (ieorge
Barcus: -
Jarnen Walton, Guaidian to P. A. Morgan's
Robert Anderson, Adminstrator of Jackson
James Scott. Adminstrator of Hiram H.
David Steenrod, Executor of Cornelius
Wm. Johnston, Guardian to Sophia J. and
George W. South;
Jacob Wysant, Executor of Jacob Wysaut,
seuior; rt iniQ
Adam Reisbeuk, Guardian, of Anna M. Reis
beck; . .. ; . .i V'tfg
John C. Hess, Administrator of Samuel 6.
Smith; ,. n. -
Peter Horn, Administrator of Jacob Wy
sant, senior; : , 1881 .1 tqmtt
Jacob Vernon, Guardian to Joseph Oglebay;
A. N. Carter, Executor of Stilwall Truax;
Joseph Ruoker, Guardian to Martin V.
Rucker; .
Peter King, Administrator, of Jehn Matthess:
John Fisher, Guardian of Grosseubacher's
heirs; mm
William and Alexander Pickeus, Adm'rs.
of Wm. A'. Pickens;
Ezra Coeu, Guardian of Richard Angus'
Ezra Coeu, Adm'r. of Adam 'Shriver;
Jacob Wagner & Israel Lenta, Administra
tor of C. Saunders ;
Simon Drum, Guardian to Rebecca and
Zaohariah Smith; .
Thomas Nelson Guardian to Mary E. Law
rence; Wm. Afilligan, Administrator of Iddo Hen
son; Wm. Milligan, Administrator ef Jonathan
Henson; ' " JOHN S. WAY,
Probate Judge.
April 9, 1862 4w. $8
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order of the Probate n rt
of Monroe county, Ohio, the undersigned, as
Administrator of the Estate of Otho Farmer,
will sell at public outcry, on the premises, on
Saturday. May 3, 1862,
the following Real Estate, to wit: The south
half of the south west quarter of section 2G,
township 3 and range 3. Alse, the south east
quarter of the south east quarter of section
32, township 3 and rangd 3, to pay debts.
Terms of sale. One-third cash, one-third in
one year, and onertbird in two years, with in
terest on the deferred payments, to be secured
to the satisfaction o f the uu.tersig-ned.
April 9, 1862. 4w $2 75 Adm'r.
THE subscriber continues to prosecute
claims for Soldiers or their heirs, and
having just -received the forms and instruc
tions from the War Department for claims
for the present War, for Widows, 1 ension
Invalid, Pension Bounty or arrears of pay, 3tc;
g Blanks will be sent by mail when de
sired to be tilled and executed.
Woodsfield, O., March 26, 1862. 3m.
Legal Notice,
JOHN CONNER, whose residence is unknown
to the plaintiff, will take notice, that on the
17th day of Afarch, 1862, Peter Diehl com
menced a civil action in the Court of Common
Pleas of Aouroe couuty, in the State of Ohio,
against the said John .Conner,- to recover the
sum of $1.)1."2., with interest on $34,81, par
cel thereof, from November 25th, lSoS, and
interest on 9913.42, residue thereof, fronn No
vember l'.nh, 7'hat at the same tine
a writ of Attachment was issued out of said
Court which has been levied on the fallowing
described real estate, situate in said county, to
wit: The south west quarter' of the north
east quarter of section 7, township 5 and
range tf, containing 40 acres, more or less.
. The aid John jJthuer is required to appear
and answer the petition in said case by the
17th day of May, L86i arjudgment will.he
taken at Afay Term, as by confession.
March 19, lS62.-$4,tiO. Cw AU'ys for pi'ff.
. Master Commissioner's Jfale.
William Eckelberry and others.
BY virtue of a mandate to me directed from
the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe
County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at public
auction, at the front door of the court house,
iu the town of Woodsfield, in said county, be
tween the hours of ten o'clock, a. in., and four
o'clock p. in., on
Saturday, the 9tt day of April, 1862,
the following described real estate, situate
in safd County, to wit :
State of Ohio, Monroe Co,, ss:
BY virtue of a mandate to me directed from
the Court of Common Pleas of said coun
ty, at the front door of th- court house in
WoodstieKJ, in said county,
On the 20th day of May, 1 862.
bttween the hours of 10 in the forenoon and
'4 in the afternoon of said day, I shall offer
for sale to thu highest bidder, Lot number
eight, and the east half of Lot, number nine,
with the 'buildings there5n; also t"he south
half of lot number twenty-six, with the large
tob loco warehouse; thereon, all in. Stafford in
said countv. Ordered by said Court to be
sold In satisfy a mortgage made by Reubeu
1 Hawkius and wife to Nathan E. Berry. Sold
separately." . . Appraisement.
Lot No. & SICOO.CQ .
K I Lot No. 9 250,00 ,
S A Lot No. 26 600.00
, K.Maa. Com. M. 0 C.
April 2, 18G2.f3,60.
j VfOTIOE i3 hereby given that the under
! J signed was, on the 19th day of April-
iCS2. appointed by the Probate Court "ot
! Monroe County, Ohio, Administrator of the
listate of Aaron Howell, aeceaswl
April C3, 1362
-3t. pd.
The State of Ohio, Monroe Co,,'
- ' !
Y virtue of a mandate to me directed from
the Conn of Common Pleas of said countv.
at the front door of tho Court House in
W'l .. ..i .!.!. i it, ftfi U.Mata in
On iheUDtlt dayof May.-ldi.
! between the hours Of 10 in the morninc and
! 4 iu the evening of said day, I shall offer I'm
I sale to Ihe highest bidder, Lot nuiuberTweiity.
fin the town of Clariiigton, in said county,
; with the buildings and improvements there
; on. Ordered by feaid court to lie sold in a suit
i against Solomon V. Wheeler and Jemima hij
i wife, to satisfy a mortgage iu favor of 7'iiom
Ap. atlQO0O0 Mas. Com. M. C O. '
April 2, 1862. ?3 CO
i Woodsfield Ketail Maiet.
Corrected weekly by Sinclair Sr Baker.
WOODSFtRLD, April i'6,'lRb2.
Flour per barrel...; ...,....$6 00
Wheat pjt'r bushel 1 00
Oats per bushel
Com ner bushel
Lard per ponnd.
Egg3 p'r doen....
15 i
Tea pur pouud
New O. leans SM'-le' ponnd..
Molasses per gallon
Java coffee per prnnd
Butter per pound
Rice per pound
Candles per pound
Talhjw per pound
Salt per barrel
Hams per pound...
Shoulders per pound
rpHE Proprietor of these Nurseries would
A respectfully inform the pubiic and every
body that his Stock is very complete, and iu
most things great in variety and amount. He
would impress on the minds of those wishing
to plant the importance of procuring good
trees grown near home and of the best vr:e
ties all of which we claim to have, while
this is the only pi. we iu Kastern Ohio where
can be procured, and at the same time pur
chasers oan be accommodate i with anything
they need in the way of TREES, PLANTS, &o.
We wv-uld note particularly a very large
Stock of Apple Trees,
of fine size and of great vigor. Crrrrirs a t
very superior assortment, and an immense
Stock both of STANDARD and DWARF I
For garden culture we havo a very fine :
Stock of DWARF APPLES, of the best i
and most showy varieties. DWARF PEARS
and DWARF CHERRIES, and Berries iu great
variety". OfHARD TSrRAPKS We have AbOnf
30 varieties, incladiug DELAWARE. DIANA,
Of Ornamentals, we have an immense stock
both iri variety and amount. Of 'EvrstrWn
and other ,:Tntws end Shrubs, Ro-ef, Vines,
Dahlias, 'Phloxes,1 &'v all of which we
will sell for CASH, at prices, to. suit the limes.
Now is the time to buy, as one dollar will
get nearly af jrfuoh as two will at other times,
and the Trees are of extra size and quality.
We are also receiving and forwarding rob
soriptioiis for most of the Agricultural, Hor
ticultural and Rural publications, most of
whioh- we can furnish to our customers at
Club rates.
Address all orders to
.James. Edgertox,;
Atniiamri. Oiiio
Jan. 8, 1852. tf.
.e rfj'Ki
M. Brennan & Cj
Jacob Shook. .
BY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to
me directed from the Court rf Cuninon Pleas of
.AfonroeCduutyj 0., I will offer for sale at pabl c
auction, at the front door of the court house, in
the town of. Woodatield, iu said county, be
tween the hours of ten o'clock a. m., and four
o'clock p. m.,'1', , CaTjfV.
Saturday, the 1 Oth day of May, 1 882,
the following real estate, situate in said ooun
y, to witt i j j
The tast half of the south West quarter o.
the north east quarter of aectien tweuty, tows
ship two, and range four, containing twenty
acres, more or less. , l
Taken iu execution and levied upon as the
property of Jacob Shook, at the suit of M.
Brepaau o: Co. -
Sheriff, M. C. 6.
April 2, 1862 $3 jO.
1 ' I) a I i '1-r- -4- - I
Monroe Mutual Insurance Company
at the OffiVe of the Savings Institute.
This being the-day. set apart for this purp ee,
all persons having business with the Compani '
will please call on this day.
Feb. Ill8fn -i (it)', ) t ' P H f
: ; ' ; ' ! : i-i iv
State of Ohio, . Moinoe Co , ss:
the Court of Common Pleas of said coun
ty, at the front door of the court tou-;e
Woodsfield, in said county,
On the iOth dty f May. 1862,
between the hours of 10 in the lorenoou, and
4 in the afternoon of said day, 1 shall offer for i
sale to the highest bidder,, the following tract
of laad, to wit- The uoith,eai quarter of the j
south west quarter, and the. ea.,t half pf the ,
north west quarter of the south wst quarter j
of section thirtysix, Uiwuship three and
ranse four, except about two acres of the last
mentioned lot, :u the .soutn corne t Here
of, formerly sold to Thomas Mol-'arland,, (he j
whole, containing sixty ucies, more or less..
Ordered by said court to be sold, in a uil l
against Raubea;M. A.udieWjS.. and TeiuperantM j
his wife, to satisfy qi vers mortgage claims m
favyf of Richard SeveJl and John Moose.
Ap. at laQfi 1)0 ...Mas. Com. M. C. O,
April 2, 1SL12. $:5 (5
ffll c, rii v v.
' ; . n .at , : . 1 i T
Hvyi "
v l er Tr.il
James Shmik.
BY virl,nef a writ of vendit ioni exponas to
me direetwl frem the court of Common pleac ot '
Monroe County, U.. 1 will offer for sale at public by Druggists an 1 Merc hauta generally through
auction, at the frontdoor of the oourt house, not the U,uited Lates aud Canada,
in the town of Woodliol.l, in said county, "-'eh. 1J, 166:5. ly.
ibe hours or leii o'elock a, la., and
four o'clock
p. m.. on
M'''-f-l'd" f f 1 f6f ; :
the toUow4ua doscrjpevi real estate, situate in
i said oonnty, to wit:
filth east qnartijf'jjf J
of raiige four, contain- !
t 1 '. ""t nrl" o! V"
! action 20, towiubip 3
; mP " acres; als
i west ou.n-ter of
the ertftt half of the north !
section 2, township 2, 6!
page tour, containing: acres, inoic or less, .
also the south west quaiter of the north east :
qitarter of BeCtfuH 21, tousbip 2, ef range 4: 1
h!so the north Htt angrier uf tho southwest :
quarter of section 2ti, tuwnshin 2, and range
4; also the south west quarter of the south j
east quarter of svotion 20 township 2, and
range four, in Monroe county, Ohio.
. Taken in execution au I levied upon as the
property of james Shook, at the suit of Pvter '
1'allman. GEO. W. CARROTHERS. j
Sheriff, Jf. C. 0.
April 2, 1S62 $1,75.
T. SWEENEY & SON 65 Main
Street, Wheel ng;Va.
ARK just receiv'iny from Kngl.ind a heavy
. and well aelecte 1 Steck of the various
styles of
o which thu' luvlU .the
attention of
fth ants visiting the City
March 5, 1SC2 6m.
he a i e
THR BO0K3, Notei and Acfounts of V. G.
Okey, are in the han- of E. Salisbury for
collection. Al) persons indebted to said Okey,
wil I save co at y. piou,pi ly paving np.
juii i'Kr. i. Assignee
l IJ IV' i ,T.- I. .
Woods eld. Feb.
ID, fSt'2.--hiipl
$.ev v e.v 5W a x
vevwcA'vaN. v ?f,veX
"Reef voiov vc sUv.
Vv.cv?,, ov . Vo, !vvc-, eetv
vfvcrx V$S3&9&. v xcue eft
xvi. v xve
.Xiie?' 'CoTrvjpZauiTvb,
Kidne-j ComplazTzts,
Vtxv v.Okyvvc .
avc eowk.oei. vav cvovA
vAv.c. vwoXte cw.
vve Wve maw xtvavwv
vwvt"vcfovv.c W, WMlttVl t
ctv waV&& La$6 ,wooa.e.
VvVCVvtW'UW, .tYv.,tv, v-
I Hcf Jfittrr are jyuj -up ir, qxuxrt A
bottles, of which the ahovk is a fac-sim-
He. TKe t thvl ft-' finely engraved, and
.is jroviTed:!v.-iih a. sas-guard- from
sounUrJeitei-c. (Price i-il fer lottle,tcr
six for 5. ,
C. W. . (Proprietor, JTo. 6
st Pout th. .iiSt., Cincinnati, to whom
all ordrrc should, he addresred.
V.ll. Davenport, Woolslield; ll.t:. Kotjp!n,
M ilhga; Christian bander, Brownsville; Vanlaw
Al'x tiiier h Co , Camevou; John W. Barnitt.
Stafford: W.tvonaekl &, Co,, Jacsrhslmrg: Tipton
it Powell, Jerus vleui; Jacob T. Morrill. Claring
t- n; J. II A; J. h . I hornbu ry, Ueallsvitl-; and
Ststle of Ohio, Monroe Cf.wity,
Emanuel EroWeufield and Mori is Frowenlleld,
John T. Taylor
AID JohnT. Taylor is hereby notified, that
a writ of attachment has been issued out
the office of the Clerk of said Cvurt, againtl
his lauds, tenements, poods, chattels, rights,
credits, moueys and effects. The object and
prayer of the petition ia to recover the sum
of .5220 OS with interest from the 10th day
of .Vepteinbjr now last past due on the defol
iants promissory note. If said defendant
fail to auswer on or before the 23rd day ol
Vlay next, judgment will be entered against
him bv default.
i Attorney , for .Plaiutilfn.
Attest: T). Walton, Clerk.
Al til 1, 4w. $3.
AtteHtion Growers!
11HJI undersigned h tve at their old stand at
. WOODSFIELD, O., for sale, a nloe lot f
pigs, about four m inths old, raised from a
Poland and Big Boned China
AH ppraons desirous of pnrchasinc fine ubxs
or who desire to improve their Stock f Ifoge
give us a oall. Tki.ms $1 cash down.
j ApJ-n S, lt2 3m. pd.
Adam Svott,
Peter M. Oshel, Wm. Oahel and James Oahal.
BY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas I
m directed from the conrt of Common Pleas t
Monroe Co., O., I will fler for sale at paulio
auction, at the front door of the oourt house
in tbe town of Woodsfield, in said uountv, be
tween the hours of tu o'cloak a. ta., aud foar
o'cbu-lc p. in , on
Saturday the 1 0th day of May lt'.'.
the following teal estate, situate iu said oua-
ty,.to wit:
The south W st rjuirter of tbe southeast
ipiarter of sectiou eight, township tdx, and
range seven; also the nor h east qaaner of
the south east quarter of the same eclio,
township and range; also the west half of the
south west qnartr of section two, township
six. and range seven, in Monroe County, Ohio.
Taken iu execution and levied upon aa tkw
property of Peter M. Oshel, Wm. O.hel and
James label, at the ?uit of Ad-un Scott.
Sheriff, M. C. O.
April 2, 18U2 S-1,00
TO all whom it may concern. 1 hereby warn
ail pertous againr-t buying, bartering or
trading for a Lote of hand bv me executed to
Alfred Uiahop, bearing date March 15tU. 1862,
calling for fifteen dollars, payable on or before
tbe-1st day of March, A. D. 18ti3, as the same
was fraudulently obtained, and I am detor
mined not to pay it unless compvlfki by law.
David ward,
April 2, 18G2 3t. pd.
BY virtue of an order or the Probate Court
of Monroe County, Ohio, the undersigned aa
Executor of Jesse Wells, deceamd, will offer
at public sale, on
Saturday, May Zrd, 18 G2.
On the premises tho following described Real
Estate, situate in iliouroe County, Ohio, to
The north west quarter of section six (,)
township five (5,) an 1 range sereu (7.) aon
taining 148 acres, more or less.
Tbkms of Salk: v)ue-third ca.ih in hand,
the residue in two yars with iuterost on tbe
deferred payments from the day of sale, to be
secured to the satis fiction of the tmdrigu
L WM. II. WKLLS, Exeeutor.
April 9, 1852 4. $jo0.
State of Ohio, Monroe Co., ss,
D Y virtue of a mandate to me directed from
" the Court. of Common Pleas of Uouk
County, Ohio. I wi t offer for sale at puhhe
acctiou, at tl e front door of tho conrt bouse,
in the town of WoixUii.dd in said eoaoty, he
tweeu the hours of ten o'cloo i a. ta and fonr
o'clock p. m., on
The Twentieth duy ,f May. 1862,
the following described re,l estate, situate ia
said vouuty, to wil:
The north, west quarter of section twelve.
umnsmp lour, of range hv, xcpt a half
acre sold to Aaron Howell, out of the north
west corner of said tract. Also the sonih
west quarter of the north e ist quarter of said
section, township aud range. Also a part of
the north west quarter of the south east quar
ter of said section, containing 15 acres, lining
all of said lot that lies west of standing itona
run, except what beiong to the hairs of Joseph
Minor, deceased. Also a tract of land situate
in the north west quarter of section tnenty
nine. iu township four, of range live, near the
town of Wcodstield, beginning tor the name
in the oonnty roa'd leading gouta trom Woods,
field at the north s-esr-eftrner of a traot of
laud purchased by William and Levi Kiehner
from James R. Moiris, thence south with aaid
road 133J feet, thence eastward at light an
gles with said road 2tS4 feet, thezce northward
parallel with said road lbMJ feet, thence west
ward two hundred and sixiy-fotn feet to tho
beginning, with a valuable bteam 1mm and
Dwelling House, thereon. Oidered by aaid
conrt to be sold in a suit against said William
and Levi Rich ner and others, to satisfy a mort
gage of Peter and Christian Diehl and divera
other claims of divers other creditors.
House and Steam 4; ill '.300,00.
N. W. qr. Sec. 12 19l'0.oo
8. W. qr. of N. E. qr, 480 00
Of same Section Is acre tract 1 80.IMI
Mas. Com. M. C. O.
April 2, 1862 7,25.
fmjvc riant to All
THE Buboiiber continues to proseonta
claims for Soldiers or their heirs, and
having just received the forms and instruc
tions from the War Department Lr claim for
the p-eteiii War, for Widows, Pension Invalid,
Petwion Bouuty or arrears of pay, ttv.
Blanks will he ;ent by mail when da
sired to be filled and executed and returned.
Woodsfield, O , March 19, l62.3m.
State of Ohio, Monroe Co.,
BY virtue of a mandate to me direeted fiem
the Cowrt of Common Pleas of said coun
ty, at the front door of tho Conrt House ia
WoodsMeld. ip said oquuty,
Ou the 20A day of May, 1863, .
between the hours of 0 in the forenoon and
4 in the after noon of said day, 1 rhall offer fr
sale to the highest bidder, lb.- east half of th
north eaet. quarter of section two, township
four and ranee four, ia said county, contain
ing eighty acres, more or less. Ordure 4 br
said 'court to be sold to satisty a decree in fa
vor of George M. Woodbridire. against William,
Ap.at $350 00 Aas. Com. M. C. O.
April 2, $J2 2 75. .
She ! ill's Sale.
Wiliiutn J. McCouuoll,
Thomns Mitchell and others.
")Y virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas
to iue directed from tbe Court f V oiw-
; "lon """" nu,5w" mZTV3' "' ' .
til f n'...kh.i,,e lM,la T .111
Mr puonc anion, a. n. inna
(lOOl Ul 1 1 ir guuri ii'-ua-?, 4i . " v. " - - -
field, in said ci un' v. between the heurs of
ten o'clock a. m and foa- o'clock p nv, o
Saturday, the 26th day of April, 1SBJ,
the following described real Estate, situate M
Monroe Omnty, Ohio, to wit:
Town lots numbered eleven (11) and twelve
(12) in the town of Cochransville, la sai.l
Taken in execution and levied upnu as tht
property of Thomas Mitchell and others, at
the suit of William J. Mcl'onneU.'
Match 53, 'G2 $3,60 Sheriff, M. t 0.

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