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ttl TBRHb UK BUBSUwruun;
I One dollar and fifty cents pT annum, if pid
within the year, if not paid within tne year,
a bill will be presented,, and it noi paiu meu
two dollars will be reqmred.
No paper will be discontinued, except at the
ptiou of the publisher
until all arrears are
SxeoUtad with neatness and dispatch at
Ofiee, and at reasonable prices.
f 2 squares,
3 wks. 3 uios. 6mos. 9 nlos.
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From the Crisis.
Hail patriot chieftain ! thy name is a glory
As fadeless as stars that look dewn on
the sea,
Our children shall make thee the hero of
8tor. ' .'. '. , 7 lt.Q
And warble thy praise in the songs of
the free.
Son of Columbia! born 'mid the splendor
That made her the envy and wonder
of all,9?, rii .fj .
The people now call thee their champion
..oj nil . .- ,
To battle Secession and quicken its fall.
.grPwelva lines, or less, will be obarged as Victorious soldier, in spite of all malice,
Thy conquering arms march triumph
antly on,
nhecding the foes that would poisotrthy
Fanatical slaves finding fault wit-h-the
grAU legal adertisemnte will be ohargd
W the it.
Notices ot tne srpoiuiuirui. ... jfv
OiD iA'D jjpLTjb? SPEECH
Beauty of Puritan Abolition-
Withering Denunciation of
proud aristocitats.
rus k. W
miuistrator's aid bxecuior s, h.m. jpp
fqiT Attaohruent Notices, must oe paiu m
ar advano.
Twenty-five per oeut. additional will be
bacge4 w the price of job work if not paid
iu adrance, and on advertising if not paid be
fore taken out;
Thy sword is but drawn in the cause of
the Union.
To restore it again to ita bright pristine
The North and the South again in com-
111. 1.1. a. II
....... .ta,
Protec e 1 and blessed
White and Blue'
1. Subscribers who do not give express no- i
it the c.intrarv, ate considered as wssning i
to oontiuue tlieir subscription.
2. If subscribers ordr the dlscoutinuanoe of
their iwiipapers, the publisher may continue
. iii.m until slU B.rrearaces are paid.
tu .ruu . - - o - t ,
3. If subscribers neglect or refuse to take ;
thei- papei-s from the offices to whith they are ;
lirecti, tney ar ni reH" The eves of a nation now
lawetUed the kill, and ordwrea tueui
jmls(;rilier8 remove to olher placf
Irtthu ,ruifnt the jMibHsbre, and the pn
jrs are sent to the former direvtlou, they ar.
h. The t-onrts have divided that rfusinff t
take jwrlodnU froui the oflice, or r. niovin.
and leavinjt tb-m nuoalled for, is prima ft
evidence of intentional frinid. '.
A?& hinr .inn .
the "Red.
mark thy ad-
Adniiriugly witness thy bravery and
dig .- . -, l-a.
And gather new hope ironi the gleaming
of lnoes - '
That flash in the ?:unl
mw kBjj si U 0 8 s
kHKCTTDI.LV ot-M his rro-
(-hiou.,1 tHv,s to the vili
-miijrlit enfiimng thy
i si! rl
MoClellan! Deiuoemcy boasts of thy pgewr
Thy country ha,slaiJh iu thy prov.es?
to savo.
And pray that thy wisdom may
t,rt h.-.,,
When. Pc.i ce shall smile on us from.var's
gloomy grave. a
5 lU
The trial of the. Gorddns, in Boston,
on a charge of treason, has produced a
reuntrkahly bold and earnest speech from
Gaerge t?eunott, a lawyer of that, city,
who will -be-especially remembered as the
volunteer counsel of John Brown.
' TAte Gordon tamily counted of the
father ami four sons, silversmiths by
trade, who were induced to attead a pri
vto meeting, over which one Beacon
Palmer presided. The meeting was held
in the cellar of this Palmer, and the
charge of treason made against the Gor
dons.by Mt. Washburn, Mr. Hobart, Mr.
H-'vcs, a niember of Kalloch's church,
ana jorae 6thr-ramrait ' loyalists." Mr.
Hobart. in this ccjlar inquisition, asked
one of the Gordons if he would hansr out
the flag, to which he replied angrily that
ho wonlJno't, under coercion, do any such
thing, whereupon1 the inquisitors lodged
an information before tha District Attor
ney, fortified by their oaths, that the Gor
dotrs were traitors. They were remanded
to Fort Wfrrren. and finally granted a
trial (sublime condescension), but before
the trial was fairly commenced, & nolle
prts-'qiri'ttrtis entered by the-United States
District Attorney, and the case dismissed.
This. Mr. Sennott. the Gordons7 couasel,
would not permit. the:0onrt granting him
leave to make his de'ense, which we pro- j
refit- hero below. How much wie whole
affair looks and sounds like similar affairs
under old tyrannies and dynasties we
feave rtwr retidei s to judge. We hope io
singefierson will pass it by unread. .
.Vcr stating the case as above. Mr.
Sennottsaicl :
,: -The-.aj-sjstant Distric t AKorncy was
then ijii'uvuteiithat the Gordons bad given
a-id .iwl tjwinl'ort to the em-mv. Tlvra in
forujatiou die says, upon hi.:' oath that he
beliet. Tu fousouiicnce thev were ar-
I rested. Their whole life and conversa-
tioiia beejH sifted and pried into. Their
I'ricndsuwl neighbors have been sutr.
monod to testily about the:u, and on tl o
tostimonvorfoiia;iiod we arc to h'cl 1 them . iu
if it offers prooaV.e cnuso. Now. docs it? ire
ner was once the advoc.tte of free speech.
He claimed to be almost one of its mar
tyrs. And iu defense of it, he certainly
was the victim of a cowardly assault, in
icted with a ferocity, and endured with a
meekness unexampled in the annals of
cudgeling! He now changes his opinion,
or at least his language. With the feli
city of allusion, which belongs, among
the public writers of America, to him and
to Govern Andrew alone, he advises his
friends to put their "heels' upon those
who -differ from them, and who dare to
speak out. The advice u given in a let
ter to the late war meeting at New York.
Is this prosecution an experiment made
upon poor merchanics, by a few small con
spirators, in pursuance of an agreement
between the prineipal Thugs at Wash
ington, in order, if it works well, to sac
vifice more important victims to the Abo
lition Kalee? I do not kuow I know
that the gentlemen of the Republican
party do not countenance it, and that it
will fail here, because, to reach their po
litical opponents, they must cut down their
friends. If
cup of clear- water to the frost. Observe
it, and when the cold begins to fill its
transparent substance with beautiful spir
illa of ice, if you agitate the mass the ice
will not immediately freeze. But give it
in that condition a very short period of
rest, and it becomes rock, hardly yielding
to the energies of gun-powder and fire.
So have we found the South. They were
once undecided. Time and the stupidity
of Government have consolidated a hesi
tating into a hostile people. Yet Mr.
Gordon is a traitor if he calls a fool a
The mau who attends to every other
man's affairs, whether his own arc attend
ed to or not, is almost -exclusively a Mas
sachusetts, nuisance. Tq Massachusetts
society meddling is, indeed, a scourge so
great that it may be doubted whether it
does not fully counterbalance every com
fort aud blessing concentrated in this fa
vored eountry. Puritanism, which exalt
ed the manly English spirit to fanaticism
on the one hand, degraded it on the oth-
no itir.n .iiiii no r ? n 1 1 -i i iKHsnna it irirt - - . . - - - . -
Hul,u"a' ..,uu,. 4 jer hand to espionage; it.i churches were
speech is treason here, our excellent Gov- ; mutual a9Burance societies for the morali
ernor would spredily be known as the j , f their meulber:i. Its doctrines are
late uulamcuted John A. Andrew, for j f O1.gottcn. Rut the evil which the Puri-
:r v-. 6V ... v.., tans unconsciously, did lives atler tticm.
The Abolitionism of Conprress
j. lieu wnat
quite loose, as you may say
would become of Mr. Phillips? Does he
speak in favor of the Government? Has
hikI churches which detest
'anuidenv their teachings are manajreci on
fK..i v ri-Ir,r.irl,a o 7 Cnrrlnllfl tn-ilTT IS .r...
- . , - . . mi ..v... . ... ....... v --."J '"iStlS.
The following excellent hit at the legis
lation of the last Congress comes from the
meridian of New England. The negro
in the last Congress was too strong even
for tho Abolition regime:
Not copied from the record, but put
down according to our recollection, and
warranted correct in the main.
1. An act in : relation to niggers.
2. An act to emancipate niggers'.
3. An act to prohibit what ye-call-it
in the Territories.
.4. An -act to abolish what-ye-eall it in
the District of Columhia.
5. An act concerning niggers.
6. An act to confiscate niggers.
7. An act to anticipate the wives and
babies of contrabands.
8. An act to emancipate niggers who
fight for the Confederacy.
9. An act to make 'em fight for the
Union. ' '
their memory ! work.1
11. An act to educate said freed nie-
The Mack-a-cheek (Ohio) Prm. a Re
publican OTgan of the darkest stripe, says,
in ita issne of July 4, as we learn from a
cotcmporary, as we do not exchange with
the Press eurselve, that -
f There are reaaons tending to show
that the Constitution as it is will be per
petuated; but that the Union as it was
does not, should not, and ought not to
exist." . ,
The BoHefontaine Republican of July
11, asks:
" Do yon, Democrats, wish to restore the
Union as it was, and the Constitution as
it is? I can not believe it. You certain
ly do not comprehend all the evil that lies
concealed in this high-sounding phrase:
' the Union as it was.' Great God! are we
to have these scones of horrorTe-enacted?"
It is a high crime in Abolition estima
tion for Democrats to be in favor of the
Union as it was. and the Constitution as
it is !
the worst of men and
and with a, devilish de-
overnment: except tnat'of Hayti? Did
lie not lately .advi.-c a large arid patriotic
assembly not to give a man or a dollar to
the Government of the United States?
And did not that patriotic society applaud
the liberal suggestion? Shall we prose
cute Mr. Phillips, therefore?' Not with
my good will. Not without my active
resistance. I should violate the very
nrsT iiriiifin i or op nnrranv wr w ij . t- t
i ------r-- "VJ Tl ! 1 1 1 1 r 1 J I 11 . 1 1 1 r
greater to me than .ythi'ig but the word known a man3 rcal
.,v mt x 1 u 110t g ! potion. Habitual watchfuln
.ur. xiwiiijis, iij;ui. iu Laiiv ir.tjasou 10 anj
fool who wants to hear him. In a letter,
the Governor refuses to supply troops to
the President. In fact, he supplies many
find urges more to go. Do we prosecute
him.' AO, Dut a tempest ot derision i
societies in which the best i 12. An act to make nav-ers worth more
of men and women eouscieufiously, but; thtfn gold."" c"- cs-: f H t tc .
...a 1 . ..... i 1 . , , i lirt f n-P mn-r 'n r A 'I ) - K L i 1. .. 1 ! .il a. .
, xo. xvu act iu maice a nine nrure paper
worth more than a pood deal more gold.
'i .
breaks over what he calls his head from
every part of the United States, and even
from England,
leave hi in.
M Ass.vCnrsKTTs
that we
can safe
reluctantly, and
women, eagerly
li'dit. perform the wart of spies andlu-
formers upon each other. To say that
such a gigantic system of mutual espion
age does not tend to degrade character,
is simply to say tha't eaves-dropping and
tale-bearing are.nof low and mean occu
pations, under, its influence, nothing is
acter 'or dis
position. Habitual watchfulness on the
one side awukens habitual hypocrisy on
the olher. And it is only when the little
saint of Boston expands into the gigantic
villain of JS'ew Orleans or San Francisco
that you can tell bow vast a benefit you
,! I'.-r. it L i j dm ii.iift(ii-i ' T A ir-t e V- Ti r -
...HI". .MJUl .1.. LIU1- 1IM1V11. A UV lllijUV,!.-
uess looked little here, because we sat
j but little of it. The enormous pressure
Loft universal listening and petfpmgltad
driven it deep into the innermost fibres of
i,our socletv. So pressed, it
L We understand that some of the Ohio
Abolition members of Congrress are mak
ing regular partisan speeches before' "war
An act to make freed niggers love meetings'' in their Districts, under the pre
tense that they trying to stimulate enlist
ments. "It is a crying shame, iu this time
of our country's peril, when the solemn re
sponsibilities of the hour should hush in
to aileneethe brawlers of a fanatical, ne
gro worshiping party, that its partisians
should seek to avail themselves of tho
patriotism of .the people, not only to pro-
14. Ail act to free somebody's- nigsrers
15. ' An act In relation .to niggers.
10. An act to prohibit importations by
increasing duties
v Si naai-.t i smclliug coujmittces-it ,
' n . , jjl'c . i i latuMiL. it bi-in-ss sueh niCn as
Palmer to associate, out of fear, with men
elects HIS Legist !
fjf nffi.-e tvrn itoirrs soalb ol
and .vicinity.
0fHr.I'1.-'o'-' - I
i' JUily t, liia:w.pd-
li O.
The fingers oT beauty fair flowcrt- arc
To cirrde thy Hrow with , garl nd
Wnth4rld MmtTO C . O.
-7lh. faithfuilv and ' fcrbrapt'y attend tr.
VV all luisiii.-" Hilt.msnt.e't to thrir
" 3TOiHee. ' ilio do-.r nonh
$$Er K!H ARD SON ,
At to rney at Law,
WiH -pfaotioe iu Monive aud, ai.Muivg
onntfes. ' OBiwe uv suiire overbiuoUiir U L.n-kor'groery.
n7 Ii -
zrK ?
'it VI
Wiiile ramc writs thy name on
cords of time.
And here. hp.w sini'pft and how easy is
the task of the mere lawyer of the mere
ctnuiuir.sb.iier! But if I regarded such a
ease as this, or if you did. with the eyes
of a mere lawyer .Lshou'd dessise myself.
. T . lii l. v.. ;i l .. .
Mu jk jvuuiu oe ;iiMuijiiieu i-.i uu. 1 irjtJ-
l.i i. it. ' i:u id
; uat wuuiu ue mm- use. sir, ui a iiuviai i
eduVatioft oatide. of Oilr l.rofcssion
Cuss went oft", without an escort even of the
Sciond Battalion, it was not ar-tuallv hissed
State street, as was the Mas laciiusetts
riraont on us its turn trom iMextco, int.
the agreeable lenmi'k was nrade and heard, !
that the departure of the Irish would" be7 a j
great relief to our poorhouses and jails! '
The Governor or his friends mavsnv so of
And patriot sires thy praises are!rt;aih- 'y'at
PrTnnrT Hrf friitntr t-mpii -thr lvih r. . .
I ' maimd him.
"-"v'" ..--"f, ..wv,, v. , H:ivn turn tn-HnV.
Kalloch's tufa' to' do that dirty wOrk for! 31 Resolutions exolainin
cr h 1 n Mr n'Ai nh nit Mr i nr rnw c 1 . . - - I . .
ov ""rV) . i Alv hrs to.mnrnuv
uirn 1 . j 1 k I T .
J countrymen-me ncgi-ocs-yct we are j is Washburn's fujh how. It
t in oseouicu. iu cuutu. v.aruiina, neic.
mg oncns(
may be the Gordons' tufh"T)V aVdliy: But
. . 1 . . . , . , 1 I .... p 1 1 , nr r h 1 11 . .ii-h.. ii 1 1 jj 1 n ,u . .iicT-t 1 r " - - - - vjrw. .
. wvi'.;'. a r.u,t; uaniiii- luuit a- 7 vr sr.O V- 1 IV.1 1 flVf!V tn T SOT lOi ITS 1 ,1 .ilQW(LJi
May m blessing of heaven be ibc iffiSl rf country, beginning fori deWrate thisXurt with what bolontrs to i he
.. j a- n, ' ? Lv .v i.i-,... i. ,.,.,,1,1 ,- ,, 1 11 .71 1 1 control oi ci luiett iakma aw.k.en8 int
.1 uu vi . 1 ' w wovv, v l uum.iu ii i in . o i we win s.nii Deiow tne level even.
"The m
tars and the Stripe' never fall i W ihe-goontinucd, exorcise
tbvhard j "evcET-' 4ljffd, more than, kingly
Aud liberty' tree, like the rose of the. ot- tbU. iniperial ropublie-if we should
bower, I i merely peep through the pin holes oi'eyi-
Shall blossom urrblightetl ngairt in the idiente ats.a ase .-which involves.yi itivpvin-
land. icinlea ithc LiHjfRTy, of us all 1 L shall
J take leave sir, not to do so. Aud while 1
i shall take care not to present an unlaw -
verl ike view, or to say. .anytihiii.s;, at all
; ,- tL:ttT
wiujI roinfil-kOlif fpn KaVA' Ullt 1111
. r . i si 1 I ' ...... vw i. . . .i. v - v ...... r x-
otpa.ttJiwro.iiH. ! with-.the savagest'- task-masters. ...They!
she sanctity of- Tin; QOVENMENT-rrls j bjiv endured the bloodiest. tyrants with
1T above .scsl'icioN. . i out resistance for many years. They
-s r ti i i i i- n lit i ii .1 i - .. . i ti
lunuii nas oeeu sam as to nnaing Jauit: nave snoniitrcu o tne iing oi rms
17. An act to make white folks squeal,
otherwise known as Tax Bill.
18. An act authorizing the President
to draft white folks.
19. An act authorizing the President to
arm niggers- 1 . -; i T" . j
20. An act to give a little more paper.
51.' An act concerning BlggerV " ;
22. An act to make omnibus tickets a
legal tender. -
,23. An act to compensate Congressmen
for uiftg their iffflueuc in obtaining con-
Bracft.-- T it vi- i -.c: ti
24. An act authorising the issue of
moreoamibus tklets.' : m
htcesj - 25: AS aet declarine white men almost
a? pood as nice-era, if trVev-behavo thern-
Deacoh selves. ("Laid on the tabled
2r5. An act to refgil fhat clause of- the
Constitution -refating to the admission of
new uuiccn. - t - -v sm
27. An act to reteal the rest of tht
is nftt T)rO-'i OXiiatif-niintt . . . ' -
e .evstenf-e of the Rerv 23-. esftTutioiis' plegiitecfl, GdVerU
his church mc'mbcr; Mt. mentt'o pay for emancipated fiWes.'
Au aet authorizing tfie Fr6sidento
pay for said niggersv (tVent ttMlM '
Jo. An act to confiscate things.
that foine
other things arc hot meiftifc" B. t aJ O
32. An act in relation to niggers.
33. An act to make niggers" nU;
34. An act" to make 'em a little wfaitor.
35. An act to make 'em a good deal
whiter. . - y.-b" .z '
3G. An act in relation to colored people.
37. Ah act in reratlfen to contrabands.
38. An act concerning niggers.
39. Resolution of adjournment.
mulgate, for political purposes, their Ab
olition heresies and dogmas, but to give
a practical exemplification of their want
of respect for the Constitution. They
are endeavoring to destroy the good effects
of the patriotic and eloquent appeals Gf
Rannev, Jewett, Pugh, Payne, Cox, Mor
ris, McCook, O'Neill, White, Noble,
Marshall, find a host of other good and
true Democrats, by " mean, low, contempt
ible appeals" to Abolition fanaticism,-and
by persistent abuse of the President and
the Generals at the head of our armies.
We regret cxceedinglv that this is so, and
we trust a stop will be put to it at once.
U. Statesman.. -.
like Mr. Washburn.,' whbui tliqyroeeive
into tlieir cellars and 'dismiss through
back doors. Nobody will deny tho fact.
or its application here, who
pared, to deny th
Mr. Kalloch. or
Haves, who lieeued aTtur him, and black f
;ld then exposed him. rt is
day, it may be, Mr.
with the Goveruuientfas if there was somej to the Czars to the House
peculiar snuctity iu it. :mmi o ,and ewn to. the Turks; but
of 'Austria i
.rr-ini"nnoilt '
arrived at such a slate that no ; of meddling philanthropists thev cartuot )
The Democratic Organization
The Democratic party propose to or-
irtronsistoTit with-. a legal analysis of the
charge ; while .1 shall eyen ug . the testi
mony faithfuUy, as tho.bt.'uiulus of reflec
tion and the.oevaeiou of argument, t shall
ft It AX
ney & Counsellor
Wuodtfield, Monroe I'ouaty, Ohio.
g- Particular attoution to colleoting; will
draw aud acknowledge all legul instrunleuts of
flSV JL e it . ...
r OBoo-two noors sou.u 01
on ithin btiewt.
Lta.. -- ... : 1
Counsellpr at Law,
'btw-iwy& Counsellor $1 Law
ru. darington, Monroe County, 0. j
-"XTILL promptly and faithfully attend to
.-W't8 itrutd to his care. Cora-
: tcoiuite t4 -ajiabU .adjustment always first
. MghV4 iitigaiion used only as the last
' Uf- T Oct. 31. '60
, yj -trif ta tifid m' t t - 1 1 ,
K t- m qfc.vf -Aim, DIFDUAVT
w. it. i imiuuii
afffllS his professional rices
. to the citizens of Wouosvibi.b
and vicinity. H may always be
found ready to accommodate bis
numerous patrons at the old stand.
May 16, 1860 ly.
" DR. W. G. WEBB,
RE9PSCTFULLY offers his professional ser
vices to th citijens of C ahbkon and
Ticinityj - . tin (,af
Office it tho residence of Mr. John N.
Marshall. References are made to Drs. J. (.
HcCi'Mocon and LwiafiaariPfJi nl eaJlsvilfe,
Ootobor 15, 1 Stiff, F
Over- tho barge gnto at the Ptovost
Marshi'l' splendid headquarter E1S
ottfu female scthio! wnve a Uniwjf flapr
A very ardent -feccsb lady who wished to j iavc tive law- part whero it sheuJd be left,
see Col. Matthews, was about to pas HB thi atoge of the case to wit, in a sub
through tho giite, when .she -beheld the ordinate A-elatian-r-aud ;spcak of it briefly,
proud flag flapping like on -eagle's wingarrd-in the cpnejuiou of them-tter.
over m eyne. c-.iaruing d;ick ., florror
Vdroiftistration condemn this project, and
1 f: v mvi:
..A 1. U .. 1 1J t, I.. 1. 1 .
claimed the guards
zo under that dreadful
tbere np. olher way for
Yes, madam,
dier, and turning to his comrade, he said
"Here, orderly, briiig out that rebel flag
and lay it on tne ground at the little gate,
and let this lady walk over it !"
Have wc
c.i ...:.i iu ti. tTi'-i. !. .,....,-,.v nl'l
i-sion of the Government or any member ' vermin more than any humon despotism. WW W(Pl
nit,-ri.h...t. bavin iaa,;n innu.d i. ' Jlivi(i..aJlw vil ami hdlmia. but fill te i -""u W V llu"B' . . . -cn.
him? Can But you, nrr tan not ir 1, tor ; insignificant, when collected they are all
example, have the uuatortune to think that, pe
Mr. Sewavil, our present Secretary of State, j gor
mM4 Into SSibw Wright T-Towv-Ar . TK,w lU --m,;,.nl of t h r T? nhcnierrcs (OppOed to certain pOOlt;
EST i vl. .xrl-lx.j t... .l v.. Li it....;-?- - rri,..i the- AdministraUou, certain
iiitic; ne mav oe iubcwu uv uiv luumrnis. rnc .tinraia. tiio rviisxLDULiu). mu uei io i ... , .
I do think his want'of sense sobrrseusm land the Hayes, is the oppression which
mad I It made the
I rlvv(ye ilm ... . wbh advrtrtfttn t.liA mn.iHiirp
i-vadmg, all devouring, appalling, ioatn- T . 1t- ' , v, - -..u..
nc to every sense, and intolerable to toe i J t "
oaf I,r,lv- rf.i t.ho krmMt nnnrl ii--" . a"" J
s in the policy, ot
has made him the lauirhing stock of En-i maketh the wise man
rune 1 tniix no is a small ward and 1 1 rnrflims mart when it was nrst ammeil to
i ir j jT-jl n. .1..... : .. ,., , . -i ,
iJ Bear me', fcan-t ! HJRl.!' ' . j country politician, .who writes lite a soph-1 them, and what they uttered- under its
Lincoln fl8-' ' L Knv acy pffcnse committed except -by oinore and acts like asteek-jobber. Every : influence was temper not treason. '
me to eiiter: : i- l, J : . , . 1 , . , "" - ... ......jn
, tne cciiar niqmsiiiou, wu na wornc rfavs.' he puts me inT
miud of a curb stone broker
over the approaching maturity of
which have received, or appear likely, to
jjecejve, the sat ction of Congress, and cer
taiu practices of subordinate. departments
of the Government, stands indicted in
as the enemy oi the Cons ti
the informers
, wbo have borne
false witness against' their neighbor to
destroy bim? Suppose them tb have act
ed against their
nature and to have told
the truth under oath. Then the .Gordons
in v i-i.mc- irwt - b:ivo -f'nnnd faHlt, with
The lady looked bewildered and after ; the p.0VcrmnCnt. Thatis tlie--esgence, the
nesiT.uing a moment, ronciuuea ) now
her head to tbe invincible Cioddess
mv spkndcvcn the scope of the testimony.'
l. Is that treason? Is it treason hero? Tbis
llO- 0.V - - ' i-f-f . Xt file : . 3 .11 .1.
freedom, wnose immaculate shrine, is the"'tTie home of free speech and all the
. -v 1 . 1 . , nV U ii Slf W,,.. .J .13 Jl . . J- oat.
j.uiua ui tiro kjJttti -pifiTHt Aa n il JI .
The rebels inny all just as well conclude
to follw ier examplg. Jfakville-'&nion.
m mm .
B.'Who are the roaf "secosh" fh the
North the genuine' sympathizers with
Jeff. Davis? Those who aris laborniir ta
defeat true and only legitimate object oj
the war the restoration of the VrTlon a.s
it was and the supremacy of the "Constitu
tion as it is. these arg tqe men who at
tack our Generals with violence and who
are sowing the seeds of distrust and jeal
ousy by pretending that the war iri not car
ried on as it ought to be and can never be
successful unless there is a change in its
management. Ilatlier than see the I.niou
restored as it was, they would have it divi
ded, that they may rule the Northern
half. - v ( . i , - , . t
.colors of -republicanism, from black to
JjilipUs declared that speech shotrld be
free. The brief reason why 1 want to
carry fire a nd sword into the South isiio
cause tlie refuse me my right of free
.speech, given to me by tnat Aimignty
these points
tution and the Government.
VHiCii wt)iLD A man FREFSR? The Uemoir.atic party proposes to do
chattering I Yet there was sense as well as temper : n,S uiucieu aam aa
a dn- R thev preferred Jeff. Davis to an Abo- . ... j. ..-
ii. 1 '.-&: . - ..-.-: i a.-.
Universal Empire has been the darling
object of scores of de pots, dynasties, and
states, from the time of the Pharaohs to
that of Napoleon lc Cfrand. Seas of blood
have been shed to attain it, and the hones
of the myriads who have been slaughtered
in the pursuit of this chimera, would, if
they could he ' collected into one maae,
overtop the highest peak of the IlimalaV-
an mountains. Jvome came nearest tne
consummation, yet even she was never, la
truth, the absolute "Mistress of the
Yet there is a species of universal em
pire which has been attained. It
empire ut over the souta and boiie of
mankind, but orer--their dis uses. The
conqueror who . has achieved this gran 1
result, is Doctor lLohi.ow.vv, of Lendon;
at least wc aj-o taught to believe tht he
ha.s done so by vouchers from all parts of
the Christian and heathen world, which
seem to be irrefutable, and which,' in fact,
so far as wc khow, have .never been chal
lenged. His Tills mid OinUnent are
" universal remedies" iu a double scne.
They are disseminated IhrougKottt the
habitable globe, and they are ( so "rrowdi
of witnesses1' assure us) umrcrtaUy FKc
cestful. - " . .
In thii country it is quite ecrtaiu that
the Pills are used with the most beneficial
effect in disoVders of tbe stomach, liver
and bowels, and that scrofula, and all tha
family of eruptive diseases and discharg
ing, sores, give way to the healing opera
turn of the Ointment.
Surety the noblest of all universal em
pires is that which stretches its healing
sceptre over the maladies of all nations!
God who was pleased to create me a nee
man. lA "rvgbt the creator and preserver
of ajl my other right. 'ignV'stJ irruch
onani tnan tne v.onsiiiution, tiiat
- a: : rt
The Old Reoimentb. The Buffalo
(Jrmrier is informed that Gen. McClollan
has written a letter to Guv. Morgan in
which he urges the filling up of tho regi
ments now in the field. He says that
50,000 men in the old regimeuts will be
worth 100,000 men under new officers.
Governor Evans, on the 18th tilt., trans
mitted to the Legislature of Colorado Tc;.
ritory. hie first message
Before you form an intimacy w'th a
man, learn bow he acted toward his fo
mer friends, ' '
more irai
the Constitution was invented merely to
assert and" sgcure it, and is not worth the
paper it blackens, unless it docs assert it
and secure it. I despise the Southern
temper of mind, which allows them to
part with that right for themselves, and I
mean to do my utmost to destroy forever
the power of any negro-breeder to hinder
its exercise ty mo.
T-doolare before God that, as I underr
tand that right, I value it more than I
do my life! And I call this whole coun
try to witness, if I have not before now
ptbved the sincerity of this declaration
by ray actions! And the right I vindi
cated art the hazard of my life, before a
Southern tyrant, I will not give up for
the sake or my business to a Yankee
sneak. Neither shall the Gordons. .Their
case is ours. We are tried with them.
An4 in defending thetn, we defend our
selves and our wonntry from a gang com
pared with whom Leadbeter is humane
. 5 j 1 1 ::.... rt A . i. ;
.lone notel I tlunk m,b men have been ; mion govevnment. As I understand an i haB uot. heretofore been holden to be
advauced to important places in this eoun-i . , ,1. " 1 f . 1 j
try ahoutas often as they will be. and can- f Abolition government, a man might en-. rhl and.proper under, and even essen
nothelp rejoicing to think that Mr. Seward Jure the government of Mr. Phillips, for , tial to tho preservation of the spirit of.
wifl probably be the last of the Lilliputians. lhe is a gentleman-or of Mr. Oarrison.j our f,opalar iorm ol government. It pro -
May i not ,ay.so? Has Mr. Phillipta- ! tever may, have been thought of ' J 11
ken out a v.a tent for the aunlication of first r !.-...' a" - -WtP-i?.Ww. J'TT1' V lue
a ' v '4 -'.'-Ifj- h. .1 Tjni3 satiny, n is uitegray -i'H'i t-u!-, votes ot the maiority. ililtcrent men in
riLi- Jiini-.fr. 111 is lit r;i i.ti iiicii: ' 11 it " w i r "
must be tried for treason if 1 ever so' uiv-1 "oned; but- the
successfully atte'inpted it? $ Agaijfi "flo i which they understood woe the mquisi
npt a'orshjiplf. uuner. I cannot admire jtoriar the cellar the sink and cess-pool
a person who is so simple as to think it a J tonnnittcc which stood before thcmv or"
fioer tiling to pretend to be a lunatic than devjng them to put "out a flag amt I
to be a Uujl but honest man. ;. j(llinb lhere ;a n0 m&n of spirit with that
WHiCHiBQEi?ERABLEiATYHANNVUNi)ERjiii his mind" who would not prefefthe
SEWARD, OR Tli. gov ebnment of JEFF, j woltishness of a Davis to the pediculous
1avis? I ness of a Washburn. .
A 1 I. . . ;P T A. 1. t Ai r,, , , , , -
iviiu wiiai -ii a am ivaiiK cuougii to eay
that I am sick of the swaggering iiubecility
with which the Government has mauangod
AbalitioB. government CengrejSiJfrotii those who now hold seate
in that Douy. 1 nese men, use tneir pre
decessors, will bo sworn to support the
Ihe Oorcons have done no wrong,
i They do not hate tlieir native county,
t.l......,l. T,.i,. nAV.nn 1XA Jfn "? w, K t 1 n-.-i.r
1 HUllgll 41.4", I.U.I HUt 1 1 Av 4. 1L3 1 .A. . . 4 V. . . d 4. V -
crr.ment. ' A governmentrhrch has every
thing given to it by a generous people,
this war of life and death? Is that treason
able? Shall my Government that is to
say, my servant, my creature waate my ;aud winch dees- nothing but waste time,;
money, and even let it be stohm, and stop j make proclamations. -and feed contractors,"
my paper, and interrupt my busisncsg, and j cannot bo liked or trusted until it alters
violate my Constitution, and starve out and ; its course. It must continue suspeated
kill my soldiers out of pure neglect, and and unpopular, if it is, with every ad-
gain only disaster and deleat lor me by all j vantage and opportunity, una hie to Se
this folly? Aud shall I say nothing? If j cure pcaca or make warl . Those senti
I am to put up with this, and more, and j ments I understand them to express,
say nothing, or else be shut up by order of j They have a right, moral as well as regal.
W. H. Seward, lwant to k uow, seriously j to express such sentiments. They ought
and calmly, what shall I fight Jeff. Davis -to express them; and won. to the fanatic
for? What worse can he do to me than i who shall meddle with them, or with any
Seward and Stanton have done already?
What, indeed when their want of sense
and want of energy have made him what
he is? Lost money may be regained, lost
armies may be replaced out of our swarms
of men; but who shall give us back tho
lost timje we have "fooled away" before
and Gen. Floyd respectably Sir, .3uw-tiie -UV heap cM ananas? . Eaposje a
one else in this way hereafter
The Commissioner then delivered his
opinion. He said there was no case proven,
and dismissed the complaint.. Therowd
in the court-room burst into applause,
which nobody ehecked, and many per-r
sons went ftp and shook hands with the
Constitution, and, it is fair to presume,
will use their best endeavors to promote
the good of the country. To assume be
forehand that they will be guilty of per
jury, or that they will even do willfully
wrong, is unjust to tbe last degree.
The effort of the Bepublican journals
is to confound opposition to this Admin
istration with treason to the Constitution.
They keep out of sight indeed, they
entirely ignore the fact that this is a
Government of the people, .and assun
that the safety of the country depends
upon the continuance of power in its pres
ent unwise and incompetent hands. That
the present hands are unwise and incom
petent, we need go no further than these
samo journals to find an abundance of the
timony; and, therefore, the case, by then
own showing, stands thus: It is treason
to seek to take the Government out of ihe
possession of those who arc unfit,' and to
place it in the hands of those who are fit
ter of prime necessity.
An Abolitin-Bepublican editor says he
fails to perceive that the Government has
advanced a single step in the matter o(
employing negroes in the war. Hhs Dem
ocratic neighbor says that even if that
statement be all true, it is a very improper
time to be grumbling aout it.
Speaking of the army of tax-gatherers,
the Springfield, Mass., Republican sya:
"Lot not the aide-bodied adventurer and
chronic iipoilghnters get these places; and
above all ref-4he- grumblers, whose sole
exhibition of patriotism consists in growl
ing about tbe mismanagement of the war,
be read out of the list of candidates alto
gether." Some if the most virulent and
mischief-making opponents of tho Admin
istration are found among the Abolition
Bg. It is reported that a disunion
Abolitionist down the creek got pretty
soundly 'licked " the other day for call
ing loyal neighbor a SeccssiouiaC -Jef-
Served him right.
swearing that
Bra. If you hoar .1 man
this war must go on, and nt tne same
time saying." but I don't want the old
Union- restored." put him down as a sym
pathizer with Jeff. Davis.
Annual State elections were held on
Monday, August t, in Kentucky, Arkan
sas, Alabama and Texae.
William A. Russell, of Now Haven, fast
been appointed Major-Ganeral of the mil
itia of Connecticut.
Fourteen young men from the Shaker
community at Canterbury, New Hamp
shire, have enlisted for the war.
A oolUaioB occurred on the Baltimore
nd Ohio railroad on the 30th nit, Mat
Oakland, by which three drovers wera
killed, and another severely wounded.
The killed were Win. Donaldson and
John Home of Eminence. Ky., and Mr,
llay..M-'scpw iQhiW .( v. , j

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