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- 3
:. Subscriber
Wit lad in x aitft th'eifr' naWswill
Jerstand that tha time for which thej.
lava paid has expired.and if no resnonse
la ksaidJI tULbe takenToi grantedlhat
laey do not nub to renew their subscnp-
, ua weir names will Da erased.
iH08 eft SPRIG OS,
e t e3 tJ-LllWi
. A BB saoeesslully prosecuting a large num-
Wlw rcnaioa and .Bounty Claim
)hat.have,,beea, heretofore kusctbd., These
staving rejected, aiaima ahoald eall on them
, i eljtey, are, . alio prosecuting claims for back
. suslons. .,H . - , , felStf.,
; . jyTnanks to Mr. C. Ckhbs of Ohio
Tp. for a club of yearly subscribers.
Reading matter on tha fourth
. w : : : ! . . - i
Attention is iDYited to oar new
J'""iJ. ,Jf - 1 !
at. iValentine
day comes- on
Sunday, the 14th insL For fancy Val-
'fhtines call at Wiu.uk Schecfkle's,
7The Infirmary Directors advertise
V Jot jHwle'd, proposals for the letting of
..- f aost puaiuouui oupcnuieaueuti.
Mst-m ' ! 1
m.irWa will aend . tho Spirit , to clubs
- "Jo fifties, and over nair ' yearly aabscri
rrrOu, ffianks?,re flud X Jomt
' ' ljbrjn. dub of te&sh yearly- subscribers."5'
U 3?Tht resideoce of Akdkew Shell.
EiTirt towiishiri. -was destroyed' by! firs
: iitk uU. Loss s)2,6qO." ,ijot in.
yras?,--ikt Bua.1 Schectklk'sI
'rfaeyery' description comic and two
jjaJbit; Wt ' ks ' one;; , Call and
.Kfcthe.nL, .wn;-.? .-kH
Ue5t???r . rumors.
,- Uituie
that - sereral
Mbvrfct tCbunty men 1 were ' connected
Vitfi We 3Tf kurar;,near.",MarietU,M
eWJejnper iasju,. :. i
rf.Tpx.PsujiDXU'HiA. Patriot. The
tteond- jnttmber is on our table. ' It is
na ;r6r;jt,7)ce' 2 50 per
iuin.,, jiddreas. PpiLADEiraii. Pat-
ftt0718 Sansdm street, Philadelphia,?.
4C3Our sabseription- list is 'receiving
iddifian eyery; day;"' ijur'rclub agents
jajra mectiog; with. 4 success everywhere.
33ie people want i lite paper containing
ftVwst'nd"Tfulf market! ierrtaVWo; the
IVSpiriiC fills titie.bilUo : t'.-r
ie attention of our readers is In-
' irited to -the published statement of the
tbrfflard FireTnsurance'Compjany Mr.
Xi jytojwjuxxB. U .the, Authorized
digent for Monroe County' " " ' "'
exJ.-ee '.in win i 1. i t r i y -M
iXSra.' Clam, of Barnesville, Bel-
fco'rif CbuistyrOhto! has just discovered
tiiat Jier Jmsbandr.wbQ ha&been, missing
fbf iwenty-ttree yeJkrs,iwai killed inrone
fj6'attleptlh Mexican 'war. "t t-.l '
Isfhe publishers 'of th J'crmer'
r'VtColumbnare guilty of-ai
lntndl rpoQ' theif readers in transfer-;
ftpg'tnelf iubVcrfptibns iothe Ohio State
4priea .subscribers want aaag
rlcultural per,: according1 to the pub
helptijCof thictj: rnoney' refun"1
iKT-lf' ' I 1 ' " " "J '5
i.pyyn night Ust .week burglars en
tered' tb atort of PiTW UarMiw, at
winglpj?ting itherefromfSj.in
moaey, Si quantity of liquor and goods.
v ''i aainilfghtthe jgrbcerr' of '
SAUie( Chngn7was .entered and
robbed f considerable amount. .-"
io'-'ii m - i 'iii.wi i I' -4 i v'.jir.,
XT'Oor ' citizens and" .the; people
tbwngtamt thw' county would do well to
l!eejjalrp. wVtcn on their property, as
tnert appear to be regularly organized
rang? of taieves Infesting' the county
Keep your guns loaded and deal with
tfrgn, . yon would with sheep killing,
cnrjwcviivacxyvirj -to aio
Stoni obbeow On. Sunday night, the
54th nit, the store of Thomas Tailor,
najCaiuerQPu this ?ouutytl was ISroken
into and robbed of between four and
five hundred dollars ifl gootls and 925 in
money. ,--r-tv.:'?-f;
. The robbers were tracked to within
one mile of WoodsfleldV where all trace
was . Jost ; We learn. that evidence has
b'obtauied' through, a certain source,
that will most likely lead to the arrest of
the rubers '. and."rec6very of theprop-ertJ--
2,.: ...
.udLcttcn f rem Oar Friends. -
The following letters from friends ex
plenWrrttV'J'' .GaASD BrvEB Tfjne Co., Iowa,)
January 16, 1869. f
' MiJ. WxsTrrDeffr Sirir I send you
fbfti dollars on subscription. ';.'
"S" - . A. Shxiveb.
v i . CLkaToir, O , Jatf. 22, '69.
- Mb. H. R. Wist : Enclosed find 91 for
whiciedJOa the .SpiriCH
r J. C. Does.
,SHAifBCTt(, Pa Jan.. 22 t69.
H. R. WmSir: You will find en
ckSftea:.9i fbrtSpirit" one year.
W. II. GiLLuriz.
- T"W M " """ "r-f. 2
JCSpoxji Piatt says of Atzerodt and
Arnold.' confessions ;
ThedpbiiOn'Isiyery general here that
these two sensational doenments, lately
printed-in. the; .Baltimore American, are
.forgeries., 1. will answer for the one
ttiflM trrbw-JIePliaiL McPhail ia an
M $wklakc6 of ours- and 'it would
not do for bis attorney to call for Gener
al elct'5r;WP( Mfv.Btaffj.'.were
ttiat former agent of detectives to have
his character in, questipn ,t-,y
But aside from this,, the evidence on
thgace, of .the pajijconcJusive One
can not realize that so fearful a crime
was committed by such a set of .'asses as
these r pre tended confessions" make ,the.
conspirators to be. lr these papers
were injthe possessionjof loy$ meq,why
were they 'not Aproduc4d 'befbre-' that ?
and ir in the band or ,tne ' enemy, why
Tbe whoie. affair isVrapped1n' a !nro-
fouml ntyateryian4 ot to. be cleared up
by.suca- clumsy . rogues; as : the .autaors,
oc author' of these tretended . confess-
Wtf woifd , suggest' totfie ; Guernsey
Times publish, tha forgeries. agaio.-r-
Give aslarrer hadMinft liext time.
Meeting of the Democratic Cen-
r j ' jtral Committee. ") '
Tho Democratic Central Committee
of Monroe County will meet at Woods
Monday, February 15, 1869
being Iho first day of Court, aPl o'clock,
A full representation is especially do
airable as tho time and. manner of hold
ing the County Convention will probably
.' The following is a' list of tho mem
bers of the. Central Committee : ' "
- Adams -S. A. Atkinson.
. JJenton A. Meyer.
Bethel Wm, English.' !'
Center Jere. Williams. '
i Franklin WmJ Milligan: !
- Green J.' 9. Holiday. ;
' Jacksori LN, Fouty..
, Jlalaga Barnett Mann.
' Ohio C Cehrs.
Perry Samuel Runya'n.
:;Salcm-r-M. Boughner.
Seueca J. Lieuelleu. ? :
Summit J. Dougherty. n; ;, ...
Sunsbury A. Arnold.,, .
Switzerland E. G. BlatUer.
WashingtonJa3. Watson.
- Wayne L. W. Willison. .
2 . ri Jerk. Williams, Ch'm
Announcing the namtt of candidates
for ojjlce 93 00, payabk invariably in
advance. We will not deviate from thit
rule. ,
Real Est ate Transfer a.
v . ECEiy.5p, itcrpajax! ?9,1869.
texl Keor iandlwllto William Ba
ker, 20 acres in the Marietta Land Dis
trict, 93Q0.;an4.!w s v n ;
C. A. Seidler and wife to Ernest Waer
necke, lots No. 11, 12, 14, and a tract of
land lying' east of the towa t)f Lebanon,
92,800... !' . .
Samuel Pool and wife to J. S. Hurd,
lot No, 15 in Cameron, 9200. ,
John Crump and wife to- G; W. Clihe
and C. A. Cline, lots No. 9 and 10 in
Cochransville, 91,500.!,,.-, , ?..-.
S. k M. Harper to Joseph Griffith, 90
acres, bunsbury tovnshlp, $3,000.
Da Kirkbride to Philip- Wasronheim, 4
acres in Woodsneld, 91,000. i- ,
fThe attention 'of !our readers is di
rected .to tha . advertisement . of Cok's
Dtspipsia Ccai, in another 'part of this
ptper.' . nT,.s,; .
This truly f Valuable -Medioine is re
commended by all who ue it
Read the
certificatevs, i
Ex-Governor Pickena died' in , Edze-
field. South Corolina, Monday , , .. V,
'- '"-"If f E:Pi
...KB :. J -.. I,J i, -i, il V i.
Janurr 13. infant ion of Joeeth B. and L, .
mttea, aged about S weeiu
Saturday. Jaa; 30, 1869.
Wheat per buahei:.. ...:..:.t:..:.....ll,80
Flour per barrelwr.r...,. ,9,0010,00
Flout par hundred....!.'-4P5,00
Corn per Jashelw.u,M.M..M4j 75
Beans " ..;.l:.1...'....v..,00a2,50
Flax-seed AVX-T.-..1, l;75
Barlsy:.;- ' ' 1 J.U..V.'.i;.?..a,00130
Butter pet lb.. .............. ...M.......iU
Earei per doien 20
Rags per lb..... ............ 3 L
(ireen Apples ...............75
Timothy seed. ..".:...;:..;..;;'.;;...-..3,00.
Clover 8eed.'.'.;......:;'.:::.:..J::.:;.y..... 7,60
Dried Apples.
Dried Peaches.:......;,;vvf3,00
SalU .. :..!.f..4100
Lfayh per toJ...rt-.....t....,..0,00
Wood per - cord....!...; ......-4..,00
Onions per baihelM .;.i';.M.Jv..l 75
Potatoes i. AV.;a-75
Cormneal per hushel.....:......80c100
Sorghum moiaVses by the bblJL.U. ,60
Bides (green) per pound. ....."...:..k...58
Calf Skins per pound.t .........10
Soeks per paif. uZ. ,...;n.4Of50
Baeon per pound.. .7..:. .;ioiu
Beef per pound. ...... ..?.... 1U
Taiiow ..;:...:.z:.4.. ui
Candles'-Cm ...IC.t ...V.,..S;..v:...25
Lard,. .": 15
coai :;..::..,,;..v.'::v;.v.r.. i m
Beeswax ....;30
Soap,(eountr;).....te,..... 8
Feathers .....ouao
Tea ..L502,25
Syrup per gallon..... 1,25
Molasses. "r . j.:.....yv(Aitzi
Sugar per pound ....1620
Special to us .WbeeUBg itegister.j , -
'Baltimore Cattl Market -
January 28.
The offerings to-day amount to about
1.200 Eeacf ; the market is dull, but" pri
ces are a shade higher at .4 to. 9c per
pOUnd. J-V i.' i-'fiU 1 -
The supply is only about equal to the
demand, and the market is' firm at 4' to
7c per pound, gross, for fair to good
- HOOS." 1- .
The market is active and firm at 11
to 15Ac'per pound, ncW anrtbut.'feW!
nogs arriving. . n
1 Vi ITew Tork - Money Markf t ;
..- 4attary29. 'J
maod fair, supply ample. 7 ,
, STERLING !09ial093.,. ' r
; GOLD Dull; opened'at t$pjctosed
atl3GJ. n An attempt was made.jlo . de
pVess the premium by the report that
the Bank of the Republio had received ,a
large amount, of silver from Caaada,.It
proved to.be only. 82500., l 4
10-40c strong and higher the demand for
registered bonds continues. It is stated
that a considerable amount of bonds go
to Europe to-morrow. Coupons of 81,
112all21;do '62, '113181131; do '64,
109Jal09f;'do ?65, IlOiallOf;; do'aew,
10iuj: do b7, lUSgalUBf; do fit),
109109J; 10-40s, 108itl08f.
j. Chicago Market.
January 28.
FLOUR Quiet at 5 25a6 25 for
sprinsrextras.' 't'.IU $
WHEAT Dull; sales No. 1 at 1 20a
1 21, No. 2 opened at 1 154 ; closing at
1 14al 14 ; sales since 'Change at 1
141. . -O'-J -!- -J'; 'ou rn
! CORN Market active and opened
firmer and higher with sales ' of new at
57a57ic; subsequently became weaker
and receded to 56 -a5$c ; no Igradola.
amwe flrnref at ffzaarre ; sales ornew at
57a58c, sellers' bfytitrh February, and
at 58n5oe, eellers" .optionMarcb; sales
since Change at ooic for new.
' OATS-t-Firm and ', actite and . i aj
higher; sales or no. 2 at 4sia49ic; re
jeoted 4db46L6, closingt'at 49c forNo.X
; n i j vuiet ana sieaay ai i xo.k --
I BARLEY Dull; amlesJNoati 76
1 80; and rejected l;34t bOitioi
f , Cincinnati Market.'!
I Huuary
. FLOUR Firm and quiet : sales, fam
ily at 7 75a8 00.' ' " "
, .., W UE AT Market dull but prices un
changed at 1 65 for No, 2 and at 1: 70
forNo:'l. i; - '
CORN Is unsettled j eaj not saleable
at better than 65c.
OATS In fair demand ; sales at 61a
64c for No. 2 to choice white. ,
RYE Firm at 1 40 for No. 1.
BARLEY Steady.
COTTON In demand at 28c for mid
dling. .. ' i
WHISKY Dull at 96c, and hardly
any demand.
, MESS PORK Held at 31 00, and
sold at this rate at buyer's option for
February ; but on the spot the demand
was light, and could not have been Bold
to any extent at better than 30 50.
BCLK MEATS In demand at 13Ja
15c, 161 and 17c for shoulders, sides,
clear rib aud clear sides; but conces
sions of c would have had to be made
at the close in order to efTect sales.
rBACON Iu moderate order demand
at 14Jc, 17c and 18c, but it is mostly
held c higher.
LARD Sold at 20c, but it is offered
more freely.
HAMS Sugar cured held, at 19c
with a-fair demand. - - -
BUTTER Very dull ; none but choice
saleable; the whole range is from 30c to
nr. i i
iwc ior iresn.
CHEESE Firm at 19a22c. : s
EGGS Have declined to 19a20c.
? OILS Liuseed firm at 1 07; lard at
1 64al 69 ; petroleum 35a37c for refined
SUGAR Held at 122l4c.
- COFFEE Sales at 21a2ac.-:
'HOGS Scarce ; ' butchers' pay from
10 00 to 11 0 gross". : ,t. ; , v.
GOLD At 1 36 buying.
JtA.unAi?ij!-jyiarket4 firm at par
buying. z -: jr -' v
Cincinnati LI ve Stock Market.
. v" Monday, January 25 1869.
The reeetnta 'ft thi week have fceen'1
270 Cattle, 252 Sheep, and 1,313 Hoes.
BEEF CATTLE Were very plenty
through the week and generally of a fair
quality, with a good many shipping Cat
tle in. 1 be demand trom butobers was
fair, and the market ruled firm without
being activerV Very few were left unsold
at the close.f-CWe quote sales of butchers
Cattle, common 3a4e; fir 4Aa5o prime
to esotce bisb abipping 7t7ic, gross
"SliEiSr The supply through, the
week has been 'very light, and prices ad
vanced. Sales at 3a4c for Common, and
4ia51e for good. . ,
HOGS. Have been scaroe, and are in
better demand, prices, being t firm at 10a
llc, Kve weight. y - '
' 1 Thi vTlnainfl M than' ri. ' .inn.
Thursday. 21 th inst-'. from all sources,
have been:. .300 head Cattle, 461 head
Sheep, 1,260 head ' Hogs, 280 head mules
We quote prices as follows: 1 ': X
'-BEEF- UATTLE-abeSUppiy bas
been about equal to. ' the; demand . which
BiiU remains good, and all were sold at
the close. We quote inferior gradta 3
4jf . medium. 4J5or -prime.. Butchers'
stuff 51a6c, shipping cattle are in good
demand at 67jo per lb gros.- i
-SUJEPT-The receipts sUH continue
lightand prices" are 10al5c higher, with
all sold at the elose; market closing stea
dy and firm, prices range at 12 50a5 50
per cental for common to choice lots.
' 'HOGS.-r-The market remains steady
and firm at our previous quotations, the
receipts ati.ll being .light and .all were
sold at the close; light 99 ' 50al0, medi
um 910 25alQ 50, prime 910 7511 25.
Extra lots would brine VII 6U per 1UU
lbs. cross.
MULES The supply still continues
heavy, but the demand is good, prices
ranging it $80al65 per head. '
HOUSES Are in good demand at
a!50 per head. !f-'-! " U
1 1
Philadelphia Lire Stock Market.
January 25.
'CATTLE The market was' moderate
ly active this week, but prices were un-
ohanged; 1700 head sold at 9al0c for
extra Pennsljvania and 'western steers;
89o for fair to good dolr and. 5a7o per
pound gross for common,- , as to quality.
COWS Were without Change; 125
head soldat 40 00a65 00 for springets,
and 50 O0aH5 00 per herd ior cow and
calf, - v .
SHEEP Were higher; 6000 head sold
at 68o per ponod gross, . as to condi
tion. .A' ' i.K'i.'t t '-V-,
HOGS Were firmly held; 3000. head
sold at!5 50al6 00 per 100 pounds net.
i kWbeellns; Wholesale Market.
ThtbsDay, Etkhino,
Jsunary 28.1869,
" APPLES Prices' ' range . from ; 2 ,50
ot '3 00 per barrel. "
BEANS White soup. 2 .73 and in
good demand.
BUTTEK Plenty at Z8c Tor choice.
BEESWAX In good demand at 35o.
. COFFEE rRio, fair to good 22a2Cc;
Hummel's essence 2 95 ior box; Felix's
extract 2 25.
'CANDLES City mould tallow 15jc;
Star 22a25.c, . :",',., ' .,
COTTON' YARN-Stanaard 45ic,
Cotton Batting 2535c; Candle Wick
40a50c. "'
CARBQOI L 32c, and ; charge for
barrel 1-i t '"- J. j.- 8-4
fJL'UEESK-Sales of Western Reserve
at 17al8u per pound; Factory at 19a20c.
jsyus la gooa demand at zuo. ,
FLOUR Market dull;auperfine 5 00a
7 00; red wheat family 8 00; 8 50; fancy
tOOOalOO. Rye flour, 7" 00.' '
FEATHERS In demand at 75c
tfRAIN No. 1 red, wheat I 50al 60;
No.,1 white, 1 8Cal 90. Corn.70a75c.
buying; 10al5c higher from Btore. Oats,
60a65o. Rye, 1 25al 30 Barley, U5a
1 75-
HAY Loose timothy .jells at 20 00
a25 00 for good quality.
LARD-i-Leaf inv tierces 20q kegs
21c.t- f .v M.f-"-
"OliSd Oil at 1 70al 7o. ' "
MOLASSES Choice New Orleans at
75a80c; Porto 75c;' Baltimore syrup 80a
90c; New York do 65a70o.
PROVISIONS Mess Pork at 31 00;
shoulders, 15c; clear rib sides, 18c, clear
sides 81 Jc sugar cured hams, 19o.
POTATOES Sales at 1 20al 50 rer
bushel.' '- "
RICE Rangoon 101c; Carolina lUe?
. cuuAivr-rortio iticoioai uuDa
12c; refined crushed :17e;' . A coffee 16c
C do 151c; C extra do 151o. C do 15c; C
do yellow 141o: v'w :
T50DA Bi-carbonate soda;' 7a7Jej sal
soda Be: loda in biperi" lt)c! " f
STARCH-FoxV; 8c; Glen Cove,' 131c
.: toi.
S ALT-tfairj? 3 75;1 bnlo1 Biter, 2
ftAMn m lie 1 lie 1 "
SHOT AND LEAPr-Bar Jssd. Wic;
Shot; 3 2? per bsg;? . ; v r
Ycuag Ujsbn, 1 ! 40a'l 60 Black; 90ca
1 10. .
,-.TOBACCO-Navy, 70a7Jc. dark 710s
and if, 70a72n bright la and -10i, SOo'r
fiff him,' T 10;' Ganett'i Snuff, ldej'Qii
i'fu Jj il - ' vain in., r:
jwii odi in wuxei, o crv.
fecial ?ticts
1 i .NawYoRK, August 15th, 1867-
Allow me to call your attention to mr
BUCHU. -. Ths component parts are BUCHU,
Modi or Pbip&tatioh. Buoha, In yaeuo.,
Juniper Berries,' by aistlllation, to. form a
fine gin. Cubebs extracted by; displacement
by liquor obtained from Juniper Berries,
containing very little sugar, a Small propor
tion Of spirit, and more palatable than any
now In use. The active properties are by
this mode extracted. - '
Bnchn, as prepared by Druggists generally,
is of a dark color. It is a plant that emits
its fragrance; the action of a flams destroys
this (its active principle), leaving a dark and
glutinous decoction. Mine is . the, color f
ingredients. ; TUe Bnchn in my preparation
predominates; the 'smallest quantity of the
other ingredients are added, to prevent ' fer
mentation; upon inspection, it will be found
not to be a Tincture, as made in Pharmaoo
posa, nor is a Byrup and therefore caa be
used where fever or inflamation exists. In
this, yon have the knowledge xf the ingre
dients and the mode of preparation
Hoping that yon will favor it with a trial,
and that opon inspection it will meet with
your approbation, '- '
- i With a feeling of confidence,
, - j 6m( verT resptictfally,
j H. T. HKLMBv-'LD,
Chemist and Draggist . of 16 Years' Experi
ence In Philadelphia, and now located at
lis. Drug and Chemical Warehouse, 594,
Broadway! New York. ;
From the largett Manufacturing Chemists
. i - in the World.
'l am acquainted with 11 r. H.T.Helmbold;
he occupied the Drug Btore opposite my res.
idence, and was sncoessful in condaotiDg the
business where others had not been Equally
so before him. 1 have been farorably Int..
pressed with his character and enterprise.
Firm pf Powers A WeigUtman, ; Manufaotur-
- ing Chemists, KintU and Brown 6treets,
Philadelphia. . "
D blm bold's Fluid Extbact Bochu, for weak
ness -arUing from Indiscretion. The ex
hausted powers of Nature which are accoui
panied by so many alarming symptoms,
among which will he found, Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Hor
ror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil, in
faot, Dnirersal Lassitude, Prostration, and in
ability to enter into the enjoyments of soci
ety., ; . . .
' The Constitution, once affected with Or
ganic Weakness, requires the aid of Medicine
to strengthen : and hrrlgorate the system,
variably does.;- If no treatment is submitted
to, Consumption or -Insanity ensues.
- Hxlmbold's Ficid Extbact ucbc, in affeo
tlons peculiar to Females, is unequaled by
any other preparation, as in Chlorosis, er Re-
entiou, PainfalnessJor Suppression of Cus
'omary Eraemations, Ulcerated . or Schirrue
tate of the Uterus, and all complaints inci
dent to the sex, whether arising ; from habits
of dissipation, imprudence in, or the decline
or change of life. . i - '
-.Elkbold's Fluid Extbact Bdcbo ard
paovsB Rosa Wash will rad.ioairy .extermin
ate from the " system - Aiseases - arising from
habits dissipation, at little expense, little
or no opaDge in diet, no inconvenience or ex..
poso're completely --.superceding 'those nn
pleasant and- dangerous vremedles, Copaiva.
Meroury, in all" these diseases. -
- - Use Bblmbold's Flcio Extbact Been a in
all disease of these organs, whether existing
In male or female, .from whatever cause orig
inating, and no matter of how long standing.
it is pleasant in taste and odor "immediate'' :
la action; and more strengthening '.than any
of the preparations of Bark or Iron! " "
1 Those Buffering from broken down or' dell-'
cats constitutions, procure the i remedy . at
once, f ,- " : -
; The reader must be aware that, however
slight maybe the attack of the! above, dis
ease, it is certain to affeot the bodily health
and meutal powers, r ? j
Aa the above diseases require the aid of a
is the great Diuretic. " . y
Sold, by Drneirists everywhere..- Fbicb
$1 2S per bottle, or 6 botUee for ! $6 60. De
livered to any address. . 1
Address H. T. HELMBOLD, Drug and Chem-
ioal WarehouseK594 Broadway, N. Y. .
in steel engraved wrapper, with fao-siia.
ile of my Chemical Warehouse, and signed
decS8m2. . ' " ' 'i
ir pBoaA Notice.
I. i.
A PETITION will be presented to the Com
missioners of Monroe county, Ohio, at
their session on the first Monday of March,
le$9, praying for a change of the road lead
ing from near the residence of Howard
Parnesworth, iu-Wayne township, through
the lands of Howard Fames worth, tteorge
Polen, Daniel Baker, John Willison, Basil
Reeves, Mareus Highman, Mary Lowe and
Andrew Smith, to the Town House, on Rich
Fork creek, all in said Wayne township.
,;: Infirniary: Notice. i 1
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at the
Auditor's Office, by "the1 Infirmary Direc
tors, to
Saturday, the Zth day of 'February,
for letting the position ot Snperiniendent for
one year from March 1, 1869. Also for fur
ntshiug ooal for the institntion. The Direc
tors furnish, a team of horses for the Superintendent.-
. , .. I : J , , . JESSE JAKCSON.
feb2w2. 1 5 s ' ' ' i Directors.
Settlement Accounts.
NOTICE is hereby given that the foUowing
settlement accounts will be for hearing
Thursday, February, 18, 1869 :' '
Tnomas West Administrator of John Craw-
ford.linaL ' "
II. J. Lynch Administratrix of G. B. I.ynbh,i
O. Amos Executor of Thomas MeComas.par-
tial...' . ......'-
J. . IL. Martin Guardian of Absalom Martin's
minor heirs, partial. , .
J. H. Hamilton. and Hagh Robinson Guardians
of the heirrof Robert Robinson, partial.' '
feb2w3. r . . Probate Judge.
Legal Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the Last Will
and Testament of Thomas Clark,' late of
Monroe County, Ohio, deceased, together . with'
the record thereof, was destroyed by hre on the
13th day of June 1867, and that a- duly certi
fied copy thereof, was . admitted to Record in
my office on the 10th day of Auirust 1868, and.
recorded therein, : W.T.SINCLAIR, i
feb2w3. ' " ' ' ' Probate Judge, M. C. O.
'.f- V jn a. - ' 1 i v.'-; .'..'"'i "
NOTICF is hereby given hat the Last Will
and Testament', of Walter. Ring, lute of
Monroe County, Ohio, deceased,, togetheo, with,
the record thereof, .was'deatroyed by fire on the
13th day of June 1867, and that a duly certi
fied copy thereof, was admitted to Record in my
office on the 26th day of Janwuy 1869.
- i ,.-. W. T. SIIfCLATR,
feb2w3.'?' Probate Judge, M. C. 0. '
I ' Legal ' Notice.
.fOTICE'isherebv triventhftt the Bast Will
11 and Testament or Thomas Cochran, late of
Monroe CountyVOhlo, deceased, together with
the reoord thereof, was destroyed by fire on- the
l'ith day of June, 1867, and that dulr certi
fied opy thereof, was, admitted . to Record, in
myoffioeontheSflthday of January -1869, and
recorded mera , v W. X. BlNULALtt,- -
eo3w3. Probate Judge,' M. C. 0.'
L ' lis? J6b "ttrork of 'alT'kmils
execuLeu wnu iitxiiness aim
For ths FsopWs Edition of
Conybeare & Howson't Life t Eputlet of
S T . P A U L ,
With an Eloquent and Able Preilmlnary Dis
' sertatiou by Rbv. Lboxabd, D. D., of Yale
' ColUire. I
Embracing a graphic and eloquent delineation
of the Early Life, education, .conversion,
teachings, jabfcrs, traeels: sufrerlngs'lberils
persecutions -and missionary career' bf ST.
"AUL; thus constituting a living pinture of
tue great Apostle, and of the circa instances
by which he was surrounded.
A perfect Magasine of faots. Bishop D. W.
Clark, of Cincinnati.
I regard it as one of the best books ever
written. Prof. Stowe.
Dr. Bacon's name in conneotlen with this
edition is a tower of Strength. Rev. Jos. F.
Tattle, D. D., Pres. Wabash College. .
I do heartily recommend it as a faithful
and valuable guide in the study of the Sorlp
tures. Bishop Mullvaine.
No work in the language approximates It.
Rev. Mark Hopkins, L D. President Williams
A great and useful book. Rev. John
Wheeler, D. D., Pres. Baldwin University, O.
The most interesting and instructive work
that has ever fallen under my notice. Pres.
Caswell, D. D. LL. Dn Brown University, R, I.
A moit valuable work; learned, accurate
and written in a style peonllarly attractive
and eloquent. . Rev. F. Merrick, D. D, LL. D.,
Pres. O. Wesl University." '- '
A work of great merit. A "God send,"
Prof. Finney, LL. D., Oberlin College.
Ranks amongst' the foremost literary pro
ductions of the age. Rev. N. C. Brfrt, I). D.,
Pres. Ohio Female College.
' It is one of tho most valuable works ever
issued from the pre'as. Rev. r." Nutt, Pres.
lud. State University.
8end for circulars with full, particulars,
terms and testimonials. Address, 'Natiobai
Ppblishiso Co., 178 Elm Street, CinoinnatL
Lorillarif Fire Insurance' Company.
Acditob or Etatb's Orrica 1
CoLcxaoe, Jan. 18, 1869. j
r' Is hen by certified, that the Lorillard Fire
Insurance Company, located at New York
city, in the State of New York, has complied,
in all respects, wih the laws of this State re
lating to such Insurance Companies, for the
current year, aud has filed in this office a
sworn statement, , by j the proper ? officers,
showing its ' condition nd business; at the
date of such statement, as follows: ,
Amount of actual pd up capital. $1,000,000 00
Age regate amount of available
assets .
Aggregate amount' of llaUnities,
including reinsurance .......
Amount of income for the pre
295,593 02
ceding year, . 775.423 10
Amount of expenditures for-; the r !; a
preceding year 679.687 73
In witnesa whereof, I have hereunto sub
scribed my name, and caused the
sbal. seal of my office to beafflxed.lhe day
and year above written.
fsb2t. ' Auditor of State.
Forwarding and Commission Merchant,
And Deals r in General Produce,
CLARuxoy, JIoNitojs .CoijNTrj, ,Ohio.
ITH a large and safe Warehouse,' at the
Steamboat Landing, I now invite the
attention of my Friends, Shippers, Merchants,
and the Trade generally, to my complete ar
rangement forthe transaction of a Forward
ing nd Commission ; Business, y AU Goods.
Tobacco or produce, consigned to me. will
be either forwarded to destination with
promptness and dispatch, or stokko, if re
quired, under the very lowest charges for
Commtasioo, J$t !') f I,';" '.!
Theatmost care will be exercised to keep
Packages in tho best order and protected
against the weather, and shall faithfully exe
cute the orders of my patrons to their entire
Soliciting your future patronage, beg leave
te assare you - that my efforts to serve yon
shall ever be characterized by energy , 'Prompt,
ness and fidelity. u JOHN W. JACKSON."
N. p. James ;Shrivervhas- nothing to do
with my Warehouse. I am .attending, to all
business connected with it personally."All
Warehouse cbawes due are payable to me or
my order, ; . ' JOHN W. JaCKSON. '
sn26w4. ,-..tii- -yi-.i
.;.! Settlement Accounts. i-
- -.'-' ' . .1 it - -
NOTICE is hereby given .-that the foUowing
.settlement acoounts . will be for hearing
va Thursday,- February 11,. ,1869;-. . ;
D. Blackledge Administrator of Robert Black
ledge, final. .;.''.' .V ,; ,
H.. Winland Administrator of John Winland,
finaL 7.-T f. -
John Slack Administrator of George Slack,
Marx Albert Guardian' of D. J & J. Stukey
mm. ,"7r:r.
B. Starkey Guardian or Melllssa Kinsey, final.
H. Benninghaas Guardian of Leaetta Benninj-
haus, final. ""... U' ,T .1 - :.t t I
H. Benninghaus Guardian of Anna Benning-
hans, partial. ; , ", - " X':
A. . Buchanan, Guardian of-, Wm. Pickens
; heirs, partiaL.. t. .: . - -;; ' )
Jacob Butt Gutrdlan of Jacob Butt, Jr., par
tial. . . ' ,i. l .j.i:
B. Rouse Guardian of Lewis Gate's heirs, par-
taL ' :r v ... .
- " ; 1 " W. T. SINCLAIR, "' )
Jan27,1869w3.":: 1 . Probate Judge."
; ' v Farm" for J Sale, ' " " '
CONTAINING One Hundred and Five Acres,
Eighty Acres . cleared - and Twenty-five
Aores in Timber, situated font and a half
miles west of Fairview, Guernsey County,
Ohio, within five rods of the National Road,
known as the Prooter Farm.. It is well wa
tered; contains a young orchard of about eae
hundred trees, all fine fruit and about one
half bearing; .also peach, quince and plum
trees. ; Also large log dwelling house, log
barn, out buildings, large tobacoo house, and
geol lonces. cor inrtner iniormauon aa
dress, ... W. A-. TALBJTT,'
. v . Barnesville, Ohio,
TjiVERYBODY is hereby warned not.tp. trade,
J uy or barter for any notes givsnby me,
en the Sth'ilay of January, 1865, to I. N. Fou-
t. for. the following sums or money:, si ou
payble April J, 1869, without Interest; $166f
p yable April 1, 1870; $186 payable April 1,
1871: S16t'J payable April 1, 1S72; these three
bearing 6 ; per cent, interest 'from April 1,
1869. Said notes are given for land bongbl
e? I. N. Fouty by me, and on said "premises
is a mortgage for SZ08, .to Warren .11 ollister,
jan!9w3. HENRY TUIRLK.
Sheriff Sale.
William Boyd
Henrj Karr,.-.-. .
'! ".- ....'A.-rVH T" V. ' K
BY virtue of an order of sale to me directed
from the Court of Common Pleas of Mon
roe, county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the
front door of the Court House in the the town
of .Woodsfield, on .... ? . . i . .
Mondit, ihe lath day of. February, 869,
between the hours of JO o'clock a, m- 4
O'clock p. m., the following described real estate
i ? t . '... t t ir T.
in eaia couniy ui iuuunn,wu. uwiwiMiwcnv
quartef of the northwest quarter and, the
northeast quarter of the southwest quarter aud
the east half of the north west quarter of sec
tion number twentv-eigbt (28) in township three
end range four.- ' - " ' f
Aooraised at fa.orw.
rn 4 (Mr " :,.-; v r. it "'
'WW. . e r 1 uwM( v. v..
"! Dissolution .Notice.
TOTICE is hereby riven that the eonartaer-
i .'atop heretofore existing f tinder thd!8Qia
namv oi Dnuuou w uuuiuieit, umm ueeu oie
sclveL', Jamee Bradfield will continue the bu
einees at the etd etand.' i The hooka, of the firm
l ie. in his hands ready for the settlement of ell
ieoouA'4of the late firm.
Tart's Landing, Ohle,swl9w5i' '
'l-'J; WAT. Mi-IbV?:
.. 4 ... . -phygtoiBtl and SurKeoo,
HAVINd removed to WoodsBeld.
Ii prepared to attend all oaUs
in hla profession. May -be Tonnd
at all hours, except ' when absent
professionally, at. his office, or at
the residence eT Jadg Way ' . noVlOv,
With ear Covplbti Sraxcib as Kar Cbbck
OoTfit. Small eapital required. Circulars
free. STAFFORD MINF3 CO., 88 Fulton
Street, New York...: ...... Janl2w4.
I am now prepared to furnish oonstant em
ployment to all classes at their hemes,
for their spare' moments. 'Business new,
light and profitable. Fifty cents to $3 per
evening is easily earned, and the boys and
girls earn nearly as much as men. ' Qreat in
ducements are offered. All who see this ae.
flee please send roe their address and test the
burliness for themselves. If not Well satisfied,
I will send $1 to pay for the trouble of wri
ting me. Fall particulars sent free. Sample
sent br mall for ten cents. ' Address," .
janl2w4, B. C. ALLEN, Angusta, Me.
sio to si;
TOOL'S AND MATKRIAL9. .Reduoed Price
List free, T. N. UtCKCOX & CO., 2S9 Pearl
street, New Yoik. Janl2w4.
.feMkiWi KiwMU
Sending us a One Hundred Club In our Great
- ' '1
One Dollar Sale of Dry and
CHINE, &c., io
F It E E ' ' 'O F COST.
Smaller Clubs in the same ratio, vis:
40 yds
::ile8srs. J.'S. Hawes ft Co. take pleasure In
announcing, being the oldest aud largest
house in the Dollar Trade, that they hate
been enabled by their long experience and ex
tensive resources to make, this present season,
many important imrortations and con
tracts with manufacturers, ..which,, with
these additions, to their Winter stocks, ha
enabled the ra to 'greatly enlarge' their rates
and Exchange List.
Send for New Circular.
Catalogne of Goods and Sample aent to any
address free.
Pleaje to be Very, particular and aend mon
ey by registered letters.
Address all orders to . -
J. S. HAWES & CO.,
, ,15 Federal street. Boston; Mass.
P. O. Box C. ' ' Jaul2wl2. -:
Master Conimissioner's Sale.
Anthony Sheets
List and wife.
BY virtue of a mandate to me directed from
--the court- of common -plea of -Monroe
connty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the front
door of the court bouse, ia Woodsfield, In said
county, on
Mondaythelitn'day'of February, lSC9.
at 1 o'clock p ro,, the following ('esreibed ral
estate' situate in Monroe County, Ohio, to wit:
The southeast' quarter of the southwest quar
ter of section thirty-six in township two qf
range Hre, containing 40'1.1QO acre's. l
Mas. Com. M. C, O.
Si(t tk kMM tomL.
frke rine
i UmHtjmltmmMt,!
.T.X Auorr.
Btton, Beware of kushec ball
V,,; rhacwiart x OyyHfilei
4 t i- -l T S ' ; '' " .-' : ? - " -1
Of full vnlut tent free to any Book Agent.
Hie Proposed Conferene ot the
Great Powers on the" Eastern
Difficulty. ' ' - -
Snnshlne and Sbadow in New York
Of Lire in the Great Metropolis.
Being the most complete and graphie presen
tation of both the Baiaut and the Shady Bids
op Lifb 1.1 NsW Yesk. No book since the
days of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ever sold so
rapidly. One Agent sold 80 in one day, au
other sold and delivered t27 in 16 days, an
other in seven days. '"
IT You wish to know how fortunes are made
and lost in a day; how Shrewd men are ru
ined in Wall Street; how countrymen" are
swindled by J Sharpen; how; Ministers and
Merchants are Blackmailed; how Dance Halls
and Concert Saloons are managed; how Gam
bling -Houses and- Lotteries' are conducted:
bow Stock Companies Originate and how the.
Babbles Burst, Ac, read this work. It tells
you about the mysteries bf New York.and eon.
tains biographical sketches of its noted. mil
lionaires , merchants, &e. A large Octave vol
ume, 720 pages, "Finely Illustrated. The lar
gest bouunissiotr given. Onr 31 page, circular,
and a 5 Greenback sent free on application.
For full particulars and terms address the
J. B. BURR & CO.; Hartford, Conn.
jan5m2. er
-Sherifl' Sale.
franklin Ross
A. Ross ancf ctu
I -j' -
DY virtue of an order of sale to me directed
U from the Court ef Common Pjeas of Mon
roe couuty, Ohio, I will offer far sale at ihe
front door of the Court House, in th town of
Woodsfield,: between the hours of 10 o'elo
a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., on , -. . , . j
Monday, the 15 h day of February, 69.
the following described real estate situate in
said county of Monroe, to wit: Beginning at
tha southwest corner of the northwest quar
ter of section eighteen : township three and
range five, thence north With thi section line
eighty-two rods to the north sije of the oreek;
thence up the creek south sixty-une and
three-fourth degreea west four rods and sev
enteen and - one-half, links; thence north
eighteen degrees west thirty. two rods; thence
north tblrty.five degreea west- twenty rods;
thence north twenty-six degrees .west eighteen
rods: thenoe north seventy-three degreea weeU
seventeen rods to , section line; thence east
with the section line fifty-seven andpne-baif
rods to a stone seventeen jrods east of the
northwest corner of seotlon eighteen, thence
south over a stone 'onneaeath-eldeo the
creek one hundred -and fortvlcht red te a
stone on S!eaorr Daily 'a liae; aheuee aeuh-
sixty-ive degrees west twenty -three rode and.
eighteen- links t the begiaaltig, containing
twenty ight acres asora or lea.'.-Appraised
at947V' U t,i vii .JOSEPH MY Els,
i'.t f SherirMjCOt
and Mort
gafe fx iifotit .hisnffife.
By Rev; Daniel March, D. D.
. Tor full free, flowing,, olour, sparkling, port
and graoefal style, f er poetie genius' for boaty
of thought and rioh-aWwinir imasrinatiou: for
nice analysis of character, graphic delineation
and ripe aahoralship; lor lifelike yiotures, plow,
ing words and happy Uluatntaons, this work
has no equL . Suck " oommandations, . as the
above,, have been reeeivod from Bishop Simp
Son, Bev. Albert Barnes, . Noah Porter, D. D.,
LI D., W. A. Steams, D. D , Geo. Dana Board-
man, u. ia, lesaing wlergymeu and the Pres.
of all .Denomination. . Bond for Circular o u
taining the same. Agents are. everywhere
meeung vm nnparailolett ' sueooss, It u I
most beautifully lUustmWd aud eleatly
ooona oook, ua piesses voryooay.
Commissions, 8100 to 8200 'per monlh.
Bcoording to ability and enerirv. A Jilresa,
ZLEGfLER," McCtllDY & CO.,
Philadelphia, Pa., CinoinnatL Ohio. Chiean.
J41er.St.9uia,Mo. ?l . Peo-iWinB.
Master - CJommissicner'a Sa!
. : : Mary . B. Cook ;'.7 -vs.
:. O. W. Mcllahoa. . v
BY rirtue of aa order of sale to medlreotxl
from the Court of Common Pleas of Monroe
county, Ohio, J iu offe, for nis 4t the door of
the Co--' " : in the town of Woodifiold,
boeea t'-L ..-rs of 10 o'elook' a. m. and 4
o 'doc pi z.t Oil ; - . i .
Monday , tha 15(A day of February 1863,
'the following desRiibe-1 real esfcwto situato"in
lid oanty, to wit The ssuthwoet quirlor of
the northeast quarter of section three township
two of range fujjr, wtiUijuag forty aoros more
or less. , ....
Ordered to be sold as ihe property of Q.yf.
Keltahoa at the suit Of Karr K. Cooke.
Janl2w& Sheriff and SpMial Ma.
Master , Commissionera : Sale.
Uatid Glover .. ,. ,
'':". vs.' "
Stephen Coen and Wife. ;
BY virtue of an ordnr of sale to me directed
from the Court of Common Please of Mon
roe county, Ohio, I will orfor for' sale at the
front door of the Court Honwe in- the town of
Woodsfield. between the hours of 10 o'clock a.
m. and 4 o'clock p. m-; on . ' ; ' ; '
Monday the lbth day of February, 18C9.
the following described real estate situate in
Monroe county, Ohio, to wit: The northwett
quarter of the Southwest quarter of soation
31, township 3 and nngo four; -Alsa. all that
part of the northwdst fjrltrter of sitioit, toxrn-
&bip and raugo aforesaid lying south of tho rotul
leudin? thmtti'h said quarter to . Woodeficld.
containing in all one hundred and twenty acres
more or less, and being the same land oonroved
by Bennett' Coca "lu his lifo time to Stephen
!" .ii .- r n . . -...
viieo. au in Mionioo Kj tuaij, uuio. --
Ordered to be sold as the property of Stephen
Coen at the suit of David Glover,
janlSwS Sheriff and Special Maatec
Sheriff r Salcv
Charles G. Smith . .
? r i
i 11
DY virtue of aa order of sale ta ttle directed
" from the Court of Common Fless of Mon
roe County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the
front deorof the Court Uoase, iu the town
of -.Woodsfield, between Ahe- hourt -of -v t0
b'efock a. tn. and 4 o'clock p. m., on
Monday the 15iA day ot '.February 1869,
the following described real estate situate in
said conntf, to vrltr The northeast quarter of
the northeast quarter of section two.towns.hip
four range four, containing forty acres more
or ressj also", part of the northwest quarter
of the "uorthesst quaftet of same section
township nd raoRe, beginning at the horth
west corner of said forty acre lot; thence
east.toithe center of. Nigger tuq thenoe with
said run to the Bne'ruuning from east to west
on the south boundary of said . forty aore lot;
tkence.fnnntUe center of said run west to. the
sonthr6t cor'nerf said fo.rt acre lot, thenoe
n.orth.BlgV.y rods to. the place of beginning,
containlpg eleven aores more or less; and
also the following described tract, beginning
at fh'h soathf est' corned-Of the aoutheast
quarter -of the southwest quarter of section
three township four -and range four; theuoe
north about sixty-four rods to a cert tin run;
thence south with said run to the.southeast
corner ' of. said forty ' acre lot;' thence west
euhty reds to the place of beginning, contaiu-
ing fifteen acres more or less. T j ' y j
urucrea to do soia as ine property ox ionn
Funk at the suit of Charles G. Smith.
janl2w5 -' " ' '- Sheriff M. C. O. "
: i . ' - ' V.:. '. '. vi:. i f.:
Sheriff's- Sale.
B.Long, 4 Coi
YiY:i.ir.tua pf.a vendi,
to me directed
Jj from the Court ot Common Pleas of
Monroe County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at
the front door of the Court House in the
town of Woodsfield, in said county, on
Monday (ne 5th day of February 1869.
between the hours, of 10 oVlock, a. m. shd
4 o'elook p. m. on said day the following
property situate in laid county to witi Being
the same sold and -conveyed by Hager & Har
ris to Joseph Wehr by deed, dated April 9,
1854, recorded In-voL 14 page 631, situate in
the southwest quartet of section 12 township
7 and range 7, aad more particularly deacrlb.
ed as follows: Beginning tor the same at a
stake marked, with across situate eastward
and within three or four rods of the north
east corner oMot No. 40 in the town of Calais;
thenoe northrnineteen and one-half dogrees
east six. rods and fourteen links, thenoe north
e'eveU' arid 'one-half.. degrees east four rods;
thence south seventy and one.halt degrees
east.one rod and fourteen links;' thenoe south
eleven and piysrirlf degrees West -fou. rods;
thence' Ibrifh 'seventy-six and one half degrees
east flx tcVIS' afld -eight links; theuee south
fifteen dgrees east four and' one-half rods;
thenoe westward. t the plaoe of beginning,
containing by estimation fifty-two square rods.
'Also the following premises in said eonnty
being the same deeded by Hager & Harris te
Joseph Wehr, Apiil 1, 18' 4, recorded in voL
14, psge&32 to wit: Being a part or lot Ho.
32 iu-CaUis, beginplng for the same at a stone
on thVsouthern boundary line of said lot and
a part of lot No. 48; thence, south eighty -four
degrees east four "rods; thence north seventy
and one-half degrees' east four and eight-
tenth rod -thenoe north one and one-half
degrees west, sixteen ' and , foor-tenth rods;
thence "south eighty-four' and one-half de
grees west four rods; thence south fourteen
and three-fourth degrees west seventeen and
six-tenth rods to the beginning, containing
by estimation one; hundred and two rode,
more er less.; : ' - '
Taken in execution, as the property of Jo.
seph-.Wehr at the suit of K- B. Long and
others? JOSEPH MYKUe,
Ian5w8. - ' Sheriff M. C. 0.
Ho. 11 Main stree -Wkselisg; VTetita,
.ski k- jS, .; w U
- (Mendeil's e'lH. stand,)
5r -J J
i 'j v - a v - s t. r jr
of all kinds.
' Coastantly oahaud aa aaaortmeat of
iei let ?.IIVWC 3.1 ii T
Of the best. makers e)f Boston. New York.
Philadelphia;, and Cincinnati, also of
:i LIT
This long tried and papular Remedy is
again sailed to the attentiba of the- publie,
As often as the year, rolls around, the pro
prietors annually make their bew te the pee.
pie, and remind them that am ngst the
many things required for . the health. , eem -fort
and sustenance 6 the family l&mih
the long and tediotts months cf winter, Ce
Cough BaUam should not V frsotteu. for
vears it has been a household uediolne an4
mothers aaxioaa for the safety pf their ehii ,
dren, and all who' suffer from any diswas of
the throat, ohest end lungs, cannot afford to
be without It. In addition to the erJinarv
four ounce so long in the maiket, ,we mw
furnish our mammoth family sU buitle's,.
Which will, la ewmiuon with the ether ,
be feuad at all Drag Store. ' .
For;Croui. '
The Balsam will be found); lavalaaUe, aarl
may always he relied ipoa ia tke meet ex
treme eases.
Whooping Cough, i
The testimony of all who have used It for
this terrible disease dnring the last tea jeers
i s, that It Invariably relieves sad eurea it.
' - ! ; .v-;;." :- .'' ii?
Keep year threat wet with Bslnw
Ukinc tittle and, eftea aadiyoc trill vry
seea ladnt!.-- ? :;("'r;;!-i ;i'
Hard Cold un4 t'.onzli
Yield at ones lo stealy hse ef til's great
remedy;.!. It wilt eueoeed ' In flviejf relief
where all ether resaidiea have failed.
of the Throat,
..!'' r Lungs.;:::..
l.-ITO M
." Do not delay proouring and Immedi&lttjy
taking Coe's Cough Balsam, when trqubled
with any of the above .named diulaalties.
They are all premonitory symptoms of Cod
sumntion. and if not arrested, wit!
later sweep you awav into the valley of shall
ows from Which nan mn: .r ntnm'"
i ':
; '-'- lo Consamptlon,-'"
MaJiV a aina.m iriff.M. L t,.'.l 1 1-.
apd to day rejeioee - that her lire has, been
made eay and prolonged by the use of Coe's
Cough Balsam.
The people know the article, and iiaaeis aa
comment from us. It is for sale by every
Drugrist and? Dealer iu Medioines la the
United Stete. - i t ; . -.. . -i
a.,- , . - " ,
..;;:!. - ,. '-. " V 4-
r "M.TJaaC. O.iDlark0o';'e
. '".. .. Solr rroprietorsi New Uavaa, Cti z
f ' ri
' -Read! Read!! Read!! !'
'4 ,3(H
i . 13 CALLED TO TEB ;i
-.- f- -Tej e - --
V ... . i ; . . ... . : ., -. 1
1 '. . -.. .
This preparatipn is proneunoed by Dyspep
tics as the only known remedy h atwill sure-
ly euro that aggravating and fatal malady
For years it swept on its feaiful tide, carry
ing before It to an untimely grave, its mill
ions ef sufferers. ,. . ; -. i
Coe'a Dyspepsia Cura has Corns to tht
. Beaous. ..
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Sick Htaiacjit, ,
. . Sourness or Acidify of Stomachy
t Rising of Food,.FlatuUny, ; .,,
Lassitude, Weariness, .. .....ff .,.,
iiia Uy term too.: . -j v;-j'
.. 1 .. '. tinginDeath,
Are as surely cured by this potent, remedy,
as the patient takes it. . Although but five
years before the people, what is tho verdict
of the masses? Aear what Lesttrr Eexten, of
Milwaukee, sayst
. -. . . .' i .
From Lester S&ton, of Milwaukee.
. .. . Milwavxbs, Ws., Jan' S4, 1ES8. u
Messrs. C G. Ciark A Co., New Haven, Cu. J:
Both myself and wife have used Coe'a Dye,
pepsia Cure, and it has proved PERFECTLY
satisfactory as a remedy. I have NO heslta.
tion in saying that we have, received GREAT
BENEFIT from ita use. iVery respeotfalty,
- . t. -.. ' ;. ,, . :'.i,'.'
i i f "A'OrsMtt BIclnrj. ''
Front Rev L F Ward, Aeon Lorain Co., O.
Messrs. StbOs k Abxstsoso, Druggists,
Clevelaud,0:' , . . ::!; :v ti .
: Obnitlbmux: It gives. me great pleasure to
state that my wife has derived great benefit
from the use of Coe'a Dyspepsia- Cure. She
hrs been for a nUttber of years greatly troub
led with. Dyspepsia, accompanied with violent
paroxysms of constipation, which se prostra
ted her that she was all the while.fer months,
unable to do any thing. She toek, at ;oor
Instance, Coe's Dyspepsia Cnre, and has de
rived HERAT BENEFIT FROM IT, and ts now
comparatively well. She-- regards this medi
cine aa a great blessing. Truly years,
Jat. 13, 18S8. L. F. WARD. -
-.. l Clergyinsfi. - ., . ,
, : ' .,: ... I :; ; - i. .,
: The Rev. Isaac Aibek.' ef Alleghany, tes
tifies that it has cured him, after alt . other
remedies had failed. ; '
v , ; Druggists. .
- ' .:, ry .-I i .
Any druggist in the country will teU'yoo,
if you take the trouble to enquire, that '
every one that buys a bottle of Coe'a Dys
pepsia Cure from (them, speaks In the ssest
unqualified praise of ita great nedtelaal vir
tuea. ' .;i
Coe'a Dyspepsia fJarts',- s
Will alia la found Invaluable in all' ease ef ,
Diarrhea, Dysentery, Colle, . Summer Cosat
plaints, Oriplng, and la faot every dlserderedl
ooadlltoa ef the etomaoh. . ' .. . '
Sold by Druggists in olty er eonntry ever.:
where at SI per bottle, ,or. bv application te
,, . a p. CLA&Z CO.. r.
1t1x Bole PYrprletore, ew Hswirn, C(,
' ;r- r:.i:H , sU i'i ?:.'". Tj r-r-
! Y- : ' ! : :ei
. ; i- ' ' -. '

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