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, iatntls fttosppr-lehdeb to fttlififs, Jof cip anb gomesftf Jetos, fitalurc, ps anb Semites, ktatian, ricutort,
parktSf 3.ntttscmrais, U
. - -- - - --f
Published Every Tuesday.
Two dollars per annum,invariably in advance
assented with neatness and dispatch at thia
" iffice, and at reasonable prices.
One square, three weeks i'$2 50
One square, three months i ; : 6 00
One square, six months "'10 00
One square, nine months,, V. : ; ; : .15 00
fine square, twelve months 18 00
Two squares three weeks 5 00
Two squares, three months 8 00
Two squares, six months 12 00
Two quaiea, nine months 16 00
(Two squares, twelve months 18 00
One-fourth oolumn,three months 15 00
m gix months.. 25 00
;- - m - 'nine months, ...'..30 00
.fc.f . ,-. twelve months... -36 00
On-Viu'tymni re9 montns ?0 00
m ': " "six month 30 00
u ii nine months ..35 00
twelvemonths 40 00
Om column, three mos V"?!? !!
, .. 'six months .
-'.' a nine months fi5 ?
twelve months 70 vv
gJTwelve Hiies, or less, will be charged as
one square.
(7 All legal advertisements will be charged
tor the line, and must be paid in advance of
f" Notices of the appointment ot Ad-JSJ
jg- minlitrator's and Executor's; alsogj
g Attachment Notioes and Road noti-jg
fT ces, two dollars xnd fifty cents, ingj
Advertising done at published rates,
and payment required in advance, in all
ues. .
rilnet Iron Ware, Stoves, &c.
riace of business at the old stand, oppsite the
.; Jail.
HAS Just reoeived, and will sell at reason,
able prioes, a first class stock of the
wares enumerated above. Mr. Rose is a cap
Hal workman, and will manufacture for you
ny wares desired, not found in his shop.
Give him a call before looking elsewhere,
fie oan and will please you.
.prl3.'67. ' WIU.I1MROSB.
Professional Cards.
-l.ft.AVOS, 1 J
Rotary Public f Pros. Attorney
, A3IOS fc SritlGGS,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
and licensed Claim Agents,
Otfici Up stairs in the old Bloomer
April 26, 1865.
Attorney & Counsellor at Law
-, ClarUglon, Monroe, Covrdy O.
IVTTLL promptly and faithfully attend to
YV business entrusted to his care. Com-
xemls and amicable adjustment always first
ought, ana litigation usea oniy as me isi
resort. ct. 3l.'60.
JAR, R. 510 BR IS,
v - Attorney at Law,
jOfiSce first building South of tbe
Court House. ' aug3lT.
wi rxi aji wAivrosr, m. .,
Physician and Surgeon, .
. ' (Offioe on Main treet,)
Dr. J. WAY,
t. V Physician and Surgeon,
All calls promptly attended to, daring the
day or night.
Ovfici Opposite Minsterman's Hotel.
. fob23,'69.
Is prepared to furnish
nu.ainiuu. and all artioles nsuallv manu
factured in first class Marble establishments,
at the lowest casn prices.
Persons desiring to purchase will find it to
their interest to call. Place of business two
, doors South of Fostoffice, Main street, Woods
field, Ohio. ianUr.
At Us old stand one door North oi'DieM's
- : store,
BKINO exceedingly thankful to my great
number of friends and patrons for past
favors, and adhering unflinchingly to my old
maxim, -
I solioit a continnance of the srme. Partio
nnlmr attention nai l to the repairing of
Walcht, Clock, Jewelry and Musical
Instruments, and Gold and
Silver Plating,
t reasonable rate and promptly. Wobk
Agents Wanted for a New' Book
TIES, containing a histobv of
her condition in all ages and
eonntries. from her Creation
v.ii in Rden to the Present Time;" bT Dr-
1. P RonrKitrr. author of 'Hainan's IFork in
the Civil Wu,n Octavo. 448 pages, 21 fall
page engravings, and low price.
This is just the book for the times, and it is
nelling fast, for men HKe 10 reaa auoui me
bestbalf of the woril, and the best half are
ik..ni alcn pnrioua?
Tbe volome coniiuvnds itself to that Some
what nuinerous class, who have, or who have
had AfoTHKKs! Address, for 21 page Circu
lar wifh' terms and specimen eugravings,
Howe's Situst Riinoa Book Concern, No. 118
Wen Fourth st-cet, CintimiaH, 0.-uovl6ui2.
Business Cards.
(On the corner East of Mam Cross at.)
Henry Mmsterman, : : : . Proprietor.
rpniS House has been thoroughly renovated
I and repaired. Having superior facuities.ev
erything will be done to make the guests
The table is always supplied with the best
the market affords. Good rooms and clean
beds for travelers and regular guests.
Good stables are attached to the House. Ev
ery effort will be made for the comfort of the
patrons. Boarders taken by the day, week,
month or yea seply.
(Southeast of Public Square,)
SI9I05T DORR, : : : : Prdprletor.
HAVING recently tako'h charge 61 this
House,, the Proprietor lias refitted And
refurnished it throughout in a manner oalcd
lated to make it one of the most desirable
stopping places in this part of the State.
Guests will find the best accommodations
at this House, and no pains will be spared to
make them comfortable.
The Stables are commodious, and the trav
el'e's' horses receive the best attention.
LewistiUt, Monroe County, Ohio,
JOim SEABAIGII, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel has been refitted recently, and
is now in first rale order. The table is
supplied with the best, and the traveler will
find his lodgings superior to most country
hotels. The stabling is new. ejl5r.
Main Street. Barneiville, Ohio.
R. E. Frasler, : : : : : Proprietor.
GUESTS will find the best accommodation
at this House,and no pains will be spared
to make them comfortable.
Hacks leave the Hotel every morning for
Woodsfield. Carriages and drivers furnished
travelers at all times. sep24r.
29 Water St. bet. Monroe & Quincy,
flAHIS House has een recently furnished
1 throughout, and the proprietor will spare
no pains to make his guests comfortable. His
table will be supplied with the best the mar
ket affords. apr27v.
At Hubs' old stand. West of Publio Square.
HAVING removed to IToodsfield and open
ed a shop, I am prepared to do all kinds
in the best manner, and at the lowest rates.
I have made the following reduction from
tb.3 usual, rates;
Horse Shoeing(ncto slioet allround,') 1 GO.
All other work at as low rates. Give me a
call. nov9y. JAAfES MARSH,
West End of Main Cross Street,
Keep constantly on hand the oldest and best
articles of
Catawba, Isabella and Con owd Wines,
To the public, I will say that I propose to sell
my liquors according to the laws of Ohio.
If you desire pure liquors give me a call.
dec7r. JACOB R0SB.
Sheriff Sale.
S. A. Black et al
William Wright et al.
BY virtue of an order of sale to me directed
from the court of oommon pleas of Mon
roe county ,Ohio, I will offer for sale at the
front door of the court house in the town of
TFbodsfieid, on
Thursday, the 30A day of Decern Zcr,18G9,
between the hours of 10 o'clook a.m. and 4
o'clock p.m., the following described real es
tate situate in Monroe county, Ohio, to wit:
Part of the southeast quarter of seotion
eleven township five range five; beginning for
the same at the post established at the south
east corner of the aforesaid quarter; thence
with the line running between sections num
ber ten and eleven, distance one hundred
and sixty perches to a post; (thence with the
line rnnning between the southeast and tbe
southwest quarters of section number eleven
aforesaid, distance eight-four and eight-tenth
perches to a post; thence east, distance forty-
two perches to a post; thence north, distance
three perches to a post; thence north eighty
nine degrees forty minutes east, distance one
hundred and eighteen perches to a post on
the north and south line bounding said sec
tion on the east; thence with the said line
eighty eight and four-tenth perches to the
place of beginning; containing eighty-seven
acres and eighteen perches, more or less.
Also a part ol the south.west quarter of
section five, township five and range five be
ginning at the south east corner of said
quarter; thence north seventy-two perches to
a stone; thence west one hundred and sixty
two seventy. live oi,e hundred perches to a
stone or the section line; thence south with
the section line to the south west corner of
said section,thence east with the south boun
dary line of said section to the place of be
ginning, containing seventy, two and one half
acres, more or less.
Also a part of the northeast quarter of sec
tion ten township five range five, the sauie
being off the east sid4 of said quarter, separa
ted by a straight line running north and
south, so as to oontain' fifty aores.
novl6w5. Sheiifi" M. C. O.
V. , i-l.n.-i TCmifz 1 it. mv inaljmrn an attachment
v was issued on the 25th day of
Joseph Knntz.3 November, 10'J, by o. a
Malaira town
ship, Monroe county. State of Ohio, against the
good, chattels, rights, credits, moneys and
effects, stocks or interest in stocks, of the de
fendant, Joseph Kuntz, an absconding deutor,
for the sum of $50. I
d.7w3. ' BA K PAH A KFNTZ.
The undersigned has opened a new
B JL K E E "5T ,
One door West of Jones' corner and South of
the Court House, where he will keep always
on hand fresh
White Wheat Bread,
Brown Bread,
Cakes and Pics,
Crackers, Nuts,
Candies, Tobacco,
Cigars and other
things usually kept in a Grocery. I have on
hand the
in tils' market, by the can or half can: also,
am prepared tb serve them to customers at
all hours, fried, stewed or raw. ,
dec7v. JACOB RfilNHBRR,
D E I T R ' S
One door South of Dr. Walton's residence .
on Main street-
TQE undersigned notifies his friends and
the public generally, that he keeps con
stantly on hand
FLOUR, by the small or barrel,
Copfeb, Tea,
Scoar, Kefised Stbup MOLASSES,
Tobacco, Cigars, Snuff,
Axes, Nails, wasntuos,
Soaps, Dje Stuffs of all kinds,
rowaer, iieaa,
and in fact every thing usually fosad in a
Grocery Store.
It will be to the advantage of the trading
publio to give me a call before purchasing
and Photographic Gallery 1
THE undersigned keeps the only Barber
Shop in Woodsfield. Shaving, hair-cut-ting
and shampooing done in the best style,
Contains tobacco, cigars, candies, nuts, dates,
figs, cakes, tovg for children, paper collars,
canned fruits of all kinds, sardines, ink,black-
ing, crackers, smoking tobacoo, pipes, paper,
envelopes, so., ac.
Are taken in the latest style of the Photo
graphic Art. Referenoe: Those Who have had
their pistures taken at my gallery.
Give me a call.
("Oysters by the can or half can; best in
the market. Customers served at all hours
with stewed, fried or raw oysters.
T TAtmnlaasnrnin infnrminff mv customers.
J. and the oustomers ef John Glasser, that I
. -
pared at the old stand,
have tmrchased his urocerv ana am now pre-
West End of Main Cross Street,
To sell on low terms,
It'lnn KrAnma fnlinAAA rticrftra AATlTiAfl frllitfl.
pepper, diaries, &o &o, I cau auppljr eve
11.: i al
ry miug required m mo
G R O 0 E It Y LINE.
Terms as low as those of any other grocerv
in town.
Bespeotfully informs the citizens of
and vicinity that he keeps constantly on
hand at his
Two doors North of Jndkins' Drug Store,
Beef, Pork, Veal, Sausage. &c.
He solicits the patronage of the publio, as he
will spare no efforts. to accommodate custom
ers, and hopes, by liberal dealing, to render
satisfaction to all who may bay meats at his
I will pay the market price for cattle, hogs
and sheep suitable for butchering-.
f! 0 t t r i
li.g to tiiosr uuo' cli
There are many friends of summer,
Who are kind while flowers bloom, ,
But when winter chills the blossom's,
They depart with tho perfume.
On the broad highway of action -
Friends of worth are far and few;
So when one has proved his friendship,
Cling to him who clings to you.
When you see a shipwreck'd brother,
Buffeting the stormy main.
Lend a helping hand fraternal,
Till he reach the shore again.
TKose who stand amid the tempest,
Firm as when the sides are bliw,
Will be frieiids while life endureth,
Cling to those who cling to yon.
Why. i3 , tho camel the most irascible
animal in the world ? Because he always
has his hack tip.
Why arc yoini.s: ladies, at the breaking
up of a party, like arrows? Because
they cau't go off without their beaux,
and arc in a quiver until they get Ihcm.
What is the difference between a man
and a chicken ? Man lias his eternity lii
the next world, and chickens have their
necks twirled in thi&
Why is the sua like a good loaf? .Be
cause it is not light until it rises.
Paris, Dec. 3. At the silting of the
Corps Legislatif,to-day, Henri Rochefort
rose arid demanded that the National
Guard be ordered to guard the Hall of
the' Cnrps IegislaHf in the future for the
protection Of .members. ..
The demand took the Chamber by sur
prise and created siii extraordinary sen
sation. Expressions of astonishment
burst from all parts of the hatl. Cheers
followed, which were auswered by cries
of derision and disapproval. The oppo
sition members generally applauded, but
the majority protested against the de
mand, and demonstrations were made in
its favor. .
iCAn inveterate stammerer.one day,
upon a journey, stopped to dine at a ho
tel. On attempting to help himself to
pepper at dinner, he found, after a vig
orous shaking, that tnere was no pepper
to be had. He turned round, and, beck
oning to the waiter, commenced : "Wa-wa-wa-waiter,
this pep-pep-pepper box is
som-something like me." "Why so,
sir ?" said the waiter, "l'o-po-poor de
livery." The peppcr-oox was soon ull
cd. Teacher John, suppose I were to
shoot at a tree with five birds on it, and
kill three, how man' would be left ?
John Three, sir.
T. No, two would be left, you igno
S. No, there wouldn't, though , the
tMee shot would be left, and the other
two would be flied away.
James lsk, Jr.,. says he only made six
millions in the gold pool.
When religion is made a science, there
is nothing more intricate ; when made a
duty, nqthing made more easy.
A word of kindness ! It is a seed
which, even when dropped by chance, is
sure to spring np a flower.
The Worcester Spy says : "No one is
so bitter toward a creed as he who is a
renegade from it."
If we want to get wisaonl, we must do
as the chickens do when they feed pick
up a little at a time.
Let a child believe the things which,
when a man, he may bo able to prove to
himself by reason.
'What are you looking after therc.my
dear ?" said an affectionate mother to her
daughter. "A son-in-law for father."
Cleanliness s so necessary to health,
that Dr. Francis says"if lie ever recom
mended a cure-all it should consist ot a
bar of yellow soap.
Poverty and pride arc inconvenient
companions, Due wneu idleness unues
them, the deth of wretchedness is at
Indian Commissioner Parker has gone
to Mew York to attend to business in
connection with the Jiulians. One would
suppose that Eastward was the last di
rection in which Indian business could
be attended to.
The Presbyterians of Indianapolis are
organizing to raise tueir proportional
amount of the five million memorial
fund. It is also proposed to build a
German and a colored church as a local
monument of thanks for the reunion.
The Avondale fund, for the benefit of
the families of the men killed in the
coal mine explosion, amounts, according
to the final report, to 93,200. The
greater part of this sum has been safely
invested, and the widows ana cinuircu
receive the interest.
A Quakeress, jealous of her husband,
watched his movements, and one morn
ing actually discoverad the truant kiss
ing and hugging tlie servant girl. Broad
brim was not long in discovering the
face of his wife, as she peeped through
the half-open door, and rising with all
the coolness of a general oflicer, he thus
addressed her : "Retsey, thee had better
quit peeping, or thee Will cause a dis
turbance in the lannlys ,
Mr. Simms savs if it wasn't for the
hole in the hoop you couldn't put it on
the barrel, and the barrel would burst.
"My dear," asked a husband, on ob
serving new striped hose on his only
heir, "why have you made barber-poles
of our Ernest's legs V" "Because he's a
little 3haver," was the reply.
That wa3 a beautiful idea in the mind
of a girl, who, on beholding a rose-bush
where on the top-most stem the oldest
rose was fading, while around and below
it, three beautiful crimson buds were just
unfolding their charms, at once artlessly
exclaimed to her brother, "See, Willie,
these little buds have jusl awakened in
time to kiss their mother before she
Thera are 7000 distilleries in Prussia,
and in 18G8 they consumed (5.7.iO,000
bushels of grain, and 33,000,000 bushels
of potatoes.
Excellent bananas are "raised in Aus-
J tin, Texas.
In the autumn of IS 10, while the
woods were bright in the variegated hues
which follow the light touch of frost, a
mounted traveler was pursuing his way
through a dark, broad, lovely forest in
the western prttt of the State of New
He had ridden three miles since seeing
a human habitation, and had yet two
miles to go before l'e cc'uld get sight of
another. He was" descending a Hill irito
a gloomy valle, through which flowed
a shallow, but swift running stream", and
On reaching the water lie itermittcd his
thirsty beast to drink.
At that moment a man stepped out
from a cluster of bushes into a road or
horse path, oil the other side of the
Stream. This man was dressed like a
hunter, and carried a rifle on his shoul
der. In his general . appeaidiice there
was nothing that .indicated hristilily or
wicked desigit. life wad of medium size,
compactly built, with hitelligent features
and a certain air of gentility- -seeming
rather as one abroad from a settlement
for a day's sport, than a professional
AH this the mounted traveler carefully
noticed before he crossed the stream to
continue his journey, and when they
came together pleasant salutations were
'Fine weather for traveling, sir," re
marked the man with the gun.
"And hunting. also;I suppdse," smiled
the one on the horse'. .
"Yes, there is ganic crtyiigb;" returned
the other ; "but 1 am not a godd hunter,
and can oI)h' show one bear for niy
day's work, thus far, and that is almost
useless to me. for I have ii? means of
taking it away. I would willingly gi7?
a dollar for the use of a horse like yours
for a couple of hours. If you can spare
live' m'uiutes or so, I would like you to
see the bear;4it is just beyond these
bushes some two or three hundred yards
from here."
"I will not only look fat it," said the
traveler, dismounting, arid fastening the
horse; "but if not too heavy. I will take
it along for you, as I aui going the same
The hunter thanked him in a most
cordial manner, and then, as if to make
himself agreeable and keep up conver
sation, inquired where the other was
from, whither journeying, and so forth ;
and learned in reply that the latter resi
ded in Albany, a merchant in good busi
ness, and was traveling partly for his
health, and partly with a view of maiing
an extensive purchase of land. ,
"Well, here we are," exclaimed the
hunter,and the two emerged from a dense
thicket through which they had slowly
forced their way into the more open
road ; "here we are, and I'll show you as
fine and fat a beast as you ever saw. Ob
serve where I point my rillc."
He stepped back eight or ten feet, de
liberately raised his gun to his eye, and
pointed the muzzle at the head of the
traveler. There was a flash, a loud re
port, and the victim fell like a log, his
face covered with blood.
This might or might not have been
the first crime committed by tho man
with the rifle, but as the traveler fell his
rifle .slipped from his hand, Mid he
shook violently from head to foot ; yet
he ran to his victim and hurriedly robbed
him of his pocket-book, a gold watch
and chain, some curious seals, and
a diamond ring, which he fairlv tore from
his finger. Then he dragged the tody
into the thickct,pickcd up his rifle.plung
ei madly through the bushes into the
road, mounted the traveler's horse and
dashed away from the awful scene.
We must now suppose a lapse of
twenty years.
In the spring of 1837, there lived in
the city of New York a banker and mil
lionaire, whom we shall call Stephen Ed
wards. He owned a palatial mansion,
splendidly furnished, in the verylieart of
the town,and lie ana his wite were among
the leaders of the fashionable world.
They had a beautiful daughter, just out
of sweet sixteen, who was about to be
married to a foreign nobleman.and great
preparations were being made for the
happy event.
On day. about this period, as the
great banker stood conversing with a
gentleman from another city, who had
called to sec him on business, he observ
ed that the latter turned suddenly pale
t.nd began to tremble.
"My dear sir," said he, in his usual
tones of off-hand sympathy, "what is the
matter ? Are you ill V"
"A little faint, sir; but nothing to
cause alarm," replied the other hurriedly.
"I am subject to such spells. If j-ou
will be kind enough to excuse me for teu
minutes or so, 1 will take a short walk
and return better."
In ten minutes he did return, said he
was quite well, calmly proceeded to fin
ish business with the banker, and then
respectfully took his leave.
It was perhaps a week after this that
oue night the great banker was sitting by
his fire in the library, when the servant
came in and presented him with a letter.
He took it with a yawn, took it in the
most indolent and indifferent manner
possible,lut had not read a dozen words
before ho came up with a start, turned
deadly pale, and trembled so tllut tlic pa
nor rattled. lie read the note for it
was ratlkr a note than a letter worked
one hand nervously at his throat and
with the other clasped his forehead and
temples. For a minute or two he seem
ed to be choking into calmness, by his
iron will, some terrible emotion, and he
so far succeeded as to address tuc wait-
in" servant in an ordinary tone.
"James," he said, "who gave you this
"A man, sir, and said he'd wait for an
"Then I suppose he's wailing ?"
"Yes, sir."
"Very well ; show him in."
Soon there was a slight tan at the
door, and the banker said "come in," in
an ordinary tone.
The Fcrvant opened the door, ushered
in the stranger and immediately witli
drcw. The stranger was a man verging
oil sixty.of rough appearance and attire.
IJe wore an old gray overcoat, buttoned
to the throat, and a pair of green gog
gles, and his whole tlrcds was saturated
with raiu. '
"Take a scat," said the banker, point
ing to a chair near the fire.
' N thr.ik you, I'll stan 1." avis tlio
gruff reply. "You got rdy letter, and of
course 3011 know 1113 btfs'iiicss."
"ion alliKlc to tins, 1 suppose re
plied the banker, p'rodneiug the letter
which had caused him so much pertur
"1 do not understand it; you must
have made a mistake.
"No ; no mistake at all. I was pres
ent twenty years ago the tentl day of
October; and saw 3'oq short the man j
and if you go and dcn3' it, I'll have yott
iii prison before morning. I've laid irfy
plans and got everything sure,and if 3011
go to playing innocent and refuse my
terms, I'll take care to see that 3011 die
stretching heitip."
The bariker turned pale in spite of
himself, shuddcreu, and
struggled to a
"I can't give it it would ruin me."
"Just as you sa3," rejoined the other,
moving toward the door; "3011 know
what will follow if I go this way."
, He argued, urgod and implctrc'il for
mercy at a less fearful cost. In fail!
At last the banker seeing r'uin,rtjsgraCc
and death bt'forc hiin if lie refused
agreed to the terms He agreed to meet
the strariger, with the required sum, on
the following night in lront of St. Paul's
church. Both were punctual to the fixed
time, and bills and checks to the amount
of one hundred thousand dollars chang
ed hands.
A month later and there was a tre
mendous run on the bank of which Ste
phen Edwards was the priucipal owner.
It was soon broken and closed. Then
the sheriff Was set to work by eager
creditors, and all the real and personal
property of the late millio'naire was seiz
ed and soldi leaving him a beggar; and
just claims" Unsatisfied. Fashiondblc
friends deserted the faniihsand thd proud
noblemaii refused the hand of the1 ac
complished daughter.
In the very midst of his disgrace !Hid
tribulation Edwards enconntCreJ the man
who had turned pale and became so agi
tated in his presence a short time be
fore. "I rather think 3ou do not know me,
sir," said the gentleman with a formal
"Your face sccihs somewhat familiar,
but I cannot name you," returned Ste
phen Edwards.
"Permit me to bring myself to 30111
recollection, then, as I wis"li3Tou to know
me. A little more than six weeks ago
I was talking to 3ou on business, when
you observed that I turned deadly pale
and uecame agitated."
"Ah- yds I remember you now."
"I did not tell why I was thus affected.
Mv eye had just chanced upon a curious
seal which had once belonged to a mer
chant named Philip Sydne3', who was
shot in the western part of this slate
some twenty years ago ; I knew you to
be the villain who committed the foul
"Merciful God !" exclaimed the bank
er, with a blanched face and quaking
"Yes, I knew you," pursued the other,
"and a week after I disguised myself
and had dit interview with you in your
own mansion. You remember that oT
course ?"
"But,"' gapped tho treniWlng wretch,
"did I not "pay 3011 your own price to
keep my fatal secret V
"Yes ; and with that very mone3, and
what other I could command, 1 was ena
bled to buy up enough of 30111 own bills
to make that run upon your bank which
broke it and forced ruin upon you."
"And what would you do now that I
am ruined ?" inquired he with the deadly
calmness of desperation.
"Now that I have my revenge, I want
you to know that I myself hiu the man
you attempted to murder, and did rob.
I am Philip Sidney. Behold wlicre tlie
ball struck and glanced !" and he took
off his hat and showed it.
"God be praised !.' ejaculated the oth
er, "lioa be praiscu mat you arc sun
living,'- and unable to restrain his emo
tion ho burst into tears. "Oh, sir," he
continued, "you have taken a load from
my soul. -Though poverty, distress
and beggary are staring me in the faCe, I
am not guilty of murder, aud more nap
py than I have tbecn in twenty years,
with all the luxurious surroundings of
wealth. It was my first and last crime.
I have never bceu able to tell how I was
so tempted to outrage my nature as on
that fearful occasion. Now, sir, do with
me what you will only, I pray you, be
merciful to my innocent family."
"1 forgive 3011,' returned the other ex
tending his hand. "You have been fear
fully punished already ; and as God has
seen proper to bring us together, let us
hope for our present and future salva
tion, i endeavor so to live as to deserve
the blessintrs we receive. I will restore
you cncugii to place you and your fain
Uy tibove want, and for the rest I trust
wtj shall soon have to render an account
in another world." 1
Philip Sidney kept his word, and with
it start m the world, ami an cas3 con
science, the still enterprising Stephen
Edwards accumulated another respecta
ble fortune, the most of which he spent
in charity.
Send yoiir son ii'.lo the world with
godd pi inciples,giol habits, and a good
education, and he will work his way.
The belles at Copenhagen lately were
three young American girls, Miss Payne,
Miss Parsons and Miss Jerome, who
were the only-unmarried ladies included
in the first scries of invitations.
Dr. AVcdenkind.who has been puzzliug
a New York Court with all manner of
Latin formulas, couldn't sign his name
when called upon to do so the other day,
but made "his mark."
The royal family of Prussia arc an
aspiring set. Out of six male represen
tatives, all arc over six feet tall, with the
exception of two, and one, Prince Al
breclit, Jr, is six feet and seven inches.
Quite a number of Mormons have
evacuated the Salt Lake region, and
have taken up their auultng place in
Jackson County, Mo. They repudiate
polygamy, and mean to set to work to
build up a temple devoted to monogamy.
The house of the editor of the Talla
hassee Floridian was blown up the other
day. In preparing lor a huutiug expe
dition he provided a three pouud can of
powder.which a little negro boy thought
was something to eat and put it on the
ttnyp. to warm, llie 13' wa. k'He-I.
Nothing at all in the paper to-day!
Only a murder somewhere or other
A girl who has put her child away,
Not being a wife as well as a mother;
Or a drunken husband boating a wife,
With the neighbors lying awake to listen, '
Scarce aware he has taken a life
in at the window the dawn-rays glisten.
But that is tiP- In thoi regular way
There's notlarfg at aM iri the paper to'-ct-ty. .
Nothing' at all in the paper to-day!
To bo sure there's a woman died of starvation,
Fell down in the street as so many may
In this very prosperous Christian nation;
Or two young girls, with some inward grief
Maddened, have plunged in the inky waters;
Or a father has learnt that his son's a thif
Or a mother been robbed of one of her daugh
ters.' : '' ' - 1 1 '
Tilings that dcc'iir in tlie regular way '
There's' nothing at all in the p;ipcr to-day.
There's nothing at all in the paper to-day," u'
Unless you care about things in the city
How great rich rogues for their crimes must
(Though all gentility eric out "pit)"H
Like the meanest shop-boy that robs a till. .
There's a case to-day, if I'm not forgetting,
The lad's only "borrowcd,,, as such lads will,
To pay some money he lost in betting.
But there's nothing in that that's out of the
way - 1
There's nothing at all in the piper to-day.
Nothing at all in the paper to-day
But tho births and bankruptcies, deaths aud
Put life's events in the old survey,
With Virtue beprginir, and Vice' in carriages
Aud kindly hearts rindcr ermine gowns,
And wicked breasts under hodder gray.
For goednoss belongs riot only to clowns, .
And o'er other thari lords does sin bear swav.
But what do I read? "Drowned! Wrcoked!"
Did I say
XLore was nothing at all in tho paper to-day?
JFrom the Cincinnati Eniuirer.
The Fatal Congressional Duel.
In our article some weeks ago on the
Graycs-Cilley duel,fonght between tho3c
gentlemen both members 01 Congress
at the time, in 1837, the first from. Ken
tucky and the second from 3Iaine re
sulting in the death of Cilley, we alluded
to the remorse of Graves for3ears after.
A gentleman from Maine recently visit
ed the house of General Jones, of Wis
consin, who was a Second iu the duel,
aud from him learned the rc'iowing facts,
which arc published in the Portland Ar
gus. The writer says :
"General Jones expressed great admi
ration foi Mr. Cilley, iiild deci regret
for the unliP-ppy termination of the affair.
It may not lie generally kaown that the
latter portion of the life of Mr. Graces
was nnhappy in tho extreme. Ho died
the victim of regrets and most horrible
of horrors." Two 3ears he passed in
sleepless nights, with rooms lighted and
with watching friends, whom he was un
willing to have for a moment leave his
presence. He consumed tho hours of
the night in walking to and fro.in moans
end groans and tears, and in wild excla
mations. At length.worn out with men
tal anguish, grief unmitigated and watch
fulness, the unhappy man expired.'.'
From tho Carlisle (Ky.) Mercury. ;
The Most Remarkable Father and
Son. .
A most remarkable case of consan
guineous affection and sympathy is llmt
of a father and son, living in the adjoin
ing county of Fleming. The father is
about forty-five years of age and the son
not yet twenty. When one has an3' com
plaint the other is similarly affected. If
the father has the. headache, tho son lias
it at the same time ; if one suffers with a
toothache, the other also suffers with it ;
when one gets a cold, the other gets ' it
also ; and so it goes on through all the
catalogue of ordinary complaints. But
yet lViore remarkable still is the similar
ity of their appetites, temperaments, and
general actions. What one likes and
eats, the other likes and eats ; and what
one dislikes and wont cat, tho other dis
likes and wont eat. If one becomes an
gr3,or gloom3, or happy ,to the same de
gree and at the same time is the other hn
gry.or gloonn-.or happy. They sneeze at
the same time, sleep at (the samo time
and the same number of hours, and the
most remarkable of all.they dream at the
same time and the dream of one is the
same as that of the other We might go
on and enumerate many other instances
of the relationship existing between this
father aud son, though the above arc
sufficient as. showing . how strange and
remarkable that relationship is.
itiTLook well to 3Our stack-y.irds.and
especially the tops of yonr stacks. Some
unfriendly current ol air may have clis
arranged the covering put on with care
i'ul hands in August If so, the matter
should receive immediate ai thorough
attention. See that tvery chance lor
loss or waste of the fotltkr wlii'.'H has
been gathered for the cattle be guarded
against. It will.be all needed before an
other spring, and whether it is needed
or not, waste is unpardonable, always,
evciTwhere, and iu the least as well as
the largest things.
"The Coining Man"' A waiter.
The lowest class of socie.tj' Dwarfs,
The piece festival A quilting part
A table of interest The dinner-table.
Exposed lumber Tlie open board of
brokers. '
A romance of the middle ages An
old maid's love letter.
Why is drawing from nature infec
tions V It's sketchinr. .'
A good way to find a woman out
Call when she isn't home. -
The Esquimaux say, "A man who has
three wives in tins world is sure of heav
en in the next."
A scapegrace remarked that the prin
ciiial branch of education in his school
was a willow branch.,,,
"How close you arc, husband ; you'll
squabble about a farthing." "Well, 1
always thought tho less one squabbles
about, the better." ,. . .. ...
"I will have order!" shout 'd the cap
lain of a schooner to his refr.ictory cook
"If you won't cook the dinner, I'll do it
myself. I will have, discipline on board
t tip:- err vrff.o- :
Mv AVifcrsBrltMToui-r
. -, ... . -. . .
When I married tmy second wifVsba
was dreadful set about going off 6jt$
bridal tour. I told her she'd better wajfj.
six months or a year, and Td try ,.to gj
with her, but she said she'd rather gd
ilone-when a women wits traveling's'"
iriitii was an out-and oiH bumbug. :
So I gave her 8event3'-fiVe cents, itid
told her to go off and have a good time4.
I never begrudge money where tify wife's
happiness is concerned. My first wife -uever
could complain of not going jint:
whores, for I'm dreadful fierce to co off
on a good time myself, and a!wa3a wasV -.
I dou't pretend to &iy how many times:'; .
I took her out to see tho engine squirt
and there was no end to the free lec?
tur'es 1 ltt lier go to. The neighbors,
itfie'tl to sfy "It does beat all how, the
Shhiuera do go !" - ...... . , .T .
When Signor Blitz wis Iri Slunkviyc',
Willi his wonderful cifn'arics,' Hs gave nty -wife
a coniplimenta'r3 ticket I not only
sold that ticket for my wife, but I gave
her half ihe money. I don't boast of it
though ; 1 chily mention it to show how
mtich I thought of niy wife's happiness.'
I dou't think any man ought to get
married till he can consider hia 'wife''
happiness only second to his own. Joliri .)
Wise, a neighbor of mine, did thusly;
and when I got married, I conclilded f u
do like Wise. ' ' ",
. But the plan didn't work in the ; case
of my second wife. No, I should vau
not. I broached the subject kindly.
"Matilda," I said, "I suppose you are
aware that I am now your lord aud Was
ter." , ; , , - .-.
"Not much' you" alnt," said she: "'?
"Mrs. Skinner," I replied, "you .arc;
fearfully demoralized. You need reor
ganizing at once. You are cranky.' .,.
Arid I brandished my flew sixty-two cent '
umbrella wildly around her. . fE -
She took the unhrella away from me,
and locked me up iuthe clothespres. ;'
I am quick to draw au inference, .anf
tlie inference I drew here Was, that I ',
was not a success as a reorganize of
female women. . , . . , .' -in
After this.I changed my tactics. X let
her have her owu way, and the plaaVi
worked to a charm from the very firstv
It's the best way of managing wiffT
tbat I know of. Of course this is b& j
t ween 3 0U and mc. '
So when my wife said she was bound
to go off on a bridal tour anhow, I cor. :
dially assented. ' .
"Go. Matilda," said I, -'and stay " as
long as you want to ; then if you feel "a J
though you would like to tay a little
while longer, stay, my dear, sta3." ;s --f
She told mo to stop t!!kingv and . go-,
up stairs dnd get her f cjt Hiiunel night; ,
cap, and that bag of pciiiiy rdyal fdr licr
Annt Abigail. ' : f 'r
lly '.rife is a very smart woman'. . '.She
was a Baxter, and the Baxters are a very
smart famiU; iudecd. - Her motherirhjj
is going on eighty, cau frv more, slap- "
jacks now, .than half these primped-uj)
city girls, who rattle 011 tlie piano, ir
else walk the streets with their furbelow
and fixings, pretending to get m:
young chap looks at 'cm pretty hard.but
getting mad in earnest if you don't take
any notice of them at all. -: ' ' , rT
Ah : girls am t what thev used to be
when I was oung, and the . fellows are-"
worse still. When I werti. coUrtingir.for
instance, I never thought of staying tilL.,
after ten o'clock, and oubj'.weut twice a
-v- . 1 ' ,.-
wcck. ...ow IUC3 go seven nigmu in a
week, and cry because there aiut eight'!
Then they write touching notes to cacliTr
other during the day: "Dear GcorgtC,
do you love me as much as you did, at -
3uarter past twelve last 1 ijht ? ; Say 3011
0, dearest, and it will give mc courage
to go down to diuner and tackle thera
cold beans, left over from yesterday."
Well, well, I suppose they enjoy them- r
selves.and it ain't fox us old folksjwhbse f
hearts have got a little calloused D3' long
wear, to interfere. ' Lot them get togeth-'
or and court, if they like it and-1 think,
they do. I was forty-seven, whea 1 courrf
ted iny present wife, but it seemed, justj
as nice to sit on a little cricket 'at her,
feet, and lethor smooth my hair,' if
did thirty years ago. ?.- 7
As I said licfore, ny wife is a. tcfy-
smart woman, but she- couldn't be, pliyi .f
thing else, and be a Baxter, SI16 used
to give lectures on Woman's,, High ts,and
in one place where she-. lectured i'M1?'
college conferred the title of L." L. Ii:
upon her. But she wouldn't take it. 'Noj,t
gentlemen," .said she, "give , it, V the;,,
poor," She was alwayt, just so charita
ble. She gave my boys permission 'to'
go barefooted all winterjand insisted
upon it so-much in her' feuid 'fl-oj-.r-tbSi r
they cmlldnlt refuse. - - . : ' : v .
She fairly dotes, on niy children; ,
I've seen her roan3 a time" go 10 theif
trowscrs pockets and take out their per!-""
nics after they'd got to sleep,' and put
them in her !triri drawer for fear-thex''
might lose tiieiu. . .. v v
1 started to tell you about my wife a .
bridal tour, but the fact is, I never coohl
find out much about it myself. '1 believe '
she had a good time. She eatuo "bads
improved in health, and I found out,.bKl.
fore she'd been iu tho house twent3-four. .
hours, that hhe'd gained in strength also. "
I dou't say how 1 found it out, 1 simply
say 1 found it out. - k 1 ";" ' :-'
" ... . -' , '
In conclusioi,l would say to all j'Otlng I
men : Marry your second wife firsti. and,
keep out of debt by all means; cvcH if
you have to borrow nioUe3 to do it. '
Lt'iov.I)eeeinlKT 3. Dispatches Tfoiii
Koine announce that a prcsynodul con
ference was held yesterday, when si pit
pal allocution was delivered and the
oaths administered to the officers of kt! e
(Eeiimencial Council.
The Times to d:iv as things at Komc
are auguring ill lor the Council. Galli
anistn is rampant, the Austrian German
Bishops demur to the dogma of intalli
biliiy,aiid di.-c- r I is apprehended among
the Italians. AntoneUi is bhaking hu
head at a p'-rfiumance in which he nevt-r
felt sympathy. It will be sonic lime lie-
fore it can lecarae clear whether the
Council will bring the Church peace of
a sword. - ;. s'.-.l -0 V
Said an astronomer, to a bright ev at
uirl, , , when talking of, rainbows: Vl)id
you ever see a lunar bow' miss ?" '"I have"
seen beaux by moonlight, wr, if IhatV.
vh;it y-u tn:in.': w:; the - sly rejoinder,:';

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