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Tnesdajv October 29, 1872.
The trade of Monroe and adjoining
counties should notice the -advertise
.ments of Wheeling bouses to le found
in this issue : - . .
.'" IIesrt Bkces, No. 114 Main street,
(lia9 the largest, and lcst selected" stock
of dry goods to be found in the city.
'All orders attended to with promptness;
prices low and goods of first quality.
J. II. Stallman (fe Co , merchant tail
ors t No. 25 Monroe' street, have a first
class clothing - establishment. Their
prices for suits are very reasonable and
customers need have no fears of being
imposed npon by "shoddy," when . tbey
lmy there. If you need an overcoat,
dres9 suit, business suit, shirts, drawers,
or anything else in the .clothing, line,
give them a call.
W. II. IIenkkgah & Co , jewelers, No.
104 Main street, invite the custom of
the country; they aie business men and
6end out work and were that cannot fail
lo "please those who trade with them.
G. W.. Fkanzueisi fc Co., No 157
31aiket street, keens a large stock of
Jliquor8 : on hands. The reputation of
the house for fair dealing is excellent,
and their liquors arc as represented ;
prices compare favoraWy with those of
other dealers
t3akper& Bro , No. 77 Main street,
are prepared at all times to furnish the
trade with the latest styles of hats, caps,
ladies fuvs aiid other goods in their line.
They are reliable in every way.
Joseph Cartwkigiit, No. 125 Main
'street, deals in guns, powder, shot, caps,
gun wads, cutlery, guitars. banjos,;spec
tacles, field and opera glasses, and other
. articles found in a first class establish
ment. t Ttyis house has been doing bu
siness tor the last 27 years and is known
by sportsmen, surveyors, musicians, and
other 'classes, tp be first-class. Orders
' promptly attended to. Call when you
visit the city.
William Baciiarachv No. 109 Main
street, calls the attention of all whole
sale milliners and merchants to his full
line of millinery and fancy goods.
Prices reasonable as at other establish
ments. . Give him a call when you visit
the city. Orders will receive prompt
attention.- . Oct S3, 46.,
J. L. Hobbs & Sojt, No. 115 Main and
49 water street, dealers in qucehsware
and other goods n that line, are doiug
a fine business. Their stock is an ex
tensive one, and assorted with a view to
suit the trade of Ohio, West Virginia
and that of other places doing busi
ness in the cilv.
FpR5E8'k Coluss,No. 52 Main street,
have a first-class queenswarc establish
ment and invite the trade to give them
a call... They sell no inferior wares;
their prices will compare favorably with
those of other establishments in the
same business.
Boslet & Fenkt, Confectioners, No.
'69 Main street, have a house full of
ewcet things. They have preserved
.mince. meat, put np in buckets, that will
keep sweet until used ; this is something
liew in the trade Their candies and
oUiericoofeclionerres are first class.
John P. TRUscnELL, confectioner, No.
J06 market street, deals in confectione
Hc9 suitable to the trat?e of 'this section.
He keeps a full stock on hands at all
times and sells at fair prices. Give him
a call when you go to the city to buy
your IIoliday-Tjoods."
. Simpson & Hoge, No. 35 Main street,
West side, wholesale dealers in dry
goods, notions and other articles usually
found in wholesale dry goods houses,
have the largest and best stock to be
found in ..Wheeling. They aru A, Np. 1
nfetfWd can be relied rpon 'to do just
what they promise
List, Datenport & Parks,- wholesale
grocers, corner Main 4 Quincjf streets,
keep constantly on bands the choicest
family groceries to be found in the mar
ket" The reputation of the firm for fair
dealing ; is 'established with the trade,
east and west Buy your groceries there
if-joa desire the best. , .
C. Pi Bbowk k Co., No. 2 Washing
ton Hall, Monroe street, jewelers, have
-an establishment second to none in the
country.' This . house ia well known
to the" tiade throughout the 1 country.
Allwaro atd work warranted to do ex
actly as represented. ,1'
C. D. Knox & Co.,No. C5 Main street,
'deal -extensively in boots and shoes of
every style and description, lhe firm
has aVeputatioa for honest, square deal
ing, 'that lias built up an extensive trade
'Our merchants, who deal elsewhere; can
vdo better at this house than at any other
Vest of the eastern cities. .
Wji; H. RoBissosjNo. 75 Main street,
has " complete stock : of paints, oils,
glass, white "and red lead, turpentine,
"varnishes, lime, doors, sash, glaized
'sash and evrirjthing else to be . found in
a flrkt class house of this kind. Orders
promptly filled, at reasonable rates. Mr.
Robinson can be relied upon as an hon
est, upright business man.
"XgjrThere is a muss in. Barnesville,
"bat T.'T. Uaklon is just ' as cool as
"cucumber and is selling the cheapest
-goods. ; , That is so. ,
3PHt. Castle is guilty of falsehood
Vhea he gays that we charge .any one
for1 publishing communications. Our
columns have always been free to men
of all parties to reply to anything ap
pearing' in them." But we are not sur
prised at the assertion, because we think
that a man who would get so low down
in trickery, as that proved by his own
communication concerning the resigna
tion and -re appointment of Doherty
and Tilford, as School Examiners,
whnld not stoD writinz simply because
an untruth dropped from his pen. 1
i - . ' "
- 3rThe Grand jury made the follow
ing report concerning the county, jail
"We hereby certify that we have ex
am'ned the county jail and find the same
in a clean, health condition, and kept
in accordance with law and the rules of
this Court 1 Michael Eoughser,
. i Foreman.
'X"Ladies,yon that want fancy goods
lace collars, hats or bonnets, Hosiery
nd gloves go to T. T. iIaxlon s. . .
; 3rOn the farm of Josnn Massie,
an Seneca township, this county, two
pheasants visit the chicken yard daily
and roost with the chickens at night
They are very tame, being as easily ap-
toroacbed as the domestic iowis.
Ti. Tt. T. Cowew. and J
WShawon, Esq., of the t Clairsville
Bar, were in attendance at oai Court a
f jw days during last week.
Reply of the Probate
J udge.
He Pleads "Guilty to all Tbe
Counts In tbe Indictment.
Eds. Spirit: The cenerous
offer of;
the use of the columns of the "bpirit"
mn.-l in tli icmr nf the .9,i ,w T
gladly accept. A reasonable? compen
sation, is gcue rally necessary
the use of its columns-, by any
to obtain
one, and
to give a iiadieal privilege to defend he got tLe ,,owtr ie WObW wnive me,
himself, leads me to conclude, that, not-; ami my hell hound appointees out of of
withstandihg what people say, a lutlej fica in a hurry."
humanitv.is left in the institution though i County Commissioners arc re
it miuhi take a fine tooth comb to find ; quested to pay attention to the above,
it. The first assertion of the "Spirit" by refusing to issue an order, because
is partly true. I was a candidate, and Mr. Castle writes it down, in so many
I was defeated but not "badly defeated."
Mr. Hudson. Democratic candidate for
Congress, received over Sprague, Re
publican 1760 majority. Mr.' Morris,
Democratic candidate for Probate Judge
received over myself 1299" majorit-. It
is certainly Vemaikable, and should be
published not only in this County but
throughout the ti. S , that a "sound
Dciubcrat" defeated a "Radical" for a
Mom-ox; County Olliuc. The second as
sertion of the "Spirit" is also only par
tially true- I have appointed two Radi
cal School Examiners. That much I
am not ashamed of. "But if I blush be
this my shame"' I appointed one Demo
crat, instead of leaving a clean Radical
Board, a3 a Radical Officer, appointed
by a Rad;cal Governor, should have
done. The third assertion for a won
der, is all true. Doherty and Tilford
resigned on the 11th, and ware appoin
ted each to fill the others vacancy on
the 12th. This was not done however
because .the first appointments were
faultyi for I am prepaicd to prove them
as legal appointments as any made since
the administration of Judge Steel. This
is teimed by the "Spirit" "a trick." It
is an old trick, and originated in' the
Democratic party, away back in the
eighteen hundred and tortibs.whcn Win-.
Okcy, a Democratic Clerk of the Court
resigned one day and was re-appuintcd
the next, because the appointing power
was about to be vested in a Whig Judge.
He served his full ,term. Now keep
your eyes open and sec if the trick has
lost any of its power. Notwithstand
ing the precedent referred to above, no
such thing should have been done, had
not Mr. Morris, the day after the elec
tion, boasted publicly, that "when he
got the power, he would waive me, and
my hell hound appointees out of office
in a hurry."
In conclusion, let me rt-fer to the pat
ent fact, that tie oflL-e of School Exani
iner, has been used in this county as a
steppiug stone, to something better in
the way of oflice. We hoard it remark
ed "there is a few Scool Teachers down
there that run conventions " This is
certainly ruinous to the educational in
terests of any county, and when I made
the appointments referred to, I chose
men who would have nothing to exnect
from Monroe County in the office line.
They were not graduates,, (and I had
no time to import any, the ministers in
town ,beii.g too nice men to dabble in
any thing so dirty as M. C. politics) but
both old Teachers, and men whom I
expected to be fair in their examinations
and to have the" Stamina to refuse a cer
tificate, without fear or favor, where one
was not merited. "
' Coolly Yours,
T. O Castle,
"Which was."
Woodsfield. Oct. 24, 1872.
Ferry Licence.
The Court granted a Ferry license to
David W. Noll of Barcsvilte, on the
25th hist. The Ferry to run from Bares-
ville to a point on the opposite shore in
West Virginia. The rates to be charged
are as follows:
For a single person, 5 cents; for a
single person and horse, 20 cents ; for
one horse and wagon, 40 cents; for two
horses and wagon, 50 eents; for four
horses and wagon, 81 00; for cattle,
15 cents per head ; for liogs and sheep,
cents per head. ...
The above charges shall be made
when the river is in ordinary 6tage of
water, and in times of more than ordin
ary difficulty; he shall be entitled to
charge and receive for a single person
10 cents, and for each and all the other
items 50 rjor cent of the schedule price
in addition. . .r
XyWho is T. T. IIaxlon? Why he's
that man in Barnesville that is selling
the cheapest flannels, shawls, scarfs,
shoes, jeans, alpacas, sheetings, vclvct-
eens. cassimers, anu 'uuukcco iur
per pair. That s so and no
go and see.
Session of the County
The Board met in" Special session on
the 24th inst ; present William Work
man, C Ckhks and James Abmstong.
James R. Morris' bond as rrooate
Judge, for the vacancy, was received
and' accepted. .-.. .
Jacob Drums's bond lor tne penorm-
ance of the duties of Infirmary Direc
tor was accepted.
Ordered that Drollmger & Co., rje
paid 8200, part payment on contract of
Bares ville bridge.
John and Simon Shrake be paid 81,-
700 part paymeut on contract ot abut
ments of Sunfish bridge.
Ordered that J. O. Amos,J. U. Dnggs
and A. -J. Pearson be paid 875 for ex
amining Commissioners Report.
The Board adjourned on the Zbth
Miss S. Read, of Woodsfiotd,
begs leave to inform her numerous
friends and customers that she has just
received a full and new Block of Millin
ery and Fancy goods for the coming
fall and winter season,' which 6he will
sell at the very lowest prices. Bonnets
and hats done over in all the latest
styles. . .. Oct. 29, 2 1
iFarraers, if -you want to save 25
per cent, go to T. T. Hanlon, Barnes
ville, and buy your goods for ca&h.
jfcfTln the case of Ohio vs. Louis
Ricer, indicted for "assault with intent
to murder," the defendant having been
heretofore arraigned, entered his plea
In Bar to said indictment on the 2oth
Inst. The State filed a Demurrer to the
plea and was argued by counsel. The
Court overruled the Demurrer, and or
dered the defendant discharged
"William Sindledecker, indicted
for an "assault and battery" upon the
person of Mrs. DAwsori was arraigned
in Court in the 25th insi., and plead
"Guilty. The Court sentenced him to
20 days confinement in the County jail,
to pay a fine of 810, aud the costs of
3TWe owe the Citizens of Adams
township an apology. William Sin
bledkcker is not a resident of that
township, but of Switzerland. He for
merly resided in Adams.
"The Grand jury reported in the.
case of Ohio "vs. John WiLLlASta" and
George Williams, charged with throw
ing down a fence, "not a true bill."
The F.x-Probate Judges Reply.
Mr. Castle makes a desperate effort,
in his reply, concerning the re appoint
ment of the resigned Examiners, to say
something sharp, but only succeeds in
proving himself "guilty" of an act of
I which he is certainly ashamed. Hear
Lis guilty and contemptible confession:
'No such thing would have been
done, had not Mr. Morris, the day after
the rlpo.lion. hnastiw niiblic.lv. T.hnt Whin
words, that the only reason for his own,
and the action of the Examiners, was
that Mr. Mourns had boasted that ho
would do a certain thing.
Now, we assert that Mr. Morris nev
er made use of any such language.
But Mr. Castle says he did, because
he and his pals arc in a tight place, and
are ready and willing to squeeze into
any hole, however small it may be. Ad
mit, for the sake ot the argument, that,
he did use the language imputed. Would
that be sufficient to warrant the exten
sion of one Examiners time 9 months
and the others 5 months, and take from
the County Treasury 83, for so doing?
No. And we have yet to hear a sin
gle tax-payer justify the action of either
Castle, Dohektt or. Tilford; but we
have heard dozens of them express
themselves to the effect that they did
not want 'another Radical County official
soon again ; anrt that Dohkutv and Til
ford oualtt to be ashamed to meet the
teachers of Monroe County after the
perpetration of so contemptible a piece
of trickery. "Coolly Yours" is the
winding up. A man is generally "Cool"
after being detected and exposed in of
ficial trickery that causes him to hang
his head, with shame, when an honest
tax payer looks at him.
The Manner.
Mr. John B. Dkiggs, of Woodsfield,
presented the election Banner' to the
Democracy of Jackson township, on
Saturday, the 2Gth inst. Mr. Driggs"
presentation speech was greeted with
cheers, and the Democracy responded
with three cheers for the Flag, three for
the Democracy of Jackson, and three
for the Democracy of Monroe County.
The Banner is to be fought for again
on Tuesday, the 5th day of November.
5TThe Association of Ministers of
the M. E. Church, of this District, as
sembled here last week and continued
in session three days. The proceedings
were quite interesting, and will be pub
lished as soon as they are received.
jCSTJAMES 11. Morris gave bond in
the sum or 810,000 on the 24th inst,and
assumed the duties of the office of Pro
bate Judge the same day.
jCSTCoinmon Pleas (Joint adjourned
on the 2Gih inst.' The proceedings will
appear in our next issue
Are ou Ciioing West!
If so, tukc'our advice, and purchase
your tickets over the old reliable and
popular Missouri Pacific Railroad, which
is, positively, the only line that runs three
Daily Express Trains from St. Louis to
Kansas City and the West ! and is, posi
tively, the only liue wlpch runs Pullman's
Palace Sleepers and fine Day Coaches, I
(especially for viovers) equipped with
Miller's Safety Platform and the Patent
Steam Brake, from St. Louis to Kansas
City, Fort Scott Parsons, Lawrence,
Leaven n orth, Atchison, St. Joseph, Ne
braska City, Council Blnffs and Omaha
without cTiange! For information in
regard to time tables, rates; ic, to any
point in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,Col
orado, Texas or California, call upon or
address S. II. TnoMrsox, Agent, Missou
ri Pacific Railroad, Columbus, Ohio; or
E. A. Ford, Gen'l Passenger Agent- St.
Louis, Mo. ,1-"' '
JVo trouble to answer questions!
Castoria A substitute for Castor
Oil is a physic which does not distress
or gripe, but is sure to operate when all
other remedies have failed. You may
confidently rely npon Castoria in Stom
ach Ache, Constipation, Flatulency,
Croup, Worms, Piles or deranged Liver.
It contains neither Minerals, Morphine,
Opium nor Alcohol, but i9 purely a vege
table preparation, perfecllyiiarmless,and
above all, pleasant to take. The Casto
ria soothes and quiets the system, and
produces natural sleep. It is a wonder-
tul thing to assimilate the food of chil
dren aiyl prevent them from crying. A
da cent bottle will do the work for a fami
ly and save many doctor's bills.
J. B. Rose & Co., 53 Broadway, N.Y
woodsfikld produck market
S4TtrttDAT. Oct. 26, 1872.
Wheat per biidhel 1 50
Flour per barrel 4t. 10,00
Flour per hundred ; ...,5,00
Corn per bushel ; ;.. 50
Beans "
Flax-seed "
Barley "
, 20
Butter per :b.
Eggs per dozen.
Fish, per lb...... .'. 8al0c
Raps per lb 3
.. 5,00
,. 6,50
.. 1,00
.. 4,00
... 50
.... 50
Timothy seed
Clover seed
Dried Apples.
Dried Peaches.
Hay, per ton
Wood per cord...
Onions pet bushel
Corn meal per bushel...
Sorghum molasses by the bbl
Socks per pair ....4050
Bacon per pound.. b12
Beef per pound SalO
Tallow "
Candles " 16
Lard " 8
ta Jpberlisciiunts,
(Successor to Shulz & Truscliel,)
Manufacturer of. French and
American Confectionery;
And Dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nnts,
Canned H ints, Vsqetalles, Catsups. Pickles.
Sauces; also, Refined Sugars, Crackers, Fire
iQ6 Market
street, TfheeUog, ' West ' Vft
ATev Goods!, New Goods! I
J. II, STAI.I-U AX fc ( O.,
And Dealers In
No. 25 Jlouroe street,
Are now receiving a large and elegant stock
of goods, for Fall and Winter wear, embrao.
ing all the new styles and designs usnally
found in a Fashionable Jlorchaut Tailoring
French and English Cloths,
Of every coler and textur.
English, French, Scotch aud
Chinchilla, Castor. English, Mel
ton and Heaver
VKSTINaStuf.ile8 variety.
We are prepared to make these good te
order iu the latest and mojt fajliloabl
styles. Also have large stook of
Qent'b FnRNisuisu Goods, including
everything adapted to men's wear. SHIRTS
made to order and a perfeot fit guaranteed.
ootMaiS. , It. STALL AT AN k CO.
a P i Q
C 4 -
25 t Z
' vJ
0 r
o .
3 53 5!
-X 'Ji
- !"i ton m -
ft Z
5 5 & 3
2 s A
(1 0 I
C. i. BROWS......
. .... I. 0. DILLON.
C. P. BROWN k CO.,.
Dealers in all kinds of
American and Foreign Clocks,
Watches, Diamonds, Jetoelry and Silver
No- 2 Washington Hall, Jlionroe Btret,Whtel-
Ing, West Va.
"Watches, Clocks and ewilht repaired.
Importers of and Wholesale Dealers in
China,' Glass k Queenswarej
Steamboat & House Fiirns'g Goods,
Lamps, & lamp fixture,
No. 62 Jtfain street, Ifheeling, If eat Va,
obbera of
Dry Goodfti Notions?, &c,
llave removed to their New Room,
No. 35 Main street, West Side.
Opposite H. K. List's irarehonse.
oot29r. irheeling, W. Va
Importers of Qucensware,
Manufacturers of Flint Glass,
And Dealers in Steamboat and
ITouso Furnishing Goods.
115 Ifain and 49 Water street, irheelinf,
H'est Va, oct29m?.
Importers of
tt i ir l ii i ni
; and Dealers in
Choice Whiskies & Catawk Rifles,
No U7 Ifarket at, Wheeling, W V-otZ9m5.
I disire to call the atteu'tlon of ray nntneron
frifnii iu Woodsfield aud enrrdunding couii
Irj to my stook of
Fall iiUinory!
psrehaed this Fall br mraelf and CU Ass a '
UclLVfiNR, ia the very bet hotwea In New
York, aud with especial reference to the want.
of the better olasa of customers. My l took of
llibbou$4 Laces,
Cannot be enrpaseed in Ohio or equaled-in
West Virginia,
Silk Velvets, Uress Trimmings.
A superior stook of
rcss Si I k s,
In Black and all colors.
iorsets, Hair and Mohair
Curls and Switches-
My stock of
Dress Fringes. Blk Guipure Lades
Is complete.
Heavy Black English Crapes,
for Bonnets or Dross Trimming; the best
quality brought to Ohio.
Ileavy Velvefeens
for Cloakings, Eld Glares, super. Black Al-
paccas, Cashmere, &o.
Bridal Outfits
on hand or furnished at short notice, feuper,
stock of
Fcathors and 8 at 1 us.
all shades and prioe. .
Heavv Mourning Veils. &c,
for mourning. Ladies ordering goods from
me will only hare to give me age, comfleziob
and else, and about what price, and 1 will
gnarautee to please.
Fine Collars and Laces
Specialties In mr 1 rade.
in erery shade, from the most delicate lav
ender and white to the deepest soarlet and
Satins for Trimmings.
In short, the finest stock of
of any store in Ohio, and at as low prices as
any respectable store in thS conntry will sell
The Trade supplied with Goods
and a good margin for them to make profits
MRS. J. k. crumbaker;
1TO. eiMr-A-lN ST.,
0"P. H. Making and Trimming Dresses
is something I think I understand, and the
benefit of my knowledge, how to trim or
make, always giren gratuitously.
I?ry Goods!
Daring Incrrtnaed hln Btook te lacli au extoi.
and detenntued to iucrM4 till baiinnii. baa
conolude.l toae'l good at retail at Vn York
Wholesale priues. ThecUn of Dff OooU
iiold by me are first claaa, wamntedla tfer
particular, and baring bat one price yoa are
atwaya perfectly esfe iu getting yoar jj-)uds at
the lowest priuej.
The follcwiug are '-somn cf the prioas of
Cheap Uooda olfered by ine:
Xv00 pieced Waiu4ntta bleached rau-ilin at IS
cti per yard by the piece.
100 pieces 4-4 euiper ideut waiiiu at IS ctg
per jitd-
i'OO pleaet 4 4 soft BnUhed maalin at 11 ts
per yard,
lOu pieena 4 4 fine brown tuuilln at 13 hs'.i
pur yard.
100 piece 4-4 heavy broTB ninsUu at 12 eta
per yard,
60 pieces of the beat heavy Gingham at 12
cents per yaM.
61) piece ol hrj Ciish at 10 oesti per
100 Pieces Mcrrimac Calico
9 Yard a for $1!
00 doj Ueraititchrtd Handkerchiefs warrant
ed all Linen worth 25 ot for 12 ct-
Extra good quality Blaok Alpaooi for 30 oants
worth 5C oenU.
1)0 pair White Wool BUnkets t $4 ohoip at
pieces Table Linen for 37 ots per yard
worth 5r cents.
10 pieces 8-4 bleached double Damask for
9U cents worth $1 50.
11)0 doien ttalbregga Hose 12 per pair
Joavin'a Kid Gloves for $1 worth $1 75.
Lupins best French iferiuo for $1 werth $1 50
All Shades Silks and Irish Poplins
for Weddings or Parties. Don't fail to call
andsed oar $1 75 BLACK SILK, beats
any & 50 Silk in the oity ,
In Fine Dress Goods,
SILK VEL VETS for cloak3:Laoei,Shaws,
Furs, (kc.
We llave the Best Selected Slock
in tbe city. Oar stock of . regular made Uo
siejy aud ladies' underwear cannot be ex
celled in the city. All I ask is an eiamiua
tiou of stook and comparison of prices.
114 Mala Street,
Wheeling, W. Va.
bet 23 in 8..
trn. ii . ROBixMOK.
Dealer in
Faints, Oils, White & Red Lead,
Glass, French akd American Zinc,
all Colors.
Turpentine Varnishes, Lime, Doors, Sash,
Glazed (ash, Ac.
oct29y Ho. 75 Main Street, Whtcling, W. Va
Harper a ri.
Wtoiesale Dealers ta
i CaJllPS
And Ladies Furs,
No. T7 Afaln street. Wheeling, W Va. Retail
House 121 Miva street. oot29ml .
(Satcessors to MoOVln & Knox,)
Wholesale Dealert
Boots and Stiocs,
65 Aaln street, K'heeling, W. Va.
ottcc to
In pursuance of law, I, William Read,
by e
county, that tho taxes levied on each hundred dollars valuation of the taxable property for tho year 1872, for all purposes, hi
the several Townships, Districts' and Corporations,' are as follows: . '
Names of townthips
Districts and
Bethel, .
Center, "
Salem, .
Clarihgton, .
Beallsville Corp.
Beallsville Diet.
Graysville Corp.
lilaifln do
do do
do do
do do
do dq
do do
do do
lo do
lo do
lo do
lo do
do do;do
lo do doldoldo
lo do dojdeido
lo doldo do do
lo dcido dodo
Ml HI 1:
Cs 8ll 6 U 5 r 1' ill 4 '4 ill' I' i 2
B 11 luia. io 8 5 on In. i 8 I At
..t..,.i.. .i.i.. l . ; '. 1 i 'v-.. .-m c m
I will attend at the Treasurer's oflice, in Woodsfield, from October 1 until the 20th day of December next, lo receive taxetw
after which all taxes remaining unpaid will be subject to a penalty of 5 per cent. A failure to pay. on chattel property the LV
cembcr tax, due on or before the 20th day of December, renders the whole due 'and subiect to collection as in case of delinquent
taxes. By calling early you will save expcnsealso avoid the rush of the last' few days.' M.
Not being required by law, nor authorized by tho Commissioners to visit the townships for the purpose oT colfeolrng tax'
therefore the taxes ust be paid at tiie Treasurer's office in Woodsfield. ;
Woodsfield, 0.,Oct. 8, 1871 wG. WILLIAM READ, Tfcas. 2d. C 0.
Barcsvillc Ferry.
f JpSE public an, hereby notified tint I h ivo
9 received a License fiom the pro-pur author
ity to run a
From BireHvillo, Monroo omiuty, over the rivor
to ft point opposite on tho Virginia nhore.
I haro the necessary boat to accoimi.0 late
the publid t all rejaouable hour.
oetSDtS. Baraiivil. Obio.
And Dealers in
Flour, Bacon. Cheese, &c.
Cor. Afain and ftninoy ptreti,
oefiinS. JfteeiiDg, ff'st Va
BOSLSjY :& PBBlti,
VKhelosale Dealers in
F-iuCj ' Gracdriw, Tobac'ce,
Foreiy i Domestic Fruits, Ac., Jtc.
Also, 3iaBttfaoturi of CAVDlGl.
-. .
oct9ml, 59 Winst., IFtatttpf, FT.Ta
Established Quarter of a Century.
Optical and Musical Depot,
The sign of the Big Gold Spectacles, No, 125
Wain street, Wheeling, West Va., dealer in
Gold and S.lrer Spectacles, Steel Framed
Speotacles tampered by eleotrlcily, flue Opera
(ilasaes.Kield Gl.iases,standard Thermometers,
Hydrometers, Surveyors' Compass, iuathe
matical Instruments. Afiesno Eiictbic
English, American and Germt Cutlery
Largest and best selected stock of 3foical
Goods In the city, aud a full line of Guitar,
Banjo. and Violin 9triugs,wbolMle aud retail.
FIRS ABUS, single and double barrel
shot guns, Revo! vers and other pistols; am
mnuitio of ay kin Is, walking canes, bird
cages, variety goods, eto.j cvisymo.
Insolvent Notice.
TW'OTICE is hereby given that on the 2 3d day
L of October, 1873. the estate of Robert B.
Allan, was by the Probate Court of Monroe
county, declared to be probably inwlvout; cred
itors are notified to present their cIhiuis for al
lowance within six. months from date hereof.
oct2Dt5. Commissioner of Insolvency.
Dissolution Notice.
fM"OXICE is hereby given that tho copartner-
ship heretofore existing under the firm
name of Meswerly, TJrpraan & Co., has leen dis
solved by mutual consont.
I ersous indebted to the firm will please call
and settle; and thoso huviug olaims will pre.
sent them for payment.
The succeasors, llabormehl, Urpmau tt Co..
will be found at the old stund.
oct29t3. ME3SERLT, URPMAU & CO.
Settlement Accounts.
Puob.vte Jb doe's Office, MoNnoR CorirrT.
Woodsfield, Ohio, October 25, 1S72. J
THE following settlement accounts will be
Tuesday, November 19, 1872.-
James Windland, guardian ot Mary L. Coon,
Wm. BeaTciihord; guardian of Wm. T. and
Isaac T. Beardmoro, partial.
Greorgo Iling, executor of Walter Ring, final.
James Okey, Adaiinistrator of Moses Markley,
John Beardmrre administrator of Benjamin
Joy, partiaL
oct29w3. Probate Judge M. O. O.
Farm for Sale.
I HOW offer for sale my farm In TTashington
township, Monroe county, Ohio, situate
one mile southeast of Graystille, on Straight
Fork, eonststing of . ,
about 119 aores cleared, and about JiJ acres
bottom; good, produottre farm, well watered
aud timbered; with good buildings, one S4x
it two Btory frame house; also 1 bam and 4
other dwelling houses j two good orchards. I
will sell this farm very eheap. Any person
wishing to purchase a good farm, Call and
see this. For farther information, address
Oot22ml Grays ville, Ohio.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under.
Bigned has been appointed, by the Pro
bate Court of Monroe County, Ohio, Admin
istrator of the estate of Elisabeth Trembly,
deo'droct22wi. GEORGE H. TREMBLY.
it T HEY E
Tax-Payers of Monroe
Treasure! of Monroe Countv. Ohio, lierobv iive notice tn th fa-v-nnmr. fe.
SchooUtDie. ...
Taxe8.Taxe8.. Corporatioii
Township Tax.
1.11.1 I . I I I I i If - I f I I 1
aoiuojuu ao o ; o 1 :ao. 140 I . 1 .3
do dado:do 4-4 M 3 22 5 ti. ! : Ii mi
doldo dofdoldo 2 '5 ! 1.5:23 5 15 I . ! i Mi 39
dn do do,do:do 2 j S j J 1.5:53 5 5 7 M 4043 5! 49
doldo dojdoido 4.5 4 1 !22 51S 1,1 1 fiO
uv,, Ot U, o IJJ I 1 1 1 osi
Jl iln'j IT ' 9 id; ! ! I .1 III
I ir: ' " .111 , : I j I . : I
do do do dojdo 5 12.51 ilOl 22 5 15 118 I25 : II 89
2.5; .5! i i20 10 i ! ! ! Ml 28
55! 2.5! 5 22 5 o5 6 1 i. j i i2 08
8 i i jlO 2-3 5 17 h . .! I i Ml
2.5; j I ?25155;252U I I ! ' Ml 38
z.i : i ; m iro 4 b o o :W .a -a i
4 i m 3m, i ! !i5
4 I 4 i 1" "1-3 fi . 1 1 1 1 ou I
5.5j j I I 7H10 hi i f Ml 8
7.5! j i o HO 10 4 Oi 4 I 1 j il 84
7.5 i .fJ 13 31 . i I II 78
7.5 I 6 20 40 M I i Miesd
5 (3 f 1 IU i BU 1(10 i i ! 2 01
7 1 3 j . 8 130 I t i j il SO
7 M I13 i n . il 15
i : a i i a -u i i.iii i ii. :i tin i
. 1
Every vcar increases the popnlari
ty of tins valuablo Hair Preparation ;
which is duo to merit alone. We :
can assure our old patrons that- it hf
kept fully up to its high standard ;
nd it ia the only rcliablo and porfuct
cd preparation for rcsto:i sr Gbav
on Faded Hair to its youll.l jI color,
making it soft, lustrous, and silken.
The scalp, by t use, become whit
and clean. It removes all eruptiooit
and dandruff, and, by its tortio prop
arties, prevents tho hair from falliu
out, as it stimulates arid nourishe
the hair-glands. B v Its use, the hni
grows ttiicker aiid stronger. Ia
baldness, it restores tho capillar?
glands to their normal vigor, anil
will create a new growth, except i,
extreme old age. It is the most oco
nomical Hair Deessixo aver wtedj
as it requires fewer applications
and gives the hair a splendid, glossy
appearance. A. A. Hayes, MJ.
State Assay er of Massachusetts, says,
"The constituents are pure, and carol
fully selected fbr excollcnt quality i
ana I consider it the Best Peep a
batios for its intended purposes.
9oU Iff aii DruggUU, and Dealert in IfcdMntt'..
Frloe One Dollar.
Buckingham's Dye.
, As pur llenewer in many case
requires too long a time, and too
inuch care, to restore gray or fadad
Whiskers, we hav prepared this
'dye, in Otis preparation ; which will
Suickly and effectually accomplish
lis result!, 4 Jt is easily applied,
and. produce.; color whicK trill
neither rub nor wash' off. Sold by
all Druggists. I Price Fifty Cnta,
Manufactured by R. P. HALL, A CO.,
Ayer's -
1 widttlj koowfk
as ono of tho meA
ITectnal remadlca
ever discovered fbc
cleansing the' sys
tem and purift lnft
tlio blood. It iuwi
stood the test of
years, with a o
e tahtly erbwing rop
utatibnbased on its
intrinsic virtubs, and fostaihed by hs ro
markable cures. So mild as td be safe an$
beneficial to children, and yet so sean-liing
as to efTectu.illv purge out the groat cor
ruptions of the blood, such as Uic scrofulotti
and syjiliilitk; contamination.'' Impurities
or diseases th.it hare lurked ia the system
for year?, soon yield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many of which are publicly known
of Scrofula, aud all fcrof'ulous diseases,
Ulcers, Eruptions, ami eruptive tlu
orders of tho skin, Tn mors, UlotclieS
Uoils Pimples, Pustules, Sores. St.
Anthony's Fire, Hose or Erysipe
las, Tetter, Salt lUieuin, Seald
lleatl, lrhiffworm, and internal TJi
ceratious of the Uterus, Stomaoh,.
anil Liver. It also cures other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adaptoiL such as Dropsy, Dyspeft
slit, Fits, Neuralgia, Heart Disease.
Female Weakness, Debility, and
LieucQrrlioea, when they are m.milbst
lions of the scrofulous poisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health arwt
ftreivrtli in tlio Snrinir. Bir rcnewirwr thi
. appetite and rigor of the digestive organic
it diseipates the depression and listless bu
guor of tho season. Uven whore no disorder
appears, rwoplo feel better, and live longer,
for cleansing the blood. Tho system movef
life. - .7
fk. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowe!!, Masirf
Prricticat and Analytical ChtmUH '
For sale by J. T. Judkirs,Woodsfleld-faitf
v. irciuovau vv I Aioiujc OAinoii Jim
vs. Vmau J. P. of Bethel
J. 0. Zwicker. j township, .. , Monro
county, Ohio. Judgment against defendant
for $70 SO and costs; set for fiaal hearing
November 2 at 1 o'clock. ...
MALR.AND FEMALE. Business pleasa
the field. Agents make from ti to $3 per
day. Send stamp for sample ikA partleularm,
Address J. LATHAM & CO., 2 WasaingUs
street, Eosten, Uass. auglSwS. ,
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the under
signed hss been appointed and qoalifled
ss Administrator of (the estate tf Andrei
Cox-dec'd,-oct22w3, ' . JOSSPntJ? COS. ' "
X .8 '.
County Ohio;"
l3?Th'e follorring pevecms a
authorized Cpllectora for th
townstups opposite their name;
who will receive the Duplicates
after tho 30th day of December
jjohn AlexnncUr. .
Loonsrd Pool.
jWilliam H. 8iaio.
I. ' .
Oliver Slosa. "
Joseph Myers. ..
.nas Barker.
John M. Goodwiu.
IThomas Fowler.
Christian Cehrs
Jaco Drum. -
Ilenry Moxvry.
Elijah S. Stephoas.
iGeorge Kastnor.
Adam Arnold,
Emanuel BlatHer.
John Beardmoi.
pri NaIIv. , ., .-
John Heardmor.

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