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5 I
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5 1
HENRY It, WISST, Proprietor.'
.TCHK. WILLIAMS, . : t Editor.
j2r !
Woodsfleld, March 28, 1876.
t ri.: 1'.
,4A anion of hearts, a union of hands,
A, nnion .of State none may sever;
A union of taken, a union of lands,-.
- And the Flag or our Uihox Forsvkr."
JTtT Address all letter : '
'Tmt SriRrr or. Deocract,m -'
Woodsfleld, : : ' " ';"'r '' r'''6
i.m.;o. Monroe County, -' 1 "..;'
. " : - '' Ohio
Is- ii . f --,; :':
'' 1:
jrThat revolution 4n Mexico is
fBaraaoTitiiOiislobe the Cen
tennial poet' Vi - '' 'i
! m.:m v-.. . v.
,varThe Democratic State Convention
is ta be held at Clndanati on the 17th day
of 'Hay:; ;if;-i -"' s
j .. i .- -' '-4 1
SrCincinaatl disUllera hart, tent ia
their protest against any change in the
tax on whisk?.
aThe U. S. Senate has passed a htl)
redoclaz the salary of President to $25,
000 per annam.
t :4 .i'i I . .. ..
1 JKTTha , ReonWicans of : Jefferson
Cranfr,l6tST!stTfct, faror DAsroRD for
a :ihWterm to Congress." i v ' : ' :
t'JBTEx-MinUter Scbbbct has arrived
frohi Fiand.; Now well i?t Ws Version
of the mma Mine 'swindle.. ''J, V' .
V'Mr.JIiw'.U. 5 Treasurer has teB'
dered hufesVnatloft t!uV ect April
istAppoIn pKM ByrieK ; he'll stick.-
'''"iA game rooster killed a; little dar
key In South Carolina the other day Let
thoKojOnx be suppressed jOrder out
. thatroopal y: h;i t.--.-j'
:IIhe,jW)rrnptioDittall,th Depart
menU at Washington is : astoundlng.
Thlrty two committees are at ' work : nn
coTering and cxrjostng xi- -: ' " 18
' it9kTha Bepoblican State ConTention
of New York instructed their delegates
to the National Conreatlon to support
Senator Cokklwg for President. ; '
jt3flnW House of Commons, the
231 ' instV 'the royal titles bill, making
Queen Victoria. EmpressoJC India, ,was
paasebj a Vote 6209 foe to ,84 yotes
agalnst: , v ! u-i J t?
bertha, insureenU in Tarkey have
been successful in several f, important
hetllet recentiy.7 Thtar U disgrace
ftif owe w qnaftor beiagi ahown on
i A'Tr'i - s s s ' " 1 i ; - ' '
JRTThe SenaU Committee on Foreign
Affairs reported back the nomination of
gland, with a recommendation that it be
not epo jrmtd. Next 1 : m ' -
' &r Tke Cemaittee on Military Affairs
have reported a bill in Congress to regu
late U pay-of army officers,-' 4Tbat of
General U'lxed it 910.0Q0 instead f
tlt.OOC.'the 'mounVnow paid. ;
XMAMH."th'e'ranawav witness, has
returned to Washington from - Canada
with a pardoti jn his pockety, and Is rusk
in'g fartbejreveiations before the War
Department investigating committee.
rl - ;
"Lieut Gov. Davis, Of Mississippi,
has been' removed from' office and dis
qualified from hereafter holding any of
tfee of honor, trust or profit. " The im
peachment , pf Governor s"Aii comes
. ntxt. ,.
rj'Chinese emigration is exciting the
people of Californix ' It ia .ststed that
the entire steerage capacity f both Knes
or steamers, running from San Francis
co is engaged for the next six months by
importers of coolie. : .y , :
; jqrpuiing the! last' Presidential can
vass post traders paid from $6,000 to 98,
000 each for campaign purposes, in pur
suance of a request contained in a print
ed circular sent' out from Republican
headquarters at Washington. , , i
ISTTae Blank Hills gold excitement la
eau6iDg hundreds of men to spend their
hard-aroed dollars in pursuit :of that
which not more than . ten .out of every
" hundred will "obtaingold. 1 And the ten
will make theirs by fleecing the ninety. ;
b t&" G'n axt a s he don't wsnt a thii d
t term : wouldn't acce)t if nominated. We
hope the National 'Republican Conveo-
U"n will uonor mm witu me nomination.
Tbe race, in that even., would result in
the Democratic candidate winning with
'Out much effort.
t S&'The Republicans in Congress in
J S i Z comtnenceu 10 investigate uie irauu
lileut contracts for carrying the mails on
the Pacilic rontea..", A. Mr.. BARtow, ol
St Albans, Vermont, of tbe firm of Bab
ja'W, SANVERsotr A Co , engaged ' in the
frauds, tt stilted last week that he paid
AJftWl nn.t lllA tn,fia(lTf t. ktl indarl I
et")VJv uiru Hiv lu , wobijaLi vu vviijvii .
Who rfecited ihe money y j
sr a an . v. j
afMr, Wkioht, the United States
! Grange Coinmissiorer t Kumiip. reports
! that he wet with roiiM leraMe siht;-8 in;
i f-..t-... ....i r- 1 .i ,
ivii:iiiiii niiu uciuiauii imi uiiiiKn iii.i ,
the basis of a Union will soon lie formed
between the British Co operative Asso
ciations and tbe corrcponding Orange j
Societies in America.
yThe New York Times talk;
strangely for an organ : I
; !Vfriain IlepuMicau statesmen, wluj
havelwpn more careful of the good narapj
of the Administration than of the good !
namcoi the party, have shirked the duty!
of fcai less inquiry lito public abuses." j
How would their names look in print ?
Die Republican .awr4 are trying
to convince their readers that tbe Demo
crats are haviiijfa tunny .'ti'ht over who
shall be the Djmocraliu c.mlidate for
President. . v .
If the contest between the Democrats
ia funny, what shall we term that going
on between Moktox, Blaixk, Conkmno,
Hates and Bristuw and their friends ?
yGov. Hates' appointments of Di
rectors for the Penitentiary have been
confirmed by the Senate.' All right. wTo
the victors belong the spoils. " We don't
believe in Democrats having anything to
do with that institution anyhow. Our
Republican friends are. entitled to tbe
management of institutions of that kind,
if we may judge from the operations for
months past in the United States Ourt9
at St. Louis, Chicago and other points ;
. ' JS-The sixth resolution of the plat
form of the Pennsylvania Democracy,
adopted on the 23d inst , is as follows
"That the statute for the resumption of
specie payments on the 1st of January,
1879, id impossible to execute. ; It is a
deliberate proclamation that at that date
the United States will go into; bankrupt
cy. , , It paralyzes industry, creates dis
trust or the future, turns the laborer ami
producer out of employment, is a stand
ing threat upon business men, and ought
to be forthwith repealed
JtWA dispatch to the Cincinnati Com-
rcfi" says of the second examination
of Mr. Pxnpletoh : . ;
WASHmoTow.; March 22. The mem-
bars of the Committee that examined Mr.
Pendleton to night express the opinion
that be cleared himself of suspicion
The were particularly careful to leave no
loophole through which by any sort of
ingenuity lie eonld evade the truth, and as
31 r. Hoar, or Massachusetts, participated
in the examination, it seems fair to pre-.
sume thai they covered the ground thor
oughly, "j;'- V" v;;--
STbat was a nice little bit ' or "testi
mony Ouvil Ghaut furnished'the inves
tigating committee concerning the remo
val ;:of Duruk t Peck frour trading
pbsts, by the President, to make room
for him. ' Oa this point he was asked :
; Q Did titeTrandrat notify yt' before or
iter they were removed? ' A. I think kt noti-
fitd me thtji vert gHng li tt remotod.
Q. Did the President ever notify yen of va
cuoles, cartiealarlv where there would 1m v-
ttaciea, Bpooifing the posts? v A. A$fur tu J
Q. Did he specify Fort Peek? " a-2' Odnk
Q. Did Ise poify Fort Belknap?' A. Ism
not iur whether he did or aot; my imprmion
t thsit JLj A1A .r.,., ...... -r
. Q. Did ha speoify others?,' L.l think 1
C-.f, -. Oul '-". V'- -'..
. It thus aDDears that ttfe Presidett not
onlv interfered in these various trader-
ships, but that he took pains to ! inquire
into ' their ' value and then wrote bis
brother Obtil on the subject That let
ter was used ss the basis of Okvil's bar
gains, and it has been conveniently "de
stroved." He informal him also when re
movals were to be made at the posts, and
exhibited a concern aboutthem which h
not to be explainel on a ny other theory
than that of personal interest. ! , v ,-:
v f Tbe M'dlnms At! Frauds. ,
Trim am Arttole sy Mr Woodhull, la Wood-
- Oar personal experience araonp; me
diums, especially those claiming materi
alizing power, has not been small. It is
true; we have never been to Moravia, or
to (he "Eddys," but our experiences
outside of tliem have been uniformly of
one kind, and that not favorable for the
reality 6f the manifestations. We have
not hesitated to affirm constantly,' an I
we have so stated editorially, that a fully
materialized spirit is, as yet, an impos
sibilitv. because the condition! in which
it is possible to fully; materialize do not
yet -exist. Materializations are produ
ced by natural means, under the gui.
dance of law, and we have been shown
what that law U. We do not deny that
there have been partial materializations,
say of the band, face or arm, but we
must confess that we have never seen
them occur in the presence of mediums
for so called materializations,' although
we hare been frequently invited to see
them. We are sorry to say it, but onr
regard for the truth compel' us to dj
so, that, if we have any spirit, sight at
all, all the maniff stations called mate
realizations that we have witnessed are
not what they purported to be. '
for MrIcs
' From the Hartford Tiea,j
Mr. Franklin Warren, of Cromwell,
in this State, made' a sub-contract last
year for setting headstones at the graves
or. the Union soldiers in Louisiana.
There were several thousands of them
Ho was to put up marble head-stones,
six inches square and two and a half
feet in length, setting them two feet in
the ground. i He used a large augur-hke
instrument to make the holes . He wsV
given the lines of the heads of graves
byi a Government engineer. 'But he
found the craves, were irregular, ; and
is boring - he : frequently struck coffins
aud bodies or bones They were just
under the surface, not so deep as he was
required to dig. ; In striking these bones
it was necessary v cut through them,
and in this work he found that many of
them were tbe legs of mules or ' parts of
muie carcasses. I he conti actors wuo
bad received $20 (instead of 910, as
stated ) per body for burying tbe Bof1
diets in regular order, had used the
bones pf mules, as we'd as those of the
soldiers, to swell their income, and had
made several graves out of one mule,
and had received of the Government
920 for each mule leg put into a coffin
and buried.
The cattle drive from Texas . for the
coming season foots up an aggregate of
258,000 head. ; '. '; . '; ;
; ; Tee House Committee on Appropria
tions, by a vote of 6 to 3, refused to
grant an additional appropriation of
8500,000 ' to the government board
charged with preparing articles from the
several departmeute, lor exhibition at
the Centennial
II Rages In Cvviy Direction. ;
.New Oklkans. March " 20 A heavy '
storm occurred at Puss Christian, on the i
Mississippi, yeMn-day evening.. Alorej
than half tbe wharves and bath house!
were washed away, and those that, still'
stand ore more or les damaged. No
other damage or los of life is reported
Mi mpiiis, March 20 Since 7 o'clock :
last evening unM' 10 o'cl-n-k this morning j
10 inches of snow has fallen and" is still ',
snowing. The street curs are unahle to i
run. Such a snow storm wa never wit-;
nessed hre before. The telegraphic lines '
South are prostrated. ; .- ' , f
Little Rock. March 20 -A very heavy
snow storm visited this city yesterday
the heaviest for yenrs. Snow laid on the j
ground to the depth of 9 inehev Busi-j
ness suspended aud trains delayed I
Nasuvillk. March 20 Tiie heaviest !
snow since 1843, fell durin; the ; la-t 24 I
hours, and as far South as Chattanoog t it I
is 8 inches.
Pascogcla, Miss . March 20 A ter
rific gnle prevailed here last night, de
stroying bath bouses, wharves, and two
or three schooners, which were blown
ashore. Much damage was done to the
shipping. One man was lost overboard
from the schooner Indianola. '
Baovi, Miss , March 20 All of the
boat houses and wharves here except
three were swept away last night by the
storm, and several schooners driven
ashore ; damage estimated at 1 10,000
Chattanooga, Maich 20. About 8
heaviest fall in year3. The storm teems
to have been quite general. Fears are
entertained that it will throw the Tennes
see River out of its banks, if the rain now
prevailing continues ' " J ' "" '
Raleigh, March 20. Snow prevails
throughout the State 1 1 Greensboro it
is 4 inches deep, in Hillsboro 3 inches,
and the mercury at the latter place was
20? at midnight Saturday. The peach,
crop is believed to'bs destroyed "
Ouaha, March 20 The snow is 6 in
ches deep; the storm is over and the
weather is very cold. The passenger train
west bound was detained 19 hours, and
east bound 17 hours by snow: the block
ade was got through about 8 o'clock this
evening..; , ' , . . . ;
Greek Riveb. W. T , March 20 The
Union Pacific Railroad is blocked with
snow between Kawbus and Little Creek
The passenger train bound west, due here
at 7 this mornincr,is laying at Separation :
the passenger train bound east, that pass
ed here last night, is now lying at Was
kan. Colpxbcs, 0 , March 20 The" fall "of
snow to day is the heaviest that has fallen
here for some years it is 6 inches on the
level and the storm still continues. 1
New York, March 20 A heavy sriow
storm accompanied by high winds, began
here this afternoon, but turned iuto rain
at m'ulnighL Dispatches from the inte
rior of the State report a severe storm. '
' -.. """""' 1 1 ""kw- ii" -
'" The Storm IA HetvEng land "
Was very violent." Fifteen inches of
snow felt in some' portions' of Maine,
New Hampshire and Vermont, Trains
were delayed in all directions. All along
the New England coast tbe storm was
most violent, and it still continues.. The
damage. done to shipping is very great
The Sonnd Steamers were, unable to
leave their. docks at Fall river and New
port . Reports from various parts show
that many vessels have been wrecked
and it is feared a large number , of lives
have been lost. Houses were unroofed
and fences and trees demolished. 'j'
1 v' .
Heavy Fallot snow In England.
LondoxV March 20. Nearly all the
railroads north of the river Tay remain
more or less blockaded -by enow. : The
Callidemain line is covered with snow i0
feet deep near Aberdeen, and 12 trains
are snowed in at one point, More than a
dozen are blockaded on the Great North
ern line." The telegraph lines are buried
at several points north of Aberdeen, and
the mail from Dundee to Perth yesterday
took 14 hours instead of the usual 40
minutes. : ' ' -; "- 1 ; ''
Alfonso aod UlsTtclortoas Troops
Madrid,' March 20 King Alfonso
and his victorious troops entered, this
city this morning, amid the enthusiastic
cheering of tbe immense crowds and the
shouts 'of "Long Live tbe Pacificator
King 1" Cheers were given for Generals
Onesada and Cainpas, who were espe
cially greeted with, cries of "Long-life
to the Defenders of Liberty f and 'Down
with the Fueroes!" downs were thrown
from the balconies and the people pre
sented the soldiers as . they., passed with
wreaths t. . '' . '. ) .
London, March 20 A Madrid dis
patch reports that 140,000 strangers
were in the city to witness . the festivi
ties. In several cases, yesterday,' 8250
was paid for a balcony en the route of
the royal procession. Numbers of sight
seers passed the night in the streets
The bouses along the line of procession
were splendidly decorated end 30 Irium
phant arches were ereoted. The entry
commenced at 10 A: M., and the .streets'
from which a view could be commanded j
were crowded; for hours previously. !
The king accompanied by ten generals
and fifty officers rode at the head of the
procession , TJ,1, ; ' ,. -,.',',; ' .
The Hnge tllock ofSllver that the
Nenicans Send lo the Centen-
nlal .
J From the New York Sun, llth inst '.
The City of Havana brought to New
York on Thursday a Mock of pure sil
ver weighing 4,200 pounds and worth
964,000 iu gold. The block is a foot in
diameter, and has six sides each three
feet long. It is perfectly smooth and
highly polished. It belongs to Pio Ber
mejillo A Co., bankers of the City of
Mexico, who have consigned it. to Go
mez, Rionda'dt Co , of D Old slip to be
exhibited among the Mexican products
at the Centennial. - It was exhibited at
tbe Mexican exhibition in Mexico last
year. The silver forming this immense
block is said to have been dug from the
Real Potosi, one of the oldest mines in
Mexico. The treasure lies in a nexa
gonal box in the hold of the steamship
City of Havana. The purser of the
Havana says that tbe silver block, in its
box, lay a day and a night ungarded on
a wuarr at vera wruz. "n wouian t
stay long on a wharf in New York," he
added. Tbe silver is to be examined by
the United States Appraiser to-morrow,
and then it is to be deposited in the
New York Safe ' ' Deposit Company's
vaults to await orders from the Mexican
Centennial Commissioner.
The wives of India bo longer burn
themselves to " death when a husband
dies. ' Christianity has tiiught them that
it is better to settle up the estate and go
for another man. ' ' :
Tne members of the Dublin Irish Rifle
Association have unanimously, voted to
accept the. invitation .of the National
Rifle Association of America, to com
pete for the cbaropiuu'.'hip of lUc world
PHtfcbiirgli 31. E. Conference.
Tlie PiUslmrgh Conference of tbe!
Mttlio list Episcopal church, at'trr a ses
sion of one week at Cm'.on, Ohio, ad-l
jUUlllt-i iiic uic iiicounj, iiiciw.
About three hnntired ami utty niiiuslera
and about one hundred hymen were in
attendance. An unusual amount or
. . i : ..,.. i ,wi
vote was lalien and carried recommend-j
ing a di.si..n of the Pittsburgh Confer .
ence, new conference to be known asi
the E wtern Ohio Conference, wiih Can-
trtM (LnMrtitt mo til 1 II frtne I I rv a' il lialt(ll
n tun trill as tuc iai;tav ;
Gilbert Muzen preidod. We copy the :
Killowins appointments :
Baksesvii.lk DifTKicr J. Can: P E,
Barnes ille--E Hiugely.
Ituruesville C icuit J. W. Toland.
IMmout L II Baker. ;
Bellairu T. S Hodgson. ' ,
Bdlaire Circuit G G -Walter.
Briil g'p'i;l I McCleiry.
B; allsville-C B Ihwthorno
Clarington A G R).bb.
Centerville J G. Moore.
Fairview J. I Wilson.
Frecport f H White.
Hendryshurg J Sliaw.
Haunihal W D. Starkey. .
Morridtown M. J. Sheets.
MoorefieldW. H. Rider.
Powhattan S.Lane. v
St. Clairsville B. F. Beazelle.
Somerton J W. Weaver.
Woodsfleld Samuel Crouse
Woodsfleld Circuit R. J. Smith, Bup-
Antioch G. A. Sheets.
Cambridge District. J". Williams,
l' e: . - ' .v
Cambridge J H. II Hollingshead.
New Philadelphia W. A. Davidson.
Piiiladelphin Plain J. R. Cooper.
Coshocton W. L Dixon. v
Cadiz A. H Norcross '
Ashbury W T. Robins.
Martin's Ferry H. B Edwards.
Ulrichsville C J. Feitt.
Gnadenhutten W. Peregoy.
Winchester N. B Stewart. '
, ! Washington J F Huddlestoh.
Adamsville J. Q A. Miller and T.
F. Phillips. ' :
' East Plainfleld J ' W. Fonts. '
Milnersville R. M. Freshwater.
Liberty H S Jackson. ' ' '
Deers ville F. W Anderson. ;
Tyron J.K Rader.
Bethel J. J Jackson.' ' '
New Athens J. H Doan. '
West Bridgeport and Mt Pleasant
11. Appleton.
Hickman,' P E. '
McConnelsville W.' Brown. '
Beverly W. H. Piggott. ,
' Unionville D. Gordon. . ; . ,
Morgan John Norris and J. Russell.
Rock Hit! R S. Strahl. , ,
Bethel G. W. Dennis. ;'.
Norwick E J Smith. '
Duncan's Fails D. C. Knowles.
Senecavillc L Timberlake and J. R
Grimes' ' - i
Q iaker City-J W Robins. -
Summerfield H. M. Rader.
Freedom -S. P. Marsh. ! ' . ,
S Stafford W. T. Smith. ' '
i Caldwell D Rhodes. ; : "
; ' Macksburgh N C. Worthington.
Salem W. M. Webster. " ;
Lebanon Supplied G M. WUson.
Newport F. D Faust :
Muskingum A D. McCormaek : ,
Brownsville John Wright
' . ': . mscELLANBOCS '
. S B'irt, Alliance ;"J.. A; Swaney, Nev
Brighton ; James J. Bracken.P. E. Steu
benville District; Homer J. Smith, Ir
ving Station ; J. N- Baird, P. E East
Pittsburg District ; I. A. Pearce, Second.
vettsville ; A L. Potty,' Lewickly rSTV" rT rVk.fi -
Woolf, Butler Street Pittsburgh ; Dr,
Bi-ooks, Christ Church Pittsburgh; J. L.
Deen9, Main Street-Pittsburgh; i. k.
Street Ames and St. Paul, Pittsburgh:.
" Takethe Paper.
We find the following going the
rounds of the press. 1 Read, ponder and
fat cp 5 Why don't you take the pa
pers ? tuev to the life of my delight, ex
cept about election time, and then I read
for spile - Subscribe, you cannot loose
a cent; why should you be afraid? for
cash thus spent is money lent at inter
est four foLTpaid, Go, then, and take
the papers, and pay to-day, nor pay de
lay, and my word . it i inferred, you'll
live until you re gray. An . old neigh
bor of mine,, while dying of a cough, de
sired to hear the latest news, while he
was going off, I took the paper and I
read of some new pills in force; he
bought a nox and is be dead 7 no-
hearty as a horse. I knew two men as
much alike as e'er you saw two stumps ;
and no phrenologist could find a differ
ence in their bumps One takes the pa
per ami his life is happier than a king's.
his children ean all read and , write, and
talk ; of men and things. The other
took: no paper, ' and, while strolling
through the wood, a tree fell down and
broke his crown, and killed him "very
good" Had he been reading all the
news, at home like his neighbor Jim,
1 II bet a cent that accident would not
have happened him, for he who takes
the paper, and pavs his bill when, due,
can live la peace with every man, and
with the printer too.
Suppl) ol Silver Coin in the Treas
ury. Washington, March 20 The Treas
ury Department will receive, during the
present week from San Francisco, lour.
teen tons of silver coin in anticipation.
of the period for commencing the circu
lation of silver. This will amount to
half a million dollars. The amount of
silver in the vaults of the Treasury hereTaTr, sad the greatest good to the great est
I at this time, is less than $30,000.
Mr Randall believes that by the
transfer of the Indian Bureau from tbe
department of tbe Interior to the War
Department at l'jast one and a half mil
lion dollars can be savwl annually. The
plan contemplates making great - saving
in the transportation by removing all
the principal agencies to the vicinity of
military posts.
, (.Prom the Daily Register. j
; Wheeling Jblve 8tooic Mar ice t.
W'1 ' March 24.
CATTLE The arrivals amount to 70
head and sold from 3a5c; very choice
steers weighing from 1200 to 1400 will
bring ss high as 5c. " , . .
HOGS The arrivals for the week
amounted to 300 head at prices from 7Ja
80; the choice lots . bringing the latter
figures. . ; "'
. MILCH COWS-Few arrivals; de
mand fairat 830a43. . ,'' '
CALVES In Tair demand at $4a9. '
SHEEP We heard of no sales during
the week, but there were contracts made
for future delivery at 4a5c
Baltimore Live Stock Market.
.OmcB Maryland Stock Soai.es, V
. Baltimore, March 23, 1876.
. CATTLE Sales at 46Jc ; no change
in price, j : ' ,
HOGS 'Common hogs are not in'as
good demand as . others ; , sales at 0
(glle and very few choice at 12o..;
Sli KEP Good fat- sheep hare been
iu falrtlcrnand ; soles nl 4A7jc.
. . 07
jw - . BB, JJJJT' "
, . , I.. i
riour per oarrei... a.uu
, ,v . -
.. 75
. 40
,. SO
iJeef per pound..
fjeoswax..... ,
j Beans
Batter per !b
jCorn per bushel.........
Corn meal per bushel.
Calf Skins prr pound.,
Coal ..
Clover seed...,
Flax Beed. ....
Timothy seed
.10 00
Dried apples ....
Dried peaches.
Egic per dozen
cish per lb .
Hav, per ton.,
15 00
Hogs, fat, on foot....
Hides (green) per pound
it. ........ .......
Lard ...........12
Oats " .... 33
Onions pei bushel. ....:..1,00
Potatoes...... ........ -....'w 35
Sorghum molasses by tbe bbl &0
Syrup per gallon 80
LMolasses ' " ; .1... -V iv...75l,00
mags per id i
"Sugar per pound... ....... ......... 1015
Sugar (maple) .......la
Sooks per pair... ...4050
Soap,(oouDtrj).. .............. 6
Fait......::.......,..;...:;.:. ..;.....:...3,00
Tea ...............9I,001,25
Tallow " .......:.........uv.7
Wood per cord.............'. ...:.3,00
Wonaifleld stock market.
' 'March 27. Cattle 346" per pound ;
Sheep 34u per pound. Hogs 5a6c
pet pound. ... . .,.
Baltimore.' ';
March 24. Flour 4 75a7 25l Wheat
1 42al .49; ' Corn 62o; . Oats . 45a
52c; Rye 78a81c. . , ,
Sew York.' 1 .
- March 24 Flour 4 409 00. Wheat
1 20al 28; Corn63a65c; Oats 43a52c:
Rye 90c Barley 1 00. V -
Philadelphia. -
! March 24 Flour 4'75a8 23." Wheat
1 60al 68. Corn63a65c' 'Oats44a49c;
Rye 82c
. ; Cluclnnatl. f
March 24 Flour 4 . 85a8 65 ; Wheat 1
lOal 25; Corn49a50c; Oats 38a43o;
Barley 1 02al 15; Rye 74a75c, ..-
Chicago.';'. '..VJ' '.'""'.'-".'
March 24 Flour 4 OOat 50 ; Wheat
1 02al .04 . Corn 46c; GaU 330 ; Rye
65c; Barley 57a60c . .. ,
. East Uberty Cattle Market.' )
1 East: Libirtt. Pa , March 23.-
CATTLE Best 6a6 25 ; medium to
good 5a5 75 ; common to fair 4 25a4 75 ;
bulls 3s4 75 ; stockers 3a4 60, r - : ,
; HOGS Yorkers 8 40a8 70 j Phila
delphias 9 40a9 75 'v,-:.-,:
; SHEEP Selling at 4a7 25, - : :
Chicago Cattle Market
; ' '' :'-".J: March 23.
HOGS Receiyts 14,000 bead t mar
ket active and lower ; light bacon grades
7 90a8 10; packing grades 8a8 15, gen
erally 8 10; shippers 8 10a8 50 ; Pbila
delphias S'-75A ' ; ' ..
SHEEP Market active and firm ;
good to choice 5a5 65, a
v XeWVork Cattle Market.
" ' '":.,:; Mch 23.':
. ; BEEVES -Ordinary to .good steers 9
60 toll 60.'. : : : ;, "
: SHEEP A few transactions at 6 25s
1 .75, for ordinary to good qualities;
prime and extra holding at 8a8 50; sales
include 6 car loads Chicago sheep, 100
pounds, 1 75 ; 2 cars Michigan, .71 lbs;
6'25-- r. .'.';: ,;'(r..;n
Cincinnati Live utock Market.
!'' ' i.- ii tup. ..'; March S3.
CATTLE Prices ranged : as follows :
Common 3a3 75 -.fair to medium 4a4 75;
good butcher grades ;S5a5 35; coarse
heavy oxen dnll at from 3. 50 to 4 25 -j .
' ' HOGS Sains - ranged as r follows :
Common Heht 7. 60a7 90 ; fair to good
light 8a8 35 ; good heavy 9a9 15. . ;
SHEEP Market Orm at from 4 2b to
5 25 for common to fair, and 5 60 to
50 for good ; supply light, v ;
Ueto bbtrttstraents,
Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer.
Is the only paper exolmi vely devoud to the
It publishes letters of inquiry direct from
the people and answers them fully without
regard to party bias er beueflt. -'.)
It is the advocate of right sad jasttse to
number. .
It is opposed to the nawlse and dishoasst
elsss legislation that has benetttted the few
and oppressed the many,; as realised in act
of Congress retiring from circulation nearly
two-thirds of tht people's money.
The National Bank Scheme, a device to
place tbe oontrol of the eurrenoy in he
hands of the Money Kings and creating a
non-produoiog aristocracy. .
The Salary Grab Robbery, increasing the
pay of government omcials, while the pries
of labor and Hi products, real estate and
greenbaok (the people's money,) have bea
depreciated. ; '.i-i j . .i .
The aot changing the original : contract
with bondholders, and makibg bsndi payable
in gold Instead ef legal teaders.u first agresd
npon; a favoritism of 25 per oent in value to
the fw at tbe expeuee of the many.
The Resumption Aot,demandlng that whtoh
is utterly impossible, and placing the ebjeot
sought for twenty years farther off. : '
For snen and other enmei against the
people the Enquirer will advocate a ohanre
ia the administration of government affair
aaost fitting , . . '. 1j ny.a
Celebration for the . Centennial
:;,t "tv -,j near,. ;. j ,(
If you would know and , understand the
IssueJ, merits and effects of past and future
legislation, read the Bnqairer daring this all
important crisis, and subscribe tor. the year
' ' .TS1M8, - '" '
BingleCopy, one year. ;.. $2 00
Five Copies . . . .$1 75 eaoh,. 8 T5
Ten ... l 60 16 00
Twenty" ' ... 1 50 .'.SO 00
With most liberal terms to elab agents.
Bead for speoimen copies and agents outfits.
Agents wanted at every post offioa. h
Address all letters to . . ;i
FARAN 4 McLFAf. PuVisnew, s
mi.il-J','76. Cluclunati, Ohio. '
Southrn Di4rict of Ohio,.u: . !
At Woodtfield, March 8, A- D. 1876.
pHE nndersigned hereby gives notioe of hia
X appointment as Assignee of the estate and
effects of Duvall A Parker, of Surdis, Monroe
Bounty, Ohio, within nail Distrfot, who have
been adjudged Bunkrupta, upon their own peti
tion, by the District Conrt of aaid District.
mch29,76w3. Assignee.
; v.
TOWNSHIP ASSESSORS, elected for the
year 1876, are requested to meet at tbe
A uditor't Office in Woodsfleld, Monroe eotfnty,
Ohio, on. - '. -1 z 1
: Tuesday, April li 1876,
For concultatiun. The Auditor will answer
uch question and give auoh instnicttoas a
shall tend to a uniformity in the action of the
Aneasor in this county.
Every Assessor is required to attend.
moh2!V70w2. 4 .- , Auditor M. O. O.
itKRittLD, have organised the schocls
and graded them In the beet of stylo. The com
mon branches are Uaght Ia addition to this
we have an Academical Department including
the higher mathematics, and the ancient l&n-J
iruasrea, with Uennan, so tnat lew studies M 1
the ordinary college course are Omitted We
are prepared to receive students from abroad.
Who may desire to embrace the opportunity to
acquire a scientific and claseioal edacation at
lower ratee for board and tuition than in any
other publio Institution of the kind fn tht State.
: We have the largeat and best appointed
building in Noble County, located in a healthy,
moral, temperate and religions community,
Parents need have no fear that their children
will suffer morally during their attendance at
this school. It is the intention of all concern
ed to make this Institution a permanent bles
sing to the country; we therefore ask , the pat
ronage of the people. ;
Tuition from $5 to $8 per term' of twelve
weeks, according to the studies pursued paya
ble in advance. :' t
Academical department to begin Monday,
April 10. 1876. - -. , I. C. PHILLIPS, .
mch38,76tf. : ' ' " . lltrk of Board.
'' '" Ketterer & Morris 1 -''j3''''
vs.' '''- ' ; '" :.':';
, 7 Philip Wagonheim.
BY virtni of an order of sale in attaohmsnt
to me dlreoted, from tbe oourt ef oommoa
pleas of Monroe oonnty, Ohio, I will offer for
sate at the front door of thti.poo.rt boost, la
tht town of Woodsfleld. between tht , hours
oi 10 o'otock a. m. and 4 t'olock p. m, on
Saturday, ike ZM day if April, 18T6,
the following described real estate situate In
tht oonnty and Stata aforesaid, to wit: ' "'.
The : northwest quarttr of the northwest
qnarte of section tbirty-oae, township fonr
and range live containing twenty-Seven acres.
Appraised at $567. '
: Also, tht southwest quarttr of tht south
west quarter, oi section thirty-oat, township
fonr-and range five, containing twenty-seven
acres. Appraised at $587. , t
i Also, tht east part of tht tast half of sec.
tiou one, township flvt and range six, con.
tainlng fifty four aerts. Appraised at $1,377.
1 f Also, tht southtist quarter of tht loath
tsst quarter of sto'.ioa two," township fivt
and range six, containing . fort, acres.-, Ap
praised at $1,020. ... . . ; t
Also, tht undivided Interest of Philip
Wasonhelm in lot number fifty-tight,'' sec
tion twenty -nine, township four and range
five, containing one aore. Appraised at $500.
, Also, part lot fifty-seven' in earn a section,
township and range, containing sixteen aerts.
Appraised at $150. ,
. Also, tht northeast part of tht southwest
qtuittr, same section, township and range,
containing fifty .nine and a half, acres. Ap
praised At $150. ., .. .
-a.. :. : . ,.' I ... rT.O. LITTLB,
i nch28'76wS. 8htriff M. C. O.
" Vvstbb k Mallobt, Att's. i t -
1 . " Land For Sale. : '
t)A ACRES adjoining the thriving town of
JJ Elba, ou tbe Marietta, PiUsbunr &
Cleveland B. R. . Comfortable frame house of
7 rooms, large barn and plenty of fruit trees.
; Applv to -it. W. HT. JOHJf-,
.: Elba, Washington Co, O.
. or Dr. E. L. ST. JOHN, -
Masterton, Monroe Co, O.
Feb. 20, 187(Uw
The next seiaion' of this School will oom-
mtnot on ' :':'!n? l - ' T iC!'v"""
MOWDAT,: JULT 24. 1876,?5i
and elost ' Friday, 'StpUmbtr ''"it,''-1878.
, Competent teachers will be employed, and
nt labor will be spared t makt this a school
of thorotgh iastraetiou. ,! , j ,.f;,
Btmi-manthly txaminatlous will, bt given;
also, a lecturt each week oa the theory and
ptactict of ttaching, for tht benelt of those
preparing to ttaeh. Thtrt will also bt a
Llttrary Vocitt la oonneotioa with jhc
MhOtt -i -lO.-i-n-.S? '.. :i .-.. .'3 i" f-Ui i
.is TTjrnoK.'i'-' - .' f..'.;- ,:. ...:.
Higher Branohes . ... . I? 00
Common .':.'.!-.i.."ii.'. ...'..; & OO
Tattioa in alvance. No money refunded
except U eases of -protrapttd ills ess, ..
. Good aotommodatiouSf at reasonable rstas,
can bt had by studtnts in tht town, either
in privatt families or at tht Hotels.
For further particulars, eall on or address
o. mo vax, rnncipat
. -r- Beallsvilbr. lonrot Count v. Ohio.
1875 v' - - 1876
i r- ' "I
W00DSF1ELD, OB10, ' '
Offer Their . Stock or
IliY &00BS.
. - ? .P -,.
-' QB
.7- tfrt",,
't'i ii!W !WI
Hardware,, Queensware;
- M
At the Very Lowest Prices.
HA VINO purchased late, and at a great de
cline in prices, wt will bt ablt tt sell as
low for oash,or to prompt paying customers,
as goods oan bt bought at any other tstab
lishmtnt oa this aide f tht Ohio River, r . ,
Retail Sample dealers not excepted.
Comt and Hat for yourself befort purshasing
elsewhere. , . N, KOEBLKR &CO.
B R H Ail-P-Tii-I ifotilfc
, Cor. 12th and Water Streets, Wheeling, Wetit Va. ;
Portign and English Worstcda,"
Ever offered in this market. Kverythinj eeirable ia the wav of
T I 'I I I IIIIMIIIll .1 i inn ..3T 'Wi,
Gent's Furnishing iroods Always nUi.; Stocju -Tfhite j thirfx
'.;?:tTZ'jn ;,iui
' mCh2i;7oml r 1 'c:
,'' V . , - -.r .! -x C . I) "
1 0 a day at home. -Agents wanted. Oat
tJP I & at and terms free. ' TRITB A CO., Au
gusta, Maine.
; . . WOODS! lB'tlf OHltf. -f
j . .n'sr-i:tr. 1 rrt rr.fmftT
T HATE established a elnr manhfactorr'rn
X ' Woodsfleld, in Riumga's bulldlnt jouth
of tht Court House, where I will maufacturt
Ffn3 Cigar,Tlp4 andsiosaat
for int iraat ci stonrot ana adjoining etna.
ies at prices whioh; wiU otompara favorably
witb tnoit of wattling manufacturers..
Will b maaufaoturtd from tht finest 'quality
or Kentucky tobacco. Tirs will bt made from
MaesaohusetU, and Fist Ciaias ' from Con
ncotiout and Havana tobacco.' ' Tht.' patron-
agtor a.',-; r.i ;U,:S r; f.rsblati Lns eSd
Merchants and Traders
Qeatralfy ia Uoaroe county is tolitlttdJ1
den wilt rweivs prompt attention., -yCalTand
examine my stock Wort" parchaatag' cist.
Wbtrt. . ' . rKJSu. aOSSHKIKK.
novl8,'7Jm3. u K- Woodsfleld, Ohrt, '
1 - . . .o.
SWD ; 2Sa . M; T. EOWCLL kS0TBi
.York, for Pamphlet -of 100) Mft itta-
taining lists of 3000 newspapers, aad tsti.
mates showing cost of advertising. mch21y .
.10 0 K J H'fitelU
7? (
1. , County Real Estate, 32(1 ' Acres of
Liana in oat of toe test wheat trewintf oouni
ties in Kansas, ataz tht line of .tht Kansas Pa-
cuw Muroaa., r . s i .:
v.. .: i -ii- -i - i"
feh29,78r "777" Woodsfleld, Ohio,
or THS x't'i e ctj v:s f!
Monroe: JsJOiUt!.iflhitf. .1
To tht Honorablt tht County7. Commisslon.
trs ;tr said ;e0unty,-of tht; Keoely U and
Expenditures oC said Dlreotors for tht '.sif
months tndlng Maroh 1, 4$7I. , , n
Amtunt ool'd ou Duplicate for 1875 ,$1648 93
ml m ..-' . ,t j .....
WA Turner's note
Overpaid Sept settlement 1874.. ...42: 94
September sitting. 87S,
Drs Barber A .West ediclttond
, ance on Wm Eokmaa..... .... v..32 it
Samuel Latta, one bull....:......... 15 $0
Dr T J Sot, medical atteudanot oa. D .
jCQAnef and wife and J Bains.......58 60
Eetttrer k Morris, mdse for Infirmary. ,64 61
F Diehl k Co, - ' ' y 2t
Jat R Smith, repairing harness ,. . ; ', 00
Dr I P Farquhar, medical, attendance
at Infirmary. ..r.,.3, 60
wm vraiion. uo .....vii '.9xQO
Hit Mason, neat for Infirmary.........! 52
Howhrd Farues worth, potatoes focIaftV-.O '
' mary ................. .....,..t...i e0
W Stewart, atteudanot on John Barnes
and merchandise ....... .9$ 65
Philip Kremer, services rendered Beuj
i and Ntncyleed.; S IO
Louie Horffler, Att'y fees... .,7V..,,10 00
Jacob WUllon,..tfaprinUBdeat Iaflr.lT 10
- October sittings 187, w - . . A
James Smith, ont horse.eollar. 3 00
Dr John Dillou, mod aUen4anae,,..... 59
p Dithi Jo, at.,..i..!-,j;.2. i'li
iaoob Burgbacher, tweeonlus.. ...... .14 00
H R Uasonmeat for; Iafinaar.i. 4
Aaron Morris, ooal " .......92 35
Eetterer A Morris, mist for UflrmarySs 99
Dr T J Roe, toed attendanot - .'...;. 46 00
L Hoeffler, mdse for Inflrmary ........43 14
Get P Dorr, laf Report..,.;.. "Vf Ji.CI Sd
November sitting, 1875. .-.;Tlt.ui
John Barkhard, shots fcr Infirmary,,, 11 40
HAaUaonmeat . , ...Q0
Thosfl Fori, oorn. i n t.t' ; . ..iiilj.,
LDCarleton,thresUngi - , h 19
LHoffler, mdse v v 1 X-A VV..40 71
P Dougherty, molasses . .,.20 $0
A Schumacher, meat . - . '$it 4
T J Rot. mtd attendance . . ........... 27 ' 80
Deotmber sitting, 187, T,(V)V t
John Burkhard, making shoes 55
Jacob Wllliion, part salary Sup't..... 87 50
Jacob Relnherr.tjbacco.,,,.... IS 76
A Deiter, grocfries........ 4 85
N Kothltr & Co.'mdso ....wi?.'i il.W-tt
John Dtolr, setting grate. .SWUitvi,!
J T Jadklns, druRS ,?.t'U.:.ls 41
John Stoehr, tobaoco . . ., , . M ?. ..... .1 00
January silting, 18JSl
Wm A Turner, keeping eat psnper., .17 50
samt uo ao .... 7 bo
C H Htndershot, tobaeot.,,. 2s 00
FDitbl A C mdst..ii.lMi.UCl4 Tt
QH Davenport, mdss ,,... g 20
0 W Sloan, keeping tut pauper.. ......8 00
A Branum & sons, ooffte. , ,.,,,31 83
C H Qoodrioh, med aUendanocl:, , J 00
B Hints, blaoksmlthing. . 12 80
Jacob Burgbaoher, ont oofflnr;.":;';;7r.7 OfM
John Witten, attend on ont pauper.... 10 00
Friend Cochran, conv pauper to Inf.. . .8 00
NKoehItrorCo,-iudat... 13 17
Geo Huffman, eonv panper to laf ......10 MM
Dr Wm Walton, med attendance 83 30
John H Caton, keeplatfcut pauper. ;'..6S 60
John Hill, hoarding Joseph Jacksoa, a
pauper .... 84 . 42
J A Trdd.' amputating and drtsaiug'ifeA i Ki
Jaokson's leg...... .....124 00
Dr Roles, mdse-for. Joseph Jackson. ...14 T9
February sitting, 1876' :
Jacob Burgbaoher, one ooflln . . . . v 7 00
A D Drigts, mdse for Infirmary., f ... ,30 14
L Hoeffler, do do .....1.17 01
John Cooper, wheat do 73 80
F Diehl A Co, mdse ae 9 1 18
Morris & Armstrong, mdse for Inf. .... 1 4 60
TbosC Penn. , ,,;..do.. 2 63.
Datley & Sohooley,med"atl tut pauper .'32 00
John Tattle, ooflln oat pauper......... 7 Of)
JanaPorttr, keeping out pauper 8 00
J P Spriggs, Atfy fees east Diseoitta Tj
Fisher i JJ. ai. tJl. 4, ... 4 00
Goodrich k Jackson, print 3notioes....3 60 1
N Koehler A Co, mdst for Inflrmary.. 17 94
n7.i- ..4 ... 1. 1 i '.JT
iv mra.tWMU.usj i UI..,,aO 81
.........W97 81
cAnd we find from. the. Report . of the 8a.
ptrinttndeut of tht Infinaarj the following
faoU:.iM r:'- ,,. , .', . .
Ro males sant) ta laf March 1, 1878..U23
dt cllnWel.j.-v do ..;t
Nt females rsaaej , , a- ;t da.-. ' T 5 .34
do tinsanej dt .... 3
Whole number inmates do
Average, pumber of, tnmat
imner or apates, vr the year
(arch I,' 176 . . J.'.',.''.'.'. 57,
iaet March 1, 1875malts.;3
ending Mi
No deaths
. 1 i 40 V -females ... 5
. All Aft. Whifln ! rmtinAAtM11 m .
aovv. , females.,.)
is respeotfuUj suhmittedi
? 1TH, .1 Y,.
wv . lwMtaAAjr UUUAIite-l
,, HENRY SMITH. . ' )T
. innN pvinao.. " f .s : f?
mc hi fc'TStra.
T 1870
omer. .
,Tl:tl.,...i ..1.J
1 t
Kormal and Clascal Iiistiiuta
Stafford, Moarve Co., OhlOt
i IDKTif 3 tO, ?.!! ST; -'':''.',-
'i ? ,.CAJ.XA.s-!fri ,.(.
1st ttrm MaBMnctf Tlttdayy ttay3, it7W
:'sinfls Jnly-7, U7I. . .sd.'prtr xrj ,it 0
21 Ursa ttaaaaestM Tattday.-Jury VJ"W?
i tnds tptembtr V4$Tv.'w; .Txep 0
3d term . ttmawatts - Twttdsy Utlshst a ITT
i 1878, ends DtetmbtSltT tV wst ef
4th ttrm tommtatM Tattaajy Jetmery ,
' It'll, enoU lUArah , 1S77. nr,.-l'f .vj-iVarf "
.'.. i i i i' Tiirl ,-? Op ft wf
Principal of Hermal Depsrtmtat, and TtSjek-.
' arf Mathtmatiot aad Ifatual rr'taitt,
:-!J !;;::--j.-amae3hale, -
Prfnpipal- of- Classloaf Dtpartiatat, aal
iTtaehtr' uf Slooatiea, Latin; Orttk, ui
ItodtrB-LaBgaagts.' - ,:ic.''
:' ' - -
i oo , :.c . . . . . & M, MARTIN,,
c-r. ..Ttaoher (..iPtBsaaaaaip.
r t r-IOtLIB C BAftJf BS,'YTir
Teacher of .Vocal and Instrumental' BttltT
-i.'1 (Student "Asiistauf Ji-ttaehtr M
. 'afodtl aohtot-'1! '.-"' " J "J .
I " .co;'sHtiB '
;ar-,f , books.. . ?
and Algebras,, Davits', Legeadrtv.Catttr'S
Physiolegy, ; Warrta's fhystoal, Qw97.
Bwinton United ?ttU Cislf Jlaaekeis,
Qrtta'a Analysis of tht English Lasguaft
' Harkneaa' First LatU Book, ' Harkaete'
Latin Grammar, Harkaeaa' Latla Biiatr7
Harkuess' Caiar't Commentaries. Earkatas
First GreSk Book,' Ahhs Gttmaa-thtd, -Adlert
Owbwm RsM-,; e-iaorrs tk1i.
Grammar, Ttla- SpanUh Etadtr, AhaV
Preach tfofhtifaw't rttav&MwV
Rhttorio, MoGatey mxth lUZVi
Outnaeef Ekwution, (aeeomaaaied by.ttti.
tarts.) f :. -
! Bay's .Arithmetics, MoGuftj , Etsjtf.
ton BteUtwehr'f Primaky jrtegrapky,vEaiv
yty's araamatti ,fijai.I5UOOVJ r
Normal Department (taaludijag Ptaauaahia4
Hibr .Brtuicbes ...........tia jrj.
Common - '-.. . . . a! CO
normal tt Olaasioal Oen'tm'gtisval 00
Model. Bohool...;..... .......... . 4 CD
MusiO, (20 Itssoni, iaolailng use eT "' ' "
r itstrumeut).1..;;;:.'?. Vtl
1 Contingent Fee, (paid by all Students); "'CO
; Tuition invariably required la advatMtT
No deductions made except ia oaaev f fr
tractedlllnea. . . . ; ...
For Circulars, er fuither peieul Jt-ty
dress R. MARTIN, or J. A. MARSHALL, Stat,
ford; Monroe Ce., Ohit. tsa$,-76aiiO
The Cnieajro A Northwestern JX.1V
Bmbraoes under on mauagemtat 'tW'tU,!
Trunk RaUwap Lints if, the TT1XT sad
IfORTtl fTESTt aai wl'-ju atimtrteja
branches and connections, forma tht skeiri.
est and quickest route' between Citdatt hX
all points in luwets, Wiaoosnit, . Noavsar' 1
MicaMsir, Miauaseva, tW. NaMaexA, Caaa
naa'aaadthtWaaTuuTav A
Omaha and CaJIIorcIa
Is ahusherttst and best , route for Q i a.
U'Hoariuui Jtiiaom; TowaJ Jikvtim,j
sasaKAt WT4xiM,CAwaai'tTttS, Ejrisa,
CAwroiatA, pautoa, Cats. Jay as sad Anw
tbalu;', tu' : " ; -'
Cbionga'lXarliioit And Ct 'raui' li-V
Is the short atrlork Moaratsi WaoW
aai MixitBsoTA, and for Mmso, St. PaC
Murssarous, Dkvti and an ptlats t ttf
GrtsalforOiwest. Its If a 'J iVTl
i TrTlnoasiL and St.1 Pttsi; Ltao
Is Ot oalr rtuU ftr . Wiaossv'sUtrtaa, -
WATvBI, Ril.iTVf DT. rBTat, USTW DU, 111
au points ia ooataera aa Central KIm
ta. Its-') I 4 d 'ii. i l .V T'U A'
Green. Cay and Xiah&GZk Lizar
is tht only lio for Jaaesvillt. Tf ittrttaa,
FosmI Dm fcae,. Oabkoab, . AfpWtesw jOreM
BayBscaaaba,Negauaee, Msueitt.aot-t
toB,aacok aad tht laka Kaptritc Cess
trjVim t;-S ' .'rajf.-.jji-rWit'
Frecport 5 DnbaqaU
Is thu oniw route for ftlgla ReoHLctM
Prt. aud aU petals vbt FreeperV ;.4.Its7 A fi
I fW"! Mint aafcea ttaa
Is tht old late Oosa totsvaaAu Ct tali
DI.LUhJ Dk TWT- s ; a - u w
sv, VUsSlkB rALACSCASJc I -art
ran oa alL thcoagh, tiajasrf this tmkt
This U tbe UNIX UNI ranoieg tkicst '
betwiien Chicago sd ft. Paul, -tiaa-o zik
liraaktt or Chleaga aad Wtosaa ,!, :
. At Omaha our Sleepers roaatot with thai
Ovtrlaad SIteptrt on t Rnj-gjPj.
road for all atiau West 9tES3
liver. , .,-;t-O ,i.Xli. JJMi I "'t
Ota the arrival of tht Maty tram ta EasTl
tr South, tht trains af th CMtW msk
Northwestern Railwey LlATl CSICACsa
foUtWKj- ucj -. .:'-''.t:; "?TT;jj-i5 '
- For Obaneil Bluffs, Omaha aad Cifrwi
Two. Through Trains daily, with rHtiar
Palate &wto ; Kttm aad ttstjiry e-H '
through to CounoU Blnffs, " 5- 7'
. For St. Paul and MbaaMiiolla. T.Ti. v
Trains dally, with Pullman Palate Cart mJ'
tachedoa both traiaa.- i;- -.- ?T"s"n
. FovOreen Bay aad Lake SuperW. SSi-
TrsAnt dally, Pullman Pslac CarV ttiitVr
aad raaatag througB tt Maratrt
ForMUwsukee. Four thron.fc tv i i
PnUmaa Palate Cars ta alifct r- I
Chair Cars hwdartralasi "W-
Fe 8prt. swiaoaa aid pfm ta
Dr!!-gh Trd. diay;
For Dubuque, via FrMbart .. -Vl.
Train. dry.ith Poilman' cirV fhiWA
"crfntuqut And U Croost, vU Cltatii
Two, Through -Trsias daHj. ftn2 .
Cars on night train to McGregor, ItwtT
Fo, Blow City aad Taaktoav.Twa Trahss
fionT' .n Vu,t TMs7 JaaT.
For Lake Otatva, Few Train ttJiv.
For Roukford, BurUiig, fisMcAaT Jaaet.
villt, and other pointa, n u have fresn
two to ten trains dally. ' ' .
; Kew York Ofioe, Na. ill Srtedway Baa.
ten Office. No. Bute street; n,.v.
53 Farnham street; 8aa Franoiso OattVlSP'
,.vwMims nnaar uaermaa Hoase. tat.
aer Canal and Maditoa sUttU; QaaieeiWet,
Depot, comer Wam.fM CtM tuT
For raUs', iBfofal.,.
from nukaii. ti.w ,
. t. t vaw. appty a-
ft! x,k ARViM JlfjOHlTJ."
It. 8Mi.irrr, Gen. Pass. At 1 S3eai5!'
jsu,'76tf: SVoaff
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