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S. Bi. T. vY. T. r. i.
113 4
18 7 1 itti
11 13 14 15 H 18
28 17 28 29 0 Si
Trains will arrive at Bnrnesville from
MBkw 30, 1179, M follows
w I .c.3 !eOfe.r.AW. .-.
S:UeUau mcI:-, !;,:iUv"'
- -a edl ! .prMV7 cl Jv f-yrW.;;
8:11 A. Sk 9:56 A. a. 4:11 P. a,
X R. WEST, i t ; Local Editor.
Blow Adtertlsemeats.
8kilT8ae, -? - Tho 0. Lrnxx.
Special JSotice ,Iv
Jeihee'rltoWder' ? iVM. ffoiowirf
Nolle to Awasort,-AndttorWraDix
InqalreT,'' :''' Tali UcCleak
HetdXtrht,,, TC.A. A CJkL TALBgrr
LocaC4" e MoBtof A'Aaarroo.
r. Attention U invited to oar market
rtpcrti,'' 'i' rfvse T,ajia. tn me ess
ta.OurJJat of aobacribera U steadily
arallottli till market
township will appear next week.
; XyCttfinntcadoBf-aiii IStrrt Be
porta will be found on our first page.
jThe atom but week blew down a
number of houses andjbarns in Belmont
xarDemocrate, attend: the election m
Monday, April 3d, tad elect yosr beat
Mr. Loom Scubwqk was ap
pointed Dtpaty Sheriff, by the Court, on
the 20ih teat
yonr nelguborhood ? Convention on
stor??!3lf riaU out al.
J9Aniitor Wiodu'i notice, to
Townshts: Assessor 'a will :be fcnadiay
where in this leave.
far JTrr uACir," or Salem towflshlp,
Intends erecting frame dwelling house
thejmb Snraaer.
tMouiis tt Akmstkono will receive
aid open i large etockiOf dry
within the next two weeks.
Candidates are plentifal for the
oOceoir be-ClWk at jfhe .lecjin
Monday ,"tbe id' day of Xprit .......
carry on a first claas tin and stove store
two dojMlNrthof r'J?Jl'HllX05ce'
?lr-fcpa Sunday, . the I9thi8ti
lirtuAJuW G"aAT,"wife ' of;Mr. Xtwis
Oarr; of Crreea townablp," tbisf cou'afjj
4uorLwnonrnea. uonasv, tnora
ine, the 27th inL Quite j nam hereof
cases werdjspoaed durfog .4hejterm
X" There were .oaly Ihreajnry,,
durny;Tjh term of.Conrt. The
iarv ru'dlschareea on Friday;' thFJltS
itimfi .'. it-mini 'ii tluteo
.id ,?.Jt
fC3T2Ii. G,vII;licTMAji;;of i3ceen
towmBhiBUxkentvrliaa j-emoRed .to
New Matamoraa, Washington county,
X-Eev. Samcel,Crc.Is the Pas
tor of ttajtl, K Chorcli in Woodsfield,
aadt; Eny j!.,: tt . SjmsjokWood8fleld
arenSirrii.0 3i.KLai ui
t&Mt. Johh Hxtr f Adam town
ship, haa been awarded the contract for
rTyniCr"iirViiiSi OiarTagton
and WoodBHeiir. t iif .
rrVt. WttttA FnoiT. who lived
tear Oiiberland, 6hiol was kiHed ai
ftrfls gncj by sa.-lo faljing.ffl fj
,aled,opon him.
BTb next t
Directors wH-l :
April 8th ir,
-Iri off Infirmary
I-: " tSatnrday,
" ,Jhe8das
3TAt th 7rr:V .texni Court in
Jefferaon contv its Cfaai Jurv found
87 indictments, (t3 of wfiicb were for the
ST We learn that Mrs. T. Sikcxaib,
f thhi ptr, 4mb sold theowe airifej
flwellftattd front toVtorllttWl
M. AttxAknbj tor sjwaia
.S-fltoxl EraAHt, formerlf kfeM
Ident of TToodafield, haa been nomine
tilTiKtSeluUtcans; br Benafre,'.Bet
most connty, for. Mayor of'that cftyt
Poatmaeter ,at lliddletwn, .Qnernsey.
codnty," ft f ecVntiitectaaln ' itallng
.' .W&9i&irs) sen;ing& that.
t3.11s boys who have been creatirg
zrtii-j at' the tactloo4 sales ef T.
fts6 C, will Js4W''W'4oTV
tAf !X tfe?y pers!?t la tjtr,xnd
iracwai8sed t liey. A J
. aim to solecize marriages in the Stats
V. - ' "BP -
V iSTMr. Isaac TilJirTo resided on
Cranes Kest creek, two, miles Sooth o f
this nlaee. was With palsy one
day last week ats1 f'-d' the evening of
fhS3d inat: -.
iucrwey iwnntJa,
si oners aprrowea
inoe fresaTw b k to Bal
PfWja fl)th tnit MetJoori ordeM
ed tne rerry iicenaea oi oi r. iUAi
Tcel and Mr. JUvrp K.; IiTvxnj to be.
rcnSwrd forM.year, the forme .from
the 17th and the' latter from the 20th
inst: "r """ 7 """
paTThe tsie of PXE,DitaLiT9t)The
BarnesviUe Bank, toset aaide a iudg
nent obtained at the &mmbef Unr of
C,rt,Bf as jieard onITe 25ih. inst.jnTbe
Coort set; aside itbe jngmenti and orde
ed the Sheriff to deliver to the' plaintiff
y i pcopcrty, ocluding"' not'Cs JMA
binds taken on execution.
(I A .x ti . r. I i : ( J
1 : We intend, if it fa in our power, j eUl re lud b' htt
to make TffiS SpuTo pSJioCRAfcy a.!f&l1 after the elePt,on. of the
bettei' fcauer doriiifi? tli weir iusti elected to the several towaship
the pabf. (
Wo nan cqtt wnthnuL ocrnflcm on '
- vs s .ua oj a navuvwv vvvigiu -
pealing to our readers for confirma
tldfafi seinent, tSalbi the,
fstimkliow of subscribers and its
exchanges, this paper standa among
the very foremost country papers in
the BXfj r The patronage we jnoj
receive is noi oniy grauiying put
t I For the future we expect to abate
none of sour al rfij JJemocrauc
j principle,0 at the1 Bam t. time we
TOTTOur aerenninauon 10 aenonnce
evils and evil doers in CountyJ'Stale
and tjon, witiieut regard ,t? 4thet
parry amuauon 01 suco evu-aoers.
fa. will do our utmost . conscientious-
ly serve the interests of the PoplkJ
In short we expect to furnish a live,
wifle'-araKe and rfeEable paper '
. "TS)5tcciUra&e! tia in out jeffbrts; we
ask. this Taypr. .That Tevefy 'sybscri?
berrtthQat. exception;, shall, knl
deavpr to sjcux9 for osjone' . ad4itlon -
al bscpberj 5 it n&i w a j
nEemember .that, the; postage on
Thx Spikit, to all parts of the cotm
try, be r'iii, by us,s sb thil ctfr
inb'scrib'ert"will have!jio'p6stageo
pay. - . . tfcT-.rf3-'t ."Tici y-lj
' " TtHis TO stostniDERa, vl '
: " HENRTJR, ,tfESTPou,isHXLr
l.Thre were.lj.appllcantior cer
tificates at tteietthers examination -on
the S5th inst.
t There will be a meeting of the
Monroe Connty'-Grangt 6f f: ht Hi at
tlje Lo w Gap school, bonse in Washing-j
ton township, on the second Saturday
(or 8th jy;Aff April next, ,,
i tSF Warranty. Mortgage and Quit
Claim Deedt, Chattie Mortgages, Sum
tnons', Subpcenaa,tExeeatbns, and other
blaaka osed by Justices of the Peace for
ltf al TniSntrfr officer
m -
tRev. H: jV"8irrrir returned from
Conference thaJiihinst and, delivered
his lsa.t srmottihere'on last Sunday
Bev. Smith is one of the able minister's
jrhiasba:rgi, Confetenceal .t50ir
I TrffKft ?MM$ f?Wfc.?f
Beallsville, who has been stationed" at
Gfreeivill;Sothr Carolina; is " nftfwHn
the Pittsburgh 'Conference' and is sta
tioned at Malytn', ,lfl the. Canton, Pis
trict: , " : . . ''
; . I'lfVou'vsnttne lewsof Monroe
Connty, the general news of importance,
late market reports, 'subscribe for The
Smm JTEis.i-Oo4 year 50 ; sfx
months 75 cents. Office, North of The
Monroe Bank. , '
t Vames Mostejth, of Ohio town..
4hip, wWd waa' taken to the "Aeylnm 'at1
Athena, two weeks since, died at that
msuiauon on me l&tn tnst. His re.
tnalnii ace; brpughback ( arjnteaedj
St Saresville on tne 17tn inst.
S3T A protracted ' meeting hai been in
progress, to the ; Christian . Chqrch at
Claringten, thl connty, for three weeks
fast, under the direction of Bey's. Scott
and Stead. Fift - persons counected
themselves with the "chrirch.:7 rv-
y - ' v " " iiL'"' ' ' !:-
j ify'JRoble i oounty Repablicans in-
strooted their delegiUi to ths State Con
vention to nse their influence TXT secure
delegates to the NationaT? Convention
who will favor Blaise for president and
Hates for the tail end of the ticket.
I'tAtthe meeting of the Directors
of the Bellalre and, South western Rail
road Company on the 23d inst., the En
SaInMb!it6;Tepprta4 a4
jonrnment was had. A meeting will be
called at an early day by the President
: yfayWfff "Jftbiila, autemeni's
Or accounts, leKer beads, bnemesa cards,
ftTwV" w ness7Xar4 printed,
ntiiaor lading, or. 4iaerjob work, cai:
at The Srutrr office, or send yonr order.
m wllftloVoti gbtrleatW ftter
; .JTTfLOTD Lovxrr, a married '.man of
fioble coanty, cnarged by AIakt Uallk
ghee, agdiiyPtt'ayJe! town,
ship, this county, wiih being .tne .fttber
of her child, waa tried on Thnrsdayjast
The jury returned a verdict of "not
inntyTy.o'i gjun f.mn a
I JEi&ZJlotutX xt Rooad Bottom
this connty, baa purchased a farm in
Henry county1, Iowa,1 and will remove
there the first week . In AnriL , Mr. Fte t
hr onh1 bf Hbnrf6e,s' 'goodt tiaens,' 'anflf
new home.
JDr.'j Duio,of XiraysvilleT :(his;
iet'atkeirur yeaH'Istha8n!pe
fected a ateam engine that la claimed is
ajdecidact improvement: en -any.; engine
now in use?" model Is abbnt - comple-
Short time su l toJ a h ! --- :f'.'0r ni
'jlnthejcasfMViLLiA BiAD,.of
Barnesvilleva. Isaac Wixlakd et al ',"a
patenrishtjwR, te flpnrtecesj Ojat
tki flintff cobW not- recover -I Wtv
lakd, and gave judgment against A. W.
"3ferSib6$e'tibJe'bi8 been'ratroclu
csdmftobla county Bf o, CooLiTj jf
the JtepuUtiMil baVbeeta- readig'1,it?to
Word," shining' oveo ttieb border, may
light up the bleak darkness m our hills r ,
y.; r j,.. 1u C; w.r.i M;,.s,ku i Mi4)bert made an assignment Henri Fa
jTbe following is the ,' ticket nonY
mated by the RepabUcana .of Guernsey
county i. Sheriff, Marshal McSitbicx;
Commissioner, Jesse E. Reed; Recor
der, H. B. Hcpvmam ; . Infirmary Dtrec-
'CoL,ifn,xoKBABKi;s.was cudwedfor
Secretary of State. ' '
iSMr. W. H. Simmons, of Bethel
township, has rfnted the Ford farm near
WooUafitlil, and tnovesh jibnA iv last
frevk .
BSuOur friends in the different town-
lP4tent.right men will call on you
this Spring with bargains in the way of
flows, hay forks and other necessary
inplements If yon are anxious to pay
them from $200 to 8500 for nothing,!
sign their innccent jQOkleg pirAv"?
. . . -., . .
arbied Ua the 11th mat , by VaS H
L. NalWE-x i of ;;WaynaJ township,
Mn, EpwABfr ;ocauKkjr and Miss Eus
v v .
Cox, ayor of Graysville, Mr. Asaacft-
kt Farea and Miss Catharine Keeper
t&"Q. H Umstead. Esq . was down
Jh Monroe county, last week, looking
dp his chances for the Democratic nom-
iintttDn tor eonmonrPleaa Judge. Jb'rom
fppesentlndIcaUoil8 Vhiia Hue inside
track. JSolmont Chronicle, 23rf inif.
' That is news, indeed, but the most
important news almost always oomcs
fron abroad
; yln Court on the 23J inst, the
case of Thomas Howell against Cijas.
Daxkwkrth, for slander, was called.
Damages claimed 85,000. The jury re
turned a verdidl id fifor'oT the; plaintiff
for 8300. kA motion to 1ef Iside the
verdict and for a
new trial waa over-
i iSTWe notice a few of the appoint
ments byithe sVffitX Tirripiall, Con-
Grave Creek, a Ccifamos.
New Martinsville, W Riheldaffer.
Volcano, v Samuel Hitchikos
Sistersville, H. J. Boatman.
West Union. W. H. Youso.
glizabetb W. Tlxwi.,
BavenoVf .pofc
tisement of 4h 8ameffled 'Nppfe!
vouniy1 scnooi.p ne sessions coramen
Cea on 'MolidayrXprftlfJit4 05
inanity is moral in every respect and
young gentleman and ladies going there
will have a correct example set them by
the people. The terma of tuition are
reasonable and boarding can be obtain
ed at fair rates.
i .-tti'i t-'-i-EX A. '.1 14
iBastnes S Men "Witt" -Had thM hew
scale of postaLrates handy to have in
tbtiaifiagko&i: rf 77H!'J Jf
A one-cent stamp for a circular
A two-cent stamp for a newspapair.
a niree-cm Hiamp lor a seated -jaaair,
AH licked on in the right cornair.
Lick, brothers, lick witp.carc, .
On the right handaReilpteyerwre,
Unless you want the poatmasiair
To make things hot, and 'cuss and swear.'
j a-The Spirit o&Wiirpcame to
as this week, full of ccs as usual. The
article giving an accouu of.the, ,enterf
tainment for the benefit of f he Red 'Med
wa read with particular interest by our
self anctfamily, not so nvicl Q accplmf
ot.our peculiar love for 'thebfaves,"
is it was like the renewal of old acquain
tances. Besides being phased with the
success of the .entertainment, we were
leotion of so many friends J. O. Amos,
Mi i I j mi?. fi Ml
jyTue.prospectua of the Cincinnati
Enquirer will be fohftd ill issue.
rtr .--i' A w.
We regard the Enquirer as one of pur
best papers. Jt,contains full reports of
all ttfat fouling rMe thrptrghbut Hhe
Country, ie thoroughly Democratic, but
is HSlyb)rHDBjJar)r fresi
dent, who is, to-day, the choice of Ohio.
We feel satisfied that lhe Enquirer will
yield, should Thi'ejuii receive the
nomination, and work fbV his election
i I-Worb: and Plat for March haa
some striking and Lnmorons pictures,
and an unusual variety of good reading.
The children cannoUfail to read with ea
gerness the story of "Christel, the Goose
Girl;" and George Klinele's well-drawn
sketch, ''.Helping tbe. Helpless." Then
tbew- -.Centennial Xanw 4iirieiy
attract their attention: u Mabel Forres
ter;)! -So Wing Society, wjlj. interest Atbf
irla. The "Capture of Fort Motti"
both boya and girls ; while the "Centen
nial Poem" and "Jubilee Record," will
have interest for old and young. Wobk
And Plat is the organ of the Children's
Centennial' Band, and gives information
about the "Roll of Honor" that is to be
placed in the Philadelphia Exhibition.
''Published at 57 Bible Houso, New
to I'!?;
t&We insert the following ticket
for Salem township, at the request of
One of the candidates :
U 1 W
X3 ill
.'iOuO 'Joaiah Pyleaii.
John E. Morrill.
Jacob Boemer.
A i;
S A I T.J AMr'fWWttHC il'):
..Xbps. Oa4mK.3 1 ui t)YAHT
J. C. Duerr.
. W Ttra (riiA .
-IMS 7rrer4w.T3 t ,
Bnpervieor District No.
i J9H. B. Faber, Assignee of J
Devobe k Co. vs. T. O. Little,
et al. This ease was decided in Court
On the 24th inst. The Belmont Bank,
On a judgment obtained tn the Common
Pfeae Court of Ouernaey Couuty agalnau
Peter Diehl, had an execution issue
store of J. W. Devore & Co, in the
thei Sheriff hadj advertisevHhe goods, thel
1 see was appointed Assignee and obtain
ProbatA' Cout (restraining ,tbs-,Shcff
from dispoBina of the property. ?4
: The Court decreed that the injunction
shfjqUI be pwpuajjmd,.yiegheriff was
Ordered to deliver the property to Uhaa
Assignee ; snd that the Belmont Bank
pay the cost. '"'
Proceeding n of Ihe Court ot Coiu
mou Pleas,
. ....... .J
Tuesday, 21eT inst W Uliam Clause
Sr , vs. David Hauek et al. Civil action ; j
notitinn dismiiisMi as to 85 acres, and
decree setting aside tBar deed of Peter
shnr Nmn ail in MancHaxsr ana
deed of Baker to Petor Shaffer ; and title viU u hM on SatnrdaV( lhe 3(l d ef Jnni
of heira ol Henry Baunjan,. deceased, tor iht pnrponjr of noaiiti.tiu nej
quieted. The mortnse of Hoeffler icandhUm f.r.ecU of the following ofla.,!
Diehl was, aiven to . them to indemnity
them as sarefies Tor said ouatrer as
Onardian ; not liable on said bond bo
cause sale of real estate was illegal -
ElizabUaljian'man, Elizabeth' Epger ani
Caroline fioudenberg have valid liens,
as set up in their answers ; Peter Shaffer
to pay'the costs Incident to this pntry.
Hoge.'Sheets 4 G. vs Harrison Coul-
tar ol al Pivil nntiim liulc-mfnt in fft-
I Vbl Ula 1 i ( j -
vor of plaintiH for 8266 63 and costs,
an3 orderTor sale of real estate.
Wedkespat, 22u isjst. SimourDorr
vs PhlliD Waaonbeim et nl."" Ciyifsc-
of Mary E.
rw.t for aaS.r, f,1 noslfl
and order
for sale of attached property..
TuuRiAT, 23d inst. Wm. Mahoney
vs.D T. Clark, et al , On mandate Bel
lied bv the parties ; Sheriff has -leave to
amend his return, not sold for want of
bidders . ,
GeisWdar Nieman vs E. L St. John
Confession ; Judgment for 8253 51.
Meier Eisenberg va E,E. Mills et al:
Confession ; Judgment for plaintiff for
91,354 13 acd costs.
John Goodwin va Isaac Rush et al.
Civil action ; judgment in favor of plain
tiff for 8116 lx and costs, and order
for sale1 "of: real estate.! I j Jt -1 .
r John Moore rs Robert. Gatchell. Civ
il action ; judgment for; 8130 93 in fa
vor of plaintiff.; X
John N. Geuin vs John McMahon -.
Civil action ; judgment . for 8479 19 in
favor of plaintiff. and order; for. sale of
lands. V: -7 :" ' '
; B. F. Oblinger-Adm'r ys Jacob Schell
et al., , Revivors ; two cases ;r Judgments
in faVor of plaintiff. u l i ,J - '
1 Elias Mellott vs Martha A.: Mellott et
al.,. Civil action; judgment, in favor of
plaintiff for 8167 50 and order ror sate
of Teal estate? f.J ' i''"'
March 24. Mary R'cc7vs Jacob Mills
et, at. Sale of real estate conOrmed.
The Monroe County Bank vs E. Coen
et al. Sale of real estate confirmed.
j Robert Johnston vs J. W. Taylor" et
al The Judgment; in l this case having
been paid, the sale made herein is set
aside. " -x - -
Wm-CIaus vsPavid .Hanck et al
Civil action sale of real estate confirm
ed. iV: Ketterer ordered to- be? paid
8S6jMf. Cause further heard, son, de
murrer of plaintiff' to 'answer of M.
Shafer overruled ; leave to . plaintiff to
reply In 30 days and cause continued.
i - George Adams Ex'r vs John Bever et
al." uvu action! motion or derendants
Mann; Foreaker & Booth to' the amend
ed cross-petition of defendant John Be
ver overruled ; leave to defendants to
reply in 80 days. The Master waa or
dered to 'report the' amount and priority
of the liens of all other claimants In
thfe case.':5"
i W. T. Morris vs Samnel Pancoast,
Adm'r, ef al. ,Gvil action ; ion motion
W. F. Hunter was made a party defend
ant with leave to answer in 30 flays,5'
i , S. L. Mponey vs'Hulda Smith et al
Clvir action ;. on 4 motion plaintiff was
granted leave to file Supplemental , pcti
tion, making new parties, in 30 days. .
1 : Conrad Meyer et al vs Mary A. Lettke
etai .'.Civil action; judgment , in favor
of "plaintiffs: Notice of appeal . bond
8500."' 1 r'": - iv-'-- ;
j Wrd va John Goodhue Civil ac
tion V" heard ' on demurrer, to aecond
amended petition of plaintiff ; sustained ;
appealed to ''lhe" District" Court ;; bond
8200. , ...
- George Suppes vs Isaac Richnef et al.
Civil action; judgment in favor of plain
trff W 8300 35 ; W. F.Huntr '865 72
and H..R West 831 53 and 84 45 costs
and that tbes&me- is the fourth lien epori
said premwes. , Order" for sale of real
estate; cause continued as to "tne 1 mat
ters contained in the" cross petition of
George Lapp filed bereiq.'; , . !4.
' 93 Visitors are not admitted to the
Belmont, connty Infirmary on. Snndays.j
; tSTGoverhment bonds were quoted
ininevNewXorkfflaxketoiL- tbejUth
inst, aa follows:.
United States 6a'af 1831, eoapon-l 221
Five-twenties, (1865V
Five-twenties. (1865) nsw. 119
Five-twenties, (1867) 121
Five twenties; (1868)..:.......,, 123
Ten-frties:M..... in
Ten Forty Cottpons................118j
I 'March 24
An inventory ' Waa filed
by Jacob Schanb Adm'r of the estate of
Micsjah Fowler.'deceased ,' " ;
. ! JJarch 25 E- P. ; Johnson' fil'ed an
Inventory of ; the estate.of banford TQe
deoeasedii . v:,' -, i-i-.
Jacob Fisher, Guardian of the hira
of Lacretia J Fisher, obtained an order
to sell real estate. ' James Stephens, lsasc
Mitchell and Henry Mowder were ap:
pointed appraisers. . V , ' . 1: '". i : .'
i lJacob AffoIterAdni'rof Fredrick
Ryfl deceased, obtained an order to sell
real estate. n' :r. tc.i:i':',-yj .Vi-t-vaWT.
' John A'.' Watson, John v Gatchell and
A. V. Slack were .appointed appraisers
of the personal property of the firm bf
f ;W. pevore A- Co.. in Graysville: " " ,'.
jobn A. BurKbart Executor of Wen-
dal Burkbart, deceased, filed his flrBt ac
count ;bearing continued. s u ;
Henry - J. Mubleman was . aDDointcd
Guardian of Edward,- Lncinda. Amelia
and Alice Monteith, minor children of
James MOnteith, deceased. " Bond 850a
. ,' . . ' - 'ii ' , r im." "
!ToodKfleld Vlllace Sclaool. . .
- Report for the week : beginning March
20, 1876: .-:'- f-i i U s-: vi iiU.
Boy d enrolled.
Ofrle enrolled. ' ;
aveayatten-a:Sttes Supreme . Court Jo day, decide
ncV. -1 .! -i - . i tbat the present county of Laramie, - it
iaily attend:
cj - . j
I U )
l" till J'l .
1:001 avewge 'dyiiylattonT.j
ance. J".'r'". r". 'j
S.I irji jeiawj
lri!w? jUttead-J
: :
. e u
fiici.! ..peji.eent ,of attend-
a&co.. -
Total pec cent 1 of attend.
!ci'a i'i" i
''"Csf ,Vpf tl;Js--l V)
,c, 1. B .
- 5 2?
' t 'ii .! a
j if- -
i Uiii-Wi.
fiSJ ()
" 1 1 :
; We request our frjohds in i all the
tqwnaliipa :jH ..rjtej rtfie Pcws;of their!
neighborhoo d fur public Uion in The
Ut raocratic ; County Convenfion. j
; T"Jf'ed morratt of th County of .Vnrte and
t; r""". A . -
Vnn ...... v 'j . ..
to 6 supported by th part at the ensuing
ran oiocuon. Tix Clerk of the Courts. Com-1
miwloner and lanrmarr Director
The Democracy of the Eereral torn.hlpa
will, at the same time, 'and in the , itma
wanner, lent one Commttteemad for' tfieir
rospeotive township to serve for the ensuing
year on the Democratic Central Cotninitttie
of tKe Connty. ' ; '' : -
iTbe polls will be opened :i the' several
townships between the hours of S
and 10
o'olock a. h. and close at S o'clock r. x. of
said day,
aid day,-at the usual places of holding- ft young man' named Jacob Sandef. iU
lections In the townships. in. .,-. vidnitv. H ws lnafn,l
The nominations will be by the' popnlat
vote BTStem, the , candidate receiving the
highest number of rotes to be declared nom
inated. The election will .be conducted in all re
spects in conformity with the laws of the
State regulating general elections, but only
the votes of tuch persona as are qualified
under the resolatlor of the Cen'ral Commit
tee, hereafter set lorth. shall be received.
The .Democratic Ceuttal Committee of Voa
roe County, Ohio, ha've ' resolved; by tote, to
invoke the protection, and subject tald abmi
nating election to the provisions of the pri
mary election law, entitled Mn Aot to pro-
teot the eleoaons of volUQtary pohtioal as
sociations and to pnnish frauds therein,"
passed by the General Assembly of Ohio,
February 14, 1871, and appointed the fol
lowing Supervisors to open and preside at
said elections, as follows.-
Bethel Tbomai Maans.
I Center T. O.' Littls. '
Franklin fl. W. Masost
; Green J. T. CcLvaaaoff, f n j
: Jackson So aa BaaKta. -; ' -' O . M
' Lee Jobs U. Oooawts.
; MlJgWoajr".A.'8awa, itIfl i;C
Ohio F. Mcbumax.
' Perry P. M. Anos.,i
i Salem Thomas flow ait.
! Beneca CAsraa Yocaar.
; 8umtnit Joa DocoHaaTT.
Sunsbnry Jambs ubllott.
Switzerland Job Boosaaosa.'
Washington Lavix OTOxbt.
; Wayne-. Caiwroan Caoa. !''
.x.-.',-r ,n
! 5achSnperrisor bavins; been flrst sworn by
a Justice of the Peaoo, Notary Pablio, or other
officer authorised to administer oaths,' '''that
ie is a legal voter of said township and that
he will correotly ana falthf ally conduct said
leotion. protect it against all frauds and
anfairneas, oara.fally and truly 'canvas's, ad't
votes cast thereat, and return the same ac
cording to the call of the Democratic Central
Committee of Monroe County; Ohio, and the
provisions of the primary eteotiou law,1
snait men emu opoa vb jwiunhuu ""-"
present at the poile. and possessing he quAl-l
, .. ,, rv l.i. !
ifloations of persons entitled te vote -onder
this notloe, to choose two Judges of elections
and two clerks to asaiai in receiving and
taklna aooonnt of the votes oast, to each ot
whom shall be administered the same oath
aa ha already been Uken by the Supervisor
i The Judges and Clerks shall then prooesd,
aa ia general elections, to receive ins votes,
hear challenge, examine parties' challenged
under oath, and eonduot said elections under
the provisions of the primary election law.
I The followinc resolution of the Central
Committee defines the, qualifications of yo
ters: .
EasoivKD, That men who supported the
Democratic fUte Ticket - at .the preceding
general election; Democrats -who 'move-- into
the county and will be legal voters at the
text general elections young men known to be
Democrats who will be of age in time to vote
at the next general election, and Democratic
foreigners who uay be entitled to 4 baturalt
sation papers 'a time to vote at the next
election, shall be 'entitled to vote..' 1 . , '
f It ia made the duty of Supervisors to'soe
rosolation U carried Into complete
i to oondnot said clwtioa fairly and
that this
effect, and
In case a Supervisor appointed la not pres
ent to open the polls, any Democratic cleotor
of.jthe.ftvnsbj9 may be ohosen to act r ,,,
j The Supervisors and Judges, at the', close
of the polls, will count the votes and declare
the result, and re'.unr the -poll books and
Ullv sheets, duly certiflean I sealed up, to
the :Chaman, oi the Ddiaeoratis CSatral
Committee, who will ' J 1 o'clock F. M- on
Monday, the 6th day of June,, 1378, at the
Ceurt House In Wood&field, proaeed to ojon
the satne 'tn 'tha presence of the Central
Committeemen of the several townships who,
as a board of anvaeaers,witl ofltoially declare
the result- At the same Um aad'C place the
Committeemen ohesea - will assembl and
organise a Central Coiamitue for Monroe
Ceattyj Dhlo," t-erve daring the- ensalnj
year. x : (.:mj.i f t t.fi.
Bje order of the Demooratlo central Com
mutes of Monroe Coanty, Ohio. . , :
j Ckairma Lem. Central CommiUu. -
Robmt W. McftXtJtA,5e:cfe(ar)r.
Announcing the names of candi
date 13 eacK Tickttt 2 ptr thoutand.
po&Teniidh Sa! iirdayJ-Jiine 3.' 187fj,
Kd. Spibit: Aanoaoce Joel T: Jcd-
Kiss, of Center townshlpr as a oandidate-fart
Clerk of the Ooarte; . aubject te too deeiaion of'
the Democratic I onunating Oonvmtton.
' Ed. SyiaiT: Annonnof Robert W.
MuBLEMAifi of Ohio township, as a candidate
for Clerk of the Courts; subject to the deoiaioo
of the Democratic Nominating Convention : ,
corf .niio.'VER.
En, 8Piait ; Anncuooa v Edward
Oeet, of Tranklin township, as a candidate
for teaomiaetiou teoond term te the office of
County Commiuiionor; subject to the deoiaion
of theDemooratk Nominatino-Convention..
Maxy Democrats.
J5d. Spirit! Announce Joh.v l'rLz
GRAF, of Adams townshio. aa a candidate for
rouomlntlou (ooud tenn) to. the officr of In-
nrmary Director; Subject to the deouion of the
Democratic Nominating Con veiition.'J ' . , . 1
A Decision Inferential; to IV est
t VlrclBlans. ;n i-
i W'asiiington,' March 20.-Thc United
Wyoming Territory, ia
the payment of the entu
responsible - foti
entire debt contraov j
c1 It previous to the separation from!
it of two other. counties... This case han'
excited Jnuch Inletest for the reason that
it ndf8tood to involvq? the same
question that ia now in controversy be!
tweaa tha States of.Virrinia and WeBtit8biug and healthy Btatesf
Virginia, aa to the - liability of the , for-
H.-.ilncr, as now constituted, for debt inonr
red by the ol 1 ' &tate wheu it compre-
bended the whole of the territory thatjopuo
waj substouentlv divided helwi-pn them.
- -. j j
8 John, Keast, an old .citizen o
Wheeling; township, was found deadj f ktod of . KiM partlar account cf. Andrew, MeUe..
1 . . . . ,, 1 .."tWnoU rained. Plenty of water,-, timber ftaaidian f Johu A. Uayard. t-; -.!...-- -.ftt
eanlng .gains a tree not Jar . rom:, hUitBj lMllld1ll, ..teHala ' trteo : f root 4to!F.m partial awiml of Mary V Btetn
bowe, on Wednesday of last week. Supi
posd to havo bfen - instant dath n j
heart disease' U19 a;e ' was -above Sk) (
years. Guernuy Tfmts.iUiMt. .? . jfao
y..;,;:-'T j .r,.
f larGold . dosed .Jff.ew -.Yrkfitbe
51th met , at 1 14J. !
Trausfert) ol Real F-slate,
i A .M voeitly t John Ttjoncn, 38
! acres, Obio township, 800
) John WV Tavlor to K!i Evans, 0
I acrtB,. Adaras towmliip. $U00. . .. .
KsfWtt are infurnitxl tlmf utoi-.k iuu!
era in the eastern part of the county are
purchasing hogs at seven cents; U be
delivered in April. Xoblei fawtv Jt
I publican. 2ZJ inst. '
W frightful accident happened last
Sunday morninji, on the Central Ohio
Riilroad at Sohoia seven miles Ihia
side of Z -tueevillth l'assenger train No.
5, Conductor J C IIutuhi:idn, was com
ing east and when a short distance this
side oj Minora., Uiu engine ran : into , a
1 buggy and horses which was crofelnjr
the truck Die driver of the buuav wattf
killed, his head and bdy' ibi-ing: terribly
crushed. No b'ame is attached to those
who had chru;ff of lhe train -St: Clair$
villi Qaxttte, iZi inst.
.''.' :- ; ) 1 'A
ISrWall PaDer at 8c per bolt at r-':
. . - ALSO, , ; " , ' . . .
Garden Barrows, Spadea, Rakea and
Hoes, oheaper thaa the cheapcaVfot .the
same quamy . . - .
iTWe will open this .week, a large
and well selected stock . or now .Wall
Paper at very low prices." " ' '
: sSrGarden seeds of all kinds at Jem.
xurs' Drug Store. - -
t 'IQA? fall supply of Garden: Seeds
for sale at JUDKINS' Drug -Store. (
; t&lt yoa ..want) onion setsnpnion
weeds and garden deodar-go to JUD
K1NS Drug Storeir ;
j V--'- --' v- '-"igyrt.
IHard ware "and Queens ware for
sale at L!.HOEFFLERS store. 5 5i
Prunes for sale at LOUIS HOfiK
rii&A p av au tenia per pounu.
AVRiipJriDhAat Flnnr fVtrn faal nA
i Hominv for ji d at: A Ti nH(l(liV , ,
"y OJUGS .-t
?iar;lf yon'want any article hi the dry
goods or grocery liae, call at IV liORFe
FLEK S store: r i e
; pg All persons' desiring . to parchase
nrsi ciass gooaa at low pnocs, anoma
call at L.-: HpEFfLEB'S atore ?J;;;;
! srl bare a lot of Plows which will
be" Sold at low rates for cash.
! . e ,t . W. T. MORRIS,
) y' t 'Woodsfield, Ohio.
-1 Children cry.l oCaitorls.
It is m pleasant to take as honey, and la1 per .
feotly harmless. It is sure to expel worms,
cure wind oolio, regulate the bowels and atom
ach, and ovehwme irritability canjed by, raah
or cutting; teeth It is i perfect "substitute for
Castor Oil, and tr Ooetivoness is young; or old
tt6W XM ? d
rolwbl .. .f
Tho litfest, greatest, an j rmoit
reliable remedy erer put toetier by medical
soienoefor Rheumatism, Wounds, Swellings,
Barn Caked Breast, fcd, lathe Centaur UnU
ment. There are two kinds. What the White
Liniment is for the human family, the Yellow
Centaur Liniment is for spavined, lame and
strained hones and animal, moM4wl8m9.
Talbott's Headlight
An nlarm treqsieaUy. heard
cioc IseededV' at last 4a nol
1 Heard Mkougnir .lt,..ae)Us: as
i vlfforopsly aierer.
if fj'"".ajia-f s aaaam nwjina
Odr Ntmeteaio'CeaC Jeaas,
. Are yon tired hearing about oar nine
teen cent Joans? Wi won't say anything
ahont it after everybody has tried U .and
found out its- neritfj Wo 'have Just re
ooivedaoase of it, containing thirteen
hundred yards. ThUJeam Ka$ no equal
arnTyrtoe-!rj wrwkwwftasj
that has tried it, and yon will bear ua out
in this statement.-1' ' ' ' '
jiWe will offer to the trade this Spring,
ths largut itoci, tfreateit xariety, and
ehtaput Carpets .ever -adored Jothis
town. ,t 8m all profits, qiucJi $alty cath
every time, and never a cent lett ika the
priest v pdhir
; 1 ; For .One OollaK r,,
Wf iella' good pair oLadlts' ' Lasting
Oaitertfor a dollar.
We have the brightest eMors . sod the
fiaost chain we ever offered at the price.
I11-" J r Clothinsr: 5 ; '
We have a very large stock of Clo to,ing
this spring, and prices rehjirkshly low.
You know wn tell our CloVitnp Jot . cath
onlg, and never take lets than the price '
Bear in mind that -ce haoe a lartje litoak
of A Jioot and Shoe thU spring, and '. tell
them at bottom cath price, :,; i
0 Ruuivwhat Hast Thou Done?
Talbott's Oae Price and Cash Stor
. .'.. ,Bruesville, Ohio,
I.., flaw at Iiam.. - pamnlM. VAr 1
$1 free. Btinxoii a Co , Portland.
a , . ;; . njcL2l,'76i.
j . : , (L. n 'vnw?
70 WHERE 0W?
. l,IC!9A,N 6S? 0J foMB,oat' floor' ' '
1, WH aT FOR?
To bay a FARM oat of the
i at I LfilON j. AOS
r.tritlliiK unn for sai ty-t the
! -flRAND ItaKlDS & INDIANA R. B. .
Strong Sftil Ready Markets. Bare Crops.
Hood dubools K. K runs through center of
p-, acie; ajje-fourth dovu, Ulanw
11, .
aMnd for illustrated pamphlet, full of
facte and Sgu res, and be convinced. Address,
W. a. UOWARPrtNm. -
" Grand Rapids. M-'ch:
P. R. L, VKIRCK, Bw'y Uul D-p't.
f-M,'76meow.-- .
' : 1 : t t ' T ' ' - . . r .7 t lift:-
t .i
.Ki)i!iiiiUUnif'r.f)iivjU ar;il
Morris fc 1 Arnis
mvut will appear
sic gmTitiitJbvt to ilu -rl 5T:
f t.'lW tiM
1- lt .-ort
' H.' s-:
1 i?vc.iq 1 f-i
I . . . -) fl It .
Of the wn4iof;ivarious
j Township purposes, in the Trermry of Monroe CoTmty.M
! "nriirTVin t.hiV first VlrfSrh' :1 ftff ri "" fn;;l oj Mfl a
: ,.sf .ysj-u-j k AUJ177 r'-:" 'J;n J f ''
To amoant oolleoted on Dnplieato for 1875, IMem1!ooUetea...;,.10,ff94 M, '.
, of neddler'elieenae collected bv Treasure f.:i.l 'Af:: ' ta' -ahMJiil aart
By county's proportion Bute common school
Interest section 16V o lanaafy 1, 1S7 ... ,
Troajsnter'a mileage to ColwabasiUA jXIi...t!.8i...k4iAi.y I8.at fi .?fiK
Cash paid Treasurer of SUte..........;....'.i.y4..:-4W..,!4S,M -j.,: f
. Total rr ....... v.
V.lau. In Tumn Rinlamka. .(ImmiiI
AmAant fmn Tnunmif Stai. Aoaalv'a MMOiifoai: . ' .V nAfl jM ' A
i .. - action
. .. , Washington and Noble mntjeotateroot Soo U ., .. :i' J0O IB nd
Township seheoi fund OoR onpUeaSw foi
r ! Total
I. JT fi
By State common fto&eoiorooM rowenaaji
BeotlonlS V
ToWBOkle. VrirS J.w
oaianee in treaanry i.,.,..,
- : voasfEBAt asvEKVi nxvi'.-j. '''''in-
To balaneo ft Treasn'ry September" setllimsnt.
Amoant collected on Doplloate for 187S
day-book, fines, costs, ate
; Total.
! u -ii si Jt- 6i;iia uianqitcwjj
By orders redeemed and deposited Deeembei,sT5.i"f"..
te te if. -.v .fl9
I TotaV . v- ... v. f. 1 A -v ' i
Batanee'V ry..;.,ili;ia ii.i.
To amennt collected on Dnnlicate for 1875
i-u-,T!- ''w.iTnrneoti.:.-:::::..::-: n-:fa---T
! Total
By orders redeemed and deposited Deoembw, 1879 :i '"'..V-TlSMO- t-jsad.o
;r .Siall3ia l 9 'ialiroh. tK; . ;:',!.v I'. W8' 'ja ?f -3a?i.
Amennt overpaid at September settlement,' 187:;i.;Y.;.v.!il'.;.''..i '..iZS'- -v; d;.-'
i Total ... .......tjfti.j.... .i..l...'..'. .ki'i..W.V.T,Sl; "fl, .
Amount overpaid. . ......'..,.. ftAlTfj
;. . BOAD (TOWNSHIP fDKfi) - v- ' .
Ta aWant eelleeted on Duptrcate fov 18T1...1.. ji.llt ,S
Total. . . .,.(,.. f-, . .H.
..i i.u.u.l u..i
: Total
niooUed on iiyUwtte'rSflli.
i - . v. ' . .
By orders redeemed and deposited Dewmber,
amount overpaia av apieiwtiiw'i,.. ..... , tr .. : ;?,
l. i oval ..... ...... .... ......
Amount overpaid.., ..
srzcuL ftOAD rexn.
to,aaea sheeted ealHti
By orders redectaod.ftrtifilei iWcaoev.
Uaroh. ia7S:
Balanoe. lntfresuJf fft' v-"tflv.,-!ri' fut4U -I'-w
To balance la Trcuttryicwpteiabef settlement,
Total t..
ed ; Vi i u-j i y a Minis. i87
Balance in Z'9 W -H-t -Vr Irrir:?!
a ...... i, . .Cte.
TO amcuni oouocnea on aupucave swo ja
Total ;i.-j,..V. '... 1 t"Nirl
By ordeis redeemed and deposited: March, 1
ivim . .. .. .'-v.... ..v.t ..... . . . . -
roapoaATioK rcirn.
To amount collected oWDapHcate for 1878
Total ............rl.o;U.q..it.;Jj.v-..J.4.f'.tM
i.wafi iiT :!;!' i nii) s:i vjiw-.. '. tea.:? .rf.w i t
By orders redeemed and deposited Keren, il878.jJ..l...,.v...(.iVv. 198 ti ,, f ".
, Total. ., , .. ....... .i.atk'. ..; . .4 .Vt -ff" -.fS ,
TEACHEES UCSTITTTI rtTKn;. i r;ii.. j !;,. i Ml. j(.,.f, Tjj f,vj;..
To balance in Treasury cVptembetsetUement, 1878 ,. ...4.;. . T,7B ;
Amount collected. since.... I........... .....108 83 .. . . ,
Total .,.....,..... .....'. ........ . ......... ...... ...., ..X09 X
: .. 'i; f I ' '.; - ea, '' i ...
By orders redeemed and deposited Decesnber. lS7S.i".;"..':.-...'..'i.'..J.l.;..' a Ml J- a.'i" rt
itaiance ux Teanry.'.....'..i..........v..........v:
To amoant deposited te rydeeni laad..,
., XOUl .. ,4.. .. .........
By orders redeemed and deposited Mareh 187
. Total ...... s. , . i . A ... . ,V .....-,'.,..,..',...'........ SB II
OCIlOOl 1; UBVU. ...a'...: ..... ....................
Oenoral KeveBne'Fand...
.... .
Special ; Road and....;:....
Uailding rani....',......
Teachers' lostit'ite Fund
t lowi M. ...... ......
1 Redact InOiuiary Fund ovorpsid...
, '
Bridge Fund
Unpaid notes in Treasury.
March 14. 1&76--W3.'
Probate- Notice.
A CC0UNTS vouchers bar. been Sled I.!
f tbw - Probate Ccnrr of Konro Unnty,'
tbi., tor euiuiimynn MHowmg-nuaiQi-
i au: w ... i-,., . v , t
, Fiual aecoont of : Valentine , Qalw GUardUu,:
of Jacob C. Toouui.-
nardlan of 'Ynkm R White.- - i
Any person Interested may nl written,
x-j Hons to aid acconnts, or any item therw -
of eu or before the 7th day bf April nett.
, wheu the same win do oaauy beam awi ova-
tiaawi from day to dy until diepod of, , ,
; ; ; , 1 : : JA3 R. MORRts,'
oW;:3. Probal. .tyij.,
i '
i i
1 . .!.-.!'
i:' ' ' . ;.U rC. "u
( piHi''iil
i'-ji'-j.d 1.IT' '
trough ;hdvcrti$Cf
licit week.
l ' : :f inn ''!
r. :i
j; jt'oi-tdj. :c '
I. T Iff if f"7 ; fJTlw '
it r-
: - Vr in
"If? "'n"j Dr
7'.-'0!? Vj?'
VVft !!"T"
7 V
7 hr-
t'3i! Rfl'l
..J ' ".-. i i
fi.f.i yv'I
,.SW'; '".
j i o!lr.-) -d;
iff fa r. o'.ti...
1: T;ii:r..-.
-s Jr lieo I i-oit vai .noiiort
9i-fi"J Jdf .''"'''i il"
!iK) !:.!;: ';.i)7'J ' -,','.f w,,ir
sa!.... - ' ,
. 11 i
i li-itnnni
r.oai.-fiif-ilT VifK .1
tiMS baftii
. , . . ,W UT
BO Jl'.T Mai'i
fuatf ..I'yf:..'.:i.fJ:.;.''T.8W-,ajd ;? lo wna
..-; J M wttS..VUAMsiAv'cfcsw rfl
- ..A.tK. ' .m..'.j,., rl,(jte LS
IMS "' M
e -'J "tf
UTI.V."..; ...ri . il i ..a&lls taraiJoafr
., Ai.l.'ii .ss.;.'.'. Jl,M a '
-:-ttsMl:v:-..-T. o.o:N Jr.i.oW-ojfM
Maroe iaft . '..u'7UO;i 1
; Jje ,Vf
te ! .10.111
'vJ J.-na
idla oioa
,ii ia
1875... ..L.. .11 011!"')
i.JlS tf'-W'ifned
r -
- I. ... . . . ( .
. . n . . . . .a .
. " ' " ' ..---.wj-r.wv ... : Tf'
....... ,..........B.ej 9,
fjf e M ev. tt,at IsywVO !
- mmm M -
...'.,,. . .,, . , ........... is iff .
li.i I f
..,.........,... ... .... Iff v .
,!ip jf;i
"I Listrlt.'J.Vael fSJ-?
...atAijri i
! l-ne fJioh-Iio -Ul t- vfrHinfif 9di lr '
l!79aU.:ry..i.TV.L.t.S,lS8 ft -lit!
., . . teei sen v..,
eei , ea),vnfs
-' M lO
lf ! WilS.ZAlftar
r:'.V: ..i':''. -V ::'.v 'L: asa Wt-
' AJTl M
. j J A 1
- .tr4.i - :; J:.;i'.,,i..,;!.t'.v. :
ealVrtV. I
81T OoYS
32- . -V4
. ' . . i .rt A
HiwMM-..f:ls,. ' -.i ,
...tr;. 4?. f "(iff t.
; V.'.1W 'W,
8T'f - rrrt,f; - .'irt 'i""-3?i.ii- T."iV?z i'"
n. Jfv.ai .
..;T,':'i.l..'Jv.."f. - ;.i7K - J..IW rs.'l:
;..! 31 rw i-3 r.
jt.,f.. ,
89 IT
..'. jt
t ,.. e.H j
i. ........ .. .. i.......
V OOtm TREAhVoT. - : ' '
B f7 e
1 al 1 1 . - " .
...,V.. .4 st .
14,25' -
.., ......... te....
73 irm
U.003 271
256 17 :
.1,3-769 1,583 86
;. i;.i 2,44 4:
WM. WKDDLE, Anditer Sl.0.0
Farm for sale
-jOMAINlNf 1AO ACRES, ewnatevf 1
UrMli,,teW township, Wahugteu. coon-(
.fc oha mile below Qrandia. and odw
ttUe fiom the Ohio Rivor. '.'
pj,.-..,, jf3vo Arreft Cleared
' flnn.t Vmu n.l tl.raa fun.n Vnnw tku.
tobBef9 hpum.-Mj tUbW w.u-and
,j LuteUJ!
r .f T '3.
. WM Wkr,r.K Wftt, - u .a.'?.--.
. 7l.mi ' , J,,nvvW-
- j : ' ' s'" : r-."V
j ' ' , ' T7Tr 4 i; V , !! .'"
i f?SoBlailk DeetlB WlU Moll
! JAT . i :..,(.,-...,
j gagCb lOT Ulu Ut tUlt tdtl W. ?;
. .
1 :;
i '
4- -
... , ......

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