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The spirit of democracy. (Woodsfield, Ohio) 1844-1994, April 04, 1876, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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i 9taU:a,tlBir Chanty, Ohl.
Jtt'y t 1873 T.
Antiooh, " txenro 4 Couaky - Ohio.
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r hysieian aftd Surgeon
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Capital" ;---$56.O0O.
R. C tfiUM, Va. , 8.Hoa. Fiet iVoo.
8 LrMoONtT.,' ' " H. BITTA0I1.
S. oTAKBu CX , J v - 1BA.A.G UATCBI1.
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Ifttftrest paid oi Speciil- Depots
ltaio ooflootiwat a kfl polail promptly.
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Livery nd Sals Stable,
' .. IfortkfOf tko Qanrt Honso,
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raoorala bb4 P artfos Btoadoi at rosMaabia
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Parttculr Attention will b PaM
toTtonnko pBtrooBfo Ot tkotr frioadt tad tbo
I tBdorafaxod ta aroMrod to do all aaao
or ot aao MtBtiac H lor rat, "la
kao ka to yaara ocporMoo 1b tk baataoaa
and aolioita tko patroaaaa of tk pobtto foa
ray. ' WU.LIAX B. SLOAN,
Jaai.'jlf. Wlttoa'B P O., Koaroo Co,y,"
J. A t'HHiU
' HtrtBBAttb A ItXTBIl ARO. t
' Architects - and' Builders,
"1TT1LL propro 'plan t4 ipctfloatfOBa,
YY ud ooatraot for tko orootioa of bHd
iaf ' 0 BMro NMoaabio toraaa tkaa ar
fkor frai falfrarvo it?. )o4,'7r.
1. l"rBB thaBaljfrTia If agaaiaa. . , -.
Juat as laacbeoa had . baea . fiaishod.
th dubath, Rtnjwa.intoJ, ontered tbo
room and aaneaocdtBAt 4ht jngglero
wero io Attendaace la tbo ToraocUluBpon
wblch, Mr. Gingham leading . tho .way,
the. hole party aiijoumed to it,,nd
were toon seated in comfortablo faebioi).
each betaking bimaelf to a pipe or cigar
af ploasod bim peat.. , .... j-,,-.;
r The Juggler' party, constated of two
men, a woman, a lad.and a child of about
I'oqr Years of. age.. The? had with litem
A large bt?ket..conUiainj theif .; sofik ;ln-
traa.;.anq, witn tn.e exception, or toe
woman,, were but scantily .clad. , The
latter bad a small Italian tabor before
her, which aha occasionallr , snatched op
and struck with the tip of her fingera to
add exprossion to soma of, the wild
chants which were Introduced during the
phases of the exhibition! We pass oyer
the dexterous manipulations of the.oups
and ballatbe whirling c-f a dozen oran;
gesinthe air, not one of, which ever
touched the ground, or clashed with an
otherthe passing of the long blade of
a knife down the throat-the, steadiness
of hand and eye which kept 'from' fonr
to six sharp kniVes flashing and circling
ia, iuo air, wuqoui inaicung a acraica on
the performor Of the ' elploit " Wonder
ful,' too," was thB performance 6f the
pigmy goat. madd of wood or some oth
er snbsUnce,' ahd covered wfttfthe akin
of that animal, whictf drank up a pint of
water presented 'to it tn'Bn an&nT Tea
eel, without any vistbtoi increase of bufk
We rnentien kht4 fathtrat fektaVif lex
terity, though they excited in bo: amall
degree the admiratiwre the spectators ;
but what foj.lowed could n6t be referred
to' llikecaBse.' ii.:'-l--.u dU
For Instance,-ihi )ad!jwas rmade'lo
drink a powder dissolved' tWB'lftUe wa
ter. at which he madr a wry face : the
premonitory symptoms' bran attack of
retching intervened,' amid a choral reci
tative accompanied by the' rat-tat tat of
the tabor; there was a Spasmodic action
of the stomach atr3dy seemed to as-
a . if. .
cena luronq iae guuet me moata was
filled was openedand there dropped
out on the floor a large m(yoth stone.
In another minute this phenomenon was
repeated ; tms time tne stone oeine so
large as to pasi'oat" with difficulty be
tween the teeth; another 'and another,
and again another followed, .itl aomeen
stones of different shapes and sixes, bot
alt emooth, lay on the floor, weighing in
the aggregate e probably about two
DOhnda. : ?-i :k-; rHrrK .
1 A leathern si rap was nnrolled and laid
on the ground open to'view a subdued
choral incantsnni(WCilo wed there waa
a alight but perceptible nervous twitching
motion jn . the strap, when one of the
performer, crying out, Caver him up,
cover him up, or he wilt bite us!" p'aced
a large wicker-work basket, called a ta-
pah, over it, and covered it With a cloth ;
then, aeising a strange-looking musical
instrument, the body of which consisted
of a email dry ' gourd, he ' produced a
succesaioa -of wild droning Botes.X not
unlike the treble or a bagpipe. His com
panion removed the basket, and in - lieu
of the leathern f trap, there was a enor
moua live cabra, a hooded ..make, . with
crest . efect, dwUng, b'J. double
tongue, and awayiag aboa a foot of its
body from aide to. aide, ,th real ,.bijsg
Arranged In a f.lose oil, j a 4few .back
their chairs in iudlsguued alarm
Meanwhile the aoake, though. evident
ly charmed iwittethaomtiiie,' -kept his
brighj feyea directed on the movements
of the party, which he aeemed .to Regard
aa his nauiral foes, ; The woman was the
Itrst'tqr attack.iiejr AnciwU epfena v.ry 1 alily
attempting tO pip: iaVMC Jl hiiaed
forth hi dispjeasure and .made a' dart at
her hand, but she was too. quick for him,
With equal success' the lad and the man
who, was not playing continued to, pro'
voke the reptile for a minute or t w6; but
be at length bit the latter in the bandj
The blood trickle slowly ' from 'the
wound but the) man 4rew .lrov.a. . email
bag about bis person what appeared to
be a email, dark-colored,, flat atpae, and
pressing Uiipoo hand-'lef hfChere,
for it appeared-to ave adhesjye ' and
styptic proprtlea f n about , two f mitt
ntea the blood ceased' to'o w, . and ' the
quasi atone dropped off' A. small .bjis
ket wag then put before the, shake, into
which ' he' quietly glided aad ' was hid
from aight., . ,,y,
The child is sealed ,o fJlhe floor ; the
rather and!, toother i'atmatated a "qaarrel j
the former takes up 1 and " brandishes " a
JfQfda. n,dho' child, seeing Jlajnother
threatened, yells lustily, whereupon . the
father's raze is directed toward it; .but
the mother, - seeing , its -danger,? t has) ily
toveralt with' ibe' large Hbaskei Wore
used, over which aha. throws, a large
cloth ; nevertheless, the man thrusts his
word through tj tnt the. basket and
makes a lunge or two; then the shriek
of the child . are' heard', . the basket ;is
moved violently aoout, aud presently an
is stil) ; a p mall stream of .blood Is 1 seetf
Usmng from under the basket, watch is
lifted op, and the apparently dead, 'body
Of the child is shown Iymer fB.Cr.towiil
ward ; the mother anatcbes it up, pfeoaoa
it td her boaom.'anaT, Otherwhe hatKHes
it, and arter a mmute. places, u wnn aq
-r-. - . '..:.'.:.' . -A -'.k..- -V.b'
seeminelv a lifeleas corpse. " Meanwhile
this blood haj .been wiped Bp by the oth
er confederates,' and a short Incantation
followa. at the endTSf which the haskei
is again raiaed.and to ! the child ia found
seated, quite annate, Its laughing fac
indicating the satisfaction it Ma deriving
from the juice or A snort atick of sugar
cane which it It-f 'crnhcn.ng' between , it
, One of- the juggl era then. nrocgty
forth ball of fine t wwa, and .an wound
about fifty yarda of it ia a coil, in Id
band,; thia coil he cat - through,, with
knjte, a eacb,f nd pf ju diameter ; Jljeo
doubling the aeveral, lengtba. be cut
throBgh thesa again, and, repeated : the
operatioa aatil the twine had been - divi
ded into piecea not exceeding four iochet
in leneth." Tkking np these dial acta' he
put them tntO the lad'a month, and. bade
him swallow, thm, which, after aome ef
fort, ),e ,to, alj appearance, didiThen,
asking one of the company for ebarp
penknife, the man obviously made ac in
cisioa In the lad's stomach ; from this hp
picked ent, with the point f the "knife
VW TiTt TTf 9 TC a it vt
ed forth, at first feehtly, then faster, then
hand over hand.'until he had culled down
on the grbuad , a continuous ltogtli of
about 100 yards of wet sewing thread
This, If a deception, was a marvelous
one; for the operation had all the - ap-
pearanca and toxens or reauiy, since toe
akin' of the stomach was slightly rained
around the orifice through which the
thread was being evidently drawn -'
Vur friends were fairly puzzled ; and
to add to their perplexity the operator
cut off the thread clove to the skin, and
placed a piece of 'sticking plaster over it,
leaving it to be inferred that. the, supply
of thread was unlimited, and could - be
drawn upon 'to order." , r - - ;'
: MaaUr give me one piece of raonev,
aid he who appeared to be the principal
juggler; anidenty apeaki
jut. uawmorne --ui.uMm
"Why r asked the latter, taking a ra
pee from hie pocket and handing it to
the man.--1-' ; . .' -...,.-';
Q tod rupee !" sail the mm, jerking
the coin into the air with a sharp flip of
the thumb nail, and drawing th troe
ring from the metal; "good rupee! mas
ter sore can hold him tight' ia hie hand,
so as cannot rim away ?" : ;
'To be sire I can, ''replied the young
gentleman.!!'-- It ivrl!--ct-'.-i;.ii;9?V
: Master try, then.'! said the jogglef,
taking Mr. Hawthorne's left hand , and
placing the rupee on the palm of It. He
then requested the gentleman to place
the palm of his eight band over the cola,
to cose, both handa tightly, and not let
the money by any means escape. : t
Thoroughly determined oa that point,
oar yoang friend pressed his hands to gether
till he was red in the face.,-- ;.,.''.
'Master, quite sure got moneyiia. hia
hand F'- aaked the juggler, i u;'
Quite, waa the reptyl
"Can feel him, master ?"
: "TeS.".u.3 .... f kii9hi.H
nTheJnggler took, the gentleman's two
hands between his own, and muttered
aomo- baliaUfcy worda ; - thoa- blowing
upon them and giving ' them a heavy.
shake, he asked with a grin: v: -
. Can feel him now, master ?" ' i
Starting from his chair with a' bound,
and, we are aorry to record it, - with ai
oath, the young Englishman, with an af
frighted look, unclasped his hands, and
there fell on the fl r beneath, not the
rupie, but a lively, wriggling little hrown
snake, about fifteen incite long, whicti
made immediately Tor the h-grof Capt
MbTurk. V
.Now this gentleman, who under ordi
nary circumi'ances was as braVA aa a
lion, bv no means relished, or was pre
pared for, an encounter with the devil,of
whom , he doubtless believed the .ap
proaching reptile was an incarnation; so
hastily tossing bi.th leg hih in the" air
the worthy captain lost bis balance, and
together witu hi chair came heavily to
. C- M . .- xi. - t -.:-.s-T.'- --:i 1. .---
nous conseauenctss - bevond ' a broken
back of the chair, we mean - " ?
Toe worthy skipper soon picked him
self up, and seeing that the snake had
been captured by the lad, round whose
Srm it was now entwined, joine t in the
general laugh, and seated himself again
in another chair that waa placed ' for1
him. ; -
"Master take his rupee again," said
the jaggler,offdring the coin to Mr Haw
thorne" with,-it must be confessed, a re'
gretful loolc;;':;-;'V"v'M:',''i"'
"By-Jupiter, nor said the gentleman ;
"you have fairly earned it ; besides";'
'It might torn into. a snake : again.; in
yoar pocket,' : you were 8ing - to add,
Hawthorne," said Mr - Komp. n Come,
Well there's no knowing what that
imp of darknea might d;, alter what we
have witnesaed," replied hia friend w-:
An empty flower pot was 'now placed
upon the a tot by inr lUggier; .wbo: re
quested that .Bin -comrade might be i a -
lowed totibrinar np. aome garden ... moid
from the.liltle. plot, of ground below,
rermieaioa being, accorded, the '. man
went, and in two minutes returned with
a email quantity of fresh earth, , lied - p
in a. corner of bis , chadder, which ' was
depoelted Jnf the flower .pot. and .lightly
preaaed down. I Taking from his basket
dry mango-atone-, and Banding it
around to the company that they might
examine it and saUsfy themselves that it
aa really what it seemed to be, the ii
gler aoooped out a little enrlb, from- the
center or the flower pot and placed the
atone in the cavity ; he thea turned - the
earth Rightly over it, and having poured
a littio water.over the surface, shut the
flower pot out of yie w by j means , of a
sheet thrown over a email triangle
And bow amid a full chorus of, voices
and the rat-tat-tat accompaniment of the
tabor,' the alone germinated ; presently a
section or the cloth was drawn aside,and
gave to view the tender shoot, character
ifjd by two long leaves of a blackish
brriwn color1.' ' The cloth was read!:nte3
and, the incantation resumed. Not long
waa U; howevef. "before the . cloth ' was
again drawn aside, and it waa then seen
that the two first leaves had eiven place
to sevei-at green ones", and that the plaut
now atood nine or ten inchea high.' A
third time, and ' the' foliage' was much
thicker, tbeaapling being about thirteen
to fourteen inches in height. ' A fourth
time and the Hula miniature 'tree, uow
abont eighteen inches in height, had ten
or twelve man goes abont the six of wal
nuts bangta about its branches. : Final.
ly, after the lapse of three or four min
ute, ineeiiKB waa anojetuef removed.
and the fruit,- having-1 attained : the per
fection of sixe, though not of maturity,
was plucked and banded to . the 'specta
tors, and on being taated was j found - to
b approaching ripeneas, being, "sweetly
BCW...m -ta in ,. 1" j... ! r. rr.
if Tjiiis conoluded the entertainment, and
the jugglers haying been handaoawly re
warded enadi their obeisance, and tzlt-d-ratt
$MimAi . ., ,vn r:.u j,?s.'n
;,. r,,;m . , f
' :i:A'attier Oosoa Delkaiap. .-;
''Z tfAVtitiTit'jH1;' March 2' An
evening paper here publlsbps a statement
that J.'Q A: Sargent. of this place, paid
Secretary Belknap 1 12,000 for a coctraet
to furnish a ' heating apparatus in the
Government buildings at Fort Leaven
'Worth''' - ii- 'r"'i ir-c .t-i.'V
Gat a Brooklyn girl thoroughly mad
and the fruits of a careful religious train
ing are not conapieuoos in the fury with
which -she unships her bustle and wrecks
it tivnr the 'head of her adveraary.
Brikt?n Arjtt.- " -,:"''V"
the end of a thread; this thread he pall
:l Mmtllmv.
Rained by ttoe Lottery.
. They who hanker to get possession of
wealth by ventures of chance, or dishon
est speculation, may find another warn -ing
ia this story, from the Indianapolis
Journal, of "what the lottery wheel did
for two men:"
. About two years ago two Indianapo
lis commercial tourists drew a portion of
the eapital prise of the Louisville Library
lottery, one acquiring $7 600 and the
oiher f 5.000. The 87,500 man at once
bought an interest in the groesry house
by which-he was employed, at the same
time keeping hia former position, his ex
be the principalis,,!,;,; fc0(. capital realising an increase
ag InJtogliahtoof $3,000 or $4,000 per annum. : r.
"This waa hot enough, however, to sat
isfy his ambition, and in two or three
months he sold oot to hia partners, who
gladly paid him $7,500 for hia interest
lit 'six months, by his fast living, he
preached hia last dollar, and was in search
of 'a situation. ; i ' - ' : r . ; , -
rot a time tie was employed about a
"ticket-scalping"- office, and1 afterward
traveled for three wholesale houses,
never retaining a position longer than a
month. - Business men eyed him with
something bordering on suspicion, and
he could nd longer get work . i ,-
: He found plenty of time for drinks
between meals, though; and atlast.over-
come by bis misfortunes and drink, he
determined t end his mortal career, and
a night or two ago he was trying to buy
morphine or arsenic at "several drug
stores. .His efforts in this direction were
utisuccessful, fur the drug clerks turned
a'Jteaf ear to his pathetio appeals,' and
hdamise has not yet been announced.
ItHs presumed that - he has decided to
take the" slower but equally certaiu path
to; the other ahore if,';1' ' ft.""":; : l
The $5,000 man, who was also an em"
ploye of the aame firm, took his windfall
and went to Kinsas; where he engaged
in the lumber businosd; now he,' too,- Is
back; in the city', of concentric circles,
"basted," looking Jot a job, ;r And so
the world hooves. .;-..,- ..-,-.-'- . ..-A ,
-Old Sojourner and the Nob.
Cool courage and the power of sacred
S3D have- ever been- the best sub luers
of wicked rsge. . The following incident
is rested of that Vemarkable negro wo
macu Sj turner i Truth, in her life, by
Mrj Titus, recently published t i .:
..; At one time she was at camp-meeting,
and a mob of youn riifflana.w'ere deter
mined td break up the meeting.' , "S'ie at
firas bid heraelf, from fear, but after
wardaaaid to herself .
' J What! ahall I turn and hide from the
Devir-.ne, a servant of the living G d ?
Hvve lnot faith enough to go out an I
qt&J&:m?ti, wherf I Jcnow it. is writ
ten, 'One shall chase a thouaridr and
two put ten thousand t fliihtT I'll go
to the rescue,' and the Lord will go with
me to pro'ect me "
She went out into the ooen field,
among the wild and reckless mob, and
commenced to sing in the most fervid
manner,' and with powerful voice : :
fit waa early ia tko atoning, it was oarly ia
ike morning,
Jost at tko brak of iar, ,
Wkea ho rose, whoa he ros whoa ha rose,
; 'And wont to haarta Ou a oloud."
r "StviQ the crUwd surrounded ' her,' arm
fd with clutts and ticks; - aa ahe ceased,
One apoke up: --:-- ; -
- -Sing on, old ' woman ; nobody shall
hurt your -'Another said, -"Talk to us,
old womsn Y: Another,'-"Pray, old wo
man, and tell os your experience !" '
So she talked.' aud 8Uig, and prayed.
until the subdued and ; convicted - mob
quietly dispersed, and the - exercises of
the csmp meeting 'proceeded peacefully
tO IBB ClOSe MIJ.,,!,;!;..:,
: 1 '"no.. . i .,; i Uiiii'i;.-'!
'The Simplicity of Wladona. ;
The late Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexan.
der, of Princeton Theological Seminary,
was a very wiae man; great, however, as
was his wisdom',' it was paralleled by his
singular simplicity of character An ep
itaub written by Pope might have been
Appropriately cut on the gravestone of
(he venerable man : ' ' '. ' '
- ' r..t f r, !-- -vs
" -?f maunera goaUo, of affdotlon mild,
'i: la. wit A bm, aimplioity a okUiL" ; , ; n,
! While great men won ierexl at the wis
dom of the sage, the humblest could un
der stand him -'
' Tne students of the seminary were in
the habit of preaching 'at neighboring
School houses, in ordr to Improve their
"gift" fi A constant hearer at one of
these preaching stations was an old col
ored man; he was ah humble Christian,
bat unlearned' 1 Uncle Sam, as he was
culled, would oftn try to tell his mis
tress what he ' could remember of the
sermon ; but bis general i complaint was
that the preaohin-jf Of the students was
too learned and deep f jr him.
' One Sunday afternoon he cams home
in an unusually good humor. - A poor
unlarnt old man, ju3t like himself, he
said, had preached at the school house
He didn't suppose the old man was hard
ly fit to preach to while people; but Un
cle Sam was glad he csra.or he could
remember everything ha had said.
Ttie "nnlarnt old man": waa Or. Alex
ander, who, when he heard of the color
ed man's criticism, said it was the high
est compliment ever paid to his pr j io
ing. ' : '.' ' '": - ''
H Another $100,000 Steal.
t Wauinqton. DC, March 26 The
Committee on Pensiona struck a b nri
xa yesterday in unearthing. , a 8400,000
fraud in the Pension Bureau, beaton,
Chief Clerk in the Bureau under ibe V n
Arnim Administration, ot 1869 arid 1871,
was summoned from Albany New Yok.
and testified that while , he was in office
there was a ring consisting of Van Ar
nim, Chanev, Orange, Miss, Van Meter,
Lyonsof "New York; Hill s Dunkirk,
f Niw York. ' These men forged aome
2,300 fraudulent land bounties "of the
war of 1812 and the Mexican and Indian
wars, valued at $170 and $200 each.' pre
sented them to the Bureau and received
payment on the same. Afterward the
parties entitled to the bounties tried to
procure payment and ' found they had
been represented as being dead, and the
ring had collected the pensions ss admin
istrators of their estates.'- Seaton and
other clerks tried to expose the fraud aod
swro dltcharged In ennii-nce. . -
Uowlo Carry aaOx ioSlarkvt. -
This from a correspondent at : River?
du Louo, Canada, i
When the Grand Trunk Railway of
Canada was completed in 1350, many
farmers had never, heard of, much less
seen, a railway, but it aoon got reported
around that pissengers coul 1 travel by
it, and even cattle. A backwoodsman,
who was indebted to a country mer
chant was pmshtj by the latter for pay
ment of the amount due, and the only
means of liquidating the debt was by
taking a fat ox to the Q iebeo market
For this purpose he tied Bis ' ox to the
back of his cart, -and drove to the rail
way station, a distance of nine miles
Oo surveying the train and 'seeing an
iron raiting around the platform ot the
hind car, he concluded that U,waa the
place to tie his ox, whioh he ' according
ly did, taking a place in a second class
car himself forward. Presently .' the
trafh began ' to move off slowly. .- The
speed inoreased J quicker and q iioker it
west The poor man got very fidgety,
the speed , still increasing, until ; large
drops of sweat became visible oh his
brow, By this time the conductor had
reached his car to collect his tickets
Nearly Out of , breath ' the man , ran to
him,' exclaiming:" . -"i
My dear cdnduotor, my ot Will nev
er be able to keep up to thia pace;' it is'
not possible
not nnsnihlA ' " " - --, f ; v ,;i I
Your ox ' Keep up to this ' pace!
What do you mean r I don t under-J
stand you. Have you an os on board?'
Not on board, of course. I tied him
to the railing of, the hind car. '! ,'-
loo tied your ox to the railing or
the hind car? Who told you to do so?
No one! but that is the way we "al-i
ways do in the country r V " , , ' - ,' '
Of course the conductor could aot
stop his train before ' reaching the next !
station, when,' needless to'aay, 6a' look:
ing Tor the ox,' they ' found attached to
the rope a pair of horns, with' a small '
portion of the neck -; :-u,'
Mr Berga could aCarcelv call this
cruelty ttS'.a'uTmalsV as UVis.iioV Intend
. ' - .. I.IJU ,. I
The humane conductor made' a .col
lection among the passengers' on' the
spot, realizing a larger ' amount than the
ox would" have brought at market, which
he presented to the crest-fallen farmer,
who immediate! v returned .home, vow
ing he would never have' oxen taken to
market by railway again. He has kept
his word, and to this day ' he' leads his
ox to market -behind his own cart
Harper's Magazine. ' ' '; ; " v
.--in-'.-u- Relig-louB s;xercioe,'i-'' iu
' She was a lady named Magruder, and
somewhat strict in reference to family
morals . Indeed, while Mr. Magruder
was a good man. aud endeavored " to
discharge his dutiea as a parent with
propriety, yet hia views as to what really
was proper often ran counter to the
views entertained on ' the same subject
by his wife, and ahe had spunk. These
differences on a certain occasion are
thus desurihed by a common friend. ' :
' 'I called ' at Magruder' s the other
morning on royway down town, and as
I knew them . well, I entered the side
door without knocking' I was shocked
to find Mr. Magruder prostrate on Hhe
floor, while Mrs. Magruder sat on bis
chest, and rumpled, among his hairas
she bumped his head on the boards and
scolded him vigorously. They "rose
when I came in, ' and Magruder, as he
wiped the blood from his nose, tried io
pretend it was only a joke; But Mrs
Magruder interrupted him :':,:'". ' '
. 'Joke Joke!" Taho'u.d think pot.
t was giving him a dressing ;down - He
wanted to. nave family 'prayers before
breakfast, and I was determined to have
them afterward t and as he threw: the
Bible at me, and hit Mary Jane with the
hymn-book, I soused down on him.-i If
I can't rule this house, I'll know ' why
Fick up 1 them Scriptures,;- and ' have
prayers! Yon hear me, Magruder?
It's more trouble regulatin' Che piety ol
this family than runnin a " saw-mill.
Mary Jane,;' give your pa thai - hymn
bOOk. .-'' -.-.-i-.-H,j.:H
"I left before the exercises began."
Editors Drawer iii Harper s Mftaie
for April. ' U:A -' ' '- ! ' -'i: j.t-.
H ' :. .: ' - ,,. .-
Jr - "A Lesaoa in Pallteneaa.: ,
A friend Of Bean Swift one .day 'sent
him a turbot aa a present by ' a Bervani
tad vho had frequently been on similar
errands, but , had neTer received any;
thing , for. hia trouble." Having 'gained
a I mission, he opened the ' study 3do6r,
and putting the fish on the floorj " cried
out ruddy. "Master has sent you a tur
bot!" "Young man, says the. Dead,
rising from his eay" chair, "is that the
way you deliver a message? 5 'Let me
teach you better manners ; sit down in
my chair we will change places-, and: I
will teach you how to behave in the fu
ture !" The boy aat down, and the 'Dean,
going out, came to the door, and making
alow bow, said "Sir.' master presents
his kind compliments, ' hopes ' you are
well, and req-iests the acceptance - of a
small present." ' Does he?" replied the
boy ; "return. him ray ' best thanks, -and
here's half a crown for yourself ! Ths
Dean, thus caught in his own - trap,
laughed heartily, and gave' the boy a
crown for his ready wit. ' " ' f ?.
" ' Cure for Love ol Llaot-.
At a festival at a reformatory ' institu
tion, recently, a gentleman said of the
cure of the use of intoxicating .drinks :
-I overcame . the appetite, bv a recipe
"iven to me by old Dr. Hatfield." one of
IhOne good old physicians .who, do. hot
have a percentage from a neighboring
druggist , ' The . prescription is simply
an orange every morning .a half hour
before breakfast. , Take that,' said the
doctor, 'and you will neither want liquor
nor medicine., 1 payq doue so regular
ly; and find that liquor has become re
pulsive ' The taste of the range is in
the saliva of my tongue,' and it would
be' as well to mix water and oil as rum
with my taste." - ' '" k:
, . ... , ', , :, .. - -j;.
' When a Missounan was recently eti
titai iqr murder, be didn t say ue was
insane. Ho simply said : "If yer Honor
please, I am guiltyT l killed the man
because he took my gal from mev She
was about the only thing I bad ; aa' 1
didn't want to live after she went, and
I didn't want him to live neither. An'
I should be obleeged to your Honor if
yon would hang me as soon as possi
Treatment' oil lllria.' -"'I
Ho; mWWy 'tfA WW
dearly fur tfceleariy upfiringrr!oT lieif
hukband,f ifhojf'ttre'' ' sir ar giaTosnirdf
love pkssedj treat! thek wives,. sn they -Mere
aUowl.tqrtat, their, iaistera. as
they saw their atherV,tr.eat tpeir" moth
ers, caielessfy, 'diVresjie'elfuHy Vvhu V
total want 1f hif tbBsiaerkte' 'Tender'.
nesa which i worth odln thr vasionate
yoB9c4iiBB)V r- : w- .jJ-
love in tlef.woWithi,.UM)aglUiey.,ey Ja w'lTue indelurd t.
may pass;uater,eifo ,evreri.vou T beUerg,biu'
husbands, never d.o anything really, bad,
ud..v.iu HAa, iW Ibti l
tive qualities, yet contriving somehow
quietly to break Itf? poor ' wom?njy
heart, or harden fi TnlE(r th'a ' yaasYve-ab
ceptance of pain Which- i 'more1 fatal to
rnarnod haBmnaan'Uaii Ten lffBiiri'
eatageaBt Xhg
thing than, stolid,' hopeless indifference
me oest nusoands I ever met cami
out" of a family where the'f"mbther,1 a
most heroic, and" self denying womanf,
laid down th? abaoiate law rG rls first"
not, in any authority, ,bu, first. to jbe
thought of as to protection and tender
ness Consequently, the chivalrous care
which these lais were taught to show to
their own slstera 'Aaturally extended
itself to all womn.n. They grew up Jrua j
gentleman gentlemen generous, unex
acting, courteous of speech and kind of
heart In; them" was ther prbtrotfng
-.-.--iv-i -if -ahiAiff- h.rti-kni-irn'..t
ia. wa.' mm V k u.t.. .....vm wr.w '',W
use ita strength- except for protection)
the proud honesty r of manhood which
infinitely prefers hinSLJhJyJogly-nd
openly resisted To oe.ng "tw.sted round
one s linger, as mean 'men are twisted,
and mean women will alwaya be' fouad
fumrl ,n iln If. Vi,i - ariilnK T l..nlr .11
honest' men
merely i dii I ike,?: but ' utleriy i doapiae. V-
Miss Jkfptocan.i.iiuatii li,vshu -V Wst.
'''''' ' Stolen Ssveets. M
The Vicksburg-bby.'San' stJhd'up'WttD
any other bbt in the' "world galnf "an
.i.--l.l.'-', . i- - ' ! 1 .4 Jh. T -ft - A --.
accusation.: The other day when a f icka-
burg j motlierf disco vo red t, sugar, bo. the
pantry ,hef ,she J,called?'lo,her .bpj a
said:'""4..'"' y
"Some one has been stsafingf his 1 id
gar." - 'U '-."- -t. " ,5ii i-4iro- ?yoiJ;lf
Is it possible !"; be exclaijacd, rolling
up hia eyea in astonishm ?nt.; r ...
"Yea, it is po?ible,and the thief is riot
far away, either'. , ;' ;:' .' !
Ain't he ? : ' Ddf you suspeot father ?"
- "No, I doa'fci ". si .e-U.r t.;i
"Couldn't be the cat, could it ? he in
quired, glancing under the table in search
.r it. f i: 1 . '- 'f-j-
"Cats don't eat sugar; young man J' '
t They don't ? ': '; n:.-t;-.'; i?"
:Noc, air ; i the thief is :i boy. about
.' ... . eta-- - j : . . - -
your siaei. u t -.vU ef i-'l
.-'He is. eh ? . I'd like to eate:h thim
.r. Anita I' v ',jt : ' "
uvi Jiti, Ulivc . v t j . ,
"If the sugar is 'disturbed again," ahe
said; as ishe.-covertd .the jxiiT.,I know a
boy who will get his jacket dusted."- -That's
bully I; I wish, you'd. let ,me
stay out of school c o's to see you catch
.o,.t kin, I"' "' ' ' ' . . f-' .' '
and maul him
" And he went out to' devour the
lumps Vicksburg Herald1 1
nl9nii ritn I1 oil
,. It bow, transpires that .the . true in
wardness of the delav in Delano's resig
nation as Secrsfary of the Interior1 was
a threat he -held over - the President's
head in regard; to .Orvil's rascality da,
connection with , the .. post-trader shipsT-r,
When Grant demanded Delano's .resig'
natiob last summer,' he hastened to Ldng
Branch and -shdoki evidence 'of-Orvri's
roguery in the President's face, and de
fled Grant to pus. him from his place in
the Interior,, Department Grant saw
that Delano was not in the 'humor to b,e
trilled with.'arid he bad' to Namely surjf
mit and permit the Secretary to resign
at leisure. It-is bow thought that if Del
ano can be summoned as a witness,, evi
dence enough can be brought from, him
to impeach Grants Delano, Co wen and
that Board of Auditors are at' SacraolenV
to. California, ready to jump thercoadtry
if an attempt is made to make them, iaf
:Trr.t 5 JBrax IJTafAiaaipjf Ufa
?f '"? --r.fft-f, w-.ym Ai trM
v - lySeh'atorJoBes.iof the ftBBiya
ma Legialature,4ias written' a- Jettento
the Centennial. Musical Director. atUf
sail ultKi a m aVi r fm. at waa-aaraal aniVvAftrixn
WV U0 tAlAlBBlUA OB V V .pUk,(fOlliU
which is worthy of thought" He4pVr
poses that at nooh on the fourth day"bT
July next all Hhc people? of the" ehtifs
country should join in. singings f.Prajse
God from whom all. busBinga fiaw to
the, tune of l,;Qld. Hundred." "Mr. Jones
says tnat be 'believer "aucn an effect
wonld bo orodticed throughout the land
and the civilized world that - would! nev
er be forgotten," f-.lt is furtherpcopoaed
to print tne verso in an .languages, sq
that all tongues mayjoin in the praise'
The' aifug-'stfiin is certainly ' a-reinarlai
tne onv, and ia, worthy or the considera
tion of our-religious ptH;ip,--asweli as
othera.,,.,Tei- thousand people 1 1 Capitol
square singing Old Hundred" would be
IVThe HouSckeepert cie ' the Joh
lowing suggestions, fur 411111X10? old lm
cana. Take oil. ther -top, of the. can,
punch holes on opposite sides near the
rim, put in a wire bait; and ydii 'have' h
littio bucket, which may'scrve for a paint
pot, to keep j nails m. or ' o'.nac uaody
purposes,!; .Tak. off ths top, cuV ,to ths
proper shape, and fasten on a handle by
means of a screw through a hole in the
bottom, '' and" a' useful scoop may' be
made i; 1 "A saucepan''' for" l'smll messes
may be triads' by cattingrdowa a -can;
leaving a atrip to be, bent at right angles,
and turned around a stick, to soi ve as a
namiie.. a. coarse grater lor cracsoi;,
etc ,' is easily' f ormed from a rpie'co' of tin
lastened to a board " TlVe' boles 'tn ' the
grater should be" made with anioldithree
pornerod me.t..,t ti'
' - CUInese Tea-ttaklnr. '
A crip of good tea is not found lii ev
ery houseboUl, arid seldom, if at alt, in
a hotel or restaurant. -:"Al Chinese0' doc
tor explains the 'cause. He eava that
Americans boll tea, and thereby lose the
flavor, white the Chinese make it ,by in
fusion. ,Thev place a small quantity of
tea leaves in a bowl, pour 'boiling water
upon it, and then cover the 'bowl. The
strength of the tea depehda on the time
the tea is, allowed to draw, , 4And,"
s aid the speaker, " when making . an in
fusion, do not boil the water hastily at
first. ' Milk or sugar, the Chinaman de
tlare'uhoTild ncrer be used with 'ta '
'. Thp man wbjvbfaiApfoject -eu. fodl
went ty BirtPdocturrX r
kling , "ilbojhoroulMjC
a t.1,..-- t!j-.,-'Av:'H:.v-jB(-.o
WU , -a. -.-hb-
tl lieu n yinu-v 'BaoVrT
ful .
Why should It be easy to Voak'lato
an rthrBtin's'hdtia-,! a BBUMksWatai
fis broken and his locks are few. .
v This is the season of the" "year" Wbeff '
boils bluaaom and J.oung men hold thiir
heada'Bi Stiff as if.thcv , haU'sWal(ow4
At a printer 9ji)ih , fiQwag '. -
toast -was - offered: f. Woman Second
only to the press io the disaemiuaiion '
Mexico is a lajy countrr,' butla
sight of a;drote of TtX is caul wilt. 6 il
a Mexican with the enterprise' of a fruft
tree peddler. Cii&igo Timts.
When two women in a -family are try
iugJlQi'll the same thing at the same
time, it is an anspiciona opporfuimyTuT
thei men folks 5to vanish Pf3 -
"What is a conscfence?; asked V
school-master ofnis" .'class. ;,Art't.1i
ward jpaonljor,", , re'pTfed a bright Hula
fellow. ';And wuat's a monit,or?.,,Uno'
of the iron clads..'"''' r ifw ?"r
''DonVjott thlnV' Sold a husband ir
a mild form of rebuke to his wife-thatf.
women are possessed By - tne devil f "
"Yesiwaa Uic answer, Maa soob aa)$y . '
aJ-emarrie-d.PM ,;, ; ,4.,':-' k.j ,
iThe Alts Ca)iforuia aays that.it .is ta.
useless to try to keep the American ad
venturers out of theBlack' naJa'is '
try to eep woman out of a drgooda
store.,;- -.. " ' '"
Spring has ao far. advanceir 'ir'n1(fa1f-
forni-i that ''''ftmtim''iini'AfJ:' iktiiOk?
radisir With in old' bsirei-state.B(l far
hushaqd can leave 'LffaVlcet put of ed
--Trek Pre? ' ''""'ta,
""ifones 'undertakes tbull -my fars
said'afoud-rtiouthed fellow on a trwc
CDrner, "he will just "havsr. hia baadf
full." The crowd looked at . the man e
ears and thought so too.
1'A' wag, upon visiting-' B' 'medtcanu-
seam, was shown some dwarfs and spec
imena of-mortality alt preserved joj nls
cohql. ,K 'rtll ": f said . he,, "I, never
tuought.the dead could be la such spir
its'" t ".i'i"'i:; 1 Chit-
t At a little gathering the other Even
ing somebody asked a man if.hewaa.
fond of opera.. He said'.' be " wasv pa,
sipnately. I He alway liked that ' pkrt
where the lady rides anJuhdr -and jumpa'
through the hoops. . Q y, - . I .
A .doctor, attending., a punster who
was very iH, apologised'' for beii)gfiite
one day by eaying that he had U ' atop
to see a'inan who' bad. fullen dof nj ,i
well 'Did be kick Jthe bucket, d.oyitJ
grpaned. the punster,, ''!'".
P. B Shillaber, MrsPartrhgtonf fs
seventy-seven ; ha? jthite. hair. He'iaiu
California for bia ,. health.,, He," Bays -he
studied the character of ('lke" fromnis
own son.' The old worn manwe tecaii
l'a 8tiir'jollj.-iiriis Yori Heraia. tbl
(vL-f '-t'-'-i' ' ' v v., -.1 . f ,', u.
A Chicago doctor says thar SBperitiJ
(ion often kills people who afeotkeie
wise fitted for a long life That may ii
so, but what is a ffettow to do when his
grandmother ghost' pokes htm I iS-'ho
ribsrat midnight and hispeni: iSfimd
that Bjoney-p-vour our LaiV; arrwe ?"lit. '
"UghJ I'll tell you what it ia, jonoVr
If there' were, bnrglara in my bfeusei And
I knew: it, by ' Jingo; Td'JV W.
wfiat wpuld you qX.,XMXt?:
erthey required of me'.' 'I Inever'aa
my own way in that house yet.tatrd'tri
late t9 iThi00
in ;iv;n or .! 9vAt tyi '
n ABjOjd apUatf , minjater , ?nfope t$ the
necessity of difference of Opinion by
th,is argument i'Nowj if vcrybodjpliaM
beenof m'-epiniOB Verybodj'oruld
have wantl' my i.wifo.'Vi OaBtOUe
deacoas. who; aat jastibehiqd, hinrespqpr
ded, vY.eMd,,if iWfjHjr
my opinion,, nobody would nkveTiad
her."- .kri ,,i -, fc", mib ,
) rt is stated, opoB Orrnaa -anthorkfv
that' the:-unpleasant taste imparted .to
milk and butter by feeding turaiseta
may' b removed by ; aimply ,tbf9m9g
into each pan tit milk of 4 or 5 '-quarto
as much saltpfiter as will Me pn Uie point
of, a knife, wheU a gelatinous ina will
separate from the milk and settle to the
bottom. " ; - " 'v"' !'-W-s
Look upT thundered4 the ''capta'Jn T
a-vessel, aa his boy .'grew, dixs;
gazing from the topmast. . "Lo
Tiid boy looked .up; And relurBed"l,n
aafety--;- Young man, Jdok 4ip, Bnwith
God'atblessing vott will succeed, J.jJSa.V
er look,Uowr) and despair.; , LeaytL d,an-
!-era,Qncard for, and push i on If you
alter'yuu will lose. rDo tlief right! ahd
put ybur trust ra Got!.' s;i ';',." m-V1
'."Yes," be said drearatly,'Jweware fl.'
ways striving :for a sut'jecti;re' 'goar Vti
consciously, it mSy be, bat,, still we.
s'rive" Welean Over the'Terge' "oAho
infinite, lo"nir.gl6 graip lieSrrysferies',
aud ioat in the profundity of iUJmrreo.
aiiy." i vYes.'f phe replied thoughtfllx,
buU John,. would yqo mind my puu)ag
a brown pntch on lliose old duck paiits .
of Toursr'" ' li''n"',- ubS tl
However.false ornnhcaltliy ftllorfa
feeling may Btraetille9, be; the'-p-SS't
truth B'.fll remains beh'mdr,Uiat-'wt;
ia the secret of doing.,. ,.Tbe hcatt puv:
engase'l. tor. Vpristj or the .liands wiU
soon hang down.' 'The affections' mVst
be enlisted into his itervic;! Or OufdWl
dience will soon stand still.. It iWtll al
ways be the loving-workman who wilt
do rnbst in' the Lord "vineyard ifj Is.
A grocer in the town' of Santa tiar"a,
California; has adopted an original meth
od of liuiness. Each aide of .the istKjre
ia fitted up for business, on its -gwo.-so-"
count. Io the general arrangement each
side is a duplicate of the other, tie'Slff
erenoe being that one side is 'cash'arid
the other credit ' When - a Cftet-snrhW-comes
in the first qneation asked w.i'rDo
you wiah to buy for .cas orouac
count? ' If it is a cadi customer," Iho
goods and prices on .the cash snliff' art
shown, but if it is one who wants eVorlil
he is ahpwn the other siie,' sift toads
realize tUc rnuc of tca ty.mdn.j j4

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