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IICXIIY It. 'WEST, Proprietor,
.1VAIE. WILLIAMS, . : : Editor.
. 1
jV f
i : j
- t
J . Vri ' -LI '
Wodflelit,' April 4,lf76.
V union "or hearts.' a union of hands,'
A union f S'aie' none' may never if;
A anion of lakesa union or landsi
And the FLAoor wr Unwh Forve."
Address all letter v :-:hl
"Tna Sfiritf DwaoMAen" , ,
Wooilsfleld, ' tt'i'tzl-r r-Vi'stV.
. .Monrcfe County ,'fS'- .; ;
jEPMr TtNcriBCCK Mortoh doe not
wars that blood stained banner of his 3
f ii rkrn si v a Ue did af ret i m s ,
J jtjrVue, amount of e nthasiasm to the
square inch in the Eepubliran, State fyn
ventioa. wasn't suflcient; fo cause any x-
- jCy-CoHKUXs's game iaeupposed .to
he cooked. Gsoroe Willi am Ccans did
i with nisHtilcsi)!f'.cTT,i(i the Hew York
Si.' '"'S&L,I W.;!
'trmi the Cfucinnatr tomr6Mlt on promising, to accomplih
answer one question fairly, and without
employing opprobious'etfhef s ?- .
Is gcMVMH t'!l hi htyi-
.leoming hack to a. rrpenic;ilar position
tat currency q-iesti in. ., A re ceat vote
tndicatestuathe' favors a -repeal of the
Resumption A? .l! 1 "
- STThe, fJttODt ; of, the , Republican
Stat Uonvenuou uvaena uaiei ou
K Poalnnft ; with Ira .
. . ... . '
mendous momentum,
Jj.Jjjt (f ' ROrt Of'
didn't jnat amount to any ereat shakes.
rX3TSenator Shirmai and Chaklet
GiosTKJfoii we defeated' for the poal-1
tkm of delegates at large to the Repub
Itcao Nattonal OnvenUon! : - Tbi looks
like a vote of ''want of confidence."
XIiLToit Barkes, of Guernsey
County, is nominated on the Republican
ticket for Secretary of State. People in
t-: . haws hitnalnPAr Vtepn
oWlklB uigu mm u.vav
lookinjr right over the top of Milton's
BflU. ' I .
jK7"Kow thing are : going- to' ; be
Kroucrht around ri?ht with a sud ten jerk.
The Ohio;Bepublican Convention has
resolved. in favor of 'an honest and eeo-a-niiical
administration,; of the Govern
aent."- - .-: r
XSTTbeiKflpabUcan State Convention
last waek, thaukd Gbawt for hia faith-
fol' adherent to EepuUicaji pnnct-
ldaav! n ; -..-T :'5 ,ri :r-;:!'
.-. Are Boss -.SheIird and -J5acock
RepuWicairpTiiiciplea V ' " He has ? "ad
heratf'WreitenacipVsly to them than to
; fyTfae Republican State Convention
- resolved that "there must be no division
of the School Fuvt.' and no sectarian in
terfertnee with the schoola," . ..
To oppose with auoh unyielding dt
UnaioatWMi something which nobody
favors? requires a degree 'of courage lit-
Ue ahoit of. dare-deyu recwesaness.
Ir a silver dollar is worth but 83 1-5
cents in fold, it follows that , the - silver
dollar is wortb; loss than the ( greenback
. . . . a . v
oollar, and this snouiu dc me signal iur
pvtUn; out wlvcr cuange.-C.,.j fom.
ntrthti' '" : ' u
'- Wheiein is deprecfate! silver coin su
periort'o'epreciated paper'currency,6 es
pecially when the coin is the more depre-
ciniCM u-w iwv.,. ,.' .,. .. ... v:
" t ' ' ln..a Vvf lt Attin
, ... ; il..ra!.' I. Aihana
County, a class of people o hopelessly
tupi-lastobelievo' the Athens Mewii
gtr, when it publishes such paragraphs,
for example, as that about "G EORfc tt.
rxaDLRTuN, in its issue of the 231 . ulU-
rPrd&A the neoble of
.ripu ft , I mmm w q-v- ?. ' '
that county as exceptionally inteiiigcnu
' ItJTThe base charge that; Ten dletok
had bUedvMrs:,BELKSAr'hast had; its
brains knoclccdont.Jias been ground into
sausage meat, and theWxrematcd. ' Yet,
to the disgrace of the rprotession; there
are editors who continue repeat it just
..':r t, Lo.l Kn ronduaivelr established
The ntmost extent of Mr. .rEapUTos' 8
irTending WaiC Brst, that he should under
take a case before - one of the Depart
nients, and, Vwondiy,' that he received
. large fee for liis services, though with the
full approval c those who paid it.
i jgrBiusTow is just pow the upper dog
n.tba fiohl for the. Jlepubltcan rresider-
tial OfHiination ; Why ? . That is a co
DBndrum we cannot answer. .. i
- He Is Secretary of the Treasury. What
flnancll ; feat" has he liccomplishcd f
. .Lt. inr finnrp run in lhf
monz w u ' . .... . . -
same luppy go-lucky style that has char
acter'.)d them for a l'zen years. .
' Ilehas'sinokeil -out a den of thieves,
and deserves credit for it, but that alone
no more shows his fitness for the IVesi
A.m-v than would the success of a rat-
cstchrshwh"n fitness to c-jtn'nand. an
jrAs the Republican Sttte Cotmn ;
tion affirms that 'Grant; bar faithfully i
adhered to KejMihl.can priaciplea," a
brief review of Grant i career gives an j
Intelligent exposition vf these pi inc.- j
"pie." --' : " j
San Do j
mingo, uabcock. and Iouiiana, Bel-I
knap and nepotism, in fact there's n i
end of. suggestive names and iibrases to i
elucidate the subject
1 S 13
Thofe deluded people
wno wioHgm ...
; the R publican party had .no principles
! deserve to stand on the dunce block.
JtyGovernor Amm, who has been at
tending xeslonsly J,o the jMWpody shirt' ;
lousiness for the State of, Mississippi, i
has made t child's bargain with the Leg-
islature oflhat State. . lie proposed that !
' f,,,i . 1 .. ,
irapeachmoi t, he wpuM; resign.' 'They
did, and he did. Auks was blessed with
Bes Butler for a father-in-hw. .
WltK.nrh UTtmnl.. Awe. .n.l Tin
wtr and Babcock to j'tdjfe bv, it will
jauer awu,l0 .uwmou u.m ,
u:i W . . . rtT a n ,
tans to raane enon iter ooast that she in
Istils into nergraduaPsv the soul or hon
I - ' . : -
; jty We do not always like the New
York, Worlrt. treatment of Ih.iRe who
differ irith it, nor do we always approve
its doctrines; yet tnere is-'JtTpaper '-We
read so fully or so regularly. It is alto
gether the most scholarly dally publish
ed in this country. - Its editorials are al
ways vigorous,' and sometimes even
slashing.'' Occasionally they take a an
morously ... '-satirical tnrn which woyld
make a Stoic smile , : '; ; . ; ,
i The Weeklj. World is a paper which
we can cordially ''recommend to our atj"
ricullural people, a it raskos a speciality
of agriculture an! the kindrel subjects
of stock breeding, Ac. . It .contains an
epitome of the week's newf, full market
reports, superior literature, and, in short,
is a llrat-rate family paper, '":,'Sv't ,
1U prospeptua may be tjund in anoth
er column. yerU '''. 'ei-in- :f.,T- t'"'
Radical Rerorin obi in Rampage.
-Joat before every election there is a
hlikly virtuous and patriotic demand ' for
j reform, WlficK Uie'pliian9 liry Co outdo
Aueeveoi a L reuuesuai eiecuon unu
these demands and these prolhises fairly
aroused to aa uproar. The Centenotial
campaign is to surpass all its predecos-'
sori in these respectsV(',r ; ,
: Without considering, for the present,
what the Democratic party would do If it
had. the power, it arouses one's indigna
tion a little to observe the lofty ; profes
sions and promises of the party in power,
and contrast these with their practices.
Een the Boss Shepherds and Bel
. MM Ma. AM B9MM KAtAMAH. Mltnil.Ml..
the uortoxs and goxKLuras, wqo ueip to
cover op or defend every disgraceful act
of the administration, are fairly, scream
ing for reform. Tbey are ' determined i
come AreI of woe,4 come life or death,
that every,.deprtment : of ihetgivern-
moat shall be made pure as the virgin
snow.' . .-'-.. i :7-f. .TV
Now who occasioned the need for .these
colossal reforms ? ' Who ' opened tha
flood-gates of these impurities upon the
country ? Why, these same ranting,
roarinzTcformers ! ;
If they wanted reform why did they
not have it long ago ? Why do they not
have It now? If they wanted the gov
ernment purified, why did they not purify
it long ago ? Why do they not purify it
66 w T They have had the control of the1
country for fifteen yearsj'and alj tha time
the evils have been . gro wing - up which
need so much reforming, and all these im--
pnritiea were spreading and 'deepening!
Why did they not reform and' purify?
Why do they not now ; reform and pnri-
fy ?; . u.. -. ;.. ;. - :J lb-t 2 iiijt .:Ur.
- Whg ii it metuary, after all thuo hug
yean, thai thtprofiiantaani pluinlertri
ihouidhavt another Itvt y power be
fort reform ihtnld begin 1 . j
nThe extraordinary vehsraoncj of th?ir
demand for reform j lit no w is caused by
the' fact that a Democratic Uousels ta
king the roofs from their dens.and letting
daylight in on tliir(do'tng4. . At the very
time that Mortoh was so loudly pro
claiming that this was" the" best and the
purest government the world ever saw"
nearly every; department would ' have
stunk with corruption but for the. white
wash that was so vigorously applied.
" A boat that lime McDonald and Joyce
and Babcock were, making jlbeir biggest
hauls with tbeir Whisky Bing.: about that
lime Boss SjtiEraEUD and Babcock were
matin? their biesrest hauls ' through :' the
Washinarlon ' Einz : nbWt ' that tim t
Grakts Attorney Generar w.as . spoi ting i
his government laiidaule l About that
tiraethe'San Domingo job-" faa bloom
ing V about that time Graht s Secretary
of the Interior was shovin?monef iuto
the pockets oLhia. hopeful on ; about
that time Ur ant's Minister to the highest
court in Europe was using his high posi
tion to shove "fraudulent mining stock,
and was expounding the mysteries and
beauties of draw-pokcr ; about that time
Grant's brother and brothers-in-law had
their arm to their elbows in the Treasu
ry:' about that time Grant's Postmaster
General was' accepting ' straw bids "and
straw bail on mail contracts : about that
time Graht'i Secretary of the Navy was
quietly handing over ; fat jobs to his
friends: about that time the Legislature
of Louisiana was dispersed by Grant's
bayonets, a fraudulent body set up ' in its
stead, and the State handed over to law
less tyrants: about that time a thousand
more just such plunderers we're pill iglng
thcpeoplp. J '
( Now these same plunderers are rilit in
the midst of the honest reformers, and
shouting a little louder than anybody
else for a thorough reformation and pu
rification of cverj' department of the gv-J
ernment. lney virtually say to tne yo
ters: ,4Wcliave been robbing y iu of
your money and your rights through four
Presidential' terms; now just give ue a
filth, and we will show yon what a t lior-
- ,.
weare.'- .- -:- . '
The very nnme-of "Reform" is brought
into disrepute when suMi scamps throw
themselves to the front asUs champions '
.To give them another term expecting
them to reform the administration, would
,,e engaging the convicts of a peni
tenUury to reform UitMr prisou discipline
Jeffersonian. 307A ult Colonel J.I)
Taylor s seriously ofll cted with iliphthc
ria winch is the result of a coll contract
I in irninn la. til Wiialii.i .wt. al f. .nunn
M(ini1flv lf
Uev K j. Gar.ts, of the Disciples'
Church at Q inker City, was married on
Tuesday to Miss EVank h St. C;air, of
i linrnf Kvill Tim iu tT In T
York on a bridal tnr,
'm'1 William bimpsnn, of
yW"g'JJ nt.V. recently departed
this life at the advanced age of ninety-
seven yeais.-- :
Mr J. W. White hs every volume of
the "C 'ngressional Record' from the
iu uie preseni ime. - '
Anvliew Ivighih, a. prominent citizen I
" n-'iMliatUU tu n liaill U, VllCtl till
lCthtjnst of csumpti, at thC
r aa ,.-
A pan catne from Harrison vflle.
ble county, last Tuesday.
an operauon uy ur. ; a i, in nav.ng ,
three tumors cut out of his jaw and !
. . i t . . t,i .. ; i
back. It was a bloody and . painful op
eration. It looked as though . his neck
was half cut away, , V:i . i. . .
.tFromtb jrhMliAg fiegistor,th ult) f
-.. All Aboa.ru --On last Sunday after
noon there transpired on event at the
reMdenceof Jwlin '. Reyholils,' E q, in
Monroe county, Qliio,';fou'rv miles above
Clarinston, that'setj the boys and maid
ens all agog Tor several, miles round
about. It. was no less an event than the
tinir of the nuptial kuot between . A.
Goodhue, of Xiarihgton and Aliss Mag-..
iiie, the daughter of Mr. JReynolua. -The
R.v, A G .R ibb ,llljitued. On. Mon-'
dav tuoTiiinsr the 'uewlv "made couule.
along with a goodly i array' of relations
and friend; embarked on the steamer
James Rues for Wheeling and the East,
The Clanngton band was engaged for
the trip 'and the. result was 'that, a mer
rier or happier party was never seen on
any boat or any water. A sort of open
house, aa it were was made of the steam
er,' and,, the good things flowed inwardly
freely, yea as freely as on the river they
they glided. On the steamer's arrival
at Jlie wharf, many were the. well wishes
and fond adieus that were bade the hap
py couple as they departed jor lue u. s
P. railroad'depot.anu thence for Pitts
burgh. ' ; " v,
Gems that are UBeleastv the Own
er, and Frofltlcss to tbe Govern
ment. rThe.reycnacautujrittcs arc. puzzled
to know what to do . with ' the . Khedive
of Egypt's famous gift... to Gen. . Sher
man a daughter. The , diamonds are
locked up in the big vault in the Sob-
Treasury. They , were placed there in
June last,' and unless they are taken
away before next June, they will be
classified as unclaimed goods, and .sold
by auetion to pay the duties and storage.
If this ehouliihappeij, the. money," after
the deduction- of, the ; official ;. .charges,
would, be paid to Drexel, Morgan & Co.,
in whose name the diamonds are ; con
signed., The trouble is that Congress
in authorizing Lieut! flitch to receive
the present to his wite, neglected to re
lieve him from the payment of the du-
ilea. . 1UU ucitviuirc hiu wiuigi.nuibu
compose the gift were first said to be
worth 82a0.000, but experts have since
appraised them, at 875,000., The duty
on this amount would be about $40,000.
Gen. Sherman feels that he is too poor
to pay this, and he is unwilling to ap
peal to Congress for an, exemption of
the payment of the" duties. , Neither the
Secretarjvof the Treasury, the Collec
tor, nor any of his deputies are! dispos
ed to, exercise their power of granting a
1 free permit for the , diamonds , and;' the
I urkish Ambassador, wno. has toe om
cial perdgativeof receiving them in his
namCy.will notasK olheirTelease, be
cause the Khedive is only recognized by
his. Government as a vassal.
'; 'sf--
The llascalitles In tbe . f rioting
t ' . - narcau.' V ,
. The $ Republican t publishes columns
daily showing how employes Jn the
Printing . Bureau ;of the Treasury. Dt
nartment are actually starving to death
because the Democratic House will not
make appropriations for tho , Bureau
Notwithstanding, there ; is great suffer
ing ampnghe employea in the Bureau j
none of tbem have t eaignea. v i ney pre?
fer starvation to resignation. The last
Republican Corgi ess and the head of
the Bjureau art -responsible for all the
suffering. 4Thelast Ciongresaimadeian
appropriation for the Bureau np , tp the
30th of jaext June.,. IL was all gone a
month -ago ? The Committee on Expen
ditures in the Treasury are now investi
gatjng ' JlcCarthv's . management, and
find that salaries have been paid to per
sons who were never near the Bureau
They are unearthing scandalous acts of
McCarthy I in connection with female
employes that. will make Digger Indians
regret . they , were born in America.-
Enquirer' Washington Cor ,' lh ulC
. Jy"Qh, no, there was no onoery in
the.recent Nw Hamishire election. AU
charges that there was anything of the
kind were , slanders. .This must be a
fact, for all the,, organs say Jt is- with
great solemnity. Here is a letter which
seems to imply that a ten cent shinplas
ter or two was . crookedly employed in
the sacred precincts of Canaan : "C. O
Barney, Esq , East Canaan Dear . Sir :
Yon must carry Canam at all hazards.
f the 81,500 I baye alrea.lv sent is not
enough to carry the town, I , rely upon,
you VP carry it at all events ; aud if it
costs $5,000 vou shall be made whole.
Don't fail Yours truly,. Daniel Hall."
The wholftaumber of yotts ct ,in Ca
naan was 480. A Chairman who, wjs
williiig to spend 85,000 on a' town of
that size must have bad a liberal sum to
draw Trom.. But of course It was all
for "legUimato expenbes." Ah the or
gans tell us, it costs money to cart the
aged and infirm voter to the polls' ; In
this instance the cost per hiad seems to
have been so exorbitant that the Legis
lature would be justified in fixing a scale
of prices for carriage hire in that town.
Five Hundred Lives Lost at Sea.
New, York.. March . 28 Ad vices : to
day from India report that the steamship
Jowad from $behr, was wrecked in tbe
Arabian Sea She hod aboard about
five hundnftl pilgrims, chiefly Persians,
bound to Bushire.. Three men, suppos
ed to be the only, survivors, have reach
ed Hodeidar r l -
Sleubenville Oazelte :VWe . are afraid
that in their great anxiety about Fendle-,
ton a record, the Republicans , are neg
. ! lAt: a.ltm. rt ItJla.ur. -. xnr,A
v Vi"
erationi Now, this won t do. .The no-
hie Secretary s example should,. like that
of G. Washington, be kept for the .ris
ing generation of loyal Americans.
Itepublican Slate f'onveullon
- TlieTlrket anil rialfurnt.
Tiie Rer
public ins of Ohio asscralled
lonventionat Columbus on the
in State C
29iti ult, nominated a State Ticket,
selected delegates to the National Con
vention and endorsed Governor Hate?
for President '
We publish the ticket and platform :
For Secretary of State the following
I names were presented: R M. Stimson, I
Ijof WishingtonCountv; Robert Ma. tin,!
!of Jitr-rsoTi.-John F.' Sinks, of Mont
jjomcry; ai li. mrnes, ot aiusKingum,
m mm m '
and Asa Jenkins, of Clinton. i
Fus ballot R. M. Stimson, 152;
R ibtiit, Martin, ll;,Iohn F. Sins, 210;
M. If. Barnes, 23U ; Asa Jenkins, 24
Mr. Siimson-withdrew his name from
the Convention and thanked his friends
for their 8uprt. : The name of Asa
Jenkins was withdrawn
Second ballot Robert Martin, none;
John F Sins, 309; M. II Barnes, 432.
The ballot had been partly proceede I j
with when the name or Colonel IMartin
was withdrawn Mr. B irnes, having re-
,oivet n mnl..ritv of nil th v Una i-at.
was declared the nominee of the Con-
j The Convention adjourned to meet at
the City Hall at 7i o'clock. ' ' '
( - . - . IKVEKIKO SE-SIOM J .
The Convention met at the City HailH
an(, Q rgauize(, witu0ut much ado. The
':. . nA
rat business was to nominate , a - candi
date for Judge of the Supreme Court
The names of W. W. Boynton, Lorain
County, and A. -S. Latta, of Defiance,
were placed-in nomination. Before bal
loting was' half through ' Mr. Latta's
name was withdrawn, .and Mr. Boynton
declared the nominee by acclamation. .
: For Member , of Xhe-State Board of
Public Works five names were presen
ted, as follows : Brice ..Hilton, ot' Defi
ance; J. C. Evans, of Delaware; J. W.
Lucky, of DtUwa ; . R. R. Porter, of
Stark, and P V. .Uetzing of Aujila'ze.
Before the ballot was through all the
candidates were withdrawn, except Lnck
cy and Evans. . '.When the vottf. was an-,
nonnced Evans had ,401, and . Lackey
318. Mr. Evans was declared the nom
inee:, v'i ; ' 'iv v ' ;
; ' '; "'";'rtBi' platform.' '.' ''"''' "
. , Th Rcpuiicani of Ohiio renew their alle
giance to tbo Republican party of the United
State, and reaffirm it principle of free gov
ernment an declared and defended by the grand
men f ?78, and endeared to th people 4 oar
time by th saorificea of war and the bleating
of an assured Union of the States, based Upon '
unlrnreat liberty. v '-') " - - ;
2. The citizens of -the iiereral States of- the
Union are also citizens of the nation, and ar
equal under the Constitution and. laws in all
tights of citizeonhip, and are' entitled to full
and equal protection hi their exercise.' .
8. "We favor au honest and ewnomical ad
minittratien of the GoTernntent, and faror
retrenebment and reform in the pnblie aerTice.
Personal iuUjmty an4 fidelity ihonld be re
quired of a)l official,' and when found to b
dishonest and oorrapt tbey should be preeecn
ted and punished, and w cordially oommend
th vigorous prosecution of public officers by
the present KUnnal Adguuintration.
L The yatioaal credit and. hyaor must be
W.tnaiJ M.waa.aa.va.
6. . W moogniM gold as taa true standard of
valaes and th only ateadv and safe basis for a
circulating medium, and deolare that that pol-
iot .. of floanee should be steadily . nursued
which, without unnecessary injury td business
or tradewill ultimately equalise thel.ralu of
the coin and papor dollar. . - '; .; .- i-
6. We favor a tariff .for revanue with inci
dental preuption to American industry,
7. W stand by. our system of free Common
Sohooli, supported fey general taxation.' There
must be no division of the Sohool Fund and no
seoUriun interference with the schools,
.- 8. To the soldiers and srilnr who fought for
tit Union the nation owes a dtbt of gratitude,
and they and the widow and orphan of ''those
who have fallen are justly entitled t liberal
bounties ana pension-'..," .".T. Jr '-Jt. "
9. The thank of .the people are due to Pres
ident Grant for hi faithful adherence to Re
publican principles, and we assur him of the
gratitude of the country for the distinguished
semce he has rendered as a soldier and civil
ian.' - ; r -': y
10. The . Republican party of Ohio having
full confidence in the honesty, ability and pat
riotism of Kutberford ti. llayes, cordially pre
sent him to the Republican rJational 'Uonven-
tion for the nomination. for President, .of the
Uuited States, and our State delegates to that
Convention ar instructed, and the District del-
eiates are requested," 'to use their earnest ef
forts to eeeura bis nomination, v
aTbe Articles of ImpeacAment.
...XVasoisgion, D.-C, March 28. The
Judiciary Committee have completed the
Articles of Impeachment against Belk
nap. ! At 0retthere?weri nearly .thirty
articles. ,v These, have .been reduced , tq
five counts), The- first .charges ; the pay
ment of money to the Secretary of vVar,
Belknap, for appointments to lucrative
positions. -The second -charges bribery
under the statutes. : , The thirdv charges
the payment of money to Belknap for
continuing parties ia office.. . The fourth
seta .faun sixtcea specifications designa
tinz various amounts of money received
by Belknap at different times. The fifth,
to coyer Mrs.' Belkuap's case charges
him with corruptly' receiving money (or
wo uac vi u.uv.i j. , ,- , i .. . . ,
jarTbc California Senate has passea
two bills of in extraordinary nature in
regard to the press One requires that
tne signatures of writers shall be affixed
to articles; and the other that a newspa
per shall retract any .statement proven
to be libellous.-: As .Senator O'Connor
truly remarked, no signature law has
ever been beard of before in any State
of the American Union, in England, or
Scotland, or any English-speaking State
or nation.? The two enactments are as
absurd as they are unconstitutional.
Tbo law may punish aa editor for libel,
but it cannot compel him to give the nse
of his types, paper,- and presses for. a
retraction of the libel. That is a mat
ter for his own judgment and coneciencei
- rl :
.. Germany, . , ,
- (Beuuh," March 27. The Riechgan
Zeiger announces that tha Imperial rev
enue for the year 1875 . falls 92,800,000
shurt of what was anticipated. .The
savings effected,, however, , exceed the
estimates 86 825,000, thus giving aur
plus of ovef 84,000.000 r V-
? jCJTTbe. , Troy Times , elaborately
arguep that justice to President Grant is
slowly coming.; nht ,-...V'i(F u f...,
Well, we should rather think it, was;
and feurely, too X Y.Sun. .
AtA,fire jjnuEiBburgh. the. firemen
stole jewelry from tlie fuming" nouses,
and "got so drunk that many were found,
hours afterward, lying ' in : the street
Consequently, the brigade is to be reor
ganized, v . ' 'i1
. A secret investigation into the admin
istration of the New York Custom-house
has been going on for some time. The
result is anticipated in a day or two. A
number of officials filling the most . re
sponsible positions wiU be removed,!. ,
-.Remember the barrels," once! wrote
VVashingtxin, referring to a plan to roll
barrels filled with stones down Dorches
ter Heights upon ;thq ; advancing foe.
That was a kind of "long roll" .which
th'e .enemy '.wouldn't, have particularly
liked. ; iK.:, ;ti : r-. . .. .. ,r. '
; .- The decision of the United States Su
preme Court in tho famous .Grant Parish
casealhrms tha decision of the lower!
conrt and sets the defendants at liberty.
This is a satisfactory ending, to a. test
case where -qjnzens -of Louinana were
arrested under the Enforcement act
Philadelphia. March 27.- Rysdick's
I famous .stallion llamb'etonian died at
:0fster last ; night, aged about 28 years.!
j H w" llje sire ol the most noted and .
vaiuarue ironing stock in tne coumry. f
The Rlackllllls Story DrUflrToldl,
Unless emigrants are Drepared to ao to
work cuttin! timber and tilling the
zround. and to assume the other trials
and pains of a pioneer life to eke out . aa
existence, they should take warning from
experience of a man "pKhm
Custer City, in the Black Hills. He finds
inor I i rrk An AKi at ia Miiviiiiia r r run a nn
'""v "
lueir e'wms lor Hour and oacon, ana mai
the miners were earning at the most from
u"e - .
Thence Many of the Failure. ,
A young man who was a partner in one
of our largest houses, which suspended
some time ago, said, j ust previous to, the
disaster, that noyoutu; single man could
live resoectablr in Boston on less than
S23.000 a vear. He is a married man, and
his expenses have for years been in the
nassponea nis private carriage , ua.eie -
front linnao hi a rtinilP of APrVUnt .Anil i
his boxes at the opcTXBvnaTrel
lev, .. .... .. i;.,-..t ;.i.!t f.t 1 1. .
The April Eoplav,.q a , ,
Gentlemen, are yon sending flowers,
notes and neat little gifts to young . ladies
who can dress, flirt, make a figure at a
oartv. and do nothing else, and exoectin?
Iwhen they have takeu the talisman of
r . v a v - - - t
your rings anu tout nonorea names, mey
will at once become capable, efficient,pru-!
dent, wisely-managing matrons,' content
on a slender r income, and -triad f of the
modest retirement of your simple homo?
lathe faith of this, are- yon -offiirinz to
them your handsome . selves ? Gentle
men! we salute' you, and award yon a
high place among the April philosophers
Rtv John nail, Jr. -T. Ledger. ."
;...; t Wew Postal? BlIjL. , - . - .
Washihqtox, March 27 The PoBtal
Bill reported favorably from the Senate
Fostal Committee to-day, was Hamlin's
measure amended so as to provide that
the rate for third class mail matter hali
be 1 cent per ounce for any distance not
exceeding 1,000 miles, and 2 cents per
ounce for distances over 1,000 miles.
The amended bill also - provides that the
transient ' newspapers ' and magazines
shall pay postage for any distance at tha
rate of V cent per ounce for every 1,000
miles, and 1 cent Tot each 2 ounces or
fractional part of 2 ounces additional.
vToodsfleld Village Scboolyf "
. Report Tor the week beginning March
27,1876;'. ; -' ' '' :-s.- -fk-zi
o ? p p p
A CD a). CS
S'- a M3 . &
t-t r-a
Boy enrolled.
" atai-i
Boys' average daily attend--ance.
' , . yt .
Girls' average daily attend
anoe. rvi i- v- . .:.
4 u(9
cn e - oo
Total average daily attend'
ance. . v ' '
-- 9 cats
- K tO - S
per cent.ol attend-
S x gift. i-
Girls' per - oent .of attend
ance. :. . , -
Total per oent . of attend
ance. . , : . i ,
co x -3 o go
S a x - 5
OS 8 S I'
Animosity has revived . among, the
Central American Republics whose rep
resentatives were recently considering
the expediency of ..confederation.. Costa
Rica and, Nicaragua are on bad terms,
and it is believed that hostilitieaare in
evitable between Guatemala and Salvia
dor.. In the event of war it ia supposed
that Guatemala will prove the . stronger
Blaine is keeping his eyes peeled
He knows bis party won t atand -any
kind of a show in the coming campaign
if Federal office-holders are not allowed
to contribute funds for the campaign.
Hence his fierce opposition to tha bill
now before Congress which provides for
tbe abolition of the perniciotts practice
ox levying on omce-uolders.: $
The President's son Fred and Senator
Sherman's son were bankers .' in "6t
Lonia. Tbo firm is dissolved and Fred
Grant is ordered away: to-3 the ahnr It
wonld be interesting to trace the con
nection between the whisky- trials and
tne Alaraii revelations, ana tue qniat ex
odus of Babcock from the White House
and the restoration of red Grant to
nis place in tne armyn- .'..j-.2tta 'nn
A fast yonng Parisian fonr years ago
applied to a usurer for a loan of a thou
sand francs, stipulating to pay two hua
dred francs ,for the' accommodation.'
The applicant drew the" following1 note,
which was accepted : 'Far1s,- 20; Nov.",
1872. l promise to pay twelve Hundred
francs on the 2&ih Febrnary next Talue
receivedJ ' R " The lender did not no
tice the date, and has only been ' able to
fmnvpr'ttniirA -! ; ! ''' I'Vh.-
-r"..r',--. ! -!.' Pt it It
v A jeirl in Richmond, on,, Sunday .last
recited the whole of the Psalms and part
or, .bcclesiastics, . 4,ouu ., . verses , in all,
which she bad committed during ( the
week previous. ..The Sunday before she
recited .2,000 . verses, comprising the'
Epistles to the Romans, Galatians, Phil
lipians, and one or two others. ;r She Js
bound to have, .the prize, jtiulij : more
likely to have a brain tvftuiegittir
miL ;.,f.; ... ....v.V:-
. Bed quilts enough have ; been offered
for exhibition at the Centennial to cov
er the whole State of .Ohio, No , more
are wanted.-. Once these were tha -sort
of .thing in which-the notable house
wives of America delighted, and -showed
wonderful skill in constricting, the beau
tiful "Irish ohain,". but now vllncle Sam
wilt not exhibit such production,; Mrs.
Governor Noyes say a v it is nseles to
send them to the committee. . mh
f Theiill providing a way in which the
votes for President- and Vice-President
shall be counted, so as to, prevent such
manipulation of returns as might result
in rebellion and put the nation in peril,
has passed the Senate. An odd feature
of i'.s passage was that Thnrman "was
one of the only three Democrats who
voted for it, and Coakling and Edmunds
the only JiepubJiuans ho. voted against
it. The House will probably kill it or
euuocate, a witu itatcpumejia, i.-.
!,-, St. Louis Repuiklican : -Bt t Airman,
a young. man of Clinton Indiana,, baa
gone craay, and-hia 'ipaauity imniests
itself in a desire to buiry .hiposclf.B,Ttie
yard surrounding his father's house Ja
full ol -holes 4rhichJia has -dug for the
purpose of, planting himself in them.
The difficulty is (bat he can't cover him-
self up. U ia estimated that there are
.&i least one thousand gentlemen in pub
lie life, who are facing or may have to
face investigation, whq tcel that they
'. can sympathize Willi the young man. r
flow lotes are counterfeited.
QL' rvit ia rrfSrpd TnnftnTh.ih flip
note to be reproduced is laid, and allpwed
to stand nntil a clear impression o the
Qnest noes are taxen. t?iuenpie l? then
removed and (be paste1 in timd becomes
almost as hard as stohL Ad electrotype
of the impression is then taken, and the
notes arc struck on, and are so faithful
that none but an expert can detect the
fraud. Philadtlphin Record
T- ag
U:U 1? pJpJI
1 I l.ffMoiiAT) Aril 3. 1878.
Wheat per budhel 25
- Fl ear-per bsrrel . .-. - .nr. t, ... .,..-9 0
Flour per hundred.... ......... ..4.50
Buckwheat tOTtU...; iIt,..;...3.50
Barley K m I.UlM
"soon per
iieef pet
Beans 7.T..-T. 75
BatteT V9t '-SrIf
.CJrb' - pi5r . tn8hU.'Wl
, f F . . a , . .
... rmm.MfM
Carn meal per hnihsK..;......;.t.....i0
Calf Skltfs pit 'pottHd..'..,...;...';.. 12
.Coal ..;............;...r..........l...:i. 12
CHodles ... iV...'5:.'.....5. '. :;.;..7.1825
Clover SSeariU
.. .10 00
Flat eed.::.'..;.L..;.v:.W.:.v;..t 60
Timothy seed...... ......"...r...l..'.3 20
Dried appea:a.;.A.V.:.t'.0
Dried peaehss. KZ2X2.iJi&&.& -25
EgKs per doseC.,..V;.i.:?..l-;.,i;f.';...-10
Fish per ib;:.::....u:.:.v:..::.;;io
OBfU6B '' lUU
HaV, per ton;::::r.-;;:...i,...'....;...i5 oo
Hogs; fat, on foof ;.;;..i.v 6
Hides fereenVper po'ttud.'..'.....'......''....5
PB WV..r:;;,V-": - M-i J
" , j ,.:...'..::....v..?,......n2i
s7 "f...1:;...:.;. i.;. 33
Onions pet bushel.:..;V..V;.r...........t.l,00
Potatoes...:.: a35
Sorghum mo'lasses by the bblalv.;.... - bO
IJIUU UBI IUIVU.I ............ ........... wva-
looses "P'0, ? -...:...751,00
ugs per :::u:::.:.a.::.:a. 1
Raes ter
Buest per pound... r.'.'.:..liv 1015
Sugar (mapM ,:V..4 ...r.W:....I5
Sooka par, pair ,' "
B0aD.(aountrvi ...;..........
i en ? ,v(a,w
a auo W. ,lu "
Wood per,. oord.....,....,...
I ni.iaeld tck. War Ret "a ;r
April i 3--ki-;3aAo rper pound;
Sheepi 2i per pound,, j9g8 5a6Jq
per pound, vi tszm cuyc) tJhr.
; : -io.V-- ,. '" C'.- i,)U es-.n:
i March 30. Flour 4 75s7j5, .Wheat
1 45aL$0,.trCon! 63oi.,pats.i0a
ao-. n er ft ,
'I ;1i
f J.si ,
V Vaw York.
March 30. flour 3 20O9 00. .Wheat
1 Hal 31; Corn 65a67c;,OaU 45a52c.
Rye 02c, ;? Barley 100.,, ';.-. 7 f ,,;
' j- i. Pniladelptala." ' '.V; '
: March 30 Flour A 25a8 50". e. Wheat
M5aL 53. Corn 6ic OaU 42a60c;
Rye 82c. - ns. j ;': 'i-Mf.;s. i-'-jsi ci
.. .. p. Cincinnati.
Maroh30 Flour4 OOaT 0;.Wheatl
35al 12 ; Corn 49a51c ; . Oats 3tia4c ;
Barley 85al, 12 ; ,Rye 70a74c - . c
March 30 Flour 4 00a7 50 ; Wheat
1 02al 07., Corn 49c Oata 33c;Bye
66c; Barley 6Ia64c. '- K ; n o
'7, East Liberty Cattle Ularket.
r jt East Libeett, Pa., March 30, J
CATTLE Best, 5 156 25; medi
nm to good, 4 7v5 50 ; common to
fair, 4 25: 'bulls, 3 504
; HOGS Yorkers, 8 258 50 ; Phila.
f-:. .V r ? r. . ... i i m' , n , - ; : . ; .
L New Tork Cattle market. ,
.. '.t''.'s ; .',-;,i- i i ?March.30,
-BEEVES The market ia rather qoiet
and onchtngedjwith' Tather slow trade
at 910 75 for common to fair oative
steers and xev.'''- ' "
' SHEEP-i-Market -dull, nd closed
heavy at 6 -258 25 for ordinary t3 ex
tra steep,' with a -car-load of strictly
prime iheep from Ohio, 112 lbs., at 7
T'- k !f 'mi Mareb 3tlL
CATTLE Sales 3 255 65 j' stock-
era and feeders, z S04 25; good ship
rtng,"4 504 871; best,1 55 75 "
'HOGS Market active at 6c lower
bacon, 808' 20; packingl'SOS 20; ship
8:m8 25;Philadeluhias, 8 50
8 75
SHEEP Scarce5 an firm; "fair to
choice, 5r 00; Ttxana and Colorado,
a i
r oaoifmatr ijrra kook Karkat. . .
a 'it - a mrr-s a a ' .. a ' j t
TO meaiqm,, ios oo, ana gooa outcu
er qualities, 4 7.55 ' 35 ;. falr;rtb good
oxen, S 504 50, and fair to good, dairy
cowsV'3 504 75:'"" ' '"
HO0S ,C0mmoa light, 7 758 ; fttr
w guoq. iigut, o iuioo ay iair -w ue
dium heavy,8 408 70. J , f vi
.. .SHEEP Market . continncs ' firm at
from 4 50 5 25 for commoi) to fair,
and 5 50ff50 for the better qualities.
Attention! - Black HiDa Men!
ntrr CO ' alngW and ' repeating of tba 'best
Hi iLEilJi makes, all prioes, frem 18 to $60.
doable and single maul and
U, braeon loadine,' tu raicis,
from $S to $360. -' - :'- - "
t, 6 or 7 shooter, lor ball aa d
t a ormetal sartridgaa, $3
60 ta 9tiu 3: j-r.j,:j t, . t,jt9
. Call an4 exaln, er wriU for Illustrated
Price Ll4t, addreci , ORB AT, WISTEE8 GON
VfOBKS, 285 liberty street, Pittsburgh,
: s..'J i
: TS.. ...
."Nicholas Afathyess..
f a!: c
iT virtue of an arder ot sale ta me diretd
irom ta conrt ot common pleas or Monro
ooantv, Ohio, I will offer tor 'aala atth front
door of tb. court bense, la th town of
Wdfleld, bMweea tb kmrs ef 10 o'clock
a. m. and 4 o'olook p. nu,a y!.:'; nr.W.
' 'Scilm-daj, tto&thddfof Jfay,l876,
tbj following desoiibed real SsUte sltnaU lb
Monrte oonnty, Ohio; t wtt: s- ' .i
' Th west part of tho Mtth4t narter f
thai Boutkwast quarter tf aaotioa, aatbr
lvn, township aaaabar. two of rang atav
berfoat Baid . Uai .being., aty west f tb
county road leading from John LnedrV.to
Conrad 8torr's, except six aores off of th
north stde, deeded to th' ald' John 'Lnedy,
ana, also, exoept abont hair aa aor balong-
tag to a ohnroh.'1" ;. :" '-.---a-i ,4
' Appraised aV$ ''"'- .fmU,.;
''. . v'V".. vT. O.; LITTLE,
pril4;7w5. -Bborit u.C.O.
PiiB8o.i, DeutRTT & Wat, Att's for pl'ff. '
. . ..j. r t"" T.-ji iT-T w" imchWStt
.. ............ ................. aa.U fl I. -'I.. ,
f . ft
l D. & auter,-. plaintiff, ) Before T. O Al4
Un,J. P..jf Oh4
SsnfMi W. DurKae, deft, town hip.? Hon
cos iwnitr Oaio: ()a th 24th dajr'of Mr
187t, &id JasUoe igsaad sb oidr ! atUolb
ntentinth abore sotloa for tn iTO of
twonty-two dollara and the ooiU.
apr4.78w3. , D. 8 BDTBtt.
! x' .
9' T
A D.
VI. '
John Summers. :
BY virtus of an order or salo la atUchmont
to mo dirsotod from tha ooartof ooumoa
plaas of Monroe county, Ohio. I will offr for
ale at t fron4gorofjthj,ppjBjrh(jo in
the town of Woodsfiuld, batwosa tlao knars
of 10 o'olock a. nu, sb4 4 o'olook p. m., oa ,
7 Saturday, the 6lh dagof3fau 1878,
Appraised at $38o. I H 1 M 8 I O 0 '
tcS . e.q )p4t:T. f), IiOTtVsVT
aprUinS ; ySlMiitf jLJB 0. ,
,HavfrIoa-a Dollar
W will sand, Postags-fald,
TBI -EEiKigpLrr
j t f?r .i v-c .. .
' UU eoaUins ALL TAB MKW3 of th past
t h U reapeo t ar nneq u ld : -v .f-vv-ss
conUlns the latest news of fara xpri.
mnU A',0 4 abroad. ooatrlbnaons by
C,. TgwHUH rnirpori5 oftb,
Farmers' Club of ?th. ImiHcinlntitiaad
qnoUtions ef valaable? and taterottfcg artl
and magsxines.
: 3. It GRANGK5Wa,Jf which atUnUon
is speotally tU4,"iseaMir wl ifo snb
found In ao pthr papery AU thf fesomm
at tb command of a f reatjsetrepoliun daily
newspaper, eaploed ia It Mlhsstiauni
th result is a' pagv tioY wk whu. ,iU
members may And a compUU rcrd or (ho
tblsweekWHTtlTho Mm' ri &
oreant ef alt. th laeal (rana pa pars in'AVMy
autef. i, This department U,a4.wiU pontin)
to bejrndeMhe oharg ojtfWiH.tKjT1
mambara of th order.
addition td" lUther' WifcsfioiH, Saeki
poetry, mlaoetlafiy, hnnrWatf , Ae
daring th poming Je, hsra wiHi v
less than n hnndred short tale by ta et
writers of notion in .Bagfanf and Aneitoi. ,
S. The MAEKST RXfOin, brHfhf .dawn
t th hour of publication, tat th hest tSat
ean be made, " Kach ' market Is nportad br
on whoepocial knwftd ttd Gaining
make him ths best anlaritsJttt sab-
Mtmui unitea imiw.? . oanr ai
completeness tha -aUrksi japerts mt Th
Werldare arifsBaV-w;i tti-int s;t n
"The World is not only tha be .baWth
oheapest aawspapar vr affarad th faraaar.!
8enfeklrfVrWtt(HWaJ a-Man.
Dally (313 WosJ $io pa year. '
8peoimn ooplos sent apon appfioatlon.,.
Addrsss i'ilflt WOkCD!
,kpr4 TU.-f ':-S5 Park Smr; Hew Yk &
yar(nrpKms,ii: ijwihce. waraH
. It la emlnentlv a Vamilr Medlela. and hr 1 I
' " ''elnf kept redy tor lmmedtal noorr. lu
(tollar In Qmcand doctors' bills, j , t
. i AlVrtwtt years' trial 1t Is atnirsrelvtiK I C
: the most uuqnaliaed testliwmUls of Its Tlr- .
tuft from ptrsom ef the hlgheft rharseter
- and resiwuslbintr. Ewlneut phrslclsa -eoauoeud
li is the most -
;y :0, :tt f ECTUAL SPECIFIC, fn'r;
Tnr rnnitlnatloB. Headache. Pala In the Should
ders, Dlitlaess, Sonr Stoomeh, bad tatte In the
rSn la tlie reslon oftiie kflhwvs. anMMlnir,' - !
arloom anl lorixxivn(r or evmau o waicu i
Ibe offspring of a diseased Liver.
The tlwr, the laiwsterjrsn hi the hoy Is
nnerallT the set u aiee, aao u am
KBOPLATBD la TimvrrMt snaanax.
- wreicueoiiis.siii. iAaviii wuiouuc, ,
ir yon feel OcLt, Dhowst, artTT -.
TTnns'iasvareqacHt Habac.;ot
TASrae bsdly.povr Apfstit aud Toncue
S'iOOATam yaa am nffrln fret Trii f.
Livia or "Billiov trass," and. aoihiuf
naitar yowpettiirm iiaiieauy.
"I have aever seen nr ttW saeh a lmil, ef- -Sceclou,
t lifticiorr aM riteasiat rcaMdy 1
- "I oeeadeoally werWOen my eaadRlen r.
-tWw aaiautoj-aw MiMe harMij! i
for some time, snd I am persnatted Ulsavalaa- .
ble sdilliloii to tbe ateSleat seiac.n--aetr. 4,
-I iuir. ed Om fulto t T Mntlr ' c
the paat seventeea veara. Ieaa fclJtinaiMsaitit
it to the world as the best asedleine I have ever
awd for tha rlua oT diseases U rywt te
.cure-" H. r.THiorm.
, "S'mwont' Liver tomlater has proved reod
: DruegUU. .
iL! "Wejwere beea aMioalnted with Dr. Sim;
lJrW. ifr tot more tUirtwr jtt. - ill
kaow itto be tb best Liver Betrelator ord
. pabHe.n-M. an B. b. 1.V01C, .
I'wbVriativef llWMet
ft ThavlM afler4rent7Mif Wi CWU ,
adreTer.-a..r.Aiiso. ..:,.-
"My wtfa and self iiave need th nentster fct
iave Riven year medlelBrtshMia . Ial
Kl in d" b It Wled 'rHLf."?,c
t(ioa.n J.LK MSACXAM, Cbattaheecltes. JTla.
. PnfisdoiuiL .
U"rvoe, tt eperW ta'hA.i V tHavA
medicine la my pr.U.I harj taea.and ,
Z..i.tt naa and nrescr be It aaaiHtmUra
- JT. A. runaajAnjertnet,
r.uiiuusv. - ,ri ".t ,-;nu
. fflmmons- Urer Regnlstor li eertslaly a
sneclle for tht rlaasef .roroPhliiU wblai It
Ulms tee4e.n-TBev. OXTUk Wl
?WfKetlwt ftMTi 710'? IJ
v '- vs.
B't vi
virtue of an order of sals in attachment
n' 81taotd from tb apart vtcewim on
pleas of Monroe oonntv, Ohio, I will offer for
sale at the front door of the eoart honse, in
th town of Woods Aeldrbetween tha hours
of 10 o'olock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. au oa
the following described real estate stua,taia
the eoanty and 8tata aforesaid, to wit:
- Tha northwst onarter of tha northwest
garter of SwfloJ thlrW'. ttwisnl Ibal
ana rang nve comaming nrentj ieven acras.
Appraised at $57. - .
f Als, th aosthwast qnarWr jof the aowta
west qnarUr, af.aaeuoa Ultfaa,towahip
tonrand- MBg Iva, containlnc iwantr-MVa
auo. tb asi pan oi in au nan ot lec
tion oaa? M&ablV ift and labb mbt, eon.
talnlng fifty four awos. Appraised at $1,377.
cAlsa. th soathaaat., qaarter ot h a oath
ast anarter.of otln,.tw.lwnabipt, if
aadMaxiis,coaUiiag.(ortjr. aarea. Ap
prU4$t20. rf..,, j ,,.;,.
Also, . tbe :iiadivtd4- interest of Philip
Wagonhoiaa ia lot -nnmbfr, flftyaigbl .ec
tlon twent? -ulpe, township foar aaLrang.
pre, coat ajnln; one aero. AprieaJOQ.
. Also, part lot IJfty.ieven in samt section.
Also, tb aortbeast part Of 4U Mathwost
.naitr,'iamvaeUen, twship,and : range,
ratsiainf auyAtae anbU .soni, Aa
l-l . a air a i r
. ' m .v twit a
rhsnafi' ..vi..lim,B'),;
irh28Jw. v. bboril" tl,V. Q.u
-hfciA . 'm&I J!l .Acaaemicai
day, colteeted'M tbe.acenUrnd.oMXJ - v".. t ;Tvl '
d. tl tli. H.Yk Btil. Wa.U f.. ' " . . ,..,.. f
in fallnoss, aooaraor and ntrprts in -.! - '
- iiTirirr nnnisir la usais n i i,T
irv? sXE,
sssaawassasstJMgs .p.'
3UKrnrr4 i havs or wm4 U Cswlff '
and-tdedthUin th W fb. IeC '
WaonUanchen Uufr ht. 1 sliMpSI Ol
wba an AiJemieiitaM txUTrj
th higher matheautics ami th aassta ta
tare, with German, lW ssrea r
th ordinary cotlejp oonra aswtatiCJ
are prepared toreoeiv aSstAswSa Wat sf'Jas.li -who
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bnildinx in Noble County, loestad s a f,
Parent need havs no few that &trr Jt '.'
ed to make this Instttstum a mmwJ Ua
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department-1 b-n V-iTi
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. " Baalbvtne," Moarab Coaatv, CI
koimal and Classical Icrtlirt:
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ltr Taaaday, CqrCO,
Sd Una 'MM tssAay, latf A lV
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! It76, ends Dwmnbwrtl. !?.
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Priaalpal r ClaaaUal Departat, i
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and 'AIgabvaa, DarUS L4iiJ C;.-J
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Swinton'a Calud 8tat Eltry,iC
boa' Nataral PbUaaopby, Eaevar'a 1
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' 'mr&basa Writ Latta ''Ctar
Latin Grammar, . BarknMs' ' Latin tUalav,
Itarkn CiWi -COMairatarias r-- v
First ;Orek look, Abn'i Germaa XUCza,
Adler1 Oerman taorr OlUadocTa rtv' b
Qrammar,.9;iMirClcA EMdaa, Aba's
FnaaaT Msth4. CaMa,. do rjear'a
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f Eoolon,1 ty 1m.
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Yew Btaluwohi'e Prhaaiy Costrt7Cv
vayamai?aC ,? t ca"! i a
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Honnaj Classical fcta: O
Model echoot. . J. A, I . i. .'. ..U'.1 4 CJ
ttmaio, ($ taaaoaav taalaSA assttf T ; w
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Coatiageat t, (paid by all staAsaM) ...t 1
C3 isyi-sittsriral i9 t-as
N dedMtiona mad xor4 Am ail a zsaw
toasts tUana; 11 r- V ' - f' . - .
dnaa I. SlAATlM, or J. A. KASS2AU. CsC
Cincinnati 'tfetkly SurcV.
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It pabfike Li?a4tif dLniJ
tha ppl at ajwrt ibwaatlaUy,rM
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tUsapiiHtae laa a
laaabailaUaa tut iMkaas) tt (ar.
iad awpraasad tto ayy a sCl t atf
ofOiagwsa it.i lag f a aatetiwa. tmmj
twn-tbirda t tAiaBo ae .;
TkbHatlsaal Bank Jkboano, a tUvtea
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bands W Uu lCwy, Dnn tri a
en-wodneUg arViirter. - w '
af flM llMt alU V . 1
pay ft gowraabsau aibsU, "Hl, rJaa
of labor aa It ro4aota, WfcU'aa
gfwifbankf (tbe IVatJta -'
dVariaial.Aa ..n-.i v.u n
Tbo aet ohanrinr tha" orldasl
with boebtJUra, 4i3LZ;t5?
ia gold instsa of legal UadonuM Irat ayas
fjioraiitm far tn
IT yon wool now aa aadorSkl
i38nea,aaoriW aadVe4 bf past aa; fataiw
legislation, rea l th Koqnirer daring this all
fcapavsaatfwtOfaad naerib aw ikrtmt
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SingUCopy, n2rrt...i..,....3 0
Piv Copi j i j ya -b. .t;&.
Ta -i-V'ie i oo
Twenty- f..iviV.r.-, 0 -.'
With oste;r I taa t'sb anaU.
Send for api, .- ts' aattta.
AgenU wanb4 aA oc7 rtt aAsa.
Addrae all letters t "''
. X O TaXCtA BAKMfiai -caaoby,6.
I All dm yne,o! tho best t mwliima.
w m aanSAs-nar'tb'lTne of tht KimW Pt-
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Foe partbMlai blftifarW
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no; . Frliav. . JhKiasaB-r - Xt J2S..
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taMK wm P Fired i auJuUv a tl
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the few(thoxpHSo( tboaaaay. " 1 t
Th &dmptton A(,deiaiart tbtilL
is ntterly impossible, a placjjg txaijir -sought
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;ior fnotfAhd otharriHV-Wto
pooplothl nVqaf wllf advi' j Vjbi-'
in tUadaalaUoak-af 1
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held, Uhio.

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