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$ iamib IletosjaferDtbolrt to politics, foreign ; aii! gomcsitc plus, f ileratnrt, .rls . aitb citncts, (ibticalton, grinilture, larktis, Qmsmt
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K. WE S X,
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te"OFf1CK Wet iWe of Min Street,' tiro
4ri North of The onioe JSanE. ' '
tfeK5:7'T'''-' f 5 '?
'Oni oopy, Ut monthR,
tii oovr. thte monthi,
Bimrieoopy. : : :
-j - ISrSttboriptlotii caa b commenced at any
011 Advertlsftiif Kates:
Wn.ttre; (nKW.Voneweek, ."( $1 00
X.4 .ntwiHnt inaertloa for tv weokt, : - 00
9nt qosrfl, two montasi
V3d aqnare, thwe month,
Xint aqoare, nx months,
ne aqaaTe, om year, - -
Xn eighth column, one Month,
fDne eighth' ctelnmn, thtfee month,.-;
-One- eiKhth, ekimii, six montha,
eighth-oolumn, one year,
Xaa fourth Jabtumn, one month,
OnJ fourth teolomn, three months
Vjtie lonrth column, six months,
7 00
to 00
5 00
r:10 00:
IS 00
' 0 00
7 60
15 00
.0 00
.80 00
10 00
20 00
Cha fourth Mtumn. on year,
Ona -half ooloinn, one raonth,
Wne half ooiuBin, three 'months,
' Onf half oqluaia, six Mouths,
jpne half column, one year, (- P
du column, one we V; . tji
'One folumn.,one month, ,
. Un eolumtv hree months, ,
SJn'colamiC lx months,
80 00
, 60 00
15 00
80 00
45 00
80 00
r Or"Lea! ajrertifietnents charged at the nite
M nne dollur per nquare tor nrsi lnseraon, man
ttlint fftrfanh rabaaent innertion.
! I AiiniBtDr's o Exeoutoi's, AtUohmenfc
t Iiwal NoUcea, per dine, first insertion, 19
n,,hd ftrfenta p;line for each additional
flteek.. (tan -j?
.it H
j w. LLimn .Z i. moLiisTsa
jLit o the yis at La,
Will cractloe In Monro and adjoinfnft com?
ifeal' ;,V leha0,77T-
At th fio: formerly ooipld byfiolligUr k
'key,- 'febtOJTT.
fH 1 5 AP .'!'
f2 ( up sUlrs in th Court Hons.)
A r. sr-nioe
a. dbioss,
hH Attorneys " '
Ittorneyt nd rOoanaeUort it Iitw
Aiiaiiaim Agema,
i'rtoi-Dp stairs in Court House.
tprlga. ,. . . ,JIt; v. ;
Ai fPaaasoa, . . , . .'loxx W. Dohbrii.
UatUr Commi$doner, 5 ' .Vu
, ' ' V ' ff f j; "rnT T' Tjr :I -,PEAUS6!e
fcTftOlsEtVrtV '
(Offlce South of P bllo 8quare.) ' 7(' t
Wu O O D Bf P I En L D, OHIO.
Will .Kraetiovta Monro and adjoining an
lle,s tr.fi r,a july27,'75T,
.f W. B. MAMiOBT
n; v JioUry.PnWI
6r!ctw8ouuiest coraer Pnbllo Square
WQl praotloe in Monro and adjoining
iti J Sit. n si i c k.
t, er curcjNtrjTi ohio. ;
EROCUKKS PmIibis for floldjersot.
jfotrth or 'more disabled by disease, con.
tract! in United 8tats Service. Also, for
Widows and Minors of ooldlert who die of
dUeaae so contnotdtaSMl pereaoed: Pensions
teatnuaiids wko have "trown worse- Write
Mi SoldterVjbf 1812, who served 14 days,
aad their widows, whenever married to then!
can now get" Pensions, by writing U A, W ,
Mf Coxmiok, Pike's Opera BatldIng,Xin(flnnati
Oht.-' '' , T an9.'7gTv
'fi n n'k'v t r t. n . o H
-t w w y - 1 " 1
tTta xtraeted without pain by th use
of nitrous oxide r laughing gas.
: y0ao ovob Pope & Castle's drug store.
1 4 Baal'75T.
I lir r.
f ff . . .F Q. .T K It , . . n. . . . 1 ;
T" 1 1 . Phytifiian aad Surgeon, ....
; DtsOaga Mostrotf Cnunty, Ohio. .
v.? it :;,, i uly 1, IS73 v.
B,RnTBO!O. .II. Oh -
J?hyslclau and Hn r eo n.
tjy Ofllee. .over Pop .Castle's drug, store.
eJyJ8r. t'a :c
, m I. '
t,r Af sA.,-t,t. m v, a n i vi
May he found at his resldenos in Oiark from
k. to 8 A m
Ffnt 8 A. Mi to 4 p. ir;.. Offlce next to Henry
MHlw's residence. ,;': apr30,'78r.
turn. B UTA alaa bVTI AT T l Ui -
D rv J WAY,
i: a phyuiown uttd Surgeon,
CIiH COVJC, rFaitoJt Tp, Monroe
C iipountyOhio.
ill calls promptly attended to, 4urbig,th
ay r night ;f
. bb.3.'6w
.7 i (formerly of Zanesville, Ohio,)
fITy6iclan and Surgeon,
fSee'aud residence in th Kirk bride property,
Havfuf located at the kbov place,1 offers Us
Professional srrlos, whCr h 1 hopes by
lies atlenttcn t buaihess td 'merit public
tnldo Audatronag,4 ' ; '
Oliroulo Digatuer will xeoelv seoi1
AUenttvn. ' Mpjl,"!6i
i 1879.
. .To drags aooordiotto Sabpii's Baiai will
beVithe .'aim and ambitioa of the women of
America Boston Transcript. ) . -
..As, a; faithtnl chronicle of fashion, and a
newspaper of domestic and social character,
it ranks without a rlvaL Brooklyn Ragle.
This paper has aeaotred a wide popularity
for the .lresidt enjoyment it afsrds, and
has- beoome an astablished authority with
thttMdiee. M. Y. Kreuiag Pott. -
The Telnmea of the Baaat begin with the
first nambr far January of kaok ysar. When
no time is mentioned, it will be anderstood
that the subscriber wishes to eoamence witL
the number next alUr the receipt of his
order,' " " ,
' h ; ' I Hurper PriodicftU.
HARPEl'S MAdAtIMl,OMi YehfU .1 . M 00
H1RPKS'8 BAIAR, ' 00
The THRKK publications, on year. . , . i 0
Ay TWO. oneyear.:.. ....... 7 00
SIX sibsoriptieus,' one year. . ........ SO 0
TeraM for larf dabs furulaksd n appllca-
tic, f 2 ?. . -'nh i;.-. !-
- Post free t aU sabrlbre lu the Uni
ted fctatos or CanaJa. ;?-U n"'
t.i i: i! 3i !"
Tb Annual Telumss of IskpibI Baaaa,
in neat 'eloth bmdin. will be sent by ex.
roM.- free of 'expense (prorlded th freiiht
ice not exceed f 1 per volume,) for 17 each.
A MBpMo Bit, comprising Ileveat Volume,
sentonTeoelpt f cub at ta raU of ft ift,
mi bolts. Ji- i- W1
- Cloth Caaetf for each rolame, suiUblefor
bio4ine,ill be sent by mail, postpaid, t
receipt of $1 each. I tw-'-'-'
RemHUnces should be aad by Post Oslo
Money Order r Kraft, U. rid chano of
rtosa.- -' us). .
ti newspapers are nin to sopy thia advertise.
meat without the express order f Maspib
ABsorxau.) .Ol .' ,' ' ! )
i Address HARPER BROTfliRB,
in?36,'78. fit c i: --.v N York.
! vVl ,.t f I r. K , i " .-.
z : r
-:t t.:
'oticis or rxs raxss.
. Barper' Maguine ia th American Maga
sine alike in literature and art. Boston
Traveller.. ,
me most popular aeuiaiy it it world
tf.T. Wsrvr.- ' '
It fi an xoellnt companion forth young,
a delight to the mature, a solace for declin
ing se. Loatsrille Courier-Journal.1' 1 ";
' - No other" Monthly in the world oat show
toilllabt a list or contributors; nor does
any 1 furnish It readers with so great t va
riety And s superior a quality of literature.
-WatouBUu, Boston. ; ft s ;t.;' ,v
i TUo Tolumes of th MistB begin with
th lumber for Jon and December of. aoh
year. i When no time ia specified, it will be
ndelo4.tbat tb obeertbor wishes & be
gin with the current nimbar. . .:
A ''rt?- .T.'VM -- .'
.r - t, narpert Periodicals. ; r -
HARPER'S M AQAilNE, One Year. ..... $4 00
HARPER'S BAZAR, . ....t.4 00
The TRRBB publications, one year.... 10 00
Any TWO.one year , 7 00
SIX subscriptions, on year . ... ....... 20 00
TarmS for tag clubs furnished on applica
tion. V "- - -V , ''.. T . . 1
PosUg free to atl subscribers in th Uni
ted States and Canada. , -j '-, -'i
A ;Complte; set of Habpbb'b Vassbibb,
r comprising . al .volumes, la- neat ulotn
bindings will bo sent by express , freight at
expense of purehasea, for $2 25 per volume.
Single volnmes, by mail, postpaid, $3. Cloth
oases, cr, binding, H8 cents, by mall, pest
. Remittances should be mad by tostuffic
Money p Order or Dra to avoid chao of
rewspapers are, not to copy tbla adyer-
tiseina&t without, the express order of 11a a-
ps4.riorHSES,- a - m .. (,;,,,.
Addresa iH AR?ER & BROTHERS, ;
OTt8,78. . . New York ,
O, ,W, RIDGWAT; a non-resident of, the
Stat of Ohio, and whose postoffic ad
dress is Dextm-, Cowley County, in the State of
AAnwii, yrimam tuugwoy, aauu-iwurat oi
the State of Ohio, and whose postoffloe address
is Gray Flats, Monroe County, in the State of
West Virginia; Elisa Morrell and' William
HorreU her AusoaBd, non-rcMdentBot the state
of Ohio, whose postoffloe addreasia St. Marys,
PleasariU County, in the State of West V it-
rinia: Marv Ridirway. John Ridrway and
liaabetb..Ridirwav, heirs of Benjamin Ridir
way,- : deceased, whe am non-reaideuta oi the
, . ' m i- 1 . 1 1 . . : 3
DtatQ OI.UIIIO. ana wuuw uimxo vi rwuitan
and puebiffiqe, address are unknown, will take
notice that otr the oom aay ot novemoer a.
D. ; 187S, Marshall Ridgway filed his petition
in the court of common pleas of Monroe coun
tvi Ohio:' the obiect and oraver of which ia to
obtain partition of the following described real
stat situate in Monroe county, Utile, to wit
- The , northwest quarter ef , the seuthwcfit
auarter and the northeast quarter of the south
west quarter and the southeast quarter of the
southwest quarter of section thirty-two, town
ship three, range five, containing seventy-four
and riirhty-two hundredth aoree.except six and
a half acres off of the south end of the south
east quarter: bf the louthwest.qaarter sold to
Thomas Ulme. I: r i :
AImv ' the northeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of section two, township four, range
six,, containing; forty . and twenty hundredth
aores. except thirteen aores,one rood and thirty
six perches off ,of the west side sold to George
Coss. in ' all ninety-five acres more or less, and
for equitable relict , ' ' '
' You are each, required to answer said peti
tion on or befor the 9th day of February, A.
j, doclCTSt?.. . II 'I' . Att'ys for Plaintiff.
OAR AH McCAMICK and Isaac MoCamlck
O her hnsband, : who reside in Wellsburg,
County of Brook and State of West Vir
ginla, will take notice that on the 56th day
of November, 1878, An amended petition was
Bled against them, In the oourt of common
pleas, within &nd for the oonnty of Monro
aiid State of Ohio, by Christian Cehrst and
is now pnding,wherein said Chiistlan Cehrs
demands partition of tbe following real s
Ute, to wit' Tb south half of the northwest
quarter of section il twenty.one, township
3 tw ef range'. 3 three, (except eight
acrea sold off of the southeast corner of said
tract by Job Pearsoll to Lemuel Pearsoll
by deed dated July 29, J 8 65.) containing
seventy.four acres mors or less; and that
nnles they answer on or before th 25th
day of January, 1879, th statements in said
petition wl 1 be taken As true end a decree
ordered in Accordance with ' tb prayer of
said petition. ' ' CHRISTIAN CEHRS,
" - By f raises k lIBiees, bis Att'ys. ;
dc3,'78w7. " ' '.: V. .
Assignees Sale of Real Estate.
PURSUANT to the command of an order
for sale from the Monro County Probate
Court, I will ofer.at public sale, between the
hours of 1 o'clock p. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.r
on the premises near Irish Ridge P. O., in
Adams township', Monro County, Ohio, on ,
Saturday, the ipthd of January 1879,
the following described real estate situate in
said oounty of Monroe to wit:
; 1st TaAct A part pf section tnftty-oue,
township four, range four, Commencing for
th same at - the- mouth of - the tali race;
I bene thru rods east; thence thirty-nine
rocs nerth) tbac'twentv-right rds seatk
east to th corner of William Mobley's cor.
tor; theno north with ssid Moblny'a Hue .to
th corner -of a piece of land deeded by Ar
chibald Barkes to Philip Ifoland; ' thence
with said Mobley's line to the Corner of lease
Ruble's land,1 thence with said Isaac Ruble's
laud t th Hobba Run; the nee wiik said run
n an agreed lit to the month of aid run;
thane np Piny Creek t the Alexander line;
(bene .south ; with said Alexander ltd t
the mill ' race; tkenc with said will ra e to
the place of beginning; also, about two acres
of land on th Plnev fork Of Sunfish Crk
above the grist mill, ea.whiokls a mill dint
and a'part of race for the use of said mill
formerly, oc oupied . by AUxaoder aad Job a
Stnolatr except about .three-fonrtha of an acr
upon which ihe grht mill of Brae and Tay
lor atands. -..
Txact ' N.' t Also, one.fourth "of ' said
three fourths' Cf an acre Upon which ' said
grist mill f said Braoy And Taylor stands . '
v 1st .tract appraised t B00.
(! fi ...t '.' 400. -
said tsalf.t b mad free of dower and mar
aell for two-thlrdf i -of thj sppfalsed Taltte
Taaus'or . Sslb One-lblrl on the 1st day
of Xvriimti one.lhbd on'thslstaav.of
April, 1880. and one-third od the IrW day of)
pru, e pajmeuia- w or luteresvirom.
day of sal, and to hd sesu'rad by mortgage
l ib prsmlkei sold.
. .. .. .... CM. BLOWERS,...
( Assignee of Western Taylor.
, Spsioos k Obioos, Att'ys.
' ' deo7,'78w4. ,
;T : Gregg 4 Co.
Y virtue of a certain order of sale Issnei
from the court of common pleas, within
and for th county of Monro and Stat Of
Ohio, ia a cbs pending in said court between
the above named parties and to me directed,
I will offer for sale at public auotion at th
east door of th eourt hous ia Wwsdsiald,
Saturday, the 18 tk day of January, 1879
between the hours of 10. o'clock a. m. and 4
o'clook. p.m., of said day-, the following de
scribed real state, situattiin Monro county,
Ohio, to wit:' - .'
Th -southeast quarter of the southwest
quarter of station twenty one, township two
of range four, containing Ibrty aores more or
less j
, Said property ao ordered to be sold Is ap.
praised at $100, and may sell for two-thirds
of said appraisement. Terms of sale, one.
third-1 ash, and - the balance on oonB rmaxloa.
' t v WM RKAD,
decn.gwS. Sheriff M. C. 0.
1 Ox st A OatST Att'yai; ,-;
William Dj Lowry ,-.
ts. ;
Msry Lopan.
lY, virtu f u certain; alias order of, sale
issued fronts the court; of common pleas
within and, lor the oonnty of .Monroe,
and. Btat of Ohio, in a case pending in said
court between the above named parties, and
to me directed, I will offer for sale' at pnbllo
auction at th east door 'of tb court hottaei
in Woodafleld, on ; .' .
Saturday, thtihthday of January, 1879,
between the houia of 10 o'clook a, m. and 4
o'clock p. m.,'of said day,'the following de
scribed real estate, situate, In Monro coun
ty, phlo, to-wiU: Ti: ,104 u-
Lot,; number ; forty-eight In th town of
Calais. i.e.- i,c
Said property so ordered to be sold Js ap-
prxlted at $3 17. and toay sell for two-thirds
of said appraisement. Teims of sale, one-
third on day of aaleand-balano before eon.
Inatlsi. .- ' - P 4 r "
fi U "':; I' WJI. RKAD,; vi
decadSwo, i i ( a K ' i ' Bhoriff -M j f;, a -
OlBT &0T, Att'fS.
; SflfeKlFF'S SALE.
jMary E. Cooke
Pater Diehl et 1. -
T .yiitu of a certain order of sal issued
from tha .court of common pleas within
and for th county of Monro, and State of
Ohio in a case pending in said oourt between
the above named parties.and to me dlreoted,
I will offer for sal at pnblio auction At th
east door of the court house ia WobrMeld,
on -
Saturday, t4 111 day of January,' '.1879
between tbe hours ef 10 o'clock a. m. and 4
o'olook p. m., Of said day he forlowrng da-
scribed real estate situate In Monroe county,
Ohio, to wit: . ,;.
Tha east half of lot number forty in the
village of Woodsdeld. being Sixty six feet
front and sixty feet back. ' ' ' '
Bald property : ao ordered to be sold Is ap
praised at $1,433, and may sell for two-
ttlrdsot ssid appraisement. Terms of sale,
Cash.-: ;;i .
,-r r.,- WM. BEAD,
dec4,'78w5. ,. Sheriff M. C. O.
" Hdntbk & Mallopt, Att'yi. ,j , j . . , i
' . Probata Notice.
ACCOUNTS and vouohera have been filed
in the Probate Court of Monroe County,
Ohio, for settlement by the following Admin-
utraU'rs, Executors and Guardians:
First and final account of Jooh Hobbs Ouar-
diaqof Abner Qeo. Hobbs
Third and final aooountof C. Waechtel Guar-
' T t ' , f T TT 1 ,
oian oi irapuu niary 4. xiunneii.
First and finkl account of John Ruby and Ja
cob Ischy Adm rs of John Yoss.
Second partial account of Edward Okey Guar
dian of Thomas and James IS. Jung.
Fourth partial account of Jacob Long Guard.-
ian of JoHeph W. and Emma Moose. 1
Second and final account of F. Eoehler Gnari
dian of Rebeooa J and Mitry E. Watson. ,
Any person-interested may file written ex
ceptions to said account, or any item -thereof
on . or before tbe 15th day fit January next,
when tbe same will be finally heard and con
tinued from day to day until disposed of.
decl4.Mtd. r-. , i . j Probate Judge.
Etiaie of Harvey CltneDecated
' ."j
THS undersigned has been appointed and
' qualified as Executor of tbe estate of
Barvey Clin,lAt of Monroe county, deo'd.
Dated this, 10th day of December, A. D.
1873. 1 .. J0SBPH M. CLINK.
Of Ten Years' Duration. The Pis
" charges Thick, Bloody, and of Foul,
Odor. Senses of Smell and Tasta
- Wholly Gone. Entirely Cured by
VM.Wt1n A Potter: Gentlemen T feel eerapelle'
to cknowledK to yon the iire.t benefit 8roD't
Radical Cdb hu been to me. For ten yc.ru I lure
been afflicted witvtlu. loathsome fll.eiuc, and eps.
eltllT ta the winter time hu It been mot-t wsrera. '1 be
dueatrge hu been thick .nil bloody, eniltilnK fotu
dorx bad that my pretence In a roem wiili otbera
H very offensive to the in. One week after commena
In the nse of Savfokd'i Radical C r I wjs not
troubled with It at all. My sense of taxte and smell,
which. itrr ichnlly (one, hare now fully ri'lnrned. aad
sbj general neaua is maca uaprorea. - 1 oara.
Shm-t-IIaud JTrlter.:
aAXDlUFna,llicn.,5oT.S,187S. '
1(1.' LATER. ' "- .
kareto-nlifluallrltilit. I don't know what I should haTJV
it i. iiwi uv, ucen lur uii. remedy. 1 nam irira
Kasal Douches and everything else, and ulthoutih t hara
been able to stop the otXenive dlMharire. I have not
been able, to recover mvaenneaof taote and smell nntll I
tried Saktohd's Ccii. Yon can refer anv on. you
chorwe to me, and I will cheerfully Inform them In
datail a. to the benefit th. remedy hu .ven to ma.
.. i i.... Tonra, '. .""MELBOrBXB n. POKD.
Geajto Kajtds, Uick, Xov. J5, 1STS.
not only promptly arrests the eorrodma: dlscharfree tn
Catarrh, bnt, by svmpaihetlc action. It restores to sound
kealth all the oriraus of too. head that have become
affected by it, and exhibit any of the following affeo
ttons: i , ..
Defective Eyesight, Inflamed and Mattery
Eyes, Painful and Watery Eyes, Los of
'Hearing,' Earache, Neuralgia, of the Ear,
, Discharges rrom the Ear,-Ringing Nolaea
In the Heart, Dizziness, Kervoua BeaMlache, ,
Pain In the Temples, Loss of the Senses oi
" Taste and Smell, Elongation of the Uvula,
w Inflammation of the Tonsils, Putrid Sore
Throat, Tickling op Hacking; rough, Bros
. coltls, and Bleeding of the Lung
Kach packare contains Dr. Banfbrd's Improved In
halin( Tube, with full and carefully prepared directions
for use In all cases, rrlcc.il. For sale ny all wholesale
and retail druggists and dealer thronghont tbe United
SUUS and Cananaa. WKICKS A PtiTTEB, iieueral
' Agents and Wholesale Druggists, Boston. Man. '
AN Clectro-Oalvanle Battery, combined with a blgiily
Medicated I'laaler, forming the grandest curative
ageat la Ike world f medh-lne, and utterly surpassing
all other Plasters heretofore in use. They accomplish
more In eno week than ilirf old Plaster, la a whel
year. Tbey do not palUate, they era., The
VJ. ; , Relieve Aflectloas of the Cbast
Relieve Affoctiousofthe Lungs. -
' Relieve Affections of tb. Heart. '
, ... r. ' K.lleveAifcctlottseftho Liver. '
ltelleve Affection, of th. 8pleen. . ...
' ' Relieve Affections of the Kidneys. ' ' -
, t Believe Anectloa of the Splae.' - ' V
R.lleve Affections of the Kervee.
!- Relieve Affections of the Mnscle.
, . . i Relieve Aflectlousof the Joists, ;
Relieve Affections of the Bones. . ,
-. Believe Affeetluna of the Sinews. ' ' '
Xo matler what mav be the extent nf yanr rafrertef,
try un of the. Plaalara. UeHefu tnuaauuutxu, a fact
supported by hundred, of testrmoulals In our posseasloa.
ltear In mind that tha tuoat Important discoveries la
naarmaey date back lt-sa than ten yeanr, and that com-.
iunat.iviui oi gnm ana eaaencea or plants snd suruba sra
herein united with Klectrlcliy to form a curatl va Plas-
lilnativ. ot gnms and eaaencea of plants snd sliraba sra
herein united with Klectrlcltv to form .rgmlu ptu.
ter, la soothing, healing, and strengthening properties
as far snperlnr tn sll other Pluters heretofore la ass
a the scieutine physician U to the boraa-lscch.
Irloe, 35 Cents.
, 8e earefnl t can tor 001X18 VOLTAIC PtAWIB
let you ret some worthless Imitation. Bold hv all
Wholesale and ftot.M inyichtf.' i.fc.wt tiiCBlta4w4
Plate, and Canads and by WEEKS A roTTKB, fro. f
pneiora, itoston, aiasa.
lt)f l
trs. Tott: Dear Slri tar ten yean I nsv
am now a well man, have good appetite, diges
tion perfect, regular stools, piles gone, and I .
have gained forty potrnde solid flesh. They ar
, worth their weight In gold.
key. b. l. suu-sum, imisruie, Ay.
H the fruitful source of many diseases, such a
Dyspepsia. Sick Headache, Costiveness, Dysen- '
wry, suisus rever. Ague ana r ever, jaunuicty -
, ' TaWt Pills exert a powerful influence on the '
i Llvarodwillwlthcertainty relieve tbatlmpor
' tact organ from disease, and restore its normal . ,
, .functions.
-. The mpidftyvrith which TeT9on8taVeOn flesh.
'' while nnder the Influence of thesepllls,of itself ,
: Indicates their adaptability to nourish tbe body, -
hence their efficacy In curing nervouedebility,
'. dyanepda, wasting of the muscles, sluggishness
, pftheliver.chr8nrcconstlpaUon.andliiifartlng
health -and strength to the syitem. , .
- filrwltbregulajiryofthebowelcanpeTfect
') health be enjoyed, when the cotistlpanon Is of '
recent date, a single dose of TTfTTS FILLS ,
' will suffice, bnt if it has become habitual, on
. pill should be takaa every night, gradually Issasa.
ing tbe frequancy of tbe doss until a regular daily
I , aaoveinent ia obtained, which will sboa follow.
Sold Everywhere;, 85 Out.
Sick Headachck
Positively Cared by
. these Little Pills.
' They also relieve
Distress from Dyspep
sia, Indigestion and
loo nearly jcAannv
A perfect remedy for
Dltsineas, N ease a.
Drowsiness, Bad Taste
In tbe Mouth, Coated
Tongue, Fain in the
Bide, Sc They mrn
late the Bowels and
prevent Constipation
and Piles. The small-
;' eat and eaaleat to take.
Only one nill a dose.
inlvone nil
40 In a vial. Purely Vegetable, price 96 cent.
Sold by all Druggists. ...
: ' CARTER MEDICINE CO., Prop'rt, f rla, Pa.
Five Viala by mall for ens dollar.
ti 1..
A. M. SCALES, the old Painter of
Prarae Brothers Carriage Manufactory. Barnes
vtlle, has opened a shop in ileallsvlile, Oh!,
Be ia prepared to execute all kinds of Paint
ing and Graining in the best style. ' Painting
Carriages and Buggies a speciality. ;
Ohio Farmers Fire Insurance Coin
nsures nothing But Farm nroperty. Rates
owerthan those of any other Company doing
business In this county. -' .'- '
.Assets,-: : : : $900,000.
All Lossea promptly paid.
af i , i Beallsvllle, Ohio, '
hovl2,'78. Agsnt for Monroe Connty.
nBH undersigned, having been appointed
1 Notary Public,- would inform his
friends,, and the publto generally, that he Is
prepared to fill Pensioners' Blanks, admin
is. ?r Oaths, take Depositions, acknowledge
Deeds, Mortgager Hind other instruments ol
writing. : I. - JOHN JBFFKRS. i
prl8,'77, BeaUBvIlt? Mouroe Co. Ohio
k iii i a. a.
1 flVER
"Think Again, I Pray You. Anec
; dote of Victoria. ( .
"Queen Victoriu was not twenty years
of age when she ascended the throne.
Coming into possession of power witti
a heart fresh, tender and pure,- and with
all her -instincts inclined to mercy, we
may be sure that she found many things
that tried her strength and resolution to
the utmost. On a bright, beautiful morn,
ing tbe young Queen was waited upon
at her palace of Windsor by the Duke
of Wellington, who had brought from
London various papers requiring her
signature to render them operative
pne of them was a sentence of a court
martial, pronounced against a soldier of
the line that sentence that he be sho
deadJl i . ... ; . . r i- 5.
?The ,Qneen looked upon the'paper,
and then looked upon the wondrous
oeaaties that nature had spread to her
" What has this man done ?'' she asked.
The Duke looked at the paper and re
plied: ,. .
, Ay, my royal mistress, that man T
fear is incorrigble. He has deserted
three times."
. "And can yon not say anything in his
behalf, my lord
v, Wellington shook his head.
"O ! think again, I pray you f. " .
r geeing that her Majesty was so deeply
moved, and feeling sure she . would not
have the man shot in any event,, be fin'
Lv confessed that tbe man was brave,
nd gallant, ani realty a gooa somier. ,
"Bat, he added, "tninK or tne innu
ce." "'
j"Inflaence!" cri?d Victoria, her eyes
flashing, and her bosom heaving .with
strong emotion :
? "Let it be burs to wield : influence. ' I
will try mercy in this man's case, and I
charge you, your Grace, to let me know
the result. A good soldier, you said.
O! I thank you for that And you may
tell him that your good words saved
tThen she took the paper and wrote
with a hold, firm hand across the dark
psjre the bright, saving word, "Jfardon
ed!" " '
) --- M " 11 1 aw- :t
Kulea of Conduct. . .. . ;
Nfver exaggerate.
Nver pin to another.
Never betray a confidence;
Neverwantonly frighteh others,
Never leave home with unkind
words.'- ','''; ' -
i Never neglect to call upon your
friends. - . - . ! .
- Never laugh at the misfortunes of oth
era.' -'' -' i :
Never give a promise that you do not
luinu.g 1. .
..Never send a present, hoping for one
in return. " '
Netv ttpeak mucb. ol y ojajLpwa jt
formances, Never fail to be punctual at the time ap
pointed. - ' '
: Never make yourself the hero of your
own story. -.- ' J
Never pick the teeth or clean the nails
in company. . 1
Never, fail to give a polite answer, to
a civil question.
Never question a servantor child about
amilv matters. I? '
Never present a gift, say ing tnat it is of
no use to yourself. - r ,
Never read letters wmcn you may una
addressed to otbera.' s ; ,- i
Never fail, if a gentleman, of being
civil and polite to ladied.' '
Never call attention to; tne feature or
form of an v one present.
Never refer to a glMyou nave.maae. or
a favor you have rendered. ; 1 ' : '
Work tor Blaine in Massachusetts.
t From tha Springfield; Republican. .,-.: . .
Bv the wav, ought not the represents-
tion of Massachusetts in the lower branch
of Congress to be redaced ? " Nearly
half of the voters are Democrats ; on ac
count of these Democrats the number of
Representatives allowed tbe State.in the
National House of Representatives is al
most "donble what it would otherwise
be ; and yet this almost half of the vo
ting population will have but a single
Congressman'out'of the eleven 'in the
next House- At the recent election lao-
116 votes were cast for Republican can
didates for Congressmen and 117.157
for opposition; but Mr. Moree, or Bos
ton, will be the only spokesman in tbe
next House of this large opposition. In
other words, while 13 611 votes on the
average elected one Congressman, 117,
557 opposition votes elected only one.
Where is the Blaine to insist that if the
Republicans continue this almost total
suppression of the Democratic vote they
anal at least be deprived or some 01
those seats in the House based upon
Democratic citisens f
i -; A Nice Little Plum. : ;
Represehtative Hewitt, of New Tork,
having carefully examined the statement
sent to the House on the 20th. lost , by
Secretary .Sherman hi reply to Judge
Kelliey's resolution relative to the bai
ances to the credit of the -Ireasnrer in
various National Banks, and also having
examined the last report of the Fifth
National Bank of New York, says ' it ' is
a fact clearly proved that that bankj
which is the pet Institution of tbe Treas
nrv Denartment. baa made $900,000 in
Interest on the 150,000,000 of Govern
ment moneys which were deposited with
that Institution, which amount the Gov
ernment could have had if Sherman had
invested the funds for the United States,
instead of letting -the bank invest them
for itself.. .. ;
- ' . . . .
rqrAt the drawing room reception
held by the Princess Louise and Marquis
of Lome at Montreal the Princesa wore
the same costume fi at Halifax. Th
fniinwino; decree was published in the
newsoaoers. signed bv Colonel Littleton,
th Governor General' . Military Secre
tary: "Ladies I are to wear low necked
dresses without court trains, and gentle
man - are . to be in full dress. . Ladies
whrae health will not admit- of their
wearing low necked dresses may, on for
wardine to the A ' D C in writing i
medical certificate to that effect," wear
square cut dresses. ' Dresses fastened up
to the throat are not to be wjrn '.'
The Governor. General . certainly has
a fool spot somewhere a his make-up. r.
The Grancera claim a membership of
60,000 in this State. . .-. , , i . ..
The vield of corn iri Ohio this, year is
nearly 64.000,000 buabels. : 1
Anger always hurts u more than the
one we get mad at. - . .?!
Benevolence aiid charity are universal
and unvarying duties. ,.
' The poet must have felt, or bis 'verse
would have been a mere echo. Zewes,.. '
.. A wise man's thoughts walk, within
him, but a fool's heart without. j , .
The wise and prudent conquer difficul
ties by daring to. attempt them. .
Nothing can constitute good breeding
that has not good nnture for its founda
tion. - ' ' ' , ' . , , ..
A true knight is fuller of gay bravery
in the midst than in the beginning of dan
ger. v - ,., ., .
A sharp tongue is the only edged too
that grows keener with constant use.
Irving. '
What we have to do in this world is
not to make our condition, but to make
the best use of them. Ellie.
How i it possible to expect that man
kind will take advice, when they will not
so much as take the warning 7 Swil.
Rev. Mr. McLwd, of Philadelphia,
says a single blsck ribbon is a sufficient
emblem of mourning. , ,; , . .
It costs the people of . Great Biitain
$13,500,000 per year to support and
maintain its royal family. . . .,
; He who toys with time trifles with a
frozen serpent which will afterwards
turn and inflict a deadly wound. ,
' The Lord can more easily have faith in
tbe religion that wears an old coat to
church than the man in the coat can.
All the blows we strike should be for a
purpose; ever nail driven should be a
rivet In the machine of the universe.
It takes one less time to get over one's
own misfortune than to be reconciled to
a neighbor's good fortune.
A sign ot tbe times. In Atlanta, Ga.,
a clothier advertises to supply patches of
all kinds for children's clothing.
We are never more deceived than when
we mistake gravity for greatness,! solera
nity for si ence, or pomposity lor erudi
tion. : " I' '
A man's own observation, what he
finds good of and what he finds hurt of,
i the best physic tc -preserve health.
Beacon, j .j ,-t. i ,.t. ; :t
c-rA Marseilles almanac predicts for 1879
the death of Bismarck, Gortscbakoff snd
Beacoosfield. They probably know the
value of almanac predictions. .....
It was Emerson who declared that a
roan ought not to be a slave of his yester
days.- Quite true nor yet of his toraor
rows. Let him rather be a master of
; Fame is not won on downy, plumes nor
canopies; the man who consumes bis
days without obtaining it leaves such
maita of himself on earth as smoke in
air or foam on water. ''
The hspines9 of your life depends upon
theqnality of your thoughts; therefore
guard accordingly.and take care that you
entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue
and unreasonable to nature. 7 i ',
It is not poverty so much as pretense
that harrasses a ruined man the keeping
up a hollow how tbatk must' come to an
end, .Have the courage, to appear poor
and disarm poverty of its sharpest sting.
"JVC Flood 'and Jsmes G.lFaW,' 'of
the bbnanza firm in San- Francisco; are to
erect on California street bill two , of tbe
costliest residences on the Pacifli? slope
The expense of grading alone will be
$100,000. .,:e-,i ' (i .ir-ib -.
The gieatest loss of time is delay and
exrieo'a'ion which depends upon the fi
ture'. ' We let go tbe present, which we.
have in our power, and look forward to
that which depends upon chance and so
relinquish a certainty lor an uncertain:
ty. ,r a. . - - 't-. ":-:"
New ; Jersey, : for a moderate sized
State, has a huge Judiciary Bystem. It
embraces 13 kinds pf courts, And some
of the Jerseyites are beginning to think
they have too much pf a good tinng,and
propose trying ta cut down (he number.
The bar of the State is said to he almost
unanimous in favor of a change.
The Bayard family of Delaware has a
remarkable: record of . political service.
Tbe present Senator entered the Senate
in 1869. His father was bis immediate
predecessor, and occupied the same . seat
tor eiaat years. .His grandtatber occu
pied it for thirteen years, and an uncle
was also for many years a memoeror me
same body. They were all good law
jers., ; I.'" .. ,.
He was a rather bashful young man.
and was over head and ears in love. He
could defer the momentous question no
longer, so he stammered : "Martha I I
do you you must have are yotl
aware that the Good Book says er, says
that it is not g g good that m man
should be alone?! "Then hadn't you
better run home to yottr mother," ,MAr
tha coolly! suggested. And he ran.
Norriitovi liertld. ,.'. I;
. - A subscriber at Zanesville - wants to
know how to tell the age of a hen.'
There are several methods of telling the
ages of heps' The teeth are a very good
sign. to go by, until tbe hen gets old and
begins to lose them. After that you can
tell by . the wrinkles on tbe horns. At
the ; age of five years the first wrinkle
appears.and one appears every two years
after that" But after the horns become
full of wrinkles the only way to tell the
age of a hen is by cooking Feclt'i
Su. ;. -.. ,..
Juntas quick as Mrt Jones painted his
barbed wire fence blue) farmer Smith's
wife said she wasn't going to be outdone,
and the fence around Smith's farm soon
blossomed oht red." pinked with white,
Mrs. Jones wasn't going to have any of
the. Smith, family putting on airs over
her. and their, blue fence was spon trim
med, with gold leaf stripes. . Smith
trumped over by putting a gilt ball on
every barb, and Jrines when last heard
from was planting weather vanes, gilt
horses, peacocks, and lightning-rod tips
alt over his fence and swearing he'd beat
the Smith family If he had to put up a
cupola and a bay window .at every post
and bang a chromo every two feet along
thellnc i - '
- . flrtr a Matt does to Bed. v
' Speakftig of ho w a man goes to bedr
an exchange says : "There's where a man
bas tbe advantage.- - He can undress in a
room and have his bed warm before a
woman , lias her hair pins out and her
shoes not ied." - That's bow. it looks in
print, and this is how it is really: "I'm
going tq bed my. dear; it's half-past ten.'
No reply,, "Now. John, you're always
late in th$ 'mornifct. , Do gd to bed 1"
"Yes, in minute,ff he replies as he turns
the paper Inside nut and begins a lengthy
article, headed, The Louisiana Muddle.
Fifteen minutes later she calls from the
bedroom r .,,John,come to bed, and don't
keep the, gas burning there all night !''
and murmuring eoraething about "the
bill being big enough' no w,rt she creeps
between the cold eheets,while John reads
placidly on, his feet across the piano
stool and a cigar in bis mouth. . Bv-and-
hy lie rlsfsi yawns, stretches himself,
thrown tia9r ofr tTie floorand, seiz
ing the shaker proceeds to that vigorous
exercise, shaking the coal stove.' Just
at this stage a not altogether pleasant
voice inquires: "For pity's sake! ain't
you ' ready for bed yet ?" "Yes, yes
I'm coming ! Why don't yon go to sleep
and let a fellow alone?'.' Then he dis
covers there is a little coal needed ; when
that ia supplied and rattled into the stove
he sits down to warm his feet..: Neil he
slowly begins to undress, and as lie
stands scratching bimself, and absently
gazing on the last garment dangling over
tbe back of a chair, be remembers thai
the clock is not wound yet ; when this i
attended to be wants a drink of water,
and when he retuins bis skin resembles
that of a picked chicken, and once more
he seats bimself. before the fire for a last
"warm up.", As the clock strikes twelve
he turns out tbe gas, and with a flop ot
the . bed clothes and a few spasmodic
shivers he subsides No, not yet; he for
gets to see if the front door was locked,
and- another, flop of . tbe bed clothes
brings forth the remark: "Good gra
cious ! if that roan ain't enough to try
the patience of Job! ' Setting her teeth
hard she awaits the final fl , witli tbe
accompanying blast of cold air, and then
quietly inquires: -'Are you settling for
the night f To winch he replies by
muttering : "If you ain't tbe provoking-
est woman!"
The Way to Detect Counterfeits.
.United States notes are; printed in
sheets of four notes of one denomina
tion on each sheet. Those, notes are let
tered, respectively, . in the upper and
lower corners diagonally opposite A, B,
C and D. -Each United States note has
a distinct number, and the notes are al
ways , numbered in their order on the
sneets; thus, all notes of letter A will be
I, or a number of which If divided by 4
would leave 1 remainders B, 2; C, 3,and
D, 4, or the number will he divided by
4 without a remainder. . This test, while
not by any means certain, will enable
anv one to-detect the-counterfeits iu cir-
cuiauou. Any united states note upon
which the number cannot be divided by
4 without showing the. above result lit a
counterfeit, Bear in mind that atl gen
uine notes with letters A and C will have
odd numbers, and all with B and D even
numbers." Clarksburg JVo ; ;..
JE&"lt was about two inchest past mid
night when he went home from the cu-
us, and he found his wife '.sitting np
"nursing her wrath to keep it warm, ' a
usual. As he entered tbe door a happy
thought struck him. ."My (hie) dear.'Mie
said, "do yer know that every (hie) see"
on' er time tbe sun emits 'smuch heat a
(hio) 'd result from the eom(bic)bustion
of 11,600,000,000 (hlo tons cr coal i Isli
er fack, my (hie) dear.'' . The etartlins
information didn't' seem to overwhelm
her, for she grabbed biro, bv (he-ear and
hissed into that organ, "You old fool !
if vou don't come home eailier at nights
I'll make it ten times, hotter for you tbau
would result from the combustion of all
the coal in the bowels of the earth''
Some women can't appreciate the won.
ders of Mtttmomy. flrrftiou-H Herald,
"Everybody is willing to asy his
prayers when be Is in a tight flx.arjdsees
no other way out. The Lord Js the last
resort of some people and their religion
is after the fashion if the sailor who
prayed and said, '0 Lord I haven't
asked anything of you tor fifteen years,
and if you'll get me ashore I won't ask
anything for fifteen years more." The
little shoeblack also bad a system of the
ology after which a great many lake pat
tern. He told an inquiring missionary
that he always ssid his prsveis st n;ght,
because he was asleep and didn't know
what might happen ; but never in the
morning, because any nrigbt boy can
take care of himself in the daytime.
. t- ., ... v; irrA:u!
. XyWhat, then, is the lesson of . his.
tory? It is a voice sounding forevei
across, the centuries the laws of right
and wrong. Opinions alter, manders
change.creeds rise and fall, bnt the mofal
law is written on. tne tablets of eurnity
For every false word or unrigl teous
deed, for cruelty and oppression,for lust
or , vanity, the price bas to be paid at
last;, not always by tbe chief offender,
but by, some one.. Justice and truth
alone endora and live. , Injustice and
falsehood may be long lived but dooms
day comes at last to them, in revolut ons
and other terrible ways. ..; ':' ,
S .SJH i, .
The Just repuUtipaof Dr. Prices Un
ique Perfumes , placet them in the first
rank of the very best handkerchief ex
tracta that have ever been made.; Their
odor is truly rich, fresh and flowery.
Dr. Price has spent much lime and study
in perfecting these perfumes.;. .
,-;r i
It would be uncharitable too severely
to condemn for faults, . without taking
some thought of the sterling goodness
which mingles in and lessens them.
'New fans of piloted silk, with ivory
sticks, have a bird perched on one side
when the fan is folded, but when opened
tbe bird ia in tbe middle of tbe fan. -
One of tbe shortest wills ever known
has just been probated at Lewes, En
gland. - It ia to the following effect :
"Mrs. M is to have all when I die."
."How is it, Miss, you gave yonr age
to the census taker as only 25, When you
were born tbe same year I Was.ahd t am
39 r ' "Ah ! you have lived much faster
than a, sir' . ; -
Why Brother tiainrfDidu't' ,
I war gwine ober to Mrs JohneiiiiiV .
dls mawnin' lo.borry a leetle cffee -fqf
hreaktaoi, heaan Brother QsrJner,
when I observed dat a oeftlng boosa flit
de way war weriy much., agitated. ,Dr'
was de soun of blows, yells. Jioot, awi '.
screams. And 1eljevin' dat de hoiavifl9 f
on fire, what did I'dO what was mi -
dootyjn ffe casetl.. ,
You rushed in darr exclaimed at ' ,
dozn. voices, at once i,
Not exackly, gem'len not ef ackly'
resumed th Presidential doAu' ru!-
much as I used tei in de y'ars gone by.
When you h'af such agitisbun in 1 adustf ,
vou kin make un vorir' mind dat' it's
either.a faipily. fight of dt house" r On
uic. aye uca najr am iu won uii ye uiiu .
out which it ar an' den f bsh in or stay-
rushed out.. In dis case it war a fam'ly
foot. De combattants soon rushed Out .
strikin' and kickin', and de las' I saw of
dem dey war breakia' down! 'the' goftfe-
berry busties'ln'd bM yard. JS I-
walked-along J . wondered why foikewv
who can't live togedder ill peace don't
settle up counts an move oti P Dar- i
my case. Now, if the ote woman an'
myself couldn't 'gree on whkt de' Bihle
says, what de allmanack says, and ,wbat.
de preacher means,, would bbaf of ns be'
hsngin'. 'round , dat. cabin, pn Indianer
avenoo env longer dan it would take ter
dividl op de bottles an' bro6ms an''
yarhs? In de fust place, be peaceful'
exercise common sense, and doan' ex- '
pect dat de hull sidewalk b'longstoyda.
Dar s neaps oa folks, lots 'Of trial and .
Ltriherlashunsran' we can't look, foe per'.
I t rtr linm.n n.ln. I I n Mina luinl ! ri'
' v. r uuuinu uaiui , .1 1 C luua UIO
way, dodge that way, an' try , to do -good
widout hein'.in .everybody's way. If
eny member of dis club imagln dat 31
kentry was diskivered ah laid' out' fufJ
his indiwidaal benefit," I hev some figgers
which I would like to read to him, an'
will be happy to- take him amun' de
co'ner an', talk wid t him.'- Detroit Fret ;
A gentleman who had, a carpenter
working at bis house said to tbe carpen
ter; "Why don't you take care of those'
nails ? They will be lost." "Oh ! no J ;
you'll find them in tbe bill," was tlUJ
reply. -
, Three-fourths of the successful to eft
of the day owe much, of their prosperity .
to; their wife's help The load of t lift Jt,
so heavy that it takes a team of Wo to ,
draw it. Tbe ship not only wants a cap
tain, but a first mate.'' ,
, He was. getting a certificate from the'.,
clerkand in reply to the Usual question,-,
"First or second marriage?" "he" said5
"It's ray. second marriage, I'm sdrry to1'
say ; but my first wife requested me to
marry again, And I'm going to do it."'
A French paper reports a mtrder trial V
in which a witness testified he beard two"
pistol shots on the staircase and Sent Mt'.
wife to see what was the matter. ."Tod
did not go up stairs yourself f' ''No,
siy? 1-waa afraid -fthe-folvof7'' 4- -.4
Tbe philosophers tell ns that the ratri
which falls from the cloud forms a com-
ponent ,rart of whatever grows npofl
earth ' Thus, in'apa$slag shower w ' '
may- be onCOnscimsly .'pelted with th";
component pdtts Of bulls, Sheep, calves,' ;
poets, patrioll and editors.: ;-..;! .-, in f
The latest estimate of the first ballot
in the Republican 'caucus of the Wiscon
sin Legislature shows I Matt Carpentef
third, on .the list. . ;"Boss" Keyes and ;
Senator Howe are in the lead, and these
powerful politicians: will ne doubt pre
vent Carpenter from getting the prize. 4
A good deal depends upon tbe way of 1
doitig a thing."1 Nothing 'Is pleasantef 4
tban to see a wife cut 'a delicious pnmrp &
kin pie with her own -fair bands and lov
ingly deposit the biggest chunk on hV .
husband's plate ; , but itVyer disagreea-v f
ble , for the, same, woman, to slap Jbe ,
whole pan of jt ofer him becsuse hesim
ply remarks be ' wished he knew soie-i
body that' could shorten crust like bis A
mother heed to. i -.-en i"-..- n- ir,!'i-,b
: The' hard timrl in. Beilin Are largely "
due to the wide investments in second - I
mortgages five yearasgo, a vast number"
of wUicH have terminated lately. Ucntss .
Owners Cannot get a Cent from their prop-:
erty, and ate obliged to sell their bouses
by auction. And ibis ends. In a deficien
cy even 1h the rase of good raortgagf.'"!
Again, those wbo Invested 10 Joint stock
companies, frequently - find, their Bharet.-.
worth but ..half wbatjbey ere3w1'.Thii,.
Causes thohsands to reduce their expen' '
ses to the lowest pointy and Cohsequently '
au piasses sunen , . .
- H. F. Mann, of Pittsburgh, has com-: , .
pleted plans for a 12-inch breech-loading t
rifled cannon, to embrace some valuable; "'
improvements in the system ot breech ;
loading.'' The gUH will weigh; complete!
420.000 ponndsi and will be provided ,
with an improved gal check, which pre- --t , ,
vents all. escape Of gas at the breech. '
Tbe charge will consist In fc 700-pound .
projectile and 151 pounds of hexagonal
powder in a metallic cartridge case The
gun will be 86 feet long, and will send
tbe 700-pound projectile through a solid . r
iron plate 18 idches tbiik,and has a range
of 13 miles . ... .-( f . v
: Tla harem 4)f Shere Ali, the Emir nf rfs
Cabal,, comprises, 900 women, including
slaves. He has one 8on, Yakoub Eban, -whom
be lately released from several , T
years' Imprisonment, and 18 daughters!- i
of whom 10 are married to distinguished;
vassala.. .They esch, received as dower. -.
the revenues of a town. The Emir lives
generally at Cabal, in tbe palace of Kali '
tlissar, which has all the characteristics '
ot a medieval ; fortresa - His two other? i .
palaces in,. that city are Mogoul H!ssar . :;,
where bis unmarried daughters and ha- s ...
rem are located,' and Tadschsl Omrabj
which contains the harem of his father. '
The Emir's aged mother resides with
bim.- ;-.:! ,-:- ; ' ... ; . . i-
The Scientific American says urslack
ed lime compressed into cartridges, of
used loosely and well stamped down id .
tbe bole, using water or other liquid ta u".
saturate and expand it, is now proposed ' '
for use in firing coal mines, t It isclslm- '
ed that tbe advantages to be gained from .
its use are economy in the production of n , ,
coal ; making less slack than using Ordi' r
nary blasting. powder;' lives of colliers '
re in less danger? the breaking ot shat- '
terlng of coal back bf tbe charge! which
ia especially characteristic of gnbpoW. ,
der, is avoided, and the quality of tbe ,, ,
atmosphere is rather, improved by its use ,
tban otherwise ' :- . 1 ' ;i ' '

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