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iianaw'a-ia J - -i--r rr-itr--
atiixj, December 31, 1878.
t t
Local Editor.
,V4. ,f!tKK wl .f.
RctT; Advertisements.
SherifTa Saie. .j"""- T ' , .. W Reap
Sheriff ,$,; V WkRd.
Delinquent .Jiiat, Auditor Hoefflkb
ShrHri;;, ;;
Accounts, 1- was. K Morris.
Attachment, . C.JS. Miller
- SB'd'bts. Gold arpar.
.; i i -Stestfinji isitlVritt no q 1!T. ' R I ,
Delinquent Tax List this week.
nTht paei is dated en the last day of
1878. tit.'; v
The Iii8tltote,yttaa-decldcd.-auccee8
In every particular.
The docketYor the text term of court
, Agricultural Society election ,on,-Sat
A Happy ' and Prosperous' TSeyt
Tear to everybody.
the Christian Church 4n Grraysvilte.
!'V M "511 eek prayer fcpgins on
f.we vet Monday t; January. p":wi
'.' 'i'lEilBiME . BtaW oashlngjoni tq'w'q
.SQip agedQ? tears, died tenudaya since.
't: 8.' tJi'CosRpTK,rtprineriy Snperinteii
. ; 'jdeni OttFaohoosr waa in town, last
Tamorrow, the 1st inst, U Ihe Jegal
limit beyond which it is unlawful to kill
J OHNjRET9MEsq A jgwitrerland
'township, died of typhoid fevec on the
:23d inat: , a d A i T a s K a . y
If you invest and-are swindled, don't
compiainl . 'tn vi n r C
( Diphtheria and ptvenmomafever- pre
(,U to an alarming extent iaSwltzerland
township. 7 r-iitn
Tobacco is going off slowly-.4n t
' bounty at prieet ranglir froetf 1 1 60 to
9 vu per nunurea. -
"fisafrroKTHURMA!! w-themsn for
1879. . With bis name at the head of the
ticket success U assured
. nm Datiw Eddt, aged abot 19 years, son
ofJogs EDOTrpf this township, Center,
.fP-ftt'iyP"'0 fever onfl 30t,b ult
The subjeet'-of COH'nty Saperintend
nts forjcommonj'8ch9'3 waSj., discussed
at the Institute on Friday evening last.
g Tj.nwto;aon fi .yAji
for a full set of the Congressional Re
, eord, second aession gLthe Forty-Fifth
- Congress.
f YThaoksrtVOBQBaA;CTj fisq(. Jof
Adams township, for a New Tear's gift
of a fine large turkey and a roll of eplen-
hrrft tit (si .lOnislSM
v rror.
Marshall's Elocutionary En-
tertainment0a..Wednesdayiand Tbars
day evenings of last week were tip-top
IS feVery" respetp -X 1
: O.ver AO tracts; weixt-taken out oP the
Tax Cist ifteV piions'liid been
set up. Any now fa, tbat save been
paijl,4 il Jhe aten; ea$Bfore;-ar Hexl
iisue.a a n 1 u j I Tl a 1
There will be a meeting of the Monroe
ceaajrya&aona GtfioeneT!fe
BeecVove jSctfop" hpjgslf )nj( Js'tiing
i ton township atrday,1 January.1! Utti,
1879, atlodoek'!A'. .tf""T !
The Ohio vex is f ween tight and sol-,
id. Spirit subsefiberB' iSrtng at towns
on the river must Jiaye .patieu,oe.rWe.
at Lbs jeaniest possible moment. c
. i Road Tax Reeeints.
'. Notioe ia-hereby gtvn-to Towns Wp
Clerks and Trustees that they can ob
tain Road .Tax Receipts . at Thb- Setoff i
.office at 24 cents perhundred. !
10 1 y 1 , r, 7 ;vr;, 1 y-
jrjrWnyfaltHhat fouf-fiftlis idf tbe
teachers 'present arjnstjtutes in.. tW
CQBBtjt sit aUUftnd, never .propoaad ,qt
answer questioasi'or evert inake'a'ugges
. x at . t t
lylf you want the news of Monroe
County,t,nflgneraj4e,wio la?ottance.
late market reports, subscribe for The
Spistf ( Terjis. Onayeacl i50i six
months 75 cents. Office. North of The
Monroe Ban-"I
XaTA Btfrnbar of tberbest teachers in
this county are of, heopiniQQ thsjt the
eaoK efmittionJ instead oni jday,
the rellntwder? Wenvitefcom'taonr
caUons9m..teachera, pq this, jsttbject.
" .SAtjClaringtop, pitbe z3d-4ast,a
teaof beldngfcgtdrHtNirr oettbr ran
away and plunged over the bank, at the
Driilge nearlhe' qput ot .Sujjflab i ereek,
. . j- . a r . r r . t i
m aisiance 01 za leei. vine 01 inenorses
was killed,-and the' other was taken out
badly injured. ;3' i '
lya gooor aaveruseraent in a news
papepavB nojartf oij raflroa4s;';co8t8
fahliKW? i .Si"80
boxes of cigars to. customers or merino
dresses to" ttintoeray wives' drinks no
wWsky under bead of traveling. 1 expen
eesb,ugoej8aj;oncej an(j all the time
nuoui us uusineHs iree 01 expense.-14
Mi-v Ai ioe evening Bession 01 me in
titate, held owthe 27tirtnst7"there'was
81 SDirited contest over the nneatinn. whn
shall the next-session be held? The
first notion was to bold it the first week
in January, 1880, which was defeated bv
'37ijaft WW) The iocpnd! tnotioW
was to hold it the last week in Septem
ber 1879, which was carried by 43 ayes
- - -- - . 1 '
5 20 navs. wa,.
lrPuruhasera oi'v delinquent lands
wjUIhrealtedln'kn that, $ law
enacted by the Legislature Jatt winter
ckansjtbe proyisipna f(jr '. penalties
faikd and lots sold at delinquent tax sale
wa entitled to a penalty of 28 per tent
orthe" first vesr and 60 per cent, for the
second, jest; '. Udder the new law only H
percent car be collected' for; the- first
year Id 2S5T hefVent fo the lecond year-
. i ft k V
ah attempt was recently made to assas
sinate the iSmperor of -Austria- w
. ThESeIs isjso longer anV doiibt Ibottt
iub vumpiew recovery o. M9yetfldr.
(Jit hundred thousand men are invol
ved in the impend ing colliery strike in
Yorkshire and DerhvshireuEpgjand., ',i
Cftistra Ttroius, convicted of bur
glary, escapedfrom 'the' anesville Jail,
Christmas night, by a rope made 'of bed
sheet. .- r
Arms are being generally, distributed
throughout Eastern Rdumeiia, to be used
in resisting the execution of -the: treaty
or Berlin.
, yAke8sknqeBi of -the: Importers and
w -a .
iraaerecanK, new lor, lost a pocket
book containing t200,0001n funds of the
: SluHbM, Dec. 27. TAkoob Khan. nh
9 the Ameer of.Afghanisfan has come
iatf:-Je11alabaa:w This is regarded'as
equivalent to submission ttflhe British!
The Athens Mmengtr feefs sad about.
this time in the year; -c jCharlet .Gros-
tenor s man for U. S. Marshal in the
Sopthern District of pb,io has been er
pointed by Hates: "'.'.
, . EroR gold, fell to par orders at the
Treasury Department for standard silver
dollars average abont 010,000 daily. -On
thtr 26th1 inst' order's for ' $30;p00
were 'received in one mail v 3. . V M
The Democrats have published a list
or. members pf the next. House, which
gives them a majority of from six to
ten, excluding both Nationals and mem
bers to be elected in California. '
On yodbg friend? James EWat,"
LEsq , has Wen anointed Trustee of the
Beverly College in place of E Lindner.
Mr. Wat wiH fill the bill in every par-
ticuiar.--ifarietta TitnesY25tk Jktat. . . ,
lire proposition to remove the county
seat to Bellaire dpesn'tappear to, excite
any entnusiasm. Uut little interest ap
pears vto be manifested even by those
fc'v-'.L. j It. V' i
nuu aic uiicuiiy imeresieu in us remo-
The Assistant Treasuries 6f tbelUni
ted States have been instructed td 'make
no. distinction between .coin and Jeeal
tinderi after be"l t of januarv. iciU!ks
forthe payment of, interest on; the- foqr
per cent, loan, due that day, are.) being
The President says he is giving no at
tention to the collection of official re
ports ehowiag intimidation, and fraud in
me recent elect ona in the -south.
tatesXorlh e use of Teller's commit
tee, as he had learned that the committee
had formally refused-)- catl'upbV him
for such information.
f tft s said 14 New York that withia the
past week the Northern Pacific Railroad
haa,eaclude( -eontract for -one hun
dred miles west of Bismarck to be
graded, tied and. put down with steel
taH Xoi 19,000 mile whitJh'rs said to be
the cheapest piece of steel road ever
contracted for in 'this country
Archbishop PtjacELL' has made a
statement of his financial affiirs, in which
he says ai.to meer neces jary,, extendi
turea beSras ctSmpefted to.hofrow. eon-
siaerabie sums and is now heavily in
debt. If the Pope will not relieve him
irom tne dunes of the orH je. he trusts
tb(lergy andlaiWfWUl pay aHlhe debt.
XaTThe following members of the
Teachers' Institute were elected its offi-
cerfprttben8ning yeari; on the ith
inst. :
Prau7DAViD,M6VArMr' f
Vice PrmiJenti-Jiiiti TISgert,
u rf lf , Agnes Smith.
Secretary S A. Atkinson.
Ex i.-S CHooLqaAFT, .1-
A. J. Pfarsow.
: arPraaiding Elder Carr of the. M.
E CburGhannbooces tbs folio wingquar
teriyOTeeUnga:, a t. j. v;(,
Barnesville and Barne3ville Circuit,
December.M- BelUiriiJani 5 if Center-
ville and Powhatan. January 12; Arm
strong's Jan 19: Beallsville and Wil
li'msliurg, Jan "26 ; Somerton", " Feb. 2 ;
Waslntigton' aha . winlcheat'fer, Feb. 9 ;
St. Clairsville and Morristown, Feb 16;
Quaker Citf, Feb"- 23 f Wnodsfieid' arid
Antirch,farth ' 2 ; - Hehflryshurg'1 "and
Firviewv March 9 ; Clarihgton and Han-
D!r ' A
iMARBitoc-T-On D.ecembep 12ib, by J.
T. CcLfKSHOPsEEsq'r of j3reeh-! town-
ship Miss. Martha Jintu(jrn' to ;lr.
Locis G... Sapfle i - '' .'. .' t .-
;;dT)ecem!&eK221jMby S. A.Atkinson,
Esq rof Adams township, Mi Rose M.
Hinthor'n to Mr. Jonw Ll HekthobmI
On the sanw da, by W. S HardIsttI
Esq , of Malsga township. Miss Vijlda
Brcce to Mr.- CBABtEs Labor ' ' '
On the same day by Rev. M Moses,
Miss Ella M. Pabxer to Mr. Otto Rott-
MEIERE. J .... : "Ap
On Novemberv24 h, by S. C Kellt,
fesq of ,$'ummit townshiix, Miss E.- 3,
Carpenter to Mr. A J. Kins. ; ,ri
On i)pcembe,r.24th,' 'by, Rev. H.
&TEWART, Mrs. Henrietta "-ptenzel ; to
Mr LiMarJ. MAttir.- r;'.; .T':'. ,1
, On the 5tb day of Dec. 1878, by Jno
W. Strickling," Esq ; of Wayne -town",
ship, Mies Nakct C. Conner to Mr
Joseph M.' Johnson. ,; -' ; . . ' ' '. ; : "
; arWiite down ha your note hooke,
teachers, tbat home talent in our County
Institute far surpasses the foreign pro
duction. With such ; teachers as " Prof
D VMcVai,' of .Bjallsville, ' IVof. Cope,
of Woodjfield, Prof's DoTTENPiELd and
Marshall, of Aotioch and Brownsville,
Profs HahiWott.! ToOEHf and Green-
bank, of Sumtait townsb?pi .and others
too numerous to mention1, there Is no ne
cessity for going abroad to procure, in
strnctors .... ... -.
" If Senator . Wade Hampton lives to
lake his seat South Carolina will be rep
resented by tw men witlr wwd n legs.
Senator Bu' ler lost offe '. ojf tirfjess in" a
cavalry charge at Bran iy Station at tbe.
time bis regiment ((be Second South
Carolina) stampeded. , , - t- ' "
Children's' Jubilees
ThpM.'E Sunda School had" a de
lightful entertainment on Christmas
jllght. i Long before the, opening many
jrsoniweriseen wending the)r way to
tnchurcb and by half pastseven the
house was full, rT"he exercises began by
thereading of the story of the birtir'of
Qhrjst by.Superintendent E W., Arm
btroko, after which the Pastor, Rev; W.
H. Rider, led In prayef . " Follo wing this
came a. horn Quartette. v Thank3i?ivin!r
Anthem," by Messrs. F. Reef, T. O.
Castle, Chas. W. Hoefpler and Wit
W ADDELL,orga n accompaniment by Mrs.
MC'West; A Christmas essay was
tjhen. read by Miss Lena Mocnet, which
was followed bv an anthem, "Comfort
ye my People .by4 MiW Beix' Sinclair,
Mrs. Sallik Keepers, Messrs. W. Wad
dell and Tv O Castle Then followed
a dialogue by Mrs West's infant cla98
after which ; fonrfof the' class, Kattie
Koontz, Jis8ie LiTTLE, MoLLiE 'Hunter
aridTEMPis 8rNOLAiR sang 'Christmas
Bells" most beautifully. Such talent as
this effort,' evinced deserves the most
careful and generous culture. Tben fol
lowed presentation of prizes to this clas9
for recitation of verses and attendance.
Those receiving priies were.lGEoJ Ned
hart, Mollie Hdnter, Laora Johnston
and Tempie Sinclair, first prizes for at
tendance; Lucr Lynch, Mart Koehler,
Mart Doberty, Emma Mates, Christian
Waqonheim, second, prizes for 'attend
ance ) Laura Johnston,. first prisa, reci
tation of verses; Alice and Ella Cas
8iL,'seco'nd prize, recitation of verses
Then an anthem "Exalt Him" was sung
by Mrs. Abbie Castle, Miss Eloise
Williams, Messrs. W. Waddell, T. O
Castle and J. W'Hawkins, . iMraJcD-
KiNs'class sang. .'Pull
accompanied by F.
for itha. Shore,"
Reef on Cornet,
Mrs.' West, organist.
The dialogue by
M,iss Agnes Smtth's class of little girls
wis'very.gob'd. Xwb ltotleVlrls oY Mrs.'
Alexander s infant class, Alta Morris
and KatieJ NkcHAMsang "Ring the
bells of Heaven" in bird like tones, the
class joining in the choroSj' after ; which
a prize for attendance was presented to
Lena SarrHj' After these' exercises were
"oyer,,the techersand some of the older
scholars distributed among the children
?nd teethe addiente cakes, candies.' and
oYabges. "About nine oclock the pleas
ant gathering dispersed, and i every .one
went away happier and better, for the
hour thus spent the little ones) that
they had pot .been forgotten, .the . older
ones, that they bad been so pleasantly re
minded of the timet Vwhea tfiey were
young; God speed worthy tii able
irastor. bod strengthen the church.
and God bless the Superintendent, the
fcfecbers and friends whoso hearts con
ceived and f whose brains planned and
hjiod! completed this hsppy and praise
worthy entertainment for God's little
Died Of Diphtheria DecemMr 17th.
1878, after an illness of four days. An
nie BEittvoldist daughter -of David A,
and Mart M. Hotvell, aged 5 years, 6
month and 16 days.
She was a lovely little eirl. filling her
home with much joy and happiness; but
mere is a void never to be. filled, one
that reaehea beyond the parental roof, a
vacant chair, one who is missed: around
the family heart b stone. Alas, she has
answered to the call of her Savior, "auf
fei little children to; come unto me, . and
forbid them not, for of Buch is the king
dom, of heaven "' .
Dearest Annie, how we mi89 thee,
Misa thy little prattling tongueJf ?
Misa thee when" the morning-cometh 4
And the evening shades gpne ,
Deareet Annie.nhou wast lovelr.
Gentle as the summer breeze,
Pleasant a the air of evenfnori'
uen ii noais among tne trees.
Peaceful be thy silent elutnber,- r j -Peaceful
in the grve s6 lowt Id (
Thou no more wilt join our number,
Thou no snore Our aongs.stialt know.n
Dearest Annie, thou hast Jcft.ns, . ,
Hdre thy loss we fleenU feel. X I
But.'tis God that hath bereft us, ,
He tad all our sorrow heat."'" '
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the days of life is fled . rt . .
Then in heaven with jov to greet thee
Where no i farewell tear is shed.
.7 '; l.U 1' 3 L. W.
,'. Tex Books.
A committee consisting of Profs W.
P.jCoPE, JobGrebnbank and fi W
Hamilton, reported 'the". follo wing' to the
Institute on the 2ftti inst , which, after
disohssio'ii, were adbpted : ' " f ' ''
-WHEREASr- .The -teacher of Monroe
county "are dissatisfied "with the multi
plicity of the text books' in use in the
schools, of the county, and belieyfng that
such fact is very detrimental to tbe true
interests of the schools,' and " '"''
'.Whereas, We believe that it would be
to the best interests of the public schools,
not only of Monroe. bounty, butfalsb'of
the entire State, that a uniform series of
text books be adopted by our State Leg
islature, for the use ' of said common
schools,''1''' " .'-if '"- --';
' 'Retolved, ' Thatwe the teachers of
Monroe county, assembled in our An
nual Institute, respectfully request our
representative o present to tbe Legisla
ture, at its'coming aessipnv a bill calcu
lated to bring about these .desired results.
nesoivea, 1 nai we oeireve it 10 be the
duty of the Legislature to; take such
steps towards the controlling of the
price of the text books used in the com
mon schools, that they shall be furnish
ed at the actual cost to the State.
How Stonewall Jackson Was Kill
" ' ' fGeneral Jubal Early. ' ' '
l( Instead of riding to the front to recon
noiter the enemy, and then imprudently
gauoping nacn lowara ins own line. Gen
eral Jackson was slowly, riding to the
iroiit, while making every effort to hur
ry irwara lus troops, when he was fired
on by a porlion'of'his 'own men on the
right ( otbj of the road and obliquely
to ; the rear, anr then the, horses of the
party that were not shot down wheeled
to the left, and he galloned into the
ods the left to escape the fire, when
be was tired upotf ry another party
troops on the north sidtfof the road. It
was hy ihislast fire that General Jackson
was Wounded. ; T- '
Suleiman Pasha, whose alleged con
duct of the Tutkish armis during the
late war, was due to D .rtfid Pasha's or
ders ; oas beh pardoned
Calais iifeMs.
C L. K. reports promptly this week
with some fresh items from Seneca town
ship, under date of the 25th inst :
The protracted meeting at the M. E.
Church, whicliommenced last Saturday,
was postponed on Sunday night, for one
week, on account of the Pastor, Rev.
Stuart, nof being able to attend this
week.' '
Rev. Saotjel Warner, a Baptist min
ister of Tyler county, W. Va ,' formerly
of Seneca township, this county, will
preach to-morrow night iu the M. E
Church o.f this place.. , ., . .
3 , The teachers and citizens of this place
and neighborhood organized, 'some time
ago, a Literary Society, with Well N.
Cleveland, President ; G. O Dodohertt
Secretary, and J. W. Bcckinqh ah, Treas
urer This society meets every Wed
nesday night and is well attended by
both old and young.
The health ''of this neighborhood is
good with a few exceptions. Mrs. Nanct
Gallaoher, who has been very sick
with a Tumor, i8 not expected to live
long. Mrs. Jacob1 Stephen, who has
been very sick with inflamatary rheuma
tism, krgetting better. Mr. James Dailt,
one of our oldest citizens, has also been
on the Bick list for some time, but is re
ported better.
-; Our merchants are still buying tobac
oo, but atess prices than heretofore.
The best crops (new land and fancy pol
qrs) are now bought at from $3 to 64.
Mr. Joseph Hodoe bss so far received
about 50,000 pounds.'. ' j "
Oiir Jown is improving in the way of
good, aidewalks and repairing of dwelling
houses. - -
The Thermometer stood Dec 24th and
25th. at 2 .( below Zstor Slelghing'.is
not very good on account of the . roads
being badly cut up and rough.
Resolutions Adopted by the Monroe
County Teachers' Association.
The following . preamble and resolu
tions were presented to the Institute,
and adopted on the 27th Inst : :
Whereas,' We, the teachers of Monroe
county, who hare been in attendance at
our Annual Institute for the week end
ing December 28th, 1878," have derived
much pleasure and benefit from attend
ing the same, therefore be it resolved : '
1st. That the plan of. having the in
struction given entirely by teachers who
are members of the association, ha9 been
a decided success
2d. That we request the Executive
Committee o continue the plan, which
has been so "successfully begun during
our present Institute. . .. . , .
3d.' That the thanks of tho Institute
be extended to those persons who have
voluntarily given instruction during the
4th That the thanks of the Institute
be extended to the Executive Commit
tee lor tbe able manner in which they
nave carried out the duties assigned
mem. , . . , . f . .. . .
5th. That it be the duty of every teach
cr to no all in bis oower towards the
speedy introduction of the metric system
of weights and measures as the only legal
oKieui in me unuea oiates.
6th. That these resolutions be publish-
ea in doiii county papers.
Jas-H Hamilton
. .4 McVkt, k 4 ,y Committee.
W P Copjc
Individual liability has not proven
to, be very satisfactory to bank stockhol
ders'. Ah application of the principle
to offjqe;holders would perhaps he equal
ly salfsfactory in many cases ; but one
court in New lork seems disposed to
enforce it. Judge Barnard, of.Pough
keepsie, -has .decided tbat to wnshio offi
cers who' have charge of roads are per
sonally liable for damages arising " from
their neglect of duty. If the DrinciDle
of this decision should be applied to all
municipal officers, whatliyelv sauirminir
v. ' ja ao i (',
XV'It is tbesublimest cheek to-talk
of 'reconciliatiori Between Senator Conk
ling and the President on any other basis
tbH that of thfe' tsomplete surrender of
the latter." Snchs'the lananaW nsfirl
by the Utica Rephblican.'lilr. Conklins's
home organ, in referring to the latter'e
posuioa on the Custom House appoint
mepts,of. the Resident. ; This plaioly
points to the fact that Mr. Conkling has
got bis war paint on, and will not lie ap
peased byanything short of the Admin
istration asking what is tbe pleasure of
his higUnees.-JVr.' World. L
"Is it possible that Mr. Godfrey is up
and at work, aadouied by ao simple a
. :'498ure yo it is true that he is en
tirelyicured, and with nothing but 'Hop
Bitters, and only ten days ago his doc
tors gave him up and said be must die I."
"-Well-a-day! If that is so, I will go
this minute and get some for my poor
George. I know hops are good." . .,-
Tuc Walking Match. ".
New Yorx,' December 27. At noon
to-day, O'Leary and Carapana rested.
Theecore at that hour stood. O'Learv.
'II !.J tu.
1 315 railes;Campa.na, 290 miles.
Nev Xork December 27 At midnight
u Aweary was over Z4 miles ahead of Cam
pana. O'Leary is walking well, while
Campana is completely broken down.
Going to Visit the Old Man.
Washington. December 26. Tbe Sec
retary of War bas given one year's leave
to Colonel F.ed. Grant, of ' Sheridan's
Stan, and he will sail at once . for Paris,
where he will join his father, ex-Presi
dent Urant, and accompany him on his
tour In India on the United States mau-nf-man
Richmond. The steamer is "now
inNew lorkr but will sail 'for Europe
wiiDin me next lew davs.
. . ; Capture of Chief Moses.
San Frakcisco, December 26 A
Portland, Oreeon. dispatch says: Yaki
ma, December 22, via., Portland Moses,
with ten of his principal men, have been
taken. Moses and three of his men are
now here ' in confinement. . Scattering
bands are now hastening to the reserva
tions; they say for protection. Not a
gun has been fired. . . , ,..
General Milesl bas views on tbe Indi
an question, and writes to Senator Saun
ders, Chairman of the j tint committee to
consider the proposition to trnnster from
tbe Indian bureau to the War Depart
ment, dividing the question. He recom
mends that the armed and warlike noma
die tribe be placid under tbe custody of
ttbe War Di'artmant, and that Uip army
he used to protect the peaceable Indians
on reservations from the incursions of
whie Weft and to seethattbeir treaties
are faith fully carried out, .
i"Coffee, Sugar and Tea, of the
best quality, for sle nt
, ir ?J POPE & CASTLE'S.
. jCirBeautiful Vases, Toilet Sets. Mus
tache Cups, Lamps with shade and chim
ney comhined at . JUDKINSV
iPyAarffe and well assorted stock
of Lamps, Lanterns, Glass Oil Cans, and
Shade Lamp Chimneys at
J?"Nice lot of Gilt Books, such as
Poems, Novels, Hvmn Books, Toy
Bonks, Autograph and Fhotnorriph Al
liums just received at JUDKINS'.
XToilet articles, perl'uraeries.hooks,
fancv stationery -and many other articles
lor Holiday presents at
jtSrLargsst stock of watches, clocks,
jewelry and silverware FRITZ REEF'S,
which can he bought at prices to suit the
times. Call and fxmine goods and
prices, whether you buy or not
;ity.Larije assortment of Toilet Soaps,
Perfumery, Cloth and Hair Brushes, new
style Box Paper and Envelopes, at pri
ces to suit bard times.
jtirFor Holiday presents go to Fritz
Reef's, and see his fine display of watch
es, clocks, jewelry and silverware. He
will sliowjqu all goods with pleasure,'
and sell yon anything in his line at pri
ces to 8iji the, times.
: jgrAt'POPE & CASTLE'S Drug
Store can' be found many books and
fancy toilet articles for Holiday Presents,
a full stock Of Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Tobacco, Cigars, &c , which will be sold
at hard times prices.
for Silk Handkerchiefs, Ties, Pocket
Books, Nubies, Hosiery, Gloves, Skirts,
Shues, Clothing, Dress Goods, and fancy
articles generally. All will be 60ld at
the lowest cash prices. , ...
At the City Bakery, has just received a
large stock of Holiday Goods. Dressed
Dolls. Doll Heads, small Tubs and Buck
ets, Violins, Cups and Saucers, Horns,
Candies, fine and common, Nuts, Figs,
Dates and other toy., and confectionery
articles. Call and see them.
-SCHUMACHER has just receiv
fd a fresh lot ot Candies, Nuts, Figs,
Raisins, Prunes, Dried Sugar Corn, Pearl
Barley fcc. all of which are offered low
for cash. : e u ri44 '
"Caskets and Coffins kept on hand
and made to order by LEWIS STOEHR,
Woodsfield, Ohio. r.37tf.
jt"Pot Flowers of all hinds for Bale
at Mrs. WAT'S ' ' " '
yFruit Trees, v
Grape Vines, 1 -
" Evergreens, "" '
An& Shrubbery of all kinds for saleby
Mrs. M. A. WAY, Woodsfield, Ohio.
Orders from a distance ...will receive
prompt attention. :r; it'j
R - E'-' I ,. N- H E : R . R
E Keeps Bread,.? Cakes, Chow Chow, E
I Pickles, Nuts, Candies,Tobacco,Ci I
N gars.Canned Fruits, Jellies, Cheese, N
H Sardines, Mustard fe other articles H
E kept in a first class Confectionery. E
R Motto : Quick sales & small profits. R
R ,.E 1 N II E R R
Treatment ot Small-Pox in the Ol-
'' ieu Times. 't' s ,
A curious old custom still lingers,' in
'some of tbe more secluded parts of the
country of placing a patient suffering
from small pox in a bed with rrd nan
gings of tbis custom, and bow long it has
been in vogue. , The tradition that red is
good for smallpox ia at least five centuries
andja half old.Jor we read tbat Jobn.one of
the sons of EJwaid li,.: was treated for
tbe disease by being put into a bed sur
rounded by red hangings, covered with
red blankets ajjdJi red counterpane, his
thrbnt being gargled a ith red Mulberry
wine, and the red jtiice of pomegran
ates being given, him to suck, 'This was
the boasted prescription of John of Gad
deaden, who took no small credit to him
self for bringing bis royal patient safely
through tbe disease, ' ' VT
" The Mississippi Closed! :'
.St; - Locis, December 24. The ice
gorge at Carondalet last evening held
last and at 11 0 clock this morning came
to a stand still in the harbor here. ' The
river Is now probably closed from St.
Paul to Cairo. To-day! was' the coldest
of the season, the mercury marking six
degress below zero at eight o'clock Ibis
morning; .
-y Kentucky. Out laws. v, i
LoutsviLXE, December 29. The Cour
ter Journal special, to-nigbt, , from
Gsrao?Taylor, jn Breathitt county, dated
the 23rd, says Judge Randall has opened
court j .Three nf the Litells were arres
ted, also Alfred Gambrill.1 whose imprion
mentis designed to quiet things. ;: The
arrests were made by tbe State guards.
. : .. . r ' ' . 1 "'
. 00Tenessee Monshlncrs.
NisfiviLLR, December 26 The latest
report Irom the revenue raiders in Tren
rfc8:Oountv is to the effect that forty-six
illicit distillers have been arrested and
bound over to tbe United Stated Circuit
Cotlrt, and fourteen illicit stills, valued
at 55,000, destroyed. ...
Economic Aspect.
The economic aspect is a strong point
in lavor of Dr. Price s Special Flavor
ing Extracts, Vamilla, Orange. Rose,
Almond, Lemon, etc. They are , three
times the strength of the ordinary ex
tracts ; the bottles bold nearly - twice as
much as those sold for the same size.
The London Times says a new ap
paratus for autographic telegraphy, or a
process transmitting messages in the
actual hand writing of the sender,has been
invented, and exuibited at the General
Post-office, where it has been submitted
to tbe authorities for trial. It is the in
vention ot M. D, Arlicourt, of Paris.
- The Adaebank failure at Cincinnati is
described by the city papers as extremely
sad in its effects, and bears heavily on tbe
many poor of that city who had deposi
ted in this bank all they had in this
world. A vast crowd thronged the Bide
wlk in front of the bsnk all Thursday,
c rdi'osed of wotmn. b vs, men old and
young, well, and infirm, all of 'whom
wereiflo8t intensely tPxeited and. mour
ning at their loss, though still hoping for
some comfort when nil the ' facta should
be made known. How much will he
naid - xi th ,hilt bad nns br a.
- .
The Supreme Court i. f Justice, nf
Spain, baa finally condemned to death
Monclsi; wlio attempted to assassinate
tbe King; . " :,; i
Buffalo Bill ,has made, it is reported,
about 8133,000 on the stage,-most oi
which he hflsJnvi sted in cattle, having in 1
all 6.300 hwrt.'. '. ' -
t" ' 1 '-' Celebrated American
rpHE countenance is pale and leaden---'
cdlored, .Huh occasional flushes, or
a circumscribed sot on one or both
cheeks; the byes become dull ; the pu
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs
along tbe lower eye-lid; the nose is ir
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds;
a swelling of the upjxir lip; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing
of the ears; an unusual secretion of
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning)
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a knawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
pains ih ahe stomach; occasional
nausea and vomiting; violent pains
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir
regular, at times costive; stools slimy;
not unfrequently tinged with blood;
')clly swollen and hard; urine turbid;
respiration occasionally difficult, and
accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dryland convulsive;' uneasy
and disturbed' sleep,' with grinding oT
the tteth: temper Variable, but gener
ally irritable &c. . ' . ,
. . Whenever ,the abdve symptoms
are fblihd to exist,
will certainly effect a cure.
in any form; it if an innocent prepara
tion, not capable ' of doing the slighted
injury to the most tender infant.
The genuine Dr. McLane's Ver
mifuge bears the signatures of C. Mc
Lane and Fleming Bros. . on the
wrapper.1 , -
are not recommended a' a remedy Tor all
the ills that flesh U heir to," but in affections
of the liver, and in all Bilious Complaints,
Dyspepsia and Sick Headache, or diseases of
that character, they stand without a rival.
No better cathartic can be used preparatory
to, or after taking Quinine. '
As a simple purgative they are unequaled.
BEWARE or iftlTATlOKfi. ""
The genuine are never sugar coated.
Each box hns a red wax seal on the lid witk
the impression Da. McLaxe's Liter Fills.
. Each wrapper bears the signaluro of 6.
McLXne and Flemish Mws. ' 5 '
Insist upon having the genuine pi. C. ifc
Lane's Liver Pills, prepared by Fleming
Bros., of Pittsburgh, Pa., the market being
full of imitations of the name McLauc,
"spoiled differently but sartfe pronunciation.. ,
Woodsfield Produce llarket.
Monday, December bO, i878.
Flour, 'per barrel .....84 755 00
Flour, per hundred ....... 2 60
Wheat,' per bushel - 7580
Corn meal
Barley, .
Flax seed,
75al 00
1 25
Butttf, per pohnd
Beef,, ;;;
' I."
;6a 8
6 a8
Calf skinsr "
Candles, "
Fish, - "
Feathers,'" "
,.r.... saiu
Sugar.. .
Sugar,maple "
Tallow, ."
Tea, ; : .,-...
vla ; 'j-; 8
50al 00
Apples, dried
Aptfles, creen..... 30
Peaches; dried,.- i'U...'M..'"i. - 3
Cofiee, green..'..u...'............,..18a20
Cofiee, browned............ ... ,20a25
coai , : 10
Eggs, pet dozen . :........ . ' 15
Hay, per ton..... ....8 OOalO 00
Hides, green, per pound.:......;... .-1 5
Molasses, Orleans, per gallon ......1..65
Sorghutn molasses, by thebarrel......33
Syrup, per gallon.......... 75
Salt, per barrel.... ....2 00
Soop, country - 5
Wood, per cord... 3 00
' ','.? onineld Ktof-jiinarket. :
December 30 Cattle 2a3 per pound ;
Sheep 3a4o per pound. Hogs 2a2c per
pound gross.
Cincinnati Dec 27. Hogs
Quiet and unchanged ; common 2.15
2 45c: light " 2 502 65c; packing
2 602 7ic; t.oicliers' 2 752 80.
. -? v. , m 1 1' ' -- '
; St. Louis Dec. : 27. Hogs
Steady; light shipping 2 25 2 50c;
packing 2 50(5)2 75c; butchers to fancy
2 6502 75. "'
: .. ' -?
Chicago Dec 27,-Hog8, Market
dull and lower ; choice heave 2 702 80 ;
light 2 00(32 Goo: mixed 2 40(3(2 65c.
Cattle Market steady on choice ship
ping at 4 505 25c; medium grades
dull and easy 3 504 00c: stockers in
good demand at 2 402( 90o ; butchers '
slow; Texans 2 60c. '
Sheep Maiket stronger at 2 50(3
4 00c. ,-. . ... : ..
. Baltimore December 24. Cat
tle Very best on sale this week 4$5l:;
tbe generally rated first quality 3(0)4 jje;
medium or good fair quality 33gc;
ordinary thin Steers, Oxen and Cows
23Jc; general average of the market
tbid week extreme range of , prices 25
most of tbe sales , were from 3(S)lc.
The quotations given in our Live
Stock reports are of tbe retail market,
except where otherwise started.'
iumuu vaiwb tu ttuppiy is jair ana
trade dull, with prices lower, viz : 820
45 per bead, as to quality.
Hogs Prices are wiihou change since
last week, ranging from 3J-i rough
and piggy sows and stags selling at tbe
mrraer ngure,
, Te rec ipts have been very light, but
quite enough for the demand, the buieb
ers here beingthe only nnv-rs, and th"ce
not very numerous or active. The quail
ly nas neen ioe same as last week
f-w, . ;
lit tons 34$ 4$c; grossi
; ---r-. ; . T' - " r ' . i -7- wr
Which xrb will itell
"Initials". Engrave free,'
Fil-st ; Class Work ; done on
nATifi and ' KXAMtNE
Main Strbt, Sobtn tit
decl7.'7nml, '""'' '- .-
: '
Eminent Chemists and Physicians certify tbat these goods are fred
from adulteration, richer, more effectiTe! produce better results than
any others, and that' they use them in trleir own fatelilies., ...
Ti lift bru Hop lVnit tu the World. - ? " ' '' .
STEELE & PRICE, Manfrs., Chicago, St. Louis & Cincinnati:
.... . -i-.c-.i i i .-t t-5
iane2578T.' ' 1- ... 1.
East I jber ty.PilrthDeo il
Cattle None selling to-rty; all ship
ping through in first bands ; feeling not
good for npxt week.: ,. .
-Hogs Yorkers 2, 80l9(3c; Phila-.
delphias 2 903 00c.;, -, . vl' ....
' New York Bee H Bwyeii-i
Market active atan , advance of c; 400
bead taken, for export at . 5 J9c ; other
sales 7i10Jc. .
Sheep Common td fair. 4 005 00.
Ho?s Market firmer ; eight cars' were
soil at 3 21 3lc. ;pftf;i00 podnd:
Dressed opened firm bn closed at reduc-.
tion .of c; city 'dressed western
3 5()c; 4 25c, for extremes; car dressed,
lor which 3 .62i; , nas hid in the mornibs.
could not be sold la'ter at 3 50c, ,' .. . ;
(to. . bijtrfeenitnts,
1 .'r. mi
, & fe. Minor.Pkintia ) Before Wm
' ;; amiiMt T. Hard.. P.
Clirigtian.Vierheller, Defond't. 1 of Salem town
Mp, Monroe countr. Ohio: On the 17th day of
December, A. D. 1878c said Juatiee issued an
order of Attaohment ia the above notion for
the sum of twenty-aix dollars and Mxty-aeven
cents. . v. aiiiAj&u..
Decemb er 81, 1878 4V.
Thomas CHne'& atftJ.', Ei'rs,'
David !Mnis,ettX.
BY ftrtne of r 'a ertain vwndts- xponas
issued from the court of common pleas
within and for the con my of Monroe, and
State of Ohio in a case pending ia said oonrt
between the above named parties; and to me
directed, I will offer for sale at pablio auction
on the premises, ia Perry township on i
Saturday, the llth flay of January, 1$79,
between th hoars of 10 Volock a, m and 4
o'clook p to., of saiddayi the following de
scribed personal property, to wit:
One-fomrt.h of one thresher and oleanftr ma-
chine.four acres more or less of trrowinjr wheat, ,
one 2-horse lumber wagon, also one brown
mare. 7. ream old, blind in rhrht eye; white
spot in forehead, as the property of 'David
Mills. v"'V' 1- ' -
.. ; , ,v .; . vWaf. EBAD, ;
dec2i,'78w2:' '" ' y Sheriff M. C. O.
Okit & Okst. AU'js for plaintiff.
I' SQERIFF'3 ("SaIiE, . ; it
John Ay i)aveoport ..-.
- ,t.- .,vj, -.i vs..-:. i.-f-
Thomas Carriok. dt aK- - :
Bf 'virtue of a certain order of sale la
saed ffom the ceart of common pleas with
in and fo'r the county of Mouroe, and State of
Ohio; tti 1 eass pending in skid court blwen
the above named parties, and to me Jtreoted,
1 will offer for sale atTrablio anotion at the
east door of the coart hoose in WoodsSeld.on
Saturday, tht lit day of Ftlruary, ' 1 879,
between tbe bonrs of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4
o'clook p. tn. of sail day, .the followlDg de
scribed real estate sttaate in Monree county,
Ohio, to wit-
The north vest quarter of. tie-, southeast
quarter of section eleTen 11 J. township fnar
4 or range five 5J, 4n Marietta Land uis.
trict, conlaining fenj ud tweive-hnndredths
of an' aore, be the tame more ieas. '. ,
; Said property so 'ordered to be sold is ap
pralaed at St,' 00, and may sell for two-thirds
of said appraisement.'': Terms of sale, one
third cash and balrhcs before oonflrmaUon.
" flecih.'TRwS. ' 8herifl M. C. 0.
firaioos & Dbisos, Att'ya.' " ' ; ' '
. 1 '"-
rr. ; n 1 . , 1
S14ER1FF!S'.SALB. - '
' '' Sc ' ' -1- i r- r. t-
. 7 .'.ji.w watoon & Cor':
. 1... , J ,. . jadvar,:. n. . ' ....
, - . ElxyjiUdgewsy ret al.. :v V)
BY virtue ot a oerUiot rder of sale issued
from the court of. oommon plsaa, Within
and for the County of Monroe, and State of
Ohio; in a oase pending in said court between
the above named parties, and to tie" directed,
I will offer tor sale' at pubtio anoiion t the
east door of the oonrt house in Woodsneld,
on- i- 1 .H -VJfi :j : ,i: - ;v',.;t.:?
Saturday, the 1st day of t February, 1879,'
between. the h'odrs of 10 o'clook, 4. m.,' and
4 6'yleok p. mtlof said day, the following de
scribed real estate situate lu Mfilnroe oonnty,
Clhio, to-wit! v r '; ' ,j( ; ,
fie west tUt of the southeast qtarter,of
section eighteen, township three, range sjx,
e6ntSlftin(r sevebtytwo acres ' - ;
Aitb, the northwest quarter of the north
east q darter of section seventeen, township
three, range six, containing forty. aores.v"?
Also, tea- acres off tbe south end of the
West half of tho northeast quarter of sec
lion eighteen, township three, rarge six. v
' Said property so ordered to .be sold ia ap
praised at $976, and may sell for two-thirda
of said appraisement.
Tkbms or Mlb One-third cash on day of
sale and the balance befota oonflrroatiou...
decSl.'TBwS. ; , s Sheriff M. C. O,
Oast tt ox iv Att'ys," " ' ' '
F.M Beard, plaintiff, ) Before Jafed"
v Hawkins. J. P.
Barnabas Ptarson, defendant ) of Cf iter town
xhip, Monroe County. Ohio: On the. th dy of
December. A. D 1878. said Jifiic juned nn
' 1 ..... -. . I.. V . ..i- vj. . . .
iuw ui v.wiviiuivu. 411 lain KiRiTa Mouya zur vno
Sum of i 85, and 20 probable oo.-. ,
dcl7,7Sti F. M. PEABfJ..
at Roltom TrlcoH.'
ah Silver, yfmj&jG
"'.VTatcHbs,'' Cldclisttmt ikffiw
oilr; GOODS n nil
TII.I.J1A' & FOIllC'
PijBLib ro,tAar, AVoodsfiel 0,ttio. '
-, - ' ' :r
'.. , 1 . I',
4- . ft
PERFUMES nrn Itiri Omim of nil Ortnra. , t
TOOTHENE. An surrcciible, heallbful Liquid Dentifrica.
LEMON SUGAR. A. subsiUiite f,Lemona. . . v
EXTRACT JAMAICA CINCEH: From tho pure root.'
f r. '
V Probate Kotice,. '
A CCOUNTS and voaohera. hare beiin, imd
fV. in the Probate Coart of Monroe Co ant j;
Ohio, fo settlemnnt, by the following Adai'u
istrators. Executors and Odardimns: '""
RAAAtirl unrl flnal siAAnniit v
Adm'r of the tnwlrent ' enUte of 'LewJiD.
. Onitatrny, and declarihjf diridohd.i 1
First and final abWitit of Robert tckso'fi
Adm'r of Aamr Agiii, : .tl: n .
Third piirtiill account; of T. S. FotIbt AdirTr
with tKe will apnexea of ohnHenderxon..'
Seoond partial account of Oeorye Schafar
Onardlnn of Annie A.VWm. C. and Charles
, ' E. Ontzar final as to Annie A. '.',; fii J: ,
Second partial aooount bf Aw V. Slack Oaardu.fi
o .Jin Slack .,, .j-... 1 ( , , ( . , .
First partial cf ount bf W. T. Bottenfield apcl
' Enoch Jnrtin Adro'ra oi ls4bBot6nfieldV
Fw n3 ) aHial afabtint of 'Aitin W.'Bowll!
Executor of Aaron Howell, --i ! .?;w
Fifth partiitl a wnnt bf F. A. L'vnplnjXJaa-" :
diaa of Win.. Henry and Cth'ri:ia Louise'
, Feltner, . ..,..;,,, , ,'r"
. Any person interested , may file,' written
exceptions to said aooonnts. or any item
thereof, on or before the 30th day of Jinnarr
next, when the' same will be 'anally heard
and continued from day ttrday antU dfisposid
of. ' E, MOitRIS,
dec31,'78td , Probate Jn4(t JL C .
Frobatd -N'btibd
CCOi'KTS and-vouchershRTe been
the Probate Court, of Monroe. County,
Utiio, for MttlBment. by the following Admin
istrators. xefcuf ora and Guardians., :"
Second partial acoo Jut of Andrew 'Anderson
" Guardian of RobJfrt 8- Anderion. . :
Fimt and final aoMnt of Mict'aol ta(f ftfr
- of Lawrence Yec'ki'y. , : ,'., ,,"
First pxrtial uecount of tWm. tv.iuland 0aajr-
dian of Mary L. Coon. '", f
Fourth partial acoiint of Jitke G. B"aker
1 Gunrdian of Christopher PowMl's hriia. ft'"1-
First partial account of Daniel Lottie Guardian
" of James F. Sackptt. : , ,'. ',
Second partial, aoooqnt of Fied'k Durig Uuar-
dian of Abraham Frieaen'. heirs.
Fourth and final ; afcconnt XI IL B. tlill tiuaf
dian of George Henry ClarV. :"' ' ; ' '
First ' partial aefcoint of T. M. brimos A duff
. of Sarah (Jolvm ' - , ,
First partial acumnt of Laney Howilec diiaf
dian of Jjeph Howiler's minor heirs.
person iuterKted mny file written iox
1 to raid fcbenunta. or anv item 'thereof.
or before tbe S.tli iaf tit Suntilrj next, when
tha Same will be finally heSrd and1 oontinaod
from day to day nam diapniwd of.. jij-
- . - jas. e.:m6rris, -
dec31.'79td; ' , Probate Ju'djfe M. C O.
Ik. 1. J.
Is ari absolute and Irreslatable curt
tanness. Intemperance and theuseof Oniam
robaoraj Narorttics and ftimnlaata. remov
ma all taste, dcxire and habit pf umbit. ani
lof them, rendering the taste or desire foi
tiny or tnem perfectly odious and disgust-
lible control of the nobriety of thernselve
inir . ixirinir every one periect and irrmust-
ind their friends. .,, ,,, .. ,i
It nreventa that nboolut nlirainal nA
moral proittration' that follows the nuddei.
breaking- off irom using etimulaiirs ot narH
Packaa-e. prepaid. toicnre 1 to 5. Person
2. or at your Diuggists. ft 73, .Temper
tnce and charitable ocieties should ue It.
It is harmless and nevBr-failingr.""1 ;'i't.
AeenianonibsTER. tt: If.
iThe Hop Couffh - ftirr
Destroys all pnin. looKens tbe conch? ouiotiJ
tbe nerves and produce test. It HrTfi
fall In pertwi frilnr sa Dfrleci
.. - -I.I. . J.W '. I
cure where tlere Is ia ahadsm.oi
Try it oace and you will fin4.it so...
For .i bt ai..i. Drtjooiktb.
NbTICB is hereby given, that sealed pfrl..
pbsala will be received at ' the Auditor's
Office, Woodsfield, Sfdbroe Cc'u'nty. Oio; until
noonontbe, u, e;j , ,,T
3d tfuy of Ularcb. 1$T9V r ,
To coDstrnct the neoessary maps and. platt
to enrfblA tbe rereral District Assessors, in
tlie t6onty aforesaid, to correctly reapprais
al! the real estate in said roanty. . Kaob.
township mast be platted separately span s
scale of two and one half of one Inch to the
mile.. Township, . range ad section .lines'
lib their proper numbers must' be distinctly
marked and shown on said plats. ' ' ' ',,:'3
' Also, tho boundary lines of -eaoh traet Or
par-el of land' in each section imasti kit
shown,, together with the owner's nam and
contents in acres, or parts of an aorev , r
In , townships where villages. speoUldM
tricts, or corporations are eitnittetf, ' su'6'tt
sections or special rohnol distritti or iorpV'
rationi most be platted tfn ' a separate ptit
to a scale of eight incbee US tie taile, show,
ing the villages;, number 6'f lots aod part
of loU and all ouUots o'rtraoU of landau
stioh District or Corporations, with ownelV
names thereto attached.'
' The bid 'roust state the arunrint for aohi
township separate. : The work must be done!
in a workmanlike manner, and Bnished by
th4Tit Monday in Janoary, llJiifl. Kaok bi
most be ac6ompanld by a ftood tHi aaff!.
Cient bond of $1 Ibti. to become duo and!
payable in ease the bidder shall fait or refuse
1o enter into contract in accordan'oe with' thi?
aforesaid propos l. ' ' .'"!' "t"
The Commissioners reserve tha. right vo
(eject one or all bid. , . . : . r- . i ,
,JJy order Hi the Commissioners'. , . V
- M. UOKKfLSfi,
" . Aaditor lifonroe Coaty, Ohio.

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