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Friend Williamson
II. R, WEST,, :, I :, Ijocal E4itrJ
New Advertlsementa.
Road Notice, L-Maht. Petitioners.
Appointment, 4 n ..Jj&uiojt Cis.
XlmUya have, lost fifteen mioajtea in
length iince Jane 21st
CiffilTiaeenHst avsraBord commences
on the 7th day .p JT August.,.
Jisk. WilIxaiis will return Borne from
Washington about August 1st,. -., -
Dealers In Barnesville packed 3,000
' W r MrHteA td ffitfllfta Ttold'Ttfx
Eeceipls at 25 cents per hundred.
Democratic MassMeeting at Williams
WeuNoble county, next Satud.ay. ,
,TwPrPi,etJw aU rCiwwUan
Chunks Wadnt weiiri J SM iasi l
Ue county, is visiting at J. P. Stomas''.
a Airs. Coum wd AdaozWet,.. of , Alte
ghenjr City aie ihiag fcienda atrCla'1
' inet6nii' iBi-mr-wos nod oi
' VM!fcPSIViii ta ,T8f .a .i .W)
1 His LkaAAiOol&tisSi NaWe- eon atyr
ncej closed on .Thursday
line witnesses were, aia-
ccty broker otiiuaJ0KiTis4yjBg
JaSeTOBslr yicN I ad wstosib d
-QalfeVlntri$eT drlfsMrlnlif'Vrtf rtf
iMisssAfiGii KoiutBCEj'of iralag,tU
of StfH9irttil Es.H " w u
prhe,ppurr.opm waaMpwrtedring
tprograa.Q, tpe ttraj of,Wiuxfi80ii
ooj Wednesday, aod .Ttwradajrlaat. Ttnoo
, 1itJWaftfrirbrTd8iffie:;5nJfr6wJ
dy tefinag alltebthb erd5ct .inv-'th
WiLiUitscrirvas' bad tieen'revefli
I,5eneca oMjlHmT'f 0f ft (ria9f
inrthJf)liJlasX w4Xa4tiony,
.'TW9athr!isdt,1Bff -Ihe-filrtr-bi
, aa4Ae mpette(ltgIatk ttp aaxt wbtadt
(The Trial of
J I Verriiot nnil 8entence.
The trial of Friend Williamson, for
shooting and killing' Alonzo Wilson,
wb waf dieted yo'i'ufdn thev'
dad flegrpe at the Ap?i rn 5a8jcP,mri
mencea in court on iue 101a insu ine
foHoWjiig-Jury was empanneled: ?rt f-1
James CLKSdtiENR 'STRArjc Jacob
A rr older, Sr., SlLA&Kl?. C. W. Clift,
Dayid Bates; JaCob NoRRtSi and
JAMiNSrRotJstf.'' t ,siuV. r ,-.
hey, and John B? Drigg9,' , appear
edjpr lb prosejuvion, aWiF aHqs-
ter and A, J. PsARsoNpEaqrs , for the
defensnplPn JtrieJTiB fnstM jAXBt
UOLLiSTER, iq , wa&Jippointed to apbist
Mr Dated W ihw pbsectittno.syaa
I The. evidence
evening, when
charged. ,
The" WpKeWcTiupTeerall driTrldSy
to 5 o'clock in JkbepfniB g, when the
Court charged the jury after which they
Retired to' deliberate""' : r
icame irom me jqr. Jat in me eyen-
left to wait and waAclL-oy nimse'f. At
4 i?elack( Saturday: morrtlirg' tteerurrt
house bell pealed outtoud and clear that
re'fv'idon fite a'tj'utnbef sweT b4s8em-
bor w4tbeJueytvAV1ieirC(art had been
iefflfea.' Hbe'tiftcsUdn'wis'itsked- If 'ft.
juryadgrieert upor .yerdiftfr tj iXiie
answer came promptly, "we have. .
''What say yoa, gehTTemen, is 111 e pris
manner and form as he stands indicted,
for muwTe'Hnhfeliebondegfe?
Clerk Is tue prisoner at the bar gui'.-
i vT. f ? y w
. wTtaRtii tJiUMiftttdsheeIian
dred and ninety-one school teachers were
employed in Ohio last year.
j Mr. J. W. Watt, of Barnesville, is re.
ceivior a lar?e lot of walnnI;rVt
Xilaringt9n which bftporposwa vtakioa tOi
Bellaire fof shipment the present week
, The Democratic' State' C'nvntion ot
Pennsylvania, in session at Harrisburgi
on the 16th inst ; noralaatqd Dj P,Rarfi'
of Allegheny county, for State Treasur-
ier. 4 A ($
The Republicans are doing their level
I best to keepAhfirNational party- alive tin
tl after the next tleclidd. ThiS tohsisr
ieht..membe.ra of that party iJJvota or
Ewing, nevertheless.
Hioa ifcxesiave doue n(ore'io retard
the progress of Bellaire than all other
causes combined, and we propose to ad
vise against all sch$meshat vjvll rgsnlt
The criminals convicted of Penltrn-,
tiary offenses at the recent term of Court
were sentenced on Saturday morning.
Wai -'iJame receA&d ) thVeS 'veai
John Foster one year. St. Clairsville
Gazettet1tKinslrl hn''
Thewiy some farmers' put op7' am . , PfOf. TjCfrS Wealhei JPrCiliClLoDS.
... i tl O-.'-,' I A II Ilk LJ r. T V J UJT. IT U IV I f - -
this ihekin hotieatl witUhiAer4ll?MnnP ATTf!- - VITOWTTNi a '.a""5 ' "'-r ,; V 3'''
' 5" ... , . I A' ' w AUil XXV MliJlJ&xu
mometer at 4 in me snaae, ana u
shockingly out of season too, as the
time for corn shocking will not come on
f.oc&omt ime- et. Gazette
-"ColftN'iTtie various cereal or farina
qeoaoBraitfBjrniCS rOl iK '.fears; and
are UB1 for Xoodk' as wneaWLoats, rve,
barley, maize : usedxltec(ively.ff t6'(i
oSflMirVpeople should keep on the cool
slda'wf the tn-eet54 witBthe thermometer
PriAifcts W-EATBE'fi Isf; UfricT, -lowl
Tjiiaroiircier.. inreniening niiu ipTi siuriiio
in'-plade; 2nd to1 3rd,' clear' 6rJTarrlV'4,n
tothVclbtidy? tHatlnln"wealuet,'wiinv(
nenvy, local siorras : oin, aau ytn, ciear
Niagara Falls and New York before b
July i7M40AvicocsWoO(fleld'Bl
Jrn9iliiw Ul?ihel atf
liridUrnsey,x(an4y, fiUaoieB on
th 26th dkyof f-AtfgTisTi n cbittlhu
jgne, next f f y in mts county wii
be fcddioaSeptetoberoiaUn, liTt-miid
18tb. H The ;PreNm?m List wfil appear
next week. , .rm .nr. f:taA kiolk
deb's disoorwinexfSttbtjsttf s evening
aa Temperance:'.!' ia y.f -I
..h!0 In Hi i.M nut htt'nlrtri n'iliflO (
e jCSTThe DempcVarkfeftin a't 'Wir.
iiamsijurgf ixwjiBrf i;ouaiyi,.,vo nine o'u
liiwilMbai tV'fvi.4 MQbrae. the
1-A writer in the Prairie Farmer
pr(rfls to JiavoJdiscvSreifja Remedy
for the cabbage worm. Here 19 his re
ceipt: .?)!? "ill
'I will give you a sure remedy for the
cabbage woim: Make a strong aolutipn
of lime water, pour it over the cabbage
in ihe evening ; if the lime watet be made
etrong there will bt no live worms left
that the water touches Last fall Ibad.
anic 'patch of cabbage, infested with
the warms. Afteitryinz atl Othef rem
ediesL could think ol I resorted to tne
lini6 water, and to tell the truth, expect
ed to find mv cabbage cooked in the
ed to nnd me cabbage green and bright,
and the worms lying all over the patch,
e railroad, election in thjs( . place on
a'tnrdary1' resulted' fn (he : siiccess of
the proposition by a vote of 208 in fa
vor of, to. 12 agains,t',it. f Now'(J.come8
the tng of war standard, gauge pr.jiar-
row gauge ? St. Clairtville Gazette, 7th
: The Monroe Gazette, the Republican
pi$& 1 Woo'deld.-'ofita
some ailentioo irony he prtf;cf i"H9n
esr Money"- It isimi fair waytftbe:
come the pleading ; rgan- of. the (-Brick
Pomeroy repudiationiat?. St. Clairsville
Gazette. ,f ,,f Jf x T n
Said a Republican ,tQ an acquaintance
a few days a govCaiity! foster is com-
or'fair.1 10th lo'pTnVcloningrthr'pateH'
hg wqather, with lCaT'stotrns;' Hi'ti'jui
mh clear or faltf I6tht6 l&tli; 'tlo'ud-
rams 20th to 21st, clear r fair ; 2znn
h to-25th, elourting, threatening -'weather,
rlB Wf !i WitBlieSvy. 'ifoVms'tn localities r$5in'tb
6n thc SCth '26tB. cieiror fair? 27th 'trtsffyAud
UJV.w.uniAti AMi VUlfiB arJiAK- !nr and threatening weather;VliTl1,
t . i.'iiti ntvv a mmrvit . . o --"'--.-ra .1 & . . ...
t mr mi a'llB'U'BIB w Mi . . . . l
"A1 Democrats meeting wl
Batesviilei'1 Noble County,1'
inst.- The following letter explains--
self?1- u k ma -rm
J, W. Jteara, Ksq., &Uemm,Wto?
My Dear Sir: I have your letter of the
2lith inst-, and have to iay, ia reply, that I wilt
be in Batesville, a -certain ak life and health
are" given me. on Saturday, July 2, and thatM,'
expect you to give us a rowing .meeting theteJ,
! - Very respectfully yours, '.
"-'ft. .,Thoxa8Ewisq.
iThe Democracy and m ember Of oilier
parties in ' Belmorii-ue'rnseyMonroe,'
Noble andvyMUingtoq Counties .should
make this . meeting a grand ovaticn to
thehextfeoVernorot Ohio.' 'a"
Senatorial Convention.
Senatorial convention. : -e-k--w ....
i"or tlie Y9tti Senatorial District. 1
fr Thursday, August l4tli, iHltt
At 1 a'clflck Pt M.'llebnB8entanoBtjrs I
roi owb-! ifuernsev. io yoiesT"iJioTrrTr' xii
r.i f .'-'. i -yHliMaI IU SMfno!,
'Is he ? ' -Wllf hi bHngiii'iard stick
Answer 'Guilty-
rtTTO jTrf was tBenrp61ted 'it ftqtiest long ?" wa tasked tn.uTnif ayne
pySfeS mnSltM9fl m?ffS (Democrat itSr?
Williamson 'r'6Wepfn
brougut into Court and his wegping Jb.eH
canenfore Intense pri ftlJKnBoance
uieub ui ine-vertiiui. no was cuiuictc-
lynihroksft tluw n beviauiaifuhit lff isb
i' k"Tu killing' rjf A'toWo WiLson
has brought trouble to many hearts.
The prls'tfii&p first; who; will serve a term
aP-PIXstH'' mother,
who with the love and anxiety for a son
thM.'nif V nVltfer pii kpowndfeel,
attended the triaf k and all' who' looked
fapon fher grief trlcken Countenance had
their' feelings of pity stirre( .to , their in
nermoet depths The . wife. ot WiLaoN
with a babe in her arms, born since bis
d5atirntreepil'9 pttleM3tniini
to her in the court room, formed a pic
ture not soon to- be forgotten. And
J r rr j i.n. ' . r-.r.it,tli
tasfly a'riumttel op irienos' ana reiauves
pf both parties, sorrow ibecause of the
trouble. Andnhe sbtfl Caule" of all this
Dsmocratic ",. Mass ?f Meotirig
prison ment, poor health and excitement
- On MondapWiLUiBsoN was brought
his motheriAn-i8er f?;efP5 Bjpibing vio
lently. After reokg the fact of the
murder XntTeToinVTf? Court,
Judge Okit uireds pj UiewAcpsed
Ck hidLb4th)g tcTa Mtj 4wMnci
should not be prononnced.
Between sobs, lie1 "said lie was sorry
mercy oe shown him, ana saiJhe. mien
ded to lead a tUTjrf pj,, fe if he lived
thfongh this.
as lollows: -It ia the judgment of the
Court that yfti WreTo4-ieflrb the jail of
this county, and tbat within ten davs j-ou
b8Ukef.1lv1)iltoa3rTySfBerti U
cirfJUtM'Yal mHzmtn Wrl a
the costs of lpiajBAytion."'
Tae. l4ingf Gfbaekers-rof r4he
bole country, Mota Mame"oV -California
are exceedingly deslFous of the election
of tten. wrjgdr LJajyths icpibucan
party Hand 6rttitMCkrs" ottfieirtcw
Wmyy 1 sfcROor 6pianxlctT
J!KfeVrVVW5 em-u
..I.TWliiM JCT7 .fail ti i .fcJ
of NobJe;cqBq;ty, were registeredt Ue
National, last week. They were inter-
orrowmd trouble may be, summed up
in fou'words Tja'd company" and whis
r r:
ances Scott, an imbecue, hlea an m-
entory of tlic estate.
WIUIAMSETBG, , JULY 26 - 1879.
: Delegations, from Cambridge, Ws1f-;
Gibson's Statioti arid Lore' City wil meeY
at miaicer jity and De ready to start a
10 o'clock sharp, . Z.
Delegations from Harrictsville, Cald
well, Stafford,, Carlisle and East Union
will meet at Ssummerfield at 7$ o'clock.
' Delegations from-Woodsfleld, Mil-
tonsburg and Lewisville will meet at Ca
lais at 8$ o'clock sr fg jf i
j ueiegauons- irom cearTsvuiej Jerusa
lem, Malaga. Boston, Barnesville and
Somerton will meet at Temperanceville
at 9 o'clock.
Delegations from Sarahsville, Mount
Epbraim and Freedom will meet on the
pike,, at .Lewis- Grove's bridge,, at k9
o'flor4 U a?j J i jSk
Delegations from Kennonsbure and
westward will meet at Whiskv Run
brnigo at 10 o clock. -
ing and threatening weather, with local
raitt sto'rms?' The1 hot1 spells; ''will 'be
about IsL Sth. 12th".tl8th. 24th and 30th'.
-The cooler' spells will heVhoift 3rd,'t;h;'
The airoraos of jiie Plains''rii;- K-npas
and Colorado,' sinc th'eV'ar'e' paused riy
k iifgh barbmeter ,in" Northern' "TVxIs
poilrfng down the hot tiir frorn the Tor
rii Zone, will about correspond with the
cooler periods, above named In that
casn, the Missouri ajuypper Mississip
pi Valleys, will have a very not, instead
of a cool spell. . .-. .
5 : tThe following from the Washing
Ihn Pott, of Satutday,'hacMcal!aiili
cation :
i The Radical. Oancressionak CoBrBit-
I lee Wderediweiilv thOBsaarlicVipiest!
' .-. . . . " . . - j
the washmetjn sentinel oi yesterunv,
Tor circulation in Ohio. The Seni.nel
is one of the many ohscure and occa
sional sheets pnblUh'fduit. Washingtjn
and btcause it uaa proiessea to oe uemo-
cratic and nw opposes" Ewini, the
Radical Committee (Items it worthy of
circulation in Otiio, The article indorsed
bv, tljecomrnit.ee was wiittuv by one, ofj
John Sherman s.henchmeo, and. there, is;
no douj t that the twenty Jhousand extra
papers -were ordered before the sheet ever
went to press. ' InaxmacK as' tie leople
of asTjiffgtbh know not .tagabour thu
Eb.T' ft ntit rAinnb" ThotnM
i n i tint -t l
n-Sff, ; .' t. -.1 ,a1 m.! -"r-Jr
iSrTh6 friend.. of P. ltl Atkl4Ototfili'
jMabie voonty. preseaaia um ntmiugtiii
candidate for Senator of th,UWi diicrintJwbTi
ject to-th&.Uoiiiion oi th Qfnooratift JGoae
tion. A .:...i(.r i."-tJrtiBi,WiwaAit. u
inojinde.. i ttrt
a raniidate for fefate fe'eti '
ator in the' lOth Senittbrlai TJikria a&h&t to't"
the decision of tne JJemocratfS t7fnVetitioh.T;' T
Ed, vHRiTr' AhnOiiric'e
of Noble 7ount y. as
New Prints. N
1 A
ml? 1.) i iu it j.n?'!jT
1 ,31 U
ty.Vacamtldare fjrBtatef Bnrtoy'tWmh- lf a Invited to 'caltlaniesi.niDetW'i bcX
Senatorhir'Diiet;''nbjeet'W.halir.WTP ,.;. ;r -nf w ef yadi vjj.i) (W
the DiBtrict Senatoriat OowmthAi ,ijinK Jt-i. Wtff rw i"j tiiV 2ti 4f fffo
V ... i a i .....
t ittr fifrnv 'ay w
A NDEK'TriiW IftStN ecMfedl'd WV.f rlie WW V
w; i d- -The Seitx Latfi ui ova
Set) tinel "dt .Its editoKIt may Wwell W
irive jtliem' afverv, 'brief ' feftet
viewed on N jble's political situation.
It is tbidr.WnrPWtlnt'.tfce.Bloticans
who ran intavlhe Greenback net have
CAfrHkblNB! BarKK of'toafatfabinSMp;
X&rXtoerry license of DANiKtTtTxu
-aoJ Jau3 CaADYixLD wersorderd-re-I
the paymbbl of 4i kntfCostdn Vifch'ap-
' n1InHnn -
q .thiriiptaxjawiado tioidialti
riflrlUs !t,rfaWlg?lb?'
him to his father SAisJifi Is not seriously
?-y.h lhe,'robate,Court,!en"theiKtid
XyTbe programBa-far the assem
Mngof the sv4ral 'delegaiop Wlty
montiijndr(idajU ,,!, mJ8
I XyAfcsspvr, Noble
County RejMhUmmf eVrly, writes
that Daoer of 'tfiMr hiWi the 4th.
W .. . . AJSAJIOAf a
We clip the folio wngjljem :
csnteaaif mw.tpieces and threw, it mm
the "fence corner." Although a staunch
Democrat, Jim Is qnfteTln'TJ(Talo.',
1)e !eld arWilVlWoodsfleld on Saturday, the 6th day of
liSSiBburg. on -the 2(ftb tnst.y' wilt be found; September. "Giheril. Evy.iN&.'Ue Demo-
lnth(ti!VtjmM:6f;THBi other
3F"Josiph HiLLjef Beaton towns
1t :fo,ua.d,rPcmot1.B!!Zba iPornerqy
Greinhfcrerti wfe notanThotlzed to use
nil nte as 4.omiDKieemax ui,aoy
rtbeVnher: iHiC(tictiOh ; with Hbetf
sacuoo. - .. ,
m PowhatUirT&igWo. 61, I. O
, Hflii 'C Kill V! T ex:T Jj-.,l :
iHWFwMor.rihBjvtQSMingiitejra: John
tic. iA
'!X3TThe Jd fofled'ieg23'i'''tb
plladi JiKai.B' rpela it'rcaTeTiillj ,'iwt
3xw, thVmalter;4Mdeve;thehQry.i
ciPUSrtifi bHtA o so(r c-t J.iJin9A'1
J-The tteVubicAt.Pe'f oblo county
nominated thafullolng JLicket on ths
15th inst.: ,
T. M
Miller ; ProsegarJJ t-ney, J
McGinnis; omn)s4ip9er,joHN
Shaver ; Inf4irecli'r ' J.W.
ton; Corolrf DrJ. BH4,TbN.
XArraegements ar befiig perfected
to hold a Demouratur ifass Meeting in
McVat; Sheriff, David
widow of
line of com pi
campaign, nor
ete triumph than
sjeaker:Fill beeaejnoLetthe Pemr
ocrati of this county amimembers of
alf other partiescpin; onithny
.'. h:r4 lift lfl
1 4ilW..
Modssff Ee-T6f Whvnerto wnshrp;' Miss
Maugare'Nalle Joas jfiti
Well-informed PJU"Jv?8 estimate that
the tobacco crop of the present year
wflfcfc tJousanTd WqgflMljTjess thaq
that of last year probably about ten
thousand hogsheadar) ftyttfiJii b one
of the lightest crop9 produced for many
years, and fe1SIuTrMthioagmtin
ued dryi weatber.cifatWiarf!prfet
I Mem pars "aeemsk'to? have :, recovered
from its yepow-fevef frrg'hr.r-ocoming
trains and steamers bring bckcf&wds
of refugees. PerUap therewll) .be" no
serious t-ecurrenca.ipf the terrible-pligue
of lastyear, but thereir timeiomigh
yet. Last summer it ws abf ut a montu
later. than this before the epidemic be
gan its work ofjdeaolitioA
.V- '
So far as Nble county Is concerned
the jjenVocracf rieverwer rn bet&r Joi
dition for
more Bangui
reason to be proud of the men tliey have
honored with officUUpositions and of
the economy and vigilance of these pub-
ijTj t&nvilNpi6fG!i)&e$Ki j nog .
Onk cricket would stand a poor show
iry.fig'tb storJiaafrrjaea.ft',ft BuittJ
lions of them catv'S it. A western
Clarke' 8 Station, abeatlflfteen miles west
pf Reno, Kansas, and' was detained two
tiours anu a nai,yiiig:g gei mruugu.
To make the passage, the train men. were
finally fertFrftOjCaklirVic'ind sweep
the insects off the rails. The1 crickets
cQYrxtUbeJiagJiJ'n.c.al.niU three at)sg
and when the driving wheels of the en
gine would strtk themItoey'tw)nld whir
-' in tntf' matter' or-tnterrererjee:' ru
dfcWfeltoayel Wbeeitirg,'0)tt$aturdalat
'6 1,' ,ltjn' I l ft' .:;TTjTKOX
tU the-matter unless' an dppeal A feltta
which wa presume .wiUn,ba) doaex a
sketfch of him'.
He caraehetasQdn.auex. the warendea
in earca ot.jireaa, IJt a tie.i.wji w .v A.l
VV1'l T3 lJ'lMH ! ill ih! It'l tHtlttiStg'$) '
-1 gt.it i Jiiftiiirrf 'it, InliiUioUo
itO en'jlJrb fSlstiJa-fiTsi io aliacl
..t'l i rO- i JjJl fZtt ItlliRfi
ir.th?,eitz lectU)n(,La(r, W-sJOftWl -The ftext .fraaU-M M!ktreV8VWW.Tii
acainst the use of raonev-,it mother !0flrUn4,iafcaHerriuir.byUvfclt,hrTflk auVter i
rupt means .-4o 'iBtluftnefli voters, tthe KKW" ffliW" PttfcWWrfirV
polls shall'be 'strictly --ehforifecbpwlU'jrr&y.arHl", p? vlfo:iitf
prove a deiith WoVl thSRiiWlalisl-pjiJ ,imvdt fo iai tt
whp Ijave maintained tueir Existence tbfj i . jjj.iacrt.YlntatnWlo fth Pfrms nk
the lat fen Yearly "he. ''cpffuf Vse ;qn f,vflrNcjia,-,rf ,?ff; rj f.,!,.! f
forced in. ajegvttmate. way.wfflrt)roFCdi3,-J
a9troa in tuattliey.uavft jestUBu ar.lNt ,. 'i yTfT.fffr
efectioneering iatb'twav;attd -haine-oi p i IB! ntnoi Km HtJ1 n-firf vR1
incentive by -which to awusi9-etrtBUSiasBpj;)r jjaijniil gr 'Jwrn Jl irtl
but money: vm mi lwd? noHouw To.. .,fii7nw mii
lice nas oecn nenno Georgia hi inyeei- K" .Mi.Ka t iN-w.-r
pamanfT ortan ftfierwanln .BniJ.ha. irolunnioflte chiirffpsRled aaaiMtATHitid" stali-s r? vAiilICO,
.v..-va vrv(- - - V - jr (y-r.r TVfiw .-'nr(-7Tf r'T'yFTTtUilt' iJ A i.1 - 11 jTJ
. . . t - i.. afr. .1 i i. a l . .a. . .: i i ,
logainsronre neorieiyi-- ne- wjwiuoi(rH ianw ianspwiMiojy JAHiJu.jjfWHti!
auer.tlV employed' as lobbTist fotteeratr htfwevfert'and! the Adnuniitraiioa
lirewi-rs assbfeiatl(ri of Ihe vU4tt!ai wanUto get rtd'of hirtii wfea-M-w
! aLbn!!fufy istTofftl!;
Miss LtiMie Mozena ibJ WAChab.
thTblToVinif Bwrir,t6rf&'rf . ehsniDg5
term;,UiJ:AiUEsJleiTKB? HwifiJ
'EfriB'f 8.' W?, has! Fr4tx fScVibe'
QxiRiaTeaBurex,iytf ,.Schnwoek
tormahceiio Mrtand Mis. Arthur
lAvWm8rfCoTiH9Aet 4ast fXE8
day evening, were viryJine. Mr. Love's
tepresentaUoiin6(ATiiffereni characters
was toqdJapa'VrVa
poiiS &P wpqte
two cents, tPTbi ateht and U tnrbed Mh a
eply, with two'mps p&ti'l)B&8if for
the upper right head teomeV wHr he' can"
time, and tue otoer.iwutn'.iiilMS .rttiniert
Tne receiver ana wew Off the rWniel,cft d
I5esJiii'Jj"e89 on tiejace,jindlwiile
that of the ponj'w)9se?V(.it to him-
The original sender-awst be careful not
July 11 Sarah ETMelott.
LevLMeMt, dead, elected, .to take th
fcrovisibps inader h6r"8opporOytb'
firm ,if ( ' 'i- -
T. I., tisinpm. .AdmV of T. Penih. FU
flaciU reporled .fiK.salej of real i estate
nbidH was eoanrmadw nii svJ.r;'
t 9t3 14,'i--'Wfllfams'BobiBswai"-api.'
nnintcft fill
Baal.accptMitiAKSViugj cpjuinuect his.-c
i)fefhe-minhr4feirarf atob Borfeaolifeia,
j.The last Wili and i Testament of Ru
dolph Kocher, dec!drAwaau admHtedM.o
brobate. '( IsjA ,v! aosiwti'il..
j Ja".ob Segg"esseri'Execntoi""bflhe
Will of Birbara'1Mirie?,, dec,d;''1fited'li8
final account hearing- epnfliihea,.i,1
t ' -. ; - i4 -"--W -A .-..T.if'v t-"JC
I Court e.tfveebff sMbday,mHth
5rfet.v?reser.t1 Tf iktiAic "Gket,' Judge, VJ.
TcJd, ie.ij, anci vvjllia, , kkaj),
Sheriff . i
''i? Wright 'Vsx Amanda A'.' Men'g'es,
et-aliivil. action :3 sale of real estate
iconflinied; 'drsiributtori'as i'lowa'H
'jJoW,right(,244rtq fendttiit Stock
ing 8380 21, L'ivi Yoss has leave to an
swer itf 40 HaviJ fiial .rianeo soiooW
George Lapp vo. John Goodhoeret
tWtn'-ilAh 1lrToaSaln, faVttT 'of
tokuntiff tor 3J40; in favorof 1::
jrous lur J,a-tu oo, utai iicu. viucri
folate .OJ; re vjaoj wtiH
' H. 15. Hill vs Beni. Brown; civil ,acr
a 1 , . . .
Ephraim Williams to W. J. Taylor J
eValrialff tof Vetil efeftt (xtBfinned.bl M
lfJecf'Stattll vsMttrth"' MWkt', ton
ffrmaVnJ'df'feaW '6f4a1 fea'f J"
C Wtt axiit'jni mngDaenin..avor oi Diain-.
tittaoftSDAi iPadvprc.r.jQrfc'8aIe,fl;
xeaLeStfLteeaifaiasuT bat nnhi'j-feJJ . it.-T-
: The Belmont Bans vs. w. ut ilann,'
Bran Stewart? Hashes-Ma mi n4 Isaac
Hatebef judgment L by t50nTesloh fo
JJrIsojb Hogue y$,
alMiLvil Action : fou
U1iCjfli(fB0ot4a1i.(idue-,W-;.;&7 Sifoan (be
ammitjOf lB&plainUlfACiaun.v83igDfii;
toIhfroTthe balatice'td' idefebdanOblitH
wer. .ST?t
Cat ha
JH.VPiBK9 teiiBWPPrt-iil reaI
eA AfQ9WSTWftasiWA , Bteck, .et
ire thebelioithat:ib,w.9u
Tile sheet managed .u keep
L S narfv hi Bower imKCbaerew.and fbeiMioi
4 u.JIX kuJ.rm.fVvf.VifcinYTfttVTttdmrinPAlMti
c. tmnpr. 0 rH
j When Mr. Fost3rwft in Washlngt n,
the other day, this Senlthel man was t ie
as onrew
! .Delega.ipns from, Nevada will meet all ? aaf' luT,T'""
SPence?8Sttftior. ati o-bloek3. 1
! A P.r W IIP. I All nil mnvuhii nrrtsra "'-6'" ' - .
frrtWiaV.' V;ri' vlt io Wfn Tne-ra 1HoSe.tX'1aMn--le
uy oraer oi (jommmee or Arrangc-
J. W. Beabd, Secretary.
' l-Ad
.1 '
1 Ji-
diaemboweled by the Zal'ijqase h
instrument which killed' Prince jlfypJeppiao
wjrngp an n(5liai JlpV itpBjfjet
89jJOWnTl' l-nzi-m7WJl
. . (Naw York Tribune '
boy with a tail, George
the w&ole- case' h'ai bem beard ajlrl' verf
Washington r appeared sasattrrJ
def fof miccCptfflaW, ISffBald,
..'.Shi;-- .aa.AJ-j'v4A -fkilf VfciTi-o fiil
wj popklnfA ?eytoAof nyi. jlejCead,
1 .o.Thigh BROtEH.--La&t Frtday"cveDin
lah-'eightjlir old sbftof )rr1nTi!t8nV.
of,,Wli.vt townsjispi, ?hjJ drying, jpo
thetrrti'vsgon tieavilytoartedwiih
.his limwr bnrlgM iMfVatf tbVpi
ran stmwfmw
'DCi.iKj'Bps90(i,tbe.iii.Ue auHettB, u sofe
use all th space on ihecaFd4
rfjNpwJhtt he, ta, jhis kandirt; perhapsi
Gefiet Rpbiniotf wld-rnv1te?sMy.w,Lb5rsr'
SentiiUl,"MLtxme-9tit to Obion aod'. taU
thas'W'ffiAvor,b Mr.
Schade s iast appearance as a volunteer
tfwT 3ftW ijwwt aUlft piflcti on jyd .orator was whrti :he tttfenSaedL Wirz, the
nrAbTrfr trfiV all Jrert.freSH lfcf tool M
close. Tbfl rendiUoovOt the '.JdocHiag
BWbf'MVaV-I?MnW,j Organ, and
weevee-heard,.'andtbyreqtiesV it was
repeated JaUx Jrl fh-yevening and receiv
ed hearty applause.' .yfi j; r?f fjft.,..
incarnate demon whokept the Ander
sQuyillprlson pen, and vy pjj was ver
propariy ibangedff lor iiitiocitieB.
Schade ha:s' aldy 'ondertakerr from the
Was14ngVon ?njl'pfe iVne'loyturo,' Ae
GarmaAs of Ohio over io Foster, but he'
ought t6;h'e'inojvp'
to iacc.-vx3titr... ,,
I get.
lift? alcmg'aswell asonld lie 'etp'ect'ecF:
case w,lhatx)tilwjjrd!y tber&is noFwritf
dr flie1ic(fdet not Wert 'Jar, fibrMolj
ritJf rU,i.;rr et-a' 'TJ'.W
tjle coemty dledoBaft Friday? fromftb
temple crushing the ek.vlJL.,iy,Uriab
'id .due Q . .-SL Sloah
RJary A'PryTOaVoVano,, vs.
rirtgAPowellif ialjj partition ;
Worky.'ljpVSaowlton and, E
al ; civil acUont;; Mar Jjidkina, $
693 .I8t)tue3faaaciliaicher 842j;j03
Otder for sale ot real estate.
GeV.iCriesS.''3 'Wt"Cline-(bJTio
civil action ; judgment in favor
tiff for5!3375;,
estate. . ,
Oliver Sloan vs'Atfix Givins et al;
civil action : iu'dgment in favor of ulain-
tfff Tb?. fi 320 ' s30,;,ae,eds 'made' fn; tKisPcase
Uiviui tvt ouiv wa ivM.
sfet asiV'O.rtler.fdt'isille of real estate.
tiffs for 8122 25..eri U1, d) alio'Vud
JEl jSukivsiiLevi Iojifj t alparMtion ;
sale of real estate cnaRrmedjj0 q JiaoD
. A.P.1 DfanfoTdMdm'r, vs. E. Hudson,
etFfdviretrbhtrtleff Remises de
creed to the defendant Elltfrii 5 flhtfsbii ;
pkuntiff-t -pay cosU of suit
aung roooery was
lo.wiaa account pt.it was "jnblisbed ia th
hoeTing Register oh tlie lilA insl:
Button e btition, was broken open with
a .fencer raw. Mr. cllyain scarcely,
realizedtheact tibtiUie wai atfacjkjd by
three masked men. Although he made a
vigorous, resistance, 'he .was over-power-ei.altr
being beaten over the head, his
pecko wer:4beq rifled ffi .their eo
fents'T A'valunbie gold watch was' taken
and money, amounting. 8lP.roA gold
piece, "bearing date'of' may "possi
bly., lead ' to the Tdenlification-jpf : the
thieves. ' After emptying his pockets, a
rjppeas placed arpuad his neck,t a- ,pis:
tjj st,hi"s;rhead,rancl an eilirt made,
rorce Mfv..McIlvaine.tc disclose t the exi
istence ot tbe money, but as they had ta-keTralt-tir
had tais atteinrwasTritnTe.
'The robbers then, after binding and gag
'ging MK-'iSf(;llTfafie',r lelt "tne premises
After considerable tffoit, he msnaged to
Ioosehrhis bands and wentlo a neighbor's
house, and gave the alarm. No clua has
beeCt found except some pieces of bldL
unoer cloning wnicn were used as masKs,
afA some tficke have been discovered, in,
a! itiiiJbte.ficUvJ tWboJUe nMw't iarel &
a m.TStery. They told Mr. M. thatthev
knew him and he knejv them, but this is
doubtful. Mr. M. is a wealthy farmer
and lives alone at his residence at Bur-
faorW Stalidn'.-alt'iuh: t!icre-;are tfverul'
houses near his residence."
; Faith.
Irldiah Pionesf.)
The following is an incident on the rf-
A'jzuainsiiHii ; ocene i ne wuuesi pan
of the Khyber, with barren rocks tower
ing on all sides; anETfglish officer riding
along, escorted bv a mot'ey company of
maliks and ir'9me! arfrmWi ttfhe
teeth ; more armed Afreedees in fie mid
dle distance; a weary-lonely figure toil
ing on the duty road in huge black
boots, face 'burned bVloi'rerf ahd frirfg
ed by a scanty sandy beard. The figure
is clad in a thick jyajlrted garment and
has a bundle on its hack.
"Halt! Who are you?" "
'.. "Where are rour comrades ?"
I am alone."
"Where are von going?" '
A?! vifliiU G4-T77
-.t.'iUawsiii ypu jtetUjf RfrXsow w If
"God will help.'awioma oi 1 ldi
.''Peace be. with you.' , .
'-.-And with you. . . ,'f. rA
. .Tuaifigurefes off.pihjBiWJiialmed
circle break un The poor rieve'tse had
tramped hundreds of miles through hills
find" valleys;-r8'w',ar!nin 4ft1i cul
secure in his simple faith which had led
him t ) leave distant Turkestan in quest
thieatiD?mi!ie'WfetBi! Me'fca,i3 S 'S
. The Cincinnati
KeWllSXctleS uuuslileiabte i4we
The medioal examinatidn states that the ap
pendage ii 14 kJfh'Is1 KiY iS covered with
silken, glossy hair. and that it grows exactly
where the tail grows onthe average inxmkey of
geons have decided that the tail cannot be re-
Wovo4wihtdaMn.tHchili8 Ufa, on
a"oWuiit of iM b'elng ArrfikraWwrVtt thW bick
knnA Tfc u no 8trduTaud"toueh that the boy
cln iLse 'ft for'CBnppoVe,7stWB (agaoVtlsea'
his: and when seated can, by the aid of the
.... .... v .r. "''
tail, spring to his feet without the us or ms
hands. The announcement's irfide that Chi
cago has executed tlje Mri'li 'movement fore
sTiadoweoTe other day1il obtained posses
sion ot the boy. When the newspapers began
IQ print CJaijmu uwuuuu) ui. .rfY .6 - 5 , ,
ther hitheito indifferent to the fact that the
child was being cared for by the Cincinnati
jMekicarolfeg suddenly 'appeared, Hurst In to
tears, snatched him 5 to1! Bis bosom and fled to
Chicago "without giving Georgia time even to
fet hU hat" '' That emotional father evidently
Chinks Ihe boyV head rf' comparatively slight
porWoe."' ThW ',cSpital, fact is5 thalWicajfd
sions. Are requisitions amL habeua oorpoao
unkAowti. itttie aueeaXUty? a: r s ka
W4otfittl Prodqw fJnketjm'ac f wi. WiW m
"brittle and elastic, the latter qualify fho
4ar brtjry'muti3jh ) wh jlKctjra-oj-tiflixhtdepsitcbviiilhs
ia generally blade-shaped, with a raiseelicsgt
,ahnarirtte,SntdY;ianiavioatsiiaaal Am-
vex on the other, lib tatftoiihttcof km trrr9i
TlJVhg39f tUW flrtA Pma reUhtilpUTso
jburns its way into the wood, around whtoWN
jbanl oK'et r'awhiieHibouria: wHltM&U)ts
anuf'iis ft MZ, htA&nhiUtiL UtLMTfMi
1 if.Ml"lVW
Corn, "... .V vmM
Barley' ?-'Uiui.v;i.u'.rtq nfii
rotatpes, ; ;" . ; ' - ..-J.'.OTraBU
Besfi,o!a ia-t'r-BiitA.UiAi44.m. jWl-S
RaglWTt a h..'i ,r8 bfa
, Sucar.a, uyjh ii ,sM JU. tM Afc 918
Ia4lW il'.fi,iq ufc.tiiFAn. m
Tea; !,!l,?i,10.?.''..0.,ii'.t;l!t;?.lai"fli
Peaches., dried...
Eggs; pee do2snA.4 i Ati.i -.is -.6
Hayj per ton..V;K '..r.PA'jA.vVl0 "OOalS
JLoNDON.July 15. Statistics published
InTBhowSbQ aeent foj
a reduction in the output is spreading in
Vhe cjplsrictRa.ajjtipa tp .th
derireflaBBJackfin(An4pd aj
reAdyiBepoited50i00,0. pjndles;at Pros
ton 1araas'topred!uk;cea aggcegate of;
2 000.000.-tNBartevrf hefoom at
ii au
Frakbsi towweete rA-evrOM? Rlppi
Frke bf&n& dJunkjiwas ordeted.'Btof
it. A fight ensued in which the fatal
btovrWM Idpposed to bave been given
as stated. As no witnesses were pres
ent, and '6h'ep'faM'!rBadi) ( nos'siaiertent,
the affair Is wrappiclln mystery. .The
verdict of the physicians who made-a
poftnwrfei exAmiiatio wsUraLha;hflr
been tnet by tte-1iar-irrstrtnHt.-l
Ft'akea'ji as
Gvrt$f IbiiU llth ikst.
PfStW' re'alsr ft6WW."AVAiSorIlig
ton work is flrreinralpattfcuTarly1
8aaa.,iiaht.ffnareA soiaatea ar,e.idjejn
!two HP ftep irtjR yxu mfqeTjrt o e r stop
IpageuantheaJbeiftbliatifcCt 123.000
spindles are working on shflettne. and
,140,000 are stopped altogether. In the
,Halingden district 74 000 spindles and
il.lOOt'fooms are' ldla-, llbbert Udall &
Son, merchants, of Manchester, have
failednsTheir liabliaiA:; arc statedJat
t.(l h-tfst1-.q(i fi-v' - "'-inr;iTit HHH"
jthem to suffer with ().ljp.(F1latu4!nce,sU?1,
.when DrBu)V .Babj J&yV up will at once
x f '.if t lirelleveitheai r.Prlce 25 cts.;r :
ai tl S el j ii TL Siiiewi J i a ji tl be I
Kiwing is in i tie .east wnen ne enouia oe
iiTiBe i WestTrjut it seems lliat like Fos
ter, his campaign Also j niutl aecessarily
begin in New YorlrThere were ugly
stories about tlirNiW?irk hard-money
Democrats not auppottiog Ewiag on a'ev
count M hii'advnhoed Rrenbick theP-'
ries These etpries ivtti' wteht s& rar'as
wlhWma tblfIrrTiWiVwfettW'ratfier
that .msn.ofvJlwlng's stantfina'' Qh;, Ihi
fioabcia uepjild succ6e'ipAi
nas oeen provea lunacmus Biaceui
E'ripg'p advontwi NwYrjrkH f MrA-
deaiiiai given bo aaauraace ;that i lie W
heart and soul for the success of -the-DefnotfrWieAicklt
inOaiei -MtW iwas
Wftynd'tfollbltnl fo'r betea9'rn,?'thkr
bis life Was jiroiif bt te 'fa;t tht Dff'had
nver, fajvere.m jMf sftpport pf JftPem-,
iigratie party, ne migui aieiaiis
bfchpiiwftftiJwayaiortlW fluecesa of, the
rjartv.ia .geiWratj lwaav,iai jwidllioeit
Is said, is promised large pew Mary ,&1dV
the Wealiny'DeWoferhtS'-fef NeVT! Trrk
ackhpwleaglntb tet?lhVr,'tll8',,W?-.'
denUal elactiorL next.,vear, thes nustJ
make,ta)8tf .QaeJht in, Ohio a fight that
muBt.-tfia-if ;tutU thi eg be possible
Gen. 'IVnleben, Governor Generalof
iMerrt feustia, has ffeenSjfante$ lea
(iiatireoi wit
of Abseocfl My lalaenl? mi'fconfc
aue$e, jjs 8osi(f,(of (JijJeregM
ihe authorities of Kftff University,
H ides," green,' per pound. ,.l.,!'5.J.V'iUJ','
MoIasseOrteAnayper4 g;anib'...:?..":e5
7s winl ki n-i fi? l
seaili a Zulu parries a shorter
l r.a r ri ah a. HhnrtAP ana arrontfftr
c ts J vii.j l.fla ii3 i ,fr
baitiper barrek.,.iu!a..'iAijflitMj(22i
aoa p j country lUit'i
Wood, er Cdrd?.:t.,i.4?.i.V.?.fH i 'W)
Jiv,r2 U-nCftttW iw fi3a,ijef .quflds'j
Sheep 3a4o pet pouad.. a.gH3.pe. fV Vh.s i. .
pound ros:' ern w j;j j ja tabl
TV)TF;Tn5j3V"'i",";ir",aa vtll .1 ""
! tdltHa sit.fjjui) bus r-R'H viil ,! iiwiw
rtm'naeneVUA? ikU 'a'pVbSnJ
'i'Jtfatiflid f 'MmtnWiratoT 4'fti4?slaa
Oft Jo lisrlle'latvi ofa($oMCoatrt?,4M,
:iTatad this 21 It iay bi Mulp, A W 1 8t k fla
t-dlfs3Ja.Ji,-j . ,b tflAjfcUiUL
J) -la-ll iIlfAD fNOiTICE.' y I.h
'in 9inj!n ril jIti( 1iiwii(d)
NOriCff1.i'-)irrbyTIvfni.;tkal fMUo
l-wi!U,b ,rne(wa4 A 4hA( miiftrf
f,, Monrps i QauntyKaiip,,, fatyejf pmft aesj.
rllsDatcm8avs.5.!Th4 cholera
ade'lft appeaAnce jbnVcHensk.
Ihe terrible epidemic, diphtheria, con
tinues its ravages-iit-Beeearabia, where a
rescript of the Governor is published
;orderinsf'atflvefsa' ffimigalfon WAJthI
d welBdgS-'ana I5lMrig'T tfiepe'ttsanti
Ato-rssiMU)deaW at Bar UaiBolioea a
projM ft!Jfoot )QiiWvU4r
sending a , large selection of German
itnanufaturedqpdssW S.qu'.IAj Aiqarica,
io be displayed in an itinerant exhibi
tion), m arweay srorjDaiif tliepopwa
(Hdtt acquainted l wn.u Vxtrmao maaurai
tures. and thus secure a fresh market for
IlsTtnAimft'ttatthe1 fceelfh of
membrs OOhe OrJejins -fapily, at p
ney4,nSceivto. b helnex Sfvtu
aay, fs intendea to discuss the course Co
be taken by them in vie,w ,,of!(.the m
proveraent of their prospects in conse
quence of the split (likely t ocita anofig
tliei Bonapalisfe bicausa bf Jlii luhpo'p
ularity of Prince Jerome Bonaparte.
The Pilffrtm's Pill.1 U a .
aau U Pli1ai4iMaiarr4Kf
July 17-Flonr 5 25a6 00. WRIA
".al,!.m9rtfii p-H twsl
Hnj 54r; rCwfi4.8&4Ae?i iOfctBj8843J
Rftot'Stf1 ,a-is i Trto Jwt
temoer, 1879. pravine for ihn eUMishmm t
rtr''at',tb'iaVthrT0fniit of tWiHfcmlr,
oontinnation of the Uaho
Uhlihs4 Mftat tdesvWSes .
iii(a,rM58;heB6,tt(r(pub, Uu4 f, (JUc i
.t-.ifiiff TTo.l Jfmnotii T'i rim J7m
a Jury 17 Ftou-Ka'25a5t0?.t Wiwat
88stl Oorh '38yf OatflSSaiSrfj
Ry StJcfBirlW""' ,.JT:,a"41"
Rye-54n0ai.BJev.Vf w ::kn)
IN will be pres4tftVloAbe Commiasioneri
Ipf.Moawe oBntpht thelt toa
187,9 pravlns.for lh, stabliahmeot of a
tne point wuere me roaa, vacnea on invipf.
)aoQf 3sepVeatolnt nathrViter-
seett the road estabUskva en. ttiealnTpr-i
Indianapolis. July 17 Hoga
quietlfiJ 70(3 W xrn
1 ...BI."! lTf
East Llbei-iyAPnn.jIyj?
j c
Cuttle. Beat A.7dl4.WS Jairtp gpotf ,
.tJLBl aaningron.x-osi.i j aig OV,; curamwu, 3V"Jy ,,4 '
i m a n t.;pr nui mr i;it zpn r osier, tni ; j.notT-?i.nrarj "jt . uumw,
thence through tlio Ian a til eal4 HamUtop
on or nearthii line of .the. old roadlVbeno
thSVtWaridf St ttohtiWrWaiMU.
gUt'tud ' Mr. tflTronV-stitfodilirfrrfe.',(ii8tl4Jf
at thi point o fchkht thl!Jo4 fas vaca
ted, and to interseot the old roadattJut
vMntll Jnt4 slaor to,rfew iadr,,itb5iia a
ooiiB ! Lraad, WojiDfe VBo,tioohr?ffAJV
point jWAftf&i)
the lands of (Ihriatlln
present Malaga real i?"tn6 'reafprfoflol.
f.ffJQnH4,'7'Wt .do U i'w 'V1
noi.i.jM f io t)T 4VH1 aril va(xi!
s vwllcwbtrthegulpa H ip.wo.an4 pfiads
with' frtuwAit Wt. J. (Jhandler.to induce
Cwkiing-' or8onMu4UidrA'Grant gun -of
imposing caliber to go out t" Ohio and
try to fiWlhTh.'5 TheGraiit mon or'h'.a
Rtaie are sWkv'dr lndifferect?Tne don".
feelrn'adjfphlp jaoom "tnaT'aims' at
t ie, flefeaV of "their' idol.Cr.Uolcsa,Alr.
Conkling or some other great deader of
the stilwait twill step in there iauio.hcpe
for Citizen Foster. Hence this humilia
ting appeafforl Stalwart. Belit
( "wFor" rteryeara-'tojrwffe' wos conffnefl
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