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The spirit of democracy. [volume] (Woodsfield, Ohio) 1844-1994, August 12, 1884, Image 1

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VI 1 Y 11 V r 7 L' l A- V 7 '
lamtlg Itctospapergtbotcb to Ditties, Jfomgn anb gomcstk i$hntott, rts anl Sciences, (ideation, ' griraltarc, Parktts, Amusements Ar
. 6JTOFFICE West Side of Main Street, two
Coon North of the Public square.
...J.fc. TERMS:
On copy, one year, : :
Owe oopy, six months, t
One eopy'throe months, " " "
tl GO
t 60
; 5
maple copy. : s . :
Outside ot Monro
County.', after
8ertember 1st, 1882, postage paid
' b tha Publisher S3 In advance.
ctSTBiibicripuu! be oouiw.enoe4.st any
Advertising Rates '
On square, one ,r -
oh subsequent insertion Tot ava weeks,
One square, two-onta, - ;- .
One square, threw months
One qre, six month.
Cane tame, one jew, i r f w
tue eightji column, oue'taonth, 6 00
One elgktk toVnmn. three nonthsi 10 00
Im eighth eolnmn, six months, . . 15. 00
One eighth column, one year, 20.40
bnTfoth Jblttmh, oi1nontKj f I 1 50
ttae tenrthotamk tire motha; 15 00
Owe tnwrth column, aix-ahonths, sO 00
One fourth eolnmn. one year, SO 00
tim-tltoel, ore wmthtTf ' Itt-Oft
"One half eolnmn. three months,' 80 00
One half eolnmn, six months, , 30 00
. One half oolama. oue year, 50 00
' One eolnmn, one week, 10 00
(One eolnmn, one-month, p-w r-; f f 15 00
Pne eolnmn, three months, ' 80 00
One oolnma, six months, a 45 00
One oelnmn, one year, s ' r J" 0 00
' vJ5fLegal advertisements charged at the rate
of one dollar per square for first insertion, and
fifty eents for eaoh subsequent insertion.
Administrator's or Executor's. Attachment
and Beat Wo'tfosa, ffW. r
Local (Nettoes, per' line, first insertion, 10
eents, and fir cents per line for each additional
. week. l
.WILLIAM r. 0(11
- 2iotai Publie. -
mil praotio In Uonroe and adeinlag wan
Ilea. Oflloe tenth of FnbHo8qnre,lermely
eoapted by HoUlster Jk Okey . mehl4.'88.
(orviot oth imiiirt aroaa.)
Woodsfleld, O.
Attorney it Law& Notary Public,
; Not., 11, 7 -It..
3 W- HAimLTOTSr,
Auornej at Law & Notary Public,
(Offloe over rope ft Castle's Drug Store.)
Woodsfleld, Ohio.
Will praetloe In Monro? and other oounties.
! Janl7,'82.
James W atson,
Jan3l.8t "
I'fflce ip stairs la tfco Court Hons.)
,mr uiw, .....
..;....... S. OBKWS
i m.Att ruej,:
,Aud Claim Agents.
Ui."iW06bSFIRtliHl0.,H .-4
Cttice Op stairs in Court Hotae."
w. w. aoaraa
Hnia.r Pnblie
Orws Bouthwest erect. PwWAo 8o,uare
AWIQ nractloo In kftfnroe, and adjoining
mwias.V4 apr28.'t4T.
.T . . ....
AT ""
irntTBAji "T -JB DEPOT, ;
W ew4sme
Extra UdacemuU to eastotttrt In the- way f
and as cheap as the ohoapest,
Wardrobes CoalraV Taoles Bu-'-
jeans, 5Cd!teafls, Looking
Glasses, Hu. .acks, Picture
V v. Frames,
And orerythlni else in the Fnrntture Line
Pictures Framed to Order
Promp'ly and carefally attemhid to All
' vinAa af nndertakina floods always on hand.
nnii(stta of Cjfflns. Caskets. Shmuts and
Barial Robes of aU sIms, decl78: ,
Dll, B, DEOIE.
Omoe In the Armstrong property.
D r ... J . WAY,
Physician. ' and Burgeon,
LM COVE. Watkinqton Tv. Monroe
County, Ohio.'
All calls promptly attended to, during the
day or night. fb23,'69.
tlALPWBliIOllIO. ,
Visits Woodsfleld Hcirularly. I guar'
antee better work and nse better materials
than any Dentiat In the eonnty, aprlS84
I. P. FARQCUAR, 91. D,
: (Formerly of ZanetTille, Ohio,)
Physician : and Surgeon,
Offioa and resldene in the Walton property.
HaTing looated at the above place, offers hi
Professional aeiTioea, where , he 'hopes by
elose attention lo tutuei' to-petit, pnlllc
11..; V '
vouuueoun inn skiuuBg j
.... ChroniO -Diseases reoeivo tpectsl
Ohio Fanners Fire Insurance. L'om
:-. s' : .
Insures nothing bat Farm vroperty. Sates
lowerthan those of any other Company doing
business in this count.
Assets, ; : : $1,187,236 03
411 tLosses promptly paid.
- : BeallBTllle, OWo,
noTl2,'7l. Agent for Honrot County.
iewMl n 1 n ery
. Keeps const ntly on hand
which are offered at prioes to Hit the times
All work enttasted to my care will be
promptly done. Please ealt and nxamino
Goods and learn prices.
. Mas. a. J. cbAKK..
sept'4,'80. Woodsfleld. Ohio. .
Fine Art Marble Works,
JOAN M. EBERLE, Proprietor.
Mlltonsbxirg, O.
Of all .kinds. Also manufacturer of Monu
moetta, Tombstones, to.( of beta .. r
Italian and AmericanMarblc,
wklob be, will sell a prioes that .
Belliuc Oranite is no experiment with me
ILin Kun handliMr It 10 exteOlivelT this
Mason? and competition so serore, that . tl
was necessary to make
Special Arrangements
for selling It Parties buying of me or 01
m' agent, SIMON' DOES, "Woods
fleldOhio. can secure work ZaorSU per
ceaVheapef than flsewhere.
Deslsr.s and Estimates Fnrnlshcd
on application. Mr." Bberle is tk builder of
the Soldier and Sailors' Monument at Bell
aire, Ohio. au5l.'8ST.
. How Watch Cases eat Made.
A plate of boud gold 142-10 karats
fine is soldered on each sideof a plate of
hard nickel composition metal, and the
three are then passed between- polished
steel rollers." From this plate the various
parts of the cases back, centers, bezela,etc.
axe cut and shaped by dies and formers.
The gold is thick enough to admit of all
kinds of chasing, engraving, and engine
turning. The composition metal gives it
needed strength, ttijfnai and toUd tfy, while
the written guarantee of the manufacturers'
warranting each case to wear twenty years
proves that it contains all the gold that
an possibly bo needed. This guarantee"
is given from octeoZ rendu, as many of
these cases have been worn perfectly smooth
by years of use without wearing through
the gold. XttnuQtrx, UDee.14, lBSOi '
I hsTeond eoeof your ttxsxm Bkw Gold Watch
Oaaca for aercnteen rem. I boagM it Meond-hand
atod know of 1U baTlns been naed before I gat H,
bnt do not too w bow long-. It kxftagood for tea
yean longer. Did not suspect it was a filled case
nntU ao informed by a Jeweler a abaci time tinea.
I mo cheerfully recommend your aeea to be aO
(aey an npreMuted to be, and maae.
a HoCaian, iv- a. u. am. udu. am
S4 S art .U I.Trtm WM Cm. FkUcIm, nilai
i it,.r. ,iir a..ii..i v r"'" ' '"f
- aW tmi Itjrt WMck Cm an
(JkUContiMiit.) S
Bend Sir eents for
.postage, and receive
free, a costly box of
(goods which will help
all, of either sex, to more money right awsy
tban anything else in this world. Fortunes
await tha workers absolutely sure, at once
address T&oa & Co aagusta, Maine. 41-8r.
List of Premiums
Tuesday, "Wednesday
'liuirsaay Ac lnaay,
August so, &
SO, 1884.
Pretident- I. i. FABQUHAE.. -Fice
PtuidentJ. M. EBEBLI.
Trecftwrer W. C. Moon it.
Secretary- G BO. P. DORR
, Jlarthal -Is aa.0 Hoqci,
AiritL Manhal.
, Director. Edwabo Okbt, Mathbw
Moobe, I. P. Faequhab, O. W. Ham
ilton, John StoihbJohit M. Eb-
MooNir, 18AA0 HoauK, Daniel Ueck-
KB, -
Rules and Keifttlatlons.
1. Any person can become a member
f the Societj upon the payment of One
Dollar. Members are entitled to admission
durins the Fair, and shall be entitled to
vote at the Annual Election for officers of
said Society.
All articles and animals for competi
don must be placed in their proper po
sitions by Tuesday evening, August
26th, otherwise they will be positively
excluded from competition. TheBard
will strictly adhere to the above rule
or the purpose of giving a full pro
eremme ot zeroises on toe Zitn ot
Angus'. Entries must specify the
owners name, and the name, see, sex
od description of the animal offered
Age of Horse to date from the first of
January of the year foaled.
Z. No animal to be entered in the
name of any other than .the bona fide
owner. Matched horses ma t be owned
by an individual exhibitor, or business
firm. Should any be otherwise entered,
they' will forfeit to the 8ooiety any pre
mium awarded bl the Judges. Premi
ums will be paid en all kinds of stock,
Mechanic Arts, Farming, Dairy pro
ducts, Painting. Needle Work or other
fancy work. Also upon School Work
in common schools.
3. An animal entered for exhibition
in one class cannot compete for a premi
um in any other, except in Trotters,
Sweepstakes and id Rule 4
4. A single animal may be exhibited
as pne of a pair or head. The Society will
pay premiums on all aoima's and arti
cles for which it offers premiums in the
subjoined premium list and non residents
of Monroe County may compete on an
equal footing with a resident of said
5. Eaoh horse shall be exhibited to
the sitisfaotion of the awarding com
mittee. 6. Exhibitors are required to have
their articles entered on the books at
the Secretary's office before they aie
placed within the enolosure.
7. Exhibitors must see to the delivery
of their articles upon the grounds and to
the Superintendent of the appropriate
8. Persons exhibiting thoroughbred
animals wi.l be required to furnish a pedi
gree of the animals to be exhibited, to tne
Secretary, at the time of making the en
try, and a duplicate to the member of
the Board in charge when the animals
are exhibited to the Committee. For
the convenience of exhibitors reference
may be made to the Herd or Stud Book,
instead of giving the full written pedi
9. Evidence will be required that the
animals exhibited as Breeders are not
larren. and no award shall be made
where there is unsoundness in breeding
animals, if there is any question about
its tranBmissibirity.
10. No person other than the Judges
will be permitted to go into the ring
where the stock is exhibited, except
the officers of the Board or the Superin
11. No stock will be allowed, to enter.
the ring unless under haulter,and in care
of a groom.
12. Horses,-Cattle, and Sheep wijl be
exhibited in the ring prepared for the
purpose, and the premium ribbons or
cards attached by the Judges , before
leaving the enclosure.' First - Premium
Red. Second Premium Blue,
13. No animals or articles shall be re
moved before the close of the exhibition
without the permission of the member
of the Board in charge of the depart
ment in which the article is.exhibi'ed.
Every exhibitor will be required to have
his articles on the grounds by lues
day eveningand if delayed beyond that
ime, they cannot: without the content of
the Board, come in competition for premi
34. The Board will 'lake every pre
caution in its power for tha safe preser
vation of stock and articles on exhibi
tion, after their arrival and arrangement
upon the grounds, but . will not be re
sponsible for any los6 or damage that
msy occur. Exhibitors are desired to
give attention to their articles, and at
the close of the Fair to attend to tbeir
removal. .
IS. If any disrespeot is shown to the
award, or to the Awarding Committee,
by the exhibitor or his agent, he shall
forfeit all the awards made to bim. and
the member, in charge shall report the
same to the Board at its first subsequent
19, Premiums in Horse faxcept
speed), 'Cattle, Sheep and Swine De-
par monts, or in any class wncre a seo
ond premium is offered will be awarded
. . .... Al .
only in accordance wnn tee following
regulation: No first premium, uulejs
there be two or more exhibt ore com
oetiog or in any class where 1st and 2d
premiums offered.
Exhibitors in the live stock depart
ments will be required to display over
each stall or pen occupied by tbeir stock
a placard containing the name, age, and
breed of the animal occupying the stall
or pen, also the name and postoffice ad
dress of the owner.
Arrangements have been made with a
responsible party to furnish oats and
corn on the grounds at market prices, in
quantities to suit purchasers. :"
. r -,.-11 J
jo Awarcung uoramuiee snau awaru
any discretionary premiums. Whenever
articles of superior merit are exhibitea,
for which no premiums have been offered
the Awarding Committee miy enter the
same in the book of awards: so that the
Secretary may report the same iohe
Board for further action. i
' Awarding Committees must not attach
premium cards to articles tor wuicl no
premiums are offered. AwardjogJlQsiJ
mittee may attach commended cards td
such articles as in their judgmenr de
serve commendation, and make an entry
of the same in the book.
Exhibitors will confer a great favor on
he office! s of he Society by making
their entries before the opening of the
Fair; for this purpose the. books of the
Society will be open for one week pre
vious to the Fair. It is hoped that all
will avail themselves of ihis opportunity,
as the time for making entries on the first
day of the Fair is limited,
Persons making entries will be requir
ed to pay to 'he Secre'ary, on all articles
and stock entered for exhibi ion, an en
trance fee equal to ten per cent of the
premium for which the entry is made
Provided however, no entrance fee will
be charged for entries for premiums uo
der 11.00. ..
' The necessary expenses of the Fair
will be paid first, and should there not be
sufficient funds to pay the premiums in
full they will be paid pro rata of the
Premiums -will be paid by the
Treasurer,only on the order of the Presi
dent and Secretary, and will be deliv
ered, oa application, 10 days after
the Fair. These orders must be en
dorsed by the party to whom they are
made payable; All premiums awarded
must be claimed prior to the 1st day of
January, 1885, or they will be deemed
forfeited to the Society. . .
No person will be allowed in the
horse riog.during the exhibition of stock,
except the Judges, exhibitor and the
necessary atendan i. If any objection
is made o any of the Judges, it must
be done in wri ing, addressed to the
President.8 ating reasons, which he alone
shall decide upon.
Vacancies in Committees, in the
field, will be filled by the officers in
charge of the Department, except racing
which will be filled by the President; in
the Floral Hall by the Vice President.
AU grooms and attendants on stock
will be required to pay the regular ad
mission fees at the gate.
A well regulated oolice force will
be in attendance to enforce the rules of
the Society, and will be under the charge
of the rresident.
For two horse carriage, 25c eaoh day:
one horse carriage, each day, 25c; for
each person, whether in carriage, on
horse or foot, eaoh day, zoo: children un
der 12yeaisof age, I5c; children under
5 years of age free.
Urand Siand 10 o's., children under 12
years of age 5 cents., children under 5
years of age free.
Order ot Exhibition for Examina
tion by Awarding1 Committee in
tue fdorse Department.
There will be no exhibition for premiums
in the Hone Department on Tuesday, August
26. Eaoh day's exhibition in the Horse De
partment will begin at 9 o'cloo a. m , and
continue in the order named.
9 o'clock Draft stallions.
9:10 Draft horse or mare.
10 Afatoh horses or mares for light har
ness. 10:30 Single harness.
11 Saddle horse or mare.
11:30 Stallion of any age, with two or
more o( his oolis.
1:30 r m Pacing 4 years and nuder.
St County trot go as you please.
S County pace or trot, 3 years old, go as
you please. '
9 o'clock 3tallion over 4 years old.
9:30 Bullion over 3 years old and under
4 years.
10 Stallion over S years old and under 3
' 10:30 Stallion over 1 year old and under
5 years.
11 Gelding over 4 years old.
1:30 folding over 3 years and under 4
1:30 p. m Sweepstakes trot.
2 Double team.
3 County pace, go as you please.
3:30 Stallion raoe.
9 o'oloek Gelding xover 2 and under 3
year old
9:30 Gelding over 1 and under S years
old. . .
10 Mare over "4 years old. -'
10:30 Mare over 3 years eld and mare
over 2 years old.' '
11 30 Booking eolt.
1:30 p. h.. Sweepstake pace or racking. -
2 Running raoe,
3 Trot 4 years and under.
Cattle, sheep a.il hogs will be exhibited
in pens eaoh day of the Kair ,
CLASS A Contests or Speed.
Fastest trotting horte, mare or gelding (in
harness) free for all pirso ....$!&
Firat horse 100
Seoond horse 1.. . ... ..... 30
Third horse .'. 20
Beat 3 in 5, 3 rounds to the heat; fi to an.
ter and 3 to start in all oontesti of speed.
exeept otherwise provided.
Committee Jere Witten, James P Mann,
H B West, D D Bonar, Henry Brown.
Fastest naoina or raoklaa horse, mare or
eelalne. to ko under saddle or in harness
First horse 10U
&eoond horse. 30
Third horse "
Committee John W Doherty, V G Hughes,
Dr G W Stewart, Wm 6mith, Wm C Mooaey.
Fastest double team owned by oue person or
firm, pone $30
First team $15, seoond $10; thirl $5.
Best 3 in S, 5 to enter and 3 to start.
Committee O W Mason, J W Webber,
Read Williams, John B Reed, John 8rner. ,
County trot, go as you please, purse.... $30
First horse SIS. second $10, third S3.
Best 3 in 6, 6 to enter and 3 to start.
Committee Clark-on Mann, Wm H Booth,
Geo M Kerr, Adalbert ones, Henry Brown.
County paoe, go as vou please, purse... .$30
First horse 315. seoond 310 third 95.
Best 3 In ft, 5 to enter and 3 to start.
No horse entered for a higher premium to
be eligible.
Committee Dr L Stewart, Fr.li KkI,
Henry Maury, St Clair AT win, t T Daugherty
Pacing, 4 years or under, purse. ........ $15
First horse S8, seoond $4, third 33.
Best 3 lu , 5 to enter and 3 to start.
; Committee W 8 Way, Barn a Deaithehn
Stout, John Baker, J as b SmltH. . ;.
YVvj : v-vaoTv vbabs pa oraBa," ',.jf
Trotting, 4 years or under, purse.. .....,$15
First horse $8, seoond $4, third $3.
Best 3 in 6, 6 to enter and 3 to start.
Committee Wm Foreaker, Christian Lude,
C L Eberle, Wilson Hogue, Peter Lemley.
Paee or trot, go as you please, purse .... .$30
First horse $15. seoond $10, third $5
Committee B B West, John W Doherty,
Friti Keel, Sere Witten, O Garden.
Paoe or trot, go as you please, purse.... $15
First horse $8, Seoond 4, third $3.
Committee, Louis Smith, Frank Williams.
D W Dougherty, Hugh Crawford, August
Purse $75; first horse $50, second $25.
Best 3 in 5, 4 to enter and 3 to start.
Committee, W P King, Wm Smith, John M
Hall, O F Little, Isaac N Daugherty.
(tTTen Pr 0001 ' th total premiums In
eaoh race will be charged on all. entries. The
term pacing, wherever used, shall include
racking. Five must enter and three start to.
warrant payment of premiums, except where
otherwise provided. Entries In this class
must be made before 6 o'oloek on or before
the day preceding the race. The Board re
serves the right to make suoh other terms
and condition in regard to the foregoing
races as it may deem expedient.
Draft stallion . .'.V. . . $10
Draft horse or mare...'...;..... .. 5
Best pair matched horses or mares
for light harness, owned by one
person or firm.......... ........ 7
Single harness.............. fi
Saddle horse or mare 5
Committee, Mites Mallett, Geo Hines, Jas.
P Afann, A G Hughes. William Smith.) '
. CLASS C.v ,
Stallions for all purposes
Best stallion of any age with to or
. more of hlsoolts.. ..............10
Best stallion over 4 years old. ...... 7
Oover 3 and under 4 vear .... ...... 5
Over 2 and nader 3 years. ..4
Over 1 and under 2 years 2
Committee, Abram Mann, William Fowler,
Henry Af titer, Wm Mann, Daniel Daugherty.
Geldings for all purposes
Best geldiug over 4 years old
Over S and under 4 years ..........5
Over 8 and under 3 years ......4
Overl and under 2 years..... 2
, Mares for all purpotes.
Best mare over 4 years eld 5
Over 3 years old .. 5
Over 2 years old ...........4
Over 1 year old 3
Best mare and oolt by her aide .5
best sockina- oolt ' 3
Committ-e, Geo Sohuataiher, John Brister,
Frank Williams. Mack Gardner, Thos B Day.
CL ASS . D Mules and Jacks.
Best Jack of any age ...5
best jenny ot any age..... 5
best pair draft mules. .5
best mule eolt 2
Committee, Barna Dearth. David Starkey
David Wtlhelm, Wm C Mann, Wm Way.
CLASS K Cattle Department,
Short Horn Durham Pure Blood.
Best bull 3 years old and over 8
do 2 do fi
do 1 do .... .2
do oalf 2
best oow 3 years old and ovot i
b-st heifer 2 do . ......4
best heifer 1 do .... 3
best heifer oalf. . '. .3
Devon Pure Blood.
Best bull 8 years old and ovsr. .... 6
do 2. do
do 1 do 1 .......3
do ' oalf 2
best oow 3 years old andovjr 8
heifer t do
heifer 1 do ..3
heifer calf....
Oxen and Cattle.
Beet yoke of oxen over 4 years ..4
do 3 years ..a
do 1 year ..2
best fat steer ....a
best fat oo -3
best fat heifer.. ....3
All Grades
Best bull 3 years old and over...... S
do 2 do
do I do 3
best bull calf S
best cow 3 years old and over. fi
best heifer 2 years old 3
best heifer 1 year old .
best heifer calf ..2
Committee, Miles Mallett, Geo Cunghan,
Geo Hines, Wm Sloan, Fred Ketterer.
HoUleins and Jerteyt.
best bull 3 years old and over ....... 8
do 2 ao .. ......
do 1 do .......3
do ' ealf ...S
best cow 3 years old and over .6
boiler-do .
heifer ; 1 do . ...... 3
heifer oalf
Committee, Jesse A Kisar, John R
John More, Geo M Kerr, J C Toho.
CLASS F Sheep Dbpartment.
American Merino Thoroughbred.-
Best ram over years old witn s or
his lambs
best ram between I and 2 years 5
do - lamb ....4
best peu 3 ewes over 2 years old 8
do , I yoaroia a
do owe lambs..... 9
Merino Grades.
Best ram 2 years old and over with 3
of bis lambs .........'....6
best ram under 2 years old. .... ....fi
d lamb 8
best pen 3 owes 2 years and over.... S
do I do . ...S
best pen 3 ewe lambs 4
Black Top American Me'inos
Best ram 2 years old and over with 3
of his lambs .........6
best ram under 2 years old S
do lamb .9
best pen 3 ewes over 2 year old ...5
do 1 tear old.... 5
best pen 3 ewe lambs 4
Committee, Wm Lopsr, John N Temlinson,
Bbeneier Taylor, johu B Eeed Garrison
Long WoolSheep Including L 'iceslers,
., L"tcolna and Cottiwolds . .
Best ram 2 years old and. over. 5 ' . 2
do under 3 years old,.... S....2
best pen 3 ewes 2 years eld and over.fi 2
do under 2 years...... 5 2
best ram jamb... 4 t
best pen 4 lambs..... fi 2
Middle Wools Including Ox orldowns
Soa:bd'wn4 an 1 Siiropesniredowna
Best ram t years old and over.. ....5
do under 1 years old..... ..,.5
do lamb ...... ........... ..fi
best pen 3 ewes over 2 yeais'old....fi
do ewe lamb 4
Fat Sheep not entered'in any other Class
Best pen 3 fat she-p ..... ........ 5 ' t
best single fal sheep ' i. .3 ' 2
Committee, B m Leptr, J P DnvalL G W
Buchanan, Albert Craning, Wm Sloan.
CLASS O Sww Department.
Best boar 1 year old and ovorr-. .v. $3
do - under I year old.... a .
best sow over, 1 year old ...... jfi.
do under 1 year old.... .4
best Utter of plgi, not less than S In
number nor more titan 4 mos old.. 6
pair pigs not over 6 mouths old..... 5
Berkshire Pure Blood.
Best boar 1 year old and ever. ......6
do under 1 year old .........4
best sow over 1 year old ...... .....5
do under 1 year old 4
best litter of pigs not less than fi In
number nor more than 4 mos old.. 4
best pair pigs not over $ moutns old. 4
Poland China Pure Blood.
Best boar over 1 year old. ....6
do ander 1 year old .....S
best sow over t year old...... 9
do under I year old 4
best litter of pigs not less than fi in
number nor more than 4 mos old.. 4
best pair pigs not over 6 months old .4
Committee, Isaao Pryor, George Mellot,
Samuel Gilmore, D L Brown, Fred Cetterer.
CLASS H Pooltbt.
Best pair ebiokens each variety. ...$1
beat pair Guineas 1
best pair turkeys 1
best pair geese...... ............. 1
best palrducki 1
greatest and best display of poultry
owned by exhibitor. .3. ........ .Diploma
Committee, W G Wright, Charley Burgba-
eher, N J Israel.
' CLISS I FARmna Implements. '
Best plow for general purposes $2. ' Should
- the 00 m mittee deem it neoessar the mer
its of the plow will bo decided by trial 1 :
hill BHleplew ..............$l
double shovel plow... ....... ......... 1
threshing machine and cleaner..., 3
two horse harrow SOo
farm gate........... $1
roller. . " .'. .'. .800
horse hay rako....... .... ......... ..60c
fanning mill; 60s
straw andhaveutter 50o
display of garden Implements, fi or more
kinds, owned by exhibitor..... SOo
spring wagon manufactured iu eounty ...$3
mattock made In oounty BOo
as do ,.50o
plow do 60e
eorn cultivator. 50o
wheat drill... $1
reaping mxchlne .....SOo
mowing machine
horse hay elevator. ........ ...... ..... 1
corn sheller..., .1
wheelbarrow SOe
pump or other machinery lor raising water, $1
I dot hand rakes manufactured in oounty, 1
sugar evaporator 60 j
oaue crusher.... .'..$1
wagon ................. I
two horse carriage ..... .............. 1
one horse earaiage. ........ ............ 1
oorn ani cob mill. t
grain cradle ..... SOo
ox yoke and bows ...fiOo
Sewing maoeino Diploma
Committee,Ja Cooper, John Moore,Andrew
M Crawford, T J Grifll h, A J Warner.
CLVSS J Miscellaneous Manufac
tures. Best carriage harness e...$l
saddle 1
side saddle . I
bridle and martingale. .......... ......SOo
side sole leather 8 l0o
pair men's coarse boots.... SOo
pair men's oalf boots. 803
ladies shoes 5
best bunch woolen yam, not less than 9
pounds SOo
tarn harrala. ttsht WOrk $1
! fl.in, htrml 1
display of tin and oopper ware, to consist of
tin buckMt, oopper seme, in pan, nn
tea kettle, manufactured by exhibitor ' 8
oooking stove SOo
rlfl gnu . r fi
secretary &Oo
panel do r 'Oo
window sash . . 50a
bur au $2
bedstead I
oenter table 1
set chairs " 1
largest dlsp'ay of furniture 8
best and most fljur mate front 1 00 pounds
of wheat ' 7 . . a
marble work 9
wason whin 25o
d a brooms manufactured in oounty So
fir brash, pea fowl ferthers .' 25o
oorn and potato basket 250
Committee, S B Luly, Stephen Ford, W
Armstrong, Henry Mingle, G W Brans.
CLASS K Floral Hall.
Boat woolen carpet, rag oarpet, pair double
mmleU. SI eaoh: sinirle eoverlet. log Cabin
quilt, bed quilt made within the year, bed
auilt not mado within the year it; pair home
made blankets.' $1. bed spread,- homemade
counterpane, homemade linen sheets, home
wrought rug, Soo eaoh 5 yards linen, piece
jeans not lo.-s than 5 yards, piece cabinet not
Iftu than 5 Tarda. SOo each; linen table o oth.
best made coat. 50c enoh; pair lamp mats, door
mat. pair woolen knit stocking, pair cotton
knit stoekinga, woolen knit mittens, pair socks.
20 eaoh. .
Committee Dr. Lewis Diehl, Mrs. Richard
Greenbaak. Mrs. John Muore. . Mrs Thomas
MoBreoin, Mrs. Peter Dotr, Mrs. Mattie Bus
klik. t - -
CLASS L Florar Hall.
Best bonnet in style and making, hat style
and matin, straw bonnenc taken from nela.
assortment millinery work made drese, shirt.
skirt, specimen leather work, worsted em.
broidery, silk, 59o each; bead work, worsted
embroidery on masliu, collar, orotohet work.
Ottoman oover, table oover, specimen wax
work, worsted work, fanoy hair work, switch.
curls, shell work, velvet hat, silk hat. head
lress, . toilet cushion, embrovlernd . slippers.
Dicture. knit tidy, toilet mat. embroidered
pocket handkerchief, embroi tared collar, lady's
andersleevea, cnentne worn, nrnaoiai
oiirar ewe, waton case, oara oase, nangmg
basket, bended nurse, cnair eusuion. pin omn
ion, pillow slip, wreath, sard receiver, night
dress, stand oover, beaded purse, linen lace.
cake cover.-knit scirf. watoh guard, sham
sheet, worsted ehair oushion. feather laoe.
bolster slip, th.-ead lace, woolen laoe, damet
laoe, crochet lace, crochet stool cover, e-oortec
e iff, orochet matts. crochet sack, oorab case,
bruh oase, letter oase, paper holder, collection
of (Mrds. wax fi iwera. 2 m e.toh.
Committee-0.. L. Eborle. Mr. Jas. O
Giiohnll. Mrs. Georjre Wiloo'x Mrs. Henry
Menkle. Mr. J. M. Eberle, Miia. Luoetta
CLASS M Floral Hall.
B-st oil ptinting, water oolof painting,
specimen orayou, drawing, penmanship, pho
totrragh, ferreotype, chromo, steel engraving
statuette,1 be4 banting basket, eorn work
Diotare name, snell work moture frame. OTIC
work picture frame, mahogany pioture frame.
braoxetd, rnsuo nower stand, shells, zoo each.
Committee Louis Stoehr. Mrs. L P. Oblin-
srer, Mrs. Dtvid Steel,. Mrs Gearge Haren,
Miss H.ttie DiehL Mis Ida Smith. .
CLASS N-Floral Hall.
Best display greenhouse plants, 91; ar
ranged bouquet, arranged basket fi iwers.
greatest variety of roses, greatest variety of
dahlias, display heliotropse, salvias, oollas,
balsams, German and China asters, annual
phlox. varieties, .panties,' Chinese prim
rotes, fusonias 3 varieties, geraniums, sweet
geranium, silver leaf geranium, Asa Gray
geranium, rose geranium, autpureno geraui
urn, happy tnoogut geranium, new lire ge
ranium walnut geraolum, white perfection
geranium, Qaeen-of ' the : West geranium,
General Sheridan , geranium, too plant.
parlor Ivy, Jerusalem cherry tree, Kent. I
f (T I i'J, IWJOTliaS thhuh, jeroraew,
smjtax. Jantana, veMeererbenas. peta
nleioactga, . eameiias, best vW ftwers,
out Aowar; -wvortttung llowers, fern basket
bachelor's button, 25o eaoh.
" Committee.' John R Martin, Mrs J J Rob
erts, Mrs Wm Loper, Mrs J Hill, Miss Mattie
Okey, Mrs T N Morris.
; CLASS O Floral Hall.
Best preserved peaches, quinces, cherries,
plums, tomatoes, grapes, pears, nuokieber
rle, raspberries, blackberries, apples, water
melons, citrons strawberries, maskmrions,
ooseberriei, currants, mulberries, erab ap
pies, raisins, dewberries; currant lam, otaoa-
berry, raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry,
cherry, quince, cranberry, tame grape, plum,
peach, dewberry, apple, maple, sorgnum mo.
lasses; quiose, apple, currant, strawbkrry,
plum, tame grape, Siberian orapapple, black.
berry, cranberry, huckleberry, dewberry,
mulberry, cherry,' toma'o, raspberry, peach,
pear, rhubarb Jelly, xao eaou.
Committee, A J Pearson, Mn Ella Bberle,
Mrs Dr Lewis DlehL Miss Luoinda Menkel
Mrs J N Afartiu, Mrs J Keyser.
CLASS P Floral Hall.
Peach, apple, quince, plum, cherry, pear,
tomato, blackberry, cranberry butter; eauned
oorn, cherries, strawberries quinces, oorn and
tomatoes, tomatoes, blackberries, raspberries,
peaches, pears, plumt.apples; tomato catsup
cuoumber eatsup;pickled oucumbers.cabbage,
ehow ohow. variety Jar, spiced cabbage, ptor
led beans, spiced watermelon, peaohes, toma
toes. 25o eaoh.
Committee. R W Armstrong Mrs John
Gramlioh. Mrs Henry Bender, Mrs Dr, J
Webber, Miss Minnie Baker. Mrs M O West.
CLASS Q Floral Hall.
Best mountain, silver, gold, pound, trutt
iellr. lemon eake, rusks, loaf homemade
bread veast rising, with reoeipt for making,
6 loaves baker's bread, loal homatmade brsad,
salt rising, with reoeipt for making, tie each
8wtUer cheese made In oounty, ' $ $1
Ltmbargsr do ' ''2
dlsnlav not less than 3 8 -
blackberry, oarraut, elderberry wine, eaoh
variety grape wine, any other domestto wine,
25j eaoh, 4 pounds butter ajo; t nam) meat
box of honey, t pounds maple sugar. Jar
lard, peck dried apples, pok dried peaches,
gillon dried oorn.tomatees. raspberries.blaok
berries. Lima beans, butter beane.eorn beans,
sweet potatoes, pears, peach leather, peas,
Plums, watermelon, grape, rhubaib, older
berries, callon each of other dried fruits
25e each. -
Committee. David Crawford, Laura Tau
ner. C Okev. Josephine Crew, Maria Ullman
Jennie Hogne.
Best 4 varieties antntn apples, 4 va
rieties sweet apples, 4 varieties for fam
ilv use, 4 varie I tor market, 91 escn
largest and be it display of apples gro
hv exhibitor, nomher of varieties and
quality considered. $1, plate 5 R'lmont
5 Bin Difii. 5 BentUy Swet,5 Falla
watrr. 5 Gil nes Golden. 5 Hiibnardia
Nonesuch, 5 Greening, 5 Russets,
Rnmanites, S Rome Baa'y. 5 Boxhur
Ratset 5 Smith Cider. 5 Winter Pear
rnaia, 5 N rthera S;y. h Fall Pipi-ins,
Siberian crab a':ples, Railev Sweet, Bald
In. Neer Fail. Vandever. Maule
B usb. Gi lifl wer, Bimbo, Bailtltwer
Red Ruset, Woods Winter Sweet, Plate
A o pies, Penio, Golden Pippin. Baltimore.
Cider Sprie, July Sweet, bigar jjta
Russian Fall, PoughKipsie ti asset, zoc
each. .
B st olate ot peache. one fariety.olat
Craw lord's Early, pla e C.awforl 's Lite.
25o each. ., .
Beat 3 specimens each variety of pear,
f approved by e mmiee, plate of pears,
quality ani beauty to rule, 5 varieties
tor general cultivation, zoo eacn. '
Be t display of each good variety o"
plums if approved by committee, bett
display of plums best plata of qiincs.
best 5 bunches or eacu approv.a Tar let?
f sraoes. 25c each '; '
Committee J. T. uousnrtv, wm.
Rsad, Alex Pickens, B R Dnggs,
George Suppes. ?
Best peck wheat. pcfc rye, peck spring
barley, peck fall barlev. bushel Indian
corn, peck oats, pecs nax seeo, pec a
orchard grass, peck timothy seed, peck
clover seed, three pounds tohaco
(spangled,) 3 pounds of tobacco (red,)
3 pound tobacco (yellow) 25o eaob.
Pack Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes.
half peck snow flike. white elephant.
Victors, Barb ink, St. ratrick long red
while star, btusb, peerless, beauty - o'
hnhron, early ..rose, mammoth pearl.
pride of America, Burbaok seedling po
tatoes. 2aa eacn.
Seed oorn, white beans, 5 pound bops.
half buihel buckwheat, watermelon, rat
tehee, wax beans, 12 carrots,, iz par
snips, oyster plants, mustard, lima beans,
3 heads of cabbage, half bntrel turuipa
12 beets, peck tomatoes 3 mater sqnso
e, winter or 7 year pumpkin, 8 ' bea Is
cauliflower, 12 cucumbers, vegetable ege
plant, pepper anl stalk, oelery, parsley.
pie plant, ruta bagss, peas not less loan
pint, each kind, 3 aqtmhes, 6 citrons,
lop onions, yams. 25c eaoh.
Committee Thomas Ford,' ueorge
Richner, Jama Okv. '
3 acres wheat, $10
2 sores com (bottom), 10 .
t acres (hill), - W
2aoreeoats, . 10i
2 acres hay. 10 1
1 aore of tobaeoo i
quarter of an aore potatoes, 6
Measurement of tho wound must be made
and sworn to by a competent surveyor, and the
araonnt produced must be sworn to oy some
one having knowledge of the amount. A full
statement of'the method of cultivation and
costs of production must aoco-np tny each en
try. Kind and quality must be stated. En
tries may be made with the Secretary to De
cember 1. 1884. ' '
Lady rider, 1st prem. $5. 2d, -i
Five to enter, 3 to start One hour of
4th day of the Fair will be devoted to Equea.
trianism. The committee will deoide onlv
with referenoe to the ease, gruoe and style of
the competitor and her eommaud of the horse.
No raoiug will be allowed.
Boy rider, . lstprem.
Sme conditions as for lad v riders. -
Committee to be selected on the ground. .
Discretionary premium will be awarded on
meritorious articles, whether iu the list or not.
Men raoe, $3. ' Boys under 18 years of age. $
Five entries and 3 to start (onoe around ring.)
Committer Wm. 8mith. John Burg-baoher,
Dr. B. Denote, M. L. Stusher, John Ponlton .
The Monroe County Stook Sale Association
will have a publio sale of thoroughbred and,
high grade stooic, consisting of Horses. Ctttle.
Sheep. Hogs and Poultry, eaoh dty dosing the
Fair, from 1$ to 2 o'clock., ThU stock will be
sold at auction and SiTae ooaduoted In-a" fair
and honorable manner. All those doidringlto
purchase good stook weald do wM to attend,
these sales. . ,
. I, T. FARQUEA.B.' President
G0 P. Don. ecretrj 1
Nevt York Hat Flatsher! Asaoela
tloa PaM BeHolatlons HlR-bljr
(jorapllmentary to. tb,o Be- .
'. form Oovernor.
New York, August 3. At a recent
meeting of the Executive Committee of
the fjolted Hat Finisuers' AasKatiok of
America a series ot resolitions were
unanimously adopted expressing the re
gard pf toe, Association for Governor
Cleveland's actions ' oof behalf" of ha in
terests. ' ';
The Brooklyn Hat Finishers Asocia-
tion at a later tneeting fully Indorsed the
sentiments expressed in the Executive
Committee's resolution. To day Abe pre
amble and resolution, handsomely en-
giossed on vellum, were' forwarded to
Gov. Cleveland at Albany; ' They read
as follows: - -
Whkrcas, The batten of the Doited
States, In conjunction, with other bodies
of mecnaoica.dtd for several years direct
all tbeir efforts and devote all their ener
gies to the total abolition of the Iniquit
ous system of contract convict laoor.
hich efforts were at last crowned with
8'ioces-, thus relieving the batters and
other industries of the Empire Stat" from
the latal 'burden of prison competition ;
therfore be It ' i . -
Resolved, That the Executive Commit
tee? representing the entire industry of
hat making in trlavcountry, do hereby
tender to His Exeullenoy, Grover Cleve
land, Governor of the State of N-w
York, our hearttel) gratitude for .the firm
s and taken by biro in favor of honest
labor by aOting bia signature VP tha hat-.
ler's bill an l the bill forbidding new con
tracts in the prisons of this State and by
refusing t- sign , the bill conlit srnga
commission especially designed to ren
der null and vod the verdict of the peo
ple exnAd through the ballot-box'
Resolvei, That by these and o ner acta
of bis administration, His Excellency",
'irover Cleveland, has provetl himself
the sincere a id steadfast friend of honest
labor every wbere.and is. therefore), Jwatlr
entitled to the highest confidence and tho
most grateful esteem of all classes of
working men.
.' John Morpbt Chairman
E. H Tailor, Secretary .
D J Haookktt i
Com Resolutions.
gyJoan 31. Ebrlk, Proprietor of
the Millonsburg Marble Works, is pre
pared to furnish . Monuments, . Tablets
and Tombstones 25 per cent, LOWES
than any other establishment in 4enrwe
county. Work from bis shops can be
seen all over the county. ' '
m, ; :
. Blaino ami Laboriug 3leo.
Tue New Y rk Herald is a reliable pa-
)er. It says: , :r,
The attitude of Mr Blaine toward
labor when be was a mining operator
has consolidated the' coal producing
counties against him. Republia meow
bers of the Knights of Labor already
admit that Blaine has no alreogth among .
any of the organized societies of that
section. The Irish coal miners have
learned that Blaine was once engaged in
a mining speculation and that be dis
charged all the Hibernians In order to
give employment to Norwegians and
Italians, all aliens, who worked for sixty
dve cen's per day. He allowed the Irish'
to die in the 'almshouses, as many of
t'Jem did. BUine grew rich out of this
enterprise and the Richmond and Alleg."
heny road,. but it was at the exueaae of
the deluded laborers. It is diillcult lo
tell which were more miserable the men
who served ar the men who were dis
charged The former had to live oh rice,
and rats, and the latt.-r only had to die.'
Complete atatemenls of Mr. Blaine's
conduct as a manager of mining enter-"
prises have been prepared. His bold
and highly energeiio career as a railroad
promo.er has been thoroughly investiga
ted by the Kiightsof Labor, and it dote
noteiand the calcium light which tuey
cast upon it. -Thousands of circulars
giving the facts are floating through the
mail between the trade and labor organi
sations of this country. The Irish tee
that Blaine is simply a friend of tbeir,
countrymen or any other race of man
kind while It suits his pockets or bis seU'
Qah ambition, i i
JVlf.you want .Monuments, Head. ..
atoaes or anything in that line, Joint M.
Eserle, Proprietor ot the 'Miltonsburg,
Marble Works Is prepared to supply
yoo,r.waou )5 per cent, cheaper tkan.
any other establishment t in Monroe.'
County. His work recommends Itself.
, , . ,v . 1 , n .; 1 -.- f .
Clevelaod Personifies ltetorm.
y Louisville Oourier-JournaL r "
Governor Cleveland, by bis publia
services, by bis strength of convictiJn,
by bis independence or party dictation,'
by bis inditfertnoe t) mere popular clam
or, by his unquestionable anl unewerv
ng personal integrity, by his unerring
sene of what it true and opt i 'it, ,be
c mes the recognized leader of those
mn who believe in reforming the gov
ernment and freeing It f torn further
dominion to the ignorant and vicious:
I tie personifies, aa no one else now does.
that widespread demand for reform
which has 'in effect resulted in a new
aligomant of parties.
Hood's Samspsriila Is an extractor1
the beat remedies oOlhe vegetable king
'dom known as Alteratives, and Blood.'
the Purifiers.
0Om Jfiwaw
- v - m m -- -

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