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TUESDAY, M1HCII 24, 1885.
i .
MKS. M. C. WEST, Local Editor.
Index to New
Local, ;
Guardian's Sale,
Public Sale,
: Locals,
J. P SrRtaos
' W. L. Morris.
W. Taylor.
H.B. Hiil.
STERtiNn Jones.
To lbs. roasted coffee for 25cts, at
Four different makes of Flour at
' Ecekhead. v
' Capt. Mack Gamble, of Clarlngton,
1s Ijiog dangerously ill.
A new time card oo the B. Z k C,
will be found in this paper.
Stoihr & Nkohabt Intend to erect a
new livery stable this Spring.
The children at Cameron, this county,
re affl cted with the measles.
v Caldwell lias a new Boildine Associa
tion with 500 shares subscribed.
.. Mrs. H. F. Bokkhead and children
re visiting friends in Camnntge.
.... Look out lor foolish repors about
andidates between thi date and April
6th .' - .
Mrs. T. Sinclair visited her daughter,
Mrs Dr. KfkPSRS, at Beallsville, last
Mr. Henrt Mbfk, an aged and re
pected eitixen of Beallsville, diwi-on
the 14th inst.
Ed. Harlas and C. E Ketterkr re
Hurried Irom the Njw OJeans Exposi
tion last week. , "
Mrs. M. Pouginbcru and daughters
will move to Eldorado,, Kansas, about
L ' 1EL . a : I '
S This promises to be a very backward
season. Here it is past the middle of
March, and no Spring plowing done yet.
;-. Tb$ people who sarviye this winter
Bilt nana va ItiA KaaJ r t (ha (ft Moat
fill AlB Uf ' V T U U A J SJ J
inhabitants' lu weather reminiscences
' Red pepper baths are said to be the
Jatest eastern wrinkle. They are good
fcr nearalgia, rbeamatism and similar
Mr. Milliqaw, of Badmrr's masiq
bouse, of Wheeling, sld Mr. Will
M beis a very fine Kbauhich and Bach
piano i&st wees.
. D. A. Jrnninss, Esq . Elitor of the
Caldwell Press, was admitted to the Bar
by the Supreme Conrt of Ohio, during
this month. He passed an A No. 1 ex
amination. . The Marietta Tim' savs, "The Salva
tion Army U meeting with great success.
- having obtained thus (ar about 75 re
emits. The church in. which the meet
ing are held is Jammed every night.
Mr. Orro Casml's rchool at the Con
fior scnool house cloned last week. The
AT A n iK A f unli Ant w at Atlnn.A4 (Ka 1i-0
if uutiauciii wi uucatJi avicu io'i tuo vivb-
nz exercises and rendered some very
Jfloe rou-ic, and report an excellent aap
tper and a good time generally.
ISTAn oil company, that has several
it . l a TV
put nown a wen near l ie mouiu 01 xriney
j this Sprirg.
..- rThis countv should have a Cbil
drehVHome, wherein orphan and desli
Uute chHlJr en would receive proper care
JEirTbe. citizens of Lewisville and vi-
clnl'y. are leasing lands on Rich Fork
;and propostfto put dowa a test well for
oil in the near future.
'XTJ.' B. Dutaas, E?q sold a house
-and lot on West back street last week to
Mr. Jehhikq, of Caldwell, who Intends
to open a law office in Woodnfield.
BOs-The Democrats of Ohio township
wili nominate a township ticket on next
Saturday, the Stfrti inst. The call will
' be found tlsewbere in this paper.
' ,:s.A child of Mski.e 'Man, aboot
one year old, fell in the ore on Tdurs
r day, the 19th inst , and was-eo severely
' burned that it dred on the following day,
Friday. . " .- :
i3T James Barr&tt, Dan'l Tkdax
tand M. Jiffers, of Beallsville, have
; pone on a Western Uip. -L. T Mont--gomeht,
of bunsburv township, will
move to Kansas this Spring.
. t& Parties mcvicg West ibis Spring
- should take the B. k O. Riilroad, as
ts.at line and its conn'C iona ia the best
and safest in the country. Its rates are
decidedly in favor of those going to lo
cate in new homes.
, 33A. Mantfli-ld man. becametrigh--ened
while riding'tbs goat when he was
being initialed into the mysteries of Odd
Fellowship. He drew a pistol, aort swore
.tvengeanct. 'He was allowed to depart
without completirg the ride.
tIn the year 2400, Josipa Cook
aujrs,. the population in this country will
' be three billion and ovet. Those of our
readers who .contemplate going to the
dtcus that year will do well to purchase
'tickets dn advance and thus avoid the
insh at ibe show grounds.
' t6?Mr. Ed. Haulan, who has jus
returned from New Orleans and ha been
taking in the skating rinks while away,
repBTte the finest lady skaters at Cald
well, Noble Co., Olio. He says they are
the most graceful skaters he saw during
his tiavels aside from profesnnals.
, Bellaire Tribune, 19th iust.
' The verdict in the Borhara casefcas
been set aside and a new trial will be
given. The motion for a new trial was
-ably presented by Messrs. Smith and
Tallman, attorneys for the defendant,
and Judge Eslley this morning set the
verdict aside. Testimony was produced
showing Improper conduct by two of the
jurors. - ,
- 7 In nominating candidates for the
epring election it ehould be remembei-!
ed that local olDcers are responsible for
much of local indebtedness and for
much of the burdens of taxation. The
greatest of care should be taken to put
Upon the tleketa for trustees nd asses
sors men who have a comprehension of
their duties and the force of charae'er
to execute them even against a popular
clamor. In the Incorporated towns the
sne care should be taken as to council
: men.;'
Pn Spirit Dwlncr In sickness In mv
family I have been uuable t. canvass fori"-' strength on the 21st inat , to the
'mm t .
County Treasurer, therefore you are au
thorised to withdraw ray name from the
list of candidate. I desire it to be dis
tinctly understood thai I do not with
draw in the interest of any candidate for
Treasurer, or other nflJco
Woodsfleld, Ohio, March 19th, 1883
Ohio Towustiip Convention.
The Democrats of Ohio township will
meet In convention at the School House
in School restrict N). 6 on Saturday.
March 23th, for the purpose of nomin
ating three Trusses, one Clerk, one
Treasurer, one Assessor and two Con
stables 'o be supported at the April elec
tion. Polls to be opened at 6 o'clock
P. M. Committee.
Chickens. 0 dons, Egs, Butter, Bans,
Potatoee, Applrs &c, at BrjhKQEAQS will
pay half cash.
Married On March 10th. bv John
.iFFreKS. Eo.. ot Snnshnrv i(nshio. !
MissS. L. Decker lo Mr! David H.
Foctt. . -
Fehruarv 28 h, by Rev J. H. Doan.
Miss LtCKtTu Moob lo4Mr. S. S Mc
Coy. tTdere were twtlve candidates for
Trustee, five for Assessor and three for
Constable at our .township convention
last Saturday Tho best qf( feeling pre
vailed between the candida'es and their
friends throughout the contest. The
ticket nominated is composed of pood
men, qualified to look alter the inleres s
of the township.
tSTW. V. Walton will build a ska
ting rink and town hall on the vacant
lot opposite the residence of Judge R
E. Walton on East Row. A town ball
it JjK what Woodsfleld needs badly.
Mr Walton proposes efectiag this one
one hundred feet long and fifty feet wi le
to accommodate traveling troops, !e
lival's, dances and every tiling of the
JSTA certain dry goods merchant,
who a tver ises in this paper, said to ns
a few dsyi since that, on last Tuesday
Iter Thk SrmiT came out with bis new
aiver.i ement in, a d- zen or more per
sons came in to bis store to see -the
goods adveriisfd and many were sold
from that advertisement. Who says it
does no gooi to advertise? Try it,
tOT A. somewhat remarkable occur
rence in'eriminal prosecution bas ocenr
red at Marietta. At the present term of
Court Ellis Hardy was convicted -of mur
der ia the first degree by a jury, and the
court, on motion, set the verdict aside
on the grounds of insufibiency of the
evidence. ' The Prosecuting Attorney,
being unable to find additional evidence,
asked that the indictment be nollitd,
which was done.
March 14 Application was made to
have the last Will and Testament of
Mary Reef, dee'd, admitted to probate
March 16. Simeon Hill, Guardian of
E. McHugh, a minor, obtained an order
to sell real estate at private sale.
March 19 II B. Hill, Guardian or
Andrew Meeker, an imbecile, oh'ained
an order to sell real estate at public sale
The Will of Thomas A. Way, deceas
ed, was admitted to probate.
Answer to Problem of March 17.
The tram that goes 30 to the rihl
from nonh mut pull 732 1-10 pounds,
the resultant forc which tends to move
the bodv north is 634 poud?,the remain
ing 98 1-10 pounds i l8t in pulling
against the other team. The team that
goes 45 to the left from north mast pull
517 6-10 pounds, the resultant . force
which tends, to move the bodv north it
366 pounds, the remaining 151 610
pounds is lne' in pullins against tbeo:her
team. 634 h 3661 000. , K.
t3f On and after Jnly 1 next a 2 cent
stamp will carry a letter of one ounce
weight, Instead of- a balf dunce as at
present. lu other word, people ma
write letters of double the length and
weight that they now do.- This will be
pleasant for lovers Amonz the other
resul's we may look out for an increased
deficit in the Post-otllce revenues, from
carrying increased weight for the same
money, and a chr nge in tho fashion of
stationery to heavier paper and envel
opes. Exchange.
Quaker City Independent.
Mies Minnie Hamilton met a young
farmer named Arthur Simpson at a Ciar
ington rink. They fell madly in love
with each other, and to coropleto the. ro
mance iiecided to elope and get married
In escaping from a second story window
of her home, she fell and has since died
of injuries received in the fall.
The above is. correct, ' except aa fol
lows: No such persons livo in CUnng
ton, therefore they didn't meet at a rink ;
didn't fa I madly in love; the young lady
didn't fall from a second story window
and hasn't fiied of H ries. -
- , . - A
X9We'have beard many farmers say
that the present winter has been the
hardest on the wheatlo the ground, they
have ever witnessed. Wheat bad got
but a poor start In the fall ; the season
was so very dry that people were afraid
to sow their wheat, left "it might malt or
otherwise perish, and were subsequently
quite late io getting it in the ground.
This gave the young . plan's but liule
root before tbe winter eet in-, after which
the weather was so very changeable from
ext re me wet to tudden and extreme cold,
that the grain was thrown out or frtzen
to death.
XT' An exchange gives this sensible
advice, which, if adhered to, wonld add
a great deal to tbe general happiness of
our people: It is about time that tbe
people should cease to need warnings
from the' newspapers against swindlers
and swindling. Uio your whs more;
doa't make. contracts with entire etran
gers ; don't sign your name to any paper
for strangers; don't enter into any bar
gain with them in the hope that yo i are
going to get something for to hing;
don't attempt to lake advantage of any
one yourself; deal honestly with all, and
patronixa your neighbors in preference
to all others, and vour notes won t turn
up in bank, or in court, to worry you to
death, and you will find life more enjoy
able and your conscience will gite jou
a great deal more rest.'
Township Democratic Ticket, j
The Democruts of Center rallied in!
number of 409. and placed in nomina
tion the following excellent ticket
Jcob Stimpert, Sr.,
A J. Gnfflib,
Charles Schumacher,
George P Dorr.
Fredrick Diehl.
S D. Owens,
W. J Bonham.
Louis Smith.
ISyThe following legal points may
ba useful to remember: A note dated on
Sunday is void. If a note bo lost or
stolen it doej not release the maker; ba
must pay it Ech individual in part
nership is responsible tor the whole
amount of the debts of the firm, except
in cases of special paitnership. Igno-
ranee of the law
excuses no one An
agreement without consideration is void.
Signatures in lead pencils are good in
law. A receipt for money is not legally
conclusive. Contracts made on Sunday .
cannot be enforced. A con'ract made
with a lunatic is void. Checks or drafts
must be presented for payment without
unreasonable delay. An oral agreement
must be proved by evidence. A written
agreement proves itself. The law pre
fers written to oral evidence because ot
its precision. Written instruments are
lo be construed and interpreted by the
law according to the simple, customary,
and natutal meaning of word used.
Difd March 9, of consumption, at
the residence of his brother, J. W Bar
low, near Stafford, p'lio, Gkorqk W.
Barlow, in the 23 1 year ol his ag.
The decessp.i wasconvetted and j in
ed tbe M E Cl arch when quite young,
neing.a faithful and useful member, and
was for many years a teacher io the Sab
bath School He shed a hallowed infln
ence over all who knew him, endearing
him to his friends and neighbors. Akfew
moments before he died he called his
friends around him, and txhorted thton
to meet him on the other shorp. His last
were, "Glory to the Lamb; I'll soon be
higher " The fnnprfll services were con
ducted by R.v J. K. Shafer.
Net more with raried ills oppressed,
His spirit soars beyond its cares;
He has gone where the wenry rest,
A house hii gracious Lord prepares.
Soph a.
From Franklin Township.
Jerlks, O., March 14. 1885. '
Ed. Spirit: "Charitv'a" pen has been
silent for some time until we find u dif
ficult to bold our peace louger.
Mr. Wm. Denbow is on the sick list
this week.
Mre. W. B. Niswonger Is recovering
from a long and dangerous illness.
Miss I'sMla Davidson, of Mt
Eohraim, Noble County, bas a class in
music here. ...
Born To Mr. and Mrs. John Baker,
January 21,- a son.
Mr. Joseph Wehr, of Calai, was vis
iting friends -here last week and looking
alter his interest.
Mr. W B. Neiswonger visited his son
at Gravsville lat week.
McClelland Miracle, of Washington
County, in company with George R chie,
of Steubehville, vi&ited relatives hre re
cently. . -
Mr. Lanrne Todd, who has been vis
king friends here for some time, has re
turned to bis home in Kinsas.
Some of our in lns'rious voune ladies
are busily engaged in tying tobacco a
The Knob School, taueht by E O.
Hughes, o'osed last Ti'sday. This is
the second terra for 0e at that place,
and he has given great satisfaction as a
teacher. Adm Miracle, Jr., also closed
a term io the Thornton District last week,
which was the second term for him at
that place. We are glad to see Ad. sn
iccesful in teaching tbe young idea
how to ahoot.
What. h8 become of "Uncle Fuller?"
We wait to hear from bim. Charity. ,
Bellalre, Zineftville & Cincinnati
Railway Co.
WaoDtriELD, O , March 17. 1885
Beginning Mondav, MarcTi 231, 1885,
trains on the B Z. & C. R. R will tie
run as follow A through na senger
train will leave Zinesville a' 8:00 o'rlock
a. m.. leave C iandlrville 9:00, Cum
berland 9:40. Belle Vall-v 10:14, Cald
well 10 .27, Sarah8?ille 11 :04. Summer-
field 12 00, r.pwi8VilIa-12:42, Woods,
field 1:15 Beallsville 2:03, B thel 3:14.
arrive at Bellaire 4 :00 p. m . Returning.
leaves Bellaire 4:30 p. m., Beallsville
6:36, arrive Woodsfleld 7:33 m An
enst bound pass nger train will leave
Woodsfleld 5:30 a. ra , Beal'sville 6 :2l
Bethel 7 :37, arrive Bellaire 8 :25 a. m.
Returning, leavps Beliaire 9:10 a.m.,
Baall8Villa-.il : 18. Woodsfleld 12:14
Lewisville 12:12, Summprfild 1:25.
SBrahsville 2:25. Caldwell 3:07, Belle
Valiev 3:23, Cumberland 3:57, Chon-
Uetsville 4 :3S, arrive at Z neavil!e 5 :35
p. m A west oouni irignt and pas
senger train will lave Summerfielj at
5:00 a m, Sarahvile 6 :C0, Caldwell
646. Bella Yalley 7:06. Cumberland 7:
55. Chandlrsville 9 :00, arriveZinesville
10i13 a. m. R'lurning leave Z-ioesville
2:30 p. m. Chandl-iiville 3:15, Cum
berland 4 :45, Belle VU V .5:25. Cald-
well 513. Sarabsville 6:35, arrive Sum
merfild 7:30 p s. East bound accom
modation train will leave Snmmerfield
at 5:00 a.m. Lewisville 6 :02, Wood
field 6:53. Beallsville 8 :00, Bethel 9:53
arrive B.llaire 11:00 a. m. "Returning.
leaves Keliaire at 12:30 p. m.. Bethel 1:
30. Beallsvillo 3:15, Woodsfleld 4:55
Lewisville 5:12, arrive Summerfield 6;
42 p. m It is hoped that by tbis ar
rangement our patrons will he afforded
better facilities for travel than have here
tofore been given For further informs
tion call upon agents of tbe Company,
J. B. Rhodrs. Train Master.
Quaker City Independent.
Sarahsyille's Whippiugr Post.
A special from tbe above named place
gives the following; .
Wednesday evening loin Howards
two children were late in returning from
school They excused themselves by
saying they bad played. . .The father, in
a paroxysm of anger, is said to have
seizal the children and beat them in a
sbame'ul manner. Bvb children wete
so badly beaten that tliev had to receive
medical treatment Th 0 'zens became
ir dignant last night, took Howard to the
center of the village tied bim, to a post,
stripped him to the watat and whipped
him till the blood ran. N tice was serv-
td that the post will be left standing,
and wife beaters and potty offenders will
be punished ihcrt.'
NewThlng t be Opened his Week
Embroideries, White Goods
in checked, Striped and Plain
i Tr' i t i
nausuuiv, luiuilit UilWJis, u-it)e New York T-mes (Due, became vi
CeS, &C, &C, DreSS Goods inltntly ml wiih rtifihlbena on a Tuesdav
Brocades, Cashmeres, (fec.;!- Sha W84 B0. w,eal ,thn' " waa
r, '. . , , ' . deemed dangerous to try traobeotomv.
OUmmer SllkS ID Check at 50c or cuMi.-g .peo tt.e Wndplpe O i
and plain COlorS at GOC These j Thursday, Dr. N chols, wh. wa at
g,ds the peddlers charge 75c lTC"
and 80c for.
Full supply of Muslins, Cal
icos, Pant Goods, Shirtings,
GinffhaniS. &R . at. tho lnwerst -
1, rri. i i I
eries and white Goods, are di
rect from ft ew York importers
and the prices and styles are
just correct.
Come and lee onr gnod as they arrive
this week. Prics conect and goods
InM to yonr needs.
Bran, stioits aaJ u iop tor ssle at d(
pot. W. L. i: ORRIS.
-w "I-vT -5 C! 1 a
On Tuesday. Match 31. 1 will sell at
puhlic. auction on mv farm one mile east
of Woodsfleld, live stock, farming ira
plemer.ts. household furniture, kitchen
utensils, &c , &o. . ',
IPS' Steam Woolen Factory for sale,
all in good running condition. Call on
or address' Dr. A. B Covkrt,
March 10. 1885. Antioch, Onio.
Round Bottom, Ohio, jfarcb 7, 1885.
All persons are hereby notified not to
pnrchae a note of hand given by roe to
Frederick R chard calling for 8S0.00
dated Iaich 17, 1884. The same being
obfained by fiaud.
JTnnN H. ff NELL.
Madelina Snlll.
S'rictly Choice Clover and Timothy
Seed at the hardware store
IPtjlII Stools.
For the Nest 60 Days.
I will sr all bit Plows, Bar Iron, Brass Set
tles and otUer Hardware at coat. If you want
a bargain in Hardware at cost, nali at V
JanlSfStf. WJllTH ART'S.'
W Hard times demsnd low prices. I
am preprred to give them on all goods
in mv liae. C. E. HARLAN
For your' Boots, Shoe3 and Solb
Leather. novl'Sly.
tSCJl at Thk 8pibit ofBoe for job print
ing from a VMiting card up to a fall sheet pos
ter. Letter heads, business card on euvelopes,
Htatements and bill heads printed n ' short
Mordat, March 8'3, 1885.
Flour, per bbl, choice $4 0a4 75
" i sack... 5560
Wbeat, per bnshat, nev 80a85
Oats, per bushol, new,
Cernmeal, per bnahel .
Bnakwbeat flour, per lb...
Coffee, green, ohoioe per lb ......
u fancr
" roasted, Arbaokles pr lb
Sugars, granattted, standard, per lb
powdered, pure, '
A standard
" Orleans, choits,
Molasaes, 8orgbam .
' ' Orleans.....
Syrup, purs Sugar, par gillon
.ndzsd, "
I 00
Riue, Carolina eai!6e he d, per lb
, broker, "
Peaches finst Nj 'i
. good No 3
pie No 3
Tomatoes Queen No 3.. .. ......
' Beefsteak No i
Baker's No 3
Corn Winslo w No2 v
Bakers No 2 k.T...
A r pies, ohoioe No i
Homlnjr, per lb. .
TewFinest per 'b
ohoioe ' ', ..............
Pboooos. BDtisa.
Butter par lb 18
Bggs per doidn.. 12
.. 60
I 14
. CO
Green Apples per tushet......4;)
Beans, navy, per .b.. . . .... Zj
Dried poaohet " ...... .. 8
Dried applnt .. i
Potatoes per bushel ... 50
Onions per bajhel ..... ... 40
TaiHel.l Mock illarKet.
March 23 CattU 3a4o per pound
Sheep 3a4o per pound. Hogs 3Ja4 pei
pound gross.
ttew York.
Mrch 20 Flour 3 10r4 45; Wheat
80c; Corn ROc . Ov 3742c.
M uch 20. Flour 3 00r4 22 ; Wheal
75c; Corn 37a40c. Oats 34; Rye 63c.
Much 20. Flour 3 30al 10; Wheat
87c; Corn 46c; Oata34c; Rye 66 j.
PHitADKLPHia.Msrcii 20 Floor 3 60a
5 60; Wheat 86i87o; Corn 4Sa48c;
Oals 36u33o; Rve 70a.
Wheellny L,! e Slock Market.
Wheeling, Mi icL21, 1885 1 .
The market is verv good, t:is week
Messrs. Hudson & Bsyba furnished tbe
following qnota'inst
Cattle 2 50a4 50 for all kinds.
Hogs Fair supply, active ; 4sJc per
Sheep 3s4$o.
Calves 5 OOalO 00.
Fresb Cons ?20 00a$0 00.
Tar Smoke for Diphtheria.
New York Letter.
R itb Lock wood, the 9-vear-oM chil l
ior l nom L.ckwoo'1, a comiai(r in
to the French Academy of Medicine bv
Dr. Dellhil, who saM that the vapors of
liqnld tar and turpentine would disaolv
the Ob i'nous pxndations wh'cb c'oke up
the throat in croup and diohtheiia.
Dr. Delthil's procs wai described.
He pours (0'ial parts of turnei t ne and
j l quid tar into a tin pan or cup and sets
fire to the mix ure A dense restnous
smoke atlses. which ohinres the s'r of
the'room. '-The ro imt," Dr. D?ltl i'
ay, immediatelv 8eras to xierietcej
relief; Hie choking and .rattle stop; tbe
patient falls into a slumber and sr-eun to
inhale the smoke with pleasure. The
fibrinous membrane soon Iters tn8 de
Inched, and the pa ieni cpnghs up raicro
bicides. Thece when csught. in a glars
may be setn to dissol e In tbe emnkp.
In the course of three da, a afterward
the patient entirely recovers."
Dr. Nifhot tried this trpntment w'tb
Utile Ruth Lockwood Slie was ljin
gasping for breath whpn he visited ber.
Uirst pending out two t'ltiiespoonfuis o!
liquified tar on an iron pin. be poured
as much turpentine'over it and set it pn
fire. The rich resinous smoke. which
rose to the ceiling wo by no means nn-
p'easant. As it filled tho room the chil i's
breathing became natural, and as thf
moke grew dense she fell asleep, with
the results as above.
Gen. Gordon.
When Gordon hesitated about ahnn
dorina the Soudan, he telegraphed the
British government that the only hp
of overcoming. (be Mabdi was to set up
Zobebr l'acha as the Governor of the
country. Z behr was on ex-slave king,
and Gordon hoped that the Arabs would
he divided by starting a p rtv in oppo.
itioo to tlp False Prophet Gordon's
idea was that Ztbehr was tbe only msn
who bad enough netve and prestige to
keep the Arabs in subjf cim General
Gordon had encountered Zbebr dutinp
bia former servicn in Eypl and hm-:
hanged one of Z ibeht's son, who hai'
been left as a hostage aud wtiose li i
had become forfeited by an act of treach
ry on Z ihehr's par. When Gjntra!
Gordon was sent to Khartoum last year
both he and Z bebr Pacha seemed to
have agreed to-ignore the. pas.t, and i
was another of Z bebr's sots who
eneorted Genpral Gordon across tb
df-8ert from Korosca to Abu Hamed
Without. this escoit it is certain lha'
General Gordon would never buve i
to Khartoum. Nw it bas been dis.
covered by the Brrisb guvetcment tht
Zib'hr Pacba b8s heen in con iuual cor
tespondence wi'.d Et Maltdi bo'h tn-fr.ir
and s'nee the capture of Kwtonm anr
the killing of General Gordr.n. He ha
been arrested and placed i d a Bri id:
vessel to be taken to Cprus. He hif
for two years hpen in cecret loague i 1
the Mahdi and his elevation to the G' v
eraorsLij) would have been a great mis
take. A Cnrlou.3 Story.
London, March 20. From Reoon
the capital of "British Bu-mah. come t
curious storv of the insurrr c'i'-n in ,thr
Bhamo d tt iet Du-ina the recent 8tec
of the forlifled town of Bh'mo ti e CI i
nese residents, who form a large part o
the population and live larelv by them
selves, were reduced to. famine T:ieT
cnt an envoy to mske teims w it t thr
Burmese commander. The latter offered
the Chinese 6 000 rupees and ijproiiasiiin
to loot Bhsmo on condition tht tiie
would evacuate the twn and deliver ut
the to leaders of the place. The Chi
nese answered that thev would sc-ep
the Burmese commanlet'ii triB4 it he
would simply so alter thi-m a to allow
the leaders t be de iveied rlead. in
reason tiven heinsr that the men could
not poitsihly be taken al vo To this thf
commander asser.ti'd, and not Ions a'
terward he receiveil t'te b -dies o( to
dead men as he ba 1 erpeeted. It f or
transpired that the Ci inese lo'k th i
pav. hut made no attempt to carry ou
their contract. They stole the com'"
of two fever victims, and a'ter hsct i !
them up. with knives Bent thrm to fi
Burmese commandet wh paid for then I
as those be ba1 contrauten (or.
Foor Carlotta's Iiew Guardian.
Brussels Letter to Paris Figaro.
M. Dap nt, a retired nriil'TV oflioer,
has been appointel hy the Xie of tb
Relgi-'ns to take the place or the lati
Col VinrleneiHe tbs gtiafrllan ot the ex
Empress Carlotta st the Cvtlp of Bou
choot. Col Dupont, who is -ixtv yearf
of age, aa one of the reot popular- ot
fleers who moved in the lilih r-irrlea ol
Brafels society He was everywher
sought after, and wai at $very last i in
able assembly add fete. His new fuoc
Mons will entail a tnomrilete change b
his mode of li'e. This is the manner in
which bis soverign apprised him of .Lij
new appoinitnent: "M mienr Dapont
we bave chosen yon to take charge o'
the bouso ber Msjsty, the Emprfo
Cailotts. You will enter on your ru ie
io three days. Yo a'e forbidden to
pver spend a nibt ontsid the chateau.
Twfco a weelf, if vou so desire, vou ma
com' and spend a few nour at lirnssi 's."
' Thi? rovsl appoin'rnent must tiik.
the Colonl like an eiint of hanisbtnent.
- : A Great Discovery.
Mr." Wa Thomas, of Newton, la.,
save: ' My wife bas heen sriomly af
feded with acouh tor twentv five yfars,
and this sprin j more seven lv than eve'
before." She had used many remedies
wiihout relio'. and beina arjed to in
Dr King's New Di'Coverv. did so, wi b
most grati yine results. The Orst bottle
lelieVed her very much, and the second
bottle bas absolu'elv cured her. She
has not bad so good health (or tai.t
years "
T.iil Bottles Free a R W. Pope'
Drugstore. Lrge z $1.00
( - ii - BS -' - -
Scott Liquor Tax.
ZaNEsvirxE, O., March 18 Oi the
16 h of January, 1884. Aaron Htrzherg.
of this city, brought suit as?sitit .Trt-as-urer
Willey to recover back taxrs oeid
by bim under the Scott law, Plain'ift
alleged that be paid monev under com
onlsion t avoid seizure of li i- property.
To.day Jude PniMtps decided oa df
mutrer to a prt'tion that when the tax
wse collected the law was unons i'.c
'ional hy a decision of the Supreme
Court, hence tbe country is not liable
aud can not refund the monev.
Bucklen's Arnica Sulve.
Ths Bkst Salvh io tho world for
Cats, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers,"Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Caiiblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup-
tions, ana positively cures rues, or no'
...f... .i;cr..i; r.J..i
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
fnoe 2 cents per pox, ror Bato D7
jll, W i0W.
Cleaning Out tiio Stables.
Washington, D. C, M&ich 16. Aflrr
inveeiijatiiig tho Preidenta .stabiei',
CoL Lamont ha ctnclu'ie I that there
re i;ore horses kept there for t' e o.fl te
use of the Executive Mansion than aid
be needfrd ouiinj the summer, and has
given order to have all bo- 1 1 ee be turn
el into the Qi r etm6s:ti'o Department,
where they tielon.
Hurrah ior Porlliiiul.'
Portland, AIe., Match 16. Puit'and
made a second acempt to elect a Vayor
to riav, resulting in t e choice of Hor.
.lotm W. Dfiring, (Democa',) bv a
m'j irttv of 2D6 ever John H Fog',
(Renuh ican,) and A. F. C x (Prohihi
tior). It was tlte most intense political
struggle ver ma te l-ere. Ward 3 went
Democrn'ic for the fi'St time ia twen'y
rers. M'-nv tempprnncs men voted 'or
D ftinr,
and the liquor vote west for
Has "derided" claims njion the public." This
is positively proven by the immense good it
has done to those who have been cured ot
diseases Irom which they have suffered in
tensely icr j ears, as verified by the jmMish.
ed testimonials, every one ol which Is a pus
Hive l;ieu
, " Crtr-SEA, Vt., Teh. 54, 1879.
Messrs. C. I. JIoou & Co., Lowell, Mass.!
Tliecthday ot last June 1 was takeu sick
With a nwrlliiip ou my right fool. :imt with an
awful pain, 'llie swi lling went all over me.
11 y face was swelled so that I could Willi dif
ficulty see out of my eyes, and 1 broke out
over ihe whole smiacc of my body; my ripht
foot up to my knee was one raw. tithing
mass, and my ankle aud foot so lame ni.d
tore I could not step ou it, anil it would run
so as to wet a bandage through in an hour.
In tliis condition Mr. W. f. flood (of Ue linn
of A. It. Hood & Son, druggists, of this town),
handed nic a holtle of Hood'h SAiisArARii.
la, and told me to take it. I did so. and by
the time 1 had taken cue bottle 1 found thr.t
It wrts doing me good. I have since taken
five hotlles more. After I had taken three
bottles my sorenem bepan to leave me, and
l nave Deen prowintr ueiter every oay, so
that to-day I can wall: without going lame.
1 have no soreness in mv ankle and it has
healed all up, and does not run at alL I owe
"tnv recovery to your Sarsaparilla. write
this to let you know that 1 think it deserves
the confidence of the public, especially those
who are troubled with humors.
Yours most truly.
T. R. Every person that saw me said that
1 never would pet over my lameiitss without
having a running soro en my anlUr; but
thank God 1 have. . J.r,
Xo other Sarsaparllla has such a sharpening
effect upon the appetite. No other prepa
ration tones and strengthens the digestive
ergnns like Hood's Sarsaparilla. x
Price one dollar, or six bottles for f re dol
lars, rreparcd only by C 1 HOOD & CO,
iiHithecai ies, Lowell, Mais.
Dealer in Gsnsral Hardware.
Full Stock Of Window Glass. Pat-
ty, Doors, Sash,
5!Plane, Pumps, Til-
ing. Fronts and
Hcaiy lTard-r'
ware. 2
riows. Mowers,
CJ-atcs, Axes, Guuc,
n ' o Amnnition, Fibbing
.Reapers, Horse Hayw ' "
flakes. Horse Hav CS Iron,
Forks and Carriers S Wasron Skeins, Barb
Grain Drills, Corn jj-eed Fence Wire Rope,
uai:s,,oni aneners l-DynaruiUfor Blast-
Feed Cutters, Fartni2.
Bel's. Stoves and 55 , .
O . p rooks, &o.
Tinware. ' J2 PhoKphate.
jL.ov Irices all Times.
" I ache all over ! " What a common, ex
pression,; and how much it rqeaqs to rrany
a poor sufferer! these aches rave a
cause, and rnore frequently tharpsgener'
ally suspected, the cause is trje Liver or
Kidneys. No disease is more painful or
serious thari tijese, aqd no renriedy is so
prom.pt ard effective as
, Ko remedy has yet beeq discovered
that is so effective irj all KIDNEY AND
SIA, etc., arid yet it is simple end riarrrf
.less. Scien.ce and m.edical skill have
corribined with wor)d'erful success thjose
h.erbs which, nature h,as provided for te
cure of disease. " It strength.ens aqd in
vigorates th.e who'e system.
Eon.ThaddeuiSteveui.tbe diet1nrupM Cott.
Frnsmaa, once y-roto to a fellow uieni brr bo
aufferiu from tudiiwtion and kidney diimK:
" Try Misnler'a Herb Bitters, I believe it will cure '
you. I have ned it for botb ilidigcstlou and Hcc
tioo of tbe kidueya, and it is tbe moot wonderful
combination of uiediciual herbs I ever saw." .
525 Commerce St., Philadelphia.
Parker's Pleasant Yorni Syrup Never Tails
nov25, 64r.
Bilious symptoms invariably
arise from indigestion, such as
giddiness, sick headache, ir
regular bowels. The liver se
cretes the bile and acts like a
filter or sieve, to cleanse impu
rities of the blood. By Irregu
larity in its action or suspen
sions of its functions, the bile
is liable to overflow into the
blood, causing j aundice, sallow
complexion, yellow eyes, bil
ious diarrhcea, a languid,
weary feeling and many other
distressing symptoms. Bilious
ness may bo properly termed
an affection of the liver, and
can be thoroughly cured by the
grand regulator of the liver
and biliary organs, BURDOCK
BLOOD BITTERS. Act upon the
stomach, bowels and liver,
making healthy bil3 and pure
blood, and opens the culverts
and sluiceways for the outlet
of disease. Sold everywhere
and guaranteed to cure.
AX m, -m . k m
SMEciea.T7c8 the
i3'L Dl Head. Allays
lrilamma tlon.
Heals Uio Sores,
itestores the
Senses ot Tasto
OA Va. rP'wf'iJr
1PT I'&Vt-kK & SiuelTuA rtuiCk
and hnsitive Cure 60 cts. ut Druggists
6 . u . a Sead fot oirlar
smni w mail nift. . rt.y rtuithkrs:'
J)rufc'sitsOweSo,K.r: '
1 1 si t ra -a ---.
.... -.,-.
1 111? 1 1 1 F
, . 0-
Ensrrv, Experience and ( Hard - Cash Win Once More.
The Grand Success of the Season
We are ready to show you the most complete Stock of Xetv
Fall and Winter Diy Goods, consisting of
Silks, Cashmeres,
Velvets, Ottoman Cloth, Plaids, and all We very Latest Nov
elties in Fine and Medium Trice Dress Goods, at the most
surprisingly low prices ever known. -
"We are JSSole Ajrents Tor oi the Best Cloalc
; Factoriesin New
and are showing the Largest
ket, of
Ladies' MissesVand Children's Wraps,
such as Russian Circulars, Plush Cloaks, and Newmarkets,
llavclocks, Dolmans, and all the' Latest Novelties of Wraps
as fast as they appear in the eastern markets.
We have one whole, room 80 feet long by 20 feet wide,
chuck full of ' , i-'
y &
and Overcoats, which we are
you cannot help but buy.
Trade XVitli XJs- ItnaCoctnQSiuro
In securing for yourselves the widest range for selection,-the
Latest StvlcH, the most Reliable Goods, by far the Lowest
Prices. . ' ' . .
These are the Facts. Come and See.
3. Three Combined Stores. 3
135, 1QD
' Ready .furnished in tht beat ol style; also,
-5Lt JPcxlir Prices.
Cg We now have a RARSB aud will use
It, when rrqatisied, at a lair prioa.
Jaat reoaived. the largest atook of .
Common and Fancy Candies,
Which were made to order, and are free from
'adulterations. a&U kinds of
Tropical Fruits & Nuts.
Atd all kinds or
. Rai ins, figs, Jellies, Preserves Minoemeat,
Tobacoo tfcs Cigars.
CHotC ffee. FanJwicb-, Cheese.CtkfS,
Crackers, Pies. Boloynaa, io. CiTToyt will
be sold at coat. iuchl8,'d4k
MAUY LUCINDA, 2100RE and John
Mitt-boll Moore, -whose place of residence
ur.d ptwt tfHoe add res? i Waverly, Pike county,
Ohio and Lut V. Xnigbt, ithoM place of
i evidence and pot office addrese is Milnerovillo.
QueruMT county, Ohio, will take notice that
on the 19ih day of Frbruarr, !0 Samh
June Runyaii, widow of Samuel Rnnyan, do
oeacod filed an upp'ication in the Probate
court of Monroe oounty Ohio, to have a paper
writiug purporting to be the last will nnd
trstament and oodicil thereto, of Samuel Run-,
van. deceased, udmittcd to Frobitte and Reonrd.
Said ii piicatinn ii et for htorinir on the 20th
day of March. 1885. A. J. TEARSON. .
Piobnte Judge Monroe Oo'inty, Ohio,
Estate of Abel Williams, Deteatei,
TUB undersigned has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of tho ectUe
of Abel Williams, bt of .Monroe count Ti
Dated this 10th
mcU10,'85w3. V JUHN WlLMAifi. .
.orli and licstin
Stock ever shown in this mar
b lb
offering at -such low prices that
. ..V .-v,';''" '
X3olxiaLCMa.t Street. . r -
... . 1
a CCOTJNTS and voncbers hare been filed
i. j iu rrui'tie vvur, vi tavurun vuuur,
Ohio, )j the following Fieoptors, Admlnia.
trators, 6nardian and Trastees. to wit:
FirU and Anal ancoaut of W R Ma'lorr.as
Adminirtrator do bonis non of tho estate of
H. , . . . . . .
Final anconnt of David Bates Qaardlan of
William S and Marion A C veit, minors, bf
A L Bate Administrator of David Ba(s,de'd.
First and final aoconnt rf Jacob VVeisecd,
Jr, Admin'stratorof Jiocb Weisend.Sr.dec'd.
Fit partial srcpni t of Juhn Sinulair Ad
niaixlrator Of Jeremiah 5 Sinclair, deceased.
F.ftb, partial aooonnt of Williaia Dicker
Gnatdian of William Dioker, Jr. a minor
First and final acoonnt of Shed Dllom
Trustee of the u,lnor heirs of Lnoinda J
Freeman, deceased " ' i ' '
Fust partial aoconct or Lev n O (Ikey Ad
minUtrator of the estate of Arthama Wil..
)iami, drcased.
Tblid partial acoonnt of Jacob 3timp)r,
Onardian of tbo minor heirs of Rachel Stlm
peit, deceased.
F.rst partial aoconnt of Barbara Bandi
Onardian of Charlei W Bandi, a minor.' .
First and final acoonnt of Simon Hill Kr
enntor of the will of Laviua Hill, deceased.
Second and Dnal aoooai.i of Isato Hatober
as Trustee of John U Wiseoer, an insolvent.
First and final account of Philip WWr u
Administrator of the estate of Christopher
Kindlebetger, deceased.
Auy w". -.er-ited may file Written ex
oeptio'u to said accoonts ar. .' thereof
oa or before tbe 58ih day of Maroh A. D.
lbS5, when tho same wit. be finally board ana
continued from 'day to day notil dispose!
ruohS f5w!. - Probate Judg V. CO, , -
George S. Alje,r' & ana, Exsk
" ' vs. ; .
, Sircuol H aught & aa. .
Y vlrtoeof a, tertain order of sale t.
sned front tb a court of common rleas wi thin
nd for tbe w,UDtyxf N! on roe, and 8tate f
Ohio, in ajrase pending ia said conrt be'wetn
the above named parties, and to ino directed,
I will offr for sale at poblio anotion at fi
east do col tho oort house in WoodtSold.ou
SatHr.tiyt the day of March, 1885,
betw cbo hoars of 10 o'clock a, m. and 4
o'f ock p. m., of Said day, th following d
' .rlVd real estate situate In Monroe oonti'.j,
Ohio, to wit:
Ths southwest 'quarter of tho northwest
quarter of seotloo Are, township two of rani;
five, containing twenty foar and ninety hwn.
dredth seres.
Also, twenty teres off the north end of the
northwest quarter of tho southwest quarter
of seotion five, township te of rang five.
Said properly ao ordered to e aoM U ah.
praised at MOO and may sell tot twotbirds
of said appra'sement. Terms of sale, ouk
kviore oonarmatloa.
fb24,'8ow8. gherlff M.C. 0.
W. K. Af 4LLOB; A tt'y. .
A LLEN C. MILLtR. wio resides In Chi
XV cfo, State of Illinois, will take mtin
that on the 551st day of February, 1883. TrL R.
West filed in the dork's, ifflce of Monroe
oounty. Ohio, his petition against yon and oth
rs, asVinx tht a judgment obtained by the
Monroe Bank againut Hollietor. Miller A NoJU
as principals, aud U. R. West rety, July a.
1S77, for f 389 40, be revived iu favor of said
H. R. West
You are reqnired to answer said petition on
or before April 25, 18'o5r judgment m ill be
ta!in i";1 J-0- H. R. WE3T.
feb24.5t7. "
Ettalt uj Robert Cooper, Sr , Deceased.
TDK underfeed has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of the estate
ui nuuert v-uoper, Dr., late oi iuonroe OOttQ
ty. doeeased.
Tated this 10th diy of Maroh, A. D. 188 J,
mcLlOgawS , DAY10 f. C0Q1K&.
J '

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