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Notiee to Del inqnents
8nlU Pn1pncd.
On account of the very liberal
response to our dun for money,
we are enabled to pay our ur
gent debts, and not being sued,
we don't want to ?ue anybody.
We therefore extend the time
. to all Delinquents until January
8th ,1884.
We wish all our readers to
hve a happy Holiday season,
nd then we hope to have our
New Year and theirs bright, and
cheerful with a settlement to
We will take in pay on sub
scription any thing to eat, to
wear, or that will pay debts.
Tiring ub Country Produce Gar
den; Sass, Live Stock, Hoop Poles,
Taiv. Bark, Possums, Bad Ac-
counts, Long Notes, anything to
balance accounts.
We must have settlement on
January 1st, and we will make
every compromise to avoid a suit
and bad feeling. Dec6-3w.
A Lvgau Lecture Bureau.
Last week twenty-five of our
leading business men entered in
to an agreement gnaranteeing
$15.00 each to pay for a series of
lectures and entertainments to be
given the latter part of ;this
month, and the early part of
The organizalion was formed
and the guaranteed fund given
for the reason that the best en
tertainments will not venture to
come to Logan for fear of not
making expense!,
The entertainments which this
arrangement will procure will be
the beet the country afTords and
we are satisfied the intelligent
public of Logan will extend a lib
eral patronage and recure from
financial loss the gentleman who
have undertaken the enterprise
Further particulars will be
published next week.
Wool Grower's Meeting.
Pursuant to notice, a number
of the prominent farmers of Hoc
king coun'y met in the court
house in Logan on last Saturday
afternoon to discuss the question
of legislation as affecting the
interests of the wool growers.
No formal organization was
effected, J. A. Shaw acting as
chairman, protem and T. S. Mel-
Local Personals.
Persons haying friends visiting, or sc
rluainted 'with social items of interest ar
rivlted to notify the Sentinel.)
Bro. Foreman of the Mc Arthur
Enquirer visited in Logan to day.
Mr. Jonas Hoover and wife of
Pickaway county are visiting
friends and relatives in Logan
this week.
Mr. Will Westenhaver and
Miss Jennie Gage left yesterday
morning for a visit to relatives in
Hon. S. Weldy left yesterday af
ternoon for Columbus, where he
will at once engage in the organiza
tion of the Legislatnre, and the ad
vancement of the Democratic party.
Dr. Ira Hamblin, of Cincin
nati, is visiting his many frierids
and relatives in Logan this week.
Mrs- Martha Monteith, aftera
visit of several weeks, left for her
home in Kansas on Tuesday.
Mr". J. N. Spahr, of Illinois,
spent several days in Logan this
week Mr. Spahr is well known
to our people as having once
had charge of our schools.
Mr. John Prinderbill, who was
shot some time ago by Mark
Dew, was removed on Tuesday
morning to his home at Lancast
A Daily Morn
ing Newspaper!
Of Log&. -
The ladies Gold Watch char.c
ed. oJFat Kensler's was drawn by
Mjts. Tuschor.
Read John.? Ucker's advertise
ment of meat market and give
hiM a call. He will insure his
customer satisfaction.
11 a T Att Rorrt Anfarfmnan M c
the Dublic en New Year's after- A petition requesting Con-
noen with some very excellent gress to restore the tariff on
wool was prepar d and ordered
sent to all the townships for sig
natures. The meeting adjourned to
meet again in Logan on Satur
day, January 12, at ten o'clock
All persons interested in wool
growing are invited to attend.
At the meeting of the 12lh a
permanent Hocking County
Wool Grower's Association will
be formed.
I'arJi.'B having petitions are re
quested to have the petitions be
fore the meet ing.
Me.srs. Wilford Steirs and
Jacob Ilhoads were appointed del
egates to attend the Slate Wool
Glower's Association, which
meets in Columbus ou Januarv
Messrs. Con It rap & Dunlan he
sold their interest in the Vinton
Record to Mr. Barlenn. who
ainjes'umes'so!e proprietorship
and entire editorial control.
' a m m
Dr. bright has resigned hit po
fition as Government Examin
ing JSafgeon. Drs. Campbell
and Dollison are applicants for
the place.
. -.
Sheriff McCarthy ws the lucky
milt, and drew the $43.00 prize toi
let case st Itebcre, on New Years' i
day The numbor wis 492.
Messrs Wtis fc Becker hart
dissolved partnership, Mr. Weis
retiring. Mr. Becker, who i an
accomplished tailor and a pleas
ant agreeablo gentleman, will
continue the wtiite.K. We Ke
ppeak for him a liler.-il patrnnge
from the readers of the Sentinel.
m mt a
The "week of nravcr." mil he
observed by union mretinss of the
14. K. and PiesVy churches of this
place, beginning Jan. sib. Monthly.
Tuesday and Wednesday evenings,
at the Presbytenan church. Thurs
day Friday and Sa'tmhiy evening'
at the S. E Chorr-h. Services be
gin promptly at 7:1 o.
C. O. Hart,
G. W. Biirns, Pastors.
The annual installation of Ma
aonic officers on la-t Thursday eve
ning was a very pleasant, social .f
f ir. A bountifu' supper was spread
and quite a number, not members of
the order, enjoyed the hospi alilie
of the occasion.
A list of ttie officers e?ect will be
published next week.
The "Vaveriy Watchman has
one entire paj;e given to adverti
sing Delinquent Taxrs, and our
esteemed Bro. Jones referring to
it says, it will compar j favoka
1LY with any in the Stite.
We publish the Delinquent
list this week. It is short, the
delinquents are few, less than
any year in the paRt decade. This
moves us to remark that our de
linquent list will compare most
favorably, bocauseHhero is so
little of it, with any count v in the
Editor Sextine;., .vill yoa give
representation m your paper
Hocking Co. Pensioners.
We publish on the outside ot this
paper .- list of the pensioners of
Hocking County, sent us by Secre
tary Teller. The list gives the
names of those on the rolls, January
1st 1883. Since that time some
have died and some have been dis
missed. The list, though, will be inter
esting in showing who among us
are receiving from our generous
government, pay for injuries re
ceived in fighting for the old flag,
th'") Union and the appropriation.
Special To Clartnatl Eaqilrer.
.New Strailsville, Dec. 30. Last
night about eleven o'clock while
Marshals McDaniols and Banum
were arresting two drunken ruf
fians for disorderly conduct, one,
Jim Nutter, attempted to stab Ba
nura after taking his mace from him.
marshal iianum. after being refused
help from about fifty men. pulled his
revolver aud began shooting, one
shot taking effect in Nutter's side.
With McDaniels' help he was tlieu
taken. Bis wound being very bad
a doctor was called. The ball was
extracted, but ho now lies at home
in a very critical condition.
this xveck
Weareuot aecuttomed to finding
fault with any one or speaking evil
of any Personally, we aie not of
fended, hut as a town, ve are badly
represented in" the Adc'phi Border
ews. and wo think malice demands
a it-pjy. Since the days of Sliri
ner we have been accustomed to un
truthful representations through
the columns of that paper.
We do int, and never did expect
that paper to he nn organ to bene
fit or htiild up our town, for it is
published in the midst of too many
eueir.iej and cranks, though there
are ninny fine peop!e in Adelpb:,
that wc respect very much. Our
town is growing fast-and is blessed
with many natural advantages
hence the envy and the falsehoods
the cranks are prejudiced und
hey BeL-ra to have got m the Bor
der News office. J.at week's pa-
per pub ished an article that is false
and calculated, if not intended, to
keep away all persons contempla
ting or thinking of coming here.
It roads thus: "Tho back-water
completely covered the square near
AlcDaniel's mill, in Lanrelville.
IIalf the cellars in the liltlo town
were filled with water and their con
tents ruined. The people were up
all night, fearing toro to bed; great
xlarm prevailed. Four panels of
. he protection bank, near Albins
arn was also washed awav, and if
i he creek had risen two feet higher,
nothing under the skies would have
pi evented half the houses in Lau
relvdle from being washed off.''
The whole of it is ngthing but a
fabricated false hood. The creek
was in no cellar. Two or three had
water in; so had some in Adelphi
The ceek would have to run at
least ten feet higher to wash away
any of the town. The -people went
to bed that nishtas usual and never
even dreamed f so great a flood,
and rose up next morning, knowing
nothing of the calamity, until they
read it in the Border. Laurelvill
has been a sore eye to some Adel
phites for years. We do not like to
charge up the lie to the editor, but
we would sooner be ieve that
crank stood upon the pinnacle
where Adelphi is, looking down on
us and beholding the prosperous
village, thought ho would have it
washed away and prayed to his fa
ther (the Devil) to wash them away.
Imagining his prayer answored. he
hastened to publish the good news
that Laurelviile is no more. The
prayers of the wicked availeth nor,
and wo are all hero. X. X. X.
Mr. A. H. Chute, of Ward tp.'
was a visitor at the Sentinel of
fice on Saturday.
Mr. Daniel Schaal, of Washing
ton township, was a visitor at the
Sentinel office on Saturday last,"
Chancellor Lowry, after a
week's visit among relatives in
Athens, returned home last
Miss Emma Case, of Columbus,
will accept our thanks for a most
acceptable Christmas gift.
Mr. Frank McClintock, of Ten
nessee, spent the Holidays in Lo
gan. He is much improved in
health and will return to his
mountain lodge this week.
Mr. Con Weitzle, formerly of
our city, at present train dis
patcher for the Seney railroad,
in Macon, Georgia, was married
New Year s day, m the Presby
terian church, to Miss Ella Smith,
of our city.
The young couple leave on
Monday for their new home in the
South, taking with them the
hearty congratulations and best
wishes of their many Logan
A thoroughly Democratic Organ
being, in fact, a condensed news
mirror, giving such items of inter
est as can be gathered through the
dispatches of the Western Associa
ted Press, by special telegrams, and
by a well-organized corps of corre
spondenta and local reporters, and
which will faithfully and earnestly
support the nominees of the nartv
and uphold the principles enuncia
ted in its State and National Plat
forms, will be furnished to subscri
bers at the following liberal rates of
subscription, by mail, postage paid:
Daily edition, for one year $7.00
Daily edition, for six months 4.00
Daily and Sunday edition for on
year 9.00
Daily and Sunday edition for six
months 5.00
Daily and Sunday edition for three
months 250
Sunday edition, for ono year 2.50
All subscribers to the Daily and
Sunday News Journal for a period
of six months will get the two ele
gant companion art work, "Christ
Leaving the Praetorium," and Christ
Entering Jerusalem."
The Cincinnati News Journal,
Sixth & Vine Sts, Cin.
Jan 3rd 2w.
wonld announce to the citleens of Logan
and vicinity that he has purchased the
stock of
Harness, Saddles, Collars,
Whips, &c,
of R. C. Sanderson and will continue the
business at the old stand, irhera wll. be
found Saddles of every description from J3
to 515, Bugzj Harness of all grades, prices
from 88 to S58. Work Harness, heavy and
light from $22 to i30; Collars of all kinds
fromSOctsso very bent Wool Collar all
npper Leather for 92,50. Whips in end
less variety, largest stock of fine warran
ted halebone whips in the city.
Hamea and Chains !"at low
prices, Curry Combs and
Brushes. A good Comb
and Brush for 25c.
A large stock of beautiful Plush Lap RobQa.
A good assortment of Hone Corors axnl
Blankets. Very best Harness Oil at $1 W
pereallou. I use the verv bent tn atari 1
aud employ none butfcHledworknien.
Call and examine my stock and'pnw be
fore purchasing. All goods fully warran
ted. Repairing promptly dene. Shop m
Wright Slock, opposite First Bank arLogan
The Cincinnati
mia i i
All telegrams weio sent by Ox Teams,
A. Kntlonal Metropolitan Jour
nal Fall Of Enterprise,
Mr. J. L. Mathias, of Enter
prise, was married on the 20th
to Miss Bello Smith, of Saltcreok
The young couple left on laBt
Monday for I heir future home in
Tennessee, where Mr. Mathias
iias bought a fine farm. The
Sentinel and tho good wishes of
all Uieir friends follow them.
Messrs. George and Josh Green,
of Somerset, visited friends and
relatives in Logan last Sunday.
Yank McCarthy, who was con
fined to his bed iast week by a
severe attack of rheumatism, is
able to be up and about again.
Mr. Culver has removed to his
handsome new residence north
of the city.
The Knights of Pythias had a
public installment of officers last
night. The supper was an ele
gant one, and was enjoyed by
many not members of the lodge
The list ot officers will be pub
lished next week.
At the bride's residence, in Lau
rel township, Hocking County, O.,
Dec. 26th, 1883, by the Rev. L. F.
Mittler, Mr. Lewis M. Philippsand
Miss Mary J. Uncle, both of Hock
ing County.
At the residence of the bride's
parents, in Logan, December 27th,
1883, by W. M. Davey. J. P., Mr.
Harvey A. Coukle to Mies. Ida Bca
bout. December 27th, 1S83 by W. M.
Davey, J. P., Mr. Isaac Ambrose to
Mrs. Nancy Ambrose.
In the Presbyterian Church, of
this place, on Tuesday evening; Jan
1st, by Rev. C. C. Hrt, Mr. Geo.
V. Weitzell, to Miss Ella L. Smith.
BifCTmrnrF Ti i tiTffin
Not Many Years Ago,
All Clothing
That had become Rolled or Fudodtwae cast
aside; but now such goods can be re-lns-tred,
renovated or dyed and made na good
us new. That is our trade,. amCrWe have
Ju-.t placed in oUr establishment ew Ma
chinery, consisting of a
Cetrifugal Hydro Ex
tractor, A Large Finishing .Cylinder, a
Crape Hhawl rramoand a
oicam Shawl PreBs,
And a full line of Steam Machinery and
we are better prcpnrod thmi vvertodo first
class work. And wo shuil do none but the
best of work nt a f.iir price.
flsrut-member. tluso are all fads and
don't mr.ko n mistake, but send nil your
old faded and Soiled Clothing of uny
Kind to the.
City Steam Dye Rouse,
Lancaster, Ohio,
Branch will be Started in
Logan in September.
and get two dollar's worth for every dollar
yon psij us. Price Hot eni to uny address.
May 10, ISO ly
Worth all yon pay for ftfaenai, which Is the
Peter Kleinsihith, 1 o was a
good Stone-mason.
He had hens,
Ho put them in pens.
Some laid eggs,
r-jome laid none,
fcut the choiseBt. of the Cock
lie presented to tbe Sentinel for
which we are thankful.
A Leonard, Superintendent of
New Holland school, visited his
many friends in Logan and Hoc
king county the past week.
The nest stated communication
of Mingo Lodge, will he held on
Saturday evening, January 12th.
A general attendance is desired. So
journers are cordially invited.
L. Myers, W. M.
M. A. Krieg, Secy.
We rejn-et to harn that the
Logan Furniture Company have
concluded to remove to Point
Pleasant, West Va. The reason
of the change is that lumber can
be procured at this point very
cheap and the facilities of water
transportation afford much bet
ter means of reaching the market
where their furniture has best
sale. Parties in Point Pleasant
(give the Company a bo u of
510,000, which of itself is an in
ducement for the cha ge, if oth
ers did not exist- The removal
will tako place about the 1st of
Itisnotyet determined what
disposition will be made of (he
building, several parties are ne
gotiating for it.
On Thursday moraine, Dec. 27th
Mr. William V. White to Miss Sallie
Sheets; of Millvillo, by Roy. Jere
miah lies. The guests were nu
merous and the gifts abundant and
Eight pagc3 sixty -four columns!
containing all the news, correct
market reports, well selected mis
cellany and brilliant stories, pub
lished by the Cincinnati New Pub
lishing Company, at tho following
low rates of subscription: The
Weekly News, with one ot Dore8
ce'ebrated works, "Christ leaving
the Praetorium,'' "Uirist entering
Jerusalem. ' these engravings of
.uores iamcu Historical paintings
are the best and most perfort re
prints by the Foreign Art Reprodu
cing Company, and can not be pur
chased na Original plates for less
than $40 ench in Europe. They
are in size 23 x 36 iiichos, and are
direct copies, preserving every line
and detail of the English Porty
Dollar Engravings. These pictures
are suitable to adorn the purlor ol
any gentleman. As u Premium
Supplement these are the juices.
A single copy, three months 0.40
A single copy, six mouths 0 90
A single copy, one year 1.00
A club of ten copies to one post of
fice; one year 6.00
A club of twenty copies to one post
office one 3'ear 17.00
And larger clubs at 85 cents per
Postmasters and other agents
will be allowed 15 percent, on full
rate (not club) subseribors.
Do not fail to avail yourself of the
opportunity by sending your name
and address, with one dollar inclosed
The Cincinnati Weekly Nowa.
Jan. 3rd. 3 w.
A Grand Surprise to the Peo
ple of Logan.
From the Evening Star, Washington, D.C
'Culver-Todd On December
30th, 18S3, at the residence of
Mrs. A. w. Lattimore, the bride's
aunt, C31 G. street, southwest,
by the Kev. Dr. B. F. Bittinger
or the Westminster Presbyter
ian church, Mr. Eeuben D."- Cul
ver and Miss Mazio B.Todd, both
of Logan, Ohio."
We wish them throuch the
comi..g years the happiness of a
life of sunshine.
The young and happy couple
returned to Logan on Dec. 31st,
and enjoyed their reception din
ner New Year's day at Green
dale, the hospitable home of the
groom s parents.
lhe hearty congratulations of
a host of friends welcome them
to the married social circle, and
bespeak a long lifo of happi
ness, darkened by as few cares
and brigtened by as man' bless
ings as the New Year can bear in
his train.
Neuralgia Urn
Gives Quick Keller, and Effocte a Fer
ouxnent Cure of that moot painful disease
EP-Try it, and Suffer no more.
Trice: Small Bottles, 25 cte. Largs BotUss, SO eti
For Snlo by all Druggists.
Mammoth Invoice of
of every description, which the
nbove named local deal
er has provided
for his
embrace everything desirable in
the general lines of Boot
wear that mny be called for
adapted to all ages and
both sexe3, and in all the
New Shapes and of the
Most Approved Makes.
These goods are all fresh and
have been carefully se
lected, and ara
to purchasers alike as regards
wearing qualities and prices.
and at all Muses a Sine stock to e3&; firoisso
J. St B SILH A!B2s S
Hew Harness Shop,
JS 1 mm fin Sp rv 'h- - -
""YMirTTi' s-ii?ri
'cai?ayx v.
Between tho
l will'annbunee to the people Mint I will continue in hoelneBsnt the old stand, w
you will find tho largotit and finest stock of
JL i.er o.r.i;.ui:il. w.ii-e'r t 3V-at i:-ai ai- :'.rrr ,-r-y-M- tut. li .- o -.- : -
cf z. S.-.-o:aturf t nSi.-!i ii rwi) a,- I 1 m fv; r.-tci nut cit. -.-l - -j- -
Uoo. locllay feteT.iwKj ::irA ilt-jriuif. 'U;. .ct-i: -- fuir. "x.
f.acnd ly Catarriial Uiwff.irit . ;-"Jii.te ram. T.-r-T-T: ! ."n:csi: -c4
I rorincn: Dnur-r.. a, a!,rr"'iu iil Ii- ein.. --v. ju. . .l. . t".-.in
,.it- t-m a;i- Midifi;y-iin:'ir;i5i -- t:'Mirr.-? - zrwr ;.- ns r--;.-!. " ..
Jytyj bwi rnniiacil'y irwl. ! r.'-( ' hnu::--ts-- - fo-r- . rfa:-
ibiseTruanciiiiiiiirin'iwri'f. Si: i-Ut c;t-i b.Tiu.-v. K . --iten..:f.
' To to tt:-.r tyviiT s-n--tdr .jfi.-:--. ;, .-Tac -.t. t- .i. .r'.r, .-;.
IrtAUt MSKK. ff-:ra;Un". r '"eT'rls.-.iSr.:. Tt ' 1 -wiiT fr f-. !ii.. Tc
Hie by Dnvvi'ti. A!-o -nt 1r i:::l. 1 twMii!. :i;js rt..iil of .i.v. Kt-i.- U-:t-. yr...:c ! rv..
U&3, 91.OO. Cinrnlsrsnn.l te-titnonijCsfrva.
Adilrcns Df.. I'. fLliJ- V"l.ol".afc nn? Kotilt trn -s-f. i'-?.n - Tt. VJ. :-.
CAUTIOK. B5.re ct ro"Rtccft8 or Jciiicsa. 2i.e aiKno ll&lo ''-? m o louad ui axt?
feottl and lo cot b ujr wit2!i: a.
Whips from 10c to $3; Robes fromSl,50 to $10; Blankets fromTocto?.";
Saddlos from $1,50 to 25; Muggy harness from $8 to 50,00; Draft from
$10,00 to 30,00; Collars from 'JOc tu $3, arid special attention paid to
Keeps constantly on'hand the choicest meats, which
be sold at tho lowest possible prices for
We propose keeping nothing'but the very Vst meat, and
those having fat cattle for sale will find it to their advan-
ta,e to call and see us before selling, as we will pay the
highest market price for choice cattle.
We have just received new machinery for making
Bologna, Sausage, &c, and we will guarantee satisfaction
October IB
This elegant dressing
is preferred by those
whohave usedit, to any
similar article, on ac
count of its superior
cleanliness and purity.
It contains materials
only that are beneficial
to the scalp and hair
Restores the Youthful Color to Grey or Faded Hair
Parker s Hair Balsam is finely perfumed and is
Warranted to prevent falling of the hair and to re
move dandruffanditching. Hiscox & Co., N.Y.
50c and l sixes, at dealers In drugs and medicines.
tlnue to act as Solicitors for 1'ntents, Caveats. Trade
Marks. Copyrights, for the United States, Canada.
England, France. Ucrmany, etc. Hand Book about
Patents sent free. Thirty-seven years' experience.
Patentsobtained throucliMUNN & CO. are noticed
In tho Scientific American-, tho lniwut. hst. nni
most widely circulated scientific paper. 3.20ayoar. 11:30 p. m
weekly. Splendid engravings and interesting In- r i- n,
lean sent free. Addres M UKS & CO.. SciErrmo
AMEMCtN Oflice. 3,1 Broadway. Kew York.
STbis Great Through Route
is now Completed and in Full
Operation, running through Pas
senger Trains daily, as follows :
K3Tlireo solid trains each way between
Columbus. Iiicllann polls nnd Peoria
K33"Ttto train, each way between Coluru-
uus, inuinnapoits and uecaiur.
WTwo trains each wny between San
dusky, Indianapolis l'eoriaanrt Uecntur.
Wl'wo trains each way between San
dusky. Dayton auU Cincinnati.
o,ThreetrainseHch day between San
duky .Springfield nnd Columbus.
B'Four trains each way between Colum
bus, Springfield, Dayton and Cincinnati.
M.Two tra;ns each way between Colum
bus, Springfield, Indianapolis & Chicago.
! With Sleepinganrt Reclining Chair Cars
on Night Trunin, and elegant Parlor and
modern Day io.chrs on Day Trains.
Its track Is !ald witli heavy steel rails,
thoroughly ballasted, with easy grades and
few curves. Traversing as it dries the heart
of tlie three great states of Ohio, Indi-ma,
n nd Illinois, uniting in close business re
lationship the capital cities 01 the Hnt and
second, with the second cityot the third,
and pnssin: through a large number of the
most important cities and towns In each,
and witli all its central location makes it
The Shortest and Most Desirable
I Itoute between the East & Wejt.
"Throuc:h Tickets and Baggage Check
to all principal points. North, East, South
1 and West, can be obtained at any Ticket
Office of tho I. 11. & W. It'y, also via tills
; route at all railroad offices throughout the
country. Untc.sjtlwaysaslow as the. low
est. Don't purchase tickets to H,iiy'poiiit
I without tirt coiLstilting tho agents of the
I.Il.&W.Ky. .
Put tlculur advantages offered to Western
Emigrants. Innd and Tourist, Tickets to
all points reached by any line.
twPas.eiiirer Trains leave Columbus, ns
iohows: o:ou a. m., y:lj a. m., ssilp.m..
Hendrson, Oen'l Manacer: II. M
liron&on, Gen'I Ticket As't.
JAMKS liKWOIiK, Pns Ag't.
2C Noith HishSJ.. Columbus O
I employ none but skilled workmen and use mMhiriK'hnt the host or stock. B
anil call and examine my goods before buying elsewhere. Don't forget the
tveuer iuock, iiUau, uuiu. au kuuus hmiuuh.j'.
Be nure
110UV23 ly
?TiARIU&!, Itlvcrsldo.Cal. Tho dry climito coro.
Jau, Ttroat, I.B&S3, foil idaa, S3 p., route, cost, free.
I)BS PAOE8.nintrated,la cloth and c11tbld!nS
u U CO eta. moaey or postage, casta p.-iiwr rover. i5c.
Hcsith U wealth, boaaty skindeop, lorj Ufa desira
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KISAS3 S2ELEY& CO. Rochcclar, N.Y, Chicago, :,
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SET. A. X. SOBBS Writea?
After at&aroagh trial of the
uoa tuhiu, x taka pleasure
in statmar toac x nave oeea
greatly Benefited by it
use. Ministers and Pub
lic Spea&erB will find it
of toe greatest value
where a Tonic is seces-
x recommend It
reliable remedial
aeent, possessing nn
doubted nutritive and
restortrtive properties.
LouinHle, Ay., Oct. 2, 1S82.
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Tndttstry, ILL, says:
"I consider li
a ziost excellent rericdy for
the debilitated vital icrces.
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IForthe MERCHANTsiioNejiirjpianickE-E
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