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The Hocking sentinel. (Logan, Ohio) 1871-1906, March 13, 1884, Image 1

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Iky -.".-! -
T :' ' t , t r-' c
-- .
Hnnviu msihw
?nuiiviiii fe5i
ELH.AVi A .It IS rftVii"ii.vt
'Physicians $ Surgeons
"" Alas loel Sursroou for C BViT K. R.
Qffite, oue door -wast or Work & B"Uir'
tore, Logan, Ohio. may. SI, 73.
K. C.daBBBTEiaKr, r. o.
Physicians & Surgeons
Mm at Dr. James Little's, nliu sweet,
. 1882-ly
- J. H. DYE,
Physician Surgeon,
oruerofMain and Mulberry streets,. In
Mom fornaorly occupiad ly Dr. Dallen.
J u23, lSSO-tf WGAS O
.Physician - Surgeon,
Xeicnc Ko 320 South Columbus street
r.acater. onicc, Gets Building, Kcuih
Iambus, eticet. June S, 't2-lf
Homeopathic Physician-
O&M In the Kew Bnilding, first cioo
Wt of Geo. Hartmau's, Main st Julyl-7
i Z y Vf jdONAOE,
Resident Dentist,
Sairtnteps all hie work ten Trs. Honr
from 8 to 12 and from 1 to 6. Residence op
posit Catholic Cuuicli. Office over Rem
pel's Drug Store. July 10, I
Ofise, Dolllton BuHdlKt, Unrket Strut,
Feb 21, 1SS4 ly
Attorneys - at - Law,
OSce In Dollleou Elock, raar of Court
Socsa. , Ajirll 1 It
Aitomvy - at - Law,
"Will giTe special attention to collections
eonvoyuncius. Also reil MlsId en
y. OSlca'in the Gazette office.
July l,-7-tf. .
Attorney - at - Law
iaOtsxji- oaio.
Offlcain City SaRding.
Attorney . at : Law,
Offlea. wlili arojhu In the Jmhcj block
. K.anronr.
o. yr. H. WSIGHT
'Attorneys at Law
OClcc In James Slock over Iiit Uttlna
ju;j 1.1J7
Attorney at Law,
3)9is, Wills, Mortgages, Lessee, Contrct
nti all ntl-entiou jjiven to col;ciion
-OjHc in thb Court House. July 1 ly
-5A.TCBSI36. W. A. SOKAtDaoir
Prontnt cttnntlen elrsa ts all leel bui-
. Juuel-ly
Oifle in Janise Slock, itSRt end, oro
Bittiuy, HisSlus & Cnmley's Jltrdwar
tore- .amy 151
"" baJtks
Cash Capital $50,000
J.TVALKER, P.-eeident
0. E. BoT2K, Cashier.
Da a several bankln; business. reoelTee
dopssits, discoBiita japer and buys and
sells ercaanxc. limit, in center room of
tba J:nss block. Jan 4, 395.
Cash Capital $o 0-000.
Jndlvldutl liability oi stockholders S3,GM
L. A. CULVER, President,
REU3EN CULVER, Cashier j
Tjoesa (jeneral baukins busineae. OGlce
-jtoom No. 5, Opera Hosue. Nov 1, 'SS-ly
IJflWJ'-l1 SSil I ifTM
At Carlisle's Old Stand, Opposite
the Court House.
staple and Fancy Groceries.
the Highest Trice for Pro-
Oct 25-ly
Walnut Street House.
"Walnut Street, between Sixth Rnd
Seventh Street,
Class In
Popular Price . S2.00 Per Day.
OAKS & L.ODWICK, l'jvp's.
Jan. 17 Sni.
Notice is hereby Riven that the loHov
Jng account iiul voucher have been llled j
in the Probate Court of Hocking county,;
Ohio, tor settlement, !
A. II. RsooV islguoe of 1). Rsnactt &
and the same will come on for liecrins on
a. inM or as soon tbcrealleras msy bo con-
Ynieut. I
. . .- ... a . . W. M UULCi
AnZTfTl Vrnln . Ti.j.. !
. ,
3aE.nsry 24 8w
A Lawyer's Opjxiox of Interest
.A - - To ALL. Jj -
" "JAY'Tawnsy, Esq , nleauingat
tnrnp.v of Winona. Minu. . writes:
After using it for more than threo
years, l taKe great pleasure in sia
tiug that I regard Dr. King's Now
Discover' for Consumption as the
best remedy in the world for Coughs
and Colds. It has never faild to
exxn the most severe colds I have
had, and invariably lelieves the
pain in the chest."
Trial Bottles of this sure cure for
all Lung and Throat Diseases may
bo had Free at F Harrington's
Drugstore. L drge size, S 1.00.
"Win is excellent; a hearty laugh
is known Ihe whole world over to
bo a health promoter; but fun does
not fill the bill when a man needs
physic, on ihe other hand people take
loo much physic. Thej would be
more healthy, live longer, and enjoy
life thoroughly, if they used Dr.
Jones' lied- Clover Tonic, which
cures all bload disorders, indigestion
kidney ami liver troubles, remove?
pimples and is a perfect tonic. Can
be taken by the most delicate Only
50 cents per bottle, of 13. G. Rebor
& Co. Jlch. 22, 'S3 ly.
The proof of the pudding is not
in chewing the string, but in having
:n opportunity to last the article
direct. JJliJIer 0 -case, the Drug
gist, has a free trial bottle of Dr
Boaanko's Coiiiih and Lung Syrup
for each and every one who is af
flicted with Coughs,Colds. Asthma,
Consumption or any Lung Affection.
With a majority of poopieitisno
experiment that Dr. Boaano's
Cough and lAiag Syrup i a, sure
cure for Uonhs, Colds, Pain in the
Lungs. Soreness in the Chest, ect .
but for those who doubt, ask your
neighbors, who have used it or eet
a free nam pie bottle o Miller & Ca
eeV'the Druggist. Kegu'iax sixa 50
ceut and $1.00.
Nature has made her laws with
us, which we. must obey or sufforthe
penalty. This penalty is often lung
or throat trcubls, which leads on to
consumption. Every 'man believes
consumption incurable. Peop'le
have been educated to this belief
which iB proven incorrect by Dr
Bigelow's Positive Cure, wuich is
nature's great helpmate, and it cures
consumption and all ihroat and lung
diseases speedily aud permanently.
Trial bott'.e fret; ot Keber &. Co.
June 21, 1683.
ws "all-know"
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h?.t kiws taste belter than they
sook. end ass better fer dark,
thht i: is belter lo be 1 ight than left;
tha t!.ioe whotvfee Dr Jone's Red
Clover Tonic never htivs dyspepsia
er.stivpness.-h'id breath. p:!ce, pim
ple;, ague and mAlivi.! dibvafrea. poor
appetite low spirits,, headache or
dreeasvi- of Kidneys and Bladder.
Price 50 cii!s of Reb?r h. Co.
Fab 151 yr.
Tsstiuoky Fr.frtT TKK PP.T53.
To those r.fiiicted with lung trouble
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Ottawa (III.) Times says: "After
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mul KaW&"JUUuli
M. Sails? Mo
.1. ii-
is ieiKrs"
A thoroughly Democratic Organ
being, in fact, u condensed news
mirror, giving such items of inter
est as cuu be gathered through the
dispatches of the Western Associa
ted I'ress. by special tolegmms, and
by a well-organized corps of com
spondentR and local reporters, and
which will faith fu 1 ' and earnest!"
support the nominees of theparty
jand uphoid the principles enuncia
ted in its State and ISutional Plat
forms, will bo furnished to subscri
bers at the following liberal rates of
subscription, by mail, postage paid:
Dai'y edition, for one year S'.OO
Daity edition, for six months 4.00
! Dai1.' and Sunday edition for one
year 9.00
D.-iiiy and Sunday edition for six
inorttli3 5.00
Daily and Sunday edition for three
months "2 50
Sunday edition, for ono year 2 50
All subscribers to the Daily and
Sunday Nows.Iourn-1 for a peiiodi
of six months will get the two ele
gant companion art work, '"ChrisL
Leaving the Praelorinin,''aud Christ
Entering Jerusalem."
The Cincinnati News Journal,
Sixth & Vine Sts. Cin.
Jan lrd 2w.
j$S-."5TOCK FOR SALE.,ggf
i Two yoke heavy Work Call lo
, and one Draft Hore for sale.
Apply (o T.E. CLARK,
Feb 9 it New Plymouth, O.
The Spring Term at the Zanes
Yille Business
Anril 1
Address at once for full
f!immTTTT X'. Pinenvc
uuuiui J i .w..jvr
Feb. 21 3w ZaneBville. O. j
It vas Sunday. Mr. Skinner
was tired, and thought he would
lie down on (he sofa in the back
parlor and rest.
He lay down and crossed his
feet with a parade hardly justifia
ble under the circumstances.
His wife came in and saw him.
"Why, Lot Skinner!" she ex
claimed, "If I ever heard of the
like!. Lying down on that new
sofa with your boots on, and oh,
my goodness! your head on that
new lace tidy I had done up only
last week. You are the most in
considerate man I over saw in
my life.'-'
Mr. Skiunor got up and his wife
smoothed out the tidy and raar
rangsd it.
"The idea of anybody putting
a head on that tidy," said Mrs.
Skinner, who had no intention of
using slang. "I did suppose you
had some sense.''
"I used to have," said Mr, Skin
ner, good naturdly. "Ya-a-h.
I could take a nap if I could find
a place to drop down. "Ya-a-h."
i'You had better read your Bi
ble," said Mrs. Skinner. She was
a good, uncomfortable woman, so
claan and naat and orderly, that
she made her family wretched
with her domestic drill.
Something culled Mrs. Skinner
off then and when she came back
Mr. Skiunor was gone. She sat
down and took a book, when a
thou't struck her, and sho bound
ed from her chair as if she had
been struck '03' a cannon ball.
Yes, it was just as she had fear
ed; her husband had gone up
stairs, and sho found him stretch
ed out in bed, on tha top of a
white counterpane, his grizzly
gray head sunk deep into a white
starched pillow sham with these
words embroidered in the centre:
"Sleep sweet, beloved!''
He was not asleep, but snoring,
with a look of sweet, content ou
his wide open mouth.
"Lot S-k-i-n-n-e r!"
He got up in a manner that
would have done credit to a gym
tatit. ami atood scaring at the
fearful hollow in the bed and the
wrinkled dent in the pillow
"I declare, 1 forgot," he said,
looting very fcoli&h. '"Alice,
fenven't a place where I can lay
my head? '
"Don't !sik nonsense,'' said his
wife, sharply. "'The idea of a so
ber man going to bed with his
boots on."
"Would you rather I'd got "
"I'd rather you'd get some
common sense," she said. If you
mustsleep in daytime why there's
an old lounge down in the kitch
en; no one r.ill disturb you there
Or I suppose" ungraciously
'I can take ofi' the quilt and the
shams, and let you take your
nap here' though it's wicked,
that's what it is, to sleep Sunday.
It's a bad example to set to the
children, Lot, and Tou know it."
"Uut I am so sleepy," answer
ed her husband; "my head is as
heavy as lead, and I cannot keep
my eyes open."
"Laziness, sheer laziness," said
his wife sharply.
Mr. Skinner went down stairs
and disappeare'd. The last words
hiB wife heard him say were that
there vas rest for the weary, but
she was picking u the embroid
er' on the misused sham witli a
pin and did not heed hina.
She was a distinguisho i wo
man; distinguished in the town
where she lived, as being the
cleanest housekeeper in it. No
girl could be found neat enough
for her; all the mottoes in her
house were to the effect that
cleanliness tms nest lo godliness
She dusted ever' article of the
furniture m the house several
times si day; site scrubbed so of
ten that Ihe children had chron
ic dipththeria; she scrubbed so
clean ihat at last she scrubbed
through the kitchen floor into
the cellar, and was nearly lost to
the community. It was a per
petual warfare between her and
dirt. The front parlor-was never
opened to the family iMid though
Mr. Skinner had furnished it he
had never sat down in it a mo
ment since. Its air was that of
a loiub. After it had been open
ed to coiypany for ail afternoon,
the children wont around with
flannels about their throats aud
drank ginger tea. It was the
handsomest parlor in the com
munity, loo. and had the family
pictures and the marraige certi
ficate framed and hung up there.
When dinn r was ready and
it was a good dinner, loo, for
Mrs Skinner was a notable cook
she asked the children where
their father was.
They did not know.
This seemed strange; she quos-
tionad thorn closely, but they had
f Q,, --i,;, wv ho wont, when
11UO SLCii n - -j
he passed through the room.
" Didn-'t he say where he was
j going?" "lie asked, wonderingly,
for Mr. Skinner never went out
Sunday without his family.
"He said he was going where
he'd have more peace," said little
Harry Skinner.
"Well we won't wait dinner
for htm," said his wfe, and they
sat down lo eat.
But a spell seemed to have fall
en upon them, and when the din
ner was over and cleared away,
and they were in the sitting room
with their books, there was a
sense of dreary loss, and Mrs.
Skinner sat with the Bible open
on her lap and wondered why he
had gene out and remembered
that he had looked queer.
It was in consonance with her
habits of liviug that she got up in
the middle ef these speculations
to catch a wandering and belated
fly and induce him to be annihilated-
"Strange!" she said, as it grew
"I'll take the children and go
down to his mother's and see if he
is there, and if he ie I'll just give
him a piece of my mind."
But he was not there, and his
mother said Lot looked badly the
last time she saw him, and she
thought he seemed worried; hop
ed it wasn't bupinsss troubles."
No it wasn't business troubles;
Mrs. Skinner knew that, and she
began to wonder if she had clean
ed her husband out of his mind
It came over her with sudden
force that she had been in the
habit of driving him from pillar
to post at railroad speed and- at
the end of a broom or dust brush.
He actualy found no rest for the
sole of his foot in his own house
It might have worked upon his
nervous system until he had be
came insane. Horrible thought
He might have committed suicide.
She hurried home with the chil
dren. All was gloom. Sho went
to the bureau to look for his ra
zor. It was the only fire arms
he posseeied it was gone.
Then Mrs. Skinner broke down
and cried, and the children cried,
and it was, indeed, a scene of
desolation, when suddenly the
door of that horrible parlor open
ed, and ao apparition no, it was
Mr. Skiunor himself stood be
fore them looking very sheepish.
"I overslept myself," ho said,
in a meek, apologetic tone, look
ing at the clock.
"I should say you did,"aaid his
wif's, "and the dinner is all ealen
up, but I'll fix you up something
nice," and she went out, taking
the children wilh her.
How much of it Mr Skinner
ever knew it is impossible to say,
but there was an immediate and
satisfactory change that at first
amazed and delighted him. He
could lay down anywhere when
he was tired, and his wife would
throw a shawl over him, and
leave him in peace. He had been
seen to lit down on the parlor
sofa, where he took his Rip Van
Winkle sleep, and nobody dis
turbed him. Mrs. Skinner was
at heart a woman of-sensse, and
when Bhe realized ihat oue hair
of thut grizzly head was worth
more than all the pillow shams
in the world lo her, she put the
last out? away in the company
of a demented assortment of su
perfluous lidios. And thev arc
really and truly, and not in any
zoological sense, a 'happy fam
ily' now.
Business men in some commu
nities havtt begun lo discuss the
question at their meetings wheth
er they are nut spending loo
much money on fancy and costly
p5inting for indiscriminate ad
vertising distribution. Art has
advanced wonderfully in this di
rection, aud much of its work is
cunning and bcauiilul, but has
become co rery common that a
specimen of the eketcher's, en
graver's and printer's most skill
ful handiwork, if it bears a busi
nesB advertisement on it, is eith
er refused by the people or oon
thrown aside. There is a grow
ing disposition to return to the
old custom, and depend almost
entirely on the advertising col
umns of the nev.'spapera. Cin.
Com. Gaz.
The vorld has just discovered
that Gen. Stonewall Jackson left
a fltmwhter. rul tf.irl.,ml o,l
..., .. ----,
.i'liwite 11a ve uiacut cicu iiul sue
is tho mrist. lipiinlifnl wnnian tbif.
has visited their shores this sea-1
son. Miss Julia Jackson is shid OI vo5U ,iiU0, A K,nu w . . fihe was wooed and won by arespect
to be a much more beautiful irl nothing, a liltle financial aid will ab e man named Mooie. Subso-
Ihan the now famous Jennie not bre'li: yu- wiiile -vm!r bread anly her &ll 1",btiudlu,ntid ."P
Chamberlain oX1d there is evev,casl "Pon the waters nmy return ami et 011 foot tho pretention
oniihi,.ij,irij, uu uieicjbet.3 -. vh ch resu ted in her conMi-tion of
nrnb-ih'lilv nf Iipv hfino iho vo.ro to vou one huudred fod in alter """ ,, , ..:, fi.,, I,:. .,.,-
prooiiuttii oi nei uung ine lage j - . . , bigamy. Moore, knowing the history
the coming season in London. It.'ve!U,s 1I1 t-' Sl'stelul acknowl- f iUM-rehitiotifc wit.) the man, has
would appear that the erop of
English professional beauties has
given out, as we hear of no oue
who takes tho place formerly
filled by Mrs. Langtry and Mrs.
Goruwallis West. It is a new
field for American enterprise.
Miss Jackson its a dark type, and
havo the artists in London ari
raving about her eyea-
m.ma i vam uy
An incident of rather peculiar
nature occurred in the city on
last Hallowe'en, which has given
rise to considerable conjecture
and surmise. The facta as ob- tral Station last night and told a
tained from one of the parlici-'pit,ml slorY It could bo scon at
pants by a representative of the once from her quick nervous mau
G.izette, briefly slated, are to the er ad incoherent utterances tha
effect that seven young ladies, all she was laboring under great men
of Montreal, at a Hallowe'en 'il suffering of some kind. After a
gathering ten years ago, agreed while she became somewhat quiet
to -meet ag.iiu on the s?me even-led, and then she related her circum
ing ten years after, the atipula-J8tances- S,le S!,v0 ho1' imme as
lion was "dead or alive," tlieMr Jenny Ender and her resi
young lady who made use of that dence at No. 214 West Jefferson
expression remiuding the other street. She was married in Cincin-
six of the agreement a short lime
after by sending them each an
.... p r 01 1000
invitation for October 31, 18S3.
This lady was evidently the ori
ginator ol the little reunion, and
laughingly promised to be pres
ent, even "if dead, and it were at!mil,1iUU? w',rKed !1f1.ifc cos?d wllei
,. .. , . , . , he obtained a position at the white
an uosMoie ior ncr iw uu su.
About four years ago this your.graonths ago, and ho wa's there a Jef
ladv died very suddenly. She is
described as ha.ing been of a
quiet, religious disposition, and
very tall.
The remainder of the ten years
rolled by and the timo for the
reunion came. Accordingly, on
All llallow Eve the six met at
the house of two of their number
who were sisters, for tea ; but,
according to the original arrange
ment, a chair was left vacant for
tha missing oue. Thi chair was
draped in black, while in front ot
it-on the table, were some with
ered flowers gathered from the
grave of the deceased. Nothing
remarkabla occurred during the
repast, cavo that the young lady
nest to ths empty chair spoke ol
a strange nervous sensation, but
this wan not thought of at tire
time. After loa they started to
move to the parlor immediately
adjoining, tho young lady last
mentioned leading the way and
carrying in her hand the bunch
of withered flowers. The parlor
was quite dark, saving the light
whiach streamed in from the din
ing room when she opened the
door. At that moment she cried :
"Look! look!" and pointed to
Iho parlor, wher three or four
of them saw distinctly a tall
while figure standing at the door
horn ttio parlor to tho hall. She
who had first seen it retreated
quickly, and was jtibt leaving the
d:niug-room by the side door
from that room to the hall when
siie again saw the figure aud. her
crv brought three of th? others to-j
tha door, and all saw it didp:
quickly along the hall from the
parlor door to the door leading to
the street, which seemed to open
of itself and close after the figuie
had passed through.
Only one of the six failed to
see the figure at all, she having
in both cases been too lato, con
sequently she was very dubious,
and believed tho apparition to be
merely some kind of a practical
joke, and it once went and in
spected the door ol" exit, but this
.s always kept locked and
latched from within, and v.'as
found to be slill secure, so the
trick theory was completely out
of the question as a solution to
tho mystery.
Our informant saw tho figure
twice, and describes it as being
"just the right height" that is
to say, very tall and wholly drap
ed in white ; no hands nor feet
were to be seen, and the face was
concealed ; it seemed to glide
rather 1 ban to walk, and moved
quickly; it did noi touch the
door at all and did not appear to
pass thro' it, but the door seemed
to open of itself, and close behind
the figure. The sensation pro
duced by the figure was as if it
were chuckling to itself 011 hav
ing kept tho promise to be pre
sent, nd laughing at Ihe scare
produced at least our young la
dy informant stales such to have
been her sensation in so . far as
she had any, apart from the dom
inant sanse-of fear.
Such is the story, and we give
it for what it is worth without.
Z? ;V' . .-1 n al .
He would admii dsh others
should, above all things, be care-'feW
ful of their reputation and sense
of shame. Thev who hare cabt
.,,,. , - . ,1 '
ouuiubiung axe ue.i unu aiuu
Give "iilin ;u,d cheerfully '
oclS""t of some honored mem-
uer oi society who will say to
von, "You have helned to make!"er with open arms upon her rcl use
me what I" am.5'
Will tiie Ohio Medical Collece
put in its ncsxtprospeclus: "This
-j! i i- 1 ' .-. ,- -
15 the only medical institctiou in
. , , ' . . . ... 1
the world which provides custom
mads corpses for its classes P
''9; Xews- Jutri.--.'
-', ' naaB,r- I !! -r.. .....i .... . ,,- .. ,..,..... ' . II I I
?z r Aos:--jSATir.
A woman poorly but neatly dress
ed in a suit of faded black, and
wearing a long crepe Veil, which
shrouded her fice, walkt-d into Cen-
"aji and mirried there, her husb-md
l,BIn1 a njociinnic. auoul nve
months ago he was thrown out of
amntnnt ti,,, nn,x -ftij t
come to this city in search of work,
leaving her at home. He soon se
cured employment at the rolling-
!prl wmw nr, . ,
weeks when he was taken dangerously
ill with "painter's colic." fie was
removed to the City Hospital, where
he grew worso, and somo one who
knew hira wroto to his wife. She at
once boarded the train and came to
this city, bringing with her all the
money she could ecrape together.
Upon her arrival she went straight
to the hospital and asked for her
husband, baing told to her horror
that he had been taken to the dead
house that morning. She was shown
where he lay, and, with a sharp "eye
of a wifo. thought she saw something
unnatural in tho face for that of a
dead man, and exclaimed that life
was not yet extinct. The physicians.
who seemed to be in doubt about
the matter, made an examination,
and lo their surprise discovered a
faint fluttering ot the heart, which
betokened life. He was removed
back to to the ward and strong re
storatives app'ied, which had the
offeot of brinin him b.tc'f to con -
sciouhnes3. For a day or two ho
lingered on tho verge of death, then
raided and grew stionger, being able
to get out in a couple of weeks.
& q
Bradford County (Pa.) Special.
A fatal accident occurred on an
oil lease on Rutherford Run. threo
miles from this city, this afternoon.
Jacob Dickey has charge of. the
laaso, and was agitating the well,
luinw.' fn tho purpose an iron rod
about eleven feot long. This was
attached to a roi nxssiiu; through
3 crown purer.
down the tubiu;
till it-?reached th
sand-rock. The" rod agitated the
wed so effectively as to cause a
strong flow of gas, which biew rou
and rope out of the well aud up int
the dei rick. In its des ont a point
of the rod struck iUr-Dickey square
on the top ot the head, passum
through his head toward the left,
came out at theoc ipral boue. pas3
ed on down thro' tho Meft uhoulder,
through tho left lung, narrowly es
ciping the heart, and passed ou be
low the last rib, protruding sever-1
inches The m..n did not loo -c con
scioustiess through the whoe of it.
and stood without flinching the op
eration of pulling the tod from hi
body. lie lived long enough t
give directions about his fuaernl.
I'ronssea Abandonment of a River
When the rivers are low, the sun
shinim:, and thegrpss green, Law
rencehurg is a very inviting and
rather peaceful oity to look upon and
to live in. But even then its loc
ation suggests the danger of sub-
moigencc. For it ,has notmly the
Ohio but the Br.: Miami to menace it
and when either one is on the ram
psge, is in danger, aud when they
combine there is uo avoidance of ;i
The present flood Ins a'read' de
stroyed over one hundred and fifty
houses in the town, . nd so racked
and unsettled others aa to render
tl.ein u 11 tit for habitati-'ii. Indeed,
the majority of the houses in Law
renceburgh, after tv?o such immer
sions as thev h ve suffered during
the floods of 1S33 and 1884, are so
damaged that tha repairs necessary
to ni'tkc them hubit.ttde will cost
near y as much as to buil-.l new ones.
In view ot tiitse floods, ;tnJ pos
gible ;nd probable recurrence, the
question would -ugirest itself whether
it would not be sound economy to
abtiudon the town and soiect. a
higher aud who.somersito.
A. Tinlon County llouianc 0.
Out of ai.t prisoners received at the
pcuitonti ry the past three dsys,
four have been convicted of bigamy.
Occasionally a case comes up from
I K.j.?- ftnnntif tll.i -llritll fl K ! I
fe entitled to sympathy if not pardon
The caso of Airs. Jenny Aloure, of
Vinton Counry.who will be dischai'g
ed by expiration of 3011 ton o in a
divs, is
1 cue m uomt. ."5hc
married at a very ear y a.e she is
w only twenty tiirce
a worth eJs
vagaoonU who in a tew months Uo-
j lfit fm. the WoaL
' &hc stw nothing of him for live years,
auu niiaiy reaaiua newspaper 01 nib
de&th somewhere. Soo . alter this
remained laithfu during her incur -
ceration.anu is waning o receive
from a prison in vlucli she Btiouiu
nover have been immured. She
was not long since prostra-ed with
VphoW fever and was success
ful v treated by Dr. Guns nilus, the
y .. , V, -- , , ,,f mm, ' .:
Hospital buperijitendout. J lie pi u-
n 1)()ie swai -m tite liichest terms
of airs. Moore, who is a lady in the
brst scumj of that, word.
7 - . J'ittr-?-c
There was a man in our town,
and he was wondrous wipe, for
.when he marked his prices down,
he then did advertise.
And when ho saw his trade in
crease, with all his might and
main, he marked still lower eve
ry price, and advertised again.
" And when he advertised again
his rivals loudly swore, to see
see folks rush with might and
main to patronizo his store.
And while they sat in solitude
and saw hira custom win, that
man behind the counter Blood
an(j rake(j tie shakics in
And when ho raked the shekles
in and saw his fortune rising, he
took a goodly lot of tin and kept
on advertising.
Each day a gonerou3 sum ho'd
sink, snd demonstrate full plain,
he-nToTTepays m-puuttu's
ink, the greater is his sain.
Some one wisely says that
who strive."" after a long and plea
sant term of life must seek to at
tain continual equanimity, and
carefully to avoid everything
which too violently taxes his
feelinga. Nothing more quick'y
consumes the vigor of life than
the violence of the emotions of
the mind. Wo know that anxi
ety and care can destroy the
healthiest body; we know that
fright and fear, yes, excess of joy,
becomes deadly. They who are
naturally cool and of a qiret turn
of mind, upon whom nothing can
make too powerful an impres
sion, who ;re not wont lo be ex
cited either by great sorrow or
great" joy, have the best chance
of living long and happy after
their manner. Preserve, there
fore, under all circumstances, a
composure of mind which no
happiness, no misfortune, can
too much disturb. Love nothing
too violently; hate nothing too
passionately ; fear nothing too
Where to obtain a supply of
Presidential timber appeals to
bo one ef the most -perplexing
questions with Ihe Republican
parly at present. There sro aspirant.-
enough, undoubtedly
men of eminence and distinction,
o'.d-wheel hortes who have done
battle through thick and thin,
shrewd and scheeming politici
ans of overpowering ambition,
who are hopeful against, hope,
and Aiho re industriously, tlio"
quietly exerting every possible
effort to sexuropioferrnent in the
convention, but who, when sub
jected to the searching scrutiny
of political analysis, or sized up.
so lo speak, are found so hope
lessly weak in many essential
points that their nomination
would be equivalent to party su
cide. The truth is th tt the parly
stands desperately in need of a
Messiah ; but where is he to be
found is the problem that puzzles
the gravest sages of the Republi
can councils.
The proprietor of a bar-room
was placed on trial in Washing
ton Territory, under the indict
ment for keeping a disorderly re
aort. Seven women were on Ihe
jury, and all were firm for con
viction ; but the five men stood
doggedly lor acquittal.
Hjporiaut 5eei.-ion.
J ud. e Frieaner. at a recent term
of Court in New Loximrton, Perry
county. Ohio, h'-jlci that it is not er
ror, in Ohio, lor a Justice to refuse
to charge tne jury as to what is the
li-.y, because there is no statue re
quiring it. ihe i.w inaKing it me
duty to charge the jurors1 baiug
pphcabe only to courts of record.
This decision will nc of interest
to all JuslicHS of the Peace.
Ssire Care fes Ssic;.
The first symptom of Pi'es is an
intense itchin:atnigbtafter gettiug
warm- This unplea-it sonsation is f
1-..1 ir .it l- I
immedia'ely relieved by an appli
cation of Dr. Bosanko's IJi'e liem
edy. Pi'es in all its forms, Itch,
Salt Uhume. and Uiiigworm can b?
permanently cured by 'he use ol
. 1 - .. .T- t..: r. --..
Maiiufaetured by The Dr. Bos-
anko Medicine Co., Piqua, 0. Sold ,
11:15 " reuniiiiieur. x. rice uuirtjiii.. .
hv iiillor ife Ctpe.
A llrandso 1 of John J. Critten-
fenden was s-entoticed on"Satur-
day to three years imprisonment
for the deliberate murder of a
negro boy. Light as theseniene
is.it 'raated Home excitement in
Kentucky, where it was not sup
posed a Crittended could be pnu
iihed for killing a negro.
The custom in Alabama ha
been to give each Governor two i
erms, and on thi. precedent j
-. riT i- r i .1. r 1 !
vju. wuai niiiiwa ....I. iu. i.
renoniination. Dul his adminis- j
tration has proved unsatisfactory' J
and a more energetic executive
is demanded. Several Demo
cratic candidates are in the field
... ure xrom uusmess, in :dh ua inuuuiwi'1-'"'u " "-" " .u t.
I" the r.Qili'.UJitlou. . .. ,.- rnriB !, fur -Hsh. Tplanet and srrind it with mountain, mo-
, ., ,? . e r , t,- Iars." After the intelligent compositor -
T-'e l'u-est eitT of Japan is ia "uihl.ng wi , be for rent. ' Gadget in his work thee was less bold-,
l,.e laigest eity 01 jap.in is lutlher particulars call on am. n,fn ,. fimira ftf .u inaiSasiBfc.
saks. which contains l,5bD.69o 1 Waltz, at the old Hartman stand .aa the world ?as made to open its nitaiir-
JTJclso?s of ili Arat Southern
In Heard county, Ala., logs
were whirled into the air and
broken before they reached the
At Leeds, Ala., the tornado de
posited near the railroad a wood
working machine which no one
about there had ever seen before.
Throe horsss belonging to Dr.
Thomas Wright, near Birming
ham, Ala., were lifted into the
air, and have not been seen or
heard frjm since.
A hotue near Birmir.gham,
Ala., in whu-h two nejros were
lying sick, wa3 picked np by the
wind and land -d fifty y?.rda
away. Neither of the mon wore
A bale of cotton was blown
half mils away fiopt Goshen, Ala.
A church was destroyed, and a
-large portion of it was found on
theTOprof tho mountain three
quarters of a mile away.
Near Mid was, N. C , Martin
Mingo, a colored proacher, was
lilted from his bed by ths wind
and deposited in a valley GOO yds.
tjway, with but slight bruises.
His house was blown to piece?.
Clifford A. Loeke, of Jasper,
Gh., threw himsslf into a clump
of undergrowth to escape the
tornado, and was so severely
t.irashed alout and pelted witb
h-silstonoe that his clothes were
torn into ribbons.
Upon a hill in the coatre of the
villaSe of Goshen, Aia., stood a
nsw and well built school-house.
Although not a stick of the build
ing could bo found after the
storm, excepting the flooring, not
one of the 26 inmates was fatally
At Rockport, Ind., a party of
12, who had been across the river
to attend a wedding, were caught
ia the tornado. The ferrs'boat
in which they were was blown
aahole and dashed to pieces, and
its passengers were left clinging
to tha limbs of the trees against
which ths boat was hurled. None
of them wer-3 killed.
Maine farm?-.-! are sailing po
tatoes st 3) p.vnU a hxnx-J.
a. ope
hor.ts in Milwauxie, Via., sft-
ncxt S-.tinmer.
Congws!iift:i fate wart, of Texas,
is the tallest member of the
House. He meaurss & fow in
ches ovar six feet.
Mine. Minnio Ha'uk, while re
cently in Florida, bought forty
little alligators and is now send
ing them as presents to her.
Congressman Hewitt, of Ala.,
announces his intention to vote
against the Morrison Tariff bill.
He says tint the measure is
wholly indefensible on principle,
and has not the shadow of chance
of passing the House.
The only candidates to be vot
ed for on the State ticket ia New
York-this year are the uo.minees
for two appeal judge&hips. The
U ica Herald suggests, therefore
that one Republican State Con
vention is ample to perform all
the work.
a . gt- .
Gov. Crittenden, of Missouri,
was so enraptured with Patti's
singing, that he went to her room
and kissed her. Patti did not
object, and the Governor's ex
cuse was, that he could not help
Conkling says the Democrats
will elecc the next President, and
he iniht ?.l-o stato that they will
inaugurate him.
The burglar's pride If they
hadn't they could not have openedl
the window.
Tho difference between" a pat
ent non-tip overable spittoon and an
etllto - 'i.tl ia said to be in the
..... . ..
fl,..t inA will l-lnrlj
itself while the
other won't
"When a man gots a stitch in his
side while at church he is apt
! to lose tha thread of, the dHCoure "
Of course; and when lie gets horn
nied in by a crowd of pretty girla,
it se&ms ood
"Frod why do you c-dl mo your
duckie dirbng? Is it bacause 1 float
ed into vour affections co swimming
, Mjacd,T lIl,t I:iViear! It' be
JUSe. as a riile.you rarely ad vanes
toward me but you are holding out
In Julv and August last ysar
each TJuitstl States Senator consuai-
ed a ton and a ha.1! of ice.
Altogether 200,000 lbs. w-ue u?-
cd up. When the next pilar expe
dition is organised, the crow should
parted trom the United St
Senate. It wou'd not only save
United Slates
eoBnt,.y a baadaocjeuuai of money,
but we would 900:1 have an open
polar saa.
Mrs. A. Tv. Yallz, wishing to re
Jan 24-tt,
. I..., ...Ml 11 1... 1 ...n1.1 l..... n....j..l ;c .....!. r. rn.
'in Furnaoetown
Oca Square...... .... ...
Each additional Insertion..
Cardsperycar, .............
, 6 09
Local notices perllne...
.. 18
Yearly advertisements S1CO percolum
AinAiiiiiivu aaiuii
A Little Eamnce.
TI10 Washington. Star has the follow
ing account of a romaatic marriage:
Last evening the neat little. JIpLieopal
cliurch, Scuth Washington, was GUed -to
overtlowing to witue33 the wedding
of Mr. Peter McCalmcn.of tho proviflco
of Manitoba, and Hiss Lizzie A-Gabriel.
of this city. There is a little romance
connected with these parties. The
roora lives, as stated, in the province
of Manitoba. whore tho bride has a mar
ried sister living. Through the sister
the croom. about four yeara ago, heard
of Aliss Gabriel, and a correspondence
was commenced, during which, not
withstanding they had never seen each
other, their feelings toward each other
beeame more thansiiuply friendly. The
hearts of the writers glowed with love.
Portraits were exchanged, and minute
descriptions were given of each other.
The result, was that a few months ago
they became engaged to be married, on -condition
that there was no change of
feeling after personal interview. The
young lady in the meantime made prep
arations to take a leave of absence.
The groom about the iirst of the month
arrived here. Being desirous of seeing
the lady, he wrote a note to her, which:
sho failed to receive until Monday ol
last week, when she promptly sent him
directions to lind her place of residence
ou Missouri avenue, and he called that
evening. The chains of love, woven-'
through the art of "the mails, were more
iirnily rivoted at this -meeting. Tho
youcglady's friends were highlypleased
with the gentleman. The result was
that the coapla concluded that it wa3
useless to wait longer,and preparations
were at once made for the wedding,
which took place last evening. While
the ceremony was being performed,
some misch'ttvoiis boys tied a string o
tin cans un-Ior the carriage, and such a
din was raadu as they drove away that
the horses were badly frightened, and
it was with diiiiculty that they wore re
strained. 7bsre William Black Should 3s
A few adventurous Englishmen hsvei
borno its reputation to the" olu eor.ntrv,
and the fame of Alaska as a wonderfully -picturesque
region is c en better known
across tho seas than on the American
Contmeur. Lord Dufierin made a trip
up the British Columbia and Alaska
Coast while Governor-General of Cana
da and his descriptions of the Archipel
ago and its scenery are among tha
most vivid and enthusiastic sketches -that
he has written of the Xew World.
K ariscn to iat lho wondcts of it3
fr, 1 T,". Tt l i--M
high mountains, its dense forests, its
clear, emerald waters, its skies and
iocs and sunsets; to tempt the angler
with his tales of the great salmon; to
excite the hnnter with hints of the deer,
the boar, the mountain sheep and:
raffed jrrousc that crowd these untrod-
fdon wmis, and to lure the artistand the
icier on to these shores of eternal beau
ty, the Scotch Hebrides will be forgot
ten, aud the placid waters cf 'these
picturesqne channels and inlet? will rd
lloct the shapely hulls of unnumbered
yachts. A summer spent in tho Alcxv
audcr Archipelago will mean more to
the fashionable and testhatic mind than
six seasons oft" the coast of "Mame. and
two winters on a tauioas datir.I ah oi
'iT.u sc-ic!: afcipTisr! on
. a ,fc ,j"?; ; f"7 . T
br':is hero
f'jr ::'r-K i-cK-i, :r-d r. moat's, -.rt'SjUt
osp.T-eruini a c'.-tlin unless s gt'a
:;lu slu-a-d hj--v wpoit they erws lho
forty Ttim: sui-'.-i: ..fHjcate Strait and
Dixon S.:i'd. v. L.rt; the boundary iin
separates lirit:.;h Cultimbfa and Alaska.
Si-. Loati Ulobe-Democrcl.
Shall "Wo Small by Talaphsae?
I I asked JiidgcBieekly the other night
fc what he thongut would oe the UirecUqn of
invention and progress tuia nexfc-thirty-
"I should say," ho replied, "the ap- v
plication of tho principle oi. the tele
phone to the other senses. A fewyears
ago the distance at which you could
he3r a sound was limited. Xow it is
practically without limit. Yon can.
smell Uower only at a short distance.
I do not see why a telephone for the
nose might not enable you to smell a
rose in IS ew York. even though you were
located in" Atlanta. So of the taste and
touch. A new application of the prin
ciple of the telephone miirht enable you
to remain in Atlanta and kiss your wife -in
London, or taste a berry in Paris.
The telescope has already made a clum
sy step in tills direction "for the sight.
Ve would havo thought the man crazy
a decade ago who said you could stand in.
New York in 1833 and hear every tone
of a concert in Boston. Quite as crazy
as the man who now predicts that itt
1903 you may sit down in Atlanta, see a
thoatrieal representation in Cincinnati,,
smell a bouquet in Xew Orleans, taste
a fresh oyster in Baltimore, aud shako
hands with a friend in Savannah, all at
the same time. In these days it is only
thc impossible that happens. Atlanta
Tho last of the four enormous war
ships built for the Italian navy has justr"
been completed. The names of theso
vessels are (in the order of their con
struction) the Dandolor the Buillo, the
Italia, and the Lepanto. It is said that
anyone of the fom: "is a match for a
whole foreign lleut." The Inlleible.
the most powerful vessel of the British
navy, would be completely at the mercy
of the Lepanto, whose guns can readily
pierus twenty-four inches of armor,'
while her own armor, thirty-six inches
in thickness, will resist the shot of a
100-ton gun, as shown by the recont ex- -perimeuts
at Spezia. The Lepanto car
ries four lCJ-ton ;nin3.
Boys TTIio Preferred " wliDpp'Tig?-'" Us
0 Pennies
I know a pair cf boys beside whom
even Helen's Babies must have dwindled
and grown tame. Naughty, wilful, mis
chievous loving lit:Ie scamps. They
were at times as soundly thrashed as a-"
rather Eoft-ne-tit-'tl father would per
mit. For a tliae they would mind: but
they '-w-nlhrt Iqv minded,'" to use ty
chiklish tirt'ess'in. Iuhiup seemed
as fcrciule a liuthcd ox punishment as
taking away their spending money a
few pennies each ri.ty.
For some parti'-aiarly grievous cf
fenso thi-c vas resnrted to two or three
days before tlt'J Fourth ol July, and
great was the'rgr'cf and indignation.
Yen- eariy the next morning the
father who had visited this upon them'
waj? awukea-jd by hearing tbesa at thar
tll. -nT-."''
"I?oy gr- hack in ?n? rco:t-.' :
"Oh pajia di!r j.atKi won't yocr
ease give tic tii peanios asid go back
the" viicppins! ' lioslon Travciltr
A Stratfotd (Conn.) voiaau liroamedl.
that she iaw her husband kissisg a ccr-:
tain neighbor's who, and shotiwolte aud
struck him across tha face and brok
bis ncsc.
,A writer ia a Denver payor, tho otho?
day, in describing.Co'ortiJo Canyon, at
tempted to say: "Lrize up and r.own.
the rockv jaw.; and you imagine the
to eat c peanut;

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