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LVsK w- -
-- A -- A1
So many
ave hair
that is ;
and dull.
It won't k
the reason? Hair
needs help justas
anything else does at
times. .The roots re- '
quire feeding. When
hair cfnns ormvino it '
its lus
ter.' It
cts almost instantly
on such hair. It
awakens new life in
the hair bulbs. The
effect is astonishing.
Your hair grows, be
comes thicker, and all
dandruff is removed.
And the original
color,, of early life is
'restored to faded or
gray hair. This is
always the case.
St .60 a kettle. AlldragtUti.
"I have used Ayer's Hair Vigor,
and am really astonished at the
rood it ha! done in keeiitnjr my
hair from coming out. It Is tbe
bctt tonic 1 hare tried, and I
shall continue to recommend it to
my friends."
Mattik IIoi.t,
Sept. 24, 1833. Burlington, 3. a
Xf you do not obtain all the benefits
you expected from tbe nee ot the Hair
Vigor, writ the Doctor about It.
ai.j.fe.Jkajia,.MweM,jiasa. ,
V s W. V w
- A -'- - A ----
The) Value of Diamonds.
Tbe price of a one-carat diamond
ring In a New York jewelry shop and
the price of a one-carat diamond at the
Kimberley diamond mines are two dif
ferent things. The fact is, a diamond
Is not worth so very much; it is the
labor and profit that makes It cost.
You can get an average one-carat dia
mond in the Transvaal for $0.33, while
you will be asked about $100 for it in
New York. The cost varies with size
and variety, but about $6.33 per carat
is the usual price. The entire output
"of diamonds in tbe Transvaal last year.
Including tbe finest gems, brought
abourSJlOOO, an average of $9.35 per
Woman Can Lore More than Once.
life 'was i'0t lacking In experience
for Auntie Kodgers, a negro centena
rian, who dropped dead at Perry, Ok.,
a few days since. A hundred years of
life had not blotted out; all' of the
brightness of Auntie Dodgers. She had
been marriedsix tlmes-rto '-four ne
groes, one Indian and one white man.
She said of ail her husbands she loved
the last, the white man, bast. And
yet some sentimentalists are forever
assuring the world that it is impossible
for any one to love more than once.
Wichita (Kan.) Eagle.
Honestly Opposed to Progress.
The. Chinese have no doubt begun to
realize the fact that foreigners are de
termined to exploit their country and
also that they ::e too weak successfully
to resist this action, and they are,
therefore, reduced to putting obstruc
tions in everybody's way. In doing
this most of them arc honestly con
vinced that they are doing their coun
try a service, and If they cannot keep
out foreign civilization they should at
least delay Its entry as long as possible.
Mechanical Reserve.
"Do you understand your automo
bile. Jackr"
"Well, I'm partially acquainted with
it; but we are not what you might
call Intimate friends yet"
To Westin Paints.
JTJI.V 3 AST) 17,
AUG. 7 AND 21,
On the above dates the WABASH trill sell
from Its principal stations East'ofCblcazoa'id
EXUUKSION Ticket to points West,
Couth and Southwest, granting a liberal
return limit. A postal card addressed to any
Wabash Tieket Agent or to either or tbe fol
lowing Tassenger Representatives will bring
you prompt and explicit information regard
ing rates; routes, time of trains, through car
service, condition of tickets, etc, etc
TheWABASn Is tbe only line sist f Chica
go and St. Louis gi ring Its patrons sears with
out extra charge, in ELEGANT KECUNI.NG
CHAIU CAUs running through tott-Louli
and Kansas City without change.
This Is your chance to go Vet cheap. Com
Brunlcate with us.
P. E. DOMnACOH, P. & T- A,
Toledo, Ohio.
B. G. Thompson. P. &. T. A,
Fort Wayne. Ind.
A. F. WOL.TRCHUiaEK.P. & T. A,
Detroit, Mich.
St. Louis, Mo.
Gxo. D. Maxtield, D. P. A.,
Indianapolis, Ind.
, F. A. PALSIEit. A U. V. A.,
Chlcag , Ills.
a B. Crane. G. P. & T. A,
fat. Louis. Mo.
"Hew line Tia Bock-
lord, Dubuque,
Waterloo. Fort
Dodce and Coun
cil Bluffs. Buffet-librarv-sinolcinr-
ears. sleeping cars, free reclining chair cars,
dining cars. Send tohe undersigned for a free
mnvof Picture And NnUc Fn.Rauts IllllStrat-
2S tuts new imc as seen irora tue car winunw.
rtketi of agents or I.e. H. K. and connecting
lea. a-ii. liAisu.N.u.r. .v..uiiicaco.
Iw9le?lw Washington, D.cJ
Successfully Prosecute
lAtPrlliciDelKxanilnerU 8. Penal
ayreiaclriiirar 13 atuudicetiug claim
t Claims.
nalnti nnMUL
r 13 atuudicatiug claims, any aluio.
FIWBO I Quick relief cure, wont
. Book of tettlmoeieli aed 1 0 DATS treatment
lTKEE. Wr.B.U.ereea'eSme.BezS.AtUata.la.
Good. TJasI
St V '.-''ejB.UB ej.ey
Base Apathy.
"Say, Thompson, did you ever w
tJee that I was brutally indifferent to
my children?"
"Certainly not. You're quite the con
trary. Holmes."
"Well, do I look like a miscreant who
would be only too glad to abandon
them to the mercy of strangers"'"
"Of course not. What ever put such
an Idea into your head';"
"Or have I the reputation of belne
so selfish that I would nut disturb or
exert myself In the slightest to secure
their safety from the most desperate
"Xo, Indeed.. Who's been accusing
you of such things';"
"My wife."
"Vour wife? Why?"
"Why, little Johnny got himself lost
for a couple of hours the other day. and
all I did was to notify the police, hire
every private detective in town and
rouse all the neighbors to help huut for
"Wasn't that enough?"
"Xo. She still insists that I am a
brutal, selfish miscreant and several
other thing's because I refused to do all
she wanted me to."
"Why, what more was possible?"
"Make the Governor order out the
militia to help huut." Ilarper's Bazar.
The Act or Yawning.
In his "Therapeutic Aspects" Dr. II.
Campbell says: "There can be little
doubt that one of the objects of yawn
ing is the exercise of muscles which
have been for a long time quiescent,
and the acceleration of the blood and
lymph flow which has In consequence
of this quiescence become sluggish.
Hence its frequency after one has re
mained for some time in the same po
sition e. g., when waking in the morn
ing. Co-operating with this cause Is.
sleepiness and tbe shallow breathing
which It entails. This factor, as well
as muscle quiescence, is apt to attend
the sense of boredom which one expe
riences in listening to a dull sermon
Hence it Is that the. bored individual la
apt to yawn. As in the case of slghlns,
the deep breath compensates for the
shallow breathing which Is so apt to
excite if
Cat Both Ways.
In an Interval in the drilling one of
the volunters belonging to a crack regi
ment stepped out from the ranks to
light a cigar from that of his officer.
The latter took this evidence of the
democratic spirit of freedom in good
part, but said by way of a hint: "Iu
the regular army you couldn't have
done this to an officer. Brown."
"Itight you are," responded the pri
vate, "but In the regular army you
could not be an officer." Collier's
Got What He Asked For.
' "So you are looking for a. position,"
said the merchant to the youth, with
high collar and noisy necktie. "What
can you do?"
"Oh, any old thing," replied the young
man. "Of course, I don't expect the
junior partnership at the start, but I
want to be sure of an early rise."
"Very well," replied the merchant,
"I'll make yon assistant janitor. You
will rise at 4 o'clock every morning and
sweep the floors." Collier's Weekly.
, World to End This Year.
This is the recent decision of oue of the
societies of the world, and while there are
few people who believe this prediction,
there are thousands of others who not
only belieTC, but know that Hostetters
Stomach Bitters will cure dyspepsia, in
digestion, constipation or liver and kid
ney troubles. A trial will certainly con
vince. The Liongest and Shortest Iilrers.
It seems that clergymen are, on the
whole, the longest, and medical
men the shortest, livers. A well
known authority gives" the following
conclusions on the subject: The aver
age age of clergymen Is 03; of mer
chants, 02; clerk and farmers, 01; mili
tary men, 59; lawyers, 08; artists, 5":
medical men, 50.
N. E. A. convention at Charleston, S.
C, in July. Tickets good going via
Chattanooga, ICuoxvillc, Asheville and
Spartausburg. and returning via Norfolk,
Old Point Comfort. Itichmond and White
Sulphur Springs, Va. For maps, time
cards, etc., address J. C. Tucker, 234
Clark street, Chicago.
A Soleless Joke.
"Yes," remarked the funny shoe
maker, "I'm in favor of women's rights
also her lefts."
"Is that your last joke?" asked tbe
leather drummer.
"Shoe-er," answered the shoemaker,
"and It's awl right at that."
Jell-O. The New Dessert,
pleases all the family. Four flavors: Lemon,
Orange, Uaspberry and Strawberry. At your
grocers. 10 eta,
It Is predicted that our whole remain
ing area of white pine forests will be
practically denuded within five years.
Hall's Catarrh Cora
Is a constitutional cure. Price 75 ceats.
The boatman never considers at any
age that all his pleasures are oar.
Save money. Buy lied Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package 5 cents.
A Venezuelan orchid now on exhibi
tion in London is valued at $5,000,
Miss Susan Wymar.
Miss Susan 'Wyiuar, teacher In the Itich
mond school, Chicago, III., nrites the fol
lowing letter to Dr. Hartinau regarding l'e-ru-na.
She says: "Only thos-e who hars
suffered as I hare, can knon- what a bless
ing It is to be able to And relief la Te-ru-na.
This has been my experience. A friend la
need Is a friend Indeed, and every bottle ot
I'eruna I ever bought prored a good friend
to me." Susan Wymar.
Mrs. Margaretba Dauben, 1214 North Su
perior St., Kaclne City, Wis., writes: "I
feel so well and good and happy now that
pen cannot dettrlbt It. Pe-m-na Is every
thing to me. I have taken several bottles ot
Pe-ru-na for female complaint. I am In ths
change of life and It does me good." Pe-ru-na
has no equal In all ot the Irregularities
and emergencies peculiar to womea caused
by .pelvic catarrh.
Addrets Dr. Hartman. Columbus, O., for
free book for womea only.
fleasian Band Furnished the Music
for the First Official Jollification
Noise in the Karly Days Wus Given
Secondary l'lnco on Programme.
X ye olden time they cel
ebrated "Independence
day" and not the
"Fourth of July." The
change o( name came
with the chnngc in the
manner of celebrating
the anniversary of the
signing of the declara
tion of independence.
Jinny people deplore the
present method of show
ing appreciation of na-
Uonal freedom and deplore as well the
fact that the rising generation speaks of
the coming "Fourth" rather than of "In
dependence day," a name so pregnant
with meaning, -rcrhaps the people who
"deplore" nre right.
One of The signers on that famous
Fourth of July, 1770, declared on his
deathbed that he would like to sleep a
century, then wake up to find out how
future generations were celebrating Inde
pendence day. If the old gentleman's
wish were to be granted, when he heard
the fish horns, the multitudinous snap
ping of John Chinaman red wrapped in
ventions, the reports of the dangerous
torpedoes and dynamite crackers he
might be willing enough to hurry back to
the tomb.
When some staid New Englander finds
fault with the present method of cele
brating the nation's birthday the noise
making small boy may with good grace
tell him that New England's patron
saint, John Adams, recommended that
the day be recognized by just such a din
as young America Is making. It U true,
however, that President John suggested
that the early part of the day should be
given over to solemn acts of devotion.
Then he said the day should be commem
orated "with pomp, parade, games,
sports, guns, bells, bonfires and Illumina
tions from one end of the continent to
the other for evermore." Of the first
celebration of a Fourth of July by the
continental congress Adams in writing to
his daughter said: "The people shouted
and huzzahed In a way to strike utmost
terror to every lurking tory. There was
a bprendid illumination and while a few
surly houses were dark the show would
ivc given King George a heartache."
Hessian Band Flayed.
On this first official celebration of
Fourth of July by Congress that body se
cured music for the day and at the same
time afforded the people a great chance
for nmuscment and laughter by forcing
the Hessian band, which was captured
by Washington at Trenton the December
previous, to play In the public square all
day long. There Is on record a fairly full
account of an Independence day celebra
tion which George Washington attended
as the guest of honor. The celebration
was held at the Spring gardens, near
Alexandria, Va., "with a large company
of civil and military people of Fairfax
Things were not particularly bright for
the colonial armies on the first anniver
sary of the declaration of Independence.
The soldiers nt Morristown heights, how
ever, under Washington's command each
received an extra gill of rum with his
ration in recognition of the day. The
third anniversary of the signing of the
declaration was made memorable by the
issuing of an order by the commander-in-chief
that all military prisoners under
the sentence of death should be pardoned.
Perhaps the most enthusiastic and
heartfelt celebrations of Independence
day did not take place on the day itself.
News traveled slowly in the year 1770,
and It was some days before New York
knew that the country had been declared
free. When the pleasing information did
reach there, however, the town went
wild. The king's statue was pulled down
and melted up into bullets for the Ameri
can armies. Two or three days after
New York had given vent to Its enthusi
astic feelings Boston celebrated. A Brit
ish army officer who was a prisoner in
the hub at the time wrote an account of
the rejoicings of the "deluded people."
lie was escorted by a band of patriots
to see the "goings on" and confesses that
he enjoyed the occasion as a break in a
rather monotonous life ot captivity. The
crowd of Bostonians tore down the lion
and the unicorn from the old headquar
ters of the British Government, after
ward the old Massachusetts state house.
It was not until after the signing of
the treaty of peace with Great Britain
that celebrations of Independence day
were held regularly in all places. Dinners
were favorite features of the day. Ev
erybody was invited and it was seen to
that there was enough for all. The citi
zen sat down at the outdoor table with
out any fear that a camion cracker was
to be exploded under him before lie had
finished his first course. Pandemonium
had not as yet come into general use as
a synonym for the features of the Fourth
of July. All through Virginia the public
and private feasts on Independence day
had as n dish what was known as Bruns
wick soup or stew. The name probably
arose from a desire on the part of the
Virginia householders to suggest that the
kingly house of Brunswick was "iu the
In the staid land of steady habits, Con
necticut, in the town of Hartford it was
the custom for years to have a great
dinner "in the field." A newspaper of
100 years or so ago gives an account of
one of these dinners and a list of twenty
toasts. The crack military companies of
the section were in attendance at the
The Boston official dinners on Indepen
dence day were held In the hub's cradle
of liberty, Foneuil Hall. Edward Everett
Hale tells of one of the earliest Fourth of
July celebrations of his remembrance.
It was that of the year 1S33, and on that
day for the first time a great chorus of
school children sang "My Country, 'TIs
of Thee."
Character of Celebration Changes.
It was just about this time that the
character of the celebration ot the anni
versary ot the birthday of American in
Impendence began to change. Parades
eje 11. . leee eewea.
were held as usual, but noise began to
take the place of speeches and in the
larger town3 of the reading of the declar
ation of Independence, which had always
been a feature of the celebration. The
opening of trade with China brought in
the small firecrackers and American fac
tories soon found the means of making
big ones. Noise assumed the scepter and
has reigned ever since. There is a strong
desire on the part of many people to-day
to change the character of the celebra
tion of Independence day and to make it
like unto that which it once was. All
sorts of plans have been suggested for a
more orderly and solemnly impressive
celebration of the republic's natal day.
The effort to change the methods of the
day's recognition arc being exerted in a
virile way, and it may be that the pres
ent generation will live to find something
more in the Fourth of July than a picnic,
the explosion of a pack of crackers under
a tin pan or the rush of a rocket which.
like too many Independence day celebra
tions, ends in a "stick."
A Hang-Up Time.
f - -JSV- Sr
- v& flnr v r - u
Fourth of July Night.
Mr. Mrdcahey Begob, an' thim Bo
mans moosht hov loved excoitcmeut aft
they used thlm things fer caudles! New
York Journal.
Au Episode of the Fourth.
Oh, yes. we had a glorious time, of
course. We always do. We didn't begin
firing till 7 o'clock, partly because it
wakes people up, and partly because it Is
so silly to use up nil your crackers be
fore breakfast, as some boys do, and
have none for the rest of the day, and
hate every one think jou a nuisance be
sides. We had no accidents; that is. notliiiiK
to speak of. l'olly burned two or tlin-e
of her lingers a little, but we made that
all right with soda and a t:is, and she
never cried a bit; but there w.ts an epi
sode, and it happened to tne. This was
the way it happened:
I wanted both my IiamK to n.e, and I
had a piece of punk in one of them, and
there was no place to lay it down, and
everybody else's hand'? were full, too, so
T well. I just put it into my pocket for
a minute. It was lighted, but I didn't
think it would do any harm just for a
minute. I forgot that I had a whole
bunch ot firecrackers iu that same pock
et. Suddenly I heard some one cry out,
"Tom is" afire!" and then there came a
puff of smoke in my face, and 1 felt
something hot against my leg. ami then
pop! snap! bang! crack, lizz, whizz! crack-
lety-bang! the crackers begau to go off
in my pocket!
Everybody was veiling, and jiu.t for
a minute I didn't kimw what to do. I
ran, but the crackers ran with inc. and
the faster I went the harder they popped,
Then all at once I saw what to do, ami
r pulled off my jackpt and threw it on
the grass. Luckily it was my jacket, and
not my trousers pocket!
Billy took it up and shook out the
crackers, and then he turned out the
pocket, but there wasn't much left to
turn. It was just a black rag, ami it
dropped into little pieces. Then thero
was a big piece that looked as if it had
once been white, and tliat, they said, was
my handkerchief, but I should never have
known it.
Well, of course they all laughed at me
a good deal, but 1 didn't mind much, for
it really was very funny, I suppose; but
my advice to other boys is. don't carry
crackers In your pocket, and if jou do,
don't put a lighted slow-match iu with
them! Laura L Ilichards.
Our Celebration.
The birds hare been practicing glees, but to
day They gae up tbelr to.i'ert and flew anay;
And the locusts and gra's"ioiper, noisy and
Could not make thea's;lre heard, and so
they kept still;
And the blustering wind vreut off In a hiifl".
Since nobody uot'e-d how loud he cnuli putT.
And the clouds rolled up from the neat Iu
a row.
Tor they thought that the noise In the world
W.is the voice of the tlumdcr to call them
And so they big.i'i to make shonery
And the Mnn In the Meo.i, belnj greatly per
plexed To know uli.it would happen next.
Wished for hamli or feet, as uell as a face.
To cover his ears up, r run from his place.
And the baby stars opened their bright little
And stared d,v,u bclon with the greatest
To see how the roAets shot tip to the sky:
l'.ut they neer guessed out
What It all u-us about.
That we uerc Jii'-t kerp'ti; the I'ottrili of
- Youth's 'Viupaziou.
Value of Patriot i Celebrations.
It is sometimes haid woik and a good
deal of cxpeuie, especially in small and
not well-to-do communities, to get up a
Fourth of July celebration; but every
gathering of this sort pays the largest
kind ot interest ou tlic investment in the
cultivation ot the spirit of patriotism and
the proper education of boys and girls iu
the theory mid practice of Fourth of
July celebrations and similar observances
that shall mean mure thau a simple good
IWTVre.nr lleiv.
There are only eleon h.tld-hcatl, 1
men In the LuslNb House of Commons.
PERIENCE. What He Found in Western Canada, to
Induce Him to Settle.
SaulrSte. Marie, Mich., Feb. 20, 1900.
To whom It may concern, especially
to (hose who are desirous of obtaining
health and wealth for themselves and
families, I wish to state a few facts in
regard to the Canadian Northwest,
where I went, leaving Sault Ste. Marie
on Mny 2, 18'Jt), for the purpose of seek
ing :t better home for my family In the
future. I got a special rate ticket for
Ft. MeLeod, Alberta. Through Mani
toba aud part of Asslnlbola the farm
ers were busily employed ploughing
and seeding. I found tbe farmers very
kind and friendly, willing to talk and
assist in glviug me the particulars of
the country. At MeLeod I spent a few
days lookiug over some ranchers' stock,
which I was surprised to see looking
so well; they were In better condition
than any stock I ever saw In Michigan,
even those that had been stabled, and
most of these had never seen tbe Inside
of a shed or received any feed from
the hands of man. But as I was look
ing for mixed farm land, I found Me
Leod no place for me; It Is only fit for
ranching purposes.
Retracing my way back to Winnipeg,
I stopped off at Lethbridge, where I
found some of the greatest horse
ranches I ever had the pleasure of look
ing at; It lsji line, level country and
lots of water aud good grazing. At
Medicine Hat, which Is located In a Tal
ley. there were lots of sheep, cattle and
horses in the surrounding country and
til looking well.
On July 14 I went on to Reglna.
There I liegan to see mixed farming
lauds In abundance, and the crops look
ing remarkably well, and a long as
daylight lasted I saw the same all
nlong the line, and on the 15th day of
July I arrived In Winnipeg, just In time
for the exhibition. There I met with
one of the most beautiful pictures of
the world's records, for as soon as I
entered the grounds my eyes met with
all kiuds of machinery, all In motion,
aud the cattle, grain and produce of
the country was far beyond my ex
pectation. In fact It was beyond any
Industrial exhibition or agricultural
fair I ever visited, and I have seen a
good many.
From Iteglna to Prince Albert, a dis
tance of 2.10 miles, It Is all good for
mixed farming, and well settled, with
Borne thriving little towns. In some
places the grain, just coming Into head',
would take a man to the waist, and
the wild fruit along the line was good,
rich and In great quantities. From Sas
katoon on the south branch of the Sas
katchewan river, to Prince Albert on
the north branch of the Saskatchewan
river. Is oue of the best farming dis
tricts, without any doubt, that ever
laid face to the sun, and everything to
be found there that is necessary to
make life comfortable, all that Is re
quired Is labor. There Is lots of wood,
good water and abundant hay land,
and the climate Is excellent.
Prince Albert Is a flourishing little
place, situated on the north Saskatche
wan river, having a population of
about 1,800, with good streets and side
walks and churches of nearly every de
nomination, three school houses and
another one to be built at once, also a
brewery and creamery. - Here I stayed
for about four mouths, working at my
trade of brick laying, and met with
farmers and ranchers, with whom I
made it my special business to talk In
regard to the prospects. I also visited
several farmers for some distance out
in the country while crops were In full
bloom, and I may say that I never saw
better crops In all my travels than I
saw along the valley towards Stoney
ereek and Carrot river. In the market
garden there Is grown currants, both
red and black, and as line n sample of
roots and vegetables as ever went on a
market. The soli In and around this
district cannot be beaten for anything
you may wish to grow, and besides the
season Is long, giving rime for every
thing to mature. The cattle were look
ing as good as I saw anywhere, good
pasture and hay land, and plenty of
water wherever you go; the country Is
"dotted all around like islands with tim
ber Dt for fuel and building purposes,
and within a day's walk ot lumbering
woods, where lumbering and tie-making
Is carried on in winter. Both large
and small game is plentiful. There are
two good sawmills In this district, with
a good supply of all grades of lumber
all the year round, and: also two good
brickyards with an excellent quality
of brick. There Is no scarcity of build
ing material and at a reasonable price;
clothing and living are no higher than
I find In Michigan, and furthermore I
wish to say that there Is a great de
mand for laboring men all the year
round, and good wages, ranging from
$1.73 to f 2 per day, and from ?23 to $33
per month with board.
I wish to say that I am perfectly sat
isfied with the country, and I intend to
return to Prince Albert early in the
spring of 1000. Any reasonable man
can go there and In from five to ten
years make a good comfortable homo
for himself and family, and If any per
son Into whose hand this letter should
fall desires more Information, please
write to me and I will freely give them
my best opinion. I am writing this for
the beueilt of those who may want to
make a better home for themselves and
families or friends.
Trusting that this statement may bo
useful to you In the publication of your
next pamphlet and bs the means of
guid(ng at least some of those who are
in search of a home, I remain your
humble servant,
The above letter was written to Mr.
J. Grieve, Canadian Government agent,
Saginaw, Mich. Information as to
lands can be had from him or from Mr.
M. V. Mclnnes, No. 2 Merril block, De
troit. Suspicion.
He "Why don't .you wear your new
bonnet, my dear":"
She "Oh, there's something wrong
with it, and I can't liud out what it is."
He "Then how do you know there is
something wrong with it?"
She "All the women in the neighbor
hood say It is just too lovely for any
thing." What Do the Children Drink?
Don't give them tea or coffee. Havo
you tried the new food drink called
UKAIN-O '.' It is delicious and nounMi
hg, and takes the place of coffee. The
atvo tirain-0 you give the children the
more health you distribute through their
systems. tirain-O is made of puie grains,
and when properly prepared tastes like
tho choice grades of coffee, but coats
about i as much. All grocers sel lit. 15o
and 25c.
A Masculine Accomplishment.
A man can carry a baby In such a
fashlSu that he can even delude Its
mother Into the belief that he is Iri:i-
Ing home a package of meat for dinner.
Air Cushion Rubber Stamps the
Jtcst the Cheapest. Send your order
ti Lck lJoi UIO, l'ort Wayne, Ind.
Though Spuiu is an agiicultural
country. It had to import last year more
than $15,000,000 worth of grain.
The Nickel Plate Koud
Will sell excursion tickets to Kansas City,
Mo., account National Democratic Con
vention, on July 1st, -mlanil 3rd, at one
faro for the round trip, tickets good return
ing to and including July 9th. Write,wire,
'phone, ur call on nearest agent, or C.A.
tcrlin, T. P. A., Fort Wayne, Ind.
A man's amusements arc the most r
liable Index to his character.
Mrs. WLnelow'e Soothing Slier for Children
teething: Mltens the cuius, rcmices IntUmmatloa,
elUxipeia, curss wind colic. 13 cents a bottis.
The Missing Llae.
Bobby was writing his regular week
ly "composition," for It was la the old
days when compositions and declama
tions formed a part of the school exer
cises every Friday afternoon.
The subject of Bobby's essay was
'True Manhood," and he wished to end
It with a poetical quotation. He gnaw
ed his penholder, scratched his head,
and looked at tle ceiling, but the quo
tation would not come.
Then he turned to his elder sister.
"Itaebel," he said, "what's the line
that comes after this: 'Honor and
fame from no condition rise?' "
"I know," spoke up his younger sis
ter, and she promptly quoted:
" 'Vinegar never catches flies.' "
Medical Book Free.
"Know Thyielf," s Book for lien Only, sent
Free, poitpaid, tailed, to say male reader ra-n-tionlng
this paper, 6e for postage. The Science
or Life, or Selt-Preserratlon. the bett Medical
book or this or any age. 370 pp.. with engrav
ings and prescriptions. Only 23c paper coTers.
Library Edition. lull (tilt. S1.00. Address The
Feabody Medical Institute, Xo. 4 Bullnch Street,
Boston, Mass., tbe oldest and best In this country.
Write to-day for these books; keys to health and
Feminine Diplomacy.
Young Physician But Isn't $7 a
week rather exorbitant rent for such a
small room?
Landlady Oh, dear, no; not for a
Young Physician And why not for
a doctor, pray?
Landlady Because this is a very un
healthy house, and there Is never a
week passes but what half a dozen of
my roomers are III.
Trr Graln-O! Try Grain-O!
Ask your Grocer to-day to show you a
ackage of GRAIN-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee. The
children may drink it without injury as
well as the adult. All who try it like It.
GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of
Mocha and Java, but It is made of pure
grains, and the most delicate stouiach re
ceives it without distress, li the price of
coffee, loo and 23c per package. Sold by
all grocers.
Weight or a Bee.
Careful weighing shows that an or
dinary bee. not loaded, weighs the tlve
thousaudth part of a pound so that it
takes live thousand bees to make a
pound. But the loaded bee, when he
comes In fresh from the fields and
flowers, freighted with honey or be'e
bread, weighs uearly three times more.
What Shall We Have for Dessert?
This question arises In the family erery day.
Let us answer It to-day. Try Jell-O. a deli
cious and healthful dessert. Prepared In two
minutes. No boiling! no baking! simply add
a little hot water and set to cool. Flavors:
Lemon, Orange. Raspberry and Strawberry.
At your grocers. lOcts.
Cnban Custom.
In Cuba a bereaved family keep the
windows of their house lnit and dark
ened for six months. They destroy the
value of the clothing on the dead, and
hack the coflln before burial. This Is
done that there may be nothing In the
grave worth thieving.
Do Tonr Feet Ache and Burtir
Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder for the feet. It makes
tight or new shoes feci easy. Cures
Corns. Bunions, Swollen, Hot and Sweat
ing Feet. At all druggUts and shoe
stores, 2Tc. Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress Alien S. Olmsted, Leltoy, N. Y.
Prayer's Needs.
X Surrey parson the other day ad
vised his male hearers not to be afraid
of bagging their trousers or the lady
hearers of bursting thclrsilk stockings
by kneeling in prayer.
Lane's Family Medicine
Moves the bowels each day. In order
to be healthy this is necessary. Acts
gently on the liver and kidneys. Cares
ick headache. -Price 25 and 50c.
Well Qualified.
"You wouldn't believe that she once
sang in opera, would yon?"
"Oh, I dunno. She seems to have a
pretty good form." New York Press.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption
saved my life three years ago. Mrs.
Thos. Bobbins, Maple street, Norwich,
N. Y., Feb. 17, 1900.
Dry Place.
It only rains about once a year in
Lower Egypt, on the coast of the Medit
erranean. Hall's Catarrh Care
Is taken internally. Price 75 cents.
The Gift of Keticence.
"What Is command of language, pa?"
"It's thtuking of something real mean
to say and then not saying it."
The best Ball Blue is Bed Cross braud.
Large package 5 cts. Refuse imitations.
Among 100,000 Germans there are
twenty-one suicides every year, most
of them aged between 20 and 30.
Uncle Sam uses the best of everything.
Uncle Sam uses Carter's Ink. lie knows.
Idle and Ideal mean tbe same thing
to Eome people.
One Fare for the Round Trip
Within a radius of 200 miles on the Nickel
Plato Road on July 3rd and 4th. Ticket
good return until the 5th, iuclushe. Write,
wire, 'phono or call on nearest agent or
C. A. Asterlin, T. P. A., Fort Wane,
The Kagle Linen Writing Tablet
ruled and unruled containing 1O0
Bhccts, are the superior of all others.
The Letter size sells for 25 cents the
Note size for 15 cents. Ask your Deal
er for them. Take no other.
4th of July Ktcnrtiion
Via tho Nickel Plate Road on July 3rd and
ttli, good returning until theSlh, inclusive.
One fare for the round trip within a radius
of 200 miles. Write, wire, 'phone or call
on nearest agent or C. A. Asterlin, T. P.
A., Fort Wayne, Intl.
Cigar Dealers Like
to Have their regular customers smoke
Old Virginia Cheroots
because they know that once a man
starts smoking them he is "fixed,"
and that he will have no more trouble
with him trying to satisfy him with
different kinds of Five Cent cigars.
Three BOBdred million Old Virginia Cfceroots woled tas
year. Ask your owa dealer. Price, 3 for 5 ceats.
mxtwrimmom mxnrimmm
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sommMy, mihmrm by mmJL
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Mdmy mHmr mmym
mrm wlmm ht
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mi LymTm
mmmm ihmm wrltm Mmm
Another Abowt Gilbert.
Gilbert, the librettist, met Llebtaf;
the pianist, not long ago, and tkey say.
the following interchange occarred be
tween them, says Lew Rosea. TltiMlt.
yon must know, has an Inordlaate rut
ty, and Gilbert, as yon do knew, baa a
caustic wit LieblingwaslHtrodBcedto
Gilbert, and Gilbert said:
"Sir, I have heard Liszt "
Llebling bowed his head In acknowl
edgment at what he supposed was tka
coming compliment.
"I have heard Henry Hertft," coatba
ned Gilbert.
Llebling bowed still lower.
"I have heard PaderewakL"
Llebling made a gennflectiea era
unto the ground.
"Well, sir," continued, Gilbert, la ab
rupt tones, "not one of them not oae at
them, sir, perspired so profusely as yoa
dor Washington Post, '
What Coald Be De?
An exchange gives this example of
the difficulties sometimes encountered
under Russian laws. Said aa ossdal
to a traveler suspected of too great
"Yoa can't remain In this coHntry,
"Very well." returned the traveler,
"then 111 leave it"
"Ilave you a permit to leave?"
"No, sir."
"Then yon cannot leave. I give yoa
twenty-four hours for making ap yoar
mind what to dor
"Bobs" Is Not SaaentlUews.
Lord Roberts, onl'ke Sir DoaaldSteir
art, has no belief in the thirteen saper
stitlon, yet he notices occurrences of
thirteen at table. He has related bow;
one New Year's day, thirteen sat.dowa
to dinner. Eleven years afterward they
were all alive, though most of them bad
been through mutiny and eight of then,
had been severely wounded.
The Nickel Plate Koad.
Will sell excursion tickets for the 4th of
July at one fare for the round trip, within
a radius of 00 miles, good July &rt
and 1th and returning until the 5th, in
clusive. Write, wire, 'phone or call oa
nearest agent or C.A. Asterlin, T. P. A,
Fort Wayne, Ind.
A Live, Crawlai THrly-fwtft
Uto Destroyed By Ti
Thousands sf Weak,
Lots of people are catta sllvt wHaoat
knowing it.
Thousands of Invalids sofferhasT frsas
weakness and debility, wasting away ta a
slow death without apparent cause, are
turning out to be victims of tsne-worsaa.
Cascarets Candy Cathartic are found ta
be perfect eliminators of tape-worms. tkSM
destroying parasites that srs eating op ha
man llTes by thousands.
There was no wsy of telling the pressac
of tape-worms until Cascarets Degas kUaBg"
them. The records of cases com la dally.
Here la one:
if Urns. Ohio. Feb. 35. MS.
Gentlemen After suffering for tws ytara
and spending a great dest of mosey trytaa
to be relieved .from a tape-worm, 1 was ia
duced to try a box of your Cascantts. After
taking four tablets between nine a. aa. sad
Ore p. m., at seven o'clock la the evealac I
passed a worm about, thirty-two (31) feet
long, head and all. I take great pleasure la
recommending Cascarets to any one stuTcr
Ing from this trouble. Xours truly. SAM
VbU WEINFELD, Traveling fewS.
Henry Diesel Cigar Company.
If you feel bad. and don't know why. take
Cascarets. They are absolutely harmless.
?.f.k,hi! UT,r ""'J", open ths bowels ana
kill ths dlsesss serais la the body.
Buy and try Cascarets to-day. It's wast
they do. not what we say they'll do. that
proves their merit. All drunists. 10c 25c.
or 50c. or mailed for price. Send for book
let and free sample. Address Sterllnc Rem
edy Co., Chicago; Montreal. Can.: or New
This la ths CASCABET tablet.
Every tablet of the only a-enulaa
Cascarets bears ths magic letters
"CCC." Look st the tablet before
you bny, snd beware of frauds.
Imitations and substitutes.
r. w. y. p. - - Xo. 261900. -
When Writing- to Advertisers pleas aa
you saw Use Advertisement la tals ;
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