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Frasch Blk.
Logan, Ohio. I
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, i.
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Buggies, Surreys, spring Wagons, Gas Stoves, Corn
Fertilizer for
The Largest
to call,
laaacStiers, one of our most
I tOd citizens died this morning.
Hia funeral pill beheld ou Saturday.
Obituary will be published next week.
The Peoples Store.
(Stratons) pay 13c doz
en for eggs and 13c per
pound for butter.
Mies Elsie Soovel of "W-wster, is
fee guest of Miss Evaline Harring
ton'. Mrs. Fierpont and daughter are
, VimUsg relatives in Glencoe, N. Y.
this week. .
MmEttella Finney was the
fa-eat of her aunt, Mrs. Fred Preston.
the pea week.
Cards are oat announoing the
;. Jaeria of Miss Mary Sunderland
"gT fd Mr.Talley Wright.
-Mra. '3. H. Dye gave a reception
' mb Tkaaday, from 3 to 5, in honor of
tte Misses Scot, of Marietta.
Mrs. Levi of. Cincinnati Is visit-
rr- cv "B uiwm w uwu, wc eucib oi
fcer brother, Mr. F. ParselL
Oxford tie shoes at The People's
Store for 75o per pair others ask
8e per pair for the same goods.
- Dr. Noel of Chicago and wife
,( Ida Locke) an visiting relatives
" aai trimds in oar city this week.
" , g-Wiases Amy Harrpld, Bess Carr
-peater sad Jane Kyan, of Athens, are
: the jraeata or Mrs. John F. White.
Mies Cora D. Fitsgerald of Mc-
4 Artharis the guest of Jjer sisters Mrs.
I Belle' Martin anil Mrs I. L Kinser.
Hues Julia Work, Nellie and
France McManigal returned Friday
from a two weeks visit at Union Fur
The Thimble Club gave a ban-
- vaaiBg at the home of Miss Mame
Col Neff of Cincinnati, who was
fkt gaesiof Dr. Steward for the last
two weeics, returned home on last
Thursday. .
Senator Lowry has been ip Ath
ess the past week attending the Cora
BKBoemeBt exercises of the Univer
sity, of wbich Board of Trustees be
is a member.
" CoJ. J." M. Williams of Ports
mouth, Inspector of buildings was in
the city last week on official business.
pe found our factories ' and public
bandings m satisfactory condition.
The Misses Alma and Loui
preen made an expedition to the
I'arai in Perry last Thursday, and
were much pleased with the ' chance
to pick blackberries later in the seas
oa. Murray City lias organized a
Board of Health, with the following:
Adam Anderson, O. W. Huls, Will
iam Thomas, Silas Sommers, Oliver
McKnabb, G. A. Frazie. Dr. T. J.
Dilliager was appointed Health Qf-
A parlor concert will be given
at the residence of J. T. McCormick
'on the evening of Thursday June 28.
Select program. Proceeds go to M.
& church Iniilding fund. Admission
10c Ice cream, cake extra. You
are cordially invited to attoud.
Preaching in the logap U. B.
church at 10.-00 a. m. Sunday by N.
E. Corn'etet.' The Pythian service is
io be delivered at the Union Fur
pace U. B. church at 2:30 p. m. The
collection to be taken on this occas
ion is for the preaohers Aid and
Beneficiary Educational Funds.
Messrs Jesse Williams and S. J.
Thornburg have atarted ou an over
land trip, in a buggy, ' to Southern
Florida, wnere Jesse proposes taking
- I
pp government land, lie will dis
tribute advertising matter for a Cir
Stock. The Best
CHRIS HOLL, Manager.
cleville Baking Powder Co. aud Mr
Thornburg will paint signs as oppor
tunity offers.
Dr. Mansfield, Col. Weldy and
Judge Wright will attend the Demo
cratic National Convention in Kansas
City. The Ohio Delegation leaves
Columbus on Sunda' night on a spec
ial tram.
The Parisians Carpenter, Her.se!
and Kline, took a farewell supper
with Homer Hensel on last Monday
evening, lliey left on the ten o'clock
night train, taking with them the
good wishes of everybody.
"Communion Sunday" with pub
lic reception of new members at the
Presbyterian church. Iu view of
"July 4th" there will be a soug ser
vice in tho evening, with "Songs of
Freedom." Dr. Steward will speak
on "Freedom." Both services short.
In "An Unwritten Chapter on
Piplomacy," in McClure's for July,
a. iuaunce jlow, tne American cor
respondent of the London Chronicle
gives the history of our present cor
dial diplomatic relations with Great
Bntian, dating from the beginning
of the Venezuela controversy.
Mr. S. S. McCIuru has secured
from Rudyard Kipling a series of
stories of the South African war.
The first, entitled "The Outsider,"
will appear in the July number of
McCIures Magazine. This story in
troduces a young ignorant but self-
important subaltern detailed to the
command ot a remote Railway station
who gets into serious trouble.
Wanted Several persons for
District Office Manager in this state
to represent me in their own and sur
rounding counties. Willing to pay
yearly $600, payable weekly. De
sirable employment with the usual op
portunities. References exchanged.
Enclose self addressed. S. A. Park,
320 Caxton Building Chicago.
June 28-5w.
In the July McClure's appears a
sketch of Bryan, by the well known
Kansas journalist, William Allen
White, author of "Boyville Stories.'
This is the first of a series of pen por
traits of political celebrities by a
writer particularly well qualified to
write of both their public and private
life. The article contains a shrewd
estimate of Bryan's political career
and throws much light on the causes
of his popularity.
The Twice Five Club held a
pleasant and interesting meeting at
the residence of Mr. John F. White
on last Monday evening. Mr. Har
rington breifly related the origin,
the progress, and decline of the Bo
man people, Dr. Steward discussed
be literary and religious charaoter
ol the people.
Delightful refreshments were ser
ved by Mrs. White, and a number
of the ladies present entertained the
company with music and song. The
next meeting will be at Dr. Aplina
The summer Outing will be held at
the Boys Industrial School, some
time in July.
Up to this time the readers of
the Kontinel, mostly taxpayers have
pot been advised that a proposition
is pending to vote ten thousand ad
ditional debt on Uhb town. The
Council, Republican by lot, not by
election, dispenses its purposes in a
ssmi-confidential way, in one paper.
When the Democrats had a majority
of the Council, all its official publi.
cations were printed in all the papers
at a pro rata rate, so that all the pat
rons and readers of all the papers had
official notice, at not a greater cost
than as is now, in one paper. We
dont slick On the plan. The Repub
licans are running the town. Let
them have full swing. They wont
build a swamp on Kanodes Hill.
They wont infect the water pipes of
tho city with drainage from dead
horses and the garbage of the street.
The proposition to bond the town is
confidential, and only a few aro ' ad-
Have refitted their store
Swings, Lawn
Corn. Paints Of all Kind.
Screen Doors,
Goods The Lowest Prices. Farmers, Mechanics, Business Men. Everybody of town and
Small Pox, publican ticket next November un-
der auy circimstances. But many
The Small-pox scare iu Ward , of tbem rtaiuly would, and the fact
r i- i. -i " . exists that the moral sentiment of
lownahip, happily now is over, al- 0bio is opposed to being represented
though for a time alarming, andto'bj Mr. George Cox, and no party
business interest embarrassing, has ' can hope to successful! ignore tho
been productive of two official, pro
fessional medical papers, from two
Doctors, both health officers. Dr Dil
linger of Marry and Dr. Denmson
of Blachford, that will survive and
be a pleasant subject for dicussion,
when literary cathartics is the per
emption. Aesoulapius will not halt
in the procession of the constella
tions to acquaint with these discip.
les. The Medical Review can not find I
space for the diagnosis they recite.
The very orignal, medico-professional
official papers presented bv
these Health Officers appear, the one
Dillinger's in the Murrv News: the
other, DennisonV, in the Logan
Journal Gazette, both papers under
political quarantine from the intelli
gence, the Democracy of Hocking
The literary emetio which the
the health officers give is only ad
ministered to the varioloid sick, who
are all the subscribers, after reading
the patent politios and patent med
icene advertisements of the papers
aforsaid. .
The public is to be congratulat
ed that the obscurity of the papers
publishing these professional procla
mations, like the isolation of the
Ward Township pest house,
keeps the "Break Out" from spread
from spreading.
We will be kind to the Health Of
ficers of Ward township by not pub
lishing their proclamation, not at
this lime.
I desire thus publicly to return
my thanks to al( the people of the
2nd and 3rd wards of Logan, whoso
Cenbiu, I was appointed to take. In
eiery instance, with not a single ex
ception, I was politely weloomed
and kindly treated. If my work is
well and accurately done.it is mainly
due to the prompt and cheerful man
ners of the residents of my district.
The kindness shown me by every
body while preforming public service
in which annoying and embarrassing
inquiries had to be made, is to me,
a token from my fellow citizens,
which I cherish and will be a re
memberance while I live, fragrant
with sweet memories.
And again thanking the Second
and Third wardors.for personal kind
ness, I retire from the exalted ser
vice of Uncle Sam, aud become a
common fellow citizen of Logan and
"Ye LocaL" of the Sentinel.
Grace Green
Ex-Census Enumerator.
Office of Census Supervisor
McArthur. O . June 20" 1800.
Miss Grace Ghees.
Logan, o.
Your Census returns received, in time and
in proper form. Iam very much pleased
with your work, neatly, carefully and cor
rectly done.
I am very glad and proud of your appoint
ment, and will always have for you the
kindest regards. O. E. Volsnweideb.
Supervisor Census.
The Moral Sentiment of the
Republican Party.
The veteran John Hopley in
influential Republican paper,
Buoyrus Journal enters thus:
"Ten ministers in charge of churphes
here and at Galion, have' signed a
protest, declaring that if Mr. George
B. Cox of Cincinnati, be appointed
the member of the National Republi
can Committeo from Ohio, they will
not support the National Republican
ticket next November.
These ministers did not originate
this protest which is significant as ex
hibiting the moral sentiment of the
religious element ot the Kepublican
paity not only in Ohio but througout
the Nation.
The possibility is not overlooked
iL.t ..Mii.i.in ....,. (- ii... .:.,..c-
I would not support the National I?e-
room in tiie Frasch Block and have
Mowers, Lawn
Screen Windows, a full line Builders Hardware,
- ' moral sentiment of the State with im
The moral sentiment was ignored
at the Philadelphia Convention.
Geo. B. Cox was ohosen the member
of the National committee from
Now what will the moral sentiment
do abcut it?
A Frost for the Platform.
(PltUboix Post)
We hope no one interested in cur
rent politics failed to read the denun
ciation of the Philadelphia platform
by Congressman Grosvenor, of Ohio,
the spokesman ot the President in
Congress for the last three years.
After stating the platform has been
widely zritcised, General Grosvenor
recites the iinportaut fact that the
plank declaring that Congress alone
had power to govern acquired terri
tory involving the whole Porto
Rico question and that the consti
tution doesn't apply to territories,
was surreptitiously left out of the
platform. He blames ex-Congressman
Qmgg, of New York, Piatt's
manager, for his duplicity, he having
oharge of the verbal trimming of that
part of the resolutions. We repeat
what Grosvenor says:
I want to state as a matter of fact,
connected with the history of this
convention, that the following reso
lution was agreed to be put into this
platform, was banded over tov the
gentlemen who undertook its final
revision and whose handiwork in
destroying all the elements of good
statement is manifest; and I assert,
upon the statement of Senator For
aker, that the plank, ..which I will
now reproduce, -.was understood bv
.. .'- '
tne committee to be a part of the ,
platform, and was unfairly and sur
reptitiously, and without the know
ledge of the committee, kept out of
the platiorm.
Then follows the resolution indors
ing the principle of the Porto Rico
bill, and Grosvenor goes on:
This plank straightforward, intel
ligent and written in good English,
agreed upon first by the President
tnmselt, and afterward by the sub
committee, was drivelled out by a
driveller from New York, who had
oharge of that branch of the work.
Upon the greatest question of the
hour, upon the questioa about-wbich
the Republicans in Congress longht
and won, this driveller performed this
The Ohio congressman makes the
same allegation as to the ship subsidy
plank; that it was altered in the same
surreptitious way, thus, he says,
'drivelling away the best ideas of
the Republican party," These peo
ple have become so accustomed to
cheating the people they cannot re
frain from cheating themselves, just
to keep their bauds in. But dodging
the Porto Rico question is a confes
sion by the whole convention that
they did not care to go before the
people on the declaration the consti
tution was suspended wIipu Congress
came to deal with the new territories.
In this matter Piatt, through his mau
Qnigg, overruled the President.
Everybodys Magazine for July-
Even to the chronic theatre-goers of
long experience, it may be a surprise
to learn that one of the very oldest
actors in point of service, still before
the public, is Mr. Stuart Robson.
Long association with youthful roles,
and the freshness and vigor of bis
portrayals make it difficult for us to
realize that his public career extends
over nearly half a century.
The Simple Explanation for the
month is on "Liquid Air." The
story of Petroleum is told, and a
br'ef account of tho workings of the
oil industry. Thoro are fourteen
other good articles and short stories.
Rakes, Rubber Hose for Sprinkling,
A full Line Farm Impliiiieiits.
Public Notice.
I will pay a liberal reward to any any per
son who will aid me In arresting and con
victing any person, whether man or boy &c,
when engaged or known to be guilty in any
way or manner, breaking windows doors, or
tresspassing on the premises of the late
Motherwell Steel and Iron Co. now owned by
me, Fbbdihaud P. KbmpeI
Logan. 0 June 26" 1900
First Bank of Logan,
c& $50,000
President. Vice raeldent,
H. R. HARRINGTON-. Cashiei.
Does a general banking business. Receives
deposits, discounts paper and buys and sella
exchange. Bankincenterroomoftba Jamea
Block. Jan.4.3.
The Rempel Banking Co.
Does a General Banklnc and Collecting bn-
siness. naming uojni jouinn jsiock.
April 15, TK-1.
0. 0. ALLIII,
Physician & Surgeon.
OFFICE Formerly occupied by Smith,
RKSinfcNCE-B. K. Trltsch property, west
OFFICE HOURS-8 to 10 A. M. 3 to 4 and
8 P. U.
TELKPHOHE-EesidenecU; Office C9.
OFFICE: Opposite Open House.
KESIDKNCK: Mulberry street, one-half block
north or Kochesterv store.
OFFICE IIOURS: 6 to 10a.m., 2 to land 6 to
8 p.m.
Have recently token n special course of In
struction in Diseases of Women. Jan 1-tf
J- He Dye,
Physician & Surgeon.
office and residence at DrJJunes Lit
tl. Mnin HtMal Trtaan Hhlt
tie, llaln Street, Logan, Ohio
Teeth extracted without pain by the use of
Gas or Ita Est, the best n J safest local anaes
thetic known to the profession, Dr.Uaney
has the exclusive right to use In this county.
First class plate work and Fillings made at
reasonable prices. Office over Rochester's
store. Main Street, Logan, Ohio
Some men
Are Hard to Fit
in some stores.
ever. Our stock of
is complete. All sizes and all shapes.
Tall, slim men, and short stout men
can be as easily fitted as those of
I normal proportions.
And in either case the value will
be excellent
Fabrics fashionable and wear re
sisting. Cut stylish. Finish per
fect. Prices well they are nut
The Lowest Price High Glass
Tailors and Clothiers, Logan,
Notice to Contractors-
The Uoird of Education of l'nlls Township.
Hocking County, Ohio, will receive sealed
bids for the repair of School Ilousea in Bab
Districts No. 1 and 12. until 12 SI. at the
Clerk's office, on Saturday, July IUh, 19CO
SDecIflcJiUonsotianiecan bo scon at th
Clerk's office.
R-l CSSHBK. Aw. IAatloaiooMna:aBPSjtw ''
HWAl . jaV'y rUJfi I boa and poor look4CvW
VAl J TBfi JSO'L- I but harness la the -2M
JaneSMw. Clerk or Hoard.
a new and complete line of
& coavciF.A.isnr.
H. V. Excursions.
St. Paul Minn, account Republi
can League Convention. Half fare
plus $4. Tickets sold July 14, 15
and 1C. Good for return until July
All passenger trains will now stop
at Lancaster Camp grounds.
Half fare excursion tickets to all points on
this line will be sold July 3 and 4, good for
return until July 5th.
Annual Picnic of II. V. employes at Miner
via Park Columbus. Rate for the public fl
to Columbus and return. Tickets good on
regular morning train, also special leaving
Logan at 9 a.m.
Kansas City Ma half fare July 1, 2 and 3.
Good for return leaving Kansas City not lat
er than July 9. Account Democratic Con
vention. Atlanta Ga. half fare July B and 10. Good
for return until July 19 Account National
Union Y. P. C D. of Universalis church.
Put in Bay, O. July 9, 10 and 11. Good for
return until July 17. 18.95 round trip from
Cincinnati a July 10 to 13. Good for re
turn until Inly 17. Account Baptist young
Peoples Union of America.
Nelsonville O. July th half fare. Account
Robison circus.
Columbus a half fare July 14. Account
Buffalo Bills wild west show.
WellstonO. July 7th. Half fare Account
Robison circus.
Athens O. July 19 half fare. Account Buf
falo Bills wild west shows.
Sunday Excursion to Columbus July 1st tl
round trip.
Annual outing of H. v. employes June 30 at
Minerva park Columbus. Rate 1100 round
New Straw
The Durban and Kimberly in felt
hare followed the Ladysmitb in pop
ularity, and take the place of the sail
or. They are excellent for country
wear, and dressy, too.
Price tl.OO and 2.00. Of course,
we have a full assortment of millin
ery goods.
Mrs S J Thoraburg
Logan, Ohio.
Physician & Surgeon.
Office one door west of Rochester's Store.
Besldoaca, Ulmbla Block. Telephona No. 60.
If you want a Monument
or Tombstone, Lime, Plaster
of Paris or Cement, you
should call on
Eisele & McLain
Attorney - at -Law
Abstracts. Title3. Collections madeand Sol
dier's Cluluib and Probate Court business
prosecuted. Mortgages, both real and chat
tie written np, and In fact till bualue.vi per.
taluing to the profession promptly attended
Office Second floor James Block, in rooms
formerly occupied by the teutluol.
m mm?
f H
i "lBlBlM
Not here how- Hnw m rKffKKiiMWB S
Chancel ygggfir M
TILFORD No. 13899.
Trotting Record 2:17 3-4. Pacing Record 2:24 1-4.
1st dam Julia, by John Dillard. Tilford is the Sir of Tillie Fergaaoss,
2:2U; and ten others with trials of 2:30 or better.
Service Fee $15.00 to Insure liiTins;Fal.
J. C MORGAN, Logan, Ohio.
r.s.s CJdOiOC c.'Cjfijfi
Styles for 1900,
on the front lines of progress, and keeps
t aii cu-i vj
J. 11 xi.il UDJ1C3, any uuuj uusjr naum a
He keeps goods of a kind that main- $ Fifty
tains his reputation. He is reliable.
He carries no bankrupt,
stock, iiis goods stand
wear, and his prices are
all his customers. At tne
the Wright Building. The 1 900 styles, have just
been received, and the public are invited to call;
John E.
pleading odor. Price
MAnUAnl For a short time onlv Madam CoriUaCe offers her Hair Restorer r
ALbOllUlUU; onedollarifvoa mention tliwpaper. Thia Restorer baa no equal mm
is perfectly free from all poisons. On receipt of one dollar Madaaae Coe will send eacantr
acked. a lull eiiht ounce bottle to your nearest express ofltce. Kemenber I (uajamtas) say
air Eestorertodoalfl claim lorit. Address at ouc
MADAME COKILLA COE, 217 Michigan St., Toledo, O.
95 a.
Bargain Counter
The $ed Front.
Bert Stedem, Mgr. 9
country invited
The Shoe Business in one that in
creases with the increase of popula
tion. The styles change as do seas
ons. The prices vary as do the mar
kets. John E. Rauch has lived in
this community for half a century,
and has kept his business up along
nor burntSy6rsinj
tne test 01. business!
lair aiuce to a
old stand m see m
Madame Gorilla Coe's
Hair Restorer
Restores, preserres and beauuflea tne Hair, tumoral Daa&rasr
Oray hair restore! to ita original color and youthful baaaty.
Jialr crown on bald heads. Free from oil, color or stalna and f
S1.SO Per Bottle.
the I
Next Xoor to
Cases Pharsaacx.
- j- .
-)rSt.'fL, TtT?L""3?wJ i
. i3Fi-W"5i
. t- .. --n.

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