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The Taking
Cold Habit
Th did cold cats; crone
I qmcHy comes. l?s she story
a isndsnry so consumption.
Ayrr1 Clerry Pectoral
ibrcats up the talinc-cold
libit. ItKreacthens, soothes,
f iEaltAsiyourdoaoraboutiL.
V 03mJlmtKxnileold.uia-iinthtncrelleTM
K m. Inttf .-nfm 'Ctoerrr rwttml and it
Siromirtlr mke mi -my .cola, tnpwd my
aatitfWnfl awfl wry -pert nf my unfly. It
did vmdflftlU work 3m zne.-.alfc. J. r.ixrz,
Xespsrte toowo!s regular with AVer's
Tutu. Just ono plH each rusrit.
Mrs. Jo"bn Miller who has leen
iflEW;Krtniilj 511 i ox the jmst month
5s -jKjfbily improving.
"Waaiied. Xoang chictens.
Mir Preiaa ArniBtxong wan the
cetairfier .Aunt, ilrs. Black, at
slsmniHe Samrday..
JDont Iial iesoe "Irene the Rehel
Sj5-,"r' Jit litigiui Ojera House Fri-
Jflr. J&hailathjot las returned
Ihnme Jiitur spending several weeks
is jBrndlora, Pju m nnsiness.
The chencsst ltae"of Groceries at
JJx. Enlpn Edmision and little
srm Joseph left last-week for Charles
aownlo 2 -b" iusbaud, -where
They -voU snake- their intnre Lome.
2S5ss Jlsrae Parsons invites yon
3iH Id attend ler grand opening of
Spring T.TilTiTifTy., ait ier room over
HlDchestcraadliytles on St. Patricks
Xev Mrple Sjrap.
JUbs Sose Stalter of Somerset
spent Sunday lere, the gnert of her
another Urs. 2flary Stalter. i
""Irene Xhc Eebel Spy,'" has "been
(caytared, amd can lie een at the
3era House this Friday night.
3Ir. Chsflis 3Jearlcfc of Zanes
"3De was ji Lnpan -visitor Monday,
the gnest of las nncle, Mr. Kick
TWIlcn 3 xn d family.
IDnn ifnrget Uicheheu Coffee at
3Ir. Jesse Sonrer and family -were
callea to Xmeaaer on Tuesday
fcythe death oi Mr. liohref s Lroth-ct-hIb-w,
a resident of that city.
Mr. JJcMnllcn anil two little
tnm of Columbus ei-wit Sunday
-with 3ier another, JIr-. iusan Mc
ZBrlde sod family.
Mr. Sflvertuorn who has lately
Iheen umplojea' .as cutter at the Gar
ment Putaory, will inove his family
to Logan this week occupying Miss
JEmma McLalns new house on
2arih "Walnut Street.
AnotheTfor iuntwas held Fri
iday xt 'Cresliine and teas attended
iry a Jarpe nuraDeT of people. Sir
Jleynard ttbh given twenty minutes
-titan, send -after doublinc twice,
ajeafled for "somewnere"" distanc
5ug the nonnds. Ah Shupp and
."lolro Croheis -went over to see the
chase, Jind ridiculing the speed of
tlie ifoz, Indulged In a foot race
themselves. John -was the victor
"but An insists that the snn shlniug
m iiif compotltofs nald pate hlind
dd'iihn and lie couldn't see to run
JaMt, -wlole Crohels declares that
from tlis amount of -water splashed
Km 3am 3iy AVs ''cinderellas he
thought at -wan raining and he hur-a-3a
to get In 'Ont of the storm.
25 m at nnv rate Ah lost the race.
Tor Infants and Children.
Tk Ewnfofl Kew Always !!
Commis'ioner WeymuelltT spent
two days this -week in Columbus on
The Ladiss Euchre club care a
snq.rise party on Mrs. I'beiffer in
hounr of her Wedding Auniverxary
on AVedneeday evening.
The event of the season. "Irene
the Rebel Spy," a play for young
and old. For the benefit of the
James K. Rochester Post.
.Miss Conne McCarty of Wheel
Inc'W. Va. is visiting her sister,
Idine this -week.
Evajmrated Peeled Peaches.
The Twice Five club met on Mon
day night with Rev. and Mrs. White
Subject in discussion, "Public Owu
erkhip of Public Utilities;" papers
by . O. 1'ettit and J. F. White.
As attempt is being made to re
vive the Hocking County Agri
cultural society, and hold a fair
this tail.
Cap. Bowen has been appointed
by the village council to inrestigate
the financial affairs of the water
works and cemetery trustees, prelim
inary to a suit ordered to recover
back any monejs, if illegally urd
by the members of these several
Prince George Cigats.
The Tourist club held a very
interesting meeting at Mrs. A. C.
Tipton's on Thursday afternoon.
The subject discussed was "Art."
Verj interesting papers were read
by tbree of the members which show
ed the rapid stride that Art is mak
ing in America. A general dis
cussion ensued, after which refresh
ments were served by the hostess.
On St. Patricks day Marie Parsons
invites you to call and see her an
nual opening in Spring Millinery.
All the latest styles at reasonable
Mr. Al Gaffney, our accomplished
civil engineer, and for some time our
county surveyor, left last Monday
for Dante, Va., where he is engaged
to survey some valuable coal lands,
and incidentally establish railroad
grades on line) projected for the
development of the property.
Mr. Roy Rainey, one of our most
promising young men, accompanies
him. The work will require several
months to complete.
Richelieu Prunes and Apricots.
The arrest of Alpha Harden of
1 ew Pittsburg on Friday implicated
a second person ah an accesory to
the death of Rob Butts and George
Bridgewater. Harden had his pre
liminary before Squire Devore at
that place on Friday morning. He
plead guilty to assault with intent
to kill and was bound over to the
common pleas court bv Justice De
vore in the sum of slOOO. Failing
to secure the bund Harden was
brought to Logan und committed to
the county jail.
It is now disclosed that neither
Butts nor Bridgewater had revol
vers on their persons during the
fight with the negroes which ended
in the death of the white principals.
London, March 10. Woman has
certainly attained a height from
which it will never be possible for
her ever to descend, for Mrs. Grif
fith Brower has beaten the record,
being the first womaa to cross the
Channel m a biloon. This lady is
a member of the Aero club and for
some time has been desirous of ac
complishing this feat.
The start was made at 2:15 in the
afternoon, and the baloon, rising to
a height ot 2000 feet, soon attained
a speed of thirty miles an hour.
Before long the coast of Duneneu
was visible, aud photographs were
taken from the baloon. So perfect
ly steady was th) airship that the
aeronauts were able to enjoy a good
luncheon, but as darkness came on
the baloon rose to an altitude of 7000
feet and snow began to fall.
Al 0:30 they sailed over Ilou
logno, and twenty mile further on
they derided to land, and the valves
were opened. After bounding
tlimie,h a grovd of pupUr teres,
they weir safely droitrd in a liM
near Ssmer.
A big corn crop Is almost always fol
lowed bj a bl rat crop and sick hogs.
A first erosa between the Doroc-Jer-er
and the Poland-China hog rItcs
very satisfactory results, but when this
cress product Is used for breeding pur
poses nothing but trouble results.
As a meat proposition for the aver
se farm there is nothing which beats
the 1.500 pound draft colt, which sells
for 10 cents a pound. It brings twice
as much as the throo-year-old steer
and costs but little more to produce.
One successful hog raiser plants a
field of sweet corn In rows fire feet
apart and a row of pumpkins In be
tween. When the pumpkins begin to
ripen he turns bis hogs in the field and
lets them harvest the crop, which they
do In fine shape to their profit and his.
It Is little short of cruelty to keep a
work team of horses standing unem
ployed on a bard barn tloor for long
periods during the winter. While the
horses may not look quite so slick if
turned out into the yard erery day, it
will be vastly more conducive to their
general health so to do.
States contemplating the passage ot
pure food laws should Include as open
to suspicion those ancient specimens of
hen f rclt which, bom In April, masquer
ade in December as strictly fresh laid
coontry eggs, and with them might be
well Included that spring made butter
which Is aerTed up after a six months'
probation hi cold storage as fresh extra
crcannjry stock.
We made a test a few years ago to
see if small potatoes used for seed
would produce as good a crop as where
large ones were used. We found out
that the old saying is true that as a
saan sows so shall he reap. We plant
ed small potatoes and got small pota
toes. Xo lesson needs learning more
thoroughly than this that the crop is
very largely dependent upon the seed,
whether It be potatoes or any other
Ibo city of Boston disposes ot about
IO000.000 worth of baked beans each.
year, and most of them arc eaten for
breakfast on Sunday morning. When
we realize this fact we do not wonder
at some of the theological vagaries ot
the people of that dry. It may ex
plain why they are willing to send rum
and Blblea In the same ship and con
signment to clvlllxe and Christianize
the heathen In the far comers of the
It seems strange, but It Is none the
lees true, that many growers of com
have the Idea that the largest ears are
the best ears, and so when they at
tempt to make an exhibit of their com
at a corn show they select the largest
ears they can find regardless ot sym
metry, relation of com to cob, uniform
ity of type In fact, disregard every
thing that goes to make up a perfect
ear of corn. The many corn shows held
all through the com belt hare done
much to educate com Growers along
this line.
There Is a general determination
among the farmers of the west who
have to hue men for the season to do
away with keeping the lured man's
horse. This Is a graft which has be
come a nuisance, as it is claimed that,
having a horse, the man Is too much
given to night buggy riding, and In
many cases the man's horse is fed and
cared for at the expense of the farm
er's own teams. We know of a num
ber of men who the coining season
will hire no man with a horse unless he
will put the animal In and work It
every day on the farm.
One ot the worst tales of land greed
we ever came across Is that of a man
who had seven daughters and a con
nmlng desire to own all the land
which Joined him. In order to add acre
to acre he turned the girls Into hired
men and required of them a menial,
laborious and slavish service which
deipoiled their womanhood. There
would seem to be an element ot retrib
utive justice in the fact that there
came a time when he was unable to
meet the mortgages given to acquire
this land and lost It all, but one can't
help pitying those poor girls.
Not a ,bad way to dispose ot a Held
of shocked corn is to watch for a dry
time In early winter and run the shocks
through an ordinary thrashing ma
chine. This process will pulverize the
stalks and make them equal in value
to shredded fodder. It will also both
husk and shell the corn. and. while It
will split up some ot the kernels, this
will cot injure the corn for feeding
purposes. We have a friend who thus
handles his com crop, with the addi
tion that he thrashes hU oats at the
same tlme runulug the cats and corn
through the macular lulf aud half,
which plan be bat romut very uwv
ful, both the fodilrr anj ih thraahnl
grain keeplug wtll when thus mliL
j uw f (jjr
' EwtaV
by i BSAmm j
mm smsst!
If glasses are required
Logan, Ohio,
ire Sintering
Vby Not Consult Free, an Experienced, Educated Specialist, who is tnarougnlj
equlpped with the- necessary appliances kaowa to modem nedleai sdauca 2
It Will Pay You to Go 200 MUes to See Dr. Wefst
.... i..T.. --nijiiiiiH nf
I wouU r.ithr llij i cure of a. difficult case than rtnln
a b'i mm of money. I believe In "CUttlNQ TO STAY CUBED.-
The District of Colombia.
Mr. Philip Wager, of Laurel,
wishes to know what is the form of
Government of the District of Col
umbia? The District of Columbia was
established by Congress, July 16,
1700. The District is ten miles
square and was ceded to Congress
by Maryland, for a permanent seat
of government of the United States.
The Government is administered
by a board of three commissioners,
two of whom arts appointed from
civil life by the president, for a
term of three yean and confirmed
by the Senate. The other commis
sioner is detailed from time to
time by the President, and is se
lected from the engineer corps of
U. S. Army. The salary of each
of the commissioners is &SC0O per
year. These commissioners are in
a general way vested with juritdic-,
tion covering all the ordinary fea
tures of a municipal corporation.
They have power under the stat
ute to make and enforce all reason
able police regulations for the pro
tection of life and property. They
appoint all necessary minor officers
and fix their salary.
Whatever the miners and opera
tors do they should strive to avoid
a strike this spring. A strike at
this time would not only paralyze
the mining industry but several
other industries as well, and con
vert the prosperity of the country
into hard times.
We feel that the good judgment I
OI ine miners mu preTau in una
Wendell Phillips, the famous
American orator and abolitionist,
had au effective way of dealing with
disturbances. Once when he was
interrupted by an unfriendly audi
ence, ho stepped down and begin
talluns! in a low voice to tne men
at the reporters' table.
Some of the auditors, becoming
curious, called, "Iiuderf where
upon Phillips straightened himself
up and explained:
"Go right on, gentlemen, with
your noise. Through these pencil,"
poiutiug to the rekorlers, ! S(nak
J tit 40.1)00,000 popfe
1 -.1
I The ijEirriSEi. U $1 a year.
be will 6t yob 50 percent lower
e grind leases to aait each person.
Monday, March 19th, 1906.
Hotel from 10 a. m. to 5 p.m.
Irom any Disease, Weanaess or BisafcitiEv
Tn rmu y4lfl r rn- m .m .11 l -
Cask OarlaaccxsRltnca. nnmiaMiiafcUl. imr itmijii m Jnun-n.-,
ttw mn rimSiiim at U aicfiL. Mlismi SmiImi
wwm. saaKgnnMaBalaMBBt
iSf ! II ,i. -.
BYQS an amaiafevMMMtai taMm
Throat, Lung, Nxsxl DiaeasM
Heart, Blood and
Brain, Spinal and
T"-tt rnrnTTri nua
ao&atmm rtTiinni.m .am
Rhanmvftm OvremSir
. loBHdicai
Young and Kddle
vuvoaoo Mi. Tl UUIDU cnAUM I
peeollar to ta aix. Ttn!l ItaartRatins. BntllUr nrs
; r irmn inn nnmiii
ycBgatnoii. OarSMtaMBilapiiSMStrhaiTiil Mt CrroUit. 3o
i.,iiiiii..il)piitu.iimTriiwl -T" i - Til TTTI I CTW TT 1I1WB
el oaken: -OXtSetlUxead
ynnfnMe et aj
uuuiuiooiui loiitwioio mottaau.ino
poty. BeiraanrteanjaMbeBntotoactTMnfiMi1iMa
Kidney and Bladder Diseases SSSSSSSSS:
aer.riTn4rnjeHle.FtqnaiandDrffirilTiTtIttgatkiii, Rnanamtt
Strietrma ad ?? tea .rf a cttiienmamanilBtmtataKtioifc
eet sala ee eeSeattaai tea teazsen-
Syphilis or Blood Poison. S-Sel1'8"
tnga ap.jwcaeitrimis:tBi m oarriiasnrKnAritrnt'J'HmT.
OtaiJEs wmuu bcuiw team fcwvr n
cfl4.wiJniicJQacopiOaJwrinfnitT-i r.irirrnTTiit. ni , vnr-in .rim fua
uaiwcujrBfluugaaaa. gqgiarniiinaxwTxiaaci:irTiaencnTiriu,
OC tQe pOaSOOOOlt WMSXBX Wl. SttidS Watlfiit
in t&A direct f irt oC these disnNaV
-tre11 txuesaUT U aaanJa mlmct tn
Mal rciiaC traat cia. voile a vcnwNKt
man U being: effected or pmiiytsc Um
blaL tXiooirlnr tne voiaoocom salt
rttaft tamntft mmtomA tnm
atroiaaii3rteawttiiEeii el'ii.
ISgojaleJav K1' "'T Ttorxatooc anr ain
tfrea disease, wlta to oa torm mat base
oc m-OBOCSj- asa. ten u rcstaeic
"SoPS can to used aar lenctn ot
Cme antaoaa n-.TTtf1ng a "Una tablW
aa U is cstlztT &s oC ochtcx. Tmtne.
armfinl - aal otoar atsliac
ai.ee. 'maiaarsnacax
mew - " -i eT-i
Rev. R. A. Powell. paatoE.
Sabbath, School. am-.
Public preaching, 10:30 av m.
Junior T. P. C- M. 2 p. m.
Senior T- P. C H 8 :30 p- nt
Public pruachingv T p. nu.
Horning subject, "Evangelism..'
Rev. C- R. Wilson, pastac
Sunday School, 9 a. m.
Morning Service, 10:30 a-, m.
Junior Kndeavor, 51:20 p- uu.
Senior Hiulenvor. it p- m.
Etisalng Setvicis T y m.
Wm tram. wiflirtJ wttm, mil mimm ifsl
H B4.aa
Hare your eyes examined zs tested! by xnlulrwt!
Optician. Dr. Went of The Fraacn- MnUcaU Dr
stilote Co- will EXAMINE YOUR EEES FREE.
thaa any other Srar
j - iij m. i- - -
asd.aawfcal wlmi
em. aot.JalHf nil hf
SMn DiMuec Srt
Ntnrs D2mms
m !! miiiiiiw
- Aged Me
- mrnnm i mm1j i mi iiihIi n
ujariULH"B orurrr-.. nTir" V'
our West of tfcs-
Old Clothes &lade Ufcw
Old clothes and huts mail a- uewr
by the Amencaa. Steam. Cleaniug;
and Dye Wnrks
Gentj and laitTe clothmc, nat3M
etc cleaned dyeil ani reparrntlL
Tour clothe prasse while- vnin
wait. Suntlavs ezcnutcdL Otwm
day and nfg lit. Thrrtr-fiurr yearr:
experience. Room atresirorWar-
ner House. Sbrtk 3aritt(:SirHer
D. 5- SMITH Jfc Co E.ttersK.
Demcembar ilh. I0Qj-tr
Notice to Teaclxers.
faeBoanlarScftoor: Kraminers. afrBbrb.
la. Loran.OtUu.acH-.3J iw.mom tn BTmc
Saturuar eC escn. Eunttznar- lheanaumliia
tloaof sPTiUcats.roirTemcicrf EtwaenLurvr
certlOokicsr anil, oil Ue- nnc MiuriUr- u t
Septcmtwcv Deocmbsc Matrit. and. JUikt IOC
via TBn:nanoa oc agpucanu-rm-TcMcuttirftt
UlatxeclunLzna.apeeiaLCeTtsnBiis. E22
aminnUaas fbrnanlls djmrinw tunti hiLfr
caouls suibebelitoirine: Taint. atunlaw
X-ir.racairmii. BtxtKUesC
C: V.wmzB.Vtm IKeaJftcsn
Iacxn. Onla. Pbraar Z.1MS-U1
3 Zatm ot peopTa. aret Iouking;Gnr
- Tournamciatha-Tycphane;
S- Direelorreverj-daj--.
S Daa?t disippoint thens.
C- Arrange fhrrTelerihone,
5r Service. novr "
r The incr?aseih.yoar:busmeaas 5
will mora tham Tjawfhc
the SexviCK.
Gbodl Serribs.
HessnnabMnt HAteSi
CESSnCATL tisidis;
vauMir MssTiwtita onttmaui trwm
MWUUn WTIWiast VlUrWatAMjfc., Q
II lit tftmt Mt'aTlt iniaaslT ft naaimi aMITHTMT
fc nUxUMBK.AlAK-
wymaSal um.anliiM3aMaMtM
aC TmaStfaL miUiBH&H
ASK IIMIlfllMtll 1 ..
BSBHK OTZTC kDDWfit ff if llTs
r fTrieitfumii t ifc..
jurnMeeiiMTrT tfffr, iinl i1iMii,ii n. i
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jtaUt InliB
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